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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

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                    |       |___  @MMMMMMMMMC .MMMMMMMMMZ  MMMMMMMMMM  MMMMM
                    |       ____| MMMMM #MMMM WMMMM  MMMM nMMMM       9MMMMM@08ZE#
                     |     |____  MMMMM WMMMM QMMMMc#MMMM tMMMMMMMMMM  EMMMM
                     |     |    | MMMMM #MMMM QMMMMMMMMMM tMMMMMMMMMM  WMMMM AMMMM
                     |     |    | MMMMM #MMMM QMMMM c7YCI oMMMM        $MMMM YMMMM
                     |     |    | MMMMM #MMMM WMMMM  99E$ oMMMM        #MMMM 2MMMM
                     |          | MMMMM MMMMM @MMMMMMMMMM IMMMM.       MMMMMMMMMMM
                      \_________| MMMMM MMMMM .MMMMMMMMMW ZMMMM.       .MMMMMMMMMB
       /       \  @MMMM QMMM@ .MMMM@       .@MMMMMMM@c   XMM@@@MM 1MMMMMM QM@@@MM
       ----|    | @MMMM #MMMM  MMMMM .ii;; @MMMM bMMMM     MMMME    MMMMt :MMMM
      |         | @MMMM #MMMM  MMMMM MMMMM #MMMM QMMMM     MMMM0    YMMMM @MMM1
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                                |   FAQ/Walkthrough  |
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    Welcome to GTA4, a game many of us have been waiting for since forever. The game
    is  huge, so  you're likely to need a  guide. I hereby present to you the GTA 4
    Guide for all your desires.
    I write my Guides with the intention of making them the most user friendly thing
    out  there, presenting all information in a tight and professional layout. This
    guide is written in the style of the game. 
    Currently, this Guide is a spoiler free walkthrough. I have not yet decided if
    I will cover all other aspects as well. After all, there are in-depth guides
    that do a good job at that.
    - Absolute Steve
    Please take a minute to read this and step out of the Guide for a second.  You 
    can greatly support me and others, perhaps even for free.
    I sincerely hope you will find this Guide useful.  If you found it to be handy
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                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
     Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the [TAG] to find the section you're looking for!
    0. Useful Tips [MIS-0]
    1. The Cousins Bellic ......... [MIS-1] |45. Portrait of a killer ..... [MIS-45]
    2. It's your call ............. [MIS-2] |46. Dust off ................. [MIS-46]
    3. Three's a crowd ............ [MIS-3] |47. Holland nights ........... [MIS-47]
    4. Bleed Out .................. [MIS-4] |48. Paper trail .............. [MIS-48]
    5. Easy Fare .................. [MIS-5] |49. Lure ..................... [MIS-49]
    6. Bull in a China Shop ....... [MIS-6] |50. The Holland play ......... [MIS-50]
    7. Hung Out to Dry ............ [MIS-7] |51. A long way to fall ....... [MIS-51]
    8. Clean Getaway .............. [MIS-8] |52. Taking in the trash ...... [MIS-52]
    9. Ivan the not so terrible ... [MIS-9] |53. Meltdown ................. [MIS-53]
    10. Jamaican Heat ............ [MIS-10] |54. Museum piece ............. [MIS-54]
    11. Uncle Vlad ............... [MIS-11] |55. No Way on the Subway ..... [MIS-55]
    12. Concrete Jungle .......... [MIS-12] |56. Weekend at Florian's ..... [MIS-56]
    13. Crime and punishment ..... [MIS-13] |57. Late Checkout ............ [MIS-57]
    14. Do you have protection? .. [MIS-14] |58. Hating the Haters ........ [MIS-58]
    15. Final Destination ........ [MIS-15] |59. Union Drive .............. [MIS-59]
    16. Logging On ............... [MIS-16] |60. Smackdown ................ [MIS-60]
    17. No love lost ............. [MIS-17] |61. Buoys Ahoy ............... [MIS-61]
    18. Shadow ................... [MIS-18] |62. Babysitting .............. [MIS-62]
    19. Rigged to blow ........... [MIS-19] |63. Tunnel of Death .......... [MIS-63]
    20. The master and the molotov [MIS-20] |64. Truck Hustle ............. [MIS-64]
    21. Search and delete ........ [MIS-21] |65. Blood Brothers ........... [MIS-65]
    22. Russian Revolution ....... [MIS-22] |66. Bryce's Infernus ......... [MIS-66]
    23. Escuaela of the streets .. [MIS-23] |67. Pegorino's Bride ......... [MIS-67]
    24. Street Sweeper ........... [MIS-24] |68. Undertaker ............... [MIS-68]
    25. Luck of the Irish ........ [MIS-25] |69. Payback .................. [MIS-69]
    26. Blow your cover .......... [MIS-26] |70. I'll Take Her... ......... [MIS-70]
    28. The Puerto Rican connection[MIS-28] |71. ...I'll Take Her ......... [MIS-71]
    29. The snow storm ........... [MIS-29] |72. Ransom ................... [MIS-72]
    30. Have a heart ............. [MIS-30] |73. Catch the Wave ........... [MIS-73]
    31. No. 1 .................... [MIS-31] |74. She's a Keeper ........... [MIS-74]
    32. Deconstruction for beginner[MIS-32] |75. Diamond's Are a Girl's             
    33. Call and collect ......... [MIS-33] |    Best Friend .............. [MIS-75]
    34. Harboring a grudge ....... [MIS-34] |76. Flat Line ................ [MIS-76]
    35. Waste not want knots ..... [MIS-35] |77. To Live and Die in Alderney[MIS-77]
    36. ...Final interview ....... [MIS-36] |78. Pest Control... .......... [MIS-78]
    37. Three leaf clover ........ [MIS-37] |79. Entourage ................ [MIS-79]
    38. Actions speak louder                |80. Dining Out ............... [MIS-80]
        than words ............... [MIS-38] |81. Liquidize the Assets ..... [MIS-81]
    39. I need your clothes, your           |82. That Special Someone ..... [MIS-82]
        boots, and your motorcycle [MIS-39] |83a. If the Price Is Right .. [MIS-83a]
    40. Photo shoot .............. [MIS-40] |84a. Mr. & Mrs. Bellic ...... [MIS-84a]
    41. Ruff rider ............... [MIS-41] |85a. A Revenger's Tragedy ... [MIS-85a]
    42. Wrong is right ........... [MIS-42] |83b. A Dish Served Cold ..... [MIS-83b]
    43. Hostile negotiation ...... [MIS-43] |84b. Mr. & Mrs. Bellic ...... [MIS-84b]
    44. Undress to kill .......... [MIS-44] |85b. Out of Commission ...... [MIS-85b]
    100% CHECKLIST
    It's almost unbelievable that these maps don't come with the game. It's almost
    impossible to collect or complete all these things without having these maps.
    I am sure people will make maps (probably based off these) soon enough and 
    submit them to GameFAQs. But the whole world needs  maps *right now*. 
    If someone posts maps on GameFAQs, I'll link to those right away.
    Note: You may need to enlarge the pictures if they get automatically resized. 
    Legend Pickups:       Legend Rats/Stunts:
    ================      ===================
    White = Weapons       Blue   = Rats
    Green = Health        Yellow = Stunts
    Black = Armor
    Pickups:           http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/aldemey-pickups.jpg
    Rats/Stunts:       http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/aldemey-rats-stunts.jpg
    Pickups:           http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/algonquin-pickups.jpg
    Rats/Stunts:       http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/algonquin-rats-stunts.jpg
    Pickups:       http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/bohan-dukes-broker-pickups.jpg
    Rats/Stunts:   http://www.shillatime.org/gta4/bohan-dukes-broker-rats-stunts.jpg
                                  PART I: WALKTHROUGH
    SPOILER  FREE NOTICE:  Yes, this Guide is Spoiler-Free as in, I do not describe
    any scenes that  happen in-game.  There is no  reason at all to do this for me,
    because you as the player of the game, will see the scene yourself. I am forced
    to  write about spoilers sometimes, because of the way the game works.  Like in
    many  GTA games,  you sometimes have to kill someone you previously worked for.
    This will be described in this Guide too.  However, if you stick to the mission
    you  are at, you  will not be spoiled due to any descriptions of cutscenes, and
    you'll be able to enjoy the game to it's fullest. Thanks for reading.
                        |       0. Useful Tips [MIS-0]       |
                           MORE TO COME. SEND IN YOURS TOO!
    o You can bring up the Menu for a map of the city. You can even select a spot on
      the map and have it show up as a landmark of some sorts on your map in-game.
      This is the most useful tip I can give you, and it'll save you a lot of time
      and frustration because it also activates a GPS in any car, so you know 
      exactly where to go!
    o Do NOT bump into police cars with your car. Doing so will get you a wanted 
      level of 1 Star.
    o You can call 911 and get an ambulance for yourself. Just bring up the phone,
      dial 911, press 2, and they will be there soon. You'll have to pay them, but
      it's much better than having to look around for a place to eat - or worse,
      finding a medkit when you need one badly. There's a catch though .. It can be
      quite pricey. Only use this as a last resort.
    o If your vehicle doesn't start anymore after you got it busted up good, try
      calling 911. The vehicle should start again after calling.
    From: Roman         |    1. The Cousins Bellic [MIS-1]   | Reward: $25
    o After some scenes, I welcome you to Liberty City!
    o You'll get into the Taxi, which you can now drive. The radar will show you 
      where to go. It's quite dark right now, so you may want to bring up the menu 
      and fiddle with the brightness/contrast settings to make the game lighter.
      You can also turn on the headlights.
    o Drive over to "THE MANSION", and a scene is initiated. You can skip scenes.
    o The mission is over, and you're free to do whatever you want to do. For now,
      I suggest you follow the missions, because they explain how the new GTA works,
      and they're easy to do.
    o You can watch TV - it's funny! You can also steal a car, but watch out for any
      police who might be on the lookout.
    From: Roman         |      2. It's your call [MIS-2]     | Reward: $30
    o Head over to the (R) on the map, and drive over the yellow arrow. This will
      initiate the next mission. Watch the scenes, and the mission will start.
    o Get into Roman's car, and drive over to the hardware store. The map will show
      you exactly where it is. When you've brought Roman, he'll hand you a cell
      phone. This will play a crucial role in GTA4, so listen well to the tutorial.
    o Wait in the car and look around. Shortly after you get a call from Roman, 
      the loansharks will arrive. Call Roman with your cellphone.
    o Roman will quickly leave and hop in the car. Quickly drive back to the shop.
    o With this mission finished, you can check out the options for your cellphone.
    o Drive around for a bit, or return to your home. Either way, you'll receive an
      SMS from Roman. It looks like he's in trouble again.
    o When you're close to the (R) on the map, check out the guy nearby who appears
      as a symbol on the map. A scene initiates and you get $100.
    From: Roman         |     3. Three's a crowd [MIS-3]     | Reward: 
    o When you get to Roman you'll find out what's going on.
    o Mallorie calls you, so take Roman's car and drive it to the station. Simply
      follow the map and you should be fine.
    o Pick the girls up, drive over to Michelle's appartment, and drop them off.
    o It's time for some new clothes, which everyone seems to subtly mention to you.
      Drive over to the clothes store and buy some new clothes. Jeans, jacket,
      whatever pleases you.
    o After calling Roman, it's possible to date Michelle. Just head over to the (M)
      on the map whenever you have time. I suggest doing missions first, though.
    From: Roman         |        4. Bleed Out [MIS-4]        | Reward: $50
    o Head over to Roman, who is located at a basketball court. Just find the dot
      on your map and approach on foot.
    o Beat up the two jackasses, and quickly run back to your car, WITH Roman.
    o Chase the other guy. He will always take the same route, so you can drive
      safely. As long as you keep going you won't lose him. 
    o When he gets out of his car, go up the stairs of the building to find him.
    o You'll learn how to disarm him. It can be tricky, so you can also look around
      for a Molotov Cocktail below this building and throw that at him. Then again,
      you can also just disarm him. The game tells you how to do this.
    o Get back in the car and bring Roman back.
    From: Roman         |        5. Easy Fare [MIS-5]        | Reward: 
    o Get over to Roman's place. Your goal is to pick up Jermaine.
    o Follow the directions on the map and pick him up.
    o Drive him to his destination. Things don't work out, and you'll have to lose
      your wanted level. To do this, quickly drive away from the police. The map
      indicates your "wanted zone", which you should "simply" drive out of.
    o Drive FAST, and you should be able to pull this off.
    o When your wanted level is gone, drop Jermaine off to his destination.
    o You'll get a call from Vlad, who will have some missions for you from now on.
                        |             First Date             |
    o Pick Michelle up from her home.
    o Head over to the carnival, which is shown on the map. After finding out it's
      closed, head over to the nearby bowling alley and play a game of bowl.
    o You can skip this if you want, or you can finish it. It's not very difficult,
      but you may need a few attempts to get the hang of it.
    o After bowling, bring her back home. From now on, you can date Michelle. She 
      can call you, or you can call her. You can also cancel dates with your phone.
    From: Vlad          |   6. Bull in a China Shop [MIS-6]  | Reward:
    o Head over to the (V), which is Vlad's location.
    o He'll tell you one of his customers hasn't paid, and he needs you to get it
      done. He'll give you a baseball bat.
    o When you arrive at the shop, and initiated a scene, look around for an object
      that you can throw through the windows. It's located in the garbage down west.
    o Throw it through one of the left windows, the door won't work. Get back to
      Vlad and the mission will be over.
    o Read Vlad's SMS and you can do more missions for him.
    From: Vlad          |     7. Hung Out to Dry [MIS-7]     | Reward: $100
    o Head over to Vlad.
    o Drive over to the laundry's place. The owner will try to escape through the
      back door. Therefore, either park your car in the back, or hurry back to your
      car at front.
    o Chase the owner's van until he pulls over. Once you catch up with him, ramming
      him shouldn't be too hard for you.
    From: Vlad          |      8. Clean Getaway [MIS-8]      | Reward: $150
    o After heading to Vlad, it becomes clear that your main objective is to steal a
      car from a guy who owns Vlad money.
    o First, follow the dots on your map to enter a train. As the game tells you, a
      dot with an arrow pointing up or down indicates that the target location is
      above or below you. The train is upstairs, and you can enter with triangle.
    o When you arrive at your destination, walk over to the car. 
    o I suggest that you quickly get into the car and hit the gas. It's easier than
      fighting your way to the car.
    o The car is dirty, so head over to the Car Wash and get it cleaned.
    o Finally, drive the car to one of Vlad's garages.
    From: Vlad          |9. Ivan the not so terrible [MIS-9] | Reward: $200
    o Your objective is to kill Ivan.
    o Drive to Roman's shop, and Ivan will escape by car.
    o Chase him until he enters a construction building.
    o Go up the ladders by pressing triangle, and jump over the roofs until you 
      reach Ivan.
    o You can either kill him, or let him live. I let him live, personally.
    o There's a fire stairs nearby which you can take to an other roof. Here you can
      climb down a ladder to get off the buildings.
    From: Roman         |     10. Jamaican Heat [MIS-10]     | Reward: $200
    o Your objective is to pick up Little Jacob. Grab a car and head over to LJ.
      Let him get in the car by honking, and drive to his destination.
    o You'll get a gun from LJ, after which you should walk over to the spot he 
      wants you to be. Watch out, because "this shit's about to get heavy".
    o Kill off the guys that show up and protect Jacob. After killing the intitial 
      three guys, a last one will come out of a window.
    o Grab their money and weapons and bring LJ back. This concludes the mission.
    From: Roman         |      11. Uncle Vlad [MIS-11]       | Reward: ---
    o Your objective is to "have a word" with Vlad.
    o Get into a car with Roman, and head over to Vlad's place.
    o It's best to have a gun ready, because when you go inside you'll want to kill
      the two bodyguards. After this, go outside and chase Vlad.
    o Vlad always takes the same route, and will flee on foot near the docks. 
      Chase him and execute him, resulting in a few scenes.
    From: Little Jacob  |    12. Concrete Jungle [MIS-12]    | Reward: $200
    o Get to the (L), which stands for Little Jacob.
    o Get into the car and drive to Meadow Park. Park the car in the back alley.
    o You can either drive over the drug dealers, or kill them off with your gun.
    o After killing them, grab their weapons and head over to the drug dealers
      house. Once here, take cover. The first should go down swiftly.
    o The second however, ahs a shotgun and has more protection so you must take
      him out by the window. Lock on and kill him.
    o Go inside and into the room. Hide behind the couch (and don't mistake LJ, who
      is also behind the couch, for one of the dealers). There are two more dealers
      to be killed. After this, you'll probably have taken a shot or two, so grab
      the first aid kit from the table.
    o Last, drive LJ back to his destination and the mission's over.
    From: Roman         |  13. Crime and punishment [MIS-13] | Reward: $200
    o After heading to Roman's location, some scenes will play.
    o When everyting's done, run up the street and head all the way north until you
      see an abandoned police car. Quickly steal it (which nets you a Shotgun with
      5 shells), and drive over to the dots on your map after you get the call.
    o The dots represent the vans, but only one of them has the TV's. It's not 
      always the last one you approach, so make a lucky guess. You can make them
      pull over with the siren.
    o When you get the right one, hijack the van and it's shipment, and drive it
      over to a garage that's pinpointed on the map. Mission completed.
    o You also get Faustin's number on your cell phone.
    From: Faustin       | 14. Do you have protection? [MIS-14] | Reward: Micro SMG
                        '======================================'         + $400
    o Get to the (F) on the map.
    o Drive to the sex shop pinpointed on the map.
    o Go inside and aim at the guys. Shoot the middle one in his leg and leave.
    o Head over to the gunstore and but a Micro SMG. You can spot where it is lying
      by checking the map closely. Normally it costs $1200, but this one's bought
      for you. Take Dimitri back to Fasutin and the mission will be over.
    From: Faustin       |    15. Final Destination [MIS-15]    | Reward: $500
    o Head over to (F), and watch the scenes.
    o Drive over to the location, which is on an other island. You'll have to pay $5
      when you cross islands. When you get nearby your target, get out of your car
      and head up the nearby stairs that lead to the station.
    o Take out your SMG, you'll need it. Approach the guys and a fight'll start.
      Shoot his bodyguard ASAP, and follow the rat to the other side. He'll jump
      in his car, so chase him. You may want to fire at his tires before you follow
    o Shoot at his car while driving, and you'll eventually hit him or blow up his
      car. The mission will end now.
    From: Roman         |       16. Logging On [MIS-16]        | Reward: ---
    o Get to Roman for the mission. Now, simply drive over to Tw@, marked at the 
      map. Go inside.
    o Head to the counter, then log on to a computer, and read your email. 
    o Get back in the car and wait for Roman to call you. Wait for a while, and 
      you'll get the call. Head back to the internet cafe, and check your email.
    o Give a positive reply and get the vehicle for Brucie. This differs every time,
      but the vehicle shouldn't be too far away. 
    o When you have the vehicle, you may have to lose your wanted level. After that,
      it's only a matter of driving the vehicle to the garage. The better shape the
      vehicle is in, the more money you get. I got around $1000 for mine.
    From: Faustin       |       17. No love lost [MIS-17]      | Reward: 
    o Head over to (F), and get yourself to the next location, which is where the
      biker is located.
    o Once you've found him, hop onto the bike and chase him. Don't push yourself
      too hard, just make sure you follow him until he meets up with his buddies and
      drives out to the park.
    o A shootout starts. Hide behind trees or pillars and take the guys out one by
      one. When they're all wasted, the mission is completed.
    From: Little Jacob  |          18. Shadow [MIS-18]         | Reward: 
    o You don't want to start this mission with low health, so eat up. You may also
      want to buy armor for safety.
    o Head over to (L). After the scene you're in for a long drive. Eventually you
      will get to the other island and find the drug dealer.
    o Follow him through the alleys. If you get called, don't asnwer the phone or
      the drug dealer will get alarmed. You'll still be able to follow him, but he
      will be aware that you're chasing him.
    o At the appartment, follow him into a room. Grab your shotgun if you have it
      and take out the 3 drug dealers inside. Mission completed.
    From: Faustin       |     19. Rigged to blow [MIS-19]      | Reward: $700
    o Head over to Faustin. After the scene, head over to pick up a truck.
    o Once you get inside, carefully drive the explosives in the truck to the 
      destination. Trigger the explosives and quickly run out of the area.
      Mission completed.
    o You'll get a call from Roman and a message from Dimitri now.
    From: Dimitri       |20. The master and the molotov [MIS-20]| Reward: 
    o Head over to the (D). It looks like things have to end up like this.
    o Go to Faustin's Club, and look around for the Body Armor. This will certainly
      come in handy.
    o Go inside, and get a good weapon ready. Take out the bodyguards, or at least
      the ones you deem dangerous, and chase Faustin who has ran outside. Kill any
      bodyguards that trouble you on your way there.
    o Once outside, go upstairs to find Faustin at the roof. Kill him.
    From: Brucie        |    21. Search and delete  [MIS-21]   | Reward: 
    o Head over to (B). He tells you to steal a police car. Easier said than done,
      although it's far from an impossible task. Either look around for one or kill
      some people (grab their free money) and get some police attention.
    o Once you have one, lose your wanted level. Now park the car and go into the
      police computer after you get the call from Brucie. Search for LYLE RIVAS.
    o Once you have the location on your map, track him down. He escapes.. darn!
    o Chase him down, which can take a while because he's an excellent driver. I
      suggest ramming him several times, and only shoot at his car when you are on
      straight roads. Shooting can be difficult. Also beware of trucks that hold
      loads, because they will fall off and hinder you.
    o When he gets out the car, kill him whichever way you prefer, Mission complete.
    From: Dimitri       |    22. Russian Revolution [MIS-22]   | Reward: 
    o You may want to buy some Body Armor before attempting this mission!
    o After the previous mission, drive around and try to head to the (B).
    o You'll get a call soon from Dimitri, followed by one from LJ. Head over to
      pick LJ up, and the mission starts.
    o A big shootout starts - the gameplay comes to it's right in this place.
    o Always cover LJ when he asks you to, and take out the guys on the higher 
      levels first. If you do this and keep cover, you should be fine. I suggest
      you auto fire while in cover.
    o There is a medkit nearby from where you start it. If you're low on health, or
      get low on health, grab it.
    o After a while the cops show up. Head to the exit of the building and try to
      the tires of the police cars while still in the building.
    o Make a run for the car on the right and drive the hell out of here. Drive
      fast over the big roads and take a few corners here and there to shake off
      the police.. (eventually). 
    o Drive LJ back to his place.
    o Call Roman, or have him call you, and get over to him.
    o Drive to the safehouse, then to the depot. Looks like you'll be going to the
      next island baby! Whooo!
    o Drive to your new safehouse on the other island, and you'll be done with this.
    From: Manny         | 23. Escuaela of the streets [MIS-23] | Reward: $1000
    o Drive over to the (M). Grab a car and head over to your destination.
    o Follow the drug dealer: Don't lose him, but also make sure you don't get too
      close. Nico mentions that two car lengths is the best - I usually make it 
      three and a half myself.
    o Once you're there, prepare yourself for a big firefight once again. Enter the
      warehouse with a shotgun and blast the first few guys away. Hide behind the
      crates and start taking out the other dealers one by one.
    o Once you've cleared the warehouse, you can restore your health by buying soda
      from the green vending machine in the back.
    From: Manny         |      24. Street Sweeper [MIS-24]     | Reward: 
    o Head over to Manny, and get a car afterwards.
    o Drive over to the drug dealers, get out of your car, and shoot the three that
      are standing outside. The rest will escape by car.
    o Follow the car, which always makes a circle around some nearby block, which
      saves us some time. Get behind them and fire at will. Their car should break
      down eventually. Kill any remaining dealers that gotten out, and you're done.
    From: Elizabeta     |    25. Luck of the Irish [MIS-25]    | Reward: $1500
    o Once you got the mission, walk over to your destination - It's not that far.
    o Enter the building and grab the Sniper Rifle at the top.
      Note: If you fail the mission and retry, you get to keep the [expensive]
      Sniper Rifle Ammunition and the gun itself. It can be nice if you don't care
      about your statistics.
    o Watch over the meeting and DO NOT shoot until things go wrong.
    o Take out the dealers and watch your buddies. When he gets in trouble, shoot 
      the guy bothering him. 
    o When one of the dealers tries to get away by car, quickly shoot him through
      the window of the passenger seat. Mission completed.
    From: Elizabeta     |     26. Blow your cover [MIS-26]     | Reward: $2000
    o You'll meet up with Player X. Grab a car and have him get in too.
    o Drive to the other island. You're going to make sure the deal goes smooth.
      Go inside the building and upstairs.
    o Well, that was smooth alright. Kill the two nearby cops, and go around the 
      the appartment to kill the other two from behind. Watch it while you're going
      upstairs, because more are waiting for you, and one will roll right before 
    o Leave the building by the roofs, killing more cops. There's a well-placed
      Medkit here, so grab it if you need it. Go down the stairs on the other side
      of the roof and beware of more cops.
    o Once you're outside, all that's left to do is to lose your wanted level. It's
      got 2 stars, so drive fast and don't be seen by incoming patrols.
    o Bring Playboy X home after losing your wanted level.
    From: Brucie        |    27. Out of the closet [MIS-27]    | Reward:
    o Head over to Brucie. After this, you must go to the internet cafe.
    o Once you're there, log on to one of the PC's and check the site Love-Meet.
    o Seach for French Tom and click on "Date". Also have a laugh looking at your
      own profile - or any of the many others.
    o Go outside; We'll do some other missions now first.
    From: Manny        |28. The Puerto Rican connection [MIS-28]| Reward: $1250
    o Head over to (E). Looks like you're in for more work. 
    o Once you get to your location, follow the train. Don't lose it or the mission
      will be over. Be careful with taking wrong corners!!
    o Eventually the train will stop and your target will come out. Chase the car
      he gets into, and don't get seen. Follow the car until it parks near a burger
    o Waste the guys and you'll be done.
    From: Elizabeta    |       29. The snow storm [MIS-29]      | Reward: $2500
    o Call Elizabeta or have her call you. Either way, drive to her when you can.
    o Go to the other island and drive to the Old Hospital. Go inside and prepare
      for a big shootout. You should know how to deal with things by now. Take cover
      and take the guys out one by one. Watch out for any guys from above.
    o When you find the cocaine, grab it along with the body armor and QUICKLY make
      your way out of the building.
    o You should keep your wanted level as low as possible, so it's easier to escape
      from the police. There is a Pay and Spray at Purgatory, which can certainly
      help you get away form the police.
    o After all this, meet LJ and watch the revealing scene. The mission is over.
    From: Elizabeta    |        30. Have a heart [MIS-30]       | Reward: $3000
    o This is a really easy mission, which means easy money for us.
    o After you've been to Elizabeta, hop in the car and drive to your destination
      on the other island. That's basically everything.
    o If the trunk pops open due to you driving careless, step out and close it so
      you won't draw the attention of the police.
    o Let's continue [MIS-27] now, shall we?
    o Go back to the internet café and reply positively to French Tom's email. Now
      you got a date with him. Joy! Do some things on your own until the date is 
      ready, and drive to the Heart Icon on the map. Go inside and kill French Tom.
    o Beware of any other customers having guns, and quickly leave after killing the
      guy. You should be fine afterwards, and the mission'll finally be over.
    From: Brucie       |           31. No. 1 [MIS-31]           | Reward: Comet Car
    o Head over to Brucie. Grab a car afterwards and make your way to the sports car
      not too far away. This is a Comet - it's extremely fast and it steers well.
    o Head over to the race - unfortunately you don't have the pole position, but
      it doesn't matter much.
    o The race itself can be difficult, so instead of getting aggravated when you
      don't win the 1st time (or 2nd, maybe 3rd), see this as an opportunity to test
      your basic racing skills.
    o Don't try to shoot the other cars - You won't be able to damage them enough
      for this to work. Push it to the max when you're driving on straight roads,
      brake for your life when a corner is coming up, and push it to the max again.
      That's how we roll!
    o Bring Brucie back to his place when you've won the race. You keep the car. :)
    o After a while you'll get a call from Brucie. You can now contact him anytime
      you want for a repeat of the race. Brucie may also be your friend now.
    From: Playboy X    |32. Deconstruction for beginners [MIS-32]| Reward: $6500
    o Head over to the (X) Icon on your map.
    o Hop into a car and drive to your destination. In the car you'll find a bunch
      of grenades and a sniper rifle.
    o Follow Playboy and get to the top of the building by using the lift.
    o Locate the three watchguards who are on top of the cranes. Two are at a fair
      distance, and the other one is really close below on a crane. Once you've 
      disposed them, go back down and prepare for a shootout.
    o Arm yourself. I suggest you don't use grenades just yet. Try the sniper rifle
      to spot any enemies. If they're coming toward you, grab a machine gun to
      defend yourself from them. Note that the normal henchmen don't appear on the
      map, so you have to be careful.
    o The first union leader should be easy to spot. Use your map.
    o The second is in the building behind the first. He is also well guarded.
      You may want to use grenades, but you don't have to.
    o The third is just ahead again. They'll hide behind containers so again, you
      may want to resort to grenades.
    o The last one needs to go down fairly quick, because of an incoming chopper.
      Don't rush things though - Grab a machine gun and quickly kill all the men
      that stand in your way. Check your map to see that the union leader didn't
      get on the chopper, but is making a run for it. You may see him climbing a 
      ladder. If so, kill him. If not, chase him down and waste him.
    From: McReary      |     33. Call and collect [MIS-33]      | Reward: $1000
    o Head over to the (?) Icon all the way south on the map.
    o After the debriefing, make your way to your destination. You'll get a call
      from McReary with the blackmailer's phone number. When you call him, look
      very carefully on your left. You should see a guy on a bench who's wearing a
      hat - He picks up his phone. Walk down the stairs but don't come too close.
    o When the call's over, quickly waste the guy and grab the storage device.
    o Lose your wanted level (2 stars), and bring the device to Francis.
    From: Packie       |     34. Harboring a grudge [MIS-34]    | Reward: $
    o Head over to the (Pm) on the map. You should get this by now, or else you'll
      have to wait for a bit until you get contacted about it.
    o After the debriefing, get a car and drive you and Packie to the docks.
    o Follow Packie and climb the building.
    o He'll tell you to go around and clean the place up from the ground. Yes, you
      can do it this way. I prefer to stay on the roof and take cover. You can gun
      down most of the guys from the roof - it's much easier.
    o When most of them are dead, head down like Packie told you to and kill the
      remaining guys in the building. Hop in the truck and let Packie enter as well.
    o Exit the complex and drive the truck to the destination. You'll get chased by
      some guys from before. You'll be able to throw grenades at them to try to
      shake them off, but you don't really need to. Find the garage - it's slightly
      hidden - and dump the truck in there. 
    o Now do some preparations for an upcoming mission later on. [MIS-36]
    o Go to the (Fm) Icon. You'll have to go to an internet cafe and click on the
      Tom Goldberg lawyer ad. Head to "Careers", then to "Submit Resume". Click 
      on it again at the bottom. Now you'll just have to wait for a response, so
      let's do some other missions.
    From: Packie       |    35. Waste not want knots [MIS-35]   | Reward: $8000
    o You may want to buy some armor before doing this mission.
    o Get down to (Pm). Hop into a four door car and let everyone get in. Drive to
      the destination.
    o Here, climb over the fences and prepare yourself for a shootout. Kill the guys
      outside and head inside. Kill more guys here - You should know how to deal 
      with them by now.
    o Go upstairs and grab the money. Backup from your enemies arrives, so shoot 
      whoever is in your way on your way back out. Make your way around the building
      and find Packie.
    o Swim to the boat and have Packie follow. Take him to the destination. Done!
    o After a bit you're get a call from Packie. You can now date Kate.
    o For the next missions you need a suit. Drive over to the Perseus Clothstore.
      Buy an obsidian suit and black shoes. That should do fine.
    o If you get a call from the Lawyers, do mission 36. If not, do mission 37.
    From: Francis      |    36. ...Final interview [MIS-36]     | Reward: $1000
    o If you've done the preparations you should have a meeting with the Lawyers.
    o Be there on time, and follow the receptionist to Mr. Goldbergs room. 
    o Listen to what he has to say - or not - and waste him with a preferably a
      shotgun. Grab the files. Get out of there, which is easier said than done.
    o A few guards are standing in your way while trying to get out. The exit is
      locked, so you'll have to go to the lower level. More guards and police will
      bother you down there.
    o When you're finally out, you'll probably have a wanted level of 3 stars. Make
      a run for a nearby car and lose your wanted level.
    o Lastly, bring the files over to Francis, who will now hand your poor reward.
    From: Packie       |     37. Three leaf clover [MIS-37]     | Reward: $250000
    o This mission is one of the harder missions right now, but just look at the
      money: It's worth attempting right now, plus you'll unlock the final island.
    o Go to Packie. Grab a car with four doors and let the guys in.
    o Drive to the bank. After some scenes, grab the money from the vault below.
      Head back up and more scenes will happen. You'll now have 5 stars. If you look
      outside, you'll see tons of cops. Toss a grenade or two outside if you want,
      and keep shooting the cops until you have to follow Packie.
    o Prepare for a big shootout. The point here is to kill the cops that show on
      the map so the group can move on. There will be many more cops, so shoot at
      whoever gets in your way. This will continue for a few blocks, until a chopper
      shows up. Now you go inside the subway.
    o Be warned, there will be cops on the stairs as well, which you should quickly
      dispose of. Down at the subway are more cops. Try not to get hurt too much..
      Throw some grenades perhaps, and shoot the remaining ones.
    o Go down once more and you'll notice more police and swat on the other side of
      the tracks. Kill them and follow Packie and Derrick when told. Walk over the
      tracks and make sure you don't get overrun by a metro.
    o Once you've reached the service hatch, head to the top and you'll "only" have
      3 stars left. Either drive like crazy and then lay low for a while to lose it,
      or get into the menu to make a landmark for the Pay and Spray and do it that
    o Get them back to their house when the wanted level is gone. Money for you!
    o You'll get a crapload of messages, calls, etc. More work for you, so it seems.
    From: Gerry      |38. Actions speak louder than words [MIS-38]| Reward: $9000
    o Head over to (Gm). Get a car afterwards and pick up the bomb, which is located
      on the map. Head over to the car you need to rig the bomb at. Don't steal it
      but head to the back and plant the bomb.
    o Go back to your car and move to the yellow arrow.
    o Follow the car and don't be seen. I suggest keeping your distance at about
      4 to 5 car lengths - Works like a charm.
    o When you've arrived, head to the yellow arrow and call Gerry and select 
      detonate. Very smooth indeed.
    o Finish off the remaining guys, which shouldn't be too hard for you to do.
    o You'll now have to get out of there with a 2 star wanted level. This shouldn't
      be hard at all compared to the previous mission with 5 stars. There's even a
      Pay and Spray very, very nearby which you can use. 
    From: Gerry        |  39. I need your clothes, your boots,  | Reward: $9250
                       |      and your motorcycle [MIS-39]      |
    o Head back to Gerry. You change clothes automatically.
    o Hop onto the bike, and drive to your destination.
    o You'll have to chase the guy. You have to be quicky, but if you find some time
      you can also grab a car - I personally hate chasing people on a bike.
    o Waste the guy one way or another. If you get lucky, he drives in circles at
      some point. If you don't, well.. try again then. Try to ram him or shoot him.
    From: Playboy X    |       40. Photo shoot [MIS-40]        | Reward: New Cell
                       '======================================='         Phone
    o After you get this mission, you'll have a new cellphone. Pretty cool, and
      much better than your previous. Either way, let's get down to business.
    o Drive or walk to your destination; It's very closeby.
    o Go into the court, but not *too* close to the gang members. Take a picture of
      the righternmost guy with blue pants on and have his face on the picture.
      This is harder if it's night, so you may need to be closer.. If it's day, 
      then great.
    o You'll get a call from Playboy that it's him. Waste him and don't let him get
      away. Get out of there if you don't want to get shot by the others.
    o Note: If they spot you, you'll quickly have to take out ALL gang members, and
            none of them are allowed to escape because any of them could possibly
            be your target. It's best to not get spotted.
    From: Dwayne       |         41. Ruff rider [MIS-41]        | Reward:
    o After the debriefing, just make sure you get a fast car.
    o Head to your destination. After the scene, let the girl live and quickly run
      to your speedy wagon.
    o Chase down the guy, who is fairly fast but not impossible to catch up with.
      I suggest you hit him hard with the car instead of trying to shoot him.
    o Grab his money and get it to Dwayne, who's hanging out at Cluckin Bell.
    From: U.L. Paper   |       42. Wrong is right [MIS-42]      | Reward:
    o Head over to the (?) Icon on the map.
    o After the debrief, get a decently fast car and head over to your destination.
    o Go inside and check the PC's emails.
    o Head over to your new destination. Chase the guy and wait for him to make 
      mistakes while driving. Then will be your time to shoot at his car. When he's
      disposed off, the mission's over.
    From:              |    43. Hostile negotiation [MIS-43]    | Reward:
    o Head over to, for example, Dwayne. Before you get there, Mallorie will give
      you a call that Roman is in big trouble. You need to check what's going on.
    o Head over to the warehouse and prepare yourself for another major shootout.
    o Take cover and start taking the guys out one by one. When the coast looks 
      clear, move on to higher ground. Also grab the medkit near the entrance if
      you got low on health.
    o Watch out for explosive canisters - They *WILL* wipe you out in one shot.
    o Clear the level once again and move up once more. You can use grenades if your
      targets keep hiding from your view, by the way.
    o On the next level you can grab another medkit from the wall if you need it.
    o Move up to the top level and eliminate the final few guys left standing.
    o When you find Roman, quickly pull out your sniper rifle and blast the guy's
      head off.
    o Follow Roman down some stairs and hop in the car outside. Bring Roman back to
      the hideout and the mission will be over.
    From: Dwayne       |      44. Undress to kill [MIS-44]      | Reward: $6250
    o Head over to Dwayne.. Poor guy, let's help him out.
    o Head over to the stripclub as located on your map. Bring a fairly fast car.
    o Go inside without any weapons showing (just fists). Listen in to the first
      two people talking about Jose. He's nearby, so now you know the first location
      of one of the managers.
    o Head to the back of the club, and listen in to the manager on the left corner
      talking to a stripper. Now you know the second. This is, by the way, not past
      any stages. Don't go up the stages or you'll screw up.
    o The third and final manager is getting a lap dance in the very back room.
    o Head back to the first manager and kill him. Hell will break loose.
    o Quickly kill any guys getting in your way - and be sure to quickly kill the
      second manager if you get him spotted.
    o The third one most likely will get away by car. Don't bother going all the
      way to the back - instead, quickly run back to your car and chase him down.
    o Shoot at his tires, and then aim at his windows to kill him.
    o When he's dead, the mission is completed, and you'll have no wanted level.
    From: U.L. Paper   |   45. Portrait of a killer [MIS-45]    | Reward: $6750
    o Head over the the (U). After the debriefing, you'll need to find a police car.
    o Shoot some random people (grab their money, if any), and the police should
      show up soon enough. Run around so they come after you on foot, then go and
      take their car and race away. Lose the cops.
    o You should have gotten a message with the guy you need to kill. If not, wait
      for it. If you got it, check it and enter the police computer.
    o Go to "search by photo" and mark him on the map.
    o Go to your destination and you'll notice a whole club of gang members.
    o I shot a rocket launcher from a distance a few times, and sniped whatever I
      could. Go up to clean out the rest. I suggest you don't go in there with a
      car .. that doesn't work too good.
    o After killing them all, the mission's done.
    From: U.L. Paper   |         46. Dust off [MIS-46]          | Reward: $7000
    o After the debriefing, get a good car.
    o When you get to the destination, it becomes clear you need to follow a chopper
      to a certain destination. This looks harder than it is. Just stay on the
      highway and check where the heli is going every now and then, and you'll be
    o When it has landed, drive near it and quickly take it. Fly it to the dropoff
      point, and you're done. The game gives you instructions on how to do it.
      Enjoy the view during your flight!
    From: Francis      |      47. Holland nights [MIS-47]       | Reward: $5000
    o Go to (Fm). After the debrief get a decent car.
    o Drive up to your destination. You can go up the stairs on the right from where
      you enter. Just be warned that the gang members will start shooting at you if
      you go up the stairs. Quickly make your way to your target.
    o Your target will go up constantly, so you'll probably take him out on the 
      roof. Once he's dead, the police arrives.
    o Quickly make your way down until the place gets swamped with cops. Lose your
      wanted level of 2 stars (going into central park is a great idea - place a
      landmark there on the map if you like), and the mission is finished.
    From: U.L. Paper   |         48. Paper trail [MIS-48]       | Reward: $7500
    o The guy from United Liberty Paper will call you up sometime soon, and this
      mission will start automatically.
    o Drive over to the helicopter, which is located on your map now.
    o Get in and quickly lift off. Follow the target chopper, located on your map.
    o At the start, when you're above the city, it doesn't matter if you're flying
      very high above it. I recommend flying high above it, so you can avoid any big
    o When the chopper starts to fly to the left over the sea, it will soon fly to
      to the right, under the bridge.
    o Fly over the bridge and concentrate. Stay very close behind it, and stay on
      one line with the chopper so Jacob can hit it. When Jacob tells you to keep
      steady, it's best to obviously not move. After a few shots, Jacob should hit.
    o Fly to the helipad to drop off Jacob. The mission's now over.
    From: Francis      |             49. Lure [MIS-49]          | Reward: $5000
    o After your debrief, head over to the car located on your map.
    o Drive your way to the destination. Once there, head through the red door on
      the opposite side of the street.
    o Get to the rooftop and make your way to the vantage point. Pay CLOSE ATTENTION
      to the cutscene - and in particular a phone number you'll be seeing. If you
      read it, you'll notice that the number is 545-555-0122.
    o You can either call his number or shoot at the window to get the guy in your
      vision. Kill him and the mission will be over.
    From: Playboy X and|      50. The Holland play [MIS-50]     | Reward: Mansion OR
          Dwayne       '========================================'         $25000
    o Playboy will call you if he hasn't already. This is a forced mission.
    o If you kill Playboy, you get his Mansion as a safehouse. If you kill Dwayne 
      you only get $25000. The money is replacable, the safehouse is not. I strongly
      suggest you kill Playboy X.
    o Head over to his house. A small shootout takes place. Take your time to kill
      his homies, then make your way outside.
    o Jump over the roof and head downstairs. When you get outside, beware that a
      car will show up with some guys trying to kill you. I had a few rockets left,
      which I happily launched into the car. You could also take cover and take the
      guys out one by one, or just fire at will at the car.
    o Playboy will be in a dead alley. Just mess him up real good, and the mission
      will be over. His mansion is now yours. Very, very nice.
    From: Ray Bocconi  |     51. A long way to fall [MIS-51]    | Reward: $8500
    o You may want to buy some armor for this mission. Yeah, yeah, a shootout it is.
    o Head to the (Rb) Icon on the map.
    o After the debrief, you'll get a message with a picture soon enough. Drive over
      to your destination.
    o Find the guy with the number 72 on his shirt. At first, he won't tell you
      anything, but if you put a gun to his face (or beat him up) he'll speak up.
    o Head into the building through the blue door nearby. Go up with the elevator.
    o You'll soon be shot at, so it's another shootout. Kill the guys on the level,
      and head to the next. Watch the walls for medkits, there are three of them 
      total, and they'll be very useful.
    o Make your way to the appartment and kill the guys. When you search it, you'll
      get a scene when you get to the kitchen. Follow the guy, but watch out for 
      more enemies on the next stairs.
    o On the roof, kill your target after dealing with his last goon.
    From: Ray Bocconi  |    52. Taking in the trash [MIS-52]    | Reward: $9000
    o After the debriefing, head over to the destination.
    o Drive the trashcar to two locations, who come one after another.
    o After an other car shows up, don't worry too much. Just drive to your location
      and things will be fine. It's closeby anyway. There - that was easy money.
    From: Ray Bocconi  |         53. Meltdown [MIS-53]          | Reward: $9500
    o After your debrief, head over to the destination.
    o You'll automatically hop into a really nice car - a Banshee. Chase the guys,
      but DO NOT ram them or shoot them. They'll get out of the car soon enough.
    o Take the guys out. The last one is hiding in the toilet.
    o Meet Ray at the bridge, and the mission's over.
    From: Ray Bocconi  |       54. Museum piece [MIS-54]        | Reward: $9500
    o Before doing this mission, I suggest you buy yourself some Armor, Grenades,
      and a decent automatic rifle. That should give you the edge over your foes.
    o After the debriefing, head over to your destination, the Libertonian.
    o After a few scenes, you'll find yourself in another shootout. Take cover while
      clearing the area. 
    o When the upper level is cleared, move to the railing and take out any gunmen
      you can spot below. You can also use grenades to make this easier.
    o Grab the First Aid Kit near the stairs, should you need it, and head down
      killing anyone in sight. 
    o Don't miss the Body Armor on the desk near the end of the staircase.
    o Exit through the double doors and kill everyone in the area that follows.
      Go down the service exit, grab the First Aid Kit if you need it, and head
    o Throw some grenades at the black cars and kill anyone left. You can take your
      sniper rifle and shoot the driver in the black car across the street, which
      will save you some trouble later.
    o Hop into a car and drive away. You'll get chased by the remaining crew which
      are driving an armored vehicle. It'll take longer to take it down, but it's
      certainly not impossible.
    o Lose any potential wanted level and the mission is all over.
    From: Ray Bocconi  |    55. No Way on the Subway [MIS-55]   | Reward: $9500
    o After the debrief, head over to the biker's location. Steal the bike and just
      follow them until you get to drop off in the subway.
    o Follow them into the subway and try to take out one of the bikers. The 2nd one
      will be invulnerable until you get out in the open again, so don't bother.
    o When you get on the bridge, start firing at him. He'll quickly slip off on the
      left side of the bridge where a straight piece of road is your chance to get
      him good.
    o Should he get away, chase him down the streets, where he shouldn't be too much
      of a problem either.
    o This mission will unlock a new Mission. Boccino will call you, if you've also
      complete Mission 43: "Hostile Negotiation".
    From: Ray Bocconi  |    56. Weekend at Florian's [MIS-56]   | Reward: ---
    o This is a very simple mission. After you get the call, head over to the
      appartment to pick up Roman. After this, go to the destination.
    o Pick up Talbot and get yourself a 4-door car if you haven't already.
    o Follow Talbot's directions, so just drive slowly. When you've found Florian's
      place, a few scenes will happen and the mission is done.
    From: Ray Bocconi   |       57. Late Checkout [MIS-57]       | Reward: $11000
    o After your debriefing, head over to The Majestic, a big hotel in Liberty City.
    o Once you're inside, head back outside again and head around the building.
      (While it is possible to do this from the inside, this method is easier)
    o Find a lift that leads all the way up to the roof. When you go up the stairs,
      you'll already have spotted the first target very nearby. Kill him and the
      bodyguards. Grab the armor (or leave it for soon) and head downstairs.
    o Go through the double doors into a hotel room and kill the 2nd target. Also
      kill any bodyguards in your way.
    o The 3rd guy should be around on the lower level. When you're done, head back
      upstairs to the roofs.
    o Three more guards will appear on the other roof, so waste them. Ride the lift
      down and lose your wanted level, which is likely to be 2 stars now.
    From: Bernie Crane  |     58. Hating the Haters [MIS-58]     | Reward: $6000
    o Head over to Flori.. I mean Bernie Crane (Bc). He's not available between 10pm
      and 4am though. After getting the mission, jog to the nearby location.
    o Keep your distance, but also keep an eye on Bernie. Before you get to a short
      tunnel, equip yourself with the best rifle you have. In the tunnel, a short
      scene happens.
    o QUICKLY RUN after the hater by running up the stairs. Aim for him as he drives
      away on his scooter and fire a couple short bursts at him. If this kill him,
      good. If not, grab a scooter yourself, chase him down the whole park and shoot
      to kill.
    o When he's dead, pick up Bernie (possibly lay low in the park to lose any cops)
      and take him to the Perseus clothes store.
    From: Bernie Crane  |        59. Union Drive [MIS-59]        | Reward: $6250
    o Head over to (Bc). Get yourself a fast car afterwards. There's a Turismo 
      nearby, which should do fine.
    o Head to the rendevous point. Quickly turn left and start the chase.
    o Do NOT worry about shootin at the car right now, just worry about driving.
    o After about 30 seconds, their car will drive past a gas station. It's possible
      to shoot the gas tank of the station when they drive by, which will blow them
      up good. It's tricky, but it ends the mission quickly.
    o If that fails, don't worry. Chase them until the very end. They'll get out, at
      which point you can simply run after them and kill both of 'em.
    o Drive Bernie back to his place, and the mission's over.
    From: Derrick McReary |        60. Smackdown [MIS-60]       | Reward: $6500
                          '=====================================' + New Safehouse
    o Head over to the (Dm) icon. Get into one of the nearby parked police cars,
      which can be found on the left of the park. Search the police computer for
      "Bucky Sligo". That's got to be the ugliest name I've ever heard, and his face
      suits the guy's name.
    o Drive to the Burger Shot. "Chase" Bucky, which is very easy. When you get to
      the location, get out the car and quickly eliminate any of his buddies on the
    o Move inside the house and take out the remaining shooters. One of them is
    o Now lose your wanted level (2 stars). There's a Pay 'N Spray nearby, but you
      can also just evade them.
    From: Bernie Crane  |        61. Buoys Ahoy [MIS-61]         | Reward: $6500
    o You should know that Bernie will only be on his spot at daylight. Go to his
      spot between 5.45am and 6.45pm and he'll be there.
    o Head over to the destination, after which a chase begins.
    o The chase is fairly simply. After a while, their boat will try some tricky
      manouvres, but you can just go straight until you sail under a second bridge.
    o At some point the guys will get off at land. Search and kill all three of 'em.
    o Return to the boat, and the mission will be over.
    From: Derrick McReary |       62. Babysitting [MIS-62]       | Reward: $7000
    o Head over to the (Dm) icon. This is another boat mission.
    o When you get to Kim's boat, follow him and things quickly go wrong. Just stay
      behind Kim's boat. You can try to blow up some of the other boats, but only
      if you can handle it, and if they're not too close to your or Kim's boats.
    o After a while a chopper shows up. Get off your seat and fire a rocket at it.
      Make sure it's not near your/Kim's boat or things may go wrong.
    o Kill any remaining guys on the other boats, but be sure to NOT blow up any of
      their boats closeby Kim or your own boat. Just kill the guys.
    o Sail Kim to the final destination, and the mission is over.
    From: Derrick McReary |     63. Tunnel of Death [MIS-63]     | Reward: $7500
    o You're in for a fairly long mission. Head to the (Dm) icon. Soon after, you'll
      get a call from Packie, who has set up a truck for you.
    o Go get the truck and drive it to the destination in the tunnel. Park it so it
      is exactly between the two arrows.
    o A mini-shootout commences. Take out the cops one by one and move forward to
      the LCPD Stockade. With the cops dead, get inside and race for the end of the
    o The cops (3 stars) are now on your heels, and Pay 'N Spray is no option. If 
      you've raced to the end of the road, you may be able to escape the search zone
      and stay out of sight of the cops.
    o Dump the vehicle at the marked destination and drive the other car to a new
      destination near the beach. Execute the prisoner and that's the end of it.
    From: Phil Bell     |       64. Truck Hustle [MIS-64]        | Reward: $11000
    o You may want to buy some armor before you attempt this mission.
    o Head over to the (Pb) icon. Head over to the truck's destination. It's time
      for another shootout.
    o Hide behind the wall, killing anyone in sight. You can use rockets or grenades
      to speed this up, but don't hit the truck in the back. When everyone appears
      to be dead, run towards the truck.
    o Kill anyone remaining, and when you get close to the truck it takes off.
    o Quickly make a run for it and grab the truck. Quickly tap the button to get
      on the roof. Now you have to get to the front which is best done by moving
      only when the truck is not making a turn. If it is, roll in the opposite
      direction of which it's going in.
    o Once you got a hold of the truck, drive it to the old mansion as marked on
      your radar. Mission complete.
    From: Francis McReary|      65. Blood Brothers [MIS-65]      | Reward: $10000
    o Head over to the (Fm) icon. Grab a car and head over to the destination.
    o Go around the building, climb the crates and find a lift that will take you to
      the top of the building.
    o Grab your Sniper Rifle and shoot who you like most. The outcome does not have
      any long term effects, but if you spare Francis, you can give him a call as
      long as you're still doing main missions, and he can make your entire wanted 
      level go away (one time). It's a nice extra, but that's all.
    From: Bernie Crane  |      66. Bryce's Infernus [MIS-66]     | Reward: Infernus
    o Barely a mission, just pick up the car at the (Bc) icon and drive it to your
      own safehouse to keep it. It's basically a reward for your work before.
    o This mission counts to 100%, but it does so invisibly.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|      67. Pegorino's Bride [MIS-67]     | Reward: $10500
    o Head out to the (J). Hop in the car afterwards, and wait for Pegorino to get
      inside. Drive to the destination.
    o Once there, head inside the nearby building on your left and walk upstairs.
      Don't miss the shotgun hidden under the stairs. 
    o Watch over the meeting which, of course, goes wrong very quickly. Kill anyone
      that is trying to kill Pegorino.
    o When the game tells you to rescue Pegorino, quickly run out of the building
      and grab a good rifle. Kill anyone in sight and head towards the building.
    o I suggest you go upstairs. Jump over the holes in the roof to reach Pegorino
      quickly. Just get to Pegorino, and the shooters will no longer matter.
    o Should you need it, you can find a Body Armor on a mattress in a room located
      at about the middle of the building.
    o After you've gotten to Pegorino, chase the other car. It's not a very long
      chase, and their car will crash soon enough. Keep Pegorino's car at a distance
      and kill the four guys without using fire or explosives. Otherwise you may set
      the money on fire.
    o Very closeby the crashed car, you can find a First Aid Kit. It's in the corner
      of the upper edge that the car crashed into.
    o Collect the money from one of the four guys (he runs up the building) and 
      finally, bring Pegorino back home. That's the end of the mission.
    From: Packie McReary|         68. Undertaker [MIS-68]        | Reward: ---
    o You'll get a call one of these times from Packie, which starts this mission
      automatically. Kate also calls. Be sure to wear a suit, so change into it or
      buy one at Perseus. Head over to the church.
    o After the scene, a shootout commences. Kill the guys from the three incoming
      cars, and some more will come from an alley. After this, hop in the car.
    o You'll now have 2 stars of wanted level, plus some thugs chasing you. You must
      also drive safely so the coffin doesn't fall out. Depending on who you killed,
      the cemetery is either far away or.. less far away. Derrick's cemetary is
      fairly far away.
    o Either way, follow the route as good as you can and don't bump into things.
      When you get to the destination, the mission's over.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|          69. Payback [MIS-69]          | Reward: $
    o After heading to (J), it's time for payback.
    o Head over to the diner and chase the car. It's not a very long chase, and you
      can stay as close as you want. When they stop at the destination, it's time
      to kick some virtual butt.
    o I fired a rocket from a distance and blew away the majority of the guys. Then
      it was just a matter of taking out the remaining guys and getting out of there
      while losing any wanted level. Piece of cake, really.
    From: Gerry McReary |      70. I'll Take Her... [MIS-70]     | Reward: ---
    o Head over to the (Gm) icon. After this, simply go to an internet cafe nearby
      and follow the instructions on-screen. This concludes the first part already.
    o To do the second part you'll have to call Mob Daughter, who is now in your
      phonebook. She is only available between 08:00 and 21:00, so you may have to
      wait for a while.
    From: Gerry McReary |     71. ...I'll Take Her [MIS-71]      | Reward: $9500
    o After doing the previous mission, call Mob Daughter and head over there.
    o When you're doing the test drive, it's only a matter of following the route
      that the game tells you to drive on. 
    o When you initiate the kidnapping, Gracie will eventually go crazy and try to
      grab the steering wheel. This problem will soon be solved, so deal with it.
      Just be extra careful when you're driving close to water. If you drive into a
      river, it's mission failed. 
    o Go to the destination and you'll have completed the mission. 
    From: Packie McReary|           72. Ransom [MIS-72]          | Reward: ---
    o Soon enough, you'll get a call from Packie. Head over to the Random icon on 
      the map and enter the building.
    o Upstairs, enter the room on the left and take a picture of Gracie. Send it to
      Packie and you'll be done.
    From: Phil Bell     |       73. Catch the Wave [MIS-73]      | Reward: $7500
    o Head over to (Pb). Drive to the truck and hop in. Drive it to the destination.
    o Things quickly go wrong. Shoot anyone in sight and aim at explosive barrel
      from a distance. Make sure you don't hit Phil and cover his back.
    o Especially be wary for the guys on top of the railings.
    o There are two Body Armors to be found around here. The 1st is inside the 
      boathouse lying around somewhere on the left. The 2nd is outside on the left
      pier. They may come in handy.
    o When most of the guys are disposed off, hop into the target boat and follow
      Phil. Naturally, you'll be followed so shoot away to protect Phil.
    o Eventually they'll get wasted or give up, at which point you only have to get
      to the final checkpoint to finish the mission.
    From: Gerry McReary |       74. She's a Keeper [MIS-74]      | Reward: $9750
    o Head over to the (Gm) icon, which should be available again after the last few
      missions. After the debrief, head over to the destination.
    o It's not too difficult to drive to the safehouse, but there *are* three mob
      cars chasing you with the intention of killing you. Don't damage the car too
      much and simply drive to the safehouse. It's not all that far away.
    From: Gerry McReary |       75. Diamond's Are a Girl's       | Reward: ---
                        |           Best Friend [MIS-75]         |
    o Head over to (Gm). After this, drive over to Packie's car. Hop in, and drive
      all the way to the exchange point.
    o Things go wrong as always. At this point, a major shootout starts. Kill anyone
      in sight and keep up with Packie. Basically protect him and yourself, while
      nailing anyone in open shot.
    o You can find a Body Armor near a ramp that leads to the upper level.
    o After Packie tells you to split up, look below. A few cars arrive with even
      more men. A rocket will do you good, and so will grenades. Finish off the rest
      with regular gunfire.
    o A First Aid Kit can be found, patched onto a side of a power box on one of the
      upcoming catwalks. Look around for it if you need it.
    o Eventually, only a few men are left. Kill them and exit the area.
    o Run up the road and drive Packie back to his home. 
    o You can hear about the diamonds on the radio stations soon enough.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|          76. Flat Line [MIS-76]        | Reward: $13000
    o After your debrief, head over to the nearby hospital. Do NOT hold a weapon in
      your hands while walking in there.
    o Head right to the reception and look around for a locker room on your right.
    o Change into the doctor's clothes and enter the ER section. Walk down the hall
      until you find Anthony.
    o After you get your privacy, simply unplug his life supporting device. QUICKLY
      make a run for it, because it is only a matter of seconds before all cops will
      start shooting at you.
    o I suggest you don't shoot any cops, because that will only increase your 
      wanted level more. Run outside and evade the two stars to finish the mission.
    From: Phil Bell     |77. To Live and Die in Alderney [MIS-77]| Reward: $12000
    o After the scene, head over to the old mansion. After this, hell breaks loose.
    o Follow Phil until he eventually parks the car somewhere. Don't worry about the
      feds and all, we'll deal with it soon enough.
    o Inspect the trunk and fight your way through the cops. Follow Phil and hop in
      the van. Now it's a matter of losing your wanted level (3 stars, most likely).
    o When you've lost the cops, head to the safehouse, where the mission ends.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|      78. Pest Control... [MIS-78]      | Reward: $14500
    o A Rocket Launcher will make this mission much easier.
    o Head over for scene. Now it's time to wait..for Jimmy's call.
    o After a while, he'll want you to take care of Ray. Head to the destination.
    o Follow the cars, but don't let them spot you. Follow them until they get to
      the gas station. Park your car somewhere and quickly grab your Rocket Launcher
      to target the car that is the most far away. Shoot it, then quickly aim at the
      second car and blow it up as well. That concludes the mission.
    o Should the first car (with Ray) get away, then you'll have to chase it over
      the bridge. Destroy it as fast as possible, because if it reaches it's goal,
      the mission will have failed.
    From: Gambetti      |         79. Entourage [MIS-79]         | Reward: $12000
    o Head over to (G), which is at the hospital. 
    o Find the guard which is located on your radar, and approach him. Get in the
      car and follow the convoy. At some point, things go wrong.. Naturally.
    o You'll end up in an alley (where you can also find a First Aid Kit). Kill 
      everyone in the streets, which you should be good at by this point in-game.
    o Get a car and have Bobby get in. Quickly race out of there, as more cars will
      show up. Lose them, which really is much easier done than said. Just find a
      long road and hit the gas to shake them off.
    o Take Bobby to his destination, and the mission will be over.
    From: Gambetti      |         80. Dining Out [MIS-80]        | Reward: $13250
    o When you know what to do, head over to the Fuk restaurant.
    o You can destroy the vehicles at the back of the building to hinder a future
      escape. Go inside.
    o You'll have to fight your way through a lot of enemies, so best of luck. Make
      sure you shoot with short bursts that are just enough to kill an enemy.
    o When you finally get upstairs, threaten the manager. He'll tell you that Kim
      has only tried to escape just now, through the kitchen.
    o The kitchen is on the other side of the main hall, so quickly make a run for
      it. Kill anyone that bothers you.
    o Once outside, make your way downstairs and locate Kim. He'll be trying to
      escape, so quickly eliminate him by any means necessary.
    From: Gambetti      |    81. Liquidize the Assets [MIS-81]   | Reward: $14000
    o It's best to be fully equipped for this mission. Full Health, Body Armor,
      loads of Rockets and ammo, you name it.
    o After you're told what to do, head to the destination. This place is heavily
      guarded. Pay attention to the final shots of the scene, which reveal some
      ducts attached on a wall of a building.
    o Head to those ducts, because we're taking the easy way rather than the hard.
    o To reach the ducts, climb the wooden fence nearby. Head to the building on the
      right and climb all the way to the top. Climb over another wall, and finally,
      climb a ladder to reach the rooftop you want to be on.
    o Someone is standing guard here. The second you take him out, you'll be found
      out. Kill him, and crouch while grabbing your Sniper Rifle. Kill anyone below
      that you can see. You can probably kill at least 15 guys below, so go for it.
    o Beware that enemies may also come on your rooftop from the door nearby. Keep
      an eye out for those guys.
    o When the majority is dead, grab grenades and throw one at the van right below.
    o Also grab the Body Armor which is on your right, should you need it.
    o Go down the building through the door on this very same roof you've been on,
      and make your way to the remaining vans. Kill any remaining enemies that stand
      in your way.
    o Blow up the vans and you'll be done.
    From: U.L. Paper    |    82. That Special Someone [MIS-82]   | Reward: 
    o Shortly after you've completed Mission 81, providing you also completed the
      Missions "Weekend at Florian's" and "Pest Control", you get a call from the
      U.L. Paper guy. After calling Roman, this mission automatically starts.
    o Meet up with Roman. After this, go to your destination and make your decision.
    o Drive back to the appartment and the mission will be over.
    o Niko will call Florian (Bernie) afterwards.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|  83a. If the Price Is Right [MIS-83a]  | Reward: $250000
    o Once you try this mission, you'll have to choose between "Deal" or "Revenge".
    o 83a, 84a and 85a deal with the "Deal" missions.
    o 83b, 84b and 85b deal with the "Revenge" missions.
    o Head over to Phil, which is the $ sign.
    o Drive to the destination. Follow Phil to the roofs and drop down.
    o A very big shootout starts. Kill everyone on sight while staying close to Phil
      and eventually head down. Go to the second part of the area and follow Phil
      upstairs. The buyer will run away.
    o Chase him. Outside, grab the car and chase him. This is an annoying chase,
      because of all the junk that will fall off from his truck and surroundings.
    o Be careful driving though the fence that the truck goes through. You don't
      want to flip over.
    o After a while, the truck should crash and the buyer will run for it. Kill him
      and grab the money. Quickly lose any wanted level you may have right now, and
      take Phil back to the starting position. The money is yours now, yeah!
    From: Roman         |    84a. Mr. & Mrs. Bellic [MIS-84a]    | Reward: ---
    o Basically just watch the scene after Roman tells you to get to the church.
      Be sure to come well dressed, in a suit.
    From: Yourself      |   85a. A Revenger's Tragedy [MIS-85a]  | Reward:
    o Follow the route to the destination. Once in the car, chase the other car.
    o This'll be a fairly long chase, so try to keep up as good as you can. They'll
      drive at the wrong side of the road at some point, so be warned.
    o After a long chase, you'll wind up at the old casino building. This is where
      the next shootout takes place.
    o This will also give you a "check-point". Should you die, you can continue from
      the shootout, instead of having to do the chase all over again.
    o Start killing the guys on the roof, followed by the others that you can find
      outside. You can use your grenades or rocket launcher to speed things up.
    o Head inside the old casino building, but beware of the many gunmen. Get your
      favorite rifle ready and kill the guy on the stairs on the left first. 
    o You can find a First Aid Kit on the wall of the left side.
    o After cleaning up the rest, head for the back of the room to trigger a 
    o Quickly run upstairs and on the roof, take care of a few remaining enemies.
    o Jump over the roof and a cutscene will follow, continuing the mission.
    o It's now time for a boat chase. QUICKLY get in the boat near you, and give 
      chase to the chopper. You *may* get killed instantly due to a rocket hitting
      you straight, but that's just bad luck.
    o During the chase, hit the gas all the way or you *will* likely fail. Dodge any
      rockets if you must.
    o When the game prompts you, get under LJ's chopper and in the marker. You don't
      have all that much time for this, so you already need to be close.
    o When successful, you'll have to pilot the chopper. Just stay close to the
      other chopper, although it's perfectly safe to go over the city buildings.
    o Just fly the route until you get to Liberty Island. Yes, the cutscene is
      supposed to go that way.
    o On Liberty Island, gun down any remaining bodyguards and chase Dimitri. It's
      the final showdown. Upon defeating Dimitri, the game ends.
    From: Jimmy Pegorino|    83b. A Dish Served Cold [MIS-83b]   | Reward: $250000
    o Head over to the sword icon, which means choosing for revenge.
    o After some scenes, you'll have no choice but to take out the enemies nearby.
      They can be a lot of trouble if you don't. When they're disposed off, look
      around for a long ladder leading up to a crane.
    o Climb it and grab your sniper rifle. Shoot any enemies you can find on the
      ship, which will make things a lot easier for you soon enough.
    o Go down again and hop onboard the ship. 
    o On the right you can find a Body Armor and grenades if you go up a short 
      ladder. You can also find weapons nearby.
    o The left side is where you'll want to be, and you'll probably come across some
      more enemies. Head through the door and kill anyone in sight. Climb the stairs
      and continue your killing spree.
    o Look around for a Body Armor inside a bedroom.
    o Exit the area and head up the stairs yet again to get to the bridge.
    o Go to the marker and press the button.
    o Head back to the deck outside, but beware of all the russians in your way.
    o Make your way to the cargo doors, kill the bodyguards, and finally, finally,
      get to Dimitri. Kill him.
    o Get to the new destination which leads out, and leave the ship.
    From: Roman         |    84b. Mr. & Mrs. Bellic [MIS-84b]    | Reward: ---
    o Basically just watch the scene after Roman tells you to get to the church.
      Be sure to come well dressed, in a suit.
    From: Yourself      |     85b. Out of Commission [MIS-85b]   | Reward:
    o Follow the route to the destination. Once in the car, chase the other car.
    o This'll be a fairly long chase, so try to keep up as good as you can. They'll
      drive at the wrong side of the road at some point, so be warned.
    o After a long chase, you'll wind up at the old casino building. This is where
      the next shootout takes place.
    o This will also give you a "check-point". Should you die, you can continue from
      the shootout, instead of having to do the chase all over again.
    o Start killing the guys on the roof, followed by the others that you can find
      outside. You can use your grenades or rocket launcher to speed things up.
    o Head inside the old casino building, but beware of the many gunmen. Get your
      favorite rifle ready and kill the guy on the stairs on the left first. 
    o You can find a First Aid Kit on the wall of the left side.
    o After cleaning up the rest, head for the back of the room to trigger a 
    o Quickly run upstairs and on the roof, take care of a few remaining enemies.
    o Jump over the roof and a cutscene will follow, continuing the mission.
    o It's now time for a bike chase. Quickly hop onto the bike and follow the
      chopper while staying on the beach.
    o You'll have to be quick and without errors, and I know it's tricky. Be very
      patient and you'll be able to pull it off, including the next step..
    o Eventually you'll get to a ramp.. Accellerate and bike off. If you're going
      full speed you should be able to grab LJ and Roman's chopper.
    o Quickly tap the button to get in the chopper.
    o When successful, you'll have to pilot the chopper. Just stay close to the
      other chopper, although it's perfectly safe to go over the city buildings.
    o Just fly the route until you get to Liberty Island. Yes, the cutscene is
      supposed to go that way.
    o On Liberty Island, gun down any remaining bodyguards and chase Pegorino. It's
      the final showdown. Upon defeating Pegorino, the game ends.
                                    100% CHECKLIST
    .---------------------. ======
    |Main Story:       60%| o Main Story means clear the main storyline.
    |Activities:        5%|
    |Collectables:      7%| o Activities: Win with bowling 10x.
    |Side Missions:     8%|               Win with darts once.
    |Vigilante:         5%|               Win with pool once.
    |Friends:          10%|               Beat the High Score of 10950 in QUB3D.
    |Random Characters: 5%|
    '---------------------' o Collectables: Kill all 200 Flying Rats.
                                            Complete all 50 Unique Stunts.
                                            Deliver all 30 cars for Stevie.
    o Side Missions: Finish all 9 Assassinations gotten by the Phone in Alderney.
                     Get 1st place in all 9 of Brucie's Races.
                     Steal all 10 Exotic Export cars requested by Brucie by mail.
                     Complete the 10 deliveries for Little Jacob.
                     Note: You DON'T need Roman's taxi rides for completion.
    o Vigilante: Expose of 20 criminals in the "Current Crimes" from a police car.
                 Expose of 30 criminals in the "Most Wanted" from a police car.
    o Friends: Little Jacob needs 60% to unlock his ability.
               Brucie needs 70% to unlock his ability.
               Packie needs 75% to unlock his ability.
    o Random Characters: The following Random Characters must be completed:
                         Badman, Brian (x3), Eddie (x2), Gracie, Ilyena, Hossan,
                         Marnie (x2), Mel, Pathos (x2), Sara (x2).
                         Note: Cherise, Clarence, Ivan and Jeff are unnecessary.
    Cell Phone Passwords:
    Simply dial these numbers to activate the cheat. This will affect missions.
    468-555-0100    Change weather 
    486-555-0150    Get a different selection of weapons 
    486-555-0100    Get a selection of weapons 
    267-555-0150    Raise wanted level 
    267-555-0100    Remove wanted level 
    362-555-0100    Restore armour 
    482-555-0100    Restore health + armor
    948-555-0100    Song information 
    227-555-0142    Spawn a Cognoscenti 
    227-555-0175    Spawn a Comet 
    938-555-0100    Spawn a Jetmax 
    625-555-0150    Spawn a Sanchez 
    227-555-0168    Spawn a SuperGT 
    227-555-0147    Spawn a Turismo 
    359-555-0100    Spawn an Annihiliator (Helicopter)
    227-555-0100    Spawn an FIB Buffalo 
    625-555-0100    Spawn an NRG-900 
    Map Locations:
    Go to the internet cafe and type in "www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com"
    This will show you the Weapon, Health, Armor, Vehicle, Pigeons, Ramp/Stunts, and
    Entertainment locations on your map.
                                    VERSION HISTORY
    • 0.30
    o Created layout.
    o Started on the Main Walkthrough.
    o Island 1 completed. I'll polish things soon enough.
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    o Island 2 mostly completed.
    o Added links to maps.
    o Wow, there are already 6 Guides up in 6 days.
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    o Walkthrough completed.
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