2K Australia PS3 Lead ProgrammerMathi Nagarajan
2K Marin PS3 Lead ProgrammerRaymond Graham
Acting Environment LeadJay Kyburz
Acting Environment LeadHogarth De La Plante
Additional AnimationSteve Chao
Additional AnimationEd Lynch
Additional ArtSteven Kimura
Additional ArtEric Lawson
Additional ArtRay Leung
Additional ArtShaun Stephenson
Additional ArtJohn Torres
Additional ArtJed Wahl
Additional Concept ArtLorne Brooks
Additional Concept ArtDaniel Keating
Additional Concept ArtChad King
Additional Concept ArtChristian Martinez
Additional Concept ArtHogarth De La Plante
Additional Concept ArtShawn Robertson
Additional Concept ArtJames Sharpe
Additional Concept ArtJoseph Yang
Additional Concept ArtLaura Zimmerman
Additional DesignStephen Alexander
Additional DesignAndrew Orman
Additional DesignEdward Orman
Additional DesignIan Vogel
Additional EffectsChad King
Additional Ingame WritingTom Bartlett
Additional Ingame WritingDorian Hart
Additional Production SupportJay Kyburz
Additional Production SupportTony Oakden
Additional Production SupportJames Sutherland
Additional ProgrammingKarl Burdack
Additional ProgrammingTerrance Cohen
Additional ProgrammingMichael C. James
Additional PS3 ProgrammingKarl Burdack
Additional PS3 ProgrammingJoshua Downer
Additional PS3 ProgrammingJesse Johnson
Additional PS3 ProgrammingDarren LaFreniere
Additional PS3 ProgrammingLida Tang
Additional PS3 Technical DirectionKarl Burdack
Additional PS3 Technical DirectionChristopher Kline
Additional PS3 Technical DirectionRowan Wyborn
Additional Story/WritingPaul Hellquist
Additional Story/WritingAlexx Kay
Additional Story/WritingJoe McDonagh
Additional Story/WritingSusan O'Connor
Additional Story/WritingEmily Ridgway
Additional Story/WritingJustin Sonnekalb
Additional UI SupportAlex Boylan
Additional UI SupportJake Etgeton
Additional UI SupportChristian Martinez
Additional UI SupportMichael Swiderek
Additional UI SupportMauricio Tejerina
Additional UI SupportRob Waters
Additional UI SupportLaura Zimmerman
AI/Animation ProgrammingMarc Atkin
AI/Animation ProgrammingDarren LaFreniere
AnimationGrant Chang
AnimationBen Hutchings
AnimationJonathan Mangagil
Art DirectorScott Sinclair
Assistant ProducerKate Kellogg
Assistant ProducerKeith Shetler
Assistant ProducerJustin Sonnekalb
Associate ProducerJoe Faulstick
Audio ConsultantEric Brosius
Audio/Streaming ProgrammingCarlos Cuello
Concept ArtScott Sinclair
Concept ArtMauricio Tejerina
Concept ArtRob Waters
Concept ArtNate Wells
Creative DirectionKen Levine
DesignerDorian Hart
DesignerAlexx Kay
DesignerJean Paul LeBreton
DesignerJonathan Pelling
DesignerDean Tate
DesignerJordan Thomas
Director of Product DevelopmentJonathan Chey
Effects ArtistStephen Alexander
Engine Development TeamRobert Black
Engine Development TeamSimon Eschbach
Engine Development TeamWeicheng Fang
Engine Development TeamDaniel James Lamb
Engine Development TeamRyan Lancaster
Engine Development TeamMathi Nagarajan
Engine Development TeamMartin Slater
Gameplay ProgrammingIan Bond
Gameplay ProgrammingDan Kaplan
Gameplay ProgrammingLida Tang
Graphics ProgrammingJesse Johnson
Lead AnimatorShawn Robertson
Lead DesignerPaul Hellquist
Lead Level DesignerWilliam Gardner
Lead ProgrammerChristopher Kline
Level BuilderAlex Boylan
Level BuilderJay Kyburz
Level BuilderChristian Martinez
Level BuilderJamie McNulty
Level BuilderHogarth De La Plante
Level BuilderNate Wells
ModelerLorne Brooks
ModelerChris Chaproniere
ModelerBrendan George
ModelerDaniel Keating
ModelerChad King
ModelerJames Sharpe
ModelerMichael Swiderek
ModelerMauricio Tejerina
ModelerJohn Travers
ModelerJoseph Yang
ModelerLaura Zimmermann
Performance LeadAndrew James
Physics ProgrammingJoshua Downer
Production Assistant/LocalizationTimothy Crosby
Project Lead / PS3 Executive ProducerAlyssa Finley
PS3 Art SupportRichard Albon
PS3 Art SupportHogarth De La Plante
PS3 Associate ProducerHarvey Whitney
PS3 Audio SupportMichael Kamper
PS3 Design SupportJean Paul LeBreton
PS3 Design SupportJordan Thomas
PS3 Design SupportTynan Wales
PS3 Downloadable ContentGrant Chang
PS3 Downloadable Content Additional AudioPatrick Balthrop
PS3 Downloadable Content Additional ProgrammingLida Tang
PS3 Downloadable Content ArtMichael Swiderek
PS3 Downloadable Content ArtMauricio Tejerina
PS3 Downloadable Content ArtJoseph Yang
PS3 Downloadable Content ArtLaura Zimmerman
PS3 Downloadable Content Assistant ProducerKirk Bezio
PS3 Downloadable Content Assistant ProducerKeith Shetler
PS3 Downloadable Content Audio LeadScott Haraldsen
PS3 Downloadable Content Concept ArtRob Waters
PS3 Downloadable Content DesignKirk Bezio
PS3 Downloadable Content DesignAlexx Kay
PS3 Downloadable Content DesignTynan Sylvester
PS3 Downloadable Content Junior Audio DesignerKeith Shetler
PS3 Downloadable Content Lead ArtistChad King
PS3 Downloadable Content Lead DesignerDorian Hart
PS3 Downloadable Content Lead ProgrammerJesse Johnson
PS3 Downloadable Content ProducerJoe Faulstick
PS3 Downloadable Content ProgrammingIan Bond
PS3 Downloadable Content ProgrammingDan Kaplan
PS3 Downloadable Content ProgrammingShane Mathews
PS3 Programming TeamIan Bond
PS3 Programming TeamTimothy Cooper
PS3 Programming TeamBen Driehuis
PS3 Programming TeamJake Etgeton
PS3 Programming TeamWeicheng Fang
PS3 Programming TeamDaniel James Lamb
PS3 Programming TeamJohnnemann Nordhagen
PS3 Programming TeamDavid Pittman
PS3 Technical LeadCarlos Cuello
PS3 UI ArtJake Etgeton
PS3 UI ArtBen Shore
Sound AssistantsPatrick Balthrop
Sound AssistantsJustin Mullins
Sound DesignerEmily Ridgway
StoryKen Levine
Technical DirectorRowan Wyborn
UI ArtBen Shore
UI ProgrammingJake Etgeton
WritingKen Levine


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