• Virtua Fighter 5 code. VF2 Saturn style classic Watch mode

    Virtua Fighter 5 code
    VF2 Saturn style classic Watch mode.

    select VF.TV->Exhibition Match->At the character select screeen press and hold L1+R1 then hit X.
    if done correctly you will hear a conformation tone and a musical jingle
    now VF5 will continue to create random matches until you pause and quit out.
    Kick back and enjoy the show ;)

    I am so happy that I found this little code.
    back in the day when VF2 on the Saturn was state of the art I loved to select the watch mode.
    It was a nice way to enjoy the game as an observer uninterrupted to enjoy its graphics.
    I so miss this option in many of today's fighting games.

    Now with this code the next state of the art VF can be watched uninterrupted.
    Enjoy the show as one of the best look games to date shows its self off.

    Watch modepress and hold L1+R1 then hit X

    Contributed By: acem77.

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  • Unlock Dural

    To unlock Dural for use in VS and Arcade mode, simply beat arcade mode with every character at least once. You do not have to beat Dural.

    Contributed By: white_worm.

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  • Unlock the DOJO training stages

    To unlock the DOJO training stages you need to complete the TIME ATTACK mode mode that is in command training one time with any character.

    When you complete time attack, go into VS mode, select your characters, and then press the controller either up two times or down two times.

    If you go up you will get the DOJO without a fence.
    If you go down you will get the DOJO with a fence.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DOJO training stagesComplete the Time Attack Mode

    Contributed By: westtrade.

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  • Unlocking Costumes C and D

    For any character, reaching the rank of 1st Dan in Quest mode will earn you Costume C. By completing any character's first orb disc, you will earn that character's costume D.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Costume CReach the rank of 1st Dan
    Costume DComplete the first orb disc

    Contributed By: Bill Rizer.

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Easter Eggs

  • Hear the ''SEEEGA'' theme

    Hold the "O" button while the game is loading up. When the screen switches to the "SEGA" logo, you'll hear the tune, "SEEEGA" from the old Genesis console.

    Contributed By: MrGreen115.

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  • Custom Characters in Movie Theater

    In the VFTV Movie Theatre, hold left on the d-pad when pressing X to select the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo movies. The movies will now feature your customized versions of those characters.

    Contributed By: C0N50UL.

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  • Select win pose

    During a replay at the end of a match, hold any of the four directional buttons before the game approaches the "Winner" screen. The win pose is determined by which directional button is held. (For example, hold Left while Akira wins a match to do his "Juunen hayaindayo!" pose.)

    Contributed By: NewGabeOrder.

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