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Pyro Guide by whirlmaster

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/23/11

Team Fortress 2
Pyro Guide/FAQ
By whirlmaster
Version 2.0

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Copyright Stuff
1.2 Credits

2.0 Meet the Pyro
2.1 The Basics
2.2 Afterburn
2.3 Airblast

3.0 Tools of the Pyro
3.1 Flamethrower
3.2 Backburner
3.3 Degreaser
3.4 Shotgun
3.5 Flare Gun
3.6 Fire Axe
3.7 Axtinguisher
3.8 Homewrecker

4.0 Pyro vs ......
4.1 Pyro vs Scout
4.2 Pyro vs Soldier
4.3 Pyro vs Pyro
4.4 Pyro vs Demoman
4.5 Pyro vs Demoknight
4.6 Pyro vs Heavy
4.7 Pyro vs Engineer & Co.
4.8 Pyro vs Offensive Engineer
5.9 Pyro vs Medic
5.10 Pyro vs Sniper
5.11 Pyro vs Spy

6.0 FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
6.1 Conclusion

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to my second guide/FAQ.This time,I'm going to discuss the
Pyro,my favourite class.The Pyro,is a class extremely easy to pick
up but hard to master. This guide is for newbies to the Pyro class so don't
much if your a player who topped alotta hours(well,I guess you could
refresh your memory or something).

Any feedback,typos you want to point out,suggestions, tips etc. can
be sent to blackopszero@hotmail.com. Once again, I'm not a
 professional TF2 player,only an average one so please note that I
MIGHT make mistakes.

1.1 Copyright Stuff
Copyright 2011 whirlmaster

Feel free to use this guide for any use.I,frankly,don't care.You can
print it out or post it on your website or anything.
1.2 Credits
-Valve,for creating TF2
-GameFAQs and any other website that puts this guide on their
-TF2 Wiki and TF2 Strategy for additional info
-Pyro for being the cute-absestos-clad-pyrophobic-psycho we have
come to love :D
-All those mappers/modders who work so hard to make TF2 a better
-Anyone who has helped me

2.0 Meet the Pyro
First of all, we'll start off with some stats that'll give you a
rough idea of what the Pyro is.

Basic Info -
Icon = A flame(obviously)
Type = Offensive
Health = 175(260 when buffed by a Medic)
Speed = 100%(110% if you use the Gas Jockey Set)

So, from what we have seen here, the Pyro has a pretty large chunk
of health, dwarfed only by the Soldier and Heavy and in equal terms
of the Demoman. Along with that, Pyro has a decent speed, matching
Sniper, Engineer and Spy in terms of speed, losing to Medic(unless
you have the Gas Jockey set) and Scout while beating Demoman, Heavy
and Soldier.

2.1 The Basics
Alrighty, let's get down to business. Let me say this, as a Pyro,
you should think like a Spy. If you're playing Pyro, do take some
time to play Spy, drill yourself into the Spy mindset if you get my

Pyros should always use side routes to outflank and ambush their
opponents. Apart from that, Pyros should always only fight on their
terms, not their opponent's.

If you feel like your enemy has too much an advantage for your liking,
scram. Nobody's gonna call you out and say you're a coward for running
when the odds are against you, no, this ain't Sparta. So why not save
yourself the frustration of waiting 20 seconds to respawn instead of
hobbling away to a health pack and perhaps contribute more to your

Also, remember to always take advantage of distracted enemies. See
that Heavy over there trying to turn a friendly Soldier into Swiss
cheese? Don't just stand there and gawp, ambush the Heavy, light him
up like the roast pig he is and give him a good whacking with your

Last, but not least, as a Pyro, do not be restricted only on your
Flamethrower, your Shotgun and Axtinguisher are both very useful.
Use the Shotgun when retreating as cover fire or when the opponent is
out of Flamethrower range. The Axtinguisher when an opponent is on
fire. One hit and they're dead.

So, let's recap:
1. Think like Monsieurr Spy.
2. Take advantage of less-used paths, ambush and outflank your
3. Fight only on your terms.
4. Run if you feel like the odds are stacked against you.
5. Take advantage of distracted foes.
6. Use weapons other than the Flamethrower.

2.2 Afterburn
Afterburn is a little nifty trick the Pyros have up their sleeves.
Once your Flamethrower hits someone, they suffer from afterburn, the
only exception being Pyros because if you get burned while wearing
a fire-retardant suit, that there's some magical fire.

Anyway, afterburn does 60 damage over 10 seconds, assuming the fire
isn't put out. During the 10 seconds, little flames will appear
around your screen(nothing major but tells your targets THEY'RE ON
FIRE!) and the characters will automatically be screaming everything
from,"FOIYAH! FOIYAH! FOIIIIIIIIIIYAH!" to "I believe I'm on fire!"
Afterburn can also maim and kill if the Pyro who inflicted afterburn
is dead.

Afterburn can be put out in various ways:
1. Water (Anyone who has played Pokemon would know Water Gun is SUPER
EFFECTIVE on Fire type)
2. Health packs
3. Dispensers
4. Medics
5. Reaching the resupply locker
6. Mad Milk
7. Jarate
8. Dead Ringer(if the Dead Ringer is activated and the Spy is burned
again, afterburn will resume)
9. BONK! Atomic Punch(Scouts drinking the Punch will be temporarily
immune to the fire until the BONK! effect is over)
10. Sandvich
11. Airblast

Yes, that's a hefty list, I know, blame Valve for adding so many
anti-fire weapons. If only in real life you could put out fires by
making someone eat a Sandvich or drinking a can of soda.

Anyway, judging from the above list, you're probably thinking,'Hell,
afterburn is completely useless.' Yes, that is pretty much the truth,
but afterburn has some other uses too.

The first and foremost use is the psychological fear. Being on fire,
whether harmless or not drives most people nuts, abandoning whatever
task they were doing and heading for the nearest health kit. This
won't work on the vets, but rest assured it will happen to at least
50% of your victims, especially the 125 hp classes.

You can use it in a supportive role too. If a fellow Sniper is using
the Huntsman and has his arrow out, take some time to burn it. When
that flaming arrow hits someone, they'll suffer from afterburn if the
base arrow damage doesn't kill them.(It also shows a fancy kill icon)

2.3 Airblast
Airblast is the secondary function of the Flamethrower and Degreaser
and is considered by many to be Pyro's saving grace.

The airblast takes 20 ammo from the Flamethrower/Degreaser to use,
and will create a harmless wall of air that will throw back everyone
within the range of the airblast.

Apart from that, airblast also reflects back projectiles. Among the
projectiles that are reflected are:
1. Rockets
2. Pipe bombs
3. Sticky bombs
4. Huntsman arrows
5. Flares
6. Sandman baseballs
7. Jarate

The most common reflected projectiles would be the first four.
Rockets, being the most common, and most useful reflect. Sticky bombs
do not become yours when airblasted, merely scattered from their
original position.

In addition to reflecting projectiles, any reflected projectile is
automatically converted into a minicrit. Learn how to time reflecting
rockets, they will become very useful when fighting against
incompetent Soldiers. When the rocket is about to reach your
knee-level, hit the right-click mouse button. Crouching also helps
although is not neccecary.

Reflecting pipe bombs and sticky bombs are mostly used to save your
teammates from damage(you take damage even if you reflect pipe bombs).
On the case of sticky bombs, I find it very useful if you reflect
them when they stick on a fellow Engineer building. If the Demoman
is VERY clumsy and you're VERY lucky, the sticky bombs might end up
on the Demoman's feet and he'd blindly detonate them, killing himself.

On the case of reflecting pipe bombs, if you're doing it constantly,
like on a one-on-one battle with a Demoman, backpaddle while
airblasting, Demomen can hurl pipe bombs faster than you can reflect

Lastly, airblast can extinguish friendly teammates that are on fire.
DO IT WHENEVER YOU CAN. It is extremely important, makes you credit
to team, makes your teammmates happy that there's at least one Pyro
who know what to do and gives you a point.
3.0 Tools of the Pyro
The Pyro has three defualt weapons=
1. Flamethrower
2. Shotgun
3. Fire Axe

He has several unlockable weapons=
1. Bacburner
2. Flare Gun
3. Axtinguisher
4. Homewrecker
5. Degreaser
6. Powerjack
7. Back Scratcher

We'll slowly go through each of the weapons in this section, their
pros and cons and how to use them effectively along with some
basic advise.

3.1 Flamethrower
Basic Info -
Slot = Primary
Ammo loaded = 200
Type = Particle
Flame damage(close/100%) = 6.2 damage per particle
Flame damage(far/60%) = 3.72 damage per particle
Critical hit = 11-19 damage per particle
Mini-crit = 5-8 damage per particle

1. Requires no reload.
2. Doesn't require much aim.
3. Deals afterburn.
4. Can airblast.

1. Range is very short.
2. Can't be used underwater.

The Flamethrower is the weapon that makes Pyro who he/she/it is. The
Flamethrower has a very very short range, and deals the most damage

The damage thingy is pretty complicated and would require some
serious Math which I myself don't pretty much understand(Okay, okay,
I admit, I failed my Maths in school) Anyway, the Flamethrower
basically fires a stream of particles from the right ear of the Pyro
when you hold Mouse1. The more particles that hit a target, the more
damage Pyro does.

In addition to the very low base damage done by the particles, it
also adds the 10 seconds of afterburn. The afterburn does, in total,
60 damage.

Because of very low damage, you should ramp up the damage either by
shotgun shells or more fire.

Since other Pyros are vulnerable only to the Flamethrower's base damage,
using the Flamethrower to combat an enemy Pyro is not a pretty good
idea. You should instead switch to the Shotgun and try to outrun
and outdamage the other Pyro.

If the Pyro is W+M1ing, in other words, charging forward and pressing
the Flamethrower button, all you have to do is simple. Backpaddle
while holding M1. For some strange reason, backpaddling while firing
gives the Flamethrower a longer range, therefore you'll outdamage
the enemy Pyro AND get less damage as most of the particles won't
hit you.

Keep in mind that the Flamethrower can use the Airblast. Check
section 2.3 regarding the airblast for more details.

3.2 Backburner
Basic Info-
Ammo carried = 200
Type = Particle
Flame damage(close/100%) = 6.82 damage per particle
Flame damage(far/60%) = 4.09 damage per particle
Critical hit = 12-21 damage per particle
Mini-crit = 6-9 damage per particle

1. Does mini-crits when striking someone from the back.
2. Does 10% more damage than the Flamethrower.
3. Does afterburn.
4. Requires no reload.
5. Doesn't require much aim.
6. Can airblast

1. Airblast comes at a price of 50 ammo.
2. Mini-crits sometimes do not count due to wonky hitboxes.
3. Short range.
4. Can't be used underwater.

The Backburner is the unlockable primary weapon for Pyro, replacing
the Flamethrower. As the above info said,getting crits by roasting
someone from the back might seem like a good deal but you're losing
your precious airblast. With only 4 shots of airblast, you're
super limited against Soldiers and Demomen.

The BB(short form for Backburner) is a situational weapon at best.
On maps like Dustbowl where there are little flanking routes, it's
best to stick with the Degreaser/Flamethrower. On maps such as
Doublecross, Upwards, Gold Rush, Badwater Basin where there are tons
of small little routes for you to outflank, ambush and get behind
an enemy's back, the Backburner is utilized to its full extent.

Part of the strategy of using the Backburner is finding a good
spot, one where you'll catch the enemies by surprise and roast them
to nothing but a crisp! Look out for places you can drop down to,
people rarely expect a Pyro suddenly collapsing at their backs now
do they?

On the other hand, Backburner Pyros will always outdamage Degreaser/
Flamethrower Pyros. BB users should be aware that with limited
airblast, you're at a disadvantage against Soldiers and Demomen.
3.3 Degreaser
Basic Info-
Ammo carried= 200
Type = Particle
Flame damage(close/100%) = 6.2 damage per particle
Flame damage(far/60%) = 3.72 damage per particle
Critical hit = 11-19 damage per particle
Mini-crit = 5-8 damage per particle

Pros =
1. 66% faster weapon switching speed.
2. Requires no reload.
3. Doesn't require much aim.
4. Deals afterburn.
5. Has airblast.

Cons =
1. Afterburn only does 45 damage.
2. Range is very short.
3. Can't be used underwater.

The Degreaser is, in my opinion, the direct upgrade to the
Flamethrower. If you're a Flamethrower Pyro, I suggest you change to
the Degreaser the moment you get it. "B-but what about the weak
afterburn? And so what about faster weapon switching?" I hear you

Well, here's my answer:
"Less afterburn is a negligable downside due to the fact that
afterburn is so easy to put out(see Section 2.2 for more details).
As for why faster weapon switching is so important, simple. Remember
in Section 2.1? The last point was 'Use weapons other than the

Here's a scenario. With the Degreaser, I'm fast enough to fire off
several rounds at a Soldier with my Shotgun, then switch back to
Degreaser just in time to reflect the rocket he sent at me. This is
the magic of the Degreaser. Puff n' Sting is also a very formindable
tactic(more on that later)."

In other words, USE THE DEGREASER.

3.4 Shotgun
Basic Info-
Ammo loaded = 6
Ammo carried = 32
Type = Hitscan
Maximum ramp-up(150%) = 9 damage per pellet
Base damage(100%) = 6 damage per pellet
Maximum fall-off(50%) = 3 damage per pellet
Pellet count = 10
Point blank damage = 80-90 damage
Medium range = 10-30 damage
Long range = 3-10 damage
Critical hit = 18 damage per pellet
Mini crit = 8.1 damage per pellet

1. Longer range than Flamethrower.
2. Does slightly more DPS than Flamethrower.
3. Able to be used underwater.

1. A hitscan weapon, requires accurate aim.
2. Damage falls off at longer range.
3. Outgunned by various other weapons.

The Shotgun is the standard sidearm for the Soldier, Heavy, Engineer
and Pyro. Unfortunately for you, you should treat the Shotgun like
your best friend(apart from your flamethrowers of course)

Because of the Shotgun's higher range than the Flamethrower and
slightly more damage, Pyros should shoot the Shotgun when the
enemy is not within Flamethrower range. Once you get within that
range, due to the quickswitch ability of the Degreaser, you burn the
fellow, airblast the guy up in the air, switch to Shotgun and finish
him up.

Also, the shotgun can be used underwater unlike the Flamethrower.(err,
common sense much?)

Keep in mind this, the Shotgun is YOUR BEST FRIEND. Light someone up,
pelt them with buckshots. Retreating? Pelt them with buckshots.
Out of Flamey range? Pelt them with buckshots. You'll be fine once
you do this.

3.5 Flare Gun
Basic Info-
Ammo loaded = 16
Type = Projectile
Base damage = 30
Afterburn damage = 60 damage total
Minicrit = 41
Crit = 90

1. Able to hit enemies at a lon range
2. Does afterburn
3. Crits when a flare hits an already burning target
4. Does a crit when it hits a target at 800 units or greater distance

1. Unable to function underwater
2. Not as effective in short range as Shotgun
3. Must reload after every shot

The Flare Gun is an unlockable secondary weapon that replaces your
Shotgun. Now you have the ability to burn someone at a long distance,
allowing you to harrass Snipers and pick off Heavies, Soldiers and
Demomen with minimum risk. When aiming, aim a bit up from your target
as the flares travel in an arc. Also remember to lead your shots.
Predict where the enemy will be in a matter of time and fire.

During the recent update, the Flare Gun now crits on burning enemies
regardless of range. I've taken it to using the Flare Gun when there
are less than 2 Scouts. I don't have terrific aim but what I do is:
1. Fire a flare at enemy while closing in
2. Burn them
3. Airblast them
4. Switch to Flare Gun and crit them

However, by using the Flare Gun, you lose the Shotgun, meaning you
only have the Axe to use underwater and you now lose the close
quarters defense the Shotgun provides, meaning Scouts and other
close range clases can pick you off easily. At the end of the day, it
boils down to personal preference.

3.6 Fire Axe
Basic Info-
Basic Info-
Base Damage=65
Critical Hit=195

1.Able to be used underwater
2. Able to deal random critical hits

1.No special attributes

The Fire Axe is the basic Pyro melee weapon you spawn with. Its an
all-around axe that can deal random criticals and is useful

However, you're better off switching to any other Pyro melee
weapon as that's it for the Fire Axe.

3.7 Axtinguisher
Basic Info-
Critical Hit=195
1.100% crits when hitting burning enemies
2.Can be used underwater

1.Deals 50% less damage on enemies that are not burnt
2.While can be used underwater,it deals 50% less damage(enemies
underwater cannot be burnt)
3.Is less effective against Pyros as Pyros cannot be burnt

Ohoho, now you're talking. The Axtinguisher is the most used
offensive Pyro melee weapon in the game. Why? It's simple.

You light someone on fire, airblast them(or not, it doesn't matter),
pulls out your Axtinguisher and WHAM! you kill everything that isn't
an overhealed Soldier or a Heavy in one quick hit. This tactic is
known as the Puff'n'Sting.

This is especially devastating if you use the Degreaser, the fast
weapon-switch works in your favor. The only con is that this method,
the Puff n' Sting is limited to only one target. So if you're
ambushing an entire group of people from behind, you should be
ready to flee once someone spots you.

3.8 Homewrecker
Basic Info-
Base=42-55 vs players,130 vs buildings
Critical Hit=146

1.One hit removes enemy sappers from friendly Engy buildings
2.100% damage vs buildings

1.25% less damage vs players
2.You're more likely to get murdered by a sentry than actually
whacking it

The Homewrecker was a weapon that was included in a wave of
community-made wapons that hit Team Fortress 2 way before the Engy
update(Or was it after? It was such a long time ago ......)

Anyway, ignore all about the stupid '100% damage vs buildings'. Like
stated, you don't have sentry resistance or at the least; resistance
to sentry knockback so by the time you DO reach the sentry, you're
a dead Pyro. In fact, the only point you should ever use the
Homewrecker against sentries is against Level 1 and Mini-sentries.

The most valuable thing about the Homewrecker is the 'Remove sentries
in one hit' part. Your fellow Engineer requires two hits from his
wrench to remove a sapper. You on the other hand, require one, making
you an effective Engineer buddy(Or Engy pet depending on your view-

You should choose the Homewrecker only when there's a skilled Spy that
is constantly harassing your fellow Engineer teammates, otherwise,
stick to the front lines.

3.9 Powerjack
Basic Info-
Base damage = 81(72 - 93 damage)
Mini-crit = 109
Critical hit = 244
DPS: 102.5 (90 - 116.25 damage)

1. +25% damage done
2. +75 health restored on kill
3. Effective against enemy Pyros
4. Can be used effectively underwater
5. Is part of the Gas Jockey's Gear set

1. No random critical hits
2. Not as useful as the Axtinguisher(at least in my eyes)
3. +20% damage from melee sources while active

The Powerjack came out with the Mann.-conomy update along with the
Degreaser. When a Pyro equips the Degreaser, Powerjack and the
Attendant hat, they are wearing the Gas Jockey's Gear set which
gives the Pyro a faster 10% move speed in exchange for extra 10%
bullet vulnerability.

Anyways, the Powerjack alone is a pretty solid weapon. It does more
damage than the Axe in exchange for random critical hits(which are
good if you're lucky, but they don't happen everytime).

Keep in mind that "75 health restored on kill" does not mean you have
to kill them with a Powerjack. Just that the Powerjack has to be
pulled out when the victim dies. The way to do this is to burn
someone, ramp up the damage then run away and pull out your Powerjack
just when you think said person is about to die.

Note that the 75 health gained can overheal. For example, you already
have 175 health but you kill someone with the Powerjack. You now get
overhealed by an extra 75 health, bringing you up to 250 health, the
overheal decreasing like all normal overheals of course.

I almost never use this weapon outside of Medieval. It's a solid
weapon, but I prefer my Axtinguisher.

3.10 The Back Scratcher
Basic Info -
Base = 81(72 - 93 damage)
Mini-crit = 109
Critical hit = 244

Pros -
1. +25% damage done
2. +50% health from packs on wearer
3. Increases survivability
4. Is effective against enemy Pyros
5. Can be used underwater effectively

Cons -
1. -75% health from healers on wearer
2. Is not as good as the Axtinguisher(at least in my eyes)

The Back Scratcher was a melee weapon that hit Team Fortress 2 during
the Austrailian Christmas update. Judging from the above stats, you've
probably noted that the Back Scratcher is a Powerjack that instead
of granting you health via kill, grants you extra health by picking up
health packs.

I use the Back Scratcher in tandem on the occasions I play
Backburner. I'm a solitary Pyro if I'm equiped with the Backburner,
very rarely will I bump into teammates and even rarer that I'd meet
with a Medic that might be willing to heal me so I pack the
Back Scratcher along. This way, I can have increased health when
I pick up health packs and increase my chances of survival.

If you're using the Back Scratcher, take note that you do gain
health slower by Medics so please kindly alert your Medics that you're
equiped with the Back Scratcher. Why?

Simple. The Medic has to take longer to heal you back to full health.
That time could be better served healing someone else instead of you.
And most Medics aren't too happy you didn't tell them you had the
Back Scratcher equiped.

This weapon is also viable in Medieval although I prefer the
Powerjack in Medieval mode.

4.0 Pyro vs. ....
This section will focus on the match-ups with Pyro and all other
classes. Please note that the tactics stated below here might not be
the best way to deal with them, they are all based on my personal
experience therefore feedback is gladly welcomed.

4.1 Pyro vs Scout
Scout Basic Info-
Health = 125 (110 with Sandman equiped, 185 when buffed my Medic,
165 when buffed by Medic with Sandman equiped, 150 when wearing the
Milkman Set)
Speed = 133%
Default Weapons = Scattergun, Pistol, Bat
Unlockable Weapons = Force-a-Nature, Short Stop, Mad Milk BONK! Atomic
Punch, Crit-A-Cola, Sandman, Holy Mackarel, Candy Cane, Boston basher

The Scout is easily the fastest class in the game. They come with the
bonus of capturing points and pushing carts faster.

If you meet a Scout in close quarters, burn him and try airblasting
him into a corner before Axtinguishing him.

Smart Scouts would try to weapon heckle you(the act of switching to
his Scattergun in close ranges, then when you pull out your
Flamethrower, he'll retreat beyond FT distance, pull out his pistol,
forcing you to use your Shotgun then he'll switch to the Scatter
and so on and so forth) you're obviously at a disadvantage, in any
other case, unless you have teammates to back you up, you should try
running away.

The shotgun plays an important part in fighting Scouts, working
beyond Flamethrower range to deal with Scouts. If you don't have the
Shotgun equiped, you're at a disadvantage when fighting Scouts and you
should run away.

If the Scout is equiped with the Mad Milk(This is surprisingly a very
common secondary if they carry the Shortstop), he'll have the
advantage of quenching himself of afterburn, and if tossed at you,
be able to regain health while you fight.

If he tosses it at himself, he's fair game since the Mad Milk has only
one-use. if he tosses it at you, you should consider running once you
reach average health.

4.2 Pyro vs Soldier
Soldier Basic Info-
Health = 200(300 when buffed by Medic)
Speed = 80%
Default weapons = Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel
Unlockable weapons = Direct Hit, Black Box, Buff Banner, Battalion's
Backup, Concheror, Equalizer, Pain Train, Half-Zatoichi.

The Soldier is a dangerous opponent, well-equiped to adapt to almost
every situation. Timing your airblast to reflect their rockets is
important and crucial to surprising stupid Soldiers. If the Soldier's
half competent, he'll fire a rocket at your feet. Once the rocket
starts reaching the height of your knee, you should hit the airblast.

Remember, you can't airblast everything. Learn which ones you are
able to dodge and which ones you must reflect. Also, don't get to
trigger-happy with the airblast, you're wasting your ammo. Stay in
medium distance, if you have the Degreaser, you should be able to
fire off your shotgun shells and have time to switch back to the
Degreaser and airblast off the rockets.

Note that Direct Hit rockets are faster than the default's and the
Black Box's. If you reflect a Black Box rocket and you successfully
hit someone, you can regain 15 health.

Once you pull off a couple of neat reflects, the Soldier will most
probably wise-up and pull out his Shotgun and hit you. In this case,
take advantage and charge forward, strafing all the while 'till you
reach burning distance. Once he sees this, he'll either continue
shooting or switch to his rocket launcher and fire a rocket. In this
case, prepare to reflect any rockets coming your way.

Also note that you should never ever engage any Soldier in combat
if they're under the effects of the banners.

4.3 Pyro vs Pyro
Basic Info-(We've done this before but let's recap :D)
Health = 175(260 when buffed by a Medic)
Speed = 100%
Default weapons = Flamethrower, Shotgun, Fire Axe
Unlockable weapons = Backburner, Flare Gun, Axtinguisher, Homewrecker,
Back Scratcher, Powerjack, Sharpened Volcano Fragment

You're facing your evil twin. An almost exact carbon copy. Pyro vs
Pyro fights tend to turn into shotgun battles as afterburn doesn't
affect Pyros. When facing an enemy Pyro, ALWAYS pull out your
boomstick and shoot. If the enemy Pyro is dumb, he'll try and W+M1
with his primary. This is easy to counter, simply S+M1 with your
Flamethrower. Due to some mechanic in the game, S+M1ing has a longer
spread than W+M1ing.

If he's smart, he'll pull out his secondary and fire at you too. In
this case, it comes down to who has the most health, who is the
better shot and who's luckier.

Note that if you're equiped with the Degreaser/FT and the enemy is
using the BB, keep a healthy distance between him as the Backburner
does more DPS. Also note you're at a disadvantage if you have the
Flare Gun equiped.

4.4 Pyro vs Demoman
Basic Info-
Health=175(260 when buffed by Medic)
Default Weapons=Grenade Launcher,Sticky Bomb Launcher,Bottle O'
Unlockable Weapons=Scottish Resistance, Loch'n'Load, Ullapool Caber
(I'll discuss about Demoknights later)

Demomen are masters of explosives, lobbing their pesky grenades
everywhere and blowing you up into pieces. His speed is slightly
slower than you, matching you in health. If you have the FT/Degreaser
eqiuped, you're able to airblast both his stickies and grenades.

His one weakness is the lack of any hitscan weapons like a shotgun
so he has basically no reliable way of defending himself in close
range(apart from his melee) therefore Pyros and Scouts WILL tear him

Firstly, you cannot airblast all his grenades. He can fire them
faster than you can reflect them. If you're trying to reflect his
grenade, fall back while airblasting.

If you have the health and he's planted a sticky, jump in front
of it. If he detonates it, he'll send you flying directly in front
of his face.

Lastly, NEVER ever chase Demomen. You never know if they've a sticky
trap placed behind that wall. And watch out for the Ullapool Caber.
It hurts. A lot.

4.5 Pyro vs Demoknight
Basic Info -
Health=175(260 when buffed by Medic)
Unlockable Weapons = Charge'n'Targe, Eyelander, Scottish Skullcutter,
Cladhemin Hor, Half-Zatoichi.

Demoknight is the Demoman's bastard cousin, the shunned child of the
DeGroot family. His parents disowned him after he declared that he
had no interest in explosives. Instead, he prefers ...... running
around with a broken piece of board and chopping off heads?!

The average Demoknight is a pretty easy adversary for the Pyro to
handle. Basically, all you have to do is avoid his devastating
charge which would move the heavens and earth. After that, he's
easy pickings.

If you're a Degreaser/FT Pyro, all you have to do is burn him,
airblast him in his place and shove the Axtinguisher up his ass.
If you use the Backburner, circle strafe while burning him, if he
tries to advance, backpaddle while burning. If you're out of BB
range, shotgun him to death.

A dangerous Demoknight, is one who uses his Grenade Launcher. Not
only do you have to deal with his annoying grenades, you'll be forced
to fight the swashbuckling not-so-charming knight in not-so-shiny
armor. If the Demoknight uses his grenades like a pro, then you're
definitely in the disadvantage and should retreat. If he doesn't
and just randomly flings them around, avoid his grenades while
shooting at him with your secondary. When you close the distance,
rinse and repeat the above.

4.6 Pyro vs Heavy
Basic Info -
Health = 300(450 when overhealed by Medic. 350 when using the
Dalohkahs Bar. 280 when using the Warrior's Spirit, 420 when overhe-
aled by Medic while using Warrior's Spirit)
Speed = 77%(37% with Minigun revved. 14.66% with Brass Beast revved.
99.67% while using GRU. 103.5% when buffed by the Buffalo steak
Default weapons = Minigun(Sasha), Shotgun, Fists
Unlockable weapons = Natasha, Brass Beast, Sandvich, Buffalo Steak
Sandvich, Dalohkahs Bar, Fists of Steel, Warrior's Spirit, Gloves of
Running Urgently, Killing Gloves of Boxing

Wow, that was a load of info wasn't it? Anyway, how do you fight a
Heavy? The simple answer is ......

You. Don't.

"B-b-b-b-but! Why?!" you exclaim in protest. Well, hate to break it
to you but Heavies turn Pyros into Swiss cheese clad in asbestos
suits if you face them outright. They WILL gun you down, they will
kill you and they will taunt over your dead corpse.

You lapse into a moment of deep thought before shouting,"Puff'n'Sting!
Puff'n'Sting just like you taught us!" you say joyfully, looking
very proud of yourself. Well, if you ARE thinking that, you probably
aren't the most attentive Pyro out there. I did mention that the only
classes you can't OHKO with the Axtinguisher were an overhealed
Soldier and a Heavy. Two hits to be precise.

Now that we've gotten everything clear, you run away from Heavies.
Sorry, but that's a fact, you stand almost zero to no chance of
fighting a Heavy. There are only five exceptions in which case you
stand a chance against that mountain of a man.

1. When he's nom'ing on his Sandvich. Some very thick-skulled Heavies
have not yet discovered the magical ability of tossing a Sandvich on
the ground and instantly devouring it(M2 by default) and instead,
hide somwhere and munch on it. He's completely vulnerable while
doing so, so torch his sorry ass right away.

2. When he has the Fists of Steel out. Just pull out your melee and
shove it up his throat.

3. When the Heavy is focused on your teammates. Puff'n'Sting him
immediately. Puff'n'Sting-ing such Heavies is somewhat different.
Do NOT airblast. Just let off a puff of flame, then switch to
Axtinguisher and crit-slam him twice. Some Heavies are renowned for
their numbness towards small damage(which is understandable if you
have 300 health) but they WILL notice it if they're flung up in the

4. Against unaware, brain-dead Heavies while they're engaged in
combat with your teammates.

5. At a safe range with your Flare Gun equiped. Pop a flare at
him to get him roasting, then do it again, and again. He either
runs away, or burns to death.

4.7 Pyro vs Engineer & Co.
Basic Info -
Health = 125(185 when overhealed)
Speed = 100%(75 when hauling a building)
Default weapons = Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench.
Unlockable weapons = Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Southern Hospitality
, Jag.(We'll discuss Gunslinger Engies later)

Sentry Guns Basic Info -
Level One Sentry Gun health = 150
Average DPS per second = 64

Level Two Sentry Gun health = 180
Average DPS per second = 128

Level Three Sentry Gun health = 216
Bullets average DPS = 128
Rockets(on direct hit) = 100

Dispensers Basic Info -
Level One Dispenser health = 100

Level Two Dispenser health = 180

Level Three Dispenser health = 216

Teleporters Basic Info -
Level One Teleporter health = 150

Level Two Teleporter health = 180

Level Three Teleporter health = 216

Alright, now we've got down all the Engy's building's health, we
can get on to business.

Firstly, we'll split this section up in two parts; when you're
fighting a lone Engy and when you're fighting an Engy with his

If you're fighting an Engineer all alone who for some reason, is
stranded in the middle of the map with his buildings lost, take the
free frag. Be aware though, the Texan is a hard helmet to crack!

He stands a pretty good chance of making it alive and with some
careful trickery on his part, he could get the better of you! Firstly,
you should be familiar with his stock Shotgun, six standard shots
with a super long reload. Otherwise, he's got his Frontier Justice.
If he has, check to see if it's glowing, if it is, he's got crits
stored in that thing so you should retreat or you're in for a massive
butt whooping. If it's not, he only has three shots so feel free
to mow him down.

His Wrangler is downright useless if he doesn't have a sentry around.
In that case, he only has his Wrench and Shotgun to rely on. The
Pistol on the other hand, is a major annoyance. It fires 12 pistol
rounds super fast and the Engy has a spare ammo of .... 188. Hardly
going to run out of ammo yes? If he has the Pistol, I suggest you
close in on him quick while strafing like mad while firing your

His Wrench is quite dangerous and crits more than most melee weapons
(well, at least for me). If he has his Wrench out, it's advisable
to keep out of his range while dealing damage. This applies to all

The Southern Hospitality is the Engy's double-edged sword. If he hits
you, you get Bleed. But he suffers from fire vulnerability,which is
good for you. If you've got a health pack or Medic nearby, feel free
to close in and give him a good fistful of flames, otherwise, treat
that wrench like a very very dangerous knife.

Don't be fooled by the Jag's downside. While -25% might seem like
much, it still has the ability to dent a new belly button in your
skull. Generally, by playing carefully and dodging his wrenches,
you're going to tear the lone Engineer to shreds.

Now, for an Engineer with a sentry, you have to ask yourself this
question. What level is the sentry? Do I have enough health? Is
the Engineer controlling it with the Wrangler? Am I close enough?
Do I have a Medic with a Ubercharge ready and willing to Uber me?(
highly unlikely) These are all factors you have to consider while
fighting an Engineer with the sentry.

Firstly, if it's a Level 3, get out of there. You absolutely cannot
win. If it's a Level 1, or even a Level 2, you still stand a chance.
If the distance between you and said sentry isn't too far, then you
can just charge forward and circlestrafe the sentry while holding
down on the Flamethrower. The Level 1 and Level 2 Sentries are
slow enough and deal enough less damage for you to wreck it.

Once the sentry's nothing but a pile of smoking scrap, your real
problem is the very very very angry Engineer with a shotgun pointed
at your face. Airblast him, shotgun him and try your best to get
the hell out of there.

If the Engineer is controlling the sentry with a Wrangler, then
there is only one question left. "Is the Engineer distracted?" If
he's not, and it's a Level 3, you should run away. If he is
distracted, rush in.

Firstly, you kill the Wrangling Engineer first. Don't worry about
the sentry. A Wrangled Sentry takes a few seconds to function back
to normal once the Wrangler is switched out/Engineer is dead. Burn
it quick, then run away before angry Engy comes back.

Dispensers should be destroyed quick for a valuable income of ammo
by picking up the scrap metal. If you find a teleporter, you can
either destroy it or have some "fun". To have some "fun", first
establish where the people teleported are facing. Position yourself
at their backs. Once they teleport through, Puff'n'Sting or
Backburn crit them. Hehe, loadsa fun. Be careful not to stand on the
tele though, you'll get tele-fragged.

4.8 Pyro vs Offensive Engineer
Basic info-
Health = 150%(220 when overhealed by Medic)
Speed = 100% (75 when hauling a building)

Default weapons = Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench.
Unlockable weapons = Frontier Justice, Wrangler, Gunslinger.

Mini-sentry Basic Info -
Health = 100
Average DPS = 48

Please note that we'll be assuming Offensive Engineers all use the
Gunslinger. It's been a while since I saw an Offensive Engineer with
another wrench that isn't a Ninja and if they have set up shop deep
in your base, you can't do much anyway. If they're using Level 1s,
most of the tactics can also be applied.

Basically, Offensive Engineers are a hybrid of the normal Engies.
Instead of sitting in a corner whacking their sentry to death, these
daredevils decided to, instead, follow their teammates to the front,
set up mini-sentries and generally be as annoying as possible.

First of all, if you're ever ambushed by an Engy or his mini-sentry,
do not engage them in battle. Instead, retreat and heal up. Now
you know where that gnat is, swoop in and take both of them out.

Mini-sentries aren't the real problem. The Engineer is. The sentry
is just basically a ditto twin of the Engy who is mobile and is
only armed with a pistol. Take out the Engineer first. If he's dead,
no more mini-sentry. If you take out the Engy but fail to do so
with his mini-sentry, you can alert your teammates and they'll do
the job.

Alright. Once again, if you see a glowing Frontier Justice, BACK
OFF! He's got crits. Crits are not nice. Crits can give you
tummy aches.

If you see a Wrangled mini-sentry but can't find the Engineer,
that means he's probably lying in wait somewhere. Take a side route
where you can't be seen and creep up on the mini-sentry and melt it.
The Engineer can't do nothing to you unless he's hidden REALLY close,
in which case he'll try to kill you for murdering his mechanical
guardian angel. If you see HIM standing next to his Wrangled mini
sentry, creep up on HIM first. Kill HIM first. Then kill the sentry.

Frankly, the most dangerous Offensive Engineer in my opinion, uses
the vanilla Shotgun and Pistol. He gets the most shots by far with
six Shotgun shells and 12 Pistol bullets. You'll just have to
strafe like mad and try to pull off some covering fire of your own
before reaching Flamethrower range.

Once you've reached a lone Engineer in flamethrower range, he's
pretty much toast and you've got the frag in the bag. The only thing
that's stopping you of course, is a random accursed crit shotgun

4.9 Pyro vs Medic
Basic Info -
Health = 150(225 when overhealed. 140 with Vita-Saw equiped. 210
with Vita-Saw equiped and overhealed.)
Speed = 107%
Default weapons = Syringe Gun, Medigun, Bonesaw.
Unlockable weapons = Blutsauger, Crusader's Crossbow, Kritzkrieg,
Ubersaw, Vita-Saw, Amputator

The only time you should engage a Medic in combat is when he's
either all alone, vulnerable or when he's activated his Charge. We'll
go through them paragraph by paragraph.

When he's all alone, the Medic's squishy enough for you to squash.
Doubly so if he has the Crossbow, less so if he has the Blutsauger.
The Medic is faster than you, unless you have the Attendant set of
course. We'll be assuming you don't. Anyway, he's faster than you
even while running backwards and at close range, those needles are
deadly. The trick is to airblast him, stop him in his tracks for a
while for you to catch up before doing your thing. If he has the
Saw out, you either do the same thing or watch him foolishly come
close to you in which case you quickly burn him and airblast him
to keep him out of your reach.

When he's vulnerable to your attack, you still have to beware of
his over-protective friends. Hopefully you're with your teammates in
which case they'll hopefully keep your hands clean off the very
very dangerous teammates of the enemy Medic. The Medic will probably
be too focused on his healing or whatever and leave himself clean open
to your attack.

When a Medic's popped his Uber, there are only a few things that can
stop his Uber/Kritz. Bodyblocking, airshotting and YOU. Your airblast
is the most effective method of stopping or stalling a Uber. You'll
probably die in this suicide mission like the martyrs of old. But
hey, if you do stop a Uber, you'll be slapped on the back on by
your grateful teammates. That's worth it no?

All you have to do is simple, you select either the patient or Medic,
preferably the Medic and begin airblasting. You either:
a) Airblast the Medic to the sky and juggle him there.
b) Push him back to a wall or something and break the Uber laser
with his patient.

4.10 Pyro vs Sniper
Basic Info -
Health = 125(185 when overhealed by Medic. 150 with the Darwin's
Danger Shield. 225 with the Darwin's Danger Shield and overheal)
Speed = 100%(27% with Sniper Rifle/Sydney Sleeper scoped. 45% with
Huntsman drawn.)
Default weapons = Sniper Rifle, SMG, Kukri.
Unlockable weapons = Huntsman, Sydney Sleeper, Jarate, Darwin's
Danger Shield, Razorback, Bushwhacka, Tribalman's Shiv.

Well, you can't touch the Sniper at mid-to-long range anyway apart
from the Flare Gun so don't bother trying. Just take another route
if you see a laser dot that isn't your team colour.

If you do manage to find yourself in close-range with the Sniper,
you're bound to win this(I hope). If he's equiped with any of the
shields, it's just a simple Puff'N'Sting or shotgun/Flamethrower or
Backburn crits.

Unfortunately, you'll find some of them has the good old SMG equiped
and unfortunately some of them have pretty good aim with that thing
so once again, airblast is the key.

The most unfortunate thing that will ever happen to you is Jarate.
Once the Jarate they'll bring out the good ol' chop chop or simply
noscope you. It's possible to reflect the Jarate though but once
you're coated in pee, it's time to think about running.

The most most most unfortunate thing that will ever happen to you
is Jarate plus the Bushwhacka. That's like, the Sniper equivalent of
the Puff'n'Sting. If you see him pull that knife out, keep out of
his knife range!

Treat the Tribalman's Shiv like the Southern Hospitality from the
Engineer. There'll be some Snipers who are really god-like and can
no-scope headshot you. Nothing you can do about that apart from ....
1. Pull out your computer plugs
2. Toss it on the road
3. Ride your monster truck/pickup truck/bus/van/bulldozer
4. Run over the computer
5. Go to Steam Forums Team Fortress 2 section
6. Whine about how OP Snipers are
(just kidding, you really can do nothing. Well you can follow my
steps but do so at your own risk ;p)

4.11 Pyro vs. Spy
Basic Info -
Health = 125(185 when overhealed by Medic. 60 with the Conniver's
Kunai equiped. BELIEVE IT!)
Speed = 100%
Default weapons = Revolver, Sapper, Knife, Invisible Watch.
Unlockable weapons = Ambassador, L'Etranger, Your Eternal Reward,
Conniver's Kunai, Cloak and Dagger, Dead Ringer.

The one class you're supposed to counter super-badly. A puff of your
flame can completely rain fire on the Spy's parade, revealing his
disguise, and even his invisibility. Not to mention 45 ~ 60 damage is
pretty hefty for a 125 hp class. Your Homewrecker also removes the
Sapper in one hit. You can restrict the Spy's escape route through
airblasting. There is no argument, you're the best Spychecker there
is out there.

Check corners, stairs, popular Spy spots. Play Spy for a while too,
notice which spots you hide in. The next time you Spycheck as Pyro,
puff some flames at the previous spots you hid, you might root out
a Spy. Note that shortly tapping the Flamethrower is much more
conservative than simply hosing down the Flamethrower in terms of

If your Engineer is being harrassed to death by Spies, go help him
out. Use the Ultimate Troll-Spies-Over loadout; Degreaser, Flare Gun,
Homewrecker. Stand near the Engineer, watch over him as he sets up
shop, then proceed to burn any Spies and de-sap any Sappers.

Now for what you do on 1 v. 1. Try not to engage in direct melee
combat with the Spy. You run the risk of getting facestabbed(he stabs
you in the face but the game registers you as backstabbed, something
to do with hitboxes) or the guy's some ninja Spy in training and
sidestabs you.

Instead, light him on fire ONCE, then disorient him with airblast
followed with some follow-up shots by your secondary or the good

Be warned that in middle range combat with the Spy, the odds are
60/40. Provided the Spy can actually aim with his gun and is not
suffering from Gun-itis Syndrome, you actually stand a chance of
LOSING(Imagine that!).

The revolver does about 40 damage per hit. If we do some quick Maths,
it takes on average of 5 to 6 hits to down you. Not pretty hard
considering the revolver is super-easy to handle. This goes double
for the Ambassador. Usually, a Spy carrying that won't know how to
differentiate the gun's barrel and grip but you'll of course, run
into some Spies with that thing and can actually SHOOT. A critical
102 hit is dangerous.

The best you can make do of is simply strafing around, making
yourself a harder target in general and covering yourself with the

6.0 F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q : Someone called me a W+M1 noob! What's that? It doesn't sound like
a compliment!

A : Well .... it isn't. A W+M1 noob is a derogative way of mocking a
Pyro. W+M1, like the name suggests, is basically holding the "W"
key(Forward) and M1(Fire Flamethrower). In other words, he's claiming
you have no skill. Ignore them, he's dead, you're not.

Q : What loadout do you use?

A : Well, long ago, I used to roll with the Backburner/Shotgun/
Axtinguisher. Now, I use the Degreaser/Shotgun/Axtinguisher loadout,
occasionally switching to the Flare Gun after the recent update and
Homewrecker when I feel like being credit to team.

Q : Is Pyro a boy, girl or alien? Because there's this picture of
"Why don't you give HER a shot"?

A : Oh that old picture? Valve's just trolling you, it alternates
between "him" and "her". Up until now, we completely have no idea.
Let's just assume the Pyro is an alien cyborg built by the Autobots
in the future and sent to the present through the space-time

Q : Why do I feel useless as Pyro sometimes?

A : Well, there are a lot of reasons why you're suddenly feeling
useless as Pyro. It could simply be you were not in the mood, or the
map layout isn't suitable for the Pyro(for example, Dustbowl and
cp_Well) or the enemy team has too many Heavies. Just switch classes
to another class first before re-trying.

Q : Can I use Pyro for 6v6 comp play?

A : Well, I'm not much of an expert in comp but I don't think so.
Pyro's what I think they call, a "utility class"? The standard loadout
for 6v6 seems to be 1 Scout, 1 Demoman, 2 Soldiers and 1 Medic.

6.1 Conclusion
Well, this is the end I guess. I hope you've learnt something and has
become a better Pyro and this guide has been helpful and enjoyable to
read. Thanks.

~ Whirlmaster

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