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Reviewed: 04/20/10

Weekly Forecast:Rain and a Great Game

Let me just start out this review with some basic facts you got to know first. One, this game isn't really like a game, more like a controllable movie. Not saying that's a bad thing. With that being said, it's no ordinary game. Two, if you're looking for a great story and something new in your gaming experience, you found the right place because this is Heavy Rain.

Story: 10/10
The story for this game is stupendous. Better than some movies out there too. I haven't seen great story telling like this since Bioshock and that's something. This game makes the gaming community a little more serious and thoughtful. Without spoiling anything, the game starts out slow but later picks up and you won't want to put the control down. You control four characters having a great story with them all. It's a great story that differs from many games out there in a great way.

Gameplay: 8/10
It's really not gameplay but more like choices. The gameplay of this game is mostly moral choices but sometimes, like in a action scene, you control what is happening with certain button combinations. You can mess up and things don't go according to your plan but if you press the correct combinations, things go smoothly. Not really much to say here but the controls for this game is good and rarely bad. That's all.

Visual-Graphics: 9/10
The visuals for this game are amazing. The faces are realistic, the settings are very well detailed, and the game does a great job in putting you in the atmosphere of the game. All are so great. There is only one thing somewhat bad to say about the graphics though. Some of the things out of focus don't really look good with everything around and you can tell. It's just a slight complaint but other than that, the visuals of this game are magnificent.

Replayablity: 10/10
This game really relies on replayablity and it did a good job in making you playing it over and over again. You can get numerous trophies, play out some scenes different, and seeing all different endings. This game will make you replay it a number of times in a good way. There are many way how the game could play out and all depends on you. It also takes some time to complete this game 100% too.

Overall: 9/10
The game is amazing but not perfect. The game does a great job in putting you in the mood of playing it and everything in it you will love. There are some parts that are a bit tedious but that's just minor. The story is amazing, gameplay is good, visuals are great, and the replayability of this game is very high. I hope people out there make more games similar to this with a great story and a unique gameplay. This game is a definite buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Heavy Rain (US, 02/23/10)

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