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Game Script by bibliomaniac15

Version: 1.52 | Updated: 09/28/09

Game Script
Copyright bibliomaniac15 2009
Version 1.52


Author's Note: This is a game script of Resident Evil 5. I have sought to 
include as much dialogue and description of the action as possible. Some of the
dialogue that has not been directly written in text has been included anyway.
I have not included Swahili dialogue because I do not speak Swahili. If anyone 
around here does, I'd appreciate a translation so I can fill in some of the 
gaps. I have also not included the utterances of the Majini, which are variable
between each playthrough. I may compile their most common sayings later, but 
they are not important to the main script. I have also not included files in 
the game, because they are out of the purview of this script.

This is not an exact facsimile of the game dialogue; I have taken some 
liberties with the original spelling and punctuation, and with some of the 
gameplay events, especially in the boss fights. These decisions are purely 
editorial and do not detract in any way from an accurate portrayal of the 
game's dialogue and events.

To those who are sensitive to such things, there are numerous instances of 
cursing in this game. However, I have not censored these to remain faithful to
the game. If you are easily offended by profanity, I suggest you not read this,
or read at your own risk.

Throughout this script I use brackets [] to denote action going on, parentheses
() to denote action happening during dialogue, braces {} to denote when 
gameplay or cutscenes are happening, and four equal signs ==== to denote the 
beginning of a new chapter. The names of important characters and enemies have 
been put into ALL CAPS for easier reference.

If you'd like to find a specific chapter in the script, just press Control+F in
Mozilla to bring up the "Find" menu, and type the chapter or cutscene, number or
name to get to where you want to go.

Here be spoilers! If you don't want everything to be completely spoiled, DO
NOT READ ANY FURTHER! You've been warned.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint
     #01: Welcome to Africa
     #02: Magic Act
     #03: The Butcher, Part 1
     #04: The Butcher, Part 2
     #05: First Encounter
     #06: Hospitality
     #07: Guardian Angel    
Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly
     #08: A Cry for Help
     #09: Damsel in Distress
     #10: A Piece of the Puzzle
     #11: Unidentified Threat
     #12: The Storage Facility
Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility
     #13: The Chainsaw Majini
     #14: To the Crash Site!
     #15: Rendezvous
Chapter 2-2: Train Station
     #16: Irving's Great Escape
     #17: Terror from Above
     #18: Roll Out!
Chapter 2-3: Savannah
     #19: Shaking Off the Majini
     #20: Grand Resurgence
     #21: Delta Team's Distress
     #22: The Wetlands
Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
     #23: Shadows of the Past
Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground
     #24: Josh to the Rescue
     #25: Splitting Up
     #26: Irving's Web
     #27: The Oil Field Aflame
Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling Facilities
     #28: Boat Majini Appear
     #29: The Patrol Boat
     #30: A New Clue
Chapter 4-1: Caves
     #31: The Docks
     #32: The Bridge Collapses
     #33: Wesker's Return
Chapter 4-2: Worship Area
     #34: Underground Garden
Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden
     #35: Experimental Facility
     #36: U-8 Attacks
     #37: U-8 Repelled
Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility
     #38: Monitored Communications
     #39: Uroboros
Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility
     #40: Two on Two
     #41: Old Friends, New Enemies
     #42: Favor for a Friend
     #43: The Tanker
Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck
     #44: Medicine
     #45: Dreams of a Madman
Chapter 6-2: Main Deck
     #46: A New Nightmare Begins
Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck
     #47: A Message from Jill
     #48: Rematch                                           
     #49: Wesker's Vulnerability                            
     #50: Sky-high Skirmish                                 
     #51: The Final Curtain                                 
     #52: The Fall of Wesker                                
     #53: Homeward Bound!  

====Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint====

{CUTSCENE #01 -- Welcome to Africa}

[Game opens with BIRD LADY pacing in a dark room in front a kneeling man. 
This scene cuts back and forth with another of two jeeps driving along a road.
The man, kneeling, suddenly grabs hold of BIRD LADY's hand. He is in great 
pain. His eyes slowly turn black. The scene cuts to the jeeps again, which have
now stopped. Several soldiers get out of the jeeps.]

SOLDIER: Move! Move!

[Scene cuts to BIRD LADY shrugging off the man's grasp. She turns away as 
numerous black leeches emerge from the man's body. Scene cuts back to the 
soldiers. One of the soldiers, CAPTAIN DECHANT, speaks through a 

CAPTAIN DECHANT: Captain DeChant here. We've secured the underground route 
to the coordinates. 

[Two soldiers pull a large door shut. Scene changes to that of a lone 
jeep travelling down a dusty road in the African savanna. The camera comes 
closer, and we see that CHRIS REDFIELD is driving it.]

CHRIS REDFIELD (voiceover): I should have seen it coming. It didn't take long 
after the fall of the Umbrella Corporation for their bio-weapons to end up 
in the hands of terrorists. 

[The jeep makes its way to a shanty town, where we see several shots of the 
village as the jeep drives through.]

CHRIS (voiceover): A new era of bio-terrorism descended upon vulnerable 
countries, shifting the balance of power throughout the region. People in the
destabilized areas soon feared another incident like Raccoon City was 
inevitable. As panic spread, governments of the world turned to the Global 
Pharmaceutical Consortium, which formed the anti-terrorism unit BSAA. 
Operatives of the BSAA were sent to infiltrate and neutralize bioweapon 
hotspots, restoring safety and stability to various regions around the globe. 

[CHRIS has gotten out of his car and is getting something from the back 
seat when an African woman, SHEVA ALOMAR, walks up to him.]

SHEVA ALOMAR: Welcome to Africa. My name is Sheva Alomar.

CHRIS: Chris Redfield.

SHEVA: Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. Redfield. It's an honor.

CHRIS: Just Chris, thanks. So will you be accompanying me to the destination?

SHEVA: Yes. Tensions are running high ever since the change in government.

CHRIS: I'll bet. Intel says it's a haven for terrorists now.

SHEVA: And they're not going to be happy to see an American, BSAA or not. 
That's why I'm your partner; help put them at ease.

CHRIS: I'm sure you'll do just fine.

[SHEVA turns around and walks away.]

CHRIS (talks to himself): Partner...

[In a short flashback, we see the grave of his former partner, JILL VALENTINE,
who died two years ago. SHEVA turns around and notices that CHRIS is looking 
rather dazed.]

SHEVA: You okay?

CHRIS: Yeah, sorry...It's nothing. Let's go.

[SHEVA and CHRIS walk to the village gates.]

CHRIS (voiceover): Casualties continue to mount over the long years I've 
struggled. More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting 
for. Maybe one day I'll find out.

[As the two approach the gate, a GUARD comes by to block the way.]

GUARD: Hey! Hey! [Speaks African language]

[The two stop in front of him, and suddenly the GUARD runs his hands 
all over SHEVA's body. She pushes his groping hands away.]

SHEVA: You don't have to get touchy!

[SHEVA hands the guard some money, who lets them pass.]

SHEVA (to Chris): Let's go.

CHRIS (voiceover): There is one thing I do know. I have a job to do, and I'm 
going to see it through.


KIRK MATHISON (over radio): This is Kirk. Chris, Sheva, can you read me?

CHRIS: Chris here. Coming in, loud and clear, Kirk.

SHEVA: Yes, we read you.

KIRK: There's a black market weapons deal going down in Kijuju. That's where 
Irving will be. Alpha Team has already infiltrated the area and you will be 
going in as backup. Rendezvous with your contact at the butcher's shop. You 
can gear up and get briefed on the mission there. Watch your backs!

CHRIS: Roger that.

SHEVA: Copy. OVer and out.

[A vicious beating is going on as the dialogue goes on. The villagers stop as 
CHRIS and SHEVA come closer.]

{CUTSCENE #02 -- Magic Act}

[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to a decrepit building called the "Corner 
Pyany Butchery." In the distance a radio babbles on frantically. CHRIS and 
SHEVA realize that the village has suddenly been deserted.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to the butchery. They open the door to see 
their contact, REYNARD FISHER, inside.]

{CUTSCENE #03 -- The Butcher, Part 1}

FISHER: Good. You're both here. Come.

[He opens a door to the slaughterhouse.]

FISHER: You two. This way. It may be because of the new government, but people
around here are a little on edge. You should do what you came to do and go 

CHRIS: Yeah, they really roll out the red carpet for us Americans.

FISHER: I have your weapons for you here. Check them.

[He motions towards a box.]


FISHER: Grab your weapons. The operation's already started.

[CHRIS opens the box to find a Beretta M92F.]

{CUTSCENE #04 -- The Butcher, Part 2}

[The two have just finished gearing up. SHEVA finishes field-stripping 
her pistol, then turns to talk to Fisher.]

SHEVA: Destination coordinates?

FISHER: Town square up ahead. Go through there, Alpha Team's waiting at the 
deal location.

SHEVA: Good.

FISHER: What do you know about Uroboros?

CHRIS: Mostly just rumors...something about a doomsday project.

FISHER: Doomsday sounds about right, and apparently it is no rumor.

SHEVA: You're kidding, right?

FISHER: You must find a man named Irving, he's our only lead.

[He turns around and walks away, but then stops to give some advice before 
leaving the butchery.]

FISHER: And be careful out there.


[CHRIS and Sheva explore the butchery together.]

CHRIS: Remember, we're a team. Whatever happens, we stick together.

SHEVA: Don't worry, I may not be as big as you, but I can still hold my own.


[A dead cow lies in the sun, a stake stuck through its body. Several monstrous
crows are around the body.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA note that the cow is still warm. Heading into the room near 
the carcass, they see several skulls piled on a shelf. Opening the door to the 
next room, they see another mutilated animal carcass. They make their way to a 
green door.]

{CUTSCENE #05 -- First Encounter}

[CHRIS and SHEVA open the door, pistols ready. They see two men holding down 
another man. One of the assailants holds a squirming ball of tentacles, a 
Plaga parasite. Pulling open the man's jaw, he forces the thing into his 

CHRIS: Freeze!

[The assailant retracts an odd mandible back into his mouth, looking at the 
BSAA agents and then fleeing the scene with his accomplice. The attacked man 
gets on his knees, vomiting.]

CHRIS: Are you okay?

[CHRIS puts an arm on the man's shoulder but is violently repulsed. The man 
clutches at his throat and face, then stares up to the sky, his eyes filling 
with blood. Slowly he gets to his feet, wobbly. Suddenly, he turns around and 
runs towards the agents, intent on attack.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA kill the Majini.]

SHEVA: What the hell just happened?

CHRIS: They didn't act like any zombies I've ever seen.

[CHRIS and SHEVA jump out of a window onto the ground below.]


[All of a sudden, Majini come out of nowhere, climbing over the chain-link 
fences, bent on attack.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA run down an alley and into a building.]


[CHRIS slamS the door shut and bars it.]


CHRIS: Kirk, come in. The locals were hostile and we had to use force. We 
don't have any contingency plans for this situation, do we, Kirk?

KIRK: Roger on the locals. But your orders still stand.

SHEVA: What does that mean? Was HG expecting this?

[CHRIS and SHEVA cooperate to kick down a metal door. This building has a 
cutting board with a large brain on it, among other scenes of carnage. They 
go through an underground passage way, heading to the objective point.]

{CUTSCENE #06 -- Hospitality}

[CHRIS and SHEVA enter the building, pistols raised, to find no one inside. 
Looking out the window though, they see a large angry mob being stirred up by 
a sunglasses-wearing man carrying a megaphone. To the surprise of CHRIS and 
SHEVA, FISHER is there, being held down by several majini.]

FISHER: You don't know what you're talking about! You can all go to hell!

SHEVA: Wait a minute! That's the-- 

[Chris stops her from stepping forward to help. They see the EXECUTIONER, 
a giant man who wears a burlap sack over his head and wields an axe the size 
of a small car. The EXECUTIONER chops off FISHER's head, much to the delight 
of the Majini mob. As the Majini with the megaphone turns his head to face the 
crowd, he catches sight of CHRIS and SHEVA through the window and orders the 
Majini to attack them.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA push several bookshelves to barricade the windows, but the 
sheer number of Majini break through the bookshelves as well as the door.]

CHRIS: Kirk! Come in! The locals are hostile! The gate is sealed, and we're 
trapped. We need backup, and we need it right now!

KIRK: Roger that. Just sit tight. I'm on my way!

CHRIS: You here that Sheva? Help is on the way!

SHEVA: Got it! I just hope he gets here quick!


[Several Majini break through the roof, to make matters worse.]


[As the fighting continues in the building, the EXECUTIONER uses his giant axe 
to smash a hole in the wall and join in on the fight. CHRIS and SHEVA head 
outside to increase their chances of survival.]

SHEVA: There's just no end to them!

CHRIS: We have to hold out until Kirk gets here.

[Fighting continues through the main street and the roofs and second floors 
of the buildings.]

KIRK: Chris, Sheva. How you holding up? I'll be there shortly, just hang in 

[Fighting continues. CHRIS and SHEVA manage to defeat the EXECUTIONER.]

KIRK: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm going to take out the door. Find some 

{CUTSCENE #07 -- Guardian Angel}

[A helicopter flies overhead, piloted by KIRK.]

KIRK: Take cover!

[CHRIS and SHEVA quickly take cover. The soldier in the helicopter readies 
an RPG and blasts the gate open, taking down several Majini in the blast as 
well and ending the chapter.]

====Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly====


CHRIS: Kirk, we owe you one.

KIRK (over radio): You can thank me later. Chris, Sheva. It's almost time for 
Alpha Team to go in. Hurry to the deal coordinates.

CHRIS: Roger that.

KIRK: I'm going up ahead. We'll meet up there. Good luck!

[CHRIS and SHEVA go past the destroyed gate and open another gate to the next 

DECHANT (over radio): Mathison, Captain DeChant here! Our route is blocked! 
Kirk! Come in!


[CHRIS and SHEVA reach a broken ladder leading to a second floor. They note 
that two people could probably get around it.]


[CHRIS gives SHEVA a lift onto the second floor.]


[The building is in a state of decay. It looks like it could have been a jail.]


[SHEVA jumps down, and the two make their way down an alley, neutralizing a 
Majini in the way.]

DECHANT (over radio): We engaged the enemy! ...And what...what the...that 
thing? ...In trouble...need backup! Shit! Help...can't see...

KIRK: Captain, what is your status? Can you see the enemy?

DECHANT: No, no! Wait! God damn monster! (shouts in pain)

SHEVA: Alpha Team, come in! Alpha Team!

CHRIS: DeChant! Do you copy!? DeChant!

[CHRIS and SHEVA continue through the buildings, taking down Majini as they 
go. They perform another assist jump to a higher level to obtain the Old 
Building Key. As they make their way to the Old Building, they combine strength
to kick down another metal door.]

{CUTSCENE #08 -- A Cry for Help}

[A terrified blond girl, ALLYSON, bursts out of a door. She grips the railing 
of the second floor she is on, out of breath.]

ALLYSON: Help! Somebody help me!

[A Majini is pulling her away, tearing away her grip from the railing.]



[CHRIS and SHEVA open the Old Building with the Old Building Key. Here Chris 
obtains the shotgun, the Ithaca M37, which is mounted on a wall.]

{CUTSCENE #09 -- Damsel in Distress}

[CHRIS and SHEVA run up the stairs to the building where they saw ALLYSON. 
CHRIS rushes into the building and catches ALLYSON just as she is about to 

CHRIS: Hey, what's wrong? (to SHEVA) Be careful. They may still be here.

[ALLYSON slowly raises her head.]

CHRIS: Are you okay?

[She suddenly grabs on to one of his straps, and the four-tentacled mandibles 
erupt from her mouth. Before they can bite CHRIS, SHEVA shoots ALLYSON, 
repulsing her attack.]

SHEVA: Chris!


[CHRIS and SHEVA shoot her, but then a centipede-type Plaga, a Cephalo, emerges
from her head, twisting all around and trying to lash out at CHRIS and SHEVA. 
At this time several other Majini join the fight. They manage to neutralize all
of them.]

KIRK: Mathison to HQ. We've lost contact with Alpha Team. They're under attack 
by an unidentified hostile! Reinforcements, heat toward the deal coordinates 

SHEVA: SHEVA here. Roger that!

CHRIS: Move out!

[CHRIS and SHEVA defeat some more Majini and head to the door to the next 
area. It's dark inside this building.]


[The building is in ruins.]


[There is debris everywhere, as if a fight had taken place here. 
Sunlight streams through little holes in the ceiling. Bullet holes? As they 
make their way to the second floor of a building, a man's body slumps over, 
dead. CHRIS and SHEVA find that he is from Alpha Team. Climbing a ladder onto 
the roof, they cooperatively kick open another steel door.]

{CUTSCENE #10 -- A Piece of the Puzzle}

CHRIS: What the hell happened in here?

[The dead bodies of Alpha Team are in this room. One of them, DECHANT, still 
moves, although he is mortally wounded. CHRIS runs to him.]

CHRIS: Hey, who did this?

DECHANT: Something attacked us...Irving...He got away...It was a setup...

CHRIS: A setup...!?


CHRIS: What is this?

[Something moves past a window, startling SHEVA. She quickly turns around, 
pistol ready.]

DECHANT: It's data regarding the deal...I downloaded it from their computer...
You got to get it to HQ...

[He dies.]

CHRIS: Hey...hey, hang in there!

[SHEVA turns around to look at them. They realize he is dead.]

SHEVA: I saw someone, but they ran away...

CHRIS (into radio): Kirk, do you copy? We got the data, but Alpha Team is down.
Irving got away.

KIRK: Roger. Relay the data from the vehicle at the storage facility.

CHRIS: Copy that.


[CHRIS and SHEVA depart from the room and head down a hallway to an elevator.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA go down the elevator.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way through to a large room where a furnace is 


[The incinerator is up and running.]


[They find the Furnace Key.]

{CUTSCENE #11 -- Unidentified Threat}

[Just as CHRIS and SHEVA are about to head to the next area, they suddenly 
see a mass of black leeches slithering all over the ceiling. They fall to the 
floor, piling up with each other.]

SHEVA: What the hell is it?

[The leeches extend large tentacles, engulfing some Alpha Team corpses lying 
around and forming into something vaguely humanoid, the first UROBOROS BOSS.]

CHRIS: I think that's what got Alpha Team!

[CHRIS and SHEVA shoot at the monster with their handguns. The BOSS suddenly 
shoots out a tentacle at them, but they manage to dodge it.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA run back to the room with the furnace. The BOSS follows them 
in, and just as it enters the door slides down and locks. CHRIS and SHEVA 
inflict as much damage as they can to the monster, using several explosive gas
cylinders that are lying around. They manage to bait the monster into stepping
into the furnace, then closing the doors and turning the furnace on.]


[The BOSS is vanquished. It collapses and then melts away into nothing. The 
door unlocks and slides up.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get out of the room, heading into the area they meant to go 
to and boarding an elevator.]

{CUTSCENE #12 -- The Storage Facility}

[The elevator goes up, stopping at the abandoned storage facility. We see a 
security camera is capturing CHRIS and SHEVA in this facility. Someone is 
watching them on a laptop with the Tricell logo on it. It turns out to be 
RICARDO IRVING, who is in a red van with the BIRD LADY. Meanwhile, CHRIS and 
SHEVA are at the jeeps we saw earlier in the game.]

CHRIS: I got it.

SHEVA: What was that thing?

[CHRIS opens up a laptop, transferring the data in the disk DECHANT gave him.]

CHRIS: A B.O.W. that scum bag Irving lift behind to set us up. 
(typing on the laptop) Considering what it did to Alpha Team...I think we're 
lucky to still be breathing.

SHEVA: If only we could have gotten there sooner.

CHRIS: If we had, we'd probably be dead too. (into radio) Chris to HQ, do you 

HQ (radio): This is HQ. Excellent work out there. We'll analyze the data 

CHRIS: This whole town's gone to hell. The people here they're acting like 
those Ganados detailed in the Kennedy Report, and aside from that, there's 
something new, something we've never encountered before.

SHEVA: Our transportation has been taken out too. Requesting a mission update.

HQ: The mission stands. Capturing Irving is your top priority. We believe he 
may have fled to the mines on the other side of the train station.

CHRIS: Wait, we're the only two left, you want us to go in there alone!?

HQ: Delta Team have been dispatched and are on their way. They will assist 
you in locating and apprehending Irving.

SHEVA: But wait, we can't...

HQ: I repeat, your mission stands. We can't afford to let him get away. 
Proceed to the mines beyond the station. Over and out.

SHEVA: This is insane!

CHRIS: You ever get the feeling you're expendable?

[They look at each other with mixed frustration and sympathy as the chapter 

====Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility====


[CHRIS and SHEVA find an MP5 in the storage facility. They head outside, 
moving through a maze of shipping containers and taking out mines and Majini 
they encounter. While passing through, they also meet packs of dogs that have 
been infected by Plaga (Adjule), as well as larger, more muscular Majini. They 
cooperate to slide a large gate open to move on to a ruined bridge.]


[A large truck suddenly skids onto the bridge, loudly sounding its horn and
threatening to run the two over.]


[By shooting explosive barrels, CHRIS and SHEVA manage to stop the truck and
eliminate a horde of Majini. Going down into the sewers, the two are ambushed
by packs of Adjule, but manage to get back outside. Sprawled out on the wet 
ground are several corpses.]

SHEVA: My God...

[One of the dying spasms in his death throes.]

CHRIS: Something's coming! Watch out!

[All of a sudden, several small flying monsters, the Kipepeo, emerge from the 
corpses, flying over to attack CHRIS and SHEVA. After destroying the Kipepeo,
they break down a locked door and move to the village bordering the river.
It is deserted. Inside one of the houses they find a corpse hanging from the 
ceiling. They retreive the Port Key from this corpse.]


[A horde of Majini jump from the rooftops with murderous intent.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA take on the horde of Majini. Using the Port Key, they unlock 
a door leading to the wooden docks and head onto a ship.]


[A helicopter piloted by KIRK appears in the sky.]

KIRK (over radio): You two OK?


KIRK: HQ sent me in to provide you support. It's gonnet get hot down there,
so watch out!

SHEVA: Roger. Thanks, Kirk.

CHRIS: Wow, I didn't think HQ actually cared.

[The timing is perfect as several Majini rush in. Thankfully the helicopter
provides rocket support. It hovers overhead as they enter a building where they
find the S75, a bolt-action rifle.]

KIRK: Stay frosty down there. You're almost at the station.

[CHRIS and SHEVA move into the next area, a shanty town. One of the buildings
they go into has bloodstains and skulls in it.]


[The sky is dotted with Kipepeo as Kirk's helicopter is going down, heavily

KIRK: What the fuck are those!? Mathison to HQ, I'm under attack by flying


KIRK: I'm losing engine power! Oh shit! I'm out of control! I'm going down!
Mayday! Mayday!

CHRIS: Kirk! What's going on!? Come in! Kirk!

[CHRIS and SHEVA fend off some Kipepeo coming to attack them. SHEVA receives a
boost from CHRIS to a higher level of a heavily damaged building. In the 
radio Kirk is yelling in pain and fear before his radio gets cut off with 
a sudden burst of static.]

HQ (over radio): This is HQ. The helicopter has been downed. All nearby units
proceed to the crash site. Repeat, all nearby units proceed to the crash site.

[From her rooftop advantage, SHEVA dispatches a few enemies in the nearby 
apartment complex and provides CHRIS some covering fire for Majini attacking 
him on the ground. Entering the complex the two find that the front doors to 
the other side are locked from the outside. CHRIS helps SHEVA jump to an
adjacent apartment complex to unlock the doors. The place is full of Majini,
but SHEVA manages to make it to the bottom with some covering fire from CHRIS.
After dispatching a group of Majini outside, they head up some stairs to the
next area.]

{CUTSCENE -- The Chainsaw Majini}

[As CHRIS and SHEVA head up the stairs to the gate leading to the next area,
a Majini wearing a burlap sack over his head with a chainsaw arrives. Revving 
it up, he slices through the bar locking the gate, then kicks it open.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA now battle the CHAINSAW MAJINI and a horde of other regular
Majini. After a long battle throughout the shanty town complex, the CHAINSAW
MAJINI is vanquished, and the two pick up the Guard's Key from his body.
The CHAINSAW MAJINI then revives, swinging his chainsaw wildly and laughing
maniacally. Keeping their distance, CHRIS and SHEVA take him down, then move
down the alley they had meant to go. They use the Guard's Key to open a door
in the way as they continue to go through the shanty town. Past some sliding
doors they can see the smoke from the crash site.]

{CUTSCENE #14 -- To the Crash Site!}

[CHRIS and SHEVA open the doors and run towards the crash site to find the
chopper ablaze.]

SHEVA (turns her head): Oh my God.

[KIRK is dead, chained to a fiery pyramid of tires. A flock of crows circle
ahead menacingly. We hear the sound of a motor approaching as CHRIS and SHEVA
look around desperately. Suddenly a motorcycle-driving Majini jumps over a 
wall, swinging a large chain around. He lashes it at SHEVA.]

CHRIS: Look out!

[CHRIS tackles SHEVA away from the chain, but it has hooked around his ankle
and he is dragged about by the motorcycle. Aiming carefully, Sheva shoots the
chain, setting CHRIS free. He rolls to a stop and struggles to his feet,
winded. The Majini skids to a stop, turning around. The mandibles pop out of
his mouth with an inhuman roar. More Majini jump over the walls, circling
the two. Finally two motorcycles rev forth towards CHRIS and SHEVA, who manage
to dodge a sticky fate. As they go around to run them over, one of the Majini
receives a headshot. A sniper is on the roof, taking out the Majini. One of the
bikers runs over a corpse, catapulting and impaling him onto a pole, while
another has his engine shot underneath him, killing him in an explosion. Delta 
Team arrives at the scene, and they head indoors.]

{CUTSCENE #15 -- Rendezvous}

CHRIS REDFIELD: Man, am I glad to see you guys.

CAPTAIN JOSH STONE: Delta Team, captain Stone.

CHRIS: Chris Redfield.

JOSH: Sheva.

SHEVA: Thanks Josh. I owe you one.

CHRIS: You guys know each other.

SHEVA: I trained under Josh. He taught me everything I knew.

JOSH: Sheva became the little sister of the team. Now Sheva, you must continue 
your search for Irving. According to the data we received fromthe hard drive, 
we believe he has moved onto the mining area. There's moreinfo inside. (hands 
Chris a flash drive) We'll follow after taking care of business here. And keep 
your radio handy just in case.

SHEVA: Thanks Josh.

[Delta Team leaves. Chris pulls out his PDA and plugs the flash drive in.
Pressing a few buttons, he finds a picture of his old partner JILL.]

CHRIS: Jill...

[CHRIS has a fleeting flashback of their encounter with Wesker, the encounter 
in which Jill lost her life.]

SHEVA: Chris, are you alright?

CHRIS: This picture it's...Forget it, it's nothing. Let's move out.

====chapter 2-2: Train Station====


CHRIS: Sheva, do you know where the mines are?

SHEVA: Past the station. Not too far from here. Follow me. 

[The two move out through the train station, where they are assaulted by packs
of Adjule. They bypass a few roadblocks to the mine by climbing onto the tops
of the rail cars and entering an elevator.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA descend down the elevator.]


[The mines appear to be very dark. There is a lantern lying around, but it is
so big that the person carrying it is basically cannot wield their weapon.]

SHEVA: I'll take the lantern. Stay close to me.

[They walk through the mines until they reach a crossroads. The right fork 
leads to a dead end, so they continue down the left fork. As they reach a 
section with knee-deep water, they are ambushed by a group of Majini, which
CHRIS manages to neutralize. As they reach a lit portion of the
tunnel, they are ambushed by another group of Majini. They finally manage to
reach the light at the end of the tunnel, which shines upon a closed gate and 
a crank to operate it.]

SHEVA: I'll open it. You go ahead.

[SHEVA opens the gate, letting CHRIS pass through to a large chamber and
operate the crank there to open the door. While he does this, SHEVA fends off
the Majini come to attack her. After they rejoin each other in the chamber,
more Majini come to join the fight. The two manage to defeat the horde, then
climb up to a higher level to proceed.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA go up an elevator.]


[The two are now just outside a building. The door is on the second floor,
accessible only by a staircase.]

{CUTSCENE #16 -- Irving's Great Escape}

[CHRIS and SHEVA climb up the staircase, then bust through the door. IRVING
is inside, and quickly hides whatever he was looking at and draws a pistol.]

CHRIS: Freeze!

IRVING: Oh shit!

[CHRIS and SHEVA point their pistols at him and vice versa.]

SHEVA: So you must be Irving?

IRVING: Wow, perceptive, aren't 'cha?

SHEVA: You think this is a joke? You're just like all the other pieces of scum

IRVING: Oh I'm not like them! I'm a businessman with standards.

CHRIS: Drop the weapon.

IRVING: Or...how 'bout you drop yours.

[As they point their weapons at each other, a smoke grenade lands through the
window into the room. CHRIS and SHEVA dive for the floor to avoid any trap. 
Just then, BIRD LADY jumps through the window, grabbing IRVING.]


IRVING: Suckers!

[BIRD LADY hops out the window, still holding on to IRVING.]

CHRIS: Shit!

[They run over to the window, looking out, but there is no one to be seen.]

CHRIS: Great. 

SHEVA: Looks like Irving has a partner.

CHRIS: There must be something here he didn't want us to see.

[He heads towards the desk and flips open a folder.]

SHEVA: What is it?

CHRIS: Look at this.

[He shows her a map where Irving has marked the oil fields in the marshlands
in red pen.]

SHEVA: The oil field...that's in the marshlands!


CHRIS (in radio): Delta Team, Chris here. We located Irving, but he got

JOSH (in radio): Do you know where he went? 

CHRIS: We think he's heading for an oil field in the marshlands.

JOSH: OK, I'm sending someone after him now. I need you two to head back this

CHRIS: Roger that.

[Inside one of the lockers in the room a Dragunov SVD can be found. Several
Majini are outside, one of whom occupies a machine gun turret. After taking
them down, they climb up a long ladder to a higher level, taking down more 
Majini and jumping down onto a winding road.]


[The road ahead is long and winding.]


[Alongside the road there's a broken ladder leading up to a road on a higher

SHEVA: I'll cover you from up there! Give me a hand!

[CHRIS gives SHEVA a boost, while he takes the long way around. Some Majini
are tossing dynamite to further complicate matters. They manage to fight their
way up. After neutralizing all foes, they find that a large dumpster is
blocking the way. CHRIS tries to push it away, but it is too heavy for one 
person to push away.]

SHEVA: It's too heavy, let me give you a hand.


[The dumpster falls off the cliff, clearing the way.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA keep heading forward.]

{CUTSCENE #17 -- Terror from Above}

[As CHRIS and SHEVA run forward, they disturb a colony of bats, which surge
into the sky. The two stop, looking up to see a ton of bats flying away in the
sky. A truck horn sounds, and rounding the corner is a truck. Unfortunately,
it takes the curve too quickly, crashing into the wall and turning on its side.
CHRIS and SHEVA approach the truck, which appears to be heavily armored. The
driver is dead. Suddenly the door to the back of the truck slides open, 
revealing a large, bat-like monster, POPOKARIMU. It climbs onto the back of
the truck, revealing a large, fat tail similar to that of a Kipepeo's and its
four wings.]

CHRIS: What is that!?

[POPOKARIMU lets out a roar, then takes to the sky, fluttering above CHRIS and
SHEVA rather clumsily.]


SHEVA: I don't know what that thing is, but I'm sure Irving's responsible!

[Flight does not seem to be POPOKARIMU's strength, so it lands and starts
chasing after CHRIS and SHEVA, tail raised up like a scorpion's.]

SHEVA: We should trap it between us! I'll take the rear!

[CHRIS runs as bait, while SHEVA slips behind and shoots POPOKARIMU in a very
pink, fleshy region behind its tail. It seems to be a rather sensitive spot.]

SHEVA: This thing won't stop moving! What can we do to slow it down!

[Thankfully, there are several proximity mines laying around. The two manage
to lure it into running over the mine. The explosion downs the POPOKARIMU, and
CHRIS and SHEVA pour fire into its weak spot. When it gets up, they repeat this
process a few times, eventually mortally wounding it.]

{CUTSCENE #18 -- Roll Out!}

[POPOKARIMU lets out a deathly scream, then suddenly propels itself into the
air with its wings. It wings around to dive at CHRIS and SHEVA, but CHRIS
quickly fires three times at the monster with his pistol, finally killing it.
POPOKARIMU crash-lands into the truck, falling to its doom. The truck explodes
as it hits the ground, engulfing the falling POPOKARIMU. CHRIS and SHEVA look
over the cliffside as a BSAA jeep driven by DAVE JOHNSON rounds the corner.]

DAVE JOHNSON: Chris! Sheva! Get in!

[The jeep turns to a stop, and CHRIS and SHEVA hop in the back. The jeep drives
off, ending the chapter.]

====Chapter 2-3: Savannah====


DAVE: I heard about Irving. Tough break.

SHEVA: Yes, but there will be other opportunities. (into radio) 
Sheva to headquarters.

HQ: This is headquarters. What's your situation?

SHEVA: There's a high probability that Irving is on his way to an oil field in
the marshlands. we're re-joining Delta Team and heading there now.

HQ: Understood.

[In the distance, biker Majini can be seen, ready to give chase to the jeep.]

CHRIS: Ah, we got company!

SHEVA: They don't let up, do they?


[CHRIS takes the higher machine gun turret (which appears to be a PKM), 
while SHEVA mans the gatling gun on bottom. They take down motorcycles pursuing

CHRIS: Do what you got to do to stop 'em! But don't get too trigger happy or
the guns'll overheat! If that happens, we'll be an easy target till they cool 

DAVE: We got some sharp curves up ahead! Hold on tight!

[The jeep practically drifts along the beaten trap as CHRIS and SHEVA brace
themselves. After straightening up, CHRIS and SHEVA continue to hold off
motorcycles and trucks full of Majini coming towards them.]

JOSH (through radio): This is Captain Stone, Delta Team. I just received word
from HQ. Based on the data you received from that hard drive, most of the 
townspeople have been infected by the parasites known as Las Plagas. The data
refers to the infected as Majini.

CHRIS: What does this have to do with Uroboros?

JOSH: You got me. They didn't say.

CHRIS: Looks like the only way we're getting answers is from Irving.

DAVE: It's gonna get bumpy! Hang on!

[The jeep makes a small jump off a large bump, as CHRIS and SHEVA brace
themselves. After some distance more curves come up again.]

DAVE: We got some sharp curves up ahead! Hold on tight!

[Once again the car skids along the curves.]

JOSH (through radio): We're under attack! There are too many of them to handle!

HQ: Reinforcements are on route. Hold your position until they arrive. I
repeat, hold your position!

DAVE: Let's pick up the pace.

[As they speed along, the scenery starts to become noticeably lusher and
greener, until they skid around to a stop to see a large roadblock with trucks
and Majini.]

DAVE: What the...! There's no getting past that truck unless you two do
something about it!

[With the help of some explosive barrels, CHRIS and SHEVA manage to take out
the roadblock and blow up the truck blocking the way.]

DAVE: Nice!

[They are starting to enter the city limits, denoted by the bridge they are 
crossing. As they turn, they notice a large truck right next to them, trying to
cut them off.]

DAVE: He's trying to ram us into the river! Do something!

[CHRIS and SHEVA pour fire into the truck, blowing it up. The sun is setting.]

{CUTSCENE #19 -- Shaking Off the Majini}

[The jeep races down the road, pursued by a pack of bikers...straight towards
a bridge broken in the middle.]

DAVE: Hang on!

[CHRIS looks back to see the broken bridge. DAVE puts his foot on the gas, 
gaining speed and performing a leap to the other side. The Majini, not
expecting a move like that, skid to a stop, while one unlucky guy and his bike
fall into the river.] 

{CUTSCENE #20 -- Grand Resurgence}

[The jeep has made its way into the village and rides past the dead bodies of 
Delta Team.]

SHEVA: What could've done this...

[The jeep stops, and CHRIS, SHEVA, and DAVE get out. As they rush to check for
signs of life, the ground starts to rumble. Suddenly, the jeep goes flying
through the air.]

CHRIS: Look out!

[DAVE looks up as a shadow approaches to see a gigantic B.O.W., NDESU, standing
over him. The last thing he sees is the monster's foot crushing him into the
ground. The NDESU wears several spiky bracelets and a loincloth, with a BSAA
member hanging from his waist. He lets out a mighty roar. CHRIS and SHEVA
take cover behind the overturned jeep, but NDESU notices them, picking up the

CHRIS: Oh shit!

[They fire at NDESU with their pistols, but there is no effect. As he rears up
to pound the ground, CHRIS and SHEVA dodge and run for their lives, vaulting
over debris.]

CHRIS: Go! Go! Go! Get to the truck!

[CHRIS turns around and fires at NDESU to buy some time, dodging away from 
another ground smash just in time. They both manage to make it to the jeep,
hurriedly manning the machine guns.]

SHEVA: Take this, you ugly bastard!


[CHRIS and SHEVA keep steady fire on NDESU, eventually damaging it enough for
its Plaga parasites to pop out of its shoulders.]


SHEVA: Look! There's something coming out of it! We should try aiming at those!


[They continue to pour a barrage of fire on NDESU. Some fiery crossbow-wielding
Majini decide to join the fight but are quickly put down.]


[NDESU plunges his arms into the ground, pulling a massive boulder out of the


[They manage to prevent the rock from reaching them.]


[NDESU grabs his head in pain, falling on his knees. Suddenly a gigantic Plaga
pops out of his back.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA concentrate fire on the main Plaga, until it retracts back
into NDESU's body. NDESU attempts a few attacks.]


[NDESU uproots a telephone pole, intending to use it as a weapon.]


[He swings it around, but it never occurs to him to actually hit the car
directly. He eventually drops it after taking enough damage. He then starts to 
rear down, preparing for a ram.]

SHEVA: Something's wrong with him! Watch out!

[They manage to stop him from ramming the jeep. His plaga parasite pops out
again and is met with a barrage of fire until it explodes.]

{CUTSCENE #21 -- Delta Team's Distress}

[The NDESU falls on top of the jeep, dead, but thankfully CHRIS and SHEVA jump
out in time. They survey the surroundings, affected greatly by the loss of 
Delta Team. SHEVA reaches down and takes some dog tags from a fallen comrade.]

SHEVA (whispers): Where are you, Josh?

CHRIS: Sheva, you don't have to do this. You can still back out.

SHEVA: What about you?

CHRIS: I've got a personal stake in this.

SHEVA: A "personal stake"? Chris, look around! We should both get the hell out
of here.

CHRIS: I'm not here just for the mission.

SHEVA: What are you talking about?

CHRIS: A while back I received some intel that my old partner was still alive.
At first I didn't know what to think, but when I saw the data file from Delta
Team, I knew for sure. Jill is still alive.

SHEVA: That woman in the data file? Are you even sure it's the same person!?

CHRIS: We were partners, I'm sure.

[CHRIS starts to walk away.]

SHEVA: Wait! 

[CHRIS stops for a moment, then continues walking away.]

SHEVA: Wait! You're not going alone! 

{CUTSCENE #22 -- The Wetlands}

[CHRIS is still walking, with SHEVA following at a distance.]

SHEVA: Chris! Wait!

CHRIS: I don't have much time, I have to find her.

SHEVA: I'm going with you! These are my people that are dying here.

[CHRIS stops and turns around.]

CHRIS: Are you sure about this? A second ago, you were ready to cut and run.

SHEVA: I can't just turn my back and walk away. 

CHRIS: There are no more orders from here on in. It's just us.

SHEVA: We're partners to the end. Now let's get moving.

CHRIS (pauses): Copy that.

[The two make their way to a airboat. Turning on the light and the motor, they
ride off into the night.]

====Chapter 3-1: Marshlands====

{CUTSCENE #23 -- Shadows of the Past}

[It is dawn. The airboat zooms past a village.]

SHEVA: What happened to your partner?

CHRIS: Jill and I were pursuing a man named Albert Wesker. 

[The scene changes to the flashback in CHRIS' mind. CHRIS and JILL are seen in
SPENCER's estate.]

CHRIS (voiceover): Wesker...He was a top official with Umbrella, and the leader
of our S.T.A.R.S unit. I met him again after the Raccoon City incident on 
Rockfort Island. Since then we'd been trying to track him down.

[CHRIS and JILL are walking down a hallway.]

CHRIS (voiceover): Then a few years ago we got a tip from a reliable source.
The whereabouts of Umbrella's founder Ozwell E. Spencer. So we paid him a 
visit hoping he'd lead us to Wesker.

[CHRIS and JILL approach a large door. Timing it together, they bust through
the door to find SPENCER dead on the ground and ALBERT WESKER looking out the 
window. As he turns around to look at them, there is a flash of lightning that 
reveals WESKER's gold-red eyes through his sunglasses.]

CHRIS: Wesker!

[CHRIS and JILL open fire, but WESKER moves so fast he literally teleports from
place to place, dodging the bullets. He runs up to CHRIS and pummels him, then
dodges JILL's shots and grabs her neck, pinning her against the wall. CHRIS 
pushes WESKER away from strangling JILL and tries to punch him back, but WESKER
dodges them easily, grabbing CHRIS' hand. CHRIS tries to counter with a
roundhouse kick but WESKER easily dodges it, pushing him away to dodge JILL's
shots again. After a slow-motion view of a particularly stylish dodge, JILL
runs out of bullets, discarding her pistol and pulling out her knife instead.
Rushing towards him, her attack is blocked and she receives a thrust punch,
crashing into a bookshelf. CHRIS tries to punch again, but WESKER dodges and
grabs him by the neck and slamming him down a table. CHRIS is pretty much spent
after this attack, and WESKER starts to strangle him.]


ALBERT WESKER: Let's finish this.

[Just as WESKER is about to punch CHRIS' head off, JILL tackles him out the
window, and they both plummet down the cliffside, seemingly to their deaths. 
CHRIS, despite his injuries, manages to rush to the window, looking down and
extending his arm in a futile gesture.

CHRIS: Jill!

[The flashback ends, and the scene moves back to the airboat.]

CHRIS: Jill's body was never found and she was presumed dead. The person I saw
in that data looked like her. I...have to know if she's still alive.

SHEVA: You two were close.

CHRIS: We were partners. What about you? Why'd you join the BSAA?

SHEVA: My parents were involved in an accident caused by a pharmaceutical
company when I was young. 

CHRIS: Umbrella?

SHEVA: Yes. I only found out later that the accident was to cover up the
manufacturing of biological weapons for terrorists. They were using Africa as
a test bed for their experiments. Bioweapons were responsible for the death
of my parents. And someone has to pay for that!

CHRIS: So you joined the BSAA.

SHEVA: There's only so much one person can do. Even a superhero like you, 

CHRIS: I'm no superhero. But together, we can end this

SHEVA: Then let's make a stand for our fallen brothers!

CHRIS: Hang on.

[CHRIS accelerates the boat, which makes a jump off a wooden ramp into the
marshlands. They stop at a wooden dock.]


[It appears that they are at some traditional village in the marshlands. There
are animal skulls and shields lying around. They also find the body of a BSAA 
agent speared to death, and from the dead man's PDA they find a Schedule Report
revealing that there might be a survivor from Delta Team, but a sealed door
is blocking infiltration efforts. On this island they find the Beast Slate.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get on the boat.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to the next village island.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get off the boat.]


[The village here is a structural achievement, basically a number of wooden
thatched shacks on stilts above the water.]


[Suddenly, several villagers wading in the water below make a superhuman jump 
onto a wooden bridge. They wear nothing but straw skirts. It is quite obvious
that these villagers have been infected by Las Plagas.]


CHRIS: They're all infected!

SHEVA: How could someone do this to them?

[Some Majini with wooden shields and spears come to join the fight. Other
Majini make giant leaps from other bridges and shacks to attack the two. They
manage to defeat all of the Majini. In a treasure chest, they manage to pick up
the Warrior Slate.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get on the airboat.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to the next village.]


[Suddenly some spikes are raised to block the way, and firebow-wielding Majini
come to make trouble.]


SHEVA: You steer! I'll shoot!

[SHEVA uses her sniper rifle to take down the Majini.]

SHEVA: Slow down! It's hard enough to shoot as it is!


[After taking down all the Majini, the spikes retract down, letting them pass.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to the next island.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get off the boat.]


[This island has some chickens wandering around. Not much else on this island.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get on the airboat.]


[CHRIS drives over to the next area.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get off the boat.]


[The dock leads down to the water, in a large enclosed pool.]

CHRIS: Looks like we have to go this way.

[As they walk through the pool, they see a ripple and a spray, and a monstrous
crocodile surfaces. They hurry over to climb a ladder up onto a shack and up
to safety. Unfortunately it actually isn't as safe as it might look, for some
Majini lurk in the shacks. After dispatching them, they find the Raptor Slate
in a chest. Now they must run back through the pool to the other dock.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get on the airboat.]


[CHRIS drives over to the next island.


[CHRIS and SHEVA get off.]


[This island seems larger than the others. The shacks here are actually on 
solid ground. Ahead there are a series of shacks on stilts, but the ladders are
broken for each one. CHRIS gives SHEVA several boosts. In one of them they find
the Shaman Slate, the final piece of the slate.]


[The Majini are alerted to CHRIS and SHEVA's presence, running over for the


[CHRIS and SHEVA defend themselves against the horde. Thanks to a small gap in
the wall, they are able to create a chokepoint, which aids them in defeating
the villagers.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get back on the boat.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to a shipwreck in the middle of the lake.]


{CHRIS and SHEVA get off the airboat.}


[Inside a case on the boat a Rocket Launcher can be found.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get back on the airboat.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way to a small shack complex.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get off the boat.]


[There's one large shack, but not much else.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get on the boat.]


[The two drive over to the next place, the actual village.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA hop off of the boat onto the beach.]


[There is a hole in the door where CHRIS insertes the four slates, opening it.
They wade their way through a muddy river to get into the village, which seems
deserted. A dead BSAA member lies under a shack, as well as his weapon, an
S&W M29. Suddenly, a horde Majini come along, including two giant ones wearing 
large bulletproof masks and carrying massive clubs. After a long fight CHRIS
and SHEVA manage to take them down. There is a wooden bridge that is drawn up.
They get to the crank that operates it.]

SHEVA: I'll turn this crank. You head toward the bridge.

[CHRIS crosses the bridge as it gets lowered. As soon as SHEVA lets go of the
crank, the bridge pops back up. CHRIS makes his way up a flight of stairs and
then unbars a door to allow SHEVA to join him. On the top floor is also a
tattered diary of a village youth, documenting the mental deterioration of the
village as they are controlled by the Plaga. They travel along the upper levels
of the village, getting on a wooden gondola lift to the next chapter.]

====Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground====


[The gondola lift makes its way down.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get out of the gondola and make their way out.]


[There are a series of docks, and hanging on a large wooden bar is the corpse 
of a Delta Team soldier. Suddenly, a giant crocodile leaps up from the water 
and gobbles the body up, much to the delight of the Majini.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way through the wooden docks, taking down Majini 
along the way.]


[The Majini ahead of them pull up a drawbridge, blocking the way.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get to a crank tied to a raft.]

SHEVA: Get on the raft and I'll turn the crank.

[CHRIS makes his way to a crude wooden raft.]

SHEVA (through radio): I'll handle it. Be careful on that thing.

[The raft slowly drifts down the lake as Sheva turns the crank. The crocodile 
tries to eat CHRIS several times, but to no avail. He finally makes it to the
other side of the docks, pushing a button and bringing the bridge back down
again. They are able to cross it and enter a cave tunnel.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get out of the cave to find a bunch of tents in a clearing.]

CHRIS: Tricell...?

[The tents bear the Tricell name and logo.]

CHRIS: They help fund the BSAA...What the hell are they doing here?


[Walking past, they can see a large manufacturing complex.]

SHEVA: Looks like we've arrived at the oil field.

CHRIS: Yeah...And Irving's not getting away this time.


[Entering, they see a maze of catwalks...and Irving walking on the opposite
side of the catwalks.]

SHEVA: Look! It's Irving.

[Up ahead there is a valve, which CHRIS starts to turn.]

SHEVA: I'll cover you!


[The fires that are spewing over the catwalk shift position, allowing them to
cross. More Majini come to make trouble.]


[They head up to a lever, which summons a zipline when pulled. One by one they
ride down the zipline to the other end. There's a valve that CHRIS turns 


[The flames blowing across the catwalk are partially turned off.]


[They unbar a door and find out that a chainsaw Majini is chasing them.]

SHEVA: That's the last thing we need!

[CHRIS and SHEVA cooperate to take down the chainsaw Majini, then pull another
lever to access another zipline...to find that there's another chainsaw Majini
on the other side.]

SHEVA: Another one!?

[Once again they take down the chainsaw Majini, making their way to another
zipline and another valve.]


[This time all the flames are shut down.] 


[They continue to make their way down, taking down a whole bunch of Majini and 
then opening a red door into the next area.]

{CUTSCENE #24 -- Josh to the Rescue}

[CHRIS and SHEVA enter the indoor complex when they hear someone approaching
their way. Oddly enough, this man carries a pistol.]

SHEVA: Josh?

JOSH: Sheva?

SHEVA: You're alive. Are you okay? Wh--How did you get here?

JOSH: We were at the port when we were attacked, and then...well...I ended up
here. Where's the rest of the team.

[CHRIS and SHEVA look at each other, then bow their heads.]

JOSH: Shit!

SHEVA: It's just the three of us now.

JOSH: Why did you not retreat? I mean, we're no match for them!

CHRIS: I've got unfinished business.

SHEVA: The hard drive containing data on the B.O.W. experiment had a picture
inside; the picture was of Chris' friend.

JOSH: A friend?

CHRIS: I'm not leaving until I catch Irving and find out what the hell is going
on here.

[Suddenly a Majini runs behind them. They turn around, pistols at the ready.
The door slides shut behind them.]

JOSH: Let's save the chit-chat for later.

[A Majini jumps through the window, charging at them, but CHRIS takes him down
quickly. They are becoming surrounded; a Majini lands near JOSH but is shot by
SHEVA, who gets the favor returned by another Majini that JOSH takes out. The
shock of it forces her back to a chain-link fence, behind which several Majini
lurk. She quickly dispatches them.]

JOSH: Sheva, cover me!

CHRIS: Hurry!

[JOSH runs to a computer, furiously typing in the hopes of getting the door 


JOSH: Cover me while I disable the elevator's lock.

[Majini are coming in from all corners. They manage to survive the first wave.]

JOSH: Nice job, but don't let your guard down. There's bound to be more of them

[He's quite right, because Majini are starting to bust through the windows.]

JOSH: Almost got it!

[Some big Majini come to join the fight.]


[The elevator is unlocked.]

JOSH: There! Got it! You two, on the elevator! Move!


[The three of them get into the elevator.]


[They go up onto the second floor of catwalks.]


JOSH: Move! Move!

[More Majini, including crossbow Majini, come to join the fight.

JOSH: Bloody hell! These bastards don't quit!

[They take out the Majini ahead, moving down the catwalk.]

JOSH: There should be an exit up ahead! Go!

[They make their way to the exit, but it's locked.]

JOSH: Dammit! Is everything locked down!?


[JOSH types furiously on the computer next to the door.]

JOSH: This is gonna be a pain in the ass, but I will see what I can do...


JOSH: Oh no! Not this shit again! You two, engage those hostiles!

[CHRIS and SHEVA engage the horde, but to make things much more worse, a 
chainsaw Majini shows up. They hold off the horde of Majini.]


JOSH: Okay, got it!


JOSH: Forget those guys! OVer here--on the double!

[CHRIS and SHEVA run to the exit.]

{CUTSCENE #25 -- Splitting Up}

[The three of them rush in, and JOSH closes the door.]

JOSH: Are you okay?

CHRIS: Yeah, I think so.

SHEVA: I'm okay.

JOSH: It looks like Irving is trying to blow up the place and make his escape.
You must stop him before it is too late. I'll try to find us a way out of here.

CHRIS: Alright, we'll go after Irving.

JOSH: Good! Okay, now there's a dock up ahead. That is probably where he is
going to make his break.

SHEVA: Copy that. 

[JOSH turns to leave.]

SHEVA: And Josh! Be careful.

[JOSH nods back, then leaves.

CHRIS: Let's hurry.

SHEVA: Okay.


[The two of them make their way to the docks.]

SHEVA: That's Irving's boat! Let's go!

[CHRIS and SHEVA run down the docks.]

{CUTSCENE #26 -- Irving's Web}

SHEVA: There he is!

[IRVING is seen boarding his yacht, while the BIRD LADY jumps down onto a 

SHEVA: Wait! Isn't that...?

[The motorboat speeds away. IRVING laughs.]

IRVING: Splendid timing! You two are just in time for the fireworks show! Boom!

[His yacht starts to take off.]

CHRIS: Wait! (to SHEVA) I hate that guy.

[A large shout is heard, and they turn around. There's a stampede of Majini 
coming for them. Screen fades to black, then comes back to see Josh running
towards a small motorboat.]

JOSH: Sheva, do you read me? I secured a boat! I'm on the other side of the 
dock! Get here on the double!


[Majini, big and regular sized, as well as Adjule block the way. They must 
make it before the countdown for the bomb ends.]

JOSH: What's taking so long? Chris! Use your PDA to confirm the coordinates!
These guys aren't making it easy! (as CHRIS and SHEVA approach) Get over here! 

SHEVA: Hurry! Over here!

{CUTSCENE #27 -- The Oil Field Aflame}

[They run down the docks.]

JOSH: Quickly! We must go! (to SHEVA) Are you all right?

[The oil refinery suddenly blows up, and the derrick in the middle starts to
collapse. The three hightail it out of there on the motorboat, watching the
refinery explode.]

====Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling Facilities====

{CUTSCENE #28 -- Boat Majini Appear}

[The motorboat chugs serenely along.]

JOSH: What happened to Irving?

[CHRIS and SHEVA look at him sullenly, remaining silent. JOSH takes the hint.]

JOSH: Ahh...well he can't have gone too far.

SHEVA: Josh...

CHRIS: Thanks.

[All of a sudden a flaming arrow hits the boat, signalling the approach of
motorboat-driving Majini.]

JOSH: thank me later, we got company!

[JOSH pulls the throttle as arrows whizz everywhere.]

CHRIS: I'm on it!

SHEVA: We got you covered!


JOSH: Here we go! Hang on tight!

[The Majini in the boats are taken out. They pass under bridges full of Majini,
but luckily there are explosive barrels lying all around. Crossbow and Molotov
Cocktail Majini are all around, as well as some flittering Kipepeo. The river
is blocked by a gate ahead.]

JOSH: Dammit! The gate's closed! See what you two can do to get it open!

[The boat stops, and CHRIS and SHEVA get off and run over to pull the lever and
open the gate. They get back on the boat.]

JOSH: Alright! Let's go!

[A rather low-hanging pipe approaches.]

JOSH: Get down!

[CHRIS and SHEVA duck.]

JOSH: Another pipe! Get down!

[CHRIS and SHEVA duck again. Ahead the way is blocked again.]

JOSH: Another gate...okay! You two know what to do!

[CHRIS and SHEVA get out again. This time, however, there's a machine gun 
turret and two levers to pull to complicate things. They manage to take out the
turret, then both of them pull the two levers at the same time.]


[The gate opens.]


[Continuing down, an M3 shotgun can be found in a case. They make their way
back to the boat and out into the open lake.]

JOSH: Okay! Now let's go get this Irving!

{CUTSCENE #29 -- The Patrol Boat}

[They float silently across the fog. Suddenly, IRVING'S yacht comes into view.]

JOSH: Oh shit!

[He frantically turns the wheel, and they crash into his yacht. A Majini comes
and takes control of a machine gun turret on the yacht.]

CHRIS: Damn it! They're gonna to sink us!

[CHRIS and SHEVA huddle under the boat.]

JOSH: We've got to do something!

CHRIS: We gotta get aboard that ship!

JOSH: Hold on! Get ready!

[They speed parallel to the yacht. CHRIS draws his pistol and takes out the
machine gunner. Meanwhile, IRVING is watching from his yacht, and we see a
flashback in his mind.]

BIRD LADY (flashback): What are you going to do about them?

IRVING: You're just one of Excella's playthings!

[BIRD LADY grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall.]

IRVING: It was your master who was--

BIRD LADY: One more time! What are you going to do about them?

[The camera pans onto a fallen suitcase full of gold bars.]

IRVING: Alright! Alright! I'll handle it.

[She lets him go, and he falls to the floor, gasping for breath. BIRD LADY
holds a syringe to him.]

BIRD LADY: Use it.


[The flashback fades to black. It returns to CHRIS and SHEVA climbing aboard the
yacht. IRVING approaches them.]

IRVING: Won't you two just die already!? You're making me look bad! Who do you
think got this entire operation off the ground? Research like this doesn't fund
itself, you know. Yet everyone looks down on me. (holds up the syringe) But not

SHEVA: Don't do it!

[CHRIS and SHEVA raise their pistols as IRVING injects it into his neck. His
laughs are cut short by screams of pain. A mass of tentacles explode out of his

IRVING: I'm far beyond anything you could ever hope to become! (laughs)

[He sends out several large tentacles at CHRIS and SHEVA, but they dodge them
in time and return fire. IRVING jumps into the sea. CHRIS and SHEVA look into 
the waters, seeing nothing when a single, massive tentacle pops up on the other
side of the ship, almost slamming into them. Then the mouth of the giant
KRAKEN appears. It opens to reveal IRVING, now a fixture to the monster.]

CHRIS: Shit.

IRVING: I just had an extreme makeover!

[With a roar the IRVING/KRAKEN jumps to the other side, starting the fight.]


JOSH: Chris! Status report! What the hell is that thing!?

CHRIS: Just get outta here, Josh! It's too dangerous!

SHEVA: We'll try to stop it!

JOSH: Understood. Just try not to get yourselves killed!

SHEVA: Something that undergoes such a rapid transformation must have a 

[CHRIS and SHEVA use the mounted grenade launchers and machine guns to destroy
IRVING's tentacles, in the meanwhile dodging the others. Although the destroyed
tentacles regenerate, it leaves a moment of vulnerability for the monster's
head to be targeted.]


[After this hit, IRVING grabs onto the yacht's rear with his tentacles and 
hangs out of his jaws like a tongue.]


SHEVA: There's the little weasel!

[CHRIS grabs one of the machine guns, blasting IRVING's actual self and dodging
his attacks.]

{CUTSCENE #30 -- A New Clue}

[The monster has sustained too much damage, and collapses back into the sea 
with a roar. The fleshy IRVING-tongue flies up into the air and lands on deck,
squirming and spewing blood everywhere. CHRIS and SHEVA point their pistols at
the dying IRVING.]

CHRIS: Tell me what you're planning to do!

IRVING: Damn Excella! I guess I wasn't worth the good stuff.

SHEVA: Excella?

[CHRIS kneels down next to IRVING and shows him JILL's picture on his PDA.]

CHRIS: Where is this facility? Answer me! What is the Uroboros Project!?

IRVING: The BSAA...wow, you two are just on top of everything, aren't ya? The
balance of the world is changing and you're completely oblivious to it. 

SHEVA: What's changing? What are you talking about!? Is it the Uroboros 
Project? Is that it?

IRVING: It's too late now. No one can stop it. Uroboros is about to change 
everything... (starts to moan in pain)

SHEVA: Chris!

IRVING: Chris? So you're Chris. (laughs)

CHRIS: What's so funny? How do you know about me?

IRVING: All your answers await ahead, Chris...in that cave. If you can survive
long enough to get them. (starts to laugh again) Dying's not so bad. But it's
not gonna change anything. You're still screwed!

CHRIS: We're wasting time here. 

[He draws his pistol and aims at IRVING, meaning to finish him off, but SHEVA
pushes it away.]

SHEVA: Chris...

[IRVING dies, bubbling away into nothing.]

CHRIS: Poor bastard...

SHEVA: Now what?

[They look at each other.]

CHRIS: We keep going.

====Chapter 4-1: Caves====

{CUTSCENE #31 -- The Docks}

[CHRIS, SHEVA, and JOSH enter the cave in their motorboat.]

CHRIS: So this is the place he was talkin' about.

SHEVA (getting up and pointing): That's the boat the woman used to get away!

[Sure enough, ahead there's a dock, and tied to the dock is the boat. CHRIS 
and SHEVA get off at the dock.]

JOSH: So you two are really gonna go through with this?


SHEVA: This is not just about Jill, but the Uroboros Project as well.

JOSH: I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you. I will call HQ and try to
get the withdrawal order rescinded. I will also try to get you backup. Try not
to get yourselves killed!

[JOSH drives away, giving them a good-luck salute.]


SHEVA: That name Irving said, Excella...

CHRIS: You've heard it before?

SHEVA: That's the name of the director of Tricell's African division.

CHRIS: Do you think she could be connected to Irving?

SHEVA: It's possible, but I don't have any proof.

CHRIS: Tricell...if there is a connection, what does that mean for Africa?

SHEVA: Not sure, but if we keep going, we're bound to find out.

CHRIS: True. Let's move.

[They move through some buildings and into the caves. It's not as dark as the
mines; sunlight streams through several holes in the ceiling.]


[Suddenly, several massive spiders the size of a dog burrow out of the ground.
These are the Bui Kichwa, spiders infected with the Plaga parasite.]


[Although they are quite weak individually, they come in packs of five or so.
CHRIS and SHEVA move through the cave, taking down these burrowing spiders as
they go. They finally make their way to a stone door that looks like the work
of some ancient civilization.]


[There is an enormous complex of ancient ruins.]


SHEVA: I never knew such a place existed here...

CHRIS: It looks like there's been some recent activity.

SHEVA: I hope Irving was telling the truth when he said we'd find answers in 
this place.

[They proceed down the ruins, up to a stone bridge.]

{CUTSCENE #32 -- The Bridge Collapses}

[SHEVA starts to cross the bridge, but unknown to her some marshland Majini are
watching her. As she crosses about midway, the Majini push over a pillar. SHEVA
manages to dodge to the other side, but the bridge is broken.]


SHEVA (through radio): Chris! Are you okay?

[CHRIS jumps down into the midst of several Majini.]

SHEVA: I'll provide cover!

[CHRIS fights off the Majini as SHEVA gives him covering fire from above. They
finally manage to take out all the Majini, and CHRIS rejoins SHEVA. There's a
sarcophagus that they push open together, but it's empty and triggers a 
trapdoor through which CHRIS and SHEVA fall. To make things worse there are
Majini and Bui Kichwa here.]


[A door slides open.]


[A big Majini carrying two torches joins the fight, but he is taken out along
with the rest of the Majini. Outside of the door is a large chamber. Perhaps it
used to be the courtyard of this ancient civilization. They take out the Majini
here, then make it to the center, where there is a large valve only two people
can turn.]


[The door ahead opens.]


[Suddenly several spiky wooden balls tumble out onto a torch, igniting.]

SHEVA: What on God's name are those? Better give them a wide berth!

[The door is gradually closing.]

SHEVA: Hurry! It's closing!

[CHRIS rushes through the half-open door, stepping onto a pressure pad that
opens the door.]

SHEVA (through radio): I didn't know you could move so fast.

[They head through the door.]


[Walking down a hallway, they inadvertently step on a pressure pad that causes
the pillars around them to collapse. They run for their lives, jumping over
holes where the floor collapses. On the final floor collapse, CHRIS barely
makes it, having to be helped up by SHEVA. Before the door in front of them
closes, they jump through the crack, barely making it.]


[Going down the hall, they come a dead end and two chains.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA pull the chains, and the wall in front of them slides down to
reveal a large staircase. Going down, the ruins ahead are like a labyrinth of
sorts. Debris is scattered all about. Inside a case a Grenade Launcher can be
found. Moving past this, there is a turquoise statue (almost reminiscent of 
Buddha) with two chains hanging from his hands. Unfortunately, the way to the 
other hand is blocked by a large rock.]

SHEVA: Get to the other one!

[CHRIS takes the long way around to the other side.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA pull at the same time. The statue slowly retracts back into 
the wall and triggering the creation of a staircase in another part of the 


[CHRIS and SHEVA make their way up the staircase and arriving at another statue
with chains in his hands.]


[As they pull it, a number of staircases shift around positions.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA proceed forward.]


[In the distance, a number of Majini are coming over for the attack.]


[The two take out the Majini in their path, making their way to a golden statue
with chains in his hands.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA pull the chains, changing the configurations of the staircases


[They make their way to a purple statue, but this one is only holding one 

SHEVA: There's only one chain. The other one must be somewhere else.

[The other chain is downstairs, but as they approach it they are attacked by a
horde of Majini and Bui Kichwa. They manage to take them out, and CHRIS makes
his way back upstairs to pull the chain there.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA pull the chains, and another set of stairs changes.]


[The two make their way to a red statue.]


[They pull the chains, and this time a massive staircase up is raised.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA head over there.]


[Suddenly, the two hear a shriek and look up. Fluttering above is another


[Once again CHRIS and SHEVA use explosives to stun the POPOKARIMU and expose 
its weak underside, eventually killing it. After, they ascend the steps up to 
the worship area.]

{CUTSCENE #33 -- Wesker's Return}

[Meanwhile, somewhere else...]

EXCELLA GIONNE: The preparations are almost complete. Then we can leave.


[EXCELLA is holding a syringe, injecting it into WESKER.]

EXCELLA: You know, I was surprised Las Plagas was such a success. When you 
first arrived I had my doubts. And now Uroboros is complete.

WESKER: Your position at Tricell is secured.

EXCELLA: Oh...I have my eyes set on something much bigger. You'll be needing a
partner, right? Someone suitable to join you in your new world? I believe I've
proved I'm worthy, haven't I? 

[She starts to embrace WESKER. He gently grasps her face with his gloved hand,
then pushes it away haughtily.]

WESKER: Perhaps you have.

BIRD LADY: The BSAA are here.

EXCELLA: It appears your old friend Chris Redfield has come to pay a visit. Do 
I sense concern?

WESKER: The plan is in its final stages, I will not tolerate delays.

[EXCELLA goes to the couch, closes her briefcase full of syringes, and leaves,
along with BIRD LADY. Meanwhile, WESKER surveys his factory, and he has a 
flashback at the Spencer Estate with a dying OZWELL E. SPENCER, of which we
catch a few bits and snatches of their conversation.]

OZWELL E. SPENCER: ...a new superior breed of humans...creating a new world...
the Progenitor Virus...you! I was to become a God!

[A flash, then WESKER is speaking directly into SPENCER's ear.]

WESKER: That right is now mine.

[SPENCER's body collapses onto the floor, dead.]

WESKER: I believe I should thank you, Spencer.

====Chapter 4-2: Worship Area====


[CHRIS and SHEVA are in the ruins of an ancient temple. They move forward.]


[Some Majini are standing next to a big structure with a glass in it. Suddenly
the sun shines through it, and the glass focuses it like an magnifying glass,
sending a tangible beam of heat through the ruins.]


SHEVA: Impressive...they appear to be focusing sunlight into a laser-like beam.

[It is indeed like a laser. Thankfully there are plenty of niches to hide in
away from the beam. CHRIS and SHEVA head down the burning alleyway and engage
several Majini. Up past a flight of stairs is a large torch, from which they
take the Earth Emblem. They cross another burning way again and place the
Earth Emblem into a door with three circular keyholes. The path to the west is
is broken, so CHRIS gives SHEVA a boost over to the other side, then gives her
covering fire against the Majini on that side so that she can retrieve the Sky
Emblem. She manages to rejoin CHRIS, and they pass through some more burning
pathways to insert the Sky Emblem into the door and get the Sea Emblem.]


[CHRIS inserts the Sea Emblem, unlocking the door, which slides open.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get to the big stone doors that lead to the next area.]


[The two are now in a place that resembles an ancient Egyptian tomb.]


[There are snakes and large tarantulas crawling about. They make their way to a
door with an enormous green crystal on it.]


[The door slides open, revealing a hall of mirrors reflecting the sun's beams.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA step in.]


[The door slams shut.]


SHEVA: I see...there's a trick to getting out of here. Tread carefully. Those
beams are dangerously focused.

[The two get to work, aligning the mirrors so that the beam shines on a 
flammable drum in the corner of the room. It seems like the platform it is on 
is an elevator of some sort.]

SHEVA: Looks like it worked. Are we finished?


[CHRIS and SHEVA go down the elevator to another room of mirrors.]


SHEVA: That pillar is in the way, but I think we can knock it over.

[CHRIS kicks down several pillars standing in the way, and they align the 
mirrors to activate the next elevator.]

SHEVA: Another one down. What's next.


[CHRIS and SHEVA go down the elevator to another chamber of mirrors.]


[They align the mirrors again, but this time several doors slide open. One of 
the rooms has a bunch of Bui Kichwa in it, as well as the dead body of someone 
who triggered a trap. Another room has treasure in it. The final room has an
elevator platform on it, and they realign the mirrors accordingly.]

SHEVA: Alright! We got it!


[They go down the elevator.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA are in some underground cavern now. Forward is a large 

{CUTSCENE #34 -- Underground Garden}

[CHRIS and SHEVA enter the chamber to find a garden full of flowers. There's
a sort of pyramid in the middle, with flowers growing all over it.]

CHRIS: What is this place?

[They walk up the steps. The flowers growing all around are red.]

SHEVA: How can these survive underground?

CHRIS: These are no ordinary flowers...

[They look around at the flowers. CHRIS seems to spot something.]

CHRIS: Wait!

[He runs down and wipes off a large stone. Through the dust a faded Umbrella
logo can be seen.]

CHRIS: Umbrella?

SHEVA: What? What was Umbrella doing here?

CHRIS: I don't know. But it doesn't look like anyone's been around for a while.

SHEVA: You can be sure they wanted to keep this place a secret.

CHRIS: Some of this equipment's got the Tricell logo on it.

SHEVA: Were they working together?

====Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden====


CHRIS: I wonder if this is what Irving meant by "answers."

SHEVA: Not sure...but obviously there's a connection here with Umbrella, and
that's never a good sign.

CHRIS: We can worry about this later. First, we need to find out about Jill.

SHEVA: You're right. Let's see what we can dig up.

[Going from the underground garden into a hallway, they find a journal from
Chief Researcher Brandon revealing that the Progenitor Virus was extracted
from the flowers. In another room, they find another journal from Brandon
in a computer documenting the closure of the garden facility.]


[Coming out of the computer room, it seems that something is crawling around
the ceiling.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA find that the rest of the hallway is blocked by a pile of


[Opening another door, CHRIS and SHEVA find themselves in a lab of some sort.
There are large tanks full of liquid and flowers.]

SHEVA: They must be processing these flowers to make something.


CHRIS: This is the facility from the picture. No doubt about it.

SHEVA: We're finally getting somewhere.

[A computer in the lab reveals an email from a Tricell employee. Opening the
door to the other side, they find large bloodstains over the walls and floors.
Large slashmarks can also be seen on several of the walls. They pull a lever
to reveal a large glass window blocking their way, which they break open. There
are a large number of cages housing goats, dogs, rats, and other animals. As
they head through the room, a Licker suddenly jumps through a glass window,
attacking CHRIS and SHEVA. They manage to take it down. In a security room the
AK-74 can be found in a case.]

CHRIS: Thank God there weren't more of them.

SHEVA: Yeah, we wouldn't last in a fight with a whole horde.

[They pull a lever and push some buttons to unlock a particularly heavily
armored door. Through the hallway there are glass rooms full of Lickers.]

SHEVA: I don't think they notice us.

CHRIS: Guess their senses are weak.

SHEVA: Just to be safe, we should be as quiet as possible.

[They walk silently past the Lickers unnoticed, until they come across a steel
door that needs to be kicked down by the both of them. They kick it down,
alerting the Lickers, which crash through the glass and chase CHRIS and SHEVA 
down a hallway to an elevator. Pressing the button, they realize that it'll
take a while for the elevator to come down to their level. A horde of Lickers
come down the hallway, and CHRIS and SHEVA hold them off until the elevator
comes. When they come out they find themselves in a much more high-tech 

{CUTSCENE #35 -- Experimental Facility}

[CHRIS and SHEVA walk down the hall into a massive chamber.]

CHRIS: What the hell?

[In the very middle of the chamber is a single large circular platform. On the
walls are a large number of pods, the contents of which are unknown.]

SHEVA: This was in the pictures too.

CHRIS: Wait, that means Jill might be here!

[Emergency sirens go off suddenly. One of the pods separates from the wall,
opening up to reveal a limp human. The body is dumped out into the chasm 

SHEVA: What have they done?

[SHEVA looks around in shock, while CHRIS notices a computer on the circular
platform. He types quickly, finding JILL's file in the computer.]

CHRIS: Jill!

[JILL's file is on the screen. Suddenly a message pops up: "Access Floor," and
the platform they stand on starts to move down like an elevator.]

{CUTSCENE 36 -- U-8 Attacks}

CHRIS (looking at the pods): There's so many...They must be kidnapping people
from all over the world to experiment on.

[Suddenly the platform jolts to a halt, and the computer screen goes red.]


CHRIS (turning around): Oh, that's why!

[A giant crab-like B.O.W., Ultimate 8, lets out a meanacing roar. It suddenly 
tries to slice CHRIS and SHEVA in half with its pincers, but they manage to 
dodge the attack.]


[As they inflict damage to the U8, it become stunned, with its mouth agape.]

CHRIS: Eat this!

[They toss in some hand grenades into its mouth, which cracks its shell.]

SHEVA: It's working! His shell is cracking!

[After inflicting more damage, the U8 is stunned again.]

CHRIS: Have another one!

[They toss in more grenades, which fully destroys the shell and exposes a
fleshy pink weak spot.]

SHEVA: The shell is off! Aim for that spot!

{CUTSCENE #37: U-8 Repelled}

[After blasting the weak spot as much as they can, the U8 finally succumbs,
losing its grip and plummeting into the abyss. CHRIS and SHEVA look over the
edge, when all of a sudden the platform starts to move again. As it stops a
pod is retracted to their position, stopping right in front of them. It opens
to reveal...nothing.]

CHRIS: Dammit! Where is she?

[The computer suddenly flickers and starts to show a live feed of a woman,

EXCELLA: Mr. Redfield. How nice to finally make your acquaintance.

CHRIS: Who the hell are you?

SHEVA: Excella Gionne. She works for Tricell.

EXCELLA: Nice, you've done your homework.

SHEVA: An officer in the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium. Why?

EXCELLA: As if I need to explain myself to you. Although were't you two given
orders to retreat?

SHEVA: So it WAS you!

[EXCELLLA laughs mockingly.]

CHRIS: Where is Jill?

EXCELLA: Jill...even if I did know, you think I would tell you?

CHRIS: Cut the crap! Tell me where she is!

EXCELLA: As soon as you two are done with your little vigilante mission, you 
should leave. There's nothing here worth throwing your lives away for.

[The window closes, back to Jill's file again.]

SHEVA: She's lying. She knows something.

CHRIS: It's time we get some answers.

====Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility====


SHEVA: So this was the facility Excella was talking about.

CHRIS: She's got us under surveillance. I can almost guarantee she sent that
B.O.W. to eliminate us.

SHEVA: You can ask her about that, and about Jill, once we find her.

CHRIS: Alright, let's find her then!

[CHRIS and SHEVA leave the chamber and open a door. There are Majini armed with
assault rifles below unaware of their presence. After taking them out, some
Majini armed with stun rods are also taken out. The way thereafter is filled
with these two types of enemies, and CHRIS and SHEVA move slowly but 
methodically, taking cover and picking off each guard.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA push two buttons at once to open a door.]


[The catwalks ahead are filled with guards, but thankfully many decide to 
hunker down next to explosive containers.]

{CUTSCENE #38: Monitored Communications}

[CHRIS and SHEVA go up an elevator. Suddenly CHRIS starts to pick up a radio
transmission. The voice sounds like EXCELLA's.]

EXCELLA (through radio): ...boros has...loaded...Don't worry. The reserve 
supply is almost ready.

SHEVA: I know that voice!

CHRIS: It's Excella.

EXCELLA: That's...Albert...looking forward...

CHRIS: Albert!?

SHEVA: What?

EXCELLA: And how are you holding up, Albert?

[The transmission fades away.]

CHRIS: Shit! Wesker...I thought he was dead...


[The two get out of the elevator. The walls ahead have bloodstains and 
slashmarks, which can only mean one thing...Lickers. They are crawling all over
the place. Silently they walk past, not daring to make any noise. They finally
make it to the door, which opens up to a large area with conveyor belts below.]


[Some assault rifle and stunrod Majini show up to make trouble.]


[They take out the guards in a long, hard firefight. The door to the next 
area is inaccessible though.]

SHEVA: Looks like we have to go this way.

[CHRIS and SHEVA jump onto the conveyor belt and go against the flow, 
eventually making their way to the other side. The door is a steel door that
takes both their efforts to kick open. It turns out to lead to a conveyor belt 
full of explosive containers and guards with metal riot shields. They cross the
belts to pull and lever and stop them. In a case past this point the SIG 556 
can be found, as well as a file about a new type of B.O.W. They continue down 
the catwalks.]

CHRIS: Missiles!?

SHEVA: Why would they need these do you think?

CHRIS: Maybe they're planning to start a war.

[Ahead is a generator with two levers, which they pull simultaneously.]


[On a control panel the light shines green.]


[As they make their way down the catwalk, they see what looks like two cocoons
suspended from the ceiling. Suddenly, they stumble upon the B.O.W., an 
insectoid one called the Reaper, bearing a passing resemblance to the Chimera
in the first Resident Evil.]

SHEVA: what manner of beast is that!?

[They open fire on it, damaging it to reveal its weak spots, the white bulbs
that emerge on its belly and on its back. They manage to defeat the deadly
Reaper, then continue down to the control panel, pulling the lever. It starts
a series of conveyor belts below, but these belts are transferring what appears
to be corpses.]

SHEVA: These must be the discarded test subjects from the research facility.

[Although they are called the Dead Brides, they are not dead. As CHRIS 
approaches bodies they jump up and try to grab him. The two manage to make it
to the other side. On the top is a lever that stops the belt. There's a door
ahead that requires two buttons to be pressed simultaneously. They open it.]

{CUTSCENE #39 -- Uroboros}

[CHRIS and SHEVA enter the room, pistols readied. It's a lab that seems 
deserted. The door slides shut behind them. They make their way forward.]

CHRIS: Sheva!

[CHRIS points to a person sitting in a chair ahead. He is fast asleep or 

EXCELLA (through speakers): Well, glad you could make it.

[CHRIS and SHEVA look around for the source of the voice.]

EXCELLA: Up here, you two.

[They look up to see EXCELLA. She is behind a glass window, standing next to

CHRIS: Excella...where's Jill!?

EXCELLA: Jill, Jill, Jill. You're like a broken record, you know that? Just as
single-minded as he said. You've spent so long trying to track down Uroboros,
well, here. Enjoy.

[The man gets up, and his skin starts to ripple. All of a sudden, black 
tentacles start to shoot out of his body.]

SHEVA: So Uroboros is a new B.O.W. And you're planning on selling it to 

EXCELLA: Good guess, but no. While it does resemble the B.O.W.s based on the
Progenitor Virus, I have no intention of selling it to terrorists.

CHRIS: Then what are you using it for?

[The Uroboros man starts to writhe in pain, and then the tentacles retract into

EXCELLA: Evolution. It's a philosopher's stone, one that will choose through
DNA who shall proceed to the next stage. My vision and his combined, now made a

[The man has recovered now, and is approaching quickly towards CHRIS and 

SHEVA: Evolution? What are you talking about!?

EXCELLA: Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Everyone will.

[The man stops, then starts to writhe in pain again.]

EXCELLA: Hmm, too bad. Looks like he wasn't worthy. Only the chosen ones are 
fit for the coming new world.

[EXCELLA and BIRD LADY leave.]

CHRIS: Excella! Wait!

[Suddenly, massive tentacles explode out of the man, turning him into MKONO, a 
tentacled mass similar to the first boss.]


EMERGENCY VOICE: Warning! A biohazard threat has been detected. Clean-up 
personnel must incinerate all contaminated materials.

CHRIS: That's the same type of bioweapon that wiped out Alpha Team!

SHEVA: Yes, but this one seems much more ferocious.

[There are explosive cylinders that CHRIS and SHEVA knock down and shoot to
damage MKONO with its only weakness: fire. MKONO detaches his arm, which chases

SHEVA: Watch out for his arm!

[CHRIS and SHEVA dodge.]


[A panel shines green.]

EMERGENCY VOICE: Flamethrower tank is now full. You may resume use when ready.


[The two pour fire onto MKONO to reveal its weak spot, a large orange bulb.]

SHEVA: That's its weak spot!

[They blast away at the weak spot, and MKONO melts away only to have his 
tentacles reform again in another spot. CHRIS grabs the flamethrower.]

SHEVA: It's up to you! Burn that son of a bitch!

[CHRIS blasts the flame all over MKONO, making it writhe in pain. In
desperation MKONO tries to shoot out its arm, but the attack is dodged.]

SHEVA: I can't get past its arm!

[The fuel eventually gets used up.]

EMERGENCY VOICE: No fuel remaining. Please refill tank.

[CHRIS sticks the flamethrower back into the charging station. MKONO continues
to chase them, as CHRIS and SHEVA toss incendiary grenades and shoot the
flammable cylinders to damage it.]


[The recharge station shines green.]

EMERGENCY VOICE: Flamethrower tank is now full. You may resume use when ready.


[This time SHEVA grabs it.]

SHEVA: Burn in hell, you son of a bitch!

[The monster exposes its orange bulbs again.]

SHEVA: That's it! That's its weak spot!

[They continue to attack MKONO. The fuel runs empty again.]

SHEVA: I'll refuel it! Hold tight!

[She runs to the refuel station to refuel it. They keep up the attack. When
the flamethrower refuels again they press on the attack, finally giving it its


[MKONO lets out a bloodcurdling shriek, then falls limp on the floor, melting
away into an acrid black smoke.]

====Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility====


[The door to the chamber slides open.]


SHEVA: What's all this nonsense about evolution and being worthy? What does she

CHRIS: Something about a philosopher's stone and selecting DNA. It doesn't
matter what she says; she's just a terrorist. End of story. We can't risk
Uroboros getting out of here and infecting people. 

SHEVA: Then let's go take care of business!

[They head up to the control room where EXCELLA was before, but it is deserted.
They make their way back to the catwalks, where there are quite a few guards
waiting for them. To make things worse, a Reaper bursts out of its cocoon,
ambushing them. They manage to take it down as well as the remaining assault
rifle Majini, and they dispatch another Reaper. Just as they are about to go 
through a door to a generator, another Reaper ambushes them. After killing it, 
they pull the generator lever.]


[A control panel turns green.]


[In a case ahead, an H&K PSG-1 rifle can be found. They head to the panel,
which operates a movable platform.]


[Some Majini show up to make trouble.]


[The platform moves to their edge, but one person needs to stay behind to pull
the lever to work it. CHRIS gets on first.]

SHEVA: Here I go. Keep your eyes open.

[CHRIS gets to the other side, taking down the Majini welcoming party that's 
come to greet him while SHEVA gives covering fire. After they're all taken care
of, CHRIS pulls the lever on the other side to bring the platform to SHEVA.
SHEVA gets on as it gets to her.]

SHEVA: OK. Get this thing moving!

[CHRIS pulls the lever, and the platform moves to the other side.]


[Some Majini come out of a door, armed with stunsticks, assault rifles, and 
rocket launchers.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA move down the catwalk, taking down the Majini in the way. As
they enter the room where the Majini came out, some Majini with riot shields
show up to complicate things. They too are dispatched. After, the two head down
a rather dark hallway leading to the large chamber where they fought the U8.
They pull two levers simultaneously to make the platform go up, and face some
more Majini.]


[The Majini pull a lever to stop the platform.]


[The platform slows down.]

SHEVA: It stopped!

CHRIS: No, something's stopping it.

[CHRIS shoots the Majini operating the lever, and the platform speeds up 

SHEVA: It's going up again!


[More Majini come to slow the platform down.]


[CHRIS shoots the operator.]

SHEVA: Got him!

[As they reach the top, some assault rifle Majini are blocking the way. They
are quickly taken out. Exiting through a large steal door, they are now at
another complex of ruins.]

SHEVA: More ruins. You think Excella is here?

CHRIS: If we wanna find out, we're gonna have to lower that bridge.

[There's a lever ahead, but pulling it has no effect. The power is off. 
Thankfully the generator is nearby.]


[As they pull the generator lever, the control panel turns green.]


[SHEVA pulls the lever, which brings an elevator down. CHRIS rides the elevator


[Some lickers are here to cause trouble, climbing around the chainlink fences.]


[CHRIS holds his own against the Lickers, reaching a large crate blocking the
way and pushing it off the edge. CHRIS reaches the room with the other lever,
pulling it, as well as unlocking the door for SHEVA to come in.]


[The bridge goes down.]


[At this point there's a mass of lickers coming after them. After a long, tough
battle, CHRIS and SHEVA manage to slay the beasts. Past the bridge is a stone 
door, the door to the Monarch Room.]

{CUTSCENE #40 -- Two on Two}

[CHRIS and SHEVA enter, pistols raised.]

SHEVA: Excella Gionne! Stop right there!

EXCELLA (claps her hands in mock applause): Bravo!

CHRIS: Damn it, where is Jill!?

EXCELLA: Hmph! Jill? Maybe I'll tell you, maybe I won't.

[Suddenly a large cloaked figure somersaults over. It's BIRD LADY, and she's 
got a few moves of her own, kicking CHRIS and SHEVA. CHRIS manages to fire a
shot at her, which removes her mask. At this de-masking BIRD LADY does a series
of almost inhumanly fast back handflips, dodging CHRIS and SHEVA's gunfire and
making sure her cloak is on tight.]

CHRIS: Stop playing around, we want some answers!

WESKER: You haven't changed.

CHRIS: Wesker! You ARE alive!

SHEVA: This is Wesker?

WESKER: We last met at the...Spencer Estate, wasn't it? Well, isn't this one
big family reunion? [strolls forward] I would expect you to be happier to see 

CHRIS: Us...?

WESKER: So slow to catch on.

[He pulls back BIRD LADY's cloak to reveal...JILL VALENTINE. Her hair is blond
now, and her skin is paler, but it is unmistakably JILL. Her blue eyes flash
with a hostile look. CHRIS' eyes widen in amazement, and he lowers his pistol.]

CHRIS: Jill...Jill! It's me, Chris!

SHEVA: What? Are you sure that's her?

WESKER: The one and only.

[JILL suddenly whips off her cloak to reveal a tight blue jumpsuit. She 
savagely attacks CHRIS and SHEVA, who are reluctant to hurt her.]

WESKER: Now let's finish this once and for all. I think the odds are fair, two
on two. Right, Jill?


WESKER: Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you. 

[The fight breaks out. WESKER as usual uses his super speed to dodge their
gunfire, while JILL uses dual machine pistols and acrobatics to gain the upper

WESKER: Poor performance indeed. 


WESKER: Your future hinges upon this fight.

[He kicks CHRIS into a stone door, which crumbles under his impact.]


CHRIS: We'll never win like this. Time to change tactics.

SHEVA: We should hide!

[And hide they do, running into the labyrinth WESKER opened up for them. Inside
a sarcophagus which CHRIS and SHEVA open together is the Light Hawk magnum.]

WESKER: There's no point in hiding. You can't hide forever!

SHEVA: I'll take care of Jill! You take care of Wesker!

WESKER: You're merely postponing the inevitable!

SHEVA: You have to attack before he sees you!

[CHRIS performs several hit and run attacks on WESKER, but he is quite 
impervious to gunfire.]

WESKER: Self-righteous fools!

[Eventually the seven minutes are up.]

{CUTSCENE #41 -- Old Friends, New Enemies}

[CHRIS and SHEVA come out of the labyrinth. WESKER is on the balcony.]

WESKER: I expected more of a challenge after all this time, Chris. How 

[WESKER's PDA rings, and he walks away.]



[CHRIS and SHEVA storm up the stairs and pointing their pistols at WESKER.]

CHRIS: Wesker, stop!

[WEKSER puts away his phone and smirks as JILL rounds the corner, beats up
SHEVA, then grapples CHRIS to the ground, pinning him.]

CHRIS: Jill, come on! It's me, Chris! Snap out of it!

WESKER: Nice move, Chris. But now that your "partner" has arrived, I'll leave
you two to catch up.

[JILL twists, inflicting more pain on him.]

CHRIS: Come on, Jill! Get yourself together! Wake up! Jill Valentine!

[Suddenly a more human look seems to come across JILL's face.]

JILL VALENTINE: Chr...Chris...

[She forcefully lets go of CHRIS, as if though she were resisting her self.]

CHRIS: Jill!

WESKER: Remarkable! Still resisting at such an advanced stage.

[He pulls out his PDA and hits a button, causing JILL to writhe and cry out in

WESKER: Commendable, yet futile! No more time for games, Chris. I've got work
to do. Have fun watching Jill suffer.

CHRIS: Wait! What did you do to her!?

[WESKER steps into an elevator, which slams shut in front of CHRIS' face. 
Meanwhile, JILL's cries of agony are getting more intense until she rips her
battle suit, revealing an odd red contraption on her chest, the machine that
is usurping her mind.]

SHEVA: What's that on her chest?

CHRIS: We have to get it off her!

[JILL suddenly stops shouting in pain; her mind is under control again.]


SHEVA: If we can remove that device on her chest, she might return to normal!

CHRIS: Alright...Then that's what we're gonna do!

[He runs up to JILL, avoiding her gunfire.]

CHRIS: Jill! What are you doing! Stop this! Jill! Answer me!

[She starts to moan in pain again, and CHRIS takes this moment to grab her and
restrain her. SHEVA shoots the contraption, then jumps up and straddles JILL's 
head between her thighs, bringing her down to the ground.]

SHEVA: Now! Hold her down!

[CHRIS tries to pull off the contraption, but JILL's mind is usurped again and
she tries to kick him off. CHRIS is forced to dodge away.]

CHRIS: It's me, Chris! Don't you recognize me?

[She starts to moan in pain again, and CHRIS takes this moment to grab her and
restrain her. SHEVA shoots the contraption, then jumps up and straddles JILL's 
head between her thighs, bringing her down to the ground. CHRIS tries to pull 
off the contraption, but JILL's mind is usurped again and she slides away from
his grasp, trying to counterattack. CHRIS is forced to dodge away.]

CHRIS: Come on! Snap out of it! Don't do this, Jill! I don't want to hurt you!
Jill! What are you doing!?

SHEVA: We have to get that device off her chest!

[As SHEVA restrains JILL, CHRIS tries to tear off the thing, but she manages
to kick them off before they do.]

CHRIS: Stop this! Jill! Answer me!

[CHRIS grabs her, then flings her onto the ground and proceed to try to tear
the contraption off. JILL's mind is usurped again and she slides away from
his grasp, trying to counterattack. CHRIS is forced to dodge away.]

CHRIS: It's me, Chris! Don't you recognize me?

[As SHEVA restrains JILL, CHRIS tries to tear off the thing, but she manages
to kick them off before they do. The contraption is now sparking heavily.]

CHRIS: Come on! Snap out of it!

[As SHEVA restrains JILL, CHRIS finally manages to tear off the thing, throwing
it aside.]

{CUTSCENE #42 -- Favor for a Friend}

[JILL moans in pain, then collapses to the ground.]

CHRIS: Jill!

[He gets down, cradling Jill.]

CHRIS: Jill! Are you all right?

[She regains her senses.]

JILL: Chris...I'm so sorry...

CHRIS: It's okay.

JILL: You're Sheva, right?


JILL: I couldn't control my actions, oh, but God I was still aware. Forgive me.

SHEVA: It's all right.

JILL: Thank you.

[CHRIS helps JILL up.]

JILL: Listen. I'm gonna be alright. You two need to stop him.

CHRIS: We can't just leave you here!

JILL: You have to! This is your only chance! If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will
be spread across the globe! Millions will die!

CHRIS: Well yeah, but--

JILL: I'm all right! You need to stop him! 

[CHRIS looks hesitant. JILL grabs him in desperation.]

JILL: Chris! You're the only one who can. Before it's too late. Don't you trust
your partner?

CHRIS: All right.

[CHRIS turns to leave.]

JILL: Take care of him.

[SHEVA nods, then goes to join CHRIS in the elevator. The door closes.]

JILL: You're our only hope to survive this.

{CUTSCENE #43 -- The Tanker}

[CHRIS and SHEVA are heading outside.]

SHEVA: Chris...

CHRIS: I'm all right.

[From their position they can see an enormous ship.]

SHEVA: Over there!

[Surely enough, WESKER and EXCELLA are walking down the docks to board the 

CHRIS: It's time to put an end to this. Let's go!

====Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck====


[The ship has set sail now.]


SHEVA: This ship is huge! Do you think they're planning to use it to spread

CHRIS: No, using a ship like this would give away their position too soon. They
must have another plan.

[They make their way through the deck, taking down stunrod Majini along the 


[A door bursts open and some Adjule run out.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA eliminate the Adjule and guards and continue through a maze of
shipping containers. Together they push a crate in the way, then SHEVA jumps


[A Majini pulls a lever, and suddenly a cage falls over SHEVA, trapping her


[A whole bunch of Majini show up. SHEVA helps provide assisting fire inside her
cage. One of the Majini transforms into another type of Plaga called a Duvalia.
Its head is indescribably ugly. From its body CHRIS obtains the Crane Keycard.]

SHEVA: We need to move this container. There should be a crane or something

[CHRIS shoots a control panel to open a way, using the Crane Keycard to unlock
the door to the crane. He gets to the top and pulls the lever.]


[The crane comes along and picks up the container, freeing SHEVA.]

SHEVA: Thanks!


SHEVA: I'm not going on without you. Come on!

[CHRIS makes his way down to SHEVA's position. Some more Majini block the way
forward, but they are easily dispatched. There are a few control panels that
they shoot to operate some movable platforms. Some Adjule give chase, but they
are killed. CHRIS and SHEVA finally reach the door to the ship's interior.]

SHEVA: This tanker is so big. It won't be easy finding Wesker.

CHRIS: That won't be a problem. Once he knows we're here, he'll find us.

SHEVA: And how do you know that?

CHRIS: Let's just say we have a history together, and he's not the type to let
grudges go.

SHEVA: Hmm...you must have done something to piss him off.

CHRIS: It goes a bit beyond just "pissing him off."

SHEVA: So...are you going to tell me what happened?

CHRIS: Maybe...but not until after we've put an end to all this. Deal?

SHEVA: Okay, but I'm holding you to that.

[They run down a flight of stairs. At the bottom a Jail Breaker shotgun can be

{CUTSCENE #44 -- Medicine}

[CHRIS and SHEVA run past an aisle of tanks full of Progenitor Flowers to 
confront EXCELLA. She is looking at a briefcase of some sort.]

CHRIS: Freeze!

[EXCELLA shuts her briefcase.]

SHEVA: What's going on here?

EXCELLA: Nothing that concerns either of you.

SHEVA: We're not giving you an option, now spit it out!

CHRIS: tell us what we want to know and you won't get hurt. Where's Wesker!

EXCELLA: If you can behave yourselves, maybe I'll tell you.

[She grabs two briefcases and runs. CHRIS and SHEVA open fire, hitting one of
the cases and causing her to drop it. EXCELLA manages to get away.]

CHRIS: Damn it!

SHEVA: She's tough. I'll give her that much.

[SHEVA looks down at the fallen briefcase. The syringes inside have scattered
all over the floor.]

SHEVA: What's this?

[She picks one up.]

SHEVA: Chris, is this...?

CHRIS: Whatever it is, Excella seemed protective of it. 


[The large chamber ahead is like a warehouse of some sort.]


[As CHRIS and SHEVA pass along, an alarm suddenly sounds, and a ton of Majini
come out of the hatches.]


[A fierce firefight breaks out. CHRIS and SHEVA make their way down to the 
lower level.]


[Even more Majini come to make trouble.]


[They jump down a hatch, taking out Majini that confront them in the hallway.
CHRIS and SHEVA finally make it to the next chamber.]


[At this point a Majini with a gatling gun comes in, blasting away in an
aggressive show of strength.]


SHEVA: Their weapons keep getting bigger! Take cover!

[They hide behind steel boxes as he blasts away, then open fire at him when he
stops to rev up again. This Majini is tough; the steel backpack he wears 
protects his back, and he is capable of surviving explosions and using his gun
as a melee weapon. CHRIS and SHEVA take advantage of the explosive cylinders
lying around to take him down. After killing him they take the Tanker Keycard A
from his body. Tanker Keycard B is in a safe above. They use the keycards 
simultaneously to open a door.]


[There are some rocket launcher Majini waiting for them.]

SHEVA: Rocket launcher!


[CHRIS and SHEVA take out the rocket launcher Majini in this room, as well as
the few Bui Kichwa skittering around, then get into the elevator.]

{CUTSCENE #45 -- Dreams of a Madman}

[The scene shifts to WESKER, who is in a control room of some sort.]

WESKER: So you've made it this far...

[He is watching CHRIS and SHEVA in the elevator through some security cameras.]

WESKER: Too bad you won't make it much further.

[He enters into a flashback set in the Spencer Estate. SPENCER is sitting in
a wheechair as WESKER paces about.]

SPENCER: ...a new superior breed of humans given birth by the Progenitor Virus.
The Wesker children were entrusted with endless potential. Of them, only one
survived. You.

WESKER: Are you saying I was manufactured?

SPENCER: I was to become a god...(coughs)...creating a new world with an
advanced race of human beings. However, all was lost with Raccoon City. Despite
that setback, your creation still holds great significance. (coughs)

[SPENCER slowly gets up on his feet, and WESKER starts to walk over to him.]

SPENCER: Now my candle burns dimly. Ironic, isn't it? For one who has the right
to be a god! To face his own mortality...

[He turns around to look WESKER straight in the eye.]

WESKER: The right to be a god...

[WESKER impales SPENCER with his arm.]

WESKER (speaking straight into SPENCER'S ear): That right is now mine.

[He releases his arm, and SPENCER falls to the floor, dead.]

WESKER: The right to be a god? You? Arrogant even until the end. Only one truly
capable of becoming a god deserves that right.

[The scene shifts back to the present.]

WESKER: The right...With Uroboros, I have that right.

====Chapter 6-2: Main Deck====


[CHRIS and SHEVA are now outside. Ahead is a gigantic pile of bodies.]

{CUTSCENE #46 -- A New Nightmare Begins}

[CHRIS and SHEVA approach the clearing with the pile of corpses.]

CHRIS: What the hell happened here?

[Suddenly someone staggers over. It's EXCELLA. She is hunched over in pain.]

CHRIS: Excella...what's going on!?

EXCELLA: Why...when I've done so much...all for you...

WESKER (through speakers): Chris! How nice of you to join us. 

CHRIS: Wesker!

WESKER: Don't worry, your mission is at its end. Uroboros is on the eve of its 
appearance. Six billion cries of agony will birth a new balance!

CHRIS: Sorry Wesker, but not on my watch!

EXCELLA: Albert...you said we'd change this world together...why!?

SHEVA: I thought they were partners.

CHRIS: Wesker doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself.

WESKER: Soon even you will understand, Chris. One glimpse of my new world and 
it will all make perfect sense.

CHRIS: Show yourself!

WESKER: Unfortunately, it's too late for you. You will not live to see the 
dawn! Sorry Excella, but it appears Uroboros has rejected you.

[EXCELLA is now on her knees, shouting in pain.]

WESKER: Though you have been an excellent asset. I have one last task for you.

EXCELLA: Albert!

[Suddenly her eyes widen and a mass of tentacles explode out of her mouth.]

SHEVA: What the hell!?

WESKER: Farewell, old friend.

[The tentacles move towards the pile of bodies, engulfing them. Soon EXCELLA 
has turned into a gigantic monster, AHERI, similar to the first boss and MKONO,
but even bigger and stronger than either of them. A tentacle suddenly lashes
down at CHRIS and SHEVA, who manage to jump out of the way. They get up and
start to run for their lives. As they run down the catwalk, they dodge from
AHERI's tentacles. They get off the catwalk and assist each other in climbing
over a shipping container and up a flight of stairs to a higher deck.

SHEVA: This way!

[They manage to get to a door and inside again.]


CHRIS: Persistent son of bitch.

SHEVA: So now what? Do you think our weapons can hurt that thing? 

CHRIS: I dunno, but we gotta get the hell outta here before it destroys this

[Suddenly AHERI's tentacles punch through the ceiling, an attack that the two
narrowly dodge.]

SHEVA: It's tearing through the ship! We can't stay here!

[They pass through a few cabins to avoid the tentacless blocking the way. AHERI 
can be seen through a window.]

SHEVA: My God...Look how big it's become!

[They pass through a hallway with numerous Majini corpses lying around. Some of
them, however, aren't dead yet, and they jump up and attack. CHRIS and SHEVA
eliminate them. One of them mutates into a Duvalia; from this Majini they get
the Bridge Keycard. They go through a slide door into a room in which SPENCER's
notebook can be found, listing Umbrella members with access to company secrets.
They use the keycard to enter the bridge, which is deserted. On a bulletin
board across the bridge is a document describing the Shango satellite laser.]

CHRIS: A satellite laser...we just might have a chance. The targeting device
is on the roof! Come on! There's no time to lose!

[They head outside and make their way to the roof.]


[Suddenly AHERI appears. It has grown to a size where nothing less than a 
satellite laser will take it down.]


SHEVA: That thing is huge. Do you really think we can kill it?

[CHRIS uses the Bridge Keycard to open a panel and reveal the Laser Targeting

SHEVA: It's all on you, Chris! I've got your back!

[AHERI reveals a large central bulb, which CHRIS targets.]

SHEVA: There is is! Fire!

[CHRIS locks on, and a huge green laser blasts AHERI.]

SHEVA: That's it hit, hit it again! Watch out! It's firing off some sort of 

[Sure enough, there are some small masses of Uroboros crawling around the deck,
but they are easily taken out with small arms fire.]


[AHERI's bulb retracts, and four large tentacles tipped with orange bulbs 
rise up.]


SHEVA: Chris! Above you!

[The tentacles attempt to lash out at CHRIS, but he manages to duck. As the
fight goes on CHRIS targets each bulb with the LTD, and the laser blasts them.]


[AHERI reveals its main bulb again.]


[CHRIS aims at AHERI with the LTD, and this time the laser hit is fatal.]


[With a deafening scream, AHERI's main bulb explodes, and it collapses, finally

====Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck====


[CHRIS and SHEVA are back on the bridge.]

SHEVA: So that's Uroboros...I fear for the world if that ever gets out.

CHRIS: Goddammit Wesker! He's actually serious about destroying the entire

{CUTSCENE #47: A Message from Jill}

[CHRIS and SHEVA go down some stairs, passing by some computer screens.]

CHRIS: Wait.

[He head over to the computer, looking at the screen. SHEVA joins him.]

SHEVA: An assault bomber! Then Jill and Wesker was planning to spread Uroboros
throughout the world...

CHRIS: He's planning to use this to spread it. 

[The screen changes security cameras.]

CHRIS: Wesker! There he is. Come on, let's go!

[Somebody comes through to his PDA. It's JILL.]

CHRIS: Jill! Are you alright?

JILL: I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just listen carefully, there's something
I need to tell you. Wesker's superhuman strength, it comes from a virus. But
the virus is unstable. In order to maintain a balance he must inject himself
regularly with a serum.

SHEVA: So if we cut the supply of serum he loses his strength.

JILL: Affirmative. But he just took a dose, so it's gonna be a while before he
needs another one. 

CHRIS: Damn.

JILL: Listen, Excella said that the amount administered has to be precise. So
if he injects too much it should act like a poison. I think she used a serum
labeled PG67A/W.


[SHEVA looks at the syringe they took from EXCELLA.]

JILL: I'm gonna try to find a way to escape. You need to find that serum.
Excella always kept it with her in an attache ca-- (static)

CHRIS: Jill! Come in! Jill!

[The screen fades away back to the PDA main menu.]

CHRIS: Shit!

SHEVA: Chris...this is it.

[A close-up on the syringe shows that it is indeed PG67A/W.]

CHRIS: Let's give it a shot. 


SHEVA: A bomber equipped with missiles? He can't fly around in that without
getting shot down...oh God!

CHRIS: Exactly. The plane can't get shot down. If it does, it will initiate a

SHEVA: It's just like Jill said, he's planning to spread this virus worldwide.

CHRIS: Looks that way. Things are worse than I thought. We have to stop him 
here and now.

[CHRIS and SHEVA get into an elevator.]


EMERGENCY VOICE: Warning! Fire detected in the engine room! Warning! Sealing 
off area with primary bulkhead! Evacuate the area immediately!


[Fires periodically burn across the catwalks. CHRIS and SHEVA make their way
past the searing heat to a lever, which they pull.]


EMERGENCY VOICE: Opening secondary bulkhead. Please maintain a safe distance
from the bulkhead.


[Some Majini with stun rods come along to make things difficult as they wait
for the bulkhead to open completely.]

SHEVA: Come on! Open, damn you!

[Assault rifle Majini also come to join the fight from the other side of the 
bulkhead, as well as a few rocket launcher Majini. They neutralize them, then 
pull the levers to the primary bulkhead.]


EMERGENCY VOICE: Opening primary bulkhead. Please maintain a safe distance from
the bulkhead.


[At this point two Reapers come to join the fight. CHRIS and SHEVA defeat them
as the bulkhead opens.]


[A platform slides up and two Gatling Gun Majini appear.]

SHEVA: We'll never win in a fair fight! We need to fall back and come up with a


[The two run for a gatling gun turret, which they use two take out the group of
Majini that have arrived. From the gatling gunners bodies they pick up Hangar
Keycards A and B.]


[The two use the keycards at the same time to open a door.]


SHEVA: Something doesn't feel right...I can't explain it.

CHRIS: Yeah, I hear you. Don't let your guard down for a second.

{CUTSCENE #48 -- Rematch}

[They move through a sliding door to find WESKER on a balcony, looking at the
bomber. CHRIS and SHEVA raise their weapons.]

CHRIS: Your plans are finished, Wesker!

SHEVA: There's no way out this time!

WESKER: Don't you two ever tire of failing in your mission? (takes off 
sunglasses) You've really become quite an inconvenience for me.

[He tosses the glasses all of a sudden, and CHRIS instinctively catches it, 
letting down his guard. WESKER takes advantage of this and defeats them in close
combat, getting his glasses back in the process. CHRIS fires at WESKER and then
tries to tackle him, but WESKER dodges the bullets and absorbs the attack,
giving back a few hits. As CHRIS tries to shoot him again, WESKER back-
handsprings to SHEVA, holding her in front of him as a shield.]

CHRIS: Why are you doing this? What do you accomplish by unleashing Uroboros?

WESKER: Every day humans come one step closer to self destruction. I'm not 
destroying the world, I'm saving it!

[SHEVA manages to escape WESKER's grasp, and they engage in close combat once 
more. WESKER blocks their attacks, then grapples them and tosses them over the
balcony. CHRIS sees the serum land right next to him.]

SHEVA: This guy's lost it!

CHRIS (picking up the serum): This may be our only chance!

[WESKER leaps over the balcony.]

SHEVA: Do it!

[As WESKER lands, the roof starts to open up, getting ready for takeoff.

WESKER: Things are really getting interesting now, eh Chris? Do you actually
you can defeat me?

CHRIS: Either way, I'm not gonna stop until I'm dead!

WESKER (laughs): Well then, I'll just have to kill you quickly.


WESKER: I'll see you dead!

SHEVA: If we take advantage of the dark, we might actually hit him.

[CHRIS pulls several levers around the place to close the roof.]

WESKER: There's no point in hiding. Is that all you have?

SHEVA: Every time we shoot, he dodges! Fighting in the dark might be our only

WESKER: Ignorant cretins! Has it never occured to you that this planet is
overpopulated? Only a handful of humans truly matter. Everyone else is just so
much chaff. So now I have to separate this chaff from the wheat. And with
Uroboros I can finally accomplish this!

[CHRIS grabs an RPG-7 in a glass case in the corner.]

SHEVA: I'll distract him!

[SHEVA acts as a distraction to WESKER while CHRIS readies the RPG.]

SHEVA: Now's our chance!

[CHRIS fires the rocket.]


[WESKER catches the rocket, but its rocket propulsion is still going and WESKER
struggles to keep it under control.]


SHEVA: I've got you now!

[SHEVA shoots the rocket, detonating it.]


[SHEVA grabs him from behind, restraining him.]

SHEVA: Do it! Inject him!


[WESKER manages to break out of her grasp though. They scramble up a ladder to
get rockets to reload.]

WESKER: You can't hide forever.


[CHRIS holds the RPG while SHEVA inserts the rocket.]


[SHEVA acts as a distraction again while CHRIS readies the rocket.]

WESKER: Ah, there you are! You're merely postponing the inevitable. Only those
with superior DNA will be chosen by Uroboros. Only those fit for survival will
be allowed to carry their genes into a new age!

CHRIS: And let me guess, you're the one that's going to rule this "new age,"

[CHRIS fires the rocket at WESKER.]


[WESKER catches the rocket again, struggling against its rocket propulsion.]


[They shoot the rocket, stunning him.]



CHRIS: Do it now! Give him the shot!


[SHEVA injects it into Wesker.]

{CUTSCENE #49 -- Wesker's Vulnerability}

[WESKER staggers back and crumples in pain.]

SHEVA: Did it work?

CHRIS: I think so.

[WESKER struggles to his feet, but his vision is hazy. Grasping his head, he
cries out in pain, but manages to get a hold of himself, taking off his glasses
and throwing them away.]

WESKER: This isn't over, Chris!

[He runs away, making enormous leaps to his bomber.]

CHRIS: Sheva, he's getting away, hurry!

[They run towards, the bomber, which is starting to go down the runway. CHRIS
makes a final spring and grabs on. SHEVA is still running behind.]

CHRIS: Sheva! Come on! Come on, grab on!

[SHEVA puts in a final burst of speed, managing to grab onto CHRIS' hand just
as the bomber speeds off the runway.] 

{CUTSCENE #50 -- Sky-High Skirmish}

[CHRIS and SHEVA are inside the bomber.]

WESKER: It seems I may have underestimated you, Chris.

CHRIS: Save it Wesker. There's no one left to help you now.

WESKER: I don't need anyone else. (gets up) I have Uroboros. In less than five
minutes we'll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment. Uroboros will
be released into the atmosphere ensuring complete global saturation.

[He suddenly charges at CHRIS, who sidesteps the attack. WESKER then throws
CHRIS across the place while suppressively firing at SHEVA to keep her pinned
behind a pillar.]

WESKER: Your feeble attempts only delay the inevitable. The entire world will
be infected.

[CHRIS opens fire at WESKER, but WESKER dodges the shots, still firing at 
SHEVA. Eventually he makes it up to CHRIS, pointing his pistol at his head.]

WESKER: A new genesis is at hand and I will be the creator.

[SHEVA charges at WESKER with her machete, but WESKER dodges the attack, 
backflipping and hanging upside down on the ceiling. CHRIS fires at him but
is attacked in a furious combo. SHEVA has turned around now, and stabs WESKER
in the arm, but it has little effect on him. He grabs her and starts to choke
her. SHEVA manages to break free, clamping her legs around his head and 
bringing him down to the ground.]

CHRIS: I've had enough of your bullshit!

[He injects WESKER with the serum.]

CHRIS: You're just another one of Umbrella's leftovers.

SHEVA: You know what we have to do.

CHRIS: Alright, I'll go for the override lever. Cover me!

[CHRIS runs for the lever as WESKER charges at him. SHEVA opens fire at him,
which WESKER dodges, but it is too late. CHRIS pulls the lever, and the back
door opens.]

WESKER: You'll pay for that!

CHRIS: Hang on!

[As the door opens a powerful gust blows, knocking WESKER off his feet. CHRIS
and SHEVA are holding on. Before WESKER can tumble out of the plane, he grabs
onto SHEVA's legs, trying to pull her down. At this point, SHEVA looks up with
a look of sacrifice in her eyes. CHRIS has a flashback of JILL at this moment,
and SHEVA lets go.]


[He lets go, grabbing onto SHEVA's hand and the pillar. The bomber is plunging
straight towards a volcano.]

WESKER: I'm taking the two of you with me.

SHEVA: Like hell you will.

[With her free hand she draws her pistol and shoots him, causing him to let go
and fall out of the plane. The plane makes a crash-landing into the volcano.
Screen fades to black. When it returns, we find that the plane is on a fragile
sheet of rock.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA get out, taking a breather.]

{CUTSCENE #51 -- The Final Curtain}

[CHRIS and SHEVA walk forward with relief. In the smoke of the plane crash they
see a figure emerge...a shirtless WESKER.]

WESKER: I should have killed you years ago...Chris.

CHRIS: Your mistake. It's over, Wesker!

WESKER: Over? (laughs) I'm just getting started.

[He punches into a container with Uroboros in it, and all of a sudden Uroboros
tentacles come out of his body. One of his arms turns into a mass of tentacles 
with several metal pieces from the plane embedded in it like claws. Overall, 
though, WESKER still remains in control of his mutation and his intellect in 
comparison to previous Uroboros victims.]

WESKER: Time to die, Chris.

[He leaps down onto the rock, approaching the two.]


WESKER: Why can't you understand, Chris?

SHEVA: Fall back!


[As CHRIS crosses a narrow rock bridge, it collapses under him, so that he is
on the low ground, and WESKER and SHEVA on the high ground.]

WESKER: Do you really believe the world is worth saving?

SHEVA (through radio): Chris! Get to high ground!


WESKER: Natural selection leaves the survivors stronger and better. Humans have
escaped this winnowing for far too long.

[WESKER follows in pursuit of CHRIS, thrashing his tentacle out at him.]

SHEVA: I've got him, CHRIS!

[SHEVA gives CHRIS covering fire against WESKER.]


[WESKER staggers momentarily, then his other arm starts to mutate. He makes an 
enormous leap upwards onto high ground, this time going for SHEVA.]

WESKER: Damn you!

[This time CHRIS must offer covering fire for her.]

WESKER: War and pestilence wherever you go. Everywhere, nothing but loathsome

[SHEVA runs across a rather fragile land bridge, which breaks under her. She
manages to grab on to the edge.]

CHRIS: Just...hold on...Sheva!

[SHEVA manages to get up, but there's a gap in the way. On CHRIS's side is a
massive boulder, which both of them realize is the stepping stone they need.
CHRIS runs over to the boulder, pushing with all his might and giving it a few
punches to get it rolling. It rolls into the lava, creating a stepping stone.]


[SHEVA jumps across, and almost falls into the lava, but CHRIS manages to catch

WESKER: The human race requires judgment!

[He leaps over to CHRIS and SHEVA's position.


CHRIS: And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book

[CHRIS and SHEVA retreat to higher ground.]


[WESKER makes an enormous leap onto the very center of the rocky platform.]

WESKER: Chriiis!


[This is the final showdown. WESKER makes enormous swipes with his tentacles,
which CHRIS and SHEVA dodge, running around and shooting his weak point on his
back. WESKER also flails his tentacles in a circular motion, like a tornado of
tentacles, but misses.]


[The tentacles around his glowing weak point retract, exposing it.]


[CHRIS and SHEVA open fire onto this exposed spot.]


[The tentacles retract back over the spot, and the weak point shifts to the
back again.]


[They continue to avoid his attacks. He does one more whirlwind attack.]


[CHRIS jumps onto his back, restraining him.]

CHRIS: Now, Sheva, shoot him!

SHEVA: I can't without hitting you!

[CHRIS starts to punch the weak spot, pulling back the tentacles.]

CHRIS: Then shoot through me!

[SHEVA unsheathes her machete, slashing and stabbing it as hard as she can. She
gives him one final stab, and WESKER throws CHRIS off, his weak spot bleeding.
CHRIS gets up quickly, taking out his machete, and jumps on WESKER, stabbing
his weak spot ferociously. Blood or whatever fluid is in the orange bulb spews
out like a fountain.] 

{CUTSCENE #52 -- The Fall of Wesker}

[WESKER staggers backwards, growling in pain, when all of a sudden the rock 
breaks underneath his feet and he tumbles into the lava. As CHRIS and SHEVA 
struggle to keep balance, a helicopter flies overhead, piloted by JOSH. In the 
hold is JILL.]

JILL: Grab on!

[She throws down a ladder. CHRIS gets SHEVA on the ladder first, then barely
manages to grab on just as the last bit of rock sinks into lava. The two get
onto the helicopter.]


[He shoots an Uroboros tentacle up, snagging onto the helicopter's landing skid
and pulling in an attempt to bring it down.]

CHRIS: Hang on!

JILL: Chris, Sheva, use those!

[She points to two RPG-7s mounted on the wall. SHEVA picks them up, handing one
to CHRIS.]

CHRIS: Ready partner?

SHEVA: Locked and loaded.

CHRIS: Suck on this, Wesker.

SHEVA: Your time's up, you son of a bitch!

[They fire the rockets, and we see an obligatory slow-motion shot of the 
rockets as they destroy WESKER once and for all.]

SHEVA: That was for our fallen brothers.

[The three look at each other in relief as the helicopter flies away from the

{CUTSCENE #53 -- Homeward Bound!}

[The helicopter is flying high, away from the volcano. CHRIS, SHEVA, and JILL 
look out the windows, then look at each other.]

CHRIS: It's over.


JILL: Finally.

[JOSH glances behind from the pilot's seat, a smile on his face.]

CHRIS (voiceover): More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth 
fighting for. For a future without fear...

[He looks at SHEVA and JILL again.]

CHRIS: Yeah, it's worth it.

[The helicopter rides into the sunrise of a new dawn.]



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