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Tuner Class Walkthrough by Sno Dragon

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 01/31/07

               _|          Need For Speed: Carbon          _| 
               _|  Career Mode Walkthrough (Tuner Class)   _|
               _|               Version 1.21               _|
               _|                Sno Dragon                _|

Version History
v1.21 Added a list of wingmen, submitted update
v1.11 Added a list of races
v1.01 Fixed some minor typos and added a version history
v1.00 Upload version

Table of Contents
1) Back story
2) Cars
3) Race Types
4) Wingmen
5) General Tips
6) Walkthrough
	6.1) Prologue
	6.2) Bushido
	6.3) 21st Street Crew
	6.4) T.F.K
	6.5) Stacked Deck
7) List of Races
8) Disclaimer
9) Final Word


* 1) Back story *

NSF: Carbon is the sequel to NSF: Most Wanted.  After escaping Rockport, you
return to Palmont City in your BMW M3 GTR.  Your return is not a happy one, as
it seems you were believed to have fled Palmont with a large sum of cash stolen
after a race that the cops broke up.  However, you never stole the money.
Someone set you up. Now the city's broken up into territories, each controlled
by a different race crew.  You have to conquered all four territories to win 
the game.

* 2) Cars *

Cars are broken up into tiers and classes.  Tier 1 is available at the 
beginning of the game.  Tier 2 is available after you conquer your first 
territory.  Tier 3 opens up after you unlock Silverton.  Muscle cars have good
acceleration.  Tuners have good handling.  Exotics have good top speed.  The
cars available in the game are as follows.

Tier 1
   Mazda RX-8 (Tuner)
   Chevrolet Camaro SS (Muscle)
   Mazdaspeed 3 (Tuner)
   Chrystler 300C (Muscle)
   Alfa Romero Brera (Exotic)
   Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 (Exotic)
Tier 2
   Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (Tuner)
   Volkswagon Golf R32 (Tuner)
   Vauxhall Monaro VXR (Muscle)
   Lotus Elise (Exotic)
   Renault Clio v6 (Tuner)
   Ford Mustang GT (Muscle)
   Mazda RX-7 (Tuner)
   Dodge Charger SRT (Muscle)
   Porsche Cayman S (Exotic)
   Dodge Charger R/T
   Aston Martin DB9
   Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG (Exotic)
Tier 3
   Nissan 350Z (Tuner)
   Subaru Impreza WRX-STI (Tuner)
   Toyota Supra (Tuner)
   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR (Tuner)
   Shelby Mustang GT 500 (Muscle)
   Nissan Skyline R34 (Tuner)
   Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda (Muscle)
   Dodge Challenger Concept (Muscle)
   Dodge Viper SRT/10 (Muscle)
   Lamborghini Gallardo (Exotic)
   Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Muscle)
   Ford GT (Exotic)
   Lamborghini Murcielago (Exotic)
   Porsche Carrera GT (Exotic)
   Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (Exotic)

* 3) Race types *

- Circuit
Race around the track for two laps.  Winner takes all.

Sprints are point A to point B races.

(>_<) Welcome to hell.  Drifts are two lap circuit races where whoever has the
most points wins.  The object of a drift race is to get your car sideways for
as long as you can while going around corners as fast as you can.  You score
more points the longer you stay sideways and for linking drifts.

Speedtraps are point A to point B races.  Either 5 or 6 speedtrap cameras will
be set up along the course, and the idea is to go through them as fast as you
can.  Whoever has the highest combined speed at the end of the races wins.  The
fun thing is, if you cross the finish line first, it drops everyone else's 
score until they finish the race.  Thus, you don't always have to have the
highest total when you finish.  This also works vice versa, too.

Checkpoints are point A to B to C etcetera, etcetera races.  You race alone and
only have a limited amount of time to pass through each checkpoint.

-Canyon Drift
Point A to B drift race done in one of the canyons. 

-Canyon Sprint
Sprint race done in one of the canyons.  You're on your own.

-Canyon Checkpoint
Checkpoint race that takes place in the canyon.

-Canyon Duel
These are the second part of all the crew chief duels.  All canyon duels are
two part races.  For the first part, you chase the crew chief and gain points
for how close you stay on their tail.  For the second part, they chase you and
take your points based on how close they tail you.  You win if you have points
left over after both stages, overtake the crew chief for 10 seconds in the 
first stage, loss them for ten seconds in the second stage, or force the crew 
chief off the cliff.  You lose if the crew chief takes all your points in the 
second stage, looses you for ten seconds in the first stage, passes you for 
ten seconds in the second stage, or forces you off the cliff.

* 4) Wingmen *

Wingmen are members of you crew.  You can have up to three on your race team.
Each have a special function both in race and out.  Blockers ram other cars.
Scouts find the shortest route around the track.  Drafters, uh... let you
draft them.  Fabricators allow you to modify Autosculpt parts.  Fixers modify
your heat levels and get you more money in races.  Mechanics make your nitrous
more effective and get you discounts on parts and cars.

Neville (Blocker/Fixer)
In Race Bonus: Zone Heat doesn't increase.
Career Bonus: Extra $200 per win.
Joins: At the beginning of the game.

Colin (Drafter/Fabricator)
In Race Bounus: Larger Area for drafting. 
Career Bonus: Unlocks Autosculpt wheels, spoilers, exhausts, and chop tops.
Joins: After you beat Wolf

Sal (Scout/Fabricator)
In Race Bonus: Winning races detracts attention from the police.
Career Bonus: Unlock Autosculpt bodykits, hoods, and roof scoops.
Joins: After you aquire a couple sections of Downtown.

Sampson (Blocker/Fixer)
In Race Bonus: Extra 10% cash per win.
Career Bonus: Your zones get less attention from the police.
Joins: After you beat Angie.

Yumi (Scout/Mechanic)
In Race Bonus: 25% boost to nitrous.
Career Bonus: 10% discount on parts.
Joins: After you defeat Kenji.

Nikki (Drafter/Mechanic)
In Race Bonus: 50% boost to speedbreaker and nitrous.
Career Bonus: 10% discount on car purchases.
Joins: Before you take on Stacked Deck.

* 5) General Tips *

- Slow in, fast out
  Basically, this means that you brake before going into a corner, then 
  accelerate as   soon as you can while still turning.

- 90 degree turns
  Before you go into a turn, smash the buttons for the brake, the handbrake, 
  and the direction you want to turn.  The car should end up sideway facing the
  direction you want to go.  Now release all three and punch the throttle.
  The Corvette makes this look goooood!

- Drafting is when you get as close as you can to another racer and stay inside
  their slipstream.  Let's say two cars are going 150 mph.  The car in front of
  the draft needs to hold the accelerator to the floor to maintain his speed.
  The second driver only needs to hold his accelerator three quarters of the
  way to the floor.  Thus, the second driver has power "in reserve" that he can
  use to slingshot around the first driver.  Draft rival cars whenever you can.

- Not all shortcuts are a good idea.  Some may actually take more time than 
  just staying on the main path.

- Likewise, a perfect launch is not always a perfect launch.  

- With the exception of the races in Bushido and Stacked Deck's territory,
  drift races don't unlock upgrades for your car.  Unless you need the cash or
  want the visuals, don't waste your time, breath, or sanity.

- As for wingmen, all have their drawbacks, but drafters are essentially
  worthless.  You can draft anything that moves.

- The following cars are worthless in this game: Anything made by Ford.  =)

* 6) Walkthrough *

Palmont City has been divided into four territories, one controlled by each 
race team.  Your job is to take over all four territories and find out what 
happened the night you left after that race went bad.

     6.1) Prologue

A cutscene sets up the game.  Your driving through one of the canyons, happy as
a lark, when an ominous black and white Corvette rams you from behind.  Cross
is back, stripped of his badge after you escaped Rockport, and in a really bad
mood.  You take over, and you're supposed to escape from Cross.  You drive
into a construction zone, and end up totaling your Beemer.  (And after all you
went through to get it back, too.)  Cross is about to arrest you when Darius
comes to your aid.  Cross leaves, and your ex, Nikki, shows up and she's not at
all pleased with you.  Darius offers you a chance to drive for him in order to
clear your name, and you take it.  

Nikki takes you to a car lot and gives you a choice of three cars.  A Mazda 
RX-8, an Alfa Romero Brera, and a Chevy Camero SS circa 1960s.  Pick the
Mazda and head out.  Nikki then runs you through a tutorial on the different
kinds of wingmen.  After that, she introduces you to Neville.  Neville will 
how you your safe house, then you two go out for a ride.  Unfortunately, the
cops show up.  Fortunately, they're clueless.  Evade them and get ready for the
real game.  

When I mention upgrades in the game, I use the following format: Txy-z
Tx is the car's tier, y is the level of upgrade, and z is the actual part. 
i.e., T3R- Transmission is the Tier 3 Racing Transmission.

Also, I would strongly advise skipping drift races until you win Angie's

     6.2) Bushido

Crew Chief: Kenji
Kenji's Car: Mazda RX-7
Class: Tuner
Territory Controlled: Downtown Palmont City
Crew Emblem: A pair of glaring eyes.
Crew Car Markings: Acid green paint with black vinyls and white Japanese

Your first task is to conquer Downtown Palmont.  This'll be a cakewalk, trust
me.  The only territory you can take right now is the Mason District.  Have at
it.  The three races are a speedtrap (T1S - Nitrous and Tires), a circuit race
(T1S - Brakes), and a sprint race (Body kits package one).  The only race you
might not be able to win on your own is the speedtrap.  Fortunately, Neville
usually finishes with the highest speed.  All you have to do is finish first.
After you take over Downtown, You'll unlock the T1S - Transmission upgrade.

Now Historic Chinatown will open up for you.  Out of a possible four races, win
two and all the available races will open up.  If you want to soop your Mazda 
up, win the follow races and acquire the following territories.  In King's 
Park; Drift (T1P- Suspension), Sprint (T1R- Nitrous), and winning the territory
will give you the T1P- Engine.  In the Billings district; Speedtrap (T1P- 
Nitrous and Tires), Sprint (T1S- Turbo).  Winning the territory will give you
T1P- Brakes.  Now go conquer all the territories to face Kenji.

Your first race against Kenji is a circuit.  The second is the canyon duel.
Kenji's RX-7 is a tier 2 car, and despite this, he's not a challenge.  He can
be beaten with the T1S- transmission, brake, nitrous, and tires upgrades. In
the circuit race, ignore the shortcut in Old Chinatown.  It takes more time to
adequately brake, accelerate through it, brake again, then rejoin the main 
trackthen it does to just follow the main track.  As for the canyon, just run a
clean race and you'll win.  It'll be close, but you'll win.  You won't get
close enough to Kenji to pass him.  When you win both races, you unlock the
CAR!  If you don't, re-run the races until you do.

Now go meet Yumi at the Plaza and she'll join your crew.  She'll reveal more 
about the night you took off.  Onto your next conquest!

     6.3) 21st Street Crew

Crew Chief: Angie
Angie's Car: Dodge Charger R/T
Class: Muscle
Territory Controlled: Kempton
Crew Emblem: A 21st in a shield with wings
Crew Car Markings: Silver with orange/red vinyls.

After stomping Kenji into the ground, two more territories open up.  One in
Kempton, and one in Fortuna. Take over Kenji's RX-7 and truss it up however you
want.  Now, travel on down to Morgan Beach in Kempton and win the circuit race
(T2S- Nitrous and Tires).  You'll meet Angie.  Ain't she sweet?  After you win
your first race, two more sections open up in both Kempton and Fortuna.  

Now we're going to take a little detour.  Head over to South Fortuna and take
over the territory.  Make sure you run the circuit (T2S- Suspension).  You've
unlocked the Lotus Elise.  GO BUY THIS CAR.  The Elise has the best handling
in it's class and arguably the best in the game.  It's acceleration is pretty
good, too.  This will be your main car until you unlock Silverton.  Now and win
the following races; Sprint in Fortuna Heights (T2S- Turbo) and Speetrap in 
Kempton Holdings (T2S- Tires).

After that little side trip, head back to Kempton and win a second race in 
Morgan Beach.  Now the rest of Kempton and Fortuna open up.  At this point,
it's up to you whether you want to face down Angie or upgrade your car with
Pro/Racing Parts.  I'm going to continue on the quest for Angie.  Head over to
the checkpoint in Eskuri Plaza (T2S- Transmission).  Now conquer the rest of
the sections, watching the cutscense for more clues about what happened the
night you left, and take on Angie.

Before taking on Angie, mak sure you equip the engine and nitrous upgrades you
got. (Eskuri Plaza and Newport Industrial Park Speedtrap, respectively.)  But
what of the suspension upgrade you got?  DO NOT bother equipping it.  It'll
make the car too tight and unresponsive in corners.  The first race against
Angie is a circuit.  Right off the bat, there's a shortcut off to your right. 
Take it.  Now just relax.  Her Charger is a monster on straights, but it can't
corner at all.  This race'll be over before you know it.  Angie's done for in
the canyon.  Depending on how your car's tuned (pure acceleration), you might
pass her.  Otherwise, just have a clean run.  After beating Angie, you'll
receive T2P- Turbo and unlock the Dodge Charger R/T.  Once again, MAKE SURE YOU

Now go meet Sampson at Footy's Diner.  Like Yumi, he was there the night you
left Palmont.  (Jeez, how convenient...)  Time to down Wolf.  

     6.4) T.F.K.

Crew Chief: Wolf
Wolf's Car: Aston Martin DB9
Class: Exotic
Territory Controlled: Fortuna
Crew Emblem: T.F.K written in white inside a blue circle.
Crew Car Markings: Silver with dark gray vinyls.

If you got Angie's Dodge, you've got a drift car.  Go back and complete all the
drift races you skipped.  You can also use her car in the boss duel against 
Wolf.  Any who, Fortuna will be short and sweet.  Go to the speedtrap race in
Ocean View (T2P- Nitrous and Tires).  T2P- Brakes is unlocked by taking over
Ocean View.  T2P- Transmission can be had by conquering Palmont University. 
Now conquer every section of Fortuna.  Before the showdown with Wolf, you need
to retune you Lotus.  Set the sliders for the turbo and the transmission to the
far left.  Set the tuner for the engine to the middle right.  Now, head out to
meet Wolf.

As always, the first race is a circuit, and Jeebus Christ, does Wolf love his
shortcuts.  There are three on this track.  One after the first turn on your
left, one in about the middle of the track on the left and one right before the
finish line on the left.  I strongly suggest you spend one lap tailing him and
use the second to smoke him.  Okay, on to the canyon.  This'll be fun.
Remember how I told you to retune your car?  Tail Wolf as close as possible.
Then, after the first turn with the breakaway guardrails, steer to the right,
getting as close to the wall as you can.  Hold the lead for ten seconds and
Wolf is retired.  After beating Wolf, you unlock the Aston Martian DB9 and the
T2P- Engine.  It doesn't matter whether or not you get Wolf's Aston Martian.
You'll be getting a Corvette soon enough...

Colin wants in on your crew.  Go meet him at the University.  Like your other
wingmen, he was there the night you fled Fortuna.  (These people need a life.) 
After Colin joins your crew, Darius calls you and tells you to meet him at the
courthouse.  Enjoy the cutscene.  Daruis stole the cash, accused you of it, and
Cross helped.  Nikki double crosses Darius and leaves Stacked Deck for your 
crew.  Angie, Kenji, and Wolf, embarrassed by their losses, disband their own
crews and join Stacked Deck.  Let the fun and games begin.

     6.5)  Stacked Deck

Crew Chief: Darius
Wolf's Car: Audi Le Mans Quattro
Class: Mixed
Territory Controlled: Silverton
Crew Emblem: A viper coiled around an ace of spades.
Crew Car Markings: Red with black vinyls.

When you get to Silverton, 3 sections will be unlocked.  Head straight for the
Neon Mile and win both races (T3P- Nitrous and Tires).  After you take over the
Neon Mile, Canmor Downs opens up.  Head over to the checkpoint race.  After you
win, go to the dealership and pick up your Corvette ^_^.  After you get your
Vette, win the canyon duel in Canmor Downs.  It's easy pickings with the Vette.
You should be able to pass your opponent.  Next up is Infinity Park.  Win the
Sprint (T3P- Engine) and the checkpoint (T3R- Brakes and Suspension).  

Now mosey on over to Shady Pine.  Run the circuit (T3R- Nitrous and Tires) and
the sprint (T3R- Turbo).  After you take over three sections, the Silverton
Refinery is unlocked.  Go there and win the drift (T3R- Transmission) and the
circuit (T3R- Engine).  The drift race holds the distinction of being the 
easiest "race" in the game.  Your opponents score somewhere between 20,000 and
26,000.  You can get double that, easy.  Use your Vette.  After that, you've
got all the racing upgrades for your Vette.  Take the last two sections and go
face Darius.

You finally control all of Palmont.  Kenji, Angie, and Wolf send you a
challenge.  They've got new rides, courtesy of Darius, and want to exact their
revenge.  Kenji now drives a Mitsubishi Evo IX MR.  Angie has a Dodge
Challenge Concept.  Wolf runs with a Lamborghini Murcielago.  Their race
tactics remain the same.  Kenji runs a technical race and avoids making
mistakes.  Angie runs bat-out-of-hell style.  Wolf still looks for the

The first race is a canyon sprint.  No problems.  Wolf will give you the most
problems in the second race.  His Murcielago handles a little better than the
Vette, but it has a lower top speed and much worse acceleration.  In spite of
this, Wolf can be very hard to pass once he gets the lead.  About all you can
hope for is for him to make a mistake, and that won't happen often.  There's a
shortcut on your left after the start.  Take it.  Wolf does.  When you hit the
freeway tunnel, make sure you're on the right hand side.  Directly after the
tunnel, there's a sharp 90 degree turn.   One last shortcut in the refinery
after the hairpin turn.  Other than that, just make sure you run clean. 
Just make sure you watch your map.

Now it's time for Darius.  His driving style is all the best of the three
previous bosses.  Rub some prayer beads.  The first race is a circuit.  About a
quarter of the  way through, there's a shortcut on the right hand side.  You'll
need to hit this both times.  Look for other shortcuts, but don't kill yourself
trying to get them.  Just run a sound race and you'll win.  As for the canyon,
draft Darius until the first hairpin, then slingshot around him.  Hang on for
ten seconds and he's done for.

Congratulations are in order.  You've beat the game.  Watch the final cutscene,
and then go out and play the game again with a different starting class.

* 7) Race List *
Here's a list of what each race and section unlocks.

Downtown Palmont

Historic Chinatown (T1S- Engine)
   Circuit (Spoilers- Package 2)
   Drift (Wheels- Package 1)
   Sprint (T1S- Suspension)
Old Quarter (Misubishi Eclipse GT)
   Sprint (Roof Scoops)
   Checkpoint (Hoods- Package 1)
   Boss Race (Kenji)
Mason District (T1S- Transmission)
   Speedtrap (T1S- Nitrous and Tires)
   Circuit (T1S- Brakes)
   Sprint (Body Kits- Package 1)
Billings District (T1P- Brakes)
   Drift (Flame Vinyls)
   Sprint (T1S- Turbo)
   Speedtrap (T1P- Nitrous and Tires)
Kings Park (T1P- Engine)
   Drift (T1P- Suspension)
   Sprint (T1R- Nitrous)
   Circuit (T1P- Transmission)


Morgan Beach (Volkswagon Golf R32)
   Checkpoint (Stripe Vinyls)
   Circuit (T2S- Nitrous and Tires)
   Sprint (Metallic Paint)
Kempton Holdings (Vauxhall Monaro VXR)
   Sprint (Wheels- Package 2)
   Speedtrap (T2S- Brakes)
   Boss Race (Angie)
Newport Industrial Park (T2S- Engine)
   Drift (Iridescent Paint)
   Speedtrap (T2R- Nitrous)
   Sprint (Wheels- Package 4)
Eskuri Plaza (T2P- Suspension)
   Drift (Hoods- Package 3)
   Checkpoint (T2S- Transmission)
   Speedtrap (Candy Paint)
The Projects (Ford Mustang GT)
   Circuit (Chrome Paint)
   Sprint (Spoilers- Package 2)
   Speedtrap (Exhaust Tips)


Fortuna Heights (Renault Clio v6)
   Circuit (Body Kits- Package 1)
   Sprint (T2S- Turbo)
   Checkpoint (Tribal Vinyls)
South Fortuna (Lotus Elise)
   Sprint (Window Tint)
   Checkpoint (Hoods- Package 2)
   Circuit (T2S- Suspension)
Ocean View (T2P-Brakes)
   Speedtrap (T2P- Nitrous and Tires)
   Sprint (Body Kits- Package 3)
   Boss Race (Wolf)
Palmont University (T2P- Transmission)
   Checkpoint (Matte Paint)
   Drift- (Spoilers- Package 3)
   Circuit (Package 4 Body Kits)
Hills Borough (Porsche Cayman S)
   Sprint (Wheels- Package 3)
   Sprint (Body Vinyls- Package 1)
   Drift (Body Vinyls- Package 2)


Canmor Downs (Nissan Skyline GT-R 34)
   Speedtrap (T3P- Turbo)
   Canyon Duel (Lamboghini Murceilago)
   Checkpoint (Chevrolet Corvette Z06)
Neon Mile (Toyota Supra)
   Speedtrap (T3P- Nitrous and Tires)
   Checkpoint (T3S- Transmission)
   Boss Race (Darius)
Diamond Hills (Nissan 350Z)
   Sprint (T3P- Transmission)
   Sprint (T3S- Nitrous and Tires)
   Circuit (T3S- Brakes and Suspension)
Starlight Strip (Subaru Impreza WRX-STI)
   Sprint (T3S- Turbo)
   Circuit (Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda)
   Checkpoint (T3S- Engine)
Shady Pine (Dodge Viper SRT/10)
   Speedtrap (Lamborghini Gallardo)
   Circuit (T3R- Nitrous and Tires)
   Sprint (T3R- Turbo)
Silverton Refinery (Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren)
   Drift (T3R- Transmission)
   Canyon Duel (Dodge Challenger Concept)
   Circuit (T3R- Engine)
Infinity Park (Ford GT)
   Canyon Duel (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR)
   Sprint (T3P- Engine)
   Checkpoint (T3R- Brakes and Suspension)

* 8. Disclaimer/Legal *

Need For Speed Carbon and all characters mention in this FAQ are the property
of Electronic Arts.  All cars are the property of their respective makers.
This FAQ is (c) 2007 Sno Dragon.  Any plagiarism will result in, but is by no
means limited to, threatening e-mails, threatening phone calls, baseball bat
related violence, ninja attacks, pirate attacks, dinosaur attacks, flying
saucer invasions, and, in rare cases, death by kittens.  Just don't steal from
me.  =)

* 9. Final Word *

Thanks to:
- CJayC for having the time and sanity to not only create but also maintain
- You, for obvious reasons.
- Electronic Arts.  They've brought the NFS series a long way.  This game is
  the best one yet.
- The car makers who allowed their cars to be used in this game.  Except, of 
  course, for Ford.  Learn how to build a car.  Please?

Copyright 2007 "Sno Dragon" 

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