Trophy Glitch Question (Lil Sister Savior, Audio Diary)?

  1. I'm in Point Prometheus and I have saved all Sisters in my game, and the bronze trophy popped up. But not the Silver "savior" one. Now I hit "square" to see what the harvest thing looked like in during the game, but I reloaded over it, rescued them and moved on. Is this a glitch?
    Also, if I missed 1 audio diary in my game I'm doing, but started another and picked it up (the 2nd welcome one from Diane) will I still get the "Historian" trophy or do I have to do it all over again?

    User Info: Darklurkr23

    Darklurkr23 - 9 years ago

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  1. You're going to get the little sister savior trophy after you beat/ finish the last boss, during the ending. As for the audio diaries, you would need to pick them all up in one playthrough.

    User Info: Livingstoni813

    Livingstoni813 - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. As far as I can remember, I got the Little Sister Saviour trophy after I watched the ending - I don't think you're supposed to get it until you've finished the game, even though at that point you've rescued all the little sisters. The thing where you harvested it first then reloaded has no bearing on it, I don't think, as I did the same and got the trophy.
    With the audio diaries, I'm not sure if you can do that like you would with other games with in-game collectibles (Far Cry 2 comes to mind, you could get some of the things on one save and some on the other and you'd get the trophy). I think you may have to get them all on one save. I asked a similar question about if you needed to get all the research and tonics on one single save for the phd and tonic collector trophies, and I was told you did, so I imagine it's the same for the diaries.
    Hope that helps - good luck. (:

    User Info: Tokyo_Noir

    Tokyo_Noir - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. OMG GUYS SERIOUSLY ok you dont get it when you beat atlas i got it when i saved my last sister START A NEW GAME AND TRY IT

    User Info: chadmanning222

    chadmanning222 - 9 years ago 0   1

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