Review by Warhawk_

Reviewed: 06/17/08

Must Buy game for the PS3

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is not only a good ps3 game, but one of the best this generation.

Graphics: This is one of the best looking game for a console, the lighting is right, the details on everything looks great, impressive style, water looks nice, and Character models really do look great. In fact everything in this great looks beautiful. What I do have to mention is that the water effect is realistic. The water as I mentioned is not only beautiful, but the cool part is when Drake goes in the water, he becomes wet and so do objects that goes in the water as well, no other game had ever done this. The jungles and scenery are really the best looking thing in any other game.10/10

Sound: The explosions, guns, and everything sounds very awesome, and the acting in this game is impressive. When you shoot, blow up stuff, and just here the jungles themselves, it sounds very realistic, and the acting in this game sounds like a movie, the actors did an excellent job of playing their characters. 10/10

Gameplay. What can I say, the gameplay is so fun that you won't want to do anything until you finish this game. The gunshots and killing enemies are great, the AI is good, and jumping on everything is easy and fun. The weapons are great, you have pistols, shotguns, Revolvers, Hand Grenades, AK47, M4, Grenade Launchers and more. You also have some levels where you can drive land and sea vehicles which adds for more enjoyment. The game is sadly only 8hr but this is the best 8hr you will ever have. Drake is one of the best game characters ever made. 10/10.

Controls: The controls are very fluent and they work just right. Controlling Drake is easy, aiming your weapons works very well with no problems at all, jumping to places is a snap, and the cover system helps a lot. If you die by falling or can't shoot right, then it is really your fault for this and not the game. The cover system makes the gameplay easier so when an army of enemies come after you, you can hide behind a wall or anything, and pop out quickly to take them out in a second with no frustrating at all. 10/10

Overall if you have a PS3 and love Third Person Shooters, buy this game and I mean now, you won't regret this. I give this game a perfect 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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