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Guide and Walkthrough by Axel7174

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 09/09/2009

             __ __ __  __   ___ __  __  ___  ____  ______  ____ ____ 
             || || ||\ ||  //   ||  || // \\ || \\ | || | ||    || \\ 
             || || ||\\|| ((    ||==|| ||=|| ||_//   ||   ||==  ||  ))
             \\_// || \||  \\__ ||  || || || || \\   ||   ||___ ||_// 
                                DRAKE'S | FORTUNE
                                                          \         /           
                                                           \       /
                                                            \     /
                                                             \   /
                                                              \ /
                                                        Sic Parvis Magna

| Uncharted Guide            |
| Created by: Axel7174       |
| FAQ and Walkthrough        |
| Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner|

Version History
Version 1.00 - 7/31/09 - 8/15/09
--Alright! Here we are. First completed version of my Uncharted guide is up. 
I actually started a guide on this great game a long time ago but I never had
the time to really get anywhere with it. Yet here we are almost a year later.

Version 1.05 - 9/09/09
--My first update to this guide since first publishing it. I made a really
small update to the Weapons section and one more Crushing Mode tip.

1|Introduction.............................................. [itro]
 |o About This Guide
 |o Using This Guide
2|Basics.................................................... [bscs]
 |o Controls................................................ [bctr]
 |o Gameplay Elements....................................... [bcel]
 |o Combat.................................................. [bcom]
 |o Weapons................................................. [bcwp]
3|Walkthrough............................................... [un00]
 |o Chapter 1 - Ambushed.................................... [un01]
 |o Chapter 2 - The Search for El Dorado.................... [un02]
 |o Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find........................... [un03]
 |o Chapter 4 - Plane-wrecked............................... [un04]
 |o Chapter 5 - The Fortress................................ [un05]
 |o Chapter 6 - Unlocking the Past.......................... [un06]
 |o Chapter 7 - Out of the Frying Pan....................... [un07]
 |o Chapter 8 - The Drowned City............................ [un08]
 |o Chapter 9 - To the Tower................................ [un09]
 |o Chapter 10 - The Customs House.......................... [un10]
 |o Chapter 11 - Trapped.................................... [un11]
 |o Chapter 12 - Heading Upriver............................ [un12]
 |o Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?................................. [un13]
 |o Chapter 14 - Going Underground.......................... [un14]
 |o Chapter 15 - On the Trail of the Treasure............... [un15]
 |o Chapter 16 - The Treasure Vault......................... [un16]
 |o Chapter 17 - The Heart of the Vault..................... [un17]
 |o Chapter 18 - The Bunker................................. [un18]
 |o Chapter 19 - Unwelcome Guests........................... [un19]
 |o Chapter 20 - Race to the Rescue......................... [un20]
 |o Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones............................. [un21]
 |o Chapter 22 - Showdown................................... [un22]
4|Extras.................................................... [exra]
 |o Treasures............................................... [exgo]
 |o Trophies................................................ [exth]
 |o Unlockables............................................. [exun]
5|Miscellaneous............................................. [misl]
 |o Frequently Asked Questions.............................. [fak4u]
 |o Credits/Special Thanks
 |o Contact Info
 |o Legal Malarky

1. Introduction                                                           [itro]

Welcome to this guide for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for the PlayStation 3. 
Without a doubt, Uncharted is one of the best games in the PS3's library. It
went under the radar for some time but it is now recognized as a remarkable
game. And if you're here, reading this now, I assume you must be looking for 
some help or tips for the game. Either that, or you're just really bored. Haha.

[About This Guide]

This guide marks my 14th total file submitted and my 10th full guide. So I guess
in a way, it is somewhat celebratory. Truth be told, I was working on a guide
for Uncharted close to over a year ago, but I put it on hiatus because of other
obligations, many of which were in the real world, not the gaming world, heh. 
In any case, here we are and I feel confident in the work I've done. This guide
is also pre-celebratory for the upcoming release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,
a game I plan on getting.  

[Using This Guide]

The layout of this guide is pretty simple. Refer to the Table of Contents above
to find something you might be looking for. Every important item has a quickjump
listed at the end, which is just an easy way to find what you're looking for
faster. Enter that code into the ctrl+f function of your web browser to jump
around instead of scrolling. 

If you have questions, concerns, or something to submit, I beg you to please
first read the Frequently Asked Questions section for questions, and the Contact
Info section regarding my policy on submissions. Please do that, it's important.

2. Basics                                                                 [bscs]

In this section, we'll go over the general basics of the game, from controls to
general gameplay features. If you're playing for the first time, it's possible
you may be able to pick up some helpful hints. Otherwise, it's here in case you
need to look back on anything. 


|Button             |Action (Normal)       |Behind Cover        |
|Start              |Pause Menu            |Pause Menu          |
|Select             |View Drake's Journal  |N/A                 |
|Left Analog Stick  |Movement              |Move along cover    |
|Right Analog Stick |Camera movement       |Camera movement     |
|L1                 |Aim                   |Jump out from cover |
|L2                 |Look Mode             |N/A                 |
|L3                 |Switch Aiming shoulder|N/A                 |
|R1                 |Fire weapon           |Blind fire          |
|R2                 |Reload                |Reload              |
|R3                 |Center camera         |Center camera       |
|Triangle           |Interact/Pick up      |Pick up Ammo        |
|Square             |Melee                 |N/A                 |
|Circle             |Take cover/roll       |Leave cover         |
|X/Cross            |Jump/Climb            |Vault over cover    |
|D-Pad Up           |Reload                |Reload              |
|D-Pad Left         |Select pistol         |Select pistol       |
|D-Pad Right        |Select Rifle/Shotgun  |Select Rifle/Shotgun|
|D-Pad Down         |Select Grenades       |Select Grenades     |

[Gameplay Elements]-----[bcel]

This will briefly examine the gameplay elements that make up Uncharted, giving
you an idea of how it will play. 

For the most part, Uncharted is pretty linear. Many of the environments are
large and very open, not to mention they're nothing short of beautiful. Despite
this, the paths are linear. With platform and puzzle elements, you'll be doing
some searching and the like. You'll truly be getting some breathtaking views.

Look Mode--Hey What's That?!
Look Mode is activated by hitting the L2 button. For the most part, it just
allows you to look around an area. There are many moments throughout the game
however, when the button will appear on screen and you'll be prompted to hit it
to enter Look Mode. In these instances, you'll automatically lock on something
important and Nate will often remark about it. The things you'll notice will
range from a puzzle solution, the way out of an area, or a sign of what's to

Back to the Wall, Let the Bullets Fly
The two elements that make up the meat of Uncharted are without a doubt the
combat and the platforming. In regards to the latter, Uncharted is a third
person shooter that uses a brilliant cover system. Circle is the button you'll
be using to enter and leave cover. Almost any object in the environment (as long
as it's not a plant) can be used as cover. Enemies will adapt as well to Drake's
position and they'll get tougher as the game goes along.

Don't Look Down, Don't Look Down....
The other biggest part of the game, as mentioned before, will be platforming and
climbing. When Nathan Drake isn't being shot by pirates, he's playing Spider-Man
and scaling cliffs and the like. Climbing isn't always easy. Sometimes the gaps
are large, the environment will crumble, and the paths aren't always clear. It
takes patience, reflexes and a good eye to scale the large challenges in front
of you. Besides small niches and ledges, you'll also be climbing and swinging
from vines and other objects.

When Brawn Doesn't Work...
There are also a few puzzles or tough situations strewn throughout the game. 
In these moments, you'll often be prompted to look at Drake's journal and it
will give you some clues. Sometimes they're really easy, and sometimes they'll
require a lot of effort like some climbing and such. Others will really make
you scratch your head. 


Nathan Drake isn't a popular guy unfortunately. That's ok, because it makes
things more exciting. 

Using your guns is as simple as aiming with the L1 button and firing with the
R1 button. You have a small targeting reticle that will show you what you're
aiming at. The size of the reticle will differ in size and shape depending on
the gun. You can aim while standing and walking, but you'll be doing most of
your shooting from behind cover. 

As mentioned briefly above, cover will play a pivotal role throughout the game.
Hitting L1 will make you stand up or jump out from cover. At this point, you
can fire as normal with R1. Releasing L1 will make you go back behind your
cover. You can move alongside cover, depending on how big it is with the Left
Analog Stick. If the cover is a small barrier, you can vault over it with X
and the Left Analog Stick. Finally, you can blindfire from cover by just
hitting R1 (and not holding L1 first) but it is very inaccurate as you might
be able to surmise. 

You have three weapon slots. One is for pistol like weapons (D-Pad Left) which
includes the Uzi-like Micro 9mm. The other is for rifles which includes Shotguns
(D-Pad Right). Finally, the last slot is dedicated to grenades (D-Pad Down) and
you can carry up to four of these. 

Grenades ar handled a bit differently. You still aim with L1 (you can also jump
out from cover with a grenade in hand) and throw them with R1 like you would
fire a gun. When you aim though, you see an arcing line that shows where the
grenade will land, approximately, not counting other factors like obstructions.
You can change the landing spot with the Left Analog stick, and the pitch by
tilting the controller to use its Six-Axis function. The latter will let you
throw the grenade a lot farther. 


You'll find several different weapons on your journey through the world of
Uncharted. The guns will change as you progress through the game, but the
classes will remain the same. You'll only be able to carry two at a time. 

[Pistol Class]

PM 9mm
-Capacity: 8
-Max Ammo: 40
-Thoughts: Your main sidekick for most of the first stretch of the game. An
invaluable weapon. Not overly powerful, but has good capacity and is reliable.

92FS 9MM
-Capacity: 15
-Max Ammo: 60
-Thoughts: My personal favorite gun, only because I used it a lot as the Sniper
class in EA's Battlefield 2 game for PC (although it was silenced there). A bit
more powerful than the PM with a better capacity. 

Desert 5
-Capacity: 7
-Max Ammo: 13
-Thoughts: This gun is like the Wes--it's powerful and has little capacity. It
doesn't have a laser sight when you use it, despite the fact that it does when
the enemies do. Worth getting if you can Brutal Combo someone for 2x ammo. 

Micro 9MM
-Capacity: 20
-Max Ammo: 60
-Thoughts: Although it fires fast, it has very limited range and accuracy. Not
a great choice except when it's in arm's reach and there are some enemies right
in front of you. When you use it, you want to switch back to your other weapon.

Wess .44
-Capacity: 6
-Max Ammo: 12
-Thoughts: Powerful and with low capacity. Useful for a while (especially on
Crushing) if you can Brutal Combo someone for it. 

[Rifle/Shotgun Class]

-Capacity: 30
-Max Ammo: 90
-Thoughts: A good, solid gun that's about average in everything. 

-Capacity: 32
-Max Ammo: 96
-Thoughts: More power and only holds a couple more rounds than the AK. It's a
bit more accurate too. 

-Capacity: 35
-Max Ammo: 105
-Thoughts: Decent power, range, and accuracy. It's great against those freaks,
you know... the ones I can't talk about because it's spoilerish. 

Moss 12
-Capacity: 6
-Max Ammo: 18
-Thoughts: A shotgun. What else is there to say. Very small range but good
accuracy and incredible power. 

SAS 12
-Capacity: 8
-Max Ammo: 21
-Thoughts: An amazing gun and perhaps the most useful gun in Crushing Mode. You
want to Brutal Combo every guy who has one. The SAS has much better range than
the Moss and is just a little more powerful. A direct hit kills just about any
enemy in one shot. 

Dragon Sniper
-Capacity: 5
-Max Ammo: N/A?
-Thoughts: You won't come across these often, but when you do, you usually need
them to take out distant enemies. When you aim, you automatically get the scoped

Capacity: 1
Max Ammo: 3
Thoughts: These are the guns that the red shirt guys use. They only have three
rounds, so they're not that useful for a long time. Good for a temporary switch
of weapons when you want to take out a small group of clustered enemies. 

3. Walkthrough                                                            [un00]

Well welcome to the walkthrough portion of the guide, which is undoubtedly the
meat of the guide. I'm hoping that this walkthrough well adequately help you
through the game, whether you're only looking for a few small tips or you're
reading all the way through. 

This guide is written to pertain to the Normal difficulty setting for Uncharted.
On Hard and Crushing especially, you will notice that your enemies are much
stronger defensively and also deal a lot more damage to you. Do not fret though,
because although this guide is catered as I said to Normal mode, I will be
sprinkling tips here and there that are explicitly designed for Crushing mode.
These tips will be emphasized in the walkthrough. 

The treasures will be pointed out during the game as well and will also be a
little emphasized since sometimes the locations can be difficult to describe.
If you miss any, there will be a Treasure list near the end of the guide. 

So without further ado, let's get started. After the short, opening cutscene,
you'll be thrown right into...

                                    /_ |
                                     | |
                                     | |
                                     | |


Treasures           Weapons
---------           -------

It'll be you and Elena pitted against Pirates. Not the "Arrggh, matey" kind, but
the "Armed to the teeth" kind. They'll be attacking your boat from their little
boats and it makes for an interesting beginning challenge. 

First off get acquainted to the controls and the aiming dynamic especially. You
can aim on the move and so on. Being that this is Normal and it's the very first
bit of gameplay, this will be pathetically easy. You can freely stand out in the
open and line up your shots. Try to do so and get used to how much yield the
stick gives you and see how easily you can line up head shots. 

Dispatch the first two on the first boat and they'll disappear. Another boat
will pull up. The tutorial tells you how to take cover and this is really easy.
You really don't need to do it now but make sure you know how useful cover is
and will be throughout the game.

To help things along on the second boat, spot the silver colored barrels on the
deck near the enemies. Shoot them and you can easily dispatch them. 

Once the second boat is done, some enemies will have climbed aboard. Time to get
close and personal. Follow the tutorial and unleash a melee combo on them by
getting close and spamming the Square button. Do this on both enemies if
necessary and you'll move on to the next part. Pick up their ammo by standing
near it on the ground and hitting Triangle.

Two more pirates board and this time the tutorial tells you about Brutal Combos.
These are quicker and get the job done a lot more easily, but require precise
timing. The game will walk you through it but be sure to practice it when the
opportunity arrises. And by arrise, I don't mean running blindly into a group
of guys armed to the teeth. 

Enemies defeated by a Brutal Combo drop 2x Ammo guns. If you pick these up,
regardless if you already have the current gun with max ammo, you will receive
a new gun with twice the ammo capacity. This will be an invaluable asset in the
game and will be a key tactic on Crushing mode so remember this well. 

Another pair of pirates will get on board. You might as well practice your
Brutal Combos more, but feel free to just shoot them if that's what you prefer.

Finally, you'll come under attack from a boat with a mounted gatling gun and an
even more powerful gun. The only option is to take cover and protect yourself.
Wait until you see the L2 prompt and you can see a plane flying overhead. Just
stay behind cover a little longer and all your problems will be solved. That
will end the first chapter of the game. Nice job!

                                    |__ \ 
                                       ) |
                                      / / 
                                     / /_ 
                           THE SEARCH FOR EL DORADO


Treasures - 6 (6/61)                 Weapons
--------------------                 -------
Silver Mosaic Inca Earring
Jeweled Silver Monkey
Decorated Gold Ring 
Silver Llama
Golden Inca Cup
Silver Turtle

With Sully at your side, begin a relaxing trek through the forest. Soak it all
in, why not? The visuals are actually pretty good. Don't go too far though,
because we have something to find and it's not particularly easy. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Mosaic Inca Earring]-----------------------------------

To find this, proceed forward until you see a large rock platform on your right.
Climb up this and there should be an equally tall platform across from it on the
left. Jump to this and drop down but do not stray too far from the rocky wall.
Turn around once you've dropped down and sitting just below the small drop off,
you can see this sparkling object. Pick it up with Triangle to claim your first
Treasure, the Silver Mosaic Inca Earring. You'll get both the "First Treasure"
medal and the Trophy.


Continue forward, past the waterfall and through a narrow passage. In the next
clearing, you'll get a scene. After that, move on to another very narrow passage
between two large rocks. Follow this to a more conspicuous clearing.

From where you enter, go to the far left, past the pillars and find a high 
platform that can be climbed from a lower ledge near the ground. Climb up to the
top and near the edge, you can easily jump left to the next platform. Jump again
to the next platform ahead. This is the one with a collapsed pillar on it. 

Begin crossing the pillar across and Nate will almost lose his balance as the
pillar shifts. Easily reach the next platform, on top of one of the pillars. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Jeweled Silver Monkey]----------------------------------------

Right after you get off the pillar that Nate almost slipped on, look to your
left. There is a pillar that is mostly occupied by a tree. Carefully aim your
leap so you can grab the edge of the pillar that isn't covered by the tree.
Hoist yourself up and search the other side of the tree to find this treasure.


Climb back across and take the other pillar. It will collapse a little so jump
to the next platform. If you miss, don't worry. A shortcut will be created by
a small block. On this next platform, you have no choice but to drop down with
Circle and shimmy on the edge. Go to the far left and you can jump over to the
next part. Jump a second gap, then continue to move left at this point. 

You'll be across from the next ledge. As the tutorial suggests, use the Left
Analog Stick and point it away from the wall and hit X to jump. Continue to
climb up and you're done. 

At the top, you'll find the boulder you'll be using to gain entry into the area
below. Interact with it and the way will be opened. Drop down over the ledge and
drop to the ground and with Sully at your side, enter the doorway. 

Proceed into the ruins for a scene. When you have control again, move around the
debris and find the small chasm that is for now, impassable. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Decorated Gold Ring]------------------------------------------

Facing the chasm and the barrel and large pillar on the other side, move left.
In the corner to the far left, just barely on the edge you can see the glint of
something there. Move carefully over there and pick this up. 


Once you have the treasure, spy the brown and red barrel on the ledge across 
from you and shoot it. This easily opens up a way across so climb over. At the
end of the next passage, you'll come to a closed door. Look to the left and you
will see a device that operates on a chain to open it. Interact with Triangle
and then tap it repeatedly.

To no avail unfortunately; the door closes again right away once Nate lets go.
Sully volunteers to operate the chain while Nate tries to find something to hold
it open. Enter the chamber and you should easily notice the small cart with the
lumber on the right. Get behind it and hold Triangle to move it in place. Sully
makes it in, but the door shuts and that exit now seems to be gone. 

Nate will notice the brazier in front of him. View Drake's journal with Select
and he'll figure it out. Allow Sully to light it up and then move past it. The
next doorway is covered by debris but it is easily cleared. Look up near the
ceiling and you'll see a small torch that is now lit thanks to Sully. Shoot it
with a single bullet and an ember will fall and burn away most of the debris.
Enter the next chamber.

You're more or less stranded on a tiny platform and it's a long ass way down to
the bottom. From where you enter, go to the left. On the wall you should see
the red rectangular objects. On some of them, there are white or beige fixtures
that you can grab onto. Jump up to the first one and then go straight to the
right. Be careful as one of them will threaten to fall down so keep jumping.

You can angle your jump upwards or downwards and you'll need to do so to
proceed. Jump slightly down to grab the lower fixture. Keep going across now
and then jump back up to the middle row. When you can't go any further, ascend
to the top row, but watch for one that will come loose. Drop down to the middle
row again where yet another will come loose so keep moving. From here it should
be easy to just keep jumping and reach the vine on the right. 

Slide down and turn around. Go around the left side of the center area and you
should see some barrels near the debris. Shoot them and that will open a path
for Sully to climb down. Wait for him, then proceed into the next chamber.

After Sully lights the next brazier, you can proceed through the following
corridor. Run straight through all the way to the next room. 

Approach the center and view the journal when prompted. You'll see four symbols
that correspond to four switches in the room. They are numbered in the journal
1-4 and this quite obviously alludes to an order in which they must be pressed.

Begin by going to the top right corner of the room and climb the small slab of
debris to get to the top of the platform. Press the switch with the first
symbol. The second one is in the center of the room on a column like bridge.
You can reach it either by shimmying and jumping from the first symbol, or
dropping down to the ground and climbing from below. 

Press the switch with second symbol. The third is in the top left corner. You
can jump to the small column in between the platforms; there's room to grab on.
Align yourself on the other side and jump to the platform in the corner and hit
the third switch.

Drop down to the ground and find the other platform/bridge object near the 
center and climb it. This is where the final switch is. Hit it to open the hole
in the center.

Be careful as you begin your descent. Carefully push Nate toward the ladder on
the side of the pit and when he grabs on, start to climb down. He'll
eventually slip and grab a small ledge below. Shimmy and jump to another on the
left, but move quickly because this one will crumble. Jump to the next and then
pull yourself up when you can.

Inside this hall, you'll find a strange device. Get behind the block and push
it with Triangle to flood the bottom of the pit with more water. This will allow
you to safely jump down to the bottom. Do so and go for a swim. 

Find dry land and climb out. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Llama]-------------------------------------------------

You'll see a large rocky fixture in front of you that almost seems like a 
"divider", left and right. Left is where you need to go to begin climbing up,
but on the right is a small niche where you can see a shining object. Pick it


Go around the other side and begin climbing. You'll jump to the large center
platform and from here, you can go straght up the wall. Jump from small ledge
to small ledge until you reach a larger platform. Jump to the far wall from
here to grab the edge there. Shimmy over and jump to the vine on your right.
Use this to climb out. Climb to the near top and jump to the left to get on
safe ground.

Turn around and shoot the barrels to open the door for Sully. Together again,
walk down the next corridor and find the door. Two chains this time. Team up
with Sully to open the door together. This next part will be fun...

Proceed casually across the scaffolding, as if you don't know something is about
to happen. Sure enough though, everything starts coming down. When the camera
view shifts, run forward, toward the camera and when you see the jumps coming,
hit X. Make your way across, Crash Bandicoot style and hit the last jump to get
to the other side. Several platforms will have collapsed into the center, and
this allows Sully to join you. 

You'll continue slowly up the long staircase into another chamber. A scene will
take over. After that, you're free to continue on. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Inca Cup]----------------------------------------------

You'll be faced with the exit, but turn around instead. On the opposite wall,
there is scaffolding and other objects. Look for one of those large beige jars
you've been seeing around the ruins. Right next to it is a stone slab with a
skeleton on it. Approach it and find this treasure. If this is your fifth
treasure, you get the "Beginner Fortune Hunter" medal and Trophy


Follow those tracks through the winding corridor all the way to the wilderness

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Turtle]------------------------------------------------

On your right after exiting the temple, you can see a small pillar that you can
climb (the top is slightly slanted). Get on top and then jump across the other
similar looking pillars to the end. On the last one, you'll find this at your


Drop down and follow the next passage out to a surprising find...

                                    |___ \ 
                                      __) |
                                     |__ < 
                                     ___) |
                               A SURPRISING FIND


Treasures - 2 (8/61)                 Weapons
--------------------                 -------
Gold Tairona Pendant
Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring      AK-47

Get your feet wet and swim toward the boat. The only way aboard is near the back
end so swim through the waterfall. Here you'll find a platform to climb onto.
It'll point you toward more dry land. Jump over and you can begin your climb
on the far wall.

Begin by climbing the small rocks and jumping to the vine on your right. Use
the Left Analog Stick to swing back and forth and build momentum. At the end of
your swing, jump to the right and grab the ledge. Move alongside the wall, along
the rocks until you reach the platform near the tree. Climb straight up and grab
the fissure. Jump left to the vine and then swing and jump left to the next 

Jump to the left and shimmy across, then climb straight up to get on the top of
this platform. Run across the edge to the wall and grab onto the next fissure.
Shimmy across a little then jump left to the vine. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Tairona Pendant]-----------------------------------------

Climb straight up this green and orange vine. When you stop moving, you should
be able to climb. At the very top is a platform with this treasure on the left.
Very carefully climb back down by dropping down. Don't just push yourself toward
the edge. 


Back on the vine, begin swinging. Be sure to build up plenty of momentum or you
won't be able to make the jump to the left. Shimmy around this rock to the far
side and climb straight up. Continue to shimmy to the left until your back is
across from the next ledge. Point the Left Analog Stick away from the current
ledge and jump across. 

Go along the cliffside and hop a small gap. Continue to go along the cliff and
drop down with Circle. From here, just drop down from ledge to ledge and climb
over. Eventually, you'll be right above the boat, so just drop down a few more
to get on top. Alternatively, you can safely drop from the high cliff into the
water below. You'll be able to climb some rocks out of the water and get on top
of the boat. Just make sure you drop on the correct side of the boat. 

On the boat, you'll come to the hatch where you can enter. Ignore it for now

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring]------------------------------

Go around the hatch area and run down to the very nose of the boat. At the very
end you will see this treasure sparkling. Carefully grab it and then retreat.


Climb up to the hatch and drop inside. There's not much to do other than move
forward. You'll come to another hatch, but this one is closed. Interact with
Triangle and mash the button to loosen up the handle. After that, use the Left
Analog Stick to open it. 

Drop down to another level below. Proceed forward for a scene. After that, just
keep walking to reach another door. Open it up and you'll eventually have to 
swim to the next ladder. Climb up and then from there, just keep walking. Boy
this is really tough, huh? Haha.

Finally, after the scene, proceed through the next doorway and you'll eventually
get yet another scene. This one is longer, but a few interesting things happen.

When you finally get control again, you'll be on the run. Immediately take off
and drop down the cliff. You'll take some fire, but keep running and round the
corner. You'll be approached by an enemy, the first one in a long time in fact.
The game will ease you back into Brutal Combos so dish one out to level him.

Keep running, all the way back toward the temple and you get yet another scene.
This one is short. Afterwards, approacht he temple entrance and you should see
another enemy. This one might have his back turned, so run up to him and hit
your melee button and you can easily sleeper hold him into submission. Take
cover immediately though behind the small stone slab as more baddies come out.

The guy in the hallway has an AK-47 but he seems to fire the least so take out
the two guys closer to you. Stay behind cover when they're not shooting and then
take aim and fire back. It sounds simple but it takes practice and good
judgement. Try to go for headshots when it's opportune. Otherwise, just shoot
them until they go down.

If the guy with the AK ran away, you'll find him down the hall. Use a Brutal
Combo on him to get his AK and with double ammo. Schwing! You can use the D-Pad
to switch weapons but give the AK-47 a spin.

Climb up the wall but stay hanging on the ledge. An enemy ahead of you will
appear and the game will notify you that you can shoot while hanging. Try it out
and easily dispatch this guy. Climb up now and enter the next chamber. Take
cover behind a pillar and use the AK-47 to fill these dudes full of holes. Go
for headshots and it should be pretty easy. You'll notice how your enemies also
know how to use cover. They have weaknesses though. If you're precise enough
with your aiming, you can hit the small parts of their body that are visible
even when they're behind cover. Take advantage of this. 

When the room is clear, take the ammo and then approach the stairs. Take cover
at the top though as some fire will come up from below. The target is far away
so switch to your pistol for more accurate shooting. Pick off the enemy down
there and then proceed once he's down. Hop across the platforms until another
foe appears, at which point, you can take cover behind the pillar. Blast him
with your AK-47 and then continue.

Through the next corridor and the following chamber, navigate around the two
holes. Go up the stairs and an enemy will probably be right in front of you.
Whoop him with a Brutal Combo and then take cover from the rest of them. These
guys are at a far range, so you may want to go with your pistol. Take cover when
they are firing all at once. When you see the screen start to turn black and
white, that means you're almost dead so just stay still for a few moments unless
you want to take a risk.

Battle your way back to the bottom of the large round chamber. Climb up the
ladder here and then enter the following corridor. Take cover as two more 
enemies flank you. They won't be hard to pick off, just use your AK-47. If one
throws a grenade, take note of where it lands. If it lands in front of your
hiding spot, you'll be fine. 

Charge through to the chasm, where two more baddies await. Shoot them both then
climb down and encounter even more enemies on the other side. Kill the closest
two, and then move up to get within better range of the guys on the stairs.
Pick them off with your AK or your pistol.

Use the vine to climb up and then ascend toward the light to escape at last. The
fun isn't over yet though. More enemies ambush you out here. Hide behind the
large pillars and wait for them to show themselves. Some may be at close range
or attempt to come around to where you are. Big mistake. At that range, they'll
be meat for your AK, or if you prefer, charge them with a Brutal Combo.

Take down all the enemies and then you can move on to another cutscene. After
that, it's on to the next chapter. 

                                    _  _   
                                   | || |  
                                   | || |_ 
                                   |__   _|
                                      | |  


Treasures - 10 (18/61)                 Weapons
----------------------                 -------
Silver Inca Figurine                   PM 9mm
Silver Fish Charm                      AK-47
Gold Frog                              Moss - 12
Intricate Gold Ring
Patterned Silver Ring
Golden Jaguar
Silver Inca Vessel
Golden Toothpick
Silver Bird Vessel
Silver Inca Earring

After the scene, you'll finally get control again. Right away, you'll be near
your next treasure.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Inca Figurine]-----------------------------------------

Right from where you start, there is a treasure behind you. Turn Nate around
and to the right of that giant green tree is where you'll find it. Search over
there and you can find it on the ground there. 


Run past the statue now and climb up the small ledge. Approach the gate here and
try interacting with it. You can't open it though because of the lock. Luckily
you have an all-purpose key and by "key" I mean gun. Shoot the lock and then you
can proceed.

You'll come to a very nice, relaxing area with a large pond. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Fish Charm]--------------------------------------------

To the left of the large pond as you enter the area, there is a an easily
visible nook. In here is a small tree and you can probably see the sparkle from
where you're standing. Head on over and find this treasure. This might just get
you the "Novice Fortune Hunter" medal and Trophy if you've gotten each one thus


To the right of the waterfall are some green rocks you can use to climb up.
Ascend the cliff here and run through the passage toward the small creek. Walk
up the creek and look for some small platforms slightly to the right that you
can climb up. 

From here, make a long jump to the large green platform. Now you get to cross a
precarious log bridge over a long drop. Before we do that however, there is
another goodie to find.

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Frog]----------------------------------------------------

Facing the log bridge, look for a lower platform to the right. It's just below
your current platform. Drop down here to this platform and look for the sparkle
to claim the treasure. Climb back up and cross the bridge. 


Use the Six-Axis function of your controller and tilt the controller to 
maintain balance as you lerch forward. On the other side, run toward the large
stone slab and take cover behind it. You'll find some pistol ammo here if you
need it. 

Ready yourself as the three enemies begin firing. Go for the closest targets and
aim carefully. Keep practicing your head shots but remember that exclusively
going for them can cause problems if you're having trouble aiming as you tend
to find yourself looking at a black and white screen. 

Take care of your would-be dispatchers and cross the log to their platform.
Pick up any ammo, then climb the cliff using the green leafy vine. At the top,
take cover behind the small stone wall. Wait for the next enemy to approach,
then vault over and unleash a Brutal Combo on him. Take the 2x ammo and also
look for the small crate nearby. Take some Mk-NDI grenades off it. Take cover
near the next opening and wait for the enemies to fan out.

Try out a grenade now if you'd like. Aiming can take some getting used to
because it utilizes the Six-Axis function again. Otherwise, make good use of
your pistol. 

Once the path is clear, chug down the hill and ascend up another. At the top,
you see smoke in the distance. Hmm..... In any case, look for the large brown
wall with some stones jutting out you can grab onto. Drop down the wall until
your feet are safely on the ground.

If your enemies haven't noticed you yet, they soon will. You can toss a grenade
in there to get the jump on them if possible. They don't take long to notice
you, no matter how well you're hidden though. Soon enough, the largest firefight
yet will ensue.

At first, the number of enemies is hardly startling. You should easily be able
to manipulate cover to your favor and pick these guys off with your pistol.
After the first small group is down though, some more appear in the distance.
Move up quickly and try to grab the dropped AK-47 and then find a new piece of
cover. In the main area, there really is no perfect hiding spot since the
enemies like to move around a lot. Once you have the AK-47, your best bet is to
retreat back to where you entered the area. 

If you use the AK from far back, be more conservative with your shots and just
shoot the bullets one by one so you'll be a lot more precise. Otherwise, move
up once you've recovered health and make better use of it. 

Once you take care of the second wave, a third wave appears on the cliff 
overlooking the main area. You'll know it when you see the bullets coming. As
many as two enemies may stand near the explosive barrel as they attempt to get
down to where you are. Make them pay and shoot the barrel for easy kills.

There will be a few more to take care of on the high perch, as well as couple
down where you are. Things can get hectic here, and one of the enemies will
be wielding a shotgun. Find a good hiding spot where you won't be exposed; once
again, the beginning area can be helpful since the enemies can't flank you. 

o----CRUSHING MODE TIP---------------------------------------------------------o
|Stay calm and cool and stay behind cover when the shotgun guy appears. We want|
|his shotgun and we want 2x ammo for it. Try to take care of all the other     |
|enemies first but keep your eye on him so he doesn't get around to where you  |
|are. Once most or all of the other enemies are taken care of, wait until the  |
|second after the shotgun guy fires and jump out to bull rush him with a Brutal|
|Combo. Grab his shotgun and keep it.                                          |

The shotgun enemies like to slowly approach and go around cover to attack you
from behind. They make themselves easy targets this way. Either shoot him or
try to Brutal Combo him if you want his shotgun--which isn't a bad idea. Keep
your eyes peeled for the others though. If you can get more AK ammo, unleash on
these guys. Otherwise, take it easy and go one at a time with your pistol. 

Once all the threats are neutralized, take time to scour the battlefield for
ammo. The AK-47 and the Moss - 12 take up the same slot in your inventory so you
can only take one or the other. Also look for some grenades on the crates. Once
you're ready, you can climb up to that aforementioned cliff. The way forward may
not be immediately obvious however.

In one of the corners, to the right of that cliff where the enemies were 
attacking from, there is one pillar that is slightly crumbled and shorter than
the rest. Use this to climb up and jump to the others. From here, you can jump
to your right to the adjacent platform but don't. Follow the top of these
pillars until you can jump to the other platform, where the enemies were 
standing earlier.

[TREASURE ALERT - Intricate Gold Ring]------------------------------------------

Right after you jump to the large platform, this treasure is on the top left
corner of that platform. Just go left from where you land and search that top
corner. The sparkling treasure is right next to a small rock. 


Now, from the opposite corner, you can jump to the adjacent platform, or you
can get back on the pillar platform and jump from there. Either way, make your
way over there. You'll see bullets flying from beyond the iron gate. Ignore it
for now. Grab a grenade off the crate and then kick down the gate. Take cover
here and wait. 

You should be well armed with grenades so toss one in if you want. Clear the
first two guys with your AK or your pistol if you brought the Rossmore. Rush
in and take cover where the enemies will be right in front of you, which is
perfect for the Rossmore. Wait more to drop in, including one guy who likes
to scramble to the immediate right. Blast him quick, then take cover again.

Watch for more coming from the right corner. Switch to your AK (pick one up if
you don't have it) and start blasting them. Enter this corner and clear out any
remnants. Take cover in front of the small rock or whatever facing the next
doorway. Shoot the guy through there and then enter and take cover again on the

Several guys will appear. Start by tossing a grenade into the alcove on the
right to get that dude. Fend the others off with your AK-47. A few backups will
appear, including a shotgun guy. Take it if you want it. Once the coast is
clear, make your way to the small wall in the back, right behind a much larger
brown wall. When you climb up you should see a lot of vines and leaves. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Patterened Silver Ring]---------------------------------------

Once you climb up, walk to the far left. There will be an opening leading to the
previous area (this is where the guys dropped down from). Right in front of that
opening however there is a sparkling object on the ground. Pick it up for yet
another treasure. 


From the ledge, jump to the large, ruined wall. Jump straight across to the
very next wall on the ruined side, even though it doesn't look grabbable. You'll
grab on though, sure enough. Walk along here and then leap to two more platforms
until you can finally jump to the last one above the gate. Drop down and move

You'll hop a gap and come to a gathering of enemies. If you maintain the element
of surprise, a well placed grenade amongst them can really help (you might even
be lucky enough to grab the "Dyno-Might!" medal and Trophy if you place it
really well and the enemies are in the right positions). 

Otherwise, whip out the AK and let the bullets fly. You have good cover in this
area but the enemies can sometimes get obscure angles on you and hit you. Try
to find a good spot or just bull rush them with Brutal Combos. When the main
guys are down, look out for two backups coming from the dark corridor, including
a shotgun-wielding guy.

With the enemies vanquished, it's time to get a move on. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Jaguar]------------------------------------------------

You need to go down the dark passage to proceed. Opposite that however there is
a giant tree. It's on an incline and besides its roots on the left you'll find
this treasure. To make things a little easier, it's right next to a bunch of
smaller white trees. 


Go down the dark corridor and you'll come to a large area with a lot of water
and small outcroppings. Jump to your right to a small platform. On the next
wall, you can see the small ledges sticking out easily. Jump to one and then to
the next. The third one will crumble so jump quickly to the platform below.

Climb up the wall at the end here and you can grab another fissure. Shimmy 
around the side and then jump across to the next platform. From here it's a 
simple jump to the next platform and to climb up to the broken bridge. Take 
cover though as more fire comes from above. Oh, I missed you guys! It's been 
only what, five minutes?

Your pistol is all you need to dispatch the two guys at the top of the
waterfall. After that, go to the edge of the bridge and spy the small platform
just below and to the left. Drop down and hop to the following platform. Jump
again to the wall to grab the fissure. Shimmy over and jump to the next one. 
This one will crumble and although it looks like the next part is connected, 
you can't just shimmy over; you need to jump. Keep moving and hop across the
platforms to reach another part of the bridge.

Move down and the camera will point you in the right direction. Drop down to the
platform below. Move to the right side and it will begin to collapse. You'll
have to jump but wait a few seconds and don't jump to early or you'll overshoot
the next platform and fall anyway. Time it well and you should be ok. Jump to
the next rock and use the fissure to shimmy over. Repeat the process again and
shimmy over until you can climb up. 

Climb up to the top ledge but hang there. Take aim with your pistol at the truck
that has just pulled up. Make your target the explosive barrel in the back and
fire. This will miraculously make a bridge for you. The next series of platforms
are pretty straightforward as you charge up the waterfalls. 

When things get more level, more enemies appear. You'll want to jump to the
next rock jutting out and use this to hang from so you can protect yourself and
also shoot them back. It's not perfect though so shoot back quickly before
you're washing downstream. 

With that over, make your way to the right to dry land. Climb up the small
platform and continue toward a small rock that is slanted upward. Just across
from it is a log. You can tell you'll have to jump from one to the other to get
across this pit.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Inca Vessel]-------------------------------------------

Drop down into the pit where the rock and log are and on the right side, just
below some leafy vines, you'll see this. You can also get the "Enthusiast
Fortune Hunter" medal and Trophy for this. Schwing!


Jump the gap and you'll just grab onto the tree. Pull yourself up, then 
carefully walk across to the other side. Get onto the rock on the left and
then grab the vine to start climbing up. Jump left to a second vine and you can
reach the top.

Another large gunfight is about to ensue. The enemies do a good job of fanning
out here so your grenades are only good for one kill a piece mostly. Still, make
use of them. After that, go with your pistol or AK if you have it. There's
plenty of cover here, but some of it is destructible, which will be a concern
if enemies fling grenades your way. 

Clear the area out and then look for a few more coming from the far end of the
area. If you have a Rossmore, feel free to just rush them and go click click
boom on their asses. If not, fall back and use cover and your AK to defeat them.

If you make it through that in one piece, you can explore again. Climb the rope
to get into the plane--or what's left of it--for a scene. Turns out that fight
was only the tip of the iceberg.

Climb back down and get your guns ready, because more trouble is coming. This
time, the enemies come from the other side, so you have a lot of good cover
here to play with. If you're still using the Rossmore, use the pistol to filter
through them, then rush the rest to make use of it. Otherwise, it's smooth
sailing with your AK, at least for now.

The enemies will continue to drop down in pairs, which makes things easy, but
it will seem like there's no end. Eventually, you'll be pointed back to the
opposite end again. More enemies appear, including a whole horde that will blow
open the wall. This will be your exit, but first you have to clean things up.
Beware the two shotgun-wielding enemies. Take them out immediately either with
your own Rossmore or your AK. After that, you can easily take down the rest. 

Make your way through the opening that they blew up for you. If you look up the
hill, you'll see an enemy walk past a trap device, inadvertently tripping it. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Toothpick]---------------------------------------------

Immediately after you set foot through that opening, turn to your right. Just
outside that doorway will be this treasure, on the ground. Really easy to miss
this one. 


Once you have that, start up the hill. You can grab the guy's shotgun if you'd
like. The trip rope for the trap is noticeable on the ground, but you can walk
past it now since it was already activated. Keep your eyes peeled however.

Go past the trap and down along the cliff. Time your jump well and leap the gap
to the other side. Go along the cliff now and jump to the small gray rock
jutting outward. It will start to fall once you stand on top of it, so jump
quickly to the next ledge. Pull yourself to the very top of this platform and 
then jump right to the fissure. Shimmy across until you're above the grassy
platform below. Drop down and then move forward into a more safe, open area.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Bird Vessel]-------------------------------------------

This is another easy one to miss. After you drop down, stay close to the cliff.
Find the part of the cliff that points out towards the horizon (it has a nice
view) and there's a large almost flat green rock next to a tree. Right in front
of the giant rock is a small branch jutting out from the cliff. Climb over this
rock and on the other side, right near the very edge of the cliff, you can find
this treasure at your feet.


Step away from the cliffs of doom now and go toward the dense forest. You'll
easily spot a few enemies ahead. The closest should have his back turned, so you
can run up and do a stealth melee kill if you want. Take cover after that and
prepare for another shoot out.

The first thing you'll notice most likely, is the strange new sound as a
projectile flies past or near you with an explosion. That's the M97, wielded by
the always recognizable guys in red shirts wearing hats. He's off to the right,
so you might have to try and find a good angle, but try to pop him first if you
can. After that, casually deal with the others with your pistol or AK. 

Move forward now, but watch for an AK and shotgun guy coming out from around
the corner. Try to blow them up with the explosive barrels if you can. Either
way, don't stay exposed and take cover again. When they're down, you can move
around the structure to the other side. Quickly run up and take cover behind
the brown rock as more enemies file in. Stay with your AK here but a well placed
grenade will help too to start things off. Beware of any enemies going to the
far right where they can get an angle on you. Pick them off one by one and duck
when there's too  much fire coming your way. Keep shooting until they stop

After all the enemies are down, proceed very carefully through this area. There
are a lot of traps here. The enemies may have activated some, but don't take
any chances. Avoid all the trip ropes and just navigate your way through.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Inca Earring]------------------------------------------

As soon as you are clear of the traps, turn left and look for an incline against
the wall. Walk up this hill to get on top of a ledge overlooking the trap area.
On your right on the ground, right at the base of some trees, you should find


Head along the cliff as it narrows and leads you to a very large structure. Yes,
you're gonna have to climb it. Don't look down. 

                                    | ____|
                                    | |__  
                                    |___ \ 
                                     ___) |
                                 THE FORTRESS


Treasures - 4 (22/61)                 Weapons
---------------------                 -------
Strange Relic                          PM 9mm
Silver Jaguar                          AK-47
Gold Mosaic Inca Earring               Moss - 12
Golden Spoon                           Micro 9mm

Start climbing the wall using the various fissures. You can drop down to a
platform and swing around the corner. This will take you to a vine on the wall.
Climb up the vine about halfway, then start swinging back and forth. Get some
good momentum, then jump to the right and grab the fissure. Climb straight up
now, but watch for one small fissure that will crumble. You'll find another
shortly after that. 

Go up and then to the right, dropping down just a little bit to a small fissure.
This will be right next to another vine, so jump to that and swing back to the
left just once. Jump to the right after that and you should have a fairly easy
trip to the right and then up to the window. 

Go right and run through the rooms with all the pots and such until you come
to a dead end. Look for the open window on your right as soon as you enter this
last room. Yes, you have to go back outside. 

Hit circle to drop down to the ledge, then drop down two fissures and shimmy 
over to the right. Jump to the vine and swing to get a little momentum. Jump to
the next vine and swing again to land on a crumbling niche. Quickly jump to the
next one on your right and keep going from there. You'll go around the corner of
this structure and drop down a few fissures. 

Jump to the next vine but don't swing on this one just yet. Climb up the vine
until you're lined up with the small fissure on your right. Swing a few times 
and get good momentum, then at the very end of your right swing, jump to the 
fissure and you should just make it. From here, it's a pretty easy climb up. 
You have to go all the way to the top. The niches are there, even if they are 
hard to spot. The one at the top lets you reach a vine on the left. Jump to it 
and hit Triangle to bust into the fortress again. 

Take some grenades off the crate, as well as the Micro 9mm if you'd like. It
takes the place of your PM 9mm, so take your pick. Enter the next room and
the exit will be on your left. Take cover at the doorway and you'll spot some

Pop the first one with his back turned in the head, then prepare for a hailstorm
of bullets. Get any targets you can see first. After that, you'll have to exit
and take cover outside as the other enemies can't be spotted easily from within
the doorway.

There will be a few enemies on the ground in the back of this area. They'll
probably try and come toward you, so blast them first. That Micro 9MM will go
fast if you took it, so switch to your AK. Look for another guy up on the high
wall, partially blocked from view by the trees and such. Turn around also and
there will be a guy on the wall above the doorway you exited from. Get a good
angle and fill him with your AK bullets. Look out for at least one more guy up

Eventually, make your way to the ramp that will get you on top of that wall.
Take cover at the white column as another pirate takes aim at you. Blast him
when it's safe. After that, if there are no other enemies left, turn around and
go to the left (if you're confused, stand at the ramp again and go left as if
you had just gone up the ramp again). 

[TREASURE ALERT - Strange Relic]------------------------------------------------

From the left of the top of the ramp, go toward the wall. Turn left again and
you should see a small rooftop of a structure in the main area you were just
fighting in. From the edge of the wall you're standing on, jump to the rooftop.
Search in the corner to the left and you should find this. Look familiar? It
will if you've played Jak and Daxter. This is a secret treasure and once you
have them all, it will say 61/60. For getting this, you get the "Relic Finder"
medal and Trophy.


Jump back across, and make your way along the top of the wall in the other
direction. If there are any lingering enemies, deal with them. Pick up ammo that
you need and proceed past the crates. You'll come to a giant pile of ruins and

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Jaguar]------------------------------------------------

It may not look like it, but you can climb over that large pile of debris. Do
so and get to the other side. Go just a little ways forward and look for the
small white stone watchtower structure on your left near the edge. Enter it and
on the ground, you'll find this. 


Return to the other side of the rubble and drop down to the large area below.

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Mosaic Inca Earring]-------------------------------------

Just to make sure you're in the right spot, in front of you should be a large
tunnel like entrance. Behind you, there should be two similar openings but they
will be barred up by gates. The right-hand opening is almost totally blocked by
rubble and debris. If you climb over it though and get right up to where the
gate is, you can find this treasure on the other side. 


A ramp and a staircase lead to a large opening where sure enough, some enemies
are laying in wait. Blast the first guy, then take cover outside here. A few
more inside the tunnel and beyond are easy targets. Blast the closer ones with
your AK, and pick off the ones further off with your PM 9mm. Watch out for the
shotgun guy. 

Once the first immediate wave is down, carefully move forward. You'll notice
someone on the left is operating a turret and it will carve you up pretty fast.
Stay inside the tunnel and pick off any other enemies you have a view on first.
With all of them defeated, you can focus on the turret guy as well as his
annoying friend on the wall above.

Make the latter your first target. Just shoot the explosive barrel near him.
Now it's just you and the turret. The guy fires the turret in predictable
bursts, then pauses for a few moments. Use this window to get an angle on him
and blast him with you AK-47 really fast. After that, if all other threats are
dealt with, you're free to explore a little now, though there's nothing to find
for now except ammo.

This next part will get a little confusing, but try to stick with me. You need
to find a corner--it'll be to the left of the turret--where there is an opening
partially blocked by a line of crates. Just climb over and enter this area. Look
for the staircase to get up to the top. Now, turn right at the top then right
again. Look for a brick staircase leading up to a tall ruined tower. This is
where you'll find the parachute. Climb up the ledges to the window and hit
Triangle for a quick scene. 

Once you have control again, you'll be in the confines of this small little
office with several baddies firing from below. This will be a good initial spot
to pick off a few guys, but not a lot of them will be in view from the small
windows. There's a Wes .44 revolver in here and it will replace your pistol, but
it only has 6 shots. That's ok, use them now and when you're done with it, go
back for your other pistol. 

When you're ready to break free, shoot the lock off and kick the door down.
Immediately take cover behind the white pillar. You should have a much better
view of the remaining enemies, including the turret guy. Wait for him to stop
shooting, then quickly take aim, preferably with your pistol. After that, mop
up the remainders. Some may be hiding below you though, so be careful. 

Following that battle, make your way for the door path that was opened during
the cutscene. This will take you into a tunnel. Be prepared to take cover as
bullets come flying in from the right. Another turret guy, huh? When he finishes
shooting, move up until you get to the small tunnel like opening under a bridge.
From here, you're within good range to stop him. It's really hard to see, but
there are some explosive barrels right near him. Smart guy, right? Take aim
and shoot them; there's one you can shoot right in between the leftmost crate
and the wall. Move closer if you need to.

Once he's stopped, look for a ledge on the right side of the tunnel just beyond
where you are. Climb up and you'll take fire from behind. Duck and cover, then
strike back with your AK-47 or shotgun. After that, enter the next room and
you'll find plenty of goodies to claim. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Spoon]-------------------------------------------------

In this first room with all the goodies, there is a small staircase leading up
to the adjacent room. To the left of the staircase, in the corner, behind the
large boxes, you can spot this. 


Once you have that, you can search the adjacent room, but you'll only find the
M79 on the table. Take it if you want, but it's only good for 3 shots, so you
might as well just rely on your grenades and keep your AK/Moss. 

Leave and go back into the tunnel. Go all the way down to where the gunner was
downed and climb up the wall to enter that nook. Turn left and drop into the
large watery chamber for a tough challenge. 

Take cover behind the small wall right in front of you. You'll have two enemies
on your left, one on the scaffolding slightly right from there and above. You'll
also see one guy on the far ledge. Take your pick, but rely on your pistol for
the distanced targets. Try to be quick in dispatching at least two guys fast
so you can lower the damage you take, but also prevent the possibility of your
cover being destroyed. If it is destroyed, you lose a valuable asset in this

Once you take care of the main guys, a few more drop in right in front of your
cover spot. This is a great time to try blind fire with your AK-47; you might
just hit something for once. Quickly plug these guys and wait for two more.
These will be shotgun guys and they'll be entering from the same spot you did.
Yes! Turn around fast and either shoot them before they drop, run for cover, or
quickly Brutal Combo them. 

With that done, you need a find a way to that far platform. Near the center of
the room, you should see that pillar with the scaffolding one enemy was standing
on. Right next to it is a small rectangular stone in the water. It's resting
just underneath a wooden platform. Stand on top of this and jump straight up
and you should grab the platform. Pull yourself up and get onto the scaffolding.
Jump to the next pillar, and from there, shimmy around and jump to the platform.

Here you'll find a device that you can interact with (mash Triangle) to open
the gate. Enter the next watery chamber now, which is about to get even more
waterlogged. Your destination is the staircase straight ahead of you, although
it's quite in ruins and therefore unreachable now. 

So what you're gonna have to do is flood the area, using two more of those
chain switch things on the left and right. Without enough water though, they're
both also unreachable. Well, one is. The other will take a little Nathan Drake

The wall on the left of the broken straircase has some fissures you can reach 
from the current water level. Climb up and to the left. You'll reach one last 
fissure that is actually a broken part of the pillar. Reach this one and you 
can jump right to the platform with the chain switch. Pull it and the room will
be flooded in a few moments with more water. 

Now you can reach the second one on the other side. The two blocks jutting out
from the wall will let you up. From there, just jump to another badly chipped
pillar to reach the platform. Pull the chain and the water level will rise again
in no time. 

Having twice flooded the room, you can now climb up the broken staircase and
into next room. 

                                     / /  
                                    / /_  
                                   | '_ \ 
                                   | (_) |
                              UNLOCKING THE PAST


Treasures - 4 (26/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Silver Inca Mask                       PM 9mm
Spanish Silver Coin                    AK-47
Silver Tairona Pendant                 Moss - 12
Gold Llama                             Micro 9mm

Leave this room and find the door leading outside. You'll get a scene. After
that, you'll be thrown right into another fight. 

Take cover and use your AK-47 or Moss to defeat these guys. Try to get them
before they toss a grenade at you. As soon as you kill at least one, you'll
probably take fire from a guy on the wall to the right, and he has a good angle
on you too. Either back away or light him up right away. Another pirate will
appear on the wall, but he'll be in front of you, so his angle won't be as
good. Wait for your health to recover if necessary, then fire back to deal with

If you search the alcove behind the two initial guys, you can find some
grenades and a Moss - 12. Back outside, find the ramp beside the jeep and take
it up to get on the wall. Up here, more problems arise. 

Three more guys will start shooting and you can't find a hiding spot here that
will really protect you from all of them. The crate might, but it can easily
be destroyed. Try to take one out as fast as you can (the guy in the distance
is the most annoying so try him first). If you can hide, try a grenade to take
out the nearest guy. From there, just mop up whoever's left cautiously. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Inca Mask]---------------------------------------------

On your side of the wall (that is, still near the ramp you used to get up here)
you should see two very large white trees taking up a lot of space. The second
one has a little space on the other side, with a very precarious ledge
overlooking a long fall. Be brave and meander to this side of the tree and
you'll find this treasure waiting to be plucked.


Go along the wall now, unbarred, and beside the tower to find another crank
to turn. Do so and a gate below will open up. Drop down and enter this area.
Go into the passage on your left to find a locked door with a familiar looking
symbol above it. Check your journal page and Nate will deduce that there has to
be some connection to the tower. 

Time for more platforming. There's a lot of columns here. Find the really short
and stubby one near the entrance. From here, jump to the next one. Jump now to
the right and cling to the ledge here. Move up and then jump to the next
column. Shimmy around this and jump again to the next one.

A bird will fly away as you pull yourself up. Jump straight across to the far
wall and you can interact with the rope here for a quick scene. After some
fancy swinging that Indiana Jones would be proud of, be ready to hit Circle or
get crushed. 

After that, find the column head that collapsed and use this to climb the 
adjacent one. From here, jump to the open space in the wall. Jump right to a
small fixture jutting out. Jump to the ledge which will crumble, so quickly
jump again to another. Climb up these ledges now to the top of a wall. 

The next few ledges are easy to spot because they're all white colored. Climb
straight up to the white ledge around this structure. Shimmy around the corner
and you can drop down to a platform below. Walk out and it will begin to
collapse. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.... jump! Jump at the right
moment and you'll grab onto the tower. Start climbing up the ledges from here
until you can't go any higher. Jump to the left and then shimmy around until you
see the platform below you. Drop down and enter the tower from here. 

There's nothing but another long jump across to the other side. Make it a good
one and grab the ledge here. Pull yourself up and you'll be on the other part
of the exterior. Drop down to hang from the ledge, then shimmy over. Climb up
a few times and you'll be inside yet again. This time, you'll find company, or
what would have been anyway. Push whitey down the tower and then slide down the
rope with the keys in hand. 

Make your way back to that locked door. Look for the rubble just outside the
tower and drop down from there and it should be pretty familiar. Unlock the
door and go down the hall (there's nothing in any of these side rooms). At the
end, you'll find some ammo. Gear up and head out the door. 

Move forward and take cover at the left wall. Time for more gunslinging. This
one can get hectic. There's a turret operator in the far back, but you can't
do anything about him just yet. For now, fend off any guys near you or any
who will try to charge you. If you have a Moss - 12, it will help in those
instances. There will be a few guys peeking out from the boxes and such to the
right. Toss a grenade or two over there to shake things up. 

When you've got some of the guys down, move in and take cover behind the nearest
stack of boxes. Here you'll find an M79. Swap your current rifle for it. You're
only using it exclusively for the turret guy. Take aim when it's safe to do so
and fire in his window to set off a chain reaction of explosions that will send
him packing. Now, ditch it for your previous weapon. Begin mopping up the
remaining guys but be careful. If you have a Moss, you might want to pick up an
AK now because it will make things easier. 

Once you've defeated them all, you're free to move on. First thing's first

[TREASURE ALERT - Spanish Silver Coin]------------------------------------------

You might be able to see the sparkle from where you fight off the pirates. At
the far end of the area, there is a gate. To the left of that, is some debris
of a crumbled staircase. If you climb up here, you can find this treasure. 


Find the crank in the left passage and turn it to open a gate. Enter this
doorway. The gate closes in a few seconds so get a move on. Go up a few stairs
until you enter a long corridor. Take cover here and prepare yourself for
another onslaught. Pick off the first two guys easily. After that, two more,
including a shotgun guy will appear. The shotgun guy will slowly charge down
the hallway, so he's easy to beat. Watch out for another guy on a balcony close
to you on your right. Exterminate two more and then go down the hall.

Turn right and you'll pass the turret gunner's perch. Good thing too, because
some enemies will appear in the area below. Get on the turret and gun them down.
Some will appear at the far end, others up close below you. One will even show
up on the ledge to the left. Shoot them all and wait for the music to die down.
Then you know it's safe and you can move on. 

Turn the corner and you'll drop down a dilapidated staircase. You'll turn once
again and go down a short staircase. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Tairona Pendant]---------------------------------------

After making that large drop down the ruined staircase, you'll turn right into
a small room. You'll be standing on a short staircase facing a gate and some
crates. If you move forward a bit and then turn around, you should be facing the
short staircase. Look around it to the left (across from the two stacks of 
crates) and you'll find this tucked away. You migh also get the "Skilled Fortune
Hunter" medal and Trophy. 


Just go through a few doors to wind up in a room with a bunch of columns.
Approach the table with the helmet and interact for a scene. Once it's over,
be on guard, as a shotgun guy storms in. Gun him down or rush him with a Brutal
Combo. After that, go through the door he came out of.

Up the stairs and outside. After spotting something, you'll be ambushed again.
Take cover, preferably behind the pile of rocks and not the destructible barrier
in front of it. With your AK or Micro 9mm, gun these fools down quick. You'll
hopefully be shielded from grenades back here, making it a better cover spot. 

Move forward once the bullets are done flying. Go past their locations and turn
right to a large broken staircase. This part can get confusing so pay close

Face the set of broken stairs. On the right, at the base of the stairs you 
should see a pillar, white and brown in color. Get on the other side of this 
(the side with the stairs). Just behind this pillar is a ledge near a window. 
From this ledge, you can climb onto the pillar. Jump across to the other side 
and climb this pillar.

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Llama]---------------------------------------------------

Once you climb the second pillar, you can get on a rooftop, but on your left is
just a bunch of plants and rubble. Luckily, you can climb over it. Do so and in
the far corner, you should find this treasure. 


Return to where you got off of the second pillar. See the white ledge above on
the wall. Climb straight up. There's another long white patch along the wall
that looks more like a streak of paint, but it's actually another grabbable
ledge. Shimmy across this to jump to a small platform. From here, hop down to
the other end of the staircase and you're in the clear.

Entering the next corridor, you'll eventually come to a view of several pillar
tops. Favor the left side and jump to that one. Drop down so you can hang on
the edge, then drop down again to grab the little edge here. Align yourself so
you can jump across to the opposite pillar and jump to the edge there. Shimmy
around and then jump left along the wall to another ledge. At the last one,
jump across the gap again to the broken pillar and grab the ledge there. Go
right to one more, and then climb up from there.

Hang over the other side of this perch and shimmy to the left. Jump to the next
ledge. Here, it's just a few more jumps, but beware the crumbling ledge in the
middle. You'll land just below a window. Pull yourself up and inside. After a
scene, you'll gain control for a short moment. Aim at one of the guys and fire
but it won't matter; the outcome will end up the same.

You get a scene and you're acquainted with Eddy, apparently an old friend of
Nate's. He mentions how his men are really scared about something. Guess Nate
has been striking fear into their hearts with his fancy gunslinging skills. Or
maybe there's more to it...?

In any case, after the scene, buckle your seatbelts.

                                    |____  |
                                        / / 
                                       / /  
                                      / /   
                             OUT OF THE FRYING PAN


Treasures - 0 (26/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
None                                   PM 9mm
                                       Moss - 12
                                       Micro 9mm

This will be a quick sequence in which you'll operate the turret on the back
of the jeep. Elena will be doing all the driving so all you have to worry about
is taking care of all the opposition trailing you. Trust me, these guys don't
know when the to quit, so keep that trigger finger steady.

The turret has two weapons: the standard gatling gun and grenades. You can
fire the grenades with L1. 

Taking out the first few enemies is pretty simple. They'll get shots on you
though before you can take them out sometimes. Don't worry too much though as
you'll get a break soon enough to recover.

When you get clear of the ruins and well into the jungle, one guy will chase
you on a quad. Gun him down with bullets. After that, another quad will appear,
as well as a jeep. The quad guys are difficult targets because they're small
and they move around a lot. Try gatling gun only for them, but feel free to use
grenades on the jeeps. 

This will continue for a while so keep shooting. It might not be easy at first,
but it can become easier if you give it practice. Remember that the gatling gun
is more reliable than the grenades. 

Eventually, the camera view will shift as you see enemies coming in from your
right. Gun them down with the gatling gun. When the camera centers again, you
might be crowded by a few quads, so unleash a grenade or the gatling gun again.

After Elena almost runs you both off a cliff, you'll get a front view this time.
Watch out for the large truck coming toward you. Fire a grenade at it before a
collision. You'll make a right turn and several vehicles will chase after you.
Be quick on the guns; make use of both to try and save your skin here.

You'll enter a dark tunnel. Fend off more enemies until the camera turns you
back to the front of the jeep and Elena yells out for help. Shoot out the 
barrier when it comes into view with a grenade to clear the road. After that,
you'll be back to a rear view as more guys chase after you. The path here is a
bit more narrow so the grenade launcher will be more useful on this cliff.

It won't be much further. Just keep shooting and get a feel for the turret
because you'll be doing this again a few times presumably. In just a short
while, you'll get a scene and the ride will be over, but not the danger. 

                                    / _ \ 
                                   | (_) |
                                    > _ < 
                                   | (_) |
                               THE DROWNED CITY


Treasures - 2 (28/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Decorated Silver Ring                  PM 9mm
Silver Frog                            AK-47
                                       Moss - 12
                                       Micro 9mm
                                       Wes .44

Swim for your life and get to land. You're now partnered with Elena. It's been
a while since you had a partner at your side. It's best not to ignore your
attackers. Once you're safely on land, turn around and look up at the cliff.
It's a tough shot, but try to get some head shots if you can. Otherwise, just
keep shooting until all three are dead. 

Now, enter the next area and you'll have more company. You have plenty of cover
to work with though. Wait for your foes to jump out and if they're stupid enough
to stand there, make them pay. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Decorated Silver Ring]----------------------------------------

As soon as you enter this area, if you turn right, you can find a small corner
with a bunch of leaves and stuff. Amongst this greenery, you can find this
sparkling at your feet. 


One of the guys has a Wes .44 so kill him and take it from him. Move up a bit
and give Elena a hand. Use the explosive barrel to make things easier if an
enemy is standing near it. On the other side, a few guys will rush you. You can
tear them apart with the Wes. Otherwise, take cover again and take them down
carefully one at a time, but beware that the shotgun guy doesn't come around to
your side. 

o-----CRUSHING MODE TIP--------------------------------------------------------o
|Recognize which enemy is holding the Wes .44. He'll be close to you as you    |
|enter the area, but listen for the sound. If you can get the chance, rush this|
|guy (clear out other enemies first if necessary) and Brutal Combo him. Getting|
|2x ammo for the Wes will make the next few enemies a bit easier since it only |
|takes one well placed shot. Do the same on the shotgun enemy and get his Moss |
|for 2x ammo as well.                                                          |

Take an AK or a Moss and get going. Operate the crank and enter the next area
for a scene. After that, get on the jet ski and prepare for a new ride. 

In this sequence you'll be controlling both Drake who will be driving, and
Elena who will be doing the shooting. You won't get very far before you take
some fire from afar. Spot the bastard on the building in the distance and use
the M79 to dispatch him. 

o-----CRUSHING MODE TIP--------------------------------------------------------o
|For this part, don't go too far ever. Take it nice and slow. The less enemies |
|you have shooting at you the better. If you take too much fire, feel free to  |
|throw it in reverse and back off. Also, never proceed to the next area until  |
|your health is fully recovered. You can try ducking into areas just to make   |
|sure you know where enemies are positioned and then back away, only to come   |
|back ready to blow them to smithereens. If possible, you can position the jet |
|ski behind objects and protect yourself, almost like taking cover normally,   |
|but it isn't always effective.                                                |

Next, set your sights on the yellow and red barrels in the water. If you didn't
already guess, they'll explode if you get too close. Shoot them from afar with
the M79 and clear a path. Move into the next area now for more of the same.

This time it'll be two guys. Fire at the first guy who is easily visible on the
balcony in the distance. The second guy might be shrouded by the tree, but if
you can see where his bullets are originating from, you don't need to be
terribly accurate with the M79 to get him. Clear out the barrels and move on.

Turn right and pass under the archway to the next area. Another guy, apparently
with impeccable aim, will be shooting. Fire at him on the roof of that nearby
structure. Shoot out some more barrels and keep moving. If you take damage, just
sit tight and wait to recover. 

You'll have three enemies in the next area. Two on the left, and one more
straightaway. The third can be hard to see unless you move around and get a good
view. After them, look out for the red shirt guy with his own M79 on a balcony
a little bit to the right. 

Turn left and shoot another guy on a high perch. Destroy the barrels and move
forward again. After that, just get the other guy on the balcony to the left.
Find the archway in the corner. Gun it and pass under and hit the ramp to reach
your destination. While Nate and Elena are talking, slowly (unfortunately) move
toward the building and find the small stone platform that you can get off at.

After more chit-chat, head down to the bridge to your next fight. Take cover
here and shoot out the first two guys with your pistol. Try not to hit the
explosive barrels in the distance; save those for a few guys ahead if possible.
Move up once they're dead and take cover again here, but grab an AK-47 first if
you want.

More enemies will be just around the corner. One might come around toward you,
so fill him full of holes, or melee him fast. Use the explosive barrels if an
enemy or two is close (shooting one sets them all off most likely). Now move
from the corner to the small stone barrier and hide here. You'll get the 
attention of an M79 guy. Quickly aim at him (switch shoulders with L3 if you
can't get a good angle) and take him down fast.

The other enemies will be approaching too. Stay low and wait. Fire back with
your AK-47 and then move up when it's safe. Turn left and take cover at the
small wall right next to the structure that the M79 guy was standing on. One guy
will stand at the doorway or come out after you. Kill him fast, then see if you
can get a peek at a guy on the right in a green shirt and hat. Nail him, then
approach the doorway.

Two more enemies will lerch forward. One has a Wes .44, and the other has a
Moss. Brutal Combo them both if you want, or back away from their heavy
firepower to be safe (if you die here, you start back before the bridge). Once
they're dead, take cover beside the doorway. Make sure you have full health,
then carefully jump out and pick off enemies inside. 

Once the coast is clear, enter this shady area underneath the roof. Pick up any
ammo you need first.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Frog]--------------------------------------------------

Just to recap, so you know where you are, this treasure is the area you've just
entered. It's in the little building past the guy who had the M79. You just
fended off like 5-6 guys who were in here. It's got a lot of little barriers and
stuff inside for cover. Got it? Ok, good. When you enter this little area, there
is a pile of rubble in the top right corner. If you search around there, you
should be able to find this one. 


Find the staircase on the other side and go up. You'll come to a small platform.
Jump to the left and then jump again to another platform. Hang over the edge
and jump to the vine on your left. Don't jump off immediately, swing back and
then jump off to the window. From here, simply jump to the platform with the

Activate it for a scene. Back to wave riding. 

                                    / _ \ 
                                   | (_) |
                                    \__, |
                                      / / 
                                 TO THE TOWER


Treasures - 1 (29/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Golden Fish Charm                      PM 9mm
                                       Moss - 12
                                       Micro 9mm
                                       Wes .44

Pass through the archway and you'll encounter more enemies. One on the right,
and one on the left. Again, pinpoint accuracy won't be much of a concern with
the M97. Watch for fire coming from an unseen enemy beyond the next arch. Move
up and spot him all the way in the back and shoot him too. 

You'll go throw a narrow path and then the next area will open up a lot more,
revealing two more enemies, both toward the left side. Blast both of them, and
then clear the explosive barrels out the water to proceed.

It won't be very far until you meet two more guys. Go after the AK-47 foe on
your immediate right on the high balcony. Nail the other dude ahead of you as
well. Clear more barrels, and move on. Down the next path, another guy on the
right will open fire, as will one from all the way down. Dispatch both of them
and motor forward.

As you turn right, try to only nudge forward and lure out two guys on the
archway and nearby balcony. Blast them both, hopefully not drawing any fire
from further ahead. Move a little closer and see if you can spot the guys down
there. If you don't, their shooting will give them away anyway. When you're
clear of the debris you should see a red shirted guy with his M97. Do away with
him fast. Keep your eyes peeled for other guys as well; they can be hard to
spot and unfortunately, they're super accurate. 

When all the danger is removed, find the large gate between some of the
buildings. Near the top of the gate, you'll see two large stone weights. Shoot
both of them and the gate will open. Move inside and you can get off the jetski.
It's just you and them now. Perfect.

Take cover as the enemies seem to roll out of nowhere. A shotgun guy will slowly
chug toward you and try to get around to where you are so make him your first
customer. After that, single out the rest, but watch out for grenades. 

Pick up ammo if you need it. If you go up the small staircase on the left, you
can find a few grenades. Anyways, make your way over to the canal on the right
and take cover at the opening. Two guys on the other end will be shooting at
you. You can try tossing a grenade all the way down there, but it can take time
to line it up right, and that leaves you exposed. Otherwise, just use your PM
or AK or whatever to dispatch them. Look carefully as one of them might be
partially shrouded by the moss. 

Once the coast is clear, hop in the water and swim down there. Climb out the
other end. Take cover immediately and prepare for a tough fight. You have two
pieces of cover here, both are destructible, which is bad. Not only because
there are quite a few enemies here, but also because they like to toss grenades.
Use an AK-47 or a Micro 9mm and try to take out at least two as fast as
possible, including the guy on the left. A grenade will also do him in without
too much trouble. Nailing the AK-47 user above him would also help.

Getting the guys on the left is good though because you can duck into this
corner if your cover is destroyed. Otherwise, you'll have to blast them real
fast or try and bull rush them with melees. If you have a Moss - 12 though,
that's not a terrible idea if you have no other alternative. 

o-----CRUSHING MODE TIP--------------------------------------------------------o
|This is a really hard part on Crushing. Once your cover is destroyed it's all |
|over and that pressures you to shoot fast and accurately, and poking your head|
|out too much is a invitation for death as well. To make things a little bit   |
|easier, try this. When you swim through the small canal, you'll come to two   |
|grey/green steps that take you up to the next area. Try to grab the lower     |
|step and hang from it. This is an excellent spot to shoot from because it's   |
|enclosed. The unfortunate part is you'll only lure out one or two enemies,    |
|but believe me, that will make a big difference. Hang from this ledge in the  |
|canal and try to shoot any enemies that appear. After that, get out and       |
|immediately prepare a grenade and toss it into the left nook to take care of  |
|that guy. From here, you can take the rest out with some patience, but watch  |
|your cover. If you have a Moss - 12, use it on the closer targets.            |

Now for some climbing. Get on top of the structure that the AK guy was standing
on. From here, you can jump to a small ledge ahead of you. Jump next to the top
of the L-shaped wall, and then to the next one, and to a column. You'll come
to the top of the gateway eventually. Drop down to the other side and get ready

This batch of foes is a bit easier to deal with. The closest piece of cover is
destructible, but there's a better one just a few steps in front of it. As you
have no doubt noticed by now, enemies are becoming more aggressive with
grenades. Hopefully, you're adjusting and becoming a bit more aggressive
yourself, but remember, patience still helps sometimes. 

Move up a bit when you deal with the immediate enemies. More will come into
play, making things harder. One will appear in the alcove in front of you, but
more alarming is the M97 guy to the right. There is a small doorway here you can
peek out of, but be careful, because that guy can make some good shots
sometimes. Luckily, one of the initial enemies had a Wes .44. Search around for
it if you can, then use it to deliver a quick demise to Mr. Red shirt.

With him out of the way, you can stay at the side of this doorway and wait for
the others to poke their heads out. Many grenades will likely come your way so
keep an eye out for all of them. Take these guys out and switch to a PM 9mm and
an AK-47 if you haven't already (unless you're playing on Crushing). 

Move up to a small opening near where the M79 guy was. More enemies are in this
area with a lot of small barriers for cover right in front of a building
entrance. Use your AK-47 or pistol mostly here, as well as a grenade or two.
If you're really lucky, Mr. Red Shirt will have dropped his M79 below to the
ground. Swap your rifle briefly for it and go to town. You have three shots so
make them count. Go back to your AK-47 and finish the job. 

More goons will pile out of the building so sit tight and keep shooting. If
they manage to get a grenade near you, scramble. You can also climb the stairs
to the left and take cover up here. The higher vantage point can give you a
slight edge. 
Once all the enemies are dead, grab any ammo you need. There's one thing to
find before moving on. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Fish Charm]--------------------------------------------

It's in the area just past the small opening you were most likely taking cover
at the whole time. The same area where all the bad guys were congregating and
with all the barriers and stuff. On the left side of this area there is a very
short wall and a very short barrer comes off it in an L-shape. In the front
corner (as in, not the one behind the wall), you can find this treasure. 


Enter the building now. Immediately spot the small opening on your right and
be ready as an enemy appears. Melee him fast. Go down the hall and turn left to
find another opening with another enemy. Punch his lights out too and you'll
be safe for now. 

Find the chain on the back wall but don't climb it. Just to the left is a lever
you can interact with. Do so and the chain's position will be moved. Climb it
now and get to a good height, then jump to the platform on your left. Turn 
around and go straight across to the opposite wall. You should see some
grabbable ledges. Go up and then you can go left or right from here. 

Go to the right first. Jump from ledge to ledge until you get to a chain. Climb
up this just a little bit and then jump to the ledge to your right. It has
another one of those levers. Operate it and then jump back to the previous
ledge if you can. If you miss, don't worry, you should hopefully land on the
platform below, from which you can just climb back up the wall. 

Go left this time, around the wall to the staircase that's just sort of sitting
there. Walk up and then jump to the chain that you moved. Climb up just a little
to the top. Jump left from here to a small stone, and from there, the ledge to
pull yourself up.

Move alongside this room and take cover behind the large wall. One enemy will
come down the stairs and start shooting. No problem, really. He might not pop
out often, so you can try a well placed grenade or rush him with some melee

Go up the stairs and interact with the zip-line to get inside the customs house.
Elena will be yapping for you to open the door, but look around first. There's
an AK-47 here if you need it or ammo. When you're ready, shoot the padlock off
the door and open it to be reunited with Elena. 

                                   __  ___  
                                  /_ |/ _ \ 
                                   | | | | |
                                   | | | | |
                                   | | |_| |
                              THE CUSTOMS HOUSE


Treasures - 2 (31/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Jeweled Golden Brooch                  PM 9mm
Silver Belt Buckle                     AK-47
                                       Moss - 12
                                       Micro 9mm
                                       Wes .44

After letting Elena in, there's another Treasure to find. Opening the door
automatically starts the next chapter, though there's nothing stopping you
from getting it before this. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Jeweled Golden Brooch]----------------------------------------

With your back to the doors that you just opened for Elena, look in the top left
corner of this lower area of the room. In that corner, you should easily find
this one. You'll get the "Proficient Fortune Hunter" medal and Trophy if it's
your 30th grab. Schwing!


Join Elena up the stairs and then go through the doorway to the next room. Drop
down from the platform and the only way to go is through the doors. In here,
you'll get a scene. 

After that, go up the stairs and stop at the doorway. An enemy will be just in
the next room. If he has his back turned, you can stealth melee him. After that
take cover beside the next doorway as more bullets fly in. Elena is at your
side but you have to do pretty much all of the work.

Deal with the guys on the staircase first, using a grenade for one of them if
necessary. After that, stand in the doorway and take cover here. You can also
use the crate just outside but it's very vulnerable to a guy using an M79. Use
the crate to grab a grenade though if you need it.

You have two guys using cover in front of you, one guy on a ledge above them,
and the M79 guy on the staircase to the left, around the corner. If you're using
the crate, go for the M79 guy first if you can (beware other enemy fire). If
you're in the doorway (preferable), take out the other three first. Once you've
dealt with all of them, you can safely look around.

Find the staircase where the M79 was. You'll find a crank here, but ignore it
for now. You've got two adjacent staircases, left and right. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Belt Buckle]-------------------------------------------

Facing the crank, go up the left flight. Look out for one more possible enemy
who lingers up here. A shotgun blast to the face works wonders for one's
complexion. In this room, go out the next doorway to the walkway overlooking
the staircase and so forth where those two initial enemies were. Turn right and
in the corner of all the staircases, you'll find this treasure. 


Operate the crank and go through the door at the top for a scene. After that,
shoot off the lock from the door and kick it down. Jump the gap for a small
event. Be prepared to hit X as Nate slides down the platform, or just mash it
if you want. Once you make it out of that, get your gun ready.

Take cover beside the large windows and peek inside with L1 to shoot any enemies
that appear. You've got another red shirt on the far left. Move down the
platforms to get a better view of other enemies. When they're all silenced, go
to the end and find the locked door. Shoot the lock and the doors will fall off.
Jump the gap now. Operate the crank here and enter the next area. 

                                    __ __ 
                                   /_ /_ |
                                    | || |
                                    | || |
                                    | || |


Treasures - 3 (34/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Spanish Gold Coin                      PM 9mm
Silver Spanish Chalice                 AK-47
Gold Coatimundi                        Moss - 12
                                       Micro 9mm
                                       Wes .44

Charge down the staircase and take cover at the stone barrier you see. There's
a shiny new weapon waiting for you there, so you should find it easily. That
weapon is the M4, a stronger rifle than your AK-47. You'll only get limited use
out of it now, as there's not much ammo really laying around anywhere, so make
the shots count. 

You'll be surrounded by a ton of enemies. You'll also hear the pitter patter of
turret bullets. Great. First, look for the guy wielding the Wes .44 who will
slowly come closer to your hiding spot. It's a huge risk (especially on higher
difficulties), but you can try to Brutal Combo him for 2x Ammo for that Wes.

Once he's down, your next biggest annoying is a guy almost straight ahead but
up on a high balcony, shooting down at you with his AK-47. He's really hard to
headshot, so just fire several pistol shots to down him. 

With those first two down, you can turn your attention to the plethora of foes
on your left. A few will be peeking out from behind the gold columns and such.
Use your new M4 to light them up pretty easily when they are exposed. When
you can, move over there, but beware a new enemy who will sneak out from the
right side to attack. Turn around and nail him if you didn't earlier. 

Now on the left side, take cover in the middle (the low part) of the golden
structure. Don't jump out when the turret is firing. Just be patient and shoot
any enemies (or use grenades) when it's not firing. When you have a window, you
can take on the turret itself next. You'll probably need a few seconds, so be
ready to duck again if you don't get it lined up right. Take a grenade and aim
it for the platform where the turret gunner is standing. You need to both use
the Six-Axis (tilt the controller) and the Left Analog Stick to get the grenade
to land up there before throwing it. When you achieve the proper angle and
pitch, throw it and that should take care of the turret. Mop up any remaining
enemies now. 

Ignore ammo drops for now and barrel up the staircase as soon as the last enemy
falls. Run for the turret and interact to use it. You'll see more enemies
dropping into the room from near the staircase you went down. Start gunning them
down, but as you can see, there's a lot of debris blocking your view. Just be
patient; they'll poke their heads out sooner or later, and then they're mince

o-----CRUSHING MODE TIP--------------------------------------------------------o
|This is a really tough room. If you can, try to wait for the guy who has the  |
|Wes to come close and then Brutal Combo him. With a Wes .44 with full ammo,   |
|you have somewhat of an advantage. It will only take one bullet to take down  |
|these guys and you have 12 to use so make each shot count. The guy on the far |
|ledge with the AK is hard to hit so try to take him out with something else.  |
|When using the Wes, you want to make the most out of your shots so take a     |
|moment to aim, but don't take too long or you'll be ripped to shreds by enemy |
|fire. When you've disposed of that, it's a challenge to take out the guys on  |
|the left without getting hurt too much. Try a grenade or two if you have them |
|and move very carefully. If you can clear the left view, you can safely take  |
|cover behind the barrier and pick off the rest, but watch out for grenades and|
|of course, the turret.                                                        |

When the music dies out, you're free to go. Search around the area for the guns
you want to take with you. After that, go back up the stairs with the turret. Go
past it and find the crank and use it. 

Go down the stairs and drop down the next few platforms. Approach the opening
where you see a boat and you'll get a scene. Afterwards, go toward the stairs
on your right.

Take cover here from an enemy at the top. Wait for him to jump out and then gun
him down. Charge up the stairs with Elena and at the top again, take cover.
There's three enemies, and the most important one is the M97 guy standing almost
right beside you. He's an easy target for your M4 (if you still have it), AK,
or Moss. After that, carefully take aim at the guys on the stairs (one on each
side) and you'll be safe after that. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Spanish Gold Coin]--------------------------------------------

Go up the stairs and turn right to go up the adjacent staircase. You'll come to
a room with a tiny platform to stand on. Just turn right as you pass through
the doorway and in the corner, you'll find this. 


Now return and go up the opposite staircase. This takes you to a long wooden
walkway that eventually leads to a rope bridge. Go across (slowly as you are
forced to), and you'll get a scene. 

After that, make it across the bridge and then turn left. You have another
staircase here. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Spanish Chalice]---------------------------------------

Go down the stairs and turn left to go down the main staircase. This takes you
to a platform where just about everything is destroyed and gone. When you get
here, turn around so that you're facing the staircase again. There is a small
area to the left and to the right of the stairs. Go to the right side and near
the wall, beside a plant, you'll hopefully find this. 


Now go back up the main stairs and make that left. Go through the doorway here
and then another to drop down to an area outside. Go around the building to find
a tunnel that leads to a small cave like area. You'll see an enemy in front of
you walking away. You can stealth melee him if you're quick enough. 

After that, look for another enemy coming partially down the stairs. He can be
a tough target because he doesn't expose much more than his head. Take careful
aim or go up there and melee his ass if you're so inclined. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Coatimundi]----------------------------------------------

If you stand at the staircase you entered this area from, you'll see on the
other side of the room (alongside the staircase at that end), there is a stack
of brown boxes. Just on the other side of these, you can find this treasure.


Go up the stairs and move forward until you find what appears like a dead-end.
Suddenly, more enemies jump out. The boxes can be good cover, but you can also
duck into the room on your right. An enemy will be waiting, but you can melee
him fast. Now take cover at the doorway over here and you can easily shoot the
other foes. 

Dispatch them all and then board the jetski.

                                   __ ___  
                                  /_ |__ \ 
                                   | |  ) |
                                   | | / / 
                                   | |/ /_ 
                               HEADING UPRIVER


Treasures - 0 (34/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
None                                   PM 9mm

Get on and turn right. You're going upriver as the chapter title implies, so you
want to be going against the current, not with it. Go up the short falls and
find a path through or around obstacles. 

Eventually, you'll spy some of those red and yellow barrels again like before. 
Stop when you see them and open fire to shoot them and clear them out of your
way. You won't have the M97, just a pistol, so you'll need to be a little more
fine with your aiming. Still, it's not very hard, surprisingly. Clear them out,
then move further up.

Keep going and clear out more barrels. Eventually, you'll spot an enemy too on
a platform a bit over to the right. You've got unlimited ammo here so just fire
away until he's down. Clear away the barrels and move on. 

You'll eventually come to an area enclosed by high mountain walls. More barrels
threaten to sink you so shoot them. Keep going and the path will open up into
two falls. Each will have barrels so pick your poison. Continue to go up the
falls until you get to another open area. 

Here's where you need to be quick with your shooting. Two guys on the far end
of this area will start shooting and they have impeccable aim (they must be
using cheat codes.....) so you need to down them ASAP or else you'll die really
fast. After them, there are two more even further down. Move up a bit (watch
the barrels) to get a better shot. 

Just around the next corner you'll find an enemy situated right near some more
barrels. Shoot them to defeat him, then move up. You'll come to a bridge where
another ambush is waiting. Go for the guy on the bridge first, by shooting the
barrels, as Nate so calmly suggests. Next, get the two guys on the left. Just
go trigger happy. 

You'll pass through a short cavern and this eventually takes you to more falls.
Some are too steep to drive up, so you only have one choice. Be careful and let
any barrels pass by first before going up. Eventually, you'll see the familiar
fire of a M97. Keep going up and keep dodging or shooting barrels until you
get to a level spot finally and you can see Mr. Red Shirt. Fill him full of
holes and then wait for barrels to shoot or dodge. 

This part can get tough so carefully move forward, keeping both eyes peeled for
more barrels. Try to get up past all the falls so you're not fighting a heavy
current. This will bring a bunch of enemies into view. Get the ones in front of
you, slightly on the right side. Stay back just enough so you won't get hit by
another M97 guy. After that, let health recover and inch forward until you can
see him. Blast him, then look for a guy high above you on a platform. That
should do it. Charge forward once again when it's finally safe.

From here, it's a straight shot to your destination. Just go up the falls and
through the next little cavern until you reach a clearing. Dock near the stone
platform and it's back to dry land. 

                                   __ ____  
                                  /_ |___ \ 
                                   | | __) |
                                   | ||__ < 
                                   | |___) |


Treasures - 7 (41/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Golden Turtle                          PM 9mm
Silver Inca Cup                        AK-47
Jeweled Silver Cross                   Micro 9mm
Silver Toothpick                       M4
Gold Spanish Chalice                   Desert 5
Silver Coatimundi                      92FS
Golden Cup and Cover                   SAS 12

Go up the stairs and around to a set of wooden doors. Kick them down and then
take cover immediately. On the left side of this door, you might not be able to
see one of the enemies, but you should have a good view of the others hopefully.
Take them down, then run out and blast the other. There's cover out there too if
you want to take it cautiously. 

After they're down, approach the bridge extending over the river. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Turtle]------------------------------------------------

On said bridge (yes, the one extending over the water), there is a small gap
on the left side. Drop from this gap (or better yet, just beside it) and you'll
see a small stone ledge next to a water wheel. On the part right beside the
bottom of the bridge, you can find this object sparkling every few seconds. 


Climb back up and cross the bridge now. Kick down the gate and go up all the
stairs. Elena will press ahead of you and it will eventually lead to a scene. 
Hmmm, you get the same creepy feeling I do? Yeah....

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Inca Cup]----------------------------------------------

After the scene, you'll approach a staircase. Go around this staircase and
drop down into the small ravine below. Right underneath the stairs there are
some small rocks. Resting on top of them is this treasure.


In any case, go up the next staircase and prepare for something different. Here
is where you'll encounter new enemies and they've got new weapons too. One on
the left has a laser sight weapon which has a hard time hitting you if you 
continually roll as the game hints to you. The guy on the right does not however
so he makes things difficult. Try to shoot him first with your heavier weapon
and then just keep rolling and rolling with Circle to get close to the other guy
and beat the crap out of him.

Things get even harder though, as two more goons charge down the stairs. Quickly
grab the guy's Desert Eagle and take cover nearby Let your health recover first,
then take aim. The gun packs a whallop so it shouldn't be too hard, just 
remember they're using the same weapons, some of them. 

After the next two are down, a third guy with a laser sight appears at the top.
Stay behind cover and just line up a shot. He'll be trying to do the same but
it takes him a second or two. Just be quick and shoot before he does. 

Charge up those stairs and you'll run for a while down some paths and up some
stairs. Eventually, you'll get a very quick scene. Stay behind cover after it's
over and wait. The enemies below will become aware of your presence (probably
Elena's fault). Take aim with that Desert Eagle and send them packing. After
that, drop down but be ready. 

Two more enemies appear almost literally out of nowhere. They have laser sights
so do some rolling and then melee them when you're close enough. Once that's
over, enter the next area.

You'll see a large courtyard with a fountain in the center. Hmm, cheery place,
huh? Proceed a little further in and you'll here someone scream "Now!" That's
your cue to back up. A ton of enemies will appear from many sides, and that
doesn't bode well. Your best hiding spot is near where you entered, not the
cover in the center. Back up a bit until you're in the outlining corridor and
use the cover here with all the pillars and such. 

Besides a few enemies on the ground, you'll have one on each of the balconies
in the corners high up. Try to get them first. As you no doubt have noticed, the
enemy's firepower has increased substantially, as has their durability. You'll
find yourself taking a lot more damage and dealing a little bit less. Thankfully
their weapons can become yours. 

With the Desert Eagle or 92FS (the latter is preferrable for the ammo capacity),
kill the two guys on the balconies. After that, find a good spot to take out
the others on the ground level. That takes care of the first wave. 

A whole bunch more appear from an adjacent opening. Two or more will come into
the courtyard, one of which has the SAS 12, the improved shotgun. The more
important targets stand at the top of the stairs. One has the laser sight DE
so take him out first with repeated pistol shots. After that, patiently dispatch
the other. 

With that ride done with, go up those aforementioned stairs and turn right. An
enemy with an SAS 12 lurks down here so feel free to take it from him by force
if you wish. From the entrance, jump to the wooden ledge on the right. You can
only shimmy on it, so shimmy to the left and jump to the column. Shimmy around
this and jump to the middle column. Shimmy around yet again and jump to the
left column. Finally, shimmy to the front of this one and jump. You'll just
barely catch the edge of the wooden platform.

Kick down the gate and go forward. Make a left and drop down to the lower part
of this new area. Go underneath the platform you entered from and find a large
pile of explosive barrels resting against the wall. Hmm, hint-hint?

[TREASURE ALERT - Jeweled Silver Cross]-----------------------------------------

Staring straight at the barrels, go right. Go all the way down and look in the
top right corner, beside some small rubble. You should be able to find this
fairly easily. 


Shoot the barrels to blow open the wall. Elena will scamper in. Now, go toward
the large doorway with the crank. Operate the crank and the door will fall 
anyway. Elena then does the work while Nate holds the door open. 

Charge down the stairs into a very large area. You'll probably see a laser sight
pointing down at you. Take cover at the small stone barricade. This is the
location of another tough fight, particularly on Crushing. 

At this barrier, you'll find the Dragon Sniper. Swap for it quickly; it only
has 5 shots. You want to reserve at least two of these for the laser sight
guys. The other three you can spend freely. From the cover, quickly take aim
at the first laser sight guy. He'll be mostly straight ahead and up very high
in a window. Spot him, line up your shot (don't take too long or else you'll
pay) and fire. 

Now several enemies will approach and surround you. Three of these guys should
come from the staircase area on the right. See if you can snipe some of them
(just be careful, they like to jump out of the way). After that, move along the
barrier and look for  window slightly to the left on the far side of the
courtyard. It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but if you look toward the center of
the courtyard and the gnarled tree, the window is just beyond and sometimes
partially shrouded by the tree. That's where laser sight guy number two is.
Spend one of your Dragon Sniper bullets on him. If you have any left, try to
get the other guys. 

During all of this commotion, one or two enemies will probably come very close
to you. One might swing in front of a column and try to get to Elena (don't
worry, she can't die) so switch back to the SAS 12 if you have it and blast him.
There will be another guy who will come in from your direct left and he'll have
a good angle on you. Wipe him out with the SAS 12 as well. As you'll notice
hopefully, the SAS 12 has better range than the Moss, so it becomes something
of a 1-hit wonder. Very valuable on Crushing. 

After the main guys are down, two more will approach from the far corner. They
wield M97s and unlike their red-shirted cousins, they like to move around. Try
not to lose track of them and keep an eye out for their shots so you can know
where they are. Dispose of them both with your pistol. 

If you make it through, give yourself a small pat on the back. You'll be pointed
to the library, but ignore it for now. There are goodies to be found first.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Toothpick]---------------------------------------------

These treasures are all around this large area, so it's gonna be 1-2-3 with
them. First, retreat to where you first entered this area. You came down a ramp
and entered this large area, remember? Well go back up this ramp and approach
the doorway, but stop right there. On your left should be a stone railing. Hop
over this railing, turn around, and now go along the wall as it curves to the
right. On the other side, you should find the first treasure. 


One down, two to go. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Spanish Chalice]-----------------------------------------

Once again, use the starting ramp as your jumping off point. Stand at the bottom
of the ramp and face the courtyard as if you were entering again. Turn left
and go all the way in the direction. You'll pass the staircase of another large
building (don't confuse this for the library which is in the other direction).
Once you get clear of the building, there is a small area just beside it between
it and the wall where you'll find this treasure in front of some debris. 


There's only one more to grab and then you can move on. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Coatimundi]--------------------------------------------

If you want to use the ramp as a reference again, you want to go basically
across the courtyard diagonally to that tunnel like entrance where one of the
M79 guys appeared. Go through here and once you step foot in the new area on
the other side, you'll see the sparkle in the top left corner. Hopefully this
nabs you the Professional Fortune Hunter medal and Trophy


Now, go up the stairs to the libraby. When you get to the top though, ignore the
door and go left around the side. Here you'll find another staircase leading to
a side entrance. 

After the scene, take cover as usual. The cover up here isn't perfect but it
should do. Most of your enemies are on the floor below. Sometimes, if you're
lucky, a grenade can take out more than one of them. Use these and your guns
to start knocking them down. Watch out for an enemy on your left. There are also
more laser sight guys on this balcony with you, on the other side. The 92FS and
the Desert Eagle are good choices here, and the SAS 12 isn't bad for the guys
below if you can get a good shot on. 

I like to use a grenade or two to get a few of the guys down below, partiuclarly
the M79 guy if I can find him. After that, you can run down the left side to
Brutal combo the guy there for his M4. Temporarily swap for the M4 and at this
corner, you have a good shot (hopefully) at the laser sight guy down the way. 
Blast him, then look for another one down below you. Use your M4 ammo on them
and go back for your other weapon (hopefully the SAS 12). Mop up the rest with
your 92FS. 

Once all the enemies are down, you automatically get another scene. After that,
you have a puzzle to complete. In Look Mode, you see the four statues. Check
the journal and you can see there's some sort of trick to them. On the left
page, you can see the statue's appearances along with names. The Angel is
Matthew it appears (maybe I'm reading it wrong though), the Eagle or bird is
John, the Goat is Luke, and the winged Lion is Mark. Now, on the right page, you
see the names arranged around a compass with north, south, east, and west. What
does this mean? 

Climb up to one of these platforms. There is a small grabbable ledge on one side
of each that you can use to get up. If you approach the statues, you can see
that you can interact and rotate them. Aha! What you need to do is rotate the
statues so they're facing these compass directions. This would be kind of hard
since normally, there's no indication of which way is which. Luckily, there's a
drawn compass in the center of all the statues on the floor. Reference it for

Start by climbing to Matthew (angel) and spin him 180 degrees to the other side
so he's facing north (again, reference the diagram on the floor for help). Next,
hop over to the left to John (Eagle) and according to the journal, you need to
have him pointing East. So, using the diagram, John, just like Matt, needs to
be rotated 180 degrees. 

Jump over to Mark (winged Lion) and he's on the southern part of the diagram,
but as the journal tells you, he needs to be pointed West. Interact and turn
him to the left once and that should be good. Now finally, hop to the last one,
Luke and he needs to be the one pointing south so grab hold and spin him once
to the right. Do it correctly and a bookcase will open below. Bingo. 

Drop down and enter to find another cozy little room. Wait for Elena and
Sullivan to come in, then take a look around.

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Cup and Cover]-----------------------------------------

Down here, you can find the last treasure in this chapter. From the stairs, 
inspect the wall on your left. There is a painting in between two nooks. Face
the painting and then go to the right nook. Search over here and you should find


Search the wall where Elena is standing and Nate will notice something. Refer 
to the journal again as prompted and you'll see there's something up with the 
two torch decorations here. Get close and turn both of them. After a few 
seconds, a scene starts. 

                                   __ _  _   
                                  /_ | || |  
                                   | | || |_ 
                                   | |__   _|
                                   | |  | |  
                                   |_|  |_|
                               GOING UNDERGROUND


Treasures - 6 (47/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Golden Inca Vessel                     92FS
Golden Skull                           Desert 5
Silver Snuff Box                       M4
Silver Spanish Goblet                  SAS 12
Silver Ingot
Gold and Ruby Inca Mask

Go down the stairs and breathe in the new surroundings. Cozy..... Don't stray
too far though. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Inca Vessel]-------------------------------------------

At the bottom of the first set of stairs, climb over a small ledge to your
right. If you climbed down the second stairs and are on the ground level of
this area, you went too far. Between the two stairs and on the right, you should
find this in the corner. 


Find the ledge to climb up in the right corner. Go down this tunnel to find a
large cavern with a waterfall on your left. Hug the right wall and hang over the
ledge here. Shimmy out and then jump to the next ledge. Beware the center
threatening to collapse so jump again. Keep jumping from ledge to ledge and you
will travel all around the inside of this area. Eventually, you'll come to the
last gap. Tilt the stick in the precise direction so you can reach over and then
jump to the staircase platform. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Skull]-------------------------------------------------

As soon as you get to this platform, notice the waterfall to the left of the
staircase. Go around it and step underneath the waterfall. Inside, you should
see the prompt to pick up this treasure. 


Head up the stairs and take cover behind the boxes preferably. A few guys will
appear here. If you have the SAS 12, it can be a good weapon here. With its
superior range, you can blow a hole in these guys if they get close enough.
A few of them probably will as they scamper closer. Just watch out for their
own shotgun-wielder, who will be on your right. Keep an eye out for him. If you
don't have it, the M4 or your pistol will work just as well, just aim well. 

Find the spotlight pointed at a crank in the corner. Go to the crank and begin
turning the chain. It opens a door on a staircase in the foreground. Go over
there and ascend to the top.

You'll enter a church from a small door in the floor. As you can see, a whole
group of enemies are lurking about.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Snuff Box]---------------------------------------------

As soon as you're in from that little door, you can find a treasure pretty much
behind you. Go toward the camera view and look in the little nook in the
foreground (Nate will become shrouded by a statue) and look in this area. You
should find the treasure there.


Now to deal with the badguys. First, try to take cover behind one of the two
large columns not too far from your starting point. The left one is preferable.
If you want to start off with the element of surprise though, try lining up a
headshot first on one of the closer enemies. Take cover after that though. 

The column on the left is a good spot, because you can sometimes get the enemies
to creep toward you on this side and if you have the SAS 12 handy, that makes
things really easy. You have two guys at the back of the area with laser sight
Desert 5's though. Take them out from a distance with your pistol or use the
rows of seats to get closer and closer until you can get better shots. Don't
rush them because a few more enemies will appear when you get close enough.

This works though for you SAS 12 users. The only guy that can screw up this plan
is another SAS 12 dude who appears on the right side and he'll run down beside
the rows of seats and blast you with the shotgun. As soon as you see him, fill
him up with pistol rounds. Even if you take a hit or two, do it. Once he's dead
you're free to wait patiently for the others. They might take cover in front of
the column just ahead of you. If they peek out, the SAS 12 will decimate them.
Do this for all enemies except the laser sight dudes. Blast one of them with
your pistol, then do the same or melee the other. 

Approach the apse (the rounded area in the way back). There's an altar over
there but nothing of interest. The two side areas where the enemies came from,
known as the transepts, are where you want to do some investigating. Search the
left transept and you'll see a bell. On the other end, sure enough, is another
bell. Inspect the journal when prompted and you'll get a clue. It's pretty
clear what you have to do; you need to sound both bells. 

If you approach the one on the left side here, you can interact to get it
ringing. It'll take too long to go over to the other one though. So instead,
stand near the first bell and shoot the second one. That should do the trick
and open a secret door beside you. 

Carefully approach the ladder here and begin climbing down. You'll eventually
drop down the rest of the way when you get to the near bottom. Enter the next
small room now.

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Spanish Goblet]----------------------------------------

On your left in this small room is a large object, an altar or a sarcophagus
perhaps. If you go behind it, you can find this treasure on the ground. It'll
be enough to award you with the Senior Fortune Hunter medal and Trophy. Schwing!


Stand beside the next doorway because an enemy will likely be on the other
end. If he's staring straight up, he's just asking for a whallop from your SAS
12, provided you still have it. Rip him a new one (click, click, boom mo'fucka)
and head down into this next room. 

Another enemy with an M4 will be near the corner. Take cover behind the pillar
and when he is exposed, blast him too. Take cover at the next doorway and
look for another foe to do the same thing. Blast him, run in, and look for
yet another enemy lurking about. 

When it's all clear climb up the ledges from the blown out wall. You'll come
to a dark cave and a few platforms. Jump to the left one, then from there,
straight across. Climb up from here using the small ledges and you can then
jump to the broken staircase. Enter this room for a scene. 

After that, go out the other door and jump the gap here. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Ingot]-------------------------------------------------

As soon as you jump the gap from the cutscene room, go straight over this
platform and drop over the far end. There's a lower platform on this side and
you'll find a treasure here. To make it a little easier, it's to the left when
you face that staircase. 


Go down the stairs and turn right to find a narrow corridor. It'll take you
to a small room with nothing of interest. Turn left and go down another short
hall. This takes you to a very small room with a crank.

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold and Ruby Inca Mask]--------------------------------------

As soon as you enter this room with the crank, turn left. In a little nook
beside the door, you can find this treasure. 


Operate the crank and go through the door. Ah, the great outdoors again at last.

                                   __ _____ 
                                  /_ | ____|
                                   | | |__  
                                   | |___ \ 
                                   | |___) |
                         ON THE TRAIL OF THE TREASURE


Treasures - 6 (53/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Gold Inca Figurine                     92FS
Golden Bird Vessel                     Desert 5
Golden Spanish Goblet                  M4
Jeweled Golden Cross                   SAS 12
Silver Skull                           M79
Golden Inca Mask

Approach the stairs but don't go up them just yet. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Inca Figurine]-------------------------------------------

On the right side of the staircase you'll see a tree. Well, search in between
that stone post and the tree and a treasure will be waiting for you, pretty
easily found. 


Go up the stairs and turn left. There's a large door on the right but you can't
open it. Instead, we'll be going over it. So go left instead and there is a 
a piece of debris you can use as a platform so climb onto it. Turn left and from
the corner, you can climb up and grab the small ledge here. Shimmy over and then
jump to the left to another one.

From here, angle the Left Analog Stick correctly and jump across to the ledge
that is across from Nate. Shimmy down toward the vine on the wall and jump to
it when you're ready. Start swinging back and forth and do a couple swings first
before jumping. Make sure to jump at the very end of the swing as you go to the
right. Land on the ledge and shimmy over. Jump across to the opposite wall again
now. Jump to a smaller ledge on the left, and then again to reach a vine. 

Swing back at least once on the vine, then jump to the next ledge. Shimmy to the
very end and you should be able to jump straight across from there to the top
of the wall. Climb up several ledges from here to reach the window.

Drop in and get your guns ready. A few enemies will linger around the next
doorway. If you have your SAS 12 handy, blast them to smithereens. If not, hang
back and be cautious. A grenade also helps if you toss it around the doorway.

o-----CRUSHING MODE TIP--------------------------------------------------------o
|Your best protection here is to hang over the edge over the pit in the middle |
|of the room and stay there to avoid enemy fire. Poke out when you're ready to |
|shoot back. This limits you to your pistol only, but it's a good thing to try |
|regardless of whether you have an SAS 12 or not. Doing this, you can easily   |
|get the first two guys, and if you shimmy to the far left, you should be able |
|to get an angle on one of the guys down the hallway.                          |

Inside the following hallway, take cover behind one of the columns. Two more
guys wait at the end. Be patient and watch your health. Don't stick your head
out unneccesarily until you've recovered. Watch out for grenades too though. 
Ice both of these fools and then move up. 

Jump all the gaps as Sully and Nate begin talking over the radio. You'll come
to where the enemies were once standing and there will be more than one way to
go from here. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Bird Vessel]-------------------------------------------

When you get to the end where the enemies were (you should be facing a small
doorway with another path to your left), you are in position to find another
treasure. Ignore the doorway and go left. You'll pass two small piles of rubble
and right at the top right corner of the platform, just behind a column, there
is a sparkle on the ground.


Enter the doorway now to find a room that looks familiar at first. It's a 
different one though. Hop across all the wooden platforms to reach the stairs.
Go down and turn left through the next door. Go down the stairs and then
straight across up the other set. 

Turn left and go outside. Turn right and you'll find an opening in a wall. There
is a vine on the opposite wall. From where you're standing, jump toward the
wall on Nate's right and grab the ledge. Jump to the next two ledges which will
crumble if you're not fast enough in moving. Jump from there to the vine finally
and climb straight up.

You'll drop into the monastery again, but in an area on the second floor. Take
cover immediately as two enemies stroll in from the side. The first one might
creep closer, making him perfect bait for your SAS 12. The other who also wields
one, will probably take cover. You can either wait for him to peek out, or you
can rush him when he's hiding to Brutal Combo him for more ammo for yourself
(recommended for Crushing). 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Spanish Goblet]----------------------------------------

To find this, just go to the end of the platform and turn right. You'll find it
in the little room that the two enemies came out of. Nab the "Expert Fortune
Hunter" medal and Trophy for having this be your 50th treasure. Schwing!


Now from the left of where the enemies appeared is where you want to go. Find
a small wooden walkway. Start down this to get a view of what's all the way at
the end of this area. You see a symbol there. You can refer to the journal and
see that same symbol but it doesn't seem to offer any clear hints. Pay close
attention to the design of the symbol though and you'll see soon enough. 

For now, go down the wooden platform and jump to the next one. Turn right and
jump to a small ledge on the wall. Jump left four times across three straight
crumbling ledges to finally reach a safe one. Jump across to the wooden platform
behind Nate and pull yourself up.

Jump to the chandalier from here and then from there to the closest wooden
platform. Jump to the next platform up from this one. Now, don't jump to the
next one because it's too far. Instead, look for the column and the small ledge
you can grab on it. Jump to that and shimmy as far to the left as you can. Push
the Left Analog Stick in the right spot until Nate looks like he's ready to jump
and then do it. You'll barely catch the edge of the platform.

Pull yourself up now. Jump to the next platform straight up from this one. Walk
around the column and then you can go one of two ways. Stand at the edge and
turn left. You can see a column at the corner here. Jump to the small ledge that
is hard to spot. From here, shimmy over and jump from ledge to ledge. At the
corner, jump to the wooden platform behind Nate. Take this around, hop a small
gap and eventually you'll find a key! A key? 

Climb up to it and you'll pull it down; it's a lever! But it does... nothing.
Remember the diagram of the symbol? Two keys! There has to be another one, so
let's find it. 

Make your way back, reversing all the steps until you jump from that column
ledge back to the wooden platform. From the edge of this again, look for the
chandalier in the center and jump to it. You'll want to go into the right 
transept here so look for the next platform across from where you get onto the 
chandalier. Jump here and then to the wooden walkway that goes around the inner
part of the transept. Go around here, hop a gap and then around the corner to 
find the other key. Climb this and pull it down to lower a window or door in
the apse area. 

Regardless of what key you got last, you can proceed. From the key, jump either
left or right to the ledge on the corner column. Shimmy around this to the inner
part of the apse. From here, you can jump to a chain. Swing on the chain, then
jump to a very small ledge (almost easy to miss it) and grab onto it. From here,
carefully angle your next jump so you're aiming behind you. Jump to land on the
lowered window. From here, you can proceed into the next room. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Jeweled Golden Cross]-----------------------------------------

As soon as you enter this secret area, turn right. It should be extremely easy
to find this on the ground here. 


Now there are a lot of windows here, that much is obvious. Look for the one that
stands out; that should also be quite obvious as it has the same design as the

After a scene, you'll be able to climb down the wall. Do so and go over across
several ledges until you get to a vine. Slide down when you can and then go over
to crates and you'll find a Dragon Sniper. Use it temporarily for now and take
cover at a small opening in the wall on your left where the iron bars are 

There are really only three enemies visible down here but trust me, many more 
are lurking. You can use the Dragon Sniper to pop one of these unsuspecting 
foes, but you can also save the bullet and just get the enemy's attention with 
your other gun. You want to draw all the enemies out first. 

Once you've got their attention, a few more enemies on the other side of the
area will appear, beyond the other fence area. Most notably, there's an M79
guy among them. He can be very hard to spot with the sniper so try your best
but don't poke your head out too long.

Also, don't waste too much time here once you've alerted the enemies to your
presence. At least two or three will rush up the stairs and come at you. Be
ready for this and take cover behind the crates. Grab your previous weapon that
you dropped for the sniper (an SAS 12 I hope) and wait for them. When they get
close, blast them. 

Once they're down, go back to the sniper and start expending the bullets on some
enemies around the area. Besides M79 dude, there are two laser sight guys on 
both the far left and far right. Lining up shots can be tough with the trees and
such all around. Also, they'll dodge when you got the crosshairs on them so 
either shoot fast before they do that or wait and line up again quickly. 

Once all the enemies are down, go into the couryard (around the giant pit in
the center) and look around. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Skull]-------------------------------------------------

Find the small mausoleum (the large cube shaped object with a door on it) in the
top right corner of this couryard. It's resting just beside the wall here but
there is a space in between it and the wall. Slipping in here will enable you
to locate the treasure. 

Now get ready and go up the stairs in the top left. This part can be tough and
if you die here, you start over on the other side again. Run up to this area
and you'll see a large group of enemies appear. What makes this frustratingly
difficult is that they all like to surround you. If you have your SAS 12 this
is perfect for that very situation, but to handle so many enemies at once is
really tough. So if you have an M4 you might find things a tiny bit easier, but
it'll be mostly just as tough. 

The key is finding a perfect spot and then dealing with as many enemies as you
can without dying before they all start to surround you. This can be tough
though obviously. I prefer to take the little mausoleum on the right as I enter
this area. The enemies like to come in mostly from the left while one or two
will come from the right. If you go this route, stand on a side that protects
you from the others while you get any enemies on the right with your pistol
as fast as you can. The others will come around and then try to get toward you
on the left side. Move around the cover if you are exposed and stay out of
their line of sight. When they get close, unleash the SAS 12. 

It can be tough, so experiment with cover and other strategies. The M79 will be
laying around here too if you want to try that. Once you've slain them all
though, approach the stairs leading to the treasure vault. You can tell it's
the right place by the barely open doors. Ignore it for now though. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Inca Mask]---------------------------------------------

Go to the right past the stairs leading to the building. On the right, you
should see another mausoleum. To the left of it are some tombstones. Search
just behind the big one in the front and there will be a treasure waiting. 


Enter the vault by opening the door and you'll find that Elena and Sullivan
are somehow already waiting. In this room, you've got to figure out a puzzle
(and an easy one at that) to open the way to the vault. 

Around the room are some small shelves and below each are round symbols. Check
the journal and you can see all of the symbols. There are the arrows, the
goblet, a book, an anchor, a crown, a snake, and a shell. Now look at each of
the symbols in the room. Notice anything different? They're not in the same
position as they are in the journal. Exactly!

The round stones need to be turned for the symbols that are not in the right
position. The ones that need to be turned specifically are the snake (once to
the left), the shell (twice in any direction) and the arrows (twice in any
direction). Do this and leave the others alone to open a secret passage through
one of the shelves. A scene starts up. 

                                   __   __  
                                  /_ | / /  
                                   | |/ /_  
                                   | | '_ \ 
                                   | | (_) |
                              THE TREASURE VAULT


Treasures - 3 (56/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Silver Cup and Cover                   92FS
Jeweled Silver Brooch                  Desert 5
Gold Snuff Box                         Wes .44
                                       SAS 12

Proceed down the long corridor with Elena tagging behind. Keep going until you
come to a very large underground area. Go down the stairs and to the right
path to see a gold plate on the ground. There are others all over the area in
fact. Refer to the journal when prompted and Nate pulls out Drake's map and you
will see three roman numerals writen in the corner. They are II (two), V (five),
and VII (seven).

If you went toward the right, the symbol on the floor here in front of this
path is V. Each plate also has an arrow pointing you in a direction. Therefore
if you follow the arrows on the plates with only II, V, and VII and ignore the
others, you'll go in the right direction!

[TREASURE ALERT - Silver Cup and Cover]-----------------------------------------

Having said that, we're going in the wrong direction first. Go from the V plate
down to a II plate. Ignore it and go further down and turn right here. You'll
pass a IV plate and find a staircase. Go up these stairs all the way to the top
and go down the platform and turn to find this treasure. 


Retreat all the way back to the II plate. It points you toward the center 
platform of this area. Jump down to this space and go up the following stairs
(one of the two side-by-side staircases, not the lone one to the right). Here
you will find a V plate. Go up a little more past it and you'll get a Look Mode
prompt. Hit L2 and you'll see something, wait... what the hell?!

In any case, go forward as the V plate points you. Turn right, ignore all other
plates and then at the end, turn left and go down a short staircase. This puts
you face to face with a wall with a V plate. Climb up using the stones in the
wall to get to the top here. 

A IV plate will be at your feet so ignore it. Just go straight up the staircase
here. You'll find a lever. Interact with it by tapping Triangle repeatedly. This
will get a waterwheel moving, positioning it right underneath a waterfall. A lot
of things start moving, including a chain that you need to climb. 

Return down the stairs and turn right from the plate. Jump to the chain and
climb up. At the top, jump from the chain to the small ledge on your right.
From here, climb up onto the platform.

Go right to find a V plate and a small corridor guarded by a swinging spiked
torch/lantern. These things are super annoying because they require very
precise timing to get past or else they throw you off the edge to a quick and
disgruntling death. Wait for this one to sway all the way to the right or left
and then run past.

Follow the II plate on the other side and jump down to the staircase platform
on your left. Go up all the way to the top of this staircase. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Jeweled Silver Brooch]----------------------------------------

When you reach the top, you'll see more torches in front of you. There is 
something right near you though and that is another treasure. If you face the
next torch in front of you, angle the camera so you can see to the left and
slightly behind Drake. Sure enough, on his left there is a platform and a large
column with a III plate on it. Just to the left (or behind) this is a small
wooden platform. From where you are at the top of the staircase, you can jump
to the wooden platform. Try and you'll grab the stone ledge beside it. Jump to
the left once and then pull yourself up. At the edge of this platform is where
the treasure resides. 


Jump back across and now this is where things get really annoying. The next
torch is swinging over a platform you need to climb onto and then subsequently
jump from. Doing all of this in time to dodge the deadly trap is really, really
difficult. You want to begin climbing just as the torch is coming back from the
left side to pass over the center. Very quickly jump to the platform on your
left, behind the other torch.

Go forward, turn right, and turn right again to go up the stairs. Go across and
then down again. You'll find two plates here, a II and a I. Follow the II by
jumping left to the next perpendicular staircase. A V plate here points you
forward and up the stairs. A series of four more torches await. Oh, great...
Time your movements well and quickly get past them one at a time. Pay attention
to the darkened areas on the ground and know that's where the torches will be
swinging above so don't get too close.

Once you get past the third torch, you get a quick scene. Keep your eyes peeled
and watch for a Circle prompt. Hit it when it appears to save your skin. From
where you land, jump to the adjacent wooden walkway. Two more torches block your
way ahead. You're looking to get to the adjacent walkway behind the second
torch on the left side. To do this, you want to move forward carefully to the
space in between the two torches, then jump when the second torch is swinging
to the right.

You'll land on another walkway. Go forward to what looks like an old fashioned
elevator. It surely is as Nate plummets to the floor below. A V plate on the
wall ahead of you points to a window where iron bars slide open. Now, if only
you can reach it. 

Go forward and turn right. From the top of the stairs, you can jump up to grab
the ledge of the rightmost window. Jump to the left to a small ledge and from
there just keep going left until you reach the open window. Climb up and drop
down from the other side. You get another Look Mode prompt. Ok, I'm creeped out

Anyways, you only have one way to go from here. Go right down this walkway to
the end. You'll see a III plate and a chain. Climb the chain to the top. Turn
around and go down this path to find another elevator. This one falls too and
it opens the gate and lowers the drawbridge. Perfect, just as planned, heh.

Go up the drawbridge and at the end here, spy the II plate pointing to the left.
Go that way and go down this walkway until you get a scene. Great, I was
starting to get bored. 

Take cover at the inner corner of this walkway. This should protect you from
most if not all enemy fire. If anyone is standing at the top of the stairs 
just around this corner, blast them with your SAS 12. If not, wait for them to
appear. In the mean time, look for a guy slightly to the left on the stairs.
Give him a few pistol rounds when he is exposed to deal with him.

If some guys approach (particularly the guys who wield Wes .44's just around the
corner from your spot, use the SAS 12 or other weapon. You can also see enemies
on the adjacent platform through a space between two walls. 

When you can't spot anymore guys, charge up the stairs and find cover here.
There are destructible barries (which are quickly rendered useless by the the
M79 guy in the background so instead use the column. Depending on how many
guys you erased from the walkway, you might have an easy or hard time fighting
here. For starters, be sure to get the enemy who lingers around the column you
will likely be using as cover. Next, get a guy behind a barrier in the corner.
Mop up any others that are left before finally setting your sights on the two
M79 guys. Blast them when it's safe and then move on. 

Follow the II plate here and jump the gap. Enter this little round building and
go around the hole in the center to the other side, following a V plate. As you
exit, keep an eye out for an M79 guy to your left. Blast him immediately to
avoid any trouble. Go right from the exit now and look out for a guy hiding in
between the wall and the staircase. He has an SAS 12 so try to Brutal Combo him
for the ammo. This is the time to stockpile the ammo for this thing for what's
upcoming. And if those really eerie screams and groans you're hearing in the
background are any indication, it's gonna be bad. 

Go up the stairs and find a crank beside the folded up ladder. Turn the crank
to get two ladders raised, one for Elena to join you, and another to proceed up
to the next floor.

As soon as you climb up, take cover right here on the walkway. Some guys will
start shooting from above. Wait patiently for an opening and fire back with your
pistol only, saving your shotgun ammo. When they're all down, follow this path
to a spiraling walkway. Keep going all the way to the top and then turn right.

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Snuff Box]-----------------------------------------------

The wooden walkway will give way to stone platforms. You should be ambushed by
two guys, one on your left and one on a platform across from you (just giving
details so you know you're in the right spot) Kill them both and look for a
plate at your feet. It'll say VII. Follow it down these stairs but only go
halfway. On your right, there is a platform sticking out from a pillar and on
it, you can see the sparkle of a treasure. To get this, find a post on the
railing of the staircase. Hit X to climb onto it and then hit Circle to gently
drop over the edge on the other side. Tilt the stick so you can jump across and
to the platform. Climb up, grab the treasure, then jump back. Phew. 


As I was saying, after dispatching those two guys, follow the VII plate down
the stairs. Ignore the I plate here and go right and up the spiraling walkway.
This ultimately leads you to your destination and a scene. 

                                    __ ______ 
                                   /_ |____  |
                                    | |   / / 
                                    | |  / /  
                                    | | / /   
                            THE HEART OF THE VAULT


Treasures - 0 (56/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
None                                   92FS
                                       Moss - 12

Take a peek around, you can see a lot of weapons laying about. Hopefully you
saved up on SAS 12 ammo. If you need a pistol though, grab one. Otherwise, leave
it all alone for now. 

Eventually you get a Look Mode prompt. It seems there's a way out up there. 
Elena spots a ladder but it's out of reach. Follow her over to the side and
Nate can give her a boost if you approach the column and hit Triangle. Doing
so will get Elena up to the top. It also starts a scene, and boy is it a doozy.

When you gain control, you'll find an unlikely ally in Eddy and an even
unlikelier enemy in these strange creatures. They are totally different than the
standard enemies but that's for obvious reasons. They like to get close and
swipe and bite you. They'll also grab you and attempt to perform either a bite
or they'll try to break Nate's spine. You get a controller prompt for these
which means to activate the Six-Axis function by tilting and turning the
controller. This is annoying sometimes because you can't always do it in the
right way before you end up dying. 

Your SAS 12 is your first weapon of choice. At medium to long range it doesn't
kill them in one shot. It will only kill them in one shot if they're really
close. Keep them at bay though and resign to the two shot limit for now because
you might not want to take chances. Keep your eyes peeled for more of these
freaks crawling up from below. Try to make the most of your SAS ammo. 

Eventually you get a cutscene in the middle of things. Without spoiling much,
do you get the feeling that Nate and Eddy were once friends, cuz this scene
did give me that inkling. Oh well, unless Uncharted 2 somehow links back to
Eddy (extremely doubtful), I guess we'll never know the whole story there. 

Anyway, after that, things get tougher. If you're out of SAS ammo, grab one of
the Moss - 12 shotguns from around the arena. A good strategy is to just keep
moving and then shoot these buggers when they try to swipe you. This way you
stay out of danger for the most part and you get one shot kills from your
shotgun. Keep going and killing, picking up more Moss ammo from around the
room any time there is a lull in the battle. When Elena says she's lowered the
rope, go to the center of the room and start climbing up. 

Elena will swing you over and you'll land safely on the floor above. Those
creatures will follow you and give chase. Grab the pistol on the floor and take
off running. As you're moving down the winding corridor shoot back with R1
and fend off any of those things that get too close. Keep this up whenever they
get close until you get an interjectory cutscene. 

                                   __  ___  
                                  /_ |/ _ \ 
                                   | | (_) |
                                   | |> _ < 
                                   | | (_) |
                                  THE BUNKER


Treasures - 1 (57/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Gold Monkey Figurine                   92FS
                                       Moss - 12

Start by jumping from the window to the yellow pipe. Climb just a short ways to
the top of this. Look for another just to your right. Tilt the stick and jump
over to this one. Climb up and look for a third pipe to jump to, also to the

At the top of this one, you'll see two pipes that kind of bend around a much
larger one. Angle your jump so you can reach the bottom one. Climb straight up
from here and shimmy to the right from the top one. Jump to the right to the
next pipe and slide down. 

When you reach the bottom, jump to the right to a horizontal pipe. This one
comes loose slightly under Nate's weight, so keep moving to the right. Jump to
the chain. Swing just a bit and then jump to the next pipe on the right. At
the top, jump to the right for another pipe that comes loose. Jump again to
yet another pipe. Slide down this one and then angle your jump so you'll be
aiming behind you. Jump to land on the walkway. 

Run and jump to the next pipe overhead. Shimmy around a little and jump to the
section that collapses, then jump from there to the normal section. Shimmy and
jump all the way across until you can jump to a platform. Do so and enter the
following corridor. 

Jump the gap of the broken walkway and enter the next room. It's dark in here...
Turn right and go down this small incline. Enter the door at the bottom and
you'll be in another small room. 

On your left is the next path and in front of it, you can find the MP40. Ah,
German firepower. Take it with you and have it handy as you go down this next
corridor. Hang a right and go through the doorway to a larger but still just as
dark room. 

Fill up on MP40 ammo in here until you're fully loaded. Plenty more will be
laying around. Look for the doorway on the left and enter. Don't stray too far
though. Two very ugly looking friends come to greet Nate. More of these guys.
What's the deal with them? Other than the fact they're extremely creepy, I mean.
We'll find out soon enough hopefully (of course I already know but I'm just
feeding into the moment, heh).

In any case, try to lure them down toward you and blast them before they get too
close. It takes a few MP40 rounds but you should best them easily. Restock your
MP40 in the big room, then go down the corridor once again. 

Go straight down and look for the little chair at the corner. As you get near,
yet another one of those freaks charges at you. Blast him and then at the
intersection, hang a right. You won't get too far before two more come charging
at you. Defeat them and keep going this way. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Monkey Figurine]-----------------------------------------

Just to recap, from the big room with all the MP40 ammo, you want to go down
to where the first two charged you (and then a third). Turn right and go all
the way down where a few more attack. Just go straight to where they were and
turn left (you'll see an MP40 leaning up against the wall on your left). When
you turn left, you get a deadend with more ammo, but also a sparkling object
on top of all the rubble. Search over here and you'll nab another treasure. 


Retreat now and go down the opposite way. One more of those freaks might appear
all the way at the other end and come running. Put him to bed and then just
go straight that way. 

As you get near the end, another one will appear from around the corner. Kill
him, then restock on ammo nearby. Facing the end of this corridor (there's an
overturned wheelchair at the corner at the end) turn left down the adjacent
hall. Take this down but go slowly. Two more of the freaks come bustling around
the corner. You know what to do by now, I'm sure. 

Once they're down, turn right. It's a straight shot down the hall to the doorway
leading to the Generator Room. Refill any MP40 ammo and then look for the giant
row of machines in the back. One of them has a lever in front of it so you can
interact with it. 

Do so and that will open a path to reach one of the switches needed to get the
power running. Unfortunately for Nate, it also lets some guests inside...

                                   __  ___  
                                  /_ |/ _ \ 
                                   | | (_) |
                                   | |\__, |
                                   | |  / / 
                                   |_| /_/
                               UNWELCOME GUESTS


Treasures - 1 (58/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Golden Seadragon Pendant               PM 9mm
                                       SAS 12
                                       Dragon Sniper

Yikes, opening that door has let in a lot of ugly locals. Best to put them out
of their misery. Fend them off here in the Generator Room. Your best bet is to
put your back to a corner of the room and wait for them to charge. They'll come
at you one or two at a time mostly so you might take a little damage but it
should be ok. You can also run around if you'd prefer. 

The latter can be an effective strategy if you get surrounded. Also, you'll run
out of ammo before you get through all of these guys most likely so moving
around will help. 

Once you've killed all of them, pick up as much ammo as you can. Go through the
opened door now but proceed slowly. Turn the corner inside here and you'll see
another one. Fire at will until it goes down. You're clear now, so climb up the
platform here to find the switch. Throw it and you're halfway home. Be sure to
pick up the two grenades (haven't seen these in a while) on this platform near
the switch as well.

This opens the next door and lets even more of these bastards in. Great. Drop
down but don't go too far. Try to lure them into this hallway so you can blast
them. If you're concerned about your health at all, a good strategy is to lure
them in and then climb back up the platform, but this shouldn't be necessary.
If you're lucky, you can draw all of them into this tight corridor making it
really easy, and there are quite a few of them so this is a good idea. 

Keep your finger on L1 and turn the corner slowly with your gun still drawn,
just in case there are any more left. If the coast looks clear, restock on MP40
ammo out here and then go straight across through the other door. 

Shoot another one of these freaks and then climb up the platform. Grab ammo and
grenades, then throw the second switch. This activates the power and opens a 
door which will serve as your exit. 

Once again, try to lure them toward you in this corridor. You might find it a
lot harder though. If you can lure a few in though, this is good. Three should
be fine. After that, drop the cautious approach and bust out of that corridor
and find the exit which should be on your right. More of these things will
appear but ignore then and go straight through the door. Nate will shut it and
lock them out. Phew.

In here, you don't have to worry about being ambushed by those things anymore,
so feel free to just run. At the end, there will be a Look Mode prompt. Turn
left here and at the next intersection, turn right. Look for the first corridor
on your right and turn down here. You should see a doorway and some light. Go
down and through this door.

Here you'll get a cutscene that will shed a little light on some lingering
questions. After that, you'll have more company. Ah, just when you thought you
were free from these wackos. 

The open space and the columns here make it tough to fend them off. With your
MP40 in hand, either back up or just run around and shoot them one by one.
Put your sticky fingers on more ammo and keep running when you need to reload.
When the music dies, you're in the clear. 

There is only one open door but this is where you came in so ignore it. Find
another door on the adjacent wall with a valve. Approach it and sure enough,
you can turn it. 

Run in here and go down to the intersection. Turn left and then it's a straight
shot to the next doorway. Stock up on goods in here, then walk toward the
windows to get another cutscene.

After this, take cover beside one of the large boxes. Hopefully, an enemy should
come running in. Oh good, human combatants again, finally. Blast him with your
MP40 and then take his 92FS. Go down the adjacent corridor but take cover at
all the pipes and stuff. An enemy below will start shooting. These guys have
helmets so they have some protection against head shots. Fill him full of holes
though and then go down there.

Two more enemies will appear at the bottom so quickly take cover at the side
near where the fallen one is. Wait for any health to recover first before taking
a peek out. As you can see however, these guys have their hands full with those
freaks. This is good because they both distract each other from you. Both are
your enemies so show no mercy. 

The two shooters will likely win that battle so lay waste to them quickly with
your MP40 while their backs are turned. A grenade will also work wonders. Go
down here and take their guns if you want. Turn left but stop at the opening.

Keep your eyes out for a laser sight coming from a window on the far side of
this area. See him? Stay inside the opening and using your 92FS, take small
shots at him carefully. Keep this up until finally, he goes down. Now proceed.

Go past the large containers to see more of the freaks. They're taking fire from
Roman's men but of course, they only want to come after you, so keep that
trigger finger steady. Blast them, grab some ammo and a grenade, then take
cover at the next opening from where they appeared. 

The guy in here has an SAS 12. You want this, especially for Crushing. Rush
him with a Brutal Combo and claim it quickly. Reason is, if you turn to your
right, you should see two more of those bastards coming at you. Fend them off
quickly using the SAS 12, trying to get them just a little closer so that you
only need to expend one shot each.

Go down this corridor all the way to the stairs in the top left corner. Proceed
up here carefully. You'll likely find one of Roman's men playing merry go around
with one or two of the creatures. Either wait it out or take them out first,
then turn your shotgun on him. "Oh thanks man.... oh shit..." 

Take cover at the box here and swap for the Dragon Sniper for now. Wait for a
second though and watch the fight ensue. Roman's men will defeat a lot of the
creatures so just wait a little while. After that, use the Dragon Sniper to
take out a few of them. When the coast is clear, get ready to move down there.
If your SAS 12 is low, switch to an M4 for now. 

As you go down there, look for one or two of the creatures to charge you. Blast
them, but also look for Roman's men, because they just as quickly turn to 
attack you. Use the boxes for cover and with your M4, start blasting them. 

Move up now and proceed into the area to the right with all the containers. You
want to keep your eyes out for the creatures mostly, because they prefer Nate
meat apparently. This gets tough because if you have to fight them, you often
have Roman's men shooting at you at the same time. You want to take this part
very slowly, almost step by step, one enemy at at time. 

Fend off the creatures first, then worry about Roman's men. Grenades in these
tight spaces help a lot. Otherwise, use your M4 or SAS 12 to blow them all away.
Use the containers for cover obviously and move up. Look for two enemies in 
the center of this container "maze" and make sure they're dead. Also, look out
for a laser sight guy in the window far away and above. If the Dragon Sniper
still has ammo, go back and grab it quickly. Use the container on the right that
has a cloth draped over it partially. This lets you get a good view of the
guy. Use the sniper to take care of him. 

Move up now through the container area and look for more creatures. You can
make this part really simple by climbing the containers. They can't reach you
no matter how hard they try. Shoot them from here for an easy win. 

If the coast is mostly clear, you can find a treasure here before moving on.

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Seadragon Pendant]-------------------------------------

This is a little tricky. On the left wall (using where you enter the container
area as reference), there is a stack of two containers. On top of this is the
treasure. To get it, you need to find the very large stack of about five
containers near the end on the left. There is one lower one that allows you to
get on top of them. From here, turn around and jump to the stack in the center.
Finally, you can jump to stack where you see that sparkling object. 


Climb down and go to the far end of this area. If there are any creatures left,
defeat them now. As you turn right, notice the crates with the Dragon Sniper.
If you didn't kill that guy earlier, you can do it now. 

Proceed down this platform and two creatures will appear. Blast them with
whatever you have, then climb up the wall here. Go left through the opening
and find a ladder. Climb up and you'll get a quick scene. Fresh air at last!

                                  ___   ___  
                                 |__ \ / _ \ 
                                    ) | | | |
                                   / /| | | |
                                  / /_| |_| |
                              RACE TO THE RESCUE


Treasures - 1 (59/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Gold Ingot                             92FS
                                       SAS 12
                                       Dragon Sniper

After getting out of that dank place, Nate will get on the horn with Sully. 
Meanwhile, you can find something right around here. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Gold Ingot]---------------------------------------------------

From where you climb out of the pit, turn around. Go around the pit and search
on the other side. You can find it to the left of a large slanted rock. 


Go past the large tower and through a tight passage. This eventually brings you
to that city like area that should seem a little familiar. Drop down and follow
the tunnel out to the large courtyard area just outside that library from a few
chapters ago. Remember now?

Immediately spot the two enemies to the right. Take out the first one right away
and then take cover. You'll find a Dragon Sniper here. Grab it for now and use
your pistol to take out the other guy attacking Sully. When he's down, wait
before going over to Sully.

A few laser sights will appear. Try to see if the guy on the balcony on the
right (just above where Sully is) will appear because you can get him from where
you are with the Dragon Sniper. If you ignore him, he has a good shot at you
from above. The other one you need to watch out for is in a window where another
guy was hiding when you first entered this area. Snipe him when you get over to
where Sully is. 

Expend one more bullet if you want on one of the approaching enemies. You have
a  few waves here and it gets tough because they come from both sides. A good
hiding spot is behind the pillars behind Sully's original spot. Look for M4
and especially SAS 12 guys from both sides. Take one of their weapons and use
it and grenades especially to take out the rest. 

Another laser sight dude will appear on the highest window in this area so, go
back to the sniper and use it to take him out. Also look out for an M79 guy on
the balcony to your left. Take him out fast. 

Once all the enemies are dead, Nate and Sully have a back and forth. Make your
way out of this area now. Look for the giant staircase leading to--not the
library--but the other building. Approach the doors and hit Triangle to gain

Immediately bolt for the pillar to the left and take cover here. As you can
easily tell, this place is filled with more of Roman's cronies. Take the
Dragon Sniper and go to work. There are five laser sight guys here, which is
perfect, because you have five bullets. Try to make each one of them count.
There are two guys on the left, two on the right, and one in the center. Line
up your shots, but don't take too long. If they start moving, wait until they
stop, then quickly line up your shot again. 

While you're trying to knock these birds out of their nests, watch out for a
few enemies that will rush you on the ground. These include those annoying M79
dudes. Blast them with a few rounds of your pistol or use the SAS 12 if you
brought it to go click, click, boom on their asses if they get close. 

Either way, once you've defeated all of these guys, move up just a little bit.
This will draw out a whole horde of enemies. They'll go to the outside of the
area and get around to where you are so either fall back or take them out fast.
It can get tough, so your best bet might be to just lure them out and fall back
to the pillar. This helps because a few of the enemies will be distracted by

When you best them all and Sully moves toward the altar in the back, this is
your cue to move too. Follow him up there and take cover at the pillar with
the candles. Enemies will rush in from where you did. A laser sight guy will
be up there on the high ledge. Every now and then, try to get a pistol shot or
two on him, but watch for fire from the ground enemies. Wait for them to get
closer, then blast them with your SAS 12 or M4.

Once they're all dead, approach the altar with Sully and you can open it up.
Drop down when you gain control again. 

                                    ___ __ 
                                   |__ |_ |
                                      ) | |
                                     / /| |
                                    / /_| |
                                GOLD AND BONES


Treasures - 2 (61/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
Golden Skull Rosary                    92FS
Sapphire and Silver Mask               SAS 12

As Nate and Sully keep talking, make your way through these catacombs. You'll
pass through a few small rooms. Keep your eye out for one slightly larger room

[TREASURE ALERT - Golden Skull Rosary]------------------------------------------

This is in a slightly larger room and as you enter, you can see two of those
large burial vaults or sarcophagi, one on the left, and one on the right. If you
search in front of the one on the right, there is a treasure waiting to be found
near some rubble. You'll hopefully get the "Master Fortune Hunter" medal and
Trophy for this.


Go down the stairs from this room and into the next. Hold it right there. 

[TREASURE ALERT - Sapphire and Silver Mask]-------------------------------------

In this room (which again, is just after the one with the previous treasure),
there is a pillar in the center. Search on the other side of it, near a few
rocks. You should find this last treasure easily. Unfortunately, despite the
fact that it's the final treasure, you get no extra reward for it. 


Go down the next staircase and you'll get a scene. Another doozy. 

After that, you've got control. Navarro makes his way up the far staircase with
Elena. You gotta go after him. With a fully loaded SAS 12 in hand, let's rock
and roll. 

Go down the stairs by going to your left, for starters. If you're thinking about
taking a shortcut by jumping in the water, forget it. Do that, and one of the
creatures will rise up and pull you under. Go down the stairs instead and you'll
see one of them. Blow his pale head off. As you reach the bottom, shoot at one
more. Try to make your way over to the staircase from here without any more

Take cover halfway up the staircase as two of Navarro's men come down partially.
They'll be distracted hopefully so use the SAS 12 and blow them both away. Hurry
up there now, taking the ammo as you go. As you go up this corridor, keep your
eyes out for one more guy. Shoot him, then you're free to go from here.

At the top, you'll see El Dorado being slowly hoisted away. What you need to do
here should be fairly clear. Jump to it and get a scene. On to the final
chapter. Let's do this. 

                                   ___  ___  
                                  |__ \|__ \ 
                                     ) |  ) |
                                    / /  / / 
                                   / /_ / /_ 


Treasures - 0 (61/61)                  Weapons
---------------------                  -------
                                       SAS 12

As you gain control, take cover behind the crates. This final battle has an
easy sequence to it, you just have to learn the trick. In each small area, you
will face off against Navarro and his men. You can't hurt Navarro, so focus on
his men only. Once you defeat them all, Navarro runs off.

What you need to learn to watch for is Navarro's firing pattern. He shoots 
three times using blindfire. After that, there is a brief pause as Navarro pokes
his head out and lines up his fourth shot. His fourth shot doesn't miss, so if
you are poking out from cover when he makes this shot, you're done for. Always
duck when you see his laser sight. The blast can destroy your cover though,
so there is urgency to kill his men before you're exposed. 

Using the SAS 12 at a medium range against these guys with good protection isn't
easy. It'll take a few shots. Wait for openings and make your shots count.
If part of your cover is destroyed, use the other half. If that half is also
destroyed, move up to the crate on the left with an SAS 12 there. This also lets
you get closer and makes your shots a little more effective. 

Once all three guys are down, Navarro runs off. Swap the SAS 12 for an M4 and
take all the ammo for it here. Chase after Navarro and take cover in this next
area. Gun down the first guy who should be out in the open. The other two like
to jump out only when Navarro is making his fatal shot it seems, which you can't
take advantage of obviously. Wait it out just a bit and find some windows. If
you can't kill them in one burst, that's ok. Wait patiently and stay protected
when Navarro makes his laser sight shot. Eventually, you'll be able to defeat
one of them. 

This causes two more replacements to run out, making three total remaining.
Your cover will likely get destroyed, so quickly roll over to another crate and
use that. Blast these guys when they're exposed, but not when Navarro is making
his shot. He'll turn tail and flee again soon enough.

Grab all the ammo you can before moving on. You'll get a little cutscene and a
button prompt, so hit Circle when you pass through the next corridor. You'll
take a little damage so take cover immediately. 

Same deal here. Be patient and watch Navarro's laser sight. Empty as many
bullets as you can on guys and start knocking them out one by one. The less
enemies there are, the longer your cover will remain intact. Move when or before
it gives and stay alert. When you kill one, a replacement comes down the stairs.
Take them both out. After this, watch for an M79 guy above. Try to shoot him
right away before he blows your cover away. If he does, run away and get to a
new spot immediately. Take him out quickly and then Navarro runs off again.

Charge up the stairs immediately after him. This starts a quick cutscene. When
you gain control you're unarmed and that's bad. To succeed here you need to move
at the right time. Navarro fires twice, then lowers his arms and pauses. This
is your cue to move. If you don't, he fires a third time and kills you. Move
after the second shot, by rolling to the right with Circle. This lands you at
the next set of crates.

He'll make a shot but ignore it. Wait only for the two consecutive shots and
then him to lower his arms afterwards. When he does this, vault over the crates
and take cover at the last set. Wait one more time for two consecutive shots,
then pounce! Melee him with a Brutal Combo (the game will help you out here 
with obvious prompts). Navarro loses his gun but knocks Nate away.

When you get control here, run straight toward Navarro again before he can get
up. Melee him once again when you're in range. If you move too slow, it's
curtains. Unleash another Brutal Combo and that does it. 

You get a scene and then that's it. You're done!

Congratulations! You've beaten Uncharted!

5. Extras                                                                 [exra]

Here you can find a few other sections for more direct assistance in other
aspects of the game. Useful if you're looking for something that isn't 
walkthrough related. 


The Treasures are pointed out in the Walkthrough as they are found in order.
Here you can find a list for just the treasures, again, in order. Basically the
same details will be given with some slight alterations here and there. Since
this list is for the treasures and therefore isolated from the walkthrough, you
lose important surrounding information that you might learn by reading the

The List

Chapter 1 - Ambushed


Chapter 2 - The Search for El Dorado

[1] Silver Mosaic Inca Earring

From the beginning as you are walking with Sully, go forward through the jungle
just a bit. Look for a large rock platform on your right. Climb onto this and
then it should be pointed to another equally tall platform on the left side.
Jump to this one and there should be a slight drop from the top. As soon as you
drop down a few feet, turn around and you should find the treasure near a flat,
slanted rock. 

[2] Jeweled Silver Monkey

This will be in the area where Sully and Nate look for an entrance to the temple
and you as Nate have to climb up the surrounding ledges and pillars. Get to the
part where Nate almost loses his balance crossing a fallen pillar. As you come
to the top of the following pillar, look to the left and see another pillar that
is almost totally occupied by a tree. Jump to the open part of the edge and pull
yourself up. Search beside the tree to find the treasure. 

[3] Decorated Gold Ring

Go through the temple until you get to a small chasm with a pillar on the other
side. There will be a barrel right next to it you need to shoot to cross. If
you face the chasm and go to the far left wall and turn around, you should find
this treasure just near the edge. 

[4] Silver Llama

Right after solving the four switch puzzle and opening up the pit, you will
descend a bit, then push a switch to fill up the pit with more water so you can
drop down safely below. Swim through the water and when you get out, look for
a small alcove to the right to find this treasure. 

[5] Golden Inca Cup

After you cross the long wooden walkway/scaffolding Crash Bandicoot style, you
get a cutscene about El Dorado. Once you gain control, turn around and search
the wall, looking over to the left a little. You should see a rock with a 
skeleton sitting on it. Right there, you can find the treasure. 

[6] Silver Turtle 

Not far from the previous treasure. You'll follow the corridor until finally,
you get outside of the temple. Look immediately for a small slightly collapsed
pillar to your right. Use this to climb up and jump to the other pillars. At
the last one, you can claim this. 

Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find

[7] Gold Tairona Pendant

After you discover the boat, you'll swim past and start climbing up the cliffs.
You'll climb for a while until you get to a green and orange vine. Don't swing 
from this vine. Climb up it to the top and you can find the treasure up here. 

[8] Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring

When you finally get on top of the boat, ignore the hatch and instead go all
the way to the nose (front) of the boat. Right near the very tip, you will see
the glint of this treasure calling you. 

Chapter 4 - Plane-wrecked

[9] Silver Inca Figurine

At the very beginning of this chapter, turn around when you gain control. To
the right of the giant tree is where you'll find this. 

[10] Silver Fish Charm

From the landing site, just go forward and it won't be long until you can find
a small basin area with a pond and waterfall. On your left in this area is a
small niche with a tree. Just beside it is the treasure. 

[11] Gold Frog

Proceed further until you have to cross a log bridge. Before doing that, look
for a lower platform to the right. Drop down here and you should find the 

[12] Intricate Gold Ring

Eventually you'll drop into a large area where a big fight ensues with the
pirates. This includes some dropping down from a high platform. When the danger
is over, you can climb up a pillar and jump to this platform. As soon as you
do, look for the treasure in the top left corner, right in front of a small

[13] Patterned Silver Ring

After the previous treasure, you kick down a gate and get into it with even
more pirates. When you're done, you'll pass through a small doorway into yet
another area with more pirates. After you defeat this wave, go to the far wall
and climb up (there will be a lot of vines up here). Go to the left and the
treasure is right in front of a small opening. 

[14] Golden Jaguar

From the last treasure, you'll happen upon another group of pirates near some
small ruins. After you defeat them all, your destination is to the right through
a dark corridor. If you look to the left instead, you can find the treasure at
the top of the hill near the roots of the big tree. 

[15] Silver Inca Vessel

Go forward until you come to a small pit where a slanted rock leads you to a
jump to a fallen tree. If you drop down here and search over to the right, you
can locate this treasure. 

[16] Golden Toothpick

You'll have a large fight in the area where the planewreck is located. It will
end when a group of enemies bust open the door at the far end. Passing through
this doorway, turn to your right immediately. The treasure is there. 

[17] Silver Bird Vessel

After the previous treasure, you'll do some climbing and jumping. When you get
to the next cliff, the enemies lay in wait to the left in the jungle. If you
go to the right to the edge of the cliff though, that is where you'll find the
treasure. It's easy to miss because you'll find it just on the other side of a
large rock near the edge of the cliff. 

[18] Silver Inca Earring

In the forest, you'll find a large group of enemies and plenty of traps. After
you are clear of both, turn around. On the right is an incline leading to a 
small platform overlooking the area with the traps. On here is also where you
will find the next treasure. 

Chapter 5 - The Fortress

[19] Strange Relic

After you do a lot of platforming, you'll eventually come to a doorway and there
will be enemies on the other side. Clear them out, then go up a ramp to the top
of the surrounding wall. From the top of the ramp, go left toward the wall. You
want to find a small rooftop of a structure to the left. Jump to it and search
the corner here to find this secret treasure. 

[20] Silver Jaguar 

From the Strange Relic, return to the wall. Follow it down until you get to a
large pile of debris. Climb over this and find the little white tower on the
left. Step inside and you can find this. 

[21] Gold Mosaic Inca Earring

Not too far from there, you'll find an area to drop into. There will be a ramp
and staircase leading up to a tunnel-like entrance (in there are a lot of
enemies). Opposite from that entrance there are two similar openings with gates.
The one on the right (when facing both) has a ton of debris inside. Climb over
it and search over here for another treasure in hand. 

[22] Golden Spoon

You'll eventually enter a tunnel with water in it. A turret gunner will fire
on you. After dealing with him, you can climb into a side room. In the first
room, there is a staircase and to the left of the staircase, there are some
long rectangular boxes. The treasure is in the small space over here. 

Chapter 6 - Unlocking the Past

[23] Silver Inca Mask

After facing off with the pirates (that ambush Nate as he's looking at the map),
go upstairs and look for two large white trees near the edge of this platform.
Search just behind the second tree and it's right there. 

[24] Spanish Silver Coin

After you unlock the door, you come to an area where a large fight takes place
(there will be another turret at the far end, high up on the wall). After it's
over, go to the far wall and look for a dark gray platform with some plants on
it to the left. The treasure is here. 

[25] Silver Tairona Pendant

After dealing with some pirates in a long corridor, you'll pass by that turret
(and use it to kill more pirates). After that, follow the path down until you
drop down from a broken staircase. Turn right from here and you'll be in a small
room with a stack of crates on your right. If you turn around and look to the
left of the small staircase you entered from, the treasure is there. 

[26] Gold Llama

Eventually, you'll come to a large destroyed staircase (which makes a very large
gap). You have to climb onto the white and brown pillar to your right and use it
to jump across to the platform above. Before climbing any further, go to the
left where there are a lot of plants and debris. Climb over this stuff and find
the treasure in the corner. 

Chapter 7 - Out of the Frying Pan


Chapter 8 - The Drowned City

[27] Decorated Silver Ring

After you get out of the water, you come to an area with some enemies. As you
enter, if you turn right and just go straight to the wall, you can find the
treasure in the corner. 

[28] Silver Frog

After getting off the jetski and leaving Elena behind, you'll cross a bridge
to where more pirates are gathered. Turn this corner, defeat all the enemies,
including an M79 guy. Go past them to a doorway where more enemies lurk on the
other side. It's beyond this doorway, in this little sub-area. Search in the
top right corner and you can find it. 

Chapter 9 - To the Tower

[29] Golden Fish Charm

You'll come to a building where a lot of pirates will be standing outside (you
can see a lot of barriers in this area). Fight your way to the entrance but do
not go in just yet. Search to the left of the entrance and you should find this
around a stone wall. 

Chapter 10 - The Customs House

[30] Jeweled Golden Brooch

You can get this in the previous chapter, it doesn't matter. Anyway, at the
doors where you let in Elena, stand there and look to the top left corner. You
can find it in the corner of the lower part of this room, in that corner from
the doors. 

[31] Silver Belt Buckle 

After a scene, you'll go up the stairs where a lone enemy is. Defeat him, then
take cover at the doorway. In the next room are a lot of pirates. After you
defeat them, go up the staircase across from the doorway and in one of the
corners here before you get up to the walkway, you'll find the treasure. 

Chapter 11 - Trapped

[32] Spanish Gold Coin

After the cutscene where Elena tries to show Nate her camera, go up the stairs,
to fight more pirates. There will be a staircase that splits in two directions.
Take the right staircase and it leads to a tiny platform where you should easily
locate the treasure. 

[33] Silver Spanish Chalice

Get another cutscene, this one where Elena loses her camera. After that, go
down the next staircase and turn left to go down the main staircase. Turn around
and face the stairs. On the right of the main staircase is a small area you can
search in. The treasure is waiting for you there. 

[34] Gold Coatimundi

You'll drop out of the building and enter a tunnel leading to a small cave-like
area. There will be an enemy who likely has his back turned, plus one more on
the staircase in the back. Across from where you enter there is a stack of boxes
and behind it, you will find the treasure. 

Chapter 12 - Heading Upriver


Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?

[35] Golden Turtle

From where you get off the jetski at the start of this chapter, go up the stairs
and turn to find the door. Beyond it, you'll have to deal with a few enemies.
After them, go to the bridge right near there. There is a small broken section
in the bridge. Stand here and look over the left side. You can see a small area
with a waterwheel. Drop down to the ledge just beside the waterwheel (closest
to the bottom of the bridge) and you can find the treasure here. 

[36] Silver Inca Cup

You can find this one after that creepy cutscene with the booby trap. Just past
there you will approach a large staircase. If you drop into the canal under this
staircase, the treasure is on a small rock. 

[37] Jeweled Silver Cross

After you enter the courtyard, deal with all the enemies. Go up the staircase
and do a little platforming to ultimately find yourself on the other side of
the courtyard wall. You need to find the large pile of explosive barrels. Face
the barrels and go to the far right. The treasure is in the corner here. 

[38] Silver Toothpick

This and the next two treasures will be in the very large area where you have
to fend off numerous enemies outside the library, including a few laser sight
guys in the high windows. If you backtrack to the ramp you used to enter this
area, face the ramp and climb up the railing to the left. Go around this corner
and the treasure is there. 

[39] Gold Spanish Chalice

From where you enter, go left and go all the way down, past another very large
staircase (the monastery) and to the wall. Turn left again and you can find the
treasure over here in front of a large pile of rubble. 

[40] Silver Coatimundi

From where you enter, go diagonally across the courtyard to that tunnel-like
entrance. It's where one of the M79 guys comes from during the fight. On the
other end, look to the top left corner for this treasure. 

[41] Golden Cup and Cover

After you solve the puzzle in the library, you gain entrance to a secret room.
Go down here and look on the left wall for a painting. Face the painting and go
to the right. Search the wall (the same side the painting is on) just to the
right here and you should find it. 

Chapter 14 - Going Underground

[42] Golden Inca Vessel

At the start of the chapter, go down the stairs but not all the way. Turn right
when you enter the room and look for a ledge to climb onto. The treasure is over

[43] Golden Skull

You'll come to a cavern area. You need to shimmy around all the ledges and then
eventually you can climb onto the platform with a staircase. Stop here and look
at the waterfall to the left of the staircase. Walk over here and stand under
the waterfall to grab the Treasure. 

[44] Silver Snuff Box

Go up the stairs and eventually emerge inside the monastery. As soon as you get
up here, move toward the camera and you can search inside a little nook here to
find the this. 

[45] Silver Spanish Goblet

After ringing the two bells, you open up a secret room. Climb down and drop
from the ladder. In the next small room, you can find this behind the large
sarcophagus on the left. 

[46] Silver Ingot

Go through the underground cavern until you get to a small room in which you
view a cutscene of Roman and Navarro. AFter that, jump the next gap and then
drop over the far side of the platform (it's the area beside the staircase) and
the treasure is located here. 

[47] Gold and Ruby Inca Mask

At the end of th cavern you'll go up a staircase to a tiny room with a crank and
a door. Turn left in this room and look beside the door to find this treasure. 

Chapter 15 - On the Trail of the Treasure

[48] Gold Inca Figurine

At the very start of the chapter you'll be facing a staircase. Look to the
right of the right post on the staircase, amongst a tree and other things. This
one is easily found here. 

[49] Golden Bird Vessel

Get to the part where you drop through a window and have to face some enemies
in a corridor. Defeat them and go all the way down this corridor to a doorway.
Turn left and follow the path to the top right corner (right near a gap) and the
treasure is on the ground here. 

[50] Golden Spanish Goblet

Eventually you'll come to a room on the second floor of the monastery. Two 
enemies stroll in from the right. Defeat them and enter that small room. Easily
locate this treasure. 

[51] Jeweled Golden Cross

Open the secret room inside the apse area of the monastery (by using the two
key levers). Make your way inside here and go to the far right. This treasure is
on the floor in front of the wall. 

[52] Silver Skull

After you climb out of the monastery, you come to a courtyard where a big
gunfight ensues. Go to the top right corner of the lower field here. There is 
a small mausoleum. The treasure can be found in the narrow space between it and
the wall. 

[53] Golden Inca Mask

Go up the stairs from the previous treasure and defeat the enemies here. You
can see the doors leading to the vault building. Ignore them and go to the right
past them. You'll see another mausoleum. Search behind the tombstone to the left
and you can find this treasure. 

Chapter 16 - The Treasure Vault

[54] Silver Cup and Cover

In the vault area, go down the stairs to the right. Follow the V plate and then
ignore the II plate and go past it. Turn right and look for the staircase. Go
up it and down this path until you find the treasure. 

[55] Jeweled Silver Brooch

This will be near the second torch you encounter. You reach it by going to the
top of a staircase. Stop right in front of the torch and look to Nate's left.
There is a pillar with a III plate. To the left of it is a small wooden platform
that you can jump to from the top of the staircase. Do so and grab the treasure

[56] Gold Snuff Box

Keep going until you go up the first wooden spiraling walkway. Eventually you
will go up and around and down to an area with two enemies. Defeat them both,
and then go down the stairs halfway. Turn right and you should see the platform
you need to jump to with the treasure. To get to it, climb a post on the stairs
and carefully drop over the other side. Angle yourself and then jump to the

Chapter 17 - The Heart of the Vault


Chapter 18 - The Bunker

[57] Gold Monkey Figurine

After you're done with all the platforming, you enter the dark corridors.
Down the first one, three of the creatures attack you. Turn right here and go
straight down from here. More creatures attack. Turn left at the end and in
front of a large pile of rubble, the treasure can be found. 

Chapter 19 - Unwelcome Guests

[58] Golden Seadragon Pendant

Go through the level until you finally reach the area with all the containers
where Roman's men are duking it out with the creatures. Defeat the enemies
inside the container area. Look for a pile of five containers on the left side
and climb it. From here, jump to the stack of two containers in the center. Jump
again now to another stack on the right side where the treasure is. 

Chapter 20 - Race to the Rescue

[59] Gold Ingot

At the start of the chapter, turn around and go around the pit you just climbed
out of. Find this treasure to the left of a large slanted rock. 

Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones

[60] Golden Skull Rosary

Go through the catacombs with Sully until you find a slightly bigger room (as
compared to the others at least) with two sarcophagi facing each other. Search
in front of the one on the right for this one.

[61] Sapphire and Silver Mask

In the very next room from the last treasure, search behind the central pillar.
Easy find. 

Chapter 22 - Showdown



This is a Trophy list for the game. The Trophies are organized by their value,
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Following the list, you can find a few tips for
some tricky ones that might help you in getting them. Note that the Trophies for
Uncharted also correspond to the already existing in-game medals. 


Trophy: First Treasure
Unlocked: Find one treasure

Trophy: Beginner Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find five treasures

Trophy: Novice Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 10 treasures

Trophy: Enthusiast Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 15 treasures

Trophy: Intermediate Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 20 treasures

Trophy: Skilled Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 25 treasures

Trophy: Proficient Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 30 treasures

Trophy: Advanced Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 35 treasures

Trophy: Professional Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 40 treasures

Trophy: Senior Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 45 treasures

Trophy: Expert Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 50 treasures

Trophy: Crack Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find 55 treasures

Trophy: Relic Finder
Unlocked: Find the Strange Relic

Trophy: Brutal Brawler
Unlocked: Kill five enemies with a brutal combo

Trophy: Steel Fist
Unlocked: Kill five enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with 

Trophy: Headshot Expert
Unlocked: Kill five enemies in a row with headshots

Trophy: 10 Headshots
Unlocked: Kill 10 enemies with headshots

Trophy: 30 Headshots
Unlocked: Kill 30 enemies with headshots  

Trophy: Dyno-Might!
Unlocked: Kill three enemies with one explosion

Trophy: Expert Dyno-Might
Unlocked: Kill three enemies with one explosion five times

Trophy: Run-and-Gunner
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with the L1 

Trophy: Hangman
Unlocked: Kill 10 enemies by aiming while hanging from a ledge

Trophy: Grenade Hangman
Unlocked: Kill 10 enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging from a ledge 

Trophy: 50 Kills: PM - 9mm
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the PM - 9mm

Trophy: 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm

Trophy: 50 Kills: Micro - 9mm
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm

Trophy: 20 Kills: Wes - 44
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies with the Wes - 44

Trophy: 20 Kills: Desert - 5
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies with the Desert - 5

Trophy: 30 Kills: MP40
Unlocked: Kill 30 enemies with the MP40

Trophy: 50 Kills: AK-47
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47

Trophy: 50 Kills: M4
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the M4

Trophy: 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper
Unlocked: Kill 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

Trophy: 50 Kills: Moss - 12
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the Moss - 12

Trophy: 50 Kills: SAS - 12
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies with the SAS - 12

Trophy: 30 Kills: M79
Unlocked: Kill 30 enemies with the M79

Trophy: 20 Kills: Mk-NDI
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades


Trophy: Master Fortune Hunter
Unlocked: Find all 60 treasures 

Trophy: Brutal Slugger
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies with a brutal combo

Trophy: Brutal Expert
Unlocked: Kill five enemies in a row with a brutal combo

Trophy: Stealth Attacker
Unlocked: Kill 20 enemies melee-attacking from behind 

Trophy: Steel Fist Expert
Unlocked: Kill five enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them 
up with gunfire

Trophy: 100 Headshots
Unlocked: Kill 100 enemies with headshots 

Trophy: Survivor
Unlocked: Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying

Trophy: Charted! - Easy
Unlocked: Finish the game in Easy Mode


Trophy: Charted! - Normal
Unlocked: Finish the game in Normal Mode

Trophy: Charted! - Hard
Unlocked: Finish the game in Hard Mode

Trophy: Charted! - Crushing
Unlocked: Finish the game in Crushing Mode


Trophy: Platinum
Unlocked: Platinum 

(The Platinum has a very unique name and description huh? Haha)


Coming soon


Coming soon

5. Miscellaneous                                                          [misl]

The other stuff that makes this guide what it is. Questions, important info, and
legal stuff are all found here. Yeah, the boring stuff. 

Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
1) If I beat the game on Normal or Hard, do I get the medals/Trophies for the
lower difficulties?
A) Yes. If you beat the game on Normal, you get the Normal and Easy Trophies at
the same time. 

2) Is there an option to carry more weapons?
A) No, but if you unlock the weapon select cheat, that gives you access to any
weapon on the fly

3) Where can I find ________ treasure?
A) Refer to the Walkthrough or the Treasure List. I do my best with descriptions
but it can be tough sometimes. 

Credits/Special Thanks
Let's see here...

-GameFAQs first and foremost, as always, for many reasons

-Naughty Dog for a great game, and for making enjoyable games since Crash

-YYZed for his Treasure FAQ which helped me get a few of the ones I was missing
back when I first played through the game

Contact Info
Should you need to get in contact with me, I have my primary e-mail listed
below. If you have questions, concerns or coments, feel free to drop me a line.
If you have something to submit, I ask that you read my policy below. 

I prefer getting e-mails that have clear subject titles. Anything along the
lines of "Uncharted guide" or "Uncharted FAQ" or whatever will do. I absolutely
hate getting e-mails like "HELP!!!!!" and such and I tend to ignore them for a
while because they really annoy me. 

When it comes to submitting tips or strategies, please leave me a screen name
or other alias you go by. I do not publish people's real names or e-mail
addresses in my guide. I refuse. Please leave me something to credit you with
if I decide to do so. I credit for most important tips and strategies. I do not
credit for typos or fixes. If you don't leave one, I usually will try to e-mail
you back to get one. If you fail to respond, I will not use the info you 
submitted. Sorry. 

That's about all.

E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

Legal Malarky
This guide is solely my creation. Please do not copy this and pass it off as
your own work or post it on your site without permission. If you wish to host,
please contact me first for approval, unless you've already been preapproved by
me. I ask that all information in this guide remain completely unchanged. As of
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