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Reviewed: 08/30/07 | Updated: 08/31/07

Hawk of War


A good and fun online game, but is it worth 40$ or 60$? Would you pay either price for just an online game? I can't really answer these question because everyone has different views, but here is my take: I've bought the 40$ brand because honestly in my opinion, I wouldn't pay 60$ for an online game, and I already own a headset even though it's wired, which I'm fine with until it breaks. If you don't own a headset, then maybe buying the 60$ brand would be a good choice after all you get a bluetooth headset. An extra 20$ is a good deal, my PS2 headset cost that much when I bought it in 2006, and standalone bluetooth headsets are quite expensive.

Warhawk is a 3rd person run and gun, 32 players online game. You've got huge maps, and different ways to travel around. You have the jeeps, tanks, and warhawks. You can choose to play free for all or team, and this online games offers variety of modes, from capture the flag to zones. There is also a mode called dogfight, which everyone takes control of the warhawk, and it's a very intense mode.

I must say this online game is very balanced. Warhawks are deadly with its machine gun, missiles, and the power ups they can get, but that doesn't make the player invincible. They can still be destroyed by a player, who loves the ground more. I can't count how many times I've taken out a warhawk with my rifles. There are anti-aircraft weapons set on each maps. One of them will shoot a pair of (homing) missiles and the other will fire large rounds of cannons. They can also be used against people on the ground. And again, nobody is invincible. Players using these anti-aircraft weapons can be killed by the warhawk, tanks, and GI's. With 32 players and large maps, it can be difficult to not realized someone from the other team is going to target you with either methods. It's like an advance "paper, rock, scissors," but only sometimes paper can beat scissors...that's how I can describe this game. Just play smart and be very aware of your surroundings. Warhawk does offer 4 players offline battle with you and your friends on 1 PS3, but the game doesn't offer any bots.

GI's have variety of weapons, and they are: pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, grenades, land mines, machete, flamethrower, and RPG. You start out with a pistol, 2 grenades, and the machete. Even though the maps are huge, you can easily find a rifle sitting next to a grenade, or weapon bags left by players, who were just killed.

The jeeps allow 3 players to be seated. One will drive, the second will be on the passenger seat, and the third will be on turret mounted on the back. The tank allows 2 players to be seated. One will drive and use the cannon, and the second player can pop out and the top and use whatever weapons he/she chooses. If the players has an RPG...that can be deadly. Now I've heard the warhawk can fit 2 players, but that maybe a glitch, so I'm sure about the warhawk at the moment. The warhawk can be controlled by your traditional analog control or by the tilt motion. If you're going to use the tilt motion, it would wise to set the motion sensitivity to your taste before going all out trying to kill the other players.
Everyone will earn something from this game. There are plenty of badges, ribbons, and awards. When you rank up by collecting more and more scores, you'll unlock more items to customize your character.

What's missing?
There are only 5 maps, but they are huge, and you can set a "dead zone," which will limit the maps to a smaller battle field. This will probably cause you to stop and think again if it's worth the money, and like I said, I can't answer that for you. I can only give my insights on the game. As I have already listed the weapons for the GI's above this section of my review, that's all the weapons there are in this game. Warhawks have a few power ups in the game, but I can't list them all because I don't use the warhawks, I'm no pilot. Hopefully there will be a patch update that will allow for more maps and weapons...although I doubt they would have a patch for the weapons. You can't reconfigure the controls, it still works well, but I like it developers allows the players to choose how they want their buttons to be set up. No bots for offline, but it does allow you to play with your 3 other friends online split screen on a single PS3.

I really enjoy playing Warhawk. The community is large, the learning curve is easy, and gameplay is balanced. Sony offers dedicated servers for everyone to jump in to have fun. It does has some flaws, but being as fun Warhawk is, I think it deserves the score I gave it.

I give Warhawk an 8 out of 10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Warhawk (w/Headset) (US, 08/28/07)

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