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    Game Script by Axel7174

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/26/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Assassin's Creed
    ------ Game Script ------
    Compiled by: Ryne Gardner aka Axel7174
    Table of Contents
    Introduction.................................... [itro]
    1. Memory Block One............................. [mb01]
    - 1a. Abstergo - Day 1 Morning.................. [mb1a]
    - 1b. Meeting Altair............................ [mb1b]
    - 1c. Abstergo - Day 1 Evening.................. [mb1c]
    2. Memory Block Two............................. [mb02]
    - 2a. Abstergo - Day 2 Morning.................. [mb2a]
    - 2b. Masyaf.................................... [mb2b]
    - 2c. Damascus - Tamir.......................... [mb2c]
    - 2d. Abstergo - Day 2 Evening.................. [mb2d]
    3. Memory Block Three........................... [mb03]
    - 3a. Abstergo - Day 3 Morning.................. [mb3a]
    - 3b. Masyaf Part II............................ [mb3b]
    - 3c. Acre - Garnier............................ [mb3c]
    - 3d. Masyaf Part III........................... [mb3d]
    - 3e. Jerusalem - Talal......................... [mb3e]
    - 3f. Abstergo - Day 3 Evening.................. [mb3f]
    4. Memory Block Four............................ [mb04]
    - 4a. Abstergo Day 4 - Morning.................. [mb4a]
    - 4b. Masyaf Part IV............................ [mb4b]
    - 4c. Damascus - Abu'l Nuqoud................... [mb4c]
    - 4d. Masyaf Part V............................. [mb4d]
    - 4e. Acre - William of Montferrat.............. [mb4e]
    - 4f. Masyaf Part VI............................ [mb4f]
    - 4g. Jerusalem - Majd Addin.................... [mb4g]
    - 4h. Abstergo - Day 4 Evening.................. [mb4h]
    5. Memory Block Five............................ [mb05]
    - 5a. Abstergo Day 5 Morning.................... [mb5a]
    - 5b. Masyaf Part VII........................... [mb5b]
    - 5c. Damascus - Jubair......................... [mb5c]
    - 5d. Masyaf Part VIII.......................... [mb5d]
    - 5e. Acre - Sibrand............................ [mb5e]
    - 5f. Abstergo Day 5 Evening.................... [mb5f]
    6. Memory Block Six............................. [mb06]
    - 6a. Abstergo Day 6 Morning.................... [mb6a]
    - 6b. Masyaf Part IX............................ [mb6b]
    - 6c. Jerusalem - Robert de Sable............... [mb6c]
    - 6d. Arsuf - Robert de Sable................... [mb6d]
    - 6e. Abstergo Day 6 Evening.................... [mb6e]
    7. Memory Block Seven........................... [mb07]
    - 7a. Abstergo Day 7 Morning.................... [mb7a]
    - 7b. Return to Masyaf.......................... [mb7b]
    - 7c. Al Mualim................................. [mb7c]
    - 7d. Abstergo Final............................ [mb7d]
    Contact Info & Etc.............................. [misc]
    Introduction                  [itro]
    Welcome. This is the game script to Assassin's Creed. I compiled this just for
    fun and out of love for the Assassin's Creed series. I worked on compiling this
    as I was working on my Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood guide. As much as the last
    two games have innovated, the first one still holds a place in my heart for its
    script. I am particularly fond of Altair's lines and his dialogue with his
    master, Al Mualim.
    I decided to focus on only the dialogue during scenes for the most part with
    some exceptions. Therefore, I did not do the dialogue for the information
    gathering missions like pickpocketing, flags, and interrogation missions. I
    may add them in the future though.
    Memory Block One              [0001]
    1a. Abstergo - Day 1 Morning
    Lucy: We've got a problem! I can't anchor him to the memory. Too much
          psychological trauma. He's rejecting the treatment. Retreating.
    Vidic: Desmond, I need you to try and relax.
    Lucy: Let me try and stabilize it.
    Vidic: Focus. Listen to the sound of my voice. Recognize that what you're
           seeing isn't real, just a picture of the past. It can't hurt you. 
    Lucy: Damn it! It's not working!
    Vidic: Give it a moment, Ms. Stillman! He'll... adjust. The first time is never 
    Lucy: We're losing him!
    Vidic: That's enough, Ms. Stillman!
    Lucy: We need to pull him out. Now.
    Vidic: Alright, Desmond. We're going to try and bring you out now.
    [The game goes forward a bit. DESMOND MILES startles himself awake, while LUCY
    STILLMAN and WARREN VIDIC watch. The scene is set in a very clean and modern
    looking building.]
    Lucy: Are you okay?
    Vidic: I told you he'd be fine.
    Desmond: Bastards!
    Vidic: Now, now. I just saved your life.
    Desmond: Saved my life?! You kidnapped me! Strapped me into that... thing! 
    Vidic: Animus. It's an Animus. 
    Desmond: I don't even know you people! Why are you doing this to me?
    Vidic: You have information we need, Mr. Miles.
    Desmond: Information? I'm a bartender for christsakes! What do you want me to
             do? Teach you how to mix a martini?
    Vidic: We know who you are. What you are.
    Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
    Vidic: Don't play coy with me. There isn't time. You're an Assassin. And
           whether you realize it or not, you've got something that my employers
           want. Locked away in that head of yours.
    Desmond: But I'm not an Assassin. Not anymore. 
    Vidic: Yes... your file indicated as much. Something about an "escape." Most 
           fortunate for us. 
    Desmond: What do you want from me? 
    Vidic: For you to do as you're told. The Animus will allow us to locate what we
           need. Once we have it, you'll be free to go.
    Desmond: I am not going back in there!
    Vidic: Then we'll induce a coma and continue our work. When we're done, you'll
           be left to die. Truth be told, the only reason you're still conscious is
           because this approach saves us time. 
    Desmond: You're insane!
    Vidic: So what is it, Mr. Miles? Live, or die? Lie down. 
    [DESMOND lays down on the Animus bed.]
    Vidic: A wise decision.
    Desmond: Whoa... where am I?
    Vidic: You're inside the Animus.
    Desmond: Which is...?
    Vidic: It's a projector which renders genetic memories in three dimensions.
    Desmond: Genetic memories?
    Vidic: Seems you'll need a bit of a tutorial. Very well. Let's start simple. 
           What is a memory, Mr. Miles?
    Desmond: It's the... recollection of a past event.
    Vidic: Specific to the individual remembering the event.
    Desmond: Yeah, sure.
    Vidic: What if I told you the human body not only housed an individual's
           memories, but the memories of his ancestors as well? Genetic memory, if
           you will. Migration, hibernation, reproduction... How do animals know 
           when and where to go? What to do?
    Desmond: That's just animal instinct.
    Vidic: Now you're arguing semantics, Mr. Miles. Whatever you call it, the fact
           remains. These creatures hold the knowledge absent the first-hand
           experience. I've spent the last thirty years trying to understand why.
           Our DNA functions as an archive. It contains not only genetic
           instructions passed down from previous generations, but memories as
           well. The memories of our ancestors.
    Desmond: And the Animus lets you decode and read these DNA files...
    Vidic: Precisely.
    Lucy: But there's a problem. This is the specific memory we're trying to
          access. Unfortunately, when we try to open the memory, your mind
          withdraws. You lack the confidence to step into your ancestor's body.
          That's what happened earlier. You got knocked out of the target memory
          and pushed back into a more stable state.
    Desmond: Why?
    Lucy: It's your subconscious. It's resisting. We found similar reactions among 
          patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events. They can't jump
          directly into the specific memory. You need to be eased in. Even then
          there can be problems.
    Desmond: So how do we fix it? 
    Lucy: We find a memory you can synchronize with. And we move forward from
          there. You'll get used to it. This is the closest we can get. So it's
          where we'll have to start. I'm uploading the tutorial program now. 
    1b. Meeting Altair
    [The scene opens by fading in from white, revealing SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.]
    Malik: Wait! There must be another way. This one need not die.
    [The camera pans slowly to the right, revealing an elderly gentleman standing
    in the cavern. Quick footsteps are heard as a figure in a white robe and hood
    runs up behind the man and forces him to his knees before plunging a hidden
    blade into the back of his head, killing him.]
    [Two onlookers, MALIK and KADAR watch as ALTAIR finishes his kill.]
    Kadar: An excellent kill. Fortune favors your blade.
    Altair: Not fortune. Skill. Watch a while longer and you might learn something.
    Malik: Indeed. He'll teach you how to disregard everything the master's taught
    Altair: And how would you have done it?
    Malik: I would not have drawn attention to us. I would not have taken the life
           of an innocent. What I would have done is follow the Creed.
    Altair: "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." Understand these words. It 
            matters not how we complete our task. Only how it's done.
    Malik: But this is not the way of--
    Altair: My way is better.
    Malik: I will scout ahead. Try not to dishonor us further.
    Kadar: What is our mission? My brother would say nothing to me. Only that I 
           should be honored to have been invited.
    Altair: The Master believes the Templars have found something beneath the
            Temple mount. 
    Kadar: Treasure?
    Altair: I do not know. All that matters is that the master considers it
            important, else he would not have asked me to retrieve it.
    [ALTAIR explores the temple corridors. He kills a Templar and afterward, KADAR
    and MALIK move in and together, they get a look at the next room.]
    Malik: There! That must be the Ark!
    Kadar: The... Ark... of the Covenant?
    Altair: Don't be silly. There's no such thing. It's just a story.
    Kadar: Then what is it?
    Malik: Quiet! Someone's coming!
    [Below the Assassins, two Templar soldiers, led by ROBERT DE SABLE enter and
    approach a large chest.]
    Robert: I want this through this gate by sunrise! The sooner we possess it,
            the sooner we can turn our attention to those jackals at Masyaf!
    Altair: Robert de Sable. His life is mine.
    Malik: No! We would want to retrieve the treasure and deal with Robert only if
    Altair: He stands between us and it. I would say it's necessary.
    Malik: Discretion, Altair! 
    Altair: You mean cowardice. That man is our greatest enemy. And here we have a 
            chance to be rid of him!
    Malik: You have already broken two tenets of our Creed. Now you would break the
           third. Do not compromise the Brotherhood!
    Altair: I am your superior, in both title and ability. You should know better
            than to question me.
    [ALTAIR climbs down and approaches the Templars.]
    Altair: Hold Templars! You are not the only ones with business here.
    Robert: Ah! Well, this explains my missing man. And what is it you want?
    Altair: Blood.
    [MALIK tries in vain to stop ALTAIR as he lunges for ROBERT with his Hidden
    Blade. ROBERT expects the strike and holds ALTAIR back. A struggle ensues.]
    Robert: You know not the things in which you meddle, Assassin. I spare you only
            that you may return to your master and deliver a message. The Holy Land
            is lost to him and his. He should flee now while he has the chance.
            Stay, and all of you will die.
    [ROBERT throws ALTAIR through some scaffolding and he is sealed out of the
    room and separated from KADAR and MALIK.]
    Robert: Men, to arms! Kill the Assassins!
    [ALTAIR escapes SOLOMON'S TEMPLE. The Animus skips ahead. It forwards to
    MASYAF, headquarters of the Assassins. In the town square, a random man waves
    and approaches ALTAIR.]
    Rauf: Altair! You've returned!
    Altair: Rauf.
    Rauf: It is good to see you unharmed. I trust your mission was a success?
    Altair: Is the master in his tower?
    Rauf: Yes, yes. Buried in his books as always. No doubt he expects you.
    Altair: My thanks, Brother.
    Rauf: Safety and peace, Altair. 
    Altair: On you as well.
    [ALTAIR goes through the town, up the slopes and tries to enter the Assassin
    fortress. An un-hooded Assassin, ABBAS greets him.]
    Abbas: Ah. He returns at last.
    Altair: Abbas.
    Abbas: Where are the others? Did you ride ahead hoping to be the first one 
           back? I know you are loathe to share the glory.
    [There is silence between them.]
    Abbas: Silence is just another form of assent.
    Altair: Have you nothing better to do?
    Abbas: I bring word from the master. He waits for you in the library. Best 
           hurry. No doubt you're eager to put your tongue to his boot. 
    Altair: Another word and I'll put my blade to your throat.
    Abbas: There'll be plenty of time for that later, "brother."
    [ALTAIR enters the fortress and passes through the courtyard. He makes his way
    inside the main building and up the stairs to meet with an aged Assassin in a
    black robe, AL MUALIM.]
    Al Mualim: Altair.
    Altair: Master.
    Al Mualim: Come forward. Tell me of your mission. I trust you have recovered
       the Templar's treasure.
    Altair: There was some trouble, Master. Robert de Sable was not alone.
    Al Mualim: When does our work ever go as expected? It's our ability to adapt
               that makes us who we are.
    Altair: This time it was not enough...
    Al Mualim: What do you mean?
    Altair: I have failed you...
    Al Mualim: The treasure?
    Altair: Lost to us.
    Al Mualim: And Robert?
    Altair: Escaped.
    Al Mualim: I send you, my best man, to complete a mission more important than
               any that has come before. And you return to me with nothing but
               apologies and excuses!
    Altair: I did--
    Al Mualim: Do not speak! Not another word! This is not what I expected. We'll
               need to mount another force.
    Altair: I swear to you I'll find him. I'll go and--
    Al Mualim: No! You'll do nothing! You've done enough! Where are Malik and Kadar?
    Altair: Dead.
    [MALIK enters. He is clutching his left arm which is covered in blood.]
    Malik: No! Not dead!
    Al Mualim: Malik!
    Malik: I still live at least!
    Al Mualim: And your brother? 
    Malik: Gone. Because of you!
    [MALIK points at ALTAIR.]
    Altair: Robert threw me from the room! There was no way back, nothing I could
    Malik: Because you would not heed my warning! All of this could have been 
           avoided! And my brother... my brother would still be alive! Your
           arrogance nearly cost us victory today!
    Al Mualim: "Nearly"?
    Malik: I brought what your favorite failed to find. Here, take it.
    [Another robed man, presumably a lower rank Assassin walks by, carrying a
    Malik: Though it seems I have returned with more than just their treasure...
    [Yet another Assassin enters the conversation.]
    Assassin: Master! We are under attack! Robert de Sable lays siege to Masyaf's 
    Al Mualim: So he seeks a battle! Very well, I'll not deny him. Go, inform the
               others. The fortress must be prepared. As for you, Altair, our
               discussion will have to wait. You must make for the village. Destroy
               these invaders. Drive them from our home!
    Altair: It will be done.
    [The Animus skips ahead. We next see ALTAIR just outside the HQ. He hurries
    through the courtyard and is stopped at the fortress entrance. RAUF walks up
    to him.]
    Rauf: Altair! It's good you've come. We need your help!
    Altair: What's happened?
    Rauf: Templars. They attack the village. Most of our people were able to get 
          away. Most... but not all.
    Altair: What do you need me to do?
    Rauf: Distract the Templars. Keep them occupied while I rescue those still
          trapped inside.
    Altair: As you wish.
    [ALTAIR makes his way through the village. Along the way, Templar Knights
    attack him on sight. ALTAIR kills them all as he moves toward the village gates
    where the battle suddenly breaks up.]
    Abbas: Break off the attack and return to Masyaf! Al Mualim commands it!
    [The Animus skips ahead. We see ALTAIR inside the fortress grounds again. He
    heads toward the library but RAUF calls out to him.]
    Rauf: Altair, come. Al Mualim's not done with us yet.
    Altair: Where are we going?
    Rauf: Up there. We've a surprise planned for our guests. Just do as I do. It
          should become clear soon enough.
    [They both climb a ladder to a ledge of the fortress. ALTAIR follows RAUF up
    and through to a balcony area overlooking the land.]
    Rauf: Stand on that platform, Altair.
    [ALTAIR stands on a platform that juts out from the balcony and we see the
    forces of ROBERT DE SABLE approaching the fortress.]
    Robert: Heretic! Return what you have stolen from me!
    [AL MUALIM stands high on top of the fortress walls.]
    Al Mualim: You've no claim to it, Robert! Take yourself from here before I'm
               forced to thin your ranks further!
    Robert: You play a dangerous game!
    Al Mualim: I assure you, this is no game!
    Robert: So be it!! Bring forth the hostage!
    [The Templars drag out an Assassin and quickly proceed to murder him in front
    of everyone.]
    Robert: Your village lays in ruins and your stores are hardly endless! How long
            before your fortress crumbles from within? How disciplined will your men
            remain, when the wells run dry and their food is gone?
    Al Mualim: My men do not fear death, Robert! They welcome it, and the rewards
               it brings!
    Robert: Good! Then they shall have it all around!
    [We return to ALTAIR, RAUF, and a third, unnamed Assassin on the balcony
    Rauf: Follow me, and do so without hesitation.
    Al Mualim: Show these fool knights what it is to have no fear!
    [AL MUALIM makes a signal to the Assassins.]
    Al Mualim: Go to God!
    [ALTAIR, RAUF, and the unnamed Assassin dive into haystacks far below the
    balcony. All but the unnamed Assassin come out safely.]
    Assassin: Ahhh! Ohhhh! Oh my leg! Aah! Oh my leg!
    Rauf: Quiet... or the Templars will hear us! I'll stay behind and tend to him.
          You'll have to go ahead without us. The ropes there will lead you to a
          trap we've set. Go and release it. Bring death upon our enemies! 
    [ALTAIR makes his way to a guard tower just overlooking ROBERT'S forces. With
    his sword, he unleashes a trap, sending several rolling logs down to trample
    the Templars.]
    [The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR stands in front of AL MUALIM and other onlookers
    within the courtyard of the fortress.]
    Al Mualim: You did well to drive Robert from here. His force is broken. It
               should be a long while before he troubles us again. Tell me, do you
               know why it is you are successful? You listened! Were it that you'd
               listened in Solomon's Temple, Altair, all of this would have been
    Altair: I did as I was asked.
    Al Mualim: No, you did as you pleased! Malik has told me of the arrogance you 
       displayed--your disregard for our ways!
    [Two unnamed Assassins restrain ALTAIR.]
    Altair: What are you doing?!
    Al Mualim: There are rules. We are nothing if we do not abide by the
               Assassiun's Creed: three simple tenets, which you seem to forget. I
               will remind you. First and foremost: Stay your blade--
    Altair: --from the flesh of an innocent. I know.
    [AL MUALIM slaps ALTAIR.]
    Al Mualim: And stay your tongue! Unless I give you leave to use it. If you are
               so familiar with this tenet, then why did you kill the old man inside
               the Temple? He was innocent! He did not need to die. Your insolence
               knows no bounds. Make humble your heart child, or I swear I will tear
               it from you with my own hands! The second tenet is that which gives
               us strength: Hide in plain sight. Let the people mask you such that
               you become one with the crowd. Do you remember? Because as I hear it,
               you chose to expose yourself, drawing attention before you struck!
               The third and final tenet, the worst of all your betrayals. Never
               compromise the Brotherhood. It's meaning should be obvious. Your
               actions must never bring harm upon us, direct or indirect! Yet your
               selfish act beneath Jerusalem placed us all in danger! Worse still,
               you brought the enemy to our home! Every man we lost today was lost
               because of you!
    [AL MUALIM draws a dagger]
    Al Mualim: I'm sorry, truly I am. But I cannot abide a traitor.
    Altair: I am not a traitor.
    Al Mualim: Your actions indicate otherwise. And so you leave me no choice.
               Peace be upon you, Altair.
    [AL MUALIM stabs ALTAIR]
    Altair: Ugh!
    1c. Abstergo - Day 1 Evening
    [The scene shifts back to ABSTERGO. DESMOND lays down on the Animus. LUCY and
    VIDIC are still standing by.]
    Vidic: He's experiencing a far better adoption rate than the other subjects.
    Lucy: I'm still pulling him out. He's been in there way too long.
    Vidic: No not yet! We're still so far from where we need to be!
    Lucy: We shouldn't risk it.
    Vidic: What's another hour or two?
    Lucy: Why don't we discuss this in the conference room? Give Desmond a minute
          to stretch his legs.
    Vidic: I really don't see the need--
    Lucy: Warren! Please. 
    [LUCY walks off to another room. WARREN follows her.]
    Vidic: Fine!
    [DESMOND sits up from the Animus. He wanders into his room on the right. From
    the bedroom, he ventures into the bathroom and can here muffled voices through
    the wall. He stands on the counter to listen through a vent.]
    Vidic: I don't appreciate your questioning my authority in front of the 
           prisoner! There's a word for that. I believe it's called insubordination.
    Lucy: And I don't appreciate you trying to kill him! There's a word for that
          too. I believe it's called stupid!
    Vidic: Lucy! This isn't my decision. I don't set the deadline, but I'm smart 
           enough not to challenge them. Do you want to wind up like Leila?
    Lucy: I know the accident has everyone on edge.
    Vidic: Which is why it's no time to coddle him!
    Lucy: If you push him too hard, he'll shut down. And then we'll have nothing.
    Vidic: We have nothing now!
    Lucy: But we do. You just need to have a little faith. 
    Vidic: Fine. But I want you thinking of ways to improve his staying power.
           We can't afford to stop every time the man breaks a sweat. It's bad
           enough we have to trace through all these... useless memories.
    Lucy: I'll do what I can.
    [DESMOND stops listening and returns to the main room. LUCY and VIDIC are
    already back.]
    Vidic: We're done for today, Mr. Miles. I suggest you go to your room and get
           some rest.
    [VIDIC leaves through a different door, to the left. DESMOND approaches LUCY.]
    Lucy: So you're really an Assassin? Like Altair?
    Desmond: Yes and no. 
    Lucy: What do you mean?
    Desmond: I was supposed to be one, but I ran away from the farm when I was
    Lucy: Farm? 
    Desmond: Yeah that's what they call the place where I grew up. The Farm. Like
             Masyaf I guess. Only not so uh... creepy. Just a small community in
             the middle of nowhere. About thirty of us living, you know, off the
    Lucy: Why?
    Desmond: Thought my parents were just crazy hippies, trying to stick it to the
             man, you know? My dad was always going on about our enemies,
             how they'd be looking for us, how'd we'd have to be prepared. No one
             ever came. Nothing ever happened.
    Lucy: Why'd you run away?
    Desmond: I could never leave the compound! You have any idea what it's like
             to be trapped in a place, knowing there was a whole world out there
             I'd never get to see?
    Lucy: Don't you miss your parents?
    Desmond: No. Far as I'm concerned, they weren't my parents. They were my
             wardens, and I was their prisoner.
    Lucy: It sounds like they only wanted to protect you.
    Desmond: With all that's happened... I don't know. I guess they were right.
    Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drudge up the past. 
    Desmond: It's alright. Gives me something to think about. 
    Lucy: Try and get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.
    Desmond: I got a question for you before I turn in.
    Lucy: Sure. 
    Desmond: How did they find me? I mean, I haven't been anywhere near another
             Assassin for ten years.
    Lucy: Use your real name?
    Desmond: Nope. Not before today.
    Lucy: Credit cards?
    Desmond: Cash only.
    Lucy: Telephone?
    Desmond: There's no one to call.
    Lucy: Driver's license?
    Desmond: Motorcycle... guilty pleasure.
    Lucy: There's your answer. Photo. Fingerprint.
    Desmond: This is a drug company! What does Abstergo have to do with the DMV?
    Lucy: Desmond. These guys are everywhere. They... 
    [LUCY looks around and seems unsettled by something.]
    Lucy: I... I'm sorry, I really can't talk about it.
    [DESMOND returns to his room. The door shuts behind him.]
    Desmond: Damn it, they locked the door!
    [DESMOND lays down on his bed and goes to sleep. The screen fades to black, but
    flashes back in with brief shots of a wall with glowing symbols and writing.]
    Memory Block Two              [0002]
    2a. Abstergo - Day 2 Morning
    [The scene stays in ABSTERGO. We see Desmond waking up the next morning in his
    bed. VIDIC hovers over him.]
    Desmond: Gotta say that's a little creepy, Doc: waking up to you standing
             over me. You been watching me sleep?
    Vidic: We're always watching you. Now get up! We've got a lot of work to do.
    Desmond: Ooh, wonder who I get to kill today.
    Vidic: Don't be so cavalier! Your ancestors almost had the right idea, Mr.
           Miles. If the deaths of a few people--evil people, no less--could save
           the lives of thousands more, well... it seems a small sacrifice.
    Desmond: What do you mean "almost?"
    Vidic: They didn't go far enough! To do use a rather tired analogy, corruption
           is no different than cancer. Cut out the tumors, but fail to treat the
           source and... well, you're buying time at best. There's no true change
           to be had, without comprehensive, systemic intervention.
    Desmond: Chemo for the masses.
    Vidic: Education--re-education, to be more precise. But it's not easy. And it
       doesn't always take.
    Desmond: Let me guess, you've got a better solution. What is it then?
    Vidic: Ahaha. Now that would be telling!
    [VIDIC leaves the room. DESMOND follows and eventually lays down on the Animus.
    The screen fades to white.]
    2b. Masyaf
    [We see Altair alive in the library of MASYAF's fortress. AL MUALIM stands in
    front of him at his desk.]
    Altair: I am... alive? But I saw you stab me... felt death's embrace!
    Al Mualim: You saw what I wanted you to see, and then you slept the sleep of 
               the dead. Of the womb, that you might awake, and be reborn.
    Altair: To what end?
    Al Mualim: Do you remember, Altair, what it is the Assassins fight for?
    Altair: Peace, in all things.
    Al Mualim: Yes, in all things. It is not enough to end the violence one man
               commits upon another. It refers to peace within as well. You cannot
               have one without the other.
    Altair: So it is said.
    Al Mualim: So it is! But you my son, have not found inner peace! It manifests
               in ugly ways! You are arrogant and overconfident.
    Altair: Were you not the one to say "nothing is true and everything is
    Al Mualim: You do not understand the true meaning of the phrase, my child. It
               does not grant you the freedom to do as you wish, it is a knowledge
               meant to guide your senses. It expects a wisdom you clearly lack!
    Altair: Then what is to become of me?
    Al Mualim: I should kill you for the pain you brought upon us. Malik thinks it
               only fair--your life in exchange for his brother's. But this would
               be a waste of my time and your talents. You'll see that you've been
               stripped of your positions. Your rank as well. You are a novice, a
               child once more, as you were on the day you first joined our order.
               I am offering you a chance at redemption. You'll earn your way back
               into the Brotherhood.
    Altair: I assume you have something planned.
    Al Mualim: First you must prove to me you remember how to be an Assassin.
    Altair: So you'd have me take a life?
    Al Mualim: No. Not yet, at least. For now you are to become a student once
    Altair: There is no need for this!
    Al Mualim: Others tracked your targets for you, but no more. From today on you
               will track them yourself.
    Altair: If this is what you wish.
    Al Mualim: It is.
    Altair: Then tell me what it is I must do.
    Al Mualim: We have been betrayed. Someone was assisting Robert de Sable. One of
               our own. You must find him and bring him here for questioning.
    Altair: What can you tell me of the traitor?
    Al Mualim: Ah, but that's just it. I've given you all I will. The rest is up to
    [ALTAIR leaves the library. He passes through the courtyard, but as he attempts
    to leave the fortress, another ASSASSIN approaches him.]
    Assassin: Safety and peace, Altair.
    Altair: You're in my way.
    Assassin: Yes, Al Mualim has asked that I assist you... remind you how it is we
              hunt our prey.
    Altair: I know how it works.
    Assassin: Be that as it may, I have no desire to disobey.
    Altair: Then be quick!
    Assassin: The Assassin have many tools at their disposal. 
    Altair: Yes, yes. We can eavesdrop, we can pickpocket, or we can use violence
            to intimidate.
    Assassin: Good, then you remember.
    Altair: Then you'd have me walk amongst the others and learn what I can about
            the traitor?
    Assassin: Yes, begin by going to the village market. That's where we first
              spotted the traitor.
    Altair: You know who it is?
    Assassin: Perhaps...
    Altair: Then give me a name and let's be done with it.
    Assassin: That's not the way it works. Now go, and remember: begin you search
              in the village market.
    [ALTAIR explores the village and finds his target. He sits down on a nearby
    bench to stay inconspicuous. He remains at a good distance to listen in on the
    conversation the target has with another villager.]
    Villager 1: I know what I saw. Masun opened the gate. He let the Templars in!
    Villager 2: Then you must tell Al Mualim!
    Villager 1: I can't! Masun did not act alone. Someone inside the fortress
                helped him. 
    Villager 2: What makes you say this?
    Villager 1: He exchanges letters with someone inside. The basket weaver carries
                them for him.
    Villager 2: That's no reason to stay silent.
    Villager 1: Ah! But the weaver delivered him a letter just before the attack.
                I suspect it held the order to open the gate.
    Villager 2: Then speak to the weaver! He can name Masun's accomplice!
    Villager 1: He's disappeared! Hiding for fear of being dragged into this!
    Villager 2: Ha! Probably inside of one of his own baskets!
    [ALTAIR heads to the location of the basket weaver. The WEAVER is seen speaking
    with a WOMAN.]
    Woman: Please, just one! We lost everything in the attack and have no place
           to store our grain!
    Weaver: I... I can't right now. I'm busy.
    Woman: Is this about the letter?
    Weaver: W-what letter?
    Woman: The letter you received when I got here. Bad news?
    Weaver: I don't know what you're talking about. Listen, I'll see what I can do,
            but please, I need to be alone right now. Come back later.
    Woman: As you wish.
    [Cautiously, the WEAVER walks off as does the WOMAN. ALTAIR follows the WEAVER
    and silently grabs a letter from his pocket. The letter informs Altair of the
    traitor's location. He heads in that direction. Slowly, the voice of MASUN gets
    louder and louder.]
    Masun: I see the way you look at me. Hear the things you say! A traitor! I am
           not a traitor! It's Al Mualim who's betrayed us! You'll see! Soon, all
           your eyes will be opened to the truth! We stand upon the threshold
           between this world and the new one! A better place where all might live
           as equals! But men, like Al Mualim, would see this dream destroyed!
           Tuesday's attack was but a first, and more will follow unless you
           repent! Give up your wicked ways. Rise up against the madman of Masyaf!
           See through his lies!
    [MASUN leaves the area. ALTAIR follows him to an isolated area and proceeds to
    assault him.]
    Masun: Enough! I yield, I yield!
    Altair: Speak quickly then. I've no interest in your games. Why did you betray
            us, and who do you serve?
    Masun: We serve the Templars. You should too. Their cause is just.
    Altair: We?
    Masun: Jamal. He told me of their plans. Asked me to open the gate.
    Altair: You betrayed us. We, who called you "brother" and kept you safe from
    Masun: I did what I believed was right. And if you must kill me for it... so be
           it. I am not afraid to die.
    Altair: Your fate is not for me to decide. It's Al Mualim who will judge.
    [The Animus skips ahead. The scene shifts to the library of the fortress.
    ALTAIR has brought MASUN before AL MUALIM.]
    Al Mualim: You stand accused of betraying our brotherhood and opening the way
               for our enemies. How do you answer to these charges?
    Masun: I deny nothing. I am proud of what I did! My only regret is that they
    Al Mualim: I offer you a chance to repent... to renounce the evil in your heart.
    Masun: It is not evil in my heart, but truth! I will not repent.
    Al Mualim: Then you will die.
    [AL MUALIM draws his blade and quickly murders MASUN.]
    Al Mualim: You did well, Altair, and have earned the right to carry a blade
               once more. 
    [AL MUALIM hands him the sword just used to end MASUN'S life.]
    Altair: What will become of the one who helped him?
    Al Mualim: That remains to be seen. Some do ill out of ignorance or fear. These
               men can be saved. Others suffer from corrupted wills, their minds
               poisoned and twisted. These men must be destroyed. Soon enough we
               will shall see what sort Jamal is.
    Altair: I've passed your test then. What now?
    Al Mualim: Oh my child, we've only just begun. I hold here a list. Nine names
               adorn it. Nine men who need to die. They are plague-bringers,
               war-makers. Their power and influence corrupts the land and ensure
               the Crusades continue. You will find them. Kill them. In doing so,
               you sow the seeds of peace. Both for the region, and for yourself.
               In this way you might be redeemed.
    Altair: Nine lives in exchange for mine.
    Al Mualim: A most generous offer, I think. Have you any questions?
    Altair: Only where I need begin.
    Al Mualim: Very well. Ride for Damascus. Seek out the black market merchant
               named Tamir. Let him be the first to fall. Be sure to visit the
               city's Assassin Bureau when you arrive. I'll dispatch a bird to
               inform the Rafiq of your arrival. Speak with him, you'll find he has
               much to offer. 
    [AL MUALIM lets a carrier pigeon loose, and it flies out the window.]
    Altair: If you think it best. 
    Al Mualim: I do. Besides, you cannot begin your mission without his consent.
    Altair: What nonsense is this? I don't need his permission! It's a waste of
    Al Mualim: It's the price you've paid for the mistakes you've made! You'll
               answer not only to me, but all the Brotherhood as well now.
    Altair: So be it.
    Al Mualim: Take your equipment and go. Prove you are not yet lost to us.
    [ALTAIR reclaims some of his lost equipment and fastens it to his robe. He 
    promptly leaves the library. An Assassin COMBAT INSTRUCTOR calls out to him.]
    Instructor: Altair, it seems my students do not fully understand what it is to
                wield a blade. Perhaps you can show them what you know. 
    [Altair trains for a while, then leaves the fortress grounds and the village
    entirely, taking a horse toward DAMASCUS.]
    2c. Damascus
    [ALTAIR arrives at the city of DAMASCUS where he saves a scholar who allows him
    to sneak in. ALTAIR climbs a tower to get a view of the city and spots the
    ASSASSIN'S BUREAU. He heads there and is greeted by the RAFIQ, an associate
    to the Assassins.]
    Rafiq: Altair. It's good to see you. And in one piece.
    Altair: You as well, friend. 
    Rafiq: I'm sorry for your troubles.
    Altair: Think nothing of it.
    Rafiq: A few brothers of yours were here earlier, in fact. Oof, if you'd
           heard the things they'd said... I'm certain you'd have slain them where
           they stood. 
    Altair: It's quite alright.
    Rafiq: Yes, you've never been one for the Creed, have you?
    Altair: Is that all?
    Rafiq: I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget myself. What business brings you to
    Altair: A man named Tamir. Al Mualim takes issue with the work he does. I'm
            meant to end it. Now tell me where to find him.
    Rafiq: Surely you remember how to track an enemy.
    Altair: Of course! Learn where he will be and when. But that sort of work is
            best left for.... I understand.
    Rafiq: Go and search the city. Determine what he's planning and where he works.
           Preparation makes the victor.
    Altair: What can you tell me of him?
    Rafiq: Tamir makes his living as a black market merchant. So the Souk district
           should be your destination. I would suggest you seek out the following
           places: a small souk northeast of here, the madrasah to our east. And in
           the gardens north of this Bureau. Focus on these places and he should
           become well known to you. 
    Altair: I assume you want me to return to you when this is done.
    Rafiq: Yes. Come back to me. I'll give you Al Mualim's marker, and you'll give
           us Tamir's life.
    Altair: As you wish.
    Rafiq: Remember, Altair, if you find yourself in trouble, and the city turned
           against you, return to the bureau. I can shelter you from the storm. Be
           warned though: if your enemies are too close, my door will remain closed,
           until you've lost them. Do you understand?
    Altair: Yes. To bring the enemy inside would compromise the Brotherhood. 
    Rafiq: Very well. Off you go.
    *Note: Rafiq is a title, not a name. They are scholars in the Assassin order.
    That's why there is one in Acre and Damascus. They are not the same person.
    [ALTAIR leaves the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU to search the appointed locations. After
    gathering enough intel, he returns some time later to report to the RAFIQ.]
    Rafiq: Altair! Welcome, welcome!
    Altair: I've done what you asked. Now give me the marker.
    Rafiq: First things first. Tell me what you know.
    Altair: Tamir rules over the Souk Al-Silaah. He makes his fortune selling arms
            and armor, and is supported by many in this endeavor. Blacksmiths,
            traders, financiers. He's the largest death-dealer in the land.
    Rafiq: And have you devised a way to rid us of this blight?
    Altair: A meeting is being arranged at Souk Al-Silaah to discuss an important
            sale. They say it's the largest deal Tamir has ever made. He'll be
            distracted with his work. That's when I'll strike.
    Rafiq: Your plan seems solid enough. I give you leave to go.
    [The RAFIQ places the marker, a feather, on the counter. ALTAIR takes it.]
    Rafiq: Let Al Mualim's will be done. You may rest here until you are ready.
    [The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR rests at the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU. Ready to leave,
    he sets out toward the SOUK AL-SILAAH. There, TAMIR yells at a MERCHANT.]
    Tamir: Your men have failed to fill the order, which means I have failed my
    Merchant: We need more time!
    Tamir: This is the excuse of a lazy or incompetent man. Which are you?
    Merchant: Neither.
    Tamir: What I see says otherwise. Now, tell me, what to do intend to do to
           solve this problem of ours? These weapons are needed now!
    Merchant: I see no solution! The men work day and night, but your... "client"
              requires so much, and the destination--it is a difficult route.
    Tamir: Were it that you could produce weapons with the same skill you produce
    Merchant: I've done all I can.
    Tamir: It is not enough.
    Merchant: Then perhaps you ask too much.
    Tamir: Too much? I gave you everything! Without me, you would still be charming
           serpents for coin! All I ask in return was you fill the orders I bring
           you! And you say I ask too much? You dare disrespect me?
    Merchant: Please, Tamir. I meant no insult!
    Tamir: Then you should have kept your mouth shut!
    [TAMIR draws his sword and slashes the MERCHANT.]
    Merchant: No! Stop!
    Tamir: Stop? I'm just getting started! 
    [TAMIR continues to slash at the MERCHANT as he speaks.]
    Tamir: You came into MY souk! Stood before MY men! And dare to insult ME? 
    [TAMIR kills the MERCHANT and his body falls. A servant of TAMIR tries to move
    the body.]
    Tamir: No. Leave the body. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. Think twice
           before you tell me something cannot be done. Now get back to work.
    [TAMIR walks around the souk. He stops at each market stall and speaks with the
    merchants. ALTAIR stays amongst the crowd, looks for his opportunity, and then
    finally, assassinates TAMIR.]
    Altair: Be at peace.
    Tamir: You'll pay for this. You, and all your kind.
    Altair: It seems you're the one who pays now, my friend. You'll not profit from
            suffering any longer.
    Tamir: You think me a petty death-dealer, suckling at the breast of war? A
       strange target, don't you think? Why me, when so many others do the same?
    Altair: You believe yourself different, then?
    Tamir: Oh, but I am! For I serve a far nobler cause than mere profit. Just like
           my brothers.
    Altair: Brothers?
    Tamir: Ah, but he thinks I act alone. I am but a piece. A man with a part to
           play. You'll come to know the others soon enough. They won't take kindly
           to what you've done.
    Altair: Good. I look forward to ending their lives as well.
    Tamir: Such pride. It will destroy you, child.
    [TAMIR dies and ALTAIR takes the feather and draws it over the wound, coating
    it with the blood of his victim. ALTAIR flees the scene and returns to the
    Rafiq: Word has reached me of your victory, Altair. You have my gratitude, and
           my respect.
    Altair: Thank you.
    Rafiq: It is a shame that the other Assassins continue to hold you in such poor
    Altair: Rafiq, I do not care what the others think of me.
    Rafiq: As you wish, Altair. You should bring news of your victory to Al Mualim.
           I'm sure he has more work for you to do.
    [The Animus skips ahead, then the screen fades to white.]
    2d. Abstergo - Day 2 Evening
    [The screen shows DESMOND'S view and then shows him getting up from the Animus.
    WARREN VIDIC and LUCY still stand by.]
    Vidic: Out of the machine, Mr. Miles.
    Desmond: What's the matter, Doc?
    Vidic: Ms. Stillman is once again insisting I let you rest.
    [VIDIC leaves through the large doorway. DESMOND approaches LUCY.]
    Desmond: So... feel like telling me who put the stick up his ass?
    Lucy: We have a deadline. One week. Well, six days now.
    Desmond: Deadline?
    Lucy: I can't talk about it.
    Desmond: Man, put yourself in my shoes! I'm being held hostage by a group of
             scientists--at least I think you're scientists--and forced to stay all
             day in some crazy ass machine. You won't tell me what you're looking
             for or why you want it, but I'm supposed to be thanking you for
             keeping me alive. This is so fucked! Sorry, but it is! 
    Lucy: What do you want me to do?
    Desmond: Hm, let's see... I dunno, maybe give me some answers?
    Lucy: I can't. And it's better this way. Safer.
    Desmond: Safer for who?
    Lucy: Both of us.
    [The conversation ends. DESMOND speaks with LUCY again.]
    Desmond: Hey, you know what, I've got a question I think you can actually
    Lucy: What's up?
    Desmond: Why is it that sometimes the guys in there, talk like they're from the
    Lucy: The future?
    Desmond: I-I mean the present. Now, today, whatever.
    Lucy: You've probably noticed English has become the official language of the
          Holy Land.
    Desmond: Yeah, I was gonna say....
    Lucy: The Animus is translating speech it deems vital into more modern English,
          so expect a few anachronisms. I could probably make it more authentic,
          but... you ever read Chaucer?
    Desmond: Who?
    Lucy: Yeah... Definitely not for you.
    [They start up another conversation.]
    Desmond: Can you tell me more about Abstergo? What goes on here? Beyond the
             whole keeping me prisoner thing.
    Lucy: Abstergo is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
          Their primary focus is anti-depressants. There's some information on the
          computer over there.
    Desmond: But you already said this isn't about testing a drug. So what's the
    Lucy: I don't like where this is going...
    Desmond: So it's safe to assume the Animus is not a part of their public face.
    Lucy: What, you haven't seen the commercials?
    Desmond: Oh my god... she has a sense of humor.
    Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond, I've got a lot of work to do. Like I said, if you
          wanna know more about the company, take a look at the computer. The
          telecommunications stuff is particularly interesting.
    [DESMOND finally enters his room and goes to sleep. After the screen fades to
    black, there is another flash of writing that looks like Japanese characters.]
    Memory Block Three            [0003]
    3a. Abstergo - Day 3 Morning
    [The screen fades back in and VIDIC is standing in DESMOND'S room.]
    Vidic: Let's go, Mr. Miles! Time's wasting.
    [VIDIC leaves. DESMOND rises from his bed and follows him.]
    Desmond: Where's Lucy?
    Vidic: Oh, don't worry, she'll be with us soon enough.
    Desmond: So why you doing all this, doc? What are you hoping to accomplish?
    Vidic: You turned on the television lately? Read the newspaper?
    Desmond: Never cared much for that stuff.
    Vidic: Then, let me sum it up for you. The world's a mess. It's pathetic,
           really. You've seen it firsthand yourself- a thousand years between you
           and your ancestor, and society remains just as barbaric. Just as stupid.
    Desmond: And your point is...?
    Vidic: Order, Mr. Miles. The world needs order. That is what we're working
           towards, and that is what you're helping us to achieve.
    Desmond: [laughs] You expect me to believe you're building a better tomorrow?
    Vidic: That's exactly what we're doing! The human race calls out for direction!
           They want to know why they're here, what they're meant to do. Well,
           we're going to tell them. And once they understand how to live their
           lives, everything will be better.
    Desmond: Better how?
    Vidic: An end to all conflicts, large and small. Isn't that what you Assassins
           strive for? Peace, in all things?
    Desmond: I told you, I'm not an Assassin.
    Vidic: Right, right.
    Desmond: [sighs] I still don't see where I fit into things.
    Vidic: In time, Mr. Miles. In time you'll understand. Or you won't. I don't
           care either way, as long as you show us where it is.
    Desmond: Where what is?
    [LUCY enters.]
    Lucy: Sorry I'm late. Ready to go?
    Vidic: Yes, we are.
    [DESMOND lays down on the Animus.]
    3b. Masyaf Part II
    [The screen fades in from white. We see ALTAIR in the library at MASYAF. He
    stands before AL MUALIM.]
    Al Mualim: You've done well, Altair. And I'm confident this is but the first of
               many successes.
    Altair: Tamir spoke as if he knew you well. He implied my work had a larger
    Al Mualim: Significance comes not from a single act, but the context in which
               it is performed. The consequences borne of it.
    Altair: Then is there more I need to know?
    Al Mualim: Altair, your greatest failure was born of knowing too much. If I
               choose to withhold information, it is only to ensure you do not make
               the same mistake a second time. 
    Altair: I see.
    Al Mualim: No you don't! And it will remain this way until you've learned your
               lesson! Still you have performed competently, and as such I restore
               a rank, and will return a piece of your equipment. Go now, either
               to Acre or Jerusalem. There are men in both cities who require your
               attention. The Bureau leaders can tell you more of what needs to be
    [AL MUALIM releases two more carrier pigeons. ALTAIR reclaims more of his lost
    equipment and leaves. He departs MASYAF and heads to ACRE.]
    3c. Acre - Garnier
    [ALTAIR arrives in ACRE. He climbs a viewpoint to get his bearings and to
    locate the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU. He goes there is greeted by the RAFIQ in this
    Rafiq: Ah, Altair. A little bird told me you'd be paying a visit.
    Altair: Al Mualim has ordered the execution of Garnier de Naplouse and so here
            I am. What can you tell me about him?
    Rafiq: He is the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitalier. And surely keeps
           his quarters in their District. Beyond that, I cannot  say. I suggest
           you search the city, see what you can learn from the people.
    Altair: Tell me where they gather and I'll see what I can find. 
    Rafiq: The public gardens north of here--or what's left of them--are as good a
           place as any to begin. There's an abandoned market northwest as well
           that merits watching. And Maria of Jehoshaphat's Church to the west
           remains a popular meeting place. These three locations should be
           sufficient for your needs.
    Altair: I appreciate the information, Rafiq. It will be put to good use.
    Rafiq: See that it is.
    [ALTAIR gathers information in ACRE. He returns much later to the ASSASSIN'S
    Rafiq: Altair? How fares your search for Garnier?
    Altair: I know when and how to strike.
    Rafiq: Share your knowledge with me, then.
    Altair: He lives and works inside the Order's hospital, northwest of here.
            Rumors speak of atrocities committed within its walls. It seems the
            good doctor enjoys experimenting on innocent citizens, most of them
            kidnapped and brought here from Jerusalem.
    Rafiq: Clever. By stealing his subjects from another city, he avoids arousing
           too much suspicion here. But back to the matter at hand. What is your
    Altair: Garnier keeps mainly to his quarters inside the hospital, though he
            leaves occasionally to inspect his patients. It's when he makes his
            rounds that I will strike.
    Rafiq: It's clear you've given this some thought. I give you leave to go.
    [The RAFIQ places the marker down on the counter. ALTAIR takes it.]
    Rafiq: Remove this stain from Acre, Altair. Perhaps it will help cleanse your
           own. Rest here until you're ready to begin your mission.
    [The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR rests, then heads to the hospital where GARNIER
    is supposed to be located. A large crowd is gathered there.]
    Man: No, help! Help me!
    [A shirtless MAN runs out of a door, greatly panicked.]
    Man: Help me! Please! You must help me!
    [Two Acre guards restrain the man. The main doors of the hospital open and
    GARNIER appears.]
    Garnier: Enough, my child! I asked you to retrieve the patient, not to kill
             him! There, there. Everything will be alright.
    Man: No!
    Garnier: Give me your hand.
    Man: No, don't touch me! Not again!
    Garnier: Cast out this fear, else I cannot help you.
    Man: Help me, like you helped the others?! You took their souls! I saw! I saw!
         But not mine! No! You'll not have mine!
    [GARNIER slaps the MAN.]
    Garnier: Take hold of yourself! Do you think this gives me pleasure? Do you
             think I want to hurt you? But you leave me no choice.
    [The MAN tries to pull free and his next words are directed at the crowd.]
    Man: Every kind word--matched with the back of his hand! All lies and deception!
         He won't be content until all bow before him!
    Garnier: You should not have done that... Return him to his quarters! I'll be
             along once I've tended to the others.
    Man: You can't keep me here! I'll escape again!
    Garnier: No. You won't. Break his legs, both of them.
    [The guards step violently on the man's knees in an effort to bend and break
    them the other way. The MAN screams in agony.]
    Garnier: I am so sorry, my child. Have you people nothing better to do?
    [The guards drag the MAN away. Garnier leaves as well. ALTAIR enters the
    main room, where patients lie in beds all over. GARNIER is seen walking from
    one bed to the next, tending to them. ALTAIR cautiously avoids the guards and
    waits for GARNIER to turn his back, and then strikes.]
    Altair: Let go your burden.
    Garnier: Ah... I'll rest now, yes. The endless dream calls to me. But before I
             close my eyes, I must know... what will become of my children?
    Altair: You mean the people made to suffer your cruel experiments? They'll be
            free now to return to their homes.
    Garnier: Homes? What homes? The sewers? The brothels? The prisons that we
             dragged them from?
    Altair: You took these people against their will.
    Garnier: Yes, what little will there was for them to have. Are you really so
             naive? Do you appease a crying child simply because he wails? "But I
             want to play with fire, father!" What would you say? "As you wish."
             Ah, but then you'd answer for his burns.
    Altair: These are not children, but men and women full grown.
    Garnier: In body, perhaps, but not in mind. Which is the very damage I sought
             to repair. I admit without the Piece of Eden--which you stole from
             us--my progress was slowed. But there are herbs, mixtures and extracts.
             My guards are proof of this. They were madmen before I found and freed
             them from the prisons of their own minds. And with my death, madmen
             will they be again.
    Altair: You truly believe you are helping them?
    Garnier: It's not what I believe. It's what I know.
    [GARNIER dies. ALTAIR dips the feather in his blood and flees the scene. He
    returns to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: What news, Altair?
    Altair: Garnier is dead.
    Rafiq: Then you should return to Masyaf with news of your victory.
    Altair: There is something else.
    Rafiq: Speak it then! Or would you have me read your mind?
    Altair: What do you think he wanted from these people, that he would keep them
            and experiment on them as he did?
    Rafiq: Yours is not to ask, but to act, Altair! It doesn't matter what he did
           or why. Only that he's dead.
    Altair: But Garnier seems to believe he was helping these people!
    Rafiq: Is that what you saw?
    Altair: No. What I saw was not a place of healing, but of pain.
    Rafiq: Then why are we having this conversation?
    Altair: I... I don't know. Forget I spoke of it.
    Rafiq: I already have.
    3d. Masyaf Part III
    [The screen fades to white, then fades back in. We see ALTAIR back in MASYAF,
    with AL MUALIM before him.]
    Al Mualim: Have you news for me, Altair?
    Altair: Garnier de Naplouse is dead.
    Al Mualim: Excellent! We could not have hoped for a more agreeable outcome.
    Altair: And yet...
    Al Mualim: What is it?
    Altair: The Doctor insisted his work was noble. And looking back, those who
            were supposedly his captives seemed grateful to the man. Not all of
            them, but enough to make me wonder. How did he manage to turn enemy
            into friend?
    Al Mualim: Leaders will always find ways to make others obey them. And that is
               what makes them leaders. When words fail they turn to coin. When
               that won't do, they resort to baser things: bribes, threats, and
               others types of trickery. There are plants, Altair, herbs from
               distant lands, that can cause a man to take leave of his senses. So
               great are the pleasures it brings, men may even become enslaved by
    Altair: You think these men were drugged, then? Poisoned?
    Al Mualim: Yes, if it truly was as you describe it.
    Altair: Herbs. This seems a strange method of control.
    Al Mualim: Our enemies have accused me of the same.
    Altair: The promise of paradise....
    Al Mualim: They think there's a garden, overflowing with women and pleasure.
               But I drug you as Garnier did his men and tempt you with its rewards.
    Altair: They do not know the truth of it.
    Al Mualim: Which is how it must be.
    Altair: But if they knew the truth of it--that all we seek is peace...!
    Al Mualim: Then they would not fear us, and we would have no hold over them. Go,
               it is time you continued with your work. Another rank is restored to
               you, as is a piece of your equipment. We'll speak again when the
               next has fallen.
    [ALTAIR takes another piece of equipment from the table and fits it. He leaves
    the library, the fortress, and MASYAF itself. He rides for JERUSALEM.]
    3e. Jerusalem - Talal
    [ALTAIR rides into Jerusalem, sneaks into the city, climbs a viewpoint and
    locates the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU. He enters to find an old friend.]
    Altair: Safety and peace, Malik.
    Malik: Your presence here deprives me of both. What do you want?
    Altair: Al Mualim has asked--
    Malik: --asked that you perform some menial task in a effort to redeem yourself.
           So be out with it.
    Altair: Tell me what you can about the one they call Talal.
    Malik: It is your duty to locate and assassinate the man, Altair. Not mine.
    Altair: You'd do well to assist me. His death benefits the entire land.
    Malik: Do you deny his death benefits you as well?
    Altair: Such things do not concern me.
    Malik: Your actions very much concern me!
    Altair: Then don't help me. I'll find him myself!
    Malik: [sighs] Wait, wait. It won't do having you stumble about the city like a
           blind man. Better you know where to begin your search.
    Altair: I'm listening.
    Malik: I can think of three places. South of here in the markets that line the
           border between the Muslim and Jewish Districts, to the north near the
           mosque of this district, and east, in front of St. Anne's Church--close
           to the Bab Ariha gate.
    Altair: Is that everything?
    Malik: It's enough to get you started, and more than you deserve.
    [ALTAIR leaves and does his job, gathering intel. He eventually returns.]
    Altair: Malik...
    Malik: Come to waste more of my time?
    Altair: I've found Talal. I'm ready to begin my mission.
    Malik: That is for me to decide.
    Altair:  Very well. Here's what I know: he traffics in human lives, kidnapping
             Jerusalem's citizens and selling them into slavery. His base is a
             warehouse located inside the Barbican north of here. As we speak, he
             prepares a caravan for travel. I'll strike while he's inspecting his
             stock. If I can avoid his men, Talal himself should prove little
    Malik: "Little challenge"? Listen to you! Such arrogance.
    Altair: Are we finished? Are you satisfied with what I've learned?
    Malik: No, but it will have to do.
    [MALIK presents the feather and ALTAIR takes it.]
    Malik: Rest, prepare, cry in the corner... do whatever it is you do before a
           mission. Only make sure you do it quietly.
    [The Animus skips ahead. Altair finishes resting and sets out. He enters a
    rather inconspicuous building. The door shuts behind him. Inside he finds
    people trapped in cages. A figure is seen passing by windows in the next room.]
    Talal: You should not have come here, Assassin.
    Altair: What now, slaver?
    Talal: Do not call me that! I only wish to help them. As I myself was helped.
    Altair: You do no kindness imprisoning them like this.
    Talal: Imprisoning them? I keep them safe. Preparing them for the journey that
           lies ahead.
    Altair: What journey? It is a life of servitude.
    Talal: [laughs] You know nothing! It was folly to even bring you here! To think
           that you might see and understand!
    Altair: I understand well enough! Show yourself!
    [A door opens and ALTAIR enters the next room.]
    Talal: Ah, so you want to see the man that called you here.
    Altair: You did not call me here! I came on my own.
    Talal: [laughs] Did you? Who unbarred the door? Cleared the path? Did you once
           raise your blade against a single man of mine, huh? No. All this, I did
           for you. Step into the light then, and I will grant you one final favor.
    [ALTAIR steps into the center of the room. Numerous armed men drop down from
    the second floor and surround him. Moments after, TALAL steps out from the
    shadows on the second floor.]
    Talal: Now I stand before you. What is it you desire?
    Altair: Come down here! Let us settle this with honor!
    Talal: Why must it always come to violence? It seems I cannot help you, for you
           do not wish to help yourself. And I cannot allow my work to be
           threatened. You leave me no choice. You must die.
    [ALTAIR kills TALAL'S men, then climbs up after him. He chases him to the
    rooftops and eventually streets of Jerusalem. ALTAIR evades his men, catches
    up to TALAL and assassinates him.]
    Altair: You've nowhere to run now. Share your secrets with me.
    Talal: My part is played. The Brotherhood is not so weak that my death will
           stop its work.
    Altair: What brotherhood?
    Talal: Al Mualim is not the only one with designs upon the Holy Land. And
           that's all you'll have from me.
    Altair: Then we are finished. Beg forgiveness from your god.
    Talal: He's long abandoned us. Long abandoned the men and women I took into my
    Altair: What do you mean?
    Talal: Beggars, whores, addicts, lepers. Do they strike you as proper slaves?
           Unfit for even the most menial tasks? No. I took them not to sell, but
           to save! And yet you'd kill us all, for no other reason than it was
           asked of you.
    Altair: No, you profit from the war, from lives lost and broken.
    Talal: Yes, you would think that, as ignorant as you are. War defined me. They
           say it's what your kind do best. Do you see the irony in all this? No,
           not yet it seems. But you will... 
    [TALAL dies and ALTAIR smears the feather in his blood. He leaves the scene
    and returns to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Malik: Altair! Wonderful to see you return to us! And how fared the mission?
    Altair: The deed is done. Talal is dead.
    Malik: Oh, I know, I know. In fact, the entire city knows! Have you forgotten
           the meaning of subtlety?!
    Altair: A skilled Assassin ensures his work is noticed by the many.
    Malik: No, a skilled Assassin maintains control of his environment!
    Altair: We can argue the details all you'd like, Malik, but the fact remains
            I've accomplished the task set to me by Al Mualim.
    Malik: Go then. Return to the old man. Let us see with whom he sides.
    Altair: You and I are on the same side, Malik.
    [Silence. The screen fades to white.]
    3f. Abstergo - Day 3 Evening
    [We see the main room at ABSTERGO again. The first voice heard is that of
    Vidic: Goddamnit! What's the problem now?
    Lucy: I'm getting weird temperature readings. I think the Animus is overheating.
    Vidic: Christ, it's always something! How long?
    Lucy: Too soon to tell.
    Vidic: These delays are unacceptable, Ms. Stillman. I want progress reports
           every hour!
    [VIDIC leaves. DESMOND stands up from the Animus.]
    Lucy: It's gonna be a while, Desmond. Why don't you go lie down or something,
          get some rest?
    [DESMOND talks to LUCY more.]
    Desmond: Why is he always yelling at you? It's his machine.
    Lucy: His theories... he's not the one who built it.
    Desmond: Who did? You?
    Lucy: [laughs] No. Abstergo has a team of engineers--not much they don't
          have--but I did oversee the assembly. I guess that's why he gets so angry
          with me.
    Desmond: He's a dick.
    Lucy: He's under a lot of pressure. We all are...
    Desmond: Can't believe you're defending the guy.
    Lucy: Warren saved my life. So it he wants to yell a little... let him.
    Desmond: What do you mean he saved your life?
    Lucy: You're not the only once who doesn't get to go home at night.
    Desmond: Wait, you're saying you're a prisoner? 
    Lucy: When they first approached me I was finishing up my PhD. The university
          had made it clear I had no future there. They didn't like the subject of
         my doctorate--called it "pseudo-science." Said keeping me on would
         discredit and embarrass them. [sighs] It was the same everywhere. Other
         universities, companies I interviewed with. Pretty soon I was out of money
         and out of time. I was this close to waiting tables. Then I got a letter...
    Desmond: From Vidic?
    Lucy: He said he'd been following my career since undergrad. That he believed
          in my work and wanted to meet to discuss my future. You have no idea how
          good it felt to hear that. So I met with him. What did I have to lose?
    Desmond: And he offered you a job.
    Lucy: Yes. Here at Abstergo. Helping out on the Animus project. I'd have a
          chance to test my theories and prove the professors wrong. How could I
          turn that down?
    Desmond: Think I'm missing the part where you became a prisoner...
    Lucy: Sometimes I wonder... if they weren't behind it all. If they manipulated
          events, so I'd get desperate. They can do that. They can do anything. I
          didn't think when I agreed to come here. They even told me I'd be trapped.
          For six months--a year max. Once the project launched, there'd be no need
          for secrecy anymore. But until then, I'd be a "guest" of the company. At
          least... that's what they said.
    Desmond: And when the Animus was ready?
    Lucy: They came in while I was sleeping. Three guys. Guns. They dragged me out
          of bed. God. The worst part was I knew them! One guy, Richard, we ate
          lunch together sometimes! And now he was gonna... They were cracking
          jokes. I tried to pull away... he hit me. And that's when he told me I
          was going to die.
    Desmond: Christ. What did you do--
    Lucy: Nothing. I kept telling myself it wasn't real. And then Warren was there.
          Shouting at them to get away from me. And they listened.
    Desmond: Jesus...
    Lucy: He's not a happy man, Desmond. I wouldn't even say he's a good man, but
          he saved my life. They never came for me again. And he promised they
          never would.
    Desmond: You're still stuck here working for these nutjobs.
    Lucy: But I'm alive. Anyway, I really do need to get the Animus repaired. I'll
          see you tomorrow, Desmond.
    [DESMOND leaves and goes to his room. He notices his closet is open.]
    Desmond: What the hell? Someone's been in here!
    [After some inspection, DESMOND lays down in bed. The screen fades to black.
    Writing once again flashes on the screen. This time they are mostly Japanese
    characters, but with the Greek symbol for Omega included.]
    Memory Block Four             [0004]
    4a. Abstergo - Day 4 Morning
    [We see DESMOND laying in his bed. The door to his room slides open and VIDIC
    steps in.]
    Vidic: Rise and shine! We've got quite a day ahead of us!
    Desmond: You're in a good mood this morning. (he sits up)
    Vidic: Ms. Stillman has made some modifications to the Animus. You should be
           able to remain inside even longer now.
    Desmond: And help you with your treasure hunt...
    Vidic: This is serious business, Mr. Miles. I don't think you fully appreciate
           the work that Abstergo does.
    Desmond: Maybe it's because I don't actually know what you people do.
    Vidic: We change the world. Every day, in a hundred different ways. Did you
           know that every single breakthrough of the past millennia, be it medical,
           mechanical, or philosophical, has come from Abstergo or its predecessors?
    Desmond: That's a bold claim, Doc. Think you might be exaggerating a bit?
    Vidic: Not in the slightest! Oh, we certainly don't take the credit. That would
           arouse far too much suspicion. We choose our beneficiaries with great
    Desmond: Why?
    Vidic: Isn't it obvious? It means we're in control.
    Desmond: But how? What makes you guys so special--so smart? That you happen to
             invent all these things while we mere mortals stumble around like
    Vidic: To be fair, we don't invent them, we find them
    Desmond: "Find" them?
    Vidic: They're gifts, Mr. Miles. From those who came before. We'll have to
           continue this discussion later. Time's wasting.
    [VIDIC walks out. DESMOND follows him.]
    Lucy: Good morning, Desmond.
    Desmond: Yeah, hi. 
    [DESMOND lays down on the Animus. The screen fades to white.]
    4b. Masyaf Part IV
    Al Mualim: Come in, Altair. You've done well. Three of the nine lay dead, and
               for this you have my thanks. But do not think to rest upon your
               laurels. Your work has just begun.
    Altair: I'm yours to command, Master.
    Al Mualim: King Richard, emboldened by his victory at Acre, prepares to move
               south towards Jerusalem. Salahuddin is surely aware of this. And so
               he gathers his men before the broken citadel of Arsuf.
    Altair: Would you have me kill them both then? End their war before it begins
            in earnest?
    Al Mualim: No. To do so would scatter their forces, and subject their realm to
               the bloodlust of ten thousand aimless warriors. It will be many days
               before they meet, and while they march, they do not fight. You must
               concern yourself with more immediate threat: the men who pretend to
               govern in their absence.
    Altair: Give me names and I'll give you blood.
    Al Mualim: So I will. Abu'l Nuquod, the wealthiest man in Damas, Majd Addin,
               regent of Jersusalem, William of Montferrat, liegelord of Acre.
    Altair: What are their crimes?
    Al Mualim: Greed, arrogance, the slaughter of innocents. Walk amongst the
               people of their cities. You'll learn the secrets of their sins. Do
               not doubt that these men are obstacles to the peace we seek.
    Altair: Then they will die.
    Al Mualim: Another of your items is restored. Take it. See that it is put to
               good use. Return to me as each man falls, that we may better
               understand their intentions.
    [AL MUALIM lets out three more carrier pigeons.]
    AL MUALIM: And Altair, take care. Your recent work has likely attracted the
               attention of the city guard. They'll be more suspicious than they've
               been in the past.
    [ALTAIR takes his equipment back, equips it, then rides for DAMASCUS.]
    4c. Damascus - Abu'l Nuqoud
    [ALTAIR arrives in DAMASCUS and returns to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU there.]
    Rafiq: Altair my friend! Welcome, welcome! Whose life do you come to collect
    Altair: His name is Abu'l Nuquod. What can you tell me about him?
    Rafiq: Oh, the merchant-king of Damascus! Richest man in the city. Quite
           exciting, quite dangerous! I envy you, Altair. Well, not where you were
           beaten and stripped of your rank, but I envy everything else! Oh, except
           for the terrible things the other Assassins say about you! But yes,
           aside from the failure and the hatred, yes, aside from those things I
           envy you very much!
    Altair: I do not care what the others think or say. I'm here to do a job. So I
            ask again: what can you tell me of the merchant king?
    Rafiq: Only that he must be a very bad man if Al Mualim has sent you to see
           him. He keeps to his own kind, wrapped in the finery of the city's Noble
           District. A busy man, always up to something. I'm sure if you spent some
           time amongst his type, you'll learn all you need to know about him.
    Altair: And where would you have me begin my search?
    Rafiq: If I were you, I'd start with the Omayyad Mosque and Souk Sarouja, both
           of which are west of here. Further to the northwest is Salahuddin's
           Citadel. It's a popular meeting spot and has proved a reliable source of
           loose tongues in the past. Yes, these three places should serve your
    Altair: My thanks for your guidance, Rafiq. I'll return when I've gathered the
            necessary information. 
    [ALTAIR leaves. He scours a new district of DAMASCUS to uncover the necessary
    intel on his target. When finished,  he returns to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: Peace be upon you, Altair. How may I serve you?
    Altair: I've done as asked and learned all I need to know about my prey.
    Rafiq: Then you must share your knowledge with me.
    Altair: Abu'l Nuquod is corrupt to the core and despised by his own citizens as
            a result. It appears he's been stealing money meant for the people of
            Damascus and spending it on himself. Even as we speak he flaunts his
            greed preparing for a lavish party. His guards and servants should have
            their hands full dealing with the guests. They won't even know I'm
    Rafiq: Most impressive, my friend. The others said you'd make a mess of things,
           but not I, no. I was sure you'd come through and come through you have.
           The Bureau's yours to do with as you please until you're ready to begin.
    [The RAFIQ surrenders the feather and ALTAIR claims it. The Animus skips
    forward. ALTAIR rises and leaves the bureau, heading for his target. He finds
    him in a very large, ostentatious palace. ALTAIR infiltrates it and enters the
    courtyard. A large crowd is gathered, enjoying song, dance, and drinks. The
    large figure of ABU'L NUQOUD appears on the balcony above.]
    Abu'l: Welcome, welcome! Thank you all for joining me this evening. Please,
       eat, drink, enjoy all the pleasures I have to offer! Take your time, I will
    [People from the crowd fill their cups with wine from a fountain and drink.]
    Abu'l: I trust everything is to your... satisfaction? Good, good. It pleases me
           to see you all so happy. For these are dark days, my friends, and we
           must enjoy this bounty while we still can. War threatens to consume us
           all. Salahuddin bravely fights for what he believes in, and you are
           always there to support him without question. It is your generosity that
           allows this campaign to continue. So I propose a toast then! To you my
           dear friends. You, that have brought us to where we are today. May you
           be given everything you deserve.
    [Some cheers emerge from the crowd.]
    Abu'l: Such kindness! I didn't think it in you! You, who have been so quick to
           judge me! And so cruel. Oh, do not feign ignorance! Do you take me for a
           fool? That I have not heard the words whispered behind my back? Well, I
           have, and I fear I can never forget. But this is not why I called you
           here tonight, no. I wish to speak more of this war, and your part in it.
           You give up your coin, quick as can be, knowing all too well it buys the
           deaths of thousands. You don't even know why we fight. "The Sanctity of
           the Holy Land" you'll say. Or the evil England nation of our enemies.
           But these are lies you tell yourselves! [laughs] No. All this suffering
           is borne of fear and hate! It bothers you that they are different, just
           as it bothers you that I am different! Compassion, mercy, tolerance.
           These words mean nothing to any of you! Mean nothing to those infidel
           invaders, who ravage our land in search of gold and glory! And so, I say
           enough! I've pledged myself to another cause. One that will bring about
           a new world in which all people might live, side by side, in peace. A
           pity none of you will live to see it.
    [One man in the crowd hunches over, coughing violently. He eventually collapses
    and dies, presumably poisoned from the wine. Several more people in the crowd
    also collapse. The rest run in terror while archers take aim at them.]
    Abu'l: Kill anyone who tries to escape! 
    [Still hidden in the panicked crowd, ALTAIR moves quickly to the corner of the
    courtyard, climbing the structure unseen. He moves in from ABU'L NUQOUD'S right
    and approached from behind, assassinating him easily.]
    Altair: Be at peace now. Their words can no longer do harm.
    Abu'l: Why have you done this?
    Altair: You stole money from those you claim to lead. Sent it away for some
            unknown purpose. I want to know where it's gone and why.
    Abu'l: Look at me! My very nature is an affront to the people I ruled. And
           these noble robes did little more than to muffle their shouts of hate.
    Altair: So this is about vengeance then.
    Abu'l: No, not vengeance, but my conscience. How could I finance a war in
           service to the same god that calls me an abomination?
    Altair: If you do not serve Salahuddin's cause then whose?
    Abu'l: In time you'll come to know them. I think perhaps you already do.
    Altair: Then why hide? And why these dark deeds?
    Abu'l: Is it so different than your own work? You take the lives of men and
           women, strong in the conviction that their deaths will improve the lots
           of those left behind. A minor evil, for a greater good? We are the same.
    Altair: No, we are nothing alike.
    Abu'l: Ah, but I see it in your eyes. You doubt. You cannot stop us. We will
           have our new world.
    [ALTAIR drapes the feather over ABU'L NUQOUD'S wound and flees the scene. He
    escapes to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: Word has reached me of your success, Altair.
    Altair: Abu'l Nuquod's reign of terror is at an end.
    Rafiq: I'm glad to hear it.
    Altair: He killed them--the men and women at his party. It was poison--a
            coward's tool. Blamed them for the war. Said he wished to end it.
    Rafiq: Strange. But then again the merchant king was known to be a bit...
           different. Perhaps this was simply a symptom of his madness.
    Altair: Perhaps.
    Rafiq: You sound unconvinced. Speak with Al Mualim then; he may offer a better
    Altair: Yes, we'll see what he has to say...
    [The Animus skips ahead. The screen fades to white.]
    4d. Masyaf Part V
    [The screen fades back in. ALTAIR has returned to MASYAF and once again
    reports to AL MUALIM, who stands in the corner, seemingly focused on finding
    a book from the bookcase.]
    Al Mualim: Come, Altair. Speak with me a moment.
    Altair: As you wish.
    Al Mualim: Word has reached me of your success. You've my gratitude, and that
               of the realm. Freeing these cities from their corrupt leaders will
               no doubt promote the cause of peace.
    Altair: Can you really be so sure?
    Al Mualim: The means by which men rule are reflected in their people. As you
               cleanse the cities of corruption, you heal the hearts and minds of
               those who live within.
    Altair: Our enemies would disagree.
    Al Mualim: What do you mean?
    Altair: Each man I've slain has confessed strange words to me. They are without
            regret. Even in death they seem confident of their success. Though they
            do not admit it directly, there is a tie that binds them. I'm sure of
    Al Mualim: There is a difference, Altair, between what we are told to be true
               and what we see to be true. Most men do not bother to make the
               distinction. It is simpler that way. But as an Assassin, it is your
               nature to notice, to question.
    Altair: Then what is it that connects these men?
    Al Mualim: Ah, but as an Assassin, it is also your duty to still these thoughts
               and trust in your master. For there can be no true peace without
               order. And order requires authority.
    Altair: You speak in circles, master! You commend me for being aware, then ask
            me not to be. Which is it?
    Al Mualim: The question will be answered when you no longer need to ask it.
    Altair: I assume you called me here for more than just a lecture.
    Al Mualim: [laughs] Very well. A rank and weapon are again restored to you. Two
               more leaders remain. Go and see to it that their rule is ended.
    [ALTAIR reclaims more of his lost equipment. With that, he departs MASYAF once
    again, this time riding for ACRE.]
    4e. Acre - William of Montferrat
    [ALTAIR sneaks his way within the walls of ACRE once more. He makes his way
    for the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Altair: Rafiq.
    Rafiq: Word has spread of your deeds, Altair. It seems you are sincere in your
           desire to redeem yourself.
    Altair: I do what I can.
    Rafiq: And sometimes you do it well. I assume it is work that reunites us?
    Altair: Yes. William of Montferrat is my target. What can you tell me of the
            man himself?
    Rafiq: William has been named Regent while the King conducts his war. The
           people see it as a strange choice given the history between Richard and
           William's son, Conrad. But I think Richard rather clever for it.
    Altair: Clever how?
    Rafiq: Richard and Conrad do not see eye to eye on most matters. Though they
           are civil enough in public, there are whispers that each intends evil
           upon the other. And then, there was that business with Acre's captured
           Saracens. In its wake, Conrad has returned to tire, and Richard has
           compelled William to remain here as his guest.
    Altair: You mean his hostage.
    Rafiq: Whatever you wish to call it. William's presence here should dissuade
           Conrad from acting up.
    Altair: I've never been one for politics.
    Rafiq: But surely you realize your every action shapes the course of this
           land's future. You are a politician too... in your own way.
    Altair: As you wish. Now where would you suggest I begin my search?
    Rafiq: Richard's citadel southwest of here--or rather, the market in front of
           it. You'll find the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in that direction as
           well. It's a popular place and should be filled with talkative citizens.
           Finally, try the border to the west, where the chain and hospitalier
           districts meet. That should start you on your way.
    Rafiq: Very well. I won't disturb you further.
    Altair: It's no trouble at all.
    [ALTAIR leaves the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU and begins his search, meeting contacts
    and gathering intel around ACRE. When finished, he returns.]
    Rafiq: Altair! What brings you back so soon?
    Altair: I've done as asked and armed myself with knowledge
    Rafiq: Speak, and I will judge.
    Altair: William's host is large and many men call him master, but he's not
            without enemies. He and King Richard do not see eye to eye.
    Rafiq: It's true, they've never been close.
    Altair: This works to my advantage. Richard's visit has upset him. Once the
            King has left, William will retreat into his fortress to brood. He'll
            be distracted. That's when I will strike.
    Rafiq: You're sure of this?
    Altair: As sure as I can be. And if things change, I'll adapt.
    Rafiq: Then I give you leave to go. End the life of Montferrat, that we may
           call this city free. 
    [The RAFIQ places the feather down. ALTAIR takes it.]
    Altair: I'll return when the deed's been done.
    [The Animus skips ahead. After more rest, ALTAIR sets out for the fortress. He
    slips in amongst a large crowd gathered in front of the entrance. Several ACRE
    soldiers run out and stand guard. KING RICHARD rides out on horseback. WILLIAM
    OF MONTFERRAT walks alongside him.]
    Richard: 3000 souls, William. I was told they would be held as prisoners, used
             to barter for the release of our men.
    William: The Saracens would not have honored their end of the bargain. You know
             this to be true. I did you a favor.
    Richard: [laughs] Oh yes, a great favor indeed! Now our enemies will be that
             much stronger in their convictions, fight that much harder!
    William: I know our enemy well! They will not be emboldened, but filled with
    Richard: Tell me, how is it you know the intentions of our enemies so well? You
             who forsake the field of battle to play in politics.
    William: I did what was right, what was just!
    [RICHARD circles once around WILLIAM on his horse.]
    Richard: You swore an oath to uphold the work of God, William. But that is not
             what I see here! No, I see a man who has trampled it!
    William: Your words are most unkind, my liege. I would hope I might have earned
             your trust by now.
    Richard: You are Acre's Regent, William, set to rule in my stead. How much more
             trust is required? Perhaps you'd like my crown!
    William: You miss the point! But this is nothing new!
    Richard: Much as I'd like to waste my day trading words with you, I've a war to
             fight. We'll have to continue this another time.
    William: Do not let me delay you then... your Grace.
    [RICHARD rides off with his escort.]
    William: I fear there will be no place for men like him in the new world. Send
             word that I wish to speak with the troops. We must ensure that everyone
             is doing their part. Warn them that any negligence will be severely
             punished. I am in no mood to be trifled with today!
    Soldier: Yes, my lord!
    William: The rest of you, follow me!
    [WILLIAM and his men retreat into the fortress. The crowd disbands. ALTAIR
    makes his way inside and takes to the rooftops. He dispatches all the archers
    he encounters with throwing knives. Eventually, he makes his way to the area
    above WILLIAM'S private quarters, where he is found lecturing his troops.]
    William: This ends today! I will not suffer further bitter defeat at his hands!
             For whether or not you see it--and you should!--this is your fault!
             You've brought shame upon us all! Skill and dedication are what won us
             up! And they will be required to keep it! I have been truly lenient!
             But no more! You will train harder and more often! If this means
             missing meals, missing sleep, so be it! And should you fail in these
             tasks, you will learn the true meaning of discipline. Bring them
    [Two SOLDIERS of William's are brought forward for questioning.]
    William: If I must make examples of some of you to ensure obedience, so be it.
             The two of you stand accused and whoring and drinking while on duty.
             What say you of these charges?
    Soldier: No, my lord. Please, we-we meant no harm by it. We... we forgot
             ourselves. It will not happen again.
    William: No. It won't.
    [The SOLDIERS are executed. ALTAIR begins to descend from above, slowly. He
    remains unnoticed by the troops. When close enough, he drops down and he
    assassinates WILLIAM.]
    Altair: Rest now. Your schemes are at an end.
    William: What do you know of my work?
    Altair: I know that you are going to murder, Richard, and claim Acre for your
            son, Conrad.
    William: [laughs] For Conrad? My son is an arse, unfit to lead his host, let
             alone a kingdom! And Richard, the else he know is no better. Blinded
             as he is by faith in the insubstantial. Acre does not belong to either
             of them. 
    Altair: Then who?
    William: The city belongs to its people.
    Altair: How can you claim to speak for the citizens? You stole their food, 
            disciplined them without mercy, forced them into service for you.
    William: Everything I did I did to prepare them for the new world. Stole their
             food? No, I took possession, so that when the lean times came, it
             might be rationed properly. [coughs] Look around, my district is
             without crime--save those committed by you and your ilk. And as for
             the conscription, they were not being trained to fight. They were
             being taught the merits of order and  discipline. These things are
             hardly evil. 
    Altair: No matter how noble you believe your intentions, these acts are cruel
            and cannot continue. 
    William: [laughs] We'll see how sweet they are, the fruits of your labors. You
             do not free the cities as you believe, but rather damn them. And in
             the end, you'll have only yourself to blame. You, who speak of good
    [WILLIAM dies. ALTAIR dips the feather in his blood and flees the fortress. He
    evades the city guard and retreats to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: What news?
    Altair: William of Montferrat is dead. And with him, his plans for betrayal.
    Rafiq: You've done well, keeping Acre from his hands.
    Altair: But why now? When the Crusaders require unity most? He could've waited.
    Rafiq: Waited for what? For Richard to return and discover his schemes? No, it
           was the perfect time for him to strike. 
    Altair: Strange... I was sure he meant to take Acre for Conrad, yet he claimed
            this was not his plan.
    Rafiq: You cannot trust the words of snake, which even in death, produces venom.
    Altair: I should discuss this with Al Mualim.
    Rafiq: Yes, my friend. Make haste for Masyaf. I am sure he is eager for news.
    [The Animus skips forward. The screen fades to white.]
    4f. Masyaf Part VI
    [The screen fades in. We see ALTAIR once again has returned to MASYAF and stands
    before AL MUALIM.]
    Al Mualim: Come, Altair. I would have news of your progress.
    Altair: I've done as you've asked.
    Al Mualim: Good, good. I sense your thoughts are elsewhere. Speak your mind.
    Altair: Each man I'm sent to kill speaks cryptic words to me. Each time I come
            to you and ask for answers, each time you give only riddles in exchange.
            But no more!
    Al Mualim: Who are you to say "no more"?
    Altair: I'm the one who does the killing. If you want it to continue, you'll
            speak straight with me for once!
    Al Mualim: Tread carefully, boy. I do not like your tone.
    Altair: And I do not like your deception!
    Al Mualim: I have offered you a chance to restore your lost honor.
    Altair: Not lost! Taken! By you! And then you've sent me to fetch it again like
            some damned dog!
    [AL MUALIM draws his sword.]
    Al Mualim: It seems I'll need to find another! A shame... you showed great
    Altair: I think if you had another, you'd have sent him long ago. You said the
            answer to my question would arise when I no longer needed to ask it. So
            I will not ask--I demand you tell me what binds these men!
    Al Mualim: What you say is true. These men are connected, by a blood oath not
               unlike our own.
    Altair: Who are they?!
    Al Mualim: [speaking Latin] Non nobis Domine, non nobis.
    Altair: Templars...
    Al Mualim: Now you see the true reach of Robert de Sable.
    Altair: All of these men, leaders of cities, commanders of armies.
    Al Mualim: All pledge allegiance to his cause.
    Altair: Their works are not meant to be viewed on their own, are they? But as
            a whole. What do they desire?
    Al Mualim: Conquest! They seek the Holy Land not in the name of God, but for
    Altair: What of Richard? Salahuddin?
    Al Mualim: Any who oppose the Templars will be destroyed. Be assured they have
               the means to accomplish it.
    Altair: Then they must be stopped.
    Al Mualim: That is why we do our work, Altair. To ensure a future free of such
    Altair: Why did you hide the truth from me?
    Al Mualim: That you might pierce the veil yourself. Like any task, knowledge
               precedes action. Information learned is more valuable than
               information given. Besides, your recent behavior had not inspired
               much confidence.
    Altair: I see.
    Al Mualim: Altair, your mission has not changed. Merely the context within which
               you perceive it.
    Altair: And armed with this knowledge, I might better understand those Templars
            that remain.
    Al Mualim: Is there anything else you want to know?
    Altair: What about the treasure Malik retrieved from Solomon's Temple? Robert
            seemed desperate to have it back...
    Al Mualim: In time, Altair, all will become clear. Just as the role of the
               Templars has revealed itself to you, so too will the nature of
               their treasure. For now, take comfort in the fact that it is not in
               their hands, but ours.
    Altair: If this is your desire.
    Al Mualim: It is. You are restored another rank. Take back your weapon. Use it
               to bring honor to the Brotherhood.
    [ALTAIR prepares to leave.]
    Al Mualim: Altair, before you go...?
    Altair: Yes?
    Al Mualim: How did you know I wouldn't kill you?
    Altair: Truth be told, Master, I didn't. I took a leap of faith.
    [Once again, ALTAIR reclaims more of his lost equipment. He departs the
    fortress and MASYAF. He rides for JERUSALEM again.]
    4g. Jerusalem - Majd Addin
    [As usual, ALTAIR infiltrates the city. He makes his way without haste to the
    Altair: Safety and peace, Malik.
    Malik: Were it that the city was possessed of either. Why do you trouble me
    Altair: Al Mualim has marked Majd Addin for death. What can you tell me about
    Malik: Salahuddin's absence has left the city without a proper leader, and
           Majd Addin has appointed himself to play the part. Fear and intimidation
           get him what he wants. He has no true claim to the position.
    Altair: That ends today.
    Malik: You speak too readily. This is not some slaver we're discussing. He
           rules Jerusalem and is well protected because of it. I suggest you plan
           your attack carefully, get to better know your prey.
    Altair: With your help I will. Where would you have me begin my search?
    Malik: What's this? You're actually asking for my assistance instead of
           demanding it. I'm impressed.
    Altair: Be out with it...
    Malik: As you wish. Here's where I would look. First, to the southwest near the
           mosque. After that, head south of here. There are two locations that
           might interest you. The southernmost church is one. The other is in the
           streets, near a synagogue.
    Altair: Thank you for your help, Dai.
    Malik: Don't foul this, Altair.
    [ALTAIR departs the bureau and begins his quest for intel. After he has gained
    the necessary knowledge, he returns again to MALIK at the bureau.]
    Malik: What news, novice?
    Altair: I am not a novice.
    Malik: A man's skill is defined by his actions, not the markings on his robe.
    Altair: We can trade barbs, or do Al Mualim's work. It's your decision.
    Malik: Then be out with it!
    Altair: Jerusalem Regent, Majd Addin is holding a public execution not far from
            here. It's sure to be well guarded but it's nothing I can't handle. I
            know what to do.
    Malik: And that is why you remain a novice, in my eyes. You cannot know
           anything, only suspect. You must expect to be wrong, to have overlooked
           something. Anticipate, Altair. How many times must I remind you of this?
    Altair: As you wish. Are we done?
    Malik: Not quite. There is one more thing. One of the men to be executed is a
           brother, one of us. Al Mualim wishes for him to be saved. Do not worry
           about the actual rescue; my men will take care of that. But you must
           ensure Majd Addin does not take his life.
    Altair: I won't give him the chance.
    Malik: So I hope.
    [MALIK relinquishes the feather. ALTAIR takes it and is on his way. The Animus
    skips forward. After resting, ALTAIR takes flight for the execution site. A
    crowd is gathered there. On the stage, four prisoners are tied up. The crowd
    begins to cheer as MAJD ADDIN makes his entrance.]
    Majd: Silence! I demand silence! People of Jerusalem, hear me well! I stand
          here today to deliver a warning! There are malcontents among you! They
          sow the seeds of discontent, hoping to lead you astray! Tell me, is that
          what you desire? To be mired in deceit and sin? To live your lives in
    [The crowd roars.]
    Majd: Then you wish to take action? Your devotion pleases me. This evil must be
          purged. Only then can we hope to be redeemed!
    [Two MEN stand out in the crowd and point fingers at MAJD ADDIN.]
    Man 1: This is not justice!
    Man 2: You've no right to do that!
    Man 1: And all of you stand idle, complacent in this crime!
    Man 2: God curse you all!
    [The MEN charge the stage but one is shot by arrows. The other tries to run but
    is cut down by a guard of MAJD ADDIN.]
    Majd: See how the evil of one man spreads to corrupt others? They sought to
          instill fear and doubt within you! But I will keep you safe! Here now,
          are four, illed with sin. The harlot, the thief, the gambler, the heretic!
          Let God's judgment be brought down upon them all!
    [The crowd cheers loudly.]
    Majd: Temptress! Succubus! Whore! She goes by many names, but her sin remains
          the same. She turned her back on the teachings... defiled her body to
          advanced her station! Each man she touched... forever stained!
    Woman: This mans speaks lies! I am here today not because I laid down with
           other men, for I did not! He means to murder me because I would not lay
           down with him!
    Majd: Even now, offered redemptions, she continues to deceive! She rejects
          salvation! There is only one way to deal with this!
    [MAJD ADDIN kills the woman.]
    Man: A game of chance condemns me to death? Show me where such a thing is
         written! It is not sin that corrupts our city, but you!
    [MAJD ADDIN stands silent for a moment, then kills him. ALTAIR uses scholars
    to sneak up close to the stage, waiting patiently for his moment. When MAJD
    ADDIN has his back turned, he strikes.]
    Altair: Your work here is finished.
    Majd: No, no! It had only just begun!
    Altair: Tell me, what's your part in all of this? Do you intend to defend
            yourself as the others have and explain away your evil deeds?
    Majd: The Brotherhood wanted the city. I wanted power. There was... an
    Altair: An opportunity to murder innocents.
    Majd: Not so innocent. Dissident voices cut deep as steel. They disrupt order.
          In this, I do agree with the Brotherhood.
    Altair: You'd kill people simply for believing differently than you.
    Majd: Of course not! I killed them because I could, because it was fun! Do you
          know what it feels like to determine another man's fate? And did you see
          the way the people cheered? The way they feared me? I was like a God!
          You'd have done the same if you could. Such power!
    Altar: Once perhaps. But then I learned what becomes of those who lift
           themselves above others. 
    Majd: And what is that?
    Altair: Here, let me show you.
    [ALTAIR stabs MAJD ADDIN again with his Hidden Blade, killing him. He then
    dips the feather in his blood. ALTAIR fends off the guards and then flees,
    returning to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Altair: Jerusalem needs a new ruler.
    Malik: So I have heard.
    Altair: What's this? No words of wisdom for me? Surely I have failed in some
            spectacular fashion.
    Malik: You performed as an Assassuin should, no more, no less. That you expect
           praise for merely doing as told however, troubles me.
    Altair: It seems everything I do troubles you.
    Malik: Reflect on that. But do so on your way back to Masyaf. Your work here is
    4h. Abstergo - Day 4 Evening
    [We see the lab at ABSTERGO again. DESMOND begins to rise from the Animus. LUCY
    and VIDIC stand by.]
    Desmond: We done already?
    Vidic: Get up!
    Desmond: Whatever you say, Doc.
    [VIDIC walks away and his phone rings. He answers it.]
    Vidic: I'm ending the session. I'll be right there. You're sure about this?
           Yes... No, everything's Denver. I don't see how he could-- Of course.
           I understand.
    [VIDIC hangs up.]
    Vidic: You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. Miles.
    Desmond: What's his problem?
    Lucy: They're coming for you.
    Desmond: Who's coming for me?
    Lucy: Assassins.
    Desmond: Hey, I had nothing to do with this!
    Lucy: Sounds like they're mounting some kind of rescue attempt. Guess you're
          more important than you realize.
    Desmond: Man, things just keep getting weirder and weirder around here.
    [VIDIC leaves through the large door.]
    Lucy: It was bound to happen.
    Desmond: What do you mean?
    Lucy: That little fight your ancestors started during the Third Crusade... It
          never ended. You're being held by Templars.
    Desmond: Vidic's a Templar?
    Lucy: There's no way you could have known. They hide it so well. But to answer
          your question, Vidic works for them--we all do. Abstergo is their company.
    Desmond: I thought Templars were old dudes with funny hats, who sat around
             drinking beer and plotting world domination with like the... lizard
    Lucy: No, except the part about world domination I guess. Look, Desmond, it's
          complicated. Half the stuff they say about the Templars comes from crazy
          tinfoil hat-wearing nutjobs. The other half is misinformation
          intentionally produced by the Templars themselves.
    Desmond: But they are the badguys, right?
    Lucy: If there's one thing I've learned since I started working here, it's
          that there's no such thing. It's all so relative. I guess the best way
          to explain it is... what they want is good, but the way they're going
          about it... it's bad, really bad.
    Desmond: What are they trying to do?
    [LUCY'S phone rings. She picks it up.]
    Desmond: Lucy?
    Lucy: Yes?
    Vidic: [on the phone] Ms. Stillman! I need to speak with you. Get up here, now!
    Lucy: On my way, Doctor. [hangs up] I'm sorry, Desmond, I have to go. You
          should turn in for the night. The answers to all of your questions are
          right in front of you. You just have to know where to look.
    [LUCY exits. DESMOND goes to his room and lays down. The screen fades to black.
    We see a flash of the wall and the symbols again. They are the same symbols as
    last time.]
    Memory Block Five             [0005]
    5a. Abstergo - Day 5 Morning
    [DESMOND wakes up as his door slides open. He walks out into the main room.
    LUCY is tending to the Animus. VIDIC stands at the back of the room, his back
    turned to them.]
    Desmond: Missed you this morning, Doc.
    Vidic: Get in the Animus!
    [DESMOND does say, laying down on the Animus. The screen fades to white.]
    5b. Masyaf Part VII
    [The screen fades back in. We see ALTAIR back in the library at MASYAF. AL
    MUALIM stands by. He holds the Templar treasure, a large sphere, in his hand.]
    Al Mualim: Come in, Altair. I trust you're well rested, ready for your
               remaining trials?
    Altair: I am. But I'd speak with you first. I have questions.
    Al Mualim: Ask then. I'll do my best to answer.
    Altair: The merchant king of Damsascus murdered the nobles who ruled his city.
            Majd Addin in Jerusalem used fear to force his people into submission.
            I suspect William meant to murder Richard and hold Acre with his
            troops. These men were meant to aid their leaders, instead they chose
            to betray them. What I do not understand is why.
    Al Mualim: Is the answer not obvious? The Templars desire control. Each man,
               as you've noted, wanted to claim their cities in the Templar name.
               That the Templars themselves might rule the Holy Land and eventually
               beyond. But they cannot succeed in their mission.
    Altair: Why is that?
    Al Mualim: Their plans depend upon the Templar treasure, the Piece of Eden. But
               we hold it now, and they cannot hope to achieve their goals without
    Altair: What is this treasure?
    Al Mualim: It is temptation.
    Altair: It's just a piece of silver.
    Al Mualim: Look at it!
    [AL MUALIM presents the PIECE OF EDEN.]
    Altair: What am I supposed to see?
    Al Mualim: This... piece of silver cast out Adam and Eve. It turned staves
               into snakes, parted and closed the Red Sea. Eris used it to start
               the Trojan War, and with it, a poor carpenter turned water into wine.
    Altair: It seems rather plain for all the power you claim it has. How does it
    Al Mualim: He who holds it commands the hearts and minds of whoever looks upon
               it. Whoever... "tastes" of it as they say.
    Altair: And Garnier's men?
    Al Mualim: An experiment. Herbs used to simulate its effects, to be ready for
               when they held it. 
    Altair: Talal supplied them. Tamir equipped them. They were preparing for
            something. But what?
    Al Mualim: War.
    Altair: And the others? The men who ruled the cities, they meant to gather up
            their people, make them like Garnier's men?
    Al Mualim: The perfect citizens. The perfect soldiers. A perfect world.
    Altair: Robert de Sable must never have this back.
    Al Mualim: So long as he and his brothers live, they will try.
    Altair: Then they must be destroyed.
    Al Mualim: Which is what I've had you doing. There are two more Templars who
               require your attention. One in Acre, known as Sibrand. One in
               Damascus, called Jubair. Visit with the bureau leaders. They'll
               instruct you further.
    [AL MUALIM sets two more pigeons free.]
    Altair: As you wish.
    Al Mualim: Be quick about it. No doubt Robert de Sable's made nervous by our
               continued success. His remaining followers will do your best to
               expose you. They know you come, the man in the white hood. They'll
               be looking for you.
    Altair: They won't find me. I'm but a blade in the crowd.
    Al Mualim: Here, my gift to you. In gratitude for the good work you've done.
    [ALTAIR reclaims yet another part of his lost equipment. Equipped, he leaves
    MASYAF, heading for DAMASCUS.]
    5c. Damascus - Jubair
    [ALTAIR arrives at DAMASCUS and promptly heads for the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: It's the hero of Damascus! Come in, stay a while! Tell me all about your
    Altair: I'm afraid I don't have the time.
    Rafiq: I see, too important for me now.
    Altair: It's not that.
    Rafiq: No, no. Of course not. How may I serve you then?
    Altair: Al Mualim has asked I take the life of the one they call Jubair.
    Rafiq: Ah, Salahuddin's chief scholar. Strange choice of target in my opinion.
           But who are we to question the Master's work. I'm sure he has his
    Altair: Then you're familiar with the man?
    Rafiq: He's been quite busy these past few days. Organizing the scholars and
           sending them into the streets to preach.
    Altair: What do they speak of?
    Rafiq: Light and fire, cleansing sins, apocalyptic nonsense if you ask me. All
           this talk of paths, and a new world.
    Altair: What about this new world?
    Rafiq: Couldn't say. I don't pay attention to the ramblings of mad men. Much
           too busy with real work.
    Altair: Very well. I'll walk among the people, see what I can learn. Where
            would you suggest I search?
    Rafiq: South of here you'll find an academy and a guard tower. They're both
           good places to search. There's also a hospital to the east you might
           want to visit.
    Altair: I'll begin at once.
    Rafiq: So eager! You've certainly changed--and for the better--I might add.
    [ALTAIR leaves the bureau, but returns once he has scoured the next district
    of the city and gathers the necessary info on his target.]
    Rafiq: What news Altair?
    Altair: I've learned much about my enemy.
    Rafiq: Share what you know then.
    Altair: Jubair has become obsessed with purging the city of his knowledge.
    Rafiq: A most terrible crime! Know I see why Al Mualim wants you to remove him.
    Altair: He's using the city scholars to assist him. They go out into the
            streets, harassing the people and collecting all their written works.
            I fear he intends to destroy them all.
    Rafiq: He must be stopped!
    Altair: That's why I'm here. He's to hold a meeting soon, at the madrasah
            ailasah. It's where I'll go. It's where I'll take his life.
    [The RAFIQ places the feather down. ALTAIR takes it.]
    Rafiq: I'll leave you alone to prepare. Bring glory to the Brotherhood.
    [The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR departs the bureau and sneaks into the
    madrasah. He sees JUBAIR and similarly dressed subordinates. The subordinates
    are tossing books into a burning pile. All except one who pleads with JUBAIR.]
    Jubair: Every single text in this city must be destroyed!
    Soldier: My friend, you must not do this. Much knowledge rests within these
             parchments. Put there by our ancestors for good reason.
    Jubair: And what reason is this?
    Soldier: They are beacons, meant to guide us. To save us from the darkness that
             is ignorance.
    Jubair: No! These bits of papers are covered in lies! They poison your minds,
            and so long as they exist, you cannot hope to see the world the way it
            truly is!
    [JUBAIR tries to walk away, but his SOLDIER gets in his way.]
    Soldier: How can you accuse these scrolls of being weapons? They are tools of
    Jubair: You turn to them for answers and salvation. You rely more upon them
            than yourselves. This makes you weak and stupid. You trust in words,
            drops of ink. Do you ever stop to think of who put them there? Or why?
            No, you simply accept their words without question and what if those
            words speak falsely, as they often do? This is dangerous.
    [JUBAIR again walks away, but the SOLDIER once again gets in front of him.]
    Soldier: You are wrong! These texts give the gift of knowledge. We need them!
    Jubair: You love your precious writings? You'd do anything for them?
    Soldier: Yes, uh, yes, of course.
    [JUBAIR pushes the SOLDIER into the bonfire. The SOLDIER screams in pain and
    Jubair: Then join them!
    Jubair: Any man who speaks as he is just as much a threat. Do any else among
            you wish to challenge me.
    Jubair: Good. Your orders are simple enough. Go out into the city, collect any
            remaining writings and add them to the piles in the streets. When
            you're done, we'll send a cart to collect them, that they may be
    [JUBAIR and all his men leave. ALTAIR goes across the district, defeating his
    subordinates to stop their book burning. Finally, he locates JUBAIR himself.]
    Jubair: Good people of Damascus! You are doing the right thing! Let us cleanse
            this city of its poisoned past. This is a righteous act and from the
            flames shall be born a new era, one of truth and unity, governed by a
            singular wisdom. 
    [ALTAIR descends into the area slowly. JUBAIR sees him and runs. ALTAIR does
    not let him get far, and assassinates him.]
    Jubair: Why? Why have you done this?
    Altair: Men must be free to do what they believe. It is not our right to punish
            one for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree.
    Jubair: Then what?
    Altair: You of all people should know the answer. Educate them. Teach them
            right from wrong. It must be knowledge that frees them, not force.
    Jubair: They do not learn. Fixed in their ways as they are. You are naive to
            think otherwise. Confused. For which there is but one cure.
    Altair: You're wrong. And that's why you must be put to rest.
    Jubair: Am I not unlike those precious books you seek to save? A source of
            knowledge with which you disagree? Yet you're rather quick to steal my
    Altair: A small sacrifice to save many. It is necessary.
    Jubair: Is it not ancient scrolls that inspire the Crusaders? That fill
            Salahuddin and his men with a sense of righteous fury? Their texts
            endanger others, bring death in their wake. I too, was making a small
            sacrifice. It matters little now. Your deed is done, and so am I.
    [JUBAIR dies. ALTAIR pulls out the feather and covers it in his victim's blood.
    He runs from the area and returns to the bureau, unscathed.]
    Rafiq: Altair! Tell me you've met with success?
    Altair: Yes. Jubair's fires are extinguished. His life as well.
    Rafiq: Excellent news! I had no doubt you'd succeed!
    Altair: You should have seen it. The scholars followed him so readily. It
            wasn't just books they fed to fire either, but any man who opposed
    Rafiq: Such ignorance breeds only evil. You've done good thing this day.
    Altair: As with my other targets, he believed he was doing the right thing.
            Clearing a path to a better future.
    Rafiq: Of course he would. Such is the landscape of a madman's mind.
    Altair: The things I've seen these past few weeks... It's as if all the land
            has gone mad.
    Rafiq: And this is why we fight to end the war. That sanity might return. The
           people are desperate for direction. It's easy for men like Jubair to
           prey on this, and turn them towards evil! You should go, Altair. Return
           to Al Mualim. Tell him what you saw, let him know the good you've done
           this day.
    Altair: Safety and peace, Rafiq.
    Rafiq: Upon you as well.
    [The Animus skips ahead. The screen fades to white.]
    5d. Masyaf Part VIII
    [The screen fades back in. We return to MASYAF. ALTAIR, like many times already,
    stands before AL MUALIM.]
    Al Mualim: Welcome home, child. What news?
    Altair: Another of the named is put to rest.
    Al Mualim: Then it would appear your work is nearly complete, and your status
    Altair: A question, master. If I may?
    Al Mualim: Ask and I will answer.
    Altair: Why these men? Jubair and Sibrand?
    Al Mualim: Ah, don't you see? They pave the way for change. Ensure threats both
               old and new are not given cause to intervene.
    Altair: To weaken them is to weaken our enemy. I suppose that makes sense...
    Al Mualim: Were these men to continue their work, our work would quickly be
    Altair: How is that? We've caused them much grief.
    Al Mualim: We strike at the arms, yes. But this is a hydra that you face, and
               it is quick to replace that which is severed.
    Altair: Then we should lop off its head and be done with this.
    Al Mualim: Soon, soon. We are close. Only one more man stands between us and
               our ultimate goal. 
    Altair: I will return to my work. The sooner this last man dies, the sooner I
            might face our true enemy.
    Al Mualim: Before you go, I have a question for you.
    Altair: Of course.
    Al Mualim: What is the truth?
    Altair: We place faith in ourselves. We see the world the way it really is, and
            hope that one day all mankind might see the same.
    Al Mualim: What is the world then?
    Altair: An illusion. One we can either submit to, as most do, or transcend.
    Al Mualim: What is it to transcend?
    Altair: To recognize nothing is true and everything is permitted. That laws
            arise not from divinity, but reason. I understand now that our creed
            does not command us to be free. It commands us to be wise.
    Al Mualim: Do you see now why the Templars are a threat?
    Altair: Where as we would dispel the illusion, they would use it to rule.
    Al Mualim: Yes. To reshape the world in an image more pleasing to them. That is
               why I sent you to steal their treasure. That is why I keep it locked
               away. And that is why you kill them. So long as even one survives,
               so too does their desire to create a new world order. Take your
               equipment, seek out this last man. With his death, Robert de Sable
               will at last be vulnerable.
    Altair: It will be done.
    Al Mualim: Safety and peace upon you, Altair.
    [ALTAIR grabs his equipment, then sets out. He gets a horse and rides for ACRE
    5e. Acre - Sibrand
    [Once in ACRE, ALTAIR makes haste for the bureau.]
    Rafiq: Greetings, Altair! What news?
    Altair: Al Mualim has named another. Calls himself Sibrand.
    Rafiq: I am familiar with the man. Newly appointed leader of the Knights
           Teutonic, he resides in the Venetian quarter, and runs Acre's port.
    Altair: I'll start my work at once.
    Rafiq: Here are the places where you should focus your search: on the docks
           east of here, among the ships and their crews. At the chapel to the
           northeast near the cross overlooking the port. And to the north, in
           front of St. John's gate.
    Altair: This is most helpful. My thanks for the guidance.
    Rafiq: Altair?
    Altair: Yes, Rafiq?
    Rafiq: I owe you an apology.
    Altair: For what?
    Rafiq: For doubting your dedication to our cause.
    Altair: No. It was I who erred. I believed myself above the creed. You owe me
    Rafiq: As you wish, my friend. Go in safety.
    [ALTAIR covers the new district of ACRE to collect the intelligence. When he
    has learned enough, he returns to the bureau.]
    Rafiq: Greetings, brother. How fares your search?
    Altair: I've learned all there is to know about my target.
    Rafiq: Share your knowledge with me, then.
    Altair: Sibrand is said to be consumed by fear, driven mad by the knowledge
            that his death approaches. He has sealed the docks district, and now
            hides within, waiting for his ship to arrive.
    Rafiq: This will make things dangerous. I wonder how it is he learned of your
    Altair: The men I've killed... they're all connected. Al Mualim warned me that
            word of my deeds has spread among them.
    Rafiq: Be on your guard, Altair.
    [The RAFIQ places the feather down. ALTAIR takes it.]
    Altair: Of course, Rafiq. But I think it will be to my advantage. Fear will
            weaken him.
    [The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR finishes resting and sets out to the docks. A
    crowd of people is gathered. In the center, SIBRAND menacingly circles around
    an elderly SCHOLAR.]
    Scholar: You are mistaken, Master Sibrand. I would never propose violence
             against any man an-and most certainly not against you!
    Sibrand: So you say! And yet no one here will vouch for you! What am I to make
             of this?
    Scholar: I-I live a simple life, my lord. As with all men of the cloth, it is
             not for us to call attention to ourselves.
    Sibrand: Perhaps. Or perhaps they do not know you because you are not a man of
             God but an assassin!
    [SIBRAND pushes the SCHOLAR down to his hands and knees.]
    Scholar: Never!
    Sibrand: You wear the same robes!
    Scholar: But they cover themselves as we do! It is only to instill uncertainty
             and fear; you must not give in!
    Sibrand: Are you calling me a coward?! Challenging my authority?! Are you
             perhaps hoping to turn my own knights against me?!
    Scholar: No, no, no! No! I-I don't understand why-why you're doing this to me!
             I've done nothing wrong!
    Sibrand: [laughs] I don't recall accusing you of any wrongdoing, which makes
             your outburst rather odd. Is it the presence of guilt that compels a
    [SIBRAND pushes him again.]
    Scholar: But I confess nothing!
    Sibrand: Ah, defiant to the very end.
    Scholar: What do you mean?
    Sibrand: William and Garnier were too confident, and they paid for this with
             their lives. I won't make the same mistake! If you truly are a man of
             God, then surely the creator will provide for you! Let him stay my
    Scholar: You've gone mad! Will none of you come forward to stop this? He is
             clearly poisoned by his own fear, compelled to see enemies where none
    [SIBRAND draws his sword.]
    Sibrand: Seems the people share my concern. What I do, I do for Acre!
    [SIBRAND kills the SCHOLAR.]
    Scholar: Agh!
    Sibrand: Stay vigilant, men. Report any suspicious activity to the guard. I
             doubt we've seen the last of these Assassins. Persistent bastards! Now
             get back to work!
    [One Templar soldier hands SIBRAND his horned helm. SIBRAND leaves and boards
    his boat. The crowd disperses. ALTAIR hops from the docks to the boats adrift
    there. Finding a path of boats and wooden stakes, he makes his way nimbly to
    SIBRAND's boat and climbs the back of it.]
    Sibrand: Fine! If none will lift a hand in defense of your master, I'll take
             care of this heathen myself! 
    [SIBRAND fires arrows, seemingly with no intended target. He turns his back
    and ALTAIR climbs up the side of the boat and assassinates him.]
    Sibrand: Please, don't do this.
    Altair: You are afraid.
    Sibrand: Of course I am afraid.
    Altair: But you'll be safe now. Held in the arms of your god.
    Sibrand: Have my brothers taught you nothing? I know what waits for me, for all
             of us.
    Altair: If not your god, then what?
    Sibrand: Nothing. Nothing waits. And that is what I fear.
    Altair: You don't believe...
    Sibrand: How could I given what I know? What I've seen? Our treasure was the
    Altair: Proof of what?
    Sibrand: That this life is all we have.
    Altair: Linger a while longer then, and tell me of the part you were to play.
    Sibrand: A blockade by sea, to keep the fool kings and queens from sending
             reinforcements. Once we... once we...
    Altair: Conquered the Holy Land?
    Sibrand: Freed it, you fool! From the tyranny of faith.
    Altair: Freedom?! You worked to overthrow cities, control men's minds, murdered
            any who spoke against you!
    Sibrand: I followed my orders, believing in my cause, same as you.
    [SIBRAND dies. ALTAIR takes the feather and marks it with his blood. He then
    fights his way off the boat and flees, heading for the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Rafiq: Altair! You've caused quite a stir.
    Altair: I've done as requested. Sibrand's life is ended.
    Rafiq: So it is! So it is! You should ride for Masyaf and inform Al Mualim of
           your success.
    Altair: Yes... I should return and speak to him... Of this and other things...
    Rafiq: Is everything alright, my friend? You seem... distant.
    Altair: It's nothing, Rafiq. Just a lot on my mind.
    Rafiq: Talk to me, then. Let me help.
    Altair: I need to make sense of this myself first. But thank you for the offer.
    Rafiq: It is the men you kill, isn't it? You feel... something for them.
    Altair: How--?
    Rafiq: --ah, my friend. You are not meant to enjoy these grim tasks. Regret,
           uncertainty, sympathy... This is to be expected.
    Altair: I should not fear these feelings?
    Rafiq: You should embrace them! They are what keep you human.
    Altair: What if I'm wrong? What if these men are not meant to die? What if they
            mean well? Misguided perhaps, but pure in motive.
    Rafiq: I am but a Rafiq, Altair, and such things are beyond me. Perhaps Al
           Mualim can help you to make sense of it.
    Altair: Yes, perhaps. Thank you, Rafiq.
    Rafiq: It is my pleasure to have served with one as skilled as you.
    [ALTAIR leaves. The screen fades to white.]
    5f. Abstergo - Day 5 Evening
    [The scene changes to the lab at ABSTERGO. We see DESMOND'S view getting out of
    the Animus. Voices are heard but they are muffled at first.]
    Vidic: --we're close.
    Unknown: --not a lot of time, Vidic.
    Vidic: --understand there's a narrow margin, you know--
    Unknown: --wherever it's hidden... time to retrieve it--
    Vidic: --working on it.
    Unknown: --and when it's done--
    Vidic: --he'll be taken care of.
    Unknown: I want that progress report by tomorrow morning.
    Vidic: I've... got some work I need to do. So you've got the rest of the night
           to yourself.
    [DESMOND gets up from the Animus. VIDIC leaves but LUCY stays, working on the
    Animus. DESMOND approaches her.]
    Desmond: I think there's a problem with the Animus.
    Lucy: Nope. It's working fine.
    Desmond: I'm pretty sure it just ejected me when--
    Lucy: --I'm pretty sure you should shut up.
    Desmond: You ready to finally tell me what's going on?
    Lucy: We have to stop them, Desmond. When they access that last memory of
          yours... they're just getting started. They wanna change everything: the
          way we live, the way we think, the way we are. You've gotten the lecture
          from Vidic--about what's wrong with the world, how we need "order" and
          "discipline." So they're going to give it to us, only we don't have a say
          in the matter.
    Desmond: How?
    Lucy: The Templar treasure.
    [LUCY'S phone rings.]
    Lucy: They think it--
    [LUCY answers her phone.]
    Vidic: [on the phone] Ms. Stillman?
    Lucy: I'm here.
    Vidic: I need you to upload Desmond's files to the database.
    Lucy: Got it.
    [LUCY walks to the back of the room where Vidic's computer is. She sits down
    and starts using it. DESMOND follows her.]
    Desmond: So... what? You're using me to find this Templar treasure? What do
             they call it--The Piece of Eden?
    Lucy: Yes.
    Desmond: Well, it's looking like it's at Masyaf, so I don't know why they're
             wasting all this time with me. Why don't they just send their people
             to pick it up?
    Lucy: They can't. It's not that simple. The artifact from Masyaf... they had it.
          It was destroyed in the accident.
    Desmond: Then what are they hoping from me--from my ancestor--to tell them?
    Lucy: They're hoping he'll show them where the other ones are.
    Desmond: You mean there's more than one of these things?!
    Lucy: Oh Desmond, you have no idea.
    [LUCY'S phone rings again. She answers it.]
    Vidic: [on the phone] Is there a problem, Ms. Stillman?
    Lucy: No, Warren. Everything's Denver on my end.
    Vidic: Then... where are the files?
    Lucy: I've gotta move these files before he gets suspicious. We'll talk more
    Desmond: Wait, what's that mean, "everything's Denver"?
    Lucy: It means everything's fine.
    Desmond: Why Denver?
    Lucy: It's a reference to Denver International Airport. There's an underground
          facility there. It's where the accident happened.
    [DESMOND returns to his room and lays down. The screen fades to black. We see
    a flash of the wall and the same symbols as the last two times.]
    Memory Block Six              [0006]
    6a. Abstergo - Day 6 Morning
    [VIDIC enters DESMOND'S room.]
    Vidic: Time's wasting, Mr. Miles.
    [DESMOND sits up on the edge of his bed.]
    Desmond: Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
    Vidic: We're nearly done, you know.
    Desmond: And then what?
    Vidic: You'll see. Maybe they'll even let you watch when it begins. It's not as
           terrible as you think.
    Desmond: Look, I know you're not gonna let me leave. So why not tell me what's
             going on? Humor me.
    Vidic: I'm not an idiot, Mr. Miles. I think you've already learned quite a bit.
    Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
    Vidic: Of course not.
    Desmond: Alright, let me ask you something else then.
    Vidic: Yes?
    Desmond: Some of the stuff I'm seeing in the Animus... sometimes it seems
             wrong, untrue, like the history is off somehow. It doesn't--
    Vidic: --it doesn't what, Mr. Miles? Match up with what you read on an online
           encyclopedia? What your high school history teacher taught you? Let me
           ask you something: do these supposed experts have access to secret
           knowledge kept hidden from the rest of us?
    Desmond: There are books, letters, documents, all sorts of source material from
             back then. Some of it seems to contradict what the Animus is showing
    Vidic: Anyone can write a book, and they can put whatever they want on its
           pages. Anything! Used to be we thought the world was flat.
    Desmond: Some people still do.
    [DESMOND stands up.]
    Vidic: Yes, and they publish books about it. Or that the moon landing was a
           hoax? I believe there's also a book claims the world was created in
           seven days. A best seller, too.
    Desmond: Where is this going, Doc?
    Vidic: The point I suppose, is that you shouldn't trust everything you hear,
           everything you read. What's that your ancestors said? "Nothing is true"?
    Desmond: "Everything is permitted."
    Vidic: Yes, exactly! It's part of what makes the Animus so spectacular. There's
           no room for misinterpretation.
    Desmond: There's always room.
    Vidic: Touché, Mr. Miles. Now that I've answered your question, can we begin?
    [VIDIC and DESMOND enter the lab. LUCY is seen working on the Animus. DESMOND
    lays down on it and the screen fades to white.]
    6b. Masyaf Part IX
    Al Mualim: Come in, my student. We have much to discuss. We are close, Altair.
               Robert de Sable is now all that stands between us and victory. It is
               his mouth gives the orders. His hand pays the gold. With him dies
               the knowledge of the Templar treasure, and any threat it might pose.
    Altair: I still don't understand how a simple bit of treasure could cause so
            much chaos.
    Al Mualim: The Piece of Eden is temptation given form. Merely look at what it's
               done to Robert. Once he tasted of its power, the thing consumed him.
               He saw not a dangerous weapon to be destroyed, but a tool. One that
               would help him realize his life's ambition.
    Altair: He dreamed of power then?
    Al Mualim: Yes and no. He dreamed--still dreams--like us, of peace.
    Altair: But this is a man who sought to see the Holy Land consumed by war!
    Al Mualim: No, Altair. How can you not see when you're the one that opened my
               eyes to this?
    Altair: What do you mean?
    Al Mualim: What do he and his followers want? A world in which all men are
               united. I do not despise his goal. I share it. But I take issue with
               the means. Peace is something to be learned, to be understood, to be
    Altair: He would force it.
    Al Mualim: And rob us of our free will in the process.
    Altair: Strange, to think of him in this way...
    Al Mualim: Never harbor hate for your victims, Altair. Such thoughts are poison,
               and will cloud your judgment.
    Altair: Could he not be convinced, then? To end his mad quest?
    Al Mualim: I spoke to him in my way, through you. What was each killing if not
               a message? But he has chosen to ignore us. 
    Altair: Then there's only one thing left to do.
    Al Mualim: Jerusalem is where you faced him first. It's where you'll find him
               now. Let this final offering lend you strength.
    [AL MUALIM releases another pigeon.]
    Al Mualim: Go, Altair. It's time to finish this.
    [ALTAIR reclaims his last piece of equipment, fully restoring his rank. He
    immediately departs MASYAF and rides for JERUSALEM.]
    6c. Jerusalem - Robert de Sable
    [ALTAIR arrives at JERUSALEM and quickly travels to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Malik: Safety and peace, Altair.
    Altair: Upon you as well, brother.
    Malik: Seems fate has a funny way with things.
    Altair: So it's true then. Robert de Sable is in Jerusalem.
    Malik: I've seen the knights myself.
    Altair: Only misfortune follows that man. If he's here, it's because he intends
            ill. I won't give him the chance to act.
    Malik: Do not let vengeance cloud your thoughts, brother. We both know no good
           can come of that.
    Altair: I have not forgotten. You have nothing to fear. I do not seek revenge,
            but knowledge.
    Malik: Truly you are not the man I once knew.
    Altair: My work has taught me many things, revealed secrets to me. But there
            are still pieces of this puzzle I do not possess.
    Malik: What do you mean?
    Altair: All the men I've laid to rest have worked together, united by this man.
            Robert has designs upon the land, this much I know for certain. But how
            and why, when and where... these things remain out of reach.
    Malik: Crusaders and Saracens working together?
    Altair: They are none of these things, but something else. Templars.
    Malik: The Templars are part of the Crusader army.
    Altair: Or so they'd like King Richard to believe. No, their only allegiance
            is to Robert de Sable in some mad idea that they will stop the war.
    Malik: You spin a strange tale.
    Altair: You have no idea, Malik. But tell me where they've been seen; I should
            be after him before he slips away.
    Malik: Three places I can say for certain. West of here, near both a guard tower
           and a hospital. And to the southwest, at the church of the Holy
           Sepulchre. See what you can learn. I will do the same.
    Altair: I'll be quick as I can.
    Malik: Stay safe, my friend.
    [ALTAIR departs. He combs the district for intel on his target. After some time,
    he returns to MALIK.]
    Malik: You've the scent of success about you, brother.
    Altair: I've learned much about our enemy.
    Malik: Share your knowledge, then. Let us see what can be done with it.
    Altair: Robert and his Templars walk the city. They've come to pay their
            respects to Majd Addin. They'll attend his funeral, which means so will
    Malik: What is this, that Templars would attend his funeral?
    Altair: I have yet to divine their true intentions, though I'll have a
            confession in time. The citizens themselves are divided. Many call for
            their lives. Still others insist that they are here to parley, to make
    Malik: Peace?!
    Altair: I told you. The others I've slain have said as much to me.
    Malik: That would make them our allies. And yet we kill them.
    Altair: Make no mistake, we are nothing like these men. Though their goal sounds
            noble, the means by which they'd achieve it are not. At least... that's
            what Al Mualim told me.
    Malik: So what is your plan?
    Altair: I'll attend the funeral and confront Robert.
    Malik: The sooner the better.
    Malik: Fortune favor your blade, brother.
    Altair: Malik. Before I go, there's something I should say.
    Malik: Be out with it.
    Altair: I've been a fool.
    Malik: Normally I'd make no argument, but what is this? What are you talking
    Altair: All this time, I never told you I was sorry. Too damn proud... You lost
            your arm because of me, lost Kadar. You had every right to be angry.
    Malik: I do not accept your apology.
    Altair: I understand.
    Malik: No. You don't. I do not accept your apology because you are not the same
           man who went with me into Solomon's Temple. And so you have nothing to
           apologize for.
    Altair: Malik...
    Malik: Perhaps if I had not been so envious of you, I... would not have been so
           careless myself. I'm just as much to blame.
    Altair: Don't say such things.
    Malik: We are one. As we share the glory of our victories, so too should we
           share the pain of our defeat. In this way we grow closer, we grow
    Altair: Thank you, brother.
    Malik: Rest if you need to, Altair, that you might be ready for what lies
    [The Animus skips ahead. After meditating, ALTAIR leaves the bureau and heads
    for the site of the funeral. Altair enters the crowd gathered there. ROBERT
    DE SABLE is seen standing near the PRIEST.]
    Crowd: Amen!
    Priest: We gather here to mourn the loss of our beloved Majd Addin, taken too
            soon from this world. I know you feel sorrow and pain at his passing,
            but you should not. For just as we are all brought forth from the womb,
            so too must we all one day pass from this world. It is only natural,
            like the rising and the setting of the sun. Take this moment to reflect
            on his life and give thanks for all the good he did. Know that one day
            we will stand with him again in paradise!
    [There is a moment of silence. ROBERT seems to notice ALTAIR.]
    Crowd: Amen!
    [ROBERT walks over to the priest and whispers something to him.]
    Priest: As you know, this man was murdered!
    [ROBERT points, directing his Templars to stand in formation.]
    Priest: We have tried to track his killer, but it has proved difficult! These
            creatures cling to the shadows and run from any who would face them
            fairly. But not today! For it seems one stands among us! He mocks us
            with his presence and must be made to pay! Seize him!
    [The Priest points at Altair and the crowd notices him. They run in fear.]
    Priest: Bring him forward, that God's justice might be done!
    [ALTAIR is exposed and the Templars and ROBERT surround him. Vastly outnumbered,
    he fends them off, slowly dwindling their numbers one by one, until only he and
    ROBERT remain. While fighting, it is shown that ROBERT actually sounds like a
    woman. After a fierce duel, ALTAIR prepares to assassinate this person.]
    Altair: I would see your eyes before you die.
    [ALTAIR removes the person's helmet, revealing it to be not ROBERT DE SABLE,
    but instead, MARIA THORPE, a female Templar and a body double.]
    Maria: I sense you expected someone else.
    Altair: What sorcery is this?!
    Maria: No sorcery. We knew you'd come. Robert needed to be sure he'd have time
           to get away.
    Altair: So he flees!
    Maria: We cannot deny your success. You have laid waste to our plans. First the
           treasure, then our men. Control of the Holy Land slipped away. But then
           he saw an opportunity, to reclaim what has been stolen, to turn your
           victories to our advantage.
    Altair: Al Mualim still holds your treasure, and we've routed your army before.
            Whatever Robert plans, he'll fail again.
    Maria: Ah, but it's not just Templars you'll contend with now.
    Altair: Speak sense!
    Maria: Robert rides for Arsuf to plead his case that Saracen and Crusader unite
           against the Assassins.
    Altair: That will never happen! They have no reason to.
    Maria: Had perhaps. But now you've given them one. Nine in fact. The bodies
           you've left behind--victims on both sides. You've made the Assassins an
           enemy in common and ensured the annihilation of your entire order.
           Well done.
    Altair: Not nine. Eight.
    Maria: What do you mean?
    Altair: You are not my target. I will not take your life. You are free to go,
            but do not follow me.
    Maria: I don't need to. You're already too late.
    Altair: We'll see.
    [ALTAIR unhands MARIA and she runs off. ALTAIR moves as fast as he can and
    returns to the ASSASSIN'S BUREAU.]
    Altair: It was a trap!
    Malik: I had heard the funeral turned to chaos. What happened?
    Altair: Robert de Sable was never here. He sent another in his stead. He was
            expecting me.
    Malik: You must go to Al Mualim!
    Altair: There's no time. She told me where he's gone, what he plans. If I
            return to Masyaf, he might succeed, and then, I fear we'll be destroyed.
    Malik: We have killed most of his men. He cannot hope to mount a proper attack.
           Wait... did you say "she"?
    Altair: Yes! It was a woman. Strange, I know, but that's for another time. For
            now we must focus on Robert. We may have thinned his ranks but the man
            is clever. He goes to plead his case to Richard and Salahuddin, to
            unite them against the common enemy... against us.
    Malik: Surely you are mistaken. This makes no sense. These two men would never--
    Altair: --oh but they would. And we have ourselves to blame. The men I've
            killed, men on both sides of the conflict, men important to both
            leaders. Robert's plan may be ambitious but it makes sense, and it
            could work.
    Malik: Look, brother. Things have changed. You must return to Masyaf. We cannot
           act without our master's permission. It could compromise the Brotherhood.
           I thought... I thought you had learned this.
    Altair: Stop hiding behind words, Malik! You wield the creed and its tenets
            like some shield. He's keeping things from us, important things! You're
            the one who told me we could never know anything, only suspect. Well I
            suspect this business with the Templars goes deeper. When I'm done with
            Robert, I will ride for Masyaf that we may have answers. But perhaps
            you could go now! 
    Malik: I cannot leave the city.
    Altair: Then walk amongst its people. Seek out those who served the ones I
            slew. Learn what you can. You call yourself perceptive; perhaps you'll
            see something I could not.
    Malik: I don't know. I must think on this.
    Altair: Do as you must, my friend. But it's time I ride for Arsuf. Every moment
            I delay, our enemy gets one step ahead of me.
    Malik: Be careful, brother.
    Altair: I will be. I promise.
    6d. Arsuf - Robert de Sable
    [ALTAIR leaves. The Animus skips ahead. ALTAIR arrives at the battlefield of
    ARSUF. Along the way, he is ambushed by numerous Crusader forces. After fending
    off dozens of them, he finally arrives at the Crusader camp. The forces there
    stop him. KING RICHARD is seen at the back.]
    Crusader: Come no further!
    Altair: Hold a moment! It's words I bring, not steel.
    Richard: Offering terms of surrender then? It's about time.
    Altair: You misunderstand. It's Al Mualim who sends me, not Salahuddin.
    Richard: Assassin! What is the meaning of this? And be quick with it!
    Altair: You've a traitor in your midst.
    Richard: And he has hired you to kill me? Come to gloat about it before you
             strike? I won't be taken so easily!
    Altair: It's not you I've come to kill! It's him.
    Richard: Speak then! That I may judge the truth. Who is this traitor?
    [ALTAIR is allowed to pass. He stands before RICHARD.]
    Altair: Robert de Sable.
    Richard: My lieutenant?! [laughs]
    Altair: He aims to betray.
    Richard: That's not the way he tells it. He seeks revenge against your people
             for the havoc you've wrought in Acre. And I am inclined to support
             him. Some of my best men were murdered by some of yours.
    Altair: It was I who killed them and for good reason! Hear me out! William of
            Montferrat: he sought to use his soldiers to take Acre by force. 
            Garnier de Naplouse: he would use his skills to indoctrinate and
            control any who resisted. Sibrand: he intended to block the ports,
            preventing your kingdom from providing aid. They betrayed you, and they
            took their orders from Robert.
    Richard: You expect me to believe this outlandish tale?
    Altair: You knew these men, better than I. Are you truly surprised to learn of
            their ill intentions?
    Richard: Is this true?
    [We see ROBERT DE SABLE. He removes his helmet.]
    Robert: My liege. It is an Assassin that stands before us. These creatures are
            masters of manipulation. Of course it isn't true.
    Altair: I've no reason to deceive.
    Robert: Oh, but you do! You're afraid of what will happen to your little
            fortress. Can it withstand the combined might of the Saracen and the
            Crusader army?
    Altair: My concern is for the people of the Holy Land. If I must sacrifice
            myself for there to be peace, so be it.
    Richard: This is a strange place we find ourselves in... each of you accusing
             the other. 
    Robert: There really is no time for this! I must be off to meet with Saladin
            [Salahuddin] and enlist his aid. The longer we delay, the harder this
            will become.
    Richard: Hold a moment, Robert.
    Robert: Why? What do you intend? Surely you do not believe him?
    Richard: It is a difficult decision, one I cannot make alone. I must leave it
             in the hands of one wiser than I.
    Robert: Thank you.
    Richard: No, Robert. Not you.
    Robert: Then who?
    Richard: The Lord. Let this be decided by combat. Surely God will side with the
             one whose cause is righteous.
    Robert: If this is what you wish.
    Richard: It is!
    Robert: So be it.
    [ROBERT puts his helmet back on.]
    Robert: To arms, Assassin!
    [The Templars and ROBERT surround ALTAIR. Seemingly overmatched, ALTAIR puts
    his skills to the test, eliminating them one by one. Slowly, the horde is
    diminished, until only ALTAIR and ROBERT stand. They duel for a while, until
    ALTAIR takes the advantage and wounds him. It is then that ALTAIR strikes.]
    Altair: It's done then. Your schemes, like you, are put to rest.
    Robert: [laughs] You know nothing of schemes. You're but a puppet. He betrayed
            you, boy, just as he betrayed me.
    Altair: Speak sense, Templar, or not at all!
    Robert: Nine men he sent you to kill, yes? The nine who guarded the treasure's
    Altair: What of it?
    Robert: It wasn't nine who found the treasure, Assassin. Not nine, but ten.
    Altair: A tenth?! None may live who carry the secret. Give me his name!
    Robert: Oh, but you know him well. And I doubt very much you'd take his life as
            willingly as you've taken mine.
    Altair: Who?!
    Robert: It is your master, Al Mualim.
    Altair: But he is not a Templar!
    Robert: Did you never wonder how it is that he knew so much? Where to find us,
            how many we numbered, what we aspire to attain?
    Altair: He is the master of the Assassins!
    Robert: [speaking French] Oui (yes). Master of lies. You and I just two more
            pawns in his grand game. And now, with my death, only you remain. Do
            you think he'll let you live, knowing what you do?
    Altair: I've no interest in the treasure.
    Robert: Ah! But he does! The only difference between your master and I, is that
            he did not want to share. Ironic, isn't it? That I, your greatest enemy,
            kept you safe from harm. But now you've taken my life, and in the
            process, ended your own.
    [ROBERT dies. ALTAIR stands up as RICHARD and his men surround him.]
    Richard: Well fought, Assassin! It seems God favors your cause this day.
    Altair: God had nothing to do with it. I was the better fighter.
    Richard: Ah, you may not believe in him, but it seems he believes in you.
             Before you go, I have a question.
    Altair: Ask it then.
    Richard: Why? Why travel all this way, risk your life a thousand times, all to
             kill a single man?
    Altair: He threatened my brothers and what we stand for.
    Richard: Ah. Vengeance then.
    Altair: No, not vengeance. Justice, that there might be peace.
    Richard: This is what you fight for? Peace? Do you see the contradiction?
    Altair: Some men cannot be reasoned with.
    Richard: Like that mad man, Saladin.
    Altair: I think he'd like to see an end to this war as much as you.
    Richard: So I've heard, but never seen.
    Altair: Even if he doesn't say it, it's what the people want, Saracen and
            Crusader alike.
    Richard: The people know not what they want. It's why they turn to men like us.
    Altair: Then it falls to men like you to do what is right.
    Richard Nonsense! We come into the world kicking and screaming, violent and
            unstable. It is what we are. We cannot help ourselves.
    Altair: No. We are what we choose to be.
    Richard: Huh! Your kind, always playing with words.
    Altair: I speak the truth! There's no trick to be found here.
    Richard: We'll know soon enough. But I fear you cannot have what you desire
             this day. Even now, that heathen Saladin cuts through my men and I
             must attend to them. But perhaps... having seen how vulnerable he is,
             he will reconsider his actions. Yes. In time, what you seek may be
    Altair: You are no more secure than him. Do not forget that. The men you left
            behind to rule in your stead did not intend to serve you for longer
            than they had to.
    Richard: Yes, yes. I am well aware.
    Altair: Then I'll take my leave. My master and I have much to discuss. It seems
            even he is not without fault.
    Richard: He is only human, as are we all. You as well.
    Altair: Safety and peace be upon you.
    [ALTAIR walks away. The screen fades to white.]
    6e. Abstergo - Day 6 Evening
    [We see DESMOND'S view of the lab at ABSTERGO. We see him get up from the
    Animus as LUCY stands by and VIDIC walks over to his desk.]
    Vidic: Get up, goddamn it! Listen!
    [VIDIC presses a button on his desk that turns on a speaker. We hear sounds
    presumably from somewhere else in the building. The sounds are of gunshots and
    Lucy: Oh no.
    Vidic: Seems your assassin friends found us!
    Desmond: What?
    Vidic: How'd you do it, Desmond?
    [The speaker turns off.]
    Desmond: Hey! Look, I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever's
             going on down there has got nothing to do with me!
    Vidic: They're here for you, and I sure as shit didn't invite them!
    [VIDIC turns to his desk again and turns on the speaker on again.]
    Vidic: What's the situation down there?
    [We hear the gunshots and screams again.]
    Employee: We're taking heavy fire!
    Vidic: Can you contain it? Or do I need to evacuate the prisoner?
    Employee: Only five or six. We've got them outnumbered. Couple of wounded, but
              we'll pull through. We'll get it under control.
    [VIDIC turns the speaker off.]
    Vidic: Goddamn you, Desmond! You couldn't leave well enough alone!
    Desmond: I told you I had nothing to do with this! How would I even contact
             them--telepathy?! Come on!
    Vidic: Doesn't matter. They'll be dead soon enough. Here, have a listen.
    [VIDIC turns the speaker on again. We hear a short burst of gunfire, then
    Employee: Threat's been neutralized.
    [VIDIC releases his finger off the button.]
    Vidic: Looks like the cavalry won't be coming.
    Desmond: Dunno, Doc, you were freaking out a minute ago. Your little research
             facility not as secure as you thought it was? Worried they'll be back
             with more.
    Lucy: I don't think so, Desmond.
    Vidic: What Lucy here is trying to say is that there aren't any assassins left
           to come for you. We've been very busy this past year, hunting down your
           little enclaves, your... desert communes and what not. I'm afraid you're
           on your own. Rest up, Mr. Miles. Tomorrow we finish this.
    [VIDIC leaves through the large door. DESMOND approaches LUCY who is leaning
    against the Animus.]
    Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond.
    Desmond: He mentioned the desert. Do you think...
    Lucy: They sent a team there but the place was deserted. I don't know where
          your parents are, and I can't promise they're still alive, but I think
          they got away.
    Desmond: Thanks. Thanks for checking.
    Lucy: It's not as bad as it seems.
    Desmond: What are you talking about?! They just killed--literally killed--my
             only chance of getting out of here! And then I find out the assassins
             are all but destroyed and-and Christ! I still don't know what these
             people are planning! But I do know they plan to kill me when they're
             done! I am screwed, ok? What do you want me to do?
    [LUCY raises her hand to her chest and bends her ring finger back--the sign of
    the Assassin.]
    Lucy: Just try and have a little faith.
    Desmond: You're...!
    Lucy: Have faith. Rest up, Desmond. You're gonna need the energy.
    [DESMOND retires to his room. He lays down and the screen fades to black. There
    is a flash of writing on the wall, showing Japanese symbols and some words in
    Memory Block Seven            [0007]
    7a. Abstergo - Day 7 Morning
    [The screen fades back in. VIDIC is already in DESMOND'S room.]
    Vidic: Get up!
    [DESMOND gets up.]
    Desmond: Even earlier than usual, Doc.
    Vidic: I'd like to get this over with as quickly as possible!
    Desmond: If you say so.
    Vidic: Don't be so glum, Mr. Miles. Today is a historic day, one that will be
           remembered for years to come. ....Remembered by some of us anyway...
    [DESMOND lays down in the Animus. The screen fades to white.]
    7b. Return to Masyaf
    [ALTAIR arrives back at MASYAF at last. The village is noticeably desolate. One
    lone VILLAGER is at the entrance to greet ALTAIR.]
    Altair: What's happened here? Where is everyone?
    Villager: Gone to see the Master!
    Altair: Was it the Templars? Did they attack again?
    Villager: They walk the path...!
    Altair: What path? What are you talking about?
    Villager: ...towards the light!
    Altair: Speak sense!
    Villager: There is only what the Master shows us. This is the truth!
    Altair: You've lost your mind!
    Villager: You too will walk the path, or you will perish. So the Master
    Altair: It was Al Mualim wasn't it? What's he done to you?
    Villager: Praise be to the Master for he has led us to the light!
    [ALTAIR departs, charging for the fortress. Along the way, he encounters some
    lone villagers who speak similarly to the first one. He arrives at the open
    field just before the entrance. A group of fellow Assassins stand there
    ominously. Some walk out to where ALTAIR is but do nothing. ALTAIR approaches
    the others, and then suddenly, they all attack. Having no choice, ALTAIR slays
    them. Several more ASSASSINS jump off the hill and attack.]
    Assassin 1: As the Master commands!
    Assassin 2: Toward the light!
    Assassin 3: Kill the traitor!
    Assassin 4: For the Master!
    Assassin 5: He does not walk the path! Destroy him!
    [ALTAIR begins to slay them as well. After a long fight, the remaining
    ASSASSINS are suddenly killed. We see MALIK and several other presumably sane
    ASSASSINS on the hill using throwing knives.]
    Malik: Altair! Up here!
    [ALTAIR joins MALIK and his group up the hill.]
    Altair: You picked a fine time to arrive.
    Malik: So it seems.
    Altair: Guard yourself well, friend. Al Mualim has betrayed us.
    Malik: Yes. Betrayed his Templar allies as well.
    Altair: How do you know?
    Malik: After we spoke I returned to the ruins beneath Solomon's Temple. Robert
           had kept a journal, filled its pages with revelations. What I read there
           broke my heart, but it also opened my eyes. You were right, Altair. All
           along our Master has used us! We were not meant to save the Holy Land
           but deliver it to him. He must be stopped!
    Altair: Be careful, Malik. What he's done to the others, he'll do to us given
            the chance. You must stay far from him.
    Malik: What would you propose? My blade arm is still strong and my men remain
           my own. It would be a mistake not to use us!
    Altair: Distract these thralls then. Assault the fortress from behind. If you
            can draw their attention away from me, I might reach Al Mualim.
    Malik: I will do what you ask, Dai.
    Altair: The men we face, their minds are not their own. If you can avoid
            killing them...
    Malik: Yes. Though he has betrayed the tenets of the creed, it does not mean
           we must as well. I'll do what I can.
    Altair: It's all I ask. Safety and peace, friend.
    Malik: Your presence here will deliver us both.
    [ALTAIR and MALIK separate. ALTAIR heads into the fortress grounds. The gate
    shuts behind him, sealing him in. He goes up the stairs leading to the fortress
    entrance, where the entire village has gathered. They stand eerily silent,
    watching ALTAIR as he makes his way to the entrance.]
    Altair: There are so many innocents. I must be careful not to harm them.
    [ALTAIR makes his way into the fortress, where he notices the back door is
    opened. Without hesitation he ventures through, into the GARDEN.]
    7c. Al Mualim 
    [ALTAIR arrives at the GARDEN. The door shuts behind him. The area is empty.
    As ALTAIR steps out into the center, a powerful force seizes control of his
    body, marked by a golden glow around him.]
    Altair: No! What's happening?!
    [The camera pans up. We see AL MUALIM on the balcony high above. He holds the
    Al Mualim: So, the student returns!
    Altair: I've never been one to run!
    Al Mualim: Never been one to listen either!
    Altair: I still live because of it.
    Al Mualim: What will I do with you?
    Altair: Let me go.
    Al Mualim: Oh, Altair! I hear the hatred in your voice, feel its heat. Let you
               go? That would be unwise.
    Altair: Why are you doing this?
    Al Mualim: I found proof!
    Altair: Proof of what?
    Al Mualim: That nothing is true, and everything is permitted!
    [AL MUALIM holds the APPLE OF EDEN higher. It glows even more. The camera
    starts to pan down.]
    Al Mualim: Come! Destroy the betrayer! Send him from this world!
    [We see the phantoms of ALTAIR'S nine targets: TAMIR, GARNIER, TALAL, ABU'L
    created by the APPLE OF EDEN. ALTAIR is released and a fight begins. One by
    one, he defeats the phantoms. He is then seized by the power of the Apple
    Altair: Face me! Or are you afraid?
    Al Mualim: I have stood before a thousand men! All of them superior to you! And
               all of them dead--by my hand! I am not afraid!
    [AL MUALIM steps down in front of ALTAIR, holding his word and the APPLE OF
    Altair: Prove it.
    Al Mualim: What could I possibly fear? Look at the power I command!
    [AL MUALIM uses the power of the Apple and creates eight clones of himself.
    They surround and attack ALTAIR. A grueling fight ensues. ALTAIR defeats the
    clones, then attacks AL MUALIM himself. The fight ends abruptly and once again,
    AL MUALIM restrains ALTAIR.]
    Al Mualim: Have you any final words?
    Altair: You lied to me! Called Robert's goal foul when all along it was yours
            as well!
    Al Mualim: I've never been much good at sharing.
    Altair: You won't succeed! Others will find the strength to stand against you!
    Al Mualim: And this is why so long as men maintain free will, there can be no
    Altair: I killed the last man who spoke as such.
    Al Mualim: Bold words, boy! But just words!
    Altair: Then let me go. I'll put words into action.
    Al Mualim: [laughs loudly]
    Altair: Tell me, "Master"... why did you not make me like the other Assassins?
            Why allow me to retain my mind?
    Al Mualim: Who you are and what you do are twined too tight together. To rob you
               of one would have deprived me of the other. And those Templars had
               to die. [sighs] But the truth, is I did try, in my study, when I
               showed you the treasure. But you are not like the others. You saw
               through the illusion.
    Altair: Illusion?
    Al Mualim: That's all it's ever done, this Templar treasure, this Piece of
               Eden, this word of God. Do you understand now? The Red Sea was never
               parted, water never turned to wine. It was not the machinations of
               Eris that spawned the Trojan War, but this! Illusions! All of them!
    Altair: What you plan is no less an illusion--to force men to follow you
            against their will!
    Al Mualim: Is it any less real than the phantoms the Saracens and Crusaders
               follow now? Those... craven gods who retreat from this world that
               men might slaughter one another in their names? They live amongst an
               illusion already. I'm simply giving them another, one that demands
               less blood.
    Altair: At least they choose these phantoms.
    Al Mualim: Oh do they? Aside from the occasional convert or heretic?
    Altair: It isn't right.
    Al Mualim: Ahh. And now logic has left you. In its place you embrace emotion.
               I am disappointed.
    Altair: What's to be done then?
    Al Mualim: You will not follow me, and I cannot compel you.
    Altair: And you refuse to give up this evil scheme!
    Al Mualim: Seems then that we are at an impasse.
    Altair: No! We are at an end!
    Al Mualim: [sighs] I will miss you, Altair. You were my very best student.
    [ALTAIR and AL MUALIM face off for one final duel. Each time ALTAIR makes
    contact, AL MUALIM invokes the power of the APPLE OF EDEN. He vanishes and
    weakens ALTAIR with its power.]
    Al Mualim: Blind, Altair. Blind is all you've ever been, all you'll ever be!
    [ALTAIR, strong enough to pierce through the power, runs through the garden
    despite being weakened and finds AL MUALIM.]
    Altair: My blade sees for me, Al Mualim. And it cuts through the darkness.
    [After another hit, AL MUALIM disappears again. He laughs and ALTAIR chases
    him again.]
    Al Mualim: [laughs]
    [Another hit.]
    Al Mualim: Curse you, Altair!
    [AL MUALIM vanishes, but reappears. They clash again and this time, ALTAIR
    gains the upper hand and deals the final blow. AL MUALIM lays dying. ALTAIR
    lays over him like his other victims. AL MUALIM watches as the APPLE OF EDEN
    rolls away, escaping his grasp.]
    Al Mualim: Impossible! The student does not defeat the teacher!
    Altair: [speaking Arabic] La shai'a waqe'on mutlak bal kollon mumkin. (Nothing
            is true. Everything is permitted.)
    Al Mualim: So it seems. You have won then. Go, and claim your prize.
    Altair: You held fire in your hand, old man. It should have been destroyed.
    Al Mualim: Destroy the only thing capable of ending the Crusades and creating
               true peace? Never.
    Altair: Then I will.
    Al Mualim: We'll see about that. 
    [We return to the garden. We see only ALTAIR and the APPLE OF EDEN across from
    him. As he approaches it, he hears AL MUALIM'S voice in his head. As he speaks,
    the APPLE OF EDEN begins to glow and it displays an image of the Earth as if it
    were a projector. ALTAIR stands silent before it.]
    Al Mualim: I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly. I
               perceived that this also was chasing after wind. For in much
               wisdom is much grief. And he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth
    [ALTAIR stands silent, mesmerized by the APPLE OF EDEN.]
    Al Mualim: Destroy it! Destroy it as you said you would!
    Altair: I... I can't!
    Al Mualim: Yes, you can, Altair. But you won't...
    [ALTAIR stands in front of the APPLE OF EDEN and the displayed image of the
    Earth. MALIK and two other Assassins run up and also begin to stare at it.]
    Vidic: We've got it!
    [The screen fades to white.]
    7d. Abstergo Final
    [We return to ABSTERGO. DESMOND quickly sits up.]
    Desmond: What the hell was that?
    [We see LUCY and VIDIC. VIDIC speaks to someone UNKNOWN off screen.]
    Unknown: Well?
    Vidic: We've got the map.
    Unknown: How many?
    Vidic: At least half a dozen.
    Unknown: We don't need them all.
    Vidic: We should assume some amount of decay. I can't imagine they'll all still
           be functioning. At least two appear to reside on land masses that no
           longer exist.
    Unknown: We'll dispatch teams to each site and determine viability. We only
             need one, after all.
    Vidic: What about the rest?
    Unknown: Collect them. Let's not leave anything to chance. Last thing we need
             is some damn survivor making trouble for us in the new world.
    Vidic: And the Assassin?
    Unknown: We have what we need. Kill him.
    Lucy: Wait.
    [LUCY steps forward.]
    Lucy: You know how these things work. I doubt we'll be able to walk right in.
    Unknown: What's your point?
    Lucy: We might need him, his memories. I'd recommend we hold him until we have
          confirmation that there aren't any surprises waiting for us at the sites.
    Vidic: This is a waste of time!
    Lucy: You said it yourself. We shouldn't leave anything to chance.
    Unknown: Very well. Ensure we have no further need of him, then kill him.
    Vidic: Fine!
    [There is silence. We presume that VIDIC is done talking with the UNKNOWN man.]
    Vidic: Stop undermining my authority!
    Lucy: I just saved your ass!
    Vidic: Let's go! We've got a lot of work to do. Don't get too comfortable, Mr.
           Miles. We'll be back for you soon enough.
    [VIDIC and LUCY start to leave. DESMOND stands up and suddenly begins to
    experience Eagle Vision. He sees strange designs at his feet. He notices that
    VIDIC glows red and LUCY glows blue.]
    Desmond: What the hell is that?
    [DESMOND finds he can activate Eagle Vision freely, and he seems numerous
    designs, symbols, letters, and numbers on the floor around the lab. He goes
    into his room and with Eagle Vision, he sees his wall is filled with writing
    and symbols.]
    Desmond: Oh my God! Looks like... is that blood? Who the hell were they keeping
             here before me? And what happened to him? What does it mean, I wonder?
    [The credits roll.]
    Contact Info & Etc.           [misc]
    This script is the creation and property of Ubisoft. I do not own it. I have
    only made this compilation of the script. 
    If you see a mistake or have any questions about the game, you can feel free
    to ask me. I can't promise I can help with tips and strategies though.
    E-Mail: veritas7ax[AT]gmail[DOT]com

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