Review by c6a27p90

Reviewed: 05/05/08

Do Not Listen To Any Of The Complaints about this game

As I look around message boards and other reader reviews, I see people complaining constantly about Grand Theft Auto IV. People are upset about the change in controls and how much more difficult it is to control cars and how similar all of the missions are to other GTA games. Wake up people!!!! THIS IS GRAND THEFT AUTO!!! Of course a lot of the missions are going to be similar to other games. That is why this is a series. That is what makes Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are absolutely unbelievable. The entire Liberty City is alive with vibrant color in some areas and dreary darkness in others. The graphics make this world as believable as a real city. Cars are so realistic as well. There are many different car models and they all look flawless. Character models are slightly lesser of a quality than the rest of the game but they still look really good and definitely do not detract from the playing experience as others would lead you to believe.

Gameplay: Another area that is almost perfect is the gameplay. Many of the controls have been revamped in order to make more features available. Cars are now harder to control. It is not much harder but you can definitely notice a difference.However, this is definitely a welcome change. It is so much more realistic the way they are controlled and it is still loads of fun to drive around. Weapon controls have also changed from previous games. You are given an over the shoulder view when you are targeting someone. Also, melee combat has more depth than previous games. Most important, however, is the cover system. Pressing R1 makes Niko take cover where ever he can find. It is a great addition to the combat system in this series.

Presentation: This is my favorite part of GTA and this game definitely does not disappoint. The story in this installment is easily the most developed and the best out of all the games. This is the first game that you really get to know the main character. Niko Bellic has just arrived in Liberty City from Europe. He is looking for a new start but finds that it is not as easy as his cousin, Roman, told him that it would be. The relationship between Niko and many of the other characters are all very interesting and definitely entertaining. There is a lot of drama and especially comedy throughout the cutscenes. As the story unfolds, there are betrayals and choices that Niko has to make that will affect the way the rest of the game will unfold.

This review has only scratched the surface of everything that GTA IV brings to the table. This is easily the best game to have come out in this new generation of consoles. Take my word: GTA IV is worth every penny.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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