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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 01/01/09

       _,-~˜                                  ˜~-._
      /  ,-~˜¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯˜~-.       _.--._  ˜.
     / /¯                           ¯\    / ,--. \   }
    { {       |¯¯¯¯¯¯\                }  (_(    ) )  }
    | {       |       \               }     _.~˜,˜   }
    | {        ¯¯¯¯\   \              }  ,-˜ ,-' )¯) }
    | {            /    \             }  \   ¯¯¯¯ /  }
    | {           /      \            }   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ _.'
    | {          /   /\   \           }       _.-'¯
    | {         /   /  \   \          }  _.-'¯
    | {        /   /    \   \__       } |
    | {       /   /      \     |      } | Half-Life 2 (XBOX) FAQ & Walkthrough
    { {      /___/        \____|      } | -by- Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
     \ \_                           _/ /
      \_ ˜~-.___________________.-~˜ _/   shotgunnova [@] email [d0+] com

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Menu Overview .................................................. MNOV
       Points of Interest ............................................. POIT

  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Point Insertion ............................................ WK01
       02) A Red Letter Day ........................................... WK02
       03) Route Kanal ................................................ WK03
       04) Water Hazard ............................................... WK04
       05) Black Mesa East ............................................ WK05
       06) "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" ................................. WK06
       07) Highway 17 ................................................. WK07
       08) Sandtraps .................................................. WK08
       09) Nova Prospekt .............................................. WK09
       10) Entanglement ............................................... WK10
       11) Anticitizen One ............................................ WK11
       12) "Follow Freeman!" .......................................... WK12
       13) Our Benefactors ............................................ WK13
       14) Dark Energy ................................................ WK14

   IV. MISCELLANEOUS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MSCL

       Enemies ........................................................ ENMY
       Weapons ........................................................ WPNS
       Achievements ................................................... ACHV

    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]

   LEFT TRIGGER ->  _.-'--------------------'-._  <- RIGHT TRIGGER
                 .-'           ______           '-.
                /  /¯¯\       /\¯\/¯/\       (Y)   \
  L. ANALOG -> /  (<  >)     (  )  {  )   (X)   (B) \
              (    \  /       \/_/\_\/       (A)     )
              |     ¯¯ _|¯|_   ¯¯¯¯¯¯  /¯¯¯\         |
              |  _    |D PAD|         (     )        |
      BACK -> ( (_)_   ¯|_|¯           \___/  _ (#)  ) <-BLACK BUTTON
      PAUSE -> \  (_)     _,~-'------'-~._   (_)    /  <-WHITE BUTTON
                \        /             /  \        /
                 \______/       R. ANALOG  \______/ 

 Only buttons with functions displayed. If playing on the Xbox 360, controls
 are roughly the same, with "Black" being the Right Bumper and "White" being
 the Left Bumper. Controls can be changed in the Options menu.
  ____________ ______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON     | PURPOSE                                                      |
 | D-PAD      | Weapon select (each direction is a category)                 |
 | START      | Un/pause game                                                |
 | BLACK      | Command button (for troop tactics in later levels)           |
 | WHITE      | Toggle flashlight function                                   |
 | X-BUTTON   | Toggle (temporary) sprint function                           |
 | Y-BUTTON   | "Action" button, for triggering switches, etcetera           |
 | A-BUTTON   | "Jump" button                                                |
 | B-BUTTON   | "Reload" button                                              |
 | L. ANALOG  | Controls movement                                            |
 | R. ANALOG  | Controls camera (click for zoom function)                    |
 | L. TRIGGER | Secondary attack function (when applicable)                  |
 | R. TRIGGER | Fire weapon / Throw grenades                                 |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| [1] - Health display [1-100]
 |                                     | [2] - Suit # display [1-200]
 |                                     | [3] - Ammo remaining
 |                                     | [4] - Squad members following
 |                                     |
 |                                     |       Squads apply only to the levels
 |               [6]                   |       "Anticitizen One" and "'Follow
 |                                     |       Freeman!'". They're NPCs who
 |                                     |       fight with Gordon. Medic NPCs
 |                                     |       have a "+" over their icons.
 |                                     |
 |                                     | [5] - Flashlight (Auxiliary) power
 |    [5]                       [4]    | [6] - Weapon select HUD. Select the
 | [1]   [2]                    [3]    |       category with d-pad, and double-
 |_____________________________________|       -click til icon rests on weapon
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| [1] - Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard
 | [1]                                 | [2] - Audio: Change the volume
 | [2]                                 | [3] - Video: Adjust game brightness
 | [3]                                 | [4] - Captions: choose subtitles or
 | [4]                                 |       closed captioning (subtitles +
 |_____________________________________|       sound effects included)

 Just a list of stuff found in the game's environment.
 ____________ _______________________________________________________________
| TYPES      | INFORMATION                                                   |
| ALLIES     | Set apart from 'Squads,' allies such as Barney or Alyx have   |
|            | story-related functions and are special, thus. Because they   |
|            | are usually included in missions, if they were to perish it   |
|            | is an automatic game over. Always keep their welfare in mind. |
| AUXILIARY  | Gordon's special suit uses power when swimming, sprinting, or |
|            | using the flashlight. If it should run out, Gordon will start |
|            | to drown, stop sprinting, or be without light, respectively.  |
|            | Auxiliary power is always displayed, refilling if not in use. |
| BOXES      | Supplies, such as health, suit refills, and ammunition are    |
|            | found in specially marked boxes. They appear semi-glossy and  |
|            | aren't unlabelled like normal everyday crates, etc.           |
| CACHES     | Weapon caches (supply clusters) are often marked with Lambda  |
|            | symbols or graffiti. Some are found in odd places, others'll  |
|            | require a small puzzle to be solved. Keep an eye out for 'em, |
|            | especially if playing "The Orange Box" -- an Achievement has  |
|            | these in mind.                                                |
| CHARGERS   | Some wall machines will charge Gordon's health and suit by    |
|            | holding the action button. These are marked with a red cross  |
|            | (medical) or are orange (suit). Often found near each other.  |
| MISCELLANY | Debris and other junk can be picked up with the Gravity Gun   |
|            | and used as a projectile (such as sawblades), while even w/o  |
|            | it Gordon can still pick things up and throw them. Always pay |
|            | attention to the environments to be at an advantage!          |
| RADIOACTIV | Gordon's suit will make weird clicky noises (geiger counter)  |
|            | when near radioactive gloop. It's always yellow and damages   |
|            | upon contact -- use the airboat or step on debris to cross.   |
| SQUADS     | During the "Anticitizen One" and "'Follow Freeman!'" levels,  |
|            | NPC refugees take up arms with Gordon and follow him around,  |
|            | assisting when possible. All carry guns, but only medics can  |
|            | give free medkits to friendlies who are injured. Value them!  |
| TRANSPORTS | There are various transports in the game. Walking is the most |
|            | used and normal, while there are some vehicles (airboat, dune |
|            | buggy) that Gordon uses in particular levels. Story-related,  |
|            | local teleportation is also shown.                            |

___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
01) POINT INSERTION                                                      [WK01]

                    Plaza--/              \______/\
                          (______   ___________   /-Dumpster
                               |      |       _| (_
                             |¯|¯¯   ¯|      |  ___|
                        _____|        |      | |   |
                       |  ___  |______|      |     |-Apartment
                       |_    |_|   \         |_|_ _|
                         |___  | Cafeteria     |   |
                             | |___ _________  |   |_
                             |___  |  ___   _| |____ |
                             /  _| | |   | |   |    _|
                    Checkpoint |   | |  _| |   |__ |
                               | ___ | |   |   |   |
                               |_____| |_|_|   |   |-Laboratory
                                        |      |   |  Building
                                      Start    |___|

 Our hero -- the quick-thinking Dr. Gordon Freeman -- finds himself on a train
 after a brief "intro" from the Gman. The game will be showing controls around
 this point (and for awhile longer), making this level like a tutorial. And,
 indeed, this is one of the shorter ones in the game. But enough of that...

 Exit the platform through the turnstile gate to enter the station proper. A
 winding, fenced-off area on one side leads to a checkpoint, upon which Gordon
 will be asked to follow one of the masked enemies ('Combine') into a sideroom.
 The guy reveals himself as Barney from Black Mesa, and wastes no time getting
 in touch with a few old friends. Exit out the other side when an enemy tries
 to enter.

 In the storage area, climb the ladder and stack a box under the window, then
 jump through. Eventually this path leads to a cafeteria, and past there, a
 double door to the plaza outside. Although there are plenty of buildings,
 none have entrance -- d'oh! Follow the street toward a half-blocked alley
 and use the green dumpster to get onto a fire escape. Jump off the top of it
 to get over the fence.

 The sullen street beyond is near a playground. Look for one of lit-up doorway
 leading into an apartment. Take the staircase and keep an eye out for a hall
 with 3 Combines trying to break into a room. When they enter, get down that
 corridor and up the opposite staircase. A guy should whisper "Hey, you! In
 here!" at the top.

 This marks the start of an escape procedure, as Combine are storming the rest
 of the place and this top floor is the next target. Start making for the roof,
 which is taking every stairway in sight, pretty much. Once on top, jump to the
 next-closest roof, then "walk the planks" to a windowsill to get around the
 corner. Combine will be firing upon Gordon, so sprint (well, not too quickly
 or he might fall to his death!) along the ledges to an open window. Down the
 stairs, Gordon gets beaten up and saved by a woman named Alyx. As she ferries
 Freeman to Kleiner's office, the level ends.

02) "A RED LETTER DAY"                                                   [WK02]

Post-Lab Start-.                 After some lengthy dialogue in Kleiner's lab,
              |¯¯¯|¯¯|           Gordon gets a new suit that will protect his
              | |  _ |           health once chaged up. Speaking of which, the
          |¯¯¯|¯|_|  |           orange gizmo on a wall nearby will fill it up
          | Lab | |  |           25 points. Participate in the teleport events
          |___|_|_|  |           (push button, plugging in cord) to arrive 
                |  __|           outside the lab building accidentally. Follow
              __| |              the path to the backstair, after which Barney
          ___| ___|-Crowbar      will provide Gordon with a crowbar. This is a
     ____|  ____|                board-ripping tool and a skull-basher in one!
    |________  _|_  ---.
    |         ____|    |         Speaking of which, put it to good use on the
     ¯¯¯¯|_  _  |      |-Train   stuffed-up doorway that leads down to the
         |  __| |      |  Yard   train station from the first chapter. Upon
      ___| |____|   ---'         getting down there, a few Combine will fire
     |___  |                     upon Gordon from ahigh, so jump into a nearby
         | |                     boxcar filled with breakable junk. Out the
        _| |                     other side, steer clear of the tracks as a
   EXIT-___|                     train ships in, and find a 2nd boxcar, this
                                 one with a ladder. Using this, Gordon can hop
 over the fence like a jackrabbit and leave the trainyard in the dust, once a
 boarded-up door is cleared.

 That ends this level! Don't worry...things are going to get longer and harder
 from here on out...

03) ROUTE KANAL                                                          [WK03]
        Boxcar    Canal                   _   |           |
       __/________/   _       _____     _| |  | |¯¯¯  ¯  ¯|-Roofless
      |A    ____  |__| |__ __|    _|___|   |__| |___  ____|   House
       ¯¯¯¯|________      |  __| |_|  ___|______|_______  |
                    |___  | |__________|__________  ______|____
                        |___|                     |       |  __|-Start
                                                   ¯¯¯¯¯| | |
                                                        | | |-9MM Pistol

 The cement corridor Gordon starts in has a medical machine, so ab/use that
 sucker. Some Combine are attacking a couple nearby, and after crowbarring 'em,
 Gordon gets his first gun: a 9MM Pistol. Saving ammo by bashing skulls is a
 good idea for now, though. Low train tracks run by here, and when a train
 comes a-rollin' down, use the stairway to jump on top, then to a ladder on
 the other side.

 Break into the roof-less house nearby for some ammo, and shoot some flammable
 barrels to unblock another door. Outside, a couple Combine fire on a raised,
 parallel ledge -- shoot the barrels there to nix 'em. The mesh fence nearby
 is bend forward, and is a suitable stepping stone to get onto the walkway
 again. Look for a low vent Gordon can crawl into with some supplies, and at
 the end of the walkway there, jump down to the train tracks.

 Kill some grunts and watch out for one that throws burning barrels. The upper
 walkway will loop around and arch over the tracks to the other side, which
 bypasses another barrier. Sprint to the canal drop-down point and wait for
 the inbound train to run over some of these morons; then, pick off the rest
 and heal on the medic machine one alcove back.

 When ready, jump into the canal and learn the basics of swimming while there
 is still chance to do so. Climb up the red boxcar at the end to find a couple
 refugees who'll aid Gordon before sending him packing down the line (after
 recharging his suit 30 points!).
                                  Emplacement-----|  _  |
                                                  | | | |
                                                  | |   |           Boxcar
                                                  | | |_|__ ______ ___/
                                                  | |___   |  __  |  A|
                                                  |   | |____|  |___|¯
                                                   ¯|_  |
                                        ___         |  _|____
                                       |   |        |    __  |
                                 Deep--|   |________|___|  | |
                                Canal  | |_ _  |    |   |__| |-Deep-water
                                       |  _|_____|      |  __| Barrel Area
                                       |   |     |__|_____|
                                       |   |
                                       | |¯
                                    ___|  ¯|
                                   |  _    |-Cinderblock
                   Helicopter Area | | |___|   Puzzle
                            __\____| |______
                    _______|             _  |
                   |  ___  |__________|_   _| --.
                  _| |__ | |   |_|   |  __|     |
                 (  ____||___| |  _| | |_       |
                  \ \      |_____|_____  |      |
                  _\ \_ _______        |_|      |- Sewer Complex
                 / ____|  __  _|                |
               _/ /____| |_/ /__                |
              |  Manhacks|_____ \_              |
               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_  _   _|___          |
                       |¯|____| | |_ P|      ---'
                       |____  | | | |I|
        To Water Puzzle  \G    _|_|_ P|    _        G = Grenades
                      \___\_ S| |_   E|___| |       S = Submachine Gun
                      |   | | |   | |___    |_
                      | |¯|_| |___| |_|  _|_| |
                      |_    |_________|_____  |
                        |_|_________________  |
                                   \        |_|
                            Manhack Tunnel

 Past the boxcar, start breaking any wooden junk that blocks the path. After
 ducking under some debris, a new enemy will be shown in action: a barnacle!
 Their long tongues hang from the ceiling and draw whatever they catch up to
 the mouth. Shooting them or smashing them at close-range kills them pretty
 easily, but it can still be an inconvenience. At the first real turn of the
 canal, some refugees are getting shot up.

 The enemy has the elevation advantage, so upon turning the corner, shoot the
 nearest grunt and jump into the red-lit drain. Up the ladder, smoke these
 ugly ducklings before commandeering the machine-gun emplacement and killing
 any stragglers who show up below. When everyone is dead, look for a flammable
 barrel on a wooden ledge; detonate to make the lower path whole again. Get
 out of Dodge when a mobile missile battery starts up on the highway above,
 though! Follow the dirty, stopped-up tunnel, and watch out for barnacles --
 they start to appear more often now! A female refugee points Gordon in the
 next direction.

 Follow the "elbow" paths until a deep-water one is found. A bunch of red
 barrels (one flaming) will be thrown down, but diving deep will evade all
 damage from explosions. The next outdoor canal portion will have plenty of
 red barrels as well -- use them wisely to take out nearby grunts. Under the
 bridge, two more combine try a pincer attack. The exit is at the top of a
 dirtpile, which barely gives enough clearance to duck down and get through a
 few barrels. Past a "barnacle convention," it's into another watery excursion!

 In this deep canal, plenty of flaming barrels will be littered down -- stay
 underwater like usual to evade. Only two combine are present, though, so get
 on solid (floating) ground and get some headshot practice. A ladder gets over
 the metal partition, giving access to the other half filled with makeshift
 wooden walkways. Upon surfacing there, enemies pour in...but if Gordon shoots
 the huge stack of red barrels, they'll explode and fling others near the foes
 gathered on the bridge -- an atomic twofer!

 Through the next bent-open sewer grate, Gordon encounters what is known as
 "The Cinderblock Puzzle". There is a crude seesaw here that gets up to the
 next ledge, but before that's possible, Gordon must stack all (9) on the far
 end to displace the weight he needs to jump. The sounds of a helicopter beckon
 the player forward through the dry canalbed...

 And guess what? The helicopter makes itself known down at the bifurcation.
 Immediately scramble to high ground and look for a blue door with barrels in
 front -- this is the correct path. As of now, the 'copter is invincible so
 conserve ammo. Inside the corridor, there's a hidden cache underneath the
 metal walkway; look for a drop-down point on one side, near the lambda symbol.
 Heck, even if this one's missed, there's another cache up near the supply box
 in plain sight -- duck down in the watery part and look near a burned corpse.

 But back to normal action. Find the slippery slope barnacles camp over, and
 stay clear of the window (unless you want to see just how dexterously that
 helicopter can fire). This same situation repeats once before a stair escorts
 Gordon back into the open air. Quickly run down to the nearest end of the
 area and get into a stairwell, 'fore Freeman gets any (hot) lead poisoning.

 The sewer area beyond is simple and enemy-free, so there's really nothing to
 complain about. Break loose crates and such as some have items hidden behind.
 Behind some tin roofing used as a doorstopper, there's a male refugee. He'll
 help Gordon fight off the tiny red machines with razor attachments (known as
 'manhacks') that come through the door. Beating them with a crowbar saves
 ammo, so do that technique. The tunnel beyond has more, but it's nothing
 special -- just watch out for the 2nd group that accidentally detonates some
 barrels. Healing kits are in one of the rooms.

 Eventually, the sewer complex spits Gordon out in fresh air. A Combine trio
 tries for potshots, so be ready and willing to take their lives (same for a
 manhack that tries a back attack -- no, that wasn't supposed to rhyme). On
 the ledge overlooking the dark waterway below, there is a red barrel that
 can be used to get back up "here," if there's anything left to do; otherwise,
 jumping down is a point of no return in a way.

 See the long red pipe bridging over the sewer? The vent there will loop to a
 small supply cache, mostly suit refills. Jump down into the muck to locate
 some Combine again. These grunts carry submachine guns, and Gordon can pick
 one up from the corpses. Also, one of the vents near a red barrel here leads
 to some frag grenades -- just be sure to kill the zombie torso that appears,
 as it's just as dangerous as the full thing. On the way out, another grunt'll
 drop down from the ceiling, so be ready!

 Beyond the tunnel, a large water filter/generator is spinning. The way forward
 is blocked, so look for a passage underwater, avoiding the twirling object as
 it'll kill Gordon instantly (the heck!?). Surface once for air, then get to
 the end -- it leads to a long room with a gray, steaming pipe down its length.
 Kill the four Combine who appear, then walk down the large piping, mindful of
 damage from hot steam. At the far end, after breaking some wooden debris,
 there are healing packs by a manhack. Near the drop-down point, a dark niche
 houses the entrance back in the water, this time on the other side of the
 waterfilter petition -- yay!

 Upon surfacing, some morons drop burning crates downhill towards Gordon. Take
 a swim to evade, then bury 'em! The other covered corridor is parallel with
 the water, and filled with manhacks at the other side. A dark room beyond is
 filled with supplies, and hides a vent as well. This leads to small drop
 point into a room filled with manhacks [on 2nd map, marked as "To Water
                       |¯|_ _________
                       | | |  _      |
                       |    _| |     |¯¯¯¯|-Valve
          Dirty Creek--| |_| .-|     |¯   |  Area
                       | |   | |¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯|
                       | |   | |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯|_|
                       | |   '-|  Start | |
                       | |_____|__________|
                       |    _   __ \
                       |_|_|_____ \ \
                              ___) ) )
                             |  __/_/
                            _| |_
                Hazardous--|     |    Zombies
                  Waste    |_   _|        |
                           |  _|     .----'---.
                           |_  |     |        '   ___
            Refugee Outpost--| |_______  |¯¯¯¯¯| |   |
                             |_  |  _  |_| |¯| |_| | |     Exit
                               | |_  |    _|¯  |  _| |______/
                               |_____|___| |_____|  ______  |
                                                 ) / AIRBOAT|
                                                (_/ (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                                            _   |_  |
                                      _____| |    | |
                                \ \__/ EXIT  |___/ /
                                 \____/¯¯¯¯\      /

 Go genocidal on the manhacks until it's clear to climb the ladder. The PVC
 piping gives access to the walkway on one side, which leads to a tall area
 with lots more pipes. Drop down to the lowest solid walkway and turn a crank
 valve to raise the water level here and the previous area. Backtrack to the
 ladder used to get in, and drop down through the hole there, swimming like a
 dolphin through the opening to the valve area's closed-off portion. Whew!
 Now, in this area, use the crowbar on the underwater floor to make various
 debris float up to the surface. Use these as stepping stones when possible.

 Next is a filthy, mostly dried-up creekbed. Use the ladder and ledge to get
 over the fence and neuter the Combine who come sneaking around. Stand on
 debris to get out of the muck and find the curved tunnel: one side goes to a
 cache near barnacles, and the other can be used to get to high ground, also
 owning a cache. But, it's the inner lowroad that leads to the exit, dumping
 Gordon near some hazardous waste. That weird clicking sound is a radiation
 detector, so stepping in that yellow goop is very damaging -- stay on dry
 ground or junk!

 Around the bend is a refugee outpost, with healing/supply equipment. Further
 along, a missile with the face-hugging headcrabs will detonate, so aim well.
 Some previously-landed vehicles will have these enemies dig up from the earth,
 too. Along the way, this will be the first enemies with "zombies," humans who
 have been killed and are controlled by face huggers (or something). Aim for
 their head, else they'll just die and the "heads" will come after Freeman as

 Past the electrified boxcar, down some more grunts and h-crabs and continue
 to the airboat location. Board the vehicle and get the controls down while
 no enemies are afoot. To end the level, drive through the radioactive goop
 to a gray lowered gate. Disembark, find the small crank valve that turns it
 on, and make tracks outta here!

04) WATER HAZARD                                                         [WK04]
                ___   __
               |   | |  \   )¯)-Cache
               | | |_|   \_/ /
              _| | |  _|\   /  ______
             |  _| | |   | |  |  __  |
             | | |___|   | |  | |  | |
             | |         | |__| |  | |_____
            _| |         |______|  |_____  |
 ______|¯|_|  _|_                        | |___
|A        <  |_ <|                       |___  |__.-Heli Battle Pt. II
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯|   | |                       /   | |  |___
       | | |_  | |                 Missile   |     _  |___
       |_| |_____|                 Battery   |_|__| |___  | Refugee
             |                                          | |__/ Camp
          Red Boxcar                                    |    |
                                                        | |__|¯|
                                  __                    |____  |
                                 /A |                        | |-Ramp Puzzle
                      _       __/ (¯                        _| |____
          LEVEL EXIT-| |_____|     ¯¯\                     |______  |
                     |_____           \                          _| |
                         | |_          \-Heli Battle            |_  |
               Gatelever-|_  |_____   _/    Final                 | |
                           |_      | |__                          | |________
                           | |ST#18     \                         |______   _|
                           | |_____|  __/                                 | |_
                           |_______  |                        Station#17-|   |
                                   |_|                \¯\_/¯¯¯\      _   |  _|
                                   /                   \   /¯\ \   _| |__| |
                            Vortigaunt        __________) (   ) ) |_   ____|
                             in Pipe         |  ______  | |   | |   | |
                                             | |      |___|   | |___| |
                                             | |              |_____  |
                                 Align for --| |__    _____________ |_|
                                    Pipe     |___ \  / __________  |
                                                 \ \/ /___    ___| |
                                                  \__/|   |  |  _  |\
                                             |¯|______| | |__| | | | Heli
                                             |  ________|______| |_| Fight
                                             | |                     Start
                             Missile         | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|-Magnum
                             Battery         | | St. 16 |
                                  \          | |_____  _|_
                        |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |  __________|
                         ¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |     | |
                         _| |_______ | |_|¯|_| |
               Missile--|_______   _||___   ___|
               Battery    \     | |_     |_|
                         Cache  |_  |     /
                                 _| |  Cache
                                |  _|
                       Missile--| |_________
                       Battery  |_________  |
                                    |  _____|
                                    | |
                         |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
                         | |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯
                         | | S. #13 |
                         | |________| 
                         | |
                         |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                         |_|¯¯¯¯¯| |
                      ________|¯¯| |
                     |           | |_____
                     |  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |__   __|
                     )  |¯¯¯| |   _ | |  \
                   _/    S12| |  |_|| | Secret
                  /     |___| |   __| |  Cache
             ____/ /¯|  |     |  |__| |
             START/  |__|     |___  | |
             ¯¯¯¯¯            |   __| |

 As the player will probably find out in a moment, breakable crates can be
 collected while driving for convenience's sake. Out of the storm drains and
 into the river itself, there is a large red station (#12) immediately on one
 side. Gordon can dock if he likes, but some barrel-throwin' zombies and a
 few headcrabs will be there as well. The main thing to do here is climbing
 into the rafters and getting to the button that lowers the supply crate
 suspended above on a winch.

 Downriver, use a makeshift ramp to spring over a barricade, disembarking
 under the bridge a supply-dropping refugee is on. Look for a culvert (with a
 lambda symbol on it) that leads up to 2 blue barrels -- a third will be near
 a ramp in the water. To raise the ramp, Gordon must take one of the flotation
 barrels and deposit it under the cage where one is already kept. When all (4)
 are there, the airboat can launch off of it.

 After getting up on the high ground using said method, navigate the snaking
 tunnel until a helicopter shows up. A dropship will deposit 3 combine near a
 wall, so just run over 'em. To find the secret cache here, look for a drain
 without a cover, then use a barrel to hop in and swim its length. Three more
 combine are upriver, although one good drift of the vehicle can splatter 'em.

 Upon coming to the next pile of detritus, look for a ramp along the cement
 wall, which'll rocket over the barricade. Since the helicopter now fires on
 Gordon, don't get caught between a rock and a junkpile, eh? Continue blazing
 a trail, past the gigantic water tower in a bend, to arrive near Station #13.
 A grunt will have his peashooter ready, so crash into the structural supports
 to make him swim. A dock is nearby.


 Station #13 is made up of a garage, outdoor, and a small factory portion. A
 few straggling enemies can be caught off guard in the garage, while the 2nd
 portion has a machine-gunner on an emplacement. Use grenades to flush him out
 (of existence, that is) and remember that there is infinite number in a crate
 back in the garage! The factory portion has a few enemies in a lower position,
 but nothing that stellar to report. To open the river gates, shoot some red
 barrels underneath a crane, which swings a piece of lumber into them like a
 Louisville Slugger. Now it's time to backtrack to the boat! The outdoor area
 will have more enemies (man emplacement) and the garage will have some, too.
 Grenades work well, especially since many are behind cover. Loot the place
 for the last time before leaving.

 Back in the vehicle, the next stretch of gameplay is mostly evading enemies
 by driving under bridges. A missile battery will be nearby at somepoint, so
 make an effort to evade its projectiles. Otherwise, just drive and crash
 into any foes who drop down into smashin' range. Upon finding the 2nd battery,
 look for a half-bent drain underneath which has some items (and a headcrab)
 to pocket. Be ready for 2 combine who drop down behind, too!

 The next barricade will be on fire, and if the vehicle tries to cross the
 normal way, Gordon's going to find Black Mesa as a dust particle. Drive on
 the small "sandbar" against the wall to avoid the thing almost completely.
 Along the way, a 3rd and final battery can be driven under. The enclosed
 waterway beyond leads to an area with a bunch of junk. To get the item cache
 suspended above, take the cinder blocks out of the scoop attached to it.

 After the tunnel ends, Station #16 comes into sight. The main waterway's gate
 is shut, so it's time to infiltrate the place on foot. Dock near a locked
 door, use the lockpick (i.e. crowbar) to get in, and rob the table of its
 ammo and...a Magnum?! This long-barrel revolver will give a funeral to any
 enemy in 1 hit -- later, it may take 2. Either way, it may not have a lot of
 ammo but it's going to be awesome. Kill three intruders who storm in and get
 to a freight yard. Save beforehand.

 Why? Because this place is a little labyrinthine and the helicopter will have
 a constant bead on Gordon's location. Through the boxcars, past a broken
 fence, is a building that gives temporary protection from the aircraft. Get
 ready to smite a bunch of combine, though, most who have the upper hand in
 elevation. Once the first batch is dead, jump across the tops of the 'cars and
 be prepared to take down 5-6 more. Three more are in a further stairway near
 the building exit.

 Outside, quickly navigate the sea of boxcars and find the only combine there,
 whose corpse can be used as a landmarker on where to go. Leave a trail of
 bodies en route to the tower where 2 Combine guard the gate switch. Flip the
 sucker and backtrack to the boat -- whew! The heli will still be tracking,
 so trailblaze the newly-opened canal to its length, leading to nearby river.

 This is where the "Heli Battle" -- as marked on the map -- truly starts. No
 cover to be found, really, and it starts dropping mines as well as pestering
 Gordon with gunfire (less-used, though). These explosives can be avoided by
 driving on sandbars and other areas on either side of the water, which is
 the main dropping pattern. After awhile, there will be a part where Gordon
 must drive the vehicle through some old pipe sections, which can be hard if
 he's not properly aligned (this is marked on map).

 After a long series of tunnels, the path leads back into the radioactive
 wasteland, and to a bifurcation (take right path). Follow until the path
 splits in three new ways; go "right". This leads to Station #17, which needs
 a quick thrust off a ramp or the boat'll flip into the radioactive waste.
 Land there, refill health/suit power, then use a crank to lower a cargo lift
 that the boat can fall through, circumventing the barriers/railings that
 prevent an easy jump.

 Downriver, a smokestack will be pushed over -- look for a curved part that
 can be used to jump over the rest of the sharp edges. The tunnel beyond'll
 be helicopter-free, for awhile. There's another ramp puzzle to solve, this
 one needing a certain amount of weight in a lift nearby. Pull the lever to
 sink the lift downward, then look for a ladder in the darker tunnel fragments
 section. The objective is to use the walkways there to locate a washing
 machine -- push it into the lift ever-so-gently and drive into the waiting
 tunnel where a refugee camp is set up.

 Watch the scenes here, and eventually the boat'll get a machine-gun attachment
 installed thanks to the vortigaunt (fire with R-Trigger). Get a move on out
 of this checkpoint and the hunter chopper will be waiting -- this time, the
 cannon will decimate it, forcing it to flee like a ninny. Follow it toward a
 shipyard-type area and some combine wil lock Gordon in, with a firefight all
 around! Getting through this is hard if he stays in the middle, so drive up
 the ramp on one side and gun down any emerging goofballs. The door some come
 out of is stocked with supplies -- steal 'em before jumping out of the loch!

 Continue past a missile battery, a Combine-filled tunnel, and another battery
 until reaching a bifurcation. One side ("right") has a bunch of supplies one
 may be desperately needing. Just be careful because there is a ton of head-
 -crabs with a zombie here.

 The other path will meander around to an area with a "fire wall" across the
 water, which like before, can be maneuvered around on one side. Further on, 
 a seemingly dead-end area with two missile batteries to take care of. There
 are a few item boxes in the water between them, though, which is out of
 range a bit. When they're kaput, slip through the fence under the pier and
 locate a red boxcar with red barrels inside. Blow them up (opens outer door)
 and drive the airboat underneath, which gives access to a jump into a drain


 The route leads to a large outdoor expanse which is the site of the final
 hunter chopper battle. It appears in an area with lots of floating red barrels
 and ammo, which should be avoided until it's clear of explosives. In fact,
 there's plenty of ammo boxes lying around here so it's not imperative to get
 those...or any, really. The 'boss' will drop mines, a stream at first and then
 a shower when its health gets low. Just bombard it with machine-gun shots 'til
 it gives up the ghost in a fireworks display.

 After, there is a movable gate near where the chopper first appeared, which
 opens the way into a small bay. There is a pipe in one end that leads through
 to a vortigaunt with lots of items, but there's radioactive waste to sort
 through and health will be damaged a lot, even if sprinting. Look for an old
 dock, now sunken in the water, that can be used as a ramp to get to Station
 #18. This is the last enemy outpost for this level, but even so, it's not
 that heavily guarded. Heal up and such inside, then use an outer walkway to
 find another gate lever -- this time, it opens one in the shoals where the
 helicopter was fought; or, rather, the other one.

 Use the ramp nearby to launch through it, which leads to the level's end. And
 thank gawd it's over, huh?

05) BLACK MESA EAST                                                      [WK05]

 This is the shortest level in the game, and also the easiest as it's action-
 -free, mostly.

 Dock at the laboratory (use airboat as stepping stone) and make for the back
 door, which opens. At this point, there is going to be a lengthy bunch of
 cutscenes and interaction. The first important thing to happen is Alyx giving
 Gordon the "Gravity Gun," which can attract objects from afar with L-button
 and fire them like a projectile with R-button. There'll be some fetch practice
 with Alyx' robot Dog, too.

 Once Gordon's got the ropes down well 'nough, scanners will infiltrate the
 scrapyard. Let Alyx lead Gordon back inside, and he'll have to take a side
 corridor after the two are separated. Dog opens a garage door, which leads
 to a ladder are blocked by debris. The gravity gun can blow/repel things it
 can't pick up, mind you -- use this tactic to move the metal locker away
 from the door. Blow the padlock off the ladder and climb up, following the
 passage out into...

06) "WE DON'T GO TO RAVENHOLM"                                           [WK06]
                            Leaves          ____
                                \__________| |_ |    ---.
                             ___|_              |       |
                  To Mines--|     | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |       |-Graveyard Area
                            |_   _|  ¯|  ¯¯¯¯|  |¯|     |
                              | |_| |  ¯¯¯¯|  ¯¯   ¯| --'
                              |_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯|¯| |
                                           |¯¯¯¯|_| |
                                        ___|     ___|
                                     __|CHURCH  |
                                |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|-Wait for 
                                |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |  H  |__  | Cart Here
                                |__________|  ¯¯¯¯¯  _| |
                                |  ____    |_|¯¯¯¯¯|    |
                        ______|¯ _|_  _|    _   G  |    |
              .-       |  ____   ____  |___|^|___|¯|    |
              |   _____| |  | | |_   |          ___|____|
              |  |       |__| |  _|  |_|_____  |        \
              |  | |¯¯¯|  __|_| |   ___| |C____|     "Factory"
    Infinite -|  | |_ D|     F _ \ |     (B) |
 Zombie Area  |  |_____)      |_) )|_____ ¯  ¯¯¯¯| LANDMARKS
              |       | |¯¯¯|_ __/ | | A |   |¯|¯
              |       | |___| |    | |_ _|     |   A: Tall Building (Shotgun)
              '-      |   E   |    |_____    | |   B: Water Tower 
                       ¯¯/¯¯¯¯      _____|   |_|   C: Adjacent Building
                 Quick Ladder      |          _|
                    to Roofs        ¯¯¯¯¯|¯  |     D: Cargo Lift Switch
                                Hospital-|   |     E: Ladder to Upper Area
                               __________|_  |___  G: Jump to "H" from Here
                              |  _  STREET      _|
                              |_| |_   __   ___|
         Electrical Shut-Off       _| |__|_|___
          Switch Building   \_____|_________   |
                           _|     |  __|  |  __|
                          |       |G|     ) )
                          | |     |A|__ _/ (_
                          | |_   _)S   |    _|-Cache
                    Cache-| |      /¯|  ¯| |
                          | |    _ ¯/|     |
                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/_/ |___|_|
                       | |__  | |_       /
                       |_  |______| Car Winch
                         |     |
                     ____|_|_  |
                    |___   ____|
                    |  ___| \
                    |_  |  Spinblade
                      | |
                    |¯   ¯¯¯¯|
                    |    |  _|
                    |¯¯¯¯| |
       START-| |_|¯¯¯¯     |
             |___          |

 ...Ravenholm, the place Eli was trying to tell Alyx not to take Gordon. Oh,
 well, no turning back now! The house near the torso-less body has planks that
 can be broken off (the gravity gun can also be a crowbar deluxe!), and there
 are a bunch of sawblades to find. This place will end up crawling with zombies
 and headcrabs after jumping over the table separating the rooms, so sling the
 sawblades and oxygen tanks to cut each enemy in half.

 Slog through the masses until finding a small courtyard with a motorized
 blade spinning around. Whatever purpose this had before has been lost, but
 now it can be used to "detorsofy" the blind zombies as they lurch forward.
 Gordon will have to duck under it to get by (or turn it off), however. The
 adjacent room here has another spinblade that can do surgery on the zombies
 when they're lured off the street. Again, this is just an ammo-saver, and can
 be deactivated if it's too easy. Blow up the barrels in the third room of the
 same type to unclog a door to the street.

 In the small plaza where a huge bonfire burns, a refugee with a shotgun shows
 up from afar, helping a bit before leaving. Three zombies will show up near
 the bonfire's vicinity, some coming from a small room with a stockpile. The
 zombie here can be set on fire via the gas valve plus a spark, which gives a
 clue to the same situation up the street. 

 But first, the large building by the bonfire has to be navigated. Inside,
 use the explosive barrels to kill the zombies on both levels in one fell
 swoop (or bring a sawblade, yadda yadda yadda). That upper area with the
 generators has a vent on top of one that leads to a cache outside -- it's
 one-way, though. The second portion involves the furniture-clogged upstairs
 area, which has a few zombies but that's not the real reason to clear it out.
 An apartment overlooking the street has a switch that deactivates an electric
 fence. That room marks the first appearance of "super headcrabs" that drop
 Gordon's health to 1 temporarily, before the poison is neutralized. They are
 not a threat since they can never kill Gordon, but when other enemies are
 around...sheesh. When the switch is off, go roadside again.

 Approach the electric fence area to awaken some zombies, then double-back and
 turn the gas on, setting them all ablaze with a spark (when close enough).
 The ladder on the fence allows access up to the rooftops, where the refugee
 from before shows up a 2nd time. Jump down onto the planks over the gas-fire
 location and enter a new apartment building. Toss a grenade or two down on
 the ground floor and reach the side-alley with a car elevated on a winch.
 Zombies come around the corner, and the car can smush them -- haha!
 Hit the 2nd winch and jump on the car as it raises. Below, look for a lambda
 symbol on a fence, and use the upper position to jump over it and find a nice
 cache behind. The real way to go is the planks at the winch's top, though.
 The refugee -- Father Grigori -- introduces himself here before leaving. Get
 a move on' through the house nearby, which has a few headcrabs and zombies in
 it, until coming to a balcony overlooking a street.

 Step on the balcony and carefully kill the zombies who try to push Gordon off,
 then start detonating the street's barrels, taking as many enemies with them
 as possible (hopefully). Also look for a barrel inside a street-level window,
 as there are headcrabs types behind and it'll send 'em to meet their maker
 soon enough. Said window houses a cache, if needed.

 But, the real way is a ladder downstreet that gets back up to the elevated
 position. The planks there lead to a house roof (items & headcrab) and to an
 apartment with a zombie torso -- the latter is the correct path to a hospital
 area. Use the sawblades and sickles to cut 'em down, particularly when they
 are just coming up the stairs and the shot items won't go too far.


 The hospital is adjacent to a larger urban area. Wait a few seconds until a
 fast-moving "animal" zombie shows up, and cut it down. Gordon can avoid most
 of the enemies here by moving directly to the nearest tall building, and
 starting the ascent. There are a few zombies and headcrabs here, but nothing
 of interest in the side-doors -- stick to the stairwell. At the top, Father
 Grigori will give Gordon a shotgun (finally!) to help fend off the advancing
 headcrab freaks who climb up the gutter pipes and such. When they're done,
 jump from the roof to the lower water tower, then to the adjacent roof for
 one more roof-defending portion (shoot them from doorway).

 Use the elevator to get down the other side of the fence, which has a zombie
 with multiple "super headcrabs" attached. These take longer to kill for
 obvious reasons. Jump the fence near the automobile and proceed to a new
 street in a dark area. This is the "Infinite Zombie Area" as marked on the
 map, and to get through without wasting all ammo, there's an order to do
 things in:

 - Go to point D and flip the cargo switch
 - Go to point E (house with boxes alongside) and get onto the roofs quickly
 - Go to point F (suspended over street) and use it to get to other rooftops

 Some fast-moving zombies appear here as Grigori talks, so have the shotgun
 on-hand. The catwalks here lead to a house's upper floor, so it's time to
 start going back the way we came, just through the houses this time. A ton of
 zombies will be here, so use sawblades for quick butchering. The nearest
 stairs will lead down further (to street-level entrance, previously blocked)
 and to an attic with little headcrabs. Toss a 'nade up there to clear 'em out
 before exiting to the upper roofs.

 Near a fenced-in area across another housetop, watch out for a super headcrab-
 -throwing zombie and the fast-moving zombie that comes near -- lethal combo
 for slow-fingered players! Jump down to the factory, the area near the poison
 zombie, and ascend the stairs, waiting for a quick zombie to get cut down.
 At the top of the factory, Grigori will send a cart to ferry Gordon to the
 safe church grounds; before that, though, there is another fight with fast
 zombies. It's mostly endless, so when the cart's over, jump in and flip the
 switch before anything else can go wrong.

 NOTE: It's possible to get through the rooftop battle here without much of a
       fight. Other zombies only spawn when the first one is dead, so by going
       back to the lower houses and working back to the trapdoor building,
       Freeman can wait mostly in silence while no other foes can touch him.

 The church is stocked with weapons and Grigori will "join" Gordon as they
 slog through the graveyard. There are four stops here, all with zombies.
 The 3rd is near red barrels which can easily take out the masses, though.
 After the fourth and last, Grigori departs Gordon's company and sends him on
 the way to the mines, through the illuminated door nearby.


 Trainyard                       This stopgap section is shorter but a little
          \________              harder because it's very dark. The shaft
  ________|_   ___ \             leading down to the mines has broken splinters
 |START   | | |   ) )            of wood supports, which Gordon'll have to use
 |____   _| | |   | |-Sniper     to avoid plummeting to his death. The gaps are
   /  | |___| |   | |            large enough that he'll be damaged a bit with
Mines |___  | |   | |            each jump, but at the very bottom "rung" is a
      |  ___| |  _| |            bunch of medkits to apply. Search the upper,
      | |___| | |   (            shattered walkway for a supply cache and look
      |  _____|  ¯¯\ \           around to find the area with large fire --
      |_|           \ \-Sniper   this is the destination.
                     ) )
                     | |
                     ( (-Pulse Rifle
                      \ \__________
                       \ \     \   \  ______
                        \ \      _\ \|     _|-EXIT
                         \ \  ___\   \ [] |
                          \   \       ____|

 Jump down and race to the catwalk there, though the infinite legions of
 poison headcrabs and such, and look for part of the path that gives clearance
 to get over the locked mesh gate. A few carefully-situated barrels can clear
 the lower enemies out. At the 2nd shaft with a watery bottom, the top has a
 bunch of supplies -- Gordon has to leap quickly to a side beam and then over
 before the beam falls apart.

 Swim and surface in a cavern near a fire. Turn on the motorized cart which
 has a spinblade seen throughout this level -- it will go up and down the
 track. This will kill and zombies who appear as Gordon follows it and ducks
 into the niches, but he has to take care to duck himself, lest he be split
 in twain. The tunnel spits Gordon out in a trainyard!


 Get the small cache above the tunnel exit (use boxes), and smash a supply
 crate for a full shotgun refill. Down the tracks, there will be two snipers.
 These hide in the blacked-out windows of upper buildings [etc.] and cannot be
 killed by conventional bullets. However, tossing a grenade in their room will
 check them out early. Don't know here they are? A blue laser sight will belie
 their position. Their hits take off 20 Health, so be sure to move around a lot
 to increase chances of evasion.

 Past the second sniper, a group of Combine will be attacked by some beasties.
 Kill the stragglers after-battle and grab a Pulse Rifle, a powerful machinegun
 that (strangely) has no zoom function. Continue to another junkyard area with
 lots of red barrels. Start a chain reaction as the Combine attack and make it
 a bit easier. Enter the garage and help some refugees combat the opposition,
 which lets Gordon get in communication with Alyx afterward.

 Apparently her dad is in a bind, so the coast road to Nova Prospekt, an old
 high-security prison, is the next destination. And what a fun time it'll be
 getting there! Stock up on supplies inside and exit out the door the leader
 is standing by.

07) HIGHWAY 17                                                           [WK07]
                                                  8th Supply
                                              ___| |¯¯|_|¯| |
                                             |  ___|     _| |_
                                      _______| |        |     |
                                    _|     ____|        |   | |
                      7th Supply---|_       ___|        |___| |-Elevated
                                     |_   _|            |_  | | Train Tracks
                                       | | .-Crossbow     | | |
                                       ( (¯¯|__         |¯  | |
                                        \____  |        |   | |¯¯|
                                             | | Bridge-|   | |  |_
                                         ____| |        |   |     _|-EXIT
                                        / _____|        |___|_|__|
                                       / /       ___________
                                      ( (  ___  /   Tunnel  \
                                       \ \/   \/ /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                            6th Supply--\_______/  Gunship  ) |
                                      |¯¯\___ _____|^ ________|__
        .----          _____|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\   _ |    >| |    BEACH  |
        |             |  _________| |__ \ ( \_/¯¯¯¯|^|___| |___  |
        |             |    |      |_|  \ \ \       | |         | |
        |             |  _|¯¯¯|    /    \ \ \___    \ \ F.YARD |_|
        |             |    ___|  4th S.  ) )__  |__  \ \_____  |
        |             |     | \          | |  | |  |  \__      |
        |             |     | 3rd Supply | |RR| |RR|     \ \¯¯¯
        |            _|___  |            | |__   __|      \_\
        |           |  _____|            |_______| \
 Beach -|           |      _|                      5th Supply
  Area  |           |  ¯¯¯| \                      (Get RPG)
        |           |¯¯¯  | 2nd Supply
        |           |¯|  _|
        |           |  _|
        |          _| |                   R: RPG Refill Area
        |         |_  |  |¯¯¯¯|_____
        |         / |_ ¯¯¯¯¯| |<   _|
        |      1st    |_|¯¯¯   ¯) ) | 
        |    Supply   |             |
        |             |     |¯|     |
        '----         |_____  |_____|

 This will be a very long outdoor level, so excuse the ASCII maps that aren't
 fit to size. The dune buggy fitted with a tau cannon will be on the pier and
 placed on the ground by a crane operator. Antlions, burrowing insects with a
 huge bloodlust, appear on the ground BUT ONLY WHEN GORDON IS ON SANDY GROUND.
 The game fails to mention that last tidbit until the level _after_ this one!
 Avoid sandy ground all throughout the coast (when possible) to leave these
 bugs in the dust. Also, if they flip the buggy over, use the gravity gun's
 shock to flip it rightside-up

 Anyway, take the paved road until it comes to a broken bridge that requires
 turbo boost (X-button) to bound over. The highway leads to a small checkpoint
 that serves as the 1st supply before the tunnel. Continue down the coast 'til
 another cliff building comes in sight. There are some headcrabs and a "crab
 thrower" here as well, but the main attraction is more ammunition and grenade
 refills. There is a machine hitting the ground (henceforth called a Striker)
 that annoys antlions and keeps them at bay. Don't turn them off as you come
 upon them, like I did my first time through!

 Drive through the rickety fence near Supply #2 to find the rest of the beach
 waiting. The third supply house is also on a beach cliff, this one occupied by
 a few Combine in and out of the place. The 4th supply shack has a trio of
 gun-toting foes also, all of which can be killed outside with the tau cannon.

 The 5th supply area, inhabited by refugee troopers, is the next area with any
 importance. In the basement of the largest house, a British general will give
 Gordon a rocket launcher to fend off some gunships...which happen to show up
 at that time. The top floor of that house is roofless and NPCs will give free
 ammunition. To hit the dexterous target, make sure to fire than put the bead
 on the target (it'll be orange-ish) to guide the missile. Do this about six
 times to win, which opens the roadway ahead.


 At the next fork, take the only unblocked path down to a beach, under an old
 bridge, and to a large freightyard with a crane. There's a rickety dock near
 here, so park near the "Striker" and climb up to the 'yard itself. Combine'll
 swarm up by the shack there, so try to take some out from the safe driver's
 seat of the buggy. Kill the Combine on the crane, then operate it and knock
 down the raised bridge -- that allows the buggy to be landed on the raised

 Cross the bridge and the garage will regurgitate a few Combine to play with.
 The control room opens the way further into the yard, where the last Combine
 can lay down the lives. Drive the buggy there and locate the building that
 has a window big enough to careen the vehicle through. This road leads to
 the fractured bridge driven under before, and a gunship appears to cause some
 trouble! Make the jump and progress to a bunch of junked jalopies on the
 highway -- there are some RPG refills here should Gordon choose to take the
 thing down. The blue van just down the road has health refills hidden inside,

 ...and if he doesn't choose to neutralize it, the gunship'll pester him for a
 very long time. Down the highway tunnel, this marks the first appearance of,
 err, mineballs. Y'know, that bouncy ball Dog was playing with in Black Mesa
 East? These are the exact same but are invincible and shock Gordon. To get
 rid of 'em, launch 'em off into the water -- otherwise they just keep going
 and going and going...

 The road leads back to the 6th supply station, this one owned by more Combine
 grunts. Hole up in the house to get necessities, then nuke the foes as they
 infiltrate and try to paint Gordon into a corner. If they come up on the 2nd
 floor, just pick 'em off in the stairwell.

 A little skirmish up the road, the 7th supply station is ahead. Before going
 in for the kill, climb up the small hill near the wrecked semi and find the
 awesome Crossbow, which DOES have a sniping function -- also, it tags its
 prey to objects like a specimin. Cool! There are a few more grunts in camp,
 some who seem to spawn after it seems like all are kaput, so watch out. The
 rather clever way to deactivate the road shield (although Gordon can go on
 foot from here) is to knock the cinder blocks out from under the armored car,
 which will rip the wiring right out.
 It's smooth sailing to the dwelling, inhabited by a solitary Combine. O,
 the frontier is so lonely! There's no refills in the first house, but down
 the way are a few other buildings ripe with supply goodness. Enemies outside
 the place don't appear until Gordon's out of the vehicle; some're inside also,
 of course. The exit is past the train tracks, but unfortunately it's blocked
 by another dang shield. There's no place obvious to go, but if you check the
 house's backyard...

 ...there's a small footpath that inches along the cliff, leading into the
 bridge's structural supports. This is only one leg in what will be a harrowing
 trip to the other end, then back again! Start moving through the struts and
 in the 2nd, take the stairway up. The bridge's skeletal archetecture is laid
 bare here, and part of the walkway has fallen down. Carefully leap down (it's
 solid) and tiptoe over the criss-crossing supports. The rest of the bridge
 will be in this fashion for awhile, with interspersed outlook sheds. Of that
 nature, the 1st has a headcrab, the 2nd an infinite RPG refill box, the 3rd
 a headcrab and Combines. Pay attention to the 3rd in particular as the foes
 open fire while Gordon walks the proverbial tightrope across the girders.

 At the other end of the bridge, expect a huge ambush in the last strut with
 7-8 enemies on both the ground floor and next one up. Once they're dead, move
 onto the outer walkway and look straight up at a small tower jutting out from
 the upper train tracks. Snipe the guard here with the crossbow before his
 grenade-lobbing does any serious damage.

 In the upper rooms, kill the 2 unsuspecting guards, and on the 3rd-floor area,
 lure the 2 guards through the field and into the stairway, where they can be
 point-blank murdered. Use the gravity gun to unplug the shield's cord, heal
 health and suit alike, and flip the console to deactivate the train-track
 shield. Finally!

 However, this triggers a gunship in the area and a few combines in-between
 rooms. Maneuvering through the bridge's "undercarriage" can be difficult when
 live rounds are flying all around, but that's the task. The temporary goal is
 the 2nd outlook shed, the one with the infinite RPG refill box. Hole up there
 and take the gunship down -- remember to fire, guide the missile with the
 reticle to avoid it being shot down, and keep the reticle orange to find the
 target. This was one of the hardest battles my first time through simply
 because I didn't listen to the British colonel in a prior refugee camp...do
 not follow my lead on that!

 Back by the building cluster where the dune buggy is parked, a few Combine &
 antlions have set up shop. But, following that, it should be an easy task to
 ride the rails (avoid the head-on train wreck, you silly gooses!) and locate
 a nearby tunnel that ends the level. Whew!

08) SANDTRAPS                                                            [WK08]

                   Antlion Territory (Stay off sand!)
                    |                              |
To Nova             |                  |¯¯¯¯¯|     |   Lighthouse
Prospekt  Pheropod              _______|     |     |     /
___)         _\__  |¯|         /     ___   __|     |  |¯¯¯|    Refugee Camp
_  |_____   |    |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|_/     |   ) /        |  | |  ¯¯¯|/
 |__   __|  |  ____  |              |__/ (            | | S4  |___/¯¯¯¯¯\
    |    \  | |    |_____   ____| |____   \       |¯|_| |  ________/¯¯¯\ \
     ¯¯¯\ \_( (          |_|    |__    \   )      |  ___|_|             ) )
         \    |            \       |___/   |_|¯|__| |   __|¯¯|_________/ /
          \___|         Power-up       \    ________|  |   S3           /
            /           Striker         \__|           ( (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      Vortigaunt                                       | |
         Camp                                          ( (
                                                        \ \__|¯|        |¯¯(
                                                         \___   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ S1 \
                                                             |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
 The tunnel following Highway 17 is uneventful for the        |             ) )
 most part. Around the bend is an area fulled of junked      S2        ____/ /
 autos and debris, with a large supply of slow and quick              |  ___/
 zombies to play with. Supply-wise, a small room nearby               | |_
 can be accessed from a platform hole  -- there's medkits     Pileup--| | |
 and shotgun shells inside. Use the buggy's tau cannon to             |  _|
 to conserve ammo and use the gravity gun and/or turbo-           |¯¯¯  |
 -charged movement to break through the pileups and get a         | |¯¯¯
 move-on.                                                        START

 Outside the tunnel, the first real house is occupied by two Combine on patrol
 of the grounds. Sniping them with the crossbow is ever so much fun! The front
 door is locked, so to loot it for supplies, take the huge "backdoor". Items're
 upstairs, but mines will drop down near them -- bypass all that by using the
 gravity gun to attract the items. This level will be very episodic with these
 type of encounters, mind you.

 The second supply area ("S2" on map) is larger and has an eagle-eyed lookout
 who'll spot Gordon a mile away. Snipe him in preferred fashion and start the
 killin'. One of the, err, towers on the road has a medic machine so be as
 reckless as y'want! Similar to this, the third supply stop -- the one with a
 windmill -- is vacant until a dropship places 5-6 Combine on the doorstep!
 To power the camp gate, enter a building and see that it's battery-operated.
 One battery's in the slot, another's on the bedframe there, and the third
 is hidden outside an upside-down bathtub outside.


 The fourth and final pitstop on this sunny highway is a refugee camp nestled
 where the pavement turns to sand. It has a few buildings and a lighthouse to
 see. Park the buggy in the garage (if it's still with) and it'll be time to
 fight off some dropships' spawn. Order:

 - Road aft of garage
 - Entrance to refugee camp
 - Opposite end of refugee camp
 - Lighthouse

 There is an infinite ammo box near one of the buildings, so use that to re-
 -supply. When all four areas have been sweeped and cleared, a gunship will
 rear its head. Get in the lighthouse, outfitted with its own infinite RPG box,
 and destroy the gunship from the beacon summit. A medic will show Gordon the
 secret path under the lighthouse afterwards, which goes along a thin footpath
 under the "eaves" of the cliff. Save before attempting as a quick drop into
 the ocean is pretty easy to do.


 Past the secret path, a scene with a refugee and his wounded friend will be
 a quick reminder that this antlion territory. Like before, walking on the
 sand agitates them to no end, so use the rocks and debris (with gravity gun)
 to be safe. Use this tactic to get through the small ravine and into the wide-
 -open beach area.

 Until high ground is reached, it'll be tough going...so look for the remnants
 of a windmill (two parallel beams against a rock), that lead down to two more
 with a large box there. Attract debris from around the sides and stack it up
 to the cliff. Alternately, stack it on the opposite end to displace the weight
 and lift the side with the box up. Either way, get on the cliff! One way has a
 rickety dock leading to a red house -- there's magnum refills here, but the
 way back will be on the beach, sadly. The other way leads toward the huge pole
 near where the two steel siding sheets are/were, and that's the right way to

 As Gordon stacks debris to make it across, he'll probably see a Striker in
 the distance, not pounding the ground like normal. If he pays attention, he
 will see the electrical cord goes toward the red-roofed shack, which should
 be the next destination. There, a machine will power the thing on (it has no
 normal switch like previous), allowing Gordon to quit stacking junk and just
 make a dash across to it. [There are other houses to go to, like the white-
 -roofed one and the one across that on the cliff, but these are generally
 unneeded as a bunch of refills are right by the Striker machine.]

 With the antlions at bay, the opposite cliff is accessible. Kill any followers
 and jump down to the next enclosed sand area. Don't bother stacking stuff --
 hop right in. A humungous antlion will get up and attack. This one's slower
 than the rest, luckily, and evading it's not too hard (it can't fly). Shoot
 explosive barrels at it then pulse rifle it's face 'til it gives up the ghost.
 The vortigaunt who was helping fight it off takes the myrmidont's Pheropods
 off, and gives one to Gordon.

 The Pheropod allows Gordon to summon antlions with L-button and can direct
 them to attack areas by marking it with the myrmidont's scent (throw them w/
 R-button). Since there's an infinite number of antlions to command -- only 4-5
 at once -- this is a great ammo-saver. Follow the new friend to the vortigaunt
 camp and to the other side, where he'll give some practice with the new weap
 before sending Freeman packing.

________________                                         _|¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                   EXIT-|_   ¯| |¯¯¯¯|  |¯|
TO NOVA PROSPEKT                                          |     |    |  |_|
________________                        2-Gunship Battle--|_|¯|_|____|_  _|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                          |_   ___________|
                                 Cache                      | |_
                                   \_                       |_  |_
                              _____| |__                \¯\__ |_  |
                             |  ___  _  |         Ladder-\   \__| |
                       #3  __|  _|_  _  |_                ) )_____|
                        \ |    |   |_____ \              / /   /
        Bunker #1 #2  |¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯|      \ \__ _ _____  ( ( ( (-Zombie
              \    \  |   |¯¯¯| |¯       (#4  | |     |_ \___) ) Cave
             |¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯| |   Hill  |___/ /
  _|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|_|  -'  -'                    |_| | |_____| |  __/
_|START               /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|#5   |     |___|
___|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯¯

 So, as the player knows, the antlions won't attack Gordon anymore, whether
 or not he has the Pheropod out. So, let's get to work -- the prison coast
 is lined with pillboxes, bunkers, and Combines! Remember that Strikers that
 make ground vibrations scare the insectoid helpers off, so those will have
 to be deactivated as well.

 Bunker #1 has a few enemies outside and supplies 'round back -- easy pickins,
 and good target practice. Bunker #2 has a striker in front of it, so turn it
 off while using the bugs as meat shields...err, diversions near the Combine
 camp. Bunker #3 is on a cliff and impenetrable from the front; use antlions
 as a diverions while Gordon uses beach debris as cover until he can wrap
 around and get in the back way. The tunnel behind #3 will sidle behind the
 other two on the beach, also -- just be ready for a firefight in the tunnel
 and at each outpost, as per usual.

 After the #5th checkpoint, the bunker leads out to a small hill with an
 emplacement and enemies. These won't be there from the start, though, so
 make sure to get a headstart to the machine-gun nest before it renders all
 antlions useless (it's pointed uphill).

 Nearby, a small wooden path leads to a fire-lit cave, under the base of Nova
 Prospekt's environs. Kill the zombies & headcrab before destroying the small
 scaffolding they were laying under, which makes a path upwards. Three Combine
 on 3 different levels of cliff can be found next. The first two can be antlion
 fodder, but the highest might have to be crossbow-sniped.

 At the top of the ladder (2nd-story), jump off to the supply boxes on a ledge
 and follow it to a small cluster of ledges that Gordon can use to find a sewer
 drain at the top. Be ready for a quick zombie to appear, as it can easily push
 Gordon to his doom with one well-placed hit! The sewer leads to a flooded
 cistern-type area with a ladder in the outer grounds. Save here! [Sometimes
 the game doesn't give the last checkpoint and one has to restart from the
 lower hill area -- ick!]

 Use the Pheropods to attack the powers from afar, which should keep the foes
 from shooting Gordon, at least for awhile. Crossbow-sniping is really easy
 here because of that tactic. When all three towers are gone, it's time to
 take the tail-end of this place. A gunship will appear halfway there, though,
 and should be taken out ASAP -- if not, Gordon will have to do two at once
 at the back. At least one will have to be fought there though (there's free
 RPG reloads in a box) but some Combine will be on either side's upper towers.
 Put the antlions to work as diversions for this portion and make the gunship
 the priority!

 When both gunships are destroyed, look for part of the cement wall that's
 been destroyed -- close valves to quell the flames, and this one'll be in
 the history books.

09) NOVA PROSPEKT                                                        [WK09]

 NOTE: This place is hard to map (multi-tiered) so I can't do it the entire
       way through -- sorry! Even so, it may be a little generic due to this

 Enter the facility proper to find it strangely vacant. In the cellblock area,
 the only way to go is down. A lower room will have a hole knocked out, making
 a small tunnel (with a headcrab) that connects to an officer's station. Near
 there, an automated turret can be seen gunning down antlions who've broken in
 to help. Normal guns can't knock them over, but the gravity gun can attract
 or zap them, just as throwing things can topple 'em too. Here, knock it over
 so the extra help can infiltrate safely (or they might get removed anyway by
 the antlions).

 Either way, ascend the stairs nearby until part of a bent mesh fence can be
 slipped over. This leads to another officer's station with health and suit
 refills, plus monitors to check what's going on elsewhere. The stairway up the
 next flight leads to 2 more turrets facing away; knock 'em over. Adjacent is a
 sewer area, already half-flooded -- sorry, y'gotta go through this waste!

                                  |¯  |-Trash
                                __| | | Compactor
                                EXIT| |__________
                                ¯¯¯¯|____        |
                            __________| _        |
                   Kitchen-|A  A  |A     |      _|-Myrmidont #2
                           | ___|___|¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯| |
                           |      A|   Cache |_|
                           | |¯| |¯|_   __/_
                           |_______  |_| __ |_
                                   | |        |_____
                                   |_  LAUNDRY   A  |
                                     |________|¯|A| |
                                                | | |
                    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|           ________|  _|
     Myrmidont #1   | |¯ OFF|          |A          _|
         \__________| | |ICE|   _____  |  ¯| |¯¯|_|
        _| __,    | | | |___|  |AA   | |¯¯¯   ¯   |
       |   ___    | |_|    |_  | | | |_|CELLBLOC| |  _____________________
       |  |___|     |      AA|_|A _|____________|_| | A: Automatic Turret |
       |________  |______________| \                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                |_   _|            Vent
                  | |
                  |A  ¯        |_| |

 The sewer winds around to part of a caved-in part of the floor. Exit and be
 prepared to kill the headcrabs that seemingly appear out of nowhere. The hall
 next-door is 3-tiered, so take the middle one to a larger chamber. Mount the
 stairs and be ready to knock over two turrets peering down, as they'll rip a
 person to shreds if one's not quick in detecting 'em. The door the duo guards
 leads to a large deserted area, once a shower room by the looks of it.

 Drop down and immediately head opposite the railing, to the hole stopped up by
 barrels. Once in there, clear out the other side and search the room for a
 white double door blocked by benches and other debris. There's a gigantic
 myrmidont on the loose, and it's easier to bypass it than take it down. It's
 been antlion-free up 'til now, but they'll rejoin in this hallway, luckily.

 Two more turrets are set up near Combines in the corridor beyond, so use the
 pillars to nix their fire and pull 'em down with the g-gun. Ignore the third
 turret behind the railing and take a perpendicular passage with manhacks &
 a few combines. They'll hide behind a shield, which is deactivate-able by
 pulling the plug. The red switch beyond gives access to a stairwell, and once
 the Combine are cleaned out up there, find the button that unlocks the gate
 to the 3rd turret previously skipped. Grenade it and proceed.

 Immediately, two turrets will fire upon the hallway. The 'safe zone' is a
 vent hidden behind a loose gate, which gets around the hallway once a huge
 fan is put out of order (make it catch something in its path, which stops its
 rotation). Simply slaughter the Combine behind, unplug the barrier, and remove
 the turrets to the fanged friends can get through safely.

 The long staircase leads to a new cellblock filled with Combine. Stay behind
 the bulletproof glass and let the antlions do all the work, including tripping
 laser mine traps, etc. Access to the staircases is guarded by a double turret
 combo, but luckily there are plenty of barrels to throw their way without
 wasting grenades (or antlions). A few more Combine show up on the middle tier
 of blocks, so don't get caught offguard. One the top tier is reached, locate a
 back passage that loops around to the active station -- that's the one with
 gate controls. Reinforcements come once the station's reached, so keep one
 finger on the trigger until it's safe travels.

 Through the opened corridors, a new room contains an antlion escape hole for
 easier access; farther on, 2 more turrets. A side-hallway is a workaround,
 though. The adjacent laundry room is teeming with opposition, too, but this
 is, once again, work for the antlion hordes. When all's said and done, mount
 the stair and enter the adjacent hall, also filled with Combine.

 The harder part (by comparison) is the kitchen, which has a few turrents and
 part of the room can catch fire. If the antlions can't get the job done, use
 grenades or RPG rounds. The stairway behind has another turret and Combine
 (teamwork!) but should be easier to neutralize, as it's narrow and not a good
 place for enemy shot opportunities. Continue the killing spree until a small
 station overlooking a former cafeteria.

 There will be a myrmidont below the second Gordon jumps through the window,
 and luckily, this one can be bypassed as well. The exit is near a door with
 laundry carts and debris in it. You'll know it's the right way, since it has
 a few supply boxes and leads to the trash compactor. Kill the zombie under
 the stair, save, and dive right in. Eventually Gordon will be fenced in by
 the giant machine, and will have to save his bacon by stacking junk to leap
 into a brightly-lit alcove. Finish the level by jumping in the hole there.

10) ENTANGLEMENT                                                         [WK10]
     ¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯
      | |   |  ¯|_
    START .-|¯    |
          |  ¯¯¯¯¯
     |           Mossman
     |     ______  /
     |    |   |  |¯|
     |    |     _| |¯|_____
     |    |___|__  |  _    |
     |      |    | |   | | |
     |  Teleport |  ___|  _|
     |           |_|   | |_|¯|_
     |                 |       |
     |               |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |       Electric Sewer
     |               |        _|         /
     |     3-Turret--|       | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
     |     Cellblock |_____  |_| |_____  |______|¯|__________|¯|
     |                     | |  _  |   |        |  _        ___| 
     |                     |___|___|   |¯¯¯¯¯|1 | |  _|¯¯|_  |
     |                                 |  _| |____|___   ____|
     |                                 | |____A |_____| |   \
     |                            |¯¯¯¯|____  |   ___  _| Control
     |                            |      AA   | |_____|   Room #1
     |           Generator Room---|    |¯¯¯¯¯¯| |
     |                            |¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|A|
     |                            |______   __|A|
     |                                   | |  |¯|_
     |                                   | |__|  _|
     |                                   |_  _|   |
     |                                   / |__   ¯|
     |                                Vent    |¯| |
     |                                        |   |
     |                                         ¯| |
     |                                    Eli-|¯  |
     |                                        |_|  ¯|
     |                                       ___| |_|__
     |                                     _|_  |____  |
     '------------------------------------|_  _  __  | |
                                          |_____|  |___|

 Down the hole, spy Alyx near the train tracks and rendezvous with her a li'l
 down the line -- she'll unlock the way to an elevator. Deep-six the Combine
 up top and wait for the barrier to be neutralized. More gun-toting baddies
 will be in the stairwell and on the next-highest floor, so take care. Tag
 along for the scenes involving Eli and it'll be time to find Judith Mossman.
 Alyx'll leave for awhile and help Gordon via radio, so it's time to take on
 this level by his lonesome self again

 The cramped corridor Alyx opened has headcrabs behind an old door, and it's
 plain to see so. Skip 'em if the supplies are in good working order. Through
 the cluttered door, our pal from afar opens the door to a deserted station
 area. When the obvious door doesn't work, use the vent behind the station's
 twin cabinets. Past 3 headcrabs, there's vent ends at a room full of all the
 types (have fun...).

 Alyx opens the next door to a generator room. Rob the infinite grenade box in
 the defunct station and lob a few 'nades at the turrets in the hallway there.
 The Combine themselves will show up in the claustrophobic adjacent hallway,
 and there'll be 6-7 of 'em, to boot! Lure a few out of their bulletproof
 station beyond and it'll be time to neutralize the barrier. This time, Gordon
 will have to ricochet a barrel [etc.] into the station to knock the electrical
 plug out. It'll take a few tries, mind you.

 Beyond, take out the turret hidden right around the corner, then 'nade the
 other two at the far end (on other side of headcrab room). This leads up to
 "Control Room #1". Take out the two occupying the room and remove the couple
 automated turrets, which can act as allies. The first time I played, I had
 one guard each staircase, although I've found that putting both in the room
 itself isn't such a bad idea. There's two things to remember: Combine will go
 after the turrets first before Gordon; and, always re-erect the things if they
 should be knocked over. Eventually the torrent of Combine morons ends and Alyx
 rejoins for a fleeting moment. Use the medic machine if not done already and
 go on your merry way through the "left" blocked door, which leads downstairs.

 Kill the headcrabs at the old station (marked with a "1" on the map) and get
 to the "electric sewer," i.e. where a wire electrifies all the water. This
 means the alternate route must be found. Off the stairway, jump onto a pipe
 and deal with a headcrab who falls out; from there, to the balcony with some
 blue flotation barrels. Start pushing as much detritus off the edge and into
 the water near the gap that must be crossed (wooden crates work best) and use
 'em as a bridge (save first).

 Following, it's zombie-killing time, kids! A few are near headcrabs, and it
 isn't such a bad idea to shoot them from the doorway where they'll congregate. 
 A crappy medic machine (+50 health) is in a room with an electrified fence;
 take the stairs afterward, including the top where some more supplies are. 
 The single door leads to the "3-Turret Cellblock," as displayed on the map.

 First, kill all enemies below, save, and jump down. Locate the automated
 turrets in a small room that separates the main walkways. The best setup is,
 undoubtedly, placing all three turrets in an area where they can fire both
 front and side-to-side: basically at an intersection. This lets them take care
 of two sides while Gordon has their back (literally). Some soldiers may throw
 grenades, at which time, quickly get the turrets reset. This portion is rather
 hard without a proper turret configuration, so it may take a few tries. A good
 tip is to fill up some entrances with junk (barrels, tables, boxes) that are
 laying around, which will prevent enemies from coming out those ways -- this
 can be used to great effect in more than one doorway, too. However, one must
 always remain vigilant or things go south real quick-like. [Unless you know
 what you're doing, I don't recommend saving anytime during this sequence!]

 When all enemies are pushing up daisies, Alyx arrives back on the scene. Use
 the medic/suit refill machines where the turrets were first found, or if those
 were used, the new machines found in the door our female partner opens. Down
 the stairs and past the double door, there will be a large firefight with a
 gang of Combine (about 10-11). The next stairtop has a medic machine adjacent
 to a security station, where Alyx can locate Mossman.

 After the unfriendly reunion, it'll be time to make a last stand in the
 teleport room. There are three turrets that can be used, and although they
 can be used well enough in the center of the room, fortifying the teleport
 platform -- which has near enough trajectory to all three doors the foes
 stream out of -- is easy enough. Luckily, this battle will seem like a piece
 of cake compared to the previous turret standoff. When the teleporter comes
 back down, get on with Alyx and kiss this junk hole goodbye. Onward to City

 View the scenes in the lab, and Dog will be following now instead of Alyx.
 Suit up and rob the infinite ammo box outside the doors, then drop into the
 newly-opened shaft.

11) ANTICITIZEN ONE                                                      [WK11]
                                    |  _EXIT
                                   _| |_ 
                                  |     |
                                |¯   ¯|_|
                                |     |_____
                                |_______  | |
                                    | | | | |
                                    | |_| | |
                                    |  ___| |
                                     \ \__| |___
                                      \___      |
    ___                                  _|_| |_|
   |   |_                               |  ___|
   | | | |_________|¯|                  | |    \
   |B|               |                |¯  | Canal Area
    ¯| | |_  _|_  _| |                | |¯|
     |_   _________  |               _|  _|
       |_|   |     | |              |     |-Multi-tier Stairway
             |  ¯|   |-Alyx         |  ___|_____
             | | |¯|¯  Reunion      |_  _    ___|
             |¯    |                  |___|  _|_
             |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|               |_   _|-Beginning of Sewers
              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |                _| |_____
               __|¯|__|   |               |___   ___|
              | _____ \   |                ___| |___
              |      \    |               /  _   _  \     -.
               ¯¯¯|¯  |   |               ) | |_| | (      |
              |¯¯¯  |¯ ¯¯¯               /  |_____|  \     |- Generator
           |¯¯¯¯| | |   Bridge          /             \    |   Standoff
           |  |___|_|____/ Apt.        / /¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯\ \   |
           |______       |             \/   |¯   ¯¯¯¯|\/  -'
                  |  ____|                  |¯|¯¯¯¯| | 
                  | |                       |        |
                 _|_ ¯¯¯¯|              | |_| |_  _| |
                |  _     |              |B           |
               _|_  |____|               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
              |_      |
   Car-Hop Course              Infinite Manhack Tunnel
     ____\_____________    _________/
    |_______   ____   _|__|  _____  |________
     _| |___| |    |__   ___|     |_  |      |
    |_______  |       |_|          _| | |    |  2nd Medic
          |A| |                   |    _|____|  ____/___
          |___|                   |_  |        |        |_
                                 ___| |________|      |   |
                                |       _  |_   ______|_  |
                                |      | | |  _| |___   __|-Broken
                                |______| |  _|   |  _  |    Street
                                         |_|     |   | |
                                |¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯|_|¯¯¯| |¯|
                                |  |_  |___|  _  |_____|
                                |  __|_____  | | |
                       Hoppers--|      |_  |_| |_|
                              __|____|_  |   \
                             |         __| Strider
                             | PLAZA   \__  Street
                             |__________  |
                                      __| |
                                     |  __|
                                     | |_
                                     |   |_|¯|
                                     | |___  |___
                                     |_|   |_    |
                                             |   |
                                             | | |
                                          ___| |_|
                                         |_   _|

 This'll be one of the LONGER levels in the game... *sigh*


 Make it to the nearby street and Dog will go buckwild, smashing junk and
 killing plenty of Combine all the while. Let him do his dirty work and he'll
 eventually stop near a barrier, lifting it when Freeman draws near enough.
 Just make sure to leap over the bent fence before the massive encroaching
 machine turns Gordon into a pancake. A semi-packed corridor will lead back
 to the playground street first walked during the "Point Insertion" level.

 Help a refugee fight off some camerabots and he'll join as part of a 'squad'.
 From this point on, many others will as well, although at different times in
 the level. The maximum is four and they're either fighters or medics (heals
 Gordon if his health is too low), but all carry guns just the same. They ARE
 expendible, meaning if someone dies the place will be filled down the line,
 but a good captain doesn't try to let his team get smoked. In the plaza, the
 rest of the team will be rounded out with recruits. Look for a door similar
 to the one Dog pried open, and kill the 2 Combine who pook their heads out.

 Through the apartment overhang, a refugee warns of hoppers. Pull the tin
 siding off a floor hole to see what he means: red-glowing mines are stuck
 in the ground. The gravity gun can pull them out and deactivate 'em (they
 turn from red to blue to signify this). They'll be of little use except as
 short-range explosives, so feel free to waste them despite the refugees'

 Further along, a covered alley leads to a small avenue where a Strider, a
 gigantic spider-like robot who isn't paying attention to Gordon's group, is
 walking around. It eventually leaves, so don't waste ammo on it. Snipe the
 Combine on a tall lookout point upstreet and remove the hoppers that may
 kill any friendlies following (a medic should have joined up here).

 The next stop is a back alley parallel to the street. A Combine will be in an
 upper window when the fighting starts, and a few more on foot near the shacks
 here. The Lambda cache here is in a small toolshed; remove part of the siding
 to uncover the small hole. Creeping onward, take a hopper/red barrel and get
 the jump on the next skirmish by shooting it into a crowd of Combine near the
 2nd shack, which can get rid of 'em all in a heartbeat (except the one in 
 said shack).

 Next-door is an apartment that leads to the street, although it's helpful to
 raid the top floor (2 zombies) for magnum bullets. That road nearby is broken
 in half, so duck under the bridge and look for a workaround path that leads
 into the brick building's basement. A medic here will join after patching a
 dude up, and there's a headcrab hiding under some supply crates (CUUUUTE!).

 Upstairs, catch some Combine behind a glass double door off-guard -- there's
 a medic machine there, as if it were needed. Directly opposite that room is
 a small hallway with doorless closets, and Combine will strafe through when
 the path split is neared. The 2nd-story bathroom leads to a hole that drops
 the team back onto the street, past the pavement hole. Just be careful to
 remove the turrets before takin' the plunge (or a comrade blindly does so!).

 The street ahead is blocked by a monolithic black barricade, and infinite
 numbers of Combine will man its top catwalk. Ignore them and focus on getting
 into the adjacent apartment complex, killing the few Combine inside. The goal
 is the 2nd-story room with a massive hole in it -- use the supply crates and
 jump down, bypassing a locked door and subverting the barricade. Kill any of
 the mask-wearing dorks (this time, not-so-infinite in masses) and use the
 walkway to get into the next building.

 A few Combine laze in this upper floor, while the sidestair should be used
 for going down (turret protects upper dead-end). It helps to save before
 doing the lower area as there are plenty of doorless rooms that can kill
 some important medics! Sweep and clear all on the ground floor, then use the
 other stairwell to get into the cement-padded basement. If Gordon is in the
 lead, killing the enemies as they pop out should be a cinch; however, if any
 of his allies get ahead of him, the corridors quickly become congested and
 the mortality rate usually rises. Make sure to sweep and clear (check every
 room thoroughly with flashlight) before continuing.

 The basement has another staircase leading down into some beat-up tunnels.
 The initial room has three turrets, one hidden around the corner and two that
 can be blown over with grenade concussions -- save first to avoid wasting any
 here. And, for a funny way to top off this room, where the path down into the
 bloody tunnel, half a zombie will crawl out from under the floor -- jump off
 backwards to catch its movements first.
 Ignore the hallway for a moment and go upstairs to the secluded courtyard.
 A Lambda cache is behind some gates, but the gravity gun can destroy and
 suck the goodies out like a straw. Take that hallway now to an old covered
 highway, which quickly hosts the "Infinite Manhack Convention." The allies
 want Gordon to move ahead, so move behind the wrecked semi and use a dirty
 debris pile to get onto and over the locked mesh gate. Shoot the lock off
 and wait for any refugees to follow. Sadly, most won't make it or will be too
 preoccupied to try. Whoever joins in the small manhack section beyond is all
 that's comin'.

 The rest of the tunnel has to be cleared of Combine, and one at the far end
 is on an emplacement. Use the structural columns as shields while blowing up
 the red barrels before the gunner hits 'em. When close enough, take out the
 guy -- he'll probably be trying to kill the trailing refugees. Regardless if
 any survive, there will be a few refugees nearby who will blow a hole in the
 fallen overpass so Gordon can get through. Man the emplacement while the
 charges are being placed, then join the troops quickly to stem the tide of
 the invaders. Unfortunately, it'll be time to part ways for awhile -- crawl
 through the nearby hole...

 ...and enter a flooded radioactive tunnel, with scrapped cars and other junk
 to use as stepping stones. Think of this as a Sandtraps redux course, just
 with sand exchanged for deadly radiation. What's worse, there is zombies in
 the goop who will rise up and try to kill Gordon when he reaches the center
 cement portion. Protip: use the pistol to fire into the goop -- if any foe is
 hit, he'll get up and betray his position, and can be killed earlier. Note
 that it's possible to bypass some by avoiding the gray cement structure toward
 the middle. Upon reaching the opposite (blocked) end, look for a fallen beam
 along one side that is accessible from a white cadillac. It leads back to the
 starting point; look for a shadowed vent that leads to the parallel hallway.
 Gordon can unlock the door near where the other medic was waiting, although
 he may or may not be there (depends on if any other allies survived?).


 Upstairs, a 'fighter' refugee joins. Stay near the entrance because a missile
 carrying headcrabs can kill Gordon if he's near the impact zone. The small
 covered sidewalk has stairway access into the apartment separating Gordon's
 crew from some refugees. There's minimal resistance inside, with the way to
 the basement open via an eerie-lit hole with supplies at the bottom. This
 leads onto the alley where the allied troops are fighting off the Combine in
 the upper reaches.

 Gordon will get two more helpers a few moments in, and enter the building
 they fled from. A grunt kills a person in the stairway, which is the right
 way to go, as the top floor has a drop-down point near some Combine camping
 on the 3rd-floor skybridge. Get 'cross to the opposite building, stock up,
 and look for a stairwell down behind a small kitchenette that leads to the
 highest floor (headcrabs and a quick zombie). As before, use the gaping hole
 there to get to the apartment base, with an exit leading into the alley, on
 the other side of the gate this time. Try to kill the Combine above or his
 grenade may just frag everyone!
 The rest of the alley is filled with Combines and hoppers, so lead by example
 and kill as many as possible before the clumsy refugees stumble into the
 explosives [etc.] and die. An adjacent apartment's fiery ground floor leads
 to its pinnacle where a medic and another are waiting. Heal up and lower the
 bridge, once again taking on the enemies Rambo-style. The rooftop enemies
 need first priority if the refugees are to assist more than being meat
 shields. Across the bridge, drop a grenade or two into the room 'neath the
 hole to clear it out a bit. Four more will be game below, two standing in a
 hallway and two who burst in from the ceiling. A darkened corner of a boarded-
 -up room gives access to 2 more. Watch for barnacles and quick zombies at the

 Through the floor hole, kill a flaming quick zombie and then any that come
 up. Stay at the front of the pack to protect the medics, then descend to
 kill any remaining headcrabs. The Lambda cache is once again gated, so break
 'em and take 'em with the gravity gun (like before). Through the deserted
 apartment corridor, the familiar "turret" noise should be like a siren's
 song to draw near, in this case down through another floor hole. When both
 are removed, Alyx will beat down a door for a reunion! Help her clear a few
 adjoining bedrooms before taking the command center downstairs, which only
 has three occupants, surprisingly. Our heroine explains the gameplan: she'll
 expose the generator core and Gordon will wreck it with the gravity gun. OK!

 The street behind the command center houses a generator. Nix the Combine in
 the small station and Alyx will get to work raising and exposing the thing.
 There are two streets (blocked off by barriers) that enemy waves come through,
 and after enough are disposed, our fair lady signals for Gordon to destroy
 the core with the gravity gun. Easier said than done, though -- ues the medic
 machine in Alyx' post if needed. Past this event, the gate lowers to a gully
 once crossed by a ravine. Make sure to approach it quickly to avoid incoming
 Combine who'll just slaughter Gordon!

 On point, Alyx will climb onto the roof of a building, and then urge Gordon
 to continue by his lonesome. Drop into the bridgeless ravine and locate the
 sewer entrance at the bottom of a hole. Use the gravity gun to raise the bar
 on the other side, where 2 manhacks appear. Knock down the platform propped
 up by barrels, giving access to the pipery running the room's length. More
 of those dang 'hacks appear on the other side of the ventilation duct, but
 it's easier from that elevation.


 There's a multi-tier stairway beyond, and much of the walkway has decayed.
 Get down to the bottom quickly, take out the 2 gun-toting goofballs, and
 enter the small sideroom near the locked double doors. A poisonous headcrab
 is there, but more importantly, the gravity gun can unbar the door via the
 window. The underground canal found beyond has Combine fighting zombies, and
 Gordon will have to take care of both eventually! Let both barrels blaze,
 paying special attention to kill any poison headcrabs 'round here. The
 barnacle-filled upper path has a few supplies but little else; enter the
 canal where a low-lying walkway is reachable. The ladder to take is right
 in plain sight, but at the end of the tunnel is a lambda cache well worth

 Via the ladder path, the end room is a much larger multi-tiered area with
 lots of pipes. The first mini goal is making it to the red boxcar-looking
 shack that controls the cargo lift. Kill the two initial Combine (one's right
 above the mesh ceiling!), heal up, save, pull the lever. Gordon'll have to
 pull that lever again to start the way back, hurrying to make the trip over.
 Three more appear: above boxcar shack, mid-level straight ahead, and highest
 level "crossbar" walkway. There's a ladder at the middle tier to make it to
 the highest; just make sure to snipe the 2 white-clothed Combine that hang
 down. Use the PVC pipes and girters to make it to the next-highest walkway,
 which in turn leads to a ladder up to the highest area. Two more Combine
 above and below, plus some trying to use the cargo lift (these can be ignored
 if fast enough). To exit, from the highest point, jump to the "crossbar"
 walkway that leads to supplies, then jump down to the balcony entrance with
 a hopper. Whew!

 Past the single-hopper stairwell, the level finally closes. About time, huh?

12) "FOLLOW FREEMAN!"                                                    [WK12]
                                           |         |
                         Rooftop Fight--|¯¯   ¯|¯¯¯| |
                         with Striders  |      | | | |
                                  ______|___  _| |___|
                                 |  _   _______|_  |_
                            EXIT-| | | |         |_  |
                                     |_|     ______| |
                                  __________|  ______|-Carpark
               Abandoned Tunnel--|  _________________|
                                 |      |      |SS#2 |_ _________
                                  ¯¯¯|____|   _|_   _  |         | 
                                     |_  _     |     | | CAPITOL |
                                     | ___|    |     | |         |
                                     |_  _|    | BUN | |  BLDG.  |
                            |¯|______|__  | |_ | KER | |______  _|
                       _____|   |   |  _  | |  |     |___________|
              _____ __|  ___  |___|   | |_|_|  |¯   ¯|         \
             |_   _| Barney | |   |___|   |     _____|     Rooftop Exit
               | |_|_____  _| |    /      |____|   \
               |  _  _______|_| Courtyard        Suppression
               | |____|                           Shelter #1
                \ \
                /\ \
         Start-/    \
              / /\_\/

 Some refugees join up right at the beginning, saying how Barney is pinned
 down by snipers further ahead. These are the "blue laserbeam" kind, meaning
 they can only be killed by a frag grenade through their window. They pack a
 mean hit (20 health), so use cover to avoid. They will fire aimlessly if no
 shot is readily available! Expect your refugee allies to be picked off if
 Gordon doesn't want to play meat shield, however!

 In one of the buildings, two more refugees can join; immediately bolt for
 Barney's warehouse when the sniper fires "just because". With any luck, one
 of them will be able to assist. Some quick zombie will show up near the li'l
 stair before Gordon's crew can roll into the flooded basement. A wounded
 refugee will spin a story while some zombies converge on the group. Once
 they're reburied, look for the blue-lit stairwell which spawns two quick
 zombies. That route leads up to the roof where Barney's held up. There is an
 infinite grenade box, so use it to take care of all snipers before good ol'
 Barney can tag along. He leads the way to a junkpile that leads to street
 level where he opens a gate with his civil protection card.

 The adjacent condo has some poisonous "headhumpers" before a courtyard with
 red barrels and a turret. Some other refugees join out of nowhere for the
 ensuing chaos! Make it up to the top floor to survey the Overwatch nexus
 found in an old capitol building. The stealth approach quickly fails, so
 just use the stair system to get to street level, being wary of hoppers and
 the occasional turret.

 Now, the suppression device Barney talked about shows itself here in the
 form of a white-heat beam, which will incinerate anyone it hits. Sprint down
 the street toward a blueish boxcar, then near the fence -- the destination is
 a small building at the end, the first "suppression shelter" (if you're
 looking at my map). Two Combine inside, but beyond that it's safety. Out the
 side-door, the next destination is the second suppression shelter, due across
 the capitol building grounds. A small bunker is in the middle for temporary
 relief, but that's about it. Some refugee captives in said shelter can help
 out, too. Funny enough, combine still use regular padlocks with all their
 technology available. Huh! The final part of encroaching on the building is
 killing the remaining guards out front, which is easy since the suppression
 device doesn't shoot that close. To enter the structure, disable the barrier
 on one side by sucking its cord out of a socket -- ding!


 In the lower wing, only the double doors open. Barney comments that there is
 a turret hidden in the floor. To dispatch it, trigger the alarm (via laser)
 to make it prop up, then throw/roll a grenade into its slot. These types of
 turrets shoot in only one direction, which makes them easy to read. In the
 grand foyer, once again the route is singled out that left of the staircase.
 Destroy another turret, then quickly round the corner to get past the 2nd
 before it rises. Some Combine will be there also, but should be negligible
 nuisances. Upstairs, ignore the next turret trap for a moment and free some
 POWs from their feeble barrier cage. THEN, destroy the two turrets outside
 of the first generator room. Like before, zap it with the gravity gun to
 destroy the thing.

 The adjacent hallway leads to a quick outdoor walkway before jumping right
 back into the other wing. Circle around (not towards foyer, which has foes)
 and into the room -- the Combine will lock everyone in for an ambush. This
 is the only way to get to the 2nd generator, though, so y'gotta do it. Repel
 the suckers as they snipe through the walls, then lay hoppers for those who
 cut through the door. Supplies are on top of a bookshelf if needed. The
 hallway is guarded by a single turret, but it can be bypassed completely if
 needed (although one would have to take the long way 'round). Destroy the
 generator near that turret either way, though.

 The last generator is accessible from the main staircase, on the other side
 from the most recent. The only room available has a lot of laser traps, and
 Barney will say there's probably something good inside. Note that if Gordon
 sets off any traps in here, he'll die -- time to play it safe. Do this:

 1) Step on machine to bypass first laser grid
 2) Use li'l platform to jump over cluster of four laser grids (toward corner)
 3) Jump on circular part of machine to bypass next lasergrid
 4) Crouch under next lasergrid
 5) Duck under gray pipe, then jump onto it and vault over bookcase

 Once across the bookcase, deactivate the traps to make the others rejoin.
 Destroy the third and final generator and head for the lobby, where Combine
 will pour in and put up a big firefight. Continue the way they entered (door
 with green 'EXIT' sign above) to find the roof access stairway. Three more
 refugees appear at Gordon's side here, plus a bunch of rocket refills -- hint
 hint? Neutralize a single turret and a few Combine on their way down (into
 the ground) to reach the rooftops.

 Fight off a few hordes and then the gunship that follows -- abuse that RPG
 box like it's free money. Eventually a dropship's spawn will open the gate
 near the suit/medic machines, getting access to the other building via the
 skybridge (switch it on). Kill the gathering and enter the broken and burning
 stairway which leads to the street exit.

 A relatively new enemy appears here: the strider. This spider-like behemoth
 has a single powerful cannon on its head and takes multiple RPG rounds to
 destroy. There are a few wandering around the capitol grounds, and an NPC
 mentions dropping a crate of rockets (i.e. infinite refill box) in the plaza.
 Gordon starts along the far side of the capitol building, which means he
 couldn't be farther away from that box.

 To start, the first objective is to make it to the temporarily safe haven,
 the bunker in the middle of the grounds -- it was used before coming into
 the building, remember? To reach it, head opposite where Gordon starts and
 into a fiery kind of trench where pavement used to be. Through the tunnel
 with medkits inside, the other end has a slope that allows quick access to
 the bunker. Be quick about it or Gordon's mincemeat. Once there, heal up
 and save, trying to use the ammo there to take out at least one Strider
 before moving on. Other refugees are firing RPG rounds too, so maybe tagteam
 a single target. To reach the infinite RPG box, head from the bunker toward
 the first "suppression shelter" (can't ener) and the street will have been
 opened up. It's under the colonnade there. With sufficient cover, just start
 dropping every strider in sight, maybe saving after each.

 When all striders in the vicinity are toast, move back along the street
 toward the initial insertion point. This time, the building entrance will
 be closed but the nearby barrier will have been deactivated. A few Combine
 scum emerge (and some hide in a doorway) but nothing spectacular. Look for
 a stairway leading underground, to some supply boxes locally and to a lonely
 tunnel beyond. There's a Combine far down the line and a Strider enters at
 some point, too; before then, make sure to duck into the underground carpark
 to evade its fire. The far door spews Combine into the room, so throw a red
 barrel or something...yeah, that's always fun.

 Continue ascending the carpark: the 2nd story has a few Combine and a bunch
 of searchers, while the 3rd-story will have a few more plus be in a Strider's
 line of fire. To reach the fourth story, look for a fallen girder that lets
 Gordon mosey upwards and navigate the remaining skeletal framework for the
 building. Destroy any searcher around before this or they'll signal the
 strider! The stairwell at the end contains the infinite RPG box needed to
 deep-six that son of a gun, so do it...to it. Haha. 

 Down a hole, meet up with another refugee behind a boarded-up...hole, then
 jump down a...uh, hole outside. A medic will join up at this point, and
 together, everyone can stick it to the Combine (2 waves) who appear in the
 fiery mini-carpark nearby. Use the debris pile to reach the street with the
 patrolling strider, opting the safer route through the pavement hole. Turn
 left with the avenue to see a 2nd strider emerging from a pit. Wait for it
 to leave and enter the opening from there. This ground is unstable and caves
 in a bit, but shouldn't damage Gordon. Neutralize the Combine (x3) and enter
 the roofless foundation of the building, which leaves Gordon's crew open on
 all sides plus the air. Parts of the building will be blown up, and the 2nd
 time plays into the allies' favor, destroying an enemy height advantage.
 After another skirmish, the center of the former condo can be ascended. Use
 the suit/medic machines before reaching the pinnacle.

 Kill the single combine to get free access to an unlimited RPG box. There'll
 be a strider patrolling, but the refugee assistants will be infinite (which
 is good, considering they act like they have brain sepsis and walk out into
 the foe's trajectory). After the first strider is removed, a few Combine
 appear in the surrounding buildings, signalling the 2nd strider's coming.
 Earn a checkpoint by killing the last strider. To leave this building, one
 must walk the rusty girders near the RPG box to part of roof's edge and jump
 straight down onto the dumpster below.

 The street will have to be cleaned up but that basically ends the level,
 fighting-wise. When Dog appears on the scene, he'll move to one end of the
 street and lift up some machinery, revealing a hole Gordon can jump through.

13) OUR BENEFACTORS                                                      [WK13]

 There won't be a map for these last two levels, as they're rather simple to
 do and contain less running around than normal. I'll cut it in half for you!


 The level starts in a tunnel, leading to a sheer cliff. The ledges are placed
 so Gordon can drop down easily so be careful. At least one gap requires a
 running jump to clear. Follow the cliff and look for a small nook with a few
 goodies inside; a headcrab appears 'round here. Nearby is a large cylindric
 pipe sticking out toward a massive piece of the building moving vertically.
 When it's rising, do a running jump onto the platform, near small entrance.

 Up the ramp, follow the twisting and turning passages (watch out for any
 moving parts that can crush Gordon) until there's a floor "trench" to jump
 down into. It leads to another freefall area criss-crossed by girters and
 other thin jumping spots -- luckily, it's possible to get to the opposite
 side just by normal walking. The flashlight helps, of course.

 Overhead, look for "pods" moving on a rail and follow the general direction
 to stumble upon a brighter area where the pods reach a junction. Jump down
 onto a ledge to reach a spot where Gordon can get into two pods once they're
 open. Pay attention to where they're railed, because one will lead to the
 exit and the other to the machine nearby that "zaps" the pod and incinerates
 whatever's inside.

 The correct pod will take Gordon on a sight-seeing tour of the facility and
 then drop him off in a room...


 ...where all his normal weapons are destroyed. Luckily, the gravity gun is
 immune to the machine and gets powered-up! Now, it can attract and repel even
 larger inert objects from farther away, quicker, as well as being able to
 zap the Combine and even use them as projectiles! There'll be a test run here
 when some foot soldiers check up on the security alert, so be ready. A suit-
 -refill machine nearby will refill double the normal amount (200!) as well as
 acting as topping off Gordon's health. Dr. Breen will be on monitors talking
 to our hero, but feel free to cut his monologues short in a destructive way.

 Around the corner will be some more foes, so use a computer husk as a shield
 to deflect their slugs. An ambush will be a little further on as the path
 changes, also, which heralds more soldiers. Past there, the 2nd speech by

 Look for a drop-down point into a laboratory room with 2 Combine, adjacent to
 an elevator to take. The next-highest floor is the first encounter with these
 orange-red orbs that appear in tubes. The gravity gun can attract and shoot
 them, making them bounce all around like a pinball. It's fun to look at but
 this is also how some barriers will be deactivated, so it serves a dual
 purpose. Use the 2nd suit machine for upkeep and locate another barrier,
 this one deactivated by removing its orb (that was quick!).

 After the Combine are rebuffed (they try a two-prong attack this time), the
 exit will be by a 3rd suit machine. The next part will be annoying, so it's
 not a bad idea to save here. Kill 2 foes near where Breen's 3rd speech
 starts and enter the circular room. On the far side, a switch will call for
 the elevator but this one is S-L-O-W as a snail in molassas. What's worse,
 infinite numbers of Combine will come in temporarily. So how to stay alive?
 First, use the 4th suit machine when the enemy waves ebb, and grab part of
 a computer console to use a shield. Make sure the broadest side is outward
 so it protects most of Gordon. This is the general tactic; however, I usually
 take it a step further and hide in a corner while crouching so I can't get
 cut off at the knees. This is one of the harder parts in this place so don't
 feel bad about damaging your pride a little (:p). It takes apx 80 seconds to
 find the lift; boarding makes it rise automatically.

 Kill Combine shooting from alcoves during the ascent and after eight or so,
 continue into the room with Breen's 4th talkbox. Heal on the machine next to
 it, save, and bring the beatdown in 3-door another laboratory room. There's
 only one passage to take after (5th healing machine) that leads to a drop-down
 point in a large hall. The enemies will be easy to kill...it's the strider
 that means business! Use the steel tubes halfway through the hall as shields
 and attract/repel those red orbs floating around at its face. Surprisingly,
 it goes down after 4 or so. Remove the barrier in the area the strider came
 from, jump into the lower walkway, heal up, and take the nearby pod taxi to
 the level's finish.

14) DARK ENERGY                                                          [WK14]

 This level is basically going to be one big boss battle, but it only starts
 "for real" after a lengthy bunch of dialogue scenes with friends and foes
 alike. Follow Breen up one elevator with Alyx, collect the Gravity Gun, and
 then descend into the dark-fusion reactor after fully healing.

 Breen will be trying to use a portal to escape the building. Wait for the
 vertically-moving platform to be at normal level and jump to the path that
 wraps around the central teleportation chamber. A few Combine will emerge,
 but they've already proven they're no match for the suped-up Gravity Gun.
 To get even higher and closer to the would-be escapee, extract the orbs from
 the "electrical zappers" near the highest of the two Combine entrances. Some
 only appear when a barrier is destroyed, and some will shoot from an elevated
 position -- watch it!

 When the way is clear, another mobile platform can ferry Gordon higher -- the
 path will wrap around to the central chamber. It's mostly moving parts and
 small lifts, so just make sure to stay inside the railing when killing any
 emerging enemies or their live rounds may push Gordon into the pit. The only
 healing machine in this level will be attached to this chamber, too. At its
 pinnacle, use the final vertically-moving structure to get all the way up to
 where Alyx is waiting.


 Now, the final battle will be fought...although it's a little one-sided. As
 Breen tries to use the portal, the machine will start spinning around. It's
 got gray pieces and is easy to see. Fire at all (8) of these with the orbs
 extracted from energy tubes; hit one and it shatters off. The battle will
 end when all are broken apart...of course it can't be as easy as all that.
 Two gunships will be floating around and peppering Gordon's position with
 heavy fire. The good thing is, there's no reason to fight them whatsoever,
 as they automatically die when Breen's chamber is completely broken. Note
 that this battle does have a timer, and Gordon will fail if he doesn't take
 out Breen before he escapes.

 As for the ending, here's what happens... ... ...Well, I guess the Gman
 wouldn't like that too much. Enjoy the Twilight Zone undertones and that
 dang "arbitrary imposition"!
          _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _ 
          \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
             ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
             | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
             | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
             | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
             | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
             )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)
__________________________________________________/ IV. MISCELLANEOUS [MSCL] |_
ENEMIES                                                                  [ENMY]
 Listed in order of appearance...

 These gas-mask-wearing foot soldiers make up about 80% of the enemies Gordon
 faces in the game, and carry a variety of weapons, such as pistols, SMGs, and
 grenades. They're typically not that tough but often appear in groups.

 These immobile creatures attach to ceilings and wait for an object to come
 in contact with their disgusting, adhesive tongue. It then carries whatever
 is there upwards and begins feeding. It's possible to avoid these entirely,
 but they usually show up in the darndest of places, including Water Hazard
 when they can rip Gordon right out of his airboat. They're very weak and
 succumb to shotgun/crowbar hits, and thus end up as a mere inconvenience
 than a real threat.

 They hack men...okay, we get it! These tiny red robots are noted for their
 small razor-like fans and the eerie red light each has. They're defensively
 weak but appear in droves more often than naught, meaning swinging a crowbar
 around usually is the road to being damaged.

 Basically a manhack without weapons, these "passive" robots float around
 and shine a spotlight on Gordon, giving away his position for as long as
 it's around. Although not seen as much early on, striders basically rely on
 these to find hiding prey. They can be defeated in any number of ways since
 they're physically weak.

 Headcrab... Face Muncher... These tiny, fleshy little monsters appear in a
 variety of small and large spaces and jump around, trying to attach to the
 face of Gordon. They're easy to kill if a bead can be stuck on 'em, but they
 move around quickly enough that it's a nuisance. They're shown as burrowers
 toward the end of "Route Kanal" but that's the only time.

 Created from a corpse and headcrab, this reanimated freak lurches slowly
 toward Gordon and can eat a lot of bullets. Unfortunately, if the body itself
 is killed with conventional weapons, the headcrab will simply leap off and
 also attack Gordon. Thus, it's wise to go for headshots to prevent any other
 nuisances. Sometimes only the 'living' torsos will crawl toward our hero.
 Thesee are one of the funnest monsters in the game to me, as they often appear
 in creepy places, such as in vents, under floorboards, and in radioactive
 slop (where they're completely hidden to start with).

 Basically a mobile homing missile launcher, a few of these nuisances show
 up in the Water Hazard level, and fire endless streams of these missiles. At
 first Gordon can't fight back, but he can later -- it just takes awhile to
 kill them. However, fleeing is often a lot better than fighting back most of
 the time.

 The only hunter assault helicopter in the game pesters Gordon all throughout
 the Water Hazard level, and can be fought toward the end. It has twin cannons
 to use but often resorts to dropping mine streams (1-3) out its sides. It's
 only susceptible to the airboat's cannon, culled from the wreckage of another
 hunter heli.

 A trap setup by Father Grigori during the 5th level set in Ravenholm, these
 automated machines spin a blade laterally and endlessly, splitting in two
 whatever comes in contact. Gordon will have to duck under these to keep his
 head intact, and can toggle them on/off using a lower panel. These traps're
 mostly to save ammo against zombies and headcrabs, which at during this 5th
 level are relatively new foes. They only appear during in Ravenholm.

 A.K.A. Poisonous Headcrab. First appearing in the Ravenholm level, these foes
 are known for being unable to kill Gordon overall, instead injecting a potent
 neurotoxin that reduces HP to 1 temporarily. They're a little more durable
 than normal headcrabs and aren't much of a problem by themselves...it's only
 when other enemies are around that the HP-to-1 effect can be annoying. This
 is few and far between, luckily. (Gordon's suit will automatically recover HP
 when inflicted with a toxin; it just takes a little while).

 I was unsure what to call these things, but this is as good a name for 'em
 as any. Created from a headcrab and a skinless human, these monsters sprint
 towards Gordon and do a barrage of claw attacks. A single headshot from the
 shotgun will neutralize but their speed works to their advantage on this end.
 They mostly appear during select times in the "We Don't Go to Ravenholm"

 Although these are Combine with sniper rifles, they set themselves apart as
 they hide in windows and cannot be killed by projectile weapons. They belie
 their postion with a long blue laserbeam from their scope. Each hit takes off
 20 health, which means these aren't anything to mess around with. The only way
 to defeat them (assuming Gordon doesn't bypass them completely) is to lob a
 grenade into their window.

 Gunships are half-insectoid, half-machine hybrids that are very dexterous and
 can only be defeated by RPG rounds. They also show up in the worst of places,
 such as during the road in Highway 17 and under the train bridge at the end
 of that same level. They're very dangerous and Gordon has to carefully guide
 his RPG rockets to take them out (usually takes 5-6).

 These look like the toy Dog was playing with back in Black Mesa East, 'cept
 these will repeatedly shock Gordon. They're impervious to normal weapons and
 will follow our hero around endlessly (generally), so the only way to get
 rid of them is launching them into the ocean via the Gravity Gun. Only a few
 appear in the game, and most during Highway 17 and Sandtraps.

 Not sure what to call these either (I've seen a guide say piggyback zombie),
 but this will suffice. Like normal zombies with headcrabs attached, these
 are reanimated corpses with three super headcrabs hitching a ride. They're
 slow like normal but the poisonous zombies can be thrown at Gordon -- very
 annoying. They're pretty durable and it usually takes 2-3 grenades to kill
 them outright...that should tell how much ammo it takes without explosives!

 Antlions appear only (as enemies) during the Sandtraps chapter. They hide
 under the sand and when someone steps foot on it, they appear and attack it
 en masse. It's possible for Gordon to avoid doing that, but most players are
 going to have accidents in this regard. A single shotgun blast takes care of
 'em, and the gravity gun can zap 'em away, temporarily stunning them.

 It looks like a big antlion and appears a few times in the Sandtraps and Nova
 Prospekt chapters (although only the first must be slain). Repeated fire will
 help bring it down, but shooting explosive barrels with the gravity gun is
 probably a better idea. It commands an antlion entourage when fought outside,
 but inside it mostly just bumrushes in a straight line. It's a lot smarter to
 just bypass completely than waste ammo fighting.

 These robotic machine guns appear only during the Nova Prospekt chapter, and
 are setup at hallways and catwalks, shooting whatever comes in sight. They're
 unable to be destroyed, but can be shut off by being knocked over (something
 thrown at them, grenade, gravity gun topples them). Gordon can use some of
 the "friendlier" kind later in the Entrapment chapter.

 These spring-loaded landmines are easy to spot, as they have a bright red
 tip when approached. Enemy mines will be red, friendly ones are blue/green.
 To deactivate a hopper, use the gravity gun to pull it out the ground, then
 set it back to make it "friendly" (or shoot it to detonate). Hoppers wind up
 in hallways and other inconvenient places, but that's all they are: a minor
 inconvenience. However, since they first appear in "Anticitizen One" and the
 level following, be careful that refugee comrades don't get blown sky high
 on account of your mistakes (even if they are expendible...)

 These gigantic robotic wannabes have long legs and a mounted machine-gun at
 their head. They're only susceptible to RPG rounds and it takes quite a few
 to knock 'em over. They only appear during the "Follow Freeman!" and "Our
 Benefactors" chapters. Note that in the former chapter, Gordon will have to
 use energy orbs as projectiles, which are strangely more effective than RPG

WEAPONS                                                                  [WPNS]
 There's a wide variety of tools to cause some destruction in Half-Life 2.
 Here's the lowdown, including what level they're found in. Note that when
 I refer to max ammo capacity, that doesn't count any that can be in the
 chamber/slot already.

 OBTAIN: "A Red Letter Day" (#2)

 Although it has no long-range capabilities, this handy tool has a variety of
 purposes just the same. It can break boxes of all sorts, pull back planks
 that block doorways, smash windows, and naturally give hemorrhages to any
 smaller type enemies (Headcrabs, Combine, Zombies, etc.)

 OBTAIN: "Route Kanal" (#3)

 A simple handgun carried by the Combine, this weapon shoots one bullet at a
 very slow rate. Gordon can fire quicker manually, but generally this isn't
 going to be the best weapon and -- naturally -- is outclassed later, which
 relegates it to shooting faraway enemies to conserve other ammo, etc. It's
 not too bad at close-range, though...just don't try to take on anything
 bigger than a Combine with it. [MAX AMMO: 150]

 OBTAIN: "Route Kanal" (#3)

 Pretty good all throughout the game, the machine gun combines rapid-fire
 capacities with a decent clip size. But, like most guns of this sort (at
 least as they're portrayed in video games), it takes a lot of rounds to down
 one enemy. The secondary weapon is a frag grenade, which fires in an arc via
 the left trigger -- also good for clearing out hordes when it comes to saving
 ammo. [MAX AMMO: 255]

 OBTAIN: "Route Kanal" (#3)

 Fragmentation (frag) grenades are used to clear out rooms, greatly damaging
 the enemies while Gordon is safe and sound. Firing one incorrectly (they go
 in a parabolic trajectory) and it can cause Gordon to scramble for cover!
 Obviously it pays to get out of the way when a grenade -- foe or own -- is
 sitting around. These can also be thrown back if the player is quick, but
 this generally isn't the wisest course of action.

 OBTAIN: "Water Hazard" (#4)

 The Magnum is a six-shooting handcannon, and will OHKO a small enemy if shot
 in the head; then again, shooting near the head will do the trick also. Since
 it's so powerful, ammo for it isn't as commonplace as other types. Saving it
 for a rainy day ain't such a bad idea...or if you're feeling lazy, which is
 alright too. [MAX AMMO: 12]

 OBTAIN: "Black Mesa East" (#5)

 A gun that really doesn't outlive its usefulness whatsover, the gun can suck
 in small objects (sawblades, for instance) and launch them as projectiles at
 whatever's nearby. On the flipside, just being able to attract objects on a
 whim is good, and is in fact prudent in levels like "Sandtraps". During the
 penultimate chapter, the gun gains the power to attract much larger objects
 and even human targets -- that's a whole 'nother level of awesomeness right
 there. [MAX AMMO: Whatever's laying around, but one thing at a time]

 OBTAIN: "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" (#6)

 What can be said about the shotgun that isn't already conjured up by one's
 own mind? It's brutal at close-range fighting and can take down most foes
 with a well-placed headshot, while it can be used to lesser effect for some
 medium-range action. There's a reason why it's often players' favorite gun
 to use on most levels. However, with its clip size, it pays to play off its
 strengths. Speaking of which, Gordon can use the left trigger to fire its
 second barrel! [MAX AMMO: 30]

 OBTAIN: "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" (#6)

 More powerful but slower than the SMG, the rifle can take down enemies at a
 lot faster rate...it doesn't carry as much ammo though. But, the secondary
 weapon is really where it shines. The left trigger shoots a pulsating orb,
 which after bouncing around the room like a pinball and striking as many
 foes as possible, will explode and take out even more! The pulse orbs are in
 short supply and should be saved for a pinch. [MAX AMMO: 60]

 OBTAIN: "Highway 17" (#7)

 Rocket Launchers launch rockets, simple as. Unlike other games where they're
 a "fire and forget" weapon, Half-Life 2 makes them smarter, allowing the
 player go guide them by moving the reticle around, which evades gunship fire.
 In fact, to kill gunships, rocket launchers are the only course of action
 that can be taken. Basically, evade the ships' fire and leave the reticle on
 the target to 'mark' it for destruction. [MAX AMMO: 3]

 OBTAIN: "Highway 17" (#7)

 The crossbow is the only weapon in the game with sniping capabilities, and
 is deadly accurate because of it. Although it has a small magazine, it only
 takes one hit to kill a Combine-sized enemy. Use the left trigger to peer
 through the scope and -- POW!! -- the target's dead. The funny thing is that
 enemies hit with it either crumple like a rag doll or are pinned to whatever
 is behind them. [MAX AMMO: 10]

 OBTAIN: "Sandtraps" (#8)

 The last weapon obtained in the game isn't even a weapon, really: it's a
 piece of a myrmidont monster. These are thrown like grenades, and wherever
 they land, antlions will attack that location (or locate a nearby enemy and
 run to them). The secondary function with the L-trigger is to squeeze the
 'pod and gather muster the antlions nearby. Antlions can only be used during
 the Sandtraps and Nova Prospekt chapters; however, hitting a Combine with a
 pod will temporarily cause it to stop firing, which gives a good opportunity
 to take it out. Good for saving ammo but, again, it'll see much of its use
 in the aforementioned two chapters.

ACHIEVEMENTS                                                             [ACHV]
 Achievements are "rewards" for various feats on Xbox 360. Naturally Half-Life
 2 (XBOX) has none, but since the series was packaged together in "The Orange
 Box," there are some included. This walkthrough should be able to double for
 that package, and as such, I'm going to include the achievements THAT ONLY

 NOTE: Any corrections or other pertinent info should be e-mailed to me ASAP.
 ______________________________ ____ ________________________________________
| ACHIEVEMENT                  | PT | OBTAIN...                              |
| Anchors Aweigh!              | 05 | Obtain airboat in Route Kanal          |
| Atomizer                     | 10 | Kill fifteen (15) soldiers during "Our |
|                              |    | Benefactors" by throwing them into the |
|                              |    | electrical fields containing red orbs  |
| Barnacle Bowling             | 05 | Kill five barnacles with one barrel by |
|                              |    | making one hoist it up -> explosion!   |
| Blast from the Past          | 10 | Find the HEV Suit Charger faceplate in |
|                              |    | Eli's scrapyard during Black Mesa East |
| Bug Hunt                     | 10 | During Sandtraps and/or Nova Prospekt, |
|                              |    | kill 50 enemies using the antlions     |
| Conservationalist            | 05 | Kill five enemies with the same orb in |
|                              |    | Our Benefactors or Dark Energy         |
| Counter-Sniper               | 05 | Kill all snipers in Anticitizen One    |
| Defiant                      | 05 | During Point Insertion, a guard near a |
|                              |    | cafeteria wants Gordon to pick up a    |
|                              |    | can he dropped in the trash. Throw it  |
|                              |    | at him instead.                        |
| Fight the Power              | 10 | Disable the suppression device during  |
|                              |    | "Follow Freeman!" by shutting down its |
|                              |    | three generators                       |
| Flushed                      | 05 | Kill an enemy with a toilet projectile |
| Follow Freeman               | 10 | Gain command of a rebel squad during   |
|                              |    | Anticitizen One                        |
| Giant Killer                 | 10 | Survive the rooftop strider (x2) fight |
|                              |    | toward the end of "Follow Freeman!"    |
| Hack Attack!                 | 05 | Kill five enemies with a manhack       |
| Hallowed Ground              | 05 | Make it through the cemetery safely in |
|                              |    | "We Don't Go to Ravenholm"             |
| Heavy Weapons                | 05 | Obtain the airboat striker cannon in   |
|                              |    | the Water Hazard level                 |
| Keep Off the Sand!           | 20 | In Sandtraps, cross the beach without  |
|                              |    | touching the sand whatsoever           |
| Lambda Locator               | 15 | Find all Half-Life 2's hidden caches   |
|                              |    | that are marked with a lamdda symbol   |
| Malcontent                   | 05 | Escape from the Combine's raid on the  |
|                              |    | apartment during Point Insertion       |
| One Man Army                 | 05 | Defeat six (6) gunships in the game    |
| OSHA Violation               | 05 | During Highway 17, crush three enemies |
|                              |    | using the crane                        |
| Plaza Defender               | 10 | During Anticitizen One, survive the    |
|                              |    | plaza generator battle                 |
| Revenge!                     | 10 | Destroy the hunter chopper during the  |
|                              |    | Water Hazard level                     |
| "Radiation Levels Detected"  | 05 | Get through radioactive tunnel during  |
|                              |    | the end of Route Kanal                 |
| Singularity Collapse         | 25 | Destroy the citadel's reactor core in  |
|                              |    | the final level "Dark Energy"          |
| Submissive                   | 05 | During Point Insertion, a guard near a |
|                              |    | cafeteria wants Gordon to pick up a    |
|                              |    | can he dropped in the trash. Do it.    |
| Targetted Advertising        | 05 | On Highway 17, near the hill where the |
|                              |    | Crossbow is first obtained, snipe the  |
|                              |    | guard on the billboard & pin him to it |
| Think Fast!                  | 10 | Kill an elite soldier with this own    |
|                              |    | orb                                    |
| Trusty Hardware              | 05 | Get the crowbar from Barney during     |
|                              |    | Point Insertion                        |
| Two Points                   | 02 | In Black Mesa East, when playing fetch |
|                              |    | with Dog, make a 2-pointer on the hoop |
| Vortigaunt                   | 13 | Find the hidden vortigaunt during the  |
|                              |    | Water Hazard level.                    |
| Warden Freeman               | 10 | During Entrapment, survive the second  |
|                              |    | standoff where Gordon has to use three |
|                              |    | automated turrets as his "assistants"  |
| What Cat?                    | 05 | Use Kleiner's lab teleporter during    |
|                              |    | Point Insertion                        |
| Where Cubbage Fears to Tread | 05 | In Highway 17, use the rocket launcher |
|                              |    | to destroy the refugee camp's gunship  |
| Zero Point Energy            | 05 | Get the Gravity Gun in Black Mesa East |
| Zombie-que                   | 05 | Torch fifteen (15) zombies with flares |
| Zombie Chopper               | 25 | Play through We Don't Go to Ravenholm  |
|                              |    | using only the gravity gun and things  |
|                              |    | it can use as projectiles              |

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]

[Q] - Where is the secret vortigaunt in "Water Hazard"?
[A] - After downing the hunter chopper near the end of the level, open the
      gate to the small bay beyond (the one with the dock ramp). Instead of
      going that way, locate two pipes at the far end -- one of them is ajar
      slightly. Use the airboat to get up and in, and make sure to sprint
      through the radioactive waste. The vortigaunt is at the very back, and
      has a bunch of supplies (health for the way back is most important, no?)

[Q] - How come my RPG rounds are always shot down by the gunships?
[A] - Because Gordon (you) have to steer them manually. The crosshairs directs
      the projectile, which should be used to evade the gunships' attempts to
      knock them out of the air. When the coast is clear, leave the reticle on
      the target to 'mark' it for destruction. You'll know it's marked because
      the reticle turns orange-ish.

[Q] - Do you get anything for the Gman sightings?
[A] - Nope, it's just for fun and...kinda creepy.

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                              [UPDT]

 09-15-08 ---------------+ Added to GameFAQs
 01-01-08 ---------------+ Updated Achievements

 If you have anything to add, I'll definitely lend an ear. Likewise, if y'have
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 that stuff, too.

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hosting my crap
 • Phil, for reminding me of the Vorticough achievement
 • The readers, 'cuz I wuv you

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