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    Walkthrough by DG-le-Ste

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                     *            Grand Theft Auto: IV          *
                     *              Xbox 360 Version            *
                     *          Version 1.00 - Complete         *
                     *                Walkthrough               *
                     *                 Revision 0               *
                     *       By Daniel "DG-le-Ste" Stephen      *
                     *          Copyright (C) 2012-13           *
                     *   Email - danielstephen62[at]gmail.com   *
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    Note that this guide does contain major spoilers. I suggest searching for
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    Table of Contents:
    1.	About The Writer
    2.	"Grand Theft Auto: IV"
    3.	Niko Bellic – The Protagonist
    4.      "RAGE"
    5.	The Main Menu
    6.	The HUD
    7.	Busted & Wasted
    8.      "The Cousins Bellic"
    9.      Broker, Dukes & Bohan
            CP1. Roman Bellic
               RBE1. "It's Your Call"
               RBE2. "Three's A Crowd"
               RBE3. "Bleed Out"
              FD. "First Date"
               RBE4. "Easy Fare"
               RBE5. "Jamaican Heat"
              RF. Roman's Fares
            CP2. Vlad Glebov
               VGL1. "Bull In A China Shop"
               VGL2. "Hung Out To Dry"
               VGL3. "Clean Getaway"
               VGL4. "Ivan The Not So Terrible"
               RBE6. "Uncle Vlad"
               RBE7. "Crime And Punishment"
            CP3. Mikhail Faustin
               MFA1. "Do You Have Protection?"
               MFA2. "Final Destination"
               MFA3. "No Love Lost"
            CP4. "Little" Jacob Hughes
               LJH1. "Concrete Jungle"
               LJH2. "Shadow"
              DC. Drug Courier
               RBE8. "Logging On"
              EE. Exotic Exports
               MFA4. "Rigged To Blow"
            CP5. Dimitri Rascalov
               DRA1. "The Master And The Molotov"
               DRA2. "Russian Revolution"
               RBE9. "Roman's Sorrow"
            CP6. Manny Escuela
               MES1. "Escuela Of The Streets"
               MES2. "Street Sweeper"
            CP7. Brucie Kibbutz
               BKI1. "Search And Delete"
               BKI2. "Easy As Can Be"
               BKI3. "Out Of The Closet"
               BKI4. "No. 1"
            CP8. Elizabeta Torres
               ETO1. "Luck Of The Irish"
               ETO2. "Blow Your Cover"
    10.      Algonquin
               MES3. "The Puerto Rican Connection"
               ETO3. "The Snow Storm"
               ETO4. "Have A Heart"
               CAC. "Call And Collect"
            CP9. Playboy X
               PBX1. "Deconstruction For Beginners"
               PBX2. "Photo Shoot"
               RBE10. "Hostile Negotiation"
               WIR. "Wrong Is Right"
            CP10. Dwayne Forge
               DWF1. "Ruff Rider"
               DWF2. "Undress To Kill"
               PBX3. "The Holland Play"
            CP11. Francis McReary
               FRM1. "Final Interview"
               FRM2. "Holland Nights"
               FRM3. "Lure"
            CP12. United Liberty Paper Co.
               ULP1. "Portrait Of A Killer"
               ULP2. "Dust Off"
               ULP3. "Paper Trail"
            CP13. Patrick McReary
               PAM1. "Harboring A Grudge"
               PAM2. "Waste Not Want Knots"
               PAM3. "Three Leaf Clover"
    11.      Alderney
              BSR. Brucie's Street Races
            CP14. Ray Boccino
               RAB1. "A Long Way To Fall"
               RAB2. "Taking In The Trash"
               RAB3. "Meltdown"
               RAB4. "Museum Piece"
               RAB5. "No Way On The Subway"
               RAB6. "Late Checkout"
               RAB7. "Weekend At Florian's"
            CP15. Derrick McReary
               DEM1. "Smack Down"
            CP16. Gerald McReary
               GEM1. "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
               GEM2. "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle"
               DEM2. "Babysitting"
               DEM3. "Tunnel Of Death"
               FRM4. "Blood Brothers"
               PAM4. "Undertaker"
            CP17. Bernie Crane
               BEC1. "Hating The Haters"
               BEC2. "Union Drive"
               BEC3. "Buoys Ahoy"
               BEC4. Bryce's Infernus
               GEM3. "I'll Take Her"
               GEM4. "She's A Keeper"
               GEM5. "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
            CP18. Phil Bell
               PHB1. "Truck Hustle"
            CP19. Jimmy Pegorino
               JIP1. "Pegorino's Pride"
               JIP2. "Payback"
               PHB2. "Catch The Wave"
               PHB3. "Trespass"
               PHB4. "To Live And Die In Alderney"
               JIP3. "Flatline"
               JIP4. "Pest Control"
            CP20. Jon Gravelli
               JOG1. "Entourage"
               JOG2. "Dining Out"
               JOG3. "Liquidize The Assets"
               TSS. "That Special Someone"
               JIP5. "One Last Thing"
            CP21. Deal
               DEA1. "If The Price Is Right"
               DEA2. "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic"
               DEA3. "A Revenger's Tragedy"
            CP22. Revenge
               REV1. "A Dish Served Cold"
               REV2. "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic"
               REV3. "Out Of Commission"
    12.      The Fixer - Assassination Contracts
    13.      Random Encounters
               REN1. Brian Meech
               REN2. Badman
               REN3. Mel
               REN4. Ileyna Faustin
               REN5. Pathos
               REN6. Sara
               REN7. Hossan Ramzy
               REN8. Marnie Allen
               REN9. Eddie Low
               REN10. Gracie Ancelotti
               REN11. Jeff
               REN12. Clarence Little
               REN13. Cherise Glover
               REN14. Ivan Bytchkov
    14.      Friends
               FRI1. Activities
               FRI2. Roman Bellic
               FRI3. "Little" Jacob Hughes
               FRI4. Brucie Kibbutz
               FRI5. Patrick McReary
               FRI6. Dwayne Forge
    15.      Vigilante Missions
               VIM1. "Cleaning The Mean Streets"
               VIM2. Most Wanted
                     MOW1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan
                     MOW2. Algonquin
                     MOW3. Alderney
    16.      Stevie's Vehicle Thefts
               SVT1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan Locations
               SVT2. Algonquin Locations
               SVT3. Alderney Locations
    17.      QUB3D
    18.      Unique Stunt Jumps
               USJ1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan Jumps
               USJ2. Algonquin Jumps
               USJ3. Alderney Jumps
    19.      Flying Rats
               FLR1. Broker Rats
               FLR2. Dukes Rats
               FLR3. Bohan Rats
               FLR4. Algonquin Rats
               FLR5. Alderney Rats
               FLR6. Happiness Island Rats
    20.      Achievements
               20A. Offline Achievements
               20B. Online Achievements
    21.      100% Completion Checklist
    22.      100% Completion Rewards
    23.      Credits
    24.      Goodbye!
    NOTE: Some of the mission orders are affected based on your gaming experience.
    Some of the story missions are randomly activated, and you may not get some of
    these missions according to how they are listed in this guide. It will just
    mean you having to jump between missions, but use of the codes and the "Quick-
    Find" feature should help you get around the guide.
    You can mix between sections, but I have set out the guide like this to help
    you get an Achievement requiring you to beat the game in a time limit.
    1.	About the Writer
    My name is Daniel Graeme (or Graham) Stephen, otherwise known on GameFAQs as
    DG-le-Ste. I am only 18 years old, but I have a number of years of GTA gaming
    under my belt. Say what you want to say, but there are millions of kids that
    aren’t even 13 playing “Grand Theft Auto” games. This is what I think is a
    simple fact, but I‘ll leave the arguments to you. This is a guide, not a
    Anyhoo, I come from the northeast of England, but with strong Scottish roots.
    I was originally born in Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, until my
    family moved to the northeastern English town of Middlesbrough when I was very
    young. Most of my lifelong friends are gamers, and that includes me, and so we
    are a strong group when it comes to opposable thumbs.
    You could say GTA is my specialty. I grew up going on mad rampages on the
    comfort of my games console whilst playing as Carl Johnson or Claude Speed.
    Because of my childhood memories mostly being of this game series, it has
    inspired me to write these guides.
    I have studied subjects such as Law and Politics to a high level, which does
    require very good reading and writing skills. I have honed these skills into
    my guides.
    I started writing these guides in the summer of 2012, during the very start of
    my gap year before I went to university. This gave me a lot of spare time, and
    thus many of my guides have come to be.
    I would go into my private life, but this is unnecessary. So, instead of that,
    we’ll get under way.
    2.	"Grand Theft Auto: IV"
    We had "Grand Theft Auto: III", which revolutionized the way of the sandbox
    game. "Vice City" played on these successes, adding extra features in the
    process, and then "San Andreas" went one better by adding a massive map and
    tons of new features.
    And so we come to this. "Grand Theft Auto: IV" was released in April 2008
    for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, the first GTA game released on those
    "new-gen" consoles, and was ported to the PC later that year. Rockstar Games
    had given the series a brand-new makeover with their Advanced Game Engine,
    making a madman's metropolis much more vivid and vibrant. It could bring a
    tear to your eye. Unfortunately, for those hoping for a game with features
    that beared similarity or added on to that of "San Andreas", some of the
    "peak" experience was lost in sacrifice to the stunning in-game experience.
    This is more of a minor disappointment that shouldn't really overshadow a
    game of this magnitude.
    The new engine means that there are countless changes - vehicles have either
    been added, or have been given the RAGE treatment which makes them look
    completely different. Aeroplanes have been taken out completely, however, and
    there really isn't that much of a variety to that of helicopters. Again, I
    must say that this is only a disappointment, not a calamity. All naysayers
    have been disproved, as it holds one of the best release-date sale records of
    all time. Did Rockstar take a gamble here? If they did, it certainly paid off.
    So, Rockstar have done this major title as they have always done with those
    in the past - they have blown its fans away. "IV" will always be the highlight
    of my gaming life, and I will treasure it in my collection.
    3.	Niko Bellic – The Protagonist
    Mr. Bellic, a Serbian, is the first non-American protagonist in the modern
    series. He fought in the Balkan conflicts in the late 1990s, and has left its
    mental scarring. He is a bitter man, who packs his bags for Liberty City, the
    beating heart of the "land of opportunity". He plans to reunite with his
    cousin, Roman, who has lived in the city for ten years and has supposedly made
    his millions in that time. However, when he arrives, he doesn't find a life of
    luxury - his cousin is actually a struggling businessman operating a cab firm,
    living out of a shabby apartment and having to fend off Russian mobsters, whom
    Roman owes debt to. This situation is set to worsen as the story unravels.
    This tale is one of the best GTA plots, in my opinion. It is an absolute
    odyssey, featuring themes which are more brutal, emotional and deep compared
    to the other games. It is very well-written and is a joy to experience.
    4.	"RAGE"
    Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine - RAGE must have blown a gaping hole in the
    company's bank balance, but those sales figures would have recuperated this
    and more.
    RAGE transforms the GTA world to make it more realistic - the appearance of
    the city and everything else in it, including the citizens and vehicles, the
    use of ragdoll physics, more realistic-looking and sounding weapons, and even
    just the niggly bits themselves, such as eye movement and mouth movement when
    characters are speaking.
    GTA has been given a real makeover, and we can marvel at how far the series
    (or even gaming in general) has come.
    5.	The Main Menu
    The Main Menu is useful for many things. It includes anything else you are
    unsure about:
    Map - This will show you a map of Liberty City. You can also plot a marker,
    giving you a GPS route to it.
    Brief – If you forgot what you were doing, have a look at your brief to jog
    your memory.
    Game – Load or delete your saved game, or start anew.
    Stats – If you want to admire your records, scroll through your statistics to
    see what you have done. Your Stats are also split into sub-sections, like
    general information, combat, etc.
    Controls – Get to grips with how you plan to travel in and around the state.
    Audio – Control the volume of your radio, and listen to the radio from the
    comfort of your Pause Menu.
    Display – Change the aspects of the in-game engine, such as the brightness and
    6.	The HUD
    The Heads-Up Display gives a little extra information. The right-hand corner
    of the screen displays your weapons and ammunition for it, the amount of money
    you have and a Wanted Level meter (if you gain a Wanted Level). Your money,
    weapons and ammunition will not be displayed unless you load/reload your game,
    or if you "prompt" it to pop up. In the bottom right, the name of the vehicle
    you are driving, the district and the street/road you are on is shown, but
    like the information in the top-right, isn't displayed unless you "prompt" it.
    In the bottom right is the radar, to show you how to get around, your Health
    on the left side of the radar, and your Body Armor on the right side of the
    radar. And that’s the HUD!
    7.     Busted & Wasted
    You can have fun in this game – in fact, the possibilities are endless. But
    eventually, you take one bullet too many, or you choose to surrender to the
    L.C.P.D. before things begin to get out of hand.
    If you are Wasted, you are sent to the nearest hospital, and are only billed
    10% of your current balance. This is capped at a maximum of $10,000. You will
    not lose your weapons if you are Wasted.
    In contrast, if you are Busted, you will lose all your weapons, but will not
    be billed any money.
    Both occurrences will result in you losing your Body Armor if you were wearing
    8.       "The Cousins Bellic"
    Niko is knocking on the door of his friend, who is rather "busy", as the ship
    prepares to dock. He is taken away by his friend, Hossan, and they head up to
    the deck. Niko, Hossan and everyone else on this ship are hoping that they can
    make a fresh start in America - by joining the Merchant Navy, he is able to do
    The ship eventually docks in Broker, Liberty City. After a while of waiting,
    Niko is reunited with his cousin, Roman, who is rather drunk. You will soon be
    able to take control of Niko, and your first responsibility is to get over to
    Roman's apartment in Hove Beach. It is not a difficult drive.
    Niko is introduced to Roman's shabby apartment. He talks about how Roman has
    lied to him - he was expecting the high life rather than living in this corner
    of the city. He then talks about his experiences back home, and fighting in
    the Balkan conflicts. He stops when he realises that Roman has dozed off, and
    he then rushes out, leaving Niko to take in this new area.
    You have $25 on hand, and this apartment as a place to save. Head outside to
    find the parking space reserved for you - this space will save a maximum of
    two cars that you park there. There is a hotdog stall across the street -
    stalls such as these allow you to purchase food for $5, and doing so will make
    you regain your Health.
    9.       Broker, Dukes & Bohan
    A makeover of Liberty City means that we get to explore new boroughs. There
    are two main boroughs to the east, where we begin the game.
    Broker forms the eastern side of Liberty City, and has an environment that
    changes as you go north. In the south, you have the neighborhoods of Hove
    Beach, known for its Eastern European and Russian population. The small area
    of Beachgate provides the home of Mikhail Faustin, leader of the Liberty City
    chapter of the Russian Mafia. East Hook and BOABO are the neighborhoods that
    form the docks on the southwestern coast. Firefly Island and Firefly Projects
    are rundown areas and provide the homes of petty criminals. Schottler and the
    surrounding areas are territory belonging to the local rastafarian gangs.
    Broker has a high crime rate, at least known to be higher than Algonquin and
    To the north of Broker Island is Dukes, an area that is considered to be more
    upper-class and more densely populated than Broker. East Island City, though
    slightly rundown, is a prime area for storage space. Cerveza Heights is also
    slightly rundown, with the elevated Liberty City train tracks running above
    it. Meadow Hills and Meadows Park are scenic areas and are nice areas to live
    in. Right in the east is Francis Intl. Airport, the gateway in and out of the
    Slightly north of Dukes, and joined by toll-roads from the north of Broker
    Island and Charge Island, is Bohan, heavily based off of Bronx. The area makes
    up the smallest area of the four boroughs, and has the highest crime rate. It
    has a high Latino population, hence a strong presence of Puerto Rican and
    other Hispanic gangs in the area. It is rundown in several places.
    The bridges to Algonquin and Alderney are closed, as well as transport links
    cut off, due to the terrorism threat taking hold on the city. To get them open
    we must begin with the storyline.
    >> CP1. Roman Bellic
    Roman is Niko's cousin, and has resided in Liberty City for ten years. In that
    time, he has written to his family about how he is living the American Dream -
    cars, money, women and all. It's all fabricated, though, as Niko learns. As
    opposed to the high-flying bigshot that he bigged himself up to be, Roman is
    the owner of a shabby cab firm in Broker, lives in a rundown apartment, and is
    up to his eyeballs in debt to criminals. Niko will have to protect his cousin,
    whilst trying his best to make a living out of lies.
    RBE1. "It's Your Call"
    Here, we are introduced to Roman's hectic job, sitting in the office of his
    cab firm, and his girlfriend, Mallorie Bardas. After having his romantic words
    cut short, Niko arrives and is introduced to her, and a Russian man named Vlad
    who Roman owes money to. Vlad doesn't seem to like Niko, and Roman decides to
    go off with Niko.
    Get in Roman's Taxi and drive him to Dillon St in Schottler, at a hardware
    store that has a backroom for cards. Roman reveals how he's supposedly a
    naturally good player and how he's going to clear his debts by gambling his
    money. Drive him over, and you are introduced to the cellphone. Remain in
    position in the car, and answer Roman when he calls. Everything's going well,
    apparently. When the Albanians arrive, go into your cellphone and call Roman.
    He will rush out and you will have to make your getaway.
    The Albanian thugs will pursue you. You must escape from them and take Roman
    back to the firm. They are not hard to evade. Once you have lost them, the
    firm is marked on your map and you can drop him off. Roman thanks Niko for
    helping him, but he is not happy that money has been wasted.
    Reward: $30
    You will receive a text from Roman to unlock the next mission.
    RBE2. "Three's A Crowd"
    The Albanians have got to Roman - their ringleader, Dardan Petrela, holds a
    knife to Roman's throat as his lackeys trash the place. Niko comes in, and
    breaks things up, saving Roman by breaking Dardan's arm in the process. After
    shouting them away, Roman questions Niko's actions, knowing that these guys
    will come back more pissed off than before. He then gets a call from Mallorie,
    wanting a cab for her and her friend from the station. Roman sends Niko out on
    the call to introduce himself to the girl.
    Drive the cab down to the El-Train Station in Hove Beach. You are introduced
    to Michelle, who takes a liking to Niko, and are ordered to drive them to
    Michelle's house on Mohawk Ave, not far away. Despite Michelle's interest,
    Mallorie questions Niko's clothing. After calling Roman, Niko will have to
    check in to the Russian Clothing Shop up the street from the Hove Beach
    Safehouse. Your first purchase is free - jeans or a jacket is advised, seeing
    as they are the most expensive items in the shop. Buy at least one piece of
    clothing to finish up.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You can visit the Russian Clothes Shop any time you like to purchase clothes -
    jeans, jackets, shoes, hats and glasses are available from here.
    You will get a call from Michelle soon after, asking Niko out on a date. If
    you make your way to her house, you get a call from Roman, who has been set
    upon by the Albanians in Firefly Projects. You have a choice - continue with
    the date with Michelle, or rescue Roman. Let's do the noble thing and go for
    the latter.
    RBE3. "Bleed Out"
    This mission will trigger as you approach Roman from a few blocks away. Roman
    is cornered in the basketball courts, and approaching him will begin a fight
    with Bledar and Kalem, the two Albanian thugs.
    This is your introduction to the combat system, which has also had a makeover.
    You can block, kick and punch. Pressing Block at the right time as your enemy
    swings for you will make you dodge it. Here, you can Kick or Punch to counter
    them, taking at least half of their health. Health of your enemies is
    represented by eight sectors within the target you have on them. Take down
    Bledar, and then Kalem, to rescue Roman.
    After he is helped up, Roman spots Dardan from across the park. He begins to
    run back to his car. Get into Roman's Taxi, waiting for him to get in with you
    and give chase. You will go through Hove Beach, cutting through the dockyard
    into East Hook, and finishing up at a derelict factory in BOABO.
    Chase him up to the empty room in the factory. He has a Knife, and you are
    able to disarm him by successfully countering him. If you do this, you will
    take his Knife and be able to use it as a weapon against him. You can slash
    him up, or push him towards the glass windows - if you do this, he will fall
    through and into the water below, killing him. Once you have dropped Dardan,
    no matter how you did it, head back to Roman and drop him back off at the
    Cab Firm.
    Reward: $50
    Time to make things up with Michelle...
    FD. "First Date"
    You are given a basic run-through of friends and engaging in activities with
    them. This doesn't really matter, and you can find more information on friends
    and dating in Section 14 of this guide.
    Niko calls up for Michelle, and is let in as she gets ready to go out. She's
    quirky, but Niko doesn't really seem to care. He offers the chance to go to
    the funfair - i.e. Funland at the southern tip of Broker Island.
    Park up at the entrance to the Firefly Boardwalk. Funland is closed, but there
    is a bowling alley nearby. Enjoy the conversation as you walk to Memory Lanes,
    and purchase a half-game. It is free this time around.
    You are taught how to play bowling. Just go through one game with Michelle,
    and whether you win or lose, you can take her back to her house. The date is
    Reward: Nothing.
    You are able to date Michelle. You can call her up, or wait for her to call
    you, to take her somewhere. Dating her offers no reward, set from the "Warm
    Coffee" Achievement.
    RBE4. "Easy Fare"
    Niko interrupts Vlad as he tries to sweet-talk Mallorie. Him and Niko still
    don't see eye-to-eye, and Vlad is clearly a man with a violent disposition.
    Roman arrives, and the argument shifts to him and Vlad concerning his debts.
    He passes it off with the attacks the Albanians made on him. Vlad has a
    proposition - for Roman and Niko to do favors for him whilst he still has
    money owed to him. Soon after Vlad leaves, Roman gets a call from one of his
    regular fares. He gives it to Niko.
    You are heading to Rotterdam Hill to pick up Jermaine. You are driving him
    down into Hove Beach to his lockup. The cops spoil proceedings, and you are
    forced to make a getaway. To lose your Wanted Level, you must escape out of
    the radius and then stay out of sight from the authorities to lose them. The
    Stars will fade when the cops cannot see you, and will light back up when you
    are visible to them. Once you have lost your Wanted Level, drop off Jermaine
    at the Pay 'n' Spray at the south end of Outlook Park.
    Reward: $100
    And you are able to visit the Pay 'n' Spray. Enter the garage when the cops
    cannot see you, and you will get a respray for $100 and a pass of 3 hours game
    You will get a call from Vlad, asking Niko to pay a visit to Comrade's Bar
    across the street from the Hove Beach Safehouse. This opens up his missions
    from there.
    RBE5. "Jamaican Heat"
    Niko joins Roman on his own, having trouble as the day gets busier. Roman soon
    asks Niko for an explanation of Niko's past. He is reluctant to give this up,
    and so it remains a mystery. Roman has another pick-up job - one of his
    friends, Jacob, from Oneida on South Slopes.
    Take any vehicle, or just Roman's Taxi, and pick up Little Jacob from nearby.
    When you pick him up, your new destination is in Schottler, where Jacob has to
    attend a meeting with his fellow Jamaican thugs. He gives Niko a Pistol, and
    asks him to be a lookout for him. Finally, some action.
    Get to the vantage point and crouch down. This mission will introduce you to
    the shooting mechanics of "IV", which hasn't really changed to the games that
    have gone before. A civil meeting soon turns nasty with these three and Jacob,
    and you will need to act. Kill the three Jamaicans attacking Jacob, and the
    one that will pop up across from you from up top. Dispose of him, grab any
    dropped weapons available to you, and then drop Little Jacob off at the
    Homebrew Cafe in Beechwood City to finish up.
    Reward: $150
    The talk of Little Jacob wanting Niko's help will be acted upon soon - you'll
    get a call from Jacob, opening up his missions in Schottler.
    You will also get a call from Roman, asking Niko to help him with the cab
    business. This opens up his Job.
    RF. Roman's Fares
    At any time between unlocking this and the mission "Roman's Sorrow", you can
    go into your cellphone, select Roman from your Phonebook, and then select his
    Job. This will allow you to pick up fares and drop them off for a small money
    You will need to have Roman's Taxi on hand, or pick one up from the firm. You
    must get to the fare and drop them off in quick time. This is worth covering,
    even though it doesn't count towards 100% Completion. It will allow you to
    earn a little more money at the start of the game more than anything else.
    You can only do ten fares from anywhere in Broker, Dukes and Bohan. Shortly
    after completing your tenth, you get a call from Roman complaining of his
    other drivers, who feel like his cousin is stealing their fares. Niko cannot
    complete any more fares. You can make a steady amount of money from this, but
    you can simply ignore it and continue with the storyline.
    >> CP2. Vlad Glebov
    Vlad Glebov is a lackey of the Russian Mafia, making his uses as a loan shark.
    Roman was dumb enough to borrow money from him, and has made torment of the
    Bellics in Liberty City ever since. After the altercation with the Albanians,
    Vlad had the idea of putting Niko to use whilst Roman's debts remain
    outstanding. He has four missions, all available from the Comrades Bar in Hove
    VGL1. "Bull In A China Shop"
    After knocking past one of the regulars at the bar, Niko sits down with Vlad
    at a booth as he waves off one of his men. Jokes are traded, and Vlad stamps
    down his authority. Another man owes Vlad money, for protection of his antique
    store. Vlad wants Niko to go down there and teach the owner a lesson.
    You can get a Taxi to the antique store in Cerveza Heights in Dukes, or you
    can drive there yourself. Either way, you must get down there to confront the
    storeowner. He is not willing to give in, and locks himself in the store. You
    are ordered to pick up a projectile from around the block to smash one of the
    store windows - you can simply shove or punch the glass to get it to break and
    force the owner out. Once the glass is broken, the storeowner gives in, and
    you will need to get the money back to Vlad at the bar.
    Reward: $50
    VGL2. "Hung Out To Dry"
    Niko interrupts Vlad's call with Mallorie. Niko warns him off, to which Vlad
    sarcastically agrees. Vlad and Niko are faced with the same problem as last
    time - another storeowner refusing to pay up. He owns a Laundromat nearby, and
    Niko is ordered out once more to deal with the problem.
    The Laundromat is on Masterton, just a couple of blocks over from Comrades.
    Upon arriving and asking for protection money, Niko has a laundry basket
    thrown at him by the owner. Chase him outside to see him take off in the
    Laundromat van. Take your pick out of carjacking a Sentinel or a Blista
    Compact to give chase to this guy. You must ram him enough times to force him
    to stop. This can be managed easily, as you can catch up with the owner and
    keep on him. Once you have him stopped, you go straight to a cutscene where
    Niko collects on the debt.
    Reward: $100
    VGL3. "Clean Getaway"
    Vlad decides on a change of scenery, and takes Niko to his car parked at the
    train station. He has paid a visit to his boss, Mikhail Faustin, and came away
    with a batch of cut coke. After snorting Colombia, Vlad gives Niko another
    assignment - another man has a debt with him, and wants a lesson taught by
    repossessing his car. Niko is forced to make his own tracks up to Dukes.
    Head into the train station and get on the lower platform, before getting on
    the train. Your destination is Steinway projects. Go towards the guy, washing
    his car (a Blista Compact), and you are able to stun him - aim for him, and
    time a punch with the red dot that flashes to knock him down and incapacitate
    him. Deal with his friend, and then take the car. If you don't want to go
    through this, just take the car and make good your escape.
    Stick around Dukes until Vlad calls you. After Niko tells him that the car is
    dirty, he orders that it is washed and then stored in his lockup. Head to the
    car wash in Beechwood City, and carefully bring the car to the lockup to
    finish up.
    Reward: $150
    You are able to use the Car Washes for a small fee whenever you like.
    VGL4. "Ivan The Not So Terrible"
    With Vlad nowhere to be seen, Niko orders water whilst he waits. Vlad then
    appears from nowhere, and the two sit down at the booth. Remember the guy
    leaving when you first met Vlad in this place? His name is Ivan, once a good
    friend of the Russian Mafia; he offended Mikhail Faustin since then, and his
    death is ordered. He has been ordered to rob Roman's firm so that Niko can
    chase him down and kill him, to make it seem like a robbery that backfired.
    Niko questions his orders, but goes about his job anyway.
    Get in a car, the Blista Compact just outside if you don't have your own, and
    head over to Roman's cab firm. As you approach, you will see Ivan fleeing from
    the place. You will chase him around Broker - the route he takes depends on
    your direction of approaching the firm. The chase will end at a construction
    site on the eastern side of Hove Beach. Chase him up this site and onto the
    roofs until you reach the end of the block from this direction.
    Ivan is dangling precariously from the walkway, and you have the choice of
    killing him or sparing him. Ivan will bargain for his life, promising to leave
    Hove Beach for good. It's your choice of sparing him or killing him. Once your
    decision is made, the mission is complete.
    Reward: $200
    Vlad's missions are complete. In the phone call after, you learn that Vlad may
    be sleeping with Mallorie behind Roman's back. Roman's missions will become
    available once more.
    If you spared Ivan, you will meet him later in the game as a Random Encounter
    RBE6. "Uncle Vlad"
    Niko finds Roman at the firm in a bad way - supping from a beer bottle and
    feeling sorry for himself. He has his suspicions surrounding Mallorie and Vlad
    and when Niko confesses that he had his suspicions too, Roman becomes incensed
    and more convinced. After being labelled disloyal, Niko decides to settle the
    problem by visiting Vlad. Fearing something might happen, Roman chases after
    Drive over to Comrades to confront Vlad, who is sat drinking with his boys. He
    clearly shows no regret, and acts as if he hasn't done anything wrong. For
    the first time, Niko is giving the orders to Vlad. Very unhappy about this,
    Vlad leaves Niko and Roman to his men.
    Run past the men and follow Vlad out the back. He will pull away, and you are
    forced to drag Roman along in a chase sequence. You will follow him out of
    Hove Beach and into East Hook, before he crashes at the northern end of the
    neighborhood. Enter the dockyard to confront Vlad once more, who is backed
    into a corner. You are able to execute him by pressing Attack as the red
    circle flashes around your target reticule. Managing to do this will have Niko
    come up to Vlad at point blank range, and shoot him in the eye, killing him.
    Roman rejoins Niko as he drags the body in the river. The fear of God is put
    into him - Vlad had connections in the Russian Mafia, and once they learn of
    Vlad's death, they will want blood. Niko begins to confess all about his
    intentions in Liberty City - in his war effort, he was betrayed. Twelve of
    his friends were killed, and he and two others survived. One of them betrayed
    the group - knowing the traitor wasn't him, he searched for the other two. One
    lives here. But the current threat is more important than Niko's mission, and
    the two finish off disposing of Vlad's body in the Humboldt. Roman flees when
    he hears sirens, and it is up to Niko to kick his body over into the water and
    to meet back up with Roman.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You can call Roman, or wait for him to call you, to begin the next mission
    from Tulsa, around the corner from Perestroika Cabaret Club.
    RBE7. "Crime And Punishment"
    Niko finds Roman hiding in a dumpster on the corner of the street. He believes
    that the Russians are after them - mysterious phone calls and all - but Niko
    tries to convince him that all is OK. However, Niko is knocked out by the butt
    of a Russian mobster's rifle. He wakes up in a basement, with a man stood over
    him. It later transpires that this man is Dimitri Rascalov, a trusted man in
    Mikhail Faustin's organization. Whilst Niko remains calm, Roman remains less
    so, and the man himself - Mr. Faustin - comes down. After shooting one of his
    men in the head, and then shooting Roman in the stomach, he asks for Niko's
    help in return for sparing the cousins' lives. Dimitri attends to Roman as
    Niko walks free.
    You are placed at the southern tip of Beachgate, and are ordered to find a cop
    car. One will approach you from up the street, and the officer will run out of
    eyeshot for you to steal it with no problem. You must pull over a van that
    contains a shipment of TVs, and then bring it to Faustin's lockup. There are
    three vans in southern Broker - pull each one over until you get it. The right
    van will have a driver and one man, who work for a man named Kenny Petrovic.
    His assistant will pull a Pistol on you - deal with him quickly and escape
    with the van. You must get to the lockup in East Island City to finish up.
    Reward: $200
    You get a call from Dimitri, opening up Mikhail Faustin's missions, and
    another from Roman, who is recovering from his wounds.
    >> CP3. Mikhail Faustin
    Faustin heads the Faustin Bratva, the second-most powerful Russian chapter in
    Liberty City. Despite being one under from national felon, Kenny Petrovic,
    Mikhail spreads his hand across the immigrant population in South Broker. Once
    a calm, family man, his dabbling in drugs and the gangland means he is an
    unpredictable character with a short temper. His long-time friend and second-
    hand man, Dimitri Rascalov, and his wife, Ileyna, grow weary of his new
    personality, whilst his daughter, Anna, goes about however she likes.
    Otherwise, he has four missions to complete, as Niko has to make up for the
    death of Vlad Glebov.
    MFA1. "Do You Have Protection?"
    Niko is welcomed back into Mikhail's house by Dimitri. The two are having a
    disagreement about how to attend to business - a non-sober Faustin and Dimitri
    argue like a married couple, but soon make up for it. Dimitri and Niko soon
    leave to give Mikhail some space.
    You are going to a seedy store in Hove Beach, where a bunch of would-be porn
    producers and retailers have not been paying protection money. Go in with
    Dimitri, and you just have to follow Dimitri's orders. After scaring the hell
    out of the group, shooting the actor in the leg and claiming the protection
    money, you are able to leave.
    Head into Downtown Broker to a backdoor gun shop. The absence of AmmuNation is
    explained, replaced by backrooms after the Liberty City Mayor cracked down on
    gun retail. Buy a free round of Micro-SMG ammo, leave the store, and then take
    Dimitri back to Mikhail's house to finish up.
    Reward: $400
    You are able to purchase weaponry from AmmuNation. Your selection will be less
    limited as you progress through the story missions.
    MFA2. "Final Destination"
    Dimitri walks Niko into the Perestroika Cabaret Club, Mikhail's business and
    probably a good source of Faustin income. Mikhail's time spent with the girls
    is interrupted when Dimitri wants to talk business, with Niko in tow. He has
    learned that the authorities have been allowed to tap their phones. Whilst
    Dimitri blames this on Mikhail, having too much bravado, he pins the blame on
    Lenny Petrovic - son of Kenny, the top Russian man in Liberty City. The two
    argue about the best course of action, and an uncertain Niko is assigned to
    track down Lenny Petrovic and kill him for the trouble he's supposedly caused.
    Take a car and make your way to South Bohan. As you come into the borough,
    Niko automatically calls Mikhail. He still wants the hit performed, despite
    Dimitri's protests. Head up to the platform to confront Lenny. He will give
    chase, making you run across the tracks. He will try to make a getaway in his
    Banshee. Catch up with him and kill him before he has the chance to speed off.
    When he is dead, you may take his Banshee for safe keeping if you want.
    Reward: $500
    You will get a call from Dimitri, telling Niko of who Lenny Petrovic was and
    how his death is going to be another problem caused by the recklessness of
    Mikhail. You will also get a text from Roman, opening his missions once again.
    MFA3. "No Love Lost"
    Niko walks into the Faustin house as Mikhail rows with his wife and mother of
    his child, Ileyna. His child, Anna, who was raised in Liberty City, has become
    a shame to Mikhail - he seems to think that she has thrown all he's built in
    Liberty City (the house, the money and all) in his face. He labels her an "out
    of control bitch", because she's the girlfriend of a biker. He wants Niko to
    "talk" to them to see if it will resolve anything.
    Head over to Firefly Island, where Anna and her boyfriend, Jason Michaels, are
    located. Anna tells Niko to warn her father off - Jason is extremely pissed
    off about this, and takes off. You must chase him on the PCJ 600 provided. If
    you are a good shot, you can take down Jason before he gets a chance to meet
    with his boys - he can take quite a bit of damage, so you may want to use your
    Otherwise, when he meets up with his boys, you must chase them into a wood,
    where they bail and you are given an opportunity to take them all down. Stay
    back in the initial chase, and take cover once you get to the wood. Jason will
    wield a Combat Shotgun, whilst his fellow bikers have pistols and SMGs on
    hand. Once Jason is dead, the mission is complete.
    Reward: $1,000
    Since we haven't had a chance to pay a visit to Jacob yet, let's head over to
    Schottler to meet him.
    >> CP4. "Little" Jacob Hughes
    Referred to as Little Jacob, this man is a respected member of the Rastafarian
    crime families. Niko shares quite a bit in common with Jacob - their love of
    guns and violence being the main and most important one. A typical rasta thug,
    Jacob loves to smoke weed as well as smoke anyone who crosses him. He has two
    missions and a side-mission tied to him. Him and Niko will grow to be good
    LJH1. "Concrete Jungle"
    Niko simply rings on Little Jacob's door, and he comes out. As you head to
    your destination in Willis, all is explained - Jacob is buying weed from some
    dealers on that turf. His love of smoking the stuff, plus what happened last
    time Niko was in tow, has him paranoid and on edge. When you have dropped
    Jacob off, head into the alley and stay in the car.
    Jacob is ripped off, and you see the three men take off. You are better off
    running them down with your car - at least one of them will have a pistol, so
    make sure you dispose of him first before going for the other two. Pick up
    Little Jacob from the building he went into, and head to Meadows Park. Jacob
    has got in touch with his boss and best friend, "Badman", and has ordered the
    killing of the rest of the dealers.
    You are ordered to take cover at the entrance of the house. This mechanic is
    new and useful to preserve your health. Deal with the dealer on the staircase,
    and then follow the wall to your left to get a shot on the second dealer in
    the kitchen/living room area. When he is downed, two more dealers take cover
    in the kitchen and Jacob rushes in. Come out of cover and accompany Jacob,
    taking out the last two dealers. Pick up the First Aid kit if you lost health,
    and drop Jacob off at the Homebrew Cafe.
    Reward: $200
    LJH2. "Shadow"
    Niko is accosted as he visits Jacob. This is not the greatest introduction of
    Badman to Niko, but the two shake it off and head up to the apartment. Badman
    has a problem - a problem that Jacob translates (the Jamaican patois is quite
    hard to understand, especially with Badman). It turns out that some low-lives
    are selling on their turf, and Badman doesn't like losing out to competition
    on his own ground. Niko is ordered to track down the dealer and their supplier
    and make sure that they won't make this mistake again.
    You need to get to Wallkill Ave, South Bohan, where the dealer is supposed to
    be slinging. You will see him leave not long after parking up. You have to
    follow him discreetly, on his way back to his boss. This may be cut short by
    Roman calling you to go on an activity, or getting too close - this will spook
    him, but he will run and you get to the supplier's apartment faster. The
    apartment is on the west side of Joliet St. You will follow or chase him to
    this after going through half the alleys in the neighborhood. The supplier's
    apartment is on the top floor of the block.
    If you chased him, you must shoot the lock off the door to gain access. If you
    didn't, you can barge in and take the dealer and his two suppliers by
    surprise. When the three men are dead, you are done.
    Reward: $250
    We finish up Little Jacob's missions in good time. He will call some time
    after this mission, asking Niko if he wants to help him with their dealings.
    DC. Drug Courier
    This side mission is unlocked after the mission "Shadow" and is available from
    the cellphone from going into the Phonebook, and selecting the Job option in
    Little Jacob's tab. You will have to pick up a car from near the Homebrew Cafe
    and take the batch to where Jacob tells you to. Jacob is able to give you a
    basic outline of what is required of you. To spice things up, you are not just
    driving and delivering in the same manner.
    There are three instances to this side-mission:
    -- You need to deliver the batch to a customer before the in-game clock
       reaches a certain time. Failure to do so will fail the instance. Have a
       decent vehicle on hand to help you get to your destination quickly.
    -- You are attending a trade. The cops will bust you and you will have to lose
       your Wanted Level to succeed. Have a decent vehicle for the getaway drive.
    -- You are going to a drop where the customer will pick up the batch later. A
       rival gang will see this and ambush you. You must kill the gangsters. Be on
       your guard and have your guns ready. Purchasing and wearing body armor is
       advised - you should be able to afford it with the rewards this side-
       mission offers.
    Failure of an instance means you reattempting it the next time. All deliveries
    are limited to locations in Broker and Dukes. You are able to beat this side-
    mission any time after you unlock it.
    There are ten batches that you must deliver to complete this side-mission.
    Each batch successfully delivered earns you $250. The final batch is located
    in a Huntley Sport in rastafarian colors, a good vehicle that you are able to
    keep. Added to that, a successful delivery gives a small boost to Jacob's Like
    Stat; a failed one will make it go down slightly. If you want the best for
    being Jacob's friend, try to complete all of them with no messing-up.
    The total profit for this side-mission is $2,500. Use some of this profit for
    purchasing Body Armor and ammunition - you'll need both for some instances.
    You do not have to take the heap of junk that the batch is picked up from. You
    may get in, exit, and drive away in the vehicle you arrived in. This helps, as
    a fast car is helpful on the timed variants.
    Timed deliveries are performed with customers in Schottler, Beechwood City,
    Steinway, and in the pedestrian tunnel running under part of East Island City.
    Trades are performed and the deal is busted in Meadows Park and Willis.
    Drop-offs are performed and you are ambushed in Outlook Park, Meadows Park,
    Cerveza Heights, and Meadow Hills.
    After you have made ten deliveries, you get a text from Jacob, explaining how
    the L.C.P.D. are starting to crack down on small-time dealers. This means that
    your drug courier days with Jacob are over. However, you will be able to be
    Jacob's friend and perform activities with him.
    RBE8. "Logging On"
    Niko pays a visit to Roman at the depot once more - and he is introduced to
    Brucie Kibbutz. The two met online, and share the same, idiotic traits. Both
    are dreamers, and both are moronic. Roman talks about the wonders of the
    Internet, and asks Niko to go to TW@ Internet Cafe to activate his email
    You must simply go to TW@, just on Oneida beside Outlook Park. Talk to the
    clerk, and then go onto the computer. Follow the instructions to activate your
    account. Exit, and the mission is completed.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Over the course of the game, you will receive emails - some of them accompany
    the comings and goings of the storyline, others just spam or unnecessary.
    Roman will soon call later, telling Niko about his plans - Brucie is a
    mechanic with his own car modification company. He has some vehicles that he
    wants delivering, and more information will be sent by email.
    EE. Exotic Exports
    Brucie will send you emails about a vehicle that he wants delivering to his
    garage in East Hook. Reply positively to the emails to start looking for the
    Your reward depends on the condition of the vehicle. The more damaged it is,
    the less money you receive. There are seven cars and three motorbikes that
    Brucie is after. The maximum reward for cars is $1,000, and for motorbikes is
    $800. A list of the vehicles that Brucie asks for is below:
    >> Banshee
    >> Cavalcade
    >> Feltzer
    >> Intruder
    >> Patriot
    >> PMP 600
    >> Sabre GT
    >> NRG 900
    >> PCJ 600
    >> Sanchez
    The maximum reward, then, is $9,400. This is a side-mission that is generous
    if you go about completing it early on.
    The order of vehicles is randomized, as is their means of acquisition. There
    are ten locations, and ten ways of going about acquiring the vehicle:
    -- Firefly Projects: The vehicle is surrounded by three thugs. Enter it and
                         take off before they accost you.
    -- South Slopes: The vehicle is being driven around. The driver is passive, so
                     knocking them off the bike/ramming the vehicle is enough to
                     get them out.
    -- Schottler: You will have to take the vehicle from two thugs who are making
                  a deal. Take care of them, being careful of the fact that they
                  fight back with guns, and get the vehicle out of there.
    -- Meadow Hills: This is taken from Stillwater Ave, in front of the train
                     station. Taking this vehicle will warrant a 2-Star Wanted
                     Level, which you must lose before delivering it.
    -- Outlook: The car is stationery, with the driver being pulled over by the
                cops. Take it, and lose your 2-Star Wanted Level before delivering
    -- BOABO: Four men are stood around a truck, with the vehicle behind it. One
              of them will try to take off with it, whilst three will become
              hostile. Act quickly to stop the guy taking off and get out of there
              before you are accosted.
    -- Meadows Park: The vehicle is being driven around. This is the same deal as
                     South Slopes.
    -- Beechwood City: The vehicle is being cleaned near the Car Wash. You can
                       simply take it, as the guys attending to it are passive.
    -- Chase Point: The vehicle will be pulled over, as the driver speaks to a
                    hooker. Take him by surprise and 'jack the car.
    -- Cerveza Heights: The vehicle will pull away from the car stack as you
                        approach the block.
    Once you have delivered the tenth vehicle, you can call it a day. You will get
    a text to confirm this, as Brucie congratulates Niko but is disappointed to
    tell him that he has done everything he offered.
    MFA4. "Rigged To Blow"
    Niko is welcomed back into the Faustin abode by Ileyna, with Mikhail away for
    the time being. The two have a chat of times gone by - Ileyna talks about the
    days before Mikhail became the mess that he is now, and Niko of his life
    experience surrounding the Balkan war. Mikhail comes in soon after, and after
    starting another argument with his wife, he sends Niko out on another job.
    There is a truck that he wants delivering to a garage - something to do with
    The truck is beside the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway in Downtown. Mikhail tells
    Niko the contents of it - a bomb. You must drive carefully to the garage in
    Chase Point. Press the correct button to prime it, and Niko automatically runs
    out as the bomb explodes, taking much of the garage with it. You are told to
    flee from the area - stick around, and the owner will come out. You learn that
    this man is associated with Kenny Petrovic, as he calls him to tell him that
    "this was definitely not an accident". A neat little piece of information.
    Leave the area to complete the mission.
    Reward: $700
    And with that, Mikhail's missions are complete.
    You will get a call from Roman, inviting Niko over to Brucie's garage in East
    Hook and opening his missions. You also get a text from Dimitri, opening his
    mission on the Firefly Boardwalk. Dimitri's missions are the most important,
    so we will visit him.
    >> CP5. Dimitri Rascalov
    Mr. Rascalov is a long-time friend and trusted accomplice to Mikhail Faustin,
    the two paving their criminal paths in Liberty City. He seems trustworthy
    enough at first, but we soon learn that to be the complete opposite as the
    storyline goes on. He only has two missions.
    DRA1. "The Master And The Molotov"
    Niko and Dimitri sit down on one of the benches. It seems that Mikhail's
    decisions and Niko's actions have caused tension between the Faustin family
    and Kenny Petrovic's criminal empire. The murdering of his son and the
    destruction of his depot is more than enough to cause a stir in the criminal
    world. However, Dimitri has struck a deal - if Mikhail was to die at the hands
    of the man who killed Petrovic's son, peace would be made and his and Niko's
    life would be spared. It seems Niko has no other choice.
    Begin to head over to Perestroika. Dimitri will leave you body armor around
    the corner for you to use if you need it. Take it if you don't have it, or if
    you are low on it, and enter the place. Niko confronts Mikhail, and things
    soon turn ugly. Take out his two guards, and then the few surrounding you.
    When you approach Mikhail, or attack him, he runs off, and a few more of his
    men will rush you. Kill them, go into the back of the club, taking out the guy
    in cover, and head outside.
    There are a few more in this alley to take out before you make your way up the
    fire escape to confront Mikhail. He will drop his Micro-SMG when you get to
    him. Pick it up, and execute him to finish off the mission.
    Reward: Nothing.
    DRA2. "The Russian Revolution"
    This mission begins as a phone call with Dimitri. He tells Niko that he has
    the money reward for Mikhail's death, and he wants to meet up with him in a
    warehouse in East Hook. Little Jacob calls, knowing that Niko has riled the
    Faustin mob. After learning of the meet, Jacob offers to meet up with Niko at
    the warehouse to cover him. He doesn't trust the Russian mobsters. Head to the
    warehouse to begin proceedings.
    Dimitri and Niko meet up. Soon, a face Niko doesn't want to see appears - Ray
    Bulgarin, his ex-boss. As a human trafficker, Niko survived a bust-up that
    lost Bulgarin quite a bit of money, and has been on the run from him ever
    since. Dimitri happened to run into him, and sold out. Dimitri Rascalov - the
    snake. You are left to fight your way out of the warehouse.
    You are surrounded to the front and on some of the ledges up high. Look out
    for enemies around you, and pop in and out of cover to take them down. Start
    advancing forward, and go back in cover when the next wave of enemies appear.
    After advancing far enough, you will see Dimitri and Bulgarin make a swift
    exit. You cannot chase after them, as the police arrive. Fight the remaining
    enemies off, plus the cops attacking you, and lose your Wanted Level. Once you
    have lost the heat, drop Jacob off at the Homebrew Cafe. He advises that Niko
    and Roman cut and run from Hove Beach and Broker to save themselves from the
    Russian onslaught.
    Reward: Nothing.
    A call from Roman initiates another mission in East Island City car stack...
    RBE9. "Roman's Sorrow"
    Niko hears Roman from the trunk of his car. He panicked and decided it was the
    best place to hide out as the Russians started to get their hooks into him.
    Niko tells Roman about Bulgarin, and how they will need to make a move out of
    Broker as soon as possible. You will need to start driving towards the Hove
    Beach Safehouse.
    Roman talks about how he can use this as an opportunity to make a fresh start.
    All of that is cut short when you see the apartment burning. After Niko stops
    Roman from running into the apartment to rescue something, head to the Cab
    Firm. It's in exactly the same state.
    Begin to drive to your new living space - South Bohan, on Joliet St. Roman is
    in bits - his work is now literally nothing but rubble - and he pins the blame
    on Niko. He soon sorts himself out, and as you pay a visit to your apartment,
    he suddenly becomes optomistic. Niko resents this, and tensions are beginning
    to run high. Mallorie comes in, and after checking the two over, she asks Niko
    to come to the community center located nearby to help.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You will not be able to save at the Hove Beach Safehouse. Instead, you have
    unlocked the South Bohan Safehouse. You will get a call from Dimitri, feeling
    ashamed that Niko found his way out of there, and threatens Niko.
    You can go to the community center to visit Mallorie's friend, or you can go
    back to Broker to deal with Brucie's missions. Seeing as he's the last thing
    to do there for the time being, let's head to East Hook.
    >> CP6. Brucie Kibbutz
    "Go-getter", "alpha-male", "stylish" and "number one" is how this character
    describes himself. Add to that "moronic" and "pretentious", and we're there.
    Brucie is a chop shop mechanic under the guise of vehicle modification, and
    associates himself with illegal street-racing, weightlifting and steroid-
    pumping, and everything else that they bring. A man with more money than sense
    and more fat than muscle, Brucie has four missions alongside his Exotic Export
    BKI1. "Search And Delete"
    After an altercation with a mechanic, Niko finds Brucie. We begin to see some
    of Brucie's character, and Niko is able to use it to amuse himself. Knowing
    that the Bellics need money, Brucie gets to business. Speaking in a riddle,
    Brucie explains that someone is about to take to the stand, and that somehow
    puts him in the firing line. He tells Niko to get a police computer, and to
    track down the man he wants putting in the ground.
    Find a police car. The nearest station is on Mohawk, the same street as the
    Hove Beach Safehouse. Once you have it, Niko calls Brucie on his next steps.
    You need to go into Search Police Records, select name, and type in Lyle Rivas
    before pressing enter. Once you have found him, activate his whereabouts and
    make your way over to Rotterdam Hill.
    Niko confronts Rivas from outside his apartment, and he runs off. This leads
    to a chase out of Broker and through Dukes, Francis Intl. Airport, and into
    Bohan. Rivas will keep ground ahead of you until reaching Bohan. You will have
    to avoid some diversions involving traffic - a car being swiped off the road,
    a truck losing its cargo, and another truck losing its carriage of logs. You
    can easily kill him in his vehicle, but he may flee on foot. Either one makes
    him dead meat anyway.
    Reward: $3,500
    BKI2. "Easy As Can Be"
    Niko interrupts Brucie's workout session, and is clearly pumped because of the
    bullshark testosterone he injects. Niko is soon thanked for silencing Rivas,
    but he has one more to do concerning him - Lyle had a car up in Steinway that
    is worth acquiring. He asks Niko to get it for him and to drop it off.
    Head up to Steinway to pick up Rivas' Oracle sedan. When you do enter it, you
    are discovered by Rivas' friends, who are quite angry. You may try to outrun
    them and dodge their bullets as you race back to Brucie's garage, or you can
    take the four of them down and have a safe journey there. It is better to give
    chase to save health. Drop off the Oracle in any condition other than
    destroyed, and you are done.
    Reward: $3,500
    You will get a call from Brucie, concerned about the way Roman is gambling.
    Roman's gambling is a theme that will reach heady heights later in the story.
    BKI3. "Out Of The Closet"
    This is a two-part mission, the first activated from Brucie's apartment.
    Niko meets with Brucie and Roman. They have a proposition for him - a gay
    date. Funny as it sounds, Brucie has something serious running behind it all.
    Lyle Rivas has a cousin, Tom, who owes money to Brucie. The guy is now sending
    death threats to him, and Brucie wants him whacked. He's homosexual, and it's
    the best way for Niko to get to him and kill him.
    Head to TW@ and go onto Lovemeet.net, go into Male, and select Tom Rivas'
    profile, French Tom. Once you have sent it off, wait a few in-game days or for
    Roman's prompt to check your emails. Reply positively to his email to initiate
    the second part of the mission.
    Your "date" is at the 69th Street Diner on Bart St in Hove Beach, at a time
    set by the game. When you attend to the date at that time, you can either go
    through the conversation or stand up and dispose of him there and then. In
    order to prevent an attack by any Russian mobsters nearby, use a melee weapon
    before he can make an escape. When you have killed Tom Rivas, the mission is
    Reward: $6,750
    You can go onto Lovemeet.net and select a date. If you want to get a
    girlfriend in the game, the only girls that will respond positively to you are
    Carmen Fortiz (SoBoHoe) and Kiki Jenkins (LawChick). You cannot date Kiki
    until you unlock Algonquin.
    BKI4. "No. 1"
    Niko pays a visit to Brucie in his garage. After some of his infamous "winner"
    patter, he decides to show off the Banshee he tuned himself. He mustn't have
    done a good job, because it won't turn over. He has a street race to attend,
    and this is a setback he didn't need. He knows how to get back on track, and
    Niko will be coming along for the ride.
    Brucie's friend, Stevie, will allow him to use his car for the race. It's over
    in Willis. Pick up the Comet, the standard racing car, and head over to the
    starting line in Cerveza Heights. This is a sprint race that will finish up
    in Downtown, at the Soldier's Plaza. A good driver will find this easy, but
    just be wary of these guys trying to throw you off as you try to pass. When
    you get the lead, you can easily keep it. Anyone accustomed to racing and
    racing games should find this a formality.
    Once you have finished as the champion, take Brucie back to his garage. If
    you listen to the conversation, you learn that the Rivases had to die at
    Brucie's hand because of his 'roid rage. Niko values Brucie as a friend, but
    this has put him off working for him.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You can keep the Comet. It is a rare car at this point in the game, so it's
    worth keeping. You will soon get a call from Brucie offering Niko a chance to
    compete in more street races. We'll save this until we get to Alderney.
    >> CP7. Manny Escuela
    An ex-con from South Bohan, Manny feels that he owes a debt to society, and so
    he sets about doing his bit to lower street crime in the borough as a whole.
    With a cameraman, Jay, in tow to film his bid, his motives are questionable -
    is he real, or is he just trying to find fame? No matter to Niko, who needs
    the work after being run out of Broker. He has three missions in total, all
    from the community center in South Bohan.
    MES1. "Escuela Of The Streets"
    Niko interrupts a video shoot of Manny and "his people", which includes
    Mallorie, and isn't too fond of being on camera. Introductions between Niko
    and Manny aren't smooth, winding up with a broken camera, but Manny still has
    an opportunity for him to help his cause.
    Head onto Grand Boulevard and park up in Fortside. You will be following a
    dealer to his boys, and you will need to keep your distance throughout the
    journey. The journey takes a few minutes, but finishes at a warehouse at Chase
    Point. Manny will leave Niko to "clean up" to pick up his cameraman.
    You can go about going into the warehouse in two ways - through the window to
    the left of the door, or shooting the lock on the door and rushing in. The
    latter is advisable, as you can make a beeline straight into cover whilst
    taking out the thugs that are straight in front of you. The warehouse is
    littered with thugs - two off to the sides, and the rest near the center of
    the area. Keep in cover and advance as you create space in front of you. There
    are soda machines that you can use to replenish your health, plus a First Aid
    kit in the office off to the left of the entrance.
    Once you have killed all the thugs, head back outside, and Manny conveniently
    arrives after all the action has passed. Niko, still not playing ball with the
    TV show angle, leaves Manny and cameraman Jay to it.
    Reward: $1,000
    MES2. "Street Sweeper"
    Niko walks into another video shoot - this time, only involving Manny and
    Deputy L.C.P.D. Commissioner, Francis McReary. It seems that this senior man
    is willing to sing his praises to Manny and his cause. Trying to keep off
    camera, Niko waits for his next job. Manny has promised McReary that things
    are going to step up a bit in the fight on crime. There is a collection of
    gangsters that Manny wants off the streets.
    The gang is located at a garage on Windmill St. Two are in a car, whilst the
    rest are stood around. Attack the driver of the car to stop them making a
    getaway, and deal with the rest of them. There is cover that you can utilize
    around this area. Just make sure that you don't stray too far away from them,
    and that they don't deal too much damage to you, and you should be fine.
    Reward: $1,100
    Manny's missions will halt for the time being. However, Mallorie will call,
    asking Niko to pay a visit to her friend for more work...
    >> CP8. Elizabeta Torres
    Another friend of Mallorie, Elizabeta is the anti-Manny - one of the most
    notorious and probably the main dealer and supplier in Bohan. She seems to
    have uses for many people, including a hired gun like Niko. She has four
    missions to complete, all from her apartment in South Bohan. It mostly
    revolves around the Bohan drugs trade.
    ETO1. "Luck Of The Irish"
    Niko is welcomed into Elizabeta's abode, and is introduced to the woman
    herself. The two seem to get along, with Niko cracking jokes about Manny, and
    is then introduced to Irish-American thug, Patrick (or Packie) McReary. Liz
    has a job - Packie is dealing with some of the local thugs, and she's not too
    sure about it. She wants Niko to oversee it and make sure nothing bad comes to
    After parting ways with Packie, you must head to the apartment block on Joliet
    St. and pick up the sniper rifle that is placed on the roof. Take up position,
    and the deal will soon commence. Packie and his guys will stick nearest the
    entrance to the alley. The deal soon goes sour, and you'll need to start
    poppin' heads. Two shots at the most are required to down an enemy. Take care
    of those taking cover, and the guy that Packie is fighting for a gun with at
    his position. Kill the last of the enemies, and Packie will flee with his life
    Reward: $1,500
    ETO2. "Blow Your Cover"
    Niko arrives as Elizabeta enjoys her house party. She introduces him to Lost
    biker, Johnny Klebitz, and high-flying gangster, Playboy X. Johnny is selling
    heroin to a buyer in Dukes, and Niko and Playboy are providing him with
    Take Playboy's golden Patriot or your own vehicle and head to the deal, taking
    place at an apartment block in Steinway. Playboy X tells Niko how big of a
    criminal he is, apparently running the town and its trade, and some info on
    Johnny the Biker. Upon arriving at the block, you must enter and head up to
    the third floor to meet with Johnny. The deal gets under way with buyer
    Charlie. He is very shifty, and the trio find out he is L.C.P.D. - this is a
    You will gain control whilst in cover - take out Charlie and his accomplice,
    and make your way out. The place is scattered with S.W.A.T. agents who wear
    body armor. Be wary of them popping out from cover and around corners, and try
    to score the headshots on them. You are fighting your way up to the roof.
    Follow Playboy X and fight off all the S.W.A.T. agents that lie in wait for
    you down through another apartment block, and out onto the street.
    Quickly get into a vehicle and lose your Wanted Level. You are better off
    stealing a car rather than a motorcycle. Once you have lost the cops, you may
    head into Algonquin, unlocked for the purposes of this mission. Drop Playboy
    off at his pad on Xenotime in Northwood to finish up.
    Reward: $2,000
    A text from Playboy X will open up his mission line. Manny's missions open
    back up, and Elizabeta's missions are halted for now.
    10.      Algonquin
    Taking much influence from its real-life counterpart of Manhattan, Algonquin
    is the heartbeat of Liberty City. It is a metropolis to the center and is the
    life of the 24/7 city.
    The north doesn't live up to this standard, though. Based off of Harlem and
    its surroundings, Northwood, Holland and East Holland are ghetto areas,
    populated by a poor African-American culture, as well as a concentration of
    Dominican immigrants and Hispanic communities outside of Bohan. The North
    Holland Hustlers, led by Playboy X, are the strongest gang here, alongside
    the Dominican gangsters.
    Middle Park is a beautiful area, providing a green spot in the middle of a
    dense urban area. With Holland to the north, there is Middle Park West and
    Varsity Heights (the local university) to the west; and Middle Park East and
    Lancaster to the east.
    Near the center of Algonquin island is Star Junction, where the heaviest
    traffic jams can be witnessed. Burlesque provides entertainment, as well as
    the Split Sides Comedy Club a few blocks to the southwest. Also located around
    the center are the tallest skyscrapers - the Rotterdam Tower can be accessed.
    Heading to the south is the areas of Little Italy, Chinatown, Castle Gardens
    and Castle Garden City. Still densely urban and populated, the south still has
    room for development, with a large construction site situated on the southern
    tip of Algonquin island.
    Completion of the mission "Blow Your Cover" will allow you to access Algonquin
    without being accosted. We still have some business in Bohan to attend to
    before we can immerse ourselves in Metropolis Central.
    The Hickey Bridge and the Booth Tunnel, the only two land transport links into
    Alderney, remain shut. Again, we must keep on working to open up that area.
    MES3. "The Puerto Rican Connection"
    Jay praises the pilot of Manny's show as it is picked up by a TV company.
    Manny claims that it "makes him look gay", and isn't happy with it, which he
    clearly expresses to both his cameraman and Niko as he walks in. Some guys
    that he used to roll with have begun smack-talking him. They're meant to be
    coming in on the Algonquin-Dukes trainline. Meanwhile, he can continue
    doubting his own cause.
    Head towards the Algonquin Bridge to see the train pull in. You must follow it
    on the roads to the station in Schottler. Knowledge of the El-Track routes and
    the roads is required for you not to lose it. When you get to the station,
    they will begin getting off. Start a gunfight and clear up the several enemies
    that leave the station. When they are all dead, the mission is done.
    Reward: $1,500
    A mystery person asks to meet on the Castle Gardens boardwalk. This opens up a
    mystery mission in southern Algonquin. Manny's missions are also complete.
    A call from Elizabeta as she argues with Little Jacob (of all people) will
    open up her mission line again.
    ETO3. "The Snow Storm"
    Niko has to play peacemaker as Elizabeta and Jacob squabble. He learns that
    Jacob introduced Liz to people who were willing to offload her coke. They have
    ripped her off, much to her disgust. Niko leaves it up to himself to retrieve
    it and then return it to Jacob.
    The coke is located at an abandoned hospital building on Colony Island. The
    coke is being traded between the Spanish Lords and the Angels of Death biker
    gang. You must begin fighting your way towards the stash. Go around the back
    of the hospital to find a ladder to the upper level. Here, you only have to
    deal with the guys up top and the two guys protecting the coke. This avoids
    the gangsters near the proper entrance to the building.
    Niko calls Jacob to tell him he has the coke, and he mentions that he has to
    speak to one more person. N.O.O.S.E. swarm in, and will attempt to accost you.
    You have a 3-Star Wanted Level, but these guys will have to fight their way
    through the gangsters before heading for you. Use the fight as cover to escape
    and you have two ways to go about this - grab a vehicle from the parking lot,
    or swim out to the bay to find a Jetmax near the barge. The latter is easier
    to lose the Wanted Level but leaves you open to attack from both N.O.O.S.E. on
    land, the chopper and the coastguard. Lose the Wanted Level to speak to Little
    He tells Niko that he's in Chase Point, with someone who apparently knows him.
    Head to Chase Point to begin the final cutscene. Niko is surprised by who
    meets them - Michelle. It turns out that she hasn't been honest. She's part of
    a government agency, assigned to keep an eye on him. She demands the coke and
    a visit to her employers. Elizabeta's downfall is apparently imminent, and
    Niko is lucky to find out that he has uses that wouldn't allow him to walk
    free otherwise.
    Reward: $2,500
    You will not be able to date Michelle anymore. She will call you soon to open
    up a mission in The Triangle, Algonquin.
    ETO4. "Have A Heart"
    Niko returns to Elizabeta to find her in pieces - her empire is beginning to
    fall apart. Her boy, Jorge, has turned states, and seems to have been ratted
    out. Niko isn't too fazed by this, even managing a chuckle. When Manny and Jay
    burst in, it is the last straw. Liz delivers a shot in the head to both of
    them. Her last job for Niko is to get the bodies to her contact.
    You are meeting a doctor in Steinway, with Manny's and Jay's body in the trunk
    of Elizabeta's Voodoo. You must not prang it, as this will open the trunk. If
    any cop sees what you're carrying, you'll get a 2-Star Wanted Level which you
    have to lose. Keep with the traffic flow, pay the toll for passing through the
    East Borough Bridge, and then drop off the bodies to the Doctor. After he
    examines the bodies, he's happy to take them off Niko's hands.
    Reward: $3,000
    Elizabeta's missions are finished. She will call you soon after to tell Niko
    that everything has fell apart. Some time later in the storyline, you can hear
    and read reports of her arrest and sentencing. Your time in Bohan in terms of
    the story is finished.
    CAC. "Call And Collect"
    The mystery man on the pier at Castle Gardens turns out to be Francis McReary,
    the Deputy Commissioner who we first encountered in Manny's mission, "Street
    Sweeper". He knows quite a bit about Niko - especially about his involvement
    with Mikhail Faustin's death. By blackmailing Niko, he's able to resolve his
    own issues with blackmail. A man has incriminating photos of Francis, and he
    knows that dealing with him out in the open will incriminate him further. He
    wants Niko to meet up with the blackmailer on Silicon St., on the coast of the
    Humboldt River.
    Head to the viewpoint at that location. Here, Niko calls Francis to get the
    information. He is going to text the blackmailer's number for him to call, and
    then figure out where he is. Head down the steps to the shoreline, and call
    the number. Look for a man on a park bench answering his cell-phone. His voice
    will be a second ahead of the cellphone's receiver. When you've spotted him,
    hang up and fight him. Picking up the files will give you a 2-Star Wanted
    Lose the Wanted Level and meet up with Francis in East Holland to finish up.
    Reward: $1,000
    Francis McReary's missions become available from the L.C.P.D. precinct in
    Westminster. You will get a call from Packie McReary, opening up his missions
    in Meadows Park, Dukes.
    >> CP9. Playboy X
    Playboy X, real name Trey Stewart, is a criminal operating in and native to
    the area of northern Algonquin, born and raised in the rundown neighborhood.
    Apprentice to prominent drug dealer Dwayne Forge, he took control of the North
    Holland Hustlers after Forge's incarceration, and taken control of his
    neighborhood. He negotiates much of the drug trade in northern Algonquin and
    aligns himself with dealers in Bohan, including Elizabeta Torres. He has three
    missions from his penthouse, as he tries to break away from an illegal trade
    and into legitimate business.
    PBX1. "Deconstruction For Beginners"
    Niko is given a taste of Playboy's life of luxury and ladies. He tells how
    small "his town" looks from the shabby view of his penthouse balcony. Niceties
    are interrupted when a face shows up - Playboy's mentor, Dwayne Forge, fresh
    from prison and looking for a taste of what he began to build. Playboy assures
    him that his dues will be paid, but Dwayne's aims are different to Playboy's
    grand dream. Niko and Dwayne are left to talk for a bit, but it doesn't do
    much for a new relationship. To distract himself, Playboy drags Niko away for
    a job that needs carrying out.
    You are heading to an alley in Castle Gardens. You learn of Playboy's aims -
    Yusuf Amir, an Arabian tycoon and bigshot in Liberty City, has had his new
    development shut down, as the Italian Mafia are trying to extort his funds,
    disguising it as a union strike. Playboy hopes that by clearing the site,
    he'll get into Yusuf's good books and take one step closer to achieving his
    Enter the Cavalcade, and then take the service platform up to the roof. You
    must take out three lookouts on the yellow cranes of the site before you can
    begin fighting your way into the site. When you have taken them out with the
    Sniper Rifle provided, head back down to street level and head into the site.
    Playboy will point out where the union leaders are located in the site.
    You will be fighting your way through mobsters and mob bosses as you advance
    through the site. Use cover wisely and take your time making sure that you've
    cleared out all enemies. You will take out three Union leaders on your way to
    the final one. A helicopter with backup arrives - quickly fight your way
    through the area and take out the leader, who will be fleeing and easy to
    kill. When he is dead, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $6,500
    Playboy X will call you, asking Niko to pay a visit to Dwayne as a way of
    paying him back. This opens up his missions from the projects in East Holland.
    PBX2. "Photo Shoot"
    Playboy unwinds with a game of pool as Niko watches, waiting for his next
    orders. Aside from his mentor unexpectedly coming out of prison, Playboy has
    problems that need sorting. Someone hasn't only just been smack-talking him,
    but they've not been keeping their mouths shut. As described by Playboy, he's
    a brown-skinned, baggy-clothed thug - a profile fitting up half of North
    Algonquin. Playboy hands Niko a premium phone, his to keep, to take a picture
    for him to identify him.
    You are hunting down Marlon Bridges from the courts in North Holland. Use the
    camera on the Whiz Wireless cellphone, and look out the yellow-clad gangster.
    Stick just outside the entrance to the courts and take a pic of Marlon, and
    once Playboy calls to confirm him, a target is placed for you to take him
    down. Kill him, and those who will attack you, before he gets to his Patriot
    parked around the way.
    Reward: $6,750
    And you get to keep the Whiz Wireless phone. You can customize your cellphone
    with themes and ringtones by going to a computer terminal and accessing
    vipluxuryringtones.com - everything from there that you purchase for your
    phone costs $100.
    At this point, I got a call from Michelle to put the next mystery mission on
    my map at The Triangle. Also, a couple of calls from Mallorie triggered the
    next mission.
    RBE10. "Hostile Negotiation"
    You will get a call from Brucie sometime after unlocking Algonquin concerning
    Roman's gambling. This culminates when Mallorie rings twice - once to tell
    Niko that he hasn't come back since the night before, and again to say that he
    has been kidnapped, supposedly held at a warehouse in Bohan Industrial. This
    is triggered automatically, and you must get into the warehouse.
    Roman is being held by some members of the Russian Mafia, now led by Dimitri
    Rascalov, who has ordered Roman's kidnapping to get to Niko. Stick in cover at
    this initial point, and fight off those on the ground and those up top that
    you can get to. There are balconies on three sides where thugs can shoot down
    at you, so advance carefully and clear out the present threat whilst taking
    cover from those ahead of you.
    Upon reaching the top of the warehouse, take out the last thug taking cover at
    the office and enter. Roman has been taken as a human shield - quickly perform
    a headshot on his captor, and he is free. Finish off the last few enemies that
    charge down from the roof, and follow Roman down to the Bobcat, your getaway
    vehicle. Take him back to the apartment in South Bohan to finish up.
    Roman, still quite the imbecile, thanks Niko after spouting crap about finding
    a place out of Bohan, now that Rascalov and the Russians are hot on their
    Reward: Nothing.
    Roman will eventually call you to tell Niko that he has bought an apartment.
    This opens up the Safehouse in Middle Park East - a studio apartment with a
    laptop to access the Internet for free, as well as a TV, a bed to save in and
    a wardrobe to change clothes. Use it as a save point when you are needed in
    WIR. "Wrong Is Right"
    Niko meets up outside Michelle's workplace, and is obviously very bitter. She
    isn't turning Niko in, and so she considers him "lucky". She then leads Niko
    up to the office of her boss, whose name is not revealed, and is popularly
    known as The Contact. It also turns out that Michelle's name is actually
    Karen. He's not Federal Bureau, and considers himself as a bad guy, fighting
    against the criminals and fraudsters. Niko will have to follow The Contact's
    orders, else his file is handed over to the men who will take him down.
    You must go to Oleg Minkov's house on Iriquois in Hove Beach. Upon entering,
    go on Minkov's computer and read his emails. One will concern his paranoia,
    and someone he's supposed to meet on Tulsa. Your orders are made clear - kill
    Minkov. Head to the jewellery store on Tulsa to find Minkov. I recommend
    having a fast vehicle for the next part of the mission.
    He will take off after a while, and you must give chase. His vehicle is quite
    fast, and so you will need to keep up with him as you leave Broker for
    Algonquin and are led on a goose-chase through the south of the borough. He
    will attempt to throw you off, and will block you off in one of the alleyways.
    Be prepared for him doing this, and keep up your speed.
    The best opportunity to get a shot in is provided as he slows going onto
    Galveston. Pack them in and get the killer shot to complete the mission.
    Reward: $6,500
    Missions for the United Liberty Paper Co. are now unlocked and accessible from
    their office in The Triangle. However, we have some unfinished business in
    northern Algonquin to deal with first.
    >> CP10. Dwayne Forge
    Dwayne is the former chief of the North Holland Hustlers. After serving his
    bid for a crack deal, he has seen his apprentice, Playboy, take his gang to
    new heights. However, he hasn't been welcomed back into the fold as he wished.
    He lives in the Northwood projects, struggling to adjust to the change in the
    thug's game. He has two missions, both from his apartment.
    DWF1. "Ruff Rider"
    Niko visits Dwayne, who is paranoid and is quite angry. He's lost his friends,
    Playboy isn't paying him any mind, and his girlfriend, despite getting support
    from him whilst he was doing his stretch, has run off with Jayvon, a man he
    believes to be responsible for him going down. Dwayne even talks of suicide,
    but he still feels like he has a little to live for. Niko, feeling empathetic,
    wants to help Dwayne by talking to Jayvon and his ex, and getting his money
    Head to Chinatown Arcade to find Jayvon and Cherise, Dwayne's ex. Upon
    confronting them, Jayvon runs off, leaving Niko with Cherise. You can kill her
    or leave her to chase after Jayvon on his bike. Your decision doesn't really
    have an effect, not on the storyline anyway. With Jayvon on his bike, you can
    easily shoot him off his bike, kill him, and take his money from him.
    After a call from Dwayne, meet him at the Cluckin' Bell in Star Junction. Upon
    delivering the money to him, and sharing Cherise's outcome, you are finished
    with Dwayne.
    Reward: $6,000
    DWF2. "Undress To Kill"
    Niko is given Dwayne's reflection on things - from his high life, to prison,
    and to the present day. He feels as if he's on a different planet, because the
    game has changed. Niko wants him to take back his old turf, but he's not up to
    it. So, once again, he takes matters into his own hands. Dwayne was once the
    owner of the Triangle Club, a strip club in Bohan that has since been taken
    over by the next up-and-coming thugs.
    Head over to the club, and you are tracking down the Trunchez Brothers - Jose,
    Javier, and Jesus. Listen in to conversations to track them down. Jose is in
    the office, Javier out on the floor of the club, and Jesus is getting a dance
    from one of the new girls.
    There are two ways to go about this. Both begin by silently taking out Jose,
    preferably with a Baseball Bat or a Knife. You can then either go for the
    remaining brothers directly, or you can make them flee. If it's the former,
    go for Jesus first, and then pick off Javier and the security in your way.
    You must then fight your way out of the club.
    The second option will make them flee into a vehicle, and you must hunt them
    down. Kill the brother driving, and the other is a sitting duck. Either that,
    or you disable their vehicle. Once they are dead, you are done.
    Reward: $6,250
    You will get two calls from Playboy. It turns out the Trunchez brothers were
    associates of Playboy, and the shoot-out will harm his income. He is quick to
    forgive Niko, but heeds warning at following Dwayne's orders.
    The second call summons you to his pad...
    PBX3. "The Holland Play"
    Playboy and Niko have a sit-down, as business is relaxing. But he's still
    having problems with Dwayne. He thinks that Dwayne wants him dead. He doesn't
    have it in him to kill his former master - but he feels nothing about ordering
    it. He requests Niko to kill him. He says that he'll think about it.
    The next part of the mission will be a series of phone calls, and you can do
    other things whilst waiting for the calls. The first one is from Dwayne, who
    is paranoid about Playboy, and thinks he wants to kill him. He wants Niko to
    kill Playboy to save his life. The next phone call from Playboy X will force
    Niko into a decision.
    You have a choice: kill Dwayne, or kill Playboy X.
    Killing Dwayne
    Head into the Northwood Projects to confront Dwayne. Standing between you and
    him is a thug with a baseball bat. Fight him off, and execute Dwayne for a
    simple finish.
    Your reward is $25,000. A call from Playboy X ends his relationship with Niko.
    He won't look in the eye of the man who killed his mentor, despite it being
    his orders. That ends everything with him.
    Killing Playboy X
    Head to Playboy's apartment. He is surprised that Niko has come back without
    killing Dwayne. He reveals his intentions, and Playboy guns it. Take out his
    men from this room, advance onto the roof of a neighboring building, and chase
    him through the streets. Kill his back-up, and execute him in the alley he
    runs into.
    A call from Dwayne will reward you Playboy's pad. You will later be able to be
    friends with Dwayne. The Pool Table in the Safehouse can be played on if you
    are playing pool with one of Niko's friends, and you will unlock an outfit
    only available from the crib. It is reminiscent of Claude Speed's attire in
    "Grand Theft Auto: III".
    Plus, killing Playboy will allow you to hang out with Dwayne as you can with
    Roman, Little Jacob and Brucie. Wait for him to call you to ask Niko to hang
    out, and you will be able to call him from time to time to do some activities.
    Both decisions will end the relationship between Niko and Playboy X anyway.
    Killing Dwayne is profitable, but killing Playboy earns you something a little
    better than money. It's your decision, so take whichever option you like.
    >> CP11. Francis McReary
    Irish-American Deputy Commissioner of the L.C.P.D., Francis McReary stands as
    the most honest out of his brothers, two of which are professional criminals
    and one a junkie. However, he still has the criminal streak in him - the fact
    that he is a compulsive liar, and has to cover up his tracks as a dishonest
    and corrupt man. He has three missions from his office at the precinct, and
    one more later in the story.
    FRM1. "Final Interview"
    Niko is somewhat smuggled through the cop shop, into Francis' office, and the
    two are able to talk about matters. It turns out that another man is black-
    mailing him - this time, it's high-flying lawyer, Tom Goldberg, who aims to
    play the politician's game. Uncovering a corrupt Deputy Commissioner would be
    a huge step towards Congress. Goldberg is untouchable and cannot be caught on
    his own easily - that is, unless Niko is able to get an interview with him at
    his firm. Francis orders Niko to get an interview, buy a suit, get one-on-one
    with him, and retrieve Goldberg's files.
    Head to the nearest Internet Terminal, and enter the website for Goldberg,
    Ligner & Shyster law firm. Go into Careers, click "Submit Resume", and leave
    the Terminal. You will then get a call from the Lawyers, getting you an
    appointment at a certain time. This is usually midday a couple in-game days
    ahead of time. During this time, buy a suit-and-tie and some smart shoes from
    Perseus to prepare yourself for the interview.
    An "i" icon will be placed on your map when it is time for your interview. Go
    there, get buzzed in, and follow Goldberg's secretary to Goldberg's office.
    This plays out like "Out Of The Closet", by the fact that you may stand up at
    any time to threaten Goldberg. After getting his files, kill him.
    No matter how you kill him, you are discovered by his secretary. This means
    that you must fight your way through building security. Take out security
    guards and keep your wits about you, as both the corridor and the atrium
    provide your enemies opportunities to deal harsh amounts of damage to you.
    The entrance where you came in will be locked - this means you'll have to take
    the staircase down to the ground floor, fighting through more security, and
    the L.C.P.D. waiting at the entrance. Shoot your way out of the building, find
    a vehicle, and lose your Wanted Level.
    Once you have done that, meet Francis behind the station to finish up. He
    talks about being given a second chance, but he's obviously bound to be
    compromised in some way or another.
    Reward: $1,000
    FRM2. "Holland Nights"
    Once again, Niko has found himself inside the office of McReary. And, once
    again, Francis addresses him with another issue he faces - a drug dealer with
    something to say. This guy has dirt on "other officers" - in other words, he's
    another man that could expose Francis for what he is. Niko negotiates a price,
    and then sets to work.
    Your target is Clarence, and he resides at an apartment complex on Vauxite St.
    When you get there, Francis gives Niko the lowdown - he is above ground, and
    advises that he doesn't get too violent until he gets off the ground floor.
    There are two ways about this - the normal way, or a much easier way.
    The easier way requires a sniper rifle and little effort. If you make your way
    west down Vauxite to get a clear view of Clarence, standing far back so he
    cannot see you, you can get a clear shot of him with the sniper. Take him out,
    lose the wanted level, and you are finished.
    The normal way is much harder, and means negotiating through thugs with guns
    and a chase up to the roof, and then having to fight the police on your way
    down. If you chase Clarence to the roof, you may kill him or spare him. Either
    way, he won't be talking.
    I advise the easier way if you are not up to the challenge. If you do it the
    hard way and spare Clarence, he will become a Random Encounter later in the
    Once Clarence is dead/spooked and you have lost the heat, the mission is
    Reward: $5,000
    Francis' next mission is in Castle Gardens.
    FRM3. "Lure"
    Niko meets an incensed Francis, who labels him as an "amateur" and has some
    strong words for him. He explains the situation - Clarence was one man behind
    a syndicate of low-life drug dealers living in Holland and Northwood. One of
    Clarence's associates has ratted, and is using his apartment as refuge. Niko
    protests this attack on his creditability, and is once again sent out to
    silence someone.
    Head to the Feltzer on Albany, near your Middle Park East safehouse, to pick
    up ammunition for your sniper rifle. Then, you must head onto Denver, to the
    apartment of the man you have to silence for Francis. You are heading up to
    the roof of the apartment across the street from where you are parked to have
    a vantage point on the dealer.
    He is sitting in the living room, and out of range. Three methods can be used
    to kill the dealer. You can shoot at the window to bring him to it, and then
    get an easy shot away; you can shoot the satellite dish on the roof so that he
    will investigate the T.V.; or you can call his number that was displayed on
    the caller I.D. on his telephone during the cutscene. Calling him saves one
    bullet, but anything to make him visible through the window is enough.
    Once he is dead, head back down to street level to finish up.
    Reward: $5,000
    And Francis' missions are finished for now.
    >> CP12. United Liberty Paper Co.
    The company is legit - one of the management, however, is not. This man with
    no name (The Contact, for the purposes of this guide) has an ulterior motive
    in aiding the authorities in their fight on organized crime. The Contact
    claims to hold Niko's file, filled with misdemeanors and serious crimes. This
    forces Niko to follow the orders of The Contact, else risk losing his freedom.
    It begs one question - who is The Contact? He denies being part of the F.I.B.,
    but he certainly is a government official. N.O.O.S.E. seems the best guess.
    ULPC has three missions following "Wrong Is Right". The Contact will play a
    major role in events just before the end of the storyline.
    ULP1. "Portrait Of A Killer"
    Niko meets The Contact once again. He knows that Niko is looking for "that
    special someone" - the man who betrayed him in the Serbian Army - and he asks
    The Contact to help track him down. The Contact reminds him that in return for
    his services, Niko won't have his file released, and maybe they will help him.
    In the meantime, he has more justice to deal out.
    You will be texted a picture of a man who The Contact wants accosted. Get a
    Police vehicle, go into Police Records and click "Search By Photo". This will
    come up with the target - Adam Dimayev, who is located in East Island City.
    Head over to his garage to begin proceedings.
    You must fight your way through Russian bodyguards in order to kill Dimayev.
    You will want to use cover and kill everyone on the ground, plus those above
    ground who you can get a shot on. Climb up a set of ladders and advance
    carefully through this level. Once the number of enemies have dwindled, you'll
    be able to dispose of Dimayev as easily as his protection. Once he is dead,
    the mission is complete.
    Reward: $6,750
    ULP2. "Dust Off"
    Another cosy chat with The Contact soon gets onto another man who he wants
    accosted. However, he fears Niko won't have the resources to get to the man.
    In order to help him, The Contact orders Niko over to Civilization Plaza.
    Head to the Plaza. Here, you will see a helicopter take off. You must follow
    it until it touches down, and then steal it. Carry onto Union Drive East and
    stick to this road throughout. Go through the tunnel in Castle Gardens and up
    Union Drive East until the chopper touches down in Purgatory.
    You must act fast to steal the chopper. Take out the two guards at the walkway
    and pick off the remaining enemies standing around the chopper. Get in, and
    fly it over to the Cargo Bay at Francis Intl. Airport. As you fly over,
    getting used to the controls, Niko will be called by Roman, sharing a poignant
    conversation and receiving a racy photo of a girl Roman is being "friendly"
    Once you have landed the chopper in the designated area, The Contact's men
    will take it off Niko's hands, and then you must make your way out of the
    Reward: $7,000
    The next mission from U.L.P.C. is activated some time after completing this
    ULP3. "Paper Trail"
    Finally getting in contact with Niko, The Contact explains his next mission.
    The target he wants accosted is flying through Liberty City airspace, and can
    only be attacked in the air - that is why Niko needed to acquire a helicopter.
    Little Jacob will be helping.
    Little Jacob is in the chopper, located at the scrapyard in Northwood. You
    must get up off the ground, and catch up with the target. Jacob has been given
    an RPG Launcher, and you need only concentrate on the chase.
    It winds through central Algonquin, meaning that you must negotiate your way
    between skyscrapers and buildings. If you are a good pilot, this part of the
    chase is easy. You are rushed slightly, as losing sight of the target will
    prompt the game to tell you to catch up. If you lose the target, the mission
    is failed.
    The trickiest part is through Algonquin, before you are led out along the
    southeast coast. Here, Little Jacob will finally take a shot at the chopper.
    Stay level with the target, and after a few attempts, Jacob shoots it down. A
    cutscene will show it going down in an almighty explosion. Land at the space
    at the Helitours to finish up. The chopper is left to your disposal, so use it
    as you wish.
    Reward: $7,500
    And we are finished with U.L.P.C. The Contact has made a promise to help Niko
    in the search for the man who betrayed him.
    With that, we have a straight run to Alderney with the next set of missions...
    >> CP13. Patrick McReary
    Patrick McReary is the brother to Francis, Gerald and Derrick. Compared to his
    brothers, he is the muscle - not very intelligent, but capable of handling
    certain situations. He is proud of his Irish heritage, protective of sister
    Kate, and looks up to Gerald whilst being somewhat resentful of junkie Derrick
    and big-shot cop Francis. He only has three missions to complete from his
    family home in Meadows Park.
    PAM1. "Harboring A Grudge"
    Niko is welcomed into the family home to meet Patrick, his mother, and his
    sister Kate. He seems quite taken with Kate, but Patrick half-jokingly, half-
    seriously warns him off. Patrick soon makes a move to deal with things, and
    Niko is along for the ride.
    You are heading down to the Algonquin docks. Park up, and follow Patrick onto
    the roof of the warehouse, negotiating the obstacles in your way. As a Triad
    group move in, Patrick enlightens Niko on their task. The Triads are shifting
    meds, according to a Italian mobster, who wants to take a cut of the haul.
    Quietly make your way down from the roof, and take cover behind the container
    crate. The Triad gangsters are out in the open to begin with, but when you
    begin shooting, they will get into cover. The truck that you are meant to
    steal is visible from inside the warehouse.
    Note that there are two Triad thugs stationed near the boat. After clearing
    out the gangsters in front of you, you want to pick them off, as they can take
    you by surprise if you're not expecting them. There will also be several thugs
    in the warehouse, split on both sides. Go into the office for a First Aid Kit
    if you are low on Health.
    Get in the truck and wait for Patrick to enter. The lock-up is on Union Drive
    West. The Triads will give chase to you in a few vehicles, but remember that
    you're in a truck and them in sedans - only their gunfire is a problem. You
    can use the Grenades provided to fend them off, or stick to your gun. You can
    ignore them if you are a good driver.
    At the drop-off, Patrick and Niko meet up with Ray Boccino. He's happy with
    the haul, and displays some interest in Niko's services.
    Reward: $7,500
    PAM2. "Waste Not Want Knots"
    Niko comes back into Patrick's house to be introduced to his friends, who have
    a scheme. It takes a little persuasion, but Niko decides to have some fun and
    to go along with it.
    Get a four-door vehicle to take Patrick and company over to the Waste Depot on
    Colony Island. The Ancelottis, another of the Italian mob families, are meant
    to have cash stashed there. The drive is very educational - we learn more of
    Boccino and his family, the Pegorino Italian mob, and some more on Patrick's
    brothers, including the one-and-only Francis.
    You will have to park up and jump the fence over into the grounds of the
    depot. Then you fight your way into the Depot to claim the Ancelotti stash.
    Most enemies will be in cover, so keep behind something and figure out where
    everyone is. Packie and co. are able to handle themselves, and may even be
    able to help you get forward faster.
    Once you have cleared the outside, head through the entrance to the inside and
    get in cover as you advance towards the office, which is above the center of
    the ground floor. There is one goon guarding the haul, and there are more
    enemies on the other side. Fight the immediate threat and collect the stash.
    With the cash in hand, you'll need to get past more mobsters that will rush in
    to provide reinforcement. These guys constantly spawn, so don't waste time
    clearing them out, and exit the way you came in.
    You need to get to a lifeboat docked in the middle of the water. Swim over to
    it, wait for Packie, and take him to the docking point in Steinway to finish
    Reward: $8,000
    Packie will call, concerning Kate, opening her up as a girlfriend. As with
    Michelle, dating her doesn't have any reward, and it won't affect anything if
    you choose not to bother with her.
    Ray Boccino will get in touch, opening up his missions in Little Italy.
    He will also text, mentioning a bank job as their next task. You want to
    follow his orders and wear a suit and good footwear to his next mission. You
    can only activate it between 6AM and 7PM. Make sure that you have full Body
    Armor, too.
    PAM3. "Three Leaf Clover"
    Niko gathers in the kitchen of the McReary household. He meets Gerald, who
    doesn't seem too friendly at first, Derrick, another McReary brother, and a
    close friend to Patrick, "Saint" Michael. Gerry leaves, leaving the three and
    Niko to pull off a heist.
    You are heading to Bank of Liberty in Algonquin. As you head there, Patrick
    tells the guys the plan - all Niko has to do is stand there and wave a gun to
    them, it seems. Once you arrive, everything plays out well until Derrick and
    Patrick start arguing. One hostage pulls out his gun and kills Michael, and is
    then shot dead. The explosives to the vault doors go off, leaving Niko to
    collect the cash.
    The next part of the mission will rely heavily on your skills with fighting
    enemies. Use of cover is paramount, as well as being on your guard. If you've
    honed your skills with the combat system in this game, you shouldn't find this
    too difficult.
    Head down to the vault. You will have a Carbine Rifle handy, plus a 5-Star
    Wanted Level to fight off. With the cash collected, you'll have to fight your
    way to freedom. Take cover in the alley with brothers McReary, and fight your
    way past N.O.O.S.E. plus a few cops.
    Your path takes you through Chinatown to fight off more N.O.O.S.E. teams and
    L.C.P.D. officers. Some cops may not be marked as enemies, and don't count
    towards advancing the next sequences of the mission, but it's better to take
    them out - if you don't, they'll be like an invisible threat.
    The chase at street level goes underground with an Annihilator helicopter.
    Don't bother trying to take it out, and make your way down into the subway.
    There are a couple of cops down here, so be careful not to be taken by
    surprise when they attack you.
    Fight your way through the gates, and then down to the platform to take out
    those on the other side. Jump down onto the tracks when Patrick and Derrick
    make a move, and thin out the group that will be behind you. A train will pass
    you on the right track at the curve, so be careful not to be undone by it.
    When you are halfway to street level, your Wanted Level is reduced to 3-Star,
    and you won't be seen (the stars are faded grey). Head down to the tracks and
    run out of the zone to lose the Wanted Level very easily. It is better than
    having to outrun them.
    Once you drop Patrick and Derrick off at their household, the mission is
    Reward: $250,000
    A call from Gerry opens up his missions from the McReary household. Another
    from Patrick opens up Derrick McReary's missions in Actor.
    Plus, we have unlocked...
    11.      Alderney
    The borough not part of Liberty State; Alderney is the counterpart to the city
    as New Jersey is to New York in real life. It is the westernmost of the
    boroughs, and seems to be the most sparse in places.
    Working our way south to north are industrial areas such as Actor, Tudor, and
    Port Tudor, which are less heavily-built up and consist mostly of factories,
    warehouses and power plants. Berchem gives the workers homes, as well as the
    lower classes. The most interesting area is to the southeast corner of
    Alderney island - the State Correctional Facility, a large prison complex.
    Alderney City, Westdyke and Normandy are more affluent, with large buildings,
    health centers, and quite a few luxury homes. A derelict casino lies to the
    north, but doesn't have much else to it.
    Plumber's Skyway takes you from Alderney City to southern Alderney, looping
    back on itself and back near Westdyke. Other than that, Alderney only has a
    small sector of the city to boast big business.
    With the whole map open, you will soon unlock Stevie's Vehicle Thefts, and we
    can get on with...
    BSR. Brucie's Street Races
    Soon after completing the mission "No. 1" for Brucie Kibbutz, we unlocked the
    Street Races as another job linked to him. To begin a street race, go into the
    Phonebook, select Brucie, and then select "Race".
    There are nine races on each of the three largest islands. I have left them
    until now so that we could go straight for them. You need to finish in 1st
    Place to be successful. Doing so will reward you with $500 each time, and the
    Brucie "Like" Stat will go up. Be wary that failing a race will make it go
    After completing all nine, you can still call Brucie to replay them as many
    times as you like. An Achievement, "Genetically Superior", is linked to
    winning these races multiple times.
    The types of vehicle you race are randomized - from sedans to pickup trucks
    and sports cars. If you still have Comet handy as a reward for this mission,
    it is a perfect vehicle for this side-mission.
    You are against five other racers. If you have a fast vehicle, all you have to
    do is out-perform them and drive as cleanly as you can to win. Races are not
    difficult at all.
    The races listed below have been split in order of boroughs:
    -- Dukes Boulevard (Broker): 3 Laps
    -- Airport Run (Broker): 3 Laps
    -- South Broker (Broker): 3 Laps
    -- Road To Bohan (Algonquin): 3 Laps
    -- Star Junction (Algonquin): 5 Laps
    -- South Algonquin (Algonquin): 3 Laps
    -- North Alderney (Alderney): 5 Laps
    -- Elevated (Alderney): 3 Laps
    -- South Alderney (Alderney): 3 Laps
    Any in-depth explanation is wasted, because you just need to get used to the
    course. You can replay them all as many times as you like, though the order in
    which you complete them is random - they won't play out in the order as listed
    here, which is only based off of how they were listed in the game Statistics.
    You're just following checkpoints, so you'll just need to know the fastest way
    from one to the next. Otherwise, a good side-mission that cuts away from
    gunning and running, and an easy one if you are a good driver.
    Back to the story, though.
    >> CP14. Ray Boccino
    Mr. Boccino is a respected member of the Pegorino Mafia, an Alderney mob that
    are not part of the "five-family" table. His interests are in himself - he's
    all about what's in it for him rather than what's in it for the family he
    works for. He aligns himself will small-time criminals, including Patrick
    McReary, the Lost Motorcycle Gang, and even "Nicky" himself. He has several
    missions out of Drusilla's Italian restaurant in Little Italy.
    RAB1. "A Long Wall To Fall"
    Niko introduces himself to Ray Boccino, the man he's supposedly working for.
    To begin with, Ray gives him a little job to do. There's a man named Teddy
    Benavidez who has an outstanding debt. He lives in North Holland, and Ray
    wants him straightened out.
    Head to the projects, and you'll receive a text message from Ray. It has a
    picture of a man who must know Teddy well. You should easily find him in that
    distinctive shirt. The guy's name is Alonzo, and you just need to spook him to
    get Teddy's whereabouts. You will want to kill him, else he'll warn Teddy and
    make the mission harder than it has to be.
    The trip is an elevator to the 20th floor and then a walk all the way. Kill
    the men in front of you and make your way to the other side of the stairwell
    carefully. More goons await you, and they pop in and out of cover to attack
    you. Play them at their own game, and shoot them when you get the chance. It's
    the same deal each floor until you reach Teddy, so advance carefully.
    After making your way up a few floors, you'll have to make your way into
    Teddy's apartment. There are no thugs on this floor. One guy will take you by
    surprise when you make your way in, so take him out quickly. Three more will
    greet you in the living room, so take them out. Head into the kitchen, pick up
    the First Aid if you need it, and make your way back out. As you exit the
    kitchen, Teddy escapes from one of the rooms, smacking Niko in the face with
    the door.
    Teddy will make a run for the roof. Kill the last few enemies inside, and
    another outside, to confront Teddy. You can shoot him or push him - either
    way, he will end up falling through the broken wall and down to his death.
    Niko will then emerge outside the apartments.
    Reward: $8,500
    RAB2. "Taking In The Trash"
    Ray has a more "industrial" job for Niko this time. He has had diamonds
    stashed in piles of trash located in certain positions. He wants Niko to
    accompany the "council workers" on the collections.
    Head around the corner to meet up with Luca and his buddies. Niko is given a
    Liberty Sanitation Department outfit to make this move seem more legit, and
    they can now make a move.
    You are collecting the trash from two positions, and Luca will give a low-down
    on where the diamonds have come from. When it comes to picking up the trash,
    you'll be prompted to open up the compactor. Once you have picked up the
    diamond stashes, you'll be ambushed by thugs who have got wise to the plan.
    You'll have to drive down to Fishmarket South to finish up, which isn't too
    Reward: $9,000
    You'll get to keep the outfit given to you for this mission.
    RAB3. "Meltdown"
    Ray is at his wit's end after discovering that Luca and his buddies have
    skimmed some of the diamonds. Niko protests and proves his innocence, and now
    has to set out to speak with the guys and resolve the issue.
    Head down to Castle Garden City, where Luca and the guys are waiting. Niko
    confronts them, and Luca then makes a getaway. You have to chase them through
    Algonquin until they reach Middle Park. Stay back, as they will fire at you.
    They will crash in Middle Park and bail out into the public restrooms.
    There are two goons waiting for you to the entrance of the men's restroom,
    where Luca is hiding. Dispatch of them and knock in the stall doors until you
    find Luca. Kill him, retrieve the diamonds, and hand them to Ray, who is
    waiting at the roadway cutting through the middle of the park.
    Reward: $9,500
    RAB4. "Museum Piece"
    Niko finds Ray in the kitchen. After being given another job to offload the
    diamonds, he argues with Ray. He wants one thing out of this - help in finding
    Florian Cravic, one of the men he is trying to track down. Ray agrees to this,
    and sends Niko out.
    You are heading to the Libertonian in Middle Park to meet up with Johnny
    Klebitz, the biker that you helped in "Blow Your Cover", to offload the
    It is interesting to find Niko, Johnny, and Luis Lopez in the same cutscene as
    all are protagonists in "IV" and the additional content. Whilst Niko and
    Johnny are helping Ray in the offload to diamond dealers, Luis will break up
    the deal.
    Johnny escapes with the money from the deal, Luis pursues the diamonds, and
    Niko is just fighting his way out. Take cover and take down all the thugs in
    front of and surrounding you from across the building balconies, and carefully
    advance, making your way to the exit. Some are hidden away off to the sides,
    so be on high alert for anyone trying to attack you.
    A few goons remain on the way out, and a gathering thugs await you outside.
    Kill them, and take one of the PMP 600s parked here. You will have to lose
    Isaac's crew, the guy who you were selling the diamonds to, and then a Wanted
    Level if you have one.
    Reward: $9,500
    It was after this mission that I got a call from Brucie, unlocking Stevie's
    Vehicle Thefts. I'm not sure if it's linked to this mission, as you may unlock
    this later, or you may have unlocked it already. Just take this as a pointer
    if it hasn't become available to you yet.
    RAB5. "No Way On The Subway"
    On this visit, Ray introduces Niko to one of his fellow mobsters, Phil Bell.
    It seems that a group of bikers are causing problems, including the missing
    cash, but Ray is dealing with it. Niko is ordered out to confront a couple of
    them in northern Algonquin.
    Head to the alley off the corner from Vauxite and Exeter to confront the
    Bikers. They ride off, and Niko resorts on manning a motorcycle to chase down
    and kill them.
    The one closest to you can be picked off if you have good aim. However, the
    other Biker cannot be harmed, and you'll have to carry on pursuing them. You
    will chase them around the blocks of northern Algonquin before they get down
    onto the subway tracks. Quickly and carefully follow them down and through the
    You will exit the tracks midway under the Algonquin Bridge, and then you will
    be able to kill this Biker once you get down into the streets of Broker. Once
    he is dead, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $9,500
    It's worth noting that one of the Bikers you killed was Jim Fitzgerald, a
    major character in "The Lost & Damned" and a close friend to Johnny Klebitz.
    Although he doesn't resemble the character in that game, it is simply a
    continuity error.
    RAB6. "Late Checkout"
    Ray is arguing over the phone, protesting his innocence in the deal. After
    finishing up, he barks out more orders for Niko - he wants Isaac silenced. He
    is getting all the blame pinned on him for the trade at the Libertonian, and
    he's becoming very irate of Isaac's accusations. He is staying at the Majestic
    Hotel across from the southern side of Middle Park.
    Head down to the hotel, and enter it unarmed. Head straight for the elevator,
    and activate it. When you get out, you'll be standing at the end of the
    corridor, packed with a number of thugs. Take out the ones standing closest to
    you, and get in cover to take out the rest in this area.
    Isaac and two other diamond dealers will show up on the map and radar once you
    enter the hotel, so you are following the blips up the steps, fighting off the
    last of the thugs on this floor, and up into a hotel suite.
    The suite is packed with thugs, but it contains Isaac and another of the
    dealers. The second dealer alongside Isaac is up on the top floor. Isaac is in
    the bedroom, and the first dealer is in the kitchen, alongside another thug
    hidden in the corner. Make sure you have cleared everyone out in the room, and
    execute the first dealer. You can spare him, but it offers no reward and there
    are no repercussions for doing so. Go into the bedroom and execute Isaac.
    The stairs up to the patio on top of the hotel has glass on one side, which
    the thugs outside will shoot through and harm you. Turn to face the glass, and
    carefully advance up the stairs, picking off the thugs as they appear in your
    With the last target killed, clear out any other thugs left and head back to
    the elevator. Run out of the hotel and get away from it to finish up. You will
    have a 2-Star Wanted Level, but you don't need to clear it to complete the
    mission. Just get away from the hotel.
    Reward: $11,000
    A phone call from Ray puts Niko on edge, as he is done mopping up for him. The
    aftermath of the diamond deal ends their relationship. He will text you later
    to open up Phil Bell's missions in Port Tudor, Alderney.
    He will also phone later to "throw Niko a bone"...
    RAB7. "Weekend At Florian's"
    That phone call from Ray, in which he is "throwing a bone", concerns the man
    Niko is looking for - Florian Cravic. He will then call Roman to tell him he
    knows how to get to Florian, but Roman wants to come. Pick him up from the
    Middle Park East Safehouse.
    You are looking for Talbot Daniels, the man who has information on Florian's
    whereabouts. Funnily enough, Roman has gambled with him. Get a four-door
    vehicle prior to talking to him.
    He reluctantly agrees to accompany Niko, and he will give directions to find
    Florian. He wants to drive slowly so he can get his bearings. You are heading
    to Middle Park West each time, so make your way there until you get onto the
    corner of Pyrite and Ivy Drive South. A marker is placed here, outside of
    Florian's home.
    Niko bursts into the apartment, gun drawn, to find Florian. However, Florian
    thinks that it is Niko who was the traitor back home. So, knowing that neither
    of them are responsible, it leaves one man and Niko has a wasted journey. But
    he's reacquainted with Florian, now called Bernie Crane, who works as a
    fitness instructor, and is having an affair with Deputy Mayor and anti-gay
    activist, Bryce Dawkins. Funny.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You will get a call from U.L.P.C., with The Contact making fun of Niko for
    thinking the man he was looking for was someone like Florian. Joking aside, he
    informs Niko that they will look for his new target, Darko Brevic, who must
    actually be the man he was looking for.
    This also puts an end to proceedings with Ray Boccino. He'll make a few more
    appearances, but Niko's no longer working for him.
    At some point, he will also text Niko, giving him an apartment to stay in.
    This unlocks the Alderney City Safehouse, the only Safehouse in Alderney.
    >> CP15. Derrick McReary
    Another one of the McReary siblings, Derrick is the eldest, and probably has
    the largest criminal file. He has been arrested numerous times and imprisoned.
    It was when in prison that Derrick became addicted to heroin - an addiction
    that he is still battling with, and losing.
    He has returned from a visit to Ireland, which he talks about from time to
    time, even mentioning living there during The Troubles. Derrick only has three
    DEM1. "Smackdown"
    Niko arrives at the park in Actor, where Derrick has been settling down in.
    Smack has clearly got its hooks into him. He tells Niko that he has an old
    friend - Bucky Sligo - who isn't too friendly to him anymore. He doesn't want
    to tell much about the reason why; he just wants Niko to take care of him.
    You need to get to a Police Vehicle to get onto the Computer. There is one
    parked just to the north of the park, which is handy. Get onto the Database,
    and run Bucky Sligo into the computer. You'll find and set his location to the
    Burger Shot in Westdyke. Niko automatically calls Derrick to tell him. Derrick
    asks that he chase Bucky back to his goons and take them all down.
    Upon arriving at the Burger Shot, Niko spots Bucky pulling away. You'll be
    chasing him through tight spots and alleyways to his residence nearby. A few
    of his buddies will attack you from the porch, and he and a few others will
    hide inside.
    You'll need to fight your way past the couple of gunmen outside. In doing this
    you will get a 2-Star Wanted Level. Two of Bucky's men are on the bottom floor
    of his property, and the man himself is at the top of the stairs. Take them
    out and take cover just before the stairs turn and go up. Target Bucky, and
    kill him.
    The cops may come in as you fight Bucky, so you may have to fight your way
    past them, too. Lose the Wanted Level to finish up.
    Reward: $6,500
    For now, let's handle things with another McReary...
    >> CP16. Gerald McReary
    Gerald seems to be the wisest of the brothers, and not much of a worker. He
    prefers to plan things out, and then let brother Patrick do the legwork. Gerry
    is thought to be the man behind the connections between Irish-American thugs
    and the brothers' new relationship with the Pegorino Mafia Family. He also has
    a long list of misdemeanors, and is constantly watching over his shoulder,
    paranoid that he'll be taken in again.
    He has five mission, two of which are available from the McReary home...
    GEM1. "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
    Gerald and Niko meet one-on-one this time, and things seem a lot calmer now.
    He gives him a role in one of his schemes. He tells of how the Ancelottis use
    the local Albanian criminals as two-bits - from thugs to heavies. One of the
    Ancelotti crew, Tony Black, is meeting with some of them. Gerry wants Niko to
    pick up a car bomb, plant it on Black's car, follow him to the meet, and then
    detonate it and break up the meet. This way, the Ancelottis see it as an Albo
    attack, and it stirs things up with them.
    Pick up the bomb from the alley off Inchon Ave. From there, you'll need to get
    to Tony Black's car on Feldspar in Algonquin under orders from Gerry. Park up
    in the designated spot once you have planted the bomb on Black's Cognoscenti.
    He'll make an appearance, and leave swiftly. You'll have to keep a good
    distance behind him so you don't spook him. He'll get onto Union Drive West,
    and make tracks towards Northwood.
    Black will join his associates near the Breaker's Yard. You will need to phone
    a number to set off the bomb. Get to the safe spot, and then call it to see
    the place go up with a bang. There will be a few survivors which you must get
    rid of to finish up.
    Reward: $9,000
    GEM2. "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle"
    With the Ancelottis on edge, Gerry's going to push them over with the next
    piece of "gimp work". He would do it himself, but he is paranoid, thinking
    that the cops are waiting for him to step out the door. Therefore, Niko's
    doing it. Gerry orders him to whack another Ancelotti man, Frankie Garone,
    whilst disguised as an Albanian thug. There is one on ice (in the
    refridgerator) to help.
    With the biker jacket and jeans donned, you must use the PCJ 600 for this
    mission. You need to get to an alleyway in northern Star Junction, where
    Frankie is located. A chase begins.
    You are chasing Garone from Star Junction to the Booth Tunnel, and the into
    Alderney. You can't kill him until you pass underneath the Hickey Bridge, so
    your focus is on avoiding certain obstacles such as the heavy traffic. Just
    keep up the chase until you can get close enough to deliver a killer shot.
    Reward: $9,250
    You get to keep the Albanian Biker jacket.
    DEM2. "Babysitting"
    Upon arriving at Alderney City docks, Niko finds a more animate Derrick in a
    boat. As you head towards your destination, he explains his objectives - he's
    agreed to help a boat filled with counterfeit money dock into Liberty City
    safely. The money launderer is a Korean gangster named Kim Yung-Gook.
    You'll have to escort Kim to his destination in Bohan. However, as soon as you
    set off, Kim's boat is attacked. You want to have your SMG handy, and you want
    to aim for the driver of each boat to disable them quickly. Stick close to Kim
    to provide the best protection.
    When you pass underneath the East Borough Bridge, a chopper will show up. Use
    the RPG Launcher provided to shoot it down. Focus on the boats before going
    for it, and try to shoot it down away from Kim's boat, else you risk blowing
    up the chopper and taking his boat with it.
    When he docks in Bohan, the mission is complete. Derrick blames the ambush on
    some of his old "drinking buddies", but he still has some cash to shoot up his
    Reward: $7,000
    Bernie will call soon after this mission, unlocking his missions in Middle
    Park West.
    DEM3. "Tunnel Of Death"
    Derrick, now back to injecting smack, tells Niko that one of his friends,
    Aiden O'Malley, is being moved between prisons today. The two have history,
    and he wants O'Malley dealt with once and for all.
    Straight after this cutscene, you'll get a call from Patrick. He explains
    everything - Aiden O'Malley was a pal of Derrick and Bucky Sligo, who went
    down some time ago. Ever since, both Aiden and Bucky have blamed Derrick for
    his incarceration. O'Malley is going to be well-protected, so a dump truck has
    been left in Alderney City to block off the prison convoy. The plan is to make
    it look like a prison break, so that Derrick won't be questioned.
    Get to the truck, and then head down to the Booth Tunnel. You will need to
    line up with both markers on the northbound lanes. With that done, Patrick
    will block the convoy from behind.
    You will then have to ambush the convoy. Your enemies will be regular L.C.P.D.
    cops and a few N.O.O.S.E. agents. Stay in cover, and pick them off. You will
    then have to enter the Stockade and lose your 3-Star Wanted Level. Head back
    to Alderney and try to lose them from there. The Stockade is slow, so losing
    it is easier said than done.
    Once you have lost them, you'll need to ditch the Stockade in Port Tudor.
    Aiden is none the wiser, and is trying to find out who wanted to bust him out.
    Take him to the quiet spot in Westdyke, and he is informed that Derrick wanted
    him out, so he could be silenced. It is then an easy hit to perform. Just kill
    O'Malley to finish up.
    Reward: $8,000
    This ends Derrick's missions. A text message from Francis opens up his final
    FRM4. "Blood Brothers"
    Francis rolls up in his Landstalker, and starts scolding Niko again for no
    clear reason. He is angry that Niko has aligned himself with his brother,
    Derrick, who he labels a traitor. It seems that Derrick wants to talk to a
    journalist, putting Francis' career in jeopardy once again. A cold and rather
    bold move is requested - he orders Niko to assassinate his own brother as he
    sits down to talk to him. He promises money and favors, but Niko is still
    You are heading to Courtyard Park in Lancet. This is where Francis and Derrick
    are meant to meet. To add to his pressures, Niko gets a call from Derrick, who
    thinks his brother wants to kill him. How right he is. He orders Niko to take
    Francis out instead.
    Get to the platform and get onto the vantage point, and watch the two brothers
    sit down. You have a choice - kill Derrick, or kill Francis. The next mission,
    "Undertaker", will be altered by your decision, as well as your reward. Just
    pick your target, and then get down from the roof and away from the area to
    finish up.
    Reward: Nothing for killing Francis; $10,000 for killing Derrick
    Plus, if you kill Derrick, the next phone call with Francis has Niko black-
    mailing him for some security. This means you get an additional reward - call
    Francis, and you will have your Wanted Level removed. This is only a one-off
    reward, though.
    PAM4. "Undertaker"
    Some time after completion of the mission "Blood Brothers", Niko is called by
    Patrick, inviting him to his brother's funeral. In addition, he tells Niko
    that Gerry has been arrested. He wants Niko to show his face and wear a suit
    to the precession. After the next call with Kate, get changed into a suit and
    head down to the church.
    The precession goes on without a hitch, with Niko reunited with Kate and
    Patrick. However, the Albanians show up - they have figured out that Gerald
    was responsible for their troubles with the Ancelottis, and now they want
    revenge. Everyone else scarpers, leaving Patrick and Niko to fight their way
    The Albanians will attack from across the street, taking cover behind their
    vehicles, and several of them coming through the alleys. Keep in cover and
    pick them off. After fighting off a few waves of Albanian attacks, you'll need
    to take the Romero to the cemetery.
    Your destination depends on the outcome of "Blood Brothers". If you killed
    Francis, you'll be driving to the cemetery on Colony Island. If you killed
    Derrick, you'll be driving to the cemetery in Steinway. You will get a 2-Star
    Wanted Level if you try to defend yourself whilst driving to Steinway. If you
    defend yourself as you head to Colony Island, you will not. That money and
    bonus reward will mean that you face a harder mission here.
    With the Romero at the cemetery, the mission is complete.
    Reward: Nothing.
    You will get a text from Patrick, thanking Niko for attending the funeral and
    helping them get out of a tight spot. You'll also get a call from Gerry in his
    prison digs, opening up his missions once more at the Alderney State
    Correctional Facility.
    >> CP17. Bernie Crane
    Real name Florian Cravic, Bernie served in the Army with Niko in their
    homeland Serbia. Both have had their questions over an ambush that left most
    of their comrades and childhood friends dead. After recent events, they are
    reunited and certain of who betrayed them.
    In the meantime, however, Bernie wants to make up for lost time by requesting
    Niko's help with the problem of being a closet-homosexual politician's dirty
    little secret. He has three missions, plus a little bonus after Niko helps
    BEC1. "Hating The Haters"
    Niko meets with Bernie in his apartment, this time with a much calmer
    atmosphere. He's frightened, though - he has a "hater" who is harassing him
    for his sexuality. He knows how they're going to deal with him, though.
    Get Bernie to Middle Park. It's likely that the "hater" will come out, and
    will allow Niko to set him straight. Follow him as he jogs through the Park.
    When you come to a tunnel, the "hater" is waiting at the end, and attacks
    Bernie with a baseball bat. Niko confronts him, and sends him on the run.
    Chase after him on foot to a pair of parked Faggio mopeds. You will then have
    to chase him through Middle Park. You will have to get a good aim on him to
    take him down. After some time if you don't kill him, you'll have to pick up
    Bernie and continue the chase.
    Once you have killed the Hater and have Bernie in tow, take him to Perseus in
    The Exchange to finish up.
    Reward: $6,000
    BEC2. "Union Drive"
    When Niko meets up with Bernie again, he is still upset. It seems that a group
    of Russian mobsters have evidence of Bernie's relationship with Mr. Dawkins.
    They plan to release it to the media, but they're willing to meet Bernie. Niko
    has to accompany him.
    Take the Turismo parked nearby and head to the meeting place in Northwood. The
    Russian thugs reveal who is behind the blackmailing - Dimitri Rascalov, of all
    people. The two of them drive away, and you now have to chase them.
    You're chasing them through Union Drive East and along to the Castle Tunnel.
    The police get involved at one point, but the Russians will knock their
    vehicle out of pursuit.
    They will soon crash at Castle Garden City, giving you a chance to take them
    down. Do just that, and then get Bernie back home. A lengthy discussion occurs
    between them - Niko has made this a personal vendetta against Dimitri, and is
    now fully willing to stop Dawkins being exposed.
    Reward: $6,250
    You'll get a call from Dimitri. He'll offer Niko a cut of the action if he
    gives up Bryce's contracts. Of course, he rejects this proposal and hangs up.
    Shortly after that call, you'll be texted by Bernie to unlock his next mission
    at Pier 45 in Fishmarket South...
    BEC3. "Buoys Ahoy"
    Despite sending a worrying text, Bernie appears all happy to Niko. He wants to
    relax by using Bryce's boat for a trip out. But Niko isn't having any of it -
    he feels that his livelihood means he can't afford to take his mind off of the
    matters of his cousin's debts and his gambling addiction, added to that the
    people who want him dead. He gives in, though, and the two go off to have
    Head out to the beach, just off the coast of Firefly Island. However, their
    fun is interrupted by a bunch of angry Russian thugs, who attack them. You now
    need to give chase to them.
    You'll be following them from west to north, between Broker and Algonquin, and
    you cannot lose them on their erratic path. Their path never changes, though.
    They will weave their way past barges and boats, and then have a short
    altercation with the Coastguard, in which they destroy the authority's boat.
    The chase ends as they bail in Steinway Cemetery. You will have to chase them
    down and kill the three of them, scattered around the cemetery, before going
    back to Bernie. They'll be hidden away in cover, but if you are careful and
    know their exact position, you'll only need to worry about gaining police
    attention. With them dead, you'll have to go back to wave Bernie off.
    Reward: $6,500
    After a while, you get a phone call from Bernie.
    BEC4. Bryce's Infernus
    In that phone call, Bernie gives Niko his ultimate reward for all his help -
    Bryce's Infernus. It is marked by the "BC" icon used as Bernie's mission
    The Infernus is a sports car that is very rare in this game. You're not likely
    to stumble across it in your travels. It's worth storing away.
    With that, we can carry on the story...
    GEM3. "I'll Take Her"
    Gerry and Niko speak between the glass during visiting hours. He has a scheme,
    but he cannot explain it to him in the presence of guards. He tells Niko to
    speak to Patrick.
    When you do, you'll learn that Gerry wants to kidnap Don Ancelotti's daughter,
    Gracie. Her residence is "mobbed up", and they'll need to get her out of the
    area before they take her. She is selling her car online, which provides the
    perfect opportunity to take her.
    Get to a computer terminal and get onto the AutoEroticar website. Once you
    find Gracie's pink Feltzer, you will pick up her phone number. Call it, and
    you'll organize a test drive. This can only be done between 8AM and 9PM. You
    will have to get to her house on Babbage Drive, near the corner of Hardtack.
    Once you are there, carefully head towards the State Correctional Facility. As
    you come to Acter Industrial Park, you can initiate the kidnapping. You'll
    then have to take her to the safehouse in Leftwood. She will fight Niko,
    causing the car to sway and possibly crash, but after a few shoves, Niko winds
    up knocking her out. This then makes for a more comfortable drive to the
    Reward: $9,500
    Soon after this mission, Patrick calls, telling that Don Ancelotti doesn't
    believe she has gone missing. You'll have to get to the safehouse room, take a
    picture of Gracie, and then send it to Patrick. With that done, you can go on
    to Gerry's next mission.
    Ray will also call to tell Niko that Ancelotti isn't going to cough up cash.
    Instead, he'll resort to using the missing diamonds (which are in their hands)
    for his daughter's freedom.
    GEM4. "She's A Keeper"
    Visiting time looms again, and Gerry resorts to talking in riddles to get his
    next assignment across to Niko without arousing suspicion. Ancelotti is on
    edge, and the guys will need to move Gracie to a new safehouse. He wants Niko
    to see that she gets there without a hitch.
    Head to the safehouse, where Gracie will be bundled into the trunk of this
    vehicle. You will then have to drive to the new safehouse in northern
    Algonquin. You'll have to be careful with Gracie in the trunk - kill her, and
    the mission is failed.
    To add pressure, unsuspecting Ancelotti goons, knowing of Niko's part in the
    kidnapping, will chase you. They will also shoot at you. Take them out as
    quick as you can to have a safer drive over. When you have Gracie at the new
    safehouse with Patrick, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $9,750
    Have full Health and Body Armor for Gerry's last mission.
    GEM5. "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
    A final talk between Gerry and Niko seems a bit solemn - he fears that his
    crimes have finally caught up with him, and he faces a long stay in prison.
    However, the better news is that everything is falling into place. Niko needs
    to talk to Patrick to get the low-down.
    The Ancelottis have reached an agreement - the diamonds for Gracie's freedom.
    Get to the safehouse to meet up with Patrick and Gracie. You are then driving
    to the water treatment plant on Charge Island.
    When you arrive, the trade-off is conducted between Niko and Patrick, and Tony
    Prince and Luis Lopez. The diamonds are left in the middle, and the two leave
    with Gracie. When the diamonds are about to be picked up, an unwelcome face
    appears - Mr. Bulgarin. He is now claiming ownership of the diamonds, and when
    Niko refuses to give them up, a shootout ensues.
    You need to fight your way to get the diamonds back. You'll have to shoot your
    way past all the goons marked at the bottom of the plant, plus a few more on
    the catwalks. You will then have to fight your way along the catwalks as you
    follow Patrick.
    Some reinforcements will soon arrive, so take them all out. All goons are
    marked out, so be aware of their position and be wary of them attacking you
    from a distance, which some have a tendency of doing.
    Once you've split with Patrick and rejoin him, you find the goon with the
    diamonds. Knowing that he's screwed either way, he drops them into traffic,
    and they land on the back of a dump truck.
    Finish off the remaining goons, climb down from the tank, and then get a
    vehicle. You will have to drop Patrick back off at his home.
    Reward: Nothing.
    A text from Patrick some time after this mission displays how pissed he is,
    but thanks Niko for helping. Ray will call, and then learn of the news.
    Gerry's missions are completed, and all missions given by the McReary family
    are done.
    >> CP18. Phil Bell
    Phil is a counterpart to Ray Boccino, serving directly under Don Pegorino in
    the Pegorino Mafia Family. He is much more likeable and approachable compared
    to Ray, and he's not very self-serving. He manages the dockyards at Port Tudor
    and has a share in Honkers' Strip Club. He is going through a divorce which
    has him on edge, but he's able to keep his head. He has four missions.
    PHB1. "Truck Hustle"
    Niko is introduced to Mr. Bell by Ray Boccino. Phil is comfortable with this,
    and gets to business. He is aware of the Triads in the area who are moving
    their merchandise, desperate to sell it. He thinks it should be worth stealing
    it from them. He orders Niko to take it from them.
    You are heading to an alley in Westdyke. Get into position, out of sight of
    the approaching Triads, and ready yourself for the ambush.
    You will have to shoot past all the Triads in this alley as you make your way
    towards the truck. Most of them are already in this alley, but light back-up
    may arrive. As soon as you near the truck, it drives off. Run towards the rear
    of it to grab on.
    As the truck moves through traffic, you need to get from the back of the truck
    to the cab to hijack it. The turns will throw you off if you're not careful.
    Make sure you have an idea where the truck might turn, and you'll do it in
    quick time. If you get stuck in a sticky situation, you should be able to
    rectify it pretty easily.
    Once you have the truck, Phil will ask for it to be delivered to the derelict
    mansion in Westdyke, with a relative of Phil's wife.
    Reward: $11,000
    Phil will call Niko to discuss working with another associate, whose line of
    work is a bit more "hands-on". This opens up the Assassination Contracts in
    Port Tudor.
    He'll call again to say that he's put a word in for him with Jimmy Pegorino,
    the head of the family. He is interested in meeting him, opening up his
    missions from his home in Westdyke. You'll need to be dressed smartly for his
    first mission.
    >> CP19. Jimmy Pegorino
    Jimmy Pegorino is the head of the Pegorino Mafia, a prominent syndicate in
    Alderney. However, the other five families based out of Liberty State see them
    as small-fry. He tries to make his name alongside all the other Mafioso, doing
    whatever it takes to get them up there. He has five missions, mostly from his
    home in Westdyke.
    JIP1. "Pegorino's Pride"
    It takes a while, but Niko is soon waved in to the office of Jimmy Pegorino.
    He likes what he has heard about Niko, and the two seem to get on well. Ray
    arrives to offer a parting gift, trying to squeeze Niko for "helping" him get
    this far in this humble organization. That's a trait he'll have to get used
    to. Meanwhile, Pegorino has organized a meeting with the Pavanos, part of the
    five families, and he wants Niko to do his bit by watching over it.
    Get in the Schafter and wait for Pegorino to enter. From there, you're taking
    a trip down to the derelict warehouse complexes in Acter Industrial Park. Once
    you get down there, Pegorino's goons hand Niko a Combat Sniper, and he is
    ordered up to a vantage point to watch over the meet.
    Go up the warehouse right in front of you, and draw the Combat Sniper. A few
    minutes watching over the meet, and it goes wrong. You'll need to take out the
    several goons, before heading down to clean up the rest in quick time. You'll
    need to get to Pegorino before he is killed.
    There's a goon up the top of the steps to the complex, several out in the open
    and a few through the rooms where Pegorino is. Watch out for them, and when
    you get to Pegorino, you'll have to chase down the Pavano goons that have
    stolen the tribute.
    A short chase will see them crash at a refinery a few blocks over. Kill the
    remaining Pavanos and retrieve the tribute. It is then a long ride back to
    Pegorino's house.
    Reward: $10,500
    A text from Jimmy soon after this mission will unlock his next one.
    JIP2. "Payback"
    Pegorino is now in much better shape, and is looking to make the Pavanos pay
    for the events that occured in the last mission. He orders Niko down to Port
    Tudor to tail a couple of them to a meet, hitting all of the goons that are
    there, and stealing any money they have held up there.
    Get into the PMP 600 and head down to the diner. The Pavano goons will figure
    out that Niko is tailing them, making it a rough chase. They will shoot you as
    you tail them through Alderney City to Westdyke AutoEroticar, the neighborhood
    car showroom. You need to kill all the Pavanos in the showroom to complete the
    A simple way to complete this mission is to launch RPGs or throw Grenades into
    the showroom. The vehicles will begin a chain reaction that should wipe out
    all the Pavanos. Either that, or you'll have to clear them out with bullets.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Inside the showroom are cash drops. This provides you with several thousands
    in cash. You'll get a phone call from The Contact, who wants to introduce Niko
    to long-time criminal Jon Gravelli. This unlocks Gambetti's missions from the
    Hospital in Downtown Broker.
    Phil's missions are now available, so let's cut back to them.
    PHB2. "Catch The Wave"
    As soon as Niko arrives to talk to Phil, he is escorted back out for a job
    that Phil needs to do. As you travel to a truck on Catskill Ave., Phil tells
    what is happening - there's a shipment coming in, protected by the Russians.
    They were planning to hijack it, but it has arrived early, forcing them into
    action straight away.
    Drive the truck to the docks on Charge Island. The plan is to drive straight
    into the middle of the Russians. Of course, they won't be fooled, so you'll
    have to be prepared for an attack.
    And, sure enough, their best laid plans fail. You'll need to cut through the
    Russians in front of you, and then take cover to take out all the Russians in
    the warehouse. They crawl from just about every corner in this warehouse, and
    several spawn from up top, so you'll need to be on your guard to make it to
    the other side. You also need to stick close to Phil so that the goons don't
    kill him.
    Once you've made your way to the dock, you'll need to take the boat and follow
    Phil to the docking point. You'll be pursued by the Russians, but these boats
    can easily out-chase them. Get to the drop-off in northern Algonquin to finish
    Reward: $7,500
    Jimmy's missions reappear, but we'll finish with Phil first.
    PHB3. "Trespass"
    Once more, Niko arrives to speak to Phil, but he is soon led back out. It
    turns out that the Russians found out that the Pegorinos were responsible for
    their shipment being stolen, and "Fat" Charlie is off to tell the Commission.
    It is something that the Five Families can't hear, otherwise a place for the
    Pegorinos alongside the Liberty State Mafiosi is up in smoke.
    Head to the Sprunk Factory near Port Tudor. You can go in through the front,
    hitting them straight away, or go under the complex and work your way from the
    ground up. Whilst Niko deals death, Phil is going to make sure he has a few
    alibis to eliminate him from blame.
    The underground entrance is best, as you won't be walking straight into a
    gunfight. Head down into the tunnel and then into the gap in the wall to your
    left. Slowly make your way through this corridor, and you'll see two goons in
    front of you. Take them down quickly.
    As you make your way to their position, a single gunman will attack from the
    top of the steps. Cut him down and make your way up carefully to the ruins of
    the factory floor. Take cover and begin to clear out this room. You will begin
    to make your way to Chubby Charlie.
    When you get near Chubby Charlie, he'll shoot out a window and jump out of it.
    Clear this room of enemies and follow him out. The window has a short drop in
    the middle of this rooftop. There are a few enemies in cover ahead of you,
    which you must take down before advancing.
    There are gunmen at the makeshift bridges, plus a few on the higher rooftops,
    who will attack you. Kill those closest to your level, and then use an assault
    rifle to pick off those above you. Climb the ladders at the end of this route,
    and you'll have to pick off the remaining enemies to continue.
    You will see Chubby Charlie take flight in his helicopter. You have to shoot
    it down. If you have an RPG Launcher, just let an RPG rip. If not, use your
    assault rifle and aim for the pilot. Once the helicopter is down, it sets off
    an almighty explosion as it crashes inside the Sprunk Factory.
    Reward: $10,500
    You'll have to carefully make your way back down to street level.
    PHB4. "To Live And Die In Alderney"
    Niko arrives in the office, with Phil not in a rush for once. He asks for a
    favor - it offends Phil at first, but Niko convinces him to help him. In the
    meantime, Phil and Niko have another thing to do.
    You are heading to the derelict mansion in Westdyke, where the stolen Triad
    merchandise is sitting. Upon arriving, Phil and Niko check over the merch in
    the back of the vehicles, but then the Feds turn up. The guy hasn't done too
    good in checking over if the merchandise was being watched, and now it kicks
    off a mad chase.
    You need to keep up with Phil as you contend with the Wanted Level that will
    stick with you. It will finish up outside Alderney City in an alley near the
    hospital. The chase has its obstacles, but a good driver can keep up with Phil
    to the destination.
    Upon Phil and Niko ditching the cars, you then get involved in a shootout with
    N.O.O.S.E. and L.C.P.D. Use your assault rifle to pick them off as they come,
    and advance south down the alleys. Upon getting prompted to get to the escape
    van, an L.C.P.D. chopper circles overhead. Shoot it down, get in the van, and
    then lose the Wanted Level.
    Once you have done that, you will need to drop off the vehicle at a safehouse
    in Westdyke. With that done, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $12,000
    Phil's mission line ends, meaning that we can pick up where we left off with
    JIP3. "Flatline"
    When he arrives at the house, Niko has a shotgun pointed at him by Jimmy. He
    is on edge, but Niko manages to calm him down. It seems that his loyal body-
    guard, Anthony, was wearing a wire. He found out and raised hell with him over
    the phone. This led to Anthony having a heart attack. He has lived, and is now
    under heavy guard at Westdyke Memorial Hospital. Niko is ordered to go there
    and finish him off.
    Get to the hospital. Enter with no weapons drawn - the L.C.P.D. are crawling
    out of the woodwork, so you don't want to bring attention to yourself just
    yet. To the right of the desk before the hospital wing is a locker room. Take
    the Scrubs and head down to the room with Anthony in. Niko will order the cops
    out, allowing you to unplug the life support machine.
    You now have two choices - fight your way out of there, giving you a 3-Star
    Wanted Level; or run the hell out of there, gaining a 2-Star Wanted Level and
    losing all of your Body Armor and some Health in the process. If you have full
    Health and Body Armor, go for the latter, as gunning straight out of there
    will make it easier to lose the Wanted Level. However, if not, try your best
    to get out of there.
    Whichever method you choose, just make sure that you have lost the Wanted
    Level you gain, and then you will have the mission completed.
    Reward: $13,000
    You get to keep the Scrubs you picked up in this mission.
    A text from Ray Boccino will set up the next mission for Jimmy...
    JIP4. "Pest Control"
    This is a two-part mission.
    The first part begins in Chez Pegorino, where Jimmy, Phil and Ray are having a
    discussion as part of the Pegorino's war council. After Phil and Ray leave,
    Jimmy has a private discussion with Niko. It seems that his organization has a
    rat - he has been served papers, meaning that someone has some loose lips. He
    is thinking it may be Phil or Ray, but needs time to decide.
    The first part ends from there. After a few minutes, Pegorino will get in
    contact with Niko, and he's made up his mind. He wants Ray Boccino silenced.
    This commences part two of the mission straight away.
    Head to Cod Row in East Holland, where Ray is located. He is making his way to
    a chop sho in BOABO, but will be stopping for gas at the station on the corner
    of Albany and Topaz.
    Just follow him to the station. You don't need to keep your distance. It isn't
    news that gas tends to be highly explosive, so when they stop for gas, aim for
    the pumps and try to put their vehicles out of commission. It is likely that
    one may escape, so be prepared to chase it down and kill the occupants.
    Stand east across the street from the station when you do this. When Ray and
    his bodyguards are dead, the mission is complete.
    Reward: $14,500
    Pegorino's missions end, and won't reappear until near the end of the story.
    >> CP20. Jon Gravelli
    Jon Gravelli is a legend in his own time. He heads the Gambetti Mafia, and has
    been part of the gang for many, many years. Indicted but never convicted, he
    has his connections, including The Contact, which has kept him outside the
    bars several times. However, he is a dying man, residing a bed in Schottler
    Medical Center. He has three missions, playing a pivotal part to helping Niko
    find Darko Brevic.
    JOG1. "Entourage"
    The Contact introduces Niko to Mr. Gravelli. In between deep breaths from the
    oxygen tank, Gravelli explains that he wants a bodyguard of his own to protect
    a man giving a speech on Russian organized crime. He knows of Dimitri Rascalov
    and Niko's dealings with him, and thinks that it's in Niko's best interests to
    protect him.
    You are heading to a convoy parked outside the Grand Easton Terminal, and you
    are speaking to one of the bodyguards. Niko will be riding with the V.I.P.,
    Bobby Jefferson, behind the lead vehicle.
    You are eventually led into an ambush, organized by the Russian mobsters.
    Bobby will hide out in an alleyway, and you must help fight off the Russians.
    They will come in two heavy waves, and you are exposed by the points they take
    along the streets. Be careful of those on the rooftops and hiding behind cover
    along the street, and you should be fine.
    Once you have eliminated the Russians, you must get Mr. Jefferson to the Civic
    Citadel at City Hall. The Russians will still pursue you in their vehicles,
    and you must outrun them as you head to the Citadel.
    With Mr. Jefferson safe and sound, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $12,000
    JOG2. "Dining Out"
    Gravelli still wants to do more of a service to Liberty City, and now he wants
    Niko to help stop "devaluation of the currency". Kim Yung-Gook, the money
    launderer Niko helped in "Babysitting" with Derrick McReary, is enjoying his
    counterfeiting business as it picks up pace. He eats out at Mr. Fuk's Rice Box
    in Alderney City. Gravelli wants Niko to take him out.
    Get to the restaurant in Alderney City. Niko has to whack the guy he helped
    enter the country. After confronting the doorman, kill him and make your way
    into the heart of the restaurant. The dining area has a circular balcony, and
    Kim's guards will attack you from all angles. This means that you are open to
    many attackers.
    Stick under one of the balconies and clear out the guards in front of you.
    Aim behind you, and step backwards to pick off those on that side. There will
    then be several more guards scattered around the tables. Make sure that you've
    cleared out the area, and then go into the Manager's Office to question him.
    Kim is in the kitchen, which has the double-doors. Reinforcements arrive in
    the dining area, so clear them out, and then fight your way to Kim in the
    kitchen. He will run when he sees you and go down the fire escape. Stay on the
    fire escape as he runs to his PMP 600, and pick him off before he enters it.
    If you react quick enough, the more likely you are to get him. Otherwise, you
    will have to chase him.
    When he is dead, the mission is completed.
    Reward: $13,250
    JOG3. "Liquidize The Assets"
    The Contact sits with Niko at the final meeting between them and Gravelli. He
    tells Niko the highlights of his illustrious history, including some previous
    dealings with the Ancelottis. He has learned that they are storing merchandise
    in vans at their Alderney lock-up, with the help of the Russians. Niko is
    promised his ultimate reward for this task.
    Head to the compound in Tudor. The cutscene gives you the location of many of
    the Russian guards. There are several vans for you to destroy.
    To make this easier, you want to clear out all the Russians before blowing the
    vans up. Climb over the gate and cut down the Ancelottis as you see them. Some
    are on the rooftops, so be wary of them and kill them when you have the chance
    By the end of the compound, you should have most (if not all) Ancelottis
    killed. There are plenty of things you can use as decent cover along the way.
    Use Grenades or shoot at the tyres to destroy the vans. When they are all
    destroyed, the mission is completed. If you miss any of the Russian guards,
    they will still attack you. You may have to kill them before leaving.
    Reward: $14,500
    This ends Gravelli's missions. He will call, telling Niko that he will call
    when Darko Brevic is brought to him.
    TSS. "That Special Someone"
    This is randomly activated with a call from The Contact.
    He has phoned to inform Niko of Darko Brevic - they have brought him to
    Francis International Airport. Niko will then call Roman to tell him the news.
    Roman wants to join Niko. You have to pick him up from Firefly Island.
    With Roman in tow, you are driving to the Airport. The two have a discussion
    on matters - Niko's tone and the things he is saying seem pretty dark. When
    you arrive, proceedings commence.
    Niko sets about getting answers. He learns that Darko betrayed his friends for
    the princely sum of $1,000. Niko, incensed that he would become a traitor for
    such a meagre sum, has a choice to make.
    You get to make that choice - kill Darko and get Niko his revenge, or spare
    him, leaving him to suffer. Your choice will not have any repercussions. Once
    you have made your decision, you will have to drop off Roman at Brucie's.
    The dialogue will change depending on your decision, but Niko will still have
    the same attitude.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Niko will call Bernie to inform him of Darko's outcome. Pegorino then calls,
    opening up his final mission...
    JIP5. "One Last Thing"
    Niko waits for Jimmy to arrive at Honkers, and orders a drink. When Jimmy
    finally arrives, he gets straight to business. He has to sell the merchandise
    obtained by Niko and Phil Bell sold to a buyer. A Russian is acting as the
    middleman - the man being no-one other than Dimitri Rascalov. Of course, Niko
    says no, but Jimmy reminds him of the principles he should be following by
    offering his services to Jimmy, and he seems desperate.
    Niko leaves, and you are free to go about yourself for a while. Two phone
    calls are then made - one to Roman, who has heard talk of Niko working with
    Dimitri, and encourages it with the prospect of big money.
    A second call is made to Kate, who gives her advice. She tells Niko not to go
    through with it. She warns him that she'll lose all respect for him if he
    Two icons appear - a dagger for "Revenge", and a dollar-sign for "Deal".
    "Revenge" is located in the Broker Navy Yard, at the Platypus; "Deal" is
    located near Port Tudor.
    They present a choice - you can only take one path. Your choice will affect
    the ending of the game. So, the first GTA game with alternative endings.
    Follow onto CP21 to do "Deal".
    Skip ahead to CP22 to do "Revenge".
    >> CP21. Deal
    You have chosen to meet with Phil Bell and carry out the deal. The mission
    "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic" will play out similarly, but with a different ending.
    So, let's do this.
    DEA1. "If The Price Is Right"
    After meeting with Phil, you can head straight out to do this deal. The plan
    is set - Dimitri hands over the drugs, and then calls Niko and Phil to pick up
    the cash.
    When you reach the gate, you are told to enter and await further instructions.
    Niko then gets a call from Dimitri. It was wrong to trust him again - he's
    killed the buyer, kept the drugs, and has taken the cash. Niko and Phil are on
    dangerous ground now, and it would be worth fighting for the cash if they're
    fighting for their lives too.
    Follow Phil to the top of the warehouse, and follow him down through one of
    the skylights. Draw your assault rifle and attack the goons as they come at
    you. Pick off the goons when you can see them, and beat them to the punch when
    they rush out to attack you.
    The game won't allow you to shoot Phil. Though you shouldn't want to do that
    anyway, it is irritating when he wanders in front of you.
    Keep an eye on the catwalks for attackers running to get their bearings on you
    and Phil, and cut them down. Fight your way to the office, which is on the
    other set of catwalks across from where you began. This means fighting your
    way down and then back up again.
    Cover on the ground floor is essential when more goons come to attack you in
    small but lethal groups. From there, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for
    rushers and the others that pop out from cover.
    Once you get into the office, two goons will pop out to take you by surprise.
    Cut them down quickly, and have Phil close by to proceed. You cannot enter the
    office until he is near you. Phil and Niko will learn that the buyer has taken
    off with the money, and you'll need to chase them down.
    He will try to escape in a truck with the money inside. You will need to get
    him out, kill him, and then retrieve the cash. You will have to damage the
    truck until it is flaming to stop the buyer, so do this quickly.
    With the cash in hand, take Phil back to the starting point of the mission to
    finish up.
    Reward: $250,000
    Niko will phone Roman, who is very happy to learn that they have earned their
    riches. A phone call with Jimmy ends their partnership, but he wishes Niko
    good luck. He declares the Pegorinos "on top".
    A call with Kate isn't a happy one, though. She doesn't want to be his friend
    anymore. This ends their relationship with each other.
    You will soon get a series of phone calls from Roman about his wedding. You'll
    need to wear a suit and smart shoes to the ceremony by 10AM once the mission
    is activated.
    DEA2. "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic"
    When this mission is finally activated, you'll have to head straight to the
    After saying their vows, Roman and Mallorie begin married life together. As
    they gather outside, though, Niko is confronted by Dimitri's hitman. A
    struggle ensues, with three bullets fired. Whilst the final one kills the
    hitman, one of the shots fatally wounds Roman.
    Niko's cousin is dead. Niko wakes up at the Bohan Safehouse in his old clothes
    he worn upon arriving in Liberty City.
    He now wants revenge against Dimitri. Little Jacob is able to help, summoning
    Niko to Koresh Square in Alderney City...
    DEA3. "A Revenger's Tragedy"
    When you arrive to meet Jacob, he tells how he's been tailing Pegorino's goons
    around town, and how he knows Dimitri is with him. You have to follow the
    goons to wherever you are led.
    They will shoot at you as you pursue them. They will go onto Plumber's Skyway
    and exit from the opposite lane in Westdyke. Mirror their path and watch for
    the traffic, before you are led to an abandoned casino at the northern tip of
    Alderney island.
    Jacob will leave to organize a getaway once Niko has made his way through to
    kill Dimitri and the gunmen.
    Stay in cover behind the vehicle and cut down the goons. Some are on the lower
    rooftops, and the rest are outside, with several also inside. Just look for
    their positions and you should get them easily.
    When you get to Dimitri, you see him in his last act of treachery - putting a
    bullet in Pegorino's head. You will have to fight past the last of the guards
    as you chase Dimitri. Kill the guards on the rooftop and the few that remain
    in front of you, plus the car-load that will arrive.
    Dimitri will board a helicopter. When it takes off, it will aim an RPG
    straight at Niko. Get on shore to avoid a boat explosion that will take his
    life, then get into the boat. As you chase him on the water, Little Jacob then
    turns up in his own chopper. Get in line with it, jump, and repeatedly press
    A to climb aboard and chase Dimitri in the air.
    Jacob will nail Dimitri's chopper with an RPG as you near Happiness Island,
    but, tit-for-tat-, you get shot down as well. Niko, Jacob and Dimitri are
    forced into landings on Happiness Island.
    Dimitri will be on the run, with one Russian to protect him. Kill the Russian,
    and then nail Dimitri.
    The final cutscene shows Dimitri in his dying moments. Niko finishes him off,
    and then when Jacob arrives, he swiftly leaves.
    The credits will roll. The storyline has ended. Game complete.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Skip to Section 12 for the rest of the guide.
    >> CP22. Revenge
    Or maybe the money meant nothing to you. Niko has seen an opportunity to ice
    Dimitri, now that Roman has told him that he is on board the good old ship,
    The Platypus. With a treacherous streak in him, Niko doesn't want anything to
    do with dealing with Dimitri, even if getting revenge means Pegorino taking an
    almighty fall.
    REV1. "A Dish Served Cold"
    When you arrive at The Platypus, you see the Russians loading up the ship, and
    Dimitri down in the hull. He is supervising the move. Between Niko and Dimitri
    are quite a number of bodyguards.
    Begin by killing the Russian goons on the ground, and then heading up and
    ducking straight into cover on board the deck. You will have to keep moving
    forward to get shots on the gunmen ahead of you. A few will be hiding off at
    the loading doors, and some up on top of the bridge. You are aiming to make
    your way into and on top of the bridge to activate the controls to open the
    loading doors down to the hull.
    Getting into the bridge is tough, as you will be met by several gunmen packed
    into the kitchen and mess hall, which is a small spot. Take cover before the
    door, and pick off the goons in here. Alternatively, cook a Grenade and throw
    it inside for a quick fix.
    Once inside, with this area cleared out, head up the steps to the sleeping
    quarters. Some goons await you up here - a couple hide out in the rooms. In
    two of the rooms, you will find Body Armor and a Carbine Rifle. With that in
    mind, fight your way outside.
    There are several more enemies awaiting you, which you can take by surprise by
    taking cover around the corner and taking them out. The last one is at the
    controls, so take them out, collect the Body Armor inside it if you need it,
    and activate the Controls.
    This opens up the loading doors. You must make your way back down to the deck
    and then jump down them. A gunmen awaits you the same way you came, so head
    out the other entrance to the bridge and make your way down. A few more will
    await you down at the middle of the ship, so if you have a Sniper handy, pop
    them. The west side has no exit, so it's a long way down to deck, so you have
    a better chance going the way you came if you don't have much Health left.
    Anyway, with all gunmen above and on deck cleared out, angle the camera at the
    drop of the cargo doors to figure out a way down. Make your way down from the
    crates, and you will confront Dimitri.
    Kill his protection, and once you have cut his health down, you can execute
    him. Do that, and then you can make your way off the boat without a hitch. A
    door is now opened that leads straight to the mess hall and out to the deck.
    Once off the Platypus, the mission is completed.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Niko will call Roman to inform him of the news. He's disappointed, but he can
    now relax knowing that Dimitri and the Russians will not bother them again.
    Phil will call Niko, telling him that the Pegorinos have fallen apart, and
    Jimmy is now a finished man. He understands Niko's decision, saying he didn't
    trust him either, but the two cannot speak again.
    A series of calls will soon activate the next mission. It will be activated
    once Niko informs Kate of the news. She is happy that he made the right
    decision, and wants picking up for the wedding.
    REV2. "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic"
    Once the phone call with Kate is finished, head to the McReary household to
    pick her up. Then you make tracks for the wedding. Along the way, Niko talks
    about a fresh start, now that his ties are broken. Kate seems condescending,
    but she looks forward to Niko's violence-free future.
    After saying their vows, Roman and Mallorie begin married life together.
    Everyone gathers outside to congratulate them, and Niko and Kate get closer to
    each other. However, Pegorino pulls up, firing his AK47 into the crowd and
    then driving away.
    No-one is harmed, apart from Kate. She has been killed, almost instantly.
    Roman and just about everyone else advises he goes home.
    He wakes up in the Bohan safehouse in his old clothes that he worn when he
    arrived in Liberty City.
    He now wants revenge against Pegorino for Kate's death. Little Jacob will call
    to help him with that.
    REV3. "Out Of Commission"
    When you arrive to meet Jacob and Roman, he tells how he's been tailing
    Pegorino's goons around town, and they should lead them to the man himself.
    They will shoot at you as you pursue them. They will go onto Plumber's Skyway
    and exit from the opposite lane in Westdyke. Mirror their path and watch for
    the traffic, before you are led to an abandoned casino at the northern tip of
    Alderney island.
    Jacob will leave to organize a getaway once Niko has made his way through to
    kill Pegorino and his crew. Roman, still in tow, will join him.
    Stay in cover behind the vehicle and cut down the goons. Some are on the lower
    rooftops, and the rest are outside, with several also inside. Just look for
    their positions and you should get them easily.
    You will reach Pegorino. He blames Niko for his downfall, and wants his blood.
    You will have to chase him outside. Kill the few guys on this roof, jump down
    and kill the last few goons ahead of you, including the car-load that will
    show up.
    Pegorino will board a boat, and you'll have to use the nearby Sanchez to chase
    him along the coast. Roman and Jacob will fly overhead in an Annihilator, and
    you will need to jump the jetty before the Hickey Bridge to get onto the
    chopper. Press A repeatedly to get aboard and to take control of the chopper.
    You will fly overhead, following Pegorino south to Happiness Island. The
    chopper and Pegorino's boat are wrecked, and everyone bails on the Island.
    You then have to take out one of Jimmy's goons and then hit the man himself.
    When he is dead, you get the final cutscene.
    Jimmy is on his last legs, and after being taunted by Niko, he goes to fire a
    bullet at him. Niko reacts faster and delivers the killer shot before he does.
    Roman and Jacob catch up, and see Jimmy's dead body. Both can rejoice -
    especially Roman, as he knows that he and Niko are free. Niko, however, is
    still reeling over Kate. It's the loss over the event - even getting his
    revenge hasn't done enough.
    The credits roll. The storyline has ended. Game complete.
    Reward: $250,000
    So, with all the story missions completed, all we have left is the majority of
    the side-content. The next several sections will cover the path to earning
    100% Completion.
    12.      The Fixer - Assassination Contracts
    After completion of the mission "Truck Hustle", Phil Bell proposed that Niko
    visit a payphone in Port Tudor to talk to a man who had some "work". If you go
    to this phone, you are given an Assassination Contract by a man only known as
    The Fixer.
    He is sent a contract and gives it to anyone willing to fulfil it. He only
    uses this "hardline" and outside help from unknown hitmen to eliminate him
    from any attention from the authorities.
    For the Contracts, Niko is provided Body Armor and a weapon suitable for
    carrying out the assignment. There are nine Assassination Contracts, all
    assigned to you at random. Niko will call The Fixer after each successful hit;
    on the final one, The Fixer will call off Niko's services so they don't make a
    habit of things.
    They are all listed below in order of reward:
    + >> Bailing Out For Good        \
    +    Reward: $3,000               \
    Your target will be exiting the Police Station in Leftwood. He will enter a
    car, meaning that you may have to give chase. He will walk to the vehicle when
    you approach. If you can find him quick enough, and you can gun him down quick
    enough, this makes for an easy hit. Otherwise, you'll have to give chase. It
    is an easy hit, no matter how it is approached.
    + >> Hook, Line And Sinker       \
    +    Reward: $3,000               \
    Your target is on his boat at the northern end of the West River, between
    Algonquin and Alderney. If you go to the beach east of the derelict mansion in
    Westdyke, you will find a couple of boats that you can use to chase him. Take
    the Tropic, as it is the fastest boat here, and it can keep up with the target
    pretty easily. Use your SMG to take the target out and finish up.
    + >> Migration Control           \
    +    Reward: $3,000               \
    The target is on top of the Booth Tunnel in Alderney City. He will prepare to
    board the Maverick on top of the Tunnel. You will need to take him out before
    he is able to fly away. If you have an RPG, shoot the chopper when the target
    is close enough. If you don't, but you have a sniper handy, you can take him
    out from a distance. That failing you, it'll be a tight one to gun him down in
    + >> Taken Out                   \
    +    Reward: $3,000               \
    The target is moving through Alderney. He has backup with him, which you must
    contend with. He is also being driven by Limo, which takes a random route.
    Fight past his backup, and then go for the target. If you have an RPG handy,
    guess his route and then wipe out the Limo for a quick fix.
    + >> Water Hazard                \
    +    Reward: $3,000               \
    The target is on a boat situated between Acter and Tudor. Approach it from the
    north shore, draw your Sniper, locate your target, and take him out. This hit
    is one of the simplest.
    + >> Derelict Target             \
    +    Reward: $4,000               \
    There are multiple targets inside a derelict building in Alderney City. They
    have bodyguards protecting them, spanning most levels of the multi-storey
    building across from your Alderney City Safehouse.
    Grab the Body Armor, restore your Health if it isn't full, and then get to the
    building. Most enemies are guards, and working your way from lowest to highest
    you are going through most of the building. As you go up the steps, you are
    exposed to the small group of guards on each level, so be careful as you go
    through the building.
    The hit is complete with the death of the last target.
    + >> R.U.B. Down                 \
    +    Reward: $4,000               \
    The targets are located in Acter Industrial Park. They are amongst a group of
    bikers who are conducting some sort of deal. They will scatter when they flee,
    meaning that there is a chance that one can escape, failing the hit. You are
    best off with an RPG to wipe out most of them, and then using an assault rifle
    to take out the last one.
    + >> Dead End                    \
    +    Reward: $6,500               \
    The target is driving around Alderney City. When you approach, it will begin
    moving, and when the target gets spooked, he will flee. He always heads
    straight to an alley complex nearby. The target plus several of his guards
    will open fire on you if you get close. When the target is dead, the hit is
    + >> Industrial Action           \
    +    Reward: $7,500               \
    The targets are located in Acter Industrial Park. As you approach the complex
    where they are located, you will be given the three targets plus several
    bodyguards to take out. They are positioned above you on the walkways, with
    some around the back.
    Pull out your Carbine Rifle and take out your targets from a distance. Move
    forward, taking out the targets that you are able to pick off, and then make
    your way to the steps to the south. From there, you should be able to mop up
    and complete the hit.
    13.      Random Encounters
    After completing certain story missions, you may pass a street corner and see
    a green body symbol pop up. These are Random Encounters.
    Many of the Encounters are required for 100% Completion. There are fourteen
    to complete - four of them are not required for it. Added to that, three of
    them appear dependent on the choices you make during the storyline. A maximum
    of fourteen, and a minimum of eleven, to complete.
    You must complete all the first Encounters available to you for the "No More
    Strangers" Achievement. You only need to complete their first encounters, as a
    few of the Random Encounters characters have more than one. Any Encounters not
    required for 100% Completion or dependent on decisions are noted.
    Many of the Encounters are easy to complete, and provide a good variant to the
    story missions.
    REN1. Brian Meech
    Brian Meech is young drug addict, originally from Los Santos. When Niko first
    meets him, he's well into his habit. He has three Encounters, the first one
    available after the mission "It's Your Call".
    Encounter 1
    You will find Brian on Iriquois Ave. just down the road south from Roman's Cab
    Depot. It is simply a cutscene of a conversation between Niko and Brian. He's
    obviously high, and starts making fun of Niko's accent and personality. As
    part of his xenophobic insults, he gives Niko some cash.
    Reward: $100
    Encounter 2
    You will find Brian in Hove Beach on Crockett Ave. some time after completing
    Encounter 1. This time, Brian wants to show Niko something. You are driving
    him to Masterson to pick up the "biggest rock in the world". After he goes to
    his drug deal and comes away with his stash, you have to drop him off on
    Wappinger Ave. in Hove to finish up.
    Reward: $200
    Encounter 3
    You will find Brian in Downtown Broker, on the corner of Montauk and Earp near
    the Gun Store, some time after completing Encounter 2. Brian is now clean, and
    apologizes to Niko for offending him. You then need to take him to his dealer
    to "make up for things", as part of his rehab programme. They are on Onion.
    The dealers will attack him with baseball bats. Shoot one of them - killing
    them or not doesn't matter - to scare them off, and then take Brian back to
    Reward: $500
    REN2. Badman
    Badman, real name Teafore Maxwell-Davies, is Little Jacob's friend. He has a
    single Encounter, and is found on a park bench near the corner of Morris St.
    and Dukes Boulevard in East Island City. The Encounter is unlocked after the
    mission "Shadow".
    He is having trouble with some Russian thugs, as is Niko with the Faustins. He
    suggests that they take them down to deal with things. A group of Russians are
    located in Willis, inside an alley on Carrollton St.
    Take cover behind them and begin to take them out. If you stay in cover, this
    Encounter is easy.
    Reward: $500 plus any money drops collected from the Russians.
    REN3. Mel
    Mel was one of the regulars at Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. You will have seen
    him during one of Vlad Glebov's missions. He can be found in an alley on
    Mohawk in Hove Beach, up the street from Comrades and near the Russian Clothes
    Shop. He has one Encounter, unlocked after "The Puerto Rican Connection".
    Niko takes some reminding, but he remembers the "Comrades' drunk". Another man
    who has changed his ways, he's given up the sauce and now needs to start his
    path to forgiveness. He wants Niko to take him to a man to settle his debts.
    You are heading to an alleyway/parking lot off of Montauk Ave. It seems that
    Mel has done worse than created a debt for this guy, and he and his buddies
    attack him.
    They will attack with Pistols. Quickly pull out a gun and kill them. Once that
    is done, you will need to take a very shaken Mel back to the alley where you
    picked him up from.
    Reward: $500
    REN4. Ileyna Faustin
    Ileyna is the long-suffering wife of Mikhail, and we rejoin her after Niko has
    killed him. Her only Encounter is available from the Firefly Boardwalk at the
    southern end of Broker island, and is unlocked after "The Puerto Rican
    She has taken a fall from grace since Mikhail's death. She and daughter Anna
    have moved out to a one-bedroom apartment, as she has had to face near-
    bankruptcy. She also thinks that another boyfriend of Anna's is taking
    advantage of her. She wants him warned off - "but no more killing".
    Get to Anna's boyfriend. After confronting him, just beat him up to finish the
    Reward: Nothing.
    REN5. Pathos
    Pathos is a "street artist" - in other words, he's a low-scale rapper. He has
    two Encounters, each of them at Star Junction, where he sells his CDs. His
    first Encounter is unlocked 
    Encounter 1
    You will find Pathos is not too far south of where the four roads meet in the
    center of Star Junction. He introduces himself to Niko, trying to sell his
    music CD. He gets heckled and sets out to deal with the guys doing it. Chase
    after Pathos and take out the two guys annoying him to finish up.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Encounter 2
    You will find Pathos near the statue not too far north of where the four main
    roads meet in the center of Star Junction. He gets talking to Niko again,
    about a new CD that he has cut. However, more hecklers have come, and this
    time when Pathos chases them, they pull out a gun and shoot him.
    Quickly draw your gun and kill them. Get back to your vehicle and get Pathos
    to the hospital quickly.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Pathos will email you some time after his final Encounter. He's recovering and
    is greatful that Niko helped him.
    REN6. Sara
    Sara is a typical New York young woman - self-obsessed, bases herself on self-
    image, and overall self-centered. She's a housewife who seems to have it in
    for all the men in her life, including Niko at one point. Her two Encounters
    can only be picked up at night after 8PM.
    Encounter 1
    Sara is found on Back Passage in Suffolk, Algonquin. She asks if she's still
    "got it", and Niko tries to be polite. It results in him giving her a ride to
    her home. As you head to her house, she tells how she is going to milk her ex-
    husband for all she can, thanks to a weak pre-nup agreement.
    When you drop her off, her ex is there, and thinks Niko is one of her lovers.
    You are forced into a fight with him. Beat him up or kill him, it won't affect
    the outcome of the Encounter.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Encounter 2
    Sara is found near Pier 45 in Fishmarket South, Algonquin. She doesn't recall
    her night with Niko because she was too wasted to. She wants a package picked
    up for her, but goes on a rant when Niko declines. He has no choice but to
    fulfil her wishes.
    You are picking the package up from Perseus. The guy won't hand it over unless
    Niko gives him $500. You can either pay him or beat him up to get it. Use your
    preferred method and drop it off for Sara.
    Reward: $500
    You will get an extra $500 from Sara as a reimbursement if you paid for the
    package. Otherwise, you've got a $500 profit for this mission.
    REN7. Hossan Ramzy
    Hossan is an Egyptian immigrant who was a buddy of Niko's on the Platypus when
    they arrived in the city. He can be found on the corner of Frankfort and
    Garnet in Suffolk, Algonquin after completion of "The Puerto Rican
    Connection". He only has one Encounter.
    He and Niko bump into each other, and begin talking about the time that has
    passed since they parted ways. He is selling knock-off goods from this stall.
    They are interrupted by a call from his boss, and asks Niko if he could take
    him to pick up his paycheque.
    You are taking Hossan to Castle Drive. The guy screws him out of the pay, and
    takes off. You need to chase down and kill him. Once you have successfully
    done that, pick up Hossan's pay, and then drop him off in an alley on Feldspar
    to finish up.
    Reward: $500
    REN8. Marnie Allen
    Marnie is a junkie, homeless and does anything to score - even reducing
    herself to selling her body. She moved from the Midwest, but it all went wrong
    by the time she settled down. She has two Encounters, available after "Three
    Leaf Clover" and unlocking Alderney.
    Encounter 1
    Marnie can be found at the small park in City Hall, at the corner of Liberty
    Lane and Diamond St. She begs for money from Niko, and even offers sex, but
    Niko, concerned for her, advises her to stray away from that. She is desperate
    for a fix, and Niko decides to take her to her dealer.
    You are driving Marnie to an alley in Koresh Sq. in Alderney City. She knows
    the kindness of Niko's actions, and respects him for it. When you drop her off
    you will be forfeited $500.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Encounter 2
    Marnie can be found near the corner of Quartz and Ivy Drive South in Varsity
    Heights, Algonquin. She is upset, fearing she's going to be killed for her
    drug-fuelled actions. She asks Niko to get her to Grand Easton Terminal so she
    can return home to her family.
    Drive her to the Station. Along the way, she explains how she got into the
    mess she's in now, and how she's going to get clean with her family's help.
    When you drop her off, you will be forfeited $500 again.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Marnie will send you an email some time after completion of the second
    Encounter. She thanks Niko for his help, and tells how she has finally got
    clean and is making a go of enrolling in college again.
    REN9. Eddie Low
    You may have heard news reports on the game's radio about a mysterious serial
    killer preying upon late-night joggers. This man, Eddie Low, is the man that
    is committing the murders and eluding the cops. He's a very strange man, with
    charges ranging from animal cruelty to indecent exposure. Eddie has two
    Encounters, both only available between 10PM and 4AM. They are available after
    completion of "Three Leaf Clover" and unlocking Alderney.
    Encounter 1
    Eddie can be found in alley east of the AutoEroticar showroom in Alderney City
    near Westdyke, in Alderney. He introduces himself to Niko in a strange manner,
    and then asks Niko to escort him to drop off a bag.
    You are taking Eddie to the Docks, the boat-loading terminals in Alderney
    City. Along the way, you'll have to get used to the strange patter of Mr. Low.
    You will then have to drop him off at Westminster to finish up.
    Reward: Nothing.
    If you go onto the in-game web and check the news some timer after this
    Encounter, a news story is published on a severed head found in a sports bag
    that has been washed ashore. Turns out you helped killer Eddie "drop off" one
    of his victims.
    Encounter 2
    Eddie can be found outside an alley near the intersection to Cockerell and
    Aspdin in Berchem, Alderney City. This time, Eddie turns nasty, and you are
    forced to kill him. He has a knife, so running from him, drawing a weapon and
    then opening fire on him is enough.
    Reward: Around $400 in Eddie's cash drop.
    Going back online some time after this Encounter will have you reading another
    article - the death of Eddie Low, now revealed to be responsible for the
    murders taking place in Liberty City.
    REN10. Gracie Ancelotti
    Gracie is Don Ancelotti's daughter, who you kidnapped in "I'll Take Her". If
    you head back to her house on Babbage Drive several in-game days after the
    mission "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", you will be able to activate her
    Encounter. It is a single Encounter from her home.
    She spots Niko, and goes into panic mode. Niko doesn't want trouble, but he's
    got it - she sends out her bodyguards to kill him. Back away from the house
    and take out the Ancelotti goons that come at you. Take out the one on the
    balcony, and then kill the rest.
    Reward: Nothing.
    The bodyguards will drop a good amount of money.
    REN11. Jeff
    Jeff is the only compulsory Random Encounter (i.e. always available) not
    required for 100% Completion. However, you'll still need to get him for the
    "No More Strangers" Achievement. He is a jealous husband to his wife, and is
    always suspecting her. His first Encounter becomes available after the mission
    "Photo Shoot" and when you have access to the Whiz Wireless Camera Phone. His
    Encounters also prove to be the most lucrative of all the characters.
    Encounter 1
    Jeff will be found on the corner of Bismarck and Uranium in East Holland. He
    gets talking to Niko as he rants on his "cheating, lying bitch" of a wife. It
    isn't healthy, especially due to his angina, but he wants Niko to follow her
    from her apartment to see where she goes with her "boyfriend".
    Get in your vehicle and tail her to the Superstar Cafe. Keep your distance so
    she doesn't suspect anything. You'll then have to sneak up on them on the
    upper level to take a picture of them, before sending it to Jeff and leaving.
    Reward: $1,000
    Encounter 2
    Some time after completing his first Encounter, Jeff will call you to set off
    this Encounter, which plays out more like a randomly activated mission. You
    will have to meet him in the underground parking lot in Lancaster.
    It seems Jeff has gone totally insane - clearly displayed in the back of his
    car is the body of his dead wife. He's murdered her in a jealous rage, and is
    offering quite a bit of money to Niko to dump it for him. Reluctantly, he
    agrees to it.
    You need to dump it in the waters off of Walnut Way in East Holland. Any cops
    that see you will chase you and warrant a Wanted Level. Try to get there as
    discreetly as possible, and dump the car in the water. It's better to stay in
    the vehicle and bail as you fly over the water, to reduce damage. You'll have
    to swim ashore to get Jeff to call you after the Encounter is done.
    Reward: $5,000
    Encounter 3
    Some time after completing his second Encounter, Jeff can be found on the
    corner of Feldspar and Denver in Suffolk. It's the same talk - he's remarried
    but is suspecting of his new wife. Niko, knowing Jeff's got a problem, rejects
    his proposition of another tailing mission.
    But, as Jeff leaves, someone hits him in their Turismo. This kills him, and
    ends the Encounter.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Jeff will drop around $1,000. Also, if you can react quickly enough, you can
    get the money and steal the Turismo for good measure.
    REN12. Clarence Little
    Clarence Little will only appear if you spared his life in "Holland Nights".
    He is not required for 100% Completion, but for "No More Strangers" if you did
    not kill him. He will appear near the corner of Astoria and Vauxite in East
    Holland after completion of the mission "Blood Brothers".
    He is clearly upset that Niko made him beg for his life, and is looking for
    revenge. You and Clarence will be behind cover. Take him out for an easy and
    quick Encounter.
    Reward: Nothing.
    Clarence may drop some money, but other than that, you can pick up his Micro-
    SMG as a reward.
    REN13. Cherise Glover
    Cherise is Dwayne Forge's ex-girlfriend. Her Encounter only appears if you
    spared her in the mission "Ruff Rider". She can be found near the corner of
    Wardite and Exeter in Northwood, Algonquin after "The Holland Play". The
    outcome of Dwayne isn't dependent on this Encounter.
    When Niko encounters her, she thanks him for showing kindness. It seems that
    she hasn't learned from Jayvon, because her new boyfriend is beating her. Niko
    decides to help straighten him out, but Cherise doesn't want another dead ex.
    Take her to the Northwood projects. After confronting the boyfriend, beat him
    up to give him a taste of his own medicine. Talk to Cherise to finish up.
    Reward: Nothing.
    REN14. Ivan Bytchkov
    Ivan was a thug working under Mikhail Faustin until he angered him and Vlad
    Glebov commissioned his murder. His Encounter only appears if you spared him
    in "Ivan The Not So Terrible", and is available after completing "Three Leaf
    Clover". His Encounter is not required for 100% Completion, but for "No More
    Strangers" if it is available to you.
    He can be found in Acter, on the corner of Mueri and Farnsworth. He is happy
    to see the man who spared him. He's fulfilled his promise to stay out of Hove
    Beach, and has made use as a loan shark out in Alderney. He asks for Niko's
    help with a client.
    You are heading to Berners Rd. You will end up having to take out five men,
    including the client. Kill them, get back to Ivan, and the Encounter is
    Reward: $1,000
    And that caps off all fourteen characters and their Encounters.
    14.      Friends
    An addition to the GTA series, you can now organize activities with any of the
    Friends you earn through game progression. Several Achievements are tied into
    this, as well as providing big steps towards 100% Completion.
    There are five Friends that you can earn in the game:
    >> Roman Bellic*
    >> "Little" Jacob Hughes
    >> Brucie Kibbutz
    >> Patrick McReary
    >> Dwayne Forge*
    *Roman and Dwayne are not required for 100% Completion. Roman may be killed in
    "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic", and you get to choose Dwayne's fate in "The Holland
    Play". Therefore, losing these Friends won't affect your 100% Completion hunt.
    You can finish the game with all five friends; but depending on your choices,
    you may finish up with the minimum of three.
    Also, a few things should be noted:
    -- Friends have a preferred Activity variant. For example, Jacob likes Fast
    Food, and Roman likes Drinking. All Friends like all Activities available to
    them, but may prefer a nightclub over a rundown bar, for example. Preferences
    are noted in this guide.
    -- As well as Niko inviting Friends on an Activity, they may also call him to
    arrange something. They are less likely to do this if you're regularly going
    on activities with them. Treat them well and take them out often, and their
    Like Stat will skyrocket. In contrast, ignore them, cancel or decline their
    arrangements, and the Like Stat goes down.
    -- Repetition is boring. If you invite someone out to Eat, and then call them
    the next day to do the same thing, they will decline. When you are going out
    on Activities, get some variations going. Do one thing one day, and then
    another the next.
    -- When the Like Stat reaches a certain level with one of your Friends, they
    will call you and you unlock their Special Ability. The Ability from Jacob,
    Brucie and Patrick are required for 100% Completion. If the Like Stat goes
    below that level, you lose it, and must get it back over to earn it again.
    Once you have the Ability, your Stats will not be affected if you lose it.
    -- The Like Stat can be affected in different ways aside from Activities. If
    you complete one of Brucie's races in first place, his Like Stat is bumped up;
    likewise with Roman's Fares or Jacob's Drug Deliveries. Fail them, and the
    Like Stat goes down. It is, however, much slower than going on Activities, as
    the Stat will only be affected by 1-2% either way.
    -- You cannot go on Activities with these Friends until they call you first to
    arrange something, unlocking the chance to hang out with them. All of them
    have missions tied to them, so beat them, and wait. Unlocking Dwayne's is a
    very temperamental one, but others you shouldn't have to wait long for.
    -- Don't organize an Activity too late in the night. Roman and Brucie will
    only pick up from mid-morning to before midnight. Patrick, Dwayne and Jacob
    are night owls and won't wake until the afternoon. Phone a Friend whilst they
    are asleep and they decline your offer, and the Like Stat will go down.
    So, take note of those things, and we can go about doing them. Feel free to
    email me additional advice if you think I've missed something out.
    FRI1. Activities
    There are number of Activities that you can do with your Friends. Some are
    actually unique to them, but many of them are general.
    The list of Activities available for you to partake in are listed below:
    -- Boating
    -- Bowling
    -- Darts
    -- Drinking
    -- Eating
    -- Heli Ride
    -- Pool
    -- Show
    -- Strip Club
    Boating and Heli Rides are exclusive to Brucie. Otherwise, all Activities are
    spread out evenly between your Friends.
    FRI2. Roman Bellic
    Roman will become your Friend during the end of his earlier string of missions
    at the beginning of the game. His Activities are:
    -- Bowling
    -- Darts
    -- Drinking
    -- Eating
    -- Pool
    -- Show
    -- Strip Club
    Roman doesn't really have any preferences, so you can take him just about
    anywhere and he'll enjoy himself.
    When you achieve around 70% in Roman's Like Stat, he will call you to give
    Niko his Special Ability. This Ability will allow you to use his Cab Service
    for free. Select Roman in the Phonebook, and then select Taxi. He'll send out
    a Cab to pick you up and take you to your selected destination free of charge.
    The Special Ability will be taken away from you after "Roman's Sorrow", but
    given back someone during the story missions in Algonquin.
    Roman's Special Ability and his Activities are NOT required for you to achieve
    100% Completion. His friendship may or may not be available depending on the
    outcome of the mission "Mr. And Mrs. Bellic".
    FRI3. "Little" Jacob Hughes
    Jacob will become your Friend after completing "Shadow" and finishing off his
    line of missions. He has six Activities:
    -- Darts
    -- Drinking
    -- Eating (his preference is Cluckin' Bell)
    -- Pool
    -- Show (his preference is the Perestroika Club)
    -- Strip Club
    Jacob isn't too fussy, but he seems to enjoy the preferences listed the most.
    When you achieve around 75% in Jacob's Like Stat, he will call you to give
    Niko his Special Ability. This Ability will allow you to buy guns from his
    vehicle for a discounted price.
    Earning Jacob's Special Ability is required for 100% Completion. You must also
    do each Activity with Jacob at least once for 100% Completion as well.
    His "gun vehicle" only contains the more common weapons, plus Body Armor.
    Discounts are not very generous, but it is a money-saver. Just go into the
    Phonebook, select Little Jacob, and then select Guns.
    FRI4. Brucie Kibbutz
    Brucie will become your Friend after completing "No. 1" and finishing off his
    line of missions. He has seven Activities:
    -- Boating
    -- Bowling
    -- Drinking
    -- Eating (prefers Superstar Cafe and high-end diners)
    -- Heli Ride
    -- Show (prefers the Split Sides Comedy Club)
    -- Strip Club
    Boating and Heli Ride is unique to Brucie, and is a rather simple Activity.
    It is simply going from Point A to B, before heading back to where you set off
    from. Brucie has somewhat exquisite taste, so only the best diners will do.
    When you achieve around 75% in Brucie's Like Stat, he will call you to give
    Niko his Special Ability. This Ability will allow you to be transported by
    Brucie via helicopter. You can select it under his entry in the Phonebook.
    Earning Brucie's Special Ability is required for 100% Completion. You must
    also do each Activity with Brucie at least once for 100% Completion as well.
    FRI5. Patrick McReary
    Patrick will become your Friend after completing "Three Leaf Clover" and
    finishing off his line of missions. He has six Activities:
    -- Bowling
    -- Darts
    -- Drinking
    -- Pool
    -- Show (prefers the Perestroika Club)
    -- Strip Club
    As with Jacob, Patrick prefers any Activity location, but he seems to like
    Perestroika over Split Sides.
    When you achieve around 75% in Patrick's Like Stat, he will call you to give
    Niko his Special Ability. This Ability will allow you to prepare a vehicle
    bomb for those difficult targets. This has obvious uses in certain situations,
    and can prove to be a life-saver.
    Earning Patrick's Special Ability is required for 100% Completion. You must
    also do each Activity with Patrick at least once for 100% Completion as well.
    FRI6. Dwayne Forge
    Dwayne will only become your friend if you spare his life in "The Holland
    Play". He has Activities:
    -- Bowling
    -- Drinking
    -- Eating
    -- Show
    -- Strip Club
    He is much like Roman by the fact that he has no real preferences.
    When you achieve around 75% in Dwayne's Like Stat, he will call you to give
    Niko his Special Ability. This Ability will have two of Niko's very own
    bodyguards over for him to protect himself. A good bonus to have if you want
    Dwayne's Special Ability and Activities are NOT required for 100% Completion.
    This is due to you having to choose his fate in "The Holland Play".
    15.      Vigilante Missions
    "Grand Theft Auto: IV" has thrown out what was traditional about side-missions
    in its predecessors - no Paramedic Mission, no Firefighter Mission, and a
    brief return of the Taxi Mission, with Roman's Fares.
    The Vigilante Mission returns, but there are two parts to it - "Cleaning The
    Mean Streets", and the Most Wanted checklist; all accessed from the Police
    Computer inside one of their vehicles.
    No levels, no money rewards, no bonuses (set from Achievements) - just going
    about and dishing out justice. Stock up on ammunition and Body Armor for both
    the instances.
    VIM1. "Cleaning The Mean Streets"
    Get into the Police Computer and select View Current Crimes. You will then get
    a list of three crimes for you to deal with. You can only select one out of
    these crimes. You'll have a time limit to reach the crime scene, and then you
    can take your time clearing out the perps.
    You can clear out as many crime scenes as you want. You need to clear out 20
    scenes in order to make a step towards 100% Completion.
    There are a number of instances that get progressively harder as you clear out
    more crime scenes:
    >> Criminal On Foot
       -- The perp is always on their own and stays on foot. They will wield
          better weaponry as you clear out more crime scenes.
    >> Gang Activity
       -- The perps are always bunched in a group. They become heavier in numbers
          and in firearms as you clear out more crime scenes.
    >> Stolen Vehicle
       -- One perp mans the wheel whilst the passengers shoot at you. The car will
          fill with other passengers as you clear out more crime scenes.
    Criminal On Foot is the easiest, and you want to select it if it is an option.
    The Stolen Vehicle progressively becomes the hardest, and you want to avoid it
    if you can.
    These can be done in any of the four boroughs. You're best off in Bohan if you
    want to complete this quickly. Otherwise, stick to the area you know.
    No rewards come from this, apart from the money and weapons dropped by the
    VIM2. Most Wanted
    Go back into the Police Computer and select "View Most Wanted". This will
    bring up the ten Most Wanted criminals in the boroughs. There are three lists.
    The lists cover each corner of Liberty City - ten in Broker, Dukes & Bohan,
    ten in Algonquin, and ten in Alderney. Select one of the criminals and then
    press A to select Locate. You will have the criminal's position put on the map
    and radar, and once you reach the destination, you will have to take him out
    and his backup.
    Again, no rewards come from this, apart from the money and weapons dropped by
    the criminal and his backup. All 30 Criminals Killed will give you another
    step towards 100% Completion.
    MOW1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan
    The ten criminals, their locations and advice on how to take them out are
    listed below.
    >> Maxwell Caughlin
       -- Location: South Bohan
       -- Notes: Caughlin will be travelling with a friend in his vehicle, and he
                 will flee when you attack him. He is an easy target to take out.
    >> Scott Guzowski
       -- Location: Steinway
       -- Notes: They are at the park area, and there will be four targets for you
                 to take out. Use your assault rifle if you have one to take them
                 from a distance. They each wield SMGs.
    >> Antonio Rivette
       -- Location: South Slopes
       -- Notes: There are four more targets on the lower platform of the Train
                 Station in Schottler. Go up these steps and use the walls as
                 cover to take them out. The lack of space for cover is tedious,
                 but fast shooting will make this a breeze.
    >> Rodrigo Stavnes
       -- Location: Steinway
       -- Notes: Four more targets located at one of the apartment complexes. They
                 will flee on foot, unarmed, making them easy targets.
    >> Fernando Tisdel
       -- Location: Hove Beach
       -- Notes: When you arrive, Fernando pulls away and his three passengers
                 shoot at you with Pistols. They make this one difficult. Use your
                 SMG to kill Fernando or to destroy their vehicle.
    >> Tyler Pickrel
       -- Location: Meadows Park
       -- Notes: Tyler is near the Monoglobe, and when you approach him alone, he
                 runs off. He is unarmed and can easily be taken down.
    >> Preston Pecinovsky
       -- Location: Northern Gardens
       -- Notes: Pecinovsky and his gang are in an enclosed area near The Triangle
                 Club. You can take cover near the wall and disable their vehicles
                 to stop them fleeing. The problem with this one is that you are
                 near the club, whose bodyguards don't tolerate gunfire at all.
                 They will provide as additional, unmarked enemies.
    >> Alonso Goralski
       -- Location: Francis International Airport
       -- Notes: One guy will drive away, and another will attack you from the
                 security booth. The fleeing criminal is not too good at driving
                 and is easier to pick off. The other criminal is easily dealt
                 with if you have good aim. Be careful not to be caught by his
                 Combat Shotgun.
    >> Bert Reker
       -- Location: BOABO
       -- Notes: There are several enemies, including Reker, scattered around and
                 in cover around a breaker's yard. The enemies on the higher level
                 will shoot down at you, so take them out first. The gate presents
                 a problem, but once you have cleared higher ground, mopping up
                 becomes a whole lot easier with no enemies shooting down on you.
    >> Freddy Paparo
       -- Location: Steinway
       -- Notes: They will take off from the parking lot, and normally head to the
                 Dukes Bay Bridge to get into Bohan. A car full of enemies with
                 most of them shooting at you makes this difficult. An RPG will
                 end this one quickly, but you're aiming to destroy the vehicle or
                 kill Paparo with your SMG if weaponry is limited for you.
    MOW2. Algonquin
    Another ten to complete across Algonquin. These should be made easier as you
    gain access to better weapons.
    >> Shon Kikuchi
       -- Location: North Holland
       -- Notes: He will drive away on his own as you approach. Pull out your SMG
                 and drive-by him until you have him dead.
    >> Jimmy Kand
       -- Location: Northwood
       -- Notes: Jimmy is on the second floor of an apartment, using some of his
                 friends as protection. They do not attack you if you enter the
                 place unarmed. Once you're one-on-one with Jimmy, pull out your
                 melee weapon and silently take him out.
    >> Simon Nashly
       -- Location: Fishmarket South
       -- Notes: Nashly is protected by five men, scattered across the levels of
                 the center at Pier 45. Be careful for a couple of them hiding out
                 of sight.
    >> Tommy Francovic
       -- Location: Castle Garden City
       -- Notes: He will drive away on his bike, on his own. This makes him an
                 easy target to claim.
    >> Barry Lamora
       -- Location: Colony Island
       -- Notes: Lamora and two other guys will be waiting outside the apartment
                 complex. This is a light scattering of enemies, making them easy
                 to take out.
    >> Lino Friddell
       -- Location: Middle Park
       -- Notes: Lino and two other guys will drive away in the car, and will be
                 passive. This makes him an easy target.
    >> Juan Haimo
       -- Location: Star Junction
       -- Notes: Juan and his two guys will drive away on motorbikes. The three of
                 them are easy pickings, and you shouldn't have too much trouble
                 killing Juan.
    >> Darren Covey
       -- Location: Purgatory
       -- Notes: Covey and several other enemies are positioned on the second
                 floor of the parking lot. You can easily take them out from a
                 distance with a Sniper Rifle or an assault rifle. They all use
                 assault rifles, so they may hit back.
    >> Leo Brodell
       -- Location: East Holland
       -- Notes: Six enemies are inside an apartment complex. Two will come down
                 to attack you right from the off, so react quickly to them. One
                 will be out of sight as you come up the steps, and another just
                 before the roof. The remaining enemies will be on the roof.
    >> Christov Mahonvic
       -- Location: Fishmarket South
       -- Notes: Several enemies are inside the sanitation depot, where a number
                 of Trashmasters are parked. You'll need to fight your way in and
                 then take out those inside.
    MOW3. Alderney
    The final ten available to you are stretched across Alderney.
    >> Marty Boldenow
       -- Location: Acter
       -- Notes: Boldenow and his backup will be wielding assault rifles, and are
                 lined up in an alley. Be careful when carrying this one out.
    >> Noel Katsuda
       -- Location: Tudor
       -- Notes: Katsuda and his backup are located at the apartment complex. It
                 plays out similarly to the last one, but their weapons are weaker
                 and only stretch from Combat Pistols to SMGs.
    >> Rodney McEniry
       -- Location: Berchem
       -- Notes: Again, these guys are located in an alley. They are armed with
                 SMGs and Combat Shotguns. There are only four of them. Be careful
                 when facing off with them.
    >> Glenn Lushbaugh
       -- Location: Alderney City
       -- Notes: Lushbaugh will drive away with a passenger who will shoot at you.
                 Chase them, take out the gunman, and then take out Lushbaugh.
    >> Phil Bacerra
       -- Location: Alderney City
       -- Notes: Bacerra is amongst three other enemies, who pair up and will
                 drive away in pickup trucks. They will shoot at you with SMGs.
                 This one is difficult, due to the fact that you're contending
                 with two sets of gunmen. You can look over them from the hill to
                 the north, which may help you on this one.
    >> Sergi Szerbin
       -- Location: Leftwood
       -- Notes: Sergi and his guys have some powerful weaponry, including Carbine
                 Rifles and Combat Shotguns. Use the wall as cover and pick each
                 of them off.
    >> Danny Hatmaker
       -- Location: Normandy
       -- Notes: These guys are scattered around the silos and container crates at
                 the northern end of the docks. Two are near the security office,
                 so be wary of them, and then head around the area, picking off
                 enemies with the ease of cover.
    >> Mervin Eskuchen
       -- Location: Berchem
       -- Notes: Mervin will be amongst three others, split into a pair, both of
                 them in Patriots. They dish out serious damage, making this quite
                 difficult. Focus on the passenger before taking out the driver of
    >> Frederick Harrison
       -- Location: Tudor
       -- Notes: Frederick and many of his men are scattered on the ruined bridge.
                 Some may shoot down on you, using Sniper Rifles. The majority
                 use assault rifles. Just be careful of a few taking you unaware,
                 and you should get through all of them easily.
    >> Keenan Burdett
       -- Location: Leftwood
       -- Notes: All of these guys are based on the levels of the multi-storey
                 parking lot. A few are scattered on the lower levels, but most of
                 them are on the top floor. Some may toss Grenades, so be careful
                 of them. Keenan will be hiding away in the stairwell.
    16.      Stevie's Vehicle Thefts
    GTA has always had some element of collecting vehicles and dropping them off
    for cold, hard cash. "IV" has already repeated this with Exotic Exports given
    by Brucie via email, but this one comes on a much grander scale.
    Some time after gaining access to Alderney, Brucie will call, asking Niko if
    he would want to deliver cars for his friend, Stevie. He will accept, and then
    Stevie will give you the vehicle he wants, and its location.
    Unlike the Exotic Exports, the vehicle's location is permanent and not
    randomized. However, the order of collection will be randomized, and you will
    be hopping from vehicle to vehicle, and possibly island to island. Requests
    by Stevie are always made by a text message with some info and a pic attached
    to it.
    Rewards are based on the condition of the vehicle when you deliver it. The
    maximum reward will be based on the quality of the car - a sports car fetches
    more than an old beater, for example.
    This side-mission is quite lucrative, and delivering all vehicles in near-mint
    condition will net you a substantial profit. Getting the "Half Million"
    Achievement will possibly come with this side-mission.
    The drop-off point is Stevie's Auto Parts on the corner of Guantanamo in Chase
    Point, Bohan. This will always be the drop-off, regardless of being one island
    away or a few blocks away.
    Some time will have to pass before Stevie will request another vehicle. The
    good thing is that the garage is a block away from the Bohan Safehouse. You
    can drop off a vehicle, go to the Safehouse, save, and then you will get the
    next message when you wake. This makes the process a whole lot quicker.
    There are a total of 30 vehicles, including motorbikes, to be delivered to
    Stevie. I have split them into the three main islands.
    Following the delivery of all vehicles, you are able to deliver any non-civil
    service vehicle to the garage for a cash reward. If you're ever strapped for
    cash, you can 'jack a car and deliver it to Stevie for a nice injection.
    Maximum rewards should be accurate. I have compared mine to rewards listed in
    other guides, and most didn't conflict. I've accounted for any that did.
    SVT1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan Locations
    Locations will be listed from south to north throughout the three districts.
    Fourteen of the 30 vehicles are located in Broker, Dukes & Bohan.
    >> DF8-90
       -- Area: Hove Beach
       -- Max. Reward: $5,940
       -- Location: At the parking lot underneath the Train Station.
    >> Intruder
       -- Area: Rotterdam Hill
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: As the road curves on Asparagus Ave.
    >> Contender
       -- Area: BOABO
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: Parked outside Twitchin's Sugar Factory.
    >> Infernus
       -- Area: Downtown
       -- Max. Reward: $33,000
       -- Location: On Montauk Ave., just north of the Monument.
    >> Washington
       -- Area: Steinway
       -- Max. Reward: $7,260
       -- Location: Parked on the street at the west side of the pool.
    >> Voodoo
       -- Area: East Island City
       -- Max. Reward: $6,600
       -- Location: Parked outside of the LC24 Building, the tallest building in
    >> Sabre GT
       -- Area: Meadows Park
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: Parked on the driveway of a house at the corner of Stillwater
                    Ave. and Tudor St. 
    >> Manana
       -- Area: Cerveza Heights
       -- Max. Reward: $3,960
       -- Location: At the closed Burger Shot near the corner of Camden Ave. and
                    Thornton St.
    >> Dillettante
       -- Area: Willis
       -- Max. Reward: $6,600
       -- Location: Outside the strip mall on Carrollton St., near the corner with
                    Saratoga Ave.
    >> Freeway
       -- Area: Willis
       -- Max. Reward: $6,600
       -- Location: Parked outside Willis Wash & Lube Car Wash.
    >> Bobcat
       -- Area: Francis International Airport
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: At the center of the ringroad is the parking garage. It is up
                    on the top floor.
    >> Buccaneer
       -- Area: Bohan Industrial
       -- Max. Reward: $5,940
       -- Location: On the south end of Lompoc Ave., outside a warehouse.
    >> Huntley Sport
       -- Area: Northern Gardens
       -- Max. Reward: $13,200
       -- Location: Parked outside the Police Station. You will always get a
                    Wanted Level when taking this one.
    >> Moonbeam
       -- Area: Charge Island
       -- Max. Reward: $7,260
       -- Location: At the parking lot at the northeastern end of the island.
    SVT2. Algonquin Locations
    We'll also be working south to north in Algonquin. Ten of the 30 vehicles are
    located in Algonquin.
    >> Patriot
       -- Area: Castle Gardens
       -- Max. Reward: $16,500
       -- Location: Parked at the south facing of the joined towers, on South
    >> PMP 600
       -- Area: The Exchange
       -- Max. Reward: $10,500
       -- Location: Next to the Bank of Liberty, in an alley off Amsterdam Lane.
    >> Coquette
       -- Area: Suffolk
       -- Max. Reward: $13,530
       -- Location: In front of the church, near the intersection of Liberty Lane
                    and Feldspar St.
    >> SuperGT
       -- Area: Chinatown
       -- Max. Reward: $36,300
       -- Location: At the Bank of Liberty on Calcium St., near the intersection
                    with Columbus Ave.
    >> Faggio
       -- Area: Chinatown
       -- Max. Reward: $2,310
       -- Location: On Diamond St., near the intersection with Bismarck Ave.
    >> Rebla
       -- Area: The Triangle
       -- Max. Reward: $11,550
       -- Location: Outside Fanny Crab's Restaurant, on Hematite St.
    >> Comet
       -- Area: Westminster
       -- Max. Reward: $19,800
       -- Location: At the Golden Pier, in the parking lot near the Burger Shot.
    >> Banshee
       -- Area: Middle Park West
       -- Max. Reward: $26,400
       -- Location: On Galveston Ave. Not too hard to miss.
    >> NRG 900
       -- Area: Lancaster
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: Near the intersection with Topaz St. and Bismarck Ave.
    >> Dukes
       -- Area: East Holland
       -- Max. Reward: $7,260
       -- Location: On Vauxite St., near the intersection with Exeter Ave.
    SVT3. Alderney Locations
    There are six vehicles located in Alderney. We'll begin in the south and work
    our way north.
    >> Sultan
       -- Area: Berchem
       -- Max. Reward: $11,550
       -- Location: Parked on the driveway of a house on Aspdin Dr., facing Kemery
                    St. to the east.
    >> Rancher
       -- Area: Port Tudor
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: At the northeast side of the block, where Phil Bell's office
                    is located.
    >> Sentinel
       -- Area: Normandy
       -- Max. Reward: $8,250
       -- Location: At the parking lot due northwest of the north entrance to Port
    >> Cognoscenti
       -- Area: Alderney City
       -- Max. Reward: $29,700
       -- Location: At the road curve on Lyndon Ave., due south of Mr. Fuk's.
    >> Cavalcade
       -- Area: Leftwood
       -- Max. Reward: $23,100
       -- Location: Parked outside a house on Long John Ave., facing Manzano Rd.
                    to the south.
    >> Turismo
       -- Area: Westdyke
       -- Max. Reward: $36,300
       -- Location: Parked outside the mansion on Owl Creek Ave., facing Cariboo
                    Ave. to the south.
    17.      QUB3D
    A unique side-mission to "IV" is an electronic game.
    QUB3D is Rockstar's take on Tetris, and is accessed from any of its arcade
    terminals located around the city. The easiest to locate is the Pool Hall in
    Broker. Other places include The Triangle Strip Club, Modo Clothes Shop, and
    inside the office in the Perestroika Club.
    Play through the tutorial to get the hang of it. You are basically trying to
    match up four of the same color - the higher the level, the more colors you've
    to match up.
    Match them in a square, and you will increase your Power Bar. Do this four
    times to get the chance to use a Power-Up. There are four Power-Ups for you to
    >> Row Removal: This will remove up to three rows of blocks.
    >> Column Removal: This removes all blocks under the two you are controlling.
    >> Color Removal: This will remove all blocks of one select color.
    >> Time Decrease: This slows down the movement of the blocks.
    It's easy to get the hang of, even if you're not too certain with the Power-
    Your target is to beat the high score of 10,950 points. Setting the highest
    score is required for 100% Completion. Again, this is easy with attempts, and
    although you have nothing to gain, you have nothing to lose either.
    18.      Unique Stunt Jumps
    A recurring theme in the "Grand Theft Auto" series returns to "IV", with a bit
    of a difference.
    There are 50 Unique Stunt Jumps located in Liberty City. If you hit one, you
    enter a slow-motion cinematic, which you can slow down or speed up yourself.
    If you hit it in the right heading, and you manage to land in the perfect
    place, you complete the Unique Stunt Jump.
    As mentioned before, there are fifty of these to complete. There's no reward
    for completing each one individually. Completing them all will count towards
    100% Completion, but gives no additional reward.
    When a Stunt Jump is completed, you will get a notice on the bottom of your
    HUD telling you that you have done so. If you hit the same one, you get the
    notice, adding to that "again" - "Stunt Jump completed again". This is one way
    of tracking which ones you have completed.
    If you fail the Jump, you will be notified and you'll simply have to try
    When you have completed it, the next notice is how many you have left. If you
    complete your third one, you will be told that you have 47 Stunt Jumps left to
    do. This will tick down until you hit all 50 successfully.
    The NRG 900 is a very good vehicle for most of these Jumps. Two of them are on
    the water, so you will need to grab a speedboat. A dock at the southwest
    corner of Algonquin can provide you with a good boat.
    Some jumps can make you dismount your bike from an impact pretty easily,
    packing some damage into you. Where you can, use a sports car instead, like a
    Turismo or Infernus if you have one at hand.
    The Stunt Jumps are set out like so:
    -- Jump # (J-#) - Jump Type
       District, Borough; Street
                    >> Plus additional information.
    The Jump Type defines the jump itself - a wooden pallet, a concrete block, and
    so on. The street names should really narrow down the location, making it easy
    to locate.
    Use the codes to hop from Jump to Jump if you need to.
    USJ1. Broker, Dukes & Bohan Jumps
    There are seventeen Jumps to complete in Broker, Dukes & Bohan, right from the
    start of the game. We will go from south to north, from Dukes to Bohan.
    -- Jump #1 (J-01) - An open dumpster
       Francis Intl. Airport, Dukes; Tudor St. loop (s/west corner)
       Requirement: Land on the Broker-Dukes Expressway
                    >> A motorcycle works best for this, as it is a very tight
                       squeeze for a vehicle. Line yourself up and get a good run
                       up to it.
    -- Jump #2 (J-02) - A fallen road sign
       Francis Intl. Airport, Dukes; Tudor St. loop (n/east corner)
       Requirement: Land on the Broker-Dukes Expressway
                    >> Oncoming traffic is the biggest challenge for this one.
    -- Jump #3 (J-03) - A dirt pile
       Willis, Dukes; at the intersection of Lynch and Freetown
       Requirement: Land on the other side of the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway
                    >> You will be approaching this on Freetown. It's a short run,
                       and that brings its pitfalls.
    -- Jump #4 (J-04) - A concrete ramp
       Cerveza Heights, Dukes; at the north end of Tutelo on Carson
       Requirement: Land over both lanes of the Broker-Dukes Expressway
                    >> Go along Tutelo and hit it as fast as you can. Vehicles
                       have an annoying habit of blocking the ramp as they drive
                       along Carson St., so be wary of any unsuspecting traffic.
    -- Jumps #5 and #6 (J-05) (J-06) - A series of ramps
       Cerveza Heights, Dukes; in an alley at the south end of Livingston
       Requirement: Land on the roof; hit the ramp straight and get some distance
                    >> Hit the wooden pallets as straight as you can to give you
                       the perfect angle to hit the next Jump. As long as you get
                       the angle, the speed makes up the rest of it.
    -- Jump #7 (J-07) - An inclined driveway
       East Island City, Dukes; at the Kamayashev Import/Export
       Requirement: Get a good distance to land on the street
                    >> The Import/Export is the setting for the mission "Portrait
                       Of A Killer". You can easily get this one. It is a pushover
                       and it is hard to fail it.
    -- Jump #8 (J-08) - An angled concrete barrier
       Rotterdam Hill, Broker; on the east side of the Algonquin Bridge
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land straight on the walkway of the
                    >> This one is a tougher one, and is best left until you have
                       access to Algonquin, because the police roadblocks will
                       obstruct your run-up. You'll find more difficulty in trying
                       to hit this one as straight as possible to land on the
                       walkway. Try to avoid crashing into the streetlights.
    -- Jump #9 (J-09) - A set of wooden pallets
       BOABO, Broker; at the end of a disused railway
       Requirement: Clear the container crates and land cleanly
                    >> The jump is at the northern end of the district, bordering
                       with East Island City. Undershoot, and you won't clear the
                       crates; overshoot, and you'll smack straight into the
                       fencing at the waterfront or ending up in the water.
    -- Jump #10 (J-10) - A set of wooden pallets
       Steinway, Dukes; at the northwest corner of Brandon Avenue
       Requirement: Land on Dukes Boulevard
                    >> Just watch for the traffic as you make a run up to this
                       Jump. Once you have hit it at a healthy speed, you should
                       have no problem meeting the requirement.
    -- Jump #11 (J-11) - A set of wooden pallets
       Steinway, Dukes; at the northern side of the East Borough Bridge
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land in the junkyard
                    >> This one isn't too far off from the bridge. Just hit the
                       ramp straight with some speed.
    -- Jump #12 (J-12) - An open dumpster
       Steinway, Dukes; on Concord Avenue
       Requirement: Clear the obstacles in front of you
                    >> This is at the south end of the section on Concord that is
                       under construction. Get a good speed for this one, and the
                       use of an NRG-900 is strongly advised.
    -- Jump #13 (J-13) - A set of wooden pallets
       Steinway, Dukes; at the west end of Morris St.
       Requirement: Land over the public pool below
                    >> This one will be at the three-way intersection at the
                       north end of Concord's road construction. Just hit this
                       with enough speed so that you won't land in the drink.
    -- Jump #14 (J-14) - A blue ramp
       Bohan Industrial, Bohan; behind trailers off Guantanamo
       Requirement: Clear the water and land on the other side
                    >> You have a good run-up on Worm St. to the east of the Jump.
                       Get a good distance and land in Chase Point.
    -- Jump #15 (J-15) - A blue ramp
       South Bohan, Bohan; at the end of the unfinished highway ramp
       Requirement: Get a good distance
                    >> As you drive from the East Borough Bridge into South Bohan,
                       keep east and take the first right towards the construction
                       site. The unfinished ramp will be a 180-degree turn as you
                       come towards the site. Just hit this one as straight as you
    -- Jumps #16 and #17 (J-16) (J-17) - A series of ramps
       Bohan Industrial, Bohan; at the unfinished expressway
       Requirement: Land on the next section; land on the roof of a building
                    >> The expressway construction is closed off from the main
                       road. Get enough speed to get onto the next section for the
                       first ramp, and then try to hit the next one as straight as
                       you can.
    USJ2. Algonquin Jumps
    There are fifteen Jumps located in and near Algonquin. Two are on the water,
    and will require the use of a boat. We will begin with those two, and clear
    up the next thirteen going south to north.
    -- Jump #18 (J-18) - A ramp on the water
       At the end of a number of barges off the coast of Hatton Gardens
       Requirement: Land back in the water
                    >> You just need to hit this one as fast as you can.
    -- Jump #19 (J-19) - A ramp formed at a jetty
       To the southwest of Colony Island, south of the Algonquin Bridge
       Requirement: Land back in the water
                    >> You just need to hit this one as fast as you can.
    -- Jump #20 (J-20) - A wooden ramp
       The Exchange; at the base of a tall building off from South Parkway
       Requirement: Clear both lanes of Union Drive
                    >> As long as you get enough speed, you're fine. Get a good
                       run-up for this one.
    -- Jump #21 (J-21) - A road barrier
       City Hall; underneath the archway of the Hall at the east end
       Requirement: Clear the second road barrier
                    >> The use of a car is advised, because the angle of the Jump
                       is likely to dismount you or make it difficult to avoid
                       landing on your back. Get a good run-up, and try to land
                       on your wheels.
    -- Jump #22 (J-22) - A ramp
       Fishmarket North; at the end of the alleyway on Borlock
       Requirement: Land on Feldspar St.
                    >> You don't need much of a run-up, but have a good speed to
                       land on Feldspar, the street above you.
    -- Jump #23 (J-23) - An open dumpster
       Star Junction; at the southern end of Denver-Exeter and Burlesque
       Requirement: Land at the next intersection
                    >> You want to angle yourself away from the L.C.P.D.
                       Recruitment Center so you don't crash into it. Hit the ramp
                       straight to avoid doing so.
    -- Jump #24 (J-24) - An open dumpster
       Star Junction; east of the Recruitment Center, on Jade St.
       Requirement: Land at the intersection with Jade and Burlesque
                    >> This is an easy one, and doesn't require much speed to
    -- Jump #25 (J-25) - The end of a disused El-Track route
       Purgatory; begin at Hematite St. in Suffolk
       Requirement: Land on Union Drive West
                    >> As mentioned, begin on Hematite. There are steps at the
                       west end of the street that lead up to the tracks. Get on
                       them, and follow them right to the end. Make sure you're
                       hitting this one at speed.
    -- Jump #26 (J-26) - A metal ramp
       Hatton Gardens; on top of the Civilization Plaza Building
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land in the courtyard
                    >> The Civilization Plaza is a restricted area, and once you
                       get in the grounds, you are given a 4-Star Wanted Level.
                       You will need to use a motorcycle for this. Health and Body
                       Armor is highly recommended for security.
                       Head to the north end of the Plaza, and head up the steps.
                       When you reach a ramp, hit it to land on the next rooftop,
                       and then the next one onto the roof containing the Jump at
                       the northeast corner. Hit it with some speed to land in the
                       The route is harder to navigate than hitting the Jump. You
                       will have to shake off the Wanted Level after this is done.
    -- Jump #27 (J-27) - A metal ramp
       Middle Park East; in the median of Union Drive East
       Requirement: Get a good distance
                    >> There is not much of a run-up, and it can prove to be very
                       temperamental. Just keep on hitting this one until it
    -- Jump #28 (J-28) - A metal ramp
       East Holland; near the intersection of Astoria and Wardite
       Requirement: Land on the street below
                    >> Dodge the pedestrians and hit the Jump with good speed.
    -- Jump #29 (J-29) - A dirt mound inside a destroyed building
       Northwood; off the north road loop around the Northwood Projects
       Requirement: Clear Walnut Way
                    >> This one is easy to overshoot, putting you straight in the
                       water. Be careful on the power, as there's not much room to
                       land between Walnut Way and the drink.
    -- Jump #30 (J-30) - A metal ramp
       Northwood; on Walnut Way, facing the Northwood Heights Bridge
       Requirement: Land on the road underneath the bridge
                    >> The road twists around as you go for a straight angle on
                       the Jump. Try to lean down on your motorbike and try to
                       make as small a turn as you can to maintain speed.
    -- Jump #31 (J-31) - A sidewalk incline
       Northwood; at the west end of the parking lot, off from Frankfort
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land in the parking lot
                    >> You can get a straight run-up to hit this one.
    -- Jump #32 (J-32) - A metal ramp
       Northwood; in a parking lot at the west end of Grummer Rd.
       Requirement: Clear the warehouse
                    >> You need to hit this jump as straight southwest as you can.
                       I have found this one to be temperamental, so just keep on
                       retrying whilst hitting the right angle. The angle is
                       tricky, but slightly easier to overcome than completing the
    USJ3. Alderney Jumps
    The final eighteen Jumps are located in Alderney. All of them are located on
    land this time, so you won't be taking to the seas. This will bring the Jumps
    in Liberty City to a close.
    -- Jump #33 (J-33) - A metal ramp
       Westdyke; in a parking lot off Cassiar Ave., due east from the Car Wash
       Requirement: Land on the street below
                    >> This one just requires a decent run-up with enough power to
                       land near or beyond the three-way intersection.
    -- Jump #34 (J-34) - A dirt mound
       Westdyke; at the east coast on the grounds of the abandoned mansion
       Requirement: Clear the inlet and land back on land
                    >> A Sanchez or a fast car is advised because you won't be
                       driving on asphalt. Hit this from the south heading north,
                       and just make sure that you have enough power.
    -- Jump #35 (J-35) - A driveway incline
       Westdyke; at the south end of Beaverhead Ave.
       Requirement: Clear the backyards
                    >> This is at the northwest corner of the houses on Sacramento
                       Ave. Clear the first two backyards, hitting this one as
                       straight as you can, to get this one.
    -- Jump #36 (J-36) - A metal ramp
       Westdyke; on the top level of the multi-level parking garage
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land cleanly
                    >> Get to the top of the garage, and just hit this one with
                       good speed. As long as you drive away easily, the Jump is
                       a pushover.
    -- Jump #37 (J-37) - A dirt mound
       Leftwood; in an alley on the south side of Franklin
       Requirement: Clear Plumber's Skyway
                    >> This is the alley with the apartment that held Gracie
                       Ancelotti after the mission "I'll Take Her". This one needs
                       a big run-up, so use as much straight road as you can. Use
                       of a vehicle is recommended so you are not dismounted.
    -- Jump #38 (J-38) - An open dumpster
       Alderney City; off Mahesh Ave.
       Requirement: Land straight on Applewhite
                    >> There is little room for a good run-up, so line up, back up
                       and hit this one as hard as you can.
    -- Jump #39 (J-39) - A dirt mound
       Alderney City; facing a building south of your Alderney City Safehouse
       Requirement: Land near or on Rand Ave.
                    >> You'll need to avoid slamming into the building and landing
                       at the end of the alleyway on Rand Ave. Angle yourself to
                       land straight from the alleyway.
    -- Jump #40 (J-40) - A wooden ramp
       Alderney City; at the end of a path due north from the Booth Tunnel helipad
       Requirement: Clear the helipad
                    >> This will mean losing your vehicle, because you are certain
                       to land in the water. Back up from the bottom of the steps,
                       dodge pedestrians, and hit this one as fast as you can.
    -- Jump #41 (J-41) - A wooden ramp
       Alderney City; at the end of the street where your Safehouse is located
       Requirement: Land in Algonquin
                    >> You are clearing a whole river to land on the western
                       waterfront of Middle Park West. Make sure you land cleanly
                       and avoid dismounting if you're on a motorcycle.
    -- Jump #42 (J-42) - A set of stairs
       Alderney City; at the north end of Koresh Sq.
       Requirement: Clear the walkway
                    >> This one isn't difficult, and just requires a bit of speed.
    -- Jump #43 (J-43) - An open dumpster
       Alderney City; in an alley by the northwest corner of Koresh Sq.
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land on Koresh
                    >> Get a good run-up to hit this and land back on the street.
                       This is another easy one to cap off.
    -- Jump #44 (J-44) - A dirt mound
       Alderney City; northwest of #43, facing Plumber's Skyway
       Requirement: Land on the southbound lane of Plumber's Skyway
                    >> This one is tricky, because you need to judge where you
                       land on Plumber's Skyway. For mine to register, I landed
                       in the middle of the southbound lane. How this registers
                       may be different from the requirement I have given.
    -- Jump #45 (J-45) - An open dumpster
       Berchem; at the northern end of Aspdin Drive
       Requirement: Land on the southbound lane
                    >> This one is much easier than the previous Jump. Just get
                        some good speed to finish up.
    -- Jump #46 (J-46) - A dirt mound
       Tudor; at the end of the tracks running down the west side of Port Tudor
       Requirement: Land back onto the street
                    >> If you're using a motorcycle, be careful that you aren't
                       sticking between the track lines. Your bike will have a
                       tendency to do that.
    -- Jump #47 (J-47) - A ramp
       Tudor; at the bottom of the on-ramp of Plumber's Skyway (east loop)
       Requirement: Clear the water and land cleanly
                    >> The on-ramp of the Skyway will give you enough speed to hit
                       this one. There's more focus required on the landing for
                       completion of this Jump.
    -- Jump #48 (J-48) - A derelict bridge
       Tudor; beginning in Acter Industrial Park
       Requirement: Clear the street below
                    >> You will find this at the western end of the waterway at
                       the south of Alderney. You can get on the bridge from its
                       south side. The ramp itself is on the left lane.
    -- Jump #49 (J-49) - Plumber's Skyway break-off
       Acter Industrial Park; at the southeastern corner
       Requirement: Land back on the ground
                    >> This is very temperamental, and easily one of the hardest
                       Jumps in the game for you to complete. Get a clear run-up
                       from the west, and try to land cleanly. Use of a car is
                       definitely recommended. This one might be very frustrating,
                       but you will need to be patient.
    -- Jump #50 (J-50) - Plumber's Skyway break-off
       Acter Industrial Park; at the southwestern corner
       Requirement: Get a good distance and land cleanly
                    >> This one is the same deal as Jump #49, proving to be just
                       as temperamental. If you get a good distance, hit it
                       straight and land on your wheels, you should be good.
    19.      Flying Rats
    An absence of traditional collectibles is made up here. Flying Rats replace
    Hidden Packages, and you will be tracking them down for 100% Completion.
    Otherwise known as Pigeons, Rats, or Hidden Packages, Flying Rats are located
    throughout Liberty City. Some even feature on Happiness Island, taking us to
    every corner of the game location. They can also be located easily by their
    cooing sounds that they make every few seconds. They will also have a red glow
    if you search for them at certain times of day. Night works best, but this
    glow may appear if it's in the shadows.
    But you do not go about to simply collect them - you need to kill them. This
    is done by using your guns or explosive weapons. This will mean attracting the
    attention of any cop or gangster nearby, giving you a Wanted Level or trouble
    to deal with.
    The hunting is bound to take you the best part of several hours. Add to that
    the distractions you'll get from Wanted Levels and gang attacks, and this may
    stretch on longer. Losing attention and trying not to get Wasted are troubles
    added onto the long road ahead of you.
    The key to Flying Rats is patience alone. Otherwise, stock up on weapons,
    Body Armor, and have a good vehicle at hand to make a getaway. If you were to
    go for this straight away, I would advise you to do so.
    The Flying Rats are split between each individual borough - Broker, Dukes,
    Bohan, Algonquin and Alderney, plus Happiness Island for good measure. If you
    go for it straight away, it will be easier to keep track on how many Flying
    Rats you have "exterminated". However, you may have to leave some for later
    collection if you don't have a chopper or a good weapon available to you.
    There are a total of 200 Flying Rats. All of them need to be disposed of for
    100% Completion. Getting all of them will also unlock an Annihilator attack
    chopper spawn on the MeTV Building in Star Junction, Algonquin.
    When you kill a Flying Rat, a notification will pop up to tell you how many
    you have left. It might take a bit of thinking to know how many you've picked
    off, but if you go into your Stats and into Score, you can scroll down to find
    how many Flying Rats have been Exterminated.
    Some Flying Rats will be tricky to get at. Some will require the use of a
    certain weapon or a helicopter to get to it. Sniper Rifle ammunition is
    advised for this; otherwise, use a Combat Pistol or SMG to pick them off.
    The Flying Rats are set out like so:
    -- Flying Rat # (FR-#)
       District, Street Location
             >> And any additional information and advice.
    The street locations will narrow down your search area much further. Advice
    includes the use of a certain weapon, or a helicopter, or just any advice in
    Use the code provided to jump from Rat to Rat if you don't plan to do all of
    these in one sitting.
    Each location is listed in order of ease. You should be able to sweep all
    locations easily, following a path of sorts. This means that they will not be
    covered by district, but rather how you can easily go from one place to
    another in good time.
    FLR1. Broker Rats
    Twenty-three Flying Rats are located in the Broker area. The locations will
    be limited to as far north as BOABO and on the southern side of the Algonquin-
    Dukes Expressway. The Expressway will be used as an unofficial border with
    -- Flying Rat #1 (FR-001)
       BOABO, Chicory St.
             >> The Rat is sat on the wall running along the north/east side of
                Chicory St., near the intersection with Creek St. at the northern
    -- Flying Rat #2 (FR-002)
       BOABO, Chicory St.
             >> Go to Brucie's apartment, which is by the intersection with
                Mohanet Ave. There is an alleyway leading to a dead end. The Rat
                is sat on the lowest level of the fire escape.
    -- Flying Rat #3 (FR-003)
       East Hook, Cisco St.
             >> Before you turn right to come out of East Hook into Hove Beach,
                there will be a large building on your right. This is the
                Woodfellas Lumber Yard building. Get into its grounds to find the
                Rat perched on an A/C unit.
    -- Flying Rat #4 (FR-004)
       East Hook, Cisco St.
             >> The Rat is on top of the Broker Navy Yard sign, across the street
                from Roman's Cab Depot. There is a bus shelter conveniently placed
                next to it that you can use to grab the ledge and climb onto it.
    -- Flying Rat #5 (FR-005)
       Hove Beach, Tulsa St.
             >> This is on the top of the marquee for the Perestroika Club. In
                other words, it's behind the sign. A well-tossed Grenade or
                Molotov Cocktail will work, but go through the club and out into
                the alley, and head up the fire escape to the rooftops. You can
                drop down onto the marquee from there.
    -- Flying Rat #6 (FR-006)
       Hove Beach, western coast
             >> This is sat on the post of a wooden jetty on the western coast.
                Get onto Delaware Ave. and you have access to the waterfront.
    -- Flying Rat #7 (FR-007)
       Hove Beach, Delaware Ave.
             >> Near the intersection with Iriquois Ave. is a sign for the Firefly
                Island boardwalk. The Rat is on top of one of the posts.
    -- Flying Rat #8 (FR-008)
       Firefly Island, Beach
             >> The Rat is located near the water underneath the pier.
    -- Flying Rat #9 (FR-009)
       Firefly Island, Funland Carnival
             >> Get to the Liberty Eye, the ferris wheel, and get on top of the
                building next to it. The Rat is roosting on a beam at the lower
    -- Flying Rat #10 (FR-010)
       Firefly Island, Delaware Ave.
             >> The Rat is perched on the highest point of the Screamer Roller-
                Coaster. You can get at this from the El-Tracks with a Sniper
                Rifle, or you can carefully make your way up to it on the wooden
    -- Flying Rat #11 (FR-011)
       Hove Beach, Garrett St.
             >> Start heading up the street until you come to a block with a
                number of alleys leading into its center. Head into the southwest
                corner, and listen for the cooing of the Rat. It will be above a
                red door.
    -- Flying Rat #12 (FR-012)
       Firefly Projects, Cody St. & Cokanuk Ave.
             >> The Flying Rat is on a railing at the northern area of the
                apartments. Begin at the corner of Cody and Cokanuk and make your
                way down the project paths to find it.
    -- Flying Rat #13 (FR-013)
       Beachgate, Ketchum St.
             >> At the southeastern corner of this street is a house with the
                Flying Rat on the porch. Ketchum is the short, northern street,
                and the Flying Rat is easy to locate.
    -- Flying Rat #14 (FR-014)
       Firefly Projects, Broker-Dukes Expressway
             >> The Flying Rat is on the median just after the loop interchange.
                The location of the Rat is easy to distinguish.
    -- Flying Rat #15 (FR-015)
       Firefly Projects, Ringo St.
             >> Get onto Ringo St., and stop at the intersection with Saponi Ave.
                The Rat will be on top of the brick wall underneath the El-Tracks.
    -- Flying Rat #16 (FR-016)
       Outlook Park
             >> The Park consists of several pathways. Near the center of the park
                is a circular path formation. In the middle of this circle is a
                gazebo. The Flying Rat is on one of the railings.
    -- Flying Rat #17 (FR-017)
       South Slopes, Mohegan Ave.
             >> Head east down this road, and stop when you come to a large alley.
                At the end of this alley is a garage with a green door, and a set
                of railings above it. You can climb the lower ledges to get a shot
                at the Flying Rat, which is on top of the garage. Failing that, an
                accurate toss with a Grenade works.
    -- Flying Rat #18 (FR-018)
       South Slopes, Conoy Ave. & Sundance St.
             >> At the corner of this intersection is the Jerk 'N Gizzard. The
                Rat is on the corner of the restaurant.
    -- Flying Rat #19 (FR-019)
       Downtown, Montauk Ave.
             >> Head up this street and look at the bus shelters as you come onto
                the east side of the same block with AmmuNation. The shelter
                closest to the corner with Earp St. has the Flying Rat perched on
    -- Flying Rat #20 (FR-020)
       Schottler, Algonquin-Dukes Expressway
             >> Get underneath the Expressway as it passes over Montauk Ave. Head
                to the eastern side and head into the area between the overpass
                and the on-ramp. Get underneath the bridge, and the Rat is perched
                on a steel beam.
    -- Flying Rat #21 (FR-021)
       Schottler, Seneca Ave.
             >> Approach the intersection with Cassidy St., and look to the row of
                houses on the south side. The Rat is on the stair railing of one
                of the entrances to the houses.
    -- Flying Rat #22 (FR-022)
       Beechwood City, Wenrohornon Ave.
             >> As you pass the intersection with Cassidy St., you can find a set
                of rundown apartments with fire escapes on the side of them. The
                Rat will be located on the railing of the fire escape.
    -- Flying Rat #23 (FR-023)
       Beechwood City, Pancho St.
             >> Go to the southeast corner of this block, and look to the south
                to see this area under maintenance. The Rat is sat on a concrete
                slab resting on the ground.
    FLR2. Dukes Rats
    There are twenty-nine Flying Rats located in Dukes, Francis Intl. Airport and
    Charge Island, bringing our total up to 52 on Broker Island alone. These ones
    will be slightly tougher to get at if you're going for them straight away.
    -- Flying Rat #24 (FR-024)
       Francis Intl. Airport
             >> The Rat is perched on the railing of the highest balcony on the
                Control Tower of the airport. There are two ways to go about this:
                snipe it on the tarmac, giving you a 4-Star Wanted Level; or you
                can get a chopper and land on the balcony. The latter is trickier
                to pull off, but much easier than fighting the authorities.
                You may want to leave this one until you have access to Algonquin.
                A chopper is easily acquired from the Higgins Helitours.
    -- Flying Rat #25 (FR-025)
       Francis Intl. Airport
             >> Slightly south down the west side of the Main Terminal is a
                circular crevice, and the Rat is located inside. Find the train
                station (the faded diamond on your map and radar) and head onto
                the platform. Being careful for the oncoming train, get onto the
                tracks and line yourself up with the crevice. You can get a shot
                from there. A sniper rifle definitely works best here.
    -- Flying Rat #26 (FR-026)
       Francis Intl. Airport
             >> The Rat is sat on top of a post near the booths, on the road
                leading off into the parking garage and the entrance to the train
                station. You will get a Wanted Level for this one, as the cops
                will be manning the booths.
    -- Flying Rat #27 (FR-027)
       Francis Intl. Airport
             >> The Rat is in between two heavy-duty A/C units on top of the FlyUS
                Offices. You can jump down onto the roof from the El-Tracks to get
                to it. You will need to have enough Health to survive the drop on
                the roof and then back down again.
    -- Flying Rat #28 (FR-028)
       Francis Intl. Airport, Tudor St.
             >> Stop at the northwest corner of the road loop. Head north onto the
                grass and head towards the sub-station. The Flying Rat is on top
                of it.
    -- Flying Rat #29 (FR-029)
       Meadows Park, Stillwater Ave.
             >> At the north end of this street is the park pathway towards the
                tall structures. The large circular structure on the map is
                enterable. The Rat is on the ground near one of the entrances to
                the southwest corner of the circle.
    -- Flying Rat #30 (FR-030)
       Meadow Hills, Cleves Ave.
             >> Look for a green awning as you pass the intersection with
                Carrollton St. The Rat will be perched above an apartment entrance
                with a green awning above it.
    -- Flying Rat #31 (FR-031)
       Willis, Saratoga Ave.
             >> Begin at the Willis Wash & Lube Car Wash, and head north up the
                street. The Rat is sitting on a beam underneath the El-Tracks that
                pass over this area.
    -- Flying Rat #32 (FR-032)
       Meadows Park, Lynch St.
             >> The Flying Rat is on the roof of a building to the south of the
                Lynch St. Station. You can try to get it with a chopper, but you
                can climb your way up to it.
                Get onto the platform with a car. It will be a tight squeeze, but
                not impossible. Line yourself up with one of the arches, and climb
                up onto it. You will be able to make your way across to the
                building on the other side of the street from here.
                Once on the roof, look for a door near a water tower, and the Rat
                is located at this door. You will have to go the same route back
                to make your way back to ground.
    -- Flying Rat #33 (FR-033)
       Meadows Park
             >> Go inside the park itself, and to the north side of the Monoglobe.
                This one is at the base of one of the sculptures.
    -- Flying Rat #34 (FR-034)
       Meadows Park, Savannah Ave.
             >> Head south from the McReary household and stop just before the
                road curves southeast. One of the houses on the west side is
                enterable. Make your way onto the rooftops, run up the angle and
                get onto the next rooftop. The Rat can be found perched on a
                chimney block.
    -- Flying Rat #35 (FR-035)
       Cerveza Heights, Huntington St.
             >> The Rat is on top of one of the walkways up to the Huntington St.
                Station. Stick to the lower platform to scope it.
    -- Flying Rat #36 (FR-036)
       Cerveza Heights, Inchon Ave.
             >> Head up Inchon and stop when you approach the block with a number
                of alleys leading into its center. Go into the alleyway and find
                the basketball court. The Flying Rat is perched on the backboard
                of one of the hoops.
    -- Flying Rat #37 (FR-037)
       East Island City, Hancock St. & San Jacinto Ave.
             >> At the corner of this intersection is a building with an open
                spire. You won't have a shot on it unless you use a helicopter to
                land on the roof. Tossing a Grenade or firing an RPG makes quick
                work of this. Either way, this is one of the trickiest Flying Rats
                in the game, and is best left until later in the game.
    -- Flying Rat #38 (FR-038)
       East Island City, Dukes Boulevard
             >> The Dukes Blvd. Station is under construction, but you can still
                enter it. It is located just off from Dukes Boulevard on the
                border with Steinway. The Rat is underneath the beam.
    -- Flying Rat #39 (FR-039)
       Steinway, Brandon Ave.
             >> The Rat is underneath the ramp that provides as Jump #13.
    -- Flying Rats #40 & #41 (FR-040) (FR-041)
       Steinway, Hewes St.
             >> Head west down this road and stop at the parking lot. There are
                two Flying Rats, one on the ground, and one on the broken wall.
    -- Flying Rat #42 (FR-042)
       Dukes Bay Bridge
             >> The Flying Rat is underneath the bridge, by the supports. You can
                swim out and climb underneath the bridge to get a shot at it.
    -- Flying Rat #43 (FR-043)
       Steinway, Hewes St.
             >> Head west down this street, past the parking lot, and stop as you
                pass the piers. Climb over the wall to find a playpark, and the
                Flying Rat on one of the frames.
    -- Flying Rat #44 (FR-044)
       Steinway, Cemetery
             >> The cemetery is at the northwest corner of Broker Island and
                Steinway. Go to the pathway that curves south to west to find the
                Rat on top of a mausoleum.
    -- Flying Rat #45 (FR-045)
       Steinway, Brandon Ave.
             >> The Rat is perched on a rock under a tree at the intersection with
                Tinconderoga Ave.
    -- Flying Rat #46 (FR-046)
       Steinway, Yorktown Ave. & Morris St.
             >> The Rat is in a tree at the southwest corner of the intersection.
    -- Flying Rat #47 (FR-047)
       Steinway, Yorktown Ave.
             >> Go into the alleyways on the block with Steinway Beer Gardens. The
                Rat is on top of a wooden fence at the central alley running west
                to east.
    -- Flying Rat #48 (FR-048)
       Steinway, Steinway Park
             >> At this Park is the public pools. Look for the diving boards and
                it will be on the highest board.
    -- Flying Rat #49 (FR-049)
       East Island City, underground pedestrian tunnel
             >> The pedestrian tunnel is enterable from the north on the same
                street as Steinway Park. It can be found easily, on the ground.
    -- Flying Rat #50 (FR-050)
       East Borough Bridge (southbound-to-eastbound)
             >> The Flying Rat will be on a ledge at the walkway area of the
                bridge. It's exact position lines up with the supports underneath
                the bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #51 (FR-051)
       Charge Island, Water Treatment Facility
             >> This area is on the east side of Charge Island. The Rat can be
                found on the median of the parking lot, near the ramp from the
                East Borough Bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #52 (FR-052)
       Charge Island, Boathouse
             >> The Boathouse is located at the northwest corner of the island.
                Go through the boathouse and into the docks. At the northern end
                is a wooden boat, with the Flying Rat inside.
    FLR3. Bohan Rats
    There are a total of twenty-two Flying Rats in Bohan. This brings the running
    total to 74 from Broker, Dukes & Bohan. This is the amount in total available
    to you from the beginning of the game. We will sweep our way through Bohan
    from east to west.
    -- Flying Rat #53 (FR-053)
       Little Bay, off coast
             >> The Rat will be sitting on a rock near the shore. The rock is
                positioned at the northeastern corner of the island, northeast of
                the road turning as you come off the Dukes Bay Bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #54 (FR-054)
       Northern Gardens, Planche St. & Flanger St.
             >> There is an alley that runs between the two streets from north to
                south. It will be resting on a drainpipe halfway down it.
    -- Flying Rat #55 (FR-055)
       Northern Gardens, Caterpillar St.
             >> This area is a type of cul-de-sac with a "Welcome To Northern
                Gardens" sign in the middle of the circular dead end. The Rat is
                on the side of the sign.
    -- Flying Rat #56 (FR-056)
       Bohan Industrial, Leavenworth Ave.
             >> Head to the corner where the road goes from north to northwest.
                The Rat will be perched on a streetlight on the side of one of the
    -- Flying Rat #57 (FR-057)
       Bohan Industrial, the dockyards
             >> In the dockyards due southeast of Worm St. is a tugboat. It is sat
                in the window of the cabin.
    -- Flying Rat #58 (FR-058)
       Bohan Industrial, Jackhammer St.
             >> The Rat is on top of the Menala Metal building, near a trailer
                with the Alpha Mail logo. On south side of the building is a set
                of stairs. Go up them and follow the steps and the ladder, and
                head to the southeast corner of the building. It will be sitting
                on the corner of this roof.
    -- Flying Rat #59 (FR-059)
       Northern Gardens, Northern Expressway
             >> As the road dips downward towards the L.C.P.D. precinct, stop and
                climb up onto the wall at the south side. Stay on it and head
                back towards the precinct. You'll find the Rat on top of a signal
    -- Flying Rat #60 (FR-060)
       Boulevard, Valdez St.
             >> On the square block on the east side of the street is a broken
                walkway, with brick constructs and fencing on its south side. It
                will be perched on one of the high constructs.
    -- Flying Rat #61 (FR-061)
       Boulevard, Grand Boulevard & Elbow St.
             >> There is a sidewalk on the south side of the road. As you come to
                a red awning with the number 1665 on it, you will find the Rat not
                too far from it.
    -- Flying Rat #62 (FR-062)
       Boulevard, The Park
             >> The park makes up a sizeable amount of the northwest corner of
                Bohan Island. Go to the road curving north as it heads west to
                east to locate the Rat on the wall bordering the park on the high
    -- Flying Rats #63 & #64 (FR-063) (FR-064)
       Boulevard, north & northwestern coast
             >> #63 will be under the waterfront towards the due north coast. #64
                will be on top of a concrete block on the shore, near the hillside
                at the northwestern corner of Bohan Island.
    -- Flying Rat #65 (FR-065)
       Fortside, Drop St. & Mill St.
             >> To the north of this intersection is a mini market. Go down the
                alley next to it and turn left at the first turning. The Rat is
                sitting on a nearby fence post.
    -- Flying Rat #66 (FR-066)
       Fortside, San Quentin Station
             >> This is a block south of Flying Rat #65. It is behind the wooden
                fence of the maintenance area underneath the platform.
    -- Flying Rats #67 & #68 (FR-067) (FR-068)
       South Bohan, Wallkill Ave.
             >> At the south end of this street is a ruined area. Both Rats are
                located here - one on the wall, and the other on a girder above.
    -- Flying Rat #69 (FR-069)
       South Bohan, southwest coast
             >> Go through the housing projects to the shoreline. There will be a
                large rock formation with the Flying Rat placed above it. A Sniper
                Rifle works best.
    -- Flying Rats #70 & #71 (FR-070) (FR-071)
       South Bohan, Joliet St.
             >> Head to the north end of the street, which will have your South
                Bohan Safehouse located on it, to find a Cleaners business. The
                Rats are located on the southeast corner of the roof. Use a Sniper
                on the building across the street from it or toss a Grenade at
    -- Flying Rat #72 (FR-072)
       Chase Point, Spin St. & Beaumont Ave.
             >> To the middle of the block is an alley running north to south,
                connecting Spin with Beaumont. Midway down the alley is the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #73 (FR-073)
       South Bohan, road to the construction site
             >> Stop before you approach the turn heading southwest and go down
                the walkway heading under the bridge. The Rat will be sitting on
                the wall.
    -- Flying Rat #74 (FR-074)
       South Bohan, construction site
             >> Head into the site and look for a concrete pipe as you enter the
                area on the west side of the East Borough Bridge overpass. It will
                be inside the pipe.
    FLR4. Algonquin Rats
    Now going into newer territory, we have sixty-four Flying Rats to cover in
    Algonquin, bringing our total up to 138 out of 200. I found that the cops are
    spread much further around this area than any other I've covered, so expect
    quite a bit of police attention. The search goes from north to south.
    The following list excludes the Flying Rats on Happiness Island, left until
    the end of our search. The island is available after gaining access to
    Algonquin, so you may pick them off before Alderney if you choose to. However,
    for the sake of simplicity, you want to stick with my order so your number
    matches my guide; therefore, you won't risk missing any if you get ahead of
    -- Flying Rat #75 (FR-075)
       Northwood, docklands
             >> Due northeast of the intersection with Exeter Ave. and Grummer
                Road is a barge close to the shore. Get onto it, and you can find
                the Rat inside a metal dumpster.
    -- Flying Rat #76 (FR-076)
       Northwood, off Galveston Ave.
             >> Get to the intersection with the street at the north end of this
                street, and turn right. Stop as you come to the first alley to
                your right. It will be on top of a ledge at this area.
    -- Flying Rat #77 (FR-077)
       Northwood, Xenotime St.
             >> You will want to slow down and keep your eye on the north side of
                the street as you come onto the south side of the block with the
                Pay 'n' Spray. At the entrance to one of the alleys are a set of
                concrete posts, with the Rat sitting on one of them.
    -- Flying Rat #78 (FR-078)
       Northwood, Xenotime St. & Vespucci Circus
             >> From Flying Rat #77, continue east down Xenotime and stop as you
                turn left on Vespucci. To your left will be a desolate building.
                The Rat will be sitting on a brick ledge on the east side.
    -- Flying Rat #79 (FR-079)
       Northwood, Vespucci Circus
             >> From Flying Rat #78, continue clockwise on this road and stop as
                the road straightens south to join onto Astoria. To your left you
                should find a park area with a few benches and a black railing
                around it. The Flying Rat will be sitting on the north railing.
    -- Flying Rat #80 (FR-080)
       East Holland, Astoria
             >> From Flying Rat #79, head south off Vespucci to join onto Astoria.
                Stop as you come to the apartment with the constructs above the
                sidewalk. Look to the fire escape on the east side of the building
                to find the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #81 (FR-081)
       East Holland, the waterfront
             >> This one will be on top of a cement block due southeast of Flying
                Rat #80. It is easy to miss if you're not being vigilant.
    -- Flying Rat #82 (FR-082)
       East Holland, Topaz St.
             >> Stop after passing the intersection with Exeter Ave. Look for a
                parking lot, and then enter it. Go to the set of stairs, go up
                them, and then turn right to go up the next set. As you see the
                next set, you will find the Rat at the ledge to it.
    -- Flying Rat #83 (FR-083)
       North Holland, Frankfort St. & Uranium St.
             >> This one is sitting on the wall over the tunnel of the El-Tracks.
                It will be across the street to the east of the Medical Center.
    -- Flying Rats #84 & #85 (FR-084) (FR-085)
       North Holland, North Holland Medical Center
             >> Go to the northwest corner of the Center to find the ambulance
                area. To the southeast corner of this is a door. Go through it to
                climb the fire escape of the Medical Center. This will allow you
                access to the Medical Center rooftops.
                #84 is located on the lower roof. Once you reach the lower roof,
                follow the railing along this roof until you spot it.
                #85 is located on a large A/C unit on the roof of the Medical
                Center. Go up the fire escape until you reach the very top, and
                the unit will be on the north side of the roof. The Rat is on top
                of it - there is a ladder allowing you access.
    -- Flying Rat #86 (FR-086)
       North Holland, waterfront
             >> Head onto the waterfront as the road underneath the paths to the
                Hickey Bridge turns west to south. The Rat will be on the ledge
                near a large hole on the path.
    -- Flying Rat #87 (FR-087)
       Hickey Bridge, eastbound crossing
             >> This will be on the wall on the south side of the bridge. If you
                haven't unlocked Alderney, this may require some luck, or a Sniper
                Rifle once you have found a good angle.
    -- Flying Rat #88 (FR-088)
       Hickey Bridge, bridge support
             >> The Rat is perched on the west side of the east bridge support.
                Get a good vantage point from the south and use a Sniper Rifle to
                get this one.
    -- Flying Rat #89 (FR-089)
       Varsity Heights, Ivy Drive South
             >> Stop in the middle of the road before you come to the intersection
                with the Hickey Bridge. There is a parking area to your left on
                the block. Go to the steps and head up them, and then right, up
                the next set. Head off to your left to find a sandbox and the Rat
                sitting in it.
    -- Flying Rat #90 (FR-090)
       Varsity Heights, Galveston Ave. & Ruby St.
             >> At the west of this intersection is the driveway running through
                the university. Look at the pillar on the north side of the
                entrance to find the Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #91 (FR-091)
       Middle Park West, Ivy Drive South
             >> As you pass up the intersection with Pyrite St., you will see a
                large war memorial to the west. The Rat is on a ledge on the west
                side of the building.
    -- Flying Rat #92 (FR-092)
       Middle Park West, Frankfort Ave.
             >> As you approach the intersection with Quartz St., you will spot
                the Natural History Museum. At the southeastern end will be the
                Rat on a window ledge.
                As this location is very close to Middle Park, getting police
                attention is a near-certainty.
    -- Flying Rat #93 (FR-093)
       Middle Park, northern lake
             >> At the west side of the northern lake is a boathouse. The Rat is
                on top of a window at the east side of the boathouse. Again, you
                are likely to gain police attention for this one.
    -- Flying Rat #94 (FR-094)
       Middle Park, Quartz St. & Columbus Ave.
             >> At the west side of this intersection is the eastern entrance to
                Middle Park. It will be on top of a circular pillar at the north
                side. Cops are positioned nearby, so exterminate this one and then
                get out quickly.
    -- Flying Rat #95 (FR-095)
       East Borough Bridge, Algonquin to Charge Island
             >> This Rat is on top of the first girder as you head eastbound. An
                assault rifle works well.
    -- Flying Rat #96 (FR-096)
       Lancaster, Albany Ave. & Quartz St.
             >> At the southwest corner is the entrance to the Quartz St. subway
                station. The Rat will be on the railing.
    -- Flying Rat #97 (FR-097)
       Middle Park East, Columbus Ave. & Pyrite St.
             >> Near this intersection is a large building. It is on a ledge on
                the east side, south of the steps up to the entrance.
    -- Flying Rat #98 (FR-098)
       Lancaster, in the Humboldt River
             >> As you look over the river in Lancaster, you will spot the barges
                moored offshore. The Rat is on a ledge at the south end of one of
                the barges. Using a boat has obvious advantages here over swimming
                out to it.
    -- Flying Rat #99 (FR-099)
       Middle Park East, Columbus Ave. & Obsidian St.
             >> The Rat can be found on top of a white awning at the northeast
                corner of the intersection.
    -- Flying Rat #100 (FR-100)
       Middle Park, southwestern area
             >> From the entrance at the southwestern corner, enter the park and
                begin heading northeast. As you come to the end of the narrow path
                that runs directly northeast, you should come to a pillar with the
                Flying Rat perched on it. It will be near a hotdog stand.
    -- Flying Rat #101 (FR-101)
       Middle Park West, Columbus Ave.
             >> Just before the overpass is an art gallery, shown on the map as
                three small, rectangular buildings on the same block. At the
                southwest corner of this block is a sitting area, and the Rat will
                be perched on a planter.
    -- Flying Rat #102 (FR-102)
       Purgatory, Hell Gate
             >> Just before the intersection with Galveston Ave. will be a block
                to the north with a number of alleys merging into the center. Go
                into the center to find the Rat on a ledge on an upper level, near
                the stairs leading up to it.
    -- Flying Rat #103 (FR-103)
       Star Junction, Lorimar St.
             >> On Lorimar to the south is a large driveway/pathway area, with the
                Seagull Theater on it. The Flying Rat is in a tree nearby.
    -- Flying Rat #104 (FR-104)
       Hatton Gardens, Lorimar St. & Bismarck Ave.
             >> At the northwest corner of the intersection is the southeast
                corner of the Cathedral. The Rat is on top of the spire, and you
                can only get a clear shot with a Sniper Rifle.
    -- Flying Rat #105 (FR-105)
       Hatton Gardens, Albany Ave.
             >> The Civilization Plaza is on this street, where Jump #26 was
                located. The Rat is located on the sculpture of "holding hands".
                This is best done with a Sniper Rifle outside the Plaza, so you
                will only get a 1-Star Wanted Level from the cops nearby.
    -- Flying Rat #106 (FR-106)
       Lancet, Union Drive East
             >> Enter Union Drive before the road curve goes under the Algonquin
                Bridge. As you reach the bottom of the road as it goes down, you
                can see a gap between the road and the bridge. You can access this
                to get the Rat located in this area.
    -- Flying Rat #107 (FR-107)
       Lancet, Algonquin Bridge SkyCars
             >> At the southern side of the bridge is the route for a SkyCar that
                goes from Algonquin to Colony Island. The Rat is on the railing of
                the docking station, accessible at the south side of the bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #108 (FR-108)
       Colony Island, Algonquin Bridge SkyCars
             >> If you enter the SkyCar from Flying Rat #107, you will arrive in
                Colony Island. This Rat will be on the wall at the north end of
                the docking station.
    -- Flying Rat #109 (FR-109)
       Colony Island, northeast
             >> Go to the dead-end road that is easternmost, east of the docking
                station. To the southeast is a fire escape. Go up the fire escape,
                and head to the platform connecting this building to another. Go
                across this bridged gap and up to the top of the steps to find the
                Rat at the corner of the upper roof.
                Full Health is advised, as you will need to jump back down to
                street level. Replenish your Health afterwards.
    -- Flying Rat #110 (FR-110)
       Colony Island, Presidents Ave.
             >> At the western coast of Colony Island is a waterfront with a set
                of large steps. The Flying Rat is sitting on these platforms.
    -- Flying Rat #111 (FR-111)
       Colony Island, east
             >> From the road curve off of Leaper's Bridge, take the first right
                towards the parking lot. Stop as you come into the parking lot,
                and head north into a playground near the apartments. The Rat is
                sitting on the merry-go-round.
    -- Flying Rat #112 (FR-112)
       Colony Island, Old Hospital
             >> You should remember this from the mission "Snow Storm". If you go
                to the break in the fence at the northeast corner, you should be
                able to find the Flying Rat to the northwest, on the ledge of the
    -- Flying Rat #113 (FR-113)
       Algonquin Bridge, eastbound to Broker
             >> The Rat is on the southernmost ledge as you pass over East Hook
                and BOABO.
    -- Flying Rat #114 (FR-114)
       Presidents City, underneath Union Drive East
             >> Slightly north of the overpass leading onto Leaper's Bridge is
                where Union Drive East curves along the Algonquin coastline. There
                is an alleyway displayed on your map and radar leading under this
                curve. Follow it east until you get under the overpass, and look
                for the trash pile with the Flying Rat on it.
    -- Flying Rat #115 (FR-115)
       Easton, Bismarck Ave. & Jade St.
             >> On the south side of this intersection is a statue of Neptune. The
                Flying Rat is perched behind it. Cops will be situated nearby, so
                get this one and make yourself scarce.
    -- Flying Rat #116 (FR-116)
       Star Junction, Denver-Exeter Ave.
             >> Head south, past the BAWSAQ Building, and look for a tree on the
                sidewalk down from it. It will be near the Eau-De-Mania storefront
                and Rimmers.
    -- Flying Rat #117 (FR-117)
       Star Junction, Kunzite St.
             >> Just before the main intersection of Star Junction on Kunzite is
                the base of the MeTV Building, with a large turntable billboard.
                The Rat is sat on the power box nearby.
    -- Flying Rat #118 (FR-118)
       Star Junction, MeTV Building
             >> From Flying Rat #116, head west down Kunzite and down the alley
                of the MeTV Building. Down this alley is a service platform that
                you can use to get to the roof of the building. When you get to
                the very top, make your way to the north side to find the Rat on a
                I collected this one by landing a chopper on the helipad and then
                using the ladders to climb down. You can grab a chopper for this
                one, but the service platform is less hassle following on from the
                last Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #119 (FR-119)
       Westminster, the ruined El-Tracks
             >> You may remember this one if you completed Jump #25. If you enter
                this area from Hematite St. in Suffolk, go along the tracks, but
                stop as the tracks converge in the square area. The Rat is on the
                ground, behind a girder off to the left of this area.
    -- Flying Rat #120 (FR-120)
       The Meat Quarter, Galveston Ave.
             >> Before the intersection with Iron St. is a bus shelter across from
                the gas station. The Rat is perched on top of it.
    -- Flying Rat #121 (FR-121)
       The Meat Quarter, Hematite St.
             >> Before the intersection with Galveston Ave. is a small parking lot
                area. To the right of a garage is a set of stairs. Go up them, and
                look on the roof as you make your way up. The Rat is on this roof.
    -- Flying Rat #122 (FR-122)
       The Triangle, Rotterdam Tower
             >> The Tower is a large block at the south end of Denver-Exeter Ave.
                Enter it on the east side to go up to the top. The Rat is on the
                ledge at the northwest corner on the level you are on.
    -- Flying Rat #123 (FR-123)
       The Triangle, Burlesque
             >> Near the intersection with Iron St. is a shark's mouth on the side
                of a building. Use a Sniper Rifle to get the Rat roosting inside
                its mouth.
    -- Flying Rat #124 (FR-124)
       The Triangle, Columbus Ave.
             >> Near the intersection with Hematite St. is the Viendemonte
                Restaurant, which has a glass shelter above the outdoor dining
                area. The Rat is perched on the southern end of the restaurant.
    -- Flying Rat #125 (FR-125)
       Fishmarket North, under Union Drive East
             >> There are entry and exit points to Union Drive East. There are
                also steps down to the base of these points from the sidewalk on
                the south side. Go down, and climb over the fence of the first
                archway to find the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #126 (FR-126)
       Broker Bridge, west tower
             >> The Rat is sitting on the railing atop this tower. You are best
                off trying to land a chopper on top of the tower.
    -- Flying Rat #127 (FR-127)
       Fishmarket South, Bridge Lane South
             >> Underneath part of the Broker Bridge, near Bridge Ln., is a skate
                park. The Rat is at the southeast corner on top of the half-pipes.
                It is hard to get a shot from the ground, so an explosive weapon
                may help you. Otherwise, find a motorcycle and try to land on top
                of the half-pipes.
    -- Flying Rat #128 (FR-128)
       City Hall, northeast corner
             >> The Rat is on a short ledge near the northeast corner of the
                building. With this being a federal building, cops will be dotted
                all around it, meaning you will have to make a getaway afterwards.
    -- Flying Rat #129 (FR-129)
       City Hall, off Union Drive West
             >> Beside the Union Drive as it heads northwest is an alleyway that
                converges into the center with three others on each side. Find the
                opening to this alley on the southwest side, and turn right when
                the scaffolding in this area ends. Follow this area to find the
                Rat on a railing.
    -- Flying Rat #130 (FR-130)
       Suffolk, Emerald St. & Liberty Lane
             >> To the northwest of this intersection is the church. Head to the
                left of the entrance to gain access to the graveyard. The Rat will
                be sitting on top of one of the headstones.
    -- Flying Rat #131 (FR-131)
       Suffolk, Galveston Ave. & Feldspar St.
             >> At the south of the intersection is a colored fence. Climb over it
                to find the Rat in the middle of this area.
    -- Flying Rat #132 (FR-132)
       Castle Garden City, the wharf
             >> The wharf can be found on the southwest coast, across from the
                hospital. Go into the wharf to find the Rat on the railing of one
                of the walkways down onto the jetty.
    -- Flying Rat #133 (FR-133)
       The Exchange, Denver Ave.
             >> From South Parkway, you are able to find a set of planters on the
                east side of Denver. The Rat is sitting on one of them.
    -- Flying Rat #134 (FR-134)
       The Exchange, Amsterdam Lane
             >> Continue heading south as you pass Barium St., and stop when you
                come to a lane near the Bank of Liberty branch. In an alley near
                it is a post with the Rat perched on top of it.
    -- Flying Rat #135 (FR-135)
       Fishmarket South, near HeliTours
             >> From the entrance, head north up the waterfront. The Rat will be
                on a tying post between the metal railings, behind the benches.
    -- Flying Rat #136 (FR-136)
       The Exchange, South Parkway
             >> Off the South Parkway is a small park. The Rat is sat on the round
                area in the park, nearest to the southwest.
    -- Flying Rat #137 (FR-137)
       Castle Gardens, construction site (west)
             >> In this area are container crates. Find the yellow crates, and
                climb the crate nearest north. Climb up to the top and then jump
                onto the stack near them. The stack will have the Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #138 (FR-138)
       Castle Gardens, construction site (south)
             >> Grab a boat (one can be taken from the Castle Garden City wharf),
                and head along the south coast where the construction site is.
                The Rat is roosting between the points to the east. You can use a
                Sniper Rifle to pick it off, or an RPG if you can't get a good
    FLR5. Alderney Rats
    Our last stop for the main boroughs is in Alderney. There are fifty-six
    located in the third island, bringing our running total up to 194, and leaving
    the remaining six to clear up on Happiness Island. This should provide the
    last challenge, as it is the last borough to cover.
    We will clear these from north to south.
    -- Flying Rat #139 (FR-139)
       Westdyke, the abandoned casino
             >> If you've completed the storyline, you will know this place well.
                Head down on the beach where the road overpass is to find the Rat
                underneath it.
    -- Flying Rat #140 (FR-140)
       Westdyke, the abandoned mansion
             >> You may remember this from the mission "To Live And Die In
                Alderney". You will find the Rat on the ground between the western
                dirt road and Beaverhead Ave.
    -- Flying Rat #141 (FR-141)
       Westdyke, Owl Creek Ave. & Big Horn Drive
             >> At the south end of this intersection is a large house. Head to
                the fence opening to the left of the entrance and head to the east
                side of the house to find the Rat on top of a pillar.
    -- Flying Rat #142 (FR-142)
       Westdyke, Big Horn Drive & Cassiar Ave.
             >> At the south end of this intersection is a large fence around one
                of the houses. The Rat is on top of one of the fenceposts due
                south of the car wash.
    -- Flying Rat #143 (FR-143)
       Westdyke, Big Horn Drive
             >> Head to where the street curves south to west. At the eastern-to-
                southern end is a wall running along the top of the street. The
                Rat is on this wall.
    -- Flying Rat #144 (FR-144)
       Westdyke, Ortiz Rd. & Flathead Rd.
             >> The Westdyke Deli is located at this intersection. The Rat is on
                an A/C unit at the north side of the Deli.
    -- Flying Rat #145 (FR-145)
       Leftwood, northwest
             >> Right in the northwest of Leftwood is a building that has a
                "Checkout!" sign. The Rat is on the roof between the water towers.
                Climb the roof opposite to get a good shot with the Sniper Rifle.
    -- Flying Rat #146 (FR-146)
       Leftwood, Westdyke Memorial Hospital (Long John Ave.)
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the grass to the left of the entrance
                to the hospital.
    -- Flying Rat #147 (FR-147)
       Leftwood, Panhandle Rd.
             >> Head to the west end of the street and to the westernmost block on
                the south side. There will be steps leading up to a grassy area.
                The Rat will be between a slim tree and one of the supports to the
                Plumber's Skyway.
    -- Flying Rat #148 (FR-148)
       Leftwood, Franklin St. & Catskill Ave.
             >> Go into the alley to the northeast of this intersection to find a
                ladder. Climb it and look for the Rat on a post atop a fire door.
    -- Flying Rat #149 (FR-149)
       Leftwood, Sacramento Ave.
             >> Due southeast of Flying Rat #148 is an alleyway. Go down it to
                approach the dirt ramp that forms Jump #37. Off to the left will
                be the Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #150 (FR-150)
       Leftwood, Bridger St.
             >> On this street is the Leftwood L.C.P.D. Precinct. Go down the
                pathway north of the security booth and the parking lot. The Rat
                will be on the south side of the pathway. Make your getaway, as
                you are bound to alert the cops.
    -- Flying Rat #151 (FR-151)
       Leftwood, the eastern coastline
             >> Head onto the coastline and make your way south until you come
                across a ramp. The Rat is under it. This is the ramp you have to
                hit during the mission "Out Of Commission".
    -- Flying Rat #152 (FR-152)
       Alderney City, Applewhite St.
             >> Go to the eastern end as it curves north along the east coast.
                Above the street on the south side is a seating area. The Rat is
                on the railing at the northwest corner of the seating area.
    -- Flying Rat #153 (FR-153)
       Alderney City, Applewhite St.
             >> At the end of this street, you can access the lower boardwalk. Go
                down it until you come to Jump #40. Look to your right to see a
                pathway bridge. The Rat is underneath it.
    -- Flying Rat #154 (FR-154)
       Alderney City, on top of the Booth Tunnel
             >> Head onto the south pathway beside the Booth Tunnel. Stop as you
                come to the top of the tunnel entrance. The Rat will be on top of
                the wall.
    -- Flying Rat #155 (FR-155)
       Alderney City, Applewhite St.
             >> Head west down the street, and stop when you reach the "Science Of
                Crime" billboard to the north. The Flying Rat is on the billboard
    -- Flying Rat #156 (FR-156)
       Alderney City, Applewhite St.
             >> From Flying Rat #155, continue westbound down Applewhite, and stop
                as you go on the overpass over Mahesh Ave. It will be sitting on
                the western side.
    -- Flying Rat #157 (FR-157)
       Alderney City, Jonestown Ave.
             >> Stop as the road curves west to south. To your left will be a
                building with a short railing around it. The Rat is behind the
                railing south of the entrance on the west side.
    -- Flying Rat #158 & #159 (FR-158) (FR-159)
       Alderney City, Lyndon Ave. & Boyden Ave.
             >> North of this intersection is the Mr. Fuk's Rice Box restaurant.
                Rat #158 is on a ledge on the west side, above the flowerpots.
                Across the street from the restaurant is a building with Rat #159
                on the ledge.
    -- Flying Rat #160 (FR-160)
       Alderney City, Lyndon Ave. & Lockowski Ave.
             >> At the west side of the intersection is the Kakagawa Building. The
                Rat is on the low wall by the entrances.
    -- Flying Rat #161 (FR-161)
       Alderney City, Babbage Drive
             >> Stop at the intersection of the south side of Koresh Sq. There is
                a building to the southeast. The Rat is in the bushes at the
                northwest corner.
    -- Flying Rat #162 (FR-162)
       Berchem, Koresh Sq. (northwest corner)
             >> Look at the wall opposite the Liberty Rock Radio billboard to the
                south. The Rat is sitting on a wall.
    -- Flying Rat #163 (FR-163)
       Berchem, Vutillo Ave. (curving north-to-east)
             >> At the northwest corner is a slope near Plumbers Skyway. The Rat
                is on the slope.
    -- Flying Rat #164 (FR-164)
       Berchem, Babbage Drive
             >> The Rat is on the southbound lane, on top of a portable cabin near
                the shut-down Cluckin' Bell.
    -- Flying Rat #165 (FR-165)
       Berchem, Aspdin Drive
             >> Look for an alley between Aspdin and Vitullo. Just to the north
                of this are houses with basement levels on the street. The Rat is
                located near one of the bay windows on this level.
    -- Flying Rat #166 (FR-166)
       Berchem, Vitullo Ave. & Kemeny St.
             >> The Rat is on a ledge across the street from TW@ Internet Cafe.
    -- Flying Rat #167 (FR-167)
       Acter, Vitullo Ave. & Edison Ave.
             >> At the west side of this intersection is a building with steeples
                on the roof. Look to the left of the main steeple, and you'll find
                the Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #168 (FR-168)
       Acter, Vitullo Ave., Lee Rd. & Hardtack Ave.
             >> At the west side where these roads converge is a park, where you
                will have met with Derrick McReary for some of his missions. Enter
                the park from the west side, and look to your left as you pass the
                fountain to find the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #169 (FR-169)
       Port Tudor, Odhner Ave. & Hardtack Ave.
             >> At the northeast of this intersection is an Auto Parts Store. The
                Rat is above one of the roller-shutters on Odhner.
    -- Flying Rat #170 (FR-170)
       Acter, Odhner Ave. (east-to-west, near Babbage Drive)
             >> There is a brick wall that runs along the north side of this part
                of Odhner. The Rat is on the corner to the west.
    -- Flying Rat #171 (FR-171)
       Acter, Fleming St. & Mueri St.
             >> Look for Lennie's Fireproof Doors to the south. Head through the
                gates and head up the steps on the large tanks. Jump to the low
                rooftop, and climb the ladders up to this rooftop. The Rat is
                sitting on an A/C unit.
    -- Flying Rat #172 (FR-172)
       Normandy, Port Tudor (west) Entrance, on Strower Ave.
             >> Strower runs straight into the west entrance of Port Tudor. Once
                you have gone through the entrance, turn left straight away to
                head along the west side of the docklands. You will come into
                disused tracks. The Rat will be sitting near the end of the road,
                behind some debris.
    -- Flying Rat #173 (FR-173)
       Normandy, Port Tudor (north) Entrance
             >> From Flying Rat #172, head back into Port Tudor and exit on the
                north side. Look for a propellor display to your left, near the
                "Welcome To Port Tudor" sign. The Rat is on the wall behind it.
    -- Flying Rat #174 (FR-174)
       Port Tudor, Pier B
             >> From Flying Rat #173, head back into the Port and continue south
                until you reach the Pier, the second-northernmost pier. Head
                around the east side of the easternmost building, and the Rat can
                be found sitting on a rope tie.
    -- Flying Rat #175 (FR-175)
       Port Tudor, Pier D
             >> From Flying Rat #174, head back west to come off the pier, and
                turn left to head south in the Port. When you come to the Pier,
                the only left turn and the southernmost pier, take the turn onto
                it. Stop when you come to three blue container crates near the end
                of the Pier. The Rat is sat on top of this stack. Climb up the
                lower one to gain access to the top crate to find it.
    -- Flying Rat #176 (FR-176)
       Port Tudor, disused tracks
             >> The southern end of these tracks form Jump #46. If you head north
                up these tracks, you will find it on the grass off to the left
                near the e-Cola building.
    -- Flying Rat #177 (FR-177)
       Tudor, Barsac Ave.
             >> The Rat is resting on a girder joint on Plumber's Skyway. Head to
                the west side and aim up with a Sniper Rifle to find it. You may
                have to adjust your position to get a shot on it.
    -- Flying Rat #178 (FR-178)
       Tudor, Mandrel Rd.
             >> This road forms the western bridge into Acter Industrial Park. The
                Rat is sat on the bridge railing on the east side of the bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #179 (FR-179)
       Tudor, Tinderbox Ave.
             >> The Rat is perched on the Honkers Strip Club entrance awning.
                Getting it will result in the security attacking you, or at least
                being alerted to your presence. Just be careful.
    -- Flying Rat #180 (FR-180)
       Tudor, Argus St.
             >> The Rat is sat on top of a power box on the west side of the
    -- Flying Rat #181 (FR-181)
       Tudor, off Argus St.
             >> From Flying Rat #179, head south on Argus and take the first right
                into the warehouse complex. Head west and stop when you come to
                an intersection. To your right will be a warehouse. The Rat is on
                the slope of the lower roof on this side. An Assault Rifle or a
                Sniper Rifle is advised.
    -- Flying Rat #182 (FR-182)
       Tudor, Hardtack Ave.
             >> Stop when you come under the Plumber's Skyway at the west end of
                this road. The Rat is on the grass slope underneath the Skyway,
                on the north side of the street.
    -- Flying Rat #183 (FR-183)
       Tudor, Ivy Rd. & Tinderbox Ave.
             >> From the intersection to the west of this, head north up Ivy Rd.
                Near this road is an on-ramp to the Plumber's Skyway. Take the
                south entrance and walk along it until you come across a container
                crate stack below. There is a short stack with the Rat on top of
    -- Flying Rat #184 (FR-184)
       Tudor, Hardtack Ave. (west)
             >> Head off this road and look to the water's edge. Furthest to the
                south, on the rocks at the water's edge, is the Flying Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #185 (FR-185)
       Tudor, Emery St.
             >> Pass the intersection with Tinderbox Ave. and then turn onto the
                on-ramp for Plumber's Skyway. Stop as you come to the L.C.P.A.
                crane. Climb onto the crane, and look down on the east side to
                find the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #186 (FR-186)
       Acter Industrial Park, Red Wing Ave.
             >> As this road turns north to stop at the end of the east curve,
                turn south into the Park itself. Head towards a ruined building
                off to your right. The Rat is on a low wall on the east side.
    -- Flying Rat #187 (FR-187)
       Acter Industrial Park, Red Wing Ave.
             >> From Flying Rat #186, head onto the seawall and head south down
                the coast. The Rat is on the edge of the seawall, near where the
                coast forms a corner.
    -- Flying Rat #188 (FR-188)
       Acter Industrial Park, Plumbbob Ave. & Red Wing Ave.
             >> From this intersection, head north up Plumbbob. It is on the grass
                to the east of the entrance to the derelict bridge.
    -- Flying Rat #189 (FR-189)
       Acter Industrial Park, Plumber's Skyway
             >> Enter the Skyway from the southernmost on-ramp and then head west-
                bound. The Rat will be sat on the median barrier as it circles
                back on itself.
    -- Flying Rat #190 (FR-190)
       Acter Industrial Park, Muskteer Ave.
             >> Head south near the park before you pass the intersection with
                Chariot Ave. Get on the northernmost walkway and look to the pipes
                to find the Rat.
    -- Flying Rat #191 & #192 (FR-191) (FR-192)
       Acter Industrial Park, Plumbbob Ave. & Toggle Ave.
             >> There is a pathway running north to south between the two streets.
                One of the Rats will be on the ground to the east, and the other
                on top of the wall behind it.
    -- Flying Rat #193 (FR-193)
       Acter Industrial Park, Grommet St. & Toggle Ave.
             >> At the southeast part of this intersection is a building. There
                are blue dumpsters that you can use to climb onto the roof of the
                building. Look to the southwest to spot a warehouse, with the Rat
                on top of it. As you are in close proximity of an L.C.P.D.
                Precinct and the State Correctional Facility, you will get a
                Wanted Level for this one.
    -- Flying Rat #194 (FR-194)
       Alderney State Correctional Facility, east coast
             >> Moored in the West River, near the Facility, is a half-sunken
                boat. It is on the east end of the deck. Again, as you are close
                to the Facility, you will alert the Cops.
    FLR6. Happiness Island Rats
    We cap off the final six Flying Rats on Happiness Island, the easiest area of
    Liberty City to clear. The worst you will manage is a 1-Star Wanted Level, and
    even then it will only be a few beat cops pursuing you. Just keep out of their
    way if you alert them, and you're golden.
    The Rats are in close proximity to each other, so you shouldn't have too much
    trouble with them. A Sniper Rifle is the preferred weapon for each Rat.
    All Flying Rats on Happiness Island are on or very close to the Statue of
    Happiness. You may have to move around to get a shot at the Rats, but at least
    you know exactly where they are.
    -- Flying Rat #195 (FR-195)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the coffee cup.
    -- Flying Rat #196 (FR-196)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the thumb of the Statue holding the
                coffee cup.
    -- Flying Rat #197 (FR-197)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the Statue's hairline, above her right
    -- Flying Rat #198 (FR-198)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the Statue's left shoulder.
    -- Flying Rat #199 (FR-199)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be sitting on the hand holding the tablet.
    -- Flying Rat #200 (FR-200)
       The Statue
             >> The Rat will be on the low wall on the top level of the Statue
                that you can access.
    20.      Achievements
    The first "Grand Theft Auto" title to feature Achievements. The game has fifty
    in total for the main game, adding up to 1000G. The DLCs bring this number up
    to 65 Achievements for 1500G. The fifteen additional Achievements are NOT
    20A. Offline Achievements
    There are 40 offline Achievements for you to unlock, adding up to 860G.
    1. Off The Boat (5G)
       Complete the first mission, "The Cousins Bellic".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    2. Fed The Fish (5G)
       Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    3. Lowest Point (5G)
       Complete the mission "Roman's Sorrow".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    4. Impossible Trinity (10G)
       Complete the mission "Museum Piece".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    5. Gracefully Taken (10G)
       Complete the mission "I'll Take Her".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    6. That Special Someone (10G)
       Complete the mission "That Special Someone".
    This will come as you go through the story.
    7. You Won! (60G)
       Complete the final story mission.
    This will come with completion of the mission "A Revenger's Tragedy" (Deal) or
    "Out Of Commission" (Revenge).
    8. Liberty City Minute (30G)
       Complete the story in under 30 hours.
    Self-explanatory, and not such a tall order. You can keep a track of gameplay
    time in your Stats.
    Here are a few tips to help you with this one:
        >> Follow the order of 100% Completion in this guide.
        >> Use the Autosave feature, to save time from manually saving your game.
        >> Skip cutscenes, as they contribute to your game time.
    This guide has been designed to help you with this Achievement, so you should
    not require any more tips beyond the ones above.
    9. No More Strangers (5G)
       Meet all Random Characters at least once.
    Random Characters are covered in Section 13 of the guide. You must meet all
    Characters you have unlocked at least once.
    10. Assassin's Greed (20G)
        Complete all of The Fixer's Assassination Contracts.
    The Contracts are covered in Section 12 of the guide. They become available
    after the mission "Truck Hustle".
    11. Driving Mr. Bellic (10G)
        Unlock Roman Bellic's Special Ability of free Taxi fares.
    This will come when you have reached a high enough Like Stat with Roman. This
    will be covered under his chapter within the Friends Section of the guide.
    12. Retail Therapy (10G)
        Unlock Little Jacob's Special Ability of discounted weapons.
    This will come when you have reached a high enough Like Stat with Jacob. This
    will be covered under his chapter within the Friends Section of the guide.
    13. That's How We Roll! (10G)
        Unlock Brucie Kibbutz's Special Ability of free helicopter rides.
    This will come when you have reached a high enough Like Stat with Brucie. This
    will be covered under his chapter within the Friends Section of the guide.
    14. Dial B For Bomb (10G)
        Unlock Patrick McReary's Special Ability of free car bombs.
    This will come when you have reached a high enough Like Stat with Packie. This
    will be covered under his chapter within the Friends Section of the guide.
    15. Liberty City (5) (20G)
        Of those left alive, have all of your friends' Like State above 90%.
    Jacob, Brucie and Packie will be the friends that you will have left at the
    end of the story. Roman and Dwayne's fate depends on your storyline choices.
    Review the Friends Section of the guide to see how you can get everyone's Like
    Stat above 90%.
    Pay attention to all friends and do activities with them on a regular basis to
    make this Achievement easier.
    16. Genetically Superior (25G)
        Win 20 offline Street Races.
    The Street Races will be available under Brucie in the cellphone's Phonebook
    soon after completion of the mission, "No. 1". There are 9 races in total, but
    completion of them all allows you to replay each one. How Brucie issues them
    is quite random depending on your position, but you will have to just win
    eleven more than what was required of you for 100% Completion for this
    Achievement. With the $500 prize for winning a race, the profit of $10,000 may
    tide you over.
    17. Cleaned The Mean Streets (20G)
        Accost 20 criminals through the L.C.P.D. Computer.
    "Cleaning The Mean Streets" is covered under the Vigilante Section of the
    guide. Clear up 20 crime scenes to get this Achievement.
    18. Manhunt (15G)
        Complete the Most Wanted lists on each island.
    There are 10 Criminals in each borough - in Broker, Dukes & Bohan, Algonquin
    and Alderney. L.C.'s Most Wanted is covered under the Vigilante Section of the
    19. Order Fulfilled (10G)
        Complete all of Brucie's Exotic Exports.
    Brucie's Exotic Exports become available after the mission "Logging On", and
    are available from your emails. Go out for all 10 and deliver them to Brucie's
    garage to get the Achievement.
    20. Courier Service (10G)
        Deliver all 10 packages for Little Jacob.
    This will come as a side-mission after completing Little Jacob's missions.
    It will be available under Little Jacob in the Phonebook. Complete all the
    deliveries to get the Achievement.
    21. You Got The Message (20G)
        Deliver all 30 vehicles for Stevie.
    Stevie's Vehicle Thefts will become available as you advance through the
    storyline after unlocking Alderney. Complete all thirty, covered in the guide,
    to get the Achievement.
    22. King Of QUB3D (15G)
        Beat the high score on QUB3D.
    QUB3D is covered in this guide. Beat the high score of 10,950 points.
    23. Dare Devil (30G)
        Complete all 50 Unique Stunt Jumps.
    Jumps are covered in this guide. Complete all of the Jumps to get the
    24. Endangered Species (50G)
        Exterminate all 200 Flying Rats.
    The Rats are covered in this guide. Exterminate all of them to get the
    25. One Hundred And Eighty (10G)
        Score the maximum 180 points with three darts.
    Do the Darts activity, and aim for the triple-20 to score 60 points. Do this
    with your next two darts to get it. You can get this one with enough practice.
    26. Pool Shark (10G)
        Beat a friend at Pool.
    Call up a friend to play Pool, and keep on playing them until you win a rack.
    The physics for this minigame are really finicky, so if you're familiar with
    the game, it's a pretty poor experience. Just keep on playing until you win.
    27. Gobble Gobble (10G)
        Score a turkey in bowling.
    Go to the bowling alley and play a game. You will need to score three strikes
    in a row to get this Achievement. This is a troublesome Achievement to get,
    and is much harder than you would first think.
    The best way to get a strike is to stand one pace to the left, hold that
    position, hold back on the stick for a second, and then release. This will be
    your best chance to score a strike.
    Some effort is required for this Achievement, so be patient and keep on re-
    28. It'll Cost Ya (5G)
        Get a taxi ride from one borough to another, without skipping.
    Start in Bohan, and call or hail a cab to take you into nearby Algonquin. If
    you sit back until the ride is over, you'll get the Achievement. All you have
    to do is sit through the whole journey.
    29. Sightseer (5G)
        Fly on all five Liberty City HeliTours.
    Head to the HeliTours in Fishmarket South. There will be three choppers at
    one time. Take all three rides available, each one at a $150 fee, and then
    save. Go back to see if one of the two choppers appear for you. If not, reload
    and come back. Once you have flown on all five, the Achievement will pop.
    30. Warm Coffee (5G)
        Be successfully invited into your girlfriend's house.
    You can get this with Michelle, or the other girlfriends that you can meet
    online (Carmen, Kiki and Alex). Try your luck after a successful date, and
    you should be invited it.
    31. Half Million (55G)
        Have $500,000 in your bank balance.
    "Three Leaf Clover" and one of the three final missions will pay heavily, as
    well as the later missions. Stevie's Vehicle Thefts prove to be just as
    profitable. If you are careful with your money, then this Achievement is no
    hard task.
    32. Full Exploration (20G)
        Unlock all boroughs.
    Completing the mission "Three Leaf Clover" will unlock Alderney. With that
    completed, you will get this Achievement along with it.
    33. Under The Radar (40G)
        Fly under all bridges in Liberty City.
    You must fly under all 14 bridges. When you go under one, the others you need
    to fly under are highlighted. Pause when they are highlighted, place a
    waypoint, and fly to it. All that is required beyond that is good piloting
    skills. With all 14 flown under, you will get the Achievement.
    34. Key To The City (100G)
        Achieve 100% Completion.
    A checklist is included after this Section in the guide. Achieve 100%
    Completion, and this Achievement is thrown in for good measure.
    35. Finish Him (10G)
        Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.
    When in close-quarter combat, you are able to dodge attacks if you time it
    correctly. If you dodge and then press X, B or Y, you perform a combat move
    that can take away around 50% of your enemy's health. If you go to Happiness
    Island, you are able to attempt this with little interference from the cops.
    This one may prove difficult depending on how well you are with the combat
    system in this game.
    36. Wheelie Rider (30G)
        Perform a wheelie and hold it over 500 feet.
    Get an NRG 900 and get enough speed to pull a wheelie. Do not hold the stick
    all the way back - instead, hold it close to full and tap it to maintain your
    wheelie. The best place to try this is any long strip of road with plenty of
    space. Francis Intl. will warrant a 4-Star Wanted Level, but you have a whole
    runway all to yourself.
    37. Rolled Over (30G)
        Perform 5 car rolls in one crash.
    Take to the Airport tarmac. There are little ramps on each side. Use an
    Infernus, or another light, fast vehicle, and hit these ramps with one side of
    the vehicle. Keep on hitting them until your vehicle becomes badly damaged,
    or until you get the Achievement. If your vehicle becomes damaged, you are
    best off saving, and retrying.
    38. Walk Free (50G)
        Outrun the cops on a 4-Star Wanted Level.
    You cannot save and reload, or use the Pay 'n' Spray, to get this Achievement.
    You must have the skills to lose sight of the L.C.P.D. and N.O.O.S.E. pursuing
    you. Get your Wanted Level up, easily done by entering a restricted area, and
    then go about outrunning them.
    If you are a good player, this one should be a challenge, but not totally
    impossible. Otherwise, there will be a lot of work to do for this one.
    39. One Man Army (40G)
        Have the maximum Wanted Level for 5 minutes.
    In your Stats is a timer for Time Spent on Highest Wanted Level. You will need
    to gain 6 Stars and then tough it out for 5 minutes. This is easier than it
    Start from the beginning of the storyline, where only Broker, Dukes & Bohan
    are available to you. Get a vehicle and make your way onto the El Tracks.
    Drive underneath the Algonquin Bridge and you will trigger the maximum Wanted
    Level for passing the boundary. Head to the subway tunnels, and stay under
    there until the Achievement pops.
    40. Chain Reaction (20G)
        Blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
    This is a hard Achievement to pull off. You will need to find many cars in
    close proximity to each other. Grab a chopper, and land on the lower ledges of
    the buildings in the center of Star Junction. You will need RPG Launcher
    ammunition. If you have the rewards for 100% Completion, this will help.
    Wait for a traffic jam to form, and then take out the vehicles at the front.
    Keep on shooting at the other vehicles, and with any luck, the Achievement
    will pop.
    This is one of the harder Achievements, and will take a few attempts. However,
    the weapons available in "The Ballad Of Gay Tony" will help you get this
    Achievement if that helps you.
    20B. Online Achievements
    There are only ten Achievements on GTA IV Online, adding up to 140G.
    41. Teamplayer (10G)
        Kill five players who are not on your team.
    Get your first five kills in any game mode to unlock this Achievement.
    42. Cut Your Teeth (5G)
        Achieve Rank 1.
    You will earn money as you go through online game modes. To achieve Rank 1,
    you need to earn $1,000.
    43. Join The Midnight Club (10G)
        Complete an online race.
    You must have damage enabled in the racing game mode you are attempting. Win
    one race to get this Achievement.
    44. Fly The Co-Op (15G)
        Beat Rockstar's time for "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's N.O.O.S.E." and "Bomb
        Da Base II".
    I have managed to publish a guide on beating the Rockstar Dev.'s time for
    each of these missions. It can be found on GameFAQs.
    45. Taking It For The Team (10G)
        Be on the winning side on all ranked team-based game modes.
    You must be on the winning side in Team Mafiya Work, Team Deathmatch, Team
    Car Jack City, Cops 'n' Crooks as both sides (all-for-one and one-for-all
    wins included), and Turf War.
    46. Top Of The Food Chain (10G)
        Kill 20 players with a pistol.
    You must do this in a ranked deathmatch. Host the lobby, set weapons to
    pistols only, and set a time you see appropriate in a location you think
    ideal. The Prison is advised.
    47. Top The Midnight Club (20G)
        Come first in 20 different ranked street races.
    You will need to beat 20 variants of street racing - i.e. in different
    48. Wanted (20G)
        Achieve Rank 10 in multiplayer.
    There are ten ranks to reach in multiplayer:
    -- Rank 1: $1,000
    -- Rank 2: $10,000
    -- Rank 3: $50,000
    -- Rank 4: $100,000
    -- Rank 5: $250,000
    -- Rank 6: $500,000
    -- Rank 7: $750,000
    -- Rank 8: $1,000,000
    -- Rank 9: $2,500,000
    -- Rank 10: $5,000,000
    Earning these ranks are hard work, but bring rewards to customize your online
    character. A lot of effort and gaming time is required, but if you really want
    this one, then go for it.
    49. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (30G)
        Win all ranked multiplayer game modes, all races, and Cops 'n' Crooks as
        both sides.
    This one also requires a lot of hard work and toil, but will come along the
    way with Wanted if you are going for it. Also, "Taking It For The Team" will
    make a good contribution to this one.
    50. Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (10G)
        Kill a Rockstar Dev. in any ranked multiplayer match.
    This Achievement is universal - if you kill someone with the Achievement, you
    will unlock it. In most cases, this one comes with your first kill.
    21.      100% Completion Checklist
    Below is all that is required for you to get 100% Completion:
    >> Complete all story missions, from "The Cousins Bellic" to the end of "Deal"
       or "Revenge".
    >> Complete all nine Assassination Contracts for The Fixer.
    >> Deliver all 10 Drug Packages for Little Jacob.
    >> Deliver all 10 Exotic Exports for Brucie.
    >> Win all nine Races for Brucie.
    >> Deliver all 30 vehicles for Stevie's Vehicle Thefts.
    >> Accost 20 Criminals in "Cleaning The Mean Streets".
    >> Accost all 30 Most Wanted Criminals.
    >> Beat the High Score set on QUB3D.
    >> Complete the Random Encounters:
             -- Brian Meech (all 3)
             -- Badman
             -- Mel
             -- Ileyna Faustin
             -- Pathos (both of 2)
             -- Sara (both of 2)
             -- Hossan Ramzy
             -- Marnie Allen (both of 2)
             -- Eddie Low (both of 2)
             -- Gracie Ancelotti
    >> Complete all 50 Unique Stunt Jumps.
    >> Exterminate all 200 Flying Rats.
    >> Beat any friends in the following activities:
             -- Bowling
             -- Darts
             -- Pool
    >> Go on each Activity for the following Friends:
             -- Brucie Kibbutz:
                       ++ Boating
                       ++ Bowling
                       ++ Drinking
                       ++ Eating
                       ++ Heli Ride
                       ++ Show
                       ++ Strip Club
             -- "Little" Jacob Hughes:
                       ++ Darts
                       ++ Drinking
                       ++ Eating
                       ++ Pool
                       ++ Show
                       ++ Strip Club
             -- Patrick McReary:
                       ++ Bowling
                       ++ Darts
                       ++ Drinking
                       ++ Pool
                       ++ Show
                       ++ Strip Club
    >> Unlock the Friendship Special Abilities:
             -- Brucie's free Heli Rides
             -- Jacob's discounted Weapons
             -- Patrick's free Car Bombs
    22.      100% Completion Rewards
    So, in the new Liberty City, what is your reward for beating the game through
    and through?
    >> The "Key To The City" Achievement, worth 100G.
    >> The cap on ammunition for your weapons is lifted.*
    *Saving your game and then reloading will set your ammunition back to the
    original limit. This means money spent on ammunition is completely wasted.
    The Achievement is valuable enough if you haven't unlocked it, but the reward
    for 100% is pretty meagre otherwise.
    23.      Credits
    There are several people who I would like to thank:
    >> Rockstar Games
    You create some of the best games I’ve ever played, including those outside
    the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. I salute you for that.
    >> All Gaming Hosts
    Those who host my guides, I thank you for getting my work out there. I thrive
    on helping people, and also perceiving other ways I can go about my gaming.
    >> The GTA Wiki
    I have used the website to confirm information and gather it to make my guide
    as detailed as possible. I appreciate how much effort has gone into a non-
    profit project, and I salute them. Thanks.
    >> X360A.org
    I based the Achievement sections off of their build, and picked up nuggets of
    information along the way. Again, I appreciate the effort that has gone into
    such a project, and they deserve a mention for playing a part in the
    construction of my guide.
    >> I have no individuals to thank as of yet. Feedback is appreciated, even if
    it is just a "thanks".
    24.      Goodbye!
    And another guide is capped off. Thank you for reading my guide.
    "Grand Theft Auto: IV" is a video game produced by Rockstar Games, a
    subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. No copyright
    infringement is intended.
    Any other sources of information, either during or after development and
    completion of this guide, are acknowledged. This guide was constructed with a
    very detailed playthru of the game; therefore much of this guide’s content is
    that of mine, the guidewriter. Any content that is not mine will be
    highlighted, and I will credit the author in my guide.
    You may ask my permission via email for posting of my, or parts of my guide.
    However, I will not allow you to post the whole guide, or the majority of it,
    unless I can trust you with it. If I allow you to post one of my guides, it
    must be left UNALTERED, and a credit to my name. Do not copy my guide without
    my permission, unless for personal use. Copyright infringement is something I
    won’t take lightly, and I will do everything in my power to have plagiarism
    (C) 2012-2013 DG-le-Ste. All rights reserved.

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