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by Ratchet12345

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Guide and Walkthrough by Ratchet12345

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/08/2010
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File Information

Killzone 2 Walkthrough, Version 1.05

For the Game "Killzone 2" on the PlayStation 3

Written by Ratchet12345

Created 14/04/2009

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E-mail me if wishing to request hosting this document on another site.

If you find this guide on a site NOT listed here, please e-mail me immediately.

Contact Information:

  • E-Mail: ratchet_12345[at]hotmail[dot]com
  • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/BludgaBoy

Version 0.50 Finished 23/04/2009

  • Finished Elite Walkthrough section up to Salamun District, also did Maelstra Barrens
  • Finished Basics of Killzone 2 section
  • Finished Weapons Guide section
  • Finished Intel Locations section
  • Finished Helghast Symbol Locations section
  • Finished Trophies section
  • Finished Warzone (Online Multiplayer) section

Version 0.51 Finished 10/05/2009

  • Added "Steel and Titanium Pack" trophy info level info
  • Added 3 new ranks to Ranks table

Version 0.52 Finished 27/06/2009

  • Added Downloadable Content section (to be expanded as content is released)
  • Added FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section
  • Added "Flash and Thunder Pack" trophy, level and release info
  • Fixed some errors

Version 1.00 Finished 20/07/2009

  • Finished Elite Walkthrough section
  • Added "Napalm and Cordite" trophy and release info
  • Fixed more errors

Version 1.01 Finished 21/07/2009

  • Improved Suljeva Minetrain tank strategy

Version 1.02 Finished 24/07/2009

  • Added "Napalm and Cordite" map info
  • Updated "Napalm and Cordite" trophy info
  • Added "Map Pack Bundle" release info

Version 1.03 Finished 19/08/2009

  • Added an alternate strategy for the Radec boss fight (thanks to Christopher Brown and Sharma Abhishek)

Version 1.04 Finished 15/12/2009

  • Added more user submitted info

Version 1.05 Finished 08/01/2010

  • Converted entire file to suit GameFAQs new FAQ format


Hi, Ratchet12345 here, giving you his 5th full length guide to date: the Killzone 2 Elite Walkthrough. The Helghast aren't gonna take your shit as easily as they did in the first game or in Liberation, so be prepared for some heavy resistance as you fight your way through the campaign. Every aspect of the game is covered, the Elite Walkthrough being the main component. However, the Intel and Helghast Symbol locations, tips and information about Warzone (Online Multiplayer) and all 84 trophies are in this guide as well. Feel free to e-mail me for additional tips should you feel the need for them.

Weapons Guide

There is a wide variety of artillery available in Killzone 2, and each weapon will suit different situations. You will almost always spawn with your trusty M82 Assault Rifle and you will always spawn with your M4 Revolver and knife. Your M82 Assault Rifle has a green dot scope, and is good at close and medium range. Not too powerful, but when used correctly it kicks arse. There is also the Helghast StA52 Assault Rifle. I wouldn't recommend using one of these unless you've run out of ammo for your primary weapon. They're are a bit more powerful but far less accurate, and have only an iron sight.

There is also the StA11 SMG. This is a great gun for close quarters combat, as its high rate of fire will take enemies that are right on from of you downfast. However, it's high rate of fire leaves the gun quite inaccurate after the first few shots, so it's almost useless at medium range. For long range combat, you have the VC32 Sniper Rifle and the StA14 Rifle. You may go through the entire campaign without using the StA14 Rifle, but you'll probably pick up a VC32 Sniper Rifle at some point during the campaign. It's the better of the 2, as it has a scope and up to 5x zoom. You also have sidearms at your disposal. As previously mentioned, you'll always spawn with your M4 Revolver, but there are times when you'll find an StA18 Pistol on the ground.

Trust me, stick with your M4 Revolver, as it's far more powerful. You can also bash or slice your enemies to death when right up in their faces.This method is only useful at certain times, so learn when to and when not to start walking right up to enemies to kill them. Just to confuse you more, there are also Light Machine Guns - the M224-1A LMG and the StA3 LMG. The M224-1A is quite powerful, and it has an iron sight, buton Elite difficulty, if you find an StA3, pick it up! When you press the 'aim down the sights' button when the StA3 is equipped, you'll get an aiming reticle - that's right, an aiming reticle! This gun is also very powerful when fired in shot bursts and crouching, but unless your aim is top notch, long range combat can't be done.

You also have grenades at your disposal. You'll usually spawn with 3 frag grenades, but in some levels you can also find Teslite Grenades (basically electric grenades). Both a very effective at taking down small clusters of Helghast soldiers. Use them wisely though, you won't have very many to use!There are also the rarities - the VC9 Rocket Launcher, the M327 Grenade Launcher, the VC1 Flamethrower, the VC5 Electricity Gun, the ISA tank and the Exoskeleton. The flamethrower aside, these weapons own almost everything else, so use them when you can! They aren't found very often though (the VC5Electricity gun, the ISA tank and the Exoskeleton are found in only 1 leveleach).

Elite Walkthrough

This is the main component of the guide - the Elite Walkthrough. This walkthrough can be used for getting through the game on Veteran, Trooper or (if you're THAT bad) Recruit difficulty, but the walkthrough specifically caters towards those who are playing on Elite. The main differences in Elite Mode are:

  • No aiming reticle most of the time (the M327 Grenade Launcher, the StA3 LMG, emplaced StA3 LMGs and the VC25 AA Gun will display an aiming reticle when they are zoomed in by pressing the 'aim down the sights' button).
  • Enemies have more armour, are more alert, are harder to trick and have almost 100% accuracy.

General Tips

Here are a few pointers that should help you during your fight against the Helghast:


Yes, this walkthrough caters for Elite mode, but you're gonna need to have some shootin' skills if you're gonna make it out alive, or use the strategies within as a matter of fact. If you're being shot at, move your ass to cover, Sev! It only takes a few bullets to end your life. Remember though, your health does regenerate over time. If you move to cover (or simply stop being injured by an enemy for about 3 seconds), the blood will disappear from the screen. Once all the blood is gone, you're good as new! Abuse this system if you must; it's awesome and will get you out of a LOT of sticky situations.

Also, there is almost NEVER an aiming reticle for you to use when on Elite difficulty. The only way that you're going to know where you're aiming is if you remember where the aiming reticle should be, or if you aim down the sights. There are some weapons, however, that when you press the 'aim down the sights' button, an aiming reticle does appear. Lastly, remember that you do need some luck to complete some of the more difficult segments. You will die frequently, and there's nothing that you can do about it but try over and over again until you get lucky... *clears throat* and get to the next checkpoint without dying.

Checkpoints? What Checkpoints? I DON'T SEE ANY! DO YOU?

To aid your ownage of the Helghast regime, there are checkpoints placed in each segment. They aren't the obvious "you just reached a checkpoint!" checkpoints. That isn't Guerilla Game's style. When you see a white flashing save icon in the top left hand corner of the screen, you've reached a checkpoint.

Turn That Damn Music Down! Soldiers These Days...

It's best to turn the music down when playing on Elite difficulty, as it makes it a whole lot easier to hear where the Helghast are shooting from, and things such as incoming mortars, rockets and vehicles. If you want to listen to the fantastic score of Killzone 2, do so on an easier difficulty setting.

Guns and Ammo

You'll start most battles off with your trusty M82 Assault Rifle with a green dot scope, and you'll always have your M4 Revolver unless you swap it for an StA18 Pistol (which is inferior to your M4 Revolver, trust me). There are heaps of other weapons available for use, though you'll have to find them in the battlefields you'll be walking on. Read the Weapons Guide section to find out what weapons are good for what situations. It sounds impossible to do, but it ain't. This guide is here to HELP you, but it will not do the work FOR you. You'll need good aim, an itchy trigger finger and at times some luck to get through the toughest parts. Good luck!


Completed MissionX
New Mission
Outstanding Mission

[CP]: Checkpoint

Pretty self explanatory, but just in case the system confuses you, that diagram tells you what's what.

The New Sun

Do you really need a strategy for this part? Really? Just follow Garza around The New Sun, Eventually, you'll meet up with Rico and Evelyn, but continue following Garza nonetheless. You'll also meet Natko along the way. Eventually you'll be told to get on the Intruder with the rest of Alpha Squad. Do so to end this segment and start the real battle.

Corinth Sands

Rendezvous with Echo Squad

Run to where Rico is standing. 3 Helghast will shoot the ISA troops in the trench from above. Shoot the 3 Helghast (they die automatically sometimes for some reason, but don't move until they're dead). Move through the trench and you'll be facing mortar fire. Either sprint towards Echo Squad or wait for the barrage or mortar fire to land in front of you before you continue - both strategies will work if done correctly.

Rendezvous with Echo SquadX
Destroy the Bridge

[CP] There are emplaced gunners on the bridge, so take cover before attempting to destroy the bridge. There are 3 says to do so - either grab the rocket launcher you'll find in the area where Rico is standing and fire a rocket at the box of red barrels, aim at the barrels with a gun and fire at them until they explode, or my personal favourite, cook a grenade and throw it at the barrels at just the right moment. Using the RPG is the easiest and safest way. There will be Helghast troops firing at you from the left (if you're facing the bridge) take these guys down with rockets if you want to, there's plenty of ammo in the area where Rico is standing. Once they're all dead, pick up your M82 Assault Rifle and head down to the beach.

Destroy the BridgeX
Secure the Beach

Once you run over the ramp and are down on lower ground, continue forward, but don't jump over the barbed wire just yet.

[CP] Cook a grenade and throw it just as one of the APC doors opens - the Helghast that come out of the other one you'll have to shoot dead. Watch out for the Mounted Gunner up high to the right of the APCs - you should kill him first. There is also an Mounted Gunner on top of the left APC, so kill him fast as well. Shoot any remaining soldiers dead and then jump over the barbed wire fence.

Secure the BeachX
Secure Flood Gate Control

[CP] Go over to where Garza is standing once you're told to. Boost each other up on to the higher platform and then press the button in the elevator to activate it.

Stahl Arms Warehouse

Once the elevator door opens, run up the stairs. Pick up the grenades on the ground, and cook one. Throw it at the 2 Helghast talking on the ground floor. An enemy will jump over the lower walkway guard rail - shoot him to death. Use the barrels to your advantage - the explosions they cause will kill quite a few enemies if they're in range and can cause a chain reaction of explosions. There will also be an enemy shooting at you from an isolated part of the lower metal walkway. Kill him by shooting him when he pops out of cover. Once all the enemies are dead, follow Garza downstairs.

Reinforcements will arrive. There will be a Rifleman on the roof of the big room where the lower walkway is, so kill him first. Take cover in the small building below (or go back up stairs) and take the enemies down 1 by 1. Using your knife or melee to kill enemies is usually suicide, but use it if you feel it's appropriate. Once the reinforcements are out of the way, follow Garza up the stairs and through the big room on to the isolated part of the lower walkway. You have to cover him whilst he hacks the control box to open the door.

[CP] Take cover and wait for the enemies to come down via drop ropes. Kill as many of the Helghast as possible before they land on the ground floor - they're defenseless whilst sliding down the ropes and whilst jumping over the guard rail. Use grenades here, as the Helghast will stick to their cover profusely. Kill them off one at a time, retreating to Garza's position if flanked. Some enemies may come in to the big room opposite the exit door that Garza is hacking, so knife anyone who tries that.

[CP] Once the door is open, follow Garza outside and in to the small room. Knife the lone Helghast inside, then, using your M82 Assault Rifle, aim at the room on the other side - there are 2 Riflemen. Shoot at the back wall of the room itself - there are heaps of barrels inside, and the resulting explosion should kill both Riflemen. Once they're both dead, turn the valve by following the on screen instructions.

Secure Flood Gate ControlX
Defend the Convoy

Go back outside the room to find more Helghast on your tail. Again, kill them off 1 by 1. Use the small room as cover. There's a box of red barrels near the exit door yo use to escape the warehouse a few moments ago, so use it to your advantage. Once all the enemies are dead, follow Garza. He'll kick down a metal wall, so go through and continue along the designated path until you reach VerdranOverlook East.

Verdran Overlook East

You'll encounter a group of Helghast attacking the convoy below. Some of these guys have RPGs, but the rest of them are armed with the standard StA52 Assault Rifle. Stay back and take down anyone who advances on you first, then take the Support Troopers (the guys with the RPGs) down (you can knife them as there is no possibility of retaliation) Afterwards, shoot the remaining Helghast or use the RPGs that the Support Troopers dropped to deal with them.

[CP] Nonetheless, once they're all dead, you'll have to kill any Helghast on the ground that are attacking the convoy - this shouldn't be too difficulty using either the emplaced StA3 LMGs or the RPGs the Support Troopers dropped (be careful though - if you kill 3 or more ISA troopers, you'll be attacked by the ISA).

[CP] Once they're all dead, keep following Garza. After he unlocks the door, keep following him down the stairs until you're in the storm drain.

Storm Drain 11-34C

You'll encounter a few enemies in the storm drain. There isn't much to use for cover apart from the pillars and the cover that the enemies will use, so kill these guys fast. The knife will help you out a lot here, as you can simply slash at enemies that are in cover to kill them before they can attack you. But watch out for the other enemies who may attack you whilst you're knifing someone else and kill you. Once all the enemies are dead (or even before they are - it isn't too hard to simply rush to the other side of the storm drain) head out of the drain via the exit on the other side.

Verdran Overlook West

[CP] Go up the stairs and you'll encounter some more Helghast attacking the convoy. Don't worry about shooting them though, they'll be killed by an Intruder passing by. There are 2 emplaced StA3 LMGs here - 1 of them is in a bunker. Use that emplaced StA3 LMG to start destroying the building in front of you by shooting at the pillars. The Intruder will then be shot down, and enemies will start to appear on the building. Shoot the enemies on the building with the emplaced StA3 LMG. They'll come out of all 3 stories of the building, so be vigilant, and if you see someone with an RPG, kill them before they can fire a rocket, otherwise you'll probably die. Once the building collapses, you can get off the emplaced StA3 LMG.

Defend the Convoy
Secure the Crash Site

Follow Garza through the newly unlocked door. You'll see an ISA solder beexecuted, and the Helghast that executed him may pop out to shoot at you. Thereare 3 soldiers on the ground and one on an elevated walkway with an StA14Rifle, so it's easiest to knife all 4 of them.

[CP] When Garza tells you to, pick up the rocket launcher and shoot a hole inthe building in front of you by firing a rocket at the large, painted Helghast symbol. Enter the building.

Defend the Convoy
Secure the Crash SiteX
Rendezvous with Alpha Squad

Go through the building until you're at a set of metal stairs. Go up the stairs and along the metal walkway. Take out your knife, go through the automatic door and knife the Helghast inside. Go through the next automatic door.

Korovis Dam

[CP] You'll see a cutscene where the Helghast are still attacking the convoy. There are 3 Helghast to deal with here, so use a grenade to flush them out of cover (and hopefully kill them). Shoot the last Helghast standing should there be any. There isn't much to use for cover to take these guys down fast. You can use the nearby elevated walkway to your advantage. There will also be a Support Trooper firing rockets at your position from afar, so watch out for that. Now focus your attention on the first bunker - shoot the Mounted Gunner first, then kill the Support Trooper. Take out your knife, go inside the bunker and knife the 2 enemies inside. Use the emplaced StA3 LMG to kill some of the enemies in the bunker to your lower right. Once you can't kill any more enemies that are in the bunkers from here, go down to the nest bunker by using the elevated walkway. There are 2 stories in this bunker - knife everyone on the first story, and use a grenade to clear out the second story.

[CP] Climb down the ladder that's in the bunker and then sprint all the way to where the convoy is. You can kill enemies and make your way there slowly, but it's a lot quicker to simply hope for the best and sprint to the convoy. There is a small tunnel on the right (when facing the convoy from the ladder) with some enemies inside that can make the slow approach easier to handle.

Defend the Convoy
Rendezvous with Alpha SquadX

Once you're with the convoy, you'll be told to take down a tank. If you have an RPG on you, then use it to take down the tank. If you don't have one, wait for the ISA tank to take it down for you.

[CP] Eventually, the ISA tank driver will be killed, and you'll be told to get in the tank. Run over to the tank (when there aren't a crapton of enemies shooting at you) and get in. Use the rockets to clear out groups of Helghast, and use the guns to kill individual soldiers. The bunkers you supposedly cleared out beforehand are housing Helghast that are attacking you, so kill them when you get the chance. There are Support Troopers with RPGs on the ground and near the bunkers, so kill them ASAP as well. Their rockets are still dangerous, but the tank will take quite a bit of damage. Another tank will come on from the back right. Fire rockets at it to destroy it, but don't just sit there taking enemy fire or you will eventually die, so keep on the move but also keep on the offensive. Keep firing rockets at it until it is destroyed. Continue to kill the individual Helghast troops until you see another tank enter form the left.

[CP] Destroy this tank as soon as possible, but not that the ISA are launching an air raid on the dam and there will be explosions everywhere. I'm not sure if these explosions can kill you or not, but they may obscure your view and make it harder to aim and hence harder to destroy the tank. Once the tank is down, you may have to wait for a few moments before Sev gets out of the tank, but once he does the level is over.

Defend the ConvoyX

Once the cutscene is over, you'll be in Blood Meridian.

Landing Zone 33

Rendezvous with Narville

Don't simply run to Captain Narville, as you'll be blown to pieces. Go around the right side of the obstacles in your way to meet up with Narville.

Rendezvous with Captain NarvilleX
Destroy the Arc Tower

Plant a D-Charge on the door to your right. Move out of the way and blow the D-Charge, then move through where the door was and to your right. Continue along this path.

Dakurol Alley

Continue through the alleyways until Garza says "Shh, Higs." Cook a grenade and throw it at the Helghast trooper that's hiding behind the boxes. Kill the other trooper that will attack you afterwards (if he's still alive). Go to the left of where the trooper was hiding behind the boxes and knife the trooper that jumps over the wall. Go back to where you were when Garza said "Shh, Higs." Kill the Shock Troopers 1 by 1 by shooting them from this position. Do NOT try to knife the Shock Troopers here as their StA11 SMGs will tear you apart at close range before you even reach them. Once they're all dead, continue to the next room and knife the trooper inside. Go up the stairs and continue along the walkway. There will be a group of Helghast in the room opposite to you - either throw a grenade inside or shoot the red barrel conveniently placed near the door, then quickly make your way in and either shoot or stab any survivors. Continue through this room and down the stairs.

Heavy Canal

[CP] Walk through the tunnel and go outside. Take cover behind the short stone wall and kill the lone, normal Helghast trooper, and then focus on the Heavy. Shoot the Heavy in the head to make it turn around, then shoot the red tanks on his back until he either explodes or turns back around (aim down the sights for better accuracy). Repeat this strategy until the Heavy is down. Run over to the red valve and turn it to open the door.

Wollan's View

[CP] Go through the rest of the canal and up the stairs on your right, then meet up with the ISA troopers. Once you've met up with the ISA in the building, go up the stairs and use the emplaces StA3 LMG to kill the waves of Helghast that will come out of the right side of the building opposite you. Kill them before they get a chance to shoot at you, because as you're still you make an easy target. Remember that you can still take cover behind the emplaced StA3 LMG by pressing the cover button. Keep killing the waves of enemies until they stop coming. Once they do stop coming, go in to the building that the Helghast were spawning from. and go up the stairs. There will be a lone Helghast trooper just standing there when you reach the second story, so humiliate him by stabbing him to death. There will be a second trooper behind cover in the same room, so stab him as well. Continue across the bridge and go down the stairs.

Verudan Alley

[CP] Take the RPG that's inside this room and use it to take down as many enemies as you can, but don't rely on it too much as you've only got 3 rockets to work with. There will be a large group of Shock Troopers that comes down the ramp, and a whole bunch of enemies scattered on the elevated walkway connected to the ramp, as well as some Riflemen and a Mounted Gunner stationed high up to the left of the elevated walkway. The Shock Troopers are your main concern, as long range combat isn't an option, and nor is close quarters combat as you'll be killed.

Use grenades to kill them when they're in a group, then let them come to you inside the building where you came down the stairs and knife them. Do not leave the building for good until you know that they're all dead. Try and pick off the Riflemen from afar with your M82 Assault rifle or the RPG, whichever one is easier for you. Once the walkway is clear, focus on the rooftop. Kill the Mounted Gunner first and the Riflemen afterwards. Once the entire area is clear, run up the ramp and over the walkway. Run up the stairs and through the doorway on the roof. Go through this building and in to the elevator. Push the button to go up. Once the door opens, go outside.

Cableway Heights

[CP] Run across the elevated walkway and stop at the other side - look down to see a whole bunch of Helghast waiting for you. Pick them off 1 by 1 from up here, using the nearby wall as cover if you need it. Once you've picked off as many as you can, go over to the wire fence to meet up with 6th Division. Go down the stairs and kill and survivors. Go up to the dumpster and turn right, then walk through the hallway. Go out side and quickly kill the 2 enemies that will appear on the other side of the bridge (use the barrels in the hallway as cover). Go up the stairs that the 2 enemies you just killed came from, and walk forwards until you're outside. Turn left and then left again to find a room with a Helghast trooper shooting at you. Kill him, go up the stairs that the trooper you just killed was near and run across the metal walkway.

Cableway Rooftops

[CP] Go to the base of the stairs, cook a grenade and kill the Helghast shooting at you from the elevated platform in front of you. Shoot any survivors before turning to your right and going up the stairs just enough to see a bunch of Helghast guarding the tower. Pick them off 1 by 1 from the stairs, not going all the way up until every enemy you can see or hear is dead. Go up to the Arc Tower and press the button. Aim at the glowing blue cylinders inside it and shoot at them. Hopefully, at least 1 of the cylinders will explode, but the Arc Tower will probably close itself before you can destroy the other one. When it's closed, enemies will close in on your position from where you came up the stairs, so retaliate until the Arc Tower opens up again. Once it does, reload and shoot the final cylinder until it explodes (hopefully it won't close again before it explodes).

Destroy the Arc TowerX

After the cutscene, you'll be in Visari Square.

Prefect's Office

Rendezvous with Alpha Squad

After the cutscene is over and Garza's conversation with Rico finished, walk across the metal walkway and on to the platform where the ISA soldiers are. Kill one if you want an M82 Assault Rifle (does 1 team kill really matter?) and then jump off the platform down on to the street below. Knife the enemies that exit the 1st APC and then use the APC as cover whilst you cook a grenade and throw it at the second APC when the soldiers exit it (if you throw it when the soldiers are still inside it won't do any damage). Throw another grenade at the van parked in the building opposite the one you started on and then run over to where it's parked and knife any survivors. Go through the automatic door and jump over the low wall in front of you. Turn right and wait for the 2 Helghast troops to come down the stairs and then shoot them or kill them with a grenade. Go up the stairs that they came down.

[CP] Kill the 2 Helghast that are in the room in front of you, and the one that's behind the automatic door near the stairs. Go through the room that's in front of the stairs and throw a grenade on to the balcony through the automatic door. After it explodes, go outside and shoot any survivors. Go to the other automatic door on the balcony and throw a grenade through there as well. Go inside and shoot any survivors, then quickly go through the door to your right. Kill the Shock Trooper in here quickly (leave the room and let him come to you if you want) and then turn left and walk down the walkway until you're in a room with a lot of small square windows on your left. Run through here quickly to avoid being killed by the Helghast on the roof and drop down through the hole in the floor.

Malik Back Alleys

Stay in this room until you've killed the Helghast trooper who runs from the other end of the alley towards you. Go outside and up the stairs to your left, then run towards the next set of stairs through a doorway. A Helghast trooper will be waiting for you on the stairs so kill him. Go up the stairs and outside, then go up the next set of stairs. A Rifleman will be waiting for you at the top so kill him before is powerful StA14 Rifle kills you. Once you're on the higher platform, shoot the blue rectangular thing that the wire is connected to so that the electricity stop s flying everywhere and you can go through the door. Push the next door open and go down the stairs.

Ostoja End

You'll see 2 Helghast soldiers on a walkway shooting at the ISA below. Shoot them or use a grenade and then shoot survivors. There will be a 3rd Helghast soldier on the other side of the walkway so watch out for him. Wait for the soldiers to come to you individually and then shoot them or knife them - you can do this without going outside. Once the 3 soldiers are dead, go outside, turn left and go up the stairs. There will be another Helghast soldier up here, to shoot him.

Use the thin gaps in the wall in the small sheltered area where the stairs finish to shoot the Helghast with little to no chance of being hit by them. Go to where the soldier was standing before you killed him and look for a hole in the ground. You can see Helghast troops on the ground from here, so shoot them from here to save you some trouble. Once you can see no survivors, go across the walkway and down the ladder. 2 more Helghast soldiers will come out, to take cover and shoot them to death 1 by 1, or knife them. Go to where Rico and Natko are waiting for you.

Union Storage Yard

Rendezvous with Alpha SquadX
Eliminate all hostiles

You need to stay in this area and fight off hostiles. Hostiles will jump over a fence near the door next to where Rico and Natko are taking cover, and by jumping down to the area from the other side of the storage yard. Knifing the soldiers before they land on the ground is the easiest way to kill them, but if they make it to the ground then your best option is to take cover and shoot them to death. Running back and forth between the 2 enemy spawning points and knifing the Helghast works a treat. Eventually, Rico will try and shoot the lock near the door to open it.

Climb the ladder near where Rico and Natko are taking cover. At this point, Helghast troops will be dropped on to the roof of one of the buildings. Take an StA14 Rifle, and grenades if you need them, from the gun rack and take cover behind one of the pillars. Cook grenades, strafe, throw them and strafe back in to cover behind the pillars to kill the enemies on the roof opposite you. Shoot any survivors with the StA14 Rifle. Facing where the enemies were on the roof, go to your right, walk up to the building, jump up to the higher platform and turn to your left. Enemies will spawn here, so knife them as they're jumping down. Once they stop coming, keep on higher ground and kill the Helghast that advance on Rico and Natko with the StA14 Rifle.

After they're dead and you hear a rumbling noise, return to where you were when you were killing the enemies on the rooftop opposite you. An APC will break through the wall. A well timed, cooked grenade will clear out everyone who exits the APC, but if your timing is off or you're out of grenades, you'll have to shoot all the enemies that exit the APC. Some of the enemies may come up to the rooftop where you are so be vigilant - keep an eye on the ladder. Eventually, some ISA troops will come through the door that Rico tried to open earlier. As soon as this happens, leave the roof and rush inside through the door.

Eliminate all hostilesX
Secure Visari Square

Continue through the rooms, go up the stairs, run off the ramp and into The Square.

The Square

There will be a lot of enemies on the stairs so use grenades to kill them. Let the other ISA soldiers kill them for you and take cover whenever anyone's attacking you until the area on the stairs is clear. You'll have to go up there eventually so go in on the full offensive, shooting any Helghast that you see. They'll have a lot of targets to choose from, so knife or melee Helghast that are shooting at other ISA soldiers.

[CP] Once the area is clear, go in to the small room and choose a weapon from the gun rack if you want to. Once the enemies start coming in, you'll actually want to move to the back and only attack enemies if you can see them and shoot them from here. Every time I tried using the turrets or going up the front I ended up being killed, so let your teammates do the work for you here.

[CP] Once Rico tells you to find ammo while you can, get on the emplaced StA3 LMG on the right side of the concrete barrier. Shoot at the Helghast once they arrive, focusing on the troopers who run through the middle of the battleground, but remembering that the troopers that run up the left and right sides can still kill you. An APC will arrive, so kill the Helghast troopers as they leave the vehicle. If your field of view is black and white or covered in blood, leave the emplaced StA3 LMG and head to the back to heal, then kill any enemies on the sides. Try and stay on the emplaced StA3 LMG until the dropship arrives, and then leave regardless of your health condition to let your teammates deal with the enemies from the dropship. Shoot and enemies that come up the stairs, as well as anyone that you can shoot or kill with a grenade that's taking cover on either side of the stairs.

[CP] Eventually, Garza and Rico will say that it's clear. Climb up the ladder behind the small room, pick up the VC32 Sniper Rifle and turn around to face the cablecar that's coming your way. Aim at the spot where the Helghast exit the cablecar and shoot them in the head with the VC32 Sniper Rifle 1 by 1 as they come out of the cablecar - you won't have to readjust your aim. Keep the controller still, though, as wobbling it will make you wobble the VC32 Sniper Rifle. If you miss any, once all the enemies have exited the cablecar, take cover behind the front of the building and let your teammates take care of the remaining Helghast. Once they're all dead, 2 Heavies and reinforcements will arrive. Take an M224-A1 LMG or an M82 Assault Rifle and take any reinforcements kill the reinforcements by using one of the emplaced StA3 LMGs. After the reinforcements are dead, focus on the Heavies.

There's 1 Heavy on each side of the stairs, so it'll be hard to take the first one down but the second one will be easier. Just as you kill the first Heavy, aim at the head to make the Heavy turn around, then shoot at the red tanks on the Heavy's back until he either explodes or turns back around. Repeat this until both Heavies are dead. Again, use one of the emplaced StA3 LMGs to take the 1st one down, then you can retreat to the back and use your M224-A1 LMG or your M82 Assault Rifle to take down the second heavy. You can also use the VC32 Sniper Rifle to kill the Heavies, as they move quite slowly. After the Heavies and the reinforcements are dead, a cutscene will ensue.

Secure Visari SquareX

After the cutscene, you'll be in the Salamun District.

Canal Bank

Rejoin the convoy

Shoot the blue rectangle hanging above the sewer pipes the stop the electricity flying everywhere and make it safe for you to go through the pipe. Go through the pipe until you see a gap in the right side of it. Turn to the right to see 2 Helghast guards on patrol on the elevated platform. Don't try to throw a grenade at them as it will bounce right back at you due to the smaller pipe hanging just a tad in front of the pipe you're in right now. Instead, take aim and shoot one in the head (aim for the face, not the helmet) and then take the other one down as he pops in and out of cover.

Once he's dead, get out of the pipe and go right along the walkway. Shoot the small box stuck to the wall that the laser is coming out of and then get on the ladder. Climb straight back up to the walkway you were just on. Another trooper will arrive in the room as soon as you get on the ladder, and it's easiest to take him down from up here. Wait until he's visible, then shoot him dead. Once he's dead, go down the ladder and climb up the other ladder (not the one you just climbed down). Turn left, walk across the walkway and climb the next ladder. Turn left and then walk up all the stairs until you reach the top of them.

Dushan Tower Courtyard

Rejoin the convoy
Rendezvous with Garza

Whilst Garza is talking to you, run over to the set of stairs in the back right hand corner of the room. Kill the trooper at the top and then climb the stairs. Watch out for the troopers and the Riflemen shooting at you from the other side of the room - it's best to knife the other trooper who's near the stairs and then turn left and go in to the first room to your left. From here, go in to the adjoining room.

[CP] Wait at the door (try to take out any of the enemies shooting at you from the other side of the room if you wish) and wait for an enemy to enter the room. Shoot him to death, then start to cook a grenade, go out the door, turn left, throw the grenade through the door in front of you and go back in to the room where you were before. This room is hard to clear out, so shoot the window on the wall of the room you're in and try to shoot any enemies left in the room that you just threw a grenade in to. If you can't shoot anyone, then make your way in and hope for the best. If there's anymore than 1 enemy in there, you're probably screwed.

A wall will explode, so throw a grenade through the newly formed hole in the wall. After the explosion, go in and knife any survivors. Shoot anyone on the next walkway, then try and shoot as many people on the higher walkways that are attacking Garza as possible from here. Once you think you've killed enough of them, go up the stairs and in to the next room. Another explosion will occur, and a Shock Trooper will drop down, so knife him or melee him whilst he's dropping down. Run over to Garza's position and leave this area by going out the door near him.

Rejoin the convoy
Rendezvous with GarzaX

[CP] Follow Garza down the stairs and to the locked door. Wait for him to unlock the door and then run through, go up the stairs and pick up a weapon from the gun rack if your M82 Assault Rifle is dry (I'd recommend the StA52 Assault Rifle if you need a weapon). Once you're armed, head out to your right.

Dushan Loading Bay

Rejoin the convoy
Destroy enemy artillery (0 of 2)

[CP] You'll see a bunch of Helghast defending the 1st piece of enemy artillery to your left. Throw a grenade at them, and then stick to your guns. Stay back and take care of the Helghast troops that are on the ground first, then focus on the Mounted Gunner up on the elevated walkway (it's best to try and kill him whilst he's shooting at Garza). Once he's dead, plant the charge on the artillery, run back to where you were standing when you got here and blow the charge.

Rejoin the convoy
Destroy enemy artillery (1 of 2)

[CP] Once you've destroy the first piece of enemy artillery, go in to the hallway behind the artillery. Shoot the 2 Helghast that will come at you, and then throw a grenade in to the next room with the stairs (throw the grenade at the boxes to kill the enemy behind them). Shoot any survivors (stay back and let them pop out of cover) and then go up the stairs. Cook a grenade and throw it behind the back row of boxes. Go up the stairs and shoot the survivors - stay back to kill the Shock Troopers and they won't be too much of a problem. Push the door open and get on the emplaced StA3 LMG to your right. Kill the enemies at the back and too the left, but watch out for the enemies who will drop down from the roof above the door - shoot them as or just after they come down.

Once all the enemies are dead, go over to the aforementioned door. Face the door whilst Garza unlocks it, only to have him take a shotgun shell to the chest. Kill the Commando as he reloads, and then shoot the 2 Commandos - simply hold down the trigger until they're both dead. If you get shot by one of the shotguns, you'll probably die. Once they're both dead, revive Garza and go through the newly opened door. Go through the 2nd automatic door to your left and knife the 2 enemies inside (if that doesn't work then simply throw a grenade in and knife or shoot the survivors. Go back in to the room Garza unlocked the door to and this time go around the wire fences and through the automatic door you find here. Go up the stairs with Garza.

[CP] There will be troopers shooting at you from an elevated platform to the right of the stairs - throw a grenade at them (throw it from the stairs and rebound it off the wall if you can) to kill them, then shoot the Shock Trooper and the Commando that are going to make their way down the stairs. Don't try to knife them or you'll be slaughtered. Make sure the upper level is completely clear then revive Garza if you need to and plant a charge on the next piece of enemy artillery. Get out of the blast radius and blow the D-Charge.

Rejoin the convoy
Destroy enemy artillery (2 of 2)X

[CP] Go through the automatic door only to have the next one open for you to reveal another room full of enemies. Throw a grenade or 2 in there and then shoot anyone who comes near the door. Go through the door when you think every enemy is dead (shoot any survivors), and then go through one of the automatic doors. Walk across the walkway and then drop down through the holes in the ground. Go down the stairs and through the tunnel to arrive outside in the Corinth Shanties.

Corinth Shanties

Rejoin the convoy
Rendezvous with ISA Forces in the shanties

Once you're outside, go to the other end of the shanties and up the ramp. You'll hear an ISA soldier calling for you - go to him and pick up his ammo.

Rejoin the convoy
Rendezvous with ISA Forces in the shantiesX
Eliminate all hostiles

Go in to the small hut opposite the soldier when he dies. You can camp here and kill the next wave of enemies one by one - the key is to let them come to you one at a time rather than rushing out Rambo style and getting your ass kicked. If you run out of ammo for your M82 Assault Rifle, go up the ramp to the roof, grab the M82 Assault Rifle, then run back to where you were before (obviously, deal with any resistance met along the way. Remember to aim down the sights as soon as an enemy starts firing at you, as you need to know where to shoot before you start firing, otherwise you're a goner. Enemies can and will down the ramp to the right (if you're facing the dead ISA soldier) so be wary of that. If Garza needs reviving, don't revive him until you know it's safe to go outside.

[CP] Eventually, a dropship will arrive. Stay in your hiding hole and keep to the aforementioned strategy. Again, watch the ramp to the right, as enemies can surprise you from up there, however most of the enemies will be on the ground. So long as you keep back, the Shock Troopers shouldn't give you much grief - it's the Assault Infantry that you want to hit first. Eventually, the only enemies left will be on the roof above you, as well as to the left (if you're facing the dead ISA soldier). Go up the ramp, killing any enemies you encounter. You may want to hang back for a bit if they begin to advance on you, but if not, make your way to the roof, killing the enemy using the Emplaced LMG first.

Add to this the fact that there are Support Troopers firing rockets at you, and you have a tricky situation on your hands. Remember that once a rocket is fired, it's destination is set, so stay far away and keep moving to avoid being hit. If you can get up close to a Support Trooper, it's defenseless, so knife the bastard. However, you'll have to shoot some of them. Carefully move around the roof of the shanties, using grenades to kill those on the ground from the roof. Shoot any remaining enemies and eventually you'll clear the area.

Rejoin the convoy
Eliminate all hostilesX

[CP] Go over to Garza and boost each other up on to the higher ledge. Follow Garza through the hallway and go left to fall in to the area below. Shoot the glowing yellow boxes stuck to the walls to destroy the lasers and make it safe to walk through the area (they will explode, so keep your distance). Climb the 2 ladders to meet up with Rico.

Substation Strongpoint

Rejoin the convoyX
Secure the Power Station

[CP] Go to the alleyway to the right and shoot one of the yellow boxes on the left wall to destroy both lasers. Don't walk out in to the open as you'll be killed in seconds. There will be Commandos with LS13 Shotguns nearby, so keep your distance and take them out with a grenade or two. There will also be enemies shooting at you from a high vantage point in the power station itself, so shoot them before you run out in to the open. When Garza tells you to, put a D-Charge on the door, then quickly run to a safe distance and blow the charge.

[CP] Enemies will jump down from higher floors of the power station to the ground. Throw a grenade or two inside, then shoot any survivors on the ground floor before carefully making your way upstairs after making sure the ground floor is clear. Enemies upstairs will still be able to shoot at you so be careful. If you're lucky enough to kill a Support Trooper, take his VC9 Rocket Launcher and use it upstairs, then go back down and get your M82 Assault Rifle before returning upstairs.

Secure the Power StationX
Demolish the Power Station

Eventually, Garza will tell you to plant D-Charges on the four main pillars of the power station. Go around to each pillar and quickly plant the charges, but be wary of the Riflemen shooting you from the roof. Kill them if you can, but you may be able to escape their fire if you plant the D-Charges quick enough. Once all four charges are planted, make your exit to be rewarded with one big explosion. After the cutscene, you'll be at Salamun Bridge.

Bridge East

Secure the bridge

After the cutscene, take an M327 Grenade Launcher from the gun rack and return the Grenadiers' fire - the thing may be a bit hard to aim, even if you are zoomed in and have the aiming reticule (I can't get the hang of it) but a direct hit with a grenade will kill an enemy (and kill or severely wound any enemies nearby). Grenades that land on the ground will explode after a set amount of time, giving enemies a chance to retreat, so fire more grenades where they run to. Eventually, you'll run out of launchable grenades, go back and pick up your M82 Assault Rifle to continue fighting. This segment is a particular pain in the ass due to the fact that there are incoming mortars during the entire segment, and if one hits you, you have to restart the whole segment. Yep, no checkpoints for now. It'll require a bit of luck, let me tell you.

Regardless, slowly advance on the enemy, taking cover wherever its available (mainly on the left and right sides of the bridge) and kill enemies as you encounter them. Remember, there will be explosions everywhere, and you'll die quite a few times before making it through this segment. The enemies will keep respawning (Grenadiers aside) until you get about halfway across the bridge, where the middle of the bridge will be raised. Now focus your attention on the 2 emplaced LMG stations, on the left and right sides of the bridge. Pick a side and stick to it regarding cover - don't move from this position unless you absolutely have to. Shoot the Emplaced Gunner that you can see from your position, then kill the enemies around that position. Then quickly find a different spot where you can take down the other Emplaced Gunner, followed by the enemies around the station. Once all the enemies are dead, you can walk to the end of this side of the bridge.

Secure the bridgeX
Lower the bridge

An ISA soldier will kick a gate open for you, so follow him down the path and out of this area. Eventually, you'll meet up with some more ISA soldiers.

Air Defense 22-12ILC

Lower the bridge
Secure enemy AA gun

This part can be tricky if you don't know the game mechanics. The wave of enemies will not stop until you shoot the enemy manning the AA gun, so shoot him first and foremost. Then, carefully make your way towards the AA gun, using grenades to flush the enemies out of cover, if not killing them. You may want to hang back and shoot some of the enemies through the wire fence before using your grenades to advance. Once all the enemies are dead, make your way up to the AA gun, but don't hop in just yet. 2 lone enemies will make their way on to the dock to the right of the building, so shoot the red barrel when they're both near it to kill them first, then man the AA gun and shoot the waves of enemies as they exit the building.

Any enemies that exit the building without being killed are instantly a threat to you, so if you miss one you should probably focus on killing the enemies that are shooting at you rather than the ones that are exiting the building. There will be Support Troopers with rockets, but I've noticed that rockets can hit the AA gun and not damage you. If the AA gun takes to much damage it will explode IIRC, but that's if you're not killed first. Use the barrels to your advantage, shooting them when enemies are nearby. Once all the enemies are dead, make your way across the area to find a set of stairs and a doorway. Go up the stairs and through the doorway, then up the remaining stairs to arrive in a control room on the other side of the bridge.

Bridge West

There will be a valve in this control room, so turn it to lower the bridge.

Lower the bridgeX
Secure the bridge

[CP] Garza will come over and open the door for you. Pick up a VC32 Sniper Rifle, and then quickly run out the door, but head back inside immediately afterwards. This will trigger a wave of Shock Troopers and Assault Infantry. Leave these guys for your allies to deal with, as going outside is suicide. Instead, stay inside the control room and repeatedly snipe the Emplaced Gunners and Support Troopers at the other end of the bridge. They'll respawn, but you'll keep their fire off your allies and on you, and the Emplaced Gunners are terrible shots form that far away.

If a rocket comes towards you, run down the stairs in the control room for cover. Eventually, there will be very few ground troops left, and at this point grab either a VC9 Rocket Launcher or your M82 Assault Rifle and continue along the bridge. Use either your primary weapon or grenades to take out any remaining ground troops, then simply run to the other end of the bridge to complete the objective. When Garza tells you to, go to his position, and after the cutscene, you'll be at Radec Academy.