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by Yo_D_oY

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Scout Guide by Yo_D_oY

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/26/10

Team Fortress 2
Scout Guide/FAQ

By Jonathan (Yo_D_oY on gamefaqs.com)
Steam ID - Blinkof
Version History
(v 1.5)
Fixed some typos
Added FAQ/tips section
(v 1.3)
Updated ASCII Art to be consistent with other guides
Added the following sections:
credits/special thanks
contact info
Made the trivia look more appealing by using
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Initial Release

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The scout is the first of the offensive classes, one of the more challenging classes to be really good at, and the most fun when you are. In this guide Im going to try and share some general tips, hints, and other such things to help you live longer, kill more things, and have more fun as a Scout in TF2.

In competitive TF2 the class format is 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo, and one medic. The soldiers primary job is to defend the medic and pop in combat when things get really rough. The demoman assists with what he can. The scouts job is the most important. They need to kill the enemy scouts and take control of the enemy bases as quickly as possible to get the medic and soldier to move ahead and kill the enemy soldiers and medic to have a large advantage to win the match.

If you listen to the quotes the scout says, you will realize the psychological affects the scout has on the player. Mike Ambinder, psychologist who works for Valve, made sure that each class would have their own personality and attributes. The scout talks about how everyone may think he is small but he knows that if he is used correctly, he will deliver a big punch, and he sure does.


With over 2,500 hours in TF2, I consider myself as a TF2 Veteran. I've been playing since day 1 and have been a major part of every type of gameplay this game has to offer. From competitive to crazy mods. From basic communities to foreign communities. I've done it all.

Competitive - Been a part of different leagues and teams. Started teams that eventually failed. Been a part of CEVO-M team known as expertise.

TF2 Server Mods - Helped in the development of prop hunt and created several bug fixes and gameserver management mods.

Human Relations in TF2 - Created several communities and helped others develop their own communities. Helped manage servers when server owners could not do so themselves. Managed communities from as little as 25 members to as large as 80,000 active members.

Foreign Comunities - Helped develop a German TF2 server for a German CS:S community. Helped develop a Russian TF2 server for a Russian CS:S community.

Guides and FAQs - Created and still developing several TF2 guides.

  • TF2 Scout Guide
  • TF2 Medic Guide
  • TF2 Soldier Guide
  • TF2 Advanced Strategy Guide
  • TF2 Competitive Guide (10% complete)
  • How to Create Good Gaming Communities (created for a Technical Forum)
  • How to Fix Your Server Issues (Created for a Technical Forum)

Section I: Basics

Man, I dont even know where to start with you. Do you even know who your talking to? I mean, do you have ANY idea who I am? Basically, I'm kind of a big deal.

The scout is THE fastest class in TF2, easily outpacing every other class. The scout packs some serious close range punch, using speed and agility combined with very powerful weapons.


The scout is unique in his ability to double jump. To perform a double jump, simply tap your jump key in mid-air. Simple, but useless right? Wrong! Double jumping is one of the scouts best abilities. Soldier/Demo on your tail? Jump in one direction; double jump in another, then blast his face off. Rinse and repeat. You are almost impossible to hit with those classes if you keep double jumping. (More on taking out Demomen/Soldiers in the Scout vs. ??? Section)


As before, the scout is one of the fastest classes in TF2. Use your speed to your advantage! Run in there, shoot things, then get the hell out! With only 125 health, youre very fragile, and cannot take much punishment. Their is a term in competitive TF2 called scout movement. Movement is a general term of how the scout moves. The route you take, the way you dodge, which enemies to target first, and aiming. All these are vital to master, especially the route you take. Being a scout in TF2 forces you to think outside of the box. I can't explain exactly which routes to take since it is always different each match but I can tell you that the more you practice, the better you will be at it. The more competitive the server, the better you will become when playing. Play some pick up games hosted by £tf2.pug.na via IRC on the gamesurge server.

Section II: Weapons!

"Are you listening? Okay. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people!"

Damage chart

WeaponLoaded AmmoCarried AmmoAverage Damage(point blank range)

The Scattergun

This weapon is arguably one of THE best weapons at close range, and thats where it is king. The scattergun does about 85-105 damage with each hit, and is a death sentence at point blank range for Medics, Snipers, and Spies. The scattergun hits hard and fast, but has a long reload, so be prepared to take out your pistol or run away. Do not try to reload while enemies are trying to kill you. Just run away and come back. Try to predict where the enemy went during this time and flank them from behind. The scattergun is very powerful and with perfect aiming and perfect motion you are practically indestructible against the other classes.


The pistol is your rather weak secondary weapon, dealing roughly 20 damage with every hit. However, do not underestimate the pistol, it is extremely useful. This should be your primary at medium-long range. Unlike the scattergun, doesnt lose its effectiveness over range. Dont try and blast the soldier halfway across the map with your scattergun, its useless at that range, and you will quickly have to reload. Use your pistol to wear down his health while you close into scattergun range. Alternately, with classes like Pyro, use an opposite approach, get away from the flamethrower and pistol him down. (More on taking out Pyros in the Scout vs. ??? section)


Your melee weapon, the bat has the fastest attack time of any melee weapon in the game. However, it does the least damage of any melee attack, so there is a definite drawback. Use the bat against Snipers, Spies, or if your feeling very evil, anyone. The bat is a good melee weapon, use your speed to your ability, and you can easily take down classes like the Heavy by circle strafing.


When using this weapon, try not to get into a huge firefight with over 3, maybe 4 people. The slow reload time, small clip, and short range is not suited for these kinds of fights. Instead, try to take on only one enemy at a time so you don't get overwhelmed, and never approach from the front. Come from the sides or behind to take him out before he knows what hit him. This is an overestimated and underestimated weapon. It just is not being used right at all. Many people avoid this weapon since it has major drawbacks but they fail to realize the true power this weapon contains. 2 full shots at point blank range kill all classes except for the heavy, which only needs a few pistol shots to be taken down afterwards.

Keep in mind that you can jump even longer distances with this weapon by jumping, aiming below you and firing at the end of your second jump. Only fire one shot, as the second shot fired while in the air has no effect on you.

Be wary that a point-blank shot from the FaN will send your target flying a significant distance. So if at all possible, be wary of where your shot will throw them into. Use this feature to your advantage. Don't allow it to be a drawback as some players see it as.

For example, firing point blank at an upward angle, either by terrain or crouching and looking up can send your target quite high into the sky, making falling damage a factor. It might just be enough to finish an opponent who had initially survived your two shots.


Despite your first thoughts, don't use the energy drink for quickly entering the enemy base. The cooldown period will make it too hard to take down any resistance. Instead, use it for dodging around things you would normally run away from, like sentry guns, Heavy-Medic pairs, or large groups of bad guys. As such, it makes for a very good retreating device assuming you survive the time required to bring out the can and drink from it.

A cool tip - You can use a level 3 sentry with bonk to send you flying towards an area that may be strategic. Or you might just do so just cause it is awesome.

Bonk! is usually used right when gates open and enemies are waiting, possibly with stickies or uber ready medics, on certain maps, such as gravelpit. There may be case by case scenarios when used but is it really worth sacrificing the pistol over?

The Sandman

The Heavy makes for one of your best targets with the ball. Being slow doesn't allow him to move out of the way of the stun in time. The Heavy is also one of the easiest enemies to hit with the Bonk taunt, due to his large size. A lone Engineer is another prime target for the Sandman's ball. Same with snipers.

The Sandman's ball fires with an arch similar to the Flare gun's, however, the ball launches slightly above the crosshair - take this into account while aiming with the Sandman. If you can master aiming with it you will be a valued scout.

Section III: Scout vs. ???

"Im a force of nature. If you were from where I was from, youd be ******* dead!"

In this section, I will try to tell basic strategies about how to beat the 9 classes in TF2 with the Scout, 1 on 1, going down the list, starting with another Scout.


Possibly the hardest class to beat as a scout, simply because your basic outmaneuver, jump, shoot n scoot strategy will not work. Scout fights are simply a beefed up version of chicken, each scout trying to maintain a balance of medium range pistol fire, and closing in for a scattergun hit. In the end, Scout fights come down to who has better aim, and who is better at deciding when to switch to the pistol and back again. Use your teammates to create cover fire as a distraction so you can run up for an easy kill. Look for areas to flank the enemy scout quickly. A great example is the spire on cp_badlands. This area has scout battles quite frequently. You can jump and double jump in different unpredictable ways to confuse the enemy scout and end up winning scout battles.


Soldiers are not that difficult to beat for a Scout. Simply double jump around his rockets, while periodically scattergunning him and switching to your pistol and retreat to medium range. Do not, I repeat do not, try to get up close and personal, they will easily shoot rockets at your feet and kill you. If he pulls out his shotgun, use the same basic strategies as with the rocket.


First off, dont be afraid. As Cecil (one of TTPs best Pyros) said: "As a Pyro there's nothing I hate more than scouts."

And he is right. Scouts are highly effective at killing Pyros. To kill one, simply do the Wait n Bait The Wait n Bait is where you retreat to medium range from a Pyro, running away backwards, and shooting your pistol at them. Eventually, the Pyro will pull out his secondary weapon, and try to get you at medium range. Then, close in and put one or two point blank scattergun shots in them. That should take the Pyro down, but if he is still standing, rinse and repeat. Also flanking and tricking the pyro is a key to success. Look for map advantages and flank from top or behind. Trick the pyro to follow you into a corner where a soldier or sentry is waiting for her.


First off, you do not need to be too afraid of stickies on the ground. One of Valves updates allows you to shoot stickies to remove them. Skilled demos can be tricky to combat at times. They will sticky jump to quickly flank you without you predicting it and they will have great aim to put a nade in your face. One nade is disaster to a fragile scout. The best way to counter these techniques the demo may pull is to gain experience as a demoman. For the average demoman there is not much to be afraid of. Unlike the soldier, you do not need to be afraid of running up at the demos face since the demos weapons do not blow up on contact to the ground.


The Heavy is simultaneously one of the easiest and most enjoyable classes to take down. With 300 health, and a giant chaingun, the Heavy is one tough cracker. The basic way to take down this giant wielder of death is get in close, very close, and to circle strafe him. The Heavy simply cannot spin his chaingun fast enough to hit you at point blank range. Jump on him and around him, jump through windows and flank him. The heavy is the greatest class to combat for experience. You will learn all the techniques you need as a scout all in one class. You will learn proper movement, proper aim, flanking, and more all on this one class. At first it may be a challenge since you may be used to running straight on and end up dead before you give any damage but with practice, the heavy will be the easiest classes to take down.

NOTE: It is possible to jump on a Heavys head, and to be able to hitch a ride, batting the Heavy all the way. Often, the Heavy will not know where you are, and will die. And if he has a sandwich, steal that too.


The Engineer is an easy class to beat. They have the same amount of health as you, and have fairly similar weapons, albeit with extra pistol ammo. Just use the same basic strategies as for a Scout, and you will win. The problem is with sentries. More often than not, a 1 on 1 battle between a Scout and a Sentry isnt going to be pretty. The best way is to retreat out of range, and to pistol the Engineer. Then you can take down his sentry at will. In a real game though, this takes far too long. So call in a Soldier/Demo/Medic combo to take it down. If you know that an engineer is planning on building a sentry, take him down before he does.


The Medic is a very easy class to take down, simply Scattergun/Pistol him. Do not get too close to him though, with the Blutsaugher, the Medic can easily regain his lost health. The problem is that medics are rarely found alone. So, the basic strategy in that situation is to kill the medic first.

I think Redmako101 put it nicely :

"SHOOT THE ******* MEDIC! I cant stress how many times I see a scout shooting everyone else but the medic. The medic is the most important class to kill. Even if you die, the medic will either pop his uber or die, helping your team immensely."


The Sniper is a double edged sword, very easy to kill at one end, and nearly impossible at the other. At close range, this is almost a guaranteed kill. Unless they get a lucky crit no-scope, or a crit SMG, the Sniper is toast. However, at long range, a good sniper can easily kill you, even in mid-air, without a headshot. Bunny hopping is the way to get into kill range with a sniper.


Spy is a fairly easy class to beat as a Scout. Most Spies are obsessed with Backstabbing someone, and will often not use theyre revolver. As the fastest class, Scouts are nearly impossible to backstab on the move. If you get into a fight with a Pistol Spy, bunny hop into Scattergun range and let er rip. Spies are very delicate, and a point blank Scattergun is more often than not, a one hit KO.

Section IV: Map Specific Strategies

In this section I will explain the generally accepted guidelines of how to play as a scout on the main maps usually played.

Images included will show you a top view of the map and where the main action takes place. These are known as death maps.This is VERY important to know when playing as scout. You must memorize the maps you play on, know where action is at, and howto flank on each map. Avoid going head on into action, flank from behind, the side, above, and sometimes from below.


Ah 2fort, the number one played map on TF2. 2 forts split by a small bridge over water. A classic setup for many first person shooters. In TF2 people think that this is more of a map that are always dominated by snipers and engineers. Yes, there are times that people can be jerks and camp as those classes but if you are able to get into an organized server that balances the classes, you will have a blast as the scout.

Use the roof of the bridge to double jump into the enemy battlements. This is the fastest way to get into the enemy base. When the match first starts, this is the general way to go as a scout. Then proceed taking the spiral stairs and steal their intelligence and take the same route back. If done correctly you will be ahead a point. Be aware of enemies who are predicting you.

A secondary offensive approach to take when the match is first starting out is to take the sewers. Jump into the water off the battlements and try to do it fast and sly enough so the enemy team does not see you. Take their sewers up into their base and stay on the left side. Double jump to evade taking the stairs the whole way and finally enter their intelligence room. Take any route back to your base afterwards. This is usually done when you know an enemy engineer is building a sentry gun by his own respawn at the start of the match.

Having a second scout and communicating together when doing either starting approach is really powerful.

2fort is not the best map to flank. If you try to take a route to get behind someone, chances are you will head straight on into an enemy around a corner along the way. Try to have a teamate, preferrably a soldier or demoman, with you.

Protect the medic! This map is sometimes always a stalemate because the medics keep dieing without having a chance to use their ubercharge.

On this map, people tend to go their own way rather than sticking as a team. Generate teamwork. Use voice commands and your mic. At least message people through text. On this map, the first team to actually be a team will win. If both teams actually use teamwork then the match will be spectacular and rememorable.

With the Force-a-Nature a Scout can easily execute a double jump followed by a timed recoil to gain access to the bridge roof from the ground level. This can be done by jumping from one of the two entrances on each side. You can surprise some Snipers if you execute this trick on their side and then jump on their battlements. You can also get to the other side of the bridge by double jumping over the water and using the Force-A-Nature's recoil to propel yourself to the other side. Most enemies will think you fell into the water below instead and ignore you.

2fort Death Map


Use the stacked cargo containers on Control point 3 to your advantage. Pick off Medics and Snipers to help ensure your team gains CP3. In competitive gameplay, the team that wins that point first is predicted the winner of that match.

Many scouts complain that point 2 is too crowded to play as a scout. This is very wrong. Don't listen to these players ever. There are so many ways to flank from above and below. This is one of my favorite spots to scout. You can jump on players heads and shoot them with a nice meatshot.

The first/last point will usually have a sentry gun overlooking it from behind the wall on the left side of the point. There's not much that can be done about it if the engineer is defending it and/or other enemies are targetting you, and in this case it is probably better to switch classes or wait for help to disable the gun. In the meantime just defend and scout from up top. If their is no sentry, you may very well want to wait for help still. This is a crowded area without many areas to flank and scout around. Defend the medic. Defend the medic. Defend the medic.

Well Death Map


This map is very similar to CP_Well. The middle point use the same strategies. The only main difference is the last points. On this map you can flank from above if you are sly enough. Don't rush into action without thinking. Also hiding on the last point when you are confident your team will win the second point soon is a good strategy.

Granary Death Map


When attacking Stage 1 Point A, use the canyon pathway. It is the least checked spot and with the Scout's speed, you'll be able to run past the defenders without them knowing what happened. Hug the walls -- don't let the defenders see you. Don't stand near the gate during setup or the enemies will know that you are going that way.

Before Stage 1 Point A is taken, you can quickly run to the enemy's Control point 2. Although this is locked, if your team is close to taking Point A, then it would be a good idea to stay here and hide (and then rush to the second control point when the first is captured). If the enemy is unprepared, you can take the second point before they can get there.

Avoid entrances to hallways. A lot of spam from the enemy comes from here.

When defending, try to single out players rather than targetting multiple at once. Also do not let enemies drag you into dangerous situation. Gun them with your pistol rather than chasing them down with the scattergun.

Dustbowl Death Map


When on offense, try to stick to one Control point (A or B) depending on how many people are assaulting the point. Let your teammates soak up enemy fire; you can dash into the point as soon as it is safe. B is usually the better bet since the engineers sentries are highly unlikely to be finished when the round proper begins.

When you are confident that the 2nd to last point will be taken, head for the last point and hope for an easy win.

On defense, if you chose point A. My favorite method is to flank. There are many areas. You can stay in one of the sheds and use your ears and wait till a foe walks by. Run up behind and strike.

Gravelpit Death Map


At first, both teams rush to the 1st capture point. Because of your speed, you're able to be there first. So you are up at against the scouts from the other team, until the rest of the team arrives. If you kill the enemy scouts, your team will be at a great advantage, if you die, your team will be at a great disadvantage.

A nice strategy is to completely ignore the other players and to focus on capping the point on your own. To do this best, you have to jump from the two train wagons that are lined up on both sides of the point. Just hop around from wagon to wagon in circles. You may need some practicing before you can pull it off. The enemy will have a hard time catching you, while dealing with the rest of your team.

After your team successfully clears the point you can choose multiple roads to the next point. Because of your mobile abilities you have easier access to this point. Communication is important beyond the middle point. Since your fast, scout the area and report where it is clear and where it is not.

The 2nd point, the spire, is an awesome area for a scout. You are able to trick foes to turn around when using your double jump wisely. You can also try to sneak through the defense and enter the enemy base, in order to pull off a rush cap after the spire is being captured by teammates.

Use the map to your advantage, it has a great environment for harassing, attacking, and pulling back.

Badlands Death Map

PL_Gold Rush

On offense, your most important job is to keep the cart moving. If you are not under fire, stand near the cart as much as possible. If you are under fire, you can keep it moving onger by hopping around the cart in circles, or take cover by crouching behind the cart. If you have teammates nearby, you can also hide behind them sometimes. Being a scout, you count as 2 people pushing the cart. Pushing the cart, scouting the area, and removing snipers should be your primary objective on this map.

Although you will be on linear maps, they still have multiple paths through each area. Use your speed to your advantage by popping out unexpectedly from side corridors while everyone's attention is on the track. Then you can either pick opponents off while they are not looking, or speed in and tag the cart in order to keep it from sliding back.

Gold Rush is a sniper heaven, but scouts can easily circumvent the more open areas and close the distance between them and the snipers.

Goldrush Death Map

Extra tips/FAQ

The double jump can save you from fall damage. Simply jump just before you hit the ground, or jump to a ledge nearby as you're falling.

Whichever movement key you are holding at the time of the double jump is the direction you will go. This allows you to immediately turn 90 or 180 degrees in any direction in mid air, and is a very good way to confuse defenders. This is especially effective against Snipers, who usually aim where they expect you to be just after their shot is fired. The term for this is strafing. Learn to aim well while strafing and you will dominate.

Use your double jump to full advantage. Take the higher roads over railroad cars and bridges. Most opponents will not look up, only forward. If it is safe to do so, attack from above, preferably on the enemy's head, to take them by surprise.

You may want to increase your mouse sensitivity if you plan to play as a Scout. When running at full speed and jumping in all directions, it will come in handy, especially in close-quarters.

If you a meet a slower team-mate who has taken the enemy Intelligence, consider asking him to drop the intelligence (Default key: 'L') so that you may carry it away faster. If he ignores or refuses you, try to draw attention away from the flag runner by harassing the other team at another location. Or allow him to die then take the intel back to the base yourself, find him, and taunt in front of him (Default key: G).

An entire team of Scouts can attempt a Scout rush but this is a very risky maneuver. Joining forces with even a handful of other Scouts is still a good idea though, since the Scouts can buy time for the team while the slower, stronger classes catch up.

Never attack head on. The Scout is designed to use his speed to attack from the side or from behind, fire quickly, and retreat before the enemy has a chance to react. Scouts can die easily from a stray grenade or rocket, much less an aimed attack.

Always keep reloading or turn on auto-reload for obvious reasons.

When running to the front lines, run through your teammates as a form of Spy check. If you get halted, shoot the offender or bonk them on the head with your bat a few times. Do this as any class you play.

couts are extremely good at causing distractions, be it by using Bonk! or simply getting past the front lines and causing mayhem near the enemies' spawn area. Pestering the enemy and getting them to chase you into useless areas of the map can give your team time to set-up defenses or stage an assault to push-back their front lines. Due to your superior maneuverability, you can often lead many enemies on a wild goose chase as they try to hunt you down and kill you.

As a general rule, the usefulness of Scouts is directly related to the number of players in the server and the size of the map. However, even in a full 32 player server on the final area of Dustbowl a Scout can be useful on either offense or defense. But, as is also the case with Spies, it is not a good idea to have too many.

Remember, you still run a lot faster then any other class when running backwards, so if retreating you should try running backwards to get a few more shots in.

Do NOT underestimate the pistol. Do NOT underestimate the crit-a-cola. Don't restrict yourself to one weapon.


Q: How do I unlock the sandman, crit-a-cola, force-a-nature, and the Bonk?

A: The sandman, FaN, and Bonk! can be unlocked by completing achievments. The achievments can be found at the menu section. The crit-a-cola is a direct craftable item. Please check out the achievment FAQ for me info.

Kritzkrieg + Bonk! = Crit-a-Cola

Q: How do I throw the ball with the bat?

A: Right click. Be sure to aim a bit above your target since there is an arc similar to the flare gun.

Q: When was the scout update?

A: The scout update was in Spring of 2009.

Q: How did Valve update the Scout?

A: All classes have had different styles of unlocking their weapons. For the soldier and demo, it was a war. For the scout, players voted which weapon sounded coolest to unlock first. The number one was the FaN and only required 10 achievments. The 2nd was the Sandman and required 15. The 3rd is the Bonk! which takes 20. CP_Junction, Arena_watchtower, CP_Egypt, and an update to CP_Fastlane was also was included with the update.

Q: Why is scout the first in the offensive classes?

A: Valve once told the community that the first of the offensive, defensive, and support classes are the most effective on that slot. This does not mean that the pyro is not as effective as the scout, it means the scout is a weaker defensive class than an offensive class whereas the pyro is well rounded. This is how Valve intended on balancing the classes but it is very confusing why the Demoman is at the front of the defensive classes and the engineer is at the last of them. Other than that is makes sense.

Q: What are the scouts fav maps?

A: Maps with a lot of area to maneuvar and trick enemies around. The Scout likes Well and Granary for this reason. The Scout hates maps that have large open areas with no cover and places to flank such as Freight and 2fort.

Scout Trivia

  • The BLU Scout's Mother is in a relationship with the RED Spy. A file in the BLU

base contains photos documenting their...activities.

  • The Scout is one of two classes with no emblem on their sleeves, the other being the Spy.
  • The Scout and Heavy are the only two classes with short sleeves.
  • The Scout wears a left-handed batter's helmet, despite being a right-handed batter.
  • The Scout's "No otha' class gonna do dat!" line is the only time a class has actually

referred to themselves as a class.

  • The Scout's line "This map ain't big enough for the two of us" is the only time a

class referred the battle ground they are on as a map.

  • he Submachine gun was originally intended for the Scout.
  • After players noted a resemblance between the Scout and TV pitchman Vince Offer,

several players requested that Valve add a reference to this in-game. With the release of the Scout update, lines such as "If you order now, I'll throw in an extra beatin', absolutely free" and "No other class is gonna do that" were added to the game files.

  • The Scout is the youngest class in the game.
  • The Scout wears "dog-tags" like those issued to US military personnel.

This implies the Scout has genuine military experience (unlike the Soldier, who was rejected from every branch of the military)

  • According to the Jarate comic from the Sniper update, the Scout likes tacos.
  • The Spy claims the Scout is a virgin in his domination lines. Considering the

nature and age of the Scout, this may very well be true.

  • The Scout and Medic are the only classes without a stubble of facial hair.


Country of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Job: Rapid Recovery

Motto: "Too. Much. Caffeine."

Emblem: A running shoe with wings. (ASCII Art at top of guide)

Story: The youngest of eight boys from the south side of Boston, the Scout learned early how to problem solve with his fists. With seven older brothers on his side, fights tended to end before the runt of the litter could maneuver into punching distance, so the Scout trained himself to run. He ran everywhere, all the time, until he could beat his pack of mad dog siblings to the fray.


In conclusion, I hope you gained some valuable information of the scout. Now get out there and learn it yourself!

If you want additional info or you are a visual learner, look for EvilDaedalus's videos. He also has some very good info for the other classes as well. Also look for carnage's meatshot videos to see how powerful the scout is when used correctly. Take into account he is playing in CEVO-P which is pro gaming. It may sound silly but they are very skilled, nearly perfect aim, perfect movement, and perfect communication.

As for contact info, my steam ID is blinkof, add me if ya want.

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