which one is best ? Entite ring vs Magus bracelet ?

  1. which one is best ? Entite ring vs Magus bracelet ?

    does magic resistance comes from magus bracelet also resist elemental damage? or just neutral damage which is RUIN

    im in chapter 11 i still dont have access to superconductors

    User Info: rjackdaw

    rjackdaw - 1 month ago


  1. Magus's Bracelet is better. Even Witch's Bracelet is better.

    Magic resistance applies to any magical attack, elemental or neutral, unless that attack has a resist piercing property. Elemental resistance applies to any attack of that element, regardless of being magical vs. physical, and regardless of the resist piercing property.

    In theory, Entite Ring could have had practical uses. In practice, the only things that throw multiple elements at you always do so with magical attacks that can be resisted. The single element rings are better against enemies who attack with a single element, and Witch's Bracelet is better for anything else. Therefore Entite Ring is most valuable being sold for 60,000 gil.

    User Info: tiornys

    tiornys (Expert) - 1 month ago 0   0

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