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Raindrops keep fallin' on my head... 03/03/10 discoinferno84
A Deeply Flawed Experience 05/07/10 Mwulf
Rain, Rain, Go Away 04/19/10 Suprak the Stud
Quantic Dream's ambitious PS3-exclusive follows almost exactly in the footsteps of 2005's Indigo Prophecy. 08/07/12 Archmonk Iga
David Cage NEARLY hits a grand slam... still Heavy Rain is an experience you DON'T want to miss! 03/02/11 Bkstunt_31
An interesting experience but a hard one to rate too due to the untraditional gameplay. 05/17/10 Exodist
A little rain never hurt anyone... 11/24/10 Galactus21
A fantastic experience from start to finish! 07/19/10 Gruel
Heavy Rain is, despite its shortcomings, a game worth experiencing at least once. 04/02/10 HailToTheGun
How far can love drive someone? 06/28/10 KFC_Manager
Unique gameplay that may be invigorating to some 03/29/10 Marter
Engaging, exciting, and one of the best experiences in gaming 06/03/10 Menji
Heavy Rain - A one of a kind Masterpiece! 03/30/12 NettoSaito
Prepare for an experience that will pull you into its story and won't let go 05/14/10 nintendosega
I wish it would rain down...down on me... 08/20/18 Ryan Harrison
A rental at best, nothing here to justify a purchase. 03/22/10 SnowballsOnFire
How far would YOU go to save someone you love? 03/23/10 SolidFantasy
Heavy Rain is the offspring between a film noir and a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. 03/02/10 Tarrun
A Gripping and Well Crafted Tale 03/08/10 TheFirefox
The line between cinema and video games is now more blurred than ever before, in spite of some bad controls. 01/03/11 UltimaterializerX
I guess this is a big love or hate game, but I LOVE IT! 07/30/13 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Great Game, Worth the Money to own. 02/24/10 VincentRTS
Heavy Rain is all story, no game; but that's not a bad thing 02/24/10 Y2KsRevenge
However the story goes is based on what you do 06/14/10 03J
Weekly Forecast:Rain and a Great Game 04/20/10 777mike777
Fantastic concept, flawed execution... 06/28/13 AnalyticalGamer
Not For Everyone! Do your research...thoroughly 04/05/10 beynolds
An Amazing, Heart-Wrenching, Fantastic Experience 02/26/10 Cactus11
Rain, QTEs, and glitches...oh my. 03/02/10 cerrate
Heavy Indeed 05/20/10 CryofDoodee
Unreal. Totally Unreal. 01/10/12 dead_assassin
You make the rain fall 01/23/12 horror_spooky
Inspired and mature interactive experience like none other 03/26/10 jfvaughn1012
An Epic Quick Time Event That Turned Into a Game 03/19/10 KillingProdigy
Finally a game that makes trying to score videogames pointless 07/06/10 ktwse
Can a game be more than a game? 12/14/10 LifeOfSyn
Nothing else like it available 02/26/10 maximumbarmage
Action! Chase scenes! And... diaper changing? Wait, what? 02/23/10 ogmaster
I figure, I'll review this game strictly as a fan of the adventure genre. 02/26/10 Ozroth
How far would you go to save someone you love? 03/04/10 rebelofrebels
Ever seen the movie Saw? Fairly similar, but has its own twists. 04/26/10 redbuck
Heavy Rain...Is Heavy on all other games.. 02/23/10 scorpion79_in
If anything it has immersion(spelled correctly) 05/14/10 shawnsstarving
Let a unique experience rain down on you ! 03/05/10 The_On1
A fantastic experience, with sloppy controls and shoddy voice acting. 02/26/10 the_real_truth
Quantic Dream have made a modern classic 03/01/10 Xeliath

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