PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From DevilsFear (11/02/2007; 1310KB) 100% Save - All weapons lvl vX, all gadgets and all (750) skill points. Nothing left to buy. Save starts at the beginning of Challenge Mode.
  2. From certari (10/30/2007; 1310KB) All weapons v6 or better, golden groovitron, ryno and magnet ar vX, nothing left to buy
  3. From dirtyblacksocks (10/29/2007; 1310KB) Challenge Mode - Gold Groovitron, Rhino IV, All Raritatnium Upgrades, Full Armor, 25 Gold Bolts, 180 Skill Points, 5 weapons at level vX. Starts at beginning of Challenge Mode.
  4. From BarrenEarth42 (12/03/2007; 1310KB) CHALLENGING Challenge Mode: Ratchet starts in Challenge Mode with only four weapons, no armor, no raritanium mods and no
  5. From ddowns02 (06/02/2011; 1278KB) End of first playthrough with Everybody Dance Now skill point plus all weapons upgraded and at V5, all gadgets, all devices and all other available skill points. No armor.
  6. From CSSer (10/26/2007; 1278KB) Saved right before entering Court of Azimuth on Planet Fastoon on first playthrough. Have RYNO IV, and all weapons have upgrades aside from buzz blades, tornado launcher and RYNO IV. Some are V5. Have some gold bolts.
  7. From EmoneyWains (07/08/2019; 1280KB) Saved right before the Court of Azumuth, All Weapons fully upgraded, 300 million bolts to play with, nothing left to buy.

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From jamesdude16 (07/14/2009; 1280KB) 100% Completed. All Omega VX Weapons and Golden Groovitron, Max Nanotech, Best Armour, All Skill Points. 500,000,000 Bolts and 1,200,000 Raritanium. Challenge Mode before Tachyon Boss Fight.
  2. From mono_ (01/05/2009; 1301KB) All omega VX weapons with full upgrades, gold disco ball, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. From Semtex_Jack (11/11/2007; 1310KB) All omega VX weapons with full upgrades, gold disco ball, start of challenge mode
  4. From MrtGetSomeNuts (02/20/2008; 1289KB) All Weapons VX 999 health and gadgets and devices all armours all skins and all 32 gold bolts and 690 skill points and golden grooveatron 245405670 bolts 9496320 Raritanium nothing else to buy 2 skill points to commplete
  5. From adambramm (06/11/2008; 1310KB) Game completed 100% all weapons VX, all skill points at start of challenge mode
  6. From RSmit (12/04/2007; 1278KB) Normal mode, before final fight on Fastoon (with teleport to Court of Azimuth), all weapons, 8 at v5, 232 health, everything unlocked, 27 Gold Bolts, 310 skill points. [uses second slot]
  7. From horrorolf (11/25/2007; 1310KB) RYNO4Ever, Omega Weapons, Gold groovitron, best armour, some skins, start at challenge mode

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