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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kazarus

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/07/07

  ___  __        .__   _____          .____    .__  _____        ________  
 /   |   \_____  |  |_/ ____\         |    |   |__|/ ____\____   \_____  \ 
/    ~    \__  \ |  |\   __\   ______ |    |   |  \   __\/ __ \   /  ____/ 
\    Y    // __ \|  |_|  |    /_____/ |    |___|  ||  | \  ___/  /       \ 
 \___|_  /(____  /____/__|            |_______ \__||__|  \___  > \_______ \
       \/      \/                             \/             \/          \/
 __      __        .__   __      __  .__                              .__     
/  \    /  \_____  |  | |  | ___/  |_|  |_________  ____  __ __  ____ |  |__  
\   \/\/   /\__  \ |  | |  |/ /\   __\  |  \_  __ \/  _ \|  |  \/ ___\|  |  \ 
 \        /  / __ \|  |_|    <  |  | |   Y  \  | \(  <_> )  |  / /_/  >   Y  \
  \__/\  /  (____  /____/__|_ \ |__| |___|  /__|   \____/|____/\___  /|___|  /
       \/        \/          \/           \/                  /_____/      \/ 

Author:  Greg Turnage
Email:   ickytrollmonster@gmail.com
Comment: Please email me with any suggestions, questions, and anything else you
have in mind.  Thank you.
Version: 0.5

=Table of Contents=
1)  Distribution and Hosting Rules
2)  Disclaimer
3)  Author's Introduction
4)  Walkthrough  (IN PROGRESS)
    -Chapter 1:   Point Insertion
    -Chapter 2:   A Red Letter Day
    -Chapter 3:   Route Kanal
    -Chapter 4:   Water Hazard
    -Chapter 5:   Black Mesa East  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 6:   "We don't go to Ravenholm..."  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 7:   Highway 17  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 8:   Sandtraps  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 9:   Nova Prospekt  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 10:  Entanglement  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 11:  Anticitizen One  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 12:  "Follow Freeman!"  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 13:  Our Benefactors  (COMING SOON)
    -Chapter 14:  Dark Energy  (COMING SOON)

=Distribution and Hosting Rules=

You may distribute and host this walkthrough freely so long as you email me and
let me know prior to doing so.  I do not even care if you take the walkthrough
and stick it in your pants, so long as you notify me. ;)


This guide is based on the Hard difficulty setting.  If you are playing with an
easier setting, it is possible that some things may be different for you.
Being something that guides you through the game step by step, it is necessary
that this walkthrough contain certain spoilers.  I can't very well help you if
I cannot tell you where it is you will be going and what will happen when you 
get there.  While I must spoil some of your gameplay, I will try my very 
hardest not to include any STORY spoilers.  For example, I do not think this 
guide requires that I tell you how Freeman dies in order for it to be
successful.  Just kidding, Gordon doesn't die ;)

=Author's Introduction=

Greetings, and thank you very much for using my walkthrough.  I have put a lot
of time and effort into writing it and I appreciate any comments and
suggestions I may get back in return.  I will try to leave out spoilers, as
stated above, and I will be as specific as possible.  I apologize ahead of time
if it's a bit repetitive, but when you analyze the game with such detail as I
have, you'll notice that Valve made it that way.  After all the stairs, boxes,
Overwatch guards, and aliens you encounter, you'll start to suspect things were
set against you deliberately. ;)  I have separated most paragraphs by loading
screens so as not to have too many of them and because it provides almost an
equal amount of information per paragraph.  Each section is defined by its
chapter.  I have purposefully left out such FAQs as Weapon, Enemy, and Friend
guides.  My reason for doing so is because in my opinion it is better for you 
to learn these things on your own while you play the game.  I'm not sure how 
knowing them beforehand will help in any way and once you discover them 
yourself, I don't think there's a need for explanation from me.  However, I 
will be more than happy to add such sections and anything else if they are 
requested by numerous people.  Also notify me if I have missed anything and I 
will have it updated the very next day!  I will be updating and revising 
constantly.  Once again, thank you for putting to use what took me much time 
and effort.  :)


=Chapter 1:  Point Insertion=

You are playing the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist whom 15 years earlier 
(Original Half-Life) was a participant in an experimental incident involving 
teleportation at a place called Black Mesa.  A portal to an alien world was 
opened and aliens started appearing on Earth, starting with Black Mesa.  
Gordon - not only a scientist, but also Superman apparently - helped resolve 
the situation through strength of arms and with his MIT trained mind.  In other
words, he kept finding weapons and ammo lying around at convenient locations. 
At the end of his perilous journey, Gordon meets a mysterious man known only as 
The G-Man, who offers him a job..or death.  Of course, he chooses to become an
employee of The G-Man and is put into a stasis until a time when he is needed
(Half-Life 2).

When the game begins, The G-Man is awakening you and giving you a little 
speech.  Suddenly, you are on a train with two others.

When the train stops, the doors will open.  To the right is a dead-end so 
you'll be going left towards the big screen in the air with the old man talking
on it.  When you reach the wall, you can once again go left or right.  And once
again, right is a dead-end.  To the left you'll notice what appears to be a 
guard being a big meanie-head to some guy similar to those that were on the 
train with you.  Note:  The guards will hit you if you pester them, but you 
will not be harmed.  Go through the metal turnstile and a lady will speak to 
you and you'll learn that the guards are called the Overwatch.  At this point, 
if you're anything like me, you'll want to play with the physics a bit if you 
haven't already.  Go ahead, throw something for fun.  When you're ready, go 
left and you'll be in a wide room with a few people sitting and walking around.
Continue on and you'll walk through a caged area - a waiting line - until you
reach a few guards.  They'll have you move to the left where another guard will
come out of a door and ask you to follow him.  Follow him down a hall until he
orders you into a torture room.  Once inside, he unmasks himself and you 
discover that he is an old friend undercover.  After a little talking, he'll 
shoo you out a back door.  Climb up the ladder then place a box in front of the
window using the 'E' key.  Jump on top of the box, and leap out the window.  If
a friend asked you to jump out of a window, would you?  In this case, YES.  To
your right will be a partly opened door. Go through it.  ~Loading~

Go up the stairs and to your left and you'll encounter another meanie guard.  
He'll make you pick up a can he knocked down and throw it into the trash can.  
I personally threw it over his head and into the next area for hurting my 
fragile ego.  Needless to say, I was thrown a beating but didn't shed a tear.
Once he moves out of your way, you'll continue on into another wide room and go
all the way down and to the left.  There will be a door and it will lead
outside!  Out here, there will be a couple of Overwatch guards with the ability
to knock you out.  This means that they'll hit you, your screen will flash 
white, and you'll be a few steps back from where you were, with no harm 
actually done.  When you get outside, you can wander around and admire the 
graphics but ultimately you're going to end up going the path to the right of 
the door you came out at.  Keep your eyes pealed because when you reach the 
shield fence force field at the end of the path with the tank and a few guards, 
you'll have the opportunity to see a Strider, which is a tall alien with three
large, long legs.  It will pass by quickly, so pay attention.  You'll have one
more chance to see it if you're not slow in doing the following steps.  From 
that location, back up just a tad towards where you came and you will see a 
small passage at the corner, like an alley with a fence at the end.  Jump atop
the dumpster, climb the ladder, get on the platform on your right, and jump 
down the gap.  You'll be on the other side of the fence.  Head straight and 
you'll again have the choice to go either left or right.  Left is another 
dead-end but has an example of what I mean when I say they knock you out plus 
it's where you get the second chance to see the Strider, if you weren't too 
slow.  To the right will be a small courtyard and playground.  If you get on 
the carousel and press 'E', it spins a little. :)  Head straight and you'll 
only be able to go through a door on the left side of the building.  ~Loading~

Continue straight and then you'll see some stairs.  The door to the right of 
them is another dead-end (linear game, isn't it?) so go up the stairs.  At the
top, you'll see some soldiers kick in a door.  There isn't much in the rooms on
the right but in the second one you can look out of the window and see some 
Overwatch running along and a tank pull up.  Go down the hall past the door
that was kicked in and you'll reach more stairs.  Go up until you reach a floor
where a guy tells you to get in his room.  Once inside the room, you'll have to
head to the roof quickly to escape the guards.  This is when the game begins.
If these guards hit you enough times, you'll be killed and restarted at the 
last load point.  Keep going throughout the rooms in a straight fashion and 
you'll reach more stairs where you'll see soldiers coming from below.  You'll 
want to quickly go up to escape them until you reach another guy asking you to
get in his room.  He'll hold the door against the guards once you're inside.  
Continue on.  ~Loading~

Up the stairs and out into what appears to be an attic.  Go straight and you'll
hear the door below crash open and the man holding the door get hurt.  The 
Overwatch are coming and they have guns and will use them.  You are unarmed.  
Run.  Go straight through the attic area and out the opening in the wall.  
You'll see a ship fly above you.  Go across the rooftop and up the wooden board
to the next rooftop, take a left, walk down the side of the building, go across
the two thin wooden boards, and head alongside the ledge of the building.  A 
tank will pull up below and a guard will be shooting at you further on, but 
below you as well.  Continue following the ledge until you reach a gap.  Go 
through the window on your right and you will see a door and stairs leading 
down.  The door is locked so take the stairs.  You'll come out into a hallway 
and there will be doors on both your left and right.  They will both bust open
and out will pour Overwatch.  AND YOU WILL DIE.  Just kidding.  You will be 
rescued!  And by a cute girlie ;)  Warning:  Be careful!  Girlies have cooties!
Follow her into the elevator when you get to it and she'll introduce herself.
When the elevator stops, she'll get out and walk on some more.  Follow her.  

=Chapter 2:  A Red Letter Day=

Continue following Alyx and she'll buy you a drink ;)  She'll take you to the
lab where some dialogue will take place.  At any point, you can walk up to the
center monitor on the left wall from where you entered the lab and press 'E'
to switch the camera's view.  The first time you press it, you'll get a G-Man
sighting.  In case you didn't play the original Half-Life, you should know that
periodically throughout the game there will be G-Man sightings.  You never know
what he is doing or where he is going.  Nor do you know why no one ever attacks
him like they do you.  Eventually you'll get your Suit and then enter the room
with Dr. Kleiner's teleportation device.  Not long after, things go amiss as
usual.  You'll find yourself outside on a platform in no time.  Once there, go
ahead and jump down to the ground below.  Go through one of the openings in the
fence then through the next fence and up the stairs.  Through the door and then
through another fence.  ~Loading~

Walk on until Barney calls out to you and gives you your crowbar.  You'll use
it immediately to break the boards blocking you from walking through the gap in
the fence.  Continue and you'll have to break a box to get through a passage
that leads you out onto a chain-link fence.  Jump down and go left.  You'll
have people shooting at you, but you won't get hurt too much if you take cover
when you can and move quickly.  If the flying camera machines bother you, just
give them a whack with your nifty crowbar.  When you get to the train car at 
the end with the open door, hop inside.  Break the boxes and go to the door on
the opposite side of the one you entered from.  DO NOT GO OUT YET.  Just poke 
your head out and then back in.  A train will come by and if you're in it's 
way, you'll be killed.  Once it has passed, hop out the train car.  Go to your
right following the train but do not touch it while it is still moving or you 
will be killed.  Keep moving forward following the train until there is a gap
to your left.  Go inside the gap and there will be a space between two trains
on the left.  Move through the space and on the end will be another open door
with a small ladder to use to enter that train car.  Once inside, there will be
a ladder on the right, climb it.  On top of the train, people will be once
again shooting at you so you'll want to jump onto the roof of the train to your
left and then over the fence.  On the other side of the fence, you'll need to 
use your crowbar to break the boards denying you entry.  Go down the stairs.

=Chapter 3:  Route Kanal=

Walk down the hall and be sure to stop to get some health on the wall if you
need it.  At the end of the hall, go left and you'll see two Overwatch
attacking a couple of people.  You'll have to beat them with your crowbar, so
you'll probably want to kill the one with the gun first and then go after the
one with the electric club.  This is where you get your pistol!  Continue on,
break the boards, go up the stairs, kill the guard, down another hall, and up
more stairs.  You'll be outside.  Take a left and through a gap in the fence
and down some more stairs.  Once again, watch out for the train.  Once it has
stopped, go back up the stairs a little bit and jump onto the train and then 
onto the platform on the other side.  Go up the ladder, kill the Overwatch by
shooting the barrels, and head towards the small house.  Break the boards and 
go inside.  Gather some health and ammo then go through the opening on the
right.  Shoot the barrels blocking the doorway in this room to clear it with 
style.  Exit the house and immediately shoot the explosive barrels on the ledge
forward and to your left to kill the guards there.  Break the box for some ammo
then walk through the fence and foward, turn left, and climb over the bent 
fence you find here.  Continue to your right and then make another right
between the two walls.  Crouch using CTRL and crawl through the shaft, breaking
the box inside for some goodies.  Make yourself an exit with your crowbar, head 
right and then drop down onto the tracks below.  Continue right, shoot the 
barrels, kill the Overwatch, and then get off the tracks to avoid the train.  
One of the Combine roll an explosive barrel down the stairs at you, so watch
out.  Climb the stairs, get what health you need from the wall, move on, up 
stairs, across platform, break boxes, down stairs, and down onto the tracks.  
They'll be another stop for health, boxes to break, and Overwatch to kill.  
Follow the tracks until there is an opening in the fence to your right.  Jump 
onto the platform and a train will come.  The door is just there for decoration 
so leap down into the filthy water.  Swim through the opening in the metal gate 
and then through the next and onto land.  Climb the ladder on the left side of 
the train car then drop down into it through the gap.  Quickly, look at the tv 
screen and spot The G-Man once more!  Here are some of the rebel friends you 
were told about.  They talk to you for a bit and then you can go outside.  Go 
forward and break the wooden pallet blocking your path.  ~Loading~

Move forward and you'll see a wooden wall with a small rock that appears to be
blocking a crawl space.  You think to yourself, if only you could move that,
you could crawl through...no.  Instead, just knock the whole wooden structure
down with your crowbar and continue on your way.  You'll spot your first enemy
alien up ahead, called a Barnacle.  It's attached to the ceiling and hangs its
tongue down to ensnare its food (i.e. you).  You'll see it eat a bird.  I 
wouldn't even waste ammo on these guys.  If you get sucked up, just smack it
with your crowbar and it will release you.  Moving on you'll come to a part 
where you hear someone saying 'Don't shoot'.  At this point, you'll have to 
kill a few Overwatch.  One of them is behind a force field with a sentry gun, 
so kill him first.  Also, they'll be a guard in the tunnel on your right.  If 
you take your time and aim for the head, it'll be a breeze.  When they're dead,
go into the tunnel that's on your right when you're facing the sentry and then
head left.  You'll hear someone on the radio and be able to collect some health
and shield.  Climb the ladder up to where the sentry is, you'll be using it.  
More guards will start appearing.  Shoot the ones on the ground first then
shoot the barrel on top the bridge when Overwatch appear up there.  There is a
wooden platform to the left you can shoot when a guard is standing on it.  
There is also a wooden structure on the right you MUST shoot.  It will collapse
and make a path for you.  When the Overwatch are dead and the tank is shooting
heat-seeking missiles at you, make your way to the right on that path.  Moving 
forward you'll be on the other side of some wreckage.  You'll have to make your
way through some small round tunnels and dodge some Barnacles.  You'll find 
yourself out in the open once again.  You'll see that tank drive across the 

Head towards the tunnel on your left and a lady rebel will stop you.  When
she's done playing cheerleader drama queen, go through the tunnel and soon
you'll come out into a small opening where there will be another tunnel on your 
right.  You'll hear Overwatch talking.  They are above you, so you can shoot
them if you like.  Go through the tunnel that was on your right and walk into
a water clearing with yet another tunnel on your right.  This time the
Overwatch will make the first move, however.  They'll rain explosive barrels on
you from above, so dodge them and swim to the bottom of the water if you need
to.  Keep an eye above and kill the guards when you can.  When done, continue
through the tunnel.  You'll be outside again and to your right will be a few
Overwatch that can be killed easily via a conveniently placed explosive barrel.
Shoot the barrel under the wooden bridge to make everything collapse and cause
the wooden wagon to fall.  There will be some health and ammo for you to pick 
up.  Walk forward past where everything collapsed and crouch to go through the
small tunnel straight ahead.  Once inside, roll the barrels down if you want 
the Barnacles in front of you to suck them up.  Continuing on, you'll come to a
place where there are a LOT of Barnacles.  You can roll the explosive barrels 
down, wait for them to be sucked up, then shoot them.  Or you can just walk 
forward and smack any of the aliens that try to eat you, with your crowbar.
When you are past them, you'll have to crouch again to exit to outside.  You'll
have to kill some Overwatch from the water while having barrels thrown down on
top of you.  Once that's done, climb the ladder on the right up to the platform
and jump onto the other side.  More barrels will be dumped on you up ahead, so
just keep swimming underwater all the way until the end and then walk up the
ramp on the left.  You'll have to leap from platform to platform while dodging
barrels and killing guards until you are on the other side and can crouch to
get through the tunnel there.  ~Loading~

This is your first real physics puzzle, if you even consider it a puzzle.
Basically, you have a ramp in front of you and you need to pile cinder blocks 
on the left side of the ramp so you can walk up it to get onto the raised path
on the right.  You'll only need five or six bricks on the ramp for it to hold.
And trust me, that door you see on the raised platform..it doesn't work.  I
piled blocks up there and jumped on top of them and tried the door.  Now you'll
come outside and there will be a helicopter.  This helicopter's going to be a
little annoying because it'll be shooting at you the whole time you're out
there.  Hold SHIFT if you want to sprint.  There are TWO ways you can continue
on and they are, in fact, interconnecting anyway.  If you need health, ammo,
and shield, go left once you get to the helicopter.  If you don't need those,
you can get through faster by going to the right.  I'll get more in-depth on
that path in a minute.  

-Going left, walk up the board on the end, up the stairs, then through the door
and down those stairs.  Ahead of you is blocked by a metal gate.  The ladder on 
your right leads down to some goodies.  To the left is where you continue on. 
Again you can go left and right.  On the left you can crouch and go under a low
wall for some stuff.  The right is the way to go when you're done.  Deal with 
the Barnacles using the explosive barrel, then head straight and to the left
and follow that passage.  Take a right and kill more Barnacles then head left
once more.  You'll come out of a door which is where you would have been had
you taken the right path at the helicopter.

-Going right at the helicopter, you'll want to go all the way to the end and 
crouch under the debris.  In this case, you WANT the helicopter to fire at you,
because it will get rid of some boards above your head that you don't want 
there.  Once they're gone, you can jump up with maybe a little difficulty onto
the concrete walkway above which is where you end up with the left path as

Continuing on, go straight, walking away from the helicopter and you'll find
stairs going up and leading inside on your left.  Once inside, head right, get
some goodies, and follow the passage.  ~Loading~

Go right and shoot the barrels if you want to clear the path the easy way.
When you get to a wooden blockade, break some of the boards with your crowbar
and a rebel will chat with you a bit.  He'll open up a path for you and you'll
see your first Manhacks, flying machines with saws that try to cut through you.
Plus, the rebel says a naughty word.  Tsk, tsk.  You can climb the ladder on
the right of where you came in at to get to the ledge above for some more stuff
and walk across the board to get to the other side.  Jump to the other ledge
for a couple more things then make your way through the path he opened for you.
More Manhacks will surface and you can shoot any explosive barrels you see to
take them out easy.  Follow the passage and make a right when you can.  You
will see a fence on the left but pass that up for a second to go to an opening
at the end on the left that will have some stuff for you.  Return to the fence
and open it up.  Kill the Overwatch and all the Manhacks that try to get you
then continue on by going through the other fence door.  You'll see a ladder
below you but don't climb down it just yet.  Instead, walk onto the pipe on
your left, break open the airduct with your crowbar, crouch with CTRL, and go
on through.  There will be one Manhack in the airduct but he's well worth all
the ammo you get on the other side.  Return back to the ladder and go down and
take a left.  You'll fight some Overwatch guards but you'll get a Submachine
Gun!!  To the right of where the guards dropped down from should be a small
tunnel near the ground that you need to crawl through.  Do so for a grenade
and a lovely "surprise" then come back out.  If you keep following the path
before you, you'll arrive at a little lake with a rotating wheel in the water.
You don't even need to follow it like a turnstile, just go into the underwater
doorway on the left.  You'll swim a bit but there will be a stop for oxygen if
you need it.  In case you haven't already noticed, having no oxygen will lower
your HP periodically.  But once you start breathing again, the HP will rise
once more to it's last state.  When you come out of the water, there will again
be a passage to follow.  It'll lead you alongside a pipe and when you can, take
a left up the stairs you find.  Watch out here for the Barnacle on the ceiling.
Some Combine will start shooting at you also, so dispense of them.  Once up the 
stairs, don't worry about the door because it can't open.  Instead, jump on top 
of the pipe and head left to kill some guards and get some stuff.  Back on the 
pipe, head towards where you had originally come.  Go right through the opening 
in the wall and continue along on top the pipe.  

You'll have to avoid steam and Barnacle tongues along the path.  At the end of 
the pipe, you can look right and see an opening closed by boards.  Of course
break them with your crowbar and then crawl through.  You'll dive into some
more water and swim just a little until you're back outside, on the other side
of the gate opposite the water turnstile thingy.  There will be some Overwatch
to kill and they will roll explosive barrels in your direction, but it's not
like you haven't handled this before.  Keep heading forward and you'll
eventually see another passage on the right.  Enter and head straight until you
reach a gate.  When you open it, you'll have quite a few Manhacks to fight.  
When you're done with them, you can continue on and go through another passage.
You'll come to a small dark area with lots of ammo and a crawlspace.  Break it
open with the crowbar and go on through to the other side.  You'll be in a room 
with lots and lots of explosive barrels and Manhacks.  I suggest you snuggle in
a corner and blow the barrels and then take care of what Manhacks remain.  A 
ladder will be before you.  If you go down, there will be nothing to do..yet.
So go up and jump onto the pipe and follow it, crouching when you need to, 
until you're on the ledge on the other side of the room.  Then through the 
passage until you see a ladder on your right.  Do not go down the ladder yet, 
just walk past it and follow the platform to the wall and walk out onto the 
pipe on the left.  Drop down onto the pipe below you on the right and then drop
down once more onto a pipe below you until you can turn the wheel there using 
the 'E' button.  The water will rise until it is level with the highest 
platform.  Get on top that platform and return to the room you came from
earlier.  There will be some Manhacks.  If you didn't notice earlier, when you
climbed the ladder and walked on top the pipe, there was a ledge you couldn't 
jump to with a small crawlspace.  I personally have not been able to get in 
there even though I tried with barrels, but I know there is nothing more than a
small shield recharge in there, the item kind.  Go down the ladder to the place
where you couldn't do anything earlier.  Now you can swim through the tunnel 
you weren't able to reach prior to raising the water level.  Go through and 
you'll come out in another area.  Swim down and smash the boards to cause 
everything below them to float to the surface.  Then climb the ladder and jump
onto  the items that floated up until you get to the other side.  You might 
have to swim to the items and push them where you want them to be, in order to
get across.  Once on the other side, continue on.  ~Loading~

You'll have a fence ahead of you.  Head left up the ladder there, jump to the 
ledge on the left, and walk across the planks until you are on the other side 
of the fence below you, then jump down.  There will be two ways you can go.
One way is a dead-end but there's a skull you can pick up and toss around if
you're into that.  The other way will lead you to some Combine.  And a ledge 
with a passage.  Jump on top of a barrel then on top of the ledge, get the
ammo, then go through the passage.  You'll have to kill some Manhacks.  Yay.  
On the right will be a room with a ladder.  Straight ahead is a room with some 
stuff and some Barnacles.  Back to the room with the ladder, head up it and
walk across the wooden planks until you're on the other side of the wall below, 
then jump off after getting some stuff.  Following the passage will lead you 
into an open area.  Beware of the radioactive liquid that will harm you if you 
step in it.  From the ledge, drop down onto the ground, walk up the board on 
the left, jump on top of the pipe, walk on it across to the other side, and get
some goodies.  Then jump down to the ground again, avoiding the contaminated
stuff, and continue on.  You'll meet a rebel guy for a second or two, get some 
ammo from the chest and then keep moving forward.  Hey wait..did that radio 
chick say..Airboat!?  After a bit of going straight, you'll see some people and 
then what appears to be a rocket crash into the ground.  You'll have lots of 
these little jumpy aliens known as Headcrabs to deal with in this part, plus a 
lot of radioactive liquid to avoid.  Head left and you'll get to a fence and 
find out why those little buggers are called Headcrabs.  You'll want to kill 
them with your crowbar to save ammo.  Continue left and you'll see a couple of 
those guys infested with Headcrabs.  These guys throw barrels and stuff at you 
if there are any near them.  Just give them a few shots in the head then walk 
across the boards.  You'll walk across more boards, trying not to get hit by 
the swinging electric wire.  Now you can go left or right.  Left will lead you 
back to where you were only a few moments ago, so head right through the train
car.  Be very careful not to touch the sides, or you'll get shocked.  Across 
the board (watch out for a headcrab zombie that pops out of the water!) and 
through the fence and then along the wooden walkway.  And it will lead..to more
rebel friends and the ..the..the..Airboat!  Hop in after the lady's brief talk
and get driving!  The Airboat can travel on both land and water.  Just keep on
driving forward until you hit a dead-end.  You'll have to get out the airboat 
on the left and turn the valve to raise the blockade.  Back into the airboat 
and through the passage.  Note:  You'll get whatever is inside any boxes you 
run over and break.  ~Loading~

=Chapter 4:  Water Hazard=

Keep moving forward, but keep your eye on the right wall and you'll soon see a
ladder.  Get out of your airboat and climb it to get some ammo.  Once back in
your boat, move on and to your right will be a red building.  Enter it and
there will be a couple of headcrab zombies to kill.  Climb the stairs and cross
the beams, crouching and destroying boxes along the way.  At one point a
a headcrab will jump down on you.  Also, you'll notice a helicopter pass by.
Climb the stairs at the end of the planks you've passed and you'll be at the
top of the building.  There will be a cage containing items, hanging from the
crane.  Just jump at it and when you make contact, you'll get what's inside.
You'll land in the water, so get back in your boat and move on.  Next you'll
encounter a wooden ramp.  Looks sturdy, doesn't it?  Just pick up some speed
with your airboat and use the ramp to launch yourself over the baricade.  A
man will call down to you from a bridge ahead and throw some supplies down to
you.  After getting them and continuing on, you'll reach your second physics
puzzle.  This one is sort of like the first one.  You must use items to weigh
the ramp down so that you can use it to launch your airboat over.  This time
you'll be using blue barrels to do the trick.  First, exit your boat and climb
into the tunnel on your left, just under the bridge.  You'll be crawling
forward and suddenly there will be a right turn.  If you hit a dead end, you
only have to take a few steps back to get to the right passage.  In the right
tunnel, you'll come to two blue barrels.  Throw them down into the water, and
take a leap down there yourself.  You'll need to take the blue barrels floating
around in the water and move them underwater to what appears to be a cage
underneath the ramp.  You'll already see one barrel in the open cage, so just
toss two more in there and you should be fine.  The ramp should be ready to
propel your boat, now.

Once on the other side, you'll have to be careful because sometimes it won't be
water you're driving through, but toxic waste stuff.  You'll see an airship
flying through the air, and ahead you'll have to kill some Combine.  Get out of
your boat, pick up what they dropped.  You'll probably start hearing all sorts
of sounds about now, but don't worry about them.  climb into the tunnel on the
right.  Use the metal barrel in the area to get high enough to enter the 
tunnel.  Just keep going through it until you see some stuff you can get.  At 
this point, you'll be surprised by a headcrab zombie.  Exit the tunnel when 
you're done.  Back in your boat, continue onward.  There will be some more
Overwatch ahead.  I just ram them with my boat.  Either way, dispatch of them.
There will all sorts of sounds again.  You'll hear a lady announcing stuff, and
you'll hear alarms and vehicles.  Seems like something big is about to happen.
There will be a ramp along the left wall you'll have to use to navigate over
some high terrain, and then you'll have Combine shooting at you from a platform
up ahead on the right.  Just drive your airboat into the wooden platform to
break it apart and kill the bastard.  You'll have to pass under a bridge.  You
can cross under it from the left or right side, but the right part has two
Barnacles that will grab you off of your boat if you drive under them.  Keep
moving forward.  ~Loading~


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