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Gravity Gun Challenge Guide by bumcheekcity

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 06/24/05

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 ##  #        ##  ##     ##        ##         # ##
 #####  ##    ## ####    ##   ### ####  ##      ##
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### ### #### ### ###    ##### ### ###   ###   ####


1) Contents
2) Introduction
3) Rules/Clarifications
4) Exceptions
5) General Hints + Tips
6) Walkthrough
7) Contact Me

This is my little guide for an interesting new way of playing Half Life 2 that
I thought up one day. 

I've always been a fan of the gravity gun, and amazed by the way Valve
implemented the Physics engine into Half Life 2. The movement is perfect, and
the way forces act on objects is superb. Nothing comes close to it. That's why
on my first time through the game, I though I'd use the Gravity Gun as much as
possible. Then, halfway through Ravenholm, I realised I was crap at using it,
and resorted to guns.

So far so good. Then I completed the game (on medium), and realised I wanted a
challenge. So I completed it on hard. No sweat. Then I realised I wanted
another challenge. So I went from Ravneholm, using the Gravity GUn only. It was
only then that I realised how hard the game can be. I was thinking. "Damn, I
really wish that someone had written some sort of handy guide for us Gravity
Gun addicts." 

So this is what this is. No more and no less than a guide for those Gravity
Gun (GG) addicts in HL2. You know who you are. I warn you, completing the game
with ONLY the GG on medium is downright impossible. Completing it on hard 
should earn you some kind of medal, in my humble opinion. 

I've blabbered on too long though. On with the guide. There will be hints and
tips posted now, and a complete walkthrough will soon be added. Note that this
guide starts from Ravenholm, because that's where you get the GG.

1) You may ONLY use the Gravity Gun, except in the situations and areas covered
   in the Exceptions section.
2) You may use the Primary Fire of the Gravity Gun as a gun, for example, for
   shooting Headcrabs and Antlions
4) You may not use the gun on the buggy, but you may use it to run over both
   Antlions and Combine forces.

1) You may obviously use the RPG to shoot all and any Gunships and Striders
   you encounter.
2) You may use the pistol, and the pistol ONLY, to shoot explosive barrels and
   set them off.
3) You may use the Pherepod in the Sandbanks Level, and in Nova Prospektt. You
   may not use it after then, when the Antlions leave you. 
4) You may use the crowbar to break open boxes for conveinience purposes, but
   NOT to kill enemies.
5) You may the crowbar to kill a barnacle if you get caught in it.
6) In ENTANGLEMENT, Section 1, there is a section where you need to throw a
   grenade to knock down a power cable. You may use a grenade at this point.
   It is indicated clearly in the walkthrough. 
7) In ANTICITIZEN ONE, the bit with the hefty bridge, no cover, and nothing to
   throw at anyone... You can use the crossbow there. This is indicated clearly
   in the walkthrough.
8) In FOLLOW FREEMAN, you may use Grenades against the Snipers.
9) In FOLLOW FREEMAN, you may use a Grenade against the first turret. 

1) Combine troops are HARD. Little things, like shards of wood, may kill
   zombies, but they wont scratch the troops. Setting them on fire works,
   as does using more massive objects.
2) The physics on HL2 is not impressive, it is perfect. Therefore, objects will
   hurt enemies depending on how much they weigh, and their size. The best
   objects are small, heavy ones. Metal chairs, safes and radiators are the 
   best weapons against anything.
3) Use items as a defence against enemy fire, but be wary: Troops can easily
   break wooden items with a few bursts of fire. Also, if you are carrying an
   explosive barrel, and you try to use it as cover, it will set fire and/or
   explode in your face. This is bad for your HL2 gaming experience.
4) Do not underestimate very small objects. Lamps, for example, can be a deadly
   weapon when fired at a high velocity. Would you want a 50mph metal lamp in 
   your face? No. No you would not.
5) Dont bother getting items to kill Headcrabs. Three bursts of Primary Fire
   will suffice completely, and Primary Fire is recommended for just about 
   every Headcrab (and the Fast/Poison ones,) in the game.  

The walkthrough is split up into the separate Chapters of the game, and then
further split up into the separate sections of the chapters. A new section
starts when the game stops for a moment and displays the small "Loading" grey
box in the middle of the screen. This is to make it easier for you to find
where you are? Happy? Good. We begin.

Oh, and the walkthrough isn't complete, it's just a series of pointers on how
to implement the GG effectively, instead of other weapons.


i) Section a-I

- To note: The best items in ravenholm are saw blades, fire, explosions and
  radiators, in that order. Fire is especially fun.
- The first bit of this section is easy. Use one of the hundreds of saw blades
  you are given to slice the zombies in two. When using saw blades, take 
  care to kill the headcrab on the zombie as well, and do not aim for the
  feet. Aim for the belly upwards. 
- When you meet Father Grigory for the first time, take care to use his fire
  traps against the zombies, especially the group of 4, near the electrified
  fence. Note also that flaming zombies can still hurt you. 
- When you get inside the building that Father Grigory first talks to you from,
  you'll notice the stairway is blocked off by bookcases. Shoot the barrel at
  the top of that stairway to clear it of headcrabs. 
- Make sure you leave at least one explosive barrel here for later, preferably
- With the first two poison headcrabs, in the room with the switch to turn off
  the electricity, use the furniture in the room to kill them. 
- With the lone headcrab you next meet, in the big room, either use ONE of
  the explosive barrels on it, or jump behind it, and hit it with three blasts
  of Gravity Gun fire,
- Two more poison headcrabs are hiding by the exit, waiting to get you as you
  walk out. Take the final explosive barrel, and push it into the tiny
  corridor they hide in, then shoot it. 

ii) Section a-II

- Take a saw blade and an explosive barrel with you to the section with the
  cars, just in case you mess up, and need one. Use one of the explosive
  barrels to kill some of the headcrabs in the first room, it's easier. 
- USE THE CARS. Seriously, there are 10-12 zombies here, and they WILL cause
  you some damange if you dont use the cars. This section is very short.

iii) Section a-III

- Against the very first headcrab you see, shoot the barrels at the right time
  to get him.
- Take your saw blade with you. 
- Use an explosive barrel against the two poison headcrabs opposite you when
  you look out the window. Make sure they are dead before you go out the
  window, and not just on fire.
- Shoot the barrels in that big section with 5-6 barrels, to kill all the
  zombies dead quick. 
- Fast headcrabs such. Use explosions to kill them before you even THINK of
  coming down from that ledge.

iv) Section a-IV

- Take one of the hooks with you from the previous section, to kill the first
  fast zombie you see.
- For the first batch of Fast Zombies, when Father Grigory gives you the
  shotgun, bring a saw blade and a radiator, and hope father Grigory can pick
  one or two of them off with his shotgun. 
- DONT shoot your weapons at the Fast Zombies and watch them go flying off
  the side of the building. Try to use them indoors, or aim them at walls.
- Bring a radiator for the second batch of Fast Zombies after you get the
  shotgun. Use it inside only, and remember to save one of the explosives.
- Use the elosives, and athe radiator again on the Poison Zombie outside. 
  Dispatch of any poison headcrabs with primary fire. 

v) Section a-V

- YAY!!! Infinitely spawning Zombies! Seriously, this is a good place to
  practise. Set it onto hard here, if you havent done so already (wimps), and
  have fun with radiators, and fire :D
- Kill the Poison Zombies first, and use either explosives or radiators. Make
  sure that they dont let off too many headcrabs. I did once have a situation
  where I had to take out 8 Poison headcrabs, 7 Zombies, and both Poison 
  Zombies. NOT nice. Get poison out the way. 
- The large 6" shard of metal that flies off is a great weapon to use, but 
  make sure it doesn't hit you in the face. That hurts. It's nice for dealing
  with multiple Zombies, though. 
- When you go up to the upper level of this section, remember you get a
  Poison Zombie spawn under you. Knock the cans off the ledge, and use the 
  pistol to shoot them to take him out. 
- If that Poison Zombie DOES manage to hit you with a thrown Headcrab, you
  will die, because the Poison Headcrab will reduce you to 1 Health, and
  you'll fall off, making very light work of you.
- The leapers at the end are irritating. Drop down to the bottom of the
  level, and take them down with a radiator. 
- Once you get inside, try to take 6 Zombies with one saw blade. No reason,
  it's just cool. 

vi) Section a-VI

- Use explosives to kill the Headcrabs up the ladder. 
- Take a saw blade outside, and a few explosives if you can manage it. Use 
  one of the first Fast Zombie that comes at you.
- You'll need something heavy for the POison Zombie in the middle here. A
  chest of drawers or cupboard should do, if you're patient enough to take
  it outside. EXplosives are fine too.
- KEEP YOUR SAW BLADE, and leave it in the place with the Poison Zombie. 
  As soon as Grigory sends the car, jump back down there, and use that Saw
  blade to kill the Fast Zombies that come at you.
- When Grigory says "Nearly there, Brother", run to the car. Release the 
  handbrake ASAP

vii) Section a-VII

- Remember, Grigory is invincible. Let him take the flak here.
- To be honest, this is just really easy. As soon as you've dealt with
  the Fast Zombies, this is just a playground. Use the saw blades and
  breeze blocks, and have fun. 
- Do remember that there is a Poison Zombie at the end of the Graveyard
  though, and there are 3 Explosive barrels at the end of the Graveyard
  too. To be honest, that's the only hard bit for here.

viii) Section a-VIII

- Remember to grab the suit powerups in the house here.
- Blow up the cans with your pistol, especially is Fast or Poison
  Headcrabs are there. 
- Once you've got all the cans, just run. Nothing fancy, just leg it. 
- At the end of the passage, there are another couple of cans and 
  Poison Headcrabs before the water. Use them to clear your way.
- Use the barnacle in this bit to reach some extra health and armour.
- At the ned of this Section, don't forget to use the spinny thing,
  and to duck under it...

ix) Section a-IX

- There's a Poison headcrab right above you, waiting to pounce. To 
  be honest, just use Primary Fire on him. 
- Take one of the barrels in this section to use on the Fast Zombie.
- Dont be a fool. Dont use barrels to protect yourself against
  snipers, or other cover, just run. Sprint is your friend here.
- With the first set of combine troops you meet, use the boxes
  nearby, and you'll have no problems. Watch out for the Shotgun
  though, especially if you're on hard. 
- When outside, use the explosive barrels. Don't shoot them, you 
  dont have the time to change your weapons. Just throw them,
  they're fantastically effective. If for some reason you run out,
  then chuck a couple of breeze blocks at them.
- Save one explosive barrel for indoors, and just lug it at the
  remaining two or three Combine Troops after you've let the
  resistance take the rest out. 
- Dont waste the barrels. They run out quickly. 


x) Section b-I

- Grab health, get in the car, fall out of it, knock it over with the Gravity
  Gun, and don't forget to grab the Health and stuff in the house before you

xi) Section b-II

- Skip straight past the first Dust Tower, there's nothing at the first house.
- At the second Dust Tower, Go into the house, and grab some Armour. Dont
  bother to go up the ramp to the other house, there's only troops there, and
  you dont have the luxury of health to waste.
- At the second Dust Tower, don't even stop. Go straight on, and try to run
  over the troops you see.
- You may naturally use the RPG against the gunship. If you feel suicidal, use
  the explosive cans outside :P

xii) Section b-III

- Stop your car as close to the crane as possible, and turn on the Dust Tower.
- Use the barrels and the boxes against the first bunch of soldiors. Watch 
  out for the shotgun guy though, he can take your health down VERY quickly.
- Fire a barrel up to the crane to use to kill the guy at the top.
- Use the crane to kill the troops outside, as you are invincible whilst in it.
- Use explosive barrels on troops inside the warehouse. 
- Once you get through the warehouse, just run the Combine Soldiors over, but
  be careful not to get them caught under your wheels, because that'll slow you

xiii) Section b-IV

- Continue along the road, and make sure all the blue things stick to your car
  before you get out to kill them, because it makes sure they wont hit you.
- When you get up to the troops, use one of the explosive barrels to kill the 
  Combine Soldior standing on the ledge. There are five explosive barrels in
  total here, and they should all be used to kill the soldiors. 

xiv) Section b-V

- Run over the guy, and dont stop at the first house. 
- The next group of enemies are particularly hard. I advise edging slowly into
  the area, then reversing out as soon as you hear the radio chatter. When the
  Guard with the shotgun comes out of the house, run him over. Use barrels and
  those little red petrol cans that burst into flames on the remaining guards.

xv) Section b-VI

- For the start of this bit, just traverse the bridge carefully. Watch out for 
  the headcrabs in the houses, but just dispose of them with Primary Fire.
- When you get to the middle of the bridge, there are two guards that fire at 
  you from afar. Unfortuantely, there is absolutely no way to really kill them
  from afar, so just take the damage, run up to them, and use the barrels.
- At the end of the bridge, dispose of the Guards downstairs using the barrels,
  and dispose of those upstairs using the conveiniently placed radiator.
- Gunship to finish off with, get to the middle, and blast him to hell!

xvi) Section b-VII

- Wait for the antlions to kill the Poison Zombie and Zombie before you go out.
- When you do leave, remember to aim a few blasts of Primary Fire at the 
  Antlions when you leave, and bring the big slab of metal to kill the COmbine
  troops that are waiting for you in the main area where your car is.
- If you havent already, before you leave, make sure you grab the Health and
  Armour from the little fenced-in area with the two Headcrabs in it. You'll 
  need it. 


xvii) Section c-I

- Zombies... pah. RUn them over, or throw a barrel or two their way.
- Mind the  Fast Zombies though, they may require explosions to take them out.
  If you're lucky, you can get them all that way. If not, you'l have to take
  down the remainders using tyres. Tyres are the best weapon here.
- When you get outside, you can completely ignore the first house. That's only
  useful for getting the crossbow, which you won't use.
- At the second bit, with the Yellow and Black things to slow your car down,
  get the radiator from inside the house, or use the little blue things that
  attach themselves to your car against the Combine. Try to use the blue things
  if possible, because they're very effective.
- At the third bit here, use the breeze blocks, and beware the Gunship fire. 
  There's also a Shotgun Guard with this lot, so watch out. It's not TOO hard 
  thouhg, if you're lucky with your breeze blocks. 

xviii) Section c-II

- This section sucks. Seriously.
- Use your allies to take the brunt of the fire. 
- Use the flaming petrol cans the best you can. They can take out two or three
  Combine Soldiors if they're close together, and try to save them for those
- There arent a lot of things to throw here. Try to use the boxes, and the 
  barrels to the best of your ability.
- Make sure you use objects as cover. There are about 15 enemies here, and the
  damage they do adds up VERY fast.
- With the Gunship, stay inside and poke your head out to take shots. 

xix) Section c-III

- The antlions take a LOT of Primary Fure bursts before they die. If you're on
  hard, dont even bother trying. You're going to have to use objects to kill
- That said (and I'm being serious here), don't even bother with not stepping
  on the sand. Just run. Sprint and face forward, and then turn back and shoot 
  behind you whilst your sprint recharges. 
- When you get to the water, dive in. Antlions can't swim, and use this to your
- Check the Dust Tower. It can be turned on by hitting the big yellow
  generator. Do so. You may want to collect the armour supplies from the
- With the Antlion Queen, lure her to where the Resistance Member can shoot
  her, and run. Just wait there whilst she gets shot to bits. Try to get some
  explosive cans into her, to decrease the time taken, and try to get the 
  antlions with the barrels, so that the Resistance member can concentrate on
  killing the Antlion Queen. You might think this cheating, but on Hard, there
  really is no other way. Plus, you get to kill two more to make up for it.

xx) Section c-IV

- YAY! Pheropods! Seriously, put your Gravity Gun away, and fire these things 
  everywhere. Note that when you throw them at a guard directly, he will be
  mopmentartily stunned, and flap at the bugs around him. Use this time wisely.
  I've actually been able to use the Pherepod in the later levels, and then the
  Crowbar and Gravity Gun, to conserve ammo.
- Anyway, there's really nothing much to say about this bit. It's generally
  easy, just remember to deactivate the Dust Towers, and throw Pherepods
  directly at the Guards ot immobilise them for a bit. 
- As you near the end of this section, you meet two sleeping zombies. Wake them
  up with the explosive near them. 
- As you get VERY near the end, a Fast Zombie appears in the pipe you have to
  go through. Make sure you mark him well, and let the antlions do their thing.

xxi) Section c-V

- When inside, be patient. Mark the towers once in turn, and let the Antlions
  do their thing.
- As you move past the towers, be sure to mark the Combine well so they dont 
  shoot you or the antlions. 
- To get the two Combine Soldiors inside the house with the recharge points,
  open the door and throw a Pheropod in. You'll take damage, and try to run
  past the windows again, but it wont be too much. 
- TWO gunships... Nasty. Stay close to the wall where the infinite rocket box
  is located, and you should be OK. This section IS hard. Just to make you feel
  inadequate, I managed this and came out of it with 100Health and 75Armour :D
  And that was on HARD. Ph33r me...
- *Ahem* yes, sorry. Go through the newly opened up hole, and brace youself for
  the hardest bit so far. Nova Prospektt is flipping IMPOSSIBLE. 


xxii) Section c-I

- Dispose of the Headcrab in the hole here with Primary Fire.
- Take the safe, and use Primary Fire on Sentry Guns. Actually, Primary Fire 
  works really well against Sentry Guns in General. 
- Make your way through the water, and watch for Barnacles.
- When you climb up the rubble, beware of Fast Headcrabs. Just run, and have 
  them dealt with by the Sentry Guns.
- The 2 Sentry Guns WILL give you some damage. I recommend you use a huge 
  green filing cabinet to soak up the bullets, and knock them down. 

xxiii) Section c-II

- Your first Antlion Queen without a Resistance Gunner to help... Good luck.
-- Use the three Explosive Barrels here to help soften her up. 
-- There are 5 Radiators in this area, use them all, and use only the radiators,
   as they do the most damage.
-- I recommend you use that block of sinks in the middle of the area as a 
   shield. Sprint around it, and let your sprint recharge when you're on
   opposite sides to her. 
-- Watch out for your sprint gague in general, you will need it to run if she
   starts charging at you. 
-- Finally, good luck, and dont forget to pick up the health before you leave.
   You'll need it.

xxiv) Section c-III

- More combine... Use Pheropods, and keep well away. One of the guards here
  uses a gun turret at the end of the corridoor. Sprint right up to him and
  mark him well, to stop him while an antlion can take him out.
- Use a barrel on the 2 sentry guns. It makes life very much easier.
- Not a lot more to say, really. Be careful, use cover well and mark Combine
  soldiors to stop them for the few seconds you need, so that the Antlions can
  attack them. 

xxv) Section c-IV

- To deal with the first two turrets, go to the right, and go through the 
  coridoor, to fire that them in the side.
- This next wide open space sucks. Mark the troops so the antlions can kill
  them, and try to get the sentry gun down as soon as possible. 
- When you've finished, make sure you don't run through and get blown up by the
  tripmine, and use the explosive barrel to make short work of the two guards
- Use the antlions to deal with the one turrets, in general.
- In the kitchen, use the surroundings as cover, and use Primary Fire to knock
  them over.
- There are a couple of shotgun guards up the stairs. Use the antlions to deal
  with the turret on the stairs, the guard on them, and the two in the
  control room. 
- Heal yourself and drop down to the Antlion Queen. The same tactics apply,
  really. Just keep out of her way and use the radiators, and the explosive
  barrels at the start. 
- At the end, just kill the zombie with a box or a barrel, and dispose of the
  headcrab with primary Fire.


xxvi) Section d-I

- Take a metal chair upstairs with you to deal with the guards. They're not too
- After Alyx finds her father, use a couple of boxes, but let Alyx kill the
  guards, because she's invincible. Ph33r Alyx :D
- After you talk to Eli, kill the Fast Headcrabs with Primary Fire, or better 
  yet, just run past them. You dont need the pickups in the room they're in.
- Going through the vents, kill the Headcrabs with Primary Fire.
- When you get to the end, use Secondary Fire to drop the grille down gently
  to the floor. Then use your Gravity Gun or Pistol to set off the explosive
  barrel, hopefully killing most the Fast Headcrabs here. Use Primary Fire on
  those that sirvive, and dont rush it, or you'll lose valuable health. 
- Use safes versus these Combine. You will take damage, just try not to take
  too much.
- To deal with the turrets, lie the metal table down to use as a shield and
  poke your head above it, and fire the safes or metal chair to knock them
- Use the safes on the remaining 4 Combine Troops here. 
- You may use a grenade at this point, to knock down the Power Cable.
- Knock down the single turret with Primary Fire, and just ignore the second
  two, and run to the door/opening to your left. 

xxvii) Section d-II

- Use a safe to kill the two Combine here. Get the turrets set up. 
- Do NOT let the turrets fall over. 
- After alyx finds Dr. Mossman, just make your way through the water, killing
  the Headcrabs with Primary Fire, and kill the Zombies with whatever comes to
  hand. That big door is quite useful. 
- Then you come to one of the hardest 5 minuites of the game. This part is the
  stuff that nightmares are made of. Here are some tips for the spawning
-- Throw safes down there as preparation. You WILL need stuff to throw.
-- Kill the Combine Troops to start with, you may need to use a turret on the
   one standing on the ledge. 
-- The fun begins when you set the last turret. 
-- Use LOTS of quicksaves. Seriously, I think i hit my F5 and F8 keys at least
   30 times in total during this fight. 
-- Shotgun guards should be taken out first. They are NOT fun.
-- Use the safes to kill guards instantly. Use the big ones to get two or three
   with one shot. 
-- Put your senbtry towers back up if they get shot down.
-- Top up your health using the Power-Ups on the wall if you can. 
- After you finish the Section, take a large safe with you to the next bit.
  It'll help with the guards there. 

xxviii) Section d-III

- This bit is annoying, and bloody hard. Use the safes here, and the filing
  cabinets as cover. Let Alyx take much of the damage, because she's
  invincible, which gives her a little bit of an advantage in these situations.
- With the bit at the warp thingy where all the guards storm you, set up the
  Sentry Guns and KEEP THEM SET UP under any circumstances. Use the Grav Gun
  to get rid of any grenades that are thrown by the Combine Troops. You
  shouldn't take TOO much damage, if you keep the guns set up.

xxix) Section d-IV

- Charge your suit at the Doctors Lab.


xxx) Section e-I

- Just let Dog deal with everything. These two sections arent too taxing
  really, so enjoy it.

xxxi) Section e-II

- USE your squad. Send them to where the Combine Troops come out so they can
  take the flak. They're not too weak, so let them take some shots. 

xxxii) Section e-III

- Ignore your squad at this point. Remove EVERY SINGLE hopper before you even
  think of dropping down there. Use the last two hoppers on the Headcrabs, or
  let your troops deal with them.
- Dont forget the one inside the hut. I got blown up by that. Twice, because
  I dont learn.
- Once you get outside with the Strider, just run, and use a hopper on the
  guard on the high ledge.
- Civil Protection arent a challenge. Use the hoppers and explosive barrels
  against them, but they really arent a challenge.

xxxiii) Section e-IV

- Dont bother going up the stairs.
- When outside run straight across the road, and to safety. 
- Go up the set of the stairs to the house, and use your squad to clear it.
  The CP in here can cause you a bit of damage if you're not careful. Use a
  radiator if you have to. 
- Take a radiator outside, and use it as a shield. Just run to safety as quick
  as you can, let your squad deal with the CP. 
- When you do get inside, smack the two CP in the face with a radiator, and go
- When you get downstairs, use radiators and filing cabinets. I'm told that
  either of these travelling at 50mph into a persons torso are equally
  effective, so I'll levave it to you to decide which one you want. 
- When you get to the turrets, just use Primary Fire on them to knock them
- Take a filing cabinet down to get the Zombie.

xxxiv) Section e-V

- Take a small filing cabinet with you here.
- Manhacks? Use Primary or Secondary Fire according to your personal
  preferences and strengths. This section is quite fun. 
- With the Combine Troops, use Explosive Barrels wisely, and get those standing
  behind Pulse Rifle Tripods first. 
- Note that using the Tripod Pulse Rifle IS cheating.
- When the manhacks come, crouch behind a car or other dover, and pick them
  off with Secondary Fire. 
- Use any remaining Explosive Barrels against the Combine. If you dont HAVE any
  Exposive Barrels, you're in trouble, but should b;e abel to get away with
  just using normal ones. 
- In the Toxic area with the Zombies... Good Luck. Use your Gravity Gun wisely,
  and DONT lose the saw blades. Take both of them, and use the big circular
  bits of wood if you do lose them.
- Try to disturb one zombie at a time, or memorise their locations and kill
  them before they get up.

xxxv) Section e-VI

- Let your allies deal with the Fast Headcrabs. Use Primary Fire on any
  Headcrabs they dont manage yo kill, and make your way to the house. 
- Take a radiator with you (for a change).
- Use it on the Combine that are on the stairs. It's oddly satisfying killing
  the first one. 
- Make your way slowly through the Section, radiatoring (?) the Combine Troops
  when you come to them.
- Try to use the Radiator to kill the Fast Headcrabs upstairs, or use Primary
  Fire, but you will take damage. 
- Use the radiator to kill the Fast Zombies and the Normal Zombies here. 
- You can use the hopper to kill the Combine troop outside if you're bored of
  the radiator. 
- When you climb to the top, past the Fast Headcrab and where some of your
  allies join you, do NOT take the radiator. Instead, use your Gravity Gun to
  throw back Grenades.
- Only when you have killed all the snimers, should you let down the bridge
  and go over. Take the radiator now. 
- Inside, use the radiator on all 10 or so troops. This section IS hard, and
  you WILL take damage, just hopefully not too much. 
- When you see the Combine and the Zombies fighting, get the Fast Zombie
  first, then the Combine Troops, then any remaining Zombies.

xxxvi) Section e-VII

- Get the Sentry Gun with Primary Fire. 
- Let your Allies and Alyz take the flak for the Combine here, and use the
  radiator when necessary. Remember, Alyx is invincible :D
- In the Control Room, just charge in, but DONT take your radiator in, use the
  one inside the room. Mind they dont throw Grenades, because that will kill
  you. There are only three, so you shoudl be able to take them down without
  too much damage. 
- When ourside, use your Teammates and typres to kill the Combine. This is
  VERY hard.
- Use your radiator and a filing cabinet as shield, and when it comes to the
  end (and your allies will inevitably have died by now), just hide behind
  the thing you have to shoot for the last few seconds, and pray Alyz hacks it

xxxvii) Section e-VIII

- Use the Gravity Gun to deal with manhacks.
- This section is VERY hard. Try to use the remains of a manhack to dispose of
  the two Combine troops that rush you. Ignore the troops above you, and ignore
  the Zombie. 
- With the last lone Combine troop, use that piece of metal barring the door,
  or a railing.
- With this ENTIRE area, just run through it. Ignore every Zombie you find, and
  use Primary Fire on any Headcrabs that get in your way. Watch out for Poison
  Headcrabs, and make sure to take them out. 
- I think this section is REALLY hard. I considered allowing the use of guns.
  But then I played it through, and realised that it was easy. So you may use
  the Crossbow only, and only whilst standing on the bridge. Thea makes it
  hard. Use a barrel for cover, you'll need it. Run through the levels, and
  make good use of the two explosive barrels at the top. Oh, and dont get blown
  up by the hopper. 


xxxviii) Section f-I

- Run from snipers, remember to move left+right. Nothing special. 
- In the house, use a filing cabinet against the Fast Zombie, and Primary Fire
  against the Headcrabs.
- When downstairs, use a radiator against all the zombies, and DONT LOSE IT
  underwater. You WILL take some serious damage whilst searching for it. 
- Wait for snipers to kill the Zombies.
- You may use Grenades to kill the snipers. 
- When at the VERY top, use Primary Fire on the Poizon Headcrabs, and use the
  filing cabinets to avoid sniper fire. 

xxxix) Section f-II

- Oh yay! Combine. Let Barney take them down. Use a barrel on the turret.
- When you get outside, run. RUn like you've never run before. Oh, and try to
  keep your team alive.
- When you have to open the door, the Combine will jump you. This sucks,
  because there's nothing to throw at them. Hide behind a bookcase, and hope
  your team come in quick. 
- Outside, and there's a lone combine hiding in the bunker. Run all the way
  round, and behind him, then break his back by throwing a table at him. 
- Then you've got more Combine troops, and AGAIN you've got nothing to throw
  at them. Let Barney take them down. All my team had died by this point and
  yes, I DID hide behind one of those pillars for ages whilst Barney took them
  all down. 
- Inside, you get some allies, and some health. Yay! Oh, by the way, keep the
  Lock that you have to bach off the door. Use it against the troops you see
  next. Dont worry TOO much about losing health, just don't loose too much.
  Seriously, there's nothing to use except the lock, and it can do some damage
  in close quasrters,  but let Barney and your team draw the fire first. This
  bit is very hard. You can use the table as a shield, by the way. 

xxxx) Section f-III

- You may use a grenade on the first turret.
- Run RIGHT past the next two turrets, and both guards, and let Barney deal
  with them. Get the health in the room with the Prisoners. 
- Run right past the next two turrets, and ignore them. 
- In the room where you get ambushed, use the two hoppers against the first
  batch of troops, then run out the door they just blew open, and grab the
  Radiator. Use it against the remaining troops. 
- Bring your radiator through to the Lazer room. 
- When you blow the last generator, all hell beaks loose. Pray, just pray
  that you survive. Use the radiator for survival, and go back through the
  Lazer room to pick off some of the guards. 
- When and if you survive that, send your squad up the stairs first, and use
  the turret against the guards. (Throw it at them, that is.)

xxxxi) Section f-IV

- On the roof, use the radiator. Save the Hoppers.
- Use RPG on the Gunship.
- When you blow it, use the Hoppers and Radiator on the guards behind the steel
- When you push the button for the bridge, duck and stay to get the first few
  guards that run. For the next ones, RUN across, and pray that you dont get
  shot up, then smack them in the face with the radiator. Get the Elite guards

xxxxii) Section f-V

- Run right along the stairs, and get across to the RPG ammo, and take out the
- Once all the Striders are dead, use the filing cabinets you find in the
  little alcove. Throw all 4 of the small ones there, and use the large one as
  a sheiled to take them out. 

xxxxiii) Section f-VI

- Let one of your allies take out the Combine, and keep your large filing
- In the house, use their own grenades against them.
- Remember, the the cameras give you armour. 
- Dont bother taking down the Strider.

xxxxiv) Section f-VII


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8) Version Update

0.1 - First version submitted to GameFAQs with Walkthrough up to Ravenholm.
      This version was rejected as incomplete, which, to be honest, it was.
0.6 - The version has been updated with juse over half the walkthrough, to the
      end of ANTICITIZEN ONE, and the Rulles and Exceptions have been updated.
0.8 - The version has been updated to the end of FOLLOW FREEMAN.

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