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Reviewed: 05/07/07

We are Venom!

Spider Man 3 the Game

Game Play
This game would be the best Spider Man movie game released so far. Just so you know, the game has completely changed for the benefit of the players. No more boring and repetitive missions, like saving a kid’s balloon, catching a person hanging off of buildings, retrieving a purse, etc. The missions are a lot better than Spider Man 2 or Ultimate Spider Man presents for gamers. You’re no longer forced to baby sit New York by accomplishing a certain amount of missions or tasks. If you want to speed up the story line, you just go to your destination. The length of your run through the game will depend on your own pace. To upgrade your health and attack moves, you would have to clean up the city by kicking gang members in the bum, or upgrade your web slinging by racing around the city.

Visuals and sounds
The graphics weren’t that impressive, but that’s just my opinion so calm down readers. The graphics are good, but not what I expected it to be. I had high standard the new Spider Man game on the next gen. console, but it didn’t live up to my expectation. The character models looks “meh” for next gen.; however, the buildings in the game are amazing. Web swinging anytime during the day and night around buildings looks fabulous. So the environments from buildings to the parks in the game are great, but the character models are not. The in-game characters look like they drank a lot of coffee. If you have a HDTV, you will be able to view the game in 720p, which seems to be the standard right now until developers will move on up to 1080p. The sounds is great, nice sound effects and music, and the voice actors/actresses have done a wonderful job. Many of the major and recurring characters from the movie recorded their respective role for this game.

You can now swim…yay! There are 10 story lines in Spider Man 3 the game, and beside free roaming around the city and certain buildings, you can now web swing in the subway. Now aside from the in-game contents, you have extras such as interviews with the actors from the movie, trailers of the movie, and making of the game videos. And if you own the Collector’s Edition, you get to play as Harry Osborn’s alter ego, New Goblin. You can fly around on his Sky Stick by tilting the SixAxis.

While the game improved on the game play since the last two Spider Man games (Spider Man 2 and Ultimate), I found the game a bit uninteresting. The game is fun, I‘m still playing the game. It could be that I’m just tired of Spider Man games or tired of web swinging around New York or I want to see something new or maybe it was because of the movie being ok, but not great like the last two movies IMO. Again the game is fun, if you enjoy Spider Man games, then by all means buy the game, the Collector’s Edition.

Beautiful environments
Improved game play
Improved upgrade system
Voice acting is top notch
Ten story lines
Playable New Goblin (Collector’s Edition only)

Doesn’t support 1080p
Feels overall the same as the last two games
Character models looks unrealistic

I give Spider Man 3 the game a 7 out of 10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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