Are you able to completely re-map the controls to any button that you want?

  1. The question basically says it all. I'm not too much of a fan to PS3 shooter games that have R1 as the shooting button.

    User Info: KenKen777

    KenKen777 - 12 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes. You can. All you have to do is go to the menu and press X on options and go to Controls. Then select one of the buttons on the screen by pressing X on it, and change it to whatever button you want by pressing the button you want to change it to. Make sure you don't have 2 of one button, or else the game will just not allow you to use that button. As long as you configure the controls correctly, you will be able to change it to any combination you want. A lot of people I know have changed the controls to Halo3 format. It really all depends on your way of playing.

    User Info: GROMABgladius

    GROMABgladius - 11 years ago 4   1


  1. Yes all you must do is select options and x on a button and do the same the button you would like to switch it with, they even have premade controls for different player styles.

    User Info: gangstakoshin

    gangstakoshin - 12 years ago 1   1
  2. Pretty Much... you can also save several configurations as well.

    User Info: NeoX51

    NeoX51 - 12 years ago 0   1
  3. gangstakoshin answer is correct.But i would also like to add that when you play multiplayer the controls are different. Including the shooting button

    User Info: juld101

    juld101 - 12 years ago 0   1

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