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Reviewed: 03/20/08

So fast paced, exciting, and hardcore it's UNREAL!

Unreal Tournament has always been an exciting first person shooter series. This hit takes the PC exclusive game to the Playstation 3, better than ever before. What's special about this game is that it's no ordinary FPS, that has a huge battlefield, and objectives you must achieve. Instead, hence the name, Unreal Tournament features a tournament style campaign game, where the objective is to achieve a single goal. This is very similar to an online team deathmatch game on an ordinary FPS.


I absolutely love Unreal Tournament's gameplay. It is fast paced, exciting, and flat out awesome. The guns are thought through perfectly, every genre of gun's you could think of being covered, and each weapon had two types of attacks. I especially liked how fast you moved, make the ability to sprint is unnecessary. You also are equipped with a double jump, to get over almost any ledge.

My favourite part of the game is the mouse and keyboard compatibility. Controls are already set for you, and not too hard to figure out. Its quite a nice advantage to be playing against people with a regular PS3 controller and analog stick. No installation or settings is required. It's a plug in and play experience!

But back to campaign mode. I found the story very boring, but nothing you wouldn't expect. It is generally about a city that is attacked, causing this clan of soldiers to flee. You are the leader of that clan. The only time you really notice that there is a story is at the beginning.I don't believe that there is a real reason to play campaign mode, other than to get a feel with the game. Go straight to online multiplayer for the hardcore experience.

What makes Unreal Tournament special is its online mode. Select your preferences, and join a game, and your off for an awesome experience. You begin a round with the regular pistol, or in this case, something similar, but 'Unreal' style. Weapons are scattered around the battlefield, ready to be picked up and used. Ammo and health is littered around the stadium too. In between rounds, you have the option of voting for the next stage. Generally the first person to vote ends up being the one to choose it, because everyone then follows. The gameplay in online multiplayer is more or less the same as on single player, but with much more action!

The biggest flaw to this game was the lack of splitscreen or versus modes. Non-online, it is only single player. Again, only get this game if you have online capabilities.


There was nothing special about the graphics – except for the guns. They have a huge amount of detail, as did the bullets. I was quite disappointed with the lack of high quality scenery and stage graphics. I believe that that is one of the biggest factors for an FPS, but nonetheless, it was satisfying enough.


A big expectation in an FPS is high quality sound effects, from gun firing, reloading, and screaming of your worthless enemies. This game certainly delivered that. There some commentating which repeats the same lines over and over again which does get annoying though. As far as background music goes, there is really nothing special, as expected.

+Fast paced, exciting, and everything you could expect
+Excellent usage of controls
+Hardcore guns
+Some nice bullet sound effects
+Well thought out multiplayer mode
+Mouse and keyboard compatibility

-Lack of a good campaign mode
-Under usage of the PS3's graphics capabilities
-Not worth getting if you can't play online; No splitscreen or versus modes

I highly recommend Unreal Tournament to any online FPS fan. It may be the best the Playstation 3 has offered up to date, and something I will be playing in the near future still. Happy gaming!

Unreal Tournament 3 - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Unreal Tournament III (US, 12/11/07)

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