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Character Setup Guide by NeuroSephiroth

Version: 1.22 | Updated: 06/25/14

______ _             _  ______          _
|  ___(_)           | | |  ___|        | |
| |_   _ _ __   __ _| | | |_ __ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _
|  _| | | '_ \ / _` | | |  _/ _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |
| |   | | | | | (_| | | | || (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |
\_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| \_| \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, |
                                                      __/ |
__   _______ _____ _____   _____ _                          _
\ \ / /_   _|_   _|_   _| /  __ \ |                        | |
 \ V /  | |   | |   | |   | /  \/ |__   __ _ _ __ __ _  ___| |_ ___ _ __
 /   \  | |   | |   | |   | |   | '_ \ / _` | '__/ _` |/ __| __/ _ \ '__|
/ /^\ \_| |_ _| |_ _| |_  | \__/\ | | | (_| | | | (_| | (__| ||  __/ |
\/   \/\___/ \___/ \___/   \____/_| |_|\__,_|_|  \__,_|\___|\__\___|_|

 _____      _                 _____       _     _
/  ___|    | |               |  __ \     (_)   | |
\ `--.  ___| |_ _   _ _ __   | |  \/_   _ _  __| | ___
 `--. \/ _ \ __| | | | '_ \  | | __| | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
/\__/ /  __/ |_| |_| | |_) | | |_\ \ |_| | | (_| |  __/
\____/ \___|\__|\__,_| .__/   \____/\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|
                     | |
Created by NeuroSephiroth on 7/4/13
Current Version: 1.20
Table of Contents:
 [INTRD] 1. Introduction
 [USTRSP] 2. Useful training spots
   [GEC1] -Getting the Growth Egg on Chapter 11
   [ASLP] -Archylte Steppe/Leviathan Plaza
   [ASNH] -Archylte Steppe - Northern Highplain
   [OCTT] -Orphan's Cradle - The Tesseracts
   [TTRI] -Titans's Trials
   [EDNH] -Eden - Edenhall
[THCHSE] 3. The Character Setups
   [LIFA] -Lightning
   [SAKA] -Sazh
   [SNVI] -Snow
   [HEST] -Hope
   [ODVA] -Vanille
   [OYFA] -Fang
[CLSN] 4. Closing
[VSHI] 5. Version History
[CPRT] 6. Copyright
[INTRD] 1. Introduction


Welcome to my guide! This is intended to show the best setups for each
character according to their stats. Note that the following setups are intended
for dealing as much damage as possible as quickly as you can. This is because
for an enemy to drop a certain item, you sometimes have to get a certain star
rating. For example, when you reach Gran Pulse and are able to fight
Adamantoises, you must achieve 4-5 stars to just HAVE a chance to get
Trapezohedrons, which are used for ultimate weapon creation.

Also note that these setups can and will take several hours to create. Maximum
Crystarium expansion is recommended for best possible results. I will not go
through every last weapon, I will only list the weapons that have given me the
best results. Some characters will have a balanced setup of strength and magic,
some will have more magic than strength, and vice versa. Not everybody is the
perfect commando, so what's the point of giving them useless strength?
[USTRSP] 2. Useful training spots

To be able to have a decent setup, a high leveled Crystarium is recommended.
This section of the guide will go over some training spots to make your life
easier. Some areas give a lot of CP, but require long battles, whereas others
may have ridiculously easy battles, but come with a low CP reward. This is why
we will be getting the Growth Egg accessory from mission 55 to make this
grinding session so much quicker... 2x quicker to be exact! Without further
ado, let's get straight to these locations!

[GEC1] Getting the Growth Egg on Chapter 11 (Optional, But Recommended)

  Getting the Growth Egg requires passing Mission 55. Sound easy? Think again.
The enemy in question is the Neochu, one of the strongest enemies in the game.
There is an easy way to beating it however. I'll list 2 strategies: One which
utilizes Vanille's Death spell, and another which utilizes Sazh's Cold Blood.
But, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it. We have other missions first.

Here's what you need to do to get to mission 55: Complete Missions 01, 02, 03,
05, 07, 12, 13, 14, Defeat Barthandelus, and then take on Mission 55. In that
order. More time-consuming than enjoyable, but it pays off in Chapter 13, in
the tesseracts (see that area for more details down below).

Now, these missions are easy, so I won't give too much of a description. Well,
except for Missions 07, 12, and of course Mission 55. To find the mission
you're looking for, just scroll down until you see "Mission XX" as the first
words of the paragraph (you know what a paragraph is, right?). Or use Ctrl+F,
whatever works.

Mission 07 is against Bituitus, and this is an easy fight if you're doing it
in Chapter 13. But this isn't Chapter 13, so ignore that. This strategy
is slightly paraphrased from Auron402's 5-Star Guide with some slight changes.

Lightning and Fang will operate as Commandos full time, so set that up.
Vanille, who is Party Leader, is going to be a Saboteur, Ravager, and Medic,
one in each paradigm. When the battle starts, stick Bituitus with Deshell, and
switch to Agression (2 COM's and 1 RAV. You set these up, right?) and lay
waste, using Tireless Charge (2 COM's and 1 MED) to heal.

Mission 12 is against Geiseric, and holy hell is he tall. Again, this strategy
was borrowed from Auron402's 5-star Guide, with changes. Seriously, go check
out his guide, it's really good!

You need the 3 girls here, with Fang as Party Leader. Set up these paradigms:

When the battle starts, stick Geiseric with Slow, Deprotect, and Deshell.
Shift to Relentless Assault, and begin the... well, assault. When he gets
staggered, go to Aggression and end it.

Mission 55 is the Big One. As I said, we have 2 strategies. Vanille's Death
and Sazh's Cold Blood. We'll start with Vanille's Death.

You need Snow as a Sentinel full time. Here are the Paradigms for the fight:

Van Hop Sno

Now the battle can begin. And Possibly end just as quick as it started. When
the battle starts, pray to your deity (if you believe in one) that the Neochu
doesn't attack you. If he does, then that's that. If he doesn't, immediately
start spamming Death. Haste will speed this up. I should, however, note that
this can take a VERY long time, because Death is very finnicky. Somehow
though, I managed to get it on my 3rd try. Nothing special, it just worked.
Anyway, Death will hopefully eventually work, and when that happens, switch
paradigms so that Vanille is a RAV, and Hope is a MED. Now start to pick off
the Picochus very slowly. If you're feeling a bit lucky, very briefly switch
so Snow is a Commando, and let him attack to stabalize the chain gauge. Then
switch back. This can take a long time, but an Eidolon can help out. There's

But some people may not have the patience for Death. Cold Blood can work a bit
better for you. Sazh will be Party Leader, along with Hope and Snow. These
are your Paradigms:

Saz Hop Sno

The 4th one is to drive the chain gauge up a bit higher when Neochu is down.
Sazh must have Random: Instant Chain for this to be possible.

When the battle starts, again, pray that he doesn't attack you. Start using
Cold Blood, and hope that eventually, he'll get Chained. Switch to Delta
Attack, and murder him. If he survives (which he may), just do it again. Oh,
and watch out for Pollen, which in that case, number one, survive, and number
two, use Dispelga. When he dies, the battle gets much easier. Now you own the
Growth Egg! Now to the grinding.

[ASLP]  Archylte Steppe (anywhere... before completeing the ring of missions
[Also in Eden - Leviathan Plaza])

    The Archylte Steppe is home to some of the game's most powerful monsters,
all of which will murder you on first visit. However, after Chapter 13, these
become slightly easier using a normal strategy, and just plain luck based with
Vanille's use of her limit break, Death. The Adamantoise drops 40,000 CP
(80,000 CP with the Growth Egg), and has a chance (albeit a low one) of
dropping a Platinum Ingot, whcih you can sell for 150,000 gil, and he has a
really low chance of dropping a Trapezohedron, used for making ultimate

The strategy I recommend is better than the Death Technique. At least it's
not luck based! This should always work if you have a high strength and magic

The party I recommend is Fang as party leader, with Lightning and Hope. You
will need a Fortisol for this battle so you can skip buffing. You only need
3 Paradigm's: Relentless Assault (2 Ravagers and a Commando), Agression (2
Commando's and a Ravager), and any paradigm featuring a Saboteur. You also
need 3 TP, as well as a Conoisseur Catalog, and optionally the Growth Egg.

Begin the battle by summoning Bahamut. Don't use Gestalt Mode, or it'll
send Bahamut away, and make this more difficult. Cast all the debuffs you
can, the main ones being Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, and Slow. Switch to
Relentless Assault (hopefully while Bahamut is still up), and attack him.
When he goes away, use one more round of Relentless Assault, and switch to
Aggression, and attack. This strategy always works for me, and I once got
2 Trapezohedrons in a row! I hope you have the same luck as me with this!

Trivia: It's possible to get both treasure spheres outside of Edenhall above
the glass. As you may know, you can only pick one, and then the Adamantoise
outside breaks the glass, and the other treasure sphere dies with him. There
is a way to get both of these. Just kill the Adamantoise outside. He won't be
there to break the glass, so you can get the full value of 6 Particle
Accelorators, as well as 35,000 gil!

[ASNH]  Archylte Steppe - Northern Highplain

    This is one of the most well known leveling spots in the game, although
not the best. When you go down the hill up in the top left corner of the map
like you're about to go to Mah'habara, you'll see 2 monsters fighting, one is
a Behemoth King, and the other is a Megistotherian. it's possible to win this
battle in chapter 11, and makes a very good grinding spot. In chapter 13,
however, it make for a very negligible grinding area, but with the Growth Egg
and Sprint Shoes, it's an option.

The battle gives you a grand total of 6600 CP (13,200 with the Growth Egg) and
a few components. The chapter 11 setup recommended is Lightning as a Ravager
and a Medic, Hope as a Ravager and Synergist, and Fang as a Commando and
Saboteur. This falls into 2 paradigms: Relentless Assault (2 Ravagers and a
Commando) and Evened Odds (Medic, Saboteur, and Synergist).

Begin the fight with Relentless Assault, and focus your aggression on the
Behemoth King. Make sure he doesn't transform. If he does, reset the battle.
When the Behemoth King finally dies, change to Evened Odds, and inflict
the ailments, bestow the enhancements, or heal, depending on party leader.
Once that's done, switch back to Relentless Assault, and begin the onslaught.
Don't worry about the status ailments he can inflict with Virulent Breath;
just end the battle as quickly as you can. This whole process takes about 2
minutes, and in chapter 11, you can do a lot of leveling in a short amount
of time.

The chapter 13 setup only requires 1 paradigm: Aggression. Lightning and Fang
are recommended as your commandos, and Hope is recommended as the Ravager.
When you start the fight, 2 characters will go after the Behemoth King, and
the lone commando will go after the Megistotherian. Depending on how high
your stats are, the battle can take anywhere from 1 minute to just a mere 7
seconds! It takes a lot of time, but it gets it done relatively fast.

[OPTT]  Orphan's Cradle - The Tesseracts (final area)


    I'm sure you remember the Sanctum Templars and the Wladislaus from before,
right? They reappear as an obstacle on your way to the final warp gate. The
very first encounter on your way up the tower is a combo of those 2. Using a
Deceptisol shroud, you can actually start the battle with a pre-emptive
strike, and kill Wladislaus before going to the Sanctum Templar.

The battle awards you the grand prize of 35,520 CP (71,040 with the Growth
Egg). You only need 2 Paradigms: Aggression (2 commandos and a ravager) and
Combat Clinic (2 medics and a sentinel).

To make this encounter go so much faster, use a Desceptisol. They are very
common drops way back in Chapter 2. I usually get about 15-20 of those, and I
save all of them for this very moment. Having about 650,000 gil, I can have
about 60-65 Desceptisols! That's a total of about 2,237,760 CP (4,475,520 with
the Growth Egg) That's more than enough to fill all of your Primary Roles, and
1-2 of your secondaries! That'll make you overpowered for Orphan!

Start the battle firstly with a Desceptisol, and secondly in the Aggression
paradigm. Focus your "Aggression" on the Wladislaus, and you should kill him
in about 30 seconds. Turn to the Templar, and heal when your health gets low.
You should drop him in about 1:30, since you'll need to build the chain gauge
back up.

However, to make the battle faster, you might like to run Evened Odds (Medic,
Saboteur, Seynergist) as a 3rd paradigm. If you switch to it after you kill
Wladislaus, it'll make the battle go a bit faster, saving you some precious
time. Now just rinse and repeat 59 more times.

[TTRI]  Titan's Trials

    The Faultwarren's is home to the Titans's Trials, a series of missions
(starting at mission 35 and ending at mission 51) that test your skills. There
is a certain path you can take that will net you about 325,000 CP (650,000) in
about 45 minutes. However, this is only if you fight every last battle in each
area. The battles that aren'y against the mission mark aren't special, except
for 1, but I'll get to that.

The exact route you must take is A1, B1, C1, D2, and E6. The missions are 35,
36, 38, 42, and 51. Mission 35 is against a Gurangatch, which is extremely
easy, but if you need a strategy, simply use Relentless Assault (2 Ravagers and
a Commando) until the creature dies.

Mission 36 is against 2 Amam's, the Gorgonospid clone. It can inflict statuses
with Virulent Breath, but this shouldn't be an issue. It will use a Lightning
Elemental attack to heal itself and hurt you. Using Evened Odds (Medic,
Saboteur, Synergist), You should have a large amount of buffs and debuffs.
Switch to Aggression (2 Commandos and a Ravager) and begin the assault. You
and the other attacker alone should be able to kill one of the Amam's, while
the Commando will damage the other. If you need to heal, Evened Odds will take
care of that. Once you're ready, kill the other Amam.

Mission 38 is against a group of Verdelet. They have the ability to summon
none other than the Juggernaut. Aggression is the key Paradigm here. When the
battle begins, wait for a few seconds to see which one will start summoning.
Focus your attack on that one, and hopefully you'll kill it before the
summoning is complete. If Juggernaut is summoned, you might as well just reset
the battle, you don't get any extra CP for it. If you can't kill the Verdelet
fast enough no matter what, use Relentless Assault instead of Aggression.

Mission 42 is the Borgbear hero, but I'll get to that in a second. In the area
of this mark, there is a group of Flowering Cactuar. Killing every one of them
grants you a lot of CP, but there's a trick to it. The Cactuar's will try to
escape the first chance they get. There's a way around it though. Use Fang as
Party Leader, and summon Bahamut. Immediately go into Gestalt Mode, and spam
Autogestalt. The monsters can't escape anymore when in Gestalt mode, making
this easier. When the number hits 0 and you use Mega Flare, all of the
Monsters should die. From this encounter alone, you get 37,500 CP (75,000 with
the Growth Egg).

Moving on to the actual Mark, the Borgbear Hero is of the Goblin Family. He
comes packed with some Borgbears, but with Evened Odds, Relentless Assault, and
Aggression, it's nothing to worry about.

Mission 51 is the final mission of the Titan's Trials. If you did the
Tesseracts grinding, then you definitely know who Wladislaus his. His friend,
Attacus has decided to take revenge. This encounter is famous for being
incredibly difficult. I normally use Lightning as party leader, and let Fang
and Hope be controlled by AI. With this encounter, I recommend swapping Fang
with Lightning. You won't die as easy if you're a Sentinel.

You need 4 Paradigm's for this encounter: Delta Attack (Commando, Ravager,
Sentinel), Mystic Tower (2 Ravagers and a Sentinel), Evened Odds, and Combat
Clinic (2 Medics and a Sentinel). Begin the battle in Evened Odds, and get as
many Buffs and Debuffs up as you possibly can. When that's done, switch to
Mystic Tower, and let the Ravagers drive his chain gauge up. When you see
is Chain Gauge is beginning to rapidly fall, switch to Delta Attack, and
stabalize it. Renew buffs and debuffs when necessary. When the counter
reaches 300-350%, switch to Delta Attack, and let them damage Attacus. It's
important you absorb the damage as the other 2 can be killed quite easily in
the later stages of the battle.

When Attacus's sword breaks, he pulls another one out of his eye (Weird I
know). Now he becomes dangerous. In addition to his normal attacks, he'll
occasionally use a little attack called Concentrate. This hits 1 target, and
does quite a bit of damage, hence the reason we have a Sentinel. It will try to
inflict Deprotect and Deshell so it can deal more damage. Seem bad now? Wait
till later.

Use the same strategy as last time, but play cautiously. when his Chain Gauge
reaches 600-650%, switch to Delta Attack and let the damage ensue. This may
seem boring as you're doing none of the damage, but if you're playing as some-
body else, and Attacus's new attack hits you, you're pretty much done. With
Fang as a Sentinel, this won't happen (usually).

When Attacus's Sword breaks again, he pulls yet another one out of his eye.
Now for the true reason why we have a Sentinel. His new attack replaces
Concentrate, and is called "Meditate". It still infilcts Deprotect and
Deshell, but it deals a lot more damage. As the battle wears on, Meditate
becomes increasingly difficult to survive. The gap between him planting the
sword in the ground, and him actually hitting you will shorten by a lot, and
he'll even cast Aero (several times) to try and prevent you from tanking up!

Play as cautious as you possibly can in this part of the battle. I would
just toss buffs and debuffs out the window unless you have a Synergist,
Saboteur, and Sentinel. Anytime you get an opening, switch to Mystic Tower
to drive his Chain Gauge up. When the counter hits 900-925%, switch to Delta
Attack, and begin the damage dealing, switching to Combat Clinic to heal when

When he's staggered, stay in Delta Attack, and watch your Commando and Ravager
murder Attacus. If you want it to go a little bit faster, set up Aggression
as a 5th Paradigm for this purpose. Note that you can't just take as long as
you want with Attacus; He'll cast Doom if the battle goes on for over 20
minutes. Now just start back from A1 again, and work your way back up to here.

[EDNH]  Eden - Edenhall

    This is not really a CP grinding spot. It'e more meant for gil and
catalysts. At the Edenhall area where you battle the Proud Clad for the second
time, there are Cie'th here called Sacrifice. As a common drop, you will get a
Scarletite, an expensive catalyst priced at 100,000 gil. Selling it will only
get you 7,000, but it still helps. I'd keep about 10 of them just in case. The
Rare Drop is the item Perfume, which sells for 12,500 gil.

The main purpose of this grinding spot is because to upgrade and buy weapons,
it's very expensive! Some of the weapons you'll see that I use later cost quite
a hefty sum of coins. To speed this up, I recommend having a Collector Catalog
and a Connoisseur Catalog equipped to have these items drop more often. More
gil per battle, the way I look at it.

You only need 2 Paradigm's: Evened Odds (Medic, Saboteur, Synergist) and
Relentless Assault (2 Ravagers and a Commando). Begin in Evened Odds. The
Sacrifices are vulnerable to every staus ailment in the game, so get as many
as you can on them! The big ones are Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Pain, and
Fog. With Pain and Fog, they can't do a thing other than walk around, so it's
a very easy fight.
[THCHSE] 3. The Character Setups

The main part of the guide is the setups. After all, I believe that's why you
came here, right?

Each setup will consist of a character's name, their Primary Roles, Secondary
Roles, Weapon Setup (and why I chose that weapon) and location, Accessory
Setup, and priority in which you should learn that character's roles. Yes, you
notice no character background. I don't put character backgrounds in guides
like this (or at least I don't plan to) because there is no use for it; This
isn't a full walkthrough, just a setup guide.

But what should you use before you obtain that Ultimate Weapon? There's are 7
other choices! Well, I've devised a plan for that too. For some characters, the
stats will be balanced. For others, one stat will be higher. This is a
reasonable style of progression in your weapons. You can see this whole debacle
in that character's respective section. Let's begin!

* [LIFA]                         Lightning                                   *
Primary: Commando, Ravager, Medic | Secondary: Sentinel, Saboteur, Synergist *
Role Development: Ravager, Commando, Medic, Synergist, Saboteur, Sentinel    *
Weapon Progression: Blazefire Saber (starting weapon)                        *
                    Organyx (Gilgamesh Inc., 280,000 gil)                    *
    The Organyx is Lightning's best balanced weapon. It has higher strength  *
and magic than everything else, and they're exactly the same at each weapon  *
level. If you have the right accessories, you can even use Vampiric Strike,  *
a synthesised ability that restores 1% of damage dealt per hit to your       *
health.                                                                      *
The only problem with this amazing weapon? It comes with an ability called   *
"Leadenstrike". In other words, your ATB charge rate is slowed. Later        *
upgrades have "Ironstrike", which doesn't slow it down as much.              *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Genji Glove                                                                  *
Sprint Shoes                                                                 *
The Regular setup is for killing in the fastest amount of time. You have a   *
max leveled Kaiser Knuckles and Magistral Crest which give 300 Strength and  *
Magic respectively. The Genji Glove raises the damage cap, which can and     *
will help in a lot of situations. Lastly the Sprint Shoes compensate for     *
Leadenstrike and Ironstrike, so you can combat the low attack rate with      *
Auto-Haste. This is the setup I recommend to everyone in almost every        *
situation.                                                                   *
Vampiric Strike Setup:                                                       *
Seraph's Crown (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Seraph's Crown (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Battle Talisman (REQUIRED)                                                   *
Sprint Shoes                                                                 *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Vampiric Strike. This is for *
battles that will take a long time, and you'll need constant health          *
regeneration. the setup is not meant for killing quickly, just for health    *
regeneration. The only battles that come to mind for this are Adamantoises   *
and Vercingetorix.                                                           *

As you can see, Lightning is a very balanced character. She can fit Commando,
Ravager, and Medic very easily, and has the Strength and Magic to compensate.
She can learn all of the basic ailments in the saboteur role, which can help
to get ailments on your opponents much quicker if everybody's casting. As a
Synergist, Light can use the basic stuff. Protect, Shell, Bravery, Faith,
Haste, Veil, etc. As a Sentinel however, Lightning is not the best. She has
about average HP and only knows Elude as a defense move. Elude, while useful,
eventually shows it age. Sometimes, you need extra defense or health
regeneration, or a strong counterattack. Still though, she can learn
Deathward, Fringeward, and Reprieve which still gives her some use as a

* [SAKA]                             Sazh                                    *
Primary: Commando, Ravager, Synergist | Secondary: Sentinel, Saboteur, Medic *
Role Development: Synergist, Ravager, Saboteur, Sentinel, Commando, Medic    *
Weapon Progression: Vega 42's (starting weapon)                              *
                    Rigels (The Fifth Ark. Hibernatorium)                    *
    The Rigels are Sazh's perfect balanced weapons with the highest Strength *
and Magic of everything. With the right accessory setup, you can gain the    *
synthesised ability of "Random: Instant Chain", which fills a chain gauge to *
near full. How awesome is that?                                              *
The only downfall of this weapon is the fact you can't drop a stagger with   *
it, so you have to rely on others to stagger monsters. It can be a bit       *
annoying at times, but with Instant Chain, I think it's a fair trade-off.    *
Note: The Rigels can also be bought at Gilgamesh Inc. for 19,000 Gil.        *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
Growth Egg/Any of the Catalog's                                              *
The Regular setup shows that Sazh doesn't need the Sprint Shoes, so I        *
replaced the Sprint Shoes with a Growth Egg for a nice 2x CP reward.         *
On top of his already high HP, he now has a Wurtzite Bangle, giving him an   *
additional 3,000. the Kaiser Knuckles and Magistral Crest give him a         *
damage boost, which will help you in long and tough battles.                 *
Random: Instant Chain Setup:                                                 *
Energy Sash (REQUIRED)                                                       *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Growth Egg/Any of the Catalogs                                               *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Random: Instant Chain. Not   *
much is different about this setup, only that instead of having a Wurtzite   *
Bangle, you instead have an Energy Sash. Remember to not get upset if        *
Instant Chain doesn't happen often. It's rare, and you really only need it   *
for tough encounters.                                                        *

Yes, you read that one part correct. You want to develop Saboteur and Sentinel
before Commando. Some of the statuses he can inflict can and will be useful
before developing Commando. Besides, you can always use Sazh's "-strike"
abilities so his strength stat isn't entirely useless. He is the best
Synergist in the game by far, so that's what you should develop first. He
has the HP to be a useful Sentinel, and with an Imperial Armlet, he becomes
a tough cookie. He's not very skilled as a Medic, as he cannot learn Raise.
He needs to either use a Phoenix Down or the Renew technique to raise allies
from the dead.

* [SNVI]                             Snow                                    *
Primary: Commando, Ravager, Sentinel | Secondary: Synergist, Saboteur, Medic *
Role Development: Sentinel, Commando, Ravager, Saboteur, Synergist, Medic    *
Weapon Progression: Wild Bear (starting weapon)                              *
                    Power Circle (The Hanging Edge [I don't remember where]) *
                    Sacrificial Circle (Gilgamesh Inc, 210,000 Gil)          *
    The Sacrificial Circle is Snow's best balanced weapon with the highest   *
attack and magic of his weapons. With the right setup, you can achieve       *
the synthesised ability "Damage Reduction" which is exactly what it says...  *
Damage Reduction.                                                            *
While it sounds wonderful, there is one major drawback: Your HP is cut down  *
to a pathetic 40%. If Snow is at his maximum HP (30,000), that means he      *
would have... 12,000 HP. Yeah, I know. Sucks, doesn't it?                    *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
The Regular setup is meant to give him more HP to compensate for Paper and   *
Silk Tiger. Silk Tiger gives you more HP overall, but still not enough to go *
on with. With this setup, he'll have more HP, but you may have trouble       *
keeping him alive. Obviously, Silk Tiger is better, but you need to upgrade  *
for that.                                                                    *
Damage Reduction Setup:                                                      *
Adamant Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Adamant Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Adamant Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Adamant Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Damage Resistance. 4 max     *
leveled Adamant Bangles certainly will cover the lost HP better than 2       *
Wurtzite Bangles alone. With this setup, 20 points of damage is negated from *
all attacks. It may not seem like much, but it can make the difference       *
between Life and Death, that's for sure.                                     *

Snow is a dead on Sentinel, with high HP and Strength, he's more built for a
Sentinel/Commando fighter, rather than a Saboteur/Ravager deal. Even with the
"-strike" abilities in the Ravager role though, he can deal quite a bit of
damage when he needs to. The only issue with his Ravager role is he doesn't
learn Water or Ice, which is a giant issue when fighting enemies that are
weak to those elements. As a Synergist, he doesn't know very much, but it
still helps. He can't learn Imperil or Imperilga in the Saboteur Role, but
he can learn everything else. He has the same issue Sazh has in the Medic
Role: He can't learn Raise. Stock up on Phoenix Downs if you plan on using
this bozo.

* [HEST]                           Hope                                      *
Primary: Ravager, Synergist, Medic | Secondary: Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur *
Role Development: Medic, Ravager, Synergist, Saboteur, Commando, Sentinel    *
Weapon Progression: Airwing (starting weapon)                                *
                    Hawkeye (The Gapra Whitewood, Research Corridor)         *
    Needless to say, Hope is not the strength type at all! In the late       *
stages of the game, his magic stat becomes double his normal                 *
strength! If you follow the accessories, he'll have nearly TRIPLE his        *
normal Strength, as well as magic resistance!                                *
The one bad thing about this weapon is it has no special effects: No         *
Instant Chain, No Stagger Lock, nothing. No good effects, but no bad ones    *
either.                                                                      *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
The Regular setup is missing a Kaiser Knuckle. He doesn't need one. He's not *
a skilled physical Commando, so 600 Magic in my opinion is better than 300   *
of each. Hope has incredibly low HP, but 2 Wurtzite bangles fix that!        *
Magic Reduction Setup:                                                       *
Weirding Glyph (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Blessed Talisman (REQUIRED)                                                  *
Diamond Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Diamond Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Magic Resistance. The        *
Blessed Talisman Grants Hope Auto-Faith, allowing for more magic damage to   *
be dealt. The Weirding Glyph increases his magic stat, furthering his damage *
output. The 2 Diamond Bangles give Hope more Health, which he certainly      *
needs!                                                                       *

Hope is a full on magic character, so he has no use for his strength stat
(unless the enemy is resistant or immune to magic). As a Medic, he can very
quickly restore health to the whole party is just mere seconds due to his
magic stat. As a ravager, if he's facing a staggered opponent at 999% stagger
point, he'll deal the damage. Quickly too! Hope's a good Synergist, but Sazh
is a better one. Hope learns all of the area-wide Saboteur debuffs, so he can
speed that process up. As a commando, he can deal a lot of damage with Ruin
and Ruinga, which a lot of people forget. He's pretty much worthless as a
Sentinel, but I occasionally use him as a Sentinel... just to watch him die.
All kidding aside, his low HP makes him near useless as a Sentinel. However,
he can learn Deathward and Fringeward, which makes that slightly better.

* [OEVA]                          Vanille                                    *
Primary: Ravager, Saboteur, Medic | Secondary: Commando, Sentinel, Synergist *
Role Development: Medic, Saboteur, Ravager, Synergist, Commando, Sentinel    *
Weapon Progression: Binding Rod (starting weapon)                            *
                    Pearlwing Staff (Lake Bresha, The Waters Stilled)        *
    Vanille is a magic character, along with Hope. However, she, much like   *
Hope, can make SOME good use of the Commando role just by spamming Ruin.     *
Her Pearlwing Staff is made just for magic, and doesn't gain very much       *
strength. With the right accessory setup, you can gain Magic Defense, just   *
like Hope. Match made in Heaven, isn't it?                                   *
Again, like Hope, her weapon has no special abilities, such as Instant Chain.*
But that also means no bad things either.                                    *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Magistral Crest                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
Growth Egg/Any of the Catalogs                                               *
The Regular setup is, much like Hope yet again, absent of 1 Kaiser Knuckles. *
You should never give a magic character strength. Just double up on magic.   *
The only thing different is she doesn't need 2 Wurtzite Bangles.             *
Magic Reduction Setup:                                                       *
Weirding Glyph (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Blessed Talisman (REQUIRED)                                                  *
Diamond Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
Diamond Bangle (REQUIRED)                                                    *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Magic Reduction. Same thing  *
as Hope. This means all magic attacks now deal 30 points less than what they *
normally would. It certainly can be useful vs. select monsters who only use  *
magic!                                                                       *

In the Saboteur role, Vanille picks up Death, which can be used to quickly
kill Adamantoises. It's luck based, but it can work. She's a good Ravager, but
really nothing unique. Her best role is definitely medic. She learns Curasa at
an early level, which can help in situations when you need health restoration
fast. She can use Ruin in Commando to deal quick damage, and she's not that
useful as a sentinel. As a Synergist, much like Fang, she can use Bravera,
Faithra, Protectra, and Shellra, all of which are much more useful than their
previous counterparts. Speaking of Fang, let's get on to the last character.

* [OEFA]                             Fang                                     *
Primary: Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur | Secondary: Ravager, Synergist, Medic *
Role Development: Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur, Ravager, Synergist, Medic    *
Weapon Progression: Bladed Lance (starting weapon)                           *
                    Dragoon Lance (Gilgamesh Inc., 230,000 Gil)              *
    Fang is the only character in the game to be primarily focused on        *
strength, making her very useful as a Commando. Her strength is comparable   *
to that of Hope's magic: Both are extremely high. With the right setup, you  *
can make use of what is called "Ultimate Physic", but ONLY if the Dragoon    *
Lance is in its second form, the Dragonhorn. Before that, it has nothing.    *
After that, it's Independent.                                                *
The only problem with this weapon is the ability "Stifled Magic". This means *
that Fang's magic stat will stay it's base value unless accessories boost it.*
The weapon always gives 0 magic. It's a strength only weapon, hence why      *
we're using it on a strength focused character. Besides, if you were to be   *
using her as a Ravager, it should be for staggering.                         *
Location: Can be bought at Gilgamesh Inc. for 230,000 gil.                   *
Accessory Setup (All are max leveled):                                       *
Regular Setup:                                                               *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Kaiser Knuckles                                                              *
Wurtzite Bangle                                                              *
Genji Glove                                                                  *
The Regular setup lacks Magistral Crests. It's quite obvious why. 2 Kaiser   *
Knuckles means Fang can deal immense damage very fast, espcially with the    *
Genji Glove and Highwind with a 999% stagger! That's very useful, isn't it?  *
Ultimate Physic Setup:                                                       *
Kaiser Knuckles (REQUIRED)                                                   *
Kaiser Knuckles (REQUIRED)                                                   *
Kaiser Knuckles (REQUIRED)                                                   *
Kaiser Knuckles (REQUIRED)                                                   *
The ones labeled with (REQUIRED) are needed for Ultimate Physic. Yeah,       *
Fang's strength is going to skyrocket with this setup, and you'll be dealing *
damage without even thinking about it. Medic's can't heal you though, so     *
you'll have to use items to heal that character.                             *

Fang as a Commando is deadly, as you'll see in the late stages of the game.
She has the health to be a Sentinel, and the abilities to help. She can use
anything she needs to in order to debilitate an enemy with debuffs. I don't
use Fang as a Ravager to deal damage, I use her more to stagger an enemy
quicker than with 2 ravagers. She can use all of the unique abilities Vanille
can as a Synergist, and as a Medic, she's not too bad. Certainly better than
Snow and Sazh!
[CLSN] 4. Closing

Well, I sure hope that you got some good use out of my guide! It wasn't a very
long one (it only took me 3 days to write), but I imagine it was helpful! If
you have any questions, please email me at the following address:


May you go on and murder those helpless Adamantoises!
[VSHI] 5. Version history

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Also tweaked some of the descriptions, and rewrote the Archylte Steppe/Eden
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