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Gil Farming Guide by lilJesta / Marter

Version: .95 | Updated: 05/26/2010

 ______ _             _   ______          _                  
|  ____(_)           | | |  ____|        | |                 
| |__   _ _ __   __ _| | | |__ __ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _ 
|  __| | | '_ \ / _` | | |  __/ _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |
| |    | | | | | (_| | | | | | (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |
|_|    |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, |
                                                        __/ |
__   _______ _____ _____ 
\ \./ /_   _|_   _|_   _|
 \   /  | |   | |   | |  
  > <   | |   | |   | |  
 / . \ _| |_ _| |_ _| |_ 
/_/ \_\_____|_____|_____|

Final Fantasy XIII
Gil Farming Guide
By: Jesta & marter
E-Mail: jesta23@yahoo.com

Table of Contents
1.   Introduction                                                    (ITR)
2.   Chapter 9 Farming                  **Coming Soon**              (CP9)
3.   Chocobo Farming                                                 (CBF)
4.   Mission 24                                                      (M24)
5.   Chapter 13 Ci'eth                                               (C13)
6.   Chapter 13 Ci'eth (Post Game)                                   (CV2)
7.   Adamtoise/Adamantortiose Farming                                (AF1)
     7.01 Adamantoise Summon and Death                               (ASD)
     7.02 Adamantoise/Adamantortoise No summon, Death                (NSD)
     7.03 Adamantoise Summon, Fang leader                            (AFL)
     7.04 Adamantortiose Summon, Sahz leader                         (ASL)
     7.05 Adamantortiose No Summon, Straight kill                    (AAA)
8.   Frequently Asked Questions                                      (FAQ)
     8.01 Farming CP before Gil?                                     (CBG)
     8.02 Getting Catalogs?                                          (GCT)
     8.03 Stacking Catalogs?                                         (SCT)
     8.04 New Farming Methods?                                       (NFL)
     8.05 Farming TP?                                                (FTP)
     8.06 Stagger Gauge Resetting?                                   (SGR)
     8.07 Chapter 13 Farming?                                        (13F)
9.   Credits/Copyright Information                                   (CC1)
10.  Version History                                                 (VSN)

1. Introduction                                                      (ITR)
The purpose of this guide is to detail the most popular Gil farming spots 
of the game. There is no real best spot, although certain spots are better 
then others depending on your current overall party strength. Mission 24 
starts off the best. After that, Chapter 13 becomes the best, and finally 
when you are close to maxed out the Adamantoise in Eden becomes the 
best. I will try to provide raw numbers of each spot so that you can make 
your own choice as to which spot you want to try out. There is also an FAQ 
at the end, that will hopefully answer any and all questions that you may 
have about the guide, or about things related to Gil farming such as 

The Video's:
I started a second play through so that I could capture videos of me doing
the various farms at the lowest level possible. The video links are 
intended to help the people that need help, Not to show off my leet 
skills. I have a maxed out save file that I could make some clips from 
showing the fastest possible kills. But I feel that if you are that far 
into the game, you do not need my help.

2. Chapter 9 Farming              **Coming Soon**                    (CP9)

3. Chocobo Farming                                                   (CBF)
Method: Chocobo Digging
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e5ya5MwtuY
Image Link: http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/79/chocobogil.png
Roles: None
Items Required: None
Optional Items: None
Recommended Stats: None
Approximate Gil per Hour: 467,100 Gil

This method requires no fighting, it only requires that you complete
Mission 14 to unlock the Chocobo's. I will not going into details about
the strategy, because the image says it all. I can explain how I came to
the conclusion you can make 460,000 gil per hour here.

A average run takes 4-5 minutes, in a run you get 3-4 items. The items 
have the following drop rates,
12.84% - Millerite - 1000gil
12.84% - Rhodochrosite - 2000gil
12.65% - Cobaltite - 3000gil
10.19% - Chocobo Plume - 20gil
9.94%  - Chocobo Tail Feather - 50gil
9.52%  - Gold Dust - 15,000gil
8.04%  - Dawnlight Dew - 500gil
7.55%  - Dusklight Dew - 850gil
4.75%  - Gold Nugget - 60,000gil
5.00%  - Moogle Puppet - 18,000gil
6.32%  - Plush Chocobo - 35,000gil

If you do the math that gives you 8,658 Gil per dig. With an average of 
54 digs per hour.

The Pros: No battling required.

The Cons: Less Gil than some other methods. Gil is not guarenteed to reach 
          optimal levels.

4. Mission 24                                                        (CP9)
Method: Repeatable mission
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6LmvLOpQ38
Roles: Com-Rav-Rav/Com-Com-Rav/Com-Rav-Med/Com-Com-Com
Items Required: None
Optional Items: None
Recommended Stats: None
Approximate Gil per Hour: 
	540,000 at 10 Second Battle Times
	360,000 at 30 Second battle Times
	240,000 at 1 Minute battle Times
	(This includes the 30 seconds its takes to restart the mission)

This is the earliest available method of Gil farming worth covering. It is 
a very solid method even post game. You have to complete this mission to 
get past the Taejin's Tower arc of the story, so you know you are strong 
enough to do it. After you complete the Tower arc, take the elevator down 
to the next area, then turn around and go back. Take the elevator to the 
4th floor and then take the sub elevator to the 5th tier. Here you will 
see a statue, he gives you this mission. The target spawns in this very 
room so there is no travel time. Kill it, and receive a reward that sells 
for 6,000 Gil. Rinse and repeat. 

*If you are beyond this point, Take the Ce'ith teleportal to the tower, 
ride the elevator to the 4th tier. Then take the Sub elevator to the 5th

The Pros: Very easy, anyone in chapter 11 can do this. Good Gil gain, very
          steady with guaranteed returns.

The Cons: With about a 500,000 max an hour return, Other methods will net
	you more Gil

5. Chapter 13 Ci'eth                                                 (C13)
Method: Straight Farming
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuCjxj3aNp4
With out commentary - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-zIUo194cE
Roles: Sab-Sab-Rav/Com-Sab-Rav/Com-Rav-Rav
Items Required: None
Optional Items: Having Collectors Catalog is recommended
Recommended Stats: None
Approximate Gil per Hour:
	1,263,000 at 30 Second Battle Times
	842,000 at 1 Minute Battle Times
	552,500 at 2 Minute Battle Times
	(This includes the 30 seconds its takes to reset the spawn.)

This is the best method for raw Gil per hour. But after you beat the game
the Gil per hour will take a massive hit. The reasoning will be explained 
later on however.

Just before the portals at the start of Chapter 13, there is a save point 
with a pack of 3 Sacrifice Ci'eth, and a pack of 4. If you move off screen 
they both respawn. They are worth about 20k Gil each pack and take less 
than 2min to kill. They should eventually take 30 Seconds once you are 
geared up. You can also get preemptive attacks on them every time after a 
little practice if you are not geared/leveled. 

You start off with a Sab-Sab-Rav and just debuff them all. Once they are 
debuffed, switch to a Com-Rav-Rav and AoE all of them with Ruinga if you 
are leveled up, and your weapons are good. Then you can go Com-Sab-Rav and 
just start casting Ruinga at the very start with your Com. Switch to 
Com-Rav-Rav when they are all debuffed. There is no way to really tell 
when they are, you will just have to guess. What makes this so nice is 
that they are very susceptible to debuffs, and after they are pained and 
fogged they just wander around not attacking you. 

They are normally very hard to kill because of their massive HP and 
resistances to everything. But the debuffs make them lose their 
resistances, in addition to not attacking. When you first start here if 
you are weaker it might be a little tough, you might get a game over here 
and there if you get unlucky with the debuffs. Stick with it, after you 
get some levels and items it becomes VERY easy and has the best Gil 
gain in the game.

Having trouble getting them to respawn?:
The paths that go off to the sides are the ones you need to take to get 
them to respawn, you cannot use the main path to the portals or back 
towards Eden. This is why the farm take a massive hit after you beat the 
game. These two paths to the sides will disappear preventing you from 
respawning the packs properly and you have to save/reload. You can 
actually see the red dots reappear as you runaway from them, so you know 
exactly when they respawn.

Having trouble getting the preemptive strike?:
The pack of 3 it is possible to get the strike on the solo one right by 
the path and with some practice this is the best place to do it because it 
allows you to more respawn them more efficiently. However, if you are 
having trouble there, you can go around to the other side (near the path 
to the portals), and approach the two at the top. They will both turn 
their backs at the same time and it is very easy to preemptive them from 

The pack of 4 is easiest to get from the side path. One of them will 
wander very far out alone, wait for him to turn back to the group and hit 
him then.

The math
Drop (per Sacrifice): Perfume x1 or Scarletite x1
Price: 12500 for Perfume, 7000 for Scarletite
Drop Rate: 28.1% Perfume (0.375 x 0.75), 25% Scarletite with Collector
and no Connoisseur, assuming 5-star battle rating

6. Chapter 13 Ci'eth (Post game)                                     (CV2)

Method: Straight Farming
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wr38hLD-_c
Roles: Sab-Sab-Rav/Com-Sab-Rav/Com-Rav-Rav
Items Required: None
Optional Items: Having Collector's Catalog is recommended
Recommended Stats: None
Approximate Gil per Hour:
	398,775 at 4:45 Minute Cycle Times
	(A cycle time includes the it takes to save/reload or warp in and 

This is the same monster as above at a much slower pace. After you beat 
the game you can no longer respawn the pack of 4 in the Cradle. The next 
best place for them is the long hallway just as you leave Cradle back into 
Eden hall. Here there are 6 Sacrifices that you can kill, then either 
teleport to Cradle and return, or save/reload to get them to respawn. 

The strategy is the same as above, except I would start as Com-Sab-Rav 
here, because the pulls are smaller.

You can also just stay in cradle and save/reload the pack of 4 and 3. 
Which is just as good, but the time to save and reload is going to 
double or even triple your cycle times. So there you will only net about 
400-500k gil per hour, at which point the Adamantoise is a much better 

The Pros: Easy

The Cons: Less Gil than other methods

7. Adamtoise/Adamantortiose Farming                                  (AF1)
Next up is the most popular method of farming; Adamantoise/Adamantortoise 
killing. There are several ways to do this, So I will cover them all for 
completeness. Keep in mind the Gil per hour for these is more dependent on 
luck. Since the drop rate is much lower. I assume average kill times, time 
to reload the game, and the drop rate to find the Gil per hour for these.

7.01 Adamantoise Summon and Death                                    (ASD)
Method: Summon/Death
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo0RSSE0c44
Items Required:None
Optional Items: Haste boots, Level 2 Belladonna Wand, Energy sash
Champions Bangle
Recommended Stats: None
Approximate Gil per Hour:
	200,000-400,000 (Depending on luck)

This method is the first available to you, You only NEED the ability 
"Death" on Vanille. Any place with a Adamantoise near a save point is a 
good spot for this farm. The best places are the center of Pulse or Eden. 
This method is also the easiest, but most tedious of all the Gil farming 

When the fight starts immediately Summon controlling Vanille. This will
lower the beast to the ground destroying his legs and preventing him from
attacking you. Make sure not to cancel your summon, let it attack along 
side you. Never activate the Gestalt mode. Start by adding Deshell and 
Deprotect to him, increasing the odds of your death. Then start spamming 
Death on him. Eventually your summon will leave, and your party will 
return. Hopefully the other Sab will get another Debuff or two up for you.

Continue to spam Death and pray.If you are lucky enough it will work and 
he will die. I've found you can get 12 Deaths off with this method. Given 
the 5% chance of it working, + the bonus from the 2 Debuffs and the extra 
Sab in the party. This give you a 8% chance of the death working. meaning 
1 in 12.5 should work. You might think this means you have around a 90% 
chance of succeeding but that's not quite right. 

I've found about 60% of them time you will get a kill, and the other 40% 
you will fail. If you fail, just retry. If you succeed then kill things 
to get your TP back. Save, reload and try again.

The Pros: This is easy and can be done early. Once you get a 3rd Sab role, 
          it becomes more efficient.

The Cons: Very luck based, you can have a good streak or a bad one quite 
          often. Farming the needed TP after battle is also annoying.

1) Go to settings and set the cursor to start on "Ability" at the start of 
2) If you manage to cast Haste, you can use Death 15 times before 

7.02 Adamantoise/Adamantortoise No summon, Death                     (NSD)
Method: Death
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcWEU8XhQKs
Roles: Sab-Med-Syn/Sab-Med-Med/Sab-Sab-Med(Optional)
Recommended Items: Gaian ring's for each character.
Optional Items: Haste boots, Level 2 Belladonna Wand
Recommended Stats: More than 8000 HP
Approximate Gil per Hour:
	200,000-400,000 depending on luck.

The Adamantortoise is nearly the same as the Adamantoise, only he does 
less damage and has a smaller stagger guage. In this case the 
Adamantortoise is the better choice of the two to fight. This method is 
very similar to the Summon/Death method only this time you will try to 
stay alive while being attacked, instead of summoning in order to take out 
the legs. This requires a much higher level party, and some items to 
minimize damage. 

The Gaian ring's offer some very good damage reduction when starred.
 They are a must have. You start the fight the 
same as before, putting a few debuffs on him. Since you don't have as 
strict of a time limit here you can add more debuffs if you deem it worth 
while. Hope that your Syn will buff you with protect and shell. Once 
they do, switch to your Sab/Med/Med and heal up. Once you are healed 
enough, switch to a Sab/Sab/Med if possible, depending on your Crystogem 
levels. Spam Death and hope for it to work. 

An easy way to tell if you are strong enough to eliminate the summon is to 
simply try it. Either you will get owned really quickly by stomps, or you 

The Pros: No more TP farming improves your cycle times greatly, allowing
for more kills per hour. This method is also much less tedious than the
Summon method. Having no time limit will guarantee much fewer failures.

The Cons: Requires more items to prepare, and a much stronger party to 
handle it.

7.03 Adamantoise Summon, Fang leader                                 (AFL)
Method: Summon/Fang
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGFJCIObXEo
With out commentary - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF1cvdrRVes
Roles: Sab-Com-Com/Com-Rav-Rav/Com-Com-Com
Items Required: None
Optional Items: Haste/Brave/Faith Shrouds, Energy sash, Champions Bangle
Recommended Stats: 1400 STR on each Com with Shrouds. Without Shrouds, 
	2000 will be needed.
Approximate Gil per Hour:
	334,000 at 8 Minute Cycle Times (420,000 if no shroud is used)
	(This includes the time needed to TP Farm)

For this method, the stronger Adamantoise is actually easier at first. 
Then the Adamantortoise becomes easier once your STR gets higher. Test
them both out from time to time to determine for yourself which is better
at your current STR. The reason behind this is the tortoise will stagger
too early with your Summon still out, meaning you wont kill it in one 
stagger. Sometimes you can quickly restagger him if you have the ability
to have a 3xRav Paradigm, but it is not worth the risk.

As with the first summon method you summon your Eidolin right away. If you 
decided against using a Shroud, you can have Sahz start in Syn and try to 
get a few hastes prior to the second stomp. Then you can summon right 
before the second stomp. With your summon out, you should be in control of 
Fang as a Sab. Just let her Auto Debuff him until she has Deshell 
Deprotect and Imperil on him. You can do this manually to slightly speed 
this process up, remembering to cancel the remaining orders once the spell 
lands to save time by pressing B.

After he is fully debuffed switch to your Com-Com-Com roles and Start
attacking along side your Summon. As before, do not activate Gestalt mode. 
When his timer runs out he will fully heal your party and fly away. As he 
leaves, the Adamantoise will be about 3% from stagger. Use your 
Com-Rav-Rav Paradigm to stagger him. Swap to Com-Com-Com and attack for 2 
rounds in this paradigm. Switch back to Com-Rav-Rav and attack once more 
before going back into Com-Com-Com. Every time you change roles your ATB 
is filled to full if at least 2 rounds have passed in your previous 
Paradigm. You can also set up a second Com-Com-Com and switch between the 
two Com Paradigms every two rounds to maximize damage. If he stands back 
up, you will fail.

The Pros: This method is a guaranteed kill every time, so no more 

The Cons - When using a Shroud its very counter productive to making Gil
when you have to spend 12.5k just to try and get an Ingot. You will have
to farm TP after each kill.

7.04 Adamantortiose Summon, Sahz leader                              (ASL)
Method: Summon/Sahz
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDmRe9uIur4
Roles: Syn-Com-Com/Syn-Rav-Sab/Rav-Rav-(Rav\Com)/Com-Com-Com
Required Items: None
Optional Items: None
Recommended Stats: 900 STR on Sahz, 1400 on your other characters
Approximate Gil per hour:
	420,000 at 8 Minute Cycle Times
	(This includes the time needed to TP Farm)

Start of with a Summon once again. You can let him use a stomp before the 
summon if you can live through it, allowing Sahz some additional time to 
buff. Once your summon is out manually buff yourself, followed by a swap 
to a Com. Start Blitzing from there. Once your summon flies away, you will 
want to be in a Syn-Rav-Sab. Manually buff your team once again, (to avoid 
non offensive buffs). Haste/Brave are the best choices to use while 
buffing. Faith may be a good choice on Sahz as well. After you are buffed 
and he is debuffed, switch to your Rav-Rav-Rav and get him into stagger. 
Once he is staggered, start a Cold Blood and immediately switch to Com-
Com-Com. This will give you the chain bonus of the Cold Blood and the 
damage bonus of a Com. As above you want to switch Paradigms every other 
round to maximize damage. Switch between Com-Com-Com and either Com-Com-
Com or Rav-Com-Com for another cold blood if the stagger isn't high 
enough. Again, if he stands back up, you lose.

The Pros: You can do this with out a Shroud sooner then the above
method because of Sahz's Syn role.

The Cons: You have to farm TP after each kill.

7.05 Adamantortiose No Summon, Straight kill                         (AAA)
Method: Straight Kill
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Z536tEosU
Roles: Sab-Rav-Syn/Rav-Rav-Rav/Com-Rav-Med/Com-Com-Rav/Sent-Med-Med
Required Items: Gaian ring's for each character. 
Optional Items: None
Recommended Stats: Maxed in all 3 of your primary roles. Fang with at  
                   least one point in Rav.
Approximate Gil per hour:
	1,125,000 at 1.5 Minute Battle Times
	750,000 at 3 Minute Battle Times
	535,000 at 5 Minute Battle Times
	344,000 at 8 Minute Battle Times
	(This includes 1.5 Minutes to Save/Reload + Start Battle)

To start, you will need to buff and debuff him. There are two strategies 
you can use in this battle, and they depend on which leader you select. 
Follow the appropriate strategy from here on out. 

Light will take longer to kill the legs, but is able to stack the stagger 
meter much much faster once he's down.

Attack the first round with autobattle as a Rav. The setup you want to use 
at first is Rav-Com-Med. Then the second round you will need to start AoO 
spam on the leg. After the first leg dies, switch to Sent/Med/Med, The 
Adamantoise will cast quake soon, so you will want to heal your party. 
Just wait for the quake and heal up then repeat the Army of One spam on 
the second leg until it falls.

After he drops, make sure the debuffs are up on him before starting to 
stagger him. Then just use Rav/Rav/Rav until he staggers. Then switch to 
Com-Com-Rav and kill it before it stands back up.

Fang will allow you to kill the legs much faster, and debuff him faster 
once he's down.

After the buff and debuff has ended, you'll want to go to a Com-Rav-Rav 
and attack for one round. After that, switch to a Rav/Rav/Rav and stagger 
the leg. After it is staggered, attack it one more round in this 
paradigm. Then you will switch to a Com-Com-Rav. Attack it until it is 
about to destagger. Drop a Highwind on it at this point. This will kill 
the first leg. Switch to your Sent-Med-Med and heal you party. Then repeat 
the process for the second leg. If you are having trouble staying alive 
you can use a Rav-Rav-Med instead of Rav/Rav/Rav, but it will be slightly 

After he drops, make sure the debuffs are up on him before starting to 
stagger him. Then just use Rav/Rav/Rav until he staggers. Then switch to 
Com-Com-Rav and kill it before it stands back up.

The Pros - The fight comes down to whether you are strong enough or not. 
No more TP farming!

The Cons - You must be very strong.

8. Frequently Asked Questions                                        (FAQ)
Here are where the Frequently Asked Questions will be put. Please look 
here before e-mailing me a question. If your question if not listed here, 
feel free to e-mail me.

8.01 Farming CP before Gil?                                          (CBG)
Q: Should I farm CP before I farm my Gil?

A: No. Never farm CP, you will max out all of your character's CP long 
   before you max out your Gil needs.

8.02 Getting Catalogs?                                               (GCT)
Q: Where do I get Catalogs?

A: You get the Collector's Catalog during mission 8. You can also buy one 
   later in the game for 100k. You will get a second Collector's Catalog 
   after completing tier 7 of the Tower. You can then upgrade one of them 
   into a Connoisseur Catalog using a Minar Stone after you star it.

8.03 Stacking Catalogs?                                              (SCT)
Q: Do Catalogs stack?

A: The same Catalog equipped multiple times will not stack, but different   
   Catalogs, (Collector, Conniseur and Survivor), will.

8.04 New Farming Methods?                                            (NFL)
Q: I've heard another method is good, you didn't cover it, is it really 

A: I dont know, send me an email, and we can figure it out. It might be a 
   spot I dont know about.

8.05 Farming TP?                                                     (FTP)
Q: How can I farm TP faster?

A: In Eden, the Adamantoise is close to a save point, a zone line, and has 
   a lot of very weak soldiers around to regain TP on.

8.06 Stagger Gauge Resetting?                                        (SGR)
Q: Will the Stagger Gauge reset if the Summon leaves?

A: No, It will only reset if you enter Gestalt mode. So if you let him fly 
   away, the Stagger Gauge will not be reset.

8.07 Chapter 13 Farming?                                             (13F)
Q: Why will the Chapter 13 Farm stop spawning after you beat the game?

A: The 2 paths that extend to the sides will disappear once you beat the 
   game. The two main paths will remain, but for some reason they will 
   only respawn when you take a side path.

8.07 Chapter 13 Farming?                                             (13F)
Q: What should I farm? I am at xxx point in the game.

A: I suggest doing mission 24 as soon as you can, getting t2 weapons. 
Then moving along to chapter 13, farm here until you have 5mil Gil or so,
The go back to Pulse and farm Tortoises. Upgrading your weapons everytime
you get a Trap. 

9. Credits/Copyright Information                                     (CC1)
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or errors, 
don't be afraid to contact me at:
jesta23 (at) yahoo.com

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright 

The following website has permission to host this guide:
GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com

Thanks to:
Jesta - Information/Farming Methods
marter - Proofreading/Formatting
GTTFOS - Stating Mission 24 is beatable in 10 seconds using the 
         Com-Com-Com formation
Keldonis - Suggesting to not kill the pack of 4 Sacrifice Ce'ith, and 
           instead just respawn the pack of three
Gate of Destiny - Providing the strategy and video for the "Adamantortiose 
                  Summon, Sahz leader" farming method
FrankBrodie - Telling me about upgrading the second collector's catalog
izza20 - Stacking Catalogs information/Farming TP information
trunks76140 - Farming TP information
Nimmy - Summon/Death method tips
Tomasz - For suggesting the Champions Bangle and Energy sash. For the
Summon methods.
Jakey1994 - For siggesting the Gian rings to defend against stomps.

10. Version History                                                  (VSN)
Version 0.75 - March 30, 2010
- Posted on GameFAQs

Version 0.80 - March 31, 2010
- Major Format Overhaul

Version 0.90 - April 4, 2010
- Added Video/Image Links
- Added Chocobo Farming Section

Version 0.95 - April 6, 2010
- Added Post-Game Ci'eth Farming
- General Cleanup

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