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by arkena

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Achievement Guide by arkena

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/30/10

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Achievements Guide
VALVE SOFTWARE - PC (2004)/MAC (2010) - Achievements since 05/26/2010
Version 1.0


Finally, Valve updated Half-Life and its expansion Episode One with achievements coming from the XBOX 360. This guide is normally only for the PC/Mac version of the game.

I have to mention whaza1's videos on 360 for the achievement Lambda Locator, which are very well recorded and with good music. You can find his videos on YouTube.

I'm also getting some informations from Combine OverWiki, an HL wiki very well done (for the description of the achievements and their names): http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page


  • http://www.neoseeker.com - VICRABB
  • http://www.gamefaqs.com - ARKENA
  • http://www.supercheats.com - ARKENA


  • Version 1.0 - 30th may 2010: Publication of the guide


  • Objective: Put the can in the trash.

In Insertion Point, after meeting Barney, you'll end up in another part of the station. A Metrocop will throw a can to your feet and it's up to you to choose if you're going to put in the trash or to throw it back on him. Just save before that for reloading the game for getting the second choice.

In this case, just put it in the trash and you'll be in peace.


  • Objective: Hit the trashcan cop with the can.

In Insertion Point, after meeting Barney, you'll end up in another part of the station. A Metrocop will throw a can to your feet and it's up to you to choose if you're going to put in the trash or to throw it back on him. Just save before that for reloading the game for getting the second choice.

In this case, throw it on him and prepare yourself for some beating. You searched it, don't complain because your screen is blank or red.


  • Objective: Escape the apartment block raid.

When you're in the apartment block, at one moment, your enemies decide that there is a problem in it, so you just have to go up till the roof and escape. And yes, it's story-related, else, it would be game over, no?

What Cat?

  • Objective: Break the mini teleporter in Kleiner's lab.

Do you see the mini teleporter on the left of the entrance. This is the one you have to break. For that, wait until Kleiner opens the HEV suit room. Take a paper box and put it on the uncovered side of the teleporter (left). Then go take a computer screen from the dark area, under the windows. Put it on the box and then make the teleporter work. It should break... Even if you don't break it, you will still be the one to be in the teleporter when Lamarr breaks it.

Trusty Hardware

  • Objective: Get the crowbar.

Story-related, besides, if Gordon doesn't have a crowbar (or a wrench), it's not Half-Life at all. Thanks Barney to have kept one in case of. You get it when you escape Kleiner's Lab.

Barnacle Bowling

  • Objective: Kill five barnacles with one barrel.

This one is easy to obtain through the sewers. After a fight with cops in the wooden bridge area (just after the Station 12), you'll come in a slippy area. Use one of the barrels with danger on it and put it on the slipping descent. Once a Barnacle takes it, shoot at the barrel to make it explode.

Anchor's Aweigh!

  • Objective: Get the Airboat.

Story-related, you get it when you arrive at the end of Route Kanal, in the toxic zone. It will be your next best friend for the next chapter.

Heavy Weapons

  • Objective: Get the Airboat's mounted gun.

When you arrive in the Resistance hidden post, after being chased like madness by the chopper, the Vort will install a gun taken from one of the fallen Combine vehicles.


  • Objective: Destroy the Hunter-Chopper in Half-Life 2.

Story-related again, you just have to destroy the chopper in the last area of Water Hazard. Use the mounted gun on it and pay attention to the mines he's releasing. You have HEV batteries and medikits in boxes nearby.


  • Objective: Discover the hidden singing Vortigaunt cave in chapter Water Hazard.

The singing Vortigaunt is the one we call the All-Knowing. When you destroy the last chopper in Water Hazard and get the achievement called Revenge, you have to open the gate to reach Black Mesa East. But for doing so, you have to open another gate, in the left of the building. Enter that new area and before climbing to the building (or after as you have Metrocops), go near the two sewers openings. You can find a barrel next to the rocks in the right for making a stair to the left entrance. Run until you see an opening in the left, enter it and go to the Vort. You can reload your health and your HEV there but remember that the way out is to run back in that toxic tunnel.

Zero-Point Energy

  • Objective: Get the Gravity Gun in Black Mesa East.

Alyx gives it to you when you arrive in the scrapyard behind Black Mesa East. What? Yes, you have to take it if you want to continue to play the game.

Blast from the Past

  • Objective: Find the HEV Suit charger faceplate in Eli's scrapyard.

For those you aren't lucky enough to get it by just walking in the scrapyard, the old HEV charger is in the left of the entrance, near the washing machine. Yes, it's above you, jump and you should see it. And for those you just play HL2 without caring about HL, that old thing is the HEV suit charger from Black Mesa, back then, when Gordon was crawling into vents, fighting Xen and Marines.

Two Points

  • Objective: Use Dog's ball to make a basket in the scrapyard.

When you're in possession of the ball, just send it on the basket-ball panel next to Alyx. Everything is about angles and luck... Yeah, you have to do it with the Gravity Gun. Besides, if you do it, Alyx will say "Nice shot!".

Zombie Chopper

  • Objective: Play through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun.

Don't even sway your crowbar or it's done for you. Use anything that you can throw on zombies, shoot with your Gravity Gun on headcrabs and carry at least a sawblade for cutting your enemies. Use also Grigori's traps, it's very useful. The Fast Zombies are a problem here, so be sure to carry your saw and to be at a certain distance of them for cutting them. These enemies tend to follow you everywhere. When you're surrounded but you have explosive stuff near you and if your health can allow you, use it. Also for the last wave near the church, you can either use a blade by tricking the Fast Zombies into the area near the trapdoor (your cutting device will not fall out of the roof) or to jump on the balcony below, open the door, run into the room and close the door. When the car is out, you have just to get out through the trapdoor. For my part, I choose the cutting way. I didn't carry that thing around not to use it in that final wave. Don't forget that you still have to use your Gravity Gun in the mines. You can only switch to guns when you're arriving in the railyard, just after the loading screen.

Hallowed Ground

  • Objective: Escort Grigori safely through the church cemetery.

Well, if you're doing the Zombie Chopper achievement, don't use guns to protect Grigori, he can do the kills alone... but you can still use sawblades to cut zombies. During the Fast Zombies's attack, you can run around for getting them tracking you and let our priest do his work.

OSHA Violation

  • Objective: Kill 3 enemies using the crane.

You'll be using a crane at one moment for making a bridge falling down in order to reach the other side of the site. But before that, three soldiers will fire at you. You can take a container and using as a weapon by throwing it on them or you can just crush them with the magnet.

Targetted Advertising

  • Objective: Pin a soldier to the billboard in the chapter Highway 17.

When you get the crossbow..., uhm, wait a second, some of you may miss it. During your trip on the Highway 17, you'll be blocked by vehicles, trucks and metal. You know that you have to use the Gravity Gun to clean your way but do you know that the little hill on your right was the spot for a Resistance member with a crossbow? Climb, take it, zoom at the building far away in the distance. You'll see a billboard with a soldier on it. Aim, shoot and pin him.

Where Cubagge Fears to Tread

  • Objective: Defend Little Odessa from the Gunship attack.

This is story-related, you just have to defeat the first Gunship attacking you at New Little Odessa. Three rockets should be sufficient but if the ship manages to shoot down your rocket, just run inside the house, you'll find ammo. This victory will count for One Man Army.

One Man Army

  • Objective: Destroy six Gunships in Half-Life 2.

When we're speaking about Gunships, just take a look at the icon to recognize them. It's the ship that you have to defeat in New Little Odessa. You'll find a lot of them during the game but here is the first six you will meet if you want to win quickly:

  • NLO attack (see previous achievement)
  • At the Crane Area (supplies after jumping with your buggy near the vehicles)
  • Under the bridge (supplies in the middle of it - after opening field)
  • During the Lighthouse attack (supplies in it)
  • When you break in Nova Prospekt, after getting out of the sewers
  • Same area as previous Gunship, when the first one is destroyed.

Other places:

  • One at the Nexus Overwatch
  • Two attacking you near the Citadel portal

Keep off the Sands!

  • Objective: Cross the Antlion beach in the chapter Sandtraps without touching the sand.

So, when does it begin? After your show at the lighthouse, you'll arrive near two Resistance members. One of them is moving on the sand and triggers an attack from Antlions. From that moment, you'll be forbidden to touch the sand, whether you trigger or not an attack. Don't forget to use any metal panel, any door or any wooden thing if you need to pass by a large amount of sand. Also, unless you have a lot of patience, don't go near supply ammo or near places which isn't in the direct way. You can still come back for them in another game without achievements to do. Your torture will finish when you reach the cliff after the thumper.

Bug Hunt

  • Objective: Use the Antlions to kill 50 enemies.

Once you get the bugbaits, your next step is to get to Nova Prospekt by the beach. It's heavily guarded but it's enough for your little new friends, the Antlions, to kill 50 of them. Just throw the bugbaits on enemies or near it.


  • Objective: Kill an enemy with a toilet.

During your trip through Nova Prospekt, you'll find in some cells or rooms broken toilets. Just take one with your Gravity Gun and throw it on a guard.

Warden Freeman

  • Objective: Survive the second turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.

The goal is to survive to one of the attacks of the Combine in D8, where you can put three turrets to help you. If before, my turrets were killing a lot, when I got it, my defenses got defeated pretty quickly. If so, just run around by shooting and when you have a second, just reload health and HEV with the chargers. You have also a lot of ammo in cells or in boxes.

Follow Freeman

  • Objective: Gain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.

It's story-related, it's just when rebels are joining you for the fight when you arrive at City 17 after your little travel through Nova Prospekt. You can gain it at the train station when people are bringing down the Breencast.

Hack Attack!

  • Objective: Kill five enemies with a Manhack.

You can grab the Manhack with the Gravity Gun and run towards an enemy or just throw it at him. You also run towards the enemy with one on your tail but if you're hurt badly, don't complain. Try to begin that quest during Nova Prospekt. You can complete it when you're attacked by Manhacks in City 17.

"Radiation Level Detected"

  • Objective: Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17.

There is at one moment a toxic tunnel where your squad can't go. You're the only one to do so. Be aware that zombies will attack you. Use the round wooden object for moving around and don't forget to pick up a blade. And yes, it's story-related.

Plaza Defender

  • Objective: Survive the generator plaza standoff in the chapter Anticitizen One.

Remember the generator? Well, you have to defend it. Or more exactly, buy time for Alyx to open the gate. You'll be mainly attack from two fronts: left and right. Don't forget to shoot the ball with your Gravity Gun for opening the gate and pass it. Alyx will close it and you'll get the achievement.


  • Objective: Kill all of the snipers in City 17.

You can't miss them, as you need to kill them to advance... For killing a sniper, throw grenades in their windows. You can also waste rockets but with Striders around, I would not do that.

The snipers in City 17 are located in the area where Barney is stuck - it's the first area you'll be in Follow Freeman:

  • Two in the streets (one behind the trucks and one behind the rumble on the right)
  • One on the first floor of the collapsed building (the floor beyond Barney)
  • Two on the floor where Barney is, one on the left and one in front of you.

Fight the Power

  • Objective: Shut down the suppression device by disabling its generators.

It's story-related, it's just shutting down the field that is killing your followers when you're taking by assault the Overwatch Nexus. The generators are inside the building and are powered by energy balls. Just shoot them with your Gravity Gun for disabling them.

Giant Killer

  • Objective: Survive the rooftop Strider battle in the ruins of City 17

Story-related, this achievement happens in Follow Freeman!, just before entering the Citadel. Don't forget to reload in rockets, because the RPG is your best friend (Magnusson's Devices are only appearing in Episode Two). Besides, you have two Striders to kill, so try to hide when it's needed.

Lambda Locator

  • Objective: Find all Lambda caches in Half-Life 2.

There are 45 caches through the game, thanksfully, contrary to some achievements in Episode 2, you don't have to do through one, you can load any chapter if you missed one.

1A Red Letter DayIt's Kleiner's Lab
2Route KanalIn the first house after meeting Metrocops
3Route KanalStory-related, little passage under boxes
4Route KanalAfter Station 12 (station after the second G-Man sighting), behind a car, before Barnacles
5Route KanalIn sewers, just beyond the way, ladder on the right, after escaping the chopper
6Route KanalAt the end of the pipe rejecting vapor, instead of going to the water, crawl under the pipe
7Route KanalIn the sewers, just before the first toxic zone
8Route KanalFirst toxic zone, in the right
9Water HazardJust after the beginning, in the right, ladder
10Water HazardIn the red barn, just after L9, cimb up and hit the barrel for making the box in the air fall, then go back to the water and take goodies
11Water HazardSewer entrance in the right, after first dropship, with the flickering screen
12Water HazardUnder the second APC
13Water HazardAfter third APC, just remove the bricks in the box for the scales system
14Water HazardUnder metal structure just after the chopper begins to attack
15Water HazardAfter the passage in the tubes, on the left, with a wooden structure to destroy
16Water HazardIn the left, in a canal with two inclined walls
17Water HazardJust after L16, in the left (dark area)
18Water HazardAfter G-Man sighting, in the right, Resistance area with zombies
19Black Mesa EastStory-related, at the ladder
20RavenholmNear the big fire, through a vent in the building
21RavenholmJump from the second car used as a trap
22RavenholmIn an attic, in front of a room with an half-zombie
23RavenholmJust above the exit of the mine (daylight)
24Highway 17Just before the first tunnel, red house on the left
25Highway 17Just after the first tunnel, white house with zombies
26Highway 17After the second Gunship, blue van on the left
27Highway 17Gas station (crossbow area), behind the tank in front of it
28Highway 17Before the house near the brigde, behind rocks
29SandtrapsIn the house with the three batteries, above toilet
30SandtrapsAbove the red barn near the rocks on Antlion Beach, use the wooden plank for reaching it
31Nova ProspektA5, behind wooden boards with two turrets above (you can see it on the control screen)
32Nova ProspektFirst floor of the area with the dead Vort, use the Gravity Gun and shoot on the door
33Nova ProspektLaundry room, in the right
34EntanglementFirst time you see Alyx on TV, above soda machine
35Anticitizen OneIn the rubble, after getting out of Kleiner's Lab, on the right
36Anticitizen OneIn a courtyard after the street with some crabs and the Strider, remove the red barrel and the metal panel
37Anticitizen OneBehind a gate, bottom of the building where you're fighting cops, instead of following the hall, take stairs after killing the half-zombie
38Anticitizen OneIn a tunnel, in the end, near a campfire, where you have Manhacks and Metrocops attack
39Anticitizen OneJust before pulling a lever for lowering a bridge
40Anticitizen OneIn the building in fire, where Combines are fighting zombies, left of a T-junction
41Anticitizen OneAfter Manhacks attack, after Alyx's capture, at the bottom of the pit
42Anticitizen OneIn the old sewers, just after L41, in an opening on the right (you have to pass the ladder for that)
43Anticitizen OneAfter L42, on the left, after three round metals
44Anticitizen OneIn the lift area (and climbing one) near red cabin
45Follow Freeman!In the destroyed building, after the fight with a Strider coming from a tunnel


  • Objective: Disintegrate 15 soldiers by throwing them into a Combine ball field.

This one is only available when you're in the Citadel with the enhanced Gravity Gun. It's very easy, you have at least two places with Combine ball field (the blurry column). Just put you in front of it and try to grab Combines coming in order to put them in the field.

Singularity Collapse

  • Objective: Destroy the Citadel's reactor core.

It's story-related but if you need to know how to destroy the core, just pick energy balls and throw them on the two gunships, then, on the base of the portal which will trigger defense shields that you'll destroy with balls before launching a last one. You have to do it before Breen arrives.


  • Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@)gmail.com - cleo_rabb(@)hotmail.com)
  • Country: Belgium
  • Version: 1.0
  • Dates: 26-30 May 2010

Don't hesitate to email me about an achievement that I got wrong!

I don't mind you picking my guide for publishing it on your site but please, notice me and credit me. Oh and I don't want you to edit my FAQ for making your site appear on it. This work is copyrighted, so, you can't take it and make you the author when you're not.

Cette solution est protégée par les droits d'auteurs (loi belge pour ma part). Aussi, veuillez les respecter. Je n'écris pas pour gagner de l'argent, donc, soyez sympa de ne pas vous faire passer pour l'auteur ou d'utiliser ce document pour vous faire de l'argent.