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General FAQs

FAQ/Strategy Guide (X360) 12/28/09 Arcylis 1.2 105K
FAQ 05/03/10 Tekkenomics 0.50 35K
FAQ/Move List (X360) 12/09/09 TekkenKat 1.09 269K

Character FAQs

Alisa (X360) 10/24/10 scarlet_puppy 0.95 111K
Craig Marduk 02/07/11 Tekkenomics 1.00 91K

In-Depth FAQs

Campaign Co-Op Guide (X360) 07/20/10 Tekkenomics 1.11 34K
Combo FAQ 05/03/10 Tekkenomics 0.80 98K
Customization FAQ 05/03/10 Tekkenomics 0.70 66K
Game Script 01/01/18 THREADRIPPER 19K
Hidden Move Guide 05/03/10 Tekkenomics 0.41 47K
Scenario Mode Guide 01/20/11 CJ800 1.30 86K
Trophy Guide 05/03/10 Tekkenomics 2.30 85K
Win Pose Guide (X360) 12/14/09 Goh_Billy 3.0 28K

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