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Ridge State ID Card Guide by Youlikeyams

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 08/08/07

   @@@M@M @@M@@@M@@MMM@   %MM@ %@M@ v@ ]@@@        
   M     MM     M¬_<\  M  v@@M [M   %@ [@@M@       
   M M@M @M @M@ MMMM/  @  vM     1M ]@ 1@v@@       
   @ MMM @@ MM@ M   @  M  %M   1@M  [M 1@M@M       
   M     M@     M  @> @   vM   v@@  1M 1@@M        
  @<<@  M@-_M  @   @< @                            
  @-M M @M\M @ @   @\ M                            
  @/@ @  @/M @  @ M¬ @                             
  @\@ M  @¬M M  @ @- @  %MMMM ]M 1M 1@ [MMMM  v@M@ 
  M-@ M  M/M M  @ @< M  %@M@M vM v@ ]M [@@@MM [@   
  M<M M  M¬M @  @ @- M  v@    1M v@ vM %MvM@@ v@@M 
  @/M M  M>M  M  @¬ @   %@ @@ 1M 1@ 1M 1M]@@M [MM@ 
 M>\@ M @M\M  M  @< M   ]M@@M vM@MM ]M %@@@MM 1@   
  M@   M@@@    @@ M@M   vMM@M ]@@M@ vM ]@@@M  ]MMM 


------------How to use this guide------------
There are keyletters beside each part of the contents (for example, [Aa]) which
can be used for easy access to each part of the guide. Simply press CTRL+F, 
type in the keyletters (including brackets) and you can easily find which part 
of the guide you are looking for.

------------Version History------------
v1.0 - original guide
v1.1 - original guide edited for posting
v1.2 - corrected star rankings, added PSN ID & this guide is now on Neoseeker.
v1.25 - tidied some stuff up, and this guide is now on Super Cheats.

1. What's the point of this guide? [A]
2. Overview of the RSID [B]
   -Header [Ba]
   -Top half of the RSID [Bb]
   -Lower half of the RSID [Bc]
3. Rankings [C]
   -Ridge Racer Ranking [Ca]
   -Fame Ranking [Cb]
   -OBP Ranking [Cc]
   -Rich Racer Ranking [Cd]
4. Location and events [D]
   -Location on map [Da]
   -Total distance driven [Db]
   -Last Completed Event [Dc]
5. The Medals [E]
   -RSGP Champion [Ea]
   -Bounty Hunter [Eb]
   -Hunter Killer [Ec]
   -UFRA Special Event Prize [Ed]
   -International Race [Ee]
   -Winning Streak [Ef]
   -OBP [Eg]
   -Online Battler [Eh]
   -Good Host [Ei]
   -Friend [Ej]
6. Credits and Misc [F]
   -Use of this guide [Fa]
   -Contacting me [Fb]
   -Thanks [Fc]

------------What's the point of this guide?------------
When I'm playing Ridge Racer 7, I often like to look at the stats of people
I'm racing against through the Ridge State ID Card (RSID), but often can't 
rememberwhat all the different medals mean, and the game itself only offers 
a description through a reaalllly slowwwllyyy scrollingbar along the bottom 
of the screen, so I thought that for my sake (and hopefullythat of others) 
I would prepare a quick guide to what each part of the RSID means. 
Hope this helps you!

------------Overview of the Ridge State ID Card------------
First of all, to look at your own RSID, go to the Options menu, then choose 
"Ridge State ID Card" followed by "View RSID". If you want to view someone 
else's RSID in an Online Battle, highlight their name in the list of people 
in the game (to do this, you must make sure your status isn't set to "Ready") 
and press X or Triangle, and their RSID will appear. The RSID is set out as 
follows over two halves:

[Ba] The Header
The Header of the RSID is the small bar along the top of both halves. 
It shows the name of the player and their nationality, as shown by a 3 letter 
abbreviation of their country's name and the country's flag. It's an easy way
of getting an idea of where your opponent is from, if you're interested. 
If a racer has "RID" and a blue and white flag as their country they have 
chosen to use the generic Ridge State flag to either hide their nationality, 
or if they cannot find it in the list of countries available.

[Bb] Top half of the RSID
The top half of the RSID is relatively simple to understand. It shows a list 
of basic statistics and rankings about the player, and is covered in more 
depth in sections [C] and [D].

[Bc] Lower half of the RSID
The lower half of the RSID is the most confusing part, because there are up 
to 10 medals displayed with a very unhelpful scrolling bar along the bottom
very slowly telling you what each one means. Which is why I wrote this guide.
The meanings of the medals are in section [E].

The Rankings are displayed in the top half of the RSID and are easy to 
understand and it gives you an idea of the skill level of your opponent. 
A clear indicator of the skill of your opponent is on display at the left
hand side of the RSID where the number of stars (and the flamboyant pose 
of the silhouette of the race driver) denotes your rival's overall ability 
to kick ass at the game. The bigger number of stars (from 1 to 6), the better
they are. Simple enough. If you stumble across the player with an "R" in place
of the stars, you've found the world's number one Ridge Racer.

[Ca] Ridge Racer Ranking
This is your overall ranking in terms of Fame, OBP and the money you have 
among other smaller factors such as how many races you have won, made up of
Ridge Points. A quick glance at this is the best way of telling where your
rival ranks in the world.

[Cb] Fame Ranking
Your fame ranking is comprised of Fame Points, which are gained through 
winning races in the Ridge State Grand Prix and in Online Battle, completing
UFRA Special Events and from climbing the rankings in Global Time Attack. It's
not very useful in indicating your opponent's skill, only really if they've 
raced a lot.

[Cc] OBP Ranking
OBP stands for Online Battle Points, which are gained (or lost) from taking 
part in Online Battles. A race which stakes OBP has a white "OBP" indicator 
in its list of icons in the Room Select screen (on the right hand side) in 
Online Battle Mode. Winning a race, or finishing in the top half of the racing
grid (such as in a race with 8 racers, finishing in 4th or above) will gain you
OBP, while finishing in a disastrous position will lose you OBP. The amount of
OBP you lose depends on the difference between your OBP and that of your rivals
- if they have more OBP, you will lose less and if you have around the same 
level, you will lose more. The higher a racer's OBP, the more success they 
have had in Online Battles. Be careful though! If you are certain you are going
to lose a race, DO NOT QUIT! Quitting an OBP race will cost you 500 OBP. It's
usually better just to finish the race in last place and lose less points.

[Cd] Rich Racer Ranking
Another useless ranking, the RRR simply tells you how many credits the racer 
has amassed, and that's about it. Not very useful.

------------Location and Events------------
The right hand side of the top half of the RSID displays some more information 
about the racer such as their location and the last event they completed.

[Da] Location on Map
Remember when you were asked to pinpoint your location on a map when creating 
your Ridge Racer 7 save? This location is shown on the global map at the top 
right hand corner. Another racer's location is shown by an outward-pulsing 
white dot, and yours is shown by an orange blob.

[Db] Total Distance Driven
This simply shows how far the racer has driven, measured in miles and in 
kilometres for your easy reference.

[Dc] Last Completed Event
The last part of the top of the RSID shows the last completed "commentable"
event by the racer. Races such as the final round of the RSGP, any downloaded
UFRA events and the Crinale and Angelus duels are "commentable" and hence 
can be displayed here as a small icon, along with the user's comment which 
they sent after completing the event.

------------The Medals------------
The biggy, and the main reason for this guide. There are ten medals available,
each with bronze, silver, and goldawards depending on how you excel in each 

[Ea] RSGP Champion
Silver: Complete the final RSGP (RSGP 14) in first place.
Gold: Complete every race (RSGP Completion 100%) in first place.

[Eb]Bounty Hunter
Bronze: Win 5 All or Nothing races overall in Online Battle.
Silver: Win 10 All or Nothing races overall in Online Battle.
Gold: Win 20 All or Nothing races overall in Online Battle.

[Ec]Hunter Killer
Bronze: Win 5 All or Nothing races in a room 
created by another racer in Online Battle.
Silver: Win 10 All or Nothing races in a room 
created by another racer in Online Battle.
Gold: Win 20 All or Nothing races in a room 
created by another racer in Online Battle.

[Ed]UFRA Special Event Prize
Bronze: Complete 5 UFRA Special Events.
Silver: Complete 15 UFRA Special Events.
Gold: Complete 25 UFRA Special Events.

[Ee]International Race
Bronze: Take part in 20 races in Online Battle 
with racers from other countries.
Silver: Take part in 50 races in Online Battle 
with racers from other countries.
Gold: Take part in 100 races in Online Battle 
with racers from other countries.

[Ef]Winning Streak
Bronze: Win 5 races in a row on Online Battle Mode.
Silver: Win 10 races in a row on Online Battle Mode.
Gold: Win 15 races in a row on Online Battle Mode.

Bronze: Have over 10000 Online Battle Points.
Silver: Have over 20000 Online Battle Points.
Gold: Have over 30000 Online Battle Points.

[Eh]Online Battler
Bronze: Take part in 50 Online Battles.
Silver: Take part in 100 Online Battles.
Gold: Take part in 200 Online Battles.

[Ei]Good Host
Bronze: Host 20 Online Battle races (in your own created room).
Silver: Host 50 Online Battle races (in your own created room).
Gold: Host 100 Online Battle races (in your own created room).

Bronze: Have 10 friends on the PLAYSTATION Network.
Silver: Have 30 friends on the PLAYSTATION Network.
Gold: Have 50 friends on the PLAYSTATION Network.

Quite what the point in the last medal is, I don't know, as it encourages 
you to add a ridiculous amount of people with whom you will probably never
speak. But if you're that desperate for the gold medal, be my guest 
and go ahead.

------------Credits and Misc------------

[Fa]Use of this guide
This guide should appear on GameFAQs, Super Cheats and Neoseeker only. If it's
seen anywhere else, drop me a line at youlikeyams@gmail.com.

[Fb]Contacting me
If you want to contact me with suggestions as to how to improve this FAQ, 
or have any corrections to make, or would simply like to tell me to find a 
better way to use my time, please don't hesistate to contact me at the
e-mail address above.

Want to add me on PLAYSTATION Network? Feel free! My ID is Youlikeyams.

Naturally, Ridge Racer 7 is © 1993-2007 Namco Bandai Games International.
I am in no way affiliated with them, I am just an over-obsessive fanboy.

Hope this guide has been useful! :]

Thanks to (the?) Terisquas Brothers for suggestions as to how to improve
this FAQ. And thanks to whoever plonked a link to this guide on Wikipedia.
Publicity and all that.

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