Troublesome occurence of error 80710102?

  1. I am having difficulty connecting my PS3 console to the PlayStation Network, but not to the internet. This occurs both with a wired and a wireless connection, and has occured at multiple locations. When I select the log in button for the PSN, I immediately recieve the error number 80710102. My PS3 connects to the internet through my network just fine, and the PSN is the only part which seems affected. This is especially disconcerting, because I had never had problems connecting to the network before this started happening (sometime during summer). Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    User Info: AzrenDelmare

    AzrenDelmare - 11 years ago
  2. No, that didn't end up working. It was at "Enabled," but changing it to disabled didn't fix the problem.

    User Info: AzrenDelmare

    AzrenDelmare - 11 years ago
  3. Update: In addition to the above, I have recently tried restoring factory settings, which did not work either; everything is the same as when I started having the problem.

    User Info: AzrenDelmare

    AzrenDelmare - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Disable Media Server Connection.

    To disable the Media Server Connection:

    In the home menu, go to (Settings) > [Network Settings]
    Select [Media Server Connection] and press the button.
    Highlight [Disable] and press the button.

    Check if there is a USB cord connected to the modem. If there is, unplug this cord and make sure an Ethernet cable is connected from the modem to the wireless access point (router) then power cycle the modem and router to refresh the settings.

    Also the PLAYSTATION 3 is unable to connect to the Internet through the USB port, it must be connected via an Ethernet cord or via Wi-Fi network. You will not be able to use a USB adaptor or a cell phone USB adaptor with the PLAYSTATION 3.
    The 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 160GB models of the PLAYSTATION 3 support 802.11b or 802.11g wireless standards.

    Confirm SSID

    Verify the Service Set Identifier (SSID) of your wireless network. Since scanning for SSIDs with your PLAYSTATION 3 can pick up other wireless networks, make sure you have selected the correct SSID which belongs to your own wireless network. It is also possible that your WAP has the SSID broadcasting feature turned "Off", which means your PLAYSTATION 3 will not pick up the SSID when scanning for available wireless networks. You will need to either turn "On" the SSID broadcast feature on your WAP, or speak to the administrator of your network to obtain your SSID. See about SSID for more information.

    Confirm WEP or WPA Security Key

    If your wireless network access is security-enabled (encrypted) from open access, you will need your WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security key or password. If you do not know this information, speak to the person who configured your home network settings.

    Confirm if Your Wireless Access Point Requires a MAC Address

    If your WAP is configured to "filter" Media Access Control addresses (MAC address), you will need to enter the PLAYSTATION 3's MAC address into the WAP's MAC filter table as an allowed device. Click here to find the MAC address of the PLAYSTATION 3.

    If You Can't Connect to SCEA Game Servers or Network

    If you can access the Internet but not our game servers or network, it may be a firewall issue (see firewall port numbers firewall port numbers for more information).

    Confirm Your Home Network Connection

    Confirm Your ISP Account and Equipment Settings

    Whether you are a new or an existing customer with your ISP, if you need your ISP account settings (such as a username and password for DSL customers), you will need to speak directly with your ISP. If you do not know how to operate or access your network equipment settings, (such as your DSL or Cable router settings), you will need to contact the manufacturer of the equipment directly. If you are leasing the equipment from the ISP, please call your ISP for more details.
    Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) does not have access to your ISP account settings.

    Confirm Your PlayStation Hardware

    Only the 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 160GB models of the PLAYSTATION 3 have built-in Wi-Fi (wireless) capability for both 802.11b or 802.11g wireless standards.
    Note: the 20GB PLAYSTATION 3 model does not support Wi-Fi connections.

    Verify Online Capability of Software Title

    If you are trying to go online with a game, make sure the PLAYSTATION3 format software is capable of online game play. You can find this information printed on the packaging.

    Additionally, follow the guidelines for playing PlayStation 2 format software online with the

    Clear Any Interference or Obstacles in Order to Strengthen Your Wi-Fi Signal

    Try positioning the PLAYSTATION 3 closer to the wireless router or WAP to enhance the wireless signal.

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    pandaman210 - 11 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. I Had generally the same problem then, i just went to network settings and turned off media server connection, And bam problem solved. Although this could be a pain in the hine quarters if, you use the funtions of media server. If so, hopefully one of Sony's newer Firmwares will solve the problem

    User Info: The_Tank103

    The_Tank103 - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. Go to settings
    -network settings
    -make sure media server connection is "disabled"
    Should clear it iup.

    User Info: kreased

    kreased - 11 years ago 0   2

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