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Weapon/Extras Guide by silverdoglover

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/16/08

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3) Weapons and extras guide/FAQ

Version 1.0  I did it in one session, ain't I good ;+)

Copyright 2008 Christopher Lane

Email: chrissilverdogs(at)yahoo(dot)com 
(Just copy and paste the address and put the correct symbols in)

Guide note: If you see - ND - in the guide its just short for
Naughty Dog the games developers, I can be lazy at times you see xD
Version History

1.0 - Uploaded everything in one go =)
PLEASE NOTE!!! If you have not yet finished this brilliant 
game I should warn you there are many spoilers in this guide
so please read no further as the story is one of the 
games strongest points.


Note - press ctrl and f together to enter the 'find' widow and just simple
enter the code of what you want to read/visit first e.g. for weapons guide
you would enter 2.01 

Introduction - 1.01

Weapons Guide - 2.01

Hand-to-hand combat - 2.02

Handgun weapons - 2.03 

Rifle weapons - 2.04

Hand Grenades - 2.05

Turret Guns - 2.06

Characters - 3.01

Extras and Unlockables - 4.01

Treasures - 4.02

Medals - 4.03

Rewards and cheats - 4.04

My review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 5.01

Closing comments - 5.02

Contact info - 5.03

Legal mumbo jumbo - 5.04
1.01 Introduction
Hey guys and gals this is my first ever guide so sit back, get a drink and
enjoy. Any comments, compliments, or heaven forbid complaints don't be 
afraid to drop me a line. I'll get back as soon as I can, after all it 
only takes a couple of mins to reply to an email right? Anyway onto the 
game and what a game it is! The best PS3 game I've played 
to date and easily a console seller and desider. Well what do you expect? 
Naughty Dog made it and they have been making cracking good games 
since the 90's with the Crash Bandicoot's on the PS1 
(ahhh... has a nastalgic moment) then Jak and Dexter's on PS2 and now 
we have arguably the best of the lot, Uncharted on the PS3 and yes its 
planned to be a series just like Naughty Dog's other ventures. 
Hope so anyway :+). 

When I first got on Uncharted I just knew it was a special game. 
You know the kind, the ones that drain all your free time, you 
tell all your friends about it and show them why they so need 
to get it and it also makes you play it through numerous times. Oh damn you 
Uncharted, damn you =p! And it isn't just a visual masterpiece 
(I'd say the prettiest next-gen yet) that drags you in the screen 
and makes you feel part of the whole game, its also got a fantastsic 
and gripping story with humerous and interesting characters to 
give it an even bigger impact on the player. And to top it off 
its the rightful owner of one of the best and most unique soundtracks 
I've heard in a game (in league of the God of War's and the Grand 
Theft Auto's). Hmm I'm forgetting something...? Oh thats it! 
Calling the gameplay fun, exciting and addictive is one hell of 
a understatment. This game is like a big mix of Tomb Raider, 
Indiana Jones, Gears of war and Sython filter with a nice big 
splash of Naughty Dog goodness (you can't deny that glint 
of Crash in Nate's face) which results in easily a must have game and 
maybe game of the year (2007-2008).

Anyhow enough praise for now and onto what this guide is about. 
Seeing as this is my first guide (and there is already 2 full 
walkthroughs on gamefaqs) I'm just going to do a weapons
and extras guide (some would call it a skeleton guide) 
which will include all the groovy weapons explained in full detail 
to my best ability (I'm a bit of a gun nut, Note: I said nut not 
nutter =p, the guns always seem to grab my attention and this game 
was a real treat for me!). I'll also be explaining the medals, 
rewards, characters and story, and giving you the few 
cheat codes there are, you gotta do it the hard way with 
this game! Hey chin up, you'll appreciate it more. Also I should tell 
you that I have completed this awesome game 3 times (once on Normal, 
once on Hard and once on Crushing "Ouch!") achieved all medals 
(1000 skill points), got all rewards and collected all 61 
treasures (yes 61, 60 treasures 1 relic). Now I'm not telling you 
this to brag, ok maybe a little bit =) but I'm also offering to help
anyone who is stuck at a certain point in the game, is after 
the last few treasures and is going
insane looking for them (an idea were it may be will help alot), 
needs any other help or advice with the game or just wants 
to chat about it is fine, get emailing.

Anyway I'm sure you would love to listen to me babble 
on about how great this game is and what not but I'm gonna 
start the guide now and begin with the weapons, enjoy!

2.01 The Weapons 
Uncharted is any gun lovers paradise, like me :+). Not 
only are there a fun and varied amount of toys to have 
fun with the other children in this playground of a game, 
but they are some of the most realistic gun replications 
I have seen in a game. From the way they look and feel to 
the amount of ammo that each weapon holds and the way they
reload (gotta love the AK47 reload). Also the damage, speed, 
accuracy and range are pretty much dead on with a few exceptions 
for gameplay enjoyment and difficulty. In this section I will be 
explaining each weapon including Nate's more err 'hands on' 
attacking. Its worth mentioning that Nate can hold 3 weapons 
which include one handgun type gun that goes in his holster. 
A rifle type of weapon that seems to hang off the back 
of his holster straps and hand grenades, 4 in total which are 
attached to his belt. Also the other space in your inventory 
is the ammo you have, you see this as two clip holders 
on the opposite side of the handgun holster. So get ready 
for some explosively shooting good info by 'wha' 
(for the less fluent thats me =p ).

2.02 Nathan's <aka> Nate's hand-to-hand combat:
What can I say? Nate's a strong fella as well as a pretty face 
(well according to my nan anyway?!). He can't half throw a good 
punch or two or three or maybe four depending how much you 
piss him off =p so don't be afraid to get in there and smash 
your enemies face around a bit. You have a good mix of
light, heavy and silent attacks at your disposal that 
range from punches, kicks, headbutts, knees, elbows 
and strangling for the silent yet deadly attack. This is
just 'nitty gritty' street fighting and Nate can do it 
with the best of them. Nate is always capable of fighting 
with his enemies (except the mutated spaniards at the end, not 
even Nate's that crazy!) so make sure you keep that in mind as 
fighting has saved my life many times when a gun just 
wasn't right for the situation. But don't get to crazy as 
just boxing your enemies to death is a shortcut to the big clouds 
in the sky yourself. The 3 main types of 
melee combat are follows:

1. light attacks e.g. fast yet weaker punches. To perform 
press square repeatedly.

2. Heavy attacks e.g. smash, smash, drop kick. To perform 
press square, /\ then square again, beware it has to be in a 
specific rhythm but once you learn it its easy to pull off.

3. Silent attack e.g. Neck break 'snappy snappy'. To perform 
creep silentley behind an enemy without him seeing you 
and press square for a silent and instant kill.

There are various medals associated with melee 
combat that inlude the following:

Brutal Brawler, 10 skill points. Kill 5 enemies 
with a brutal combo to achieve.  

Brutal Slugger, 30 skill points. Kill 20 
enemies with a brutal combo to achieve.

Brutal Expert, 40 skill points. Kill 5 enemies 
in a row with a brutal combo to achieve.

Stealth Attacker, 30 skill points. Kill 20 
enemies by melee attacking from behind 
i.e. stealth attack.

Steel Fist, 10 skill points. Kill 5 enemies 
with one punch after softening them up with gunfire

Steel Fist Expert, 40 skill points. Kill 5 
enemies in a row with one punch after softening them up.

2.03 Handgun weapons  
These are the weapons thats go in Nate's holster
on his chest. He holds them with one hand when moving and 
they can be fired while hanging off ledges and other similar
surfaces. You can have one, so choose wisely for the given

PM 9mm semi automatic pistol
Power - 5/10
Speed - 6/10
Range - High
Accuracy - High
Clip size - 8 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 40 
My personal rating - 8/10

Yeah yeah I know what your thinking... Its a pistol, 
how great can it be?? Well you will soon realise 
this is one of the best guns in the game if for 
nothing other than its reliability alone. This thing keeps 
you alive thorughout the beginning half of the game 
on any difficulty setting and is always available. 
This gun has a perfect mix of power, 
speed, accuracy and range to make it a solid choice 
for any situation. Also a perfect example of the
realism of the guns, I think its from the 
Walther PPK series made in Germany. You get this at the
beginning of the game, its your default weapon.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the PM 9mm,
10 skill points

92FS 9mm semi automatic pistol
Power - 7/10
Speed - 7/10
Range - Very High
Accuracy - Very High
Clip size - 15 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 60 
My personal rating - 10/10

My favourite weapon =) although it was a close call.
This is everything that the PM 9mm is but better, 
what more could you want eh? You get this throughout
the second half of the game and if you can resist the
ever powerful Desert Eagle then you will realise this
is much better and far more reliable in ammo and 
commonness. It has a great power factor and has a 
blisttering fire rate if you use it properly, add 
the top accuracy and range and you begin to realise
what a beast of a gun this is, oh and the fact it 
looks, sounds and feels just plain cool helps :-).
Also the 15 round mag and high ammo capacity helps
as well, although it doesn't last long with me >p. 
Again this is another realistic reincarnation of 
a Beretta 92. A solid gun that I can fully
recommend to any would-be explorer. You first get to use 
this gun with Elena on the Jet ski in Chapter 12.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS 9mm,
10 skill points

Wess 44 Revolver 
Power - 9/10
Speed - 5/10
Range - High
Accuracy - Medium
Chamber spaces - 6 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - ? Its very rare for you to get 
loads of magnum ammo becasue you change as soon 
as you have used it up to another pistol. 
I think I've had 12 rounds before? 
My personal rating - 8/10

"Now you gotta ask yourself one question! Are 6
powerful magnum rounds better than 40 pistol rounds?!
Well... are they? Punk!" Sorry couldn't resist =) But
there is some truth in that joke. This magnum is sheer 
power and can kill most enemies in one shot 
regardless of where their hit. The only exception 
is later on in the game when enemies have armour and  
are simply tougher, but you don't get this gun often
later on in the game as its swapped fror the Desert Eagle.
Never the less a powerhouse of a gun thats like a shotgun 
with good range and therefore most powerful when you get 
it at the beginning, I always pick it up and 
I recommend you do the same. This is an obvious
copy of a Colt Python Magnum with the famous .44 rounds
being used. A movie classic as I previously pointed out
and mocked. This becomes available pretty early from
both the ground and dead enemies.

Associated medal - Kill 20 enemies with the Wess 44 
Revolver, 10 skill points

Desert 5 semi automatic pistol
Power - 9/10
Speed - 6/10
Range - High
Accuracy - High
Clip size - 7 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - ? Its very rare for you to get 
loads of magnum ammo becasue you change as soon 
as you have used it up to another pistol. 
I think I've had 14 ronds before? 
My personal rating - 8/10

Made famous by blockbusters such as The Matrix, 
the Desert Eagle is a gas operated magnum 
that packs more punch than Rocky Marciano. 
This gun is just basically a better version
of the Wess 44 Revolver that replaces it during 
the second half of the game. 
A crowed favourite is the Desert Eagle 
because of its explosive power and high 
accuracy along with its meaty looks. All 
in all a great weapon choice that a lot of players
will choose for their pistol weapon near the end
of the game, which results in the neglect of
92FS 9mm handgun as its made commonly available 
at the same time. An easy and direct lift of the
.50 Desert Eagle in both looks and characteristics.
An interesting fact about the Desert Eagle is that
although its been used countless times in games and
films, its highly inpractical in real life because of
heavy weight and high costs. Making it 
rather uncommon to be used in real life 
for any use.

Associated medal - Kill 20 enemies with the Desert 5, 
10 skill points

Micro 9mm fully automatic pistol
Power - 6/10
Speed - 10/10
Range - Medium/High
Accuracy - Low
Clip size - 20 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 60 
My personal rating - 7/10

If this thing was any faster it would be dangerous!
Seriously though, this is one mean toy that the other
kids will be jealous of. Easily the fastest weapon just
like its even easier the least accurate weapon. But 
why worry about hitting your target when you can hit
five targets ;+) . Rather a rare gun compared to some 
others but when available it can be used to 
devastating effect, with its combined power and speed
this is a firm favourite of mine. Funny enough I never
really liked it at first but soon realised its 
potential and can recommend for use in nearly all 
circumstances, just not the long range ones. Its a
life like replica of the Micro Uzi, a rapid firing 
9mm pistol. This can be found in the middle 
stages of the game.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the Micro 9mm, 
10 skill points

Eddy's Golden gun
Power - 9/10
Speed - 6-7/10
Range - High - Very High
Accuracy - Medium - Very High
Clip size - 7 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - Its a special weapon that 
you get from the rewards screen but as far as I know
it has the same ammo as the Desert 5. If you have
unlocked this gun you also have unlocked 
unlimited ammo so this shouldn't be a problem. 
My personal rating - 10/10

Awesomness is the word that springs to mind 
when I think of this gun =) Its just like the 
Desert Eagle but looks so much better and
seems to have sligtly better statistics,
most notibly in the speed department. But that
increased speed can be its downfall caused by the
waryness of the aiming reticle when firing rapidly.
In english that means if your a mad shooter and get
carried away alot then you run the risk of 
lowering the accuracy of the weapon. Unlocking this
gun can be a challenge (you need 900 skill points!)
but the sheer coolness is a good enough reward for
your labor. And in case you were wondering 
(I know I was when I saw it in the rewards screen)
It doesn't seem much more powerful than the standard 
Desert 5 and if it is its not by much (it still 
takes two shots to the body on the enemies 
near the end of the game on the Crushing difficulty 
setting). All in all a groovy weapon that 
all players should get the chance to use at least 
once. Realism wise its just like a Desert eagle
thats coloured gold and seeing as Desert Eagles 
are for the more richer of gun buyers you can
imagine a golden designed Desert Eagle in the 
real world. Whether this is a reference to 
James Bond and the infamous golden gun is 
unknown, to me anyway :+( . But it wouldn't
surprise me with all the easter eggs and
references games make today even how out of place
that would be. Just thought I'd mention it.

2.04 Rifle Weapons
These are the bad boys of the game, the big guns that 
are somehow attached to Nate's holster straps on his 
back. These range from assault rifles to a Grenade
Launcher and everything in between. Like the handgun
weapon you can hold one of these but Nate uses both 
hands to hold it as your moving and 
you can't fire these while hanging onto ledges. 
Choosing the the correct main weapon is the difference
between life and death, so pick the right one.

AK47 Assault rifle   
Power - 6-7/10
Speed - 8/10
Range - High
Accuracy - Medium
Clip size - 30 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 90 
My personal rating - 8/10

Hell what self respecting shooting game would 
be without this? The classic and original 
assault rifle makes a bold apperance in Uncharted.
I have mixed feeling towards this weapon, sometimes
it can be really great and other times it can be 
equally awfull. The problem starts with its shakey
accuracy which seems to effect its power
(as you can tell by my indicisiveness above
considering its power). At long ranges it just gets 
worse and worse although the actual range is good, 
after all its a rifle. Its the speed what effects 
the accuracy mainly because its a very fast weapon, 
fully automatic, just pull the trigger and go. Which results 
in shakey but rapid fire that will take 
down most enemies in no time, or in the worst 
cases can take half a mag casued by the bad accuracy.
You get this weapon very early in the game, in fact its 
the first big gun you get. It appears throughout the
whole game but mainly at the beginning when its at its
strongest use. Even after that rather negative 
explanation I still highly recommend you look at this as
your default rifle weapon at the beginning of the game
simply because of its reliability, high popularity
nice mix of speed, range and coolness, its an AK
for crying out loud. Realism wise, well this was the 
gun that made me realise how realistic the guns were.
The look, sound, feel, reload, clip size and yes
accuracy all contribute to the realism of this gun.
Its an excellent replica of what an AK47 is really 
like except for the power which is a bit 'iffy'. 
But that seems to be caused by...? You guessed it,
the crap accuracy.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the AK47, 
10 skill points

M4 Assault rifle
Power - 7/10
Speed - 9/10
Range - Very High
Accuracy - Very High
Clip size - 32 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 96 
My personal rating - 10/10

Say hello to my not so little M4! Put simply, 
the best assault rifle in the game and a top 
contender for the overall best gun. This is 
everything the AK47 is but much better. A deadly mix
of power, speed, accuracy and range makes this a 
force to be reconed with. Add a slighlty bigger
clip than the AK and there you have it, a monster
amongst the guns available. I really can't
credit this gun enough...this gun is bloody awesome!
You first get it just at the end of the island section
with all the pirates (chapter 10 just before Elena shows 
you the footage of Sully with Roman and Navarro). Its a 
straight lift of the M4 Assault rifle so it looks 
almost as cool as it shoots! A must on the harder
difficulties even if you don't like it, it's high stats
will keep you alive.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the M4, 
10 skill points

MP40 Submachine gun
Power - 7/10
Speed - 8/10
Range - Very High
Accuracy - High - Very High
Clip size - 35 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 105 
My personal rating - 9/10

The M4 of its day, now its only good for a submachine 
gun, it wouldn't if I had my way. A really cool 
gun that you get late in the game to tackle 
the spaniard mutants in the tunnels of the 
generator rooms. Has the power of an M4, has the 
range on an M4 but just can't meets its speed or
accuracy. It does have a bigger clip though which 
really helps against those freaks in the tunnels, 
the less reloading down there the better. A top 
choice for any situation, shame you only get 
limited use of it. I'm no historian but this 
is the machine gun the germans used in 
World War II and seems to be a highly accurate 
replication of it. A very fun gun to use, give 
it a try when you get to the tunnels.

Associated medal - Kill 30 enemies with the MP40, 
10 skill points

Moss 12 Shotgun
Power - 6-8/10
Speed - 3/10
Range - Poor
Accuracy - High (it spreads so missing is hard)
Shell capacity - 6 shells
Maximum ammo capacity - 18 
My personal rating - 7/10

If you could blow heads off in this game, this
would be the tool to do it with! Pure power thats
spread with pellets which is hidden inside 
each shell. Shotguns are famous for stopping power
and this one is no different, with it showing 
this fact off by being one of the most 
powerful weapons in the game, if 
used correctly. A shotguns power relies on it 
being used at close range were its most 
deadly but at long ranges it can be as 
weak as a pistol. This is why its power 
stat is varied, at close range it can
be very powerful (an 8) and kill in one shot 
but at long ranges it may only hurt and have 
rather little effect (a 6). But once you 
understand this and accept its 
strengths (brute force) and weaknessnes
(turd at long distances) you can really
harness it to your own advantage.

A perfect example of this would be 
waiting around a wall in cover mode
and out-wait your enemies so they give 
up and come after you. And as they get closer
just quickly pop out of your hiding spot and...
BANG! His guts are all over the beautiful
jungle scenery. This is a complete life saver
on 'Crushing' as just a few shots and your
brown bread so hiding behind cover with a 
'shotty' waiting for the idiots to come 
hunting you just for then to be blown away
can be a very smart move. Naturally the
accuracy it very good because of the 
spread effect this boomstick has. So even
if your a crap shot its hard to miss with
this gun, just make sure your close to them.
As for the speed, well its a shotgun so it
has a huge kickback and then a pump-reload to
chamber another shell, all that pretty much
equals a slow reload but it compensates for 
this in other areas, just be aware of this.
This gun is a very accurate replica of what
seems to be a Mossberg Maverick shotgun. 
Obviously a sawn-off with no arm rest, just
a handle. I'm not 100% sure with this as 
I ain't no gun expert, I just like them. But
this seems to be the one its based on, either 
way it looks really cool in the game. Oh and 
you get this at the beginning of the game along
with AK47.

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the
Moss 12 Shotgun, 10 skill points

SAS 12 Shotgun
Power - 7-9/10
Speed - 4/10
Range - Low
Accuracy - High (it spreads so missing is hard)
Shell capacity - 8 shells
Maximum ammo capacity - 21 (thats the most 
I've ever got) 
My personal rating - 8/10

I was never a fan of this gun (hated the look 
of it }p ) But just like the Micro 9mm it 
grew on me, in a big way. Its just like the
Moss but better even in the evil range 
department. Altough its modeled off the
Spas 12 semi-auto shotgun (and very 
well at that) it can't be used in 
auto mode (unlike Navarro who 
can and does in chapter 22) it is still a great
upgrade from the Moss for the shotgun lovers 
and users for the later stages of the game. 
Nothing else I can really say about this that I 
havn't already said in the Moss 12 section 
(above) as its just the same with better power,
range and seems to have slightly faster firing 
rate. Oh and lets not forget the higher shells it 
can hold. Overall the ultimate close range weapon
in the game. 

Associated medal - Kill 50 enemies with the
SAS 12 Shotgun, 10 skill points

Dragon Sniper
Power - 10/10
Speed - 3/10
Range - Extreme
Accuracy - Extreme
Clip size - 5 rounds
Maximum ammo capacity - 10 (like the magnum
its a use and drop gun as ammo is in
low and rare amounts) 
My personal rating - 9/10

'Take aim and...Pop goes the weasel!' or in this 
case the head, ear, wig etc... Yes this is the 
sniper rifle of the game and a sniper rifle it
certainly is. This is easily one of the best guns
in the game which explains its rarity, so when
you do get it you want to make good use of it. You 
tend to recieve it when enemies are either hard 
to hit or far away. In any case this weapon is a 
joy to use whether its for long range attacks or
close combat (obviously its more suited 
for long range) and is a highly effective killing
machine if you can hit your target, anywhere it
doesn't matter because if the bullet hits them?
Their dead! Yeah that 10 isn't there for nothing,
this is the most powerful gun in the game so 
its devastatingly good fun all round. 

The speed of the gun is slow yet irrelevant 
except in the uncommon case of missing 
your target, which is reduced by the fact 
this is the most accurate 
weapon in the game because of the built on scope.
This scope really helps when it comes to hitting 
your target as it zooms in enough for further
away targets but gives you a wide enough view for
closer targets which just adds to the excellence
of this gun. As for the ammo issue and I'm not
sure if there is even an issue as the clip is a 
perfect size for a semi auto sniper rifle, but 
the amount of ammo available is rather on the 
shortish side. This is probably because if there
was loads of ammo you would get though the game
with ease, even on the harder difficulties.
So you get the gun when its suited for the 
situation and you need a helping hand to 
progress in the game. This gun is a firm
favourite of mine and will quickly become
one of your's, I fully recommend you swap
any big weapon you have when the 
opportunity arises for this monster of a 
shooter. This seems to be a closely 
replicated Dragunov SVD of Russian
origin and is a favourite of many snipers.

Associated medal - Kill 30 enemies with the
Dragon Sniper, 10 skill points

M79 Grenade Launcher
Power - 10/10
Speed - 1/10
Range - Extreme
Accuracy - Extream (Its an explosive!)
Shell capacity - 1 shell
Maximum ammo capacity - 3 
My personal rating - 10/10

"KABOOM!" "AHHHHH!" and "WHAAAAA!" are
the sort of sounds and noises you will 
most likly hear when using this 'stick
of death' as a weapon or for your 
own personal amusement =) . Originally
used in the Vietnam War and nick named
the 'Blooper' for the distinctive noise
it made when fired (not apparent in the
actual game). The only rival this weapon 
has is the Dragon sniper but not even that
can match the brute force, power and 
coolness of this beast of a weapon. If the shell
actually hits someone its gameover for them
and any unlucky moron that may get in the 
way of the explosion (Nate included) is either
severely hurt or added to the body count. 
Combine that evil yet awesome chracteristic
with seemingly infinite range and deadly
splash effect i.e. its hards to miss and 
you can pretty much go round saying
" I am Invincible!"...until you have 
to reload! And damn what a long reload it is,
painfully long infact and can be the cause 
of your death if some sneaky git comes behind
you with a shotgun and blows you away as your 
in the middle of it. 

Another down side is the
low ammo that Nate carries with him, only 3
grenade shells. But if you know what your doing 
and arn't stupid with it (you know? wasting
a round just to see an enemy fly across the 
room. Although it is tempting ;+) ) you can 
kill more enemies with that one grenade shell
that you could with 90 AK47 rounds. Ok slight
exaggeration but its still a demon of a firearm,
that can kill far more enemies in one round than 
any other gun or weapon (well besides the hand 
grenades but there essentially the same thing).
You get this weapon throughout the whole game 
whether its off a dead corpse or found its
pretty common considering the deadlyness
of it. You more than not get it with all 3 shells
but I have come acrros a few with just 1 shell in 
it (these are usually the ones that are put there
for a specific reason e.g. kill an enemy behind a 
life draining turret gun as quick as possible). 
To summarise I can safely say this is the best 
weapon in the game closely followed by the Dragon
sniper and M4, but not even those two can match this
merciless killing machine. Highly recommended
by the top health and safety regulators
for all your scum bag infestation needs! 
As briefly mentioned this was used in 
vietnam and is still used today, and has 
been replicated brilliantly except for the lack
of long shoulder rest (like a shotgun would have)
and is missing that really dudey and distinct
sound when a grenade is fired. But other than 
that its a very accuarte replication of the 

Associated medals: 

Kill 30 enemies with the
M79 Grenade Launcher, 10 skill points

Dyno-might! Kill 3 enemies with one explosion,
10 skill points

Elite Dyno-might! Kill 3 enemies with one 
explosion 5 times, 30 skill points

2.05 Hand Grenades
Power - 10/10
Speed - 1/10
Range - High
Accuracy - Low-High (depends on your skill)
Amount armed - 1 at a time 
Maximum capacity - 4
My personal rating - 8/10

The Hand grenades are in a catergory of their own
and can be either really useful or really useless
depending on how and where you use them. They are
just bog standard frag grenades that can blow 
enemies a new one or two depending on whether
you are either smart enough to throw to your 
enemies movement and/or predicted movement or
your enemies are smart enough to move out of the
blast radius. As you can see they are equally as 
powerful as the Grenade launcher (ther essentially
the same thing) and equaly as slow but are 
obviously much harder to damage your target with. 
This is because the grenade takes a few seconds to
detonate whereas the launcher goes bang instantly
on contact. Add the fact that you have to aim
the grenades (both correct height and 
desired landing spot) and you quickly relise how
hard it can be to use the grenades effectivly.
Oh and did I mention that you have to use the 
Sixaxis function to control the height you desire?
Yes, this can either makes things worse or more fun 
and interactive (I personally think the latter).

Now if you can get over some of the possible
drawbacks and look at the strengths such as
high availability, sheer power and 
reliability then you will start to love them and
use them quite often. These little gems have 
saved my well-toned behind many times and 
shouldn't be underestimated until you have 
fully mastered them. At which time you will have
realised like I did how handy these hand grenades 
can really be =) . Anyway since you always have them
available to you and don't have to swap them for 
something else you can always go back to them and you 
will be greeted with a beautiful fireworks 
display that may contain dead bodies and body
parts ;+) . As far as realism goes I'm not sure what 
model grenade they are except just 'frag' 
grenades. But as for the effect they are spot on,
even the after dust is realistic which just looks
groovy and a lot of fun to watch as they are to 

Associated medals: 

Dyno-might! Kill 3 enemies with one explosion,
10 skill points

Elite Dyno-might! Kill 3 enemies with one 
explosion 5 times, 30 skill points

Grenade hangman. Kill 10 enemies while hanging
from a ledge with a hand grenade, 10 skill 

2.06 Turret Guns
Power - 8/10
Speed - 9/10
Range - High
Accuracy - Medium-High
Clip/Ammo capacity - Unlimited
My personal rating - 6/10

There are a few turret guns layed thorughout
the adventure that Nate can use as a weapon
after any other occupant has been blown off.
They have high fire power and speed which is 
to be expected from a turret. They also have 
good range and accuracy for a big automatic 
weapon. Thats all that can be said about 
these, oh and they have unlimited ammo (not
that you will be using it enough to burn up 
any ammo limit ther could be). I don't 
really like using these, I like playing with
the many other toys that are available to you
so its rare that I jump on one. Realism wise 
its as realistic as you'd expect for a turret
gun but I can't give you a specific model or
any info like that for this one. I do appologise
your greatness!?! ;+)

Phew! Thats all the weapons done, I hope you got 
some useful info or advice you needed and
just basically enjoyed the read.

3.01 Characters and their story    
Uncharted is full of interesting and usually funny 
charcters which is no surprise as its Naughty 
Dogs way. Each one has their own personalities 
and reason for being apart of this disaster 
of a nice weekend in the sun ;-) . Here I will 
explain every main character and their role 
in this tale.

Nathan Drake 'aka' Nate 
Nathan is a decendent of Sir Francis Drake and what 
a guy he is? he fully deserves the top spot of this 
game. How could you not love him? He's funny, smart, 
charasmatic, a flirt and not bad looking (the miss 
Croft for the ladies I would say, my nan agrees to =)
). ND have done a great job in making another lead role
that you not only enjoy playing as but actually care 
about and want to know all you can about him. He 
reminds me abit of Indianna Jones but younger and with 
a make over ND style (yes I noticed that glipse of Crash
Bandicoot in him as well) also he avoids a lot of the 
cliques of this genre and becomes his own person with his 
own unique chracteristics without feeling in the wrong 
place/game. He's also very loyal to the peaople he cares 
about, just look at the relationship him and Sully have,
but will rip anyone he doesn't like to pieces (both 
verbally and physically). Overall a brilliant character
that doesn't come along very often and gets more and more 
interesting the further you get into the game. He's in 
this mess because he enjoys the thrills and spills of 
exploring and when he gets wind on being a decended of
Sir Francis Drake from the ring attached around his neck
he quickly decides to head for the location it states.
There he finds what is supposed to be Sir Francis's 
coffin but is later discovered to just be totally empty
beshides his note book with all his life's findings. And 
with that Nate sets off on the long and tretcherous
journey to find El Dorado!

Victor Sullivan 'aka' Sully
Sully is Nate's cigar smoking 
best friend and one time mentor, altough 
age is catching up to him he can still give 
Nate a run for his money. A brilliant character 
and funny personality to boot. Sully is the type 
of guy that will grab what he can while he can 
and leave most people behind while their 
choking on his dust. Age and smoking 10 a day 
may have affected him physically but he's 
still as witty and clever as he was 
in his younger days. He's in most of the game
along side Nate while their searching for the lost
city of gold, or thats what they think? Gold
being the only word Sully hears in that sentance
as he's got himself into some serious debt and 
needs high amounts of cash FAST! Hence why he's so
determined to get on with the journey asap. At the
end of the day Sully is a top man that would make a
loyal friend and strong companion, so he's well 
suited to this story.

Elena Fisher
Elena was mainly put in this game for comedy and
sexual tension between her and Nate, and it worked
a charm. Elena is a reporter thats following Nate 
for the story of a life time but guns, explosions 
and monsters of the deep were something she wasn't 
quite expecting. She adds a female touch to the game
and many hillarious dialogue between her and Nate.
She's a bit of a tom boy and can more than hold her 
own which in the process avoids the damsel in distress
clique for a rough and tough partner scenario. Elena
is the reason Nate found Sir Francis's coffin as she
and her company funded the search in return for filming
it and making a fresh and exciting story. That desire
for a story is what drives her to follow Nate and Sully 
even after them leaving her behind on an island dock, and
in the process saves Nates ass and helps him to find El 
Dorado throughout the rest of the game.

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Francis is a legend to the English but a pirate and 
the devil to the Spanish and is the main theme and cause 
of the story. Even though you never meet him alive 
he has huge influence on Nate and his current 
adventure. You later realise that he eventually found
El Dorado and did what he could to prevent it from getting 
in the wrong hands, why? Play the game to found out!

Gabriel Roman  
Gabe is the main bad guy throughout the majority of the
story and you get to know him and what he does as the 
story unfolds. He's an explorer, the business kind
whereas Nate is the lifestyle and living for it kind.
Sully owes this guy loads of money and seeing as Gabe 
had a hit out on Sully, he tells him about Nate's new
discovery and that their on the find of a lifetime.
This made Gabe very curious to find out what he meant
especially seeing that Sully has made similar promises
in the past that he failed to deliver. So Gabe and his
right hand man Navarro follow them and eventually catch
up just as Nate is coming out of the German u-boat in
the middle of the jungle (as you do). 
They then have a little conversation which results in
a complete change in the story and for seeable outcome.
Gabe isn't that bad a guy he just wants the money that 
Sully owes him and as you will find out is strung more
than a few lies throughout the story by people he trusts.
Overall a bad guy with some personality and well suited 
to the story.

Atoq Navarro
The real bad guy of the story and is a complete 
backstabbing piece of shit that you can't wait 
to kill when you finally get the chance. 
Although throughout the whole game he seems 
nothing more than Gabe's personal archaeologist
to help him find El Dorado, you realise near the
end that he was the real brains behind the whole 
scam and betrays Gabe in the worst possible way.
Personality wise he's just like Gabe except has
no loyalty what so ever, is younger and besides
the actual twist of him being the real villian,
isn't as interesting or charasmatic as Gabe. Not
a charcter I'm fond of but the one plus of him
is that he does get the only auto SAS 12 Shotgun
which is cool, well it would of been if you 
got to use it.
Eddy Raja
Eddy Raja...what a cool dude =) . I love this guy
so much, he's just so funny and stupid its 
pure comical genius. My favioutite scene being the 
one when he finally catches Nate and Elena in the 
4x4 hanging of the ledge. When he says "Going somewhere?
Do you really think you could escape me?" and Nate 
replies with "Eddy...nah just giving the girl 
the 10 dollar tour!" and Eddy shouts "Shut it!" 
in his comical voice, I don't know why but that
was the funniest scene of the whole game to me. 
Hillarity aside Eddy is an old rival of Nate's and 
as he fully states in yet another hillarious scene 
he hates him "Drake if we don't make it I just 
want you to know, I hate your guts!" LOL! Eddy
seems to be one of those guys that has some power 
and skills but gets out of his depth for the
possible big pay day. Plays a minor yet vital
role in this game and is five foot of hillarity
and fun that is easily one of the most lovable
chracters in the whole story. He is working for
Gabe as another mecenary as he knows his way 
around the island their on. He has heard that 
the island and tresure are cursed and is wisely
aware of the dangers but still can't refuse the
big buck even with all that against him and
having to put up with seeing Nate much to often 
for his taste.

The footsoldiers  
These range from pirates to mercenaries and are
your main and most common enemies in the game. 
They don't seem to have any personality or
characteristics other than wanting to please their
superiors which usually involves trying to kill 
Drake x( . They have very smart AI and don't
struggle to take you out if you make to many 
mistakes. They can either rip you to pieces with
gun fire, blow you to bits with grenades, beat
you to death with their bare hands or ambush
you in groups and do all of the above at once.
Of course you can all that as well except for
ambushing in groups, so you shouldn't struggle
to much on the easier difficulties. Just don't
underestimate your foes as Naughty Dog have 
created challenging foes for your personal 
enjoyment and naturally get tougher as you 
progress more into the game.

Mutated Spaniards
These freaks are genuanly scary and 
equally as tough. You don't encounter these
poor gits very often but when you do, you 
remember them! They are a big part and twist
to the story and somehow don't ruin the whole 
game and story by feeling cheesy or cliqued, 
they enhance the story and thrill factor 
of the game. I wont go into detail about what 
they are but thay are nasty, ugly and can kill 
you in two swipes easily so be on you guard when
you encounter these vile beasts. Oh and for the 
record you can't use hand to hand combat on these
monsters although I can't imagine anyone stupid 
enough to want to do that anyway? But hey, this is
a big planet with loads of people so I'm sure 
thers some idiot out there xD . 

Well thats all the characters outlined for your 
viewing pleasure :+) .

4.01 Extras and Unlockables
This is what you may call the misc section of the guide. 
It will include all the medals and what you have to do
to unlock them, treasures, the rewards that you earn and 
details on them, the cheats for the game and anything else 
that I can think of that is worth mentioning. I will start 
with the treasure and take it from there.

4.02 Treasure
Uncharted is full of treasure, 61 to precise (60 treasure 
and 1 relic) and seeing as its the Adventure/Explorer genre 
it comes as no surpirise either. Collecting the treasure 
along with the medals is the main side quest/objective 
of the game and is where a lot of the fun, replayability and 
rewards route from. Finding treasure is easy, collecting all 
61 isn't as thers always the odd couple that you just can't find
}:( . I have found all 61 and although I'm not going to explain
where every single one is exactly I will tell you how many are 
in each chapter, recommend a guide that does show them all:
http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/932984/51176 by YYZed 
and let you know that if there are any that are 
driving you crazy just drop me line and tell me what chapter/
where you think it may be and what your missing, 
and I will do everything in my power to guide you to it 1 to 1
via email.

Below shows how many and what treasures are in each chapter 
also they are in the order they appear and are available:

Chapter 1 - None.

Chapter 2 - 6 = Silver mosaic inca earring, Jewelled silver 
monkey, Silver llama, Golden inca cup and Silver turtle.

Chapter 3 - 3 = Gold tairona pendant, Gold and turquoise
inca earing and Decoratedgold ring.

Chapter 4 - 10 = Silver inca figurine, Silver fish charm, Gold frog,
Intricate gold ring, Patterned silver ring, Golden jaguar, Silver
inca vessel, Golden toothpick, Silver bird vessel and Silver inca

Chapter 5 - 4 = Strange Relic, Silver jaguar, Gold mosaic inca 
earring and Golden spoon.

Chapter 6 - 4 = Silver inca mask, Spanish silver coin, Silver 
tairona pendant and Gold llama.

Chapter 7 - None.

Chapter 8 - 2 = Decorated silver ring and Silver frog.

Chapter 9 - 1 = Golden fish charm.

Chapter 10 - 2 = Jewelled golden brooch and Silver 
belt buckle.

Chapter 11 - 3 = Spanish golden coin, Silver spanish 
chalice and Gold coatmundi.

Chapter 12 - None.

Chapter 13 - 7 = Golden turtle, Silver inca cup, Jewelled
silver cross, Silver toothpick, Gold spanish chalice, 
Silver coatmundi and Gold cup and cover.

Chapter 14 - 6 = Gold inca vessel, Golden skull, 
Silver snuff box, Silver spanish goblet, Silver ingot
and Gold and ruby inca mask.

Chapter 15 - 6 = Gold inca figurine, Golden bird vessel,
Golden spanish goblet, Jewelled golden cross, Silver skull 
and Gold inca mask.

Chapter 16 - 3 = Silver cup and cover, Jewelled silver
brooch and Gold snuff box.

Chapter 17 - None.

Chapter 18 - 1 = Gold monkey figurine.

Chapter 19 - 1 = Golden seadragon pendant.

Chapter 20 - 1 = Gold ingot.

Chapter 21 - 2 = Golden skull rosary and Sapphire and
silver mask.

Chapter 22 - None.

4.03 Medals
The games rewards system is based on medals and skill points 
that you earn and unlock by completing certain tasks, 
some are easy and obvious, others are not. These are the 
main reason and cause for replaying the game and
some medals require you to play the game multiple times,
also some of the rewards are cool enough to play through 
the game again just to get the chance to use them. 
In this section I will list all medals, what you have 
to do to get them, how many skill points you earn from 
that particualr medal and notes the help you get the medal.

Medal one
First tresure - Find 1 tresure.
You get 5 skill points for this medal and all you have 
to do is find your first tresure, easy huh?

Medal Two
Beginner fourtune hunter - Find 5 treasures.
You get another 5 skill points for this medal,
just find 5 treasures and this is yours.

Medal Three
Novice fortune hunter - Find 10 treasure.
You get yet again 5 skill points for this
and you have to find 10 treasure to unlock it.  

Medal Four
Enthusiast fortune hunter - Find 15 treasures.
This is a step up to 10 skills points for 
finding 15 treasures.
Medal Five
Intermediate fortune hunter - Find 20 treasures.
Again you get 10 points and have to find 20 

Medal Six
Skilled fortune hunter - Find 25 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 25 

Medal Seven
Proficent fortune hunter - Find 30 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 30 

Medal Eight
Advanced fortune hunter - Find 35 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 35 

Medal Nine
Professional fortune hunter - Find 40 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 40 

Medal Ten
Senior fortune hunter - Find 45 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 45 

Medal Eleven
Expert fortune hunter - Find 50 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 50 

Medal Twelve
Crack fortune hunter - Find 55 treasures.
Same as medal 5 except you have to find 55 

Medal Thirteen
Master fortune hunter - Find 60 treasures.
This is a biggy that gives you 50 skill points
so is worth the hard work getting all treasures.
The count 60 also includes the Strange Relic so
you could only collect 59 treasures and the relic 
and you would earn this medal but its always better
to collect everything especially in a game this good 
(60 treasures and the relic).

Medal Fourteen
Relic finder - Find the Strange relic.
This medal is worth 20 skill points and all you 
have to do is find the groovy Strange Relic.
I've read that its a reference to previous ND
games but seeing as I never played the Jak and
Dexter games and didn't notice anything in the 
Crash's I can't make a link myself. But 
considering its shaped like and egg I knew it was
some sort of easter egg. You find this relic in 
the beginning part of chapter 5 after the first 
firefight. After you have walked up the slope 
on the left after killing all the gun men and 
walked into the sunlight, go to the dead end wall
and face the ledge thats in the direction of the
path you should have taken. Now jump over to 
the ledge (its on top of what looks like a broken 
down building of some sort) to find the Strange relic.
If you still can't find it just drop me a line and tell 
me where your at and I'll give you directions to get to
it or you could check out YYZed's great treasure guide on
Medal Fithteen
Brutal brawler - Kill 5 enemies with a brutal combo.
You get 10 skill points for this medal and you just 
have to attack and kill 5 bad guys with a brutal attack
square, /\, square.

Medal Sixteen
Brutal slugger - Kill 20 enemies with a brutal combo.
This earns you 30 skill points and you just do the same
as medal 15 another 15 times.

Medal Seventeen
Brutal expert - Kill 5 enemies in a row with a brutal combo.
A nice round 40 points is your rewards for doing this
annoying task of killing 5 enemies with guns in a row by melee 
attacking them :( . The good news is that with this medal (and
all the others for that matter) is that as long as you kill
one bad guy with a brutal combo before you get killed then 
that still counts as one kill. So just keep doing it even if 
you die as the amount will soon reach 5 provided you don't
give into temptation and shoot some poor person to death.
You could get killed a 174 times but as long as you eventually 
kill 5 enemies in a row by brutal combos then you will recieve
this medal. There are a few challenging medals that require
similar feats as this one and the same rule applies, you can
die as many times as you want as long as you stick to the 
request of the medal then it will sooner or later be yours.
I will use this medal as a reference when I explain medals
that apply to this trick, ain't I nice 8). Oh and I recommend 
you go for this medal on the easier difficulties, no higher
than hard or you will be crying yourself to sleep through
frustration and upset, mark my words xD.

Medal Eighteen
Stealth attacker - Kill 20 enemies from behind with a melee 
attack i.e. Stealth attack.
30 skill points are yours if you can pull this off. This 
medal is more about when not whether you can do it as its
rather easy if you know how but can take a while to tally
up all 20 kills this way. Stealth isn't a major part of the
game as most enemies manage to see you even if your behind 
them??? But if your sneaky enough you can pull this off 
enough times to get this medal as you reach the end of the 
game. You can even do it while your in the middle of a full 
on fight, just position yourself correctly behind the unlucky
victim and 'Pop' his neck is dislodged! Again better for the
easier settings as your getting close to your foes.

Medal Nineteen
Steel fist - Kill 5 enemies in one punch after they have been
softend up.
This is rather easy and can be done in the very first chapter,
hence the low reward of 10 skill points. In chapter one just
wait for the pirates to come on board and shoot them twice
with your pistol then simply run over to them and tap the 
square button to kill them in one light jab. See...they ain't
that bad really, if you can forget about them wanting to
shread you to pieces and sell your remains for whatever
they can get that is?!
Medal Twenty
Steel fist expert - Kill 5 enemies in a row with one punch.
Same as above really and you might as well just do it in 
chapter one when there are a perfect amount of baddies to
do this to. If you do what I have recommended then you
get the 40 skill points with ease if not? then good luck
with your method, I just hope you get it in the end either 
Medal Twenty-one
Headshot expert - Kill 5 enemies in a row with head shots.
Easy enough, just make sure the shot that kills your enemy
is a headshot with any gun 5 times in a row at any point in 
the game. 20 skill points is your prize, enjoy =) .

Medal Twenty-two
10 Headshots - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
Self explanatory really, yields you a pathetic
5 skill points wahooooooo xD!

Medal Twenty-three
30 Headshots - Kill 30 enemies with a headshot.
Exactly the same as the above except you now
get, wait for it......10 skill points!!! x(
In all fairness these are piss easy tasks.

Medal Twenty-four
100 Headshots - Kill 100 enemies with... you guessed
it, headshots, maybe you should be the one doing this faq?
What it says on the tin is whats for dinner kids, now shut 
up! ;+) You get an amazing 30 skill points for doing this
extremely easy task oh and did I metion the earlier two
medals count towards this milestone?

Medal Twenty-five
Dyno-Might! Kill 3 enemies with one explosion.
You will probably end up doing this by accident like I first 
did as this medal only requires you to do it once. Just look
out for groups of baddies and let the sparks fly. 10 skill
points are yours for this. Oh and if you have the grenade
laucher this is even easier as timing is taken out of the 

Medal Twenty-six
Elite Dyno-Might! Kill 3 enemies with one explosion 5 times.
In my complete humble and honest opinion, this is one of
if not the hardest medal in the game unless you know how 
to do it right. It no longer relies on luck like the above 
medal but skill and a keen eye. Now the best place to pull
this off is on chapter 4 just before you find the plane
with your map in (the plane you were once piloting).
You will notice as you approach the scene that there are
a group of enemies crowded together just under the tree that
the plane had a dissagreement with and a further enemy will be
coming down a rope to group up with the other guys. Now the 
trick is to position yourself behind one of the concrete blocks 
and equip a grenade, aim for the group and make sure you have 
the correct distance and height otherwise you will only hit one 
of them. After perfecting your aim wait approximately 1.5 secs
after the guy coming down the rope has landed on the ground
and throw the grenade at the group to watch the fireworks.
If you don't kill 3 just get killed to restart at that exact 
position and retry. And if you do kill 3? get killed anyway
and repeat the process until this 'tittingly-annoying' medal is
yours to enjoy. 

This is taking advantage of the trick I
explained with medal Seventeen. The two most important
things to remember about doing it this way (which is the easiest 
way I have come across) is 1. aiming and timing your throw right 
and standing in good position helps as well, not that you have 
many options in that department and 2. Make sure that the wandering
guard doesn't see you (he will be to your left if you have followed 
what I have said), you will quickly begin to despise this prick
as he spots you which messes up your plan more often than he 
doesn't but the key is to not give up and keep going until you 
earn that medal and then you can enjoy every moment of blowing 
that guard into little tiny pieces! Your reward for this headache 
enducing medal is 30 skill points. I got this medal on 'Crushing' 
difficulty but never the less this medal is a real pain in 
the ass and I recommed you achieve it on the easiest setting you 
intend to complete the game on. Again if you have the grenade
laucher this is easier as timing is taken out of the 
equation like before.

Medal Twenty-seven
Run and gunner - Kill 20 enemies without aiming (don't hold L1)
i.e. shooting from the hip.
This isn't the easiest nor the hardest medal, it just depends 
on what your comfortable with. Me personaly? I prefere to aim
so this medal was a bit of an irritaion for me but for someone
who likes to go in all guns blazing and loves to burn mags like
no ones business will get this medal in no time. You can either
shoot blindly from cover or while standing/moving around the area,
just make sure that the enemy you wanna shoot is somewhere near
the centre of the screen as thats where Nate shoots and where 
the reticle appears when you do use it. 10 Points is the goods
that come with this shiny medal.  

Medal Twenty-eight
Hangman - Kill ten enemies with your pistol weapon while 
hanging from a ledge of some sort.
This is as fun as it is easy to get and can be achieved
as you progres throughout the whole game on anything that
you hang from e.g. walls, broken floors and huge coffins.
10 skill points is yours for the taking with this medal.

Medal Twenty-nine
Grenade hangman - Kill ten enemies with grenades.
Just like above but slightly harder as aiming with the 
grenades adds to the challenge, still this shouldn't
pose to much trouble once you get the hang of it. Again
10 skill points is the prize.

Medal Thirty
Survivor - Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying x( .
Easier than it sounds, I achieved this on my first play 
through (Normal difficulty) and it was near the end just
as I got out of the tunnels with all the crazed spaniards.
This is just down to not being stupid and waiting for Nate
to heal when the screen starts to go black and white and 
the beefy 50 skill points reward will be yours. I 
recommend the easier settings for obvious reasons.
Medal Thirty-one
Kill 50 enemies with the PM 9mm.
Do I even need to comment on this one?
Thought not, 10 skill points for this one 
just like all the other weapon medals below.
Medal Thirty-two
Kill 50 enemies with the 92FS 9mm.
Pretty easy to do as soon as it becomes available.
Medal Thirty-three
Kill 50 enemies with the Micro 9mm.
This weapon doesn't appear as often as some so
grab it and use if as often as you can if your going
for this medal.
Medal Thirty-four
Kill 20 enemies with the Wes 44.
Seeing as this weapon is a shotgun with range,
a lot of people will use it so getting this medal 
should be no problem.
Medal Thirty-five
Kill 20 enemies with the Desert 5.
Same as above but better and easier.
Medal Thirty-six
Kill 30 enemies with the MP40.
You only this gun during the section with the
freaks below and I recommend you use this against them
only, to both stay alive and get the medal.
Medal Thirty-seven
Kill 50 enemies with the AK47.
Almost as easy as PM 9mm because its almost as common,
should pose no problem. 
Medal Thirty-eight
Kill 50 enemies with the M4.
Again an awesome gun that you get a lot and should be using often,
another easy one. 
Medal Thirty-nine
Kill 30 enemies with the Dragon sniper.
One of the more difficult weapon medals caused by its
rarity, you may get it on your first play through but more likly
on your second.
Medal Forty
Kill 50 enemies with the Moss 12.
You get this gun mostly at the beginning of the game
and may get neglected for the AK47 so getting this
medal can be more of an annoyance than a challenge. But 
with some dedication towards getting this medal its a breeze.
Medal Forty-one
Kill 50 enemies with the SAS 12.
You have no choice but to use this at the end of the story 
which will add to the count but even without that 
this should still be easy to get with some patience, 
just like the Moss.
Medal Forty-two
Kill 30 enemies with the M79.
This is easily the hardest weapon medal, again caused 
by the the rarity of it and it may take 3 play throughs
(like it did with me) to get it. Naturally if you happen to
kill loads of baddies with each explosion your gonna get it 
quicker, but still it will take a while.
Medal Forty-three
Kill 20 enemies with the MK NDI Grenades.
This is easy as long as you use your grenades often and properly.
Seeing as these little devices are very common and effective you 
should achieve this with ease.

Medal Forty-four
Charted! Easy
Just complete the game on easy. I'll let you in on
a secret, its easy shhhhh! 30 Skill points

Medal Forty-five
Charted! Normal
Complete the game on Normal to unlock this and the 
easier difficulty medal i.e. easy. You get 70 points for normal.
Medal Forty-six
Charted! Hard
Again just beat the game on hard to unlock this and previous 
difficulty medals, 100 points is you reward.
Medal Forty-seven
Charted! Crushing
What ever you do don't underestimate this difficulty as I did.
When it says crushing it means crushing! 3 shots can waste you
so your weaker, the enemies are stronger and every other little 
thing such as weapon effectiveness has been altered to be more 
realistic and challenging. This is the true Uncharted experience, 
and one any fan or perfectionist (I fall into both catergories there
:-p ) should experience. Also its worth mentioning that you 
can't use any rewards that you have unlocked on this setting 
until you have completed it once unlike the other difficulties. 
Your prize for this slog of a challenge is 150 skill points, 
now wasn't that worth it? No?...fair enough =)

Jeeze they took awhile, but I can see it helping a lot of people
so its a good job done well, enjoy.

4.04 Rewards and cheats
At time of print there are 5 known cheat codes for Uncharted 
and to enter them go into the rewards menu during play and
go into the corresponding section e.g. Baseball T-Shirt
cheat would have to be entered in the 'heroes' clothing section.
The cheats are as follows: 

1. Times up cutscene - Enter in the making a cutscene 
section: L1, Right, Square, Down, Left, /\, R1, Up

2. Grave robbing cutscene - Enter in the making a cutscene 
section: Left, R2, Right, Up, L2, /\, Square, Down

3. Bonus 1 - Enter in concept art:
L2, Right, Up, Square, Left, /\, R1, Down

4. Bonus 2 - Enter in concept art:
Square, L1, Right, Left, Down, R2, /\, Up

5. Baseball T-Shirt - Enter at the costume select screen:
Left, Right, Down, Up, /\, R1, L1, Square

One of the best parts of this game is the amount 
of rewards and bonuses you can unlock by doing
certain tasks, some easy and some not so easy.
If you want to know what the rewards are and what 
ones you have unlocked then just go into the rewards
menu during play and see whats up for grabs, it will
also tell you what you have to do to unlock each goodie
if you have no already done so. The rewards are the main
reason to replay the game and the video and concept extras
just add even more replayability to the time you spend on 
the game. The rewards as briefly mentioned range from
making of vids, concept art, production pics and trailers.
Those are the ones that you use out of gameplay which give 
you a great insight into the Naughty Dog team and all the
time and effort that went into making this brilliant game
and I recommend you watch them. 

The other rewards are the ones that affect gameplay in 
many different ways. These consist of weapon selection,
different skins and costumes to play as, unlimited ammo,
one shot kills and modes that change the apperance of the 
game and scenery. I will outline a few here just in case 
anyone needs to know more about them.

|Weapon selection| - Once unlocked this menu lets you choose
any pistol type weapon, rifle type weapon and up to 4 grenades
(make sure you press the grenade one as many times to the number
of grenades you want i.e. for 3 grenades you would press 3 times).
Different weapons require different number of medal points to 
unlock, with the more devastating weapons requiring more points.
When you unlock every single weapon and combine this with unlimited
ammo you basically become an invincible one-man army 8). You can
combine any weapons of your choice to make your favourite 
combination. If you want any info on the weapons just refere to
over-complicated weapon guide at the top of the faq. Some good
weapon combos in my opinion and experience of playing the
game are as follows:

For incredible power and to become a juggernaut go with:
M79 Grenade launcher, Eddy's golden gun and 4 grenades.

If speed is the name of the game then you will need:
M4, Micro uzi 9mm and 1 grenade.

If your Mr all-rounder then you will want these:
92FS 9mm, M4 and 4 grenades.

If you like it big, loud and brash then this is the ticket for you:
Desert 5, SAS 12 shotgun and 4 grenades.

If sniping is your 'thang' then these should do you well:
Dragon sniper, 92FS 9mm and 2 grenades.

For a western gun fest then this lot will please:
Wess 44, Moss 12 shotgun and 0 grenades.

For a real jungle feel and to make the game come alive
even more then you should look no further than:
PM 9mm, AK47 and 3 grenades.

If 'goldy oldy' guns are for you then so are these:
MP40, Wess 44 and 2 grenades. 

And for a challenge, then this has to be the way to go:
PM 9mm, Moss 12 and 1 grenade.

I'm Mr all-rounder me =) plus those two are my favourite 
guns, which helps a lot!

|Costumes and skins| - There is quite a lot of new looks Nate 
can unlock, some good others not so good. My personal favourite
is the Naughty Dog one, you unlock it early on, it actually
doesn't look out of place like a lot of the others and it just
looks so cool, a nice upgrade from the plain top. Other goodens 
are the Baseball T-Shirt, original and cartoon Drake. I like the
more realistic and groovy looking cloths rather than the 
humerous and just plain odd skins, wetsuit anyone? No? Thought so! 
I also find some of the other character skins annoying becasue 
your pistol looks so odd and out of place :( . But I'm just
nit-picking here as there only meant for humour and to add 
replayability, or for anyone that had a dying urge to play as
the sexy Elena Fisher? You god damn hormonal teenagers ;-D.
I might as well list all the skins and costums you can get below:

Original - The plain yet cool white top that you start off with,
its accompanied by a nice pair of blue jeans. Also comes with
travelers boots and a neckless just like the other 3 below.

Naughty Dog - An awesomely designed T-shirt for Nate with the 
smart yet casual looking jeans.

Baseball T-Shirt - Another cool top that was used in the game
trailers, again with jeans, you have to put in the cheat code 
to get this.

Cartoon Drake - A funny designe thats made Drake look like many
typical comic characters i.e. tiny legs with an over built,
muscular upper body and huge Sideshow Bob feet.

Wetsuit Drake - The wetsuit that you wear in chapter 1, notice the
Ottsel logo on the top? Its a reference to the Jak and Dexter games
created by Naughty Dog also.

Doughnut Drake - The last thing you will unlock and its for 
pure comical value alone, I'll let you work it out ;-)

Victor Sullivan - You get to be chain smoking Victor in his 
green shirt.

Elena Fisher - You get to be Elena with her burgundy/purple top, 
video camera sold separately.

Pirate - You become one of the pirates you are always killing, has
a yellow vest, is bald and wears chains around his neck.

Mercenary - Like the pirate you become one of the enemies you face 
later on in the game, he's threaded out in green combat gear and
has all the accessories you'd expect from a hired soldier.

Eddy Raja - Wow how cool is this! You get to be Eddy, awesome!

Gabriel Roman - For those who like this smooth talking geezer
then heres your chance to be him, you turn into Gabe from the 

Atoq Navarro - If you want to get in touch with your dark side,
playing as this asshole is a start. You get to be Navarro from
the cutscenes. 

|Visual changes and effects| - Another feature ND have added in
the rewards is the ability to change the way the game looks and 
feels, some even to the extent of seeming like a 
completely different game. These range from turning the scenery 
the other way round to changing the colour of the adventure. I
will list each on, its effects and where to find it below:

Fast motion - Basically what it says on the tin. It makes Nate 
and his every movment faster to seem like hes super human. This
is found on the main rewards screen and can be turned on or off.

Slow motion - Again self explanatory, everything goes in slow mo.
Since films like The Matrix and games like Max Payne every gaming
comapany has used slow motion/bullet time in some shape or form and
this is ND's take on it and a good one at that. This is also found 
on the main rewards screen and can be turned on or off.

Super slow motion - Just like the above but slower for even more 
precise and cool actions. Again on the main rewards screen and
is either on or off.

Mirror world - This is an awesome feature and can make you feel like
your playing a completely different game. All it does is turn the
world from left to right, so everything that was on the left is on 
the right and vice versa. I've yet to complete a play through 
on this mode but will be doing in the future. Same place as the 
above 3 and you can have it one or off.

Flip world - This is just like mirror world except it changes 
frrom left to right everytime you die. So the world is always 
changing instead of being in just one position/mode, of
course this varies on how much you die but your bound to
die at least 10+ times throughout the game. Find this
gem on the main rewards screen and have it either on or off.

Render modes - There are 3 of these options and they have their 
own sub section in the rewards menu, they change the colour of
the game world and gives you another flavour to this
already beautiful enviroment. They are:

Black and white - This just turns everyting black and white
like an old movie or clip. A lot of people find black and white
stands out and gives visual images a different feel. To experience
this just go into the menu and turn it on.

Sepia tint - This as it sounds has a very sandy/desert like feel
and look. It presents everything to you in a sandy/brown colour
like you see in egypt and tombs, suits the game well and can be 
easily turned on or off.

Next gen filter - This is the last one and it seems to take away
all the high detail and picture quality of a next gen title.
The result is a blurred like figment that covers the whole screen
and seems to be designed to show you what effect next gen 
picture quality has had. Maybe this is to show what it would of 
looked like on a PS2 with all the compressing they would of had 
to have done? I'm honestly not sure but never the less if anyone 
wants to play the game while seeming drunk then this is the mode
for you.

|Other rewards| - The only other rewards worth metioning here are:

Unlimited ammo - This gives you...can you guess it? Unlimited 
ammo! A gold star for you xD. I actually like this cheat and 
thats rare as I usually hate unlimited ammo cheats but there
is two reasons why this one is good, 1. You need it if you
want any good use out most of the weapons you can unlock in the
rewards menu and 2. You still have to reload you clip/shells.
I hate it when an infinite ammo cheat takes away the ability
to reload and in a game this realistic and good looking
(yes, even the reloads are groovy) doing that would, in my
mind, take away some of the enjoyment. You may think this is 
petty but we all have these little niggly things that we
like about games, and being able to see reloads is one of mine.

One hit kills - Don't like this at all as it takes away the challenge
and all the fun of the game. It does exactly what it says and 
that isn't a good thing. I can understand that some people may
enjoy walkiing around with this on and killing everything that moves
while feeling like a god but the truth is your not as this is, in my
opinion, cheating without good cause. I suppose if there was one enemy
that really pissed you off you can now go and get your revenge ;+) but
saying that just using the grenade launcher from the rewards menu
would do the same thing but be more satisfying so hmm :/ . Anyway
thought it was worth mentioning as this is one of the biggest rewards
you earn, but I just don't like it, thats not to say you shouldn't 
as well! Hell, knock yourself out with it if you want =).

5.01 My review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Well you've heard me praise the game many times throughout the 
guide so I thought to sum everything up I'd write my own take 
on this game in the shape of a review, enjoy oh and I'll let
you lot know when I get the emails from IGN.com begging me to
come work for them 8*p .

Gameplay: 9.2/10 - So much fun and excitment whether your 
finding well hidden treasure, killing pirates with awesome guns,
enjoying the excellent narative, lapping up the short but oh so 
sweet vehicle sections, admiring Naughty Dogs magic 
touch that runs throughout the game or even starring in amazment 
at the beautiful scenery, this is one enjoyable thrill ride all the way 
to the end. One of if not the best explorer/adventure games that
even rivals the ever loved Tomb Raider series, never before has
running around what seems empty tombs and exotic jungles been 
so much fun.

Presentation: 9.8/10 - As soon as you put this in the disk slot and
it starts up you know this is something special and unique just from
the presentation alone. ND always like to make a real showcase on 
the Playstation their dealing with, they did with the PS1 i.e. Crash
Bandicoot and PS2 i.e. Jak and Dexter, and they have done it again 
with this game on the PS3. The sheer detail they have put into this
masterpiece is just admirable and I'm not just talking about the graphics 
here, I mean every little detail. The way Nate's shirt creases as he moves,
how the sun effects your view, the characters moving so naturally and 
fludily just adds to the experience, and the water, oh the water...
OH THE WATER! If you have seen the water effects in this game you will
know exactly what I'm talking about, not only does it look and feel like 
water during play but it even wets Nate wherever the water got. Meaning 
if only 5 inches up Nates jeans does the water reach while your walking 
in the river or waterfall then only 5 inches up will his jeans get wet!
And it dries naturally over time, with the help from the scorchingly
hot jungle. Now its little perfected features like that which makes 
a game so special and pure, adulterated eye-candy. Not only does 
the water effects have that amazing string to its bow, but its also
how the water actually has a bottom (under the waters surface, the
ground the water is lying on) and it reflects light realistically 
as well. Overall the water is even more beautiful than the jungle 
scenary, that, comes alive as your play, you actual feel like your 
in a real life jungle or tomb. If you want to know how much effort
ND actually put into the detail of the game just watch the making of
vids in the extras menu and see for yourself. 

Graphics: 10/10 - This was an easy one, put simply the most gorgeous
visuals I have seen in a game to date, scraping ahead of Gears of war
and Devil may cry 4. Its obvious Naughty Dog have spent a lot of time
and effort to make this look as pretty as it could like they
always go for when making a new series on Sony's latest toy. 
And I have to say they have succeeded brilliantly and should once
again be pround of themselfs. This is a testiment to the PS3's
power and has thankfully silenced all skeptics about the consoles
abilities and difficulties, and this is just the beginning, I can't
wait to see what their gonna pull out of the hat with the Uncharted
sequels :-).

Sound: 9.9/10 - Almost perfect, not only is the music unique and not
something you hear in every game but it actually sounds great and suits
the settings its in. Again if you watch the making of vids you will
find out that ND wanted to use instruments that arn't used very often
to create a fresh and rare gaming experience, and again they have
succeeded, no surprise there then =) . As for the sound effects well
whether its the gunfire, reload sounds, atmospheric noises or Nate's
footsteps the sound effects are top notch, which makes the game even
more of a joy to play. And finally the voice acting is equal if not
surpasses any Hollywood flick which helps the narrative flow easily.
Overall the audio of this game is worthy of an oscar or two.  

Story: 9.2/10 - An addictive story thats grabs your attention straight
away. It roots from someone we all know, Sir Francis Drake, and expands
on that concept to come up with a cracking good story that is worth the 
price tag alone. A big mix of state of the art graphics, top audio and 
the blood, sweat, tears, dedication and imaginations of ND and you got
yourself one of the best stories on the current gen games. Its not
predictable or cliqued even with the addition of scary yet believable
mosters and the well written and acted characters are just the cherry 
on the cake. All this just works brilliantly with the surroundings
and scenary of the game. To summerise, not the very best story in 
gaming history but not far off either!

Realism 8.8/10 - On the hardest difficulty you get pretty much as
realistic as they come. Nate isn't super human and although he can do 
some really amazing stuff its not out of human capabilities, just! He
can stumble and make mistakes, he can't just walk into a crowd of 
fully armed enemies and come out breathing and he has emotion, a sense
of humor and a personality because he's human and the game lets you know
this all the way through the story. Your surroundings are as real as real
video games come and your arsenal as fully described above is pretty 
much spot on. Overall and even with the mutated spaniards (which you never
know if thats possible or not, go and find El Dorado and let me know!?!)
it was the realism that I noticed pretty much straight away, so yeah its 
up there with all the other highly realistic games.

Replayability 8.5/10 - The sheer fun and excitment of this game will
have you playing it through multiple times. Add time to admire the
beauty of the game, all the treasure, medals and rewards to collect 
and then play through again with all the goodies you unlocked, your 
talking about quite a lot of replay value, plus, its a PS3 must have!
The actual story should only take about 6-10 hours depending on your skill
and difficulty level chosen but your bound to want to play it at least 
one more time so I can safely say this one is worth your dough.

Overall: 9.2/10 - All those top scores add up to an outstanding overall
score for Uncharted and it deserves every digit in that rating. This
is easily one of the PS3's must haves and I'm glad to say that something
this entertaining has shown us the muscle power Sony's little gem has
under the hood. I have a feeling this will soon become the benchmark that
PS3 games are set at and I don't just mean the future Uncharted titles I 
mean all PS3 titles. I'm saying all this because if a game can set standards    
for a console and throw it into the gaming worlds face and say "Hey! This is
what I can do, now enjoy!" it has to be a major game that is equally enjoyable
just like Gears of War was for the X-Box 360. I really don't know what else
to say as I'll just feel like I'm repeating myself but I will repeat this,
those are wise words.

5.02 Closing comments
I guess this is when everyone comes up to me and kisses me on the hand 
and lets me know how great me and this guide is?! Well I hate to burst 
your bubble, but I know, its ok, now calm down and get off my damn hand 
;*p . No but seriously I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed 
writing it and got some useful info from it, hell even if its just 
convinced you to go out and buy the game I'm happy =). Before I 
finish this up I'd like to thank a few people below, because without 
these people this guide wouldn't be possible:

First and foremost my mother for giving birth to such a gorgeous and intelligent
child like me, the creator of this guide :)

My nan and grandad for bringing me up and turning me into the man I've become
edit: still in the process of becoming >p

Britain for just being Britain and not giving a shit!

Sony for creating such a wonderful and useful piece of kit known as the 
Playstation 1, 2 and king of the lot, 3.

Naughty Dog who I have personaly thanked but will thank here as well for making 
excellent and highly entertaining games throughout their career and for sticking
with Sony even after all these years. Its now paying off for them as Sony now 
owns them and helps them with every step of making their games.

My nan who had to put up with the pain of me typing this long faq right next to 
her, poor poor nan eh?

Gamefaqs.com for hosting this masterpiece that your currently reading, yes you!

And finally anyone and everyone else who has influenced me in the way I live
my life and do tasks, including this guide, hence the acknowledgment.

Oh and Rockstar for making the Grand Theft Autos, gotta love the GTA's =).

5.03 Contact Info
If you want to ask me anything about this game, comment on my guide or
are just feeling lonely my email address is at the top of the guide. 
I'll get back to you asap as long its reasonable i.e. no pointless
moaning, flaming, spamming or just being an asshole. But please don't
let that put you off I like socialising whether its in person or to a 
keyboard :) so if you wanna ask me something then just drop me a line.

5.04 Legal mumbo jumbo
This document is Copyright 2008 Christopher Lane and if you use it without
my permission and don't give me credit I will track you down, stab you
repeatedly in the eye with a ruler and drown you in a bucket of marshmallows!!!
Truthfully, I honestly don't give a damn what you do with this guide as I did
it for my personal enjoyment and to help anyone who wants it. But please if
you want to use my guide for something an email to ask for my permission would 
be nice as I can pretty much guarantee I'll let you use it for your website 
or whatever else your planning. Oh and credit where credit is due maybe? 
Naturally Gamefaqs have my permission to host it.

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