Review by OctoCam76

Reviewed: 12/14/07

MEGA KILL - Gears of War with an overdose of caffeine!

Woohoo! Unreal Tournament 3 is UT on a console like you've never seen it before! Fast, frenetic, energetic, and outrageous, and finally, a UT game that is playable on a console and actually good. Blasting opponents and pwning n00bs has never been better.

Gameplay: (9/10)Unique and badass weapons/vehicles meets fast and energetic gameplay. One thing that differentiates UT3 from the regular ol' shooter is how incredibly fast paced it is. The whole battlefield determines how well your reflexes and skills are. Fast, frantic, with people just moving all over the place. It's hell on steroids. There are many modes to play: Capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag, warzone, campaign, Deathmatch, Duel, Team deathmatch, etc.

A typical online match: You're left to fend by yourself starting with only a light semi automatic weapon. Aiming is hard as hell, the person you're trying to aim at is just moving all over the place. But... with the variety of weapons that can be found here, fate is on your side. You pick up the Rocket Launcher and now, you're like a god. Blasting peeps here and there, *MULTI KILL, MEGA KILL* until out of no where, you get killed. And it all lasted about 8.28 seconds! Yup, that's how fast paced it is and what makes UT3 so unique and fun as hell.

Campaign: Singleplayer is really just a bunch of matches with bots. Also, one thing is that there is no split screen co-op yet, but however, the campaign you can join with up to 3 other friends online, which does make it loads more fun. And the story reminded me of Halo 2, it just cheesily cut off right at the end.

Graphics: (9.5/10) While not beautiful or lush as Uncharted, it's still one of the best looking games to date on the PS3. Maps look amazing with incredible detail and draw distance. Graphics are just really crisp looking and the cutscenes just look downright amazing. Shadows aren't as good as Uncharted and they look jaggy on certain angles.

Sound: (6/10) You've got to love the announcer: Double Kill! Multi Kill! Mega Kill! The sound of tons of guns blaring and missiles launching makes the experience even more chaotic and insane. However, the techno music in the menu seriously needs to go. Also, the comments from the bots can get kind of annoying. For example, "Beaten by a girl!" "Omega 3 brings you tomorrow, today." "Hoo yeah!' "In your face!"

The Good:
Fast and chaotic gameplay
Unique and deadly weapons
Fun and monstrous vehicles
Godly graphics
Campaign can be joined by online friends very easily
Launching a Rocket in front of someone's face is full of win
In game messaging
Can add friends in game
Mod support
Keyboard+mouse support
Many modes of play

The Bad:
No split screen co op
The Techno music
Campaign is just a bunch of matches with bots

Overall (Not an average) 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Unreal Tournament III (US, 12/11/07)

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