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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    * Game:	        L.A. Noire                *
    * Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
    * For:		Xbox 360, PS3             *
    * Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
    * Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
    * Twitter:	TheGum25                  *
    * Site:		www.herostrike.com        *
    Version 1.0 - I just have the main story for now, but will rapidly work on the
    rest of it.
    Table Of Contents
    Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			( CON2222 )
    3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
    4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )
    	Patrol			( PAT111 )
    	Upon Reflection			( 1.1 )
    	Armed and Dangerous		( 1.2 )
    	Warrants Outstanding		( 1.3 )
    	Buyer Beware			( 1.4 )
    	Traffic			( TRA222 )
    	The Driver's Seat		( 2.1 )
    	A Marraige Made in Heaven	( 2.2 )
    	The Fallen Idol			( 2.3 )
    	Homicide		( HOM333 )
    	The Red Lipstick Murder		( 3.1 )
    	The Golden Butterfly		( 3.2 )
    	The Silk Stocking Murder	( 3.3 )
    	The White Shoe Slaying		( 3.4 )
    	The Studio Secretary Murder	( 3.5 )
    	The Quarter Moon Murders	( 3.6 )
    	Vice			( VIC444 )
    	The Black Caesar		( 4.1 )
    	The Set Up			( 4.2 )
    	Manifest Destiny		( 4.3 )
    	Arson			( ARS555 )
    	The Gas Man			( 5.1 )
    	A Walk in Elysian Fields	( 5.2 )
    	House of Sticks			( 5.3 )
    	A Polite Invitation		( 5.4 )
    	A Different Kind of War		( 5.5 )
    5. Street Cases			( STCA555 )
    6. Landmarks			( LAMA666 )
    7. Film Reels			( REEL777 )
    8. Hidden Cars			( HICA888 )
    9. Achievements			( ACTR999 )
    10. Author Info / Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    If you've played Mass Effect 1 & 2 and Heavy Rain, this game is another entry
    in what is becoming a collection of games that will one day be linked back as
    the foundation of the future of gaming. Mass Effect (and over similar RPGs
    where branching dialogue is prominent) offers the ability to choose how you
    wish a conversation to unfold; sometimes giving you lots of options, sometimes
    it's just window dressing, but the chatting is the feature of the game you will
    remember after playing. In Heavy Rain you were taught to live with the 
    decisions you made, and by the end you could be in one of any number of
    possible resolutions to the story; the motion-mimickry was prominent, but that
    feature is take it or leave it, wouldn't matter.
    LA Noire isn't the next evolution, or another great step forward. Instead, it
    is just a contribution. It offers nearly realistic facial animations and 
    systems that make it feel like you're the one solving the crime. Sadly, I
    feel like beyond a certain point you realize that you, the player, are just
    the driver at the wheel of this story which is on a set rail.
    Had this game incorporated better chat options, gave you more choices to 
    make, and gave more than one or two resolutions to a case, then we might 
    have had the next big thing. 
    LA Noire is not a huge step forward, but it tinkers with the notion. The 
    honest truth is this game is more like an interactive movie. They possibly 
    could have made it a better game with more freedom to do stuff in the city,
    but they're probably saving that for the next game...
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    X - investigate
    O - exit, reload
    TRI - enter, exit car / hold to make partner drive
    SQU - talk / dodge in a fist fight
    R1 - enter, exit cover
    R2 - run / shoot
    L1 - drop held gun
    L2 - aim / lock on in fist fight
    R3 - look behind you
    L3 - siren/horn
    D-DOWN - zoom out of mini map
    D-RIGHT - call partner
    SELECT - notebook
    START - Pause menu
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Your partner can drive to all destinations, maybe except for a few here
    and there.
    #2. You'll hear dings when you're looking in the direction of a clue, a louder
    ding when your at a clue, music dies when all clues are found, and there are
    check marks and X's in your notepad to know the result of your questions when
    #3. You have intuition, you don't need it if using this guide, but just know
    that those points will reveal all clues in a crime scene or help you eliminate
    wrong choices during interviews.
    #4. When chasing on foot you can tap the tackle button to end the chase.
    #5. Don't forget your siren.
    #6. In gun fights, try to peek out when the goons are at the end of their 
    firing round, which is usually three bullets or so. It's kind of hard to master
    this time, but it's the only way to try and avoid damage.
    * 4. The Guide  ( FAQ4444 )                                                   *
    Patrol Cases			( PAT111 )
    For those who completed the game, you are not ranked in these cases, so there
    is no need to replay them other than for like the clue achievement or something
    like that.
    Upon Reflection			( 1.1 )
    If you played GTAIV on the system you are playing this game, should be the 
    same vehicle controls. If you haven't, just follow the on-screen help. Drive
    up and hang a right to reach the alleyway crime scene.
    *NOTE: I would turn on subtitles if I were you.*
    Move up and pay attention to the help dialogue in the corner. It tells you that
    music will chime and your controller will shake (if it can). Soon after you
    move up, your partner will call you over to record the clue of the bloodstain 
    on the door, then you are told about the notebook system.
    *NOTE: Many items will be dinged, but they are not part of the investigation,
    which is the case for the trash you can find in this first location.*
    Move left of the door and you should get a ding of a clue, so just press X/A
    and you'll see the gun on the roof. Go around the corner and up the pipe to 
    examine the gun, then go back down. Before you leave, go pick up the 
    newspaper on the crate by the steps and read it to watch a movie. Then you
    should be reminded that hte music stops upon finding all clues. 
    *NOTE: You can press start during cutscenes to pause.*
    To review:
    	Bloodstain on door
    	Gun on roof
    	Newspaper story
    Now get back in your car and you'll open your notebook. Just open the gun store
    entry and select the marker option. Not too far, but make your way to the gun
    store  and don't forget you can turn on your siren.
    You'll go inside and be given a ledger, so find the entry on the second page 
    for Errol Schroeder. Get in your car and pick the next destination. You can
    open the map in the pause menu to see that there are two bridges leading to
    your next destination. 
    Go across the street and in through the left door. Look at the mailboxes, then
    exit and go up the stairs to take the first door on the right. Enter fight
    club mode and all you have to do is throw punches and press block when he
    is winding up. After a time you can grapple and throw him down to end the
    All you can do is pick up the notebook in the drawer.
    Armed and Dangerous		( 1.2 )
    Pick up the pedal and arrive at the location. Stay in cover and for goodness
    sakes don't press the L1 button if you are on the PS3! It will just drop your
    shotgun; you can press X to pick it up, and I imagine the 360 is similar. Just
    stay on the cover but you can get pecked at the very corner, so you should 
    bline fire or wait for one of the two bad guys to pop up and fire. You can 
    press the aim button while in cover. When those two are dead, move up the 
    doorway and one guy will be behind the column. Your partner may take him out,
    but there are two more, one behind the counter and one up top. Kill them for
    a scene.
    Warrants Outstanding		( 1.3 )
    Pick up the running and just follow behind him, and if you ever lose him you
    can track him on your radar. Go up the ladder but just press up; or make the
    hilarious mistake of pressing left or right and you may find yourself 
    constantly running back and forth to the ladder. Up the stairs, up the pipe, 
    then just follow to automatically jump the gaps (assuming you are running of
    course), and around the corner you fight again. Just punch away and you'll
    pull him in.
    Buyer Beware			( 1.4 )
    Your first real crime scene:
    	Note in pocket of victim
    	Gun in trash can
    	Bullets on curb
    	Talk to the guy on the street
    Go inteview the witness inside:
    	Account - lie, voucher
    	Suspect - doubt
    	Details - truth
    *NOTE: If you mess up the interview you'll go to the gun store first.*
    Head to the jewelry store
    and move up to the counter, then be ready to hop the counter and chase the perp
    down the alley. You need to get him on a long stretch, and the two as you
    enter the park are best; just hold your gun on him for until the pie fills up.
    Now you'll be interrogating the guy:
    	Arguement - lie, suspect identified
    	Motive - doubt
    Traffic Cases			( TRA222 )
    The Driver's Seat		( 2.1 )
    Hold the "Get in" button and your partner will drive you to the scene, which
    is a long way away if you drive yourself.
    Approach the cop on scene for some info:
    	Talk to the doctor
    	Note in the trunk
    	Driver's Seat
    	Wallet info in front of car
    	Glasses nearby (flip them)
    	Brand on bloody pipe to the left
    Now go to the witness and ask him the questions:
    	Purpose - truth
    	Adrian - truth
    	Wallet - doubt
    	Pipe - truth
    Go to your car and let your partner drive to the next place.
    At the house:
    	Newspaper on dining table
    	Matchbook on table or bedroom
    	Use phone to find the bar
    	Find the note behind the picture in the first room
    	Eye-glass case nearby
    	Ticket to Seattle in closet
    	Another picture in other bedroom
    	Bill for water heater in kitchen
    	Pick up and flip the flyer
    	Go outside to find heater outside kitchen
    	Piece the pipeline together
    Now go talk to Mrs. Black 
    	Morgan - truth
    	Bar - truth
    	Adrian Black - truth
    	Glasses - truth
    	Photo - lie, message
    	Alibi - truth
    Feel free to hold the get in button to let your partner drive, which will play
    the appropriate chat and then skip to the location.
    You can ask the bartender or just walk to the back to speak to Frank at the
    table by himself. Sit down and ask questions.
    	Vehicle - lie, receipt
    	Adrian - doubt
    *NOTE: Getting these wrong will result in a tailing segment.*
    Drive to the apartment, be it a gentle ride or by tailing.
    Get out and go into the corner building and look at the mailboxes to see he
    is #2. Up the stairs and pay him a visit. Then you get to chase down the guy,
    going up the stairs, jump down from the roof, down the pipe, and cornered on
    the grass.
    A Marriage Made in Heaven	( 2.2 )
    Let your partner drive you to the scene:
    	Note in pocket of victim
    	Driver's license in other pocket
    	Long blood stain
    	Blood splatter
    	Tire tracks
    	Bloody knife in trash can in alley
    	Newspaper in bar
    	*Isn't that guy sitting at the table the awkward-looking tall dude
    	from all the commercials?*
    Go talk to the witness:
    	Report - truth
    	Vehicle - truth
    	Argument - doubt
    Go into the bar and speak to the bartender:
    	Incident - doubt
    	Association - truth
    	Argument - doubt
    	Venture - doubt
    Use the phone at the back. Now get in your car and let your parnter drive
    you to the Pattison residence.
    When you get to talking to Lorna:
    	Incident - doubt
    	Argument - doubt
    	Partnership - lie, insurance
    Use the phone on the sidewalk to call the morgue. Let Stefan drive you to the
    morgue, not the residence. You can, but you don't need to.
    *NOTE: If you do go to the Shelton place you'll get in a chase. You'll kinda
    get scolded in the case notes, but you'll get 5 stars with or without this
    guy. Wouldn't hurt to do it I guess.*
    Talk to the coroner and then ride to the Pattison house again. 
    You'll soon be in chase, and don't wait for him to take a hostage, just shoot
    him on the run when you got a clear shot.
    The Fallen Idol			( 2.3 )
    Ride to the scene, it is fastest.
    After the chat, go left and down the slope to reach the car, and just look at:
    	Underwear on trunk
    	Note in purse
    	Talk to coroner and examine the item
    Go back up and ask the lady some questions:
    	Doping - doubt
    	Passenger - lie, underwear
    	Shrunken head - doubt
    	Mark Bishop - doubt
    Then ride to the hospital.
    Talk to the receptionist and then enter the room behind you. Before you talk
    to the girl, look at the medical chart at the end of the bed, then talk:
    	Crash - lie, underwear
    	Parents - lie, letter
    	Bishop - doubt
    	Abuse - truth
    Now tail June a short distance and she will enter a cafe. Get out and follow,
    but you can take cover at the doorway until she gets on the phone, then slip
    in and take up the booth on the left with the newspaper. Then exit and it's
    best to let your partner drive because the route is not an easy one.
    Get inside and then go left to automatically call the elevator and get in to
    go up. The door is to the left, 803, and enter the appartment to look around.
    	$20,000 check in the first room
    	Saddle near door
    	Prop replica in second room
    	Photo near replica
    	Photo in living area
    	View from balcony
    Talk to Gloria:
    	Disturbance - doubt
    	Bishop - truth
    	Check - doubt
    	Abuse - doubt
    Then use the telephone in the "hall" on the drawer. Head to your car and ride
    to the prop store.
    Here are the items to review at the screening area:
    	Drugs on the shelf
    	One-way mirror
    	Newspaper outside on table (that guy from Mulholland Drive?! ironic
    	on a few levels)
    	Shrunken head on other table
    	Painted wall that leads to camera room
    	Film reel on shelf in camera room
    	Open up the other film reel on the table
    Go back to talk to Marlon.
    	Bishop - lie, Jessica film reel
    	Whereabouts - truth
    	Ballard - lie, Jessica film reel (if you don't realize, some of these
    	take different evidence, I even think some flop between doubt and 
    	Blackmail - lie, blackmail
    And after the scene you will be chased. Start off by making a hard turn to the
    left to narrow it down to just one car. You can let Bekowsky try to gun them
    down, but it's far easier to evade these guys. This will involve taking a few
    sharp turns and slamming the gas pedal, but you should be able to shake them
    after a while; you lose them when they are off your radar. Possibly letting 
    Bekowsky pop their tires will help greatly.
    When clear, open your book in your car and choose the movie set as the next
    location and just drive there yourself.
    Just run him down as he makes for the back, up the stairs, through the falling 
    wooden planks, turn at the top of the ladder, then be sure to jump left as he
    will drop a short portion of planks on the right, and after another falling 
    plank part the chase is over.
    Follow him down and kill the single enemy and pick up his gun. Head down 
    and take cover and feel free to pop the barrels to blow up the wall and take
    out the goons. Jump through the hole and take cover for the next group. One
    in front, and then two to the far right (your shotgun/rifle, whatever it is, 
    is very accurate at range). Then one guy way up top. Move up and take cover
    for one up a level and one on your level. Take the ladder for a quick scene.
    *NOTE: At the corner of this roof, I did this weird thing where I aimed right
    on the edge or something, and I fell down but lived. It was a real pro way to
    get to the ground...*
    Before you jump down the ladder to the ground, go left and shoot three bad guys
    from this roof, then go down the ladder and kill the fourth guy up to the right
    which will drop the column (so you could just do that, but Bishop died when I
    took him and all four were alive, so your call). Move up and you got two more,
    including one guy up above by another column. Then move to the open yard and
    kill the guys who aren't cops to the right so you can end the case. You get a 
    long, seemingly unrelated scene.
    Homicide Cases		( HOM333 )
    The Red Lipstick Murder		( 3.1 )
    You have to drive, and it's quite a ways away. At the scene, I suppose you 
    could drive up, but just get out and walk from the street if you want.
    Here are the clues:
    	Shoe prints by the tire tracks
    	Lipstick in the purse
    	Globe puzzle, should be able to rotate to make the Americas to open
    	it (for help with this puzzle use google...)
    	Side of the victim's head
    	Missing ring on left hand
    You'll talk to the coroner after, then head for the club. Quite a long drive,
    so try to get your new partner to drive, otherwise map out the course yourself.
    Talk to the bartender and then the otnwer at the back.
    	Suspect - truth
    	Ring - doubt
    	Husband - doubt
    Go to the phones at the front to call in the license plate. Then get your 
    Galloway to drive to the next location. Too late did I realize I sent a drunk
    cop to drive, but oh well, it's La La Land!
    At the house:
    	Newspaper near entrance
    	Shoe in the dining room, flip it over for size
    	Broken window in kitchen
    	Note on fridge
    	Empty jewelry box in bedroom
    	Picture next to it
    Now you must talk to the neighbors. You can first go to the lady in the back
    yard of the house to the right (she will drive in when you exit).
    Head for Jacob's apartment and here are the clues:
    	Shade the paper on the kitchen counter
    	Shoes in bedroom
    Now go talk to Jacob:
    	Movements -lie, alibi
    	Contact - truth
    	Motive - lie, death threat note
    	Alibi - lie and husband's alibi from club owner
    Then get ready to trade some punches. Use the phone and then set a destination
    for Mendez' place.
    *NOTE: Not necessary to go to central to interview Henry again.*
    Look at the key listings, then go inside and look at the picture by the stairs.
    Go up to the top and into the apartment:
    	Go to the bedroom and look at the shoes first
    	Then the lipstick (left)
    	Then the wrench
    You'll start the chase, so follow him to the ground and then get in to drive.
    And just follow until you reach the long stretch, get on the left of the car,
    and Galloway should make him crash. Get out and approach to end the case.
    The Golden Butterfly		( 3.2 )
    Let Galloway drive, and at the scene speak to Gonzales to the right as you
    approach and follow him to the scene:
    	Shoe tracks
    	Marks on neck of victim
    	Missing left hand ring
    	Mark on right wrist
    	Contents of purse
    Let Galloway drive you to Mollers.
    At the house look for the boot size, ring case, and the other case in the 
    bedroom. Then go talk to the girl:
    	Jewelry - truth
    	Contact - doubt
    	Marriage - doubt
    Then you start to work over the dad:
    	Footprints - lie, boots
    	Report - doubt
    	Alibi - lie, alibi
    	Movements - truth (not sure why this didn't appear my second time)
    	Violence - lie and brooch
    Cross the street to speak to the woman. Then chase Hugo down. You can just
    follow until he stops or try to tackle if you can.
    *NOTE: You tap the tackle button when closing in to close the gap.*
    Inspect the incinerator after to look at the bloody boot.
    Use the blue phone on the block before going to the school.
    Ride to the high school, then chase down the dude that runs. Tap the tackle
    button when close to bag him, then look over the object he gives you.
    You'll be at the car, so go to the trunk and look at the three items. Then
    go to the blue box on the street to call central. Let Galloway drive you to
    the morgue.
    Go in and look at the ropes on the counter. Take the bottom rope to get your
    match, then look at the shoe prints nearby and examine the number. Look at the
    body and then head for central.
    Hugo is in room #2, Eli in #1. Start with room 2 to the right of the front
    	Disposal - truth
    	Braided rope - doubt
    	Tire iron - lie, tire iron
    	Vehicle - lie, overalls
    Now head left to the first room where you will chat with the captain. Go in and
    question Eli:
    	Employment - doubt
    	Braided rope - truth
    	Motive - doubt
    	Footprints - doubt
    You can accuse either guy, but it seems like even though the evidence against
    Eli is non-existent, accusing him is the smoothest way to go. You'll get 
    yelled at if you take Hugo, in spite of the evidence. I know how you all like
    to treat us Okies...
    The Silk Stocking Murder	( 3.3 )
    Just drive to the crime scene:
    	Head of victim
    	Message on belly
    	Missing ring finger
    	Note in right hand
    	Cloth near the body
    	Blood trail
    	Hat, the first item in trail
    	Shoe in a trashcan, the second item
    	Key on some valves along the trail
    	Note on the trail
    	Ladder on the trail
    	Note to open in pigeon coop on roof
    	Case on the next roof
    	Pipe to the next roof
    	Ring on the roof
    	Paint brush on the next roof
    	Purse in the corner with the note inside
    You'll automatically be on the floor, so tell your partner to drive to the 
    young lady's residence.
    After talking to the old lady, go up the stairs, hang a left, and take the #5
    	Open the note on the bed
    	Look at the broken window
    	Climb through the window to examine the pike
    	Look at the picture in the drawer
    Go talk to the lady downstairs:
    	Suspects - truth
    	Movements - doubt
    	Break-in - lie, broken window
    	Marriage - lie, bracelet
    Then let Galloway drive you to the bar first.
    The bartender will give you a note, then you'll ask him some questions:
    	Jewelry - doubt
    	Movements - truth
    Then go to the back to chat with a delivery guy. 
    Now go to Maldonado's.
    Look on the right side set of boxes for the number 304. Fight it out and then
    you get to look around:
    	Box in the kitchen to open
    	Matchbook on counter to open for an address
    	Both bloody stains on the shirt hanging in the kitchen
    Now go to the hallway and knock on the door for 305, then 303, 301, and 302.
    You can go out of the building from the side door that leads to outside stairs,
    then go use the phone on the corner. You're called back to central, so go there
    Head downstairs to the evidence room to look at two notes.
    Then you can follow Finbarr into the interrogation room:
    	Contact - lie, alibi
    	Divorce - lie, divorce papers
    	Jewelry - truth
    	Bloodstain - doubt
    Go back to the car and head to the market.
    Talk to the guy at the counter:
    	Necklace - doubt
    	Contact - doubt
    	Movement - truth
    Now open the green doors to the back room. Look at the scalpel on the desk and
    then the box in a drawer. The combination is 2 5 3 (from the note in the blood
    trail at the alley crime scene), and exit for the chase to begin.
    Once in chase you'll have two long stretches, so get in close and hope 
    Galloway can pop a tire. Just be careful in the early going.
    The White Shoe Slaying		( 3.4 )
    Ride to the scene and start looking:
    	Tilt the victim's head right to get a lead
    	Look at the footprints
    	Tire tracks
    Then move toward the phone and a witness will appear. Say truth to her only
    statement. Then use the blue phone before heading to the dry cleaners.
    Walk to the counter and look for Mrs. Taraldsen, or F1363, or 43 Emerald St.
    on the first page. Then rider to Emerald Street.
    At the house, go left to the bedroom to start:
    	Matchbook for a club address, also on a table near kitchen
    	Purse in the back room with her driver's license
    	Wet shirt in the back room
    	Muddy shoes in the back room, look for size
    	Go outside and to the boat to find the rope
    Then to talk to Lars:
    	Suspects - lie, bow rope
    	Alibi - doubt
    	Mind - doubt
    	Contact - lie, muddy shoes
    Then use the phone nearby before heading off to the bar.
    Walk up to the counter to chat.
    	Contact - truth
    	Suspect - doubt
    	Cab - truth
    You'll then start a chase, so run out and get in the first car, just watch out
    for that first turn or you'll be screwed. Get in close and hit him or get a 
    tire popped.
    Once in custody:
    	Contact - doubt
    	Movement - doubt
    Run across the street and use the blue phone. Listen close, just get in your 
    car but DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARTNER DRIVE! Just wait for the radio to tell you
    where to go. 
    You'll chat up the cabbie, then ride back to central.
    Talk to the front desk guy and go right for the sailor interview:
    	Contact - doubt
    	Bates - doubt
    	Movements - doubt
    	Cab - doubt
    You get a scene, but head for the bus depot instead of the camp.
    Talk to the cashier lady and open up the map. 
    Get in your car, turn on your siren, and keep watching the radar until you
    eventually run into the bus. Stop behind it, get out, and talk to the driver.
    Now get in your car and head for the hobo camp.
    Fight the hobo and then you get to look around:
    	Purse with a ticket on the table
    	Rope on the nightstand
    Head back to central.
    Go into room #1 to the left for the hobo:
    	Motive - doubt
    	Contact - doubt
    	Alibi - lie, purse
    The Studio Secretary Murder	( 3.5 )
    Go to the pawn shop and look at the two rings for marks, then you get an
    address. Then head for the railyard to start the case proper.
    With Galloway driving he will take you to the scene:
    	Side of head of victim
    	Missing ring
    	Purse with a note and ticket
    	Matchbook with an address
    Talk to the coroner by the body, then the black guy (sorry), and then the
    dude sitting nearby. Examine and open the lipstick he hands you, then some
    	Evidence - truth
    	Body - doubt
    Use the phone nearby on the pole, then go to the liquor store first.
    Head to the back for her sleeping area:
    	Bowling pin, name plate, and award in the corner
    	Book to open and picture on the floor
    Then go talk to Robbins:
    	Contact - truth
    	Relationship - truth
    	McCaffrey - doubt
    Then take a ride to the bar.
    You'll run into McCaffrey:
    	History - doubt
    	Relationship - lie, book
    Then just get in a car and you'll automatically go to central. Head down the
    stairs to the evidence room as the overall plot thickens. On your way back up,
    use the phone on the wall to call in McCaffrey. Then get back in a car and go
    to the bowling alley.
    Move to the back after him, then chase him down in your car, getting two tires
    popped was what I needed. Nice car too. Now head over to McCaffrey's place.
    First car I wanted to drive, but it's quite a long road so maybe just let your
    partner drive you.
    Look at the boxes for the #6, then go upstairs and left to the door, bust it 
    	Letter on desk
    	Pipe on the floor and a shirt
    After the lady interrupts, go up the stairs, right, and up to the roof. Chase 
    him down and sprint to close the gap when close. Head back to central.
    Talk with Tiernan first, in room to the left in #1.
    	Relationship - lie, McCaffrey testimony
    	Book - doubt
    	Alibi - lie, liquor store
    	Weapon - doubt
    Don't decide yet, head over to #2 for McCaffrey:
    	Alibi - lie, torn letter
    	Tire iron - lie, Tiernan accusation
    Back to room #1 for the Events question, and choose lie, McCaffrey's accusation
    as evidence. Leave the room and use the phone on the wall near #2. Then go 
    talk to McCaffrey about his military service, choosing lie and criminal record.
    Charge McCaffrey.
    The Quarter Moon Murders	( 3.6 )
    Look over all three items, then ride to the next fountain. Hop up the fountain
    and look at the two items here. If you open up your map and look northeast of
    the park, you'll see the Hall of Records matches the description, so mark it
    on your map go there.
    Talk to the guard, then just follow Rusty up to the ladder. Go up and tightrope
    to the chandelier, and feel free to balance. Look at the two clues, then you
    will need to swing back and forth (like on a swing, pull one way and then the
    other) and you'll automatically jump.
    Open your map and look northwest of Pershing Square (the place with the 
    fountain) and you should see a question mark under the "E" in Central on the 
    the map. Mark the library and head there.
    At the liberry, climb the pipe and then just follow the path, Assassin's Creed
    style, and it's pretty straight-forward. At the top, go to the opposite corner
    and examine the two items. 
    Back on the ground, get to your car and open your map. Look west to a question
    mark on the edge of the map called the Westlake Tar Pits and go there. 
    Approach using the road entrance and walk up to put on the overalls. The path
    is laid out pretty easily to see through the tar. You'll have to snake around
    for quite a ways, and just keep moving, only stopping at the sturdy parts with
    four corners sticking out. At the island look at the two items under the tree.
    Get in your car and open the map. Mark the museum just to the north of the tar
    Follow the signs that lead to the maze. Here are the turns to make at the 
    Look at both items on the sphere. 
    Get in your car and open your map. Mark the Intolerance Set to the southeast.
    Bust in through the gate on the east side. On the set, go up the back stairs
    and go forward to get in a balancing game. Just keep it up straight until
    Galloway drops a board, then move up to jump to safety. Drop down either ladder
    on the left and approach the clue on the throne. Then run down, turn right,
    and just go straight to get out.
    Get in the car and open your map. Just south of here is a church called Christ
    Crown of Thorns. Mark it and drive there.
    Notice the missing pike on the gate. Go in the church and then move up. Then 
    turn and take the doorway nearby to reach the house. Moev left to the bloody
    room. You can look at the pipe, medical tools, statue, and bloody tub before
    you drop down. 
    The catacombs is just a bunch of twisting and turning while in cover as you
    push forward without getting blasted. I know that if you stall, at some times
    he will move way ahead. But at the long parts you just need to move up when he
    slides away and use the alcoves for cover. At the end, take the ladder, post up
    in some cover, and shoot him down to end the case.
    Vice Cases			( VIC444 )
    The Black Caesar		( 4.1 )
    Get in the slick ride and head to the scene. Head up the stairs to the room at
    the end:
    	Wallet on the floor with license and number slip
    	Popcorn cup, look under it
    	Syringe parts on floor in the corner
    	Another cup near syringe
    	Another cup on kitchen counter, flip this one over
    	Look at the body in the chair
    	Look at the left arm of the body on the floor
    	Then his pocket for a wallet with two items
    Then just walk with Roy to the Black Caesar across the street. 
    Chase him up the roofs and follow until it comes to punches. This guy is better
    than all the others you've fought so far, so more economical use of punches
    and blocks is advised. 
    Once apprehended, look around the joint:
    	Open the box and flip over the morphine
    	Open the briefcase for two items
    	Flip over the ticket, then open the other thing
    Go have a word with Morgan:
    	Overdose - lies, morphine for distribution
    	Numbers - doubt
    Turn around and use the phone booth. Head to the booking agency first.
    Up the steps, look at the directory before going in, and there are boxes 
    through the door to look at. Go talk to the guy at the desk before looking
    	Radio by the piano, turn up volume and tune to 275FM (bottom line)
    	Fight the guard
    	Look at the weed, money, syrette, slip, and sticker on the top
    Then you get to work over Mr. Jones:
    	Surplus - doubt
    	Ottie - lie, distributor identified
    	Ramez - doubt
    Use the blue phone to get an address. Head to the Numbers Operation joint.
    Head in and up the stairs, then look around:
    	Look at the phones
    	Go to the slot machine
    	You'll put holds on the slots so that you can have the cherry, bell,
    	and WIN in that order
    	Look at the slip, syrettes, and sticker once it opens
    Chase after him and sprint to close the gap, which should happen down the road.
    Look at his cane and open for a note before the chat:
    	Surplus - lie, Finkelstein
    	IOU - truth
    Head down the road to Ramez's place.
    You'll be in pursuit, and as soon as Roy gets off the phone he will help pop
    the tires, then you can just jackknife the truck to end it.
    Look around the warehouse:
    	Newspaper on a table to the left
    	Ledger on a table nearby
    	Select the Polar Ice entry and an Ottie entry to get the clue
    Now make your way to the back of the place, through the maze of furniture to
    reach the ladder (favor the right side). Go up and left to reach the crane
    controls. Move the crates on the left of your screen, just to two crates on the
    right which are blocking a doorway. Roy will go inside when open, so get back
    down and go in. Look at the ice block, then shoot it and look at the syrettes
    After the scene, chase after Ramez and gun him down. Then set a course for 
    the Polar Bear Ice Company.
    Move up to cover and take out the nearest enemy, then run up through the door
    and take cover behind the counter. Should be able to blindfire at the guy
    through the window. Basically, for the rest of this sequence, you just have to
    be smart. Yes, you can take a few hits, but not many in a row. Use cover and 
    blindfire; may take a while but you'll be safe. In the freezer room just use
    cover as you move around. A few guys in your way including a Tommy Gun guy
    before the steps. Oh yeah, don't forget to pick up a shotgun or two.
    Go up the steps and after the scene be ready to draw and shoot him cold. Open
    the crate nearby to end the case.
    The Set Up			( 4.2 )
    Go see what's going on.
    	Pick up the newspaper
    	Then look at the second to the last locker on the wall
    	Look at the note
    *NOTE: Okay, so Mickey Cohen has a striking resemblence to Patrick Fischler,
    who played the paranoid dude in Mulholland Drive, which is a movie about the
    scary side of the film-making industry. The movie centers around a series of 
    unrelated criminal events that unfold in Hollywood, so it's a bit ironic that
    dude is in this game, and more ironic he is mostly part of the secondary
    segments which are seemingly unrelated to the main story - until now that is.
    Sorry, just had to know for sure. Used my DETECTIVE skills to link his name to
    this game... using IMDB.com of course...*
    Leave and head for a phone. Ride to the hotel.
    Approach the front desk and look at the ledger. Point to Sir Winston Churchill
    on page 2, room 207. Up the stairs and the first door you see:
    	On the table is a magazine
    	Look at the coupon and point to the filled-out portion to get a clue
    	Look at the warm beans at the back of the table
    	There is a movie stub and chocolate on a dresser
    	Note in the tipped-over trash can
    	Lipstick on cigarettes to the right of the bed
    	Note on the left of the bed
    Head for Candy's place.
    Talk to the receptionist, and when walking out go left, up the stairs, and
    take the door to the left to start a fight. Try not to get hit.
    	Look at the pockets of the dude (hmm, I wonder what was used to knock
    	this man unconscious????)
    	Look at the suitcase on the bed
    	There is a ticket and postcard on the dresser
    Then you will talk to her:
    	Hammond - lie, magazine coupon
    	Odds - lie, bookmaker's payout
    	Plans - doubt
    Now you will have to tail her without a car. Just stay on the bench until she
    is a good 20 yards or so away. Press the back button to stand up, then move up
    and stay behind the truck until she stops and resumes walking. Then move up,
    with some haste, and take cover at the fence. I just let her get way away 
    before moving along the sidewalk, not using the shoe shine guy. For me, a truck
    stop in the path, so I used that for cover but she didn't turn around; she 
    was a good distance away. Then when she passed by the wall I run up along the
    grass to the right, using the wall to block line of sight. This should be a 
    save point.
    *NOTE: You should see a correlation to the distance you give her means she
    will not turn around. She must have a creep radar on or something.*
    Up the side walk and to the corner, I just gave her 30-40 yards of distance
    and she didn't turn around, but there are some cover points in the mini-park
    area in case she does. You can let her clear the wall and then run through the
    park to the corner. Let her get some more distance and move up to the cover of
    the parked car (hopefully she doesn't get run over like she did once... wtf?!).
    She should turn after crossing the road, then run up and take cover as she 
    moves up and until she turns left. Then run to the green house.
    Use the long fence and follow, she may stop, then run up to the corner of the
    building. She'll go behind a little shack, so use that time to run up behind
    the shack. Run up when she clears the alley wall, let her walk all the way
    down, and then run to the corner for a scene.
    Go into the dark red doors. Shade the notepad, then head to the next place.
    Talk to the bookie inside, then go around the corner and look at the card near
    the phone. Use the phone, then talk to the bookie again.
    Get in the car and drive yourself to Ray's. Tail her by car this time, just
    watching the radar and the road so as to obey the rules of the road as best
    you can.
    When it's over, go in and take a seat and wait for her to head for the door 
    to the right. Get up and go in for a scene.
    Look at the gun, then the ticket in the purse. Set a destination to the 
    Head in and go up the right side doors. Take cover and begin blasting the guys
    down below. Move up to their hiding spots at the front, or just go through the
    doors to the backstage. Head in and up the stairs on the left, then make your
    way across the balcony. Move to the side balcony and gun down the last dude who
    should pop up on the floor.
    Mainfest Destiny		( 4.3 )
    If you don't know how to exit this new building, follow the exit signs. Ride
    to the scene.
    A very, all-inclusive chat; by now you should have a good idea where all of
    this is going. Start combing the place:
    	Look at the nearest body
    	Then go toward the stage and look at the trumpet case
    	Look at the three mouthpieces from largest to smallest
    	Doing so will open a compartment with a ticket and syringe
    	Check the pocket of the nearby dead guy for a syrette
    	Go to the back room for the crate of cigarettes
    	Look at the guns nearby
    Go speak to the lady:
    	Shooting - doubt
    	McGoldrick - truth
    Head for your car and head for the Blue Room, but wait in the car if you want
    to hear the chat as the club is just up the road.
    Go in and chat her up:
    	Surplus - doubt
    	Overdose - doubt
    Scene. Tail her. Nail her.
    Go in and chat up Mr. Mulholland Drive:
    	Finkelstein - doubt
    	Shooting - doubt
    *NOTE: Small glitch, if you skip the rest of the previous scene, you'll have
    to get to the detective yourself. He's on the top floor, in a room.*
    Just follow Roy, and then point to the four items circled on page 2. Then head
    down to the car and let Roy drive you to the bus.
    Just turn around and go up the ladder of this roof, or take the ladder to the
    roof the shooter is on; the smaller ladder takes less time, it's up to you.
    Look over the body to find a notebook in a pocket, then flip over the gun.
    Next you'll interview a guy:
    	Heist - doubt
    	Shooting - lie, shooter's notebook
    Use the blue phone across the road, then take a ride to Kelso's.
    You'll then be at the station:
    	Surplus - doubt
    	McGoldrick - truth
    	Arms - truth
    	Coolbridge - doubt
    Head out to Robert's Diner.
    Don't think you can end this chase prematurely, it boils down to a gunfight
    at the end.
    Look, we just made our own crime scene:
    	Newspaper on the ground
    	The first body should have both clues, a manifest and note
    	Look at the gun by the first body
    CHASING! If you do you may encounter a glitch where it puts you on a messed up
    save point and you have to restart. Other than that, just take it slow if you
    must. Past the field they should crash, so just get out and gun them down.
    After that, head to the post office.
    You'll start in a gunfight, so do what you can from the starting spot, then
    move up to the next car, and when you can make a break for the doorway to take
    cover. This should bring up more cops, and then all you need to do is from
    the door kill whoever is inside.
    Now a quick look around:
    	Look in the hand of the first dead body, well, soon to be dead
    	Follow Roy to the next body for a note in the pocket
    Ride to the meeting place.
    Stay in cover and kill the two in front, then the one up high to the right.
    Don't move up, or if you do run to the car as a shotgun guy should run up from
    around the corner, then there is one more goon. A car should drive up, so take
    some cover or unload as they are getting out. Move down the alley, should be
    one guy to shoot down a pipe, then move up and finish off two more.
    You'll then get a call, so ride back to the station.
    You can just walk up and take the door on the right to start grilling:
    	Marines - lie, note
    	Coolridge - lie, Beckett's confession
    Arson Cases			( ARS555 )
    The Gas Man			( 5.1 )
    Feel free to drive if you wish, to the Steffens house first.
    At the scene, move up to talk to the husband:
    	Competition - truth
    	Redevelopment - doubt
    Then go to the left side of the house for the heater on the ground by the
    fence. Hit up the phone at the corner, then ride to the Sawyer house. 
    Move up to talk to the coroner, then you can look at the bodies. Next, go
    to the right for a valve on the ground. Then just chase and tackle, which
    should happen soon enough.
    Next, head down the road to the Redevelopment area, which you will need to mark
    yourself. Nothing happens here.
    Then ride to the fire station.
    All you have to do is put the upside down T at the front, the blue part in the
    middle, and the balloon part under the coil.
    Head for the InstaHeat factory. If you happen to have jumped into this guide
    late, you can have your partner drive to places.
    Go in to talk to the secretary, then look at the poster nearby. Rasic is 
    through the side door:
    	Model 70 - doubt
    	History - lie, heater serviced
    Look over the list, then go to the phone by the window. Then talk to Rasic 
    again. Then look inside the three lockers in question: Clemens, Ryan, and
    You'll watch a scene, then you have to drive for Clemens' worksite.
    I would assume you need to get there sometime this century, but maybe not. I
    got twisted up on the way, so you have plenty of time at least.
    You'll get to questioning:
    	Varley - doubt
    	InstaHeat - doubt
    	Ryan - lie, Clemens pamphlet
    Now ride to the travel agency.
    Point to the Sawyers and Steffens, then talk:
    	Redevelopment - truth
    	Contest - doubt
    Track down Varley.
    Do try to avoid the little bulldozer during the chase, but you should be able
    to get him when he jumps in the truck.
    Now head to grab Ryan.
    It's a car chase, and just don't run into the fence near the start because
    it's tough as stone...
    With all three suspects, head back to the station.
    Hit up Ryan first in #1, just behind you as you enter:
    	Literature - lie, Ryan's pamphlet
    	Model 70 - lie, Ivan's statement
    	Redevelopment - doubt
    	Murder - doubt
    Then to Varley in #2, around the corner by the stairs (follow the signs):
    	Sawyer - lie, heater serviced by Varley
    	Redevelopment - lie, Matthew's statement
    	Model 70 - lie, mosquito coils
    Charge Ryan.
    A Walk in Elysian Fields	( 5.2 )
    Ride to the scene and enter. After the scene, look at the bodies and then turn
    to find the photo on the floor. Go outside and after the scene go to the 
    right side of the house for another heater. Then go to the corner of the 
    front yard for a newspaper.
    Visit the neighbor to the left of the house:
    	Report - doubt
    	Demolitions - doubt
    	Contest - truth
    Then go to the tree in the front yard of this guy's house to see the bootprints
    and the cigarette butts. Return to the neighbor and ask a fourth question:
    	Suspicious activity - doubt
    Unfold the paper, then examine the flyer you're handed. Use the blue phone and
    head to Rancho.
    Throw down with two punks, then just look to the right corner of the wall in 
    front of you to see the poor quality of the brickwork.
    Head for Elysian Fields
    Speak to both secretaries, then go in to meet the dude. Hey look, it's 
    Denethor! and he's talking realty, my area of expertise:
    	Link - doubt
    	Contest - lie, flyer
    	Acquisitions - doubt
    	Rancho - lie, poor quality
    You can go back in to look at the big replica if you want, then examine the
    list on the secretary's desk - select Herbert Chapman. Head downstairs and 
    take the side door to use a phone on a worker's desk. Scene.
    Wait for the call and head to the marker. It's an impressive drive if you want
    to try and get Biggs to drive.
    Open the trunk and look at the three items.
    Just follow the trolley from behind so you can avoid the wreckage. After the 
    turn Biggs will start to fire, so get in on the left side of the trolley and 
    keep pace. It should eventually skid to a stop. Get out and open fire when 
    the guy gets out.
    House of Sticks			( 5.3 )
    Look over the paper, then point to the corner of the pink slip to read the 
    white paper below it, then exit out to begin the interview:
    	Payout - doubt
    	Buchwalter - doubt
    	Motive - truth
    You can sit back down if you really want to look at the note she just wrote,
    and follow the girl up the stairs. 
    Without a partner, just hold the 'get in' button and you'll teleport to your
    Go inside and look at the three pieces of paper on the two desks. Now go out
    and throw hands with this jerk. You can get in your car for a 2 second drive,
    or just walk down the road to the demolished house across the street.
    Once there, go up the left side and there is a tiny piece of wood on the ground
    but it means nothing. Go to the back for a micro puzzle; just pick the bottom
    piece of wood. 
    Then you'll be on the run. It seems like the only way to do this is to shoot 
    at him when you're on top of a barrier. This seems to let you quick draw on his
    head, where on the ground you'll just quick-aim at the scoop. You can't outrun
    After a few tries (or skipping...) use the phone at the corner of the block.
    Head for the next destination.
    Run to jump the fence on the left. Look at the pile of wood on the right for
    a clue, then look to the pile on the right for a receipt. Then go around the
    building or hop the fences to enter the building on the left of the lot. Look
    at the case in front of you. I'm not sure how the dials work, but I put the top
    one up straight, the second at like 10 o'clock, and then flicked the bottom
    switch. After the clip, head back to the security guard's booth and use his
    Head for site two. 
    Enter the house across the street, then look for the lightswitch opposite
    the stairs in the hall, then look at the sink in the kitchen at the back. Go
    up stairs and into the back room. Fight one guy until you beat him.
    Run and get in the first car on the street. The alleys didn't help me much, 
    they just have guys come from all over. I found it best to just spin them out
    and rush away. Then head for her apartment.
    A Polite Invitation		( 5.4 )
    Walk down and head to your marker.
    Look at the boxes, then head up and hang a left. Go behind the couch to the
    paper on the table, flip the corner to see the back paper. Then look at the
    paper on the desk to the left. Before you talk, go to the room in the upper
    corner of the living room for a quick scene.
    Then talk:
    	Motive - lie, share certificate
    	Redevelopment - lie, insurance agreement
    	Buchwalter - doubt
    Head to Fire & Life.
    Take the elevator directly in front of you, then the first door to the right.
    Look at the file and look at the coordinates on the corner of the blue page.
    Then look at the valuation on the pink slip. 
    Walk up to the guard, then go up the stairs and hang a left to talk with the 
    guy at the front desk of the office. Look at the book at the "S" shelf he
    takes you to. Turn the page and look at the second page for a Courtney Sheldon
    in the list of names.
    Next, follow him to the map. You'll adjust the left analog stick for the up/
    down dial, and the right for the east/west. You'll go to the following: 
    	34.04.29 North
    	118.17.58 West (this feels like my job, lol)
    Now you'll go to the calculator and input 1 8 7 6 9 8 8 and divide it by
    90,000, then pull the lever. Your number is 21, so your letter is U. Go to
    the "U" shelf and pull the book, which is just across from the "S" shelf. Look
    at the entry on the second page for 1876988.
    Quickly dispatch the guy in front of you, then when you move right get the
    guy with the shotgun (use your radar). Then just patiently handle the other
    two; one of which may take a long time to reveal his location, so feel free
    to head to the other end of the room - oh and grab the shotgun.
    Go in and answer the phone in front of you.
    It's not your skin, so head to the mansion.
    Call of Duty: LA. You get to start the assault, so pick a headshot. These guys
    seem to take a lot of hits to the chest to die, so headshots are ideal. Your
    team is good, but when you move up you'll probably need to take out the guys 
    hiding in the area at the foot of the steps. Feel free to pick up a shotgun and
    then a Tommy gun after you clear the guys on the upper level.
    No joke about the CoD reference, it seems like so long as you move up your 
    team will advance too. So up the stairs just hope the little wall and hide 
    behind the pillar and your guys should clear it all. Head through the doors.
    Take cover as you got two guys in here, hiding to the left. The left door is
    nothing, and when you open the right door quick draw on a goon. After the 
    scene through the next door, head through the doors and be ready for two guys
    on each side of the stairs. Feel free to grab the shotgun, but there is one
    more guy who is on the upper level, and one more who is hiding behind cover
    up there. Down the hall, through the door, and then the next. 
    	Pick up the newspaper on the back table
    	Look at the picture next to it
    	Open the safe for three items to look at
    	Look at the file on his desk and point to the name Steffens
    A Different Kind of War		( 5.5 )
    Go to Rapid Exterminators first (may need to get out and back in to skip the
    Read the newspaper on the counter after the chat. You can go to Nuclear if you
    really want to, but there is nothing for it. Head to Westlake and go in.
    At Fontain's:
    	Look at the side of the victim's neck
    	Look at the lighter in his hand
    	Newspaper on the desk
    	Go to the front of the desk and shade the paper
    	Pull over the newspaper clip nearby
    	Broken glass at the door
    	Crystal ball by the shelf
    	File by the door, read the front page and turn it to point at the 
    	circled name
    	Go to the next room for the morphine in the cabinet
    At the ranch, knock and then kick the door down:
    	Flamethrower to the right
    	Enter the back room (no other rooms are fruitful)
    	Look at the map on the wall
    	Pick up a nearby origami
    	Pick up the paper on the table nearby
    	Look at the picture on the wall
    	There should be a ticket in here, but I went into the bathroom and
    	the scene rolled
    Floor it and follow the dots on the radar if you must. Flip the police cars,
    meaning you will get your front to their bumper and then swerve into them to
    turn them around, which should flip them. They can also crash into other 
    objects to stop, or you can just ram them if you can nail them on a turn. 
    And remember to follow Kelso, not crash him... you should take them out long
    before you reach the train tracks.
    Move up and take cover at the middle column as two guys will dig in close to
    you, and two more farther up. Simply take a few licks and pop their skulls, or
    you can try to play it safe, either way works. One more guy should be farther
    up to the left, and feel free to pick up a gun. 
    Head down the first left corridor; something happens at the end but it's too
    far away. Move up to where the water is rushing and follow the water, but be
    ready to fire as soon as you get up. When you move up, a guy will try to come
    down the ladder, so kill him. If you can, try to kill the guy up above to the
    right before you go up the ladder, otherwise quick draw on him.
    You can stock up at the room here, either shotgun, BAR, or Thompson, your
    choice; I chose the BAR. Move up to see more flame, then move into the next big
    room and take cover. Give it a sec, then start to clear the room. I guess the
    only reasonable thing is to pop up during the tiny lulls in their shots, 
    otherwise just take cover before you take too many shots. 
    Head right and around the corner and down the steps quickly take cover. Three
    dudes, so just be careful as you pick them off. Move into the room to pick up
    a flamethrower. Not sure if that's the best idea, but oh well. Move up and 
    there should be a guy above shooting at you. Just cross over the part where you
    can see handrails and you should be able to burn the guy through the lookout at
    a fairly long distance. Head right to the ladder, go up, take cover, move up a
    bit more, and then go up with fire on to burn three dudes.
    Up the stairs, just run up and burn this dude, but take cover from the other
    guy. Get in close and crisp him. Take the tunnel and what a lame ending for
    all that work.................................................................
    There is a scene after the credits, but not much of one at this point. 
    Now you can play the game from any case that you didn't 5-star, or you can go
    into "free-roam" mode to find hidden reels, locations, cars, or street crimes.
    * 5. Street Cases ( STCA555 )                                                 *
    * 6. Landmarks ( LAMA666 )                                                    *
    * 7. Film Reels ( REEL777 )                                                   *
    * 8. Hidden Cars ( HICA888 )                                                  *
    * 9. Achievements ( ACTR999 )                                                 *
    * 10. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *
    Follow me on twitter @ TheGum25
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
    be exceptional.
    The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
    on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
    won't work.
    My email: 				lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Title of your email should be: 		LAN
    PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
    of the guide, but only if you like it.
    PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. I
    have continued to get these types of questions after 5 or so years of this.
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Dead Rising
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    TES IV: Oblivion
    Shivering Isles
    Knights of the Nine
    The Darkness
    Halo 3
    Half-Life 2
    HL2: Episode One
    HL2: Episode Two
    Call of Duty 4
    Assassin's Creed
    Mass Effect
    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    Perseus Mandate
    Sam & Max Episode 203
    Devil May Cry 4
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Alone in the Dark (360)
    NCAA Football 09
    Madden 09
    Dead Space
    Gears of War 2
    Prince of Persia (2008)
    Call of Duty: World at War
    FEAR 2
    Resident Evil 5
    Modern Warfare 2
    Assassin's Creed 2
    World of Warcraft
    Mass Effect 2
    Heavy Rain
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Crackdown 2
    Halo: Reach
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Dead Space 2
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
    this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.
    In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
    GamePro, but I am. Maybe I'll be in more I don't know about...
    Look to Gamerhelp.com for a slew of other articles written by me in the 
    featured article section.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
    GamersTemple (http://www.gamerstemple.com/)
    CheatCodeCentral (cheatcc.com)
    and more here and there, too many to keep up with
    and even a few foreign ones too!
    *NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
    some that I just don't keep track of.*
    All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
    guide be ad-free and in this text format.
    And if you want to make a donation at my site for hosting a guide, that is 
    fine too.
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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    Copyright 2011 Brad Russell

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