Tips to do Jin/Kazuya/Heihachi's fast-er uppercut?

  1. I've noticed that people can do very very fast upper-cuts with these characters and I heard that you just press the combination faster than usual. When you do it, your fists get extra lighting and are hit harder/launched higher. So does anyone have any tips to do this?
    Thanks in advance

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    EmptyHandz - 10 years ago
  2. What does <b> and </b> mean?

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  1. The EWGF/EWHF* is done by pressing the df+[button] <b>simultaneously</b> (or within 2 or 3 frames of eachother depending on the character). If you don't hit them at the same time, you'll just get the standard WGF/WHF.

    They aren't necessarily faster, but have much quicker recovery and bigger hit box. For example, Kaz's normal WGF is like -10 frames on block, but his EWGF is +5 making it totally safe and a great pressure tool and great for juggles.

    *electric wind god fist (kaz/hei), electric wind hook fist (jin)

    Also my frame data is based on t5dr so it might not be exactly the same in t6.

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  1. EWGF is done by pressing f,N,d/f+1 (1=Triangle) and yes you must do it very fast, not only you get your fists extra lighting but cool sound and vibrations on opponent pad, you can check this in Practice "sample combo 7":).
    Once upon a time :) I can do it 3xEWGF in a row, but after Teken4 my Jin is slow so only Kazuja and Haihachi can do 3xEWGF some do 4 but this is madnes!!:) and game over.

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  2. Just to clear any misconception from your question, how fast you input the combination, basically, and bluntly, doesn't mean anything (or how often you can pull of an EWGF), as I use regularly pull off EWGFs but I don't input the combination fast.
    Other than that, then yeah, what the other answers have said pretty much explains everything else right.

    User Info: RKM_13

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