What are the best weapons for each character, and why?

  1. What weapons generally seem to be the best for each character, given the stats of the weapon and they're special abilities compared to the roles that character usually fulfills? Do any seem to be overwhelmingly better than the rest for a character (ex. is Lionheart REALLY that good, or is it better to go with something that has higher stats)? Are there any that should be avoided (ex. items with the paper/ silk tiger "ability")? I want to know before I spend a whole bunch of time and effort upgrading weapons that may be complete trash or may never get used later on.

    I know that this question is based heavily on my play style, that every character can and probably will file out every role at some point, yada-yada-yada. I get that. However, since there are some roles for each character that they excel at and some that they suck at (i.e. you will almost NEVER have them in that role, and if you do, it's only for a short time), I wanted to know what weapons are GENERALLY best for each character, seeing as to how they may primarily be in only strength roles (like Fang and Snow) or magic roles (like Hope and Vanille), or both (like Lightning).

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  2. Clarification Request:
    I wonder this as well. I didn't realize until I got the 3rd weapons that they aren't necessarily 'better' or 'worse', just that some favor Magic and some favor Strength, but all seem worth having.

    I would also like to request not only the weapon names, but the chapters and maybe even locations of these weapons.


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  1. Part 1: Before I begin I would like to say that all of the weapons in the game have there strengths and weaknesses and it really comes down to individual playstyle when deciding which weapons to use. That being said, here are my top three choices (in no specific oder) for each character based on what I've read (n the Complete Official Guide by Piggyback Ltd) and what I've experienced:

    Lightning -
    1) This may surprise some people but Lightining's Blazefire Sabre (original weapon) makes an excellent weapon choice. It has balanced stats which match her role as a fairly balanced character (early on you will be using her as mainly as a command, later as a ravager). It is also the cheapest of her weapons to upgrade allowing you to reach higher levels well before her other weapons. The only downside is that it has no amazing synthesized abilities. All in all a balanced weapon for a balanced character

    2) Many players may pass up the Axis Blade blade for its miniscule stats. However, it has the special property of Attack: ATB Charge which recharges a small amount of the ATB gauge each time Lightning damages an enemy. Speed is its prime virtue, but what a virtue. Combine its special property with the ATB synthesized ability and you can turn lightning into a deadly chaining machine; all it takes are the right accessories...

    3) Lionheart belongs to the synthesis group of Gestalt, creating some of the most interesting synthesist abilities. Combine this with some pretty decent raw attributes and the Quick Stagger special property and you potentially have some of the best weapons available to Lightning.

    Sazh -
    1) As Sazh is the best synergist available to you, it would make sense ton equip him with the Spica Defenders as they have the useful Augment Maintenance Special Property which can potentially extend the life of his buffs by 40 - 80%.

    2) His Procyons have the Special Property of Stagger Mainenance which extend the time that enemies remained staggered by 10% (30% with upgrades).

    3) Because of his role as a support character, Sazh can also benefit from using the Antares deluxes because they hold the Chain Bonus Boost Special Property.

    Snow -
    1) Snow is the strongest sentinel you have available and as such Umbra suits him nicely with the Improved Ward ability which wil also provide the rest of your party greater protection to area effect attacks.

    2) Power Circle is definitely the way to go if your opting to use Snow as a Commander with its strength second only to the Sacrificial Circle but without the not-so-friendly Paper Tiger Special Property.

    3) Enfeeblement is definitely an unappealing ability yet it is a price worth paying for Snow's extreme Ravager option Feymark, providing the best magic stats available to him. It also belongs to the Synthesis Group of Ultimate Magic which can confer a secret synthesis ability.

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  1. I only know a few, that I've come up with.

    Light: Lionheart. I like early stagger, her as a rav is important end-game.

    Fang - Going dragoon lance. She's my main DD / Com.

    Vanille, OBVIOUSLY Malboro. Its key to death exploits, and debuffs in general.

    Hope - Whaterver does the buffs +, the nordic sounding one, vidhungir or whatever.

    Snow - Dont know, who uses snow?

    Sahz - Also dont know, i'd guess Total Eclipses

    Thats what i think, at least.

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  2. funny that there is no Ultimate (style) Weapon...
    I mean, each of the weapons have good and bad attributes.. the most powerful stat weapons are also the most slowest... and wth? Stagger Lock?!
    Anyway, be aware that the lvl3 weapons per character carry the same attributes as the original that was upgraded..
    as far as darkm0d's ideas, i agree, however i like:

    Pandoran Spear for Fang
    Otshirvani for Hope

    Lionheart does seem the best choice for Light...

    Please keep this thread going!.....

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  3. I'd recommend Paladin, Winged Saint(2nd tier) for snow. He's the best Sentinel in the game. And there's an exploit over at IGN.com to make him near invincible.

    I agree though, I don't plan on using snow. As for final boss goes; when I get there, I'll probably just go with 3 medics and let the timer run out, then pwn him post-story.

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  4. I also recommend the Hawk Eye for Hope; he is (arguably) the best mage in the game. Just keep a medic or sentinel on standby, since is a wuss. :)

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  5. for Fang I really like the Taming Pole and it's upgrades, simply for the immense damage in Strength AND Magic (and her being able to cast a Ruin/Ruinga for some damage is nice, when the enemy happens to be phyis immune).

    The "Stagger Lock" basically only means, that, when an enemy is at say 400%/400% and she deals a hit, it won't stagger and that's all. She still raises the chain like normal and a enemy in stagger status will still be interrupted when she hits it.

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  6. Lol i have fangs upgraded glaive weapon whats it call kains lance it is powerful,i cant kill the blue adamantia's any tips?

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  7. What item do i need for less damage from blue adamantia?

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  8. @FF13: General's Belt/Witch's Bracelet for physical/magical resistance. And you should switch your paradigm to Sen/Sen/Sen if it does Ultima or Quake attack, else you won't survive anyway..

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  9. Part2:
    Hope -
    1) By the end of the game, Hope will have the highest Magic stat in your party which can be greatly complimented by his Hawkeye weapon as it has the highest magic stat.

    2) If you plan to use Hope as a Synergist, consider using Vidofnir Defence Maintenance ability that will extend the duration of his buffs by 40 - 80%. It has a decent magic stat aswell.

    3) Most people would overlook Simurgh because of its Stifled Magic Special Property. Howver it also belongs to the synthesis group of Ultimate Physic whcih will see you using Hope in a completely different role.

    Vanille -
    1) As Vanille's role rely heavily on her magic stat, it makes sense to equip her with the Pearlwing Staff as it will maximise her Magic dealing potential. It's also picked up fairly early in the story.

    2) If you plan to use Vanille as a Saboteur (a smart choice seeing as she is the ONLY character able to cast the death spell) then you would be stupid to skip over her Belladona Wand. It carries the Special Property of Improved Debuffing wielding the potential of improving the success rate of debuffs by 20 - 40%. Its magic stat isn't too shabby either.

    3) Vanille's Healer's Staff is the optimum choice if you intend to trek down the path of a medic. It holds the Improved Cure ability increasing her medicinal capacity by 10 - 20%. Also the synthesist ability of High HP: Power Surge means that the staffs low stats can be offset by an increase in damge when her HP sit above 90%.

    Fang -
    1) Since Fang's Saboteur role can be vital in some situations, her Pandoran Spear is an excellent choice with its Improved Debilitation ability. It increases your success rate of debuffing by 20 - 40%. Combine this with her area effect spells and your enemies collapsing under the pressure.

    2) If you find yourself continuously summoning or using other techniques then the Punisher would allow you to do so while lessening the use of your ethersol. This is because it has the Stagger: TP Charge ability which partially restores your TP Gauge each time an enemy is staggered. Who needs party members when you can summon non-stop???

    3) Taming Pole is a good option for Fang as you may find yourself switching between her Commando and Saboteur roles. For a balanced weapon it has extremely high stats and is a member of the Gestalt Synthesis Group. Its only real drwback is its Stagger Lock Special Property. Then again, Commandos, Sentinels and Sabotuers aren't really that effective (broadly speaking) of raising the chain gauge making it a pretty good trade-off for its perks.

    Wow... I seemed to have rambled a little bit (a lot actually, I had to split it into two posts). Anyway, I hope this helps!!! :D

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  10. The weapons depend on what you want
    for example, since vanille is a mage for me,aka ravager, ive also made her my star healer. shes the best medic and my only lvl4 med, so i gave her the healers staff, which provides improved cure. plus, for lightning and fang and such, ive given them weapons that add a lot of strength. i use those wristbands to increase their strength and i use those marks to increase hopes, vanilles, and other people's magic
    since lightning is my star attackers, aka commander, i gave her the axis blade, which add a little to the gauge when attacking

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