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by Yo_D_oY

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Soldier Guide by Yo_D_oY

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/26/10

Team Fortress 2
The Soldier Character Guide (v - 1.0)

By Jonathan (Yo_D_oY on gamefaqs.com)
Steam ID - Blinkof
''Version History''
(v - 1.2)
 Added tips/FAQ and bio
 Added introduction
(v - 1.1)
Fixed grammar (unreleased)
(v - 1.0)
initial release
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The soldier is the most underestimated and overestimated class. Players that do not understand how to rocket jump and communicate look at the soldier as a class with a simple rocket but moves too slow. Another player may think the rocket is very powerful and as long as you keep firing you'll never die. However, the Soldier is a very unique class compared to other games with rocket dudes. The rocket jump and strategy involved with this class makes him very powerful. Not just his weapon but also his ability to trick foes.

For example, a Soldier may know a scout is on his tail but pretends to stay distracted. The soldier times it perfectly and rocket jumps over the scouts head and blows him into peices in midair. This technique is well known and is used quite often by good soldiers. The soldier is the best class for those who are able to time their movement and shots correctly. To many other players, it is easier to aim as a scout or sniper than a soldier. It is one of those classes that either you are amazing or you are terrible.


With over 2,500 hours in TF2, I consider myself as a TF2 Veteran. I've been playing since day 1 and have been a major part of every type of gameplay this game has to offer. From competitive to crazy mods. From basic communities to foreign communities. I've done it all.

Competitive - Been a part of different leagues and teams. Started teams that eventually failed. Been a part of CEVO-M team known as expertise.

TF2 Server Mods - Helped in the development of prop hunt and created several bug fixes and gameserver management mods.

Human Relations in TF2 - Created several communities and helped others develop their own communities. Helped manage servers when server owners could not do so themselves. Managed communities from as little as 25 members to as large as 80,000 active members.

Foreign Comunities - Helped develop a German TF2 server for a German CS:S community. Helped develop a Russian TF2 server for a Russian CS:S community.

Guides and FAQs - Created and still developing several TF2 guides.

  • TF2 Scout Guide
  • TF2 Medic Guide
  • TF2 Soldier Guide
  • TF2 Advanced Strategy Guide
  • TF2 Competitive Guide (10% complete)
  • How to Create Good Gaming Communities (created for a Technical Forum)
  • How to Fix Your Server Issues (Created for a Technical Forum)

General Strategy

1. Shoot Rockets
2. ???
3. Profit

The soldier is one of the most potent offensive classes that TF2 has to offer. The rocket launcher is excellent for taking out heavies, sentry placements and anyone running up to your at close to medium range. The critical rockets are perfect for dispatching pesky medics that are healing people that are shooting you. The rocket jump assists in your mobility, gaining you access to parts of the map that other classes have to run further to get to. They're also the best class at taking out sentry guns from afar. Pair yourself with a medic, and you'll be able to make scrap out of any gun that isn't being actively repaired by an engineer.

The shotgun is a tool to use when you run out of rockets and have someone breathing down your neck. They're also good for tagging fast classes like pyros and scouts that you can't quite get a handle on. Don't underestimate the shovel, either - if you're right in front of someone, switch to it quick to dig a hole in their skull.

The way to get good at playing the soldier is to master when to reload. You shouldn't be reloading after every rocket you fire, but rather whenever you detect a lull in the battle and can duck behind cover. Don't launch all four missiles in rapid succession unless you can be confident that all of them will hit something. Try to go for direct hits whenever possible - the splash damage of the rockets is relatively low unless it's a critical. If you're going to be ubercharged, make sure you have all four rockets and a good plan of where to send them. Dodge in and out of cover as you launch rockets at stationary targets. No heavy should be able to withstand you.

If a pyro is right on top of you, don't panic. Shoot a rocket or two are your feet - you won't take as much damage, and the ensuing blast will likely splatter them all over the hallway. The limited ammo capacity can be a problem, so be sure to visit a dispenser after bringing down a heavy rain of rockets on your enemies. The soldier is also a relatively tough character with a high health point total, meaning that you get significant benefits from pairing with a medic, at least for a little while.

Basic Communication

This is TEAM Fortress 2. There is no I in team (but there is an m and an e... jk). Many soldiers often get very sidetracked and think it is all about themselves when playing as this tough class. You still need to work as a team to get things finished. A Soldier is VERY powerful when paired up with other teamates. In comparison, 2 soldiers communicating and working together is equivalent to 5 soldiers working alone. Now if you had 5 soldiers working together, that's equivalent to 25 soldiers working alone!

Voice Commands

Voice commands are really good. For one, you do not need a mic. And two, it appears directly on all screens. Memorize the important ones such as Medic, Incoming, Spy, and most importantly thanks. Get used to where the other ones are located.

Thanks is most important. Why? It motivates the other player. Psychologically it is the best way to create proper effective teamwork. Always thank your players, especially the medic. Good job and nice shot and cheers are also effective for this reason.

Working with a Medic

A Medic+Soldier combo is the most popular combo in this game followed by 2 scouts. A medic+soldier can and will cause great havoc. The new weapons and updates show that Valve really wants to extend the mission of this combo.

A soldier should always communicate back and forth with the medic. And the medic should do the same. Even more on communication in "Advanced Communication" below.

When a medic is ready to uber, do not have the medic uber right away. Some things you need to ask yourself are:

1. Are there more than one enemies I can harm?
2. Are we in grave danger?
3. Is it necassary to use to win right now?
4. Is my ammo full?
5. Is there sentry fire or a pyro that could potentially knock me away from the medic?

All 5 of these are important to ask yourself before telling the medic to deploy the ubercharge.

Another thing I need to mention is the use of the kritzkrieg. The kritzkrieg + your rockets is total mayhem but is it worth sacrificing the one weapon that could save your life? The best time to use the kritzkrieg is when you know you will not be in critical danger, you are on offense, and/or the enemy team is not doing very well.

Quick mention, do not hog the medic, the medic has others to heal too.

Common Mistakes

The following are common mistakes and what should be done instead. These ideas were introduced back in 2007 by Justin Carmony in a CEVO article about Competitive Team Fortress 2 and Soldiers.

#1 Reason - Poor Ammo Management

Alright, lets see if I can get this through some peoples head: Soldiers have FOUR rocket rounds before they have to reload. Thats it. Four. Then you have to reload. The reason I mention this is because of people who blow their rocket ammo very quickly. If you continuously blow 4 rounds at some random enemy across the map who has time to move out of the way well, youll spend more time reloading than shooting.

My personal strategy - 2 rockets per enemy. If I hit them with the first, Ill usually just fire one. If they are still not dead, Ill finish them off with my shotgun. Why? Because the Soldier, while powerful, has very little rounds between reloads. If I only shoot 1 - 2 rounds per enemy, I can take out 2-4 enemies between reloads with my rockets and shotgun. If I overkill one enemy, or waste 3 rockets that miss, Im more likely to get picked off during the reload.

#2 Reason - Shotgun? I had a second weapon?

Ive faced countless soldiers who blow their rockets, start reloading and just sit there as I mow them down while they are reloading. Do they not realize they have a shotgun?

Some peoples logic is that Rocket > Shotgun, so its better to reload and fire than switch. My opinion: WRONG! First, reloading takes time, and if the enemy is far away you should be able to take cover. However, if they are in short range, I find it much each to kill with the shotgun than the rocket. Why? First, I dont have to worry about damaging myself. Second, the shotgun fires quicker, which means if I barely miss my first shot, most likely Ill hit my second.

So soldiers, please, use your shotgun. It is very effective close range, which is really the only situation you should find yourself in need. Rule of thumb:If they are close, use shotgun. If not, fall back to reload. This should help cut down on needless deaths while trying to reload your rockets.

#3 Reason - Far Distance = Less Damage

Yes, I know some people think this is absurd, but the fact is rockets do less damage from a distance than up-close. Research done by fellow TF2ers posted in the Steam forums show that a rocket up close can do around 105-115, but far distance gets a low as 45-60. What does this mean? You could land 4 rockets on a heavy long distance and not kill him.

Sometimes you can pull off awesome long distance shots depending on the situation. However, generally speaking, Soldiers should keep their fights as close as possible. Reasons: First the less damage long distance. Second, your enemy can move if they see the rocket coming.

#4 Reason - Ubers not being used correctly

Ive seen heated debates over whether or not a medic should use their uber charge on a soldier. Some say no due to the fact they have only 4 rounds between reloads, while others say yes because they are a great deal faster than the traditional Uber Heavy.

Soldiers uber well with good conditions and proper communications. #1 complant is a person Ubers a soldier who needs to reload, so they waste their uber reloading their rocket launcher. If the medic communicates before hand Im going to uber you. and the soldiers needs to respond Im ready when they are ready.

Soldiers have an advantage of being able to move a lot faster than a shooting heavy. Many times a ubered heavy can be just avoided and their uber is gone by the time they catch up. So my rule of thumb for a Soldier is Uber when you are pushing a point that is well defended by sentries and enemies who are further back. If its close quarters, use a Heavy, but if they can hide a wait out the attack from a heavy, or a heavy cant move fast enough to clear out the area, then use a soldier.

#5 Reason - Not playing Offensive enough

I dont mean to offend every person on the server with e-Thuggery, but play forward and on the offensive. Even if your team is on the defensive, a soldier should play more forward than back. Especially on maps like 2fort or Well, please play aggressively and try to push the enemy back. Most common cause of not playing offensively is getting owned in the face. But with the soldiers 200 HP, how is it possible to get owned in the face?

Rocket Jumping

Rocket jumping is a simple technique that is just as popular with this class as the scout is with his double jump. The soldier can travel faster than a scout when deploying his rocket jump correctly and reach areas a scout would never imagine he could reach.

The rocket jump is both a basic and advanced technique. I decided to explain it in the advanced section because it is easier to explain both basic and advanced techniques at the same time.

The way you deploy the rocket jump is to crouch jump and fire a rocket at your feet. It takes practice to do a regular jump and takes a lot more practice to master it. The best way to master the rocket jump is to have someone who already knows how to teach you. Also practice on rocket jump maps. These maps can be found on FPSBanana.com and the most famous is rj_rckteer. When you can complete that map without many mistakes and in less than 5 minutes you can move up to rj_rckteer_adv which is a much more challenging map. A lot of these jumps do not apply to the game itself but it will train you for all situations and will help you adapt a soldier's strategic mindset.

Test yourself. A great thing to do before playing with others is to create your own server in the main menu and practice these jumps:

1. Basic straight up rocket jump.

2. Basic straight across rocket jump. (longjump like in Mario 64)(used most often in a real match)

3. Intermediate air strafing to a strategic area rocket jump.

4. Advanced double rocket jumps, make stuff up without killing yourself.


Regular Strafing is the act of moving from side to side during a confrontation in order to make it harder for an opponent to hit you. This strategy is invaluable for Snipers attempting to Snipe other Snipers. Generally used to help Scouts survive by avoiding most types of splash and projectile damage. The strafing technique is vital for Pyros in order to successfully survive after performing an ambush attack. The strafing technique greatly benefits Spys attempting to maneuver whilst cloaked, though it is generally a useful maneuver for any class.

Air strafing is a technique used by mainly scouts, demomen, and soldiers. Air strafing is while in midair you sway from side to side with a swift fluid motion with your mouse and movement keys (WASD default) keys. This makes it hard for classes with projectile weapons to hit the enemy air strafer.

Air strafing is much more effective when using the technique immediatly after rocket jumping. With practice you will get the hang of it and it will start comming to you naturally.

With the amazing physics engine that Valve included, air strafing when doing a long rocket jump is faster than a regular jump.

Advanced Communication

As a soldier you can inform your players or medic buddies what you are specifically going to do next. Often times a medic is stranded alone while its soldier just rocket jumped away leaving the medic in a bad situation. Even though you should never leave a medic alone, you should always inform him what your intentions are. The medic should communicate with you and you should communicate back with the medic.

To be successul, you must know things that you don't see. For this to happen your teammates must tell you those things. Get into the habit of calling out low targets. If you know you got a few good shots off on somebody then say something. Have other people focus that person and get them down. If you're about to push in with uber, get the enemy Soldiers to shoot their rockets. See 4 consecutive rockets hit the wall beside you? Call that the Soldier is reloading and that it's a good time to push in. Call everything you see, where enemy Scouts are going, where the Demoman is jumping, etc. Even if it's obvious, chances are not all the people on your team are watching what you're watching. Call how many people are down, maybe somebody on your team isn't aware. Communicate when your combo has pushed into the room, or the yard. When the fighting has started. Your Scouts and (depending on position and map) your Demo need to know when to follow in so that everyone can attack together.

The following are generally accepted competitive TF2 language used throughout the game. You may have heard of some of the terms and have been confused and now you get to learn what their gaming definitions are.

lit - When an enemy is badly hurt, usually less than 60% health.

Their medic is lit real bad

Pick - To kill a specific enemy.

Pick the medic on the left quickly so we can advance.

Push - To have some, most, or all of your team advance quickly.

Push to the second point! or All scouts push to the left!

Hold - To have your team stay at a current position, usually to defend a point.

Hold right here. Enemies coming on our left.

Spam - To fire your weapons in a certain direction.

Soldiers and demomen, spam on the left gate, the medic+heavy combo is there.

Retreat - To back off and move back.

We are taking heavy damage. Let's retreat and think this through again.


The reason why I waited till now to finish this guide was because of recent updates to the weapons. There are many new weapons that came with the update. More than any of the other classes have gotten. In this section I will explain how to use them all effectively.

Weapon Chart

WeaponLoaded AmmoCarried AmmoAverage Damage
Rocket Launcher420100 (270 on crit)
Direct Hit420120 (340 on crit)
Buff BannerN/AN/AN/A
ShovelN/AN/A65 (195 on crit)
Pain TrainN/AN/A65 (195 on crit)

Rocket Launcher

You enter TF2, you look at the classes. You don't want to be a wimpy scout! You don't want to heal anyone, you are much tougher than that! And you are deffinetly not choosing a black terrorist either! You chose The Soldier! You spawn to your teams' spawn room with your primary weapon... The rocket launcher! You fire a rocket and notice it explode on your target against a pitiful enemy scout, scattering his brains all over your screen. You feel very satisfied don't you?

This weapon is the strongest weapon in TF2. Although the demo's nade launcher does more damage, this weapon shoots further, has larger splash damage, and can manipulate your movement via the rocket jump.

First off, aim rockets at enemy's feet to ensure they can't avoid the explosion damage. This is obvious but some soldiers think that it is fine to shoot at the enemies face. Additionally, since the rocket is a slow traveling projectile, aim ahead of the enemy's feet or at an adjacent wall.

When fighting classes with little health such as Scouts, Engineers and Spies, rather than using two rockets, fire one rocket then finish them off with your Shotgun. This will assist you by keeping one extra rocket loaded, allowing you to continue your assault or defense with ease.

Playing as the soldier is about communication, ammo usage, and solid movement. The term movement is used loosely. A major part of the soldier's movement is the rocket jump. Learn to rocket jump long distances quickly. This helps you save your own life, someone elses life, or reach a destination quicker.

Try to juggle or bounce an enemy by shooting a rocket at their feet. By throwing them up, you will be able to predict where they will land and you can follow up with ease. Throwing enemies up into the air also serves to disorient them, so that they may have trouble shooting back at you. If you get really good you can also predict where they will be while in air. If you manage to hit an enemy while he is in midair, this is known as an airshot. It is what the famous pro gamers manage to pull off every time they play and is the main tactict that seperates an amateur to a pro TF2 Soldier.

The Direct Hit

Rockets fired by the Direct Hit travel much faster than those fired by the Rocket launcher. At close ranges, it is advisable to aim directly at the enemy instead of at his/her feet in order to inflict as much damage as possible, as the rocket closes the distance very quickly. In addition, the blast radius of the rockets is so small that players can actually jump over the explosion completely unharmed, effectively wasting your rockets.

Rocket Jumps with the Direct Hit have different timing than with the normal Rocket launcher, due to the nearly doubled projectile speed. You will have to jump much sooner than normal. As far as anyone can tell, the speed, distance, and self-damage of both rocket launchers is virtually the same in terms of rocket jumping.

The Direct Hit is often more effective at defending high ground than attacking from it. Hitting targets is more difficult when attacking from above than with the normal Rocket launcher. Direct Hit Soldiers should concentrate on watching for rocket jumpers and Force-A-Nature Scouts while leaving Rocket launcher Soldiers to do most of the attacking if possible.

One trick you could try from high ground is jumping down while shooting an opponent below you. Your enemy will fly upwards, and if you time your jump right, they will end up right at your feet allowing you to finish them off with a mini-crit.

Because of its higher base damage, the Direct Hit can destroy any Engineer building with two rockets, rather than the three required of the default Rocket launcher. For this reason, if you need to destroy a Sentry that is sitting out in the open, then the Direct Hit may be a good choice, taking down an unattended Sentry in a matter of seconds. Direct Hit rockets are great for picking off Engineers who are guarding Sentry guns if the angle of attack is right. The rockets can either hurl the Engineer away from his Sentry or kill him instantly, leaving his Sentry virtually helpless. Or for this matter, anyone that is sidetracked and/or camping/turtling.

Despite the much smaller blast radius, the Direct Hit is perfectly capable of juggling and bouncing enemies if used correctly. In fact, the knockback of the Direct hit is actually significantly more powerful than that of the Rocket launcher. Enemies can be sent so high that they hit the skybox, or can sent flying across the map if the rocket is placed correctly. Against Chargin' Targe Demomen, this can be a very effective way to negate their mobility and position them to be finished off with the Shotgun.

You still need to conserve ammo and it may be tougher with a faster rocket launcher than with the regular one.

The blast radius for self-damage with the Direct Hit is actually almost the same as the self-damage radius of the Rocket launcher. Take this into account when up against enemies at a short range so that you do not blow yourself up.


Despite common First person Shooter logic, don't be afraid to use the shotgun at medium range. Usually the shotgun is the main close range weapon (and in this game it still is more potent at this range) of the game, and it in fact is for the Engineer (and more or less the Scattergun for the scout). But assuming around 5 pellets connect per shot, you should be able to take down any class bar a a heavy (or maybe a soldier) at medium range in a single clip. As a result, use it if people are moving erratically at medium range and are not getting hit by your rockets (such as circle strafing pyros and scouts).

You should use this weapon if you don't have an alternate secondary weapon picked out when you do not need to use a rocket. This is the weapon you go to when saving rocket ammo.

The Shotgun is useful against a Pyro who has skill with the airblast (who would reflect your rockets back at you). With good aim, you should be able to kill or greatly weaken the Pyro with six shots before he gets within flamethrower distance.

The Shotgun is also useful against Demomen using the Chargin' Targe. The targe's resistances do not stop bullets. Additionally you can destroy stickies using bullets.

If you are using the Direct Hit, it is highly advisable to use the Shotgun rather than the Buff banner or the Gunboats.

Buff Banner

The Buff banner is best when used with the Rocket launcher. The wider blast radius will make it easier to build Rage and it also makes the mini-crit boost more effective. Though it is better to use the Buff banner when there are many teammates around, remember, the rage meter is not carried over between deaths. If the mini-crit boost would help you escape a situation in which you would otherwise die, use it. Even if you are alone. I think of it as a kritzkrieg.

If you know that a friendly Medic is going to ÜberCharge another teammate, you can contribute to the rampage by using the Buff banner. Just make sure that the Medic is not carrying a Kritzkrieg.

If you are defending a friendly Engineer who has a Sentry set up, and there is a serious threat incoming (multiple non-Übered enemies), the Buff banner may give the sentry an edge to fight back with. If the Buff banner is used next to the Engineer, his sentry will fire minicrits no matter where it is on the map, even if it is nowhere near you or the Engineer. With some coordination, a Buff banner Soldier and an Engineer can work together to put a surprise Sentry next to an area where traffic is expected, then move on to work on other areas. When the Engineer begins to hear the hit dings of his Sentry, he orders the Soldier to break out the Buff banner. The enemies trying to take out the Sentry will be taken completely off guard by the inexplicably mini-critting Sentry.

Pain Train

The Pain Train is an improvised weapon constructed from a railroad spike and a discarded wooden handle. It makes you capture points fast, but leaves you more vulnerable to bullet firing weapons such as the Shotgun, Minigun, and Sniper rifle.

The Pain Train is a highly situational weapon. You may want to switch between the Pain Train and the Equalizer in the middle of a round.

With the Pain Train, you do not have a good method of retreat like you would with the Equalizer, so stay on the defensive and do not try to retreat unless you know no enemies are nearby or you are not under heavy fire.

There is also no need to have this weapon equipped on a CTF map or any map with no CP points for that matter. Use the equalizer instead.


Unless you are making significant use of rocket jumps to confuse your enemy, the Gunboats should only be used to practice jumps. With this said, you can use gunboats very effectively. But if you can't rocket jump that well, maybe stick with just the shotgun or buff banner. If you do plan on using the Gunboats seriously, remember to make the most use of them as possible. Rocket-jump to escape enemies or reach high ground as much as you can. Double wall jump to get to strategic areas quicker than you were able to before while still having decent health.

You might benefit more from choosing the Rocket launcher over the Direct Hit when using the Gunboats, particularly if you plan to rocket jump over your opponents a lot.


There isn't much to say about the shovel. If/when you unlock the other weapons, they are straight upgrades without any/many downgrades.


If you cannot rocket jump, you can reach the middle of 5-point push maps like Granary by damaging yourself to below 40 health, then running at nearly scout speed to the middle. If you take no further damage after initially damaging yourself, a medic can heal you at max-rate before you go in to fight at mid. It is a great strategic weapon in this way.

The Equalizer can be used as a tool of escape: The speed increase the Soldier receives is to the point that he can outrun most classes. If you think you are going to die in a fight, you can equip the Equalizer and retreat.

Do not run into a fight alone with the equalizer out. You should ONLY take out the Equalizer when at low health and you are already in the thick of an engagement. If there are more allies around than enemies, use the speed to run away for health packs. If there are more enemies around than allies, fight to the death. Even if you don't have the Equalizer out, your enemies will likely focus fire on you. Soldiers are always primary targets. Usually, your only option is to make a last stand and take out as many enemies as possible.

The Equalizer prevents Medics from healing you when you have it in your hand. If you pull it out during an Über, you will break the ÜberCharge, and possibly get yourself killed.


The Soldier's grenade taunt has a much shorter range than it may appear, but it is still the third longest-range taunt in the game. When you perform this taunt, you will die, as well as any enemies that are adjacent to you, whether they be in front, behind or beside you. As it is ineffective for killing enemies and is also very risky to perform at all, it should not be considered a legitimate strategy and should be avoided entirely when playing seriously. But it can be the perfect tool for revenge after a match loss, as it can take out multiple enemies and if performed correctly, can take away the satisfaction an enemy has when killing you, as you'll kill yourself.

Soldier vs ???

In this section, I will try to tell basic strategies about how to beat the 9 classes in TF2 with the Soldier, 1 on 1, going down the list, starting with the fastest class, the scout.

The Scout

The Scout's Scattergun is most effective at close range, where it is easier to score a hit with your rockets, or at least cause enough splash damage to weaken the Scout. Your rockets can also be used to 'juggle' the Scout around, albeit with difficulty, allowing you to predict where he will land so you can finish him off easily. If the scout is out of your Rocket launcher's effective range, or he's too erratic to get reliable rocket damage on him, pull out your Shotgun so you can at least do some damage to him. Do not try to melee against a Scout as he can outmaneuver you, though this advantage is negated if you're injured and using the Equalizer.

The Pyro

If the pyro has the backburner, he will be an easy kill. If the pyro has a flamethrower, he will be a challenging kill sometimes. If the pyro is smart, he will know how to use the compression blast and your rockets will be useless if you don't fire them correctly, or you might just end up dead quickly.

With a backburner pyro, aim anywhere at its feet. With a flamethrower pyro, aim at its feet on the side of him or where you predict where he will be and behind him right there. If he is facing you, do not fire directly at him because he could easily airblast the rocket right back at you or a teamate causing terrible damage. The pyro could even use your own rocket and his air blast to rocket jump towards you and finishing you off with his powerful close up weapon.

If you are having a hard time with your rockets, switch to your shotgun. Have no shotgun? Well do your best and hope a teamate arrives with help or just fall back.

The Soldier

A shoot-out with another Soldier can get very messy, just try to juggle him before he does likewise and finish him off as fast as possible with precise shots rather than wasting your clip, avoiding his rockets the whole while. It is also advisable to catch the enemy Soldier while he is reloading (this is typically done by not firing until after the enemy), and then shooting him while he spends time reloading his gun. Wiser Soldiers will just switch to their Shotgun upon running out of ammo and not reload their Rocket launcher until after you're dead.

Basically, when facing another soldier while playing soldier the outcome is a result of who is a better aimer, who maneuvers better, and if you have strategic weapons for that specific circumstance. As a soldier, you should master all weapons and then switch weapons strategically when you are dead.

The Demoman

Demomen are a real threat: they can outmaneuver you, and a volley of grenades can take you out in two shots. They were your friends until the competition made them nemeses. Your slow speed also makes you a ripe target for Sticky bombs.

In a one-on-one encounter, you have a surprisingly large advantage due to the fact that rockets instantly explode and you have more health. Try to stay at medium range so you can dodge his grenades while trying to hit or juggle him and throw off his aim so you can finish him. If he is hiding behind a Sticky bomb carpet, firing a rocket into the center will typically cause the sticky bombs to scatter. If you cannot do this, your ability to Rocket jump still provides a lot of protection.

Take full advantage of your shotgun, it is one of your main advantages against the Demoman. Use its insta-hit capability well, as the shotgun is impossible to dodge if you have good aim and the Demoman's main weakness is his lack of an insta-hit weapon (like the shotgun).

One strategy is to rocket jump up close to the Demoman, start firing from the air, and finish him off as you land. Soldiers are generally better at hitting foes close range than the Demoman, and by hitting well, you can take him out with two rockets. Getting successful hits are also easier from the air.

Also, when facing a Demoman armed with the Chargin' Targe, your rockets will do 50% less damage. In this case, it's almost always better to switch to your shotgun, or your equalizer if you're low on health. Most Demoman who have the Targe will also have the Eyelander, and these items mean your day is about to be completely ruined if you lack a shotgun. If they manage to get a critical hit on you, strike back right away with the equalizer. eye for an eye

The Heavy

Even the health of a Heavy has difficulty standing up to a volley of rockets. It is more advisable to do this to a Heavy who has not seen you as you have a higher chance of taking him out before he can rev up his Minigun and do any substantial damage to you. It takes at least three rockets to down a Heavy.

If you can, retreat round a corner and shoot at the floor next to him as he walks slowly round it, doing this can get you an easy kill without taking any damage. Alternatively, you can hide behind walls or any other cover and pop out to fire a rocket at him then hide again, stopping you from taking any damage while you aren't shooting. But don't worry, carrying the Direct Hit will easily kill the heavy (not overhealed) with one critical hit.

The Engineer

As a Soldier, you are one of the best classes for taking out enemy Sentries. To kill a Sentry as a Soldier, you'll want to shoot the floor/wall/ceiling next to the Sentry, but not actually get within sight range of the Sentry itself.

If splash damaging the Sentry is not possible, continually move in and out of the Sentry's line of sight while sending waves of rockets down to destroy the building without being harmed or too harmed.

Always aim for the wall next to the engineer if possible so you can destroy his Dispenser and/or kill him; a Soldier cannot out damage the Engineer's healing by firing rockets directly at the Sentry. This is made even worse when he has a level 3 dispenser, which will be able to generate metal and heal fast enough to keep him going indefinitely, whereas you'll have to retreat for more ammo or take out the dispenser quickly.

The dispenser, engineer, and sentry are equally circurly important. The dispenser gives him ammo and health to use on the sentry and the sentry fires the rockets. If any of these go down, even just the dispenser, the engineers's day is ruined for the time being.

Without a sentry, the engi is not a real threat unless his shotgun aiming is terrific and/or you are low on health. Even then you should be able to conquer the engi before he has a chance to set up his buildings.

Using the direct hit is a great strategy for obvious reasons against the engineer.

The Sniper

At long distance, your slow speed makes you a prime target for a Sniper's Headshot. Try to avoid areas covered by Snipers by looking out for their 'Sniper dots'. If there are no alternative routes, you can lay down suppressive fire with your Rocket launcher to keep the Sniper(s) in hiding as you rush through. If you're lucky you may even hit one dead on, or catch him with the splash damage. At anything closer than long range, a Sniper should be easy prey. Take him down with your rockets before he can react.

You may additionally rocket jump to avoid his headshots, or even to reach the area he is at before he is able to react. His secondary weapon is weak. You can easily take him down at close range with 2 shots.

The Medic

A Medic should be no real threat on his own. His weapons are not too effective beyond close range, which is the range at which your rockets are most effective. The Medic's low health means he should go down quickly.

When healing an enemy team member, the Medic becomes a much higher, albeit indirect threat. Make taking him out quickly as your top priority and then focus on his buddy. The soldier is particularly effective at killing medics due to his ability to Rocket jump over the medic's buddy and eliminate the medic with two rockets.

And because of the above reason, take down the medic whenever you think you have a chance. It could win you the game even if you die and the medic only wastes his ubercharge. It could cost you the game if you do not do so. Keep this in mind to protect your own medics.

The Spy

Your slow speed and high offensive capacity make you a prime target for a Spy's Backstab. Watch your back frequently as Spies can strike at any time. It is worth it to do a little Spy checking with your Rocket launcher as one rocket at close range will reduce a Disguised Spy health to less than 20. If you see an undisguised Spy, try to close the distance to make your rockets more effective and juggle him before he can escape. If you are aware of a cloaked Spy in your presence, the splash damage from your rockets has a surprisingly high radius and should take out the Spy or at least reveal his position, allowing you or a teamate to finish him off. When a Spy misses a backstab he will usually frantically stab you till you die; if you are low on rocket ammo you can safely himuliate the spy by using the Pain Train or Equalizer.

Communicate with your team when you see a spy. At least use the voice command "Spy!"


  • The Soldier is voiced by Rick May who also voiced in Star Fox 64 as Peppy, one of the largest internet memes came from Peppy in Star Fox 64 when the voice in the game said "Do a Barrel Roll!" dramatically.
  • The BLU Soldier's name is, according to his mailbox, Jane Doe. Jane Doe is the name used when a person's name is not known, usually used in reference to missing soldiers.
  • The Soldier has made several posts on the TF2 Official Blog.
  • The Soldier has a crew cut hairstyle beneath his helmet.
  • The Soldier has a list of things men should be engaged in at all times:
    • 1. Getting a haircut
    • 2. Yelling
    • 3. Digesting ribs
    • 4. Hill Defense
  • When the Soldier had his team picture taken, the photographer asked him to act naturally, so he yelled at him to stop disgracing his family and get a real job.
  • The Soldier smokes. (As evidenced by the Soldier's stash hat and promotional images.)
  • A running event in the Meet The Team videos is that the BLU Soldier is either killed or grievously wounded. The BLU Soldier, alongside the BLU Heavy, has been killed in every Meet the Team video to date.
  • The Soldier almost never removes his helmet, even outside of battle.
  • The Soldier enjoys Capt. Dan's Army Surplus Soup, Guns and Haircuts Magazine, and deliveries from The Rib Place.
  • The Soldier's apartment has a map of Germany on the wall.
  • The Soldier's apartment door has armholes for snapping the necks of would-be intruders. The apartment door also has seven locks.
  • The Soldier is the only class who makes references to the other character's country of origin with the exception of one line from the Scout when dominating a Medic.
  • The Soldier does not openly say that he is not a real soldier (being denied from every branch of military, and going on his own tour of duty) and keeps the fact a secret. The mere suggestion that the Soldier is a civilian is liable to send him into a fit of self-righteous fury.
  • The Soldier hates hippies.
  • The Soldier is currently the only class who doesn't have any alt-fire functions for any of his weapons.
  • Despite the Soldier's aggressive and violent behavior, he claims in his domination lines that "love is sweet".
  • The Soldier makes up odd names for his dead enemies during dominations. In the same subject, he has given the Sniper six names during domination.


Name: Mister Jane Doe

Country of Origin: Midwest, USA

Job: Shock & Awe

Motto: "I'm a Rocket Man"

Favourite World War: 2

Special Ability: Rocket Jump

Emblem: A rocket with a circle around it, shown in the ASCII Art at the beginning of this guide.

Story: Though he wanted desperately to fight in World War 2, the Soldier was rejected from every branch of the U.S. military. Undaunted, he bought his own ticket to Europe. After arriving and finally locating Poland, the Soldier taught himself how to load and fire a variety of weapons before embarking on a Nazi killing spree for which he was awarded several medals that he designed and made himself. His rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949, 4 years after the German forces surrendered.

General F.A.Q.

Q: How do I unlock weapons?

A: They can be unlocked by completing Achievements. Weapons also randomly drop during gameplay (a message will appear in the text area for notification), and can be used after death. Hats also rarely drop.

Q: How come I can't get any Unlockable Weapons? I play the console versions.

A: Because it is only available on the superior PC version. Half this guide doesn't even apply to you console players either.

Q: I want to contribute! or I want to criticize! or I want to thank you! How do I do so?

A: Email - jonathanwam@ gmail.com Steam - blinkof GameFAQs TF2 board - Yo_D_oY The Impossible Quiz! Board for the iPhone - Yo_D_oY

Q: Who made TF2 and what are other games that are great by them?

A: Valve created TF2 and Team Fortress Classic. They also created Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life series, Half Life 2 series, Counter Strike series, Day of Defeat series, Deathmatch series, and Portal series. Most importantly, they created the Source Engine which is a base for dozens of games and mods on current games. Indie developers take pride in Valve's hard work to create the open source, Source engine to provide community based content, something no other developer has gone so far to do.


In conclusion, I hope this helps you play The Soldier like a real Soldier. Watch wonderwall rocket jumping videos.

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