Review by beynolds

Reviewed: 04/05/10

Not For Everyone! Do your research...thoroughly

Not For Everyone! Do your research, this may be your favorite or your least. Rent or play a buddy's first.

I was pretty excited to buy this game, however I was somewhat let down by what I got. More realistically I should have rented this title or waited for a buddy to buy it, *they'd probably have the same feelings about this game too though.

GAMEPLAY: 5/10 This is more or less non there. All quick action movements, the game is really just a movie. "Interactive Drama" is what Quantic tells you it is (once you unlock an early-on trophy). The 5/10 is for akward movement controls when you do actually move around the characters. The quick action (or response) button motions are ok, takes be back to the old-Shenmue on Dreamcast days. Waiting to release this game when the PS Motion controller comes out (with support) would have made more sense.

GRAPHICS: 9/10 Some of the best I've seen on PS3. However since I'm being critical on this game, Think about this: if you were to take all of the CG cut-scenes from Final Fantasy or Metal Gear 4 of course you are going to have a game with amazing graphics. I Know they are making an interactive drama here I guess I'm just the wrong demo graphic for this. Oh btw, I did like the CGI t*tties...another reason for my 9/10.

SOUND: 8/10 Its good, Sony games usually always are, I wonder why? :)

REPLAY VALUE: 7/10 IF you like this game, definitely some replay value in it. There are 22 different endings! I am finding going back into a new game (or replaying chapters to get trophies) extremely boring though.

Overall taking away the parts I don't like about this game, the story itself is pretty interesting. The whole noir theme is interesting but gets old after a while. The setting in what feels like NYC is cool. I definitely like where this game is going and I hope that other games go in this direction. I didn't figure out the twist in the end until it became plainly obvious, maybe you can?

I guess my critical score for this game all goes back that this game didn't have the action I thought I was buying when I quickly bought this game after seeing such high reviews... as an older gamer I should have known better. Again this may be your favorite game, or just simply the opposite. I just wish they would have charged me $29.99 (new blu-ray movie price) for this dramatic-movie-game instead.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Heavy Rain (US, 02/23/10)

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