Can PS1 game saves made on a PS3 be ported back into an original PS1 memory card?

  1. Backward thinking, I know. But hypothetically speaking, I was wondering if PlayStation Network downloaded PS1 game save files could be changed back into the original PS1 memory card format and be used on a PlayStation 1?

    My fiance lives in Australia and wants to be able to play Xenogears and other games on my North American PS1 when I move there. He wants to take the save file that he has on the Xenogears game on his PS3 and be able to put it on the PS1 memory card should something happen to the more advanced system and for nostalgic reasons.

    User Info: ailyn_evensen

    ailyn_evensen - 6 years ago


  1. Nope. Sorry,but you can put a PlayStation disc in the Playstation 3. The reason you can't because there is no memory card slot.

    User Info: superguy999

    superguy999 - 6 years ago 0   0

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