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Game Script by Robert Carr

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/08/08

              __  ___   __________  _____    ____  ________________ 
             / / / / | / / ____/ / / /   |  / __ \/_  __/ ____/ __ \
            / / / /  |/ / /   / /_/ / /| | / /_/ / / / / __/ / / / /
           / /_/ / /|  / /___/ __  / ___ |/ _, _/ / / / /___/ /_/ / 
           \____/_/ |_/\____/_/ /_/_/  |_/_/ |_| /_/ /_____/_____/

                        /    )               /              
                      /    /   /   ) /   ) /(     /___) (_ `
                    _/____/___/_____(___(_/___\__(___ _(__)_
                     /    '                                    
                   /        /   ) /   ) /    /   /  /   ) /___)
                 _/________(___/_/_____(_ __(___(__/___/_(___ _

ASCII art from http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

| Game Title: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune |
| Guide Type: Game Script                |
| Platform: Playstation 3                |
| Version: 1.0                           |
| Email: rcarr0(at)aol(dot)com           |
| First Updated: 2/2/2008                |
| Last Updated: 8/7/2008                 |
| FAQ Size: 108KB                        |

|                             Table of Contents                               |

1. Version History
2. Game Script
   2.01. "Ambushed"
   2.02. "The Search For El Dorado"
   2.03. "A Surprising Find"
   2.04. "Plane Wrecked"
   2.05. "The Fortress"
   2.06. "Unlocking the Past"
   2.07. "Out of the Frying Pan"
   2.08. "The Drowned City"
   2.09. "To the Tower"
   2.10. "The Customs House"
   2.11. "Trapped"
   2.12. "Heading Upriver"
   2.13. "Sanctuary?"
   2.14. "Going Underground"
   2.15. "On the Trail of the Treasure"
   2.16. "The Treasure Vault"
   2.17. "The Heart of the Vault"
   2.18. "The Bunker"
   2.19. "Unwelcome Guests"
   2.20. "Race to the Rescue"
   2.21. "Gold and Bones"
   2.22. "Showdown"
3. Credits
4. Copyright

| 1. Version History                                                           |

Version 1.0 - 5/2/2008 - Script is fully complete.

Version 1.1 - 8/7/2008 - Filled in a few missing lines from chapter 1 thanks to

| 2. Game Script                                                               |

"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end
until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory."

   - Sir Francis Drake, 1587

| 2.01. "Ambushed" |

The opening movie shows a reporter, Elena Fisher, zooming in on a coffin with a
video camera.

Elena: I'm here off the coast of Panama, where we've just recovered what we
believe to be the coffin of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake, who was
buried at sea over 400 years ago.

Nathan Drake is standing next to the coffin in a wetsuit. He shoves a crowbar
into the side of the coffin. Elena stops filming.

Elena: Are you sure you wanna be defiling your ancestor's remains like that?

Nathan: You make it sound so dirty.

Nathan laughs as he walks round to the other side of the coffin.

Nathan: Besides, I thought you didn't believe me.

He shoves the crowbar into the other side of the coffin.

Elena: Well, I did do my research. And apparently, Francis Drake didn't have
any children.

Nathan: Well, history can be wrong, you know.

Nathan shoves the crowbar into the front of the coffin and prises it open.

Nathan: For example - you can't defile an empty coffin.

He lifts the coffin lid open and the inside is empty.

Elena: What the hell-?

Nathan takes a small box out of the coffin and opens it. Inside the box is a
small leather diary. Nathan takes the diary out of the box and flips through
the pages. He laughs.

Nathan: You devil.

Elena: What is it? C'mon, hold it up -

Nathan turns around and covers the video camera with his hand.

Nathan: No, no, no - no way. The deal was for a coffin, that's it.

Elena: Wait a minute, if my show - hadn't've funded this expedition, you
wouldn't've -

Nathan: Hey, hey... You got your story, lady.

Elena: Look, Mr. Drake, you signed a contract.

Nathan laughs.

Elena: I have a right to see every single thing that -

Nathan interrupts her.

Nathan: Whoa, whoa - Could you hold that thought?

Nathan walks over to a walkie-talkie on a nearby crate and talks into it.

Nathan: Sully? Uh, we got some trouble. Hurry it up.

Elena hurries over to Nathan, worried.

Elena, Okay, okay - what's going on?

Nathan: Uh... Pirates.

Elena: Pirates?!

Nathan picks up a white case and sets it down on another crate.

Nathan: Yeah, the modern kind. They don't take prisoners.

He opens the case and takes out a gun.

Nathan: ...least not male prisoners.

Elena: Wait, what are you talking about?

Elena looks out to sea and sees several pirate ships approaching them.

Elena: Uh, sh - shouldn't we call the authorities or something?

Nathan: That'd be a great idea, but we don't exactly have a permit to be

He chuckles nervously.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Yeah, so unless you wanna end up in a Panamanian jail we should
probably handle this ourselves.

Nathan starts loading the gun.

Elena: Wh - What's worse?

Nathan: You obviously haven't been in a Panamanian jail.

Nathan holds up the gun.

Nathan: Do you know how to use one of these?

Elena: Yeah, it's like a camera... You just, you point and shoot, right?

Nathan: Good girl.

He picks up another gun.

Nathan: Here we go.

The pirate ships start reaching Nathan's boat.

Elena: How'd they find us out here?

Nathan: These guys have been tailing me for weeks, I thought I lost them.

Elena: What did you do to piss them off?

Nathan: Uh, it's kind of a long story.

Nathan starts shooting at the pirates.

Elena: These guys don't like you much, do they?

Nathan: Less talking, more shooting!

Nathan destroys two of the approaching pirate ships.

Nathan: Hurry it up, Sully.

The pirates start climbing onto the ship.

Elena: They're climbing aboard.

Nathan: C'mon, Sully, where are you?

A boat with a rocket launcher attached to it starts circling the boat.

Elena: Oh, my God! Drake - that one's got some kind of rocket launcher!

Nathan: Whoa. Okay, that's not good.

The pirate starts firing the rocket launcher at the boat.

Elena: What's that?

Nathan looks up and sees Sully flying overhead in a seaplane.

Nathan: Whooo! All right, Sully! Oh - I don't think I'm getting my security
deposit back. Cavalry's here.

Elena: Oh, thank God!

The boat starts exploding.

Nathan: Oh no. Ah, dammit! Whole ship's gonna blow! We gotta jump!

Elena: Yeah... Oh, wait!

Elena runs back to pick up her video camera on a nearby crate.

Nathan: What are you doing?!

Elena picks up the camera and runs back to Nathan.

Elena: Okay... okay...

Nathan: Come on! Go!!

Elena: All right!

Elena climbs over the side of the boat. Nathan volleys over the side after her
just as the boat explodes. Nathan surfaces under the wing of Sully's seaplane.
He gasps for breath as Sully opens the plane door, laughing.

Sully: I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?

Nathan swims over to the door.

Nathan: I had everything under control until they blew up the boat.

Elena swims towards them. Sully puts a small ladder on the bottom of the door.

Nathan: You all right?

Elena: Nothing that years of therapy won't fix.

Sully takes the camera from Elena as she climbs the ladder.

Sully: Well, if it isn't the beautiful and talented Elena Fisher.

Elena: Flattery will get you screen time.

Sully: Yeah, I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Victor Sullivan.

He kisses Elena's hand.

Elena: Oh...

Nathan starts climbing the ladder.

Nathan: Oh, for chrissakes...

Nathan climbs into the plane and pulls the ladder up.

Nathan: Whaddya say we get out of here before we attract any more attention?

Sometime later, Sully is flying the plane over the ocean.

Sully: Well?

Nathan holds up the diary he found in the coffin earlier.

Nathan: A little present from Sir Francis.

Sully laughs.

Sully: So you found the coffin? Wait a minute - is this what I think it is?

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Drake's lost diary. He faked his death, just like I said, Sully. He
must've been onto something big.

Sully: Yeah, well, let's just keep that between us.

Elena turns round from her chair behind the pilot's seat. She hands the gun
back to Nathan.

Elena: Thanks for the loan, Mr. Drake. I think I've earned a look at that
diary, when we land.

Sully looks at Nathan. Nathan shrugs.

Later that day, Nathan and Sully are standing on another boat docked by a
pier. Elena is pacing up and down the pier on the phone.

Nathan: So look, when Drake sailed into the Pacific he took the Spanish fleet
completely by surprise. He captured their ships, he took all their maps, their
letters, their journals... and he recorded everything in this diary.

Sully: Uh-huh, so this...

Nathan: But when he got back to England, Queen Elizabeth confiscated all of
his charts and logbooks. Including this one - and then swore his entire crew
to silence.

Sully: Yeah, so this -

Nathan: Y'see, Drake discovered something on that voyage, Sully - something so
secret, and so valuable, they couldn't risk it getting out.

Sully: All right, Nate - just pretend for a minute that I don't really care
about any of that stuff, and cut to the chase, wouldya?

Nathan: A man only interested in the climax. You must be a real hit with the

Sully: Never had any complaints.

Nathan: Okay then, I'll jump to the good part, just for you.

He flips through the diary and places the diary down on the table in front of
Sully. Sully looks at the page in the diary and chuckles.

Sully: El goddamn Dorado.

Nathan: He was onto something big, all right.

Sully: Does it say anything else?

Nathan snatches the diary away.

Nathan: Oh, so now you're interested, huh?

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: Well, unfortunately no - last page was torn out.

He holds the diary up and shows Sully where the page was torn out.

Nathan: I'm telling you, Sully. This is it - this is finally it.

Sully: Yeah... Only, we got one little problem.

He motions to Elena, pacing up and down on the pier outside. Outside, Elena
is talking on the phone.

Elena: Yes, that's what I said - it blew up. It sank. No, that's why we have
insurance, right? Oh. Oh no, the camera - No, the camera's fine, don't worry
about the camera. No... still as good as new...

She sets the camera down. Back inside the boat, Nathan and Sully continue

Nathan: Sully, the girl can hold her own. You shoulda seen her.

Sully: Fine, you go on out there and you tell her "we just found the lost city
of gold". Maybe her producer can get it on the air tonight.

Nathan: Oh, come on...

Sully: Nate - do you trust me?

Nathan: More or less.

Sully: Good, 'cause we're gonna have every two-bit scumbag in the world racing
us to this treasure unless we cut her loose right now.

Nathan: You're a real gentleman, Sully.

Sully: I know. It stinks. She'll get over it.

Outside, Elena continues talking on the phone.

Elena: No, I don't - I don't care if we're over budget. I mean - Do you realise
this could be like - the biggest story of the year?

Elena sees Sully waving to her inside the boat. She waves back, uncomfortably.

Elena: Hi...

She turns away.

Elena: No, I don't trust 'em, okay? That's why we need to move fast. So just
get me the camera crew, and I promise you that -

The boat suddenly pulls away from the dock.

Elena: Sonofabitch.

Elena runs to the end of the pier.

Elena: HEY!! Shoulda seen that one coming.

Elena sighs.

| 2.02 "The Search for El Dorado" |

Nathan and Sully are walking down a small hill in part of a jungle. Sully
stops to catch his breath.

Sully: Hold on. Hold on, kid. I'm not as young as I used to be.

Nathan: You weren't too old for that little barmaid in Lima, were you?

Sully: Well, that was different. Although I must admit, equally as strenuous.

Nathan chuckles.

Nathan: Well, hang in there, old timer. We're just about there.

Sully: Y'know, this reminds me - I ever tell you about the time I pawned a
phony 16th Century santo off on Pablo Escobar?

Sully laughs.

Sully: Ah, risky move, but by the time he figured it out I was - Nate, are you
even listening to me?

Nathan: Hanging on every word.

Sully: Ah, why waste my breath?

Nathan and Sully continue through the jungle.

Sully: You really think Francis Drake came all the way up here, huh? We're an
awful long way from England.

Nathan and Sully continue through the jungle. Nathan ducks under a big leaf and
they walk forward to the spot where the treasure is supposed to be.

Sully: Well?

Nathan looks around.

Nathan: I don't get it... according to this we're right on top of the mark.

Sully: Maybe you're not reading that thing right. Let me see it.

Nathan: No, this is the place.

Sully: There's nothing here, Nate. Another goddamn dead end.

Nathan: Easy, Sully. Just relax. Let's take a look around.

Nathan and Sully continue walking.

Sully: Oh, man, this is like trying to find a bride in a brothel.

Nathan and Sully reach a ruin. Sully chuckles.

Sully: Well, now this is more like it! What do you think this is - Incan?

Nathan: Nah, it's older than that. Like two thousand years older.

Sully: Huh.

Nathan climbs up to the ruins and jumps across to another ruin.

Sully: Find anything?

Nathan: Nothing yet.

Nathan jumps across to another ruin and climbs onto a pillar bridging another
two platforms together.

Sully: Be careful up there.

Nathan jumps across to another part of the ruin and looks down at the ground

Nathan: Hey, there's something funny about the ground down there!

Sully walks over the ground.

Sully: It's hollow. We gotta find a way to smash through this.

Nathan locates a boulder on top of the ruins and pushes it off the edge. The
boulder smashes through the hollow ground, revealing stairs that lead under

Sully: Good work, kid!

Nathan and Sully start down the stairs.

Sully: Uh, think we're gonna need the flashlights for this one.

At the bottom of the stairs, Nathan and Sully turn their flashlights on.
Several bats fly past them.

Nathan: Whoa!

Nathan and Sully continue down another set of stairs and into the room below.
They shine their flashlights around as the enter.

Sully: What a warm and homey place, huh?

Nathan chuckles.

Nathan: Not quite what you were expecting, huh?

Sully: Yeah - where's all the damn gold?

Nathan: Ah, this place was picked clean centuries ago.

Sully: No-good limey pirate.

Nathan: No, it wasn't Drake.

Nathan picks up a tin helmet from the floor.

Nathan: Check this out.

He hands the helmet to Sully.

Nathan: Looks like the Spanish got here before he did.

Sully: AGH!!!

Sully throws the helmet to the floor angrily.

Nathan: What the hell, Sully?

Sully: Nate, I'm not looking for a lousy piece of tin! I'm up to my eyeballs
in debt!

He sits down on a nearby fallen column.

Sully: I was really countin' on this one.

Nathan: Too many big bar tabs in Lima, I guess?

Sully laughs.

Sully: That, and well, just a few bad deals.

He takes his shoe off and empties the stones out. Nathan kneels down next to a
pillar and looks closely at the wall.

Nathan: Yeah, well, I always told you to stay away from the bad guys - and the
bad girls.

Sully: Yeah? Look who's talkin'.

Nathan: What's that supposed to mean?

Sully: That reporter. I saw the way you were eyeing her.

Nathan: Elena? Please. I snuffed any chance with her the second we ditched her
on that dock.

Sully laughs.

Sully: All's fair in love and war, kid.

Nathan helps Sully to stand.

Nathan: Hm. And what if you can't tell the difference?

Sully: Then, my friend, you are in big trouble.

Nathan and Sully continue through the room.

Sully: Those Spaniards sure left a lot of crap behind.

Nathan approaches a huge gaping hole in the room.

Sully: Careful, Nate - that's quite a drop.

Nathan: You're not kidding.

Sully: We gotta find a way across.

Nathan shoots a barrel on the other side of the room. The explosion knocks a
pillar down and creates a bridge across the gap. Sully laughs.

Sully: That'll work.

Nathan and Sully cross the gap. Nathan walks over to a pulling mechanism. He
pulls the chain and a stone door starts to open, but it soon slams shut again.

Sully: Here - let me do that.

Sully pulls the chain and opens the stone door.

Sully: I'll hold it open. See if you can jam it from the other side.

Nathan enters the next room and finds a wooden cart nearby. He pushes the cart
towards the stone door.

Sully: Hurry up, Nate!

Nathan pushes the cart under the stone door.

Nathan: All right, let go. This oughta hold it.

Sully releases the chain. The door drops down onto the cart and braces it open.

Nathan: Hurry, Sully!

Sully quickly ducks under the stone door as the cart crumbles under the weight
of the door.

Nathan: That was a little too close!

Sully: Let's hope this place has a back door, huh?

Nathan notices something in the middle of the room.

Nathan: Y'know, this looks familiar. I think there's something in Drake's
journal about this.

Nathan opens the diary and stops on a page of a picture of a brazier.

Nathan: Yeah, here it is... Looks like this thing is some kind of lamp, or
brazier. See if you can light it.

Sully: So after all your bitching about the cigar, now it comes in handy, huh?

Sully walks over to the brazier and strikes a match. He drops the match into
the brazier. The flames spread across the ceiling and light up two lamps
hanging from above.

Sully: We gotta figure a way to clear this debris.

Nathan shoots one of the lamps hanging above. A spark drops down from the
lamp and ignites the debris blocking the door.

Sully: Nice!

The blockage starts crumbling. Sully laughs.

Sully: Beautiful!

In the next room is a huge drop below.

Sully: Now what?

Nathan jumps onto some pegs sticking out of the wall around the room.

Sully: Uh, Nate... I mighta been able to do that thirty years ago.

Nathan jumps from peg to peg until he reaches a vine. He slides down the vine
to the ground below.

Sully: I think there's a ladder behind all this rubble.

Nathan shoots a barrel at the base of the rubble. The explosion destroys the
rubble and reveals a ladder.

Sully: Whaha... wow!

Sully climbs down the ladder and they both enter the next room where they find
another brazier.

Sully: Let's get goin'.

Sully strikes another match and lights the brazier. The stone door behind them
closes up and another one in front of them opens. Nathan and Sully follow the
passageway down the stairs until they reach the next room.

Nathan: Ah, now what?

Nathan walks into the middle of the room and spots some wooden planks in a
circular pattern on the floor.

Sully: Whaddya make of this?

Nathan: Wait, I recognise these symbols...

Nathan looks through the diary and stops on a page which shows four symbols.

Nathan: "The order of these signs has some importance."

Nathan locates the first symbol in the room and pushes it into the wall.

Sully: Hey, something's happening!

A small block rises up out of the ground. Nathan locates the rest of the
symbols and pushes them into the wall in the order shown in the diary. Three
more blocks rise up out of the ground around the wooden planks in the middle of
the room. The wooden planks start sliding away.

Sully: Whoa!

Nathan and Sully approach the hole in the ground.

Sully: Pretty deep.

Nathan: Yeah. Looks like there's a ladder cut into the side. Wait here while I
check it out.

Sully: All right. Just be careful.

Nathan climbs down the ladder and drops down onto a small ledge just below.

Sully: Hey, watch your step down there.

Nathan climbs around the ledge and enters a small room in the side of the wall.
He pushes a block in the room and two chains on either side of the doorway
start moving. A hole opens in the side of the wall opposite the room and water
flows out.

Nathan: Okay - getting somewhere.

Nathan goes back to the hole.

Sully: Aw, don't tell me you're gonna swim in that!

Nathan: I've been in worse!

Nathan jumps down into the water at the bottom of the hole, into a cave. He
swims over to the surface, climbs out and sighs.

Nathan: I am really wet.

Nathan climbs up the rocks and ledges at the back of the cave. He jumps to a
vine and climbs up until he reaches another passageway. He calls out to Sully
on the other side of a stone door.

Nathan: I made it! I'm on the other side!

Sully: Can you get this open?

Nathan shoots a barrel next to the stone door. The explosion destroys the

Sully: Nice one!

Nathan and Sully continue through the passageway until they reach another door
with two chains on each side of the door. Nathan walks over to one of the
chains. Sully walks over to the other.

Sully: I've got this one.

Nathan and Sully both pull the chains at the same time. The wooden planks slide
away, revealing a wooden walkway. Nathan starts walking along the unsteady

Nathan: Ah, this looks safe.

He continues along the walkway. The walkway starts creaking.

Nathan: Whoa - Uh-oh...

The walkway starts crumbling.

Sully: Uh, Nate... Get out of there - now!

The walkway starts collapsing and several stone slabs drop down onto the
walkway from the sides. Nathan races to the end of the walkway, jumping
across the gaps and avoiding the stone slabs.

Nathan: Oh no no no no NO NO!!

At the end of the walkway, Nathan turns back to Sully. Sully is jumping across
the fallen stone slabs.

Nathan: I made it! I'm okay!

Nathan and Sully head up the stairs in front of them.

Sully: Now it looks like we're getting somewhere.

Nathan: After that, we better be.

Nathan and Sully walk into the room. They shine their flashlights around. Sully
sees a recess in the wall nearby. They walk up the steps to the recess.

Sully: Oh man...

Nathan: The temple must have been built around this.

Sully: Around what?

Nathan: A statue...

Nathan kneels down to the ground and grabs some of the dirt on the ground. He
holds his hand up and the dirt falls through his fingers.

Nathan: ...a gold statue.

Sully: A huge gold statue! And look, here...

Sully points to several carvings on the wall.

Sully: ...these people - they're worshipping the damn thing. At least I think
they're people.

Nathan: Of course. 'El Dorado' - 'the Golden Man'! Sully, it wasn't a city of
gold, it was this. It was a golden idol.

Sully: Man, can you imagine what that thing would be worth now?

Nathan: Look over here - tracks.

Nathan shines his flashlight down on some track marks on the ground.

Nathan: I bet the Spanish dragged it out on cut logs. Huh... we're four hundred
years late for this party.

Sully: So the trail's cold?

Nathan: Yea, it looks that way.

Sully: Sonofabitch!

Nathan: Unless...

Sully: Unless what?

Nathan: We follow the tracks.

Nathan and Sully follow the tracks through the temple until they reach a hole
in the wall.

Nathan: Huh. They stop here.

Sully: Yeah - it looks like the back wall of the temple was blown out.

Nathan: Yeah. The Spaniards musta made themselves a shortcut to get the
treasure out.

Sully: Swell, now what?

Nathan and Sully exit the temple and follow a narrow path through the jungle.
Nathan stops when he hears the sound of rushing water.

Nathan: Wait - Sully, do you hear that?

At the end of the path, Nathan sees a waterfall. An old rusted, U-boat is
stranded on top of the waterfall.

Nathan: Now there's something you don't see every day.

Sully: My God!

Nathan and Sully climb up the rocks nearby and approach the top of the

Nathan: Whoa. 

Sully: I'll be damned.

Nathan: Must've come up the river during flood season and gotten stuck. Let's
check it out, huh?

Sully: Nah... Wait, wait, wait. Something about this feels kinda hinky.

Nathan: Hinky? You act like you've never seen a German U-boat in the middle of
the jungle before.

Sully: No, I'm being serious, Nate.

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Tell you what... Why don't you stay here, I'll check it out myself.
I'll call you if I run into any Nazis.

Sully: Yeah right, you do that.

Nathan starts walking off.

Nathan: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait...

He takes Francis Drake's journal out and hands it to Sully.

Nathan: Hold onto this for me, will ya?

He turns back to the U-boat.

Nathan: Okay... Looks like I'm gonna have to do this the hard way.

| 2.03. "A Surprising Find" |

Nathan swims through the water and surfaces on some land near the edge of the
waterfall. Sully talks to Nathan through the walkie-talkie.

Sully: Looks like you're gonna have to monkey across those cliffs to get into
the U-boat.

Nathan climbs up the rocks, ledges and vines until he reaches the top. At the
top, Sully talks to him again.

Sully: Hey, watch yourself up there. It's a long way down.

Nathan makes his way across the top of the cliff overlooking the U-boat below
and drops down onto a ledge below. He makes his way closer to the U-boat by
jumping across ledges.

Sully: Nate, you should be able to drop right down into the U-boat from there.

Nathan drops down onto the ledges below and lands on the U-boat. He makes his
way across the top of the U-boat. Sully calls out to him.

Sully: Nate! When was your last tetanus shot?

Nathan: Oh, that's funny!

Nathan climbs down a ladder into the U-boat from the conning tower. He speaks
into the walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Okay, I'm in.

Sully: Whaddya see?

Nathan: Something nasty happened to these guys. There's blood everywhere. And

Sully: What?!

Nathan makes his way through the rusted-out U-boat and drops down to the next
level through a hatchway. He spots a corpse lying across the doorway.

Nathan: Eugh...

He kneels down and pulls the corpse away from the doorway. As he drops the
corpse, several coins spill out onto the floor. Nathan picks up one of the
coins and looks at it closely.

Nathan: Huh. Now where did you get this, my decomposing friend?

Nathan continues through the U-boat. He speaks into the walkie-talkie.

Nathan: I think the trail just got warm again.

Sully: How so?

Nathan: Well, I just met a guy with pockets full of Spanish gold, only the
coins are stamped with a mint mark I've never seen before.

Sully: You're kidding me.

Nathan: Looks like our German friends had a little secret.

Nathan makes his way through a partially-flooded section of the U-boat and
climbs up a ladder to the level above.

Nathan: Cosy.

Nathan continues through the U-boat to the Captain's quarters. He looks
around the room. He pulls a curtain aside, revealing a corpse. Nathan takes
his walkie-talkie out.

Nathan: I'm in the Captain's quarters... And get this - he's still here.

Sully: What's that supposed to mean?

Nathan: Ah - looks like he was killed...ripped to shreds, actually. What a way
to go.

Sully: Sounds terrible. Check his wallet.

Nathan: You're all heart, Sully.

Nathan lifts the Captain's hand up and takes a piece of paper out of his hand.
He unfolds the piece of paper. The paper shows a map. He pushes stuff off of a
nearby table and places the map out flat on the table.

Nathan: No way...

He looks at a second map already on the table.

Nathan: You've got to be kidding...

Sully: Find anything, kid?

Nathan picks up the map and walks over to a third map on the wall behind him.

Nathan: UK2642...

He looks at the map on the wall closely.

Nathan: U-K... U-K... UK2642... Gotcha!

Sully: Are you all right?

Nathan: Sully, you're not gonna believe this.

Sully: Try me.

Nathan: I think I found our missing page.

Sully: You're kidding.

Nathan: It looks like Drake and our German pals were after the same treasure.
And I've got the map that's gonna lead us right to it.

Sully: Nate, this better not be another wild-goose chase. We've got to get
something out of this trip or -

Nathan: Or what? Sully... you there? Sullivan?

Nathan makes his way back through the U-boat. He pushes open a rusted door. It
swings back and knocks a torpedo to the floor. The propellor on the torpedo
starts spinning.

Nathan: Ooh, oh - don't - don't - That's probably bad.

Nathan runs towards the torpedo tube and crawls through. Outside the U-boat,
Nathan swims to the surface. As he starts to climb out of the water, he sees
someone kneeling down beside him.

Gabriel: Hello.

The man holds his hand out to help Nathan. Another man, named Navarro is
standing behind him with an AK. Navarro grabs hold of Nathan's arm and lifts
him up out of the water.

Nathan: Hey, hey -

Navarro takes a gun out of Nathan's gun holster.

Nathan: Friends of yours, Sully?

Gabriel: I'm Gabriel Roman.

Nathan: Yeah, I know who you are, asshole.

Gabriel: Manners, young man. This is just business.

Navarro: Get over there.

Navarro pushes Nathan towards Sully.

Nathan: Easy!

Navarro: Put your hands up.

Nathan raises his hands.

Nathan: All right, they're up.

Gabriel: See, your friend owes me money, Mr. Drake. A lot of money. So when he
told me that you two were onto something big - "the find of a lifetime," he
said. Well, I was intrigued. But he's made grand promises before. Haven't you,
Victor? And here we are again. Another fool's errand.

Nathan: Sheesh, does he always go on like this?

Navarro hits Nathan with the butt of his rifle.

Gabriel: Take it easy, Navarro. So, I'm afraid the time is up. Unless of course
you found something in there, Mr. Drake...

Gabriel points towards the U-boat.

Gabriel: ...that might compensate for all this unpleasantness?

Sully: He's screwing with you, Nate. They heard everything. Just give 'em the

Navarro: Slowly.

Nathan takes the map out of his pocket. Navarro takes the map.

Navarro: What does a Kriegsmarine map have to do with El Dorado?

Gabriel takes the map from Navarro.

Sully: What, you think this is a coincidence? The Germans were after the same
treasure - that map has something to do with it.

Gabriel looks up from the map.

Sully: So, we square?

Gabriel: For now. But just in case you need a reminder...

Gabriel takes a gun out and aims it at Nathan.

Sully: Hey, come on, leave him out of it.

Nathan: Yeah, don't you guys usually just cut off a finger or something?

Gabriel: That's far too vulgar. No, I think this will hurt him a bit more.

Sully: Now whoa, whoa, whoa - C'mon, Roman, he's got nothing to do with -

Gabriel shoots Sully instead.

Nathan: Sully! Sully!!

Nathan runs to Navarro and tries to wrestle the gun from him.

Nathan: You son-of-a-bitch!

An explosion interrupts Gabriel and Navarro as the U-boat explodes behind them.
Gabriel and Navarro watch a mercenary try to escape from the burning U-boat.
The U-boat explodes again, knocking Gabriel, Navarro and Nathan to the floor.
As the U-boat starts sinking, Nathan stands up. He sees Sully lying face-down
on the ground. Navarro stands up unsteadily. Nathan turns around and runs off.

Gabriel: Stop him!

Nathan runs back down the jungle path to the bottom. He looks around and hides
behind a pillar. A hand grabs him and spins him round. Nathan steps back and
raises a fist in self-defence. Elena is standing in front of him with a raised

Elena: Whoa there, cowboy!

Nathan: Oh...

Elena punches him in the face.

Elena: That's for leaving me at the dock.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing here?

Elena: Listen, I'm a good enough reporter to follow a couple of no-luck tomb

Nathan presses Elena up against the pillar.

Nathan: Shhh!

Mercenary #1: He went this way!

Mercenary #2: I'll radio ahead!

The mercenaries run past them. Once the mercenaries are gone, Nathan takes a
step back from Elena.

Nathan: Well, you're down to one tomb robber, now. Sully's dead.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Yeah, and we're next if we don't get outta here.

Elena: Oh God... I'm sorry.

Nathan: Please tell me you have a gun.

Elena: Of course.

Elena takes out a gun.

Nathan: Oh, thanks. All right, c'mon.

Nathan and Elena shoot several mercenaries outside the temple. They start
making their way back through the temple.

Elena: You always seem to be getting shot at.

Nathan: They're shooting at you, too, you know!

Nathan and Elena make their way through the temple to room with the stone

Nathan: Stay close.

They make their way through a passageway.

Elena: What the hell is this place, anyway?

Nathan: Long story. Tell you later.

They make their way back to the room with the brazier in it.

Elena: Never a dull moment, huh?

Nathan: Just keep your head down. These guys aren't messing around.

They make their way back through the room with the huge gap in the middle.

Nathan: C'mon. Back this way!

They head up the stairs towards the exit.

Nathan: C'mon - stay with me.

Outside the temple, Nathan and Elena deal with the last few guards.

Elena: Over here, I think - yeah, this way!

Elena leads Nathan back to her jeep. They quickly start pulling off the leaves
and branches on the jeep.

Elena: You always been this popular?

Nathan: Well, I do seem to attract the scum of the earth. Ah - no offence.

Elena climbs into the jeep.

Elena: None taken.

Nathan climbs into the driver's seat.

Nathan: Do you have a good memory?

Elena: Yeah, why?

Nathan: UK2642... you got that?

Elena: Yeah, what is it?

Nathan takes the map out of his pocket and hands it to Elena.

Nathan: It's Kriegsmarine coordinates. I think I know where the Spanish took
El Dorado.

Elena: El Dorado?

Nathan tries to start the jeep.

Nathan: The problem is, so do the bastards who killed Sully. Damn it! If the
Spanish found the treasure, they had to've moved it there, to that island.
And Drake followed 'em.

Elena: Well, what are we waiting for? I'll get the story, and you get...
whatever it is you're after.

Nathan: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon -

Nathan manages to start the jeep.

Nathan: Yeah, haha!

Elena: C'mon...

Nathan: Hey, this isn't gonna be a vacation, you know.

Elena: I can take care of myself. Besides, you owe me one.

Nathan: I suppose I do.

They drive off. Sometime later, Nathan and Elena are flying over the ocean in
Sully's seaplane. Elena is filming more footage with her video camera.

Elena: We're on the trail of the lost treasure of El Dorado, and it's brought
us here, to this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

She pans the camera round to the show the island in the distance.

Nathan: Let's get a closer look... and hope we're the first ones here.

Elena: Will we discover the ruins of a forgotten colony and a fortune in
Spanish gold? Or does the island have darker secrets in store for us?

Elena puts the camera down.

Elena: That should keep 'em from changing the channel.

The plane shakes as something hits it.

Elena: Whoa! What the hell was that?!

Nathan: Anti-aircraft fire?! This is so not cool!!

As Nathan flies nearer to the island, AA guns continuously shoot at the plane.
One of the plane engines catches fire. Elena films it with her camera.

Elena: Oh, crap! We're on fire!

Elena zooms in on Nathan's face.

Nathan: Enough with the damn camera! We gotta bail out!

Elena: Bail out? Does this thing even have parachutes?!

Nathan: Now would be a good time to look!

Elena leaves her seat and searches the rear of the plane. An explosion rocks
the plane again, knocking Elena to the floor. Elena scrambles back to Nathan,
holding a parachute.

Elena: I hope these things still work!

Nathan: Well, we'll find out in a second.

Elena: Have you ever done this before?!

Elena starts putting a parachute on.

Nathan: Of course - you just jump, count to five, and pull the cord! Now go!

Elena starts to head towards the back of the plane, but turns back and picks up
her camera.

Elena: Are you coming?!!

Nathan: Kinda busy right now! Get going!

Elena stumbles to the back of the plane to the rear door. She looks down at the
island below.

Elena: See you on the ground?

Nathan: Right behind ya!

Elena: Yeah...

Elena jumps out of the plane.

Elena: Aaaaaghhhh!

The parachute opens up. Nathan gets out of the chair.

Nathan: What am I doing?

He picks up his parachute and heads to the rear door. He is knocked to the
floor by another explosion. He struggles to put his parachute on.

Nathan: Okay - you just jump... count to five and you pull the cord. How hard
could that be?

He looks down at the island below.

Nathan: Oh crap!

He jumps out of the plane.

Nathan: Aaaagghh!! Onetwothreefourfive!! Aaaagh!! Oh crap crap crap crap crap
crap!!! Uuggh!

Nathan wakes up and shields his eyes from the sun. He looks up and sees a dark
statue looming over him. He cries out. His parachute has become caught on the
wing of an angel statue.

Nathan: Ah, shit.

He unbuckles the parachute and drops down to the ground. He looks around and
checks his pockets for the map.

Nathan: Ah, hell.

In the distance, he sees smoke rising up from the trees.

| 2.04. "Plane Wrecked" |

Nathan: Strangers trying to kill me; leave my map on a burning plane; Elena's
missing, most likely dead. That's great. Great start, Nate.

Nathan makes his way through the jungle until he reaches a small waterfall.
He climbs up the rocks to the top of the waterfall and follows the stream of
water. He continues through the jungle until he sees two shotguns tied
together to form a cross.

Nathan: Cheery.

Nathan reaches a waterfall and jumps across rocks to reach the other side of
the broken bridge. At the end of the bridge, he drops down onto a small rocky
platform below. The rock starts to crumble.

Nathan: Whoa - whoaoa -

Nathan jumps across to another platform in front of him as the rock crumbles
away. As he is crossing the waterfall, a truck arrives on the rocks above.
Nathan shoots the barrel on the back of the truck.

Nathan: Bingo.

The truck flies through the air and lands between two small rocks, creating a
bridge across the water. Nathan hurries across the truck.

Nathan: Excuse me. Pardon me.

The water drags the truck down the waterfall, taking a large chunk of rock
with it. Nathan continues through the jungle until he comes across half of
Sully's plane stuck in a tree.

Nathan: Oh, man...

He looks across the other side of the area and sees several pirates standing
around the other half of the plane which is also stuck in a tree. Nathan takes
care of the guards in the area and looks up at the plane.

Nathan: Doesn't look good.

Nathan climbs up a rope hanging from the tree to reach the wreckage. He takes
a look around the plane. The plane rocks unsteadily.

Nathan: Whoa... Okay...

He steps into the cockpit and finds the map.

Nathan: Sweet.	

As Nathan turns to leave, the plane tilts a little.

Nathan: Whoa.

He looks out of the window and sees a parachute stuck on a rock in the

Nathan: Oh, no. Elena...

Nathan climbs back down the rope and continues through the jungle. He sees a
guard about to shoot him but the guard triggers a trap and gets impaled on a

Guard: Oh!

Nathan: Better watch where I'm going.

Nathan sees Elena's parachute again, stuck on a rock.

Nathan: Hang on, Elena...

Nathan climbs up to a narrow ledge on the edge of the island above the ocean.

Nathan: Oh, jeez.

Nathan continues through the jungle until he reaches a huge fortress.

Nathan: You have to be kidding.

| 2.05. "The Fortress" |

Nathan starts climbing the wall surrounding the fortress.

Nathan: Eyes ahead, don't look down... Oh, God...

He climbs towards the top of the wall and climbs through a window.

Nathan: Ah, thank you God...

Nathan heads through a small tunnel and climbs back through a window to the
wall outside again. He looks down.

Nathan: Oh, you can't be serious. Oh God, wasn't I just out here?

Nathan climbs towards the top of the wall again until he reaches another

Nathan: Ah - gonna have to bust through that window.

He jumps on to a vine in front of the window. He tests the vine.

Nathan: All right - all right, it'll hold me...

He swings into the window and kicks through the bars covering it.

Nathan continues through the fortress until he finds Elena's parachute flailing
about from a rock.

Nathan: No sign of her... that's either very good, or very bad.

Nathan uses a zipline to swing over the fortress and drops down into a guard
tower. He looks through the barred windows and sees Elena across the fortress.

Nathan: Elena. What the hell's she doing?

Elena runs off. Nathan looks down into the courtyard below and sees a guard
standing behind a barred iron gate.

Nathan: Hmmm...

The guard speaks into a walkie-talkie.

Guard: Ha-low?

Nathan switches on the microphone on the table. He leans down and speaks into

Nathan: Buka pintu.

Guard: Siapa ini? Bicara sekarang!

Nathan: Ah, crap. Sialan lo! Cepatan, buka pintu!

The guard sees Nathan.

Guard: Ah, tai!

The guard hurries off for a moment. The gate starts opening. Nathan laughs.

Nathan: It worked.

Four armed guards run out into the area.

Guard #1: There he is! Up there!

Guard #2: Get on the gun!

Nathan: Oh boy...

Nathan takes care of the guards in the courtyard and then runs through the now
open gate. He enters a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, a guard on a machine
gun turret fires at him.

Nathan: How do I always get myself into this crap?

Nathan continues through the tunnel and drops down into a room filled with

Nathan: This place could use a good plumber.

As Nathan drops into the room, he is ambushed by several armed guards.

Nathan: Sonofabitch! Where did they all come from?

Nathan enters the next room and climbs out of the flooded room.

| 2.06. "Unlocking the Past" |

Nathan continues up the stairs and through another tunnel.

Nathan: Jesus, Elena, where are you?

Nathan exits the tunnel. He looks up and sees a tower above him.

Nathan: Huh - wait a minute...

He takes the map out of his pocket and looks in the bottom corner of the map.

Nathan: Now what's so important about that tower?

He is suddenly interrupted by two guards firing at him.

Nathan: Whoa! - Sonofabitch!

Nathan takes care of the guards and makes his way up to the tower. He spots a
lever near the base of the tower.

Nathan: Aha. What's this?

He pulls the lever and opens a gate below. He goes through the open gate and
climbs to the top of the pillar at the back of the area. He grabs hold of a
rope hanging down above the pillar and swings towards a higher pillar. He kicks
himself away from the pillar and the pillar crumbles. He drops down from the
rope and rolls away to the side as a brick falls down from above him. Nathan
uses the debris from the fallen pillar to climb onto the archway above the
gate and climbs the wall to the top of the building. He climbs onto a ledge
right next to the tower marked on the map. The ledge starts to crumble.

Nathan: Oh no - oh no no no no no no NO NO!

Nathan jumps away from the ledge as it crumbles away and grabs hold of a ledge
on the side of the tower. He climbs to the top of the tower where he sees a
rope and a skeleton on the floor. He pushes the skeleton and the rope off the
ledge of the floor and picks up the key underneath it.

Nathan: Yuck - excuse me - thank you.

He climbs down the rope and goes back through the open gate. He makes his way
to the corner of the area and tries using the key on the locked door.

Nathan: Hm - no -

He laughs and tries a second key.

Nathan: All right.

He makes his way through the room which is lined with prison cells.

Nathan: Where the hell is she?

He continues through the fortress until he reaches a room with a drawing of a
map on the wall. He walks over to a helmet on a wooden table and picks it up.

Nathan: Hmm... these aren't Spanish - they're English.

He walks over to a floodlight and shines on the picture of a map on the wall.

Nathan: Whoa.

In the corner of the map, a message has been written.

Nathan: Fletcher - we have gone to the great tower. I pray that you will meet
us there. Francis Drake... Wow... So you made it... but what were you plotting?

Nathan makes his way up some stairs to the exit. Outside, he sees the great

Nathan: That must be Drake's tower.

Nathan makes his way to the tower, looking for Elena.

Nathan: Where'd she go?

Nathan makes his way to the top of the tower and looks around the room. He sees
a telescope on a nearby table.

Nathan: This must've been Drake's...

He picks up the telescope and walks out onto the balcony.

Nathan: So what were you looking for, hm?

He looks through the telescope and sees an orange-domed building in the

Nathan: Well now, that looks familiar... Huh. The ships never left.

He looks down to the cliffside on the edge of the island, and sees Elena
looking out to sea with her video camera.

Nathan: Elena!

Guard #1: Hey, there she is.

He looks down at a balcony below and sees two guards aiming at Elena with a
grenade launcher. He fires at one of the guards.

Nathan: Oh crap.

The guard spins round and fires the grenade launcher at the balcony. The
balcony starts crumbling.

Guard #1: We got him!

Nathan wakes up sometime later in a prison cell. Stones are being thrown at
him. He looks up and sees Elena looking through the bars of the window.

Elena: I know I'm not a big-time treasure hunter like you, but I doubt you're
gonna find El Dorado in there.

Nathan stands up.

Elena: How'd you get yourself in this mess?

Nathan: Trying to rescue you, as a matter of fact.

He walks over to the window.

Elena: Oh, that's so sweet.

Elena looks at the wall closely.

Elena: Traditional sandstone brick and stucco... limestone mortar... huh.

Nathan: How'd you get to know so much about this?

Elena: My show - episode 4, "Architects of the New World."

Elena pulls the bars.

Elena: Yup, it'll just take a tug to pull these bars out.

Elena jumps off the crate she was standing on and walks off.

Nathan: What? No, wait... are you sure -

Nathan hears a familiar voice coming from the hallway outside.

Eddy: Get out of my way, bodoh!

He turns round and faces the door.

Eddy: Cepatan, open this goddamn door!

Nathan: Oh crap.

Eddy Raja kicks the door open and walks in with an armed guard.

Eddy: Hey, Drake.

Nathan: Eddy Raja. I shoulda guessed.

Eddy holds up Nathan's map as he walks over to the cell.

Eddy: Fascinating document, huh?

He unfolds the map.

Eddy: Seems like this "Sir Francis" was in my line of work.

Nathan: Don't flatter yourself, Eddy.

Eddy chuckles.

Eddy: Always ready to be enemies, eh?

Eddy sits on a wooden table nearby.

Eddy: Tell you what - lead me to the gold, and I just might let you live.

Eddy takes out a golden gun.

Nathan: Is that it? Is that my deal? Die now, or help you, and die later. It's
a tough call, but you know what? I'll take "die now."

Eddy jumps up off the table angrily.

Eddy: Tai kamu! Listen to me, maggot - I was promised treasure on this
goddamn rock! And now my men are dying. They can't even go outside to take a
piss without an armed guard, and I have nothing to show for it!

Eddy turns away in anger. Nathan looks over his shoulder and sees Elena hanging
a hook around the bars of the window.

Eddy: I am making you a fair offer. You help me find the treasure, and the last
man alive gets the gold... and the girl, of course.

Nathan: The girl? Oh, Eddy, the girl's long gone. She's probably off the island
by now, going for help.

Eddy looks at Nathan for a moment and smiles.

Eddy: Tai kucing - you were never very good at poker. I will find her, trust
me. How much trouble could one girl be?

Elena drives away from the prison cell and the hook drags away most of the

Elena: Well?! Come on!!

Nathan snatches the map away from Eddy and runs towards the jeep.

Nathan: Thank you.

Eddy: Hey, goddamn it -

Nathan steps over bricks and rubble to reach the jeep.

Nathan: Okay. Nice work!

Elena: Thanks.

Eddy turns to the armed guard.

Eddy: Hey, hey, buka pintu!

The guard runs to unlock the cell door. Nathan climbs onto the back of the
jeep and sits behind a mounted machine gun as Elena starts the jeep.

Elena: Hang on!

Elena reverses out of the courtyard and drives off.

Eddy: Hentikan mereka! After them!!

Eddy and the armed guard fire at the jeep as it speeds off.

| 2.07. "Out of the Frying Pan" |

Elena drives through the jungle as the guards start shooting at them.

Nathan: Go! Go!

Nathan: Do you know where you're going?

Elena: No!

They drive through a tunnel. As they exit, guards start pursuing the jeep on
quad bikes and trucks.

Nathan: Here they come!

After a while, the guards start appearing from the side of the jeep.

Elena: They're coming in from the side!

After a while, the guards start appearing from the left.

Elena: On the left!

Elena drives along a rocky cliff edge.

Nathan: Whoa whoa whoa, watch the cliff!

Elena eventually comes to a stop at the edge of another cliff.

Nathan: Oooh no no no no NO! Oh crap! I said watch THE CLIFF!

Elena reverses the car and drives back in the opposite direction.

Elena: All right back there?

Nathan: Just drive!

A speeding truck drives straight towards the jeep.

Elena: Look out!

Nathan fires a grenade it. It explodes and flies over the jeep.

Elena: They're behind us!

The guards continue pursuing the jeep again. Elena drives through a cave. The
end of the cave is blocked by rocks.

Elena: Nate?! Shoot it out!

Nathan fires a grenade at the rocks and clears it. Elena drives straight
through what's left of the rocks and narrowly misses driving over the edge of
a cliff.

Nathan: W-wh-whoa CLIFF!

Elena: I see it!

After a while, Elena reaches a dead end as part of the bridge up ahead is

Elena: Uh... Nate?

Nathan: Step on it! Punch it!

Elena speeds up and drives straight over the gap in the bridge. Elena laughs.

Elena: We made it!

Elena drives straight through another blockage and through another jungle path.

Nathan: I can't believe that worked!

Elena: So who was that guy?

Nathan: Just an old business asso - OH LOOK OUT!

The road comes to an end. Elena brakes hard and comes to a stop. She swerves
the jeep round and the rear end of the jeep is left teetering off the edge of
the bridge. Nathan falls off the back of the jeep and grabs hold of the tyre
on the back.

Elena: Oh no! Hold on!

Elena holds a hand out to help Nathan as Nathan struggles to hold on.

Elena: Okay... Here - grab my hand!

Nathan grabs hold of Elena's hand and she pulls him back onto the jeep.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan: All right. You okay?

Nathan climbs into the driver's seat.

Elena: Yeah, I'm fine - oh but, you're bleeding.

Nathan: Goes with the territory.

Nathan starts the jeep.

Nathan: Let's get the hell outta here.

Nathan tries to drive but the jeep doesn't move.

Nathan: C'mon! Oh, dammit...

The rear tyre of the jeep is stuck behind the edge of the bridge.

Elena: What?

Nathan: C'mon!

Nathan looks up and sees Eddy walking towards them with his guards. He starts
clapping and laughs.

Eddy: Going somewhere?

Nathan: Hey, Eddy!

Eddy takes out a shotgun.

Eddy: Did you really think you could escape from moi?

Nathan: No, no - just giving the young lady the ten dollar tour.

Eddy: Shut it! I bet you're working for them too!

Nathan: What?

Eddy: You thought you could set me up and keep everything for yourselves, hm?

Eddy fires the shotgun at the jeep, shattering the window. Nathan and Elena
duck down behind the wheel.

Nathan: Get down!

Elena: Damn it! This guy's crazy!

Nathan: Eddy, take it easy, buddy.

Nathan cautiously looks up from behind the wheel. Eddy laughs.

Eddy: Well you're out of luck now. And out of road.

He cocks the shotgun.

Eddy: Now, give me that map.

Nathan whispers to Elena.

Nathan: Hold on.

Elena ducks down again.

Nathan: All right, you got me, fair and square.

Eddy: Hey, don't move!

Nathan: Relax, Eddy. I'm just getting the map, like you asked.

Nathan whispers to Elena again.

Nathan: I said hold on.

Elena: I am.

Eddy: Well, hand it over.

Nathan: Well now, you told me not to move. Looks like you're gonna have to
come get it.

Eddy: Tai kamu!

Elena: Nate!!

Eddy: Aagh!

Nathan quickly reverses off the edge of the bridge and falls down into the
water below. Eddy and his guards run to the edge of the bridge.

| 2.08. "The Drowned City" |

Nathan: Go! Go!

Nathan and Elena swim away from the bridge and climb out of the water. Eddy's
goons start firing at them from up on the bridge.

Nathan: Oh for God's sake!

Elena: These guys never quit!

Nathan and Elena take care of Eddy's goons on the bridge and start making their
way through the drowned city. Nathan opens a gate leading to the rest of the

Nathan: This was a big mistake.

Elena laughs.

Elena: No kidding. Y'know, I should've turned before the bridge.

Elena sits down on a fallen pillar and sighs.

Nathan: That's very funny.

Elena: Oh, c'mere a minute - I wanna show you something.

Nathan: That thing still works?

Elena: Uh-huh. Check this out.

Elena shows Nathan footage from her video camera.

Elena: Okay, see this building in the harbour? That's where all the boats
coming into the colony would've unloaded their cargo. So if the El Dorado
treasure came to this island, it would've had to've come through here.

Nathan: Wait a minute. What - what was that?

Elena: What?

Nathan: Rewind it.

Elena rewinds the video camera.

Elena: Yeah...?

Nathan: Wait - stop.

Elena: Uh-huh.

Elena plays the footage again.

Nathan: Right there.

He points to a boat in the harbour.

Nathan: That's our ticket outta here. C'mon.

Elena: Our ticket outta here? Are you giving up?

Nathan: Maybe you hadn't noticed, but we're kind of outnumbered.

Elena: We're doing fine so far...

Nathan: Elena, I don't need your bullet-riddled corpse on my conscience. Let's

Elena: Oh, please, you quit if you want to, but don't use me as an excuse.

Nathan: Fine. It's me, okay? I am quitting. Are you coming or not?

Elena: So that's it? You're just gonna forget about the treasure, and forget
about Drake?

Nathan: Goddamn it, this is not worth dying over.

Elena: Okay. Okay. Listen, either way we have to head back to the harbour.
Don't worry about it. We can argue about it later. It'll be great.

Elena walks towards the jetski.

Nathan: Wait...

Elena turns back to Nathan.

Nathan: This time, I drive.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan and Elena get on the jetski and make their way through the drowned

Elena: I don't get it. How does a whole colony just drop out of history?

Nathan turns a corner. A couple of guards attack the jetski.

Nathan: Looks like we've got company! Hit the barrel!

They head into the next part of the city.

Elena: What happened to this place?

Nathan: Whole city's completely flooded.

More guards attack the jetski.

Nathan: You're gonna have to cover us!

They continue through the city until they reach a ramp.

Nathan: Hold on!

Nathan drives over the ramp. They reach the harbour.

Elena: There it is!

Nathan: Yeah, now we just gotta find a way in.

Elena: Y'know, I read a story once about a cursed Inca treasure... you don't
suppose that -

Nathan: Please don't tell me you believe in that stuff.

Elena: I'm just saying... something bad happened here. A whole colony doesn't
just up and vanish.

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Yeah.

Elena: Well, how do you explain it?

Nathan and Elena leave the jetski by the dock and head up the steps in front of
them. Nathan looks up at a cable running from the top of a building nearby.

Elena: Looks like that cable would get us up there.

Nathan: Let's go check it out.

Elena: I'll stay here, and keep an eye on our ride. See if you can figure a
way to get us to that tower.

Nathan continues through the drowned city until he reaches a lever. He pulls
the lever and opens an iron gate leading to the next part of the city. Elena
arrives on the jetski and stops just below the platform Nathan is standing on.

| 2.09. "To the Tower" |

Elena: Down here!

Nathan climbs down the platform, and drops down onto the jetski.

Elena: You okay?

Nathan drives the jetski through the gate. They are attacked by more guards.

Nathan: Take 'em out, Elena!

Nathan continues through the drowned city until they reach another gate.
Elena shoots the boulders holding the gate shut and the gate opens. Nathan
docks the jetski and gets off.

Elena: You've gotta get to that tower! I'll meet you back at the customs house!

Elena speeds off on the jetski. Nathan makes his way to the tower and pushes a
lever against the wall. He starts climbing up the tower and reaches another

Nathan: Another one...

He pushes the lever and continues climbing the tower. At the top of the tower,
he slides across the zipline and drops down into the customs house. He hears
Elena's voice coming from outside.

Elena: Hey, Nate! Let me in!

Nathan shoots the lock on the entrance door of the customs house.

Nathan: Stand back!

Nathan kicks the door open. Elena is waiting outside.

Nathan: All right - let's find a way to the harbour, and hope the boat's still

| 2.10. "The Customs House" |

Nathan and Elena make their way through the customs house. They reach an old,
abandoned library. They walk in and look around.

Nathan: Wow... These must be all the old ship manifests.

Elena takes out her video camera and starts filming Nathan looking through a

Nathan: Still seem to be in good shape.

He blows some dust off of the cover.

He puts the book back on the shelf and walks over to another open book on a
table behind him.

Nathan: Hey, check this out - this looks right. The Esperanza. Sailed from
Callao, Peru. Carrying 800 bars of gold, 1200 silver. Emeralds... Golden masks,

Elena: Whoa, reading 16th-century Spanish. Not just a grave robber after all,

Nathan: Right here. Gold statue, weight: 20 arrobas. That's over five hundred
pounds. That's gotta be it.

He turns the page. On the next page is a picture of El Dorado.

Nathan: Wow... There you are...

Elena: That thing kinda gives me the creeps.

He turns the page again but the rest of the book is empty.

Nathan: Huh. That's the last entry...

Nathan starts fiddling with a ring around his neck.

Elena: That somebody special?

Nathan: What?

She nods to the ring around his neck.

Nathan: Oh, yeah, I guess you could say that.

Elena: Huh. I had you pegged as more of a woman-in-every-port kind of guy.

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Don't I wish. No, this was ah... this was Francis Drake's ring. I,
y'know, kind of inherited it.

Elena reads the inscription on the outside of the ring.

Elena: 'Sic parvis magna'?

Nathan: "Greatness from small beginnings" - it was his motto. Check out the

Elena: 29th of January, 1596.

Nathan: One day after he supposedly died.

Elena: Wait, what are these numbers, right here?

Nathan: Coordinates. Right off the coast of Panama.

Elena: Oh, so that's how you found the coffin.

Nathan: Yeah, that's right. See, Drake left this as a clue to pinpoint the
exact burial site.

Elena: For someone clever enough to figure it out.

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Yeah, nice try. But we're still going for that boat.

He rips the picture of El Dorado out of the book and holds it up to Elena's
video camera.

Nathan: I'm afraid this is as close as we're getting to El Dorado.

Nathan and Elena continue through the customs house. They walk out onto a
balcony overlooking the ocean.

Elena: I don't see any boat, Nate. Looks like we missed our chance.

Nathan: No, there it is.

He points to the boat.

Nathan: On the other side of the harbour. C'mon.

He starts to leave but Elena stops him.

Elena: Hey, you know what - why don't I just wait here, and you can uh, swing
around and come back and pick me up.

Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Okay, what are you up to?

Elena: Nothing. I just wanna, y'know, stay here and get some more footage. I'll
be safe.

Nathan: All right - fine. But promise me you'll stay put.

Elena nods and holds her hands up.

Nathan: Whatever that means.

Nathan makes his way across the balcony to the other side of the harbour.

| 2.11. "Trapped" |

Nathan enters the interior of the building on the other side of the customs
house. He looks up through a large hole in the ceiling and sees a helicopter
fly past.

Nathan: Who's this, now? Wait, that's not one of Eddy's...

As Nathan enters the room, he is ambushed by a large group of armed guards.
He shoots his way through the room and makes his way down to the bottom level
of the building where he reaches the boat in the harbour. As he walks towards
the boat, he sees several guards appear nearby. He quickly crouches down behind
a low wall.

Guard #1: Get this all on the boat now!

The guards get on the boat, carrying crates. Elena sneaks up behind Nathan,
startling him.

Elena: Hey.

Nathan: How did you get here?

Elena takes out her video camera.

Elena: You really need to see this.

Nathan: Now is really not the best time.

Nathan starts to stand up, but Elena pulls him back.

Elena: No - Nate...

Nathan: What are you doing?!

Elena: You really need to watch this. Just -

Elena pulls Nathan back again. Nathan takes the video camera from her.

Nathan: What?

Nathan watches the footage on Elena's video camera. Navarro is waiting in a
helicopter. Gabriel walks towards the helicopter with a man in a green shirt
walking alongside him.

Elena: Aaand... Hello.

Navarro holds his hand out to help the man in the green shirt into the
helicopter. The man turns his head round. It's Sully.

Elena: He's alive.

Nathan: Huh.

Elena: I don't know, Nate... I mean, how much do you trust this guy? It's not
exactly like they're holding him at gunpoint.

Nathan: I know. Yeah, it seems weird.

He hands the video camera back to Elena, and peers around the low wall. The
boat sails away from the harbour. Nathan stands up and takes the map out his

Nathan: But no. Sully's a lot of things, but he's not a back-stabber.

He unfolds the map.

Nathan: Which way were they headed?

Elena points to the top section of the map.

Elena: Uh... North-ish. Yeah, towards the mountains.

Nathan: Okay, it's gotta be the monastery. Let's go.

He puts the map back in his pocket.

Elena: What if it turns out he's working with them?

Nathan: We either rescue him or we beat the crap out of him. Hell, I might just
beat the crap out of him anyway.

Nathan and Elena continue through the customs house until they reach a bridge.
They start crossing the bridge.

Elena: How does something like this happen?

Nathan: See those scorch marks?

Elena: Uh-huh?

Nathan: Somebody packed this place with enough gunpowder to blow it wide open.

The bridge starts creaking.

Nathan: Whoa - watch where you step. Some of these boards are really falling
apart -

A few of the boards on the bridge falls away and Elena falls through. Nathan
quickly spins round and grabs hold of Elena's hand.

Nathan: Elena, I can't hold on! Give me your other hand! You've got to let it

Elena: Damn it!

Elena lets go of the video camera and it falls down into the water below. She
gives Nathan her other hand and he helps her climb back up onto the bridge.

Elena: Oh, shit.

Nathan: It's okay. C'mon... c'mon.

Nathan and Elena continue through the customs house until they reach a river.

| 2.12. "Heading Upriver" |

Nathan: This river ought to take us right up to the monastery.

Nathan and Elena get on another jetski and make their way upriver. They are
attacked by more guards.

Nathan: For God's sake, Elena, hit the barrel!

They continue upriver until they reach the monastery. They dock the jetski
and get off.

| 2.13. "Sanctuary?" |

Nathan: All right?

Elena: Yep.

Nathan: Okay, let's head up to the monastery and see what's going on.

They make their way towards the monastery. They reach some stone steps. Nathan
walks slowly up the steps, but Elena runs on ahead.

Nathan: Would you slow down? One of Eddy's goons could be up ahead.

Elena: Come on, we left those clowns in the dust ages agoooooOHMYGOD!!

She turns around and sees a guard impaled on several spikes.

Elena: That's disgusting! Oh, I wish I had my camera. So... what? The Spanish
booby-trapped the island to protect their gold?

Nathan: This wasn't made by the Spanish. Take a closer look at the spikes.

Elena looks closely at the spikes.

Elena: You have got to be kidding me.

Nathan: This is from our plane.

Elena: Wait, that doesn't make any sense, though. Why would someone set traps
like this when their own men are crawling all over the island?

Nathan: They wouldn't.

Nathan kneels down and looks at a claw-like footprint in the mud.

Nathan: Something's been here since the trap was sprung.

Elena: Something or someone? Wait, do you think that -

Nathan: Shh sh sh! D'you hear that? 

Elena: Hear what?

Nathan: Nothing... absolutely nothing.

Nathan takes out a gun and looks around.

Nathan: We're being watched.

Elena: Watched?

Nathan: Yeah, you know what - it's probably nothing. Um... Let's just get out
of here before we run into whatever's been chewing on this guy.

Nathan and Elena start to walk away.

Elena: Okay...

Nathan and Elena continue making their way to the monastery. They are attacked
by several mercenaries along the way.

Nathan: Keep your head down! These guys have laser sights!

Nathan and Elena take out the mercenaries on their way to the monastery.

Nathan: Roman and Navarro can't be far off, if they've left their attack dogs
at the gate.

Nathan and Elena reach the monastery. They spot two mercenaries patrolling
by the entrance below them and hide behind a wall. One of the mercenaries is
talking to Gabriel through the walkie-talkie.

Mercenary #1: Go ahead.

Gabriel: I want the library secure. Don't let them get to Sullivan.

Mercenary #1: Yes sir. They've got the old man working on the east side of the
complex. I don't even know why they brought him along. That sonofabitch can't
be trusted.

Nathan and Elena take out the two patrolling mercenaries and enter the

Elena: Nate, I've got a bad feeling about this place.

Nathan: I know, me too. Let's just find Sullivan and get the hell out of here.

Nathan and Elena are then ambushed by several more mercenaries. Nathan and
Elena take out the mercenaries. Nathan makes his way through the monastery and
drops down into the next area, separated from Elena. He shoots a pile of
barrels stacked against a wall. The explosion destroys the wall.

Elena: Nice job!

Nathan and Elena reach a door with a lever next to it. Nathan starts turning
the lever, and the door rises up but falls again.

Elena: Here, I'll hold that while you brace the gate open.

Elena turns the lever and holds the door open. Nathan stands under the door.

Elena: You ready?

Nathan: Okay, let it go... gently!

Elena lets go of the lever.

Nathan: Ahhhh, I said gently...

Nathan holds the door open as Elena runs past. He lets go of the door and rolls
away as the door slams down.

Nathan and Elena arrive at a library. Nathan looks up at it.

Elena: That must be the libray - over there.

Nathan: Well, we're not gonna waltz right in the front door. Let's find
another way in, scope things out.

Nathan and Elena make their way round to the side of the library and enter the
building through a hole in the wall. Nathan stops Elena when he hears Sully's

Sully: She worked in this little bar in the Phillipines... Oh man, she had a
smile that'd melt your heart.

Nathan and Elena crouch down and look down into the bottom level of the library

Sully: But oh, I swear to God, she'd just as soon kill you as kiss you, if she
caught you steppin' out.

Sully is standing next to a table below. One mercenary is sitting in a chair,
and a second mercenary is standing beside the table.

Sully: Just a wee bit of a thing. She couldn't of been much more than four-
eleven. They called her "the spinner" because she -

Mercenary #1: Will you shut up, old man? You told us that one a dozen times

Sully: Oh yeah, right. 'Course I did. Memory's not what it used to be.

Mercenary #1: What the hell's taking you so long, anyway?

Sully: Well, maybe you hadn't noticed, but most of these books are half-rotten.
And written in Spanish.

Mercenary #1: Yeah well, hurry it up. The boss is waiting on you.

The second mercenary spots Nathan and Elena on the balcony above.

Mercenary #2: Hey! Up there!!

Nathan: Ah, crap!

Elena: This better be worth it!

Nathan and Elena take out the mercenaries that attack them and approach Sully,
who is hiding behind the table.

Sully: Ah, man. It's about time you showed up.

Nathan: Well, you're looking awfully good for a corpse.

Sully: So you brought the girl after all, huh?

Elena: "The girl"?

Nathan: Hey, if it wasn't for her you wouldn't be getting rescued right now.

Elena: If this is a rescue.

Sully: What the hell does that mean?

Nathan: You gotta admit Sully, this all looks a little shady.

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan: I mean you tipping those guys off.

Elena: And miraculously showing up alive.

Sully: Now wait a goddamn minute. Roman had a contract out on me. I needed to
buy some time. All right, stupid mistake. I didn't realise they'd try and track

Nathan: Sully, we would have been headed home with the treasure by now if you
had just for once kept your mouth shut.

Sully: And you might've thought of checking for a pulse before running off and
leaving me for dead. Look, none of that matters now.

Elena: All right, so how is it you're standing here breathing and all, huh?

Sully chuckles.

Sully: You are not gonna believe this.

He picks up Francis Drake's journal and shows Nathan a bullet-hole in the
middle of it.

Nathan: No way... Ol' Francis took a bullet for you?

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: I thought this kinda thing only happened in the movies.

He hands the diary to Elena.

Sully: Yeah, well, it still hurt like a sonofabitch, I'll tell you that.

Elena laughs.

Nathan: I bet.

Sully: Anyway, once they realised I wasn't dead, I convinced Roman that they'd
never find the treasure without me. So I've been trying to mislead them ever
since, waiting for you to show up.

Elena: Well, where are they now?

Sully: Well, they're chasing a little red herring I sent 'em on, on the other
side of the monastery, to get rid of 'em.

Sully opens the diary.

Sully: Look, Drake had it all figured out. See that's the symbol the Spanish
used to mark their secret vaults. The treasure is hidden right here in this
monastery. Find the symbol...

Nathan & Sully: ...and we find the vault.

Sully: We have everything we need right here. All the clues to take us right
to the treasure. We can do this, kid.

Elena steps in between Nathan and Sully and puts an arm around them.

Elena: All right, you boys aren't gonna get all chummy and leave the girl
behind again, are you?

Nathan: Don't even think about it, Sully. She's got a mean right hook.

Sully: I'll keep that in mind.

Nathan and Sully look at the diary.

Sully: There's more to this room than meets the eye, I'm sure of it.

Nathan looks up at four statues sitting on the top of four bookcases in the
middle of the library.

Nathan: Hm... something about these statues...

Nathan rotates the statues so they are facing the direction specified in the
diary. A secret wall opens up, revealing a staircase.

Nathan: Bingo!

Elena: Whoa...

The three of them head down the stairs.

Sully: Oh - another library?

Elena: Huh. What now?

Nathan walks over to a statue in the wall.

Nathan: Y'know, this looks familiar.

He opens Drake's diary and sees a page with a picture of a torch on it.

Nathan: The inverted torch leads to the land of the dead.

Nathan turns the two torches on either side of the statues and the statue
slides down into the ground revealing steps leading down into a catacomb.
Sully shines his flashlight down the stairs.

Nathan: Well, this looks promising. Here, let me see that.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan takes the flashlight from Sully and shines it down the stairs.

Nathan: Okay, you two sit tight. I'm gonna check things out.

Elena: Whoa, whoa, wait. No, you're not going out there alone.

Sully: Yeah, Roman's men are swarming all over this place.

Nathan: Yeah, and one person'll make a lot less noise than three.

Sully shrugs.

Nathan: C'mon, I'll be fine. And you guys will be safe here. They don't even
know about this room.

Sully: Okay, take this with you.

Sully hands Nathan a walkie-talkie.

Sully: Leave it on channel 13 - they don't use that one. And keep us posted.

Nathan: All right, you got it. Close this thing back up.

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan starts to enter the secret passage.

Elena: Nate - be careful.

Nathan: C'mon, I always am.

He turns around and hits his head on the upper part of the entrace archway.

Nathan: Ow! I did not see that.

He walks into the passage. The door closes up behind him.

| 2.14. "Going Underground" |

Nathan: Okay. Land of the dead. Here we go.

Nathan makes his way through the catacombs until he reaches a church. He
approaches one of the bells at the back of the church.

Nathan: Wait, there's something about this...

He opens Drake's diary and stops on a page which shows two bells.

Nathan: Two bells resound in perfect harmony.

He shoots two bells on the left and right side of the church. A secret door
opens up in the wall.

Nathan: Yeah, all right!

He goes through the secret door and starts climbing down a long ladder.

Nathan: We got all the clues, right here. We can do this kid. How the hell does
he think he's gonna get that statue outta here, anyway?

At the bottom of the ladder, Nathan drops down to the ground and continues
through the catacombs where he is attacked by a few mercenaries.

Nathan: Oh jeez, these guys are everywhere.

Nathan continues through the catacombs until he reaches a small room in the
middle of a cavern. He walks in and looks around. He hears voices coming from
above. Gabriel, Navarro and Eddy are talking in the room above.

Gabriel: This is completely unacceptable.

Eddy: What do you expect from me, Roman? My men are getting massacred.

Gabriel chuckles.

Gabriel: I find it hard to believe that one man could wipe out your entire

Eddy groans.

Eddy: It's not just Drake, goddamn it! I'm telling you, this island is cursed!

Gabriel: Enough! Take your sorry mob and go.

Eddy: Wait... You can't cut me loose. You owe me a share of the gold!

Gabriel: Your share, Eddy, was contingent upon you doing what I required. You
assured me that Drake was captured, and the island secure.

Eddy: Oh, this is bullshit, Roman, and you know it!

Gabriel: We're done here, Mr. Raja.

Gabriel takes a puff of his cigarette and drops it down into the drain below.
The cigarette falls on Nathan's face.

Eddy: Tai kamu!

Eddy spits and walks out of the mausoleum angrily.

Eddy: Mati aja lo! Sialan!

Gabriel: Remind me again why you employed that superstitious idiot?

Navarro: You wanted someone cheap.

Gabriel: Well, you get what you pay for, I suppose.

Gabriel turns round to face Navarro.

Gabriel: And what about you, Navarro? Are you worth what I'm paying you?

Navarro: The vault's here. I'm sure of it. If Sullivan can be trusted -

Gabriel: Which he can't.

Navarro: Look, he knows we'll kill him if he's lying.

Gabriel: Don't be stupid. He knows we'll kill him once we find the treasure.
He has no incentive to tell the truth. Really, Navarro, sometimes I think you
left your brains back in that slum where I found you.

Navarro: I just need a little more time.

Gabriel: Chasing this treasure of yours is proving to be more trouble than it's
probably worth.

Gabriel sits back down in his chair.

Navarro: I assure you, El Dorado is worth more than you can possibly imagine.

Gabriel: It had better be.

Nathan continues through the cavern and exits the catacombs.

| 2.15. "On the Trail of the Treasure" |

Nathan continues through the monastery until Sully contacts him on the

Sully: Nate, you read me?

Nathan: Yeah. Sully, I'm just going in circles, here.

Sully: Well, the girl and I been reading some of the books down here and it
looks like there's some kind of secret gallery at the top of the church. Can
you get there?

Nathan: Think so. Yeah.

Sully: All right, give us a call if you find anything.

Nathan makes his way back to the church. He enters the top part of the church
and spots the secret symbol on a stained-glass window at the back of the

Nathan: That's gotta be it.

He opens the journal and spots the same symbol Sully showed to him earlier.

Nathan: Aha...

Nathan makes his way across to the back of the church and pulls down on two
levers on either side of the church. The stained-glass window opens, revealing
a secret area. Nathan enters the secret area and approaches another stained-
glass window with the same symbol on it.

Nathan: Well, hello there.

Nathan opens the window and spots the symbol on the roof of the mausoleum in
the cemetary below. Two mercenaries are standing outside.

Nathan: You gotta be kidding...

He sighs. He takes out his walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Hey, Sully.

Sully: I'm here.

Nathan: Remember Roman and Navarro, and that "red herring" you sent them on,
to get them out of the way?

Sully: Yeah?

Nathan: Well, they're sitting right on top of the treasure vault.

Sully: Oh, of all the goddamn luck -

Nathan: Look, I'm gonna need a diversion to get them out of there.

Sully: You got it, kid. One diversion, coming right up.

Nathan: And Sully -

Sully: Yeah.

Nathan: Once they're gone, meet me in the mausoleum. But come through the
catacombs - it's safer that way.

Sully: Gotcha.

Nathan: Now I've just gotta get past all these goons without getting noticed.

Nathan starts climbing down to the ground. Gabriel and Navarro run out of the
mausoleum moments later.

Navarro: Sullivan has escaped! Spread out - find him!

Nathan makes his way through the cemetary and enters the mausoleum where he
finds Sully and Elena waiting for him.

Nathan: Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Sully laughs.

Sully: I knew you could do it, kid! So what's next?

Nathan: I don't know, I'm figuring it out as I go. This is definitely the
right place, though. Wait a second, it's something to do with these symbols.

Around the room, there are symbols in the wall. Nathan opens the journal and
stops on a page that shows the symbols on the wall. Nathan rotates the symbols
so they are facing the right way as shown in the diary. The wall slides away to
reveal another secret passageway. Nathan laughs.

Nathan: Looks like we're in business.

Nathan brushes several bones onto the floor. He picks up a skull and tosses it
over to Sully.

Nathan: Heads up!

Nathan climbs into the archway of the wall. Elena follows. Nathan shines a
flashlight around.

Sully: Whaddya make of it?

Nathan: I dunno, could be a dead end.

Elena: Wait, it looks like their might be a passage this way -

As Elena walks fowards, she steps on something on the floor. The area starts
creaking. Elena turns around.

Elena: Uh-oh.

Sully starts climbing through the archway of the wall.

Nathan: Oh shit.

Sully: What the hell's that?

Nathan: Sully! Get outta there!

Sully: Huh?

Nathan: It's a trap!

Nathan pushes Sully back through the archway into the mausoleum, as the wall
closes up, separating them. Nathan takes out his walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Sullivan, are you okay? Sully?!

Sully: Yeah, yeah, fine. Still in one piece. You knocked me on my ass, though.

Nathan: Yeah well, you better get back to the library. We're gonna have to find
another way outta here.

| 2.16. "The Treasure Vault" |

Nathan and Elena start making their way through the passageway.

Nathan: Well, there's no way but forward.

Elean: Yeah.

Nathan and Elena continue through the passage until they reach a huge room
with several criss-crossing pathways.

Elena: What is this place?

Nathan: A really elaborate way to hide the damn treasure.

Elena: Which way do we go?

Nathan looks down at a tile with a Roman numeral on it on the floor.

Nathan: Huh - wait a second...

He unfolds the map and spots three Roman numerals on the map.

Nathan: There are Roman numerals on the corner of Drake's map - this has got
to mean something...

Nathan heads along a pathway with the same Roman numeral on the map. He jumps
across a gap in the floor.

Elena: I'll stay here and keep a lookout while you figure out how we're going
to get across.

Nathan looks up and spots something crawling across the wall in the distance.

Nathan: What was that?

Nathan continues following the paths that are marked with the same Roman
numerals as the map.

Nathan: Oh man, I'm completely lost.

Nathan reaches a wheel mechanism.

Nathan: This has gotta be good for something.

Nathan pulls the lever next to the wheel. Several connecting wheels start

Nathan: Something's happening!

Elena: Nate, did you do that? Things just started moving down here!

Nathan continues following the paths. He contacts Sully on the walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Sully, you read me?

There is only a static noise.

Nathan: Damn. Nothing.

Nathan continues following the paths until he reaches a dead end. He walks onto
a small platform on the edge of the path and looks down at Elena below. He
waves to her.

Nathan: Hey! I made it!

Elena: Hey, be careful! That thing doesn't look very safe - NATE!

Nathan stumbles from the platform. He grabs onto several ledges as he falls on
to a lower path.

Nathan: It's all right!

He chuckles.

Nathan: I'm okay!

He sighs.

Nathan jumps across a few platforms to a lift. He steps onto the lift.

Nathan: Whoa... Okay...

He screams as the lift drops. When the lift stops, he spots a barred-window up
on the wall. The bars slide up into the wall. Nathan starts climbing up to the

Elena: See if you can find a way to get this gate open. I'll wait here.

Nathan climbs through the window and drops down onto the other side. He spots
something crawling across the wall in the distance again.

Nathan: What the hell?

Nathan climbs up to another path and steps onto another lift.

Nathan: What the -?

Nathan screams as the lift drops again. Nathan rolls out of the lift as it hits
the ground. A gate opens allowing Elena through into the next area. A bridge to
the right of Nathan drops down, startling him.

Elena: Thanks, Nate!

Nathan and Elena cross the bridge and continue through the vault. They walk
along a wooden walkway and an explosion above them stops them. Eddy appears
with several goons. They walk down the steps in front of them.

Eddy: Hey, bule! Last man alive gets the gold! You lose.

Eddy laughs.

Eddy: Kill them both.

Nathan: This just keeps getting better and better.

Nathan and Elena take care of Eddy's goons and continue through the vault.
Nathan spots a ladder above them.

Nathan: I think there's some kind of ladder mechanism up there.

Nathan climbs up to the ladder mechanism and lowers a ladder down for Elena.

Nathan and Elena continue through the vault.

Nathan: I hope this leads somewhere.

They head up a spiralling ramp.

Nathan: Let's try this way.

Nathan and Elena enter a circular room and a dead end. Elena shines a flaming
torch around. Nathan sighs.

Elena: There's nothing here.

Nathan: This is getting so old.

Nathan spots a corpse lying nearby. He walks over to it.

Elena: Nate...?

Nathan kneels down next to the corpse.

Nathan: It's Drake. He never found it. He just... died here.

Nathan takes off the ring around his neck.

Nathan: So much for 'greatness.' Wasted his life... for nothing.

He drops the ring down on the floor in front of Drake's corpse.

Elena: Nate, are you ready to get moving?

Nathan stands up.

Nathan: Yeah... More than ever.

| 2.17. "The Heart of the Vault" |

Elena: There's gotta be a way outta here.

Nathan spots something on the platform above them.

Nathan: It looks like there's some kind of machinery up there.

Elena: Hey, there's a ladder. Here, I think I can reach it if you give me a

Nathan: All right, climb on.

Elena climbs onto Nathan's back.

Nathan: Oh, you're heavier than you look. Can you reach it?

Elena jumps up and grabs hold of the ladder.

Elena: ...umhmm...

She starts climbing up the ladder.

Elena: Looks like an old hoist or something! There's a rope - I'll try to
lower it down to you!

Elena reaches the top of the ladder.

Elena: Oh, I see a tunnel - we can get out this way!

A rumbling noise shakes the room. Eddy and an armed guard slowly back into the
room. Nathan aims his gun at them.

Nathan: Hello, boys.

Eddy and the guard spin round, startled.

Nathan: Easy, Eddy. Easy.

A growling noise is heard outside.

Nathan: What the hell's going on out there?

Eddy: Didn't you see them?!

Guard: Oh no... Oh God, no...

Eddy: We're trapped!

Nathan: Jesus, what is that?

Eddy: We're dead! We're all dead!

A creature appears behind the guard. Wrapping it's claws around the guard, it
drags him down into a pit.

Guard: Aaaaaggh!!

Eddy: No!

Eddy runs towards the pit.

Eddy: No!!

Eddy starts firing his gun. More creatures start crawling out of the pits.

Nathan: Eddy, get back here.

A third creature climbs out and growls.

Nathan: Oh crap.

Nathan and Eddy stand back-to-back in the middle of the room.

Eddy: Drake, if we don't make it out of here, I just want you to know - I hate
your guts.

Nathan: Yeah, likewise pal. Now let's do this.

Nathan and Eddy start shooting at the creatures.

Elena: What the hell is going on down there?!

Nathan: Just get that rope down here! Fast!

Elena: Damn! It's totally rusted - it won't move!

Nathan: Elena?!

Elena: It's stuck!

Nathan and Eddy keep shooting at the creatures. Eddy angrily fires several
shots at a creature standing near the edge of a pit.

Eddy: That's right, you ugly konyok!

The creature falls back into the pit. Eddy walks to the edge of the pit and
looks down.

Eddy: Don't mess with Eddy Raja!

A claw reaches out and grabs hold of Eddy's shirt. Eddy struggles as the
creature tries to pull Eddy into the pit. Nathan turns around and sees Eddy.

Nathan: Eddy!

Nathan looks around for any more creatures and slowly steps towards the pit.

Nathan: Eddy! Hold on!

He grabs hold of Eddy's hand and tries to pull him up. He shoots one of the
creatures in the face as it crawls out of the pit. Eddy screams as the second
creature bites him in the neck and they both fall back into the pit. Nathan
backs away as he becomes outnumbered by the creatures crawling out of the pits.

Nathan: Oh, you have got to be kidding me... Elena, hurry up!

Elena: Hold on, Nate!

Nathan continues shooting at the creatures.

Elena: I got it! It's moving!

Elena lowers the rope into the middle of the room.

Elena: Grab the rope!

Nathan grabs the rope and starts climbing up.

Elena: C'mon, Nate.

Nathan reaches the top of the rope.

Elena: I'll swing you over - hold on!

Nathan and Elena run through the tunnel, pursued by the creatures.

Elena: Oh my -

Nathan: Go!

Elena: This way!

Nathan: Go! Go! Run!

They reach the end of the tunnel. They run into a room and Nathan slams the
door behind them, locking the creatures outside.

Elena: What the hell were those things?!

Nathan: I don't know. I don't know. Are you okay?

Elena: Yeah. Nate...

Nathan: Okay, I don't think they can get through this.

Elena: Nate...

Nathan: What?

Elena: Where are we?

Nathan and Elena look around the empty room.

Nathan: I'm not sure.

They hear a noise outside and spin round to face the door. They slowly back away
from the door.

Nathan: Go!

Elena looks at something on the table in the middle of the room. Nathan runs
over to a window and looks out.

Elena: Whoa...

He sees a rusted U-boat below.

Nathan: Wow, this explains the U-boat in the Amazon.

Elena: Nate, c'mere. Look at this.

Nathan walks over to the table and sees a photograph of El Dorado and a sketch
of a building on the table.

Nathan: So they found it... They must've broken into the vault and cleared it

Elena: Yeah, but what's the monastery got to do with it?

Nathan: I don't know... It doesn't make any sense. If that's where the statue
is now... Oh man, we were right on top of it.

Elena walks over to an old rusted lift.

Elena: I bet this'll take us to the surface.

Nathan presses a button on the wall. Nothing happens.

Nathan: Guess the Nazis didn't pay their electric bill.

Elena: Damn it!

Nathan starts looking at a map showing the layout of the building.

Nathan: You know, I bet if we can make it to the generator room, we could get
the power turned back on. We just gotta find a way out of here first.

Elena picks up a box on the table.

Nathan: Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing?!

She throws it through the window, shattering the glass.

Elena: Found a way out.

Nathan: Nice work.

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan: All right, let's go.

Nathan starts to climb out of the window.

Elena: Nope, this one's all you, cowboy.

Nathan: Whaddya mean?

Elena: Nate, you know I can't make that jump.

Nathan: There is no way I'm leaving you here alone with those things.

Elena: We don't have a choice. Just go turn the power on, come back and get
me, and then we'll get the hell out of here. Okay? Just go.

Nathan starts climbing out of the window again and turns back to Elena.

Nathan: I will be right back.

Elena: Yeah.

| 2.18. "The Bunker" |

Nathan continues through the building until he reaches an abandoned bunker. He
tries to contact Sully on the walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Sullivan, come in.

There is only static.

Nathan: It's no use, I can't get a signal in here.

Nathan continues through the bunker until he reaches a room that has been

Nathan: What the hell happened here?

He continues into the next hallway, when several creatures appear from around
the corner.

Nathan: Oh, shit!

Nathan continues through the hallway, shooting the creatures that attack him
until he reaches the generator room.

Nathan: This has got to be the generator room.

Nathan turns a handle on a generator turbine and the power comes back on.

Nathan: Thank God.

| 2.19. "Unwelcome Guests" |

The doors in the room open and several creatures start crawling into the room.

Nathan: Oh no.

Nathan pulls another two levers in the room and the exit door opens. Nathan
runs for the exit door, pursued by the creatures. He runs back out into the
hallway, and slams the door behind him, locking the creatures in the generator

Nathan: This is turning out to be a really lousy day.

Nathan continues through the hallway and spots a corpse lying in the corner.

Nathan: Oh man, those things must've got to them.

Nathan walks down another hallway.

Nathan: How am I gonna get outta here?

Nathan continues along the hallway and enters a dark, abandoned room. He walks
further into the room. One the wall, a projector is playing a black and white
film reel showing El Dorado. A soldier suddenly jumps up close, startling
Nathan. The soldier is shackled to a wall, waving his arms about
uncontrollably. Nathan picks up an old black and white photograph on the table
next to the projector. The photo shows a picture of El Dorado. Two soldiers are
beside the statue. Nathan picks up a note also on the table and reads it.

Nathan: My end is near... The devils hunt for me in the darkness. The gold of
El Dorado bears a terrible curse; the Spaniards have unleashed hell, and become
as demons.

Nathan looks at the soldier waving his arms about on the video projector.

Nathan: My men have all been murdered, leaving the task to me alone. No ship
will depart this island; I destroyed them all, and drowned the cursed city. A
thing of such great evil must never leave these shores. In my final hour, I
commend my soul to God. May He have mercy on this unholy place. Francis Drake.

Nathan looks up at the video projector again.

Nathan: My God...

He turns the projector off. He hears a growling noise in the room and takes his
gun out. The cursed Spaniards start crawling into the room.

Nathan: Oh no, not again!

Nathan shoots the cursed Spaniards that crawl into the room. He continues into
the next hallway and heads back to the room he was in with Elena. He walks over
to the window and sees Gabriel, Navarro and several mercenaries in the room
opposite with Elena. Elena is being held hostage.

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Gabriel turns on a microphone.

Gabriel: Can you hear me in there?

Nathan: Loud and clear, jackass.

Gabriel: Oh, no microphone on your end? What a shame.

Elena breaks free from Navarro's grasp, and grabs hold of the microphone.

Elena: Nate! Get outta there before -

Navarro grabs Elena by her hair and pulls her back.

Nathan: Don't! Elena!

Navarro hits Elena in her side. She falls to her knees and starts coughing.

Nathan: Leave her alone, you sons of -

Gabriel: Navarro, if you can't maintain control over a small girl...

Navarro: It won't happen again.

He takes a gun out and cocks it. 

Navarro: Trust me.

Navarro pulls Elena to her feet and holds the gun to her. Gabriel speaks into
the microphone again.

Gabriel: I'm sorry for the interruption. I just wanted to uh, thank you for
leading us to El Dorado.

He holds up a map.

Nathan: Of course.

Gabriel: Oh, I hope you don't mind if we borrow Miss Fisher a little while
longer. Just to discourage you and your partner from trying anything creative.
So long, Nate. It's been fun.

Gabriel turns the microphone off and walks away. Navarro smiles at Nathan, and
salutes him.

Nathan: Yeah, keep smiling, asshole. I'll see you soon.

Navarro and the mercenaries turn away and walk off with Elena. Nathan bangs on
the window in frustration. He turns around and hears a mercenary outside the

Mercenary: Whoa...

Nathan: Oh, hell... that can't be good.

Nathan continues through the building, fighting off the cursed Spaniards and
the mercenaries until he reaches a long ladder. He climbs up the ladder and
exits the bunker.

| 2.20. "Race to the Rescue" |

Back outside, Nathan contacts Sully on the walkie-talkie.

Nathan: Sully - are you there? Dammit - Sully, come in!

Sully: Thank God, Nate - where are you?

Nathan: Heading your way. They've got Elena - we have to stop 'em.

Sully: Got problems of my own. Bastards have me pinned down outside the church.

Nathan: Almost there.

Nathan races to the church to help Sully. He arrives and finds Sully pinned
down by mercenaries.

Sully: You cold-blooded sons of bitches!

Nathan hurries towards Sully.

Sully: Nice one, kid!

Nathan and Sully take out the mercenaries that attack them.

Nathan: We gotta stop 'em, Sully. They don't know what they're dealing with!

Sully: What are you -?

Nathan: I don't know how, but that statue destroyed the whole colony, and it
killed the Germans too.

Sully: Whoa - come again?

Nathan: There's no time! We've got to get to the church!

Nathan and Sully enter the church and are attacked by more mercenaries.

Sully: Dammit! They're everywhere!

Nathan: Hang back, Sully!

Nathan and Sully take out the mercenaries and head to the back of the church.

Nathan: C'mon, Sully - there should be a hidden passage right under the altar.

Nathan and Sully push the altar back against the wall. Under the altar is a
hole in the floor leading down to a dark passage.

Sully: Holy shit...

Nathan: Whoa...

| 2.21. "Gold and Bones" |

Nathan and Sully drop down into the hole and follow the passage.

Sully: You wanna tell me what the hell's going on!?

Nathan: Drake didn't want to get the treasure off the island, Sully. He was
trying to stop it from leaving!

Sully: What?

Nathan: It's cursed or something.

Sully: Oh, Nate, for God's sake...

Nathan: Look, I know it sounds crazy. You just gotta trust me.

Nathan and Sully reach a huge treasure room. They slowly enter the room. Below
them, Gabriel, Navarro and the mercenaries have located El Dorado.

Nathan: Oh man.

Sully: Whoa...

Gabriel stands in front of the treasure in the middle of the room. Navarro
stands behind him with Elena. Nathan and Sully take out their guns. Gabriel
turns around and sees them. He laughs. Two mercenaries sneak up behind Nathan
and Sully and aim at them with shotguns.

Gabriel: You two should realise by now that I plan for every contingency. Now,
drop your weapons. Down there.

Gabriel points to the ground.

Gabriel: No heroics, please. Or I will kill her.

Nathan and Sully drop their weapons down on the ground.

Gabriel: Good. Now, if you'll just hang tight, we'll be with you in a moment.

Gabriel turns back to El Dorado and walks towards it.

Gabriel: It's magnificent. The craftsmanship, I've never seen anything like it

Navarro: That is only a shell. The real treasure of El Dorado lies inside.

Navarro chuckles.

Navarro: Open it.

Gabriel prises open the statue. There is nothing inside but a rotting corpse.

Nathan: My God...

Dust billows out from the mouth of the corpse. Gabriel inhales the dust and
starts coughing.

Navarro: Watch this.

Still coughing, Gabriel closes the statue and falls to his knees, gasping for

Gabriel: Navarro...

Gabriel turns around and growls. There is blood and saliva around his nose and
mouth. He stands up and staggers towards Navarro. As Gabriel gets near, Navarro
shoots him in the face. Gabriel flies back, dead.

Navarro: Adios, jefe. So little imagination.

He laughs.

Navarro: Bajen la red! 

Mercenary: Bajen la red!

A net falls down over the statue.

Nathan: Navarro, that thing wiped out an entire colony. You don't know what
you're doing.

Navarro: Wrong. I'm the only person on this island who knows what the hell he's

He turns to a mercenary.

Navarro: Cargue la estatua. Cuidado!

Two mercenaries start moving the statue. He looks up at Nathan and Sully.

Navarro: You are so pathetic, all of you scrambling around for your petty
treasures. Do you have any idea what this is worth, to the right buyer?

The mercenaries secure the net around the statue.

Navarro: Levantenlo!

Mercenary: Levantenlo!

A helicopter hovering outside, starts lifting the statue out of the room.
Navarro aims his gun around the room, as snarling sounds are heard.

Nathan: Oh no...

Sully: What the hell is that?

Dozens of cursed Spaniards start crawling down into the room from the ceiling.
Navarro starts to leave with Elena.

Sully: Jesus, what are those things?

Nathan: It's the Spaniards, Sully. They never left.

The cursed Spaniards start attacking the mercenaries. Nathan and Sully turn
around and wrestle the guns away from the two mercenaries behind them. They
toss the mercenaries down into the fight with the cursed Spaniards. Nathan and
Sully cock the shotguns.

Nathan: My God, if that thing gets off the island...

Sully: You gotta stop him. I'll cover you from here.

Navarro escapes from the room with Elena.

Sully: Go!

Nathan hurries through the room and runs up the stairs to where the helicopter
is waiting.

Sully: He's getting away!

At the top of the steps, Nathan leaps onto the statue and grabs hold of the
net. The helicopter starts flying up. A mercenary standing in the cemetary
spots Nathan holding onto the net. He opens his mouth and the cigarette he is
smoking falls out.

Mercenary: Hey!

The mercenary alerts Navarro in the helicopter. Navarro looks out of the
window and sees Nathan holding onto the net under the helicopter. A second
mercenary leans out of the side of the helicopter and fires at Nathan.
Nathan ducks down behind the statue.

Nathan: Crap!

The mercenary laughs. Elena, who is sitting in the helicopter, next to the
mercenary, kicks the mercenary in the face. The mercenary falls out of the
helicopter, screaming. Several stray bullets fire at the helicopter and one
hits the pilot in the head. Navarro screams and tries to take control of
the helicopter.

Navarro flies the helicopter away from the island, and flies towards a boat
in the ocean. As the helicopter flies over the boat, Nathan let's go of the

Nathan: Ohhhh!

He hits the floor and rolls forward. He stands up in time to see the heli-
copter crash into the helipad on the boat. It screeches at it slides along
the floor and teeters on the edge of the helipad.

Nathan: Oh my God.

Elena lies in the helicopter unconscious. Navarro climbs out of the wreckage
with a few minor cuts.

Navarro: Matenlo! Kill him!

Navarro starts making his way towards the spot where Nathan landed.

| 2.22. "Showdown" |

Nathan shoots his way through the mercenaries and chases Navarro to the back
of the boat.

Nathan: Nowhere to hide, now!

Nathan heads up the stairs to the helipad. He sees Elena unconscious in the
burning helicopter.

Nathan: Elena!

Navarro jumps out from behind a wooden crate and shoots a nearby barrel. The
explosion knocks Nathan to the floor and the gun flies out of his hand and
slides off the ship.

Nathan: Oh crap - now what?

Nathan hides behind the wooden crates on the helipad and tries to get closer
to Navarro. He jumps out and punches Navarro. He kicks him and then punches
him again. The gun flies out of Navarro's hand and slides to a stop on the
ground. Navarro grabs hold of Nathan and headbutts him, followed by a punch
in the face and a kick in the back. Nathan falls forward and hits the ground.
Navarro runs to pick up his gun. He dives to the floor and grabs the gun.
Nathan runs towards him and punches him in the face as he turns around. Nathan
uses another brutal combo on Navarro and he falls to the floor, face down.

Nathan stands over Navarro and then turns to the burning helicopter.

Nathan: Elena!

He runs to the helicopter.

Nathan: Elena! Oh God... Elena.

He pulls Elena out of the helicopter.

Nathan: C'mon. Can you stand?

Elena opens her eyes as Nathan tries to help her stand.

Elena: I'm okay... I'm okay.

Nathan: Are you all right?

Elena: Oh - Nate!

Nathan turns to see Navarro standing up.

Nathan: Watch out.

Nathan turns back to the helicopter and starts pushing it. He shoves it with
his shoulder and it falls off the side of the helipad. Nathan turns to face

Nathan: Adios, asshole.

Navarro: Huh?

The rope used to secure El Dorado wraps itself around Navarro's leg and drags
hima across the floor. Navarro screams and claws at the floor as the rope drags
him and El Dorado into the sea. Elena sighs.

Elena: Oh my -

They turn around and see a small boat sailing towards them. Sully salutes them.
Nathan and Elena wave to him.

Elena: Oh... Quite a day.

They rest against the railings while they wait for Sully.

Nathan: Yeah - yeah, save the world, triumph over evil - pretty typical.

Elena laughs.

Elena: Really.

Nathan: It's a shame we're leaving empty handed, though.

Elena: Oh well, you know, I... I did manage to save one small thing.

She takes out the ring inscribed with Francis Drake's motto.

Elena: Here I... I thought you might miss this.

She hangs the ring around Nathan's neck.

Nathan: Thanks.

Elena: Yeah.

They lean into kiss when Sully interrupts them.

Sully: You two got a funny idea of romantic.

Nathan: Sully! Wow. You - you look like hell.

Sully rests a shotgun on his shoulder.

Sully: You should see the other guys.

Elena laughs.

Sully: Got us a boat.

Elena: Uh, we already have a boat.

Nathan: Yeah. Big boat.

Sully chuckles.

Sully: I like this one better.

He pulls away a cover to reveal several crates of gold and treasure stacked on
a pallet. Nathan and Elena gasp. Sully laughs again.

Nathan: Sully, you beautiful sonofabitch!

Sully: Borrowed it off a couple of pirates who were too dead to care.

Sometime later, Nathan, Sully and Elena are on a boat, sailing away from the
island. Nathan walks to the edge of the boat and looks out at the sea. Elena
stands up and walks over to him.

Nathan: Sorry you didn't get your story.

Elena: Ah, that's all right. There'll be other stories. You still owe me one.

Nathan smiles and puts one arm around Elena.

Nathan: I'm good for it.

Nathan and Elena look out at sea as they sail off into the sunset.


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