Review by maximumbarmage

Reviewed: 02/26/10

Nothing else like it available

Basically, if you're going to complain about the "lack of gameplay" in this game, you are an imbecile, it is THAT simple.

Heavy Rain has plenty of gameplay, but the fact is it just isn't the kind of gameplay some people like(See: identikit shoot em ups and racing games) must automatically mean Heavy Rain is bad, yes? No, not even close.

Heavy Rain is the latest step forward for the adventure genre which has been all but completely unrepresented this generation to date(Save a "remake" of the first Monkey Island that added nothing but redrawn visuals to the decades old gameplay), with gameplay that is very similar to last generation's Indigo Prophecy(Or Farenheit depending where you live), but with a level of interactivity that is a real step above anything else you will have played before. This game will have you using the analogue sticks and motion control functions of your pad to mimic such mundane tasks as brushing your teeth, wiping away dust and carefully stepping up a muddy hillside as you go in such a way that you will practically never be able to just "sit and watch" the game unfold. There are few scenes that give you no real control over what occurs(To varying degrees of relevance to the overall story of course), so calling this an "interactive movie" is doing it a grave disservice. This is an adventure game. A narrative heavy one, true, but an adventure game all the same.

The graphics are easily among the best you will find, with incredibly detailed character models and animation, lifelike environments and a stirring soundtrack with decent voice acting to push things along. This game is a technical marvel if nothing else.

You will of course get the usual mob decrying this game for not consisting of nothing but eviscerating zombies and/or Nazis and/or space aliens or whatever or for it merely being a PS3 exclusive, but the fact of the matter is Heavy Rain is an enjoyable, deeply engrossing experience, and while you're losing yourself in the plot, I think you won't be too worried that you haven't gotten to shoot anyone in the face for five whole seconds.

A genuine must buy and one of the freshest gaming experiences this generation has offered up yet, and if you can't appreciate that then perhaps it's time to go back to playing first person shooters back to back, eh?

Know what you're getting folks, this game isn't exactly shy about telling you what it is, lets face it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Heavy Rain (US, 02/23/10)

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