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Enemy FAQ by WolvenWraith

Updated: 10/24/07

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Guide: Enemies of the game
Date: 10-20-07
Version: 1.00
Email: GhostDragon@hughes.net


Lair is an action packed game full of Dragon carnage. In this game, many types 
of creatures come to the forefront of battle and wreak havoc on enemy troops. 
From man eating Dragons to rampaging Tauros. There are also man made opponents
such as ships, cannons, and many other weapons. This guide will tell you about
them all and how to bring them down. 

The guide will be set up like this:

Lair: The levels which the enemies are found in

Description: Their characteristics and attacks

Take Down: How to take them out with ease

Plains and Blood Dragon only have the levels which they are the enemy you 
will be fighting and not when you control them.


(Copyright 2007 Debbie)

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. This guide can only be used on GameFAQs.


You can contact me with my email if you have any problems or any other things 
to add that I may have over looked.


The Dragons in this game are quite unique in their actions. They are not just 
ruthless creatures that follow the command of their riders. In the beginning 
you see the soft side of these scaly behemoths when you see one approach Rohn.
There is no annimosity or aggression in the Dragons behvior. They respect their 
rider and protect them as seen when Rohn's world is turned upside down.

There are 3 types of Dragons that you see in the game. There are Dragons that 
can be easily taken down with a physical strike move, Dragons which take much 
more than a simple hit to take down, and lastly there are Dragons which are the 
strongest in the game. These guys you must perform a take down or tear them to 
pieces with tooth and claw.

All Dragons can do the same attacks while in close combat. They will be listed 
here so I do not have to retype over and over and...you get the picture =)

They are: Block, claw, bite and flame. There are combos that you can perform, 
but you will have to unlock those. I can not tell you everything..where is 
the fun in that?

All have distinct features and are easily told apart from one another.

To heal your Dragon in battle, simply munch on a helpless foot soldier. You 
can eat them on the ground, or do a flyby for a mid-flight snack.

Also, there is a nifty glitch you can have fun with while on the ground. Do a 
ground pound attack and eat a soldier at the same time. You will now have a 
soldier in your mouth the whole time you are on the ground. You can flame, 
swipe, anything and he will be there. He will disappear once you take off back 
into the skies.

Plains Dragon

Lair: (As Enemy) Out of the Ashes, Breakig the Ice, Deadman's Basin, 
Ruins of Mokai, Bridge of the Ancients, Maelstrom, Battle for Asylia

Description: First Dragon encountered is the Plains Dragon. This is the Dragon 
which you ride in the beginning of the game. This is the mount of the elite 
Burners. It has two black horns that curve away from its head and down its 
back. The wing membrane stretches just about the length of the body. Its 
attacks are middle ranged compared to those of the the big guys but they can 
still put up a good fight. There is no underestimating these dragons. They can 
become a nusence when they are not taken care of quickly as they will begin 
to try to take you down and get you away from your destination. Their attacks 
consist of fireballs, streams of fire, and dashing into you while in flight. 

Take Down: To take one out, you will have to go in for some close fighting or 
you can use fireballs if need be to either weaken them or kill them. Later in 
the game they become quite a nussence with all the fights they instigate, so 
try to take them out when you can.

Ice Dragon

Lair: Day of Terror, Blood River, Demon Pass, Crossing at Dawn, 
Serpent Straight, Ravine of no Return, Firestorm

Description: Next dragon that you meet is the the Ice Dragon. These Dragons 
have small forearms but strong back legs. They somewhat resemble flying 
T-Rex's. Their attacks are weak and do not pose much of a threat unless they 
are going after your defenses, or as in a level, your grain barges. That is 
when they get quite annoying. You spot them easily by the fact that they fly 
in formation with other Ice Dragons. When they go after your objectives that 
you want to defend, they will hover and have fire stream on it. Other than that 
they pose no real threat to your health, just your level objectives which is 
just as bad.

Take Down: This Dragon is easy to take down with a simple physical attack. You 
can also use chain attacks on these guys and get your rage meter up. Once in a 
physical attack sequence, use the camera to find another and start another 
attack. You can also use them to get bonuses on the bigger dragons. Once you 
have taken out a group of them, head straight for a bigger dragon and perform 
a take down attack with yor rage. You will get a nice carnage bonus.

Blood Dragon

Lair: Day of Terror

Description: Shortly after the Ice Dragons you get your first glimpse of the 
elusive Blood Dragon. This is a huge Dragon and packs quite a punch. This is 
the mount of General Atta-Kai and mid-game, Rohn. This Dragon's lower jaw 
seems to have a chip, but is in fact a recess for the large tooth on its upper 
jaw with a spike on the upper jaw. It has spikes on both sides of its tail and 
a very nice club of spikes on the tip. This Dragon rules the skies when it is 
in battle, and also rules the ground. You do not see its attacks in the game 
other than it flaming your buddy and ramming you. 

Take Down: You do not take this Dragon out anytime during the game. You only 
fight it in the first level and at that it is only a bit of flame, but mostly 
ramming. 3 rams and the level is over and this gorgeous beast flies away to be 
seen later.
Flame Dragon

Lair: Blood River, Demon Pass, Serpent Straight, 

Description: Next is the Flame Dragon.  These Dragons have two horns that 
curve downward from its head and down its neck. Those are the only distinctive 
features this Dragon has. This type of Dragon is ridden by Koba-Kai, General 
Atta-Kai's son. These Dragons are sometimes at the forefront of a pack of Ice 
Dragons or fly solo much like the Plains Dragon. They are just as annoying if 
they are not taken out, and can distract you easily. They have the same basic 
attcks of fireballs, streams of fire, and dashing into you while in flight. 

Take Down: These are about the same as the Plains Dragons and should be 
treated the same as the Plains Dragon. To take one out, go in for close 
combat. You can also use fireballs to take them out if you do not want to go 
in for a take down or to weaken them.

Dark Dragon
Lair: Crossig at Dawn, Serpent Straoght, Ravne of no Return, Firestorm

Description: The Dark Dragon is your next encounter. These Dragons are large 
and bulky but graceful none the less. They have large powerful heads and necks 
attached to very powerful shoulders. They have no horns and have a pointed 
nose. These fly solo and must be taken down before they wreak any severe havoc 
on your troops. Their attacks are flamming and fireballs. Their close combat is 
much more difficult as they are larger Dragons. You must use your block wisely 
or suffer the conswquences. It takes some practice before you are able to take 
one out.    

Take Down: This is another large Dragon and must be defeated in close combat 
or a take down. You can use fireballs to weaken them if you are not sure you 
can take them down at full health. But when you are crunched on time take them 
down quickly as fireballs take much longer and can work against you time wise.

Wind Dragon

Lair: Out fo the Ashes, Breaking the Ice, Deadman's Basin, Ruins of Mokai, 
Bridge of the Ancients, Maelstrom, Battle for Asylia

Description: Second to last Dragon you meat is the Wind Dragon. These are 
small Dragons and should be treated like the Ice Dragons from earlier. The 
distinctive feature for these guys are their long necks and wind that fly off 
their wings. They only become annoying when they go after your Mantas or 
anything that you must protect. They will hover and have a constant stream of 
flame on their target. They fly in groups and flame in groups, should be easy 
to spot. 

Take Down: Since they fly in groups as well, they can be taken out quite easily 
with some nice chain attacks. Again you can get some nice bonus carnage off 
these Dragons. Make sure to use them to your advantage. Use the same tactic for 
the chain attacks as with the Ice Dragons.

Bull Dragon

Lair: Bridge of the Ancients, Maelstrom, Battle for Asylia 

Description: Lastly, is the Bull Dragon. This Dragon is the biggest Dragon you 
will come across. Its main feature is the gigantic belly it carries. It also 
has two horns that curve down from its lower jaw. But do not let its weight 
fool you, it is very agile and fast and very tough to beat.  Loden rides this 
Dragon and revels in the fact. Its attacks are the same with the flamming and 
fireballs. The close combat is tricky however. They fly solo and fight solo, 
so they are easy to spot in that regard.

Take Down: Go in for close combat but make sure you have that defense button 
covered. This Dragon is known for speed flaming. Use any unlocked attacks you 
have thus far and hack away. After every attack hit your defence button. If 
you do not want to test your combat skills do a take down and earn some carnage 
off them but then go for any Wind Dragons you see unless you want to go head 
on with these beasts. With these Dragons it is always a good idea to have 
plenty of rage stored up.


You can use a take down move to take down the Bull, Dark, Plains, or Flame 
Dragons. I recamend using a take down maneuver on the Bull Dragons as they are 
most annoying to fight up close. Use chain attacks on the Ice and Wind Dragons
to up your rage meter so you have enough to take down the larger Dragons.

Also, as a tip for taking down Dragons, you can use your camera to look behind 
you. If you know there is a Dragon behind you, use your camera and you will see 
a white halo around them. You can perform a physical strike at that point and 
go in for close combat on the bigger Dragons =)

The Plains and Blood Dragons are unlocked in the stable once you finish the 
game. The third empty stall is yet to be filled.


There are a variety of other creatures in this unique game. They all range in 
difficulties to kill and take down. The following will tell you what they are, 
and how to take them out with ease and Dragon glory.


Lair: Blood River, Deadman's Basin, Battle for Asylia

Description: This is the first creature you come across. They look like 
overgrown Sting Rays with three tails. They are used for carrying troops and 
bombs. They are dumb and slow and so you must be careful not to shoot your 
own or you will  weaken them for the enemy and you can kill them. When they 
carry bombs, they leave mass destruction in their wake. If they get to your 
troops they can lay waste to them with the bombs they carry. Just be sure you
are not fireing on your own Mantas. 

Take Down: To take one out, you will need to fire repeatedly at it. You can use 
large fireballs, or if it makes you fell better, use rapid fire and watch them 
explode into some nice fiery pieces. Since they are slow, there is no special 
way of killing or bonus rage.


Lair: Demon Pass

Description: These are little annoying bugs. They glow green and are just 
annoying. They leave little trails and if they or those trails of theirs touch 
you, you get hurt. With them filling up the screen just about the damage can 
add up, so be careful. 

Take Down: You could flame them but it is just easier to avoid the little 


Lair: Crossing at Dawn

Description: They are large bull like creatures. They sport three large horns 
on their head and hit anything in their path, be they friend or foe. They wreak 
havoc wherever they run. You must take them out before they wipe out your 

Take Down: There are a couple ways to dispatch them. You can hover over them 
and one large fireball will kill them. Or you can grab them and throw them 
where ever you want. I'd suggest to just BBQ them as it is faster. 


Lair: Crossing at Dawn, Deadman's Basin, Ruins of Mokai

Description: They have one horn that splits at the tip on their nose. They also 
carry a rider on their back. When on the battlefield they are your first 
priority. They will run your troops to the ground and must be stopped. 
Remember, they are yor priority when they are out in battle.

Take Down: To stop them you must grab hold and rip the saddle off their back 
as fire has no affect on them. Pretty simple until there are multiple Rhinos 
you have to get rid of before they reach your troops.

Coral Snake

Lair: Serpent Straight

Description: Fun, fun, and more fun. This is a water dwelling serpent who 
feeds on...mantas. Great right? This snake has a mouth full of huge, huge 
teeth and will eat a Dragon for a snack. It has two beady little eyes on its 
head. Scales run down the length of its body ending in fin like scales on the 
tail. This is quite annoying to take down and requires you know what to do 
with the controller. Its attacks consist of spraying venom, roaring which can 
blow you away, and biting. 
Take Down: First you must take a few scales off its back to deter it from 
eating a Manta. If you do not, it will grab one. Next it will come out the 
water and you must fire at its head. Just rapid fire as aiming is near 
impossible because you must dodge the venom it spits at you. You get hit, you 
become dizzy and it grabs a Manta. Or it will roar and blow you away, which 
gives it ample space to grab a Manta. Now, once it is stunned, dash to hits 
head. This is the tricky part. Watch the screen and move the controller in the 
indicated direction to dodge its lunge. Quickly move the left control stick. 
Repeat the scale shooting, venom dodging again or as many times as you need. 
You know you've done enough when it comes up behind you. You must, and I say 
MUST, move the controller left or right twice as quickly as possible. Time it 
wrong, and you get eaten. This is the part that endangers the medals, as some 
require you not to die. Follow the on screen prompt from there and you got a 
dead snake.


Lair: Out of the Ashes

Description: They are simply flying beetles that just swarm you and get in 
your way. You can not use fireballs. Their only attack is swarming. they hit 
and bite and do whatever it is flying beetles do.

Take down: You must use your flame to get them. Wait for a lot of them to get 
around you and then flame. That way you save fire, and take out a lot at a 


Lair: Out of the Ashes

Description: Big flying bug of death basically. It has an armor plated back, 
four large wings and two claws. It flys amazingly fast for its size and is a 
pain. Its attacks consist of slshing at you with its claws, spitting venom on 
you, and attempting to sting you with its stinger. 

Take Down: To beat it, you get it in front it and fire rapidly as it may not 
be there in a few seconds. After you beat on it a bit with your fire, it will 
try to get away, chase after it. Now you are face to face with the thing. 
Avoid its venom and watch the claws. Fire like mad at it. The sign you are 
looking for is the stinger. When it draws it back, dash right or left and dash 
forward. You will latch onto its back and pull a piece of armor off. Do this 
three times and then Rohn will kill it. Bug guts all over the ground...look at 
them sparkle.


Lair: Out of the Ashes, Deadman's Basin, Bridge of the Ancients, 
Battle for Asylia

Description: These are the biggest land creatures in the game. They are 
walking weapons. Four powerful legs hold up the massive body and puny head. 
Two artillery platforms are on its back. For being so slow, the artillery makes
up for it. It can shoot at far enemies and cause mass damage up close. Also, 
if attacked from the ground, it can just stomp on its enemies. 

Take Down: You must take both platforms out so you can get in close. Once the 
two platforms are taken out, dive in and latch on with your Stryker and dash 
forward to take them down. You get more carnage if you go between the legs. 
Or if you feel brave, take it out without taking out the air artillery for 
more points, that is ill advised though. You can try if you want =) Also, fire 
has no affect on them oher than for taking out the platforms.


Of course, large fireballs are faster at killing the creatures, so you can try 
those if you want. I rather use rapid fire in times of low aiming as I get 
frustrated when I don't hit them the first time. Fire the way you want. 


There are a varitey of weapons used in the game. They range in attacks and 
damage, but need to be taken care of anyway. Some go after your ships or Manta 
while others are aimed directly at you. The troops are just somewhat of a 
hindrance and can be taken care of in due time once the hard hitting weapons 
are delt with. Troops also serve as a health boost in battle. In one level, 
Loden becomes a boss fight >:]


Lair: Day of Terror, Demon Pass, Deadman's Basin 

Description: These ships are equiped with small cannons. They are realy 
support ships and do not go for land objects, just Dragons. 

Take Down: All these need is some well placed fireballs. Take them out when 
you can and be sure to not stand still and be an easy target. They can 
inflict some good damage if you are not carefull.


Lair: Day of Terror, Breaking the Ice, Bridge of the Ancients

Description: These ships carry catapults and lay waste to land defenses and 
weapons. Take them out first or you will see firey death rain from the sky and 
onto your troops and defenses. 

Take Down: These are easily taken out with a few well placed fireballs as well. 


Lair: Deadman's Basin, Ruins of Mokai, 

Description: This ship is the biggest of them all and can lay waste to just 
about anything. It has multiple cannons on it that can shoot from all sides. 
It is well defended and must be taken out with care. Stay still too long and 
you will lose a life.

Take Down: To take one out fire large fireballs at it, should take about 5 to 
do the job. You may need to make many sweeps at it, or try attacking from the 


Lair: Firestorm, Breaking the Ice, Maelstrom, Battle for Asylia

Description: Cannons are littered thoroughout many levels and take down your 
ships and Manta. They must be taken out when you see them. Some are around a 

There is anohter type of cannon that is devasting. These cannons fire steam 
shots and can kill a Dragon in a matter of seconds. They have an armor casing 
which must be destroyed first, then you can take out the cannon itself. 
Luckily this cannon is only found in the Maelstrom level.

Take Down: Usually a large fireball does the trick. Or if they are around a 
generator, taking that out with rip and tear will destroy them.

Steam Cannon: To take them out, lock on and fly around them. The Dragon will 
automatically go in circles around it. If you do not do that, they will hit 
you, and take a big chunk out of your health.


Lair: Braking the Ice, Bridge of the Ancients, Battle for Asylia

Description: These weapons can cause some heavy damage on you if you are not 
carefull. These are the weapons that fire the bullet projectiles at you.

Take Down: They are easily taken out with a couple fireball. When going after 
them, make sure there are not any heavy artillery around or you will be 
swamped in shots fired from all around you.


Lair: Blood River, Breaking the Ice, Ruins of Mokai, Bridge of the Ancients, 
Battle for Asylia

Description: These are found on ships and enemy walls. They will take out your 
ships and Manta so you must contend with them. They fire flaming projectiles 
and are easy to spot that way. 

Take Down: A fireball again will get the job done.


Lair: Blood River, Crossing at Dawn, Firestorm, Out of the Ashes, 
Breaking the Ice, Deadman's Basin, Ruins of Mokai, Battle for Asylia

Description: As stated in the Dragon section, you can eat them while on the 
ground and in the air to refill your health. They are only a threat when they 
go after your ground troops. All you will have to do at that point is flame 
them or land and take care of them that way. They are just humans running 
around, so spotting them may be hard as they are so small.

You will ecounter troops form Asylia, Mokai and the Diviner. They are all 
treated the same way.

Take Down: They are the easiest to dispatch. You can flame them, fire 
fireballs into their ranks, or land and cause mass destruction.


Lair: Maelstrom

Description: He is a human who rides a Bull Dragon. There is no true way to 
tell it is him other than your yellow arrow sadly. His attacks are blasting 
rocks at the prison, and normal close combat.

Take Down: To take him down you must destroy the rock he sent flying. After 
doing that engage him in close combat. After repeating the rock blasting and
close combat a few times he will fly away. Rohn will automatically jump from 
his Dragon and you must control him as you would the Dragon only going left and
right. Once you go far enough, follow the on screen prompts and Loden will be 
no more.

The weapons can be taken out mainly with fireballs or some you can pick up and 
fling at your enemy. Only do that if you are good at aiming your projectile or 
it is rather time consuming. The troops are the easiest in the whole game to 
take out.

Loden may cause problems when it comes to finding him, but by now the Bull 
Dragon should not pose any real problems for you.


There you go. All the enemies and how to beat them. Hardest in my opinion is 
the Coral Snake because you cannot die for a medal and must time your 
controller movements just right. Good luck beating them, and have fun =) Main 
point to this game is just that. Fly on your Dragon and show everyone who is 
ruler of the skies. Hopefully no one will give you too tough of a time. 
Remember you ride a Dragon, and use all its attacks to your advantage. Graceful
in the air, but deadly if made an enemy.

Also remeber if you are unsure about your controller skills, there is the 
Darklands Training area to polish up on your skills. It comes in handy and can 
often remind you of things you may have forgoteen how to do in the din of 
battle. It is also good recap for the various enemies you come across. Enjoy 
the game =)


*Thanks to Factor 5 for making one of the best games I have for the PS3.
*Thanks to the Brady Games guide as some information is from it.
*Also, my sister for finding that cool glitch.

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