First FPS, difficulty recommendation?

  1. I've never played a FPS before, I tried once at my cousin's and pretty much sucked. Yesterday I started the game on normal but it's been kinda meh, when i can clear the room from the enemies it's because i start flailing around my weapon until they die, i have practically no grip on aiming and stuff. Should I continue on normal so that the challenge eventually teaches me how to play properly or start on easy as long as I don't get a grip of the basics?

    User Info: Acka

    Acka - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Bioshock is a very easy game.

    If this is your first FPS, then I recommend the easiest difficulty.

    If you've played Third Person Shooters, Normal should be fine for you.

    It takes time to figure out the Gameplay. I've gone through on two difficulties and the only difference I noticed is how much damage you take from the beasties (and how difficult it is to take the big daddies down).

    If you find yourself running out of money and ammo frequently, switch to Easy. Saves you the Ammo because it takes less to take out the beasties.

    It's... hilariously fun on Easy!

    Normal is the standard, but if you want the Achievement for the Big Daddies, I recommend Easy.

    Let me see if I can explain some Standard FPS mechanics to help you out.

    In a third person shooter, you have a hip aiming and a true aiming system most of the time for better aim.

    In a FPS you're already in the true aiming, but you can amp it further (unless I'm thinking of Bioshock 2) with Iron Sights (aiming down the barrel of the blade). So it can be something of a mess to figure out your position in the world in a First person perspective.

    My first FPS game was Resistance Fall of Man... oh man did I die DOZENS of times in the beginning. But halfway through it was easy peasy! Just keep playing and you'll figure it out.

    User Info: Drethrake

    Drethrake - 11 months ago 1   0

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