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Game Script by SamuraiX-

Version: 1.35 | Updated: 07/04/2008


             "I'm no hero. Never was, never will be." - Old Snake

     __  __     _        _    ___                ___      _ _    _   _ _  
    |  \/  |___| |_ __ _| |  / __|___ __ _ _ _  / __| ___| (_)__| | | | | 
    | |\/| / -_)  _/ _` | | | (_ / -_) _` | '_| \__ \/ _ \ | / _` | |_  _|
    |_|  |_\___|\__\__,_|_|  \___\___\__,_|_|   |___/\___/_|_\__,_|   |_| 
    G U N S  O F  T H E  P A T R I O T S        Tactical Espionage Action
                    _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _  
                   / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                  ( G | a | m | e ) ( S | c | r | i | p | t )
                   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

            Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Game Script
                 Playable on the PlayStation 3 Gaming Console
              Written By: SamuraiX- (MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com)
                          79 Characters Per Line
               Format - Font/Style/Size: Courier New/Regular/10

     Copyright © 2008 Raul Copaciu                      Version: 1.35


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                        ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
                          V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y
                        ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Version 1.35 | July 4, 2008 | 434 kb

Alright, so I'm definitely late with my final update, but that's only the bad
news. The worse news is that I only finished editing everything up to the end
of Act 5. Some things have turned up and I won't be able to sit down and take
time to edit the Epilogue and Debriefing for an unknown amount of time. I am
hoping that I'll eventually to it sooner rather than later, but for now I have
only provided all of the dialogue for those sections edited to 79 characters
per line. I still need to add in the brackets for scene descriptions. Feel free
to look for any mistakes I may have made. Thanks again for all your support and
I hope you enjoy the 98% completed script. Happy 4th of July!

Version 1.30 | June 25, 2008 | 338 kb

In the final stretch now. Just updated the script with all the dialogue up to
Act 4 of the game. Added a lot more in-game dialogue from Otacon this time
around due to the lack of overall dialogue between the areas of this Act. My
I thank everyone who is sending me emails with support, contributions, and
corrections. I hope to have all of the dialogue from Act 5 to the Epilogue of
the game uploaded with my next update. The next update will probably take
longer than all the previous ones, but I am striving to have the main script
completed by the end of Monday. Wish me luck!

Version 1.20 | June 23, 2008 | 274 kb

Another quick update with all the dialogue from Act 3 included. I decided to
actually add some in-game dialogue, like during the chase sequence, mainly
because I didn't want to just describe what was going on with brackets. I'm now
considering going back and adding some of that kind of dialogue in for Act 2.
In any case, I'll be starting on Act 4 ASAP and Act 5 soon after that. I should
hopefully have the script fully completed, including all of the primary
dialogue from the game by the end of this week. Thanks for all your support!

Version 1.10 | June 20, 2008 | 187 kb

Updated the script with all the primary dialogue from Act 2. I was wondering
whether or not I should add the in-game dialogue from Otacon and Drebin in the
chase scene at the end, as it provides some emotion to the sequence, but I
decided to leave it out for now. I'll consider going back and adding in those
lines once I'm finished recording all the primary dialogue. Expect another
update very soon! :)

Version 1.00 | June 18, 2008 | 94 kb

Just finished the first version of the script. It contains all the primary
dialogue featured in Act 1. I plan on updating this frequently. One new update
for every Act for now. Hopefully I can get the whole script down in two or
three weeks. If anyone has any corrections or suggestions, send 'em in! Also,
if anyone would like to help me in recording the dialogue from the game in a
notepad file, I would very much appreciate the help. Your name will be
recorded in the Acknowledgements section if you should contribute in any way.



                    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
                      T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
		    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

         01) Introduction                                       [01INTD]
               1.1 - Introduction                               [01INTD]
               1.2 - Contact Information                        [01CTIN]
               1.3 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots   [01MGS4]

         02) Game Script                                        [02GMSC]
            Act 1 - Liquid Sun (Middle East)
		2.1 - Act 1 Briefing				[02A1BF]
		2.2 - Infiltration				[02INFT]
		2.3 - Rendezvous with Otacon			[02RDOT]
		2.4 - Drebin 893				[02DRBN]
		2.5 - Rat Patrol Team 01			[02RTPT]
		2.6 - Liquid's Encampment			[02LQDE]
	    Act 2 - Solid Sun (South America)
		2.7 - Act 2 Briefing                            [02A2BF]
		2.8 - Village Raid                              [02VILR]
		2.9 - Beauty and the Beast                      [02BATB]
	       2.10 - Advancing on the Mansion                  [02ADVM]
	       2.11 - Naomi Hunter                              [02NAMH]
	       2.12 - Laughing Octopus                          [02LOCT]
	       2.13 - Become the Hunter                         [02HNTR]
	       2.14 - Jack is Dead                              [02JCKD]
	    Act 3 - Third Sun (Eastern Europe)
	       2.15 - Act 3 Briefing                            [02A3BF]
	       2.16 - To Be Young Again                         [02TBYA]
	       2.17 - The Forbidden Fruit                       [02FRBF]
	       2.18 - Raging Raven                              [02RGRV]
	       2.19 - Guns of the Patriots                      [02GOTP]
	    Act 4 - Twin Suns (Shadow Moses)
	       2.20 - Act 4 Briefing                            [02A4BF]
	       2.21 - Return to the Origin                      [02RTOR]
	       2.22 - Crying Wolf                               [02CRWF]
	       2.23 - Sins of the Past                          [02SNSP]
	       2.24 - Our Rightful Liberty                      [02RTLB]
	    Act 5 - Old Sun (Outer Haven)
	       2.25 - Act 5 Briefing                            [02A5BF]
	       2.26 - Assault on Outer Haven                    [02ASOH]
	       2.27 - Screaming Mantis                          [02SCRM]
	       2.28 - The Rain Transformed                      [02RNTR]
	       2.29 - FOXALIVE                                  [02FXAL]
	       2.30 - Transcendent Freedom                      [02TFRD]
	    Epilogue - Naked Sin

	    Debriefing - Naked Son

         03) Conclusion                                         [03CNCL]
               3.1 - Legal Disclaimer                           [03LGDS]
               3.2 - Voice Cast                                 [03VCST]
               3.3 - Acknowledgements                           [03AKNW]


                          --  Guide Navigation  --

This guide is divided up into sections, sub-sections, and so on. Each of the
primary sections focuses around one general concept. As you read  more into
each section, you will notice that there will be many other different kinds
of categories, but everything will continue to focus on the same subject.

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	-------  Section 01 : Introduction  ------

	-------  1.1 - Introduction  -------                           [01INTD]

Welcome everyone. As any MGS fan knows, Metal Gear Solid games are some of the
most unique video games in the industry because of their inspirational and
unique forms of story-telling, character development, theme presentation, etc.
The amount of work that has gone into creating a flowing narrative for the
series is almost as much work as it takes to understand it all. The story is
presented using very lengthy cutscenes and sophisticated dialogue. The dialogue
and plot presentation can all feel very overwhelming when first experiencing
it for yourself.

The purpose of this document is to aid people who need possible reference or
clarification of any particular piece of dialogue in the game. I have recorded
all of the primary dialogue in the game that relates to the narrative of the
story and plot advancement, including cutscene and Codec dialogue. I have not
recorded any in-game dialogue such as some of Otacon's lines in the Middle East
act, as most of those have more to do with gameplay rather than story. I may
decide to either integrate  those lines in the main script later on or possibly
create a little text dump seciton for in-game dialogue.

For now I hope this script aids everyone in as well as they expect it to. It
has definitely taken a lot more work that I thought it would at first, but I
guess that's part of the fun in writing it. I definitely thought I need to
submit something helpful about this game, considering it'll probably be the
last quality Metal Gear Solid game we'll all see for a long time.

	-------  1.2 - Contact Information  -------                    [01CTIN]

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, or contributions then just
send them in to the e-mail address that I provided below. Please remember to
keep your messages relevant, primarily to comments, corrections, suggestions,
or contributions. For your convenience, I have included a list of what TO do,
and what NOT to do when e-mailing me. As long as you abide by the guidelines
that are provided below, I don't think we'll have any problems. :)

	E-Mail : MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com

- DO -
 - Write legible sentences
 - Include good grammar and decent spelling
 - Inform me of errors related to spelling, grammar, gameplay, story, etc.
 - Provide me with tips or strategies in relevance with aspects of the game
 - Ask me for help with things that are not already covered within this guide
 - Scan through the guide and be sure that your question isn't already answered

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 - Write in funky text colors, e.g. yellow font with a light-green background
 - Ask questions that are already answered in this guide

   -------  1.3 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots  -------    [01MGS4]

The long awaited sequel to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Set in the year
2014, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots takes players all around the
globe to locations like the Middle East, South America, and Eastern Europe.
Five years after the Manhattan incident, the world's military has been overrun
with PMCs (Private Military Companies) that fight wars for numerous countries,
developed nations, and rebel factions. They are an entirely new breed of
mercenary that have been injected with third-generation nanomachines to enhance
and regulate their abilities on the battlefield. These nanomachines also
provide assurance that they can be observed and controlled through the
Patriots' SOP (Sons of the Patriots) system. PMCs are constantly engaged in
proxy battles worldwide for profit in the new-found war economy.

The five largest PMCs in the world are all under the command of a dummy
corporation that acts as the single mother company overseeing all major PMC
activity. The mother company goes by the name of "Outer Heaven" and is being
commanded by Liquid Ocelot. By carefully amassing a huge army that can rival
the military force of the United States, Liquid Ocelot plans to launch an armed
insurrection by seizing control of the SOP System. With the world facing a
crisis of unprecedented danger, a rapidly aging and disillusioned Solid Snake
is called into action once again to terminate Liquid Ocelot and stop him from
carrying out his insurrection. This will be his final mission.

	-------  Section 02 : Game Script  ------

This section of the document will provide you with all the primary dialogue
throughout the five acts in Metal Gear Solid 4. This includes all cutscenes,
all mandatory Codec conversations, and also a few lines of in-game dialogue
here and there. This section does not include any optional Codec transmissions
and such. I plan on creating a separate section that will act as a text dump,
displaying secret and humorous Codec conversations throughout the game. With
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots finally released, I hope you all enjoy
this game script I have had the pleasure in putting together for both your
benefit and mine!


                             ___       _        __  
                            / _ \     | |      /  | 
                           / /_\ \ ___| |_     `| | 
                           |  _  |/ __| __|     | | 
                           | | | | (__| |_     _| |_
                           \_| |_/\___|\__|    \___/

                _     _             _     _   _____             
               | |   (_)           (_)   | | /  ___|            
               | |    _  __ _ _   _ _  __| | \ `--. _   _ _ __  
               | |   | |/ _` | | | | |/ _` |  `--. \ | | | '_ \ 
               | |___| | (_| | |_| | | (_| | /\__/ / |_| | | | |
               \_____/_|\__, |\__,_|_|\__,_| \____/ \__,_|_| |_|
                           | |


	-------  2.1 - Act 1 Briefing  -------                         [02A1BF]

[The briefing opens up with what sounds like a little girl cooking some eggs.]

???              : Only two eggs today? Solidus must have taken the day off.
                   7892590360... 3305305... 4882046652...

[As she begins singing a song of numerical digits, the scene shifts to the
interior of a large plane.]

Campbell         : The Manhattan incident triggered a serious public backlash.
                   Now the US has to think twice before intervening militarily
                   in other countries' affairs. This has fueled a push towards
                   military privatization, with PMCs at the heart of that

Snake            : PMCs...Private Military Companies.

Campbell         : That's right. PMCs have no basis in nations or ideologies.
                   They are private enterprises, driven by profit. In addition
                   to dispatching mercenaries to war zones, they secure weapons
                   and train local soldiers. They're contractors for war
                   itself, and business is good. Their clientele includes
                   developed nations like the US, rebel factions looking to
                   seize power by force... Smaller countries lacking armies of
                   their own... Even terrorist groups. They're in the Americas,
                   Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East...
                   The rise of the PMC has spawned a war by proxy, and it's
                   spreading across the globe.

[As Campbell briefs Snake on private military corporations, a young girl
approaches Otacon with a plate of eggs.]

???              : They, they're...

Otacon           : Sunny, we'll eat them later, OK?

Snake            : Every age has its mercenary. These PMCs are nothing new -
                   we've been dealing with them since before the turn of the

Campbell         : No, Snake. They're nothing like the mercenaries of the past.

[Sunny attempts to offer Otacon the eggs again.]

Sunny            : They're ready.

Otacon           : Sorry, I'm a little busy right now.

Campbell         : The Pentagon's new battlefield control system has produced a
                   decisive difference... Between hired guns and the PMCs of
                   today. The system was developed by ArmsTech Security.

[Sunny walks over to Snake and Campbell, considering giving her cooked eggs to
them, but they continue talking and pay no attention to her.]

Snake            : ArmsTech? You mean AT Corp?

Campbell         : In recent years, AT Corp has shifted focus from weapons
                   development to security tools. And since the establishment
                   of AT Security, business has been booming. The system makes
                   it possible to integrate not only micro-level information on
                   individual soldiers and units, but also macro-level
                   information about field conditions and order of battle.

[Otacon takes notice of Sunny going back up stairs and appears to feel guilty.]

Snake            : So, they've finally achieved total real-time battlefield

Campbell         : That's right. And as a result, the global presence of PMCs
                   has grown explosively. Truth is, the rise of
                   system-controlled PMCs has led to a dramatic decline in
                   civilian casualties and human rights violations on the

Snake            : A cleaner, safer battlefield. Makes for nice propaganda.

[Sunny slams the plates of eggs onto the cooking table upstairs in frustration
and discovers an ashtray filled with numerous smoked cigarettes. Reaching for
the ashtray, she causes a cigarette to fall on the floor and the proceeds to
stomp it out. She quickly proceeds back to the top of the stairs.]

Sunny            : Snake, you were smoking again, weren't you? This is
                   non-smoking flight!

[Campbell stands up and begins walking toward a digital screen on the wall.]

Campbell         : There's more. State governments and rebel groups can't match
                   the maintenance price of standing forces. PMCs, by
                   comparison, are reliable, easy to use. It wasn't long before
                   everybody had them on the payroll. And as a result, regular
                   armies began to decline worldwide.

[The screen shifts to a digital map of the world. Numerous images of military
forces and statistics appear.]

Campbell         : It's hard to believe, I know, but PMCs are beginning to
                   overtake conventional armies in terms of scale. Nowadays
                   it's the PMCs who serve as standard battalions. They already
                   make up sixty percent of all combatant forces in zones of

Snake            : Sixty percent...

Campbell         : ...The fact is the world now depends largely on PMCs for
                   waging its wars.

Snake            : I thought it was the U.N. that authorized the PMCs in the
                   first place.

Campbell         : The U.S. abstained from voting on that resolution. In
                   effect, Washington was endorsing PMCs without ever revealing
                   its true intentions. Until they got wind of the uprising,
                   that is.

Snake:           : The U.S. has exported too much military power. And now she's
                   paying the price.

Campbell         : That's exactly it. America has now turned war into a form of
                   economic activity. Analysts are calling it the
                   "war economy," in that it's picking up the slack for the
                   downward-sloping oil market. But I, for one, don't intend to
                   simply stand by and watch it happen. For the PMCs, market
                   expansion entails fanning the flames of war... It means more

Snake            : War orphans. Child soldiers.

Campbell         : Yes. Even as PMC soldiers get more specialized, they're also
                   getting younger.

Snake            : Mercenaries spun off from state armies, unmanned weapons,
                   child soldiers... Proxy battles in a new Cold War.

[Logos of the five largest PMC groups appear.]

Campbell         : There are hundreds of PMCs in business worldwide, and their
                   numbers are growing. Currently, five of them are big enough
                   to be labeled global powers two in the U.S., and one each in
                   the U.K., France, and Russia. Reconnaissance has revealed
                   that those five PMCs are run by a dummy corporation that
                   acts as a single mother company.

[A skull with a snake wrapped around it appears.]

Campbell         : This mother company embodies the five largest PMCs. Her name
                   is... "Outer Heaven."

Snake            : "Outer Heaven?" You mean...!

Campbell         : That's right... It's Liquid.

Snake            : Liquid...

[An image of Liquid Snake, with numerous soldiers behind him appears.]

Campbell         : He's taken command of this immense army and is now preparing
                   to unleash an insurrection.

Snake            : I watched him die.

Campbell         : His will lives on - in the body of the man once known as

[An image of Revolver Ocelot appears.]

Campbell         : He aims to fan the flames of war even higher - to create the
                   perfect world once envisioned by Big Boss.

[An image of Big Boss apears.]

Snake            : The one world in which soldiers will always have a place...

Campbell         : He must be stopped... Before it's too late.

[The scene shifts back to the interior of the plane.]

Campbell         : Do you understand, Snake? Any means necessary. Just stop
                   Liquid's insurrection. Even if it means...

Snake            : ...Killing him? You want Liquid dead. Isn't that right,

[Snake gives Campbell a cold stare.]

Campbell         : I'm sorry. I know... This isn't justice. It's a covert
                   assignment - a hired hit. A wet works op targeting the head
                   of a major multinational corporation.

Snake            : Why me?

[Sunny returns from upstairs to listen more closely to the conversation.]

Campbell         : Because of the military might of the PMCs, and the effect
                   they have on the economy. War is to the 21st century what
                   oil was to the 20th: The pillar that supports the global
                   economy. You'll recall a rather alarming report issued by
                   that American think tank during the Cold War, one that
                   described a new model for prepetual war. What we're facing
                   now is a whole new ballgame.

Snake            : Iron Mountain's "Delphi technique"...

Campbell         : That was fiction. It existed only on paper. The reality is
                   far more serious. The global community is concerned, but
                   they're all too afraid of the war economy collapsing to do
                   anything about it. The U.N., too.

[Snake retrieves a cigarette from his back pocket.]

Snake            : Sounds pretty self-serving to me.

[Both Sunny and Otacon shake their heads in disapproval toward Snake.]

Campbell         : ...Snake, this mission isn't an order from Washington... not
                   like the old days. And it's not something the U.N. can
                   officially sanction, either.

[Snake stands up and walks over to a digital screen displaying a world map.]

Campbell:          But we can't just look the other way while Liquid plots this
                   insurrection. If we fail to act, he'll become the greatest
                   threat the world has ever faced.

[Campbell stands up and calmly takes the cigarette out of Snake's hand.]

Campbell         : Snake, you're the only man I can trust.

[Snake casually takes his cigarette back from Campbell.]

Snake            : Fine. Let's hear it.

[Campbell reaches for a television remote and activates a screen on the wall
that shows an image of Liquid Snake standing next to some PMCs soldiers.] 

Campbell         : Our intelligence on Liquid's uprising originally comes via
                   reports from U.S. Special Forces, who were mobilized after
                   we at the U.N. reported our findings. They're tracking
                   Liquid's movements. About 18 hours ago, he was spotted in
                   the Middle East.

[Otacon beings walking toward Campbell and takes a seat.]

Otacon           : There's a rebel army there in the Middle East made up of
                   ethnic minorities, waging civil war against the regime in

Campbell         : The core of that regime's army is provided by one of the
                   PMCs under Liquid's control.

Snake            : What about the rebels?

Campbell         : The local militias have hired small numbers of operators as
                   trainers and field commanders. And of course they've got
                   help from the local PMCs.

Otacon           : Right. A proxy war between hired guns. 

Campbell         : PMC versus PMC. A quagmire of war. All-too-typical victims
                   of the new world economy. Snake, you'll be sneaking into the
                   conflict zone via transport truck... ...disguised as one of
                   the rebel army's hired operators. Your first objective is to
                   make contact with our informants, RAT PT 01 (Rat Patrol Team
                   Zero One). They'll be expecting you.

Snake            : Rat Patrol, huh. They sound sneaky.

Campbell         : They're a Special Forces team assigned to the Army's PMC
                   investigation unit, CID.

Snake            : CID (Criminal Investigation Command)... The real rats of the

Campbell         : No, I can vouch for them personally.

Snake            : Friends of yours?

Campbell         : ...You could say that. Transporation to the area will be
                   provided under cover of a U.N. humanitarian aid mission with
                   support from the U.S. military. From there on, though,
                   you'll get no protection - and no guarantees - from anyone.
                   And you must not leave behind any evidence of your
                   involvement in that area, let alone that of the U.N.

[Sunny comes back downstairs, but Otacon gets up and turns her away.]

Campbell         : If word of this ever leaked out, it would spark a global
                   firestorm. Snake...

[Campbell stands up and looks at Snake.]

Campbell         : Will you do this for me?

[Snake stands up and walks toward the digital screen on the wall.]

Campbell         : Will you terminate Liquid?

Snake            : I'm not like the PMCs. I don't need your money.

Campbell         : ...Thank you.

[Snake turns back around and looks at Campbell, showing him his cigarette.]

Snake            : But if you're going to spark something, spark this.

[Campbell shakes his head.]

Snake            : Fine. I'll start my own fire.

[The image of Liquid disappears from the digital screen as the scene fades.]

	-------  2.2 - Infiltration  -------                           [02INFT]

In the not too distant future. On a tired battlefield. War has become routine.

[An empty sky appears, hanging above a deserted and dusty road. A band of
convoy trucks carrying armed soldiers can be seen in the distance.]

Snake            : War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies,
                   or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought
                   by mercenaries and machines. War - and its consumption of
                   life - has become a well-oiled machine.

[A peculiarly calm man wearing a shadowy cloak can be see smoking in the back
of one of the transport trucks.]

Snake            : War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons,
                   use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance
                   and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information
                   control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is
                   monitored and kept under control. 

[The convoy approaches an area that appears to be under siege. The soldiers
begin exiting the trucks, but a few of them are shot before they can even move
behind cover.]

Snake            : War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of
                   control... All in the name of averting catastrophe from
                   weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the
                   battlefield... Controls history.

[Many soldiers are being shot down in futile attempts to advance closer to
their assailants.]

Snake           :  War has changed. When the battlefield is under total
                   control... ...War becomes routine.

[The shadowy man in a cloak is the last to exit the truck and immediately takes
cover. As the slaughter continues, more trucks full of militia soldiers appear
on the scene. PMC soldiers who have taken up strategic positions in abadoned
buildings clearly have the advantage.]

[After a short skirmish, echoes of cows and cicada can be heard from the
distance. Suddenly a band of two-legged, biomechical weapons appear and begin
wiping out the militamen.]

[The man in the cloak is able to escape the scene but is encountered by more of
the machines and is forced into a small building. One of the machines breaks
through a wall and disrobes the mysterious man of his cloak. The man shows
himself to be the legendary mercenary, Solid Snake - now Old Snake.]

[In his attempts to escape from the machines, Snake finds himself on the second
floor of the building, cut-off from all exits as he drops his cigarette from
his mouth in shock. When the machines reach the second floor, Snake is nowhere
to be found and the only thing in sight is a small box in the middle of the
floor and a used cigarette. After picking up and throwing away the cigarette,
the machines use fiberoptic camera devices to examine the inside of the box.
A distinct image with many curves can be seen inside it. One of the machines
picks up its leg and smashes through the box, with a red liquid spewing out.
Watermelons. Nothing but a box of watermelons. Their remaining investigation
is cut short by the sound of mooing in the distance. The two machines relieve
themselves and leap high and far toward the animalistic call.]

[A single unscaved watermelon rolls across the ground and hits a stationary
object. The object suddenly changes colors to mimic the colors of the
watermelon. The object begins to move as Old Snake stands up and retrieves his
cigarette. His suit reverts back to a default state of camouflage as he walks
to the edge of the building. Three helicopters fly across the sky as Snake
overlooks the wartorn city. Discovering another exit, Snake jumps down into an
alleyway from a hole in the wall on the second floor of the building. Looking
to his right, he sees a dead militaman with an AK-102 next to him. Snake
retrieves his knife begins carefully checking underneath the weapon to see if
it's boobytrapped before picking it up. After examining the weapon itself and
the current ammunition in the clip, Snake readies the gun and turns around to
look up mysteriously at the sky.]

                              Three Days Earlier

[Old Snake appears in a dark cemetary as he approaches a particular gravestone
on the site. He readies himself and stands in a saluting pose. Flashbacks of a
man in green military clothes wearing an eyepatch appear. Seconds later, the
sounds and image of a helicopter appear. As the helicopter lands behind him,
fellow friend and partner Hal Emmerich exits and approaches Snake.]

Snake            : Otacon. Even the dead have ears.

Otacon           : Snake, we've got to go.

[Snake turns to look at Otacon.]

Otacon           : You've got an old friend waiting for you.

[Otacon adjusts his glasses and begins walking back toward the helicopter.]

Snake            : Otacon... The test results...

[Otacon stops and thinks about looking at Snake, but doesn't.]

Otacon           : Proteome analysis was positive. But the mRNA analysis turned
                   up negative.

[Otacon turns around and looks at Snake in despair.]

Otacon           : The wrinkled skin, the hardened arteries... Your early aging
                   symptoms look like classic Werner's syndrome. But none of
                   the tests were able to pinpoint the cause.

Snake            : So?

Otacon           : Well... Judging by how rapidly the aging has progressed,
                   I'd say...

[Snake begins walking toward the helicopter but stops to examine his hand.]

Snake            : A year at best, right?

Otacon           : Yeah...

[Snake crushes a white flower petal as the wind places it in his hand.]

Otacon           : Snake... Let's try another doctor.

Snake            : It won't make any difference. I'm not an ordinary man to
                   begin with. Not to mention FOXDIE.

[Flashbacks of FOXDIE victims Kenneth Baker and Liquid Snake appear.]

Otacon           : You're right. But we don't know where Naomi is...

Snake            : Naomi...

[Flashbacks of a woman with long hair appear. Snake approaches the helicopter
and is greeted with a handshake by his old colonel, who helps him inside.]

Campbell         : Ah, Snake!

Snake            : Colonel! Good to see you.

Campbell         : Well... I'm not a colonel anymore, Snake.

Snake            : I figured the only place I'd ever see you dressed like that
                   would be at your daughter's wedding. What are you doing
                   these days?

Campbell         : I'm working for an organization under the UN Security
                   Council... ...The analysis and assessment staff of the PMC
                   Oversight and Inspection Committee.

[Otacon enters the helicopter.]

Snake            : I remember the resolution being passed a few years ago.

Campbell         : Snake... I came across some information in my work. We've
                   found him... In the Middle East.

[Snake stares at Campbell with a shocked expression on his face as the
helicopter lifts off from the cemetary.]

Campbell         : I'll explain along the way. We've got to stop him. ...Now...
                   ...Before it's too late.

Otacon           : Liquid's made his move. We found him. 

[Flashbacks of Liquid Snake appear.]

Campbell         : He's preparing to unleash his insurrection. Liquid is lying
                   in wait in a Middle Eastern war zone. Track him down.

[The scene shifts back to the present, with Old Snake in the Middle East. His
viewing of the sky is adverted by the sound of his Codec ringing.]

Snake            : This is Snake. Do you read me?

Otacon           : What's the situation?

Snake            : I'm just inside the city limits. This place is crawling with

Otacon           : AT Corp's unmanned bipedal weapons. Officially designated
                   "Irving" by the US military. They've spread like wildfire
                   among the PMCs. There are more of those things now in
                   service than tanks. They've got tough armor plating and are
                   highly agile to boot. Your best bet is to stay out of their

Snake            : Unmanned... Pretty soon they'll have put living, breathing
                   soldiers out of work.

Otacon           : Even so, that's an awful lot of Gekko for this scenario.
                   Their numbers exceed the war price for that region. It must
                   have something to do with Liquid's arrival on the scene.

Snake            : You really think he's here...

Otacon           : You'll have to find the Army's operatives and ask them
                   yourself. Oh, and Snake? I went ahead and used the Mk.II to
                   scout out the area before your arrival. You'll find it up

Snake            : Mk.II?

Otacon           : It's a remote mobile terminal. Sunny and I built it. The
                   Mk.II will provide you with a map of the area as well as any
                   battle situation data. You should find it before you do
                   anything else.

Snake            : OK. Got it.

Otacon           : The rendezvous point is marked on your map. I'll be waiting
                   for you there.

	-------  2.3 - Rendezvous with Otacon  -------                 [02RDOT]

[Snake proceeds through the desolate and PMC-guarded streets of the Middle
Eastern town. After some time, he enters the building where he was instructed
to meet up with Otacon's Mk.II unit. Snake hugs the wall and begins examining
the outside streets through a window. A sound from somewhere in the room
catches his ears and he raises his gun. A small robot appears that shows Otacon
on miniature video screen.]

Otacon           : It's me, Snake. Snake, it's me!

[Snake stares in disbelief.]

Snake            : Otacon?

Otacon           : Sorry to keep you waiting, Snake. Allow me to introduce
                   Metal Gear Mk.II.

Snake            : Metal Gear?

Otacon           : That's right. Just like REX.

[Flashbacks of Metal Gear REX appear.]

Otacon           : But this Gear's not a weapon. It's a remote mobile terminal
                   designed to provide you with operational support.

Snake            : Where are you?

Otacon           : I'm in the Nomad, where else? I'll be watching you through
                   the Mk.II.

Snake            : Wish I was good with gadgets.

Otacon           : Hey, I'll be with you in spirit. Anyway, because you had to
                   dress up as a militiaman, I had the Mk.II bring you some

[The Mk.II retrieves an item from it's front interior and gives it to Snake.]

Otacon           : Starting with this. Put it on your left eye.

Snake            : Looks like an eye patch.

Otacon           : I call it the Solid Eye. It's an all-purpose goggle that
                   displays radar images and other data in 3D. You can also
                   switch it over to light-amplifying night vision.

[Gunshots are heard from outside. Snake stands up and scans the situation with
the Solid Eye.]

Snake            : The rebels are out there.

Otacon           : It looks like they've got the government's PMC troops
                   beat... At least in numbers.

Snake            : And this is their home turf.

Otacon           : Snake... I know this is a sneaking mission, but you'll need
                   to protect yourself.

[The Mk.II retrieves a pistol and places it in front of Snake.]

Snake            : An Operator...

Otacon           : I installed a suppressor. And here's a tranquilizer gun.

[The Mk.II places another pistol in front of Snake.]

Snake            : How thoughtful.

Otacon           : It predates the implementation of the System. By some
                   miracle, it was never recycled. It's getting tough these
                   days, finding decent guns that aren't controlled.

[Snake examines the Operator.]

Snake            : You coming?

Otacon           : Of course. I'll follow you wherever you go. Like this. I'll
                   activate stealth so it doesn't attract any attention.

[The Mk.II demonstrates its stealth camouflage abilities.]

Otacon           : If you need it, just bring up the START button menu.

Snake            : Got it.

Otacon           : Snake, the informants who said they saw Liquid here should
                   be a little farther up. Head for the rendezvous point. I've
                   placed a mark on the radar in the upper right corner of the
                   Solid Eye. It's a war zone out there. Stay on your toes.

	-------  2.4 - Drebin 893  -------                             [02DRBN]

[Snake continues through the streets of the city, aiding militiamen and
eventually finding himself traversing through their underground base. At the
end of this base he discovers a room that houses an APC. Snake spots an M4
lying on the ground and proceeds toward it. A small monkey drinking a soda
appears when Snake rounds the corner and he raises his gun in surprise.]

???              : Pretty sweet, huh? Whoa, hold it! Watch where you're
                   pointing that thing.

[Snake aims his gun at the apparent owner of the monkey. A black man in dressy
jacket and military pants appears before him waving a white cloth.]

Snake            : Who are you?

???              : Neither enemy, nor friend.

[The man waves his white cloth and somehow magically makes a grenade appear in
his hand. Snake continues to keep his pistol aimed at the man.]

???              : Voila.

[Snake continues to aim his gun at the mysterious man.]

Snake            : You're not with the militia, and you're not PMC...

???              : I'm a weapons wholesaler - all shapes, all sizes. But
                   there's no need to worry, 'cause all my shit's been

Snake            : Laundered?

[The man puts the white cloth over the grenade in his hand and apparently
changes it into a red apple after removing it again. A blank expression appears
on his face as he tosses the apple behind his back. The monkey becomes curious
and starts to chase after the apple.]

???              : You see, I take ID guns like the PMCs use and make some
                   mods. Then you can use 'em without having to match IDs. In
                   other words, I'm a gun launderer. You can call me Drebin.

Snake            : Drebin?

Drebin           : Yeah, they use that for all of us.

Snake            : There are more of you?

Drebin           : All over the world. Not that I ever met any of 'em
                   personally. Me, I'm Drebin number 893. You ain't a
                   registered PMC employee, are ya? You need a guy like me.

[Drebin picks up the M4 that was lying on the ground and hands it to Snake.]

Drebin           : Consider it a welcome gift. Take it.

[Snake accepts the weapon and begins examining it inside-out.]

Drebin           : The M4. The official carbine model used by the US army...
                   Developed from the M16 service rifle. This one's a
                   top-of-the-line model. Real popular with the big PMCs. High
                   precision, not like that government-issue shit. It's
                   free-floating, of course. Relax, that barrel's clean.

Snake            : Is the hider CQC compatible?

Drebin           : The beauty of this sucker is that it's got a lot of
                   customizable parts. Change it up the way you want to meet
                   your everyday needs.

Snake            : Flip-up sight, rail system... Not bad.

Drebin           : Yeah, well, you know, I get a lot of newbs 'round here. And
                   if you need 'em, I got a wide selection of after-market
                   parts as well.

Snake            : The frame's pretty rigid. No rattle.

Drebin           : Go ahead, give her a squeeze.

[Snake attempts to fire the weapon, but his finger seems to hesitate.]

Snake            : I can't pull the trigger.

Drebin           : Really? That's weird.

Snake            : What's weird?

Drebin           : Wait, I got it. I bet you're using an older generation of

Snake            : Older generation?

Drebin           : Sometimes they don't really jibe with the new System.

[Snake reaches for his pistol.]

Snake            : Seriously, who are you?

Drebin           : Whoa... Slow down.

[Drebin picks up a soda from a bucket of ice and takes a drink.]

Drebin           : My day job's working at AT (ArmsTech) Security. I'm in
                   charge of production control... So I get my hands on the ID
                   chips before they're even registered.

[Drebin offers Snake the opened soda.]

Drebin           : Have a sip.

[Snake shakes his head reluctantly.]

Drebin           : It's a side of AT the public don't see. From the looks of
                   it, you ain't with any state army. But you ain't exactly
                   green, neither. You've got last-gen nanomachines. So I'm
                   guessing... Former US Army?

[Snake appears surprised, displaying a cautious look on his face.]

Drebin           : I don't know what you're here for. But you'll wanna be
                   well-equipped, am I right? So? Can we talk business or what?
                   You won't regret it.

[Snake's Codec begins ringing. He pauses to take the call.]

Snake            : What's your take on him, Otacon?

Otacon           : I don't particularly like the guy, but it looks like we'll
                   need his help with those ID guns. Sunny's been doing a
                   little sleuthing for us. Drebin. A well-known gun launderer
                   in war economy circles. He's a businessman who deals mainly
                   in selling black-market firearms to small PMCs and local
                   militia. Somalia, the Balkans, Lebanon, Darfur, Chechnya,
                   Timor, Peru, the Punjab, Kashmir, Colombia. This guy really
                   gets around.

Snake            : How does he pull it off, anyway?

Otacon           : You can create a non-ID gun by replacing the ID recognition
                   chip with a counterfeit version. This enables you to bypass
                   the ID recognition process and use the gun. The problem is
                   that there's still a record of the chip being replaced on
                   the System's side. Drebin's an employee of AT Security. He
                   must have connections on the inside erasing records for him.

Snake            : You think the Patriots are involved somehow?

Otacon           : I'm not so sure. If the Patriots were running the System
                   from behind the scenes, then a weasel like Drebin would be a
                   real pain in their collective ass.

Snake            : Can he be trusted?

Otacon           : Remember, Drebin's a green collar. He makes his living off
                   the war economy. He doesn't let emotions get in the way of
                   business, and he never gets his own hands dirty. The only
                   thing he trusts is money. I share your concern, but what if
                   we keep him at arm's length? Use him only to get intel and
                   the supplies we need? Keep it strictly business.

Snake            : All right.

[Snake ends the call with Otacon.]

Drebin           : So... We ready to make a deal, or what? OK, then. Let's talk
                   business. This is a war zone. There's product coming in here
                   by the truckload. And you'll be picking up a lot of guns out
                   in the field, I'm sure. Whatever guns you don't need, I'll
                   take and buy 'em off ya. That'll earn you points you can
                   cash in for services.

Snake            : Like what?

Drebin           : I'll launder your ID guns - no more locks. And I can also
                   sell you the guns I've got in stock. Let me show you...

[Drebin approaches the back of his APC and waves Snake over. Snake cautiously
makes his way inside the vehicle, observing various photos on the wall, along
with a personal soda machine.]

Drebin           : To ensure you can use non-ID guns, I'm gonna have to
                   suppress the old nanomachines you've got in ya. Otherwise,
                   they'll interfere with the System.

[Drebin presents a unique looking syringe and shows it to Snake.]

Drebin           : Here. Stick yourself with this. It's full of suppressor

[Drebin quickly readies the syringe and attempts to inject the suppressor
nanomachines into Snake. Snake counters and holds Drebin's hand back.]

Drebin           : Relax, it won't hurt. You scared of needles or something?

[The monkey begins making some noise and Snake slowly eases off Drebin. Drebin
then makes a syringe injection in Snake's neck. It appears to be painful.]

Drebin           : See? No sweat. Now you can use non-ID guns, no problem.

[Drebin picks up his soda can attempts to exit the APC. His monkey tries to
to plead for the soda can.]

Drebin           : Hey... Be nice to our guest.

[Drebin instructs Snake to follow him.]

Drebin           : Step outside.

[As Snake begins to get up the monkey holds up the red apple from Drebin and
offers it to him.]

Snake            : Boo.

[After scaring the small creature with his gesture, Snake exits the vehicle. He
then makes sure the M4 is loaded and fires off a shot.]

Drebin           : There, ya see? No problem. From now on, when you pick up an
                   ID gun that says "LOCKED"... You just let me know. You name
                   it, I can launder it. Of course, it'll cost you. The going
                   rate depends on the war price at the time.

[Drebin takes another drink from his soda.]

Drebin           : Man, I gotta give this shit a rest.

Snake            : Looks like you're doing pretty well for yourself.

Drebin           : You might say that... What with the war economy and all...
                   And the System clamping down on things. System codes are the
                   law now... And control's essentially absolute... Paving the
                   way for fat profits, if... You're willing to bend the law.
                   Demand keeps on growing thanks to the war economy. I sell ID
                   guns to the PMCs and state armies... And naked guns to to
                   terrorist groups and paramilitaries. And these ID guns can't
                   be sold on the black market. System's practically a license
                   for us arms dealers to print money.

[Drebin picks up the bucket of ice and places it in the back of his APC. He
then closes the rear door hatch.]

Drebin           : Privatizing the military's made the PMCs big and bloated.
                   And the fatter the PMCs get, the line between civilian and
                   soldier is gonna get real blurry. Sooner or later, the whole
                   damn human race is gonna be green collars. More like, we're
                   all gonna be fighting proxy wars. But hey... This war
                   economy puts the food on my table. You're a green collar
                   too, aren't ya? Yeah, it's in your eyes. You've seen a lot
                   of combat.

Snake            : What makes you think you know me?

Drebin           : Nothing to be ashamed of. I'm the same way. I grew up here,
                   too. I got no interest in the outside world. All right,
                   then. If you need me, holler. We specialize in speedy
                   service. Catch my drift?

[Drebin runs his fingers across the side of his APC and prepares to enter the
cockpit. Before entering, he turns around and gives Snake a peculiar hand

Drebin           : Eye. Have. You.

[Drebin enters the vehicle and his monkey seals the top hatch. A garage door
opens and the APC rides off. Snake takes a back door out of the room and is
then receives another Codec call.]

Otacon           : I know what you're thinking, but Drebin does have a point.
                   The world depends on war - on the war economy. Can you
                   imagine what would happen if war just disappeared overnight?

Snake            : Otacon, you and Drebin both mentioned something about a war
                   price earlier. What did you mean by that?

Otacon           : It's a kind of market price, one that fluctuates according
                   to demand not only for PMCs and military industry... But for
                   the production, distribution, and energy supply networks
                   that support them. It's been growing by leaps and bounds,
                   and investors are really starting to take notice. As the
                   fighting in any given area becomes increasingly intense and
                   prolonged, the war price goes up. No doubt Drebin's rates
                   are linked to that war price. The longer and bloodier a
                   battle becomes, the higher service prices are going to get.
                   To put it another way, the quieter things are, the better
                   the bargains. Snake, we'll use the Mk.II to deal with Drebin
                   from here on out. He's what you might call a street vendor.
                   The Mk.II can act as a kind of delivery boy -  connect you
                   with him. I'm adding a "Drebin" menu item to the Mk.II's
                   Weapon menu. Whenever you pick up multiple units of the same
                   weapon, any extras will automatically be sold to Drebin. Any
                   ammo that's inside gets added to your cache. In other words,
                   you keep the ammo, and the weapon itself gets traded to
                   Drebin for points.

Snake            : I see.

Otacon           : You can then use the points you've earned to unlock ID guns
                   or buy new weapons.

Snake            : Sounds good.

Otacon           : We should assume Drebin has other agents collecting guns for
                   him besides you, Snake. You know, freelance green collars
                   who collect weapons in exchange for services?

Snake            : Guess I'll have to rely on him for now.

Otacon           : OK. Now go meet up with our informants, Rat Patrol.

	-------  2.5 - Rat Patrol Team 01  -------                     [02RTPT]

[As Snake continues to make his way toward Rat Patrol Team's location, he
encounters a patrolling militiaman on another side of a wall. The soldier then
hears some strange sounds coming from a rusty oil drum.]

Militiaman       : Who's there?

[A voice is heard from inside the oil drum.]

???: Go away! I'm not done yet!

[The militiaman begins shaking the oil drum and eventually turns it over to
reveal a man with his pants halfway off. After staring at each other for a few
seconds, the man from inside the barrel releases some gas and the militaman
covers his nose in disgust.]

Militiaman: Stop! Stop right there! Get back here!

[The mysterious masked man attempts to escape while trying to pull his pants
back up and the militaman chases after him. Snake comes out from hiding and
finds a destroyed cardboard to his right and then decides to examine the drum
can. He looks inside and then gives it a sturdy shake and decides to take it.]

[Snake arrives at the large palace where his informants are meant to be. He
makes his way to the very top floor and prepares to enter a room with a red
door. Snake opens the door quietly and then turns his attention to his right
after hearing a noise.]

???              : Drop your weapon!

[The same masked man from earlier appears from behind the door and aims a rifle
at Snake's back. Snake puts his hands up.]

???              : Drop your weapon!

Snake            : All right...

[Snake slowly places his gun on the floor.]

Snake            : Here.

???              : Easy now.

[The masked man instructs Snake to move away from his weapon. Snake then slowly
turns around and examines the man.]

???              : Don't move!

[Snake's eyes shift to the man's rifle.]

Snake            : You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie.

???              : Careful, I'm no rookie! I'm a 10-year vet!

[The man appears surprised. Snake rolls his eyes and tilts his head to the
side. The man decides to give his weapon a quick check. Snake takes note of
this and with lightning fast speed, makes a jab at him, disarms him of his
weapon, and flips him to the ground. Snake removes the safety lock on the rifle
and aims it at the fallen man.]

Snake            : How the hell'd you ever survive 10 years?

[Another voice is heard from the other side of the room.]

???              : Don't move!

[A second masked soldier appears, along with two other soldiers on Snake's left
flank. The second masked soldier is aiming a pistol at Snake, while the other
two are carrying rifles.]

???              : CQC... A real Big Boss, huh?

[Snake moves around the soldier he threw to the ground and restrains him with
his legs, using one to hold his left arm and placing the other across his neck,
while continuing to aim the rifle at the second masked soldier.]

???              : Lower your weapon! Slowly now. I wouldn't try anything funny
                   if I were you.

[Snake notices a familiar logo on the second masked soldier's gear. A logo from
his former unit of FOXHOUND.]

Snake            : FOX...?

[Both Snake and the masked soldier lower their weapons.]

???              : Snake?

[The mysterious soldier removes her mask and reveals herself to be Meryl
Silverburgh - the woman who Snake once fell in love it.]

Meryl            : Snake.

[Snake rises to his feet in surprise.]

Snake            : Meryl?

Meryl            : Is that you?

[Meryl moves closer to Snake and carefully examines his face.]

Meryl            : What happened to your face?

[Snake turns away as Meryl reaches out to him.]

Snake            : Accelerated aging. They don't know the cause.

[Meryl turns around in shock.]

Meryl            : Oh my God...

Snake            : Meryl, you're my informant in the US military?

Meryl            : And... You must be the inspector sent by the UN.

[The other two soldiers move around to the front and keep their weapons aimed
at Snake. Meryl instructs them to stand down.]

Meryl            : Akiba!

[The masked soldier on the ground jumps up to his feet.]

Akiba            : Commander!

[Meryl gives Akiba a quick sucker punch and pushes him back down.]

Akiba            : Sorry...

[Meryl walks over to the other two soldiers.]

Meryl            : This is RAT PT 01 (Rat Patrol Team Zero One). We're with the
                   CID (Criminal Investigation Command)... One of the bodies
                   investigating PMC activity.

[Akiba joins the group as the four of them strike a pose.]

Snake            : First hounds, now rats.

[Snake hands Akiba his rifle back.]

Snake            : Here, you can have this back.

[Although accepting his rifle back, Akiba gives Snake comedic growl in an
attempt to show his boldness. He then falls back to his knees holding his

Snake            : What is your problem? You OK?

[Akiba shakes his head at the question. Flashbacks of Johnny Sasaki appear.]

Snake            : Stomach pains?

[Akiba nods his head.]

Snake            : Diarrhea...

[As Akiba releases some more gas, the scene shifts to Snake sitting down at a
table examining some photos of his target. Meryl walks over to him.]

Meryl            : It's been four days since Liquid arrived in the area. And
                   since then, this woman's been with him.

[Meryl hand's Snake another photo of a woman wearing a dark cloak.]

Meryl            : She doesn't look like a combatant. Probably some kind of
                   advisor. Maybe a scientist.

[Meryl gently places her hand on Snake's shoulder. Snake shrugs her off.]

Snake            : So, you're the commander of this 01 unit?

Meryl            : Why? Something wrong with that? Here, I'll introduce you to
                  the team. That's Ed, our radio man and sniper.

[Meryl points to the negro soldier examining his gun.]

Meryl            : The sleeping giant is Jonathan.

[As Meryl points to the other soldier, he suddenly wakes up and an exclamation
point can be seen when looking at the back of his head, based on the style of
his mohawk haircut.]

Meryl            : Don't stand behind him. He hates it when people go around
                   his back. And finally...

[Akiba enters the room, apparently still experiencing stomach pains.]

Meryl            : Johnny. But everybody just calls him Akiba.

Akiba            : Commander... I've finished installing the sensors.

[The stomach pains continue.]

Meryl            : OK, Akiba. Anyway...

[Meryl rolls her eyes and looks away.]

Snake            : You're all grown up.

Meryl            : Maybe it's because someone taught me well. A certain
                   legendary hero who suddenly disappeared? You quit the unit.
                   Me... I never gave up on you... Or on FOXHOUND. Back then, I
                   just wanted you to accept me. I wanted you to turn around
                   and see who I was. But... I've put the past behind. I'm done
                   playing little love games.

[Snake stands up and walks away from the table.]

Meryl            : So... What are you here for?

Snake            : Threat assessment - the PMCs.

Meryl            : Really. Because I heard a rumor there's an assassin out
                   there targeting their leader.

Snake            : Well, that's some rumor. I'm only here because the UN wants
                   me to assess the impact and effects of PMCs on their refugee
                   protection efforts.

Meryl            : That's all?

Snake            : More than enough for a retired vet like me.

Meryl            : I know he's plotting an insurrection. But as long as AT
                   Security's System is in place, there's no way he'll succeed.

Snake            : How can you be so sure?

Meryl            : They've implemented a system that monitors in real-time
                   every single soldier engaged in combat action... Whether
                   he's state army or PMC. Each individual soldier has been
                   fully ID-tagged with nanomachines injected into their bodies
                   for that purpose.

[The screen shifts over to digital mainframe detailing the System.]

Meryl            : The nanomachines keep track of the soldiers and their
                   real-time personal data 24 hours a day. They monitor each
                   man's position, movement, speed, reserve ammo, firing
                   accuracy... Wounds, rations, water intake and supply...
                   Sweat secreted, heart rate, blood pressure and sugar levels,
                   oxygen... All the data gathered on body condition, on
                   sensory organ data showing pain and fear... Data on every
                   internal response within the body. All of it is collected by
                   an AI at the System's core. This data is monitored at HQ to
                   enable command to make quicker, more precise, more rational
                   decisions. It also enables crisis management for each
                   individual soldier. It's being used by the US military, by
                   state armies in allied countries, by PMCs... Even police
                   agencies are starting to adopt it. Unless they agree to
                   implement the System, PMCs aren't permitted to send troops

Snake            : You've got these System nanomachines in you, too?

Meryl            : Of course. Our unit plays by the rules, same as everybody
                   else. It was creepy at first, knowing you're being watched
                   24/7... But I've gotten used to it. It gives us a lot of
                   advantages in the field, too. We get a clearer picture of
                   what's going on around us, so there's less confusion during
                   missions. And our nanomachines communicate with each other,
                   making teamwork a lot smoother. And that's not all the
                   System does for us. It's also a security guarantee against
                   the PMCs.

Snake            : Security guarantee?

Meryl            : That's right. The PMCs are combat groups without states or
                   ideologies. They're not fighting out of nationalism, or for
                   a cause. They don't care why the war is being fought.
                   They're just bodies, fighting on someone else's behalf.
                   They're mercenaries. A commodity. So it's easy to imagine
                   them betraying their clients by joining the enemy, or
                   refusing to fight... Or committing humanitarian atrocities.
                   To keep these things in check... They ensured that no one
                   can use firearms or military vehicles without the proper
                   System ID. It's true for every piece of equipment out there.
                   So even if the PMCs tried to mount a terrorist attack or
                   coup d'etat... Their weapons and equipment would
                   automatically be locked out. They wouldn't be able to move,
                   attack, or engage in combat of any kind. And there's more.
                   All the data on their position, personnel and combat
                   strength is leaked to us by the nanomachines. Even if they
                   managed to circumvent the System by getting the nanomachines
                   out of each soldier's body... They'd be losing their IDs in
                   the process - so they couldn't use their weapons.

[The screen shifts to another digital presentation of the System.]

Snake            : And the Patriots are behind this?

Meryl            : La li lu le lo? What are you talking about?

Snake            : Never mind. So this System is foolproof, huh?

Meryl            : Completely. They call it SOP.

Snake            : Sons of the Patriots...

Meryl            : The AI that controls it is a tightly guarded secret... Both
                   at ArmsTech Security - where it was developed - and at the
                   Pentagon. There's no way a third party could get control of

Snake            : I just met a guy who said he could launder ID guns. The
                   System does have holes...

Meryl            : There can't be more than a few hundred of those gun
                   launderers. It's just a grass-roots movement. It's not like
                   they can affect the entire PMC war machine. Anyway, Liquid
                   would've had to register as a PMC in the System to assemble
                   an army that massive. His PMCs might even exceed the US
                   military in terms of numbers... But as long as they're
                   registered, their soldiers' activities are constantly being
                   monitored. So long as the US responds immediately when
                   Liquid makes his move... We can take them down by force.

Snake            : By force, huh?

Meryl            : When ARSOC (Army Special Operations Command) heard about
                   Liquid's plans... They sent us to sniff around the PMCs.
                   Even with this SOP keeping an eye on things, there're always
                   trouble spots to deal with in the field. Disorderly conduct,
                   disobeying orders, contract violations... We act as backup
                   for the System by monitoring the soldiers. PMC inspections
                   are always carried out on the battlefield. That's why we're
                   authorized to carry and use weapons.

[Images of numerous other inspection teams appear.]

Meryl            : We've lost five inspection teams in the past few months
                   alone. They were all undercover inside Liquid's PMCs...

Snake            : Then... If you got caught...?

Meryl            : We'd be exterminated like rats. But we're smarter than that.
                   We've been mingling with the PMCs... And after three months
                   of searching God knows how many battlefields...

[An image of Liquid Ocelot appears.]

Meryl            : We've finally tracked him down.

[The scene shifts back to Meryl and Snake.]

Meryl            : When we reported that we'd found Liquid... Our superiors
                   ordered us to provide the UN investigators with intel. But I
                   didn't know it'd be you.

Snake            : Didn't the colonel tell you he was sending me?

Meryl            : Colonel?

[Meryl suddenly displays a surprised and questionable look on her face.]

Meryl            : Don't tell me it's Campbell.

Snake            : Yeah.

Meryl            : He put you up to this?

Snake            : You didn't know?

[Meryl stands up and slams her fists down on the table.]

Meryl            : You've got to be kidding! You expect me to work with my

[Meryl throws the photos off the table.]

Snake            : Meryl!

[Meryl goes on a tantrum, throwing a chair and kicking a stool.]

Meryl            : This is bullshit! He's not my father!

Snake            : Meryl...

[As she calms down, Meryl picks up a chair and sits back down.]

Snake            : So...you knew?

Meryl            : Yeah. Little violation of the need-to-know rule.

Snake            : Then... Why are you still calling him "uncle?"

Meryl            : You're still calling him "Colonel."

Snake            : He's your father.

Meryl            : As far as I'm concerned, we're still uncle and niece. I'll
                   never forgive that womanizing piece of shit.

Snake            : Meryl!

Meryl            : He... Remarried.

Snake            : Really?

Meryl            : His new wife's about my age. I hear she's even got a kid.
                   It's as if he's given up on making up with his own daughter.
                   Men.  Selfish, egotistical pigs.

[Ed notices a flashing light on the scanning equipment. He moves over to it to

Ed               : Commander!

Meryl            : What is it?

[Meryl stands up. Ed checks the scanning equipment and then whispers into
Meryl's ear.]

Ed               : There's 20 of them. And they're not from that PMC, Praying
                   Mantis, either. It's the FROGS.

[A group of four soldiers in advanced exoskeletons are shown advancing.]

Meryl            : His private troops.

Akiba            : Oh crap... This is not good.

[Meryl approaches Snake back at the table.]

Meryl            : Were you being followed?

Snake            : No.

[A flash of light catches Meryl's attention. She looks back at Akiba.]

Meryl            : Akiba!

Akiba            : They might have seen the reflection off my scope lens. Wait!
                   Hang on... You guys think it was my fault?

[Akiba begins to break down as all eyes in the room are on him.]

Akiba            : It wasn't my fault! I swear!

[Akiba falls to his knees and bangs his head on the ground.]

Akiba            : It wasn't my fault! Oh man... Oh...

[Meryl picks Akiba up off the ground.]

Akiba            : Look, I...

[Meryl slaps Akiba across the face.]

Meryl            : Dumbass! We're moving out!

Snake            : Meryl, where's Liquid?

Meryl            : At a camp up ahead. I'll fill you in later...if we're still

[Both Snake and Meryl check their weapons to make sure they are loaded.]

Meryl            : Follow me.

[Snake and Meryl both exit the room in a strategic fashion. A loud noise can be
heard from somewhere outside.]

Meryl            : Damn!

[Four of the elite soldiers are shown leaping across the rooftop and cutting
off the exit point. The rest of Meryl's team joins her.]

Meryl            : Eye contact! These guys are with Liquid's private army.
                   Shoot first, think later. We'll use the stairs and get out
                   through the back door on the first floor. We'll change route
                   as necessary. I'm on point. Stay close. Got it?

Ed & Jonathan    : Got it.

Meryl            : Akiba. Breathe deep.

[Akiba appears very shaken up.]

Akiba            : Got it.

Meryl            : We've got a real live legendary hero with us. Try not to

[Snake appears annoyed at Meryl's remark.]

Meryl            : Move!

[Snake and Rat Patrol Team 01 cautiously make their way down to the underground
garage of the advent palace. While making no noise, Meryl, Ed, and Jonathan
sweep the area and everything appears to be clear. Suddenly Jonathan is shot in
the arm from behind and three of the elite soldiers appear out of nowhere and
ready their weapons. Meryl, Ed, and Jonathan all make split-second movements
and each take out all three enemies simultaneously. Snake appears confused.
Suddenly Jonathan begins unloading bullets into the soldier that shot him from
behind. Snake slowly enters the garage.]

Meryl            : The nanomachine network inside each unit member's body lets
                   us share each other's senses. They can see what I see. And
                   it helps control pain.

Snake            : Is that part of the System, too?

Meryl            : With SOP, my team can literally operate as one. Well...

[Snake and Meryl both look at Akiba.]

Meryl            : Well, except for a certain someone who's not much of a team
                   player... So, what do you think? Is your age of heroes
                   finally over?

[Snake walks away from Meryl.]

Snake            : I'm no hero. Never was, never will be.

Meryl            : You haven't changed at all Snake. But... Your body... Are
                   you going to be all right?

Snake            : This get-up doubles as a muscle suit. I can still get

Meryl            : Liquid's camp is up ahead. I'll mark it on your map.

Snake            : Thanks.

[Meryl begins signaling her team with instructions, but Akiba is not present.]

Meryl            : Akiba!

[Akiba quickly appears before Meryl.]

Meryl            : One man's blunder can compromise the whole team.

Akiba            : I'm sorry, commander.

[Meryl gently taps Akiba's shoulder and then adjusts her attention to Snake.]

Meryl            : Be careful, Snake.

[Snake gives Meryl a nod as she proceeds onward with her team. Snake's Codec
begins ringing shortly afterwards.]

Snake            : Otacon, I know where Liquid is.

Otacon           : Yeah, I'm confirming the location. It's to the north of
                   where you are. Meryl's really changed, hasn't she, Snake?
                   She's a lot more self-assured.

Snake            : I wonder how much that has to do with the System. The senses
                   you used to develop through extended training and experience
                   can now be obtained without even working for them. Seems
                   once you're under the System's control, you don't even need
                   experience at all. It even beats VR training that was all
                   the rage a few years back.

Otacon           : Yeah. The growing need for PMCs has led to the creation of a
                   more reliable, cost-effective supply of elite soldiers. It's
                   also made the child soldier phenomeno more problematic than

Snake            : Can the nanomachines do anything to counteract Post
                   Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Otacon           : Good question. They might provide a degree of psychological

Snake            : You think so? That geek kid, Akiba - he was really starting
                   to lose it.

Otacon           : And technologically, the System should be able to optimize
                   each soldier's personality traits.

Snake            : And that big guy - he didn't seem to be feeling any pain at

Otacon           : Augmenting the soldier's existing experience and
                   psychological fortitude.

Snake            : But a soldier's got to have more than that.

Otacon           : Times have changed, Snake. Just like Meryl. Snake, hurry to
                   the PMC camp. Based on what Meryl told us, Liquid should be

	-------  2.6 - Liquid's Encampment  -------                    [02LQDE]

[As Snake proceeds towards Liquid's encampment, he comes across a large group
of militiamen that are using a bulldozer to clear the road ahead. Snake takes
cover behind a dumpster and observes them. The bulldozer is suddenly stopped
dead in its tracks.]

Militiaman       : Move!

[The field leader orders a group of soldiers to move around to the front to
check what the problem is. As the soldiers approach the front of the bulldozer,
a horrible cry echoes out from a four-legged mechanical creature. The creature
lifts the bulldozer halfway off the ground and the bullets of the soldiers do
nothing to its armor.]

Militiaman       : It's...it's the Beast!

[A few militiamen from the back turn to run away but are immediately
dismembered by a sweeping figure that appears to resemble a raven.]

???              : Rage... Rage!

[The militiamen in front who were shooting at the four-legged wolf creature now
attempt to flee. They are intercepted by what appears to be a mechanical
octopus. The hysterical creature wraps its tentacles around one of the
militamen and crushes him to death.]

???              : Laugh with me!

[The field leader attempts to run, but he is stopped in his tracks by what
appear to be very thin strings. His body is then controlled like a puppet as he
raises his gun and shoots down three of his comrades. He is then lifted into
the air and bent until his spine snaps in half.]

Snake            : It can't be...

[Snake looks up into the sky to see a floating figure that appears to be some
kind of puppeteer.]

Snake            : Isn't that...?

[Snake shifts his attention back to the octopus creature who brutally begins
killing other militamen. As another group of militiamen try to escape in the
distance, they are stopped short by missiles from the raven creature.
Destroying a tall archway above them, the soldiers become buried under heavy
pounds of falling rubble.]

???              : Show me your rage!

[The sorrowful wolf creature finally appears from the front of the bulldozer
and simply stampedes over the few remaining militamen. An echoing scream can
be heard from the puppeteer creature as she apparently commands the three
other creatures to retreat. Two of the creatures shout some disturbing remarks
as they leave from the scene.]

???              : Rage! Rage!

???              : Isn't it funny?

[With the puppeteer being the last of the creatures remaining, it takes an
elegant bow and disappears from sight. Snake emerges from cover and examines
the brutality left in the wake of the four beasts.]

[Snake eventually makes his way to the heart of Liquid's encampment. He
carefully monitors the PMC soldiers' activities and moves forward slowly.]

Snake            : Otacon, wait here.

[Snake instructs the Mk.II to stay put and proceeds ahead. Taking cover behind
a stack of crates, Snake readies himself and jumps out for good look. Noticing
two figures on a higher balcony observing the encampment, Snake uses his Solid
Eye to zoom in for a better look. His target shows himself - Liquid Ocelot.]

Snake            : Liquid!

[Snake jumps out from behind cover and moves forward with his weapon ready. He
takes a quick notice to Meryl and her team on a high balcony, also observing
the area. Meryl uses Ed's radio to contact Snake.]

Meryl            : I knew it. Snake, you're here to kill Liquid, aren't you?

Snake            : That's the mission. Are you going to stop me?

Meryl            : My mission is to inspect the PMCs. I'm not in a position to
                   take action. All I can do is stand by and watch. I can't
                   help you. Understand? I'm a peacekeeper, here to keep order.

Snake            : Understood.

[Snake readies his weapon and can see Liquid Ocelot scanning over his PMC
troops. Meryl's unit can be seen approaching the central encampment. Liquid
Ocelot is shown communicating with someone by raido.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Activate it.

[As Snake emerges from cover, the sound of mooing ecoes from the distance yet
again. Meryl's unit can hear it as well.]

Meryl            : What?

[The PMC soldiers eventually begin hearing the strange noise as well. Suddenly,
the soldiers begin experiencing seizure-like symptoms. Meryl, Ed, and Jonathan
appear to be experiencing the same thing. However, Akiba seems to remain
unaffected by whatever is occurring. He goes to try and help the members of his
team, but to no avail.]

Akiba            : Jonathan! Commander! Commander...

[The PMC soldiers are now showing more aggressive behavior, beating each other
their hands and weapons. Liquid and the mysterious woman he's with are
overlooking the scene.]

Liquid Ocelot    : I never thought it would be so easy... But these results...
                   Refreshing, don't you think?

[The woman turns and walks away in disgust. Snake can be seen being affected
by the same symptoms as the soldiers as he makes his way closer to his target.
Liquid Ocelot appears to be attempting to leave. Snake struggles but eventually
makes an attempt to get a quality shot off. Liquid Ocelot finally takes notice
of Snake, removing his glasses and examining the old man below.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Brother! It's been too long!

Snake            : Liquid!

[Snake continues to struggle in keeping his balance.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Rejoice! We're not copies of our father, after all! We are
                   freed of the shackles of fate! Snake! Brother... We are
                   free! Watch... Snake... Watch as I surpass my own origin!

[Snake continues to advance forward, trying to get on his feet, but he just
continues to stumble and eventually drops his weapon and falls to the ground.
The mysterious woman that was with Liquid Ocelot appears before him and shows
her face. Naomi Hunter, a woman from Snake's past.]

Snake            : Naomi?

[Flashbacks of Naomi Hunter appear. Naomi injects herself with some kind of
syringe and drops it on the ground near Snake.]

Naomi            : Snake... If you won't be a prisoner to fate... Then go.
                   Fulfill your destiny.

[Liquid Ocelot is shown on the roof of the building he was standing in with a
helicopter rising behind him. He puts his glasses back on and observes Snake's
struggle from above. Liquid Ocelot gets on the helicopter with Naomi and views
the scene below before departing. Gekkos are seen leaping behind Liquid's
getaway transport. Snake's eyes can now be seen turning red as he loses
consciousness. He makes out a lone figure among the PMC troops that is acting
normally. The man heads in his direction.]

Akiba            : Snake! Hey...hey, are you all right? Grab on.

[Akiba helps Snake to his feet and takes him away from the encampment. The
scene fades as Snake loses consciousness.]


                             ___       _     _____ 
                            / _ \     | |   / __  \
                           / /_\ \ ___| |_  `' / /'
                           |  _  |/ __| __|   / /  
                           | | | | (__| |_  ./ /___
                           \_| |_/\___|\__| \_____/

                   _____       _ _     _   _____             
                  /  ___|     | (_)   | | /  ___|            
                  \ `--.  ___ | |_  __| | \ `--. _   _ _ __  
                   `--. \/ _ \| | |/ _` |  `--. \ | | | '_ \ 
                  /\__/ / (_) | | | (_| | /\__/ / |_| | | | |
                  \____/ \___/|_|_|\__,_| \____/ \__,_|_| |_|


	-------  2.7 - Act 2 Briefing  -------                         [02A2BF]

[Sunny appears, cooking eggs again while singing another song of numbers.]

Sunny            : 11... 23... 581321... 34... 55... 89... 144... 233... 377...
                   610987... 15... 97... 95... 84.

[A picture of Olga Gurlukovich can be seen on the wall upstairs as Sunny walks
down to the lower level of the Nomad. She brings Otacon a plate of eggs.]

Sunny            : Um... Uncle Hal... The eggs... They're done.

Otacon           : Thank you, Sunny.

[Snake begins to regain consciousness. Sunny and Otacon walk over to him.]

Sunny            : Snake!

Otacon           : So...back from the dead?

[Snake's attention is adverted to the plate of eggs Otacon placed on his bed.]

Snake            : I don't remember the sun being so flat.

[Sunny quickly turns away, feeling insulted.]

Otacon           : Sorry. I'll dig in right away, Sunny. And would you make
                   some for Snake, too?

Sunny            : OK.

[Sunny begins to walk back upstairs.]

Snake            : Hey... None for me, Sunny.

[Otacon shushes Snake as Sunny ascends the staircase.]

Snake            : How long was I out?

Otacon           : The whole day....

Snake            : Someone saved my life.

Otacon           : Yeah... It could have been Meryl and her boys. Don't
                   worry... They're doing fine.

[Flashbacks of Liquid Ocelot and the incident in the Middle East appear. Snake
attempts to rise to his feet.]

Snake            : Liquid got away.

[Still shaken up the experience, Snake is barely able to stand. He begins to

Otacon           : You OK?

Snake            : My body...just seized up all of a sudden. This isn't normal.
                   It's not my joints or muscles.

Otacon           : It looked like the PMC soldiers all went haywire en masse,
                   too. I thought it might be a form of ADS (Active Denial
                   System)... But I didn't detect any aberrations in the EM
                   field. You were lucky. Some of those guys' hearts simply

[Flashbacks of Naomi from the Middle East appear.]

Snake            : She was there... Naomi was at Liquid's side... Otacon, did
                   you see her?

[Snake grabs onto Otacon's shoulders.]

Otacon           : No...but you're right. Naomi was there. I found traces of
                   her DNA in that syringe you were holding.

[Otacon hands Snake the syringe he retrieved from Naomi. Snake examines it.]

Snake            : So it was Naomi.... Why?

Otacon           : Here, let me show you something.

[Otacon walks over to his computer and begins typing.]

Otacon           : Right after it all happened, I got a video mail from Naomi.
                   It was sent to my old address.

[Snake begins looking around for his smokes as Sunny comes back downstairs and
offers him a plate of eggs with a cigarette on the side.]

Sunny            : Um... Here you go.

Otacon           : Thanks, Sunny. They're delicious.

[Sunny picks up the first plate of eggs she brought down and brings takes them
over to Otacon.]

Sunny            : But...you haven't even eaten any.

[Otacon graciously accepts the plate as Snake puts his down on a nearby table.]

Snake            : We grownups have to watch our caloric intake, you know. But
                   thank you...

[Snake picks up the cigarette from the plate.]

Snake            : I was looking for this.

Sunny            : You're not watching your nicotine intake!

Otacon           : Sunny!

[Sunny, obviously upset, proceeds back upstairs.]

Otacon           : You really hurt her feelings.

Snake            : Yeah? Why don't you teach her how to cook eggs, then?

Otacon           : Oh, like I know how to cook! Hey, check this out.

[A video of Naomi appears on Otacon's computer screen. She appears to be making
a hastily recording of herself in some kind of lab.]

Otacon           : The data's been quarantined - no viruses. The voiceprint
                   matches Naomi's. And I'm fairly confident that video isn't
                   digitally synthesized, either.

Naomi            : Snake... I'll make this quick. I'm in South America. I've
                   been captured and forced to do research. It's Liquid.
                   Liquid's goal is to seize control of SOP... The Sons of the
                   Patriots system that controls the soldiers. To do that, he
                   needs to analyze the the nanomachines' structure and... Find
                   out how they communicate with one another. The nanomachines
                   currently in use by militaries and PMCs are third
                   generation. But their design is derived from that of the
                   first generation. And the basic technology is still the

Snake            : First generation?

Naomi            : I was the one who created the first generation... A
                   nanomachine colony, part of which was FOXDIE. Nine years
                   ago, at Shadow Moses... I injected it into your body, Snake.

[Flashbacks of FOXDIE victims from Shadow Moses appear.]

Naomi            : The technology used in FOXDIE was incorporated... Inherited,
                   really - by SOP. That's why Liquid has me helping him hijack
                   the system... Because I know how FOXDIE works.

[A crashing sound can be heard in the background of Naomi's video. She begins
backing up toward a wall.]

Naomi            : Please, you must rescue me. Liquid's found a loophole he can
                   use to get in to the System. Preparations for his
                   insurrection are nearly complete. There's no time to waste.
                   Snake, hurry!

[The video comes to an abrupt end as the crashing sounds become louder.]

Otacon           : Naomi sent her location data in a separate file.

Snake            : What the hell is that?

Otacon           : It's a type of encrypted data. Sunny decoded it for us.
                   Remember now? This is data from the Soliton Radar you used
                   at Shadow Moses. I'm guessing Naomi wants us to know the
                   message truly is from her.

[Flashbacks of the Soliton Radar technology from Shadow Moses appear.]

Otacon           : Sending the map data in Soliton Radar format... Pretty
                   clever. And Mei Ling's helping us out from Hawai'i.

[Flashbacks of Mei Ling from nine years ago appear. Sunny suddenly appears
near the top of the staircase.]

Sunny            : The data she sent was 4-D sound data. I don't know how
                   Soliton Radar works, but... All I had to do was change the
                   audio data into video data... It was easy. This Naomi lady
                   seems pretty cool.

[Snake and Otacon both share a little snicker as Sunny goes back upstairs. The
sound of a Codec ringing is heard.]

Otacon           : It's Campbell.

[Otacon activates a video window on the television screen on the wall. Campbell
appears sitting at a desk with a woman pacing back and forth behind him.]

Campbell         : Snake... As you'll recall, following the Shadow Moses
                   incident nine years ago... Naomi was detained by the
                   authorities. But someone arranged for her escape.

Snake            : Yeah, I hear they added that to my rap sheet, too.

Campbell         : I suspect it was actually Liquid. He must have taken her
                   prisoner himself and forced her to do research at his
                   facility in South America. Chances are the location Naomi
                   gave us is the site of Liquid's main base.

Snake            : But there's no actual proof?

Campbell         : There's an ongoing skirmish between a new regime in power
                   put into power by PMCs... And a rebel army formed by
                   remnants of the old one. The rebels have hired a small-scale
                   local PMC of their own to stir things up. It's the
                   quintessential example of a war economy market. The new
                   regime is still in shambles... So it's really Pieuvre
                   Armement - one of the PMCs under Outer Heaven control -
                   that's calling the shots. You might say it's a perfect place
                   for Liquid to make his haven.

Snake            : Or it could be a trap.

Campbell         : True...but even so, the payoff would greatly aid our

Otacon           : I had Sunny trace the origin of Naomi's mail. The address is
                   fake... But Sunny was able to track the message back through
                   its proxies based on access date/time stamps and data
                   transfer volumes. Apparently, the message originated from a
                   server in South America. I wouldn't exactly call it 100%
                   credible though.

Snake            : Colonel... Where's Meryl?

Campbell         : I know she left the Middle East in pursuit of Liquid. I'm
                   sure ARSOC is on to us by now. We can't chase that line too

Snake            : Which leaves Naomi as our only lead.

Campbell         : I've secured you landing clearance at El Dorado
                   International Airport. You'll be acting as a UN inspector.

Otacon           : South America - that's about 20 hours from here. Then what's
                   the plan?

Campbell         : I'll arrange for them to get you a 4x4. The location Naomi
                   gave us - the PMC's base - is in a mountainous region
                   surrounded by forests. Use the 4x4 to get as close as
                   possible to the PMC's security perimeter. From there on,
                   Snake, it'll be a solo sneaking mission.

???              : Roy...

[The woman from before brings Campbell a large plate of food. Campbell taps her
on the hand in gratitude.]

Campbell         : Thanks. The rebels are still pitched in battle against the
                   PMCs. The commotion should help you slip into the facility

Snake            : 20 hours until we land. Got it. I'll have a look at the
                   documents. Maybe I'll even have a smoke while I still

[Snake places an unlit cigarette in his mouth while Otacon shakes his head. The
Nomad appears to have increased its speed as it flies off into the distance.]

	-------  2.8 - Village Raid  -------                           [02VILR]

[A bird's eye view of a large forest is shown. The camera slowly pans down to
show a camouflaged Old Snake among the brush.]

Snake            : Colonel, how deeply are they involved in all of this?

Campbell         : The Patriots, you mean?

Snake            : The data we got from Arsenal Gear was a load of crap. Twelve
                   founders who've all been dead for a hundred years... Give me
                   a break. We know they exist today. If the purpose of this
                   battlefield control system is to control IDs, it fits in
                   with their plans perfectly.

Campbell         : Seizing control of the world's ID systems, and then using
                   them to manipulate the economy and information flow... For
                   the Patriots, that's the ultimate prize. You might say the
                   Patriots are the embodiment of the war economy.

Snake            : Everything that Solidus feared five years ago... It's all
                   come to pass.

[Flashbacks of Solidus Snake appear as Snake slowly rises to his hands and
knees and cautiously begins moving forward.]

Solidus Snake    : The Patriots are trying to protect their power, their own
                   interests... By controlling the digital flow of information.

Campbell         : Now with the media and global opinion under complete
                   control... Not even the UN can stand up to them.

Snake            : Then Liquid's insurrection is against them?

Campbell         : Exactly. It would seem as though Liquid has taken up Big
                   Boss's cause. An age of persistent, universal warfare. A
                   world where mercenaries are free from domination. In a
                   sense, the "Outer Heaven" Big Boss envisioned is already a
                   living reality.

[Snake lies back down on the ground and begins doing an inchworm crawl.]

Snake            : You mean the PMCs and their war business.

Campbell         : Right now, Liquid is a slave to the Patriots, forced to
                   fight their proxy wars for them.

Snake            : He must be dying to break free of their spell.

Campbell         : Beneath the surface, a new cold war is brewing between
                   Liquid and the Patriots over who will survive.

Snake            : And no matter who wins, the world has no future. Until we
                   stop Liquid and destroy the System, we'll never be free.

Campbell         : ...Snake, what we call "peace" is an equilibrium kept in
                   check by the war economy. Destroying the System means wiping
                   out the information society... The end of modern
                   civilization. Like it or not, we may have no choice but to
                   protract the System.

[Snake slowly stops as a village comes into view up ahead. Otacon contacts him
through the Codec.

Otacon           : Snake, here's what we know about the current battle. Rebel
                   guerilla units are advancing on the base of the government
                   PMC troops.

[Snake slowly rises his head and activates his Solid Eye in order to perform
some reconnaissance on the situation below.]

Otacon           : That base appears to be Liquid's safe house. According to
                   Naomi's data, she's being held prisoner inside the compound.

[Snake's Solid Eye produces a top-down map of the compound, matching the
Soliton Radar image data Naomi sent them to official record images.]

Snake            : That's where she is?

Otacon           : Assuming the data is correct. And one more thing...

Snake            : What now?

Otacon           : The government PMC troops have been operating at
                   high-altitudes. We have reports that it's starting to upset
                   the balance of the nanomachine control system.

Snake            : Meaning?

Otacon           : Meaning the low blood oxygen content seems to have an effect
                   on their nanomachines, giving them a slight edge in battle.
                   Be careful.

Snake            : Steer clear of altitude sickness. Got it.

[PMC soldiers can be seen below, ordering around some rebel captives. Snake
looks to a left of the central yard to see more rebels being escorted out of a
small barn. One rebel suddenly goes flying into the air. The same octopus
creature from the unit of beasts Snake saw in the Middle East appears. Snake's
attention is shifted to the front door of a nearby burning building. A figure
dressed in a black garment exits out of the building.]

Snake            : Vamp!

[Flashbacks of Vamp from five years ago appear as he licks his blade. Vamp
turns to look at the octopus creature as it examines the rebel soldiers.]

???              : Snake... Isn't here.

[Vamp gives the creature a command to begin executing the rebels. The face of
the creature is shown to be mimicking the face of Old Snake. Snake, still
observing the situation from a short distance away, reaches for his weapon.]

???              : Laugh... Laugh! Go ahead and laugh!

[As the creature uses its tentacles to pick up the remaining rebel soldier and
readies to kill him, Vamp shows his disapproval.]

Vamp             : Beast!

[Vamp takes notice that the creature is refusing to stop. He quickly flings
a throwing knife at one of her tentacles. This catches the creature's attention
and it immediately ceases with its assault.]

Vamp             : Leave one.

[The creature uses one of its tentacles to bring the remaining rebel soldier
face to face with it.]

Beast            : Don't forget this face.

[The creature drops the rebel soldier on the ground.]

Beast            : This is the face of the bastard who killed your comrades.

[The creature allows the rebel soldier to flee and uses its tentacle to sling
Vamp's knife back at him. Vamp catches the knife and returns it back underneath
the sleeve of his garment. An APC appears in front of the burning house.]

Vamp             : More guerillas will be coming to storm the safe house. He
                   must be among their numbers. Sooner or later he will come.
                   Don't let down your guard.

[Vamp enters the APC through the backdoor hatch. Before closing the hatch, he
quickly peeks his head back out and looks in Snake's direction. Snake lowers
himself slightly. Vamp closes the backdoor hatch and the creature wraps its
tentacles around the vehicle as Snake's face disappears and its mask reverts
back to a default state. The creature begins laughing hysterically as the
APC drives off down the road.]

Beast            : Laugh... Laugh!

[The few remaining rebel soldiers are ordered by the PMC troops to remain on
the ground, ready to be executed. Snake receives a Codec call.]

Snake            : Otacon, what the hell?

Otacon           : That was...Vamp! I'm sure of it. I'll never forget that

Snake            : Those were PMC soldiers with him. Is he involved in Liquid's

Otacon           : We watched him die in Manhattan! Damn it, he won't leave us
                   alone. Snake, could Vamp be immortal?

Snake            : Not a chance. This is the real world, not some fantasy game.

Otacon           : I swear, the next time he shows up...

Snake            : Not now, Otacon!

Otacon           : Right. I know. Snake, according to satellite imagery
                   procured by Mei Ling, the facility where Naomi is being held
                   is to the north, along a mountain road. I'm sending the
                   location to your map.

Snake            : Mei Ling? What's she up to these days?

Otacon           : Taking command of the Missouri, apparently.

Snake            : The Missouri? That's a World War II battleship.

Otacon           : The museum contract in Hawai'i expired some time ago. I hear
                   it's now being used as a virtual training vessel.

Snake            : No kidding.

Otacon           : Not for actual combat training, of course, but rather to get
                   sailors used to seamanship on an analog vessel... Or so I
                   hear. After the mess as Shadow Moses, Mei Ling kind of got
                   put out to pasture.

Snake            : Even so, making captain at her age, that's pretty

Otacon           : Rumor has it she caught the eye of some lecherous old
                   admiral who got her promoted. She always did have a thing
                   for older men.

Snake            : Maybe it's too early to retire after all.

Otacon           : Thinking of taking a little training on an analog vessel,

Snake            : No. At this point, I've got no need for any more training.

Otacon           : Fair enough. Listen, Snake. When you get there, remember -
                   the conflict between the PMCs and the rebels has nothing to
                   do with your mission. There's no reason for you to get
                   involved or take sides. That said, creating some sort of
                   impact on the battlefield could produce better conditions
                   for sneaking. The rebels are targeting the facility being
                   used by the PMCs as a base. This is more or less the same
                   spot where Naomi's being held. If you aid the rebels, they
                   might get rid of some of the PMCs and help carve a path for
                   you to sneak in.

Snake            : That freak I just saw, with the tentacles, was it using the
                   same OctoCamo system as my suit?

Otacon           : Yeah.

Snake            : I thought that technology was of your own design.

Otacon           : Actually, I kind of based it on some designs Sunny snagged
                   off the net.

Snake            : And the data came from?

Otacon           : DARPA.

Snake            : So in other words, we're on equal ground, technologically.

Otacon           : Sorry. I guess I should have told you.

Snake            : And by the looks of things, they know I'm coming, too.

Otacon           : Yeah. It could be a trap. Stay sharp.

[Snake proceeds through the small village and up the mountain road. He soon
receives another Codec call.]

Campbell         : Snake, there's someone I'd like you to meet - a member of
                   the mission staff - a psychological counselor.

Snake            : Psychological counselor?

Campbell         : A lot of soldiers can't handle the stress of battle...end up
                   panicking. She'll be useful in helping you understand the
                   mindset of both the PMC and rebel soldiers.

Snake            : She?

Campbell         : Rosemary!

[Campbell calls over the woman from the mission briefing. She appears on screen
and sits down on the couch where Campbell was sitting.]

Rosemary         : Nice to meet you, Snake.

Campbell         : This is Rosemary. She used to work as a data analyst at the
                   Pentagon, but moved to combat support during the Big Shell

Snake            : Yeah. She was in charge of Jack's files, wasn't she?

Campbell         : After that, she studied psychology, and now she's a
                   counselor with CSP, the Combat Stress Platoon.

Snake            : Yeah, I hear psychological counseling's the hot field these
                   days. Increased combat efficiency and productivity, all
                   without ever picking up a gun.

Rosemary         : I'll be acting as your personal counselor on this mission.
                   Since the passing of the new millennium, one of the most
                   important issues facing today's military is the mental care
                   of its soldiers. I can also provide advice on soldier
                   psychology from a threat assessment perspective. Contact me
                   anytime. I'll be standing by here at home with Roy, but I'm
                   on a different circuit. The frequency is 147.79.

[Snake switches the Codec over to a different frequency.]

Campbell         : Her advice will have a positive effect on your Psyche Gauge.
                   Survival on the battlefield depends on your psychological
                   well-being. Lose your cool, and your body stops doing what
                   you tell it to. Even a veteran soldier like you.

Snake            : I know. Mind, body, technique. Some things haven't changed
                   with time.

Campbell         : When your Psyche is running low, ask her for advice. It'll
                   help keep you in peak condition and focused on the mission.

Snake            : By the way, Colonel, isn't that your house?

Campbell         : Well, yes.

Snake            : Then the woman you married, the one that Meryl was talking

Campbell         : Is Rosemary, yes. Didn't I tell you before?

Snake            : News to me. What about Jack?

Campbell         : Jack?

Snake            : Jack. From FOXHOUND. Codename Raiden. I seem to remember him
                   being engaged to Rose.

Campbell         : Oh. We lost all trace of him.

Snake            : Jack's gone? I used to work with the guy. He saved Sunny
                   from the Patriots.

Campbell         : He disappeared soon after that.

Snake            : What about you? Jack disappeared, and you just moved in on

Campbell         : I was consoling her over her loss, and one thing just led to

Snake            : She's young enough to be your daughter.

Campbell         : Yeah. Lucky me, huh?

Snake            : Now I see why Meryl was so disgusted.

Campbell         : Meryl said something about me?

Snake            : Yeah, I believe her words were, "I'll never forgive that
                   womanizing piece of shit."

Campbell         : I see.

Snake            : Colonel, you knew she was our informant in the Middle East,
                   didn't you? Was it you who put her up to it?

Campbell         : Yes. I used my connections in the Army to get Meryl the job.

Snake            : You wanted your daughter someplace where you could keep an
                   eye on her.

Campbell         : Look, everybody involved in the incident at Shadow Moses
                   either lost their job and status or, in the case of Meryl
                   and Mei Ling, got brushed aside. Meryl wanted to make a
                   comeback, a difference. We can't all be as strong as you,
                   Snake. Some of us can't bear living like pariahs.

Snake            : Since Shadow Moses, I've been branded a criminal.

Campbell         : I think of it as my own small way of making it up to my
                   daughter, my own flesh and blood. In any case, call Rosemary
                   if you ever need advice.

[After ending the Codec communication with Campbell, Snake continues his
advancement up the mountain trail.]

	-------  2.9 - Beauty and the Beast  -------                   [02BATB]

[As Snake continues fighting along side the rebels, he approaches the base of a
nearby power station. He receives a Codec transmission. The sound of heavy
breathing can be heard on the other end.]

Snake            : Who is this?

???              : Snake...

Snake            : That voice.

???              : There's an ambush ahead. Government and PMC troops. You
                   could be shot from anywhere. Watch your surroundings. Look
                   to the distance.

Snake            : Is this...Jack?

???              : Jack is dead. Snake. I'm at your side.

Snake            : Wait!

[After ending the call with his mysterious contact, Snake proceeds up the trail
and observes the rebel assault on the PMC-controlled power station.]

[After the battle withers down, Snake moves and passes along the rear of the
compound. He takes cover behind what appears to be a rusty and old APC vehicle.
He holsters his weapon and attempts to take a quick smoke break. After putting
a cigarette in this mouth and lighting it, something unexpectedly leaps from
the ground and grabs the cigarette out of Snake's mouth. Snake quickly turns
around and raises his pistol towards the top of the APC, where the figure
landed. It turns out to be the same monkey creature that was with Drebin in the
Middle East. The monkey takes a quick puff of Snake's cigarette and then tosses
him a red apple. The rusty APC suddenly changes textures and reveals itself to
be the same vehicle Drebin was using during Snake's first encounter with him.]

???              : Yo! Over here.

[A voice echoes from behind the vehicle, and someone holding a white
handkerchief comes into view. It's Drebin.]

Snake            : You....

Drebin           : Come on, hop in. It's getting rough out there.

[Drebin begins to enter the back of the APC, and the monkey attempts to follow
him. Drebin stops and points at his little buddy.]

Drebin           : I don't think so.

[The monkey appears to be confused. Drebin instructs him to toss the cigarette
away. After doing so, Snake retrieves it and places it in a small case. Both
Snake and the monkey join Drebin inside the vehicle.]

Drebin           : We meet again.

Snake            : You've been following me?

Drebin           : You seemed like an interesting guy, so I decided to check
                   you out. Sit down. Lot of legends about you out there in the
                   intel community. Especially in the...

[Drebin's monkey continues to pester Snake after he sits down.]

Drebin           : Especially in the CIA. You know those nanomachines I
                   injected you with back in the Middle East? They let me track
                   your location.

[Snake and Drebin take notice of jet propulsion sounds coming from the sky. The
two of them stand up and peek out through the top hatches on the APC.]

Drebin           : Figures... The B&Bs are here. Things are about to get hairy.

[The same raven creature Snake first saw in the Middle East can be seen flying
overhead, along with a few other unmanned aerial vehicles.]

Snake            : B&Bs?

Drebin           : You've never heard of 'em? They're Beauty and the Beast.
                   Together they're called the B&B Corps. They're a squad of
                   enhanced female soldiers - belong to the PMCs. Any time
                   there's a mess that needs cleaning up, they're on the scene
                   leading the elites.

Snake            : That's a female?

Drebin           : Probably freelancers hired by the PMCs. They're run out of a
                   separate parent organization. Guess it's time for good ol'
                   Drebin to let you in on a few things...

[Snake and Drebin both close the top hatches and sit back down.]

Drebin           : Ever since you showed up in the Middle East, the B&B Corps
                   has got orders to kill. Their number one priority is to
                   eliminate some guy on sight. A guy named... Solid Snake. But
                   from where I'm sitting, "Old Snake" seems a little more

Snake            : Old, huh?

Drebin           : Cheer up. That's the bad news.

[Drebin takes out a coin and begins fiddling around with it using his fingers.]

Drebin           : Word on the street says that beneath those ugly-ass suits,
                   the B&Bs are real babes... Drop-dead gorgeous. They also say
                   each one of them's been traumatized by war. Badly.

[The monkey begins to pester Drebin for the coin so he can purchase a soda.]

Drebin           : They weren't even soldiers to begin with, you know. More
                   like victims of war.

[Drebin flips the coin at the monkey.]

Drebin           : They suffered shell-shock on the battlefield...
                   Post-traumatic. It damaged their minds pretty much beyond
                   repair... So the only way they could cope with the reality
                   of battle was to become war machines themselves. The
                   remnants of their human side are buried deep within. The
                   beast... That's what you see on the outside. War transforms
                   us, Snake... Into beasts.

[Snake rises to his feet.]

Snake            : War transforms us....

Drebin           : But deep within that shell, something human survives. A
                   fragile, scarred heart. Without a shell to protect it, it's
                   like the yolk of an egg. Word going around is... Their
                   natural, flesh-and-blood bodies can't survive in the open
                   for more than a few minutes. And they've been convinced that
                   by killing Snake, their minds will be cleansed. They think
                   it's gonna free them from all the pain... And all the
                   fury... And all the sorrow. Which makes these babes pretty
                   much obsessed... With killing you.

[Drebin moves over and shows Snake the pictures of the Beasts on his wall.]

Drebin           : Four B&Bs have been identified so far. The one you just saw
                   was Raging Raven.

[Flashbacks of the raven creature from the Middle East appear.]

Drebin           : There's also Laughing Octopus, a master of mimicry...

[Flashbacks of the octopus creature from the Middle East appear.]

Drebin           : And Crying Wolf... She runs on four legs.

[Flashbacks of the wolf creature from the Middle East appear.]

Drebin           : And finally, the mistress of mind control... Screaming

[Flashbacks of the mantis creature from the Middle East appear.]

Snake            : Mantis...?

Drebin           : Yeah, there used to be a guy by that name in the US
                   military. A Russian psychic - he could control people's
                   minds. I guess she inherited the title. She keeps the other
                   B&Bs minds in check with her powers.

Snake            : Octopus, Raven, Wolf, Mantis...

[Flashbacks from Shadow Moses of Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, and
Psycho Mantis appear.]

Drebin           : You got it. They're the SNAKEHOUND Unit, and they've got you
                   in their sights. Shit... I'd hate to be in your shoes.

Snake            : Drebin...

[Snake and Drebin both sit back down.]

Snake            : I thought no one was supposed to be able to hack into the
                   System. Are you with the Patriots?

Drebin           : No sir. I ain't no la li lu le...

[Drebin snickers.]

Drebin           : I mean... I'm no Patriot.

Snake            : You can say "Patriot." I guess that means you're clean,

Drebin           : The nanomachines I got in me are different from the military
                   kind. No speech restrictions for me.

Snake            : What the hell are these Patriots? Are they human?

Drebin           : Not anymore they ain't. They're the law of this world,
                   created over the course of history. They're what holds this
                   world together... Keeps this whole mess in check.

[Flashbacks of the JFK AI from the Big Shell Incident appear.]

Colonel AI       : We are formless. We are the very discipline and law that
                   Americans invoke so often.

Drebin           : The Patriots are America, the world's greatest military
                   power. They are the war economy. Which makes you and me just
                   cogs in a much grander schematic. I mean, someone obviously
                   had to start the whole thing at the beginning. But now their
                   law has taken on a life of its own.

Snake            : A life of its own?

Drebin           : Yup. The country... The war economy... It ain't run by
                   people. It's run by the System. No need for high-level
                   decision-making authority. It's all handled by a massive yet
                   simple information processing system. An AI. It works just
                   like natural law. The world's a much simpler place than most
                   folks realize.

[The screen changes to show a digital presentation of the SOP System.]

Drebin           : Every aspect of the Patriots' System is closely monitored by
                   three peripheral AIs and a core AI that ties them all
                   together. The SOP System is one part of that. It's all
                   backed up by a foolproof control system. So not even yours
                   truly can sneak inside the Patriots' AIs.

Snake            : What if, hypothetically, someone found a way?

Drebin           : If they could fool the IDS (Intrusion Detection System)... I
                   guess they could use it as a haven to lay low.

Snake            : Haven?

Drebin           : You know, like a tax haven. In the internet society, we have
                   net havens, data havens.... A haven is someplace where
                   social conventions and the rules of the net don't apply.
                   Back in the 20th century, the super-rich would open bank
                   accounts in countries without income tax laws... Not a bad
                   way to evade paying taxes. Now we've got us a society where
                   everybody's DNA and personal info... Is totally controlled
                   by the nanomachines inside their bodies. Won't be long
                   before people start using havens to escape from ID control.
                   I guess you could say my gun laundering kind of borrows from
                   the haven concept, after a fashion. Even so, good luck
                   finding a way to access the Patriots' AIs from the outside.
                   It's absolutely impossible. No chance in hell. Like I said,
                   there's no breaking into those AIs... From the outside.

Snake            : But Liquid's got something in mind. You sure there's no way?

[The screen shifts back to Snake and Drebin in the APC.]

Drebin           : I'm just a gun launderer. Only reason I'm interested in you
                   is 'cause you start a lot of fires.

[Snake slowly begins to exit the vehicle.]

Drebin           : All right then. You need me, just give me a ring.

[The monkey humorously pleads with Snake to have another puff from his smokes.
After taking out a cigarette, Drebin shakes his head, telling Snake to keep it.
The monkey continues to persist even after Snake puts the cigarette away.]

Drebin           : Go on. Get your ass back inside! Now!

[Drebin forces the monkey back inside the APC. He then turns back to Snake and
gives him the same gesture he did when they first met in the Middle East as the
backdoor hatch closes.]

Drebin           : Eye. Have. You.

[Drebin drives off in the APC and disappears down the road.]

	-------  2.10 - Advancing on the Mansion  -------              [02ADVM]

[Snake continues with his mission in search for the compound where Naomi is
being held. After arriving near the perimeter of a confinement facility, Snake
is receives another Codec call.]

???              : Snake, can you hear me?

Snake            : This is Jack, isn't it?

Raiden           : I am Raiden. Jack is no more.

Snake            : Where are you now?

Raiden           : I'm right beside you.

Snake            : Raiden, where have you been all this time? What have you
                   been doing?

Raiden           : On a mission, finding something... For someone.

Snake            : Finding what?

Raiden           : The corpse of Big Boss.

Snake            : What?

Raiden           : I was asked to do this in exchange for Sunny's location.

Snake            : Liquid?

Raiden           : No. The leader of a small resistance group. Her followers
                   call her Matka Pluku.

Snake            : Matka Pluku... Big Mama.

[The sounds of explosions can be heard in the background.]

Raiden           : We'll finish this later. I'll follow your trail and catch up
                   with you.

Snake            : Wait! What about Big Boss's body?

Raiden           : It's with her now.

Snake            : Her?

[Snake's transmission with Raiden comes to an abrupt end. He immediately
contacts Rosemary.]

Rosemary         : What's going on, Snake?

Snake            : Rose, I just got a call from Raiden. It sounds like he's
                   close by.

Rosemanry        : Jack?

Snake            : Yeah.

Rosemary         : Did... Did he seem OK?

Snake            : Yeah, as far as I could tell from his voice.

Rosemary         : Really? That's great. Snake, I have a favor to ask.

Snake            : What?

Rosemary         : Don't let him know I'm involved in this operation, OK? I
                   think it would be best to just leave him alone for now.

Snake            : What happened between you and Jack?

Rosemary         : After the Big Shell Incident, he became unstable. Memories
                   began to resurface from his childhood, when he fought for
                   Solidus in the Liberian Civl War. And in the midst of all
                   that... The baby we had together... It hadn't even been
                   born yet. Jack slowly stopped coming home. And when he did,
                   he'd be dead drunk, sometimes covered in cuts and bruises.
                   Roy was worried. He was Jack's commanding officer, but Jack
                   just avoided him. I was all alone. And Roy was so kind to
                   me. He's the one who encouraged me to become a counselor. I
                   know it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I needed to get
                   over it - to move on with my life. I'm worried about him, of
                   course, but... I'm also afraid of him.

Snake            : All right. I'll keep my mouth shut.

Rosemary         : Thank you, Snake.

[Snake continues past the confinement facility and comes to the base of the
a vista mansion. The rebels execute a surprise attack on the PMC troops
guarding the facility and use a bulldozer to smash through the front gates.]

Rebel            : Get in there. Attack!

Rebel            : Advance!

Rebel            : Everybody charge! Now!

[With the front gate down, Snake makes his way through the mansion and towards
Naomi's research lab.]

	-------  2.11 - Naomi Hunter  -------                          [02NAMH]

[Snake ascends a ladder through a cover hatch and out into an enclosed area.
The research lab lies in front of him. Snake takes notice of the blue roses
surrounding the facility. He hears a person's voice coming from inside.]

???              : Then we'll have to make a lot of changes.... Yes, that's
                   right. We'll need another go at it.

[Snake notices a woman speaking on the phone inside as he makes his way along
the outside wall of the compound.]

???              : That won't be a problem. Uh huh. Yes... I've taken care of
                   it.... Of course. Yes, I understand, but....

[Snake comes to a front door and proceeds inside the lab facility, scanning
his surroundings with his weapon once he enters inside. He comes to the room
with the woman speaking on the phone.]

???              : Yes, the next test.

Snake            : Naomi?

[Snake slowly approaches Naomi, as she is still on the phone.]

Naomi            : And things on your end? I see. We're on schedule here as
                   well. I know. Me, too. Until then....

[As Naomi hangs up the phone, she suddenly experiences some kind of bodily
pains. She quickly retrieves a syringe and injections herself with it.]

Snake            : Naomi.

Naomi            : Snake. I knew you'd come....

[Naomi begins walking toward Snake.]

Naomi            : You and I...neither of us can escape our fate. I haven't
                   seen you since Shadow Moses.

[Flashbacks of Naomi from Shadow Moses appear.]

Naomi            : How long? Ten years?

Snake            : Nine.

Naomi            : And Dr. Emmerich? Is he with you?

Snake            : Why?

Naomi            : I thought he'd be the only one able to open the mail I sent.
                   Not many people could recognize 4D sound data in a Soliton
                   Radar file. How is the good doctor?

Snake            : Otacon's fine. He's the same as ever.

Naomi            : Otacon? I see....

[Snake continues to scan the room for any dangers.]

Snake            : Who were you just talking to?

Naomi            : Liquid. Although I suppose he's really Ocelot... From a
                   medical standpoint.

Snake            : I thought he was here.

Naomi            : He's not... At the moment....

Snake            : Where are all the guards?

Naomi            : They know I won't escape. I'm powerless to resist. I have no
                   choice but to cooperate.

Snake            : Naomi... What happened in the Middle East?

Naomi            : What you saw was the soldiers' emotions run amok.

Snake            : Another product of the System?

Naomi            : You don't trust me?

Snake            : I'm not sure yet.

Naomi            : And if I answer your question?

Snake            : Let's hear it first.

Naomi            : Liquid... We...thought the SOP was an ID control system
                   designed primarily to maintain order and control in battle.
                   And we were right.

[Snake walks over to a table and examines the syringe Naomi used earlier.]

Naomi            : But only partially. SOP had another function... To control
                   people's senses.

[The screen changes to a digital presentation of the SOP System.]

Naomi            : The nanomachines inside soldiers' bodies adapt to different
                   conditions... Promoting the release of neurotransmitters,
                   hormones, and stimulants, giving them an edge in battle.
                   They can create an artifical combat high by releasing
                   endorphins at the same time a soldier kills an enemy... Or
                   they can suppress hormones to neutralize the soldier's
                   emotions... Prevent them from panicking and engaging in
                   friendly fire or needless massacres. It's all controlled by
                   the System's core AI. It artificially controls the soldier's
                   pain, emotions, senses... In other words, the essence of his
                   being. The skyrocketing demands of the war economy have
                   fueled the demand for more soldiers and more fighting. This,
                   in turn, led to the development of technologies to rapidly
                   improve their combat abilities... And control their actions.
                   The System ensures a steady supply of battle-optimized
                   soldiers at a minimum of cost. But you of all people must
                   understand, Snake... That, unlike combat technique... A
                   soldier's senses can't be taught. They must be earned
                   through experience.

Snake            : Does this have something to do with that test of yours?

Naomi            : The goal was to release the soldiers' nanomachines from the
                   System. But we didn't know about the mental control.

Snake            : And the nanomachines went berserk?

Naomi            : No. Our test was a success. At least, it confirmed our
                   hypothesis at the time. Just as we predicted, the
                   nanomachines stopped functioning, and the PMC soldiers were
                   freed from the grips of the System. But the moment the
                   System stopped... All the pain, and fury, and sorrow... All
                   the trauma and stress, all the hatred, regret, guilt... All
                   the sensations that had been suppressed were unleashed
                   within their hearts. Their memories, unlike their senses,
                   weren't erased. Each enemy soldier they'd killed, each lost
                   comrade... Each threat of violence against the innocent...
                   Every act of war they'd committed was etched firmly in their
                   hearts. In suppressing the user's mind, the nanomachines
                   exact a heavy burden on his heart. The user's body rejects
                   the nanomachines; this reaction must then be suppressed with
                   drugs. Before the user knows it, his mind is in complete
                   shambles. Snake... Remember Frank?

Snake            : Frank Jaeger... Grey Fox.

[An image of the Cyborg Ninja from Shadow Moses appears.]

Naomi            : They twisted his body for their experiments and nullified
                   his broken heart with nanomachines. SOP has taken it even
                   further and applied it to living human beings. The sins of
                   war these soldiers carried inside them returned to assault
                   them in the form of... Unimaginable shell shock. The meaning
                   and the system may have changed... But the battlefield
                   hasn't. Until that point, war was like a game to them. And
                   then, suddenly, reality came crashing down.

[The screen shifts back to Snake and Naomi at the lab.]

Naomi            : Ordinarily, our hearts are hardened through experience. Even
                   the most grizzled veterans live with an inescapable guilt
                   they've had to overcome bit by bit through the years. And
                   even then, it never truly goes away. For a mind lacking that
                   essential experience, it was simply too much to bear.

[Snake appears to accidentally drop a cigarette on the floor, but while he
bends down to pick it up, it can be seen that he did it on purpose for a chance
to look up Naomi's skirt.]

Snake            : But what about me? I've never been under the System's

Naomi            : That's why I want to examine your body. You need to know,
                   too. All right, Snake... Undress.

[Snake walks away from Naomi.]

Naomi            : Snake, what's gotten into you? Hurry up.

[Snake does as Naomi says and changes into some patient clothes.]

Naomi            : Oh my God.... Snake....

[Naomi is in utter shock at how old and decrepit Snake's body has become. She
walks away from him as if she can't bear to look.]

Snake            : All right, let's just get this over with.

Naomi            : Yes... Of course. I'm sorry.

[Naomi wipes some tears away from her eyes and begins the examination. Various
scenes follow that show Naomi performing numerous medical tests on Snake.]

Naomi            : Snake, do you remember what I told you in my video mail?
                   About the first generation of nanomachines?

Snake            : The ones you stuck me with at Moses?

Naomi            : Yes... The nanomachines are recharged by your body heat.
                   They won't stop functioning until they're all extracted...
                   Or until you do. Most of them were lost through bleeding and
                   excretion... But around 30% still remain inside your body,
                   attached to your cells. The first generation were never
                   ID-registered, so they don't react the same way as the SOP
                   nanomachines. But they may be interfering with your body,
                   and with your heart.

Snake            : So does the aging have something to do with FOXDIE, too?

Naomi            : No. Your telomeres were intentionally set up to be short,
                   regardless of the age of the original. One of the genes that
                   inhibit reproduction and aging - the Klotho gene - was
                   intentionally mutated as well. But more importantly, your
                   chromosomes, like Liquid's... Were provided with terminator
                   genes to prevent them from making copies.

Snake            : Why?

Naomi            : You are clones created for one purpose - war. And so in
                   order to prevent you from being abused by clients or stolen
                   by the enemy... They shortened your lifespan and removed
                   your ability to reproduce. It was a safety device to ensure
                   that the seed of Big Boss didn't end up in the hands of
                   others. The reason you're aging so rapidly isn't because of
                   disease, or faulty research, or FOXDIE. It's how you were
                   born. It's your natural lifespan.

[With Naomi's examination over, Snake redresses in his regular sneaking suit.]

Snake            : The truth, Naomi. How long is my body going to hold out?

Naomi            : Your cells, blood, organs, nerves, skeletal system, muscle
                   tissue... Every part of your body is aging rapidly. An
                   ordinary man wouldn't even be standing by now.

[Naomi's computer appears to be in the process of making a backup copy of a
file titled "SOLID_SNAKE".]

Naomi            : Snake, the only thing keeping you together is your strength
                   of your will.

Snake            : How long do I have?

[Snake demands an answer.]

Naomi            : ...Half a year.

[Snake retrieves a cigarette and attempts to place it in his mouth. Naomi
quickly snatches it from his mouth.]

Naomi            : Don't. Snake. There's something I have to tell you.

Snake            : Now what?

Naomi            : You and I both know your body is approaching its limit. When
                   I said another half a year, I wasn't talking about your

Snake            : What do you mean?

Naomi            : We can't get rid of the FOXDIE in your body completely. At
                   this point, it's circulating within you like a normal virus.

Snake            : Yeah, so?

[Snake reaches for the cigarette in Naomi's hand that she took from him.]

Naomi            : Listen to me. FOXDIE only kills its victims when the
                   infected person's genetic code... Fully matches the genetic
                   sequence programmed into the virus's receptors. In other
                   words... It only attacks targets with specific genes.

Snake            : I know. That's what killed the AT president... And Liquid.

[Flashbacks of the FOXDIE victims from Shadow Moses appear.]

Naomi            : Yes. And at the same time, it's set up to protect those not
                   designated as targets from the virus's harmful effects.
                   Here... I'll show you. The receptors on the FOXDIE inside
                   your body are breaking down. The rapid aging process is
                   changing the environment within your body. As a result, the
                   virus is starting to mutate.

[Naomi walks over to her computer and brings up an two side-by-side images of
the FOXDIE virus.]

Naomi            : The viruses on the left are FOXDIE in its original form. The
                   ones on the right I took from your body. They're already
                   mutated. The receptors - they're wearing down.

Snake            : Meaning?
Naomi            : This mutated version of FOXDIE could activate... Even if the
                   infected person's genetic pattern doesn't perfectly match
                   the receptors. Which means the virus is becoming
                   indiscriminate about what type of target it kills.

[With the file done copying, Naomi places Snake's cigarette on the table and
walks over to another computer.]

Naomi            : Ever since Shadow Moses... FOXDIE has been breeding
                   continuously in the nanomachine colony inside your body and
                   dispersing into the air. But there are no more targets to
                   attack, so there haven't been any more outbreaks.

[Snake attempts to retrieve his cigarette back, but Naomi hands him some
documents before he can pick it up.]

Naomi            : However, if the receptors continue to wear down... It'll
                   become a killer virus that attacks untold numbers of

[Snake tosses the papers on the table.]

Snake            : What if we kill them all - remove them from the body?

Naomi            : There are no antibodies, either. I don't know what
                   percentage of the receptors have to break down, or how many
                   people will be targeted when that happens. What is certain
                   is that people will begin to catch FOXDIE through airborne
                   transmission. It'll start with those closest to you... Then,
                   one by one, they'll lose their lives. The part of the virus
                   that distinguishes between individuals will start to break
                   down in about...

Snake            : Half a year.

Naomi            : No... Three months at the most.

[Snake turns around in surpise.]

Snake            : Three months!

Naomi            : Ironic, isn't it? You've spent your entire life saving the
                   world from Metal Gear - from nuclear annihilation. And
                   now... You're becoming a doomsday device yourself. I can't
                   predict exactly how devastating the epidemic will be.
                   Whether just one percent of the human race could unlock the
                   broken receptors... Or whether we all can. In either case,
                   three months from now you'll be a walking biological weapon.
                   If it were up to me, you'd be quarantined already.

Snake            : It's not over yet.

[Snake picks his cigarette back up.]

Naomi            : I know. You still have a job to do. You have three months.
                   Still enough time to think once all of this is done with.

Snake            : And if I choose death first...? Will that stop FOXDIE from

Naomi            : When the host dies... The virus dies with it.

[Snake places the cigarette in his mouth looks to Naomi for approval to light
it. She turns her head away. Snake lights the cigarette and takes a puff.]

Naomi            : Snake... Tell me one more thing. Have you been to a hospital

Snake            : Yeah.

Naomi            : While you were there, did they give you an injection?

Snake            : Don't they always?

[Naomi walks back over to the other computer near Snake and brings up another
image among the other FOXDIE data images.]

Naomi            : Take a look at this. These came out of your body as well.
                   It's a new strain of FOXDIE... One I've never seen before.
                   Someone must have put them in you recently. Do you have any
                   idea who?

Snake            : Him!

[Flashbacks of Drebin giving Snake the injection in the Middle East appear.]

Naomi            : The new FOXDIE strain is starting to multiply rapidly.

Snake            : What's in it?

Naomi            : I can't say for sure. I'll need to do some more tests. Here,
                   take this.

[Naomi retrieves a case of syringes from a cabinet.]

Naomi            : It contains the same substance the soldiers' nanomachines
                   secrete inside their bodies. It's a drug that inhibits the
                   nanomachines' ability to regulate the senses. The
                   nanomachines inside the body malfunction when the System
                   interferes with tem. It triggers a reaction in the body,
                   which is why you're having the seizures. Give yourself a
                   shot whenever they get bad.

[Snake places the cigarette he was smoking back inside a small case. He
attempts to accept the case of syringes from Naomi, but she pulls them away.]

Naomi            : It's potent, so use it sparingly... Unless you want to end
                   up an invalid. It may restore your Psyche for a short
                   while... But use it too often and the amount restored will
                   start to decrease.

[Naomi hands Snake the case of syringes and walks over to a table with a vase
holding some blue roses.]

Naomi            : I've been a fool. I let myself drown in my nanomachines, and
                   now I'm trapped by them.

Snake            : You said yourself we mustn't allow ourselves to be chained
                   to fate.

Naomi            : I can't slip free.

[As Naomi retrieves a blue rose from the vase, Snake grabs her by the shoulder
and turns her around abrutly.]

Snake            : Then I'll free us both. Where's Liquid?

Naomi            : I can't tell you yet. Not until you free me.

[Naomi breaks free of Snake's grasp.]

Snake            : Do you even know?

Naomi            : Liquid left here last night.

Snake            : Where was he headed?

Naomi            : Those are my terms. I can't leave this place of my own will.

Snake            : What are you talking about?

Naomi            : I'm being... Watched.

[Snake turns to look around at the ceiling of the building and then follows
Naomi in hiding behind an MRI machine.]

Naomi            : Liquid has altered his plan. Removing the System will only
                   cause his army to collapse from within. So he's chosen to
                   seize control instead. Liquid's objective is to hijack the
                   SOP System. He'll use it to create the ultimate army of
                   perfect soldiers and launch his insurrection against the
                   Patriots. There's a name for his new plan. He calls it
                   "Guns of the Patriots."

Snake            : Guns of the Patriots...

[Naomi begins to experience pains again as she grasps her head. A flashbang
grenade explodes on the floor and sharp, white light temporarily fills the
room. The sound of a window breaking is heard as Naomi runs back over to her
computer and retrieves a portal drive containing the file she was copying. Two
PMC soldiers enter the room and begin firing in Snake's direction. One of the
soldiers grabs Naomi and begins to take her away.]

PMC Soldier      : This place isn't safe. Come with us.

[One soldier continues firing at Snake.]

PMC Soldier      : This way.

[Snake follows the soldiers out the doorway to the main hall, but is driven
back inside the room due to a pair of enhanced female soldiers like those he
fought with Meryl's unit in the Middle East. Snake can here the familiar sound
of laughing as he enters back into the room. The octopus creature from the
village appears from overhead as Snake aims his weapon at it.]

Snake            : OctoCamo....

Laughing Octopus : Snake... My prey. Isn't it funny?

[Laughing Octopus displays a short flash of Snake's face on its mask again.]

Laughing Octopus : Come on! Laugh, while you can! There's no escape from here!
                   Laugh yourself to death!

[Two elite soldiers leap down from the ceiling and ready their weapons as the
room is filled with a dark cloud of black smoke from Laughing Octopus. When the
smoke disperses, both the elite soldiers and Laughing Octopus are gone. Snake
quickly moves through the lab the dispatches all of the soldiers entering the

	-------  2.12 - Laughing Octopus  -------                      [02LOCT]

[Snake hears his name being called out by the Beast. He cautiously makes his
way through the facility in search of her. Laughing Octopus eventually appears
behind him, hanging from the ceiling with her tentacles. She accidentally falls
to the floor behind Snake, but slowly rises to her feet.]

Laughing Octopus : What a riot....

[The Beast places itself in a fetal position on the floor, with its tentacles
wrapped around its body.]

Laughing Octopus : People suffering... People hurting... People dying... It's
                   all so fucking hysterical! Laugh. Laugh with me!

[Snake engages in battle with the Beast. Soon it stops and begins to shed its
armor off, along with her facemask.]

Laughing Octopus : I am an octopus... An eight-legged beast. These tentacles...
                   Are beyond my control. Their will... Is the will of the

[As the Beast continues to laugh, she suddenly begins spewing out what appears
to be dark black ink from her mouth.]

Laughing Octopus : Funny... So funny... It's all so funny. No... It's not

[Laughing Octopus reveals itself to be an amazingly beautiful, blonde woman.
She begins walking strangely toward Snake.]

Laughing Octopus : Nothing is funny. I shouldn't be laughing. I can't... The
                   truth is... I'm not laughing. Not laughing at all.

[The Beauty reaches out to grab Snake, but he pushes her to the side. Her
emotional state suddenly takes a significant change. She begins experiencing
a state of inescapable fear.]

Laughing Octopus : I shouldn't be laughing. I'm scared. I'm really scared.

[She falls to her knees and begins crawling toward Snake.]

Laughing Octopus : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. So sorry I laughed. I'm sorry...

[She rises back to her feet.]

Laughing Octopus : I won't laugh any more. I can't. I don't want to.

[The Beauty begins walk toward Snake, unarmed, but showing no signs of fear.
Snake, unsure what to do, decides to make an attempt to incapacitate her. Even
after the Beauty appears to have no strength left, she continues on laughing.
Suddenly she falls to her knees and is engulfed within a field of mystical
flower petals. She curls up on the floor and simply lays there motionless.
Snake goes over to check on her. She's still breathing - still alive.]

[Snake begins to make his way out of the facility, but stops and picks up the
OctoCamo facemask that Laughing Octopus was wearing. As he enters the main
hallway, he receives a Codec transmission.]

Drebin           : Yo Snake! Looking good today.

Snake            : Drebin. What do you want?

Drebin           : That's cold, man. And here I was about to tell my very best
                   customer about FaceCamo.

Snake            : FaceCamo?

Drebin           : The camo skullcap you just picked up from Tentacle's shell.
                   It utilizes the same kind of technology as your OctoCamo
                   suit. Using the two together can get you even better
                   results. I'd hang onto it if I was you.

Snake            : Doesn't fit. It's not my size or shape.

Drebin           : Yeah. Looks like it could use a bit of tailoring before you
                   can sport it. Not my line of work, but... Ain't you got a
                   buddy who specializes in that kind of thing?

Snake            : Somebody's done either homework.

Drebin           : Hey, it's my job.

Snake            : Is that the real reason you injected me with those
                   nanomachines? To spy on me?

Drebin           : I prefer the term "customer data management," myself.

Snake            : Drebin...

Drebin           : Relax! It's strictly confidential. I ain't gonna share it
                   with anybody.

Snake            : Then what'd you mix a virus in with the nanomachines for?

Drebin           : Virus?

Snake            : A certain virus was detected in my body. Are you saying it
                   wasn't in the nanomachines you injected?

Drebin           : Look, you do know there are other folks who could've done
                   this to you. And besides, what would I gain from infecting
                   you? Better for me that you're out there kicking ass on the
                   battlefield. I was watching you, Snake. You're a real piece
                   of work. Never thought I'd meet the man who could take down 
                   Laughing Octopus single-handedly. She just kept on laughing.
                   Now why do you suppose that is?

Snake            : Something in her past?

Drebin           : You got it. She's from a village in Scandinavia - little
                   seaside hamlet known to all the locals as the Devil's
                   Village. Place wasn't known for devils, though. It was known
                   for octopus. See, this was one of the few places in Europe
                   where they ate octopus customarily. Anyway, there's this
                   cult of crazies who for some reason hate the village, with a
                   passion. Then, when she was just a teenager, things get bad.
                   These nutcases get their hands on some weapons and attack
                   the village. Overnight, her sleepy little fishing town
                   becomes a war zone. The round up all the villagers and
                   execute them one by one. Except for that girl. They had
                   something else planned for her, something a whole lot worse
                   than dying. Calling her the Devil's Child, they forced her
                   to do the kind of thing you'd expect from one of Lucifer's
                   own. After they made her torture her family and friends,
                   they made her kill 'em. The whole time they were forcing her
                   to laugh, howl like some sort of demon. Like she was
                   enjoying it. What was she gonna do, say no? They'd kill her,
                   too. So she let fear take control, and did exactly as they
                   told her. She butchered the bodies of the ones she loved,
                   and laughed while she did it. And as she bathed in their
                   blood, it gradually turned from deep red to jet black. To
                   her, it looked like the ink of an octopus. The experience
                   scarred her deep. Ever since then, she hasn't stopped
                   laughing. Only, that ain't really laughter.

Snake            : Why are you telling me this? You expect me to feel sorry for

Drebin           : Nah. I know you got no room for that stuff in your world.
                   And besides, this is war... Right? In a way, though, I guess
                   it was the right thing to do.

Snake            : What was?

Drebin           : Fighting you cleansed her mind. All right, enough chit-chat.
                   There's other beasts out there in them woods. Watch your

[After ending his transmission with Drebin, Snake exits the facility. As he the
exit gate on the outer wall, he begins to experience the preliminary effects of
a seizure. The pain goes away in a matter of seconds and Snake uses the gate to
exit the compound area.]

	-------  2.13 - Become the Hunter  -------                     [02HNTR]

[Snake approaches a trail that passes through a small forest outside the
research lab. He notices several sets of footprints leading away from the
facility and carefully begins examining them. Flashbacks of the kind of shoes
Naomi was wearing run through his mind. He begins marking the tracks with
Naomi's shoe prints. The Codec suddenly begins ringing.]

Raiden           : Snake, have you lost sight of the target? Whenever something
                   moves, it leaves a trail behind. Track and find Naomi's

Snake            : I'm not like Big Boss. Tracking isn't my strongest suit.
                   When did you get so good at it?

Raiden           : After saving Sunny, I drifted around the globe. In Alaska, a
                   tribal elder taught me some scouting techniques.

Snake            : Drifted? You never went back to see Rose?

Raiden           : Rose? She doesn't exist. No. Rose and I live in different
                   worlds, different times. Her world has no place for someone
                   like me. My place is here on the battlefield. Listen, Snake,
                   scouting is based on the principles of hunting. There are
                   two fundamentals: awareness and tracking.

Snake            : Awareness?

Raiden           : Awareness refers to locating a trail by paying careful
                   attention to your surroundings. Tracking means to follow
                   that trail. Your target's trail could be footprints, a
                   branch they broke along the way, bent grass trampled
                   underfoot. You need to feel for clues using all your senses
                   - sound, smell, touch, the direction of the wind. Watch how
                   the animals move. Listen for unusual bird calls. These are
                   signs that someone may be disrupting the environment nearby.

Snake            : You sound like a ninja.

Raiden           : Exactly. Ninja are the ultimate scouts. If your enemy is a
                   skilled scout, they'll be doing the same thing. You may be
                   the hunter, but you are also the hunted. To avoid enemy
                   detection, move slowly, little by little. Don't disturb the
                   air around you. Try to make as little noise as possible.
                   Your pursuers will be doing the same, trying to sneak up on
                   you without a sound. If you can't pick up the trail with
                   your naked eye, switch the Solid Eye to infrared (NV) mode.
                   That will enable you to see Naomi's footprints and any
                   enemies lying in ambush.

Snake            : Switch the Solid Eye to infrared (NV). Got it.

Raiden           : But the sound it makes while engaged could end up giving
                   your position away. So don't leave it on for too long.

Snake            : All right.

Raiden           : Listen to your heart. Trust your senses as much as you can.
                   And you will find Naomi's trail.

Snake            : I'll give it a shot.

[Snake advances through the forest ahead, following the set of tracks and
carefully examining the ground for Naomi' shoe prints. He eventually comes to
a small stream where Naomi's trail appears to have vanished, but there still
exists the shoe prints of a few other people. Snake receives another Codec
transmission from Raiden.]

Raiden           : Snake, these PMCs have received some degree of scout
                   training. They can detect the low sound of the Solid Eye,
                   even though it's faint.

Snake            : So if I'm wearing the Solid Eye and get too close, it'll
                   give my postion away.

Raiden           : Exactly. Switch it off when approaching the enemy.

[Snake continues to the trail of footprints leading through the forests. After
encountering numerous traps set up for him, he feels as if he is getting closer
to Naomi. Another Codec transmision occurs.]

Raiden           : You need to look at more than just the shape of the
                   footprints. Don't assume you're on the right track just
                   because the print matches the target's shoes. Take a closer
                   look. Imagine the target actually on top of the print.
                   Think. Is the depth of the print consistent with Naomi's
                   weight? Does the stride, straddle, and pitch match her walk?
                   Pay attention. Don't let the hunted fool the hunter.

[Snake discovers an underground passage that leads him out to the gate of a
small heliport. He spots Vamp escorting Naomi toward a helicopter getting
ready to take off, all being guarded by a number of PMC soldiers. Snake takes
cover behind the wall of a small structure as the Mk.II appears from behind.]

Snake            : Otacon, it's Vamp. I'm sure of it.

Otacon           : Yeah...and they're taking Naomi away.

[Snake steadies his M4 with his hands and attempts to line up at shot. Vamp can
be seen speaking on a phone and instructing Naomi to enter the helicopter.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Do it now, before we're interrupted again.

Vamp             : We don't know what will happen. Remember the last time....

Liquid Ocelot    : I'm willing to make a few sacrifices.

Vamp             : As you wish. We'll begin shortly.

[Snake takes his time and eases his breathing. He has Vamp in the center of his
sights. After a few seconds, Snake fires a shot and sends a bullet through
Vamp's skull. The bullet causes the man's body to spin around a few times, but
he ultimately reaches his hand out to catch his phone and is still standing.
Snake looks in surprise as the PMC soldiers begin firing on his position.
Vamp gets on his knees and appears barely able to balance himself.]

Vamp             : We've got the go-ahead. Begin. We'll use his blood. It could
                   get intense... Brace yourselves.

[Vamp instructs the soldiers in the helicopter to inject themselves.]

Vamp             :  Shots, all of you.

[As the soldiers retrieve their syringes, Vamp falls with his back to the
ground. He appears to be dead.]

Vamp             : I'll be taking a nap....

[All of a sudden, the PMC soldiers on the heliport begin experiencing symptoms 
similar to the Praying Mantis PMC in the Middle East. Snake is also being
affected by whatever is happening, falling to his knees and suffering from what
appears to be some sort of seizure. Naomi can be seen instructing Snake from
the helicopter.]

Naomi            : Snake! The syringe! Snake!

[As Snake injects himself with a syringe from the case that Naomi gave him,
Naomi can be seen doing the same to herself in the helicopter. Gekko units
suddenly show up on scene as the helicopter begins to take off.]

Naomi            : It's not working... The emotional controls aren't stable
                   enough yet.

[Snake, now stable after using a syringe, begins firing back at the attacking
Gekko. Naomi can be seen crying out to him from the helicopter.]

Naomi            : Snake!

[Then out nowhere, an APC vehicle is seen appearing on the scene and parking
directly under the helicopter. A familiar looking monkey signals Naomi to jump
down from where she is. After Naomi lands on the roof of the APC, it quickly
moves over and parks right next to Snake. Vamp is shown somewhere being revived
on the helicopter - the bullet wound on his head miraculously healing in
seconds. Back on the ground, Drebin appears through a top hatch on the APC.]

Drebin           : Need a lift?

Snake            : Drebin!

Drebin           : Get in already!

[The turrent on top of Drebin's APC begins firing at the Gekko. Naomi calls out
to Snake from the top of the vehicle.

Naomi            : Snake!

Snake            : Naomi! Jump!

[Naomi leaps down from the top of the vehicle and lands hard on the ground.
Snake steadily helps her to her feet.]

Snake            : Can you walk?

[Snake and Naomi both enter the APC through the backdoor hatch.]

Drebin           : It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

[As the hatch closes, Drebin quickly drives off from the site and smashes
through a metal fence at entrance of the area. Inside the vehicle, the friendly
monkey can be seen offering Naomi a drink. She gracefully accepts.]

Naomi            : OK... Thanks.

[Naomi takes a quick drink and lets out a burp. This appears to excite the
monkey as he begins jump back and forth inside the compact space. Naomi begins
laughing at the monkey's behavior. Back the heliport, the majority of the PMC
soldiers all rise to their feet, but they stil appear to be experiencing some
aftereffects from their seizure-like attacks moments earlier.]

[Drebin is hastily driving back through mountain roads as PMC soldiers have
appear to have experienced some kind of brain damage and don't remember and
remember how to perform actual combat. After battling through Gekko, enhanced
suits, and MGS vehicles, the APC is able to make its way down to a local

	-------  2.14 - Jack is Dead  -------                          [02JCKD]

[Drebin's APC can be seen storming through the streets of the village, with
numerous Gekko units dropping from the sky in attempts to block his path. One
Gekko suddenly falls directly in front of him, causing Drebin to make a sharp
turn that causes the APC to tip over on its side. Snake begins helping Naomi
out of the vehicle.]

Snake            : Come on, Naomi, stay with me.

[Drebin exits the vehicle and retrieves a soda and begins drinking it.]

Snake            : Up you go.

[Drebin walks around the APC to find Naomi, Snake, and his pet monkey in a
curious position that causes flashbacks to appear of photos from the UFO
landing at Area 51.]

Snake            : You OK?

Naomi            : Yeah.

Drebin           : Ah shit.

[Snake walks around to Drebin and observes the masse of Gekko roaming the
streets ahead. His attention shifts to a mysterious figure on the rooftops
above the scene.]

Snake            : Raiden.

[A man in a high-tech exoskeleton suit, who appears to be Raiden, raises his
sword and instructs Snake to stay back. He leaps to the ground and draws the
attention of the nearby Gekko. Drebin tells Snake and Naomi to flee.]

Drebin           : Go on, get outta here!

Snake            : Can you move?

[Naomi shows signs of struggling to walk. She quickly rips her skirt and
removes her high-heeled shoes.]

Naomi            : Yes. Let's go.

Drebin           : Here they come!

[Drebin takes a last drink from his soda can and hands the rest to the monkey.
Both of them sit back and enjoy the show. A battle ensues between Raiden and
the Gekko units. In a matter of a couple of minutes, Raiden is able to handily
defeat twelve of the machines with barely a scratch on him. As he sheathes his
blade and disengages his helmet, flashbacks of Raiden from the Big Shell
Incident appear.]

Raiden           : Snake... It's my turn to protect you.

[More Gekko units appear on scene and surround Raiden. Drebin enters back into
his APC and activates the same OctoCamo texture he used to fool Snake during
their meeting earlier. A Gekko looks to the vehicle and examines it with its
infrared sensors, but doesn't get any sort of signals. A helicopter suddenly
appears overhead and Otacon informs Snake of where he'll be landing.]

Otacon           : Snake, I'm setting the chopper down at the market square.

Snake            : Naomi, go on ahead.

[Snake readies his weapon and prepares himself as Naomi runs ahead. He is
forced to run through the marketplace ahead with Gekko dropping down from
everywhere and attacking the local villagers.]

[Naomi makes it to the helicopter and is greeted by Otacon.]

Otacon           : I'm sorry... I'm a little busy right now.

[The Mk.II appears and offers Naomi a boost to get inside the helicopter.]

Naomi            : Thank you!

[Otacon and Naomi both share a quick glimpse at each other as Snake finally
shows up to the landing site.]

Otacon           : Don't forget the Mk. II!

[Snake picks up the Mk.II and hands it to Naomi.]

Snake            : Naomi, take care of this.

Naomi            : All right.

[Snake jumps in the helicopter and instructs Otacon take off.]

Snake            : Otacon, get us out of here!

Otacon           : Where's Raiden?

[Snake points off into the distance.]

Snake            : Still fighting.

[As Otacon flies over the scene, Vamp appears advancing toward Raiden while
four Gekko hold down the cyborg ninja.]

Naomi            : Vamp!

Snake            : Raiden!

[Vamp shows up in front of Raiden and throws away his black garments. He slowly
removes his a large knife and begins to lick it from base to tip.]

Vamp             : Yet again, our paths cross.

[Snake readies a sniper rifle inside the helicopter and takes aim. Vamp
merciless stabs Raiden below and proceeds to lick his blade of the blood
afterwards. He then places the tip of the knife on Raiden's left shoulder and
slides it over to his left torso region and puts the knife through his body
another time. Raiden appears to show hardly any pain over this.]

Vamp             : You, too... Immortal?

Raiden           : No. I just don't fear death.

[A shot rings out from above as Snake fires the sniper rifle and breaks one of
the cords a Gekko is using to restrain Raiden. With one of his bindings broken,
Raiden uses his sword to cut through his other restraints and dispatches the
remaining Gekko. A fierce battle occurs between Raiden and Vamp and ends in
both of them piercing each other with their blades. Vamp appears to receive
some sort of enjoyment out of the battle in the end.]

Vamp             : Yes... Could you be the one to finally finish me?

[Raiden removes his sword and pushes Vamp away. Vamp licks his knife from top
to bottom one more time and then sheathes the blade. He then apparently dies
yet again on the spot. Raiden sheathes his sword and notices more Gekko have
arrived in the area. He finds the helicopter transporting Snake in the sky and
uses a nearby Gekko as a catapult to reach the transport. Snake helps him
inside after he is able to grab onto the side of the vehicle.]

Snake            : Raiden! You OK?

Raiden           : Fine.

[Raiden begins coughing up blood uncontrollably.]

Snake            : Raiden!

Naomi            : You're....

[Vamp suddenly gets back on his feet on the street below and retrieves his
phone to make a call.]

Vamp             : Boss, she got away. Are you sure about this?

Liquid Ocelot    : It's all part of the plan.

Vamp             : The test was a failure. Even with his code.

Liquid Ocelot    : As I feared. It's not pure enough. We need all of him.

Vamp             : The PMCs we deployed have suffered brain damage. Nothing
                   salvageable remains. Our only remaining option is to secure
                   the original.

Liquid Ocelot    : I know that. It's only a matter of time. We're working as
                   fast as we can to find their hiding place. I need you here
                   too, Vamp.

[Vamp hangs up the phone and retrieves some blood with his fingers, left on
him from Raiden, and licks it clean as the helicopter flies away. On the
helicopter, Naomi attempts to restrain Raiden as he begins to have some kind of
spasm attack.]

Naomi            : Hang in there!

Otacon           : Vamp...he's got to be immortal.

Naomi            : No. He's not immortal at all. It was my design that caused
                   his body to be like that.

[Both Otacon and Snake turn to Naomi in disbelief.]

Otacon           : Huh?

Snake            : What do you mean?

Naomi            : The nanomachines in his body cause his wounds to close and
                   heal at an accelerated rate. Someone took the basic
                   nanomachine technology I once researched and perfected it.
                   In a sense, I'm responsible for Vamp. He's one of my sins.

Snake            : Does your body have the same nanomachines?

Naomi            : I brought a monster into this world... And I, too, am....

[Raiden continues to cough up blood.]

Naomi            : Hold him down!

[Snake runs over to help Naomi in restraining Raiden.]

Naomi            : He's losing too much blood.

Snake            : Can you save him?

Naomi            : I don't know. He needs a blood transfusion... No, an
                   infusion of artificial blood....

Raiden           : Snake....

Snake            : Raiden!

Raiden           : Europe... Go meet... Big Mama.

[Raiden's head falls back as Snake and Naomi look at each other, seemingly
puzzled at Raiden's peculiar request.]


                             ___       _     _____ 
                            / _ \     | |   |____ |
                           / /_\ \ ___| |_      / /
                           |  _  |/ __| __|     \ \
                           | | | | (__| |_  .___/ /
                           \_| |_/\___|\__| \____/ 

                  _____ _     _         _   _____             
                 |_   _| |   (_)       | | /  ___|            
                   | | | |__  _ _ __ __| | \ `--. _   _ _ __  
                   | | | '_ \| | '__/ _` |  `--. \ | | | '_ \ 
                   | | | | | | | | | (_| | /\__/ / |_| | | | |
                   \_/ |_| |_|_|_|  \__,_| \____/ \__,_|_| |_|


	-------  2.15 - Act 3 Briefing  -------                        [02A3BF]

[An empty frying pan is shown from above. Sunny can be heard singing a song of
chemical elements as she opens three eggs and readies them to cook.]

Sunny            : Argon... Boron... Silicon and neon... Ebrium... Fermium...
                   Plutonium... Chlorine... Fluorine... Gallium and xenon...
                   Thallium, strontium...

[Sunny is shown standing on a wooden crate so that she is able to to reach the
cooking table. Naomi is standing behind her, watching her hum and cook.]

Naomi            : The trick is to keep the lid on.

[Sunny suddenly stops humming and becomes still. Naomi comes over and places
the lid on the frying pan.]

Naomi            : Now, let it cook for one minute. You like cooking, don't
                   you? Good for you.

[Sunny appears to be shy, moving away from Naomi and lowering her head.]

Sunny            : This is my Sunny-side-up fortune telling. When it turns out
                   good, it means something good is going to happen.

Naomi            : So that's why you don't cook them over easy.

[Sunny reaches across the table and grabs a GA-KO timer clock. She sets it to
ring after one minute passes.]

Naomi            : But the secret to good cooking is to keep who's going to eat
                   it in mind. Oh...

[Naomi notices a picture of the late Olga Gurlukovich hanging on the wall.]

Naomi            : Is this your mother?

Sunny            : Yes.

Naomi            : She's really beautiful.

Sunny            : Uh huh.

[Sunny continues to keep her head down.]

Naomi            : That tune you were humming...it's from the periodic table,
                   isn't it?

[Naomi clears her throat.]

Naomi            : Thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium, plutonium,

[Sunny appears surprised and slowly looks up at Naomi as she is rapidly listing
another set of elements from the periodic table.]

Naomi            : Americium... Uh...

Sunny & Naomi    : Curium!

Naomi            : Curium.

Sunny            : Curium.

Naomi            : That's it. Curium!

[Naomi and Sunny share a small laugh together. Sunny notices a blue rose
hanging out of Naomi's shirt pocket.]

Naomi            : Oh, this? May I?

[Naomi removes the blue rose from her shirt pocket and steps toward Sunny. She
carefully places the rose in Sunny's hair.]

Naomi            : There.

[Naomi moves Sunny in front of a mirror to show her how she looks.]

Naomi            : See Sunny? Us girls have to look our best.

Sunny            : Her name...was Olga.

Naomi            : Hmm?

Sunny            : My mother.

[Flashbacks of Olga Gurlukovich from several years ago appear.]

Naomi            : Oh... I see.....

[Sunny of Naomi both take notice of the steam rising from the frying pan.]

Naomi            : It's going to burn.

[Sunny retrieves a spatula and attempts to remove the eggs. Naomi reaches over,
placing her hand over Sunny's and helps her.]

Naomi            : Hold on. And... There. Done!

Sunny            : Thanks....

Naomi            : Of course. We did a great job.

[Naomi and Sunny share a soft giggle that turns into a good laugh after the
GA-KO timer suddenly goes off. The scene shifts to a later time. Naomi, Otacon,
and Sunny are all downstairs working on separate computers while Snake is on
the upper level having a smoke.]

Naomi            : Dr. Emmerich...Liquid is in Eastern Europe. He's after the
                   corpse of Big Boss.

Otacon           : Huh? What for?

[Otacon walks over to Naomi at the computer.]

Naomi            : It's the final key he needs to gain access to SOP. The keys
                   to the System are Big Boss's genetic code and biometric
                   data. Without them, there's no way to gain access.

Otacon           : Wait. What's Liquid been doing all this time?

[Otacon walks over to the other side of the computer Naomi is using, leaving
her with a blank stare. Naomi opens up images of the two incidents from the
Middle East and South America where the malfunctions of the soldiers'
nanomachines left them with severe mental and physical damages.]

Naomi            : He's been performing tests. Two tests... The first, using
                   the genetic code from Liquid's DNA chip. In his second
                   attempt, he used the DNA code and biometric data extracted
                   from Snake's blood.

[Snake is heard commenting on the conversation from the upper level.]

Snake            : What's the need for the original if a substitute works just
                   as well?

Naomi            : Neither your genetic pattern nor Liquid's genetic pattern is
                   a 100% match for Big Boss's.

[Snake to have suddnely choked and begins coughing.]

Snake            : What do you mean we don't match?

[Naomi is shown placing her hand on Otacon's hand. Otacon slowly lifts his hand
away, seemingly embarrased. Naomi brings up some celluar images on the screen.]

Naomi            : Dr. Emmerich. Scientifically speaking, there's the markers
                   implanted during the cloning process... The mixing of
                   mitochondrial DNA within the egg cell... The intentionally
                   altered terminate...

[Snake walks down from the upper level and approaches Otacon and Naomi at the
computer, coughing and staring at the two questioningly.]

Naomi            : Terminator genes... Scientifically speaking. Both you and
                   Liquid are as similar to Big Boss as you could possibly be.
                   But you're still different.

Otacon           : Different?

Naomi            : Yes.

Snake            : So that's what Liquid was talking about?

[Flashbacks of Liquid Ocelot from the Middle East appear.]

Liquid Ocelot    : We're not copies of our father, after all!

Naomi            : Which is why they created Solidus.

Snake            : But Solidus is dead.

Naomi            : Listen carefully, Snake. This is the most important part...
                   The AI that controls the System employs a hightly
                   aggressive, advanced IDS.

[Naomi points to an information window on the computer.]

Naomi            : It uses a special code to inspect all data and commands
                   circulating within the network. Any data that fails to
                   confirm to that code is treated as a foreign object and
                   expunged... Like viruses killed by white blood cells. The
                   authentication program this IDS uses is based on a genetic
                   identification program...

[Information windows of Solid, Liquid, Solidus, and Big Boss appear on the
computer screen.]

Naomi            : One I helped develop for FOXDIE. It's set up so that host
                   commands only execute properly if the key matches perfectly.
                   However... If the IDS suspects someone is trying to break
                   into the System... It registers that genetic code on a

[Naomi points out another information window on the screen.]

Naomi            : That code is then blocked, and can never again be used to
                   access the System. So, if you're going to use a substitute,
                   you need to find a new genetic access code with each new

Snake            : So when Liquid accessed the System in the Middle East and
                   South America... It was only a test.

Otacon           : I can't believe this. Snake and Big Boss don't have the same
                   genetic code?

[Naomi grabs Otacon's hand.]

Naomi            : Strictly speaking, Snake and Liquid aren't the same, either.

[Naomi turns back and sees Snake looking at her, and then turning away.]

Naomi            : Which is why FOXDIE only affected Liquid at Shadow Moses...
                   And spared you. Let's put it this way... If Liquid uses Big
                   Boss's genetic code... The original... He'll have the System
                   completely under his control.

Snake            : Hold on. I thought having his code wasn't enough. You need
                   his biometric data at the same time, don't you?

Otacon           : That's right! And Big Boss is already dead.

Naomi            : No. He's alive.

[Snake and Otacon both turn and look at each other and then at Naomi, shocked
by the statement she just made.]

Snake            : Big Boss is... Alive?

Naomi            : His body is. Or rather... His cells.

Snake            : That's impossible!

[Snake walks away and approaches Raiden, who is resting on a pullout bed.]

Naomi            : Big Boss survives as a biomort... A brain-dead shell
                   sustained in a lab.

[Snake turns back and looks at Naomi as she gets up and walks to the large
digital screen of the world map. Snake takes a seat across the room.]

Naomi            : Liquid has already left for Europe in search of Big Boss's
                   body. Right from the start, he knew his experiment in South
                   America wasn't going to work.

[Snake places an unlit cigarette in his mouth.]

Snake            : Europe, huh?

[Flashbacks of the conversation between Vamp and Liquid Ocelot from South
America appear.]

Vamp             : The test was a failure. Even with his code.

Liquid Ocelot    : As I feared. It's not pure enough. We need all of him.

Vamp             : Our only remaining option is to secure the original.

Naomi            : If Liquid obtains the body, he'll be primed to make his
                   final move.

Snake            : Allowing him total control of the System.

Naomi            : Exactly. Unless we can stop him first.

[Raiden begins experiencing pain throughout his body. Naomi rushes over to
check on him. Flashbacks of Gray Fox as the Cyborg Ninja appear.]

Sunny            : Uncle Hal, I found it!

[Sunny draws Otacon's attention and he runs over to her at the computer.]

Otacon           : This is it.

[Otacon places his hand on top of Sunny's head. Snake walks over to them.]

Snake            : Where'd you hack this from?

Otacon           : AT Security... The Patriots.

Naomi            : I can't believe this sort of thing still goes on...

[Sunny quickly snatches the unlit cigarette from Snake's mouth when he looks
over at Naomi. Otacon walks back toward Naomi.]

Otacon           : The war economy is heating up the R&D race.

[Snake takes his cigarette back from Sunny and taps her on the shoulder.]

Otacon           : It's not just the PMCs, either. Every corporation tethered
                   to the military-industrial complex is losing its sense of
                   morality. And it's us science-holics who are doing their
                   dirty work for them... Not even realizing it.

Sunny            : Can we make Jack better?

Otacon           : I don't know.

[Otacon and Sunny both looks at Snake as he shakes his head. Sunny lowers her
head and begins to sulk. Naomi walks over to Sunny at the computer.]

Naomi            : Sunny. May I?

[Sunny removes herself from the chair and allows Naomi to sit down. Naomi
begins rapidly typing, using two keyboards to search for information. Sunny
watches her in amazement.]

Naomi            : It's no use. There's nothing we can do here.

Sunny            : Hmm? What do you mean?

Naomi            : Look at this.

[Naomi allows Sunny to sit down and shows her what she found on the computer.]

Naomi            : His artificial blood needs dialysis. We don't have the
                   proper equipment.

Sunny            : Dialysis?

Naomi            : Getting his wounds healed is important, too. But at this
                   rate... He's not going to last that long.

Sunny            : Dialysis...is that like what kidneys do?

Naomi            : That's right. Raiden's blood is an older type of artificial
                   blood that was used by the military... Called white blood.
                   After it's been in use for a while, the blood needs to be
                   dialyzed... Filtered. Right now, he's slipping into

[Both Naomi and Sunny turn to look at Raiden lying down. Sunny displays a
worried look on her face and then turns back around and begins determinately
typing on the computer, apparently searching for more information. Naomi and
Otacon can be seen staring into each other's eyes behind her.]

Raiden           : It's there... In Europe...

[Naomi hastily walks over to Raiden.]

Naomi            : What do you mean?

Raiden           : Eastern Europe. They have equipment that can heal me there.

Snake            : Where? The same place Liquid went?

Raiden           : Dr. Madnar. He saved my life.

[Raiden attempts to raise his body up but immediately slumps back down and
falls unconscious again.]

Naomi            : Dr. Madnar. I've heard of him.

Otacon           : A world-renowned cybernetics expert. Strictly underground,

Naomi            : We're in luck, then. It's settled. We must head for Europe.
                   The sooner we get there, the better.

[Naomi suddenly grabs Otacon by his hand and drags him over to another side of
the room.]

Otacon           : I'll call Campbell and have him get us landing clearance.

[Snake stares at Raiden and then begins making his way back upstairs.]

Otacon           : Snake? Where're you going?

Snake            : Well, I'm gonna be spewing out poison soon enough anyway.
                   What's one more smoke gonna hurt?

[Sunny quickly gets up and grabs the cigarette out of Snake's hand and holds
it above her head.]

Sunny            : Uh-uh! This is a no-smoking flight!

[Sunny points to a no-smoking sign on the wall as Snake groans. The scene
changes to later during the night. Snake can be seen relaxing on a bunk bed
downstairs, and Sunny asleep at her computer chair with a picutre of her mother
on the screen. Otacon is still working at his computer and Naomi is standing
behind him across the room, holding some kind of locket. She removes something
from the locket and begins moving toward Otacon. She stops to look around the
room at Raiden, Snake, and Sunny resting. She walks over to Sunny's computer
and places her coat over her. She then approaches and places her arms on his
shoulder. She points at a picture of a girl on the screen.]

Naomi            : Who is this?

Otacon           : Oh, her? That's my sister.

[Flashbacks of Emma Emmerich from five years ago appear.]

Naomi            : Really? I never knew you had a sister. For a moment I
                   thought she might have been your girlfriend.

Otacon           : No! I don't have a... Emma was a brilliant programmer. She
                   wrote the worm that destroyed the Arsenal Gear AI. Then...
                   Vamp killed her.

[Naomi walks away from Otacon.]

Naomi            : I'm so sorry.

Otacon           : No! There's nothing for you to be sorry for. Or me. I used
                   to be an anime otaku.

Naomi            : Oh. So that's where "Otacon" comes from.

Otacon           : I was always fascinated by sci-fi anime. That's what got me
                   into this line of work. It's too bad reality wasn't so
                   simple. I never even imagined that science... That my own
                   research... Could cause so much misery.

[Otacon stands up and walks toward Naomi, placing a hand on a Metal Gear REX
miniature figurine.]

Otacon           : I mean, it's not like us science-holics are Satanists or
                    anything. But... Even when we've got the best of
                    intentions... We end up being used by others for evil.

Naomi            : Dr. Emmerich...I...

[As Naomi reaches out to him, Otacon suddenly sits back down and looks at the
Mk.II sitting on the table next to him.]

Otacon           : You see this? Sunny helped me build it.

Naomi            : Really? Sunny helped build this?

[Naomi walks over and examines the Mk.II.]

Otacon           : We built it using top-secret docs and patents dug up from
                   intranets at a bunch of research labs. To tell you the
                   truth, I think she's better at it than I am.

[Naomi turns around and looks at the sleeping Sunny.]

Naomi            : But she's just a child.

Otacon           : She cracked the protection on your mail.

Naomi            : Wow. I assumed it was you....

[Otacon stands up and walks toward Sunny. Naomi looks at a type of miniature
computer storage device she retrieved from her locket.]

Otacon           : Sunny was taken by the Patriots right after she was born.
                   She never even met her parents. She's spent her entire
                   childhood inside the net.

[Naomi walks over to Otacon as they both look over Sunny.]

Naomi            : That's why she has trouble speaking....

Otacon           : Her home is in the computer. She can only see the outside
                   from the inside. She's always in there... Searching for
                   herself... Searching for her family. She's trying to find
                   out who she is... And where she's going.

Naomi            : Searching for herself... And her family...

[Naomi grasps the storage device she is holding with both hands.]

Otacon           : She believes she can find the answers inside a machine
                   hooked up to the world. She spends every day inside the net,
                   exploring. For Sunny, this is home.

Naomi            : No. It shouldn't be like that.

Otacon           : What?

Naomi            : It's time you let her go outside.

[Snake opens his eyes and begins listening in on the conversation. Otacon
removes his glasses.]

Otacon           : What are you talking about?

Naomi            : She hasn't even been born yet. She's still in the womb. She
                   needs to live a real life.

Otacon           : But...Sunny's never shown any interest in leaving the Nomad.
                   Frankly, I'm worried about letting her go out there.

[Naomi walks back toward suddenly and opens her hand to reveal the storage
device, seemingly aiming it at Sunny.]

Naomi            : I have a feeling she'll do just fine.

Otacon           : You really think she'll be OK going outside?

Naomi            : That's not what I meant... I think she's got a good handle
                   on her science.

Otacon           : Sorry. Go on.

Naomi            : Huh?

Otacon           : You were about to say something.

Naomi            : Oh... Right... Would you mind if I help Sunny with her

Otacon           : Of course not. Go ahead... But...about all we've got on
                   board besides military rations are eggs.

[Otacon attempts to put his glasses back on but Naomi reaches out and suddenly
grabs his arm.]

Naomi            : No. Leave them off. It makes you look handsome.

[Otacon pauses and stares at Naomi.]

Otacon           : You think so?

[Both Naomi and Otacon begin to look into each other's eyes, apparently ready
to kiss, but a beeping sound from the computer makes them turn away. Naomi
places the storage device back within her locket.]

Naomi            : Dr. Emmerich?

Otacon           : Huh?

Naomi            : Is it OK to sleep in there?

[Naomi points at the helicopter at the back of the room.]

Otacon           : Excuse me?

Naomi            : Well, Dr. Emmerich... I know it's easy to forget sometimes,
                   but I am a woman... You understand. Sorry. I... I know it's
                   selfish of me, but I'd like to be alone for a while.

Otacon           : Right. I understand. I'll show you in.

Naomi            : Thank you.

[Otacon and Naomi begin walking toward the helicopter. Naomi catches a glimpse
of Snake staring at the two, as he adjusts his position and attempts to fall
back alseep. Sunny is also shown to have awaken and rests her head back down on
the table, covering it with her hands, after she noticies Naomi and Otacon
walking to the back of the room. As Otacon opens the passenger compartment,
Naomi apparently slips trying to enter the helicopter. Otacon helps her up and
Naomi holds onto Otacon's hand with body her hands after she is inside.]

Naomi            : Good night, Dr. Emmerich.

Otacon           : Yeah... If you get uncomfortable or anything, just let me
                   know. I'll be out there working.

Naomi            : Thank you.

[Otacon slowly raises his head and accidentally looks down Naomi's shirt. He
turns away in embarrassment.

Otacon           : And...

Naomi            : Yes?

[Naomi raises up and smiles, staring directly into Otacon's eyes. As the two
attempt to kiss each other, Otacon turns away at the last moment.]

Otacon           : Call me Hal. Good night.

[Naomi prepares to try and move in again for a kiss, but she suddenly stops.]

Naomi            : Good night, Hal.

[Otacon quickly slides the helicopter door closed and turns around, placing
both hands on his chest. The door suddenly opens again and he is pulled inside
by Naomi. The outside of the Nomad is shown, flying through the night sky.]

	-------  2.16 - To Be Young Again  -------                     [02TBYA]

[A train can be seen arriving at a station being patrolling by PMC soldiers.
Passengers begin disembarking from the train as it comes to a stop.]

Campbell         : Snake, a national state of emergency has been declared in an
                   effort to root out the local resistance. The hunt is being
                   carried out by US-based PMC Raven Sword... One of the
                   companies under Outer Heaven's control.

Snake            : Which means that Liquid's lurking somewhere behind the

Campbell         : Right. And at the top of the target list is the Paradise
                   Lost Army, the resistance group led by Big Mama.

[A young, rugged man is shown walking among the crowd.]

Campbell         : Snake, you'll be infiltrating the region where they are
                   believed to house their base of operations. It looks as if
                   the PMCs moved swiftly, cutting off Big Mama and company's
                   escape routes. They should still be hiding somewhere in that
                   area. Big Boss's corpse is bound to be with them. You've
                   been added to the PMCs' blacklist, so you're going to have
                   to lie about your identity to get in. I've provided you with
                   a way to evade the checkpoints. Make contact with the
                   resistance and find Big Mama. This is our last chance. We
                   must reach Big Boss's body before they do.

[The mysterious man wearing a long coat approaches a security checkpoint. Two
PMC soldiers are seen standing in front of the nanomachine detector and one
is sitting behind a desk and computer to the side, instructing people when to
walk through the scanner.]

PMC Soldier 1     : Next. Next. Next.

[The computer the PMC soldier is using is shown to display "S/O/P/ AUTHORIZED."
after each person passes through the scanner.]

PMC Soldier 1    : Next. Next. Next.

[The mysterious, brown-haired man suddenly stops in front of the scanner.]

PMC Soldier 1    : I said next!

[One of the two soldiers in front of the scanner stares at the man.]

PMC Soldier 2    : You. Get your ass in the machine!

[The soldier from behind the desk stands up.]

PMC Solider 1    : Hey, are you deaf? Take him away.

[The man suddenly removes a hand from his coat pocket and shows a closed fist
to the two PMC soldiers in front of him. They both aim their weapons at him. He
places a cigarette in his mouth and waves his hands to the side.]

PMC Soldier 3    : You're coming with me. I said over here!

[As one of the soldiers attempts to pull the man to the side, he retaliates and
pushes the soldier away. He is surrounded by numerous other soldiers in seconds
and simply stares at them with his cigarette in his mouth.]

???              : That's enough. I'll take him from here.

[A mysterious woman walks up from behind the scanner and the soldiers turn
their attention to her, but continue to keep their weapons aimed at the
troublesome man.]

PMC Soldier 3    : But!

???              : We've been looking for this man.

PMC Soldier 3    : Yes, ma'am.

???              : Come with me.

[The soldiers all lower their weapons as the man calmly follows the woman
around the back of the scanning machine. The soldiers return to their duties.]

PMC Soldier 1    : Next.

[The scene shifts to show the man and the woman standing near a wall just past
the security checkpoint. The woman takes out a lighter and lights the cigarette
the man has in his mouth. The woman is revealed to be Meryl.]

Meryl            : You're looking younger. What's your secret?

???              : FaceCamo. A little present from Tentacles.

[The young man's face suddenly changes to that of an older man - Solid Snake
himself using the FaceCamo to appear younger. Snake looks around to see if
anyone was watching when his camo shifted.]

Snake            : The PMC's sure seem to know you well enough.

Meryl            : You may not believe it, but I'm in charge of overseeing all
                   PMC activity. Having connections can still open doors.

Snake            : You alone?

[Meryl looks over to just across the room to see Akiba, Ed, and Jonathan. Akiba
suddenly starts jumping up and down and waving toward Snake and Meryl.]

Akiba            : Snake! Hey, Snake! Over here! Hey Snake!

[Ed pushes Akiba into Jonathan and Meryl signals him from across the room to
keep it down.]

Snake            : What is wrong with that guy?

[Two PMC soldiers take notice of Snake because of the noise Akiba was making.
Meryl and Snake calmly exit the room. The two are seen sitting down at a table
in the room just outside the one they walked out from.]

Meryl            : Listen to me, Snake. After reporting what happened in the
                   Middle East to my superiors, I wrote up a threat assessment.
                   The President's finally realized the danger Liquid's little
                   rebellion poses, and has called for immediate action. Now
                   I've got more bodies than I know what to do with - a whole
                   joint Army-Marines team. They're already on site, mixed in
                   with the US forces here. We're ready to strike Liquid at any

Snake            : You're planning to take him by force? That's crazy. Look...
                   Things aren't that simple.

Meryl            : Listen, old man. I don't orders from you, or from your
                   Colonel Campbell.

Snake            : It's gonna be the Middle East all over again.

Meryl            : No, it won't. If things get out of hand, we can put a total
                   lock-down on the PMCs' weapons... they won't be able to
                   fight back. Don't forget - we control the System.

Snake            : I wouldn't rely too much on the System if I were you.

Meryl            : We've got them beat in sheer numbers.

Snake            : Meryl--

Meryl            : Look, Snake... Just leave this to me. There's no need for
                   you to put yourself in harm's way. Don't risk your life for
                   no reason. Snake... What you're trying to do... It's not a

Snake            : I know. It's not justice. It's a hired hit.

Meryl            : If you know, then...

[The same two PMC soldiers from the other room walk through the doors and look
over to where Meryl and Snake are sitting. Snake begins coughing uncontrollably
as Meryl places an ashtray in front of him. The PMC soldiers consider moving in
but eventually just leave the room.]

Meryl            : Look, our ways of thinking might be different, but to me,
                   you're still a legend... A hero. I know all about the things
                   you did when you were young. It was what kept me going. I
                   can't bear to watch you die over something so pointless.

Snake            : Don't worry about me. Old soldiers never die.

[Snake coughs a few more times and his FaceCamo appears to be slightly
malfunctioning as it skips back and forth between Old Snake and Young Snake.
Meryl places both her hands on one of Snake's hands.]

Meryl            : Your cause is our cause now. You don't have to do this.

Snake            : I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... Hired to
                   do some wet work.

Meryl            : Fine. Then we'll just have to catch him... Before you do.

[Meryl stands up from the table.]

Meryl            : I may have loved you once... But now you're just too damn
                   senile to face the truth.

[Meryl places herself face to face with Snake.]

Meryl            : Wake up and face reality... Old Snake.

[Meryl presses the tip of her finger on Snake's chest as she comments him about
his old age.]

Meryl            : And stay out of our way.

[Meryl proceeds toward the exit door of the room and gives a quick glance back
at Snake still sitting down, displaying a look of guilt on her face. Snake
places the remainder of the cigarette he was smoking inside a small cylinder
case and proceeds toward the exit of the station. He is noticed by several PMC
soldiers as he exits the building. Stopping around the corner, Snake looks
around to see the streets empty and answers an incoming Codec call.]

Snake            : Otacon, they've seen this face, too.

Otacon           : Yeah. It might have been added to the PMCs' blacklist as

Snake            : And Meryl was acting kind of strange.

Otacon           : Things are going to get hairy once the American suppression
                   troops get here. We'd better get to Big Boss's corpse - and
                   fast. But first we've got to find Big Mama. Snake, let's go
                   over what we know so far. The streets are under curfew. The
                   only people you'll find out there now are PMC soldiers and
                   members of the resistance.

Snake            : Yeah, I thought it looked a little too quiet to be a tourist

Otacon           : The resistance members are scheduled to convene at Big
                   Mama's hideout. So our best course of action is to follow
                   their lead. When you find the resistance, tail them. Let
                   them lead you to Big Mama.

Snake            : But how exactly am I supposed to find this resistance?

Otacon           : The PMCs have laid a dragnet for resistance members that
                   covers the entire town. They're using SOP to notify each
                   other by radio of any info collected during their searches.
                   By intercepting those signals, you should be able to reach
                   the resistance members' location in real time.

Snake            : Intercept their communications? How do I do that?

Otacon           : I've provided you with a new device for just that purpose.
                   To hijack PMC communications, open the item window and
                   select the Signal Interceptor. The Interceptor constantly
                   monitors PMC voice and data transmissions. When you've got
                   the Signal Interceptor equipped and you hear the PMCs
                   chatter about the resistance, check your map. It should
                   display the location.

Snake            : Got it.

Otacon           : Oh, and Snake, I think we've found a way to treat Raiden.

Snake            : Really?

Otacon           : Yeah. We got in touch with Dr. Madnar. Naomi and Sunny are
                   on their way now.

Snake            : They'll be all right on their own?

Otacon           : They're a few clicks north of where you are now. It's a
                   non-combat zone, so there won't be any checkpoints. There's
                   even a dialysis machine. It'll take some time, but I think
                   he'll be OK.

Snake            : Good.

Otacon           : Anyway, you need to hurry and make contact with Big Mama.

Snake            : I got it.

Otacon           : If Liquid gets his hands on that corpse, it's all over.
                   Follow the resistance's lead.

[Snake ends his Codec transmission with Otacon and begins searching for any
resistance members who might still be around town.]

	-------  2.17 - The Forbidden Fruit  -------                   [02FRBF]

[After tracking down a resistance member and stalking him throughout the dark
European city, Snake finally arrives at the site where Big Mama is expected to
be. Snake quietly sneaks behind the resistance member he was tailing as he
approaches as door. Just before he enters, Snake grabs him in and puts him in a
CQC hold and moves inside the building while using him as a human shield. After
moving through two sets of doorways, two other resistance members appear.]

Resistance 1     : Who's there?

Snake            : I'm here to see Big Mama.

[The resistance members move in and surround Snake.]

Resistance 2     : Is this the guy?

Resistance 1     : What do you think?

Resistance 3     : I didn't hear him coming at all. He's gotta be the one.

Resistance 2     : Yeah, but look at him - he's ancient.

[Snake begins coughing when one of the resistance members mentions his age. He
then suddenly begins executing CQC on the surrounding men and eventually winds
up in the center aisle of the church. A red apple rolls down the middle of the
aisle. A woman can be seen standing in front of the alter as more resistance
members enter the room from different entrances.]

???              : Very impressive CQC, Snake. No doubt about it. He is the
                   legendary soldier. Call me Mama... Big Mama.

[The woman turns around and reveals herself as Snake releases the resistance
member and hands him his weapon back. The other members clear out of the room.]

Snake            : I need to talk to you. Raiden sent me.

Big Mama         : My, how you've grown... David. It was you, not I, who was
                   created from the rib of man.

[Big Mama places her hand on her stomach.]

Big Mama         : But I gave you life. I am your mother.

[Snake stares at Big Mama in utter shocked.]

Snake            : What?

Big Mama         : Les Enfants Terribles. You can't grow a human being in a
                   test tube... Not even a clone. You need a woman's body to
                   give it life.

Snake            : You mean... A surrogate mother?

Big Mama         : That's an awfully cold way to put it. I am your mother. I
                   gave birth... For the Patriots.

Snake            : Gave... Birth?

[Big Mama walks toward Snake and picks up the red apple from the ground.]

Big Mama         : The forbidden fruit. Appropriate... No? Follow me. I'll
                   explain everything.

[As Snake follows Big Mama, the scene shifts to the two talking just a short
distance away from the main hall of the church.]

Big Mama         : The man who wants me dead... Is Liquid. Your twin. You think
                   you know him, but I know him better. He was once Ocelot...
                   But Liquid has taken control of his soul. And now he's
                   locked in a bitter struggle with Zero.

[Snake walks over to the front of Big Mama.]

Snake            : "Zero?"

Big Mama         : The founder of the Patriots.

Snake            : Founder? When did this happen?

Big Mama         : 40 years ago. During the Cold War, when the United States
                   and the Soviet Union were still at odds. It was in that
                   chaotic era that the Patriots were born. And I played my
                   part. I was one of the founding members.

Snake            : You?

Big Mama         : Zero created the Patriots to manage and control the American
                   state. That control endured long after the Cold War ended.
                   The organization became an empty shell, continuing to
                   fucntion through AIs. Those AIs are responsible for the
                   creation of the war economy... And they gave rise to the
                   Sons of the Patriots system. But I am partly to blame. I
                   bear some of the guilt for creating the organization. It was
                   right after I first met your father... Big Boss.

[The scene changes to show a number of art images detailing the story of
Operation Snake Eater from 50 years ago.]

Big Mama         : Back in 1964, I was ordered to take part in a CIA op called
                   Operation Snake Eater... Which concerned a new weapon the
                   Soviets were developing at the time. My mission was to
                   support a certain agent. That agent later became Big Boss...
                   But I knew him as Snake.

Snake            : Snake?

Big Mama         : Yes. Naked Snake. That was his code name at the time. A name
                   he would give to you... His son. The commander of this
                   mission was a man called Zero, the head of Special Forces
                   unit FOX. Back then, I was working as a double agent for the
                   Chinese. My objective was to secure the location of the
                   Philosophers' Legacy... A massive cache of hidden wealth,
                   and report it to Beijing. I was to acquire a microfilm
                   showing the location of secret funds... Funds amassed by the
                   Allied powers during World War II. But I failed in my
                   mission, and was expelled from China. I took the apple from
                   the Snake... And was cast out of Eden. After years on the
                   run I ended up in Hanoi - that's where I met him again. It
                   was around then that Zero used the massive funds contained
                   in the Philosophers' Legacy... To start a new organization -
                   the Patriots... Which would carry out the final wishes of a
                   certain legendary hero. The initial membership consisted of
                   Big Boss, Sigint, Para-Medic... And their commander - Zero.
                   Oh, and there was one more who we mustn't forget. He stayed
                   behind in the Soviet Union to support the group as an
                   informant. Ocelot... Who is now Liquid. After your father
                   rescued me in Hanoi, I went to America and join their
                   organization. Zero's goal was to achieve a unity of thought
                   and awareness. He believed that was what The Boss wanted...
                   And the rest of the Patriots followed his lead.

Snake            : The Boss?

Big Mama         : The Boss was a legendary hero from the Second World War
                   known as the Mother of Special Forces. She had an almost
                   overwhelming charisma about her. The CIA feared this, so
                   they had her eliminated. If she had survived, the world of
                   the 21st century might have been a very different place. We
                   were all influenced by The Boss's will. It was what drove us
                   to create this organization - to be closer to that spirit.
                   Zero decided that in order to lead the people, we needed a
                   special kind of icon. So we turned to Big Boss, the last son
                   of The Boss. He shared more of her life than anyone else. It
                   was Big Boss, the true heir to her legacy, who was best
                   suited to play this role.

[The scene shifts back to Snake and Big Mama inside the church. They are now
shown to be standing at the front of the church, in front of the alter.]

Big Mama         : Zero elevated Big Boss - the hero who saved the world - to
                   the status of an idol. The truth behind Big Boss became
                   riddled with exaggeration, misrepresentation, and outright
                   lies. Zero disseminated these stories among the masses and
                   gathered the rich and powerful to his banner. Every era
                   needs its symbols to control the people... Whether it be the
                   Stars and Stripes... Or the Hammer and Sickle.

[The scene changes again to show more art images detailing Big Mama's story.]

Big Mama         : As the times and currents of politics changed, so too did
                   Zero. Eventually, he became a prisoner of his own lust for
                   power... Sparking friction between him and Big Boss, who
                   resented playing the puppet. With Big Boss drifting away,
                   Zero realized he would need insurance. Something that would
                   perpetuate the existence of Big Boss, their organization's
                   icon. And so, Zero secretly embarked on a new project: Les
                   Enfants Terribles. Its goal was to create a clone of Big
                   Boss, the ultimate soldier. The project was led by Dr.
                   Clark, known at the time as Para-Medic. After dozens of 
                   failures, they finally - miraculously... Succeeded in
                   producing a fertilized egg. The egg used in the successful
                   in vitro fertilization came from Dr. Clark's assistant... A
                   heathly Japanese woman.

[The voice of Vulcan Raven from Shadow Moses fills Snake's mind.]

Vulcan Raven     : Blood from the East flows within your veins....

Big Mama         : "Give birth to Big Boss." To realize this, I asked to serve
                   as the surrogate mother... And was more than happy to carry
                   you in my womb. I loved him. Nine months later, I gave birth
                   to two Big Bosses... You, and Liquid. It didn't matter that
                   you were clones, or that they had manipulated your DNA. You
                   were born the same way as any other normal child... From
                   your mother's womb. But Les Enfants Terribles proved to be
                   the final straw for Zero and Big Boss. Determined to oppose
                   Zero and his plans, Big Boss broke away from the Patriots.
                   He left the States, created his own mercenary company, and
                   drifted around the world. I'm sorry... Your father never
                   wanted you. Human life isn't meant to be manipulated like
                   that. I knew that. But I wanted you. After Big Boss left,
                   Zero really lost control. What Zero wanted was an orderly
                   world, one governed by rules. His fortune grew through
                   countless wars... And his words influenced decision-making
                   all the way up to the Oval Office. As the world saw the rise
                   of digital technology... IT, the internet, and genetics...
                   The Patriots' power grew immense. Their roots spread and
                   took hold throughout the globe. In time, they began to
                   dictate the fate of entire nations from the shadows. And
                   before we knew it... The Patriots - the proud police of the
                   world... Started bringing an entire planet under their

[The scene shifts back to Snake and Big Mama inside the church. They are now
walking down the center isle of the church.]

Big Mama         : Their intentions were fair. But their execution was flawed.
                   Zero developed weapons, amassed armies... Used information
                   for extortion - all in order to gain more wealth. He was
                   obsessed with controlling awareness on the inside from the
                   outside. But... I cannot imagine that's what The Boss would
                   have wanted. They both misinterpreted her will. And their
                   absolute reverence for her drove them apart. So began the
                   war between Zero and Big Boss. Opposing interpretations...
                   Each striving to realize The Boss's will. Everything you see
                   today stems from their cold war... Differences in race... In
                   religion... In ideology. This war they've caused is no
                   different from any other human error in history. It all
                   started with a tiny fork in the path... And grew into a
                   great rift.

[The scene again changes to show further images from the past to explain how
everything has affected the present.]

Big Mama         : There was nothing left of The Boss's noble will in their
                   struggle. All that remained was hatred - a passion to
                   destroy one another. Big Boss returned to the US with a plan
                   in mind, and once again assumed command of FOXHOUND. In
                   Outer Heaven, and then Zanzibarland... Big Boss plotted
                   coups d'etat against Zero. But you - Solid Snake, his own
                   clone - foiled his efforts both times. Big Boss and Gray Fox
                   - Frank Jaeger - were left near death. Zero recovered their
                   bodies. Frank Jaeger's entire body was reconstructed through
                   surgery... And he was reborn as the Cyborg Ninja. Big Boss,
                   now a vegetable, became a prisoner of Zero even in death.
                   For Zero, more than anyone else... Your father was an
                   irreplaceable icon. No, the truth is, for Zero... He was an
                   irreplaceable friend. After Big Boss's betrayal, Zero could
                   no longer believe in something so uncertain as life. He lost
                   his belief in everything - nations, organizations,
                   individuals. Zero was no longer willing to place his
                   organization in the hands of the next generation. Instead,
                   he set up a network of AIs... A decision-making system
                   formed from all the information he had accumulated. He built
                   four AIs... GW, TJ, AL, and TR - as sort of a digital Mount
                   Rushmore. And one core artificial intelligence to unite them
                   - John Doe.

Snake            : GW? The same GW we destroyed five years ago?

Big Mama         : The same. Ever since GW was cut off... JD and the other
                   three AIs have controlled all information on every aspect of
                   global society... Economics, politics, law, morals and
                   culture. The war economy is no exception. In the shadow of
                   the System and its complete control over the world... Big
                   Boss isn't allowed to live or die. He's trapped for eternity
                   in a brain dead prison. To bind himself to his friend -  to
                   ensure his rule over the world... Zero transformed Big Boss
                   into an icon, neither living nor dead.

Snake            : Sounds almost like a religion.

Big Mama         : Naturally, Ocelot and I planned to free him from Zero's
                   prison. We enlisted Naomi Hunter, an authority in the field
                   of nanomachine research, into our organization. And we used
                   Frank Jaeger to kill Dr. Clark. Ocelot tortured the DARPA
                   Chief, Donald Anderson - also known as Sigint - to death...
                   And made it look like an accident.

Snake            : The Shadow Moses Incident....

Big Mama         : With Para-Medic and Sigint dead, Zero was the only one left.
                   But we, too, paid a price. I lost Ocelot. Ocelot wasn't
                   fighting for the Pentagon, or the Russians. And certainly
                   not for Zero. He was fighting for Big Boss. He idolized him.

[The scene switches back to Snake and Big Mama. The two are now standing near
the front doors of the church.]

Big Mama         : When Ocelot grafted Liquid's right arm to his own... His
                   body was taken over by Liquid's thoughts and spirit. He may
                   be Ocelot in physical form, but his mind is Liquid's. I was
                   the last one. And then, someone appeared to help me.

Snake            : Raiden....

[Big Mama opens the front doorsand she and Snake walk out into the courtyard.]

Big Mama         : It was when I met him that I finally discovered the location
                   of Big Boss. It was in the data he obtained from GW.
                   Together, he and I retrieved Big Boss. But Big Boss was
                   still asleep, as Zero had left him.

Snake            : Why did Zero keep him alive?

Big Mama         : People need heroes. Zero wanted to create a messiah... A
                   legend... That would never die.

Snake            : Liquid is after Big Boss's body. Is it here?

Big Mama         : I'll take you to meet him.

[Big Mama walks over to the back of one of several black vans parked within the
courtyard of the church.]

Big Mama         : This is his pyx. His Holy Ark.

[Big Mama opens the backdoors of the van to reveal what appears to be some
miniature ICU with skinless body with almost no limbs layed down on a bed.
Snake attempts to reach over to touch the body, but it suddenly begins to spasm
as soon as his hand gets close.]

Big Mama         : His body is alive, but his consciousness is locked away by
                   nanomachines. So technically speaking, he's not really brain
                   dead. We can't allow Liquid to inherit the same sins that
                   corrupted Zero... Manipulating people's minds for the sake
                   of his own ego.

[Two resistance members close the backdoors of the van where Big Boss's corpse
is lying, while Snake and Big Mama proceed back inside the church. As the two
enter the main hallway, Snake receives a Codec call from Otacon.]

Snake            : Otacon...

Otacon           : Snake, it's Naomi...!

Snake            : What happpened?

Otacon           : She's gone. She's not in the Nomad anymore.

Snake            : When?

Otacon           : Less than an hour ago. She disappeared right after she and
                   Sunny got back from Dr. Madnar's place.

Snake            : Why weren't you watching her?

Otacon           : I didn't have my glasses on.

Snake            : Naomi said it herself - the experiment can't succeed without

Otacon           : You think she went back to Liquid.

Snake            : What about Raiden?

Otacon           : Good news on that front. We managed to get our hands on a
                   dialysis machine and set up an ICU. We just started him on
                   dialysis and treatment for his wounds.

Snake            : Will he live?

Otacon           : Yeah, no worries there. Sunny's taken over for Naomi. But
                   his treatment's probably going to take 48 hours. Until then,
                   Raiden can't move.

[A mysterious figure in a long coat and tophat suddenly comes calmly strolling
into the room.]

Resistance 1     : Hey you! Come here!

[A resistance member walks over to the mysterious figure and pulls off his hat
to reveal a black hand. The resistance member falls back in surprise, firing
several bullets through the coat of the figure before hitting the ground. The
coat comes off to reveal three spherical drones, each with three limbs.]

Snake            : What the hell is that?

Big Mama         : Move!

[Big Mama takes out a pistol and proceeds to take out each of the drones one by
one. One persistent drone remains as Big Mama places a foot on top of it and
fires several bullets into the machine to make sure it stays down. Flashbacks
of the EVA from 50 years ago appear.]

Resistance       : Scarabs... Unmanned scouts.

Big Mama         : They've found us. We're moving out.

[As Big Mama and the resistance members begin heading out the door, Snake
receives another Codec transmission from Otacon.]

Otacon           : Snake, the PMCs are converging on your location. Damn it!
                   They're sending in Gekko! They'll be on you in less than
                   five minutes!

[Snake hurries out the door after Big Mama.]

Big Mama         : Are they ready?

Resistance       : Yes, ma'am.

Big Mama         : We'll escape through the canal route using the real van. Get
                   it ready. Hurry!

Resistance       : Yes, ma'am.

Big Mama         : Snake, over here. We've got decoy vans set to draw some of
                   our pursuers away.

[Big Mama walks over to a sheet-covered object near the side of the church. She
removes the sheet to reveal a Triumph motorcycle. Snake and Big Mama look on
in the courtyard, watching the resistance members preparing for their escape.]

Big Mama         : All of these children were orphans. They work in arms
                   factories, and when they grow up, they want to join a PMC.
                   They seek revenge on other companies... PMCs that killed
                   their parents and use their earnings to support their
                   younger siblings. There are countless child soldiers like
                   these in the PMCs. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can get
                   combat training. The FPS games these children love are
                   distributed for free by these companies. Of course, it's all
                   just virtual training. It's so easy for them to get absorbed
                   by these war games. And before they know it, they're in the
                   PMCs holding real guns. These kids end up fighting in proxy
                   wars that have nothing to do with their own lives. They
                   think it's cool to fight like this. They think that combat
                   is life. They don't need a reason to fight. After all, for
                   them it's only a game.

[Big Mama hands Snake a Vz. 83 submachine gun.]

Big Mama         : Zero is the cause of all this. Defeating Liquid won't change
                   things. Unless we stop the Patriots' System, the cycle will
                   go unbroken.

[Big Mama gets on her motorcycle and starts the engine.]

Big Mama         : Hop on. Hold on to me.

[Snake gets on the back of the motorcycle and hangs on to Big Mama's waist.
Allowing the engine to run for a few seconds, Big Mama calmly enhales the air
around her.]

Big Mama         : With so many wars being waged, oil and biofuel have become
                   as precious as diamonds. It's been a while since I went out
                   for a ride.

Snake            : You sure about this?

Big Mama         : I only get off my bike when I fall in love... Or fall dead.

Snake            : Big Mama....

Big Mama         : Call me EVA.

[The vans and resistance members on motorcycles all begin taking off out of the
courtyard, with Big Mama and Snake being the last ones to depart.]

Big Mama         : Here we go!

[The resistance enter the streets of the European city with Big Mama and Snake
following after them. Otacon is communicating with Snake through Codec.]

Otacon           : We have to keep Big Boss's body out of enemy hands, no
                   matter what. Get the body safely to the canal escape point!

Big Mama         : Gekko!

[Gekko appear to on the scene and attempt to block the roads. They manage to
destroy one of the decoy vans traveling with the group. Big Mama and Snake
continue to move through the city, battling their way through PMC soldiers,
elite female soldiers, and Gekko.]

	-------  2.18 - Raging Raven  -------                          [02RGRV]

[Big Mama, Snake, and the final van eventually find themselves crossing a
bridge somewhere within the town. The raven creature Snake saw in the Middle
East and South America appears behind them, along with several unmanned aerial
units following the beast.]

Raging Raven     : There you are, Snake! Where's your anger?! Show me your

[The raven creature fires a round from its grenade launcher in an attempt to
hault the advancement of the caravan, but to no use. The blast does cause the
van and Snake and Big Mama to separate though. The beast takes flight after the
motorcycle with Snake on it.]

Big Mama         : More incoming!

Otacon           : I've got bad news.... The decoy vans have all bitten the
                   dust. Which means the enemy will be focusing on you now. I
                   just need you to hold them off a little longer.

[The pursuit continues through the streets of the city, with the raven beast
and its unmanned aerial units attacking Snake and Big Mama from every angle.
After the two eventually come to a straight road, Big Mama is hit with a sniper
bullet from the distance.]

Snake            : Are you OK!?

Big Mama         : I'm fine!

[Snake and Big Mama pass under a bridge and evidently evade their pursuers.]

Otacon           : I think we lost 'em!

[Big Mama and Snake finally regroup with the final van.]

Big Mama         : There it is!

[One of the unmanned aerial vehicles suddenly appears from behind a fires a
missile at the caravan. The causes the van to lose control and knock Snake off
of Big Mama's motorcycle, and eventually crash through a building wall. Big
Mama is sent flying from her bike and into an iron gate. Snake gets up and goes
to check on her.]

Snake            : Are you OK? Big Mama, come on... Stay with me.

[Big Mama's abdomen appears to have been pierced by a piece of metal sticking
out from the gate. Flashbacks of a very similar incident that happened to her
50 years ago during Operation Snake Eater. She sees an image of Big Boss on the
of Snake.]

Naked Snake      : EVA... I need you.

Big Mama         : Is that you? Snake...

[Big Mama is brought back to reality and pushes Snake away.]

Big Mama         : A mother's work is never done....

[Big Mama removes her body from the metal piece on the iron gate. Flashbacks
of her doing the same thing from 50 years ago appear. Snake helps her up.]

Snake            : Big Mama!

Big Mama         : Where's the van?

Snake            : Over there.

[Snake helps Big Mama over to the area where the van crashed. He can hear the
cries of the raven from above, as unmanned units circle the skies.]

Big Mama         : The children...?

[Snake goes over to check inside the front of the car. The driver is dead. He
turns around and shakes his head toward Big Mama. Big Mama falls to floor, in
sorrowful agony at the turn of events.]

Big Mama         : I'm so sorry...

[Snake picks up a rifle carried by the driver of the van and brings it over to
Big Mama. The cries of the raven creature from above can still be heard.]

Big Mama         : She'll be coming to search the van.

Snake            : I'll take care of it. You stay here - keep watch.

Big Mama         : I'll contact the children.

Snake            : Here. Take this.

[Snake hands Big Mama the rifle. He then readies his M4 and prepares himself.]

Big Mama         : Snake... Come back in one piece.

Snake            : I will.

Big Mama         : Promise me.

[As Snake turns around to go to the roof, flashbacks appear of EVA saying the
same thing to Big Boss 50 years ago. Snake locates a spiral staircase and
cautiously begins his ascent to the upper levels. When arriving at the top of
the staircase, Snake can hear the raven creature on the other side of a door.
He readies himself and checks his ammo before proceeding through the door. He
enters an empty room with more sets up stairs leading to higher floors. Snake
suddenly begins experiencing another seizure. After dropping his weapon and
falling to his knees, he struggles to inject the syringe within himself but
eventually is successful in doing so. While collecting himself, the raven beast
suddenly comes crashing through a wall.]

Raging Raven     : Give me your anger, Snake! Let it boil to the surface! Let
                   your fury flow freely! Anger begets anger! Come on, show me
                   your rage!

[Raging Raven aims its jetpack booster toward Snake and ignites the entire area
where Snake is standing with heat. Snake is able to leap out of the way in time
and take cover behind a pillar.]

Raging Raven     : Rage! Rage! Ready yourself! Here I come!

[Raging Raven flies back up to warn Snake a final time and then begins circling
the ouside of the tall building. After a long and grueling battle with Raven,
Snake is able to defeat the Beast.]

Raging Raven     : You bastards... I'll never forgive you... Never! I can feel
                   the anger building up inside... Eating away at me.

[Raging Raven suddenly becomes engulfed in what appear to be black feathers.]

Raging Raven     : No... No... I'll never forgive myself. I don't want to be
                   angry. I don't need anger. I'm not angry.

[As Raging Raven wraps its wings around itself, its armor plating starts to
shed off of the Beast.]

Raging Raven     : I'm scared!

[Its wings fling outwards, releasing the body of a young and beautiful woman.
As she falls to the floor, she looks up and begins panicking.]

Raging Beauty    : Help me! The birds are pecking at my flesh! And my soul!
                   Please, please make them stop! I don't need more hate! I've
                   had enough! Help!

[The woman slowly begins crawling toward Snake.]

Raging Beauty    : Let me out of this cage.

[The Beauty rises to her feet and spreads her arms outward.]

Raging Beauty    : I don't need these wings. I don't need this rage.

[The Beauty turns to Snake and begins waving her hand at him.]

Raging Beauty    : Come. Let your anger flow.

[Snake, puzzled again about the woman's motives, attempts to bring her down
quickly. After dealing enough hits, the Beauty lets out a scream and is then
engulfed within white bird feathers. She then falls down on her back and curls
up into a fetal position. Snake goes over to check on her and can see she's
still breathing. He looks over to what's left of her armored suit and notices
her grenade launcher. After going over to claim the weapon, Snake receives a
Codec transmission.]

Drebin           : Way to bring that bird down, Snake.

Snake            : Drebin...

Drebin           : And you got yourself a souvenir, too. A grenade launcher.
                   Nice! That's a real user-friendly weapon.

Snake            : Not much use to me without an ID, though.

Drebin           : I'll launder his one free of charge.

Snake            : What's the catch?

Drebin           : Only that you give it to me when you're done with it. A
                   weapon with that many decades of rage stored up inside it -
                   now that's a collector's item.

Snake            : How old was she?

Drebin           : I'd say about 20. But she had years of soldiers' rage hidden
                   away in that youthful body of hers.

Snake            : Soldiers?

Drebin           : Yeah. The soldiers of Aceh, a place that hasn't seen peace
                   in a long, long time. She was captured by one side or
                   another, and kept caged up like an animal along with God
                   knows how many other kids.

Snake            : Anonymous violence.

Drebin           : Exactly. It's unknown whether her captors were with the
                   government or the rebels. In any case, they got their kicks
                   by abusing these helpless little kids day after day after
                   day. That constant barrage, that battlefield rage, slowly
                   built up inside their bodies... Their minds. The kids tried
                   to keep each others' spirits up, always clinging to the hope
                   that someone would come to their rescue, barely surviving
                   off scraps of food. But those soldiers didn't stop. They
                   called the kids parasites and shit-eating ravens. Beat 'em
                   even harder. Then one morning, the soldiers just up and
                   left, leaving the surviving kids to be eaten alive by the
                   birds. Almost like one of those sky burials. One by one,
                   their bodies were picked apart by ravens' beaks, until
                   finally the flock came for her. But by some miracle, their
                   beaks cut her bonds instead. And like that, she was
                   liberated. In that instant, she was filled with an
                   uncontrollable rage, and it smothered her soul. She ripped
                   the ravens pecking at her to pieces and then went after the
                   soldiers. And when she finally caught up with them, she
                   waited until nightfall like a hunter awaiting its prey. They 
                   say that when a raven cries, a man dies. And that's exactly
                   what happened that night. Screeching and cawing, she killed
                   every last living being in the camp, both the soldiers and
                   the civilians they'd enslaved. In her eyes, there was no
                   longer a difference. The cruelty her friends had suffered,
                   the pain and humiliation she'd endured... Hers was the
                   distillation of the rage that decades of war had imparted on
                   those soldiers.

Snake            : It was her strength - and her greatest weakness.

Drebin           : You're something else, Snake. You managed to cleanse Raven
                   of her rage. No, seriously. You're the seed of war. In fact,
                   I'd say you might even be war itself.

Snake            : Drebin...

Drebin           : Maybe it's still too early to tell. You've still got half
                   the BB Corpsahead of you. Keep your eye on the ball, pal.

[Snake ends his transmission with Drebin and heads back downstairs.]

	-------  2.19 - Guns of the Patriots  -------                  [02GOTP]

[Snake returns to the bottom floor to find Big Mama, still alive.]

Big Mama         : Snake... I have to apologize. The three vans that came out
                   with us were decoys. The real one is floating down the
                   river, headed downstream.

[Snake walks to the back of the destroyed van and opens one of the backdoors to
find it to be empty.]

Big Mama         : I managed to get in touch with the children... The pyx is
                   safe. We're going to rendezvous on the riverbank downstream.
                   Land and air routes are cut off...

[Snake closes the backdoor to the van and walks back toward Big Mama.]

Big Mama         : But there's a cruiser waiting for us. The Volta River is our
                   only chance of escape. Let's get out of here... Hurry...

[Big Mama reaches out to Snake as he helps her to her feet.]

Snake            : Good thinking.

[Snake and Big Mama walk out of the front doors of the building. Big Mama
approaches a manhole cover near her crashed motorcycle.]

Big Mama         : This way... Follow me.

[Snake stops and examines Big Mama's wrecked bike.]

Big Mama         : I don't need to feel the wind anymore. There's no need to
                   keep lying to myself. I only get off my bike... When I fall
                   in love... Or...

[Flashbacks of EVA from Operation Snake Eater appear.]

Big Mama         : Snake... Give me a hand.

Snake            : Yeah.

[Snake walks over to Big Mama and lifts off the manhole cover.]

Big Mama         : The underground aqueduct leads to the river. There should be
                   fewer of them down there.

[Big Mama slowly makes her way down the manhole. Snake follows right behind
her. A scarab can be seen monitoring the two from a short distance away. Snake
places the cover back over the manhole. Snake and Big Mama later arrive at the
base of the Volta River. As Snake cautiously rounds the corner, he sees a man
sitting down and smoking a cigar.]

Snake            : Liquid!

Liquid Ocelot    : Not bad.

Big Mama         : Where's the pyx?

Liquid Ocelot    : That no longer matters.

Big Mama         : Where is it?

[Liquid Ocelot blows smoke in the direction of a burning boat. Big Mama falls
to the ground in agony at the sight of the wreckage.]

Snake            : Is that it...?

[Elite soldiers of Liquid Ocelot's private guard appear from in front and
behind, surrounding Snake and Big Mama. Vamp rises from a docked boat on the
side. Naomi is seen hiding behind him.]

Snake            : Naomi.

Liquid Ocelot    : Naomi told me everything. And now, thanks to her, I finally
                   have it. The thing I've sought for so long... Big Boss. Put
                   down the gun, Snake. It's already too late. You almost did
                   it. But it looks like I win after all.

[Snake lowers his rifle but draws his knife as Liquid Ocelot approaches him.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Cigars... Father's favorite. What do you say? Care for one
                   last smoke?

Snake            : You think you're Big Boss now?

[Liquid Ocelot takes a puff from the cigar and patronizingly blows a cloud of
smoke in Snake's face.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Guilty as charged. But all that ends today.

[Liquid Ocelot flings the cigar at Snake's face, ricocheting off his Solid Eye.
Liquid dashes toward Snake and, after an array of CQC moves, is able to steal
both his pistol and rifle and leave Snake with his knife in his shoulder.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Nice try... But when it comes to CQC, I've got the upper

Snake            : Even if you do get a hold of the System, you'll only have
                   one part of the Patriots' AI... The military part.

[Liquid lets out a chuckle and then approaches Snake. He grabs the knife still
lodged in his shoulder and lifts Snake to his feet.]

Liquid Ocelot    : What of it, brother? It's only a matter of time before I
                   have everything.

[Liquid activates the stun function of the knife and sends an electric current
throughout Snake's body.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Remember GW? The AI they think they lost?

[Liquid places his forehead against Snake's.]

Liquid Ocelot    : It's mine - a part of my army.

[Snake pushes Liquid away.]

Snake            : Impossible! We destroyed it!

[The scene shifts to images portraying the GW artificial intelligence.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Your worm only managed to cut GW into little pieces...
                   Pieces we were able to reconstruct. And then we stowed it
                   away inside JD's network. This man's body has served me
                   well... Allowing me to pass every security barrier between
                   me and GW. After all, the Patriots' System is nothing more
                   than a machine. Now that GW is a spook inside the network,
                   there's no way JD would recognize it as an external threat.
                   Once I destroy JD with a nuclear strike, the Patriots'
                   network will be mine. And then, I'll build my Haven... Free
                   from all forms of control. I'll cast aside my old
                   identity... And take my own name for the first time.

[The scene changes back to Snake and Liquid at the water.]

Snake            : Liquid, you're planning to recreate the Patriots?

Liquid Ocelot    : Snake, we were created by the Patriots. We're not men. We're
                   shadows in the shape of men.

[Liquid punches Snake in the abdomen and then engages in CQC with him.]

Liquid Ocelot    : We're freaks who never should have existed!

[Liquid pounds Snake to the ground and then lifts him back up by the knife
jabbed in his shoulder.]

Liquid Ocelot    : We're a system... Insurance that future generations never

[As Snake struggles, Liquid electrifies Snake with is own knife again.]

Liquid Ocelot    : The Patriots saw fit to create us, and in doing so became
                   our only raison d'etre.

[Snake continues to retaliate, but Liquid just keeps demonstrating that he has
the upper hand in a hand-to-hand combat situation.]

Liquid Ocelot    : I won't fight my fate any longer. I'll kill Zero and Big
                   Boss, and become a Patriot myself.

[Liquid dodges more of Snake's punches and then grabs at the knife in his
shoulder. He moves around Snake and grabs him from behind.]

Liquid Ocelot    : It all began with Zero and Big Boss. Our purpose in life is
                   to fulfill our destinies. And once all is returned to
                   zero... The world can be reborn.

[Liquid grabs the knife yet again and sends an electric current to both his
body and Snake's body. Liquid continues to stand, apparenlty unscaved, as he
easily pushes Snake to the ground.]

Big Mama         : ADAM....

[Big Mama holds out a red apple and rolls it toward Liquid's feet. Liquid walks
over and picks up the apple, first examining it and then crushing it.]

Liquid Ocelot    : So long as we both live, the world will not know an age of
                   light. If we're to pass the baton to the next generation,
                   the only choice left to us is death.

[Liquid notices some ongoing noise in the distance.]

Vamp             : Boss...

Liquid Ocelot    : Good. The players have all assembled, Snake. The time has
                   come for you to witness... Witness our moment of triumph!

[Liquid leaps atop his getaway boat and points toward the river.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Go!

[As Liquid's boat departs, a bright light fills the night as Meryl's unit can
be seen springing a trap from another boat.]

Meryl            : Hold it right there, Liquid!

[Liquid's boat continues onward as he notices several other boats in the
distance waters moving in to intercept him.]

Meryl            : Drop your weapons and stand down. Now!

[Suddenly, more boats appear and surround Liquid's boat, along with helicopters
from the sky. Armored trucks can be seen moving in and stopping on both bridges
on either side of Liquid's boat. In a matter of minutes, Liquid is surrounded
by sea, air, and land vehicles on every side.

Meryl            : All of you, drop your weapons and put your hands up!

[Liquid raises his hands in the air and begins to turn around and seemingly
embraces his captors. Snake can be seen carrying Big Mama and preparing to
board Meryl's boat from the dock.]

Snake            : Meryl!

[As Snake helps Big Mama on board Meryl's boat, they begin advancing toward the
middle of the river to position themselves in front of Liquid's boat. Liquid is
seen beginning to slowly raise his right hand into the air.]

Meryl            : Aim!

Snake            : Liquid! Stop!

Meryl            : Fire!

[As Meryl gives her command, Liquid throws two fingers forward. The lights from
the boats surrounding him suddenly shut off. Meryl is seen attempting to fire
her pistol, but the trigger appears to be jammed. She retrieves another pistol
and attempts to fire it, but nothing happens. All of the soldiers on the
adjacent bridges and boats apparently have their weapons jammed as well. Meryl
retrieves a knife and focuses her attention on Liquid.]

Liquid Ocelot    : The System is mine! Your guns and your weapons are no longer
                   your own! Behold... Guns of the Patriots.

[Liquid bends his fingers to appear in the shape of gun and takes aim at the
two helicopters flying overhead.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Bang! Bang!

[Both helicopters suddenly start spinning out of contol.]

Helicopter Pilot : Shit!

[The two helicopters eventually come crashing down in the river below. Liquid
turns his attention to Meryl's ship and aims his fires at the vessel.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Die!

[The soldiers on board with Liquid begin firing when he instinctively does with
his fingers as Snake and everyone else takes cover. Liquid then raises his
fingers to his own head.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Bang!

[All the soldiers in the area begin experiencing the same symptoms that occured
during Liquid's tests of the System in the Middle East and South America. Akiba
can be seen running around checking on this comrades.]

Akiba            : Jonathan! Ed! Commander! Commander...

Meryl            : Akiba... You're... You're OK?

Akiba            : Yeah... I'm fine.

Meryl            : But why...?

[Liquid steps up onto the railings of his boat and this time takes aim with
fingers on both his hands. The soldiers with him on board begin firing exactly
when he apparently does. Meryl pushes Akiba out of the way as they take cover.]

Meryl            : Look out!

[As all of the army and marine soldiers in the area are being gunned down by
Liquid's troops, unable to fight back, Liquid can be seen laughing hysterically
from his boat. He raises his hands in the air and looks at the sky.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Do you see this, Zero? We are victorious! Behold! Guns of
                   the Patriots!

[After everything has settled and the gunfire ceases, Liquid aims a set of
dual-canons directly at the boat Snake and company are aboard.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Out of my way!

[Ed and Jonathan get thrown off the boat from the blast and Akiba grabs Meryl
as they both fall into the water. Liquid's boat then approaches the damaged
vessel with Snake and Big Mama still aboard.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Let them have it. We don't need it anymore.

[Vamp picks up the remains of Big Boss and tosses it into a fire on the boat
Snake and Big Mama are on. As Big Mama sees the corpse being tossed into the
flames, she begins crawling toward it and then jumps into the fire. As Snake
sprints over to Big Mama, Liquid retrieves a pistol and takes aim.]

Liquid Ocelot    : So long, Snake!

[Liquid fires a shot at a fuel tank on the ship. Snake can be seen being burned
by the flames of an explosion. Big Boss's corpse is nothing but a charred
object now. Snake slowly crawls away from the flames with Big Mama. He rolls
over to reveal that half his face has been burned.]

Snake            : Otacon!

[The Mk.II appears through the flames and leaps on the back of Liquid's boat as
it escapes from the scene. The aftermath of the battle shows numerous bodies of
dead soldiers floating in the water, with more injured ones along the docks and
still in boats helping others out of the water. Ed and Jonathan are seen laying
on the ground above the river.]

Ed               : You and me... We were great partners.

Jonathan         : No... Great friends.

[Akiba is on the riverside with an unconscious Meryl.]

Akiba            : Meryl... Meryl! Meryl!

[Akiba removes his mask and begins giving Meryl CPR.]

Akiba            : Meryl... Don't give up on me. Meryl... Don't go...

[After several seconds, Meryl is still not breathing.]

Akiba            : Meryl!

[Meryl's eyes suddenly open as she spits out a 

Akiba            : Meryl! Meryl!

Meryl            : Akiba...

Akiba            : I... I... It's...

[Akiba embarrassingly removes his hands from Meryl.]

Akiba            : It's not, I mean....

[Meryl reaches up and grabs Akiba's face, pulling him down for a kiss.]

Meryl            : Thank you, Akiba.

Akiba            : You OK, Meryl?

[Akiba begins to help Meryl up.]

Akiba            : Hey... If it's all right... Call me Johnny.

[Meryl and Akiba stare into each other's eyes for a second and then look up to
the srreetside to see Snake sitting down with a dying Big Mama.]

Big Mama         : You and the beasts are no different... Scorched shadows born
                   to the world. When a beast steps into the light... Unless
                   the light is put out... The shadows cannot be erased. So
                   long as there is light... There is shadow. To return
                   everything to normal... The light must be extinguished.

[Big Mama slowly reaches up to touch Snake's face.]

Big Mama         : And when that happens... You... Will be... Too.

[As Snake attempts to grab Big Mama's hand, it drops back to the ground as
she takes her final breath and falls silent. After some time passes, a vehicle
is heard stopping at Snake's location and a monkey appears. Snake looks up.]

Snake            : You.

[Drebin crouches and places a hand on the knife lodged in Snake's shoulder.]

Drebin           : Like I said, we pride ourselves on service.

[Snake groans in pain as Drebin removes the knife.]

Drebin           : Come on. Let's take this guy to his friends.

[Drebin's monkey begins dancing around as Snake apparently falls unconscious
and a final look of the devastation at the Volta River is shown as the scene
fades away.]


                             ___       _       ___ 
                            / _ \     | |     /   |
                           / /_\ \ ___| |_   / /| |
                           |  _  |/ __| __| / /_| |
                           | | | | (__| |_  \___  |
                           \_| |_/\___|\__|     |_/

                 _____        _         _____                 
                |_   _|      (_)       /  ___|                
                  | |_      ___ _ __   \ `--. _   _ _ __  ___ 
                  | \ \ /\ / / | '_ \   `--. \ | | | '_ \/ __|
                  | |\ V  V /| | | | | /\__/ / |_| | | | \__ \
                  \_/ \_/\_/ |_|_| |_| \____/ \__,_|_| |_|___/


	-------  2.20 - Act 4 Briefing  -------                        [02A4BF]

[Sunny opens two eggs into a frying pan. She begins singing another song which
now involves various Japanese words.]

Sunny            : Kawanishi-Noseguchi... Kinunobebashi, Takiyama...
                   Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano. Ichinotorii,
                   Uneno... Yamashita, Sasabe... Kofudai, Tokiwadai,

[Sunny places the lid on the frying pan this time and reaches out to grab the
GA-KO timer clock. She sets the timer to 1 minute. Her attention shifts to the
blue rose she received from Naomi, which she has placed in a small vase. She
gently picks up the vase and begins admiring the rose. The scene shifts to
some Mk.II footage of a conversation on the boat Liquid used to escape the
Volta River in Eastern Europe.]

Liquid Ocelot    : We'll launch a stealth nuclear warhead at JD.

Naomi            : I thought you couldn't control a nuke with GW.

Liquid Ocelot    : We can't. We've taken over their guns and heavy weapons, but
                   the WMDs are still under JD's control. That's where REX
                   comes in. I know where to find nukes they don't control.
                   Vamp, how long until REX is ready?

Vamp             : All that's left is the final check. We've identified JD's
                   location through GW. An abandoned 20th century satellite
                   orbit, disguised as debris.

Naomi            : A clever place to hide.

[Naomi stands up and walks to the middle of the deck.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Satellite orbit....

[The Mk.II moves under Naomi's legs and continues monitoring the conversation.]

Vamp             : With a stealth nuke, there's no need to worry about the
                   Patriots intercepting it. By the time they realize what's
                   happening, it'll all be over.

Liquid Ocelot    : Once JD - the core AI - is destroyed... GW's priority will
                   rise to 1. And all the systems under JD's control will then
                   be ours to command. Now go. Prepare our Haven.

Vamp             : Yes, Boss.

[Naomi accidentally backs up into the Mk.II and it is discovered by everyone
aboard the ship. Vamp quickly moves toward the robot and grabs hold of it.]

Vamp             : What the devil is this...?!

[The video footage becomes scrambled and suddenly stops. Snake and Otacon were
sitting down and watching the video on the Nomad. Otacon picks up a small robot
from his desk that looks like a replica of the Mk.II, but colored red, and
places it on the floor in front of him.]

Otacon           : The video feed from the Mk.II cuts off here.

Snake            : Haven... Yeah... Drebin was saying something about that.

Otacon           : In the beginning, the Patriots' System was controlled by
                   four AIs, with JD at the top. One of those AIs was GW. The
                   Patriots thought it had been destroyed. But Liquid was able
                   to use it as cover to slip inside the System.

Snake            : GW... I knew I'd heard that name before.

[Otacon brings up a diagram of the five Patriot AIs on the widescreen.]

Otacon           : Yeah, GW was one of the Patriots' cell AIs. It was installed
                   on Arsenal Gear. Emma's worm should have put it permanently
                   out of commission. But Liquid somehow recovered and repaired
                   it. I'm guessing JD must be unable to recognize GW even
                   though it's inside the Patriots' System. It's a blind spot.
                   GW was written off as lost while it was still tied in. Using
                   it let Liquid interfere with the AI from the inside. He made
                   contact under the guise of Big Boss's genetic code. Even the
                   AI threat detection system was fooled.

Snake            : A haven on the network... Free from oversight by the
                   Patriots' AIs.

[Flashbacks of from the Big Shell Incident of GW going haywire appear.]

Otacon           : It all makes sense now. That's why they made Arsenal go
                   berserk five years ago. GW was on board.

Snake            : Where is this haven? Where is their base?

[Snake attempts to stand but falls back onto his stool. Otacon goes and helps
Snake sit back down. Sunny prepares herself to leave her computer to go and
help but stops shortly after leaving her seat.]

Otacon           : Don't worry. Mei Ling is using the position of the Mk.II's
                   last transmission to predict the course of Liquid's ship.
                   It's only a matter of time before we find him.

[Snake is coughing uncontrollably.]

Snake            : But that's not all Liquid said... Something about REX being

Otacon           : REX? You mean... Shadow Moses.

[A transmission call appears on the widescreen.]

Otacon           : It's Campbell.

Campbell         : The US military's systems are all in Liquid's hands now. The
                   regional systems have all been shut down. Guns are falling
                   silent across the earth. It's the first total cease-fire in
                   human history.

Otacon           : How's the White House responding? The public...?

Campbell         : The President has yet to make an official announcement. But
                   the media is starting to pick up on it.

Snake            : The information's gonna be controlled anyway.

Campbell         : Not this time. The war economy has ground to a complete
                   halt. It's tough to play down a crisis of these proportions.
                   War economy-related stocks are already going into a free

Snake            : They must be shitting themselves at the White House right
                   about now.

Campbell         : In any case, America had better sleep soundly while she
                   still can. Liquid's insurrection... Is about to begin. The
                   first thing he'll do is try to destroy the System the
                   Patriots built to control the US.

Otacon           : He's already taken the System.

Campbell         : No. Supreme authority still resides with JD which the
                   Patriots still command. Which is why Liquid plans to launch
                   a nuclear strike on JD in its orbit.

Snake            : But Liquid only controls SOP, the SOP only controls guns and
                   small firearms. Unless he gains supreme authority, Liquid
                   can't use America's nukes and ballistic missiles... So how's
                   he gonna launch this strike?

Campbell         : Good question. The US converted its nuclear arsenal to
                   reliable replacement warheads two years ago.

Otacon           : RRWs.

Campbell         : Yes. The core of the RRWs is now completely ID controlled by
                   the SOP System. You'd need supreme authority from JD itself
                   to control them. And they can be shut down remotely in case
                   of an emergency.

Otacon           : All the old nukes were pulled out of service when they
                   deployed the replacements.

Snake            : If Liquid can't use the nukes... Then what's his plan?

[Flashbacks of Metal Gear REX appear.]

Otacon           : That's it! He's going to use REX!

Snake            : What?

Otacon           : REX was scrapped before the Sons of the Patriots System was

Snake            : Of course... The rail gun.

Campbell         : Indeed. REX's rail gun can launch a stealth nuclear warhead
                   into space unconstrained by the System. In short, it's the
                   only device they have that is able to launch a nuke.
                   Liquid's going to use it to kill JD and deliver the coup de
                   grace to the Patriots reign.

Otacon           : Campbell, where's REX now?

Campbell         : I think you know. A long-forgotten base, in US territory,
                   outside the Patriots' control... The place where Liquid made
                   his debut... His monument. Off the Alaskan coast, in the Fox

[There is a short silence in the room.]

Snake            : Shadow Moses Island.

Campbell         : If Liquid destroys JD, and his GW assumes total control over
                   the System... He'll have the world at his fingertips. And no
                   one will be able to stop him. Not even the Patriots. You are
                   the only ones who can save us now. Snake, I'm counting on
                   you. Defeat Liquid and put an end to his insurrection.

[The scene changes to a later time aboard the Nomad. Snake begins experiencing
symptoms of a seizure again. He reaches for a syringe and injects himself with
it. Snake attempts to stand but then falls down in a chair. Otacon runs over
and grabs the used syringe out of Snake's hand.]

Otacon           : Enough is enough, Snake. You can't take any more of this.

Snake            : I'm not dead yet.

Otacon           : That's not what I mean. You can't beat Liquid. He's got the
                   Patriots' own control system on his side. Not only are
                   weapons useless, but the US military is in shambles. And
                   even if it weren't, Liquid's got enough men and machines to
                   match it.

[Snake begins coughing and Otacon runs over and holds him up by the shoulders.]

Otacon           : Things can't get any worse.

[Otacon falls to his hands and knees on the floor.]

Otacon           : Face it, Snake... We've lost.

Snake            : Otacon...!

Otacon           : We never stood a chance.

Snake            : It's not about winning or losing. I... No, we started this.
                   And it's our duty to finish it.

[Snake begins walking toward Raiden, who is resting on a dialysis machine.
Sunny suddenly gets up and runs in front of Snake, extending her arms outward,
blocking him from reaching Raiden.]

Snake            : Sunny...

Sunny            : No! Jack can't go. He's not ready yet. He needs to rest!

[Raiden reaches up and places a hand on Sunny's shoulder.]

Raiden           : Let me go, Sunny.

Sunny            : No... Your dialysis isn't done yet.

Otacon           : Snake... He's not ready yet.

Raiden           : Snake...

[Raiden removes his oxygen mask.]

Raiden           : I'll be fine.

[Sunny turns back around and extends her arms again. Snake walks up to her and
places both hands on her shoulders, giving her a slight nod. Sunny lowers her
head and slowly walks away.]

Raiden           : From now on... I'm living my life by my own will.

[Raiden attempts to get up but he is pulled back down by several cords that are
connected to his back.]

Snake            : Raiden....

Raiden           : I won't live a proxy life... A slave to someone else's will.

Snake            : I'm a shadow. One that no light will shine on. As long as
                   you follow me, you'll never see the day.

[Raiden attempts to raise himself again, this time pushing hard enough so that
he disconnects the cords in his back.]

Raiden           : You and I are both just pawns in this proxy war. But once
                   this is over, we will have our freedom.

Snake            : Raiden....

Raiden           : I'll release you. It's the only way I'll ever be free.

Snake            : Raiden... Five years ago... That's not what I meant.

Raiden           : I've got nothing to lose.

Snake            : Don't be an idiot. You know you've got someone to protect.

Raiden           : It was never going to work out for me. It even "rained" the
                   day I was born.

Snake            : You've got it all wrong. You were the lightning in that
                   rain. You can still shine through the darkness.

Raiden           : The lightning....

Snake            : Raiden... Look at me.

[Snake turns around and removes a large bandage patch from the left side of his
face and then turns back to look at Raiden. Otacon, Sunny, and Raiden all show
expressions of shock on their faces.]

Snake            : Do you see this?

[Snake's face can be seen to be severely scarred from burns.]

Snake            : I have no future. In a few months, I'm going to be a weapon
                   of mass destruction. You... You have a family.

[Raiden suddenly jumps up and grabs Snake by the shoulders.]

Raiden           : I have no family! I have nothing!

[Raiden slowly falls to the floor and holds on to Snake's leg.]

Raiden           : I have always been alone. Always.

Snake            : Raiden....

[Sunny walks over and turns Raiden on his back. Snake turns away.]

Raiden           : Don't leave me here alone.

[Snake turns back around and looks down at Raiden.]

Snake            : This is my fight. My destiny.

[Raiden loses consciousness. Another tranmission call shows up on the
widescreen. A young woman with short hair, wearing an admiral's uniform,
appears on screen.]

???              : Dr. Emmerich?

Otacon           : Mei Ling.

Mei Ling         : I got the results back. It's official. He's on Shadow Moses
                   Island. We lost Metal Gear Mk.II's signal along the way, but
                   the ship was headed in the direction of Shadow Moses.

[Snake and Sunny both help Raiden to lie back down.]

Mei Ling         : This is a picture of the island taken by a civilian imagery

[A satellite image of Shadow Moses Island appears on screen.]

Mei Ling         : The sea line is rising due to global warming. Have you heard
                   that the enire Fox Archipelago is about to slip into the
                   ocean? The surrounding islands have already been evacuated.

Snake            : Liquid's arrival there can only mean one thing...

Otacon           : He is going to use REX.

Mei Ling         : That's how it looks from here. All the Metal Gears after REX
                   were embedded with System IDs.

Otacon           : Then what about REX? What did Washington do with it?

Mei Ling         : The nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses hasn't been
                   touched since the incident.

Otacon           : That was nine years ago.

Mei Ling         : The president of ArmsTech and the DARPA chief were killed,
                   and the Secretary of Defense was arrested... By the time the
                   Shadow Moses Incident was over... There wasn't a single
                   person left there who knew what took place.

[Snake retrieves a cigarette and places it in his mouth. Sunny heads back to
the upper level of the Nomad.]

Mei Ling         : It was as if nothing had ever happened. The data was either
                   falsified or erased so no traces would be left behind. We
                   were exiled to desk jobs for the same reason. REX and the
                   nukes should still be where they were nine years ago

Otacon           : A forsaken island. A haven.

Mei Ling         : I'd say it's more like a forgotten island.

[Snake drops the cigarette from his mouth and bends down to pick it up. He then
takes a seat on the side of the room where Raiden is lying down.]

Mei Ling         : And it's sinking, too.

Otacon           : Thought I'd never go back.

Mei Ling         : It'll take me a while to get there, but I'll be backing you
                   up from aboard the Missouri. She's the only ship in the
                   fleet still able to move... Since it was decomissioned
                   before the System was put in place. And Hawai'i is not that
                   far away. Otacon, you're not wearing your glasses anymore?

[Otacon appears embarrased.]

Otacon           : I switched to contacts.

Mei Ling         : We rendezvous at Shadow Moses.

[Mei Ling stands up and places her hat on.]

Mei Ling         : He who submits to heaven shall live... He who defies heaven
                   shall perish.

[Mei Ling gives a salute as the transmission video ends.]

Otacon           : I have to atone for my past, too. REX is a beast born from
                   my research. Let's go. Shadow Moses awaits.

[The Nomad is shown flying out of cloud-cover as the scene fades.]

	-------  2.21 - Return to the Origin  -------                  [02RTOR]

[Snake wakes up in a panic, as if experience a nightmare. He is in the back of
a helicopter. Otacon can be seen in the cockpit.]

Otacon           : Everything all right, Snake?

Snake            : I was having that dream again.

Otacon           : We're here. Shadow Moses.

[Snake peers out of the window to see the helicopter flying over a snow-covered
forest in the middle of a heavy blizzard. Otacon stops the helicopter over some
open terrain as Snake takes the new Metal Gear robot and jumps out. Although it
is a short fall, Snake lands on the ground wrong and injures his back.]

Otacon           : Snake! Are you all right?

Snake            : Yeah. I just slipped a little. Have to hurry... Not much
                   time left.

Otacon           : Meet the Mk.III. It's our last replacement, so try not to
                   break it.

Snake            : Who, me? Never.

[Snake picks up the Mk.III and places it on its feet.]

Otacon           : One more thing... I don't see anybody around, but there are
                   unmanned sentries patrolling the area. Be careful out there.

[Otacon takes off in the helicopter as Snake activates his Solid Eye and
prepares to advance toward the Shadow Moses base.]

Otacon           : The heliport is to the west of there. Head west and find
                   that heliport.

[After arriving at the heliport, Snake notices the front door to the tank
hangar has been left slightly open.]

Otacon           : It looks like the front hangar door is open a little bit, at
                   least. You can get in that way if you want.

[As Snake makes his way inside the tank hangar, he spots a damaged camera
mounted to the wall. Flashbacks from Shadow Moses nine years ago appear.]

Snake            : A surveillance camera?

[Snake eventually makes his way through the tank hangar and across the small
field of snow where he first fought Vulcan Raven in the M1 tank. He arrives at
the first floor of the nuclear warhead storage building. The Codec starts
ringing as he enters the main area of the compound.]

Otacon           : I don't see any enemies around here. OK, we'll go through
                   the door all the way at the back.

Snake            : Otacon, last time around we had a few complications and
                   wound up going through the commander's office in the

Otacon           : That's right... I remember now. But there's no need to go
                   all the way down there this time, right? The back door takes
                   us straight where we need to go.

Snake            : Good point.

Otacon           : OK, then. Let's get to the back door.

[Snake proceeds to the back door of the compound but finds it locked. He
receives another Codec transmission from Otacon.]

Otacon           : Snake, that door is locked.

Snake            : How do I open it?

Otacon           : Security is shut down altogether. You can't release the lock
                   without activating it. You'll have to go log in somewhere.
                   I've got it, Snake. My old office is close by. With the
                   power on, you should be able to unlock the door from there.
                   And if you check the facility records, we can find out REX's
                   status and who's been in and out. You remember where it is,

Snake            : I'm not senile yet.

Otacon           : Just to be safe, I'm marking it on your map. You old geezer.

[Snake begins coughing heavily.]

Otacon           : Snake, the password is 48273. Think you can remember that?

Snake            : I told you, I'm not senile... Yet.

[The Codec transmission with Otacon ends.]

Otacon           : Snake, I've checked the APU on this floor and engaged the
                   generator. Energy output is low, but it should be enough to
                   power the elevator. Try the elevator and see if it's

[Snake proceeds to the elevator located just off the catwalk bordering the
inside of the building. He eventually arrives at the second floor basement of
the compound.]

Otacon           : OK, first go down the central hallway. Don't worry, it's not
                   electrified any more.

[Snake proceeds through an adjacent room through the main hallway. He receives
a Codec transmission from Otacon.]

Otacon           : Everything looks exactly like I remember it. Except for that
                   wall way in back, anyway. I still can't believe how much
                   damage you caused in such a small space.

Snake            : The switchboard - nailed it with a remote-control missile to
                   shut down the electric current in the floor. The guidance
                   system in those things takes up so much space it hardly
                   leaves any room for explosives.

Otacon           : Didn't make much of a bang, huh?

Snake            : Hardly. Switchboard's still intact.

Otacon           : You're right. The wiring past the switch circuits could
                   still be live.

Snake            : Wait a minute... I'm not going to get shocked if I walk on
                   this floor, am I?

Otacon           : No need to worry. As long as you don't turn the current back

[Snake continues onward toward Otacon's old lab. Flashes of the scene with the
Cyborg Ninja slaughtering the soldiers in the hallway run through Snake's mind.
After arriving at the lab, the Mk.III moves over to a locker at the back of the
room as Otacon examines the place he took refuge while Snake and Gray Fox
engaged in their fistfight battle. Snake is examining the room.]

Otacon           : Hold on. I want to check security.

[Snake stumbles for a second and then goes and places the Mk.III on top of the
computer table. Snake suddenly begins coughing and experiencing another seizure
as he grabs the Mk.III and places it on its side.]

Otacon           : Are you all right? Snake, are you OK?

[Snake walks over to the a connecting table and injects himself with a syringe.
The attack ceases as Snake walks back over and places the Mk.III back on its
feet. The robot uses a cable to connect itself to the computer system.]

Otacon           : Snake, that password I told you before... You remember it,
                   right? 'Cause I completely forgot.

[Snake places his finger on his bandanna, attempting to think.]

Otacon           : Can you punch it in for me? It's a five-digit number....

[Snake enters the number 48273 onto the Mk.III's digital touchpad. A message
appears that displays the words "ACCESS PERMITTED."]

Otacon           : Nice job. At least your memory hasn't gone bad.

[In moments, all the supercomputers in the lab start up as the once dark room
is now illuminating with light.]

Otacon           : This version is totally obsolete. It's going to take a
                   little work.

[Snake walks over and sits down on the computer table opposite to the one the
Mk.III is connected to.]

Otacon           : This is the room where we first met, huh?

Snake            : Yep.

[Flashbacks of Otacon wetting his pants during his encounter with Gray Fox
appear as Snake stairs at the stain near the lockers.

Otacon           : It's not conjuring up any unpleasant memories, is it?

[Snake turns his head toward the Mk.III around and lets out a chuckle.]

Otacon           : I was being attacked by Frank Jaeger.

[Snake walks over to the lockers.]

Snake            : Yeah... I remember.

Otacon           : If you hadn't shown up when you did... It gives me the
                   shivers just thinking about it. Snake, you saved my life.

Snake            : Naomi hated them for what they did to Frank's body... But it
                   was me that crippled him in the first place. She must have
                   hated me, too.

Otacon           : We shouldn't have been so trusting. I blame myself, too. I
                   helped develop REX. That's why it was so easy for me to
                   believe her feelings were genuine. But she was only using us
                   to atone for her sins.

[Snake walks back over toward the Mk.III.]

Snake            : So what? What did she do to us?

Otacon           : You forgot already? She betrayed you! She stole your blood!

[Flashbacks of Naomi's medical examination of Snake in South America appear.]

Snake            : No. If that was all, it should have been over and done with
                   in South America. Why'd she join us afterward?

Otacon           : Well, I....

Snake            : She has us come rescue her and then she turns around goes
                   straight back to Liquid. Why would she do that?

Otacon           : I don't know, Snake. But it looks like she's still with him.

Snake            : What?

Otacon           : I just had a look at the security access logs... As I
                   thought, there's people coming and going at frequent
                   intervals. In fact, the records show some recent activity.
                   Look at this.

[Snake places his face right up to the Mk.III's monitor.]

Otacon           : It's an image taken a few hours ago by a surveillance camera
                   up ahead.

[Vamp and Naomi are shown walking down a hallway.]

Snake            : Naomi.

Otacon           : And Vamp.

Snake            : The beauty and the beast.

Otacon           : They've been through here. And from what we've gleaned from
                   the security records, it can only mean one thing... They're
                   headed for REX's old underground hangar.

[Flashbacks of Metal Gear REX appear.]

Otacon           : I finished rebooting security and released the locks. The
                   door on the first floor ought to open for you now.

[The Mk.III disconnects from the computer system. Snake picks it up and places
the mechanical robot on the floor. He experiences a back spasm.]

Snake            : Amazing. Almost makes me nostalgic for the days when you
                   needed a keycard for every door.

[Flashbacks of different levels of keycards from Shadow Moses appear.]

Otacon           : Yep. It's been nine years. All you really have to do is
                   reinterpret the old technology in terms of the new. Getting
                   old isn't all that bad, you know. Let's get going, Snake.

[The Mk.III activates its stealth camouflage as the scene ends.]

Otacon           : I finished unlocking the door on the first floor. It should
                   open now.

[Snake proceeds back down the hallway and toward the elevator. As he approaches
the room with the electrified floor, a Gekko crashes down from the ceiling.]

Otacon           : Gekko! We've got Gekko!

[Snake attempts to make his way around the Gekko, but it's no use.]

Otacon           : Snake, it's blocking the hallway leading to the elevator.
                   You'll have to do something before you can get to the first

[Snake wittingly sends the Mk.III to the switchboard pannel in the back room
that controls the electric current in the floor. Using its electronic optic
cable, the Mk.III reactivates the switchboard and blows up the Gekko into
pieces using the electric current in the hallway floor.]

Otacon           : OK! Nice, Snake!

[With the Gekko unit destory, Snake proceeds to the elevator and takes it back
up to the first floor of the storage building.]

Otacon           : OK, Snake. Take the stairs down and go to the north door.
                   I'll open it for you with the Mk.III.

[As the Mk.III accesses the control pannel to the door, the elevator in the
back can be heard and is apparently moving. As it comes to a stop and the doors
open, another Gekko unit steps out.]

Otacon           : Oh, man! More Gekko! The Mk.III is totally defenseless while
                   working on the door. You'll have to distract the Gekko so
                   they don't spot it!

[Snake keeps the Gekko unit busy while the Mk.III unlocks the door. After a
number of minutes, the door is successfully unlocked.]

Otacon           : Ok, Snake! It's open now.

[Snake escapes out into the snowfield area near the communications towers as
he continues onward toward his destination.]

	-------  2.22 - Crying Wolf  -------                           [02CRWF]

[Snake begins moving through the snowfield surrounding the two communication
towers, recognizing it as the same area where he fought and killed Sniper Wolf.
The sounds of heavy breathing can be heard from the distance. Snake stretches
his back and begins moving forward cautiously. Through the blizzard, on the
opposite side of the snowfield, the wolf-like creature Snake first saw in the
Middle East appears. The back shell of the Beast lifts out as the being inside
the mechanical suit emerges and takes aim with its rail gun.]

Crying Wolf      : Snake... Found you.

[Crying Wolf zooms in toward Snake with her rail gun. Snake, still unaware of
the Beast's presence, begins to experience another seizure. He falls to his
knees, but then slowly gets back up.]

Crying Wolf      : Cry... Cry for me.

[Crying Wolf engages the night-vision function on its rail gun as it lines
Snake up between its sights. Snake can now hear the Beast, but is still unaware
of its location as he points his weapon in direction directions. On the other
side of the snowfield, Crying Wolf begins charging its rail gun to fire.]

Crying Wolf      : Go on... Let me hear you cry!

[The Beast fires a shot from its rail gun directly at its target. Snake notices
the shot at the last second as he dives to the to evade it, injuring his back
in the process. While still on the ground, Snake reaches for his rifle, but
another shot is fired without warning and this time grazing Snake as it strikes
a tree directly behind him. The tree falls down and almost crushes Snake as he
appears very shaken up by the surprise attack.]

Crying Wolf      : Come... Show me your tears. Let them flow! Cry... Until your
                   eyes run red!

[The being returns inside its mechanical suit and charges across the snowfield.
Snake reaches for his M4 as bullets suddenly hit the fallen tree beside him.
Elite female soldiers from Liquid's private guard flood the area and begin move
from tree to tree and advancing on Snake's position.]

Crying Wolf      : Sad... So sad... So very, very sad...

[Snake retrieves a pistol and uses blindfire to send a number of bullets in the
direction of his assailants.

Crying Wolf      : So sad I could die!

[Snake picks his M4 back up and engages in combat with Crying Wolf. After a
long and patient battle within the freezing blizzard, Snake is able to draw the
being outside of its mechanical suit. The being falls to the ground and begins
slowly crawling toward Snake, struggling to stand up. After rising to its feet,
its helmet falls to the ground to reveal a beautiful woman.]

Crying Beauty    : I hear them... I hear the cries... The cries of babies.

[The Beauty is sobbing as she puts her hand to her ear.]

Crying Beauty    : Stop it! Stop crying! Please! Please, stop crying!

[The Beauty falls to the floor again and slowly turns her head, appearing to
show fear of something behind her. Snake quickly turns and aims his weapon but
sees nothing there.]

Crying Beauty    : No, wolf... Go away. Don't come any closer.

[A wolf appears out of the snow but then fades away as it approaches the
Beauty. The cries of a baby can suddenly be heard. The Beauty places her hands
over her face and begins crying.]

Crying Beauty    : I'm sorry. I was so scared. Forgive me. I'm sorry. You can
                   cry if you want to. Cry if you need to.

[The Beauty's sobbing suddenly stops as she looks up at Snake.]

Crying Beauty    : No... I don't need tears anymore.

[The Beauty begins crawling toward Snake.]

Crying Beauty    : I've cried myself dry.

[The Beauty stands up and begins slowly walking toward Snake.]

Crying Beauty    : So cry... As much as you like. I... Will be there to listen.

[Snake readies himself and quickly attempts to put the Beauty down through
non-lethal means. After a short time, the Beauty lets out one final cry and
falls to the ground. She curls up in a ball and lays still. She still apears to
be alive as Snake checks on her. The Mk.III can be seen in the distance, moving
to attempting to unlock it as it did the previous hangar door. Snake looks over
to see the rail gun of Crying Wolf on the ground a short distance away. He
picks up the weapon but it proves to be difficult to carry due to its massive
weight. A Codec transmission comes in.]

Drebin           : Yo, Snake. I finished laundering that rail gun you picked up
                   just now. Knock yourself out. It's on the house.

Snake            : Thanks.

Drebin           : Time for another bedtime story, Snake. This one's about
                   Crying Wolf. You don't need me to tell you there's whole
                   nations in Africa tearing themselves apart in the name of
                   ethnic cleansing. Well, she was born into that environment.
                   When she was a little girl, her village was attacked by
                   rival armed factions. Her parents and siblings were
                   slaughtered, and she was left a refugee. She took her last
                   surviving relative, her baby brother, and ran as far as she
                   could away from the war zone. One day, they came across an
                   enemy unit, so she took her brother and hid in an abandoned
                   shack. And then her brother started to cry... She knew that
                   if the soldiers heard the noise, they would find them and
                   kill them both. So she wrapped her hands as tight as she
                   could around his mouth. As the footsteps gradually went
                   away, she came back to her senses. Her brother wasn't crying
                   anymore. Horrified, she pulled her hand away, covered in
                   sweat and spit. He wasn't breathing. They say wolves eat
                   their own pups when they die. She was spotted wandering
                   through the thick of battle carrying her dead brother in her
                   arms. She had visions, too - a wolf walking alongside her.
                   Every night, the wolf would howl and cry, just like her
                   brother did that day. Eventually, she made it to a
                   government-run refugee camp. But by then, her brother's body
                   had rotted away. The camp was crowded with refugees like
                   herself, and little children like her brother. Day and night
                   she was tormented by the cries of babies. The wolf that
                   followed her heard her sorrowful screams and answered. He
                   made his way around the camp. And one by one... He silenced
                   the children. She tried to stop it, but she was powerless to
                   stop the wolf. A few days passed, and on the eve of the
                   enemy's raid, there wasn't a child left. The adults who
                   survived were torn up pretty bad. Of course, there never was
                   any wolf in that camp. She was the one who killed those
                   babies. But she couldn't bring herself to admit it. She
                   couldn't bear the thought of herself going from one baby to
                   the next, howling like a wolf, snuffing out their little
                   lives. And she never did, even as Crying Wolf, a lonely
                   beast forever stalking the battlefield. Snake, fighting with
                   you made Wolf finally accept what she'd done. She was
                   cleansed by you. It the cries she heard of children on the
                   battlefield have been silenced, it's because of you. You
                   ought to be proud. Three down, one to go. All that's left is
                   Mantis. But you should know, Snake - she's been controlling
                   all the other Beasts. She's the Beast of Beasts. Don't let
                   her get her hooks in you.

Snake            : I won't.

Drebin           : See you around, Snake.

[After ending the Codec transmission with Drebin, Snake turns around and looks
for the Mk.III. The small robot just finished disengaged the lock on the doors
ahead and now turns to look back at the snowfield.]

Otacon           : Welcome home... Wolf.

[As a wolf approaches the body of Crying Wolf, flashbacks of the deceased
FOXHOUND member Sniper Wolf appear. The wolf moves in closer to sniff Crying
Wolf and then lets out an echoing howl. Picking up the body of the Beauty and
placing her on its back, the wolf disappears into the blizzard. Snake walks
over to where the Mk.III is waiting.]

	-------  2.23 - Sins of the Past  -------                      [02SNSP]

[After entering the small building through the door the Mk.III unlocked, Snake
receives a Codec transmission before he can proceed any further.]

Otacon           : Hold it, Snake. Time to change the disc. I know, I know...
                   It's a pain. But you need to swap Disc 1 for Disc 2. You see
                   the disc labeled "2"?

Snake            : No.

Otacon           : Huh? Oh, wait! We're on PS3 system! It's a Blu-ray Disc.
                   Dual-layered, too - no need to swap.

Snake            : Damn it, Otacon, get a grip!

Otacon           : Yeah, what an age we live in, huh, Snake? Wonder what
                   they'll think of next!

[Ending the Codec transmission with Otacon, Snake proceeds into the blast
furnace room, which is now frozen over. Snake heads to the lower level and
attemts to use the same large door that leads to the giant elevator he used to
reach the hangar where REX hangar nine years ago. The door doesn't open.]

Snake            : Otacon, how do I get this door open?

Otacon           : It's not opening? That's weird... I know I disengaged
                   security back at the lab...

Snake            : We should have been able to get to REX's storage hangar from

Otacon           : I've got it. If memory serves, there are casting and rolling
                   facilities directly beneath the furnace. You should be able
                   to pass through them to a drainage duct that leads to the

Snake            : How do I get there?

Otacon           : There should be a special service elevator in the northwest
                   corner of this floor.

Snake            : Northwest corner - got it.

[Snake moves to the northwest corner of the furnace room and locates the
service elevator Otacon was talking about. While taking the elevator down to
the basement area, voices from Snake's past flood his thoughts.]

McDonell Miller  : Snake. I've got something to tell you about Naomi Hunter.

Snake            : What about her?

McDonell Miller  : She might be a spy!

Snake            : To kill me? Is that all you cared about?

Naomi            : Frank Jaeger, the man who you destroyed, was my brother and
                   my only family.

Snake            : Gray Fox?

Naomi            : You killed my benefactor and sent my brother home a cripple.
                   I vowed revenge.

Snake            : But I can't go yet. I still have a job to do.

Naomi            : I vowed revenge...

[The elevator reaches the fifth floor basement of the compound. Snake proceeds
through the casting and rolling facilities, eventually arriving at the drainage
duct Otacon told him about.]

Otacon           : Finally, it's just up ahead. The hangar is just a little bit
                   further. Stay en route.

[Snake enters the final hallway before the hangar where REX was once housed.]

Otacon           : REX is on the floor above you. Use the lift.

[Snake enters the old hangar and scans the area. The Mk.III follows behind.
Flashbacks of Metal Gear REX appear.]

Otacon           : Hop on, Snake. I'll send 'er up.

[Snake lifts the Mk.III onto the main platform and then climbs on top of it
himself. The Mk.III uses circuit panel in the floor to activate the platform.
Snake and the Mk.III ascend to the upper level of the hangar. As the platform
comes to a stop, Snake retrieves his pistol and begins scanning the room before
shifting his attention to the wreckage of Metal Gear REX.]

Otacon           : REX!

[Snake and the Mk.III move in closer to the giant machine.]

Otacon           : Look! The rail gun's been removed! Liquid doesn't need the
                   whole REX to launch his nuke... He only needs the rail gun.

Snake            : Damn it! Has it already been shipped?

Otacon           : Hang on, I'll check.

[The Mk.III opens a small hatch on one of the metal feet of REX and connects
its optic cable into the circuitry. A voice is heard from above.]

???              : I'm afraid so.

[Vamp is seen on a landing just above REX.]

Vamp             : Unfortunately for you... The rail gun is no longer here.

[Naomi appears from behind Vamp with her arms wrapped all around him.]

Snake            : Naomi!

Vamp             : This place will be your grave... As my Queen wishes. The
                   Suicide Gekko are on their way. Soon, there'll be nothing
                   left of this place.

Snake            : We've been had... Otacon!

Otacon           : Snake, I think I might be able to get it working. I just
                   need some time!

Snake            : Hurry!

[The Mk.III begins ascending to the cockpit of Metal Gear REX.]

Naomi            : I'll leave the rest to you.

Snake            : Naomi!

[Naomi walks away as Vamp leaps to the ground below.]

Vamp             : Excellent... You'll amuse me until they arrive.

Vamp             : Come on, kill me....

Otacon           : I'll take care of REX. You take Vamp! Kill that monster! Get
                   Naomi back, Snake! Please!

[Snake engages in fierce battle with Vamp. After apparently killing the
creature several times, Vamp continues to rise back to his feet. Snake recalls
that Naomi mentioned something in South America about his nanomachines being
the cause of his supposed immortality. Grabbing Vamp and placing him in a CQC
hold, Snake is able to inject the beast with nanomachine suppressors. Vamp
falls to his knees with one hand holding the area where he was injected.]

Vamp             : What have you done?

Snake            : There... Now you're a mere mortal - like the rest of us.

[Snake shows Vamp the syringe he used on him.]

Vamp             : Clever... But can you kill this mere mortal?

[Gekko units suddenly burst into the room from all directions.]

Snake            : Gekko!

Otacon           : Snake! Look out! They're rigged to self-destruct!

[As the Gekko advance on Snake and prepare to self-destruct, three flash of
light quickly appear and the Gekko suddenly stop in their tracks. The heads of
the machines then fall to the ground. Raiden drops down from above.]

Raiden           : Snake... Sorry to have kept you all waiting.

Snake            : You ready for this?

Raiden           : Sunny gave me the go-ahead.

[Vamp makes a huge vertical leap and lands atop Metal Gear REX.]

Vamp             : How about it, undying man? Care to die, too?

Raiden           : Sorry... But I can't die just yet.

Vamp             : Then kill me.

[Vamp removes three knives from his glove-sheath and licks one lustfully.]

Raiden           : Snake... This one is mine. You keep those Gekko at bay.

Snake            : Otacon, we're gonna buy you some time.

Otacon           : I'll do my best!

[On top of REX, Vamp flings his knives at Raiden but they are easily deflected
with a swing of his sword. Vamp pauses.]

Vamp             : Wait... You're a scout, too, are you not? Then let us duel
                   with blades.

[Vamp runs his hand over his favorite knife as Raiden sheathes his sword and
places it on the ground beside him. Both warriors each remove a large knife and
prepare themselves for combat. Meanhwhile, Snake readies his rail gun down
below and takes aim at the invading Gekko.]

Otacon           : Those are Suicide Gekko. They blow up, and they take us with
                   them. You've got to keep them back! I'm sending you data on
                   where to aim. Put a bullet through their brains!

[Raiden and Vamp battle each other atop Metal Gear REX while Snake is keeping
away all Gekko that are appearing in the hangar. After a gruesome skirmish,
Raiden is able to finish off Vamp with a vertical slash of his sword, sending
the monster falling down to the ground below.]

Otacon           : Snake, get out of the way!

[As more Gekko attempt to enter the area, Otacon fires a number of missiles at
them to seal off their entry points.]

Snake            : REX!

Otacon           : This thing might come in handy after all.

[Otacon lowers the cockpit of REX down to the floor. Naomi suddenly appears.]

Naomi            : He was never immortal. His natural healing abilities were
                   enhanced by the nanomachines inside his body. But after so
                   many battles... He's finally reached his limit.

[Vamp reaches out to Naomi.]

Vamp             : Doctor... Ease my pain.

Raiden           : Naomi... Sunny asked me to tell you something.

Naomi            : What is it?

Raiden           : I cooked them right.

Naomi            : I see. Good for you, Sunny. You finally did it.

[Naomi lifts her head up as tears begin to fall from her eyes. She retrieves
a syringe as Vamp reaches out to her, but she stands up and steps away.]

Naomi            : No. I can't save you. You have to trust me, Dr. Emmerich.
                   Give this to him. Not for revenge, but to end his suffering.

[The Mk.III retrieves the syringe from Naomi and examines it. Vamp suddenly
grabs it from the Mk.III and injects it into his neck. Naomi places her arms
underneath Vamp as his body begins to spasm.]

Naomi            : Now you can return to your true self. You can be at peace.

Vamp             : I can... Die?

Naomi            : Yes.

[Vamp lets out one final scream and then falls back into Naomi's arms - dead.]

Naomi            : Forgive me.

[Naomi wraps her arms around Vamp and begins to cry.]

Otacon           : This doesn't change anything. Why?

Naomi            : We can't... Erase the past. Nor... Can we forgive it. And so
                   the only thing we can do... Is end it.

[Naomi retrieves the syringe from Vamp's hand and stands up, looking at Snake.]

Naomi            : Snake... Liquid's down below us. He's stolen the Patriots'
                   System... Slipped out of their sight, and taken their ark.

Snake            : Ark?

Naomi            : A warship... Unfettered by land... Law... Country... Or
                   network. The only place where they are truly released from
                   the shackles of the Patriots... The place where they can be
                   free. Outer Haven.

Snake            : Outer Haven...?

Naomi            : Liquid plans to launch the nuke from that ship. Snake... You
                   have been given life so that you may fulfill your purpose.
                   When all of this is over, you'll have no choice but to
                   accept death. We are given life only so that we can atone
                   for our sins. Your life was created for that very purpose.
                   We all must atone for our own sins. We must not pass them on
                   to the next generation. We must not leave them for the
                   future. That is your true fate... One that even you cannot

[The building begins to rumble as Naomi steps to the side and injects herself
with the syringe. She begins to lose her balance; something inside her body
reacts to the injection.]

Otacon           : Naomi!

Snake            : What have you done?

Naomi            : Vamp and I... We are the same. We're living corpses... Our
                   bodies kept barely alive by nanomachines.

Snake            : Then you...

Naomi            : Cancer. I shouldn't even be alive right now. The
                   nanomachines have kept it from progressing... But there's
                   nothing more they can do. With the nanomachines gone... Time
                   will unfreeze and begin to flow again.

Otacon           : What are you saying?

Naomi            : Goodbye... Hal.

Otacon           : Don't!

[The Mk.III tries to reach out to stop Naomi, but it's no use. She injects
herself again with the syringe. Naomi wraps her arms around her body and falls
to her knees. Otacon watches all of this from the Mk.III.]

Naomi            : Give my best to Sunny.

Otacon           : Naomi, don't do it...

Naomi            : Are you crying...? For me?

Otacon           : Naomi...

[Naomi willingly injects herself with the syringe yet again. Otacon continues
to cry while watching her.]

Otacon           : Naomi... Why?

[Naomi reaches forward and grabs the Mk.III.]

Naomi            : You have such beautiful eyes.

[Naomi falls to the ground, continuing to hold onto the Mk.III.

Naomi            : I'm sorry for everything.

Otacon           : Naomi... Naomi... Naomi...

[The building starts to shake again as Gekko are starting to enter the hangar.
Naomi pushes the Mk.III away.]

Naomi            : Now go!

Snake            : Otacon!

[Snake attempts to reach down and grab the Mk.III, but it shocks him back.]

Raiden           : Let's get moving.

Otacon           : Why does it always end this way?

[Flashbacks of the deaths of Sniper Wolf and Emma Emmerich appear.]

Snake            : Otacon!

Otacon           : Just when I thought I was ready to fall in love.

[Snake yells at Otacon to pull himself together as more Gekko continue entering
the room. Raiden runs and picks up the Mk.III.]

Otacon           : Naomi...

Raiden           : They're coming!

Otacon           : Why?

[Snake and Raiden run to the cockpit of REX as Otacon looks at the bodies of
Naomi and Vamp one last time. The area is now flooded with Gekko.]

Otacon           : Snake... You're right. I haven't lost everything yet. I've
                   still got a job to do.

Snake            : That's right. We need you.

Otacon           : I'm done crying. I don't have any more tears to shed.

[Otacon wipes his eyes and puts his glasses back on.]

Otacon           : We have to get out of here.

Snake            : Any ideas?

Otacon           : Time's running short, so I'll explain as we go. Pay close

Snake            : I'm listening!

[Snake activates REX and stands it up on its legs. As REX turns around, the
hangar doors leading to the escape tunnel start to open. Naomi can be on the
ground behind REX, speaking her last words.]

Naomi            : Promise... Promise me... You'll carry on... Our will.

[Naomi reaches out toward Metal Gear REX, but her hand falls to the ground as
she takes in her last breathes. With the hangar doors fully open, Snake charges
forward with REX toward their escape.]

	-------  2.24 - Our Rightful Liberty  -------                  [02RTLB]

[Large numbers of Gekko cover the path out of the escape tunnel. Snake has only
five minutes to escape from the base before it explodes.]

Otacon           : Snake, we have to get out of here. Follow the supply tunnel.
                   Stomp those Gekko and head straight for the exit.

[As Snake blasts his way through hordes of Gekko, Raiden suddenly decides to
jump from the cockpit.]

Raiden           : I've got your back.

[An explosion launches REX forward, just as they reach the exit of the tunnel.
Snake activates the anchors on REX's feet to stop the mechanized beast.

Otacon           : They self-destructed!

[Raiden appears at the exit of the escape tunnel but is suddenly crushed by
falling debris.]

Snake            : Raiden!

Otacon           : What's that...?

[Snake and the Mk.III turn to look toward the sea. A giant robot suddenly leaps
out of the waters and lands directly in front of REX. It's Metal Gear RAY. The
giant creature lets out an all-too-familiar scream.]

Otacon           : RAY!

Liquid Ocelot    : Brother! It's not over! Not yet.

Snake            : Liquid!

Liquid Ocelot    : Moses - where our fates were born. And where yours ends,

[Snake readies REX and Liquid let's out another scream with RAY.]

Otacon           : Let's finish this, Snake! RAY may have been designed as a
                   REX killer, but you've got me on your side. You can't lose!
                   Crush RAY, and Liquid with it!

[With Snake piloting REX and Liquid piloting RAY, the two cursed brothers
engage in a galactic battle of mechanized war machines. After setting the port
area ablaze, both Metal Gears eventually fall to the ground. RAY remains silent
as Snake appears severely injured inside REX.]

Otacon           : Where's Liquid?

[The cockpit of RAY opens up as Liquid emerges and falls to the ground.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Snake!

[Liquid reaches out at Snake.]

Snake            : FOX...

Liquid Ocelot    : DIE!

[Liquid freezes and then falls to the ground - silent.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Think again!

[Liquid suddenly lifts himself back up, much to Snake's surpise.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Sorry, but that won't work this time.

[Snake throws himself out of Metal Gear REX and apparently fractures his right
arm in the process. The Mk.III places his M4 in front of him.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Behold!

[Liquid points and laughs at Snake and then flees toward the ocean.]

Snake            : Liquid!

[Snake gives chase but is stopped short at the appearance of loud sound
emanating from the sea. A gigantic battleship suddenly surfaces from the water.
Liquid runs and is helped on board by an anchor. Snake begins shooting at him.]

Liquid Ocelot    : This is the liberty we've won for ourselves! Outer Haven!

[Snake drops his M4 and shows he is having trouble maintaining his balance.]

Liquid Ocelot    : And with this weapon, I will destroy JD!

[The rail gun from Metal Gear REX can be seen to be already set up on Liquid's
monumental vessel.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Then... Everything ends, and everything begins! But as for
                   you, brother... You'll stay here to mark this island's
                   watery grave!

[Snake falls to the ground.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Die, Snake!

[The ship is shown pulling away from the harbor. Raiden is seen, his right arm
trapped under fallen debris as he struggles to get free. He finds his sword to
his left, but is unable to reach it. After willingly dislocating his right arm,
Raiden is able to retrieve his sword.]

Raiden           : Sunny... Forgive me.

[Raiden purposefully deprives himself of his right arm as he slowly attempts
to crawl out from underneath the debris. Liquid's vessel can now be seen
charging full speed at Snake, who is remaining on his knees and showing no
signs of moving out of the way. The gigantic vessel comes to a sudden stop as
Raiden throws himself in front of it, holding off its advancement. With his
feet still moving, Raiden thrusts his sword through his left foot 

Raiden           : Snake! Hurry!

[Snake finally returns to his senses.]

Snake            : Raiden!

[Snake begins crawling back slowly as Raiden shows he cannot hold the vessel
back any longer.]

Snake            : No!

Raiden           : Rose!

[Raiden falls as the ship bulldozes over him and the screen goes black. Flashes
of Raiden slowly being crushed by Liquid's vessel are shown, with him suddenly
remembering a conversation he had with Rose five years ago.]

Rosemary         : Jack, do you remember the day we met?

Jack             : Yeah, it was in front of Federal Hall... There were all
                   these tourists around you.

Rosemary         : They were asking me which building it was that King Kong was
                   climbing in the movie. I said it was probably the Chrysler
                   Building. And then you showed up and started mouthing off.
                   You were like, "No, it's the Empire State."

Jack             : I said the Chrysler Building was in Godzilla.

Rosemary         : We started arguing, and I forgot all about the tourists.

Jack             : The next thing we knew, the tourists had gone away. And a
                   week later, I found you again by coincidence out in the base

Rosemary         : An amazing coincidence....

Jack             : That night, we went up to the top of the Empire State

Rosemary         : It was so beautiful.

Jack             : I didn't care anymore who was right.

Rosemary         : And that was our first date.

Jack             : We watched King Kong in your apartment a bunch of times that
                   night... Didn't sleep till morning.

[The glowing lights on Raiden's visor slowly die as the screen fades.]

Mei Ling         : Fire!

[Mei Ling appears, giving commands to attack Liquid's ship from aboard the
World War II USS Missouri battleship.]

Mei Ling         : Fire!

[Liquid turns around puts his sunglasses on.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Worthless fossil!

[The Missouri is unable to land any direct hits as the main cover of Liquid's
ship closes and the gigantic vessel submerges into the sea. Snake moves forward
toward the end of the destroyed port, looking for any signs of Raiden.]

Snake            : Raiden... Raiden...

[With only Raiden's sword protruding out of the rubble below, a horrified look
is displayed on Snake's face. Feeling the symptoms of a seizure coming on
again, he retrieves a syringe and attempts to inject himself with it, but
suddenly loses his energy and drops the syringe as he falls to the floor. Still
barely conscious, he can see a helicopter flying overhead and slowly descending
to the ground. The scene fades as Snake loses consciousness.]


                             ___       _     _____ 
                            / _ \     | |   |  ___|
                           / /_\ \ ___| |_  |___ \ 
                           |  _  |/ __| __|     \ \
                           | | | | (__| |_  /\__/ /
                           \_| |_/\___|\__| \____/ 

                       _____ _     _   _____             
                      |  _  | |   | | /  ___|            
                      | | | | | __| | \ `--. _   _ _ __  
                      | | | | |/ _` |  `--. \ | | | '_ \ 
                      \ \_/ / | (_| | /\__/ / |_| | | | |
                       \___/|_|\__,_| \____/ \__,_|_| |_|


	-------  2.25 - Act 5 Briefing  -------                        [02A5BF]

[A satellite image of Outer Haven is shown on a projector in a dark room.]

Mei Ling         : Haven is headed southward through the Pacific at a speed of
                   33 knots.

[Otacon is shown being the one operating the projector through the Mk.III.]

Mei Ling         : The Missouri is falling behind at a rate of about two
                   nautical miles every hour.

Otacon           : Can't this thing go any faster?

Mei Ling         : I'm afraid not. This is as fast as she'll go. Liquid's
                   target is JD, a US military satellite disguised as orbital

[Mei Ling attempts to use her pointer stick to direct everyone's attention at
an image of the JD satellite, but she is too short to reach. After tampering
with the pointer, she discovers that it is extendable.]

Mei Ling         : Haven will have to surface in order to use the rail gun.

Akiba            : If we can figure out JD's orbit...

[Mei Ling continues to show perplexity in how to use the pointer stick.]

Akiba            : We should be able to predict where Haven's gonna surface.

[Akiba begins typing on his wearable computer.]

Mei Ling         : JD is in a synchronous elliptical orbit... So its next
                   perigee should be in....

[Mei Ling accidentally drops her pointer stick.]

Akiba            : Got it! 15 hours, 6 minutes, and 12 seconds.

Mei Ling         : Right.

[Akiba stands up looks at Meryl embarrasingly after she suspects him to have
been staring at Mei Ling's behind while she was retrieving her pointer.]

Mei Ling         : In 15 hours, it's going to be over the Bering Sea... 494
                   nautical miles from the Bering Strait. Haven knows it, too.
                   They'll be holding position in that area.

Meryl            : Do they really have to get that close to launch?

[Otacon walks over to the projector screen.]

Otacon           : The nukes fired by REX's rail gun have a damage radius of
                   approximately 300 meters. The target is a moving satellite
                   that's travelling at 10 kilometers per second. To get the
                   precision they need, they have to get as close as they
                   possibly can.

Mei Ling         : Liquid won't launch his nuke until JD is at perigee. The
                   Missouri can use that time to catch up.

Meryl            : Will we make it?

Mei Ling         : Once Haven stops moving, it'll take us an hour to close the

[Snake can be seen in the back of the room, using an oxygen tank and mask.]

Mei Ling         : After that, the Missouri needs to strike before Haven's
                   launch preparations are complete. This ship was stripped of
                   most of its equipment... And she's got no electronic warfare
                   capabilities of any kind. No radar, no high-tech weaponry.
                   We'll have to rely on our own eyes to track the enemy.

[Mei Ling closes her pointer stick.]

Mei Ling         : From the looks of it, Haven is going to use a rail gun
                   mounted on the bridge to destroy JD. They'll need to open
                   the cover to launch the nuke. That's our one and only chance
                   to get inside.

Meryl            : Inside? Why can't we attack it from here?

Otacon           : It wouldn't do any good. As long as Liquid has control of
                   the System... Physically destroying GW would still leave
                   supreme authority in his hands... Sons of the Patriots.

Mei Ling         : Yes. Dr. Emmerich is right. That's why we need to destroy GW
                   from the inside before attacking Haven itself.

Snake            : Liquid's very own Death Star...

Mei Ling         : All right everybody, here's the plan... We know Haven will
                   have to surface in order to fire the rail gun. When it does,
                   the Missouri will see it. We'll make a quick approach and
                   deliver a strike team.

[Mei Ling moves toward the back of the room and places her hand on Snake's
shoulder as she's walking by.]

Mei Ling         : Our goal is twofold... Prevent that nuke from launching, and
                   wipe out GW's programming. The enemy relies entirely on
                   electronic means of threat detection... So they won't be
                   able to see the Missouri until they surface.

[As Mei Ling stops in front of Akiba, he attempts to reach under and grab her
by the behind. Meryl reaches out grabs Akiba's arm.]

Meryl            : Akiba!

Mei Ling         : We'll launch the strike team from catapults at the exact
                   moment Haven's armored cover opens. They'll then penetrate
                   GW's physical server room and infect it with a worm cluster.

Akiba            : But what if they shut down GW before we get in there?

Mei Ling         : Liquid is already entrenched within the Patriots' network.
                   He needs to stay there, or destroying JD won't serve him any
                   purpose. They can't afford to have GW shut down.

Meryl            : And let's not forget... Liquid will throw everything he's
                   got at stopping the strike team.

Mei Ling         : Exactly. The corridor leading to GW is defended by
                   directed-energy weapons that emit certain types of

Akiba            : Did you say...microwaves?

Mei Ling         : That's right. And at that frequency, the waves will start to
                   evaporate any living person within range.

Snake            : A giant microwave oven. You'd have to have a death wish to
                   go in there. Sounds like the perfect job for me.

[Snake begins to cough as he lets out a slight joking laugh. Meryl turns around
and looks at Snake with an annoyed expression on her face.]

Meryl            : Snake, this isn't the time for your stupid jokes.

Mei Ling         : Outside the corridor, Liquid's soldiers will be out in full
                   force. Inside, there'll be unmanned weapons waiting for us.

Snake            : Where are you getting all this information? You really think
                   there's a way to destroy GW?

Mei Ling         : Yes, I do. She...left us something that'll point us in the
                   right direction.

Otacon           : Naomi helped with the preparations to stop Haven's launch.

Snake            : Naomi?

Otacon           : All of our internal data on Haven came from her. The reason
                   she got on the Nomad with us in the first place... Was to
                   get close to me. But she ended up turning to Sunny instead.

Snake            : What do you mean?

Otacon           : She left her plan in Sunny's hands.

Mei Ling         : This entire operation is based on the data she left us.

Snake            : Whose side was she on, anyway?

Otacon           : We'll never know exactly what her true intentions were...
                   But one thing's for sure: She was determined to stop Liquid.

[Flashbacks of Naomi and her final words from Shadow Moses appear.]

Naomi            : Promise... Promise me... You'll carry on... Our will...

[The projector turns off and the lights are turned on in the room.]

Meryl            : Come on guys - somebody say something positive. Anything.

Mei Ling         : Attention! Listen up! A wise man once wrote... The tongues
                   of dying men enforce attention, like deep harmony. Where
                   words are spent, they are seldom spent in vain.

[The room remains silent as everyone continues to show signs despair.]

Mei Ling         : Any other questions?

[Snake raises his hand in the back.]

Mei Ling         : Yes? Snake?

Snake            : Anybody got a smoke?

Meryl            : Snake....

[The scene changes to a later time. Everyone else has left the briefing room,
with Snake and Otacon being the only two left. Snake retrieves a cigarette from
his pack and notices that he has only one more left.]

Snake            : So this program... You're saying Sunny wrote it?

Otacon           : Actually, only about a third of it is her work. Naomi was
                   working on a program to destroy GW, but she couldn't quite
                   finish it. So she handed it over to Sunny.

[Flashbacks of Naomi and the flashdrive she was carrying appear.]

Otacon           : Sunny went fishing in my library to see if there was any
                   source code she could use to complete it. Eventually, she
                   found some... It was Emma's worm cluster.

[Otacon walks up to Snake and offers him a light.]

Otacon           : She took my sister's code and worked it into Naomi's
                   program. I didn't have time to look over every single line
                   of code... But what I did see... Reminded me of Emma. It was
                   like she left traces of herself behind in the structure. But
                   this worm cluster that Sunny created... It's even better
                   than Emma's.

[Flashbacks of Emma Emmerich appear.]

Otacon           : Sunny's worm destroys the AI's intellect by triggering
                   apoptosis in the cells. Once uploaded into GW, it should do
                   some real damage.

[Snake begins coughing hectically.]

Otacon           : Snake... You ever think about quiting?

Snake            : Why? It's not like I've got my health to worry about.

[Snake begins to experience another seizure as he retrieves a syringe and
injects himself with it. Otacon walks over and takes the syringe away.]

Otacon           : Are you trying to kill yourself? So, you're dead set on
                   going to Haven yourself.... Why don't we get somebody else
                   to go? There's no need for you to do it.

Snake            : I still have things left to do... Besides smoke.

[Snake begins coughing again. Otacon walks over to Snake and takes away his
cigarette and an ashtray.]

Snake            : Otacon. Why don't you jump off the ship with me?

Otacon           : I don't think so. I've still got things to do myself. And I
                   don't even smoke.

	-------  2.26 - Assault on Outer Haven  -------                [02ASOH]

[The Missouri is shown advancing through the ocean waters at a very high
speed. Mei Ling appears in the helm room, overlooking the ship's course.]

Navy Man 1       : Captain, enemy vessel at 300 meters and still rising.

Mei Ling         : And the engines?

Navy Man 2       : No problems to report.

Mei Ling         : Prepare to go for full speed ahead. And get the strike team
                   ready for immediate launch.

Navy Man 1       : Aye aye, captain.

[One of the navy men salutes Mei Ling and leaves the room.]

Mei Ling         : How long until it surfaces?

Navy Man 2       : About 20 minutes.

Mei Ling         : Right on schedule. When she surfaces and opens up her armor,
                   we'll move in as planned.

Navy Man 2       : Aye, captain.

[The navy man begins to walk away but stops short of turning the corner.]

Navy Man 2       : Captain?

Mei Ling         : Yes?

Navy Man 2       : This is my first real engagement.

Mei Ling         : I see. Your point?

Navy Man 2       : At first, getting assigned to this ship was a big letdown
                   for me. But the inaction was kind of a relief, too.
                   Captain... I'm scared.

[Mei Ling walks over and places a hand on the navy man's shoulder.]

Mei Ling         : It's OK. I'm scared, too. This is also my first time. But
                   I'm not going to let it get to me, because I'm more scared
                   of what'll happen if I run away.

[Mei Ling places her other hand on the navy man's other shoulder and turns him
to face her.]

Mei Ling         : Nobody is going to die on my watch. This ship is going back
                   to Hawai'i in one piece. That, I promise.

Navy Man 2       : Right. Thank you.

[Mei Ling and the navy man salute each other as the now confident lieutenant
makes his way out of the room. Snake, Otacon, Meryl, and Akiba are seen walking
toward the catapults on the deck below.]

Snake            : Raiden... How is he?

Otacon           : He'll live, but he's in no shape to fight. Best to let him

Snake            : Right.

Otacon           : Without the System to protect them, everybody's losing their
                   nerve. They say SOP's aftereffects are so bad that a lot of
                   soldiers are deserting.

Snake            : The only people I have left to rely on are Meryl and... Him.

[Akiba is seen slapping Meryl's behind up ahead, shortly followed by Meryl
grabbing his hand and restraining him.]

Otacon           : Kind of an unknown quantity, isn't he?

???              : I hooked him up with a non-ID M82.

[Snake and Otacon look around, searching for where exactly the voice came from.
Snake looks up to see Drebin sitting on one of the main artilley guns.]

Drebin           : Fancy meetin' you here.

Snake            : What are you doing here?

Drebin           : I laundered these guys' IDs, then issued 'em new, naked
                   weapons... Including that catapult you're gonna be riding.
                   Buisness has been slow ever since Liquid got his hands on
                   the System... His extra orders stopped coming in.

[Drebin opens a soda can and begins drinking from it.]

Drebin           : Now that all the weapons all over the world are locked, the
                   only ones still lookin' to fight would be you n' yours. They
                   tell me it's not economical to replace all that useless
                   equipment on the battlefield with my stuff. So I made an
                   extra special trip out here... Just for you.

Snake            : Drebin, do you have even the slightest idea what's going on

Drebin           : 'Course I do.

[Drebin jumps down on the deck and lands in a dramatic pose, his pet monkey
mimicking his landing right next to him. Drebin lets out a loud burp.]

Drebin           : See, when it comes down to it, the world's like this soda
                   here. Once the bubbles are gone, I ain't got no use for it.
                   It's worth nothing. I'm on the side of whoever needs me the
                   most. You dig?

[Drebin holds up the soda scan, offering Snake a drink. Snake shakes his head
and Drebin then just gives the soda to the monkey.]

Drebin           : If you need anything, just say the word. I'm settin' up shop
                   here for a spell.

[Snake retrieves a cigarette and places it in his mouth. Drebin notices he
can't find a lighter and then somehow magically makes a small flame appear over
his front two fingers. He uses the flame to light Snake's cigarette.]

Drebin           : Enjoy it... Could be your last.

Snake            : It is. I'm all out.

[The monkey begins pestering Snake again to give him his cigarette.]

Snake            : All right.

[With Drebin showing no disapproval, Snake hands his last cigarette to the over
to the joyful monkey and it gives him the soda can from Drebin in return.]

Drebin           : Looks like that last smoke will have to wait after all.

[As Drebin walks off, he turns around and gives Snake the very same hand
gesture from their first two encounters.]

Snake            : Hey... Here.

[Snake stops a passing soldier and hands him the soda can he received.]

Soldier          : Oh, thanks.

[The monkey is seen enjoying the cigarette he traded for as Snake and Otacon
go and meet up with Meryl and Akiba at the catapults.]

Meryl            : You're over there.

[Akiba looks around, confused, and points at one of the catapults.]

Meryl            : There!

[A soldier shows Snake which catapult is his as a Codec transmission is heard
in real-time from Campbell. The strike team prepares itself for launch.]

Campbell         : Snake, can you hear me? Liquid's warship - Outer Haven - is
                   a modified version of an Arsenal Gear model stolen from the
                   Patriots. Inside it's crawling with IRVING and other
                   unmanned weapons. According to Naomi's data, Haven is crewed
                   by a battalion of enhanced soldiers... Each culled from the
                   best the PMCs have to offer.

[Otacon hands Snake the Mk.III on the catapult and then proceeds meet up with
Mei Ling in the helm room.]

Campbell         : If Liquid succeeds in destroying JD and gaining control of
                   the Patriots' System... He'll make Haven his flagship, and
                   his PMCs will spread like wildfire across the globe.

[A gigantic vessel begins emerging from the sea.]

Campbell         : And the mankind's armed subjugation will begin.

Navy Man 1       : Captain, Haven sighted.

Mei Ling         : Prepare to fire main gun!

[The Missouri adjusts aim with its main cannons as Outer Haven fully emerges
from the sea. Soldiers on board the Missouri begin panicking.]

Campbell         : Listen closely... This is our last chance to stop Liquid
                   from enslaving the planet.

[Meryl is shown on her catapult, ready to launch the attack.]

Campbell         : Meryl, can you hear me? It's time... Time to do your duty.
                   Remember... No matter what happens... I'll be with you till
                   the very end. You... Are my pride and joy.

[A tear falls down Meryl's cheek as her eyes widen. She wipes her face and
bravely stares up into the sky. The main armored cover on Outer Haven begins
to open, revealing the rail gun.]

Navy Man 1       : Rail gun is exposed.

Mei Ling         : There it is - a naked nuke.

[Snake is shown listening to Otacon through the Mk.III.]

Otacon           : Let's finish it, Snake. Let this be our last battle. If
                   we're responsible for Liquid's sins... Then the onus is ours
                   to bear.

Snake            : Right.

[Snake activates his Solid Eye and prepares himself. Suddenly, a series of
missile hatches open aboard Outer Haven.]

Navy Man 1       : Enemy moving to intercept!

Mei Ling         : Maintain full speed!

Campbell         : Failure will spell doom for the human race. You've got to
                   stop them from using that rail gun... Then annihilate GW.

[The rail gun is slowly being aimed up toward the sky. A barrage of missiles
are fired from Outer Haven, directed at the Missouri.]

Mei Ling         : Fire!

[All the weapons on the Missouri begin unleashing multitude of powerful blasts.
The ship remains unscaved as all of the missiles fired by Outer Haven are shot
down, with the main vessel itself taking some hits.]

Navy Man 1       : Target hit! Light damage!

Navy Man 2       : The enemy is returning fire.

[A number of missiles strike the water alongside the Missouri.]

Mei Ling         : All hands, prepare for impact. Brace yourselves!

[The Missouri collides into Outer Haven, plowing along the side of the vessel.]

Mei Ling         : Now!

[As the Missouri moves into position where the top cover hatch of Outer Haven
is open, Snake, Meryl, and Akiba activate their catapults and ascend upward.
Akiba apparently times the jump wrong, hitting the side of Outer Haven and
sliding down into the ocean.]

Akiba            : Meryl!

[As Outer Haven pulls away from the Missouri, Snake finds himself somewhere in
the back deck of the vessel. He looks around to find the place empty. A Codec
transmission comes in.]

Meryl            : Snake...

Snake            : Where are you?

Meryl            : Sorry... It's my ankle.

Snake            : Can you walk?

Meryl            : I think so.

[Meryl sounds like she is having trouble getting up.]

Snake            : Are you OK?

Meryl            : Hurts a hell of a lot more without SOP.

Snake            : Makes you feel alive, doesn't it? What about Akiba?

Meryl            : He fell into the ocean. Snake, I'll catch up soon. You go

[Gunfire can be heard on Mery's end.]

Snake            : Meryl!

[Snake hears something approaching from behind and quickly takes aim. The
Mk.III appears after deactivating its stealth camouflage.]

Snake            : Otacon.

Otacon           : Sorry to keep you waiting.

[Bullets hit the ground near Snake and the Mk.III. As Snake takes cover, he
looks up to see a large number of Haven troopers advancing on their position.]

Mei Ling         : Snake, can you hear me? GW is toward the ship's stern.

Otacon           : Good job, Snake. You made it on board. Welcome to Haven.
                   Enemy units are already on their way. Break through their
                   defenses and find GW's server room!

[Snake makes his way toward the ship's stern. He comes across a sealed door.]

Otacon           : Snake, use that watertight door to get in.

[Snake proceeds through the sealed door and down an elevator. Flashbacks of
Mei Ling's words from the briefing aboard the Missouri appear.]

Mei Ling         : The corridor leading to GW is defended by directed-energy
                   weapons that emit certain types of microwaves.

Akiba            : Did you say... Microwaves?

Mei Ling         : And at that frequency, the waves will start to evaporate any
                   living person within range.

Snake            : Sounds like the perfect job for me.

[As the elevator comes to a stop, Snake proceeds to the command center room.]

	-------  2.27 - Screaming Mantis  -------                      [02SCRM]

[As Snake cautiously makes his way to the center of the command center room,
several Haven troopers appear on the wall behind him and leap out of sight as
he is passing underneath. Snake is unaware of their presence. As Snake reaches
a large three-dimensional digital image of the a world map in the center of the
room, he looks to his right to see a body on the floor.]

Snake            : Meryl!

[Snake goes over to examine Meryl - she appears to be unconscious. A Haven
trooper is seen flipping down from a balcony above. Several other troopers
appear right after the first. The room is soon flooded with numerous troopers,
all taking position around from the center of the room and surrounding Snake.]

Otacon           : Meryl's in danger! Take out the enemy before they get to

[After suppressing the waves of attacking Haven troopers, Snake walks over and
checks on Meryl.]

Snake            : Meryl...?

Meryl            : Snake...

[Meryl's body suddenly starts rise from the floor irregularly. She begins
moving toward Snake awkwardly. Strings can be seen extending from her body.]

Meryl            : Snake... Run!

[A blast of light matter shoots toward Snake. He dodges out of the way. The
sound of laughter can be heard from somewhere in the room. A mysterious figure
can be seen flashing through the air.]

???              : I know your wavelength... It brings back memories...

Snake            : It can't be...

[Meryl strangely aims her desert eagle at Snake and then retrieves her long
barrel desert eagle and hesitantly aims it at her head.]

Meryl            : Snake...

Snake            : Meryl, don't...!

[A shot is fired. The strings that were extending from Meryl are cut and a doll
of Psycho Mantis can be seen reacting to the detached strings. Snake and Meryl
look over to identify the shooter. A man holding a sniper rifle can be seen.]

Meryl            : Johnny...!

Johnny           : Meryl!

[Meryl and Johnny walk over to each other as two Haven troopers rise from the
ground to the side of them.]

Snake            : Wait! Akiba!

[The Haven troopers lay a barrage of gunfire upon the unsuspecting victims as
Johnny jumps in front of Meryl to absorb the bullets. Meryl and Johnny fall to
the ground and Snake promptly takes out the two Haven troopers. The mysterious
figure appears from above as Snake takes aim.]

???              : It has been a long time, Snake.

[The figure reveals itself to be Screaming Mantis - the puppeteer of the Beauty
and the Beast unit. It can be seen to be holding a doll of psychic masters,
Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow.]

Snake            : You... Psycho Mantis...?

[Snake looks up at Screaming Mantis and sees a ghostly image of Psycho Mantis
behind it. Flashbacks of Psycho Mantis from Shadow Moses appear.]

Screaming Mantis : No, that was another me. Can you hear the screams? They cry
                   for battle! Let me hear you scream! Howl! Roar! From the
                   very depths of yoursoul!

[Screaming Mantis uses the Psycho Mantis doll to fire two blasts of light
matter at Meryl and Johnny. Meryl is forced to her feet, but Johnny helplessly
remains on the floor.]

Screaming Mantis : What's this...?

[Screaming Mantis fires another blast of light matter at Johnny. He appears to
be unaffected by its manipulative abilities.]

Screaming Mantis : I see.

[Screaming Mantis retreats to the top of the digital image of the globe and
fires multiple blasts both light and dark matter. The blasts of matter hit both
the still living and dead Haven troopers in the area. They all rise to their
feet and aim their weapons toward Snake.]

[Snake is successful in freeing himself from Screaming Mantis's control and
does the same to Meryl and the attacking Haven troopers in the area. After
battling with the Beast, it moves over to Meryl and brings her to her feet
again as she points her desert eagle at Snake.]

Otacon           : Even if she tries to hurt you, Meryl's not acting of her own
                   free will. Don't do anything to hurt her. Knock her out if
                   you have to, but don't hurt her!

[Snake is able to free Meryl from Screaming Mantis's control again as he and
Beast continue to engage in combat. Snake is eventually successful in shooting
the puppets Screaming Mantis posseses and getting it to drop them.]

Otacon           : Mantis is dropping her puppet. Without it, she can't control
                   her victims. Snake, go grab that puppet!

[After stealing Screaming Mantis's puppets and taking away its ability to
manipulate both the living and the dead, Snake uses the Beast's own Psycho
Mantis doll against it. After defeating Screaming Mantis, the Beast falls to
ground but stops short of hitting the floor and simply floats there. A series
of knives rain down from above and encircle the floating Beast. Those knives
suddenly begin spinning around its body as Screaming Mantis is engulfed in a
whirlwind of string. The force of the wind causes it to shed its armor. A
Beauty emerges from the armor of the Beast and falls toward Snake as she is
being surrounded by an array of white flower petals. She rises to her feet and
slowly begins moving toward Snake.]

Screaming Beauty : I hear them in my head... The screams!

[The Beauty lashes out at Snake.]

Screaming Beauty : Make them stop! I don't want to hear them anymore! I'm
                   scared... I'm so scared.

[The Beauty falls to the floor and begins cowering in fear. The sounds and
images of slashing can be heard and seen all around her.]

Screaming Beauty : My head hurts - it hurts! I'm sorry! Have mercy!

[The Beauty jumps to her feet and starts pounding on a wall that isn't there.]

Screaming Mantis : Let me out of here! I can't breathe!

[The Beauty falls to the floor. She slowly gets back up and stares at Snake,
beginning to move toward him.]

Screaming Mantis : Now... Get out of my body. Forgive me. Set me free!

[Snake is again bewildered at the actions of the Beauty. He attempts to knock
her unconscious as she continues to move toward him, seemingly unafraid of
death. After enough blows, the Beauty releases one final scream and then falls
to the ground and curls up in a ball. Snake notices that she is still moving.]

[The armored parts of Screaming Mantis suddenly start moving and form together
in the shape of a body. Snake turns around, alarmed by what is happening.]

???              : Excellent, Snake!

[An image of Psycho Mantis appears from behind the combined armor pieces,
apparently using them to implement his will into a solid form.]

Snake            : Psycho Mantis?

Psycho Mantis    : You don't seem to believe your own eyes. Very well... I'll
                   show you the power of the world's greatest mind reader and
                   psychokineticist! I'll start by reading your personality. Or
                   rather, your past. That's right... This is no trick. It's
                   true power.

[Psycho Mantis attempts to read Snake's mind, but to no avail.]

Psycho Mantis    : ...What?! Where is your data... Where is it saved?!

[Flashbacks of the PlayStation memory card appear.]

Psycho Mantis    : There's no Memory Card! Damn! Your skills have improved. Or
                   rather, your hardware... How about this, then?! Witness my
                   psychokinesis... Put your controller on the floor. Put it
                   down as flat as you can...

[Snake keeps his weapon aimed at Psycho Mantis, seemingly confused.]

Psycho Mantis    : That's good. Now I will move your controller by the power of
                   my will alone!

[Psycho Mantis begins sending psychokinetic waves toward Snake, as the armored
pieces of Screaming Mantis's armor follow his movements. Flashbacks of the
original rumble controller from the PlayStation appear.]

Psycho Mantis    : Vibration is back.

[Psycho Mantis's body begins spazzing uncontrollably as the armored pieces of
Screaming Mantis fired off in multiple directions and the ghostly image of the
once great psychokineticist disappears. Flashbacks of The Sorrow appear as
Snake notices a ghostly image in a rain coat on the balcony above.]

The Sorrow       : The spirit of the warrior will always be with you.

[Still puzzled by what just happened, Snake puts his weapons away and answers
an incoming Codec transmission.]

Drebin           : So, you bested the last Beast. That doll you just picked up
                   lets you manipulate anybody who's got nanomachines in 'em.
                   Sounds like something the devil's cooked up, if you ask me.
                   Mantis came from South America. She was born and raised in a
                   country wracked by never-ending civil wars. Her village was
                   attacked by enemy forces and burned to the ground. This was
                   when she was still a little girl. Hunted by enemy death
                   squads, she was separated from her family. She barely
                   managed to escape with her life... Ended up in the basement
                   of this one building. It was full of corpses that had been
                   dumped there. Almost all of them had been tortured to death.
                   She was petrified with fear. And then she heard the sound of
                   heavy boots on the floor above her, followed by shrieking
                   screams, the kind that would make every hair on your body
                   stand straight up. She had stumbled across a makeshift
                   torture chamber. Somebody had locked the door, and she was
                   trapped. It was dark. It was dank. And it was full of a
                   wretched stench. She couldn't sleep with the screams of
                   torture victims all around her. All she could do was sit
                   curled up in one corner of the room, trembling. A week
                   passed, then ten days. She managed to keep hydrated by
                   drinking the filthy water pooled up on the floor, but there
                   was no food. Being trapped in that kind of place, half-crazy
                   from hunger, did a serious number on her mind. Did you know
                   female mantises eat their mates? The screams went on day and
                   night. She covered her ears but it didn't help. And then,
                   she was saved... By a little black mantis, that taught her
                   how to block out the screams, how to plug up her inner ears.

Snake            : What the hell are you talking about?

Drebin           : I'm saying, Snake, that when she couldn't stand the hunger
                   any longer, she started feeding on the corpses... But only
                   the male ones. She didn't realize who was doing it. In her
                   mind, it was a female mantis, devouring her mates. It was
                   like one big, twisted waking dream. There was no mantis, of
                   course. It was all a hallucination. Nothing more than some
                   story spun by another person she'd created inside. Her
                   unstable mind was what made her so vulnerable. Later they
                   ripped out what was left of her psyche with drugs and
                   hypnosis, and implanted the persona of Psycho Mantis. It
                   wasn't her will that controlled the BBs. It was Psycho
                   Mantis, half-assimilated into her soul, pulling the strings.
                   Screaming Mantis was just another puppet. Anyway, she
                   survived several weeks down in that hellhole and finally got
                   back to the surface. But the screams in her head didn't
                   subside. They would always be with her... Only this time,
                   they weren't real. The inner earplugs didn't work anymore.
                   The black mantis had disappeared. There was no place left to
                   escape. Which is why she was always screaming - to drown out
                   the ones in her own head. But it's over now. You freed
                   Mantis from that dark nightmare.

Snake            : The last of the Beasts.

Drebin           : You got it, pal. Well, I'm done playing storyteller for a
                   while. Now get going. GW is waiting. And this time, you get
                   to make up the ending.

[Snake ends the Codec transmission with Drebin and retrieves his pistol. He
begins moving up the stairs to a higher level of the room.]

	-------  2.28 - The Rain Transformed  -------                  [02RNTR]

[Snake locates Meryl lying behind a pillar on the upper level of the command
center room. He goes over to check on her.]

Snake            : Meryl!

Meryl            : Snake...

[Snake reaches over and picks up her desert eagle.]

Meryl            : Where's Johnny?

[As Snake and Meryl look around for Johnny, more Haven troopers begin entering
the room and advancing on their position. Snake helps Meryl up and they slowly
begin moving toward an exit door.]

Meryl            : They're here.

[Meryl fires her desert eagle and takes out two oncoming Haven troopers. She
kills another one coming up from the stairs. Snake and Meryl back up toward the
door leading to GW. More Haven troopers are entering the room and headed toward
them. Meryl pushes Snake toward the door.]

Meryl            : Go on without me! This time I'll protect you.

[Snake reloads his pistol and returns to Meryl's side.]

Meryl            : Go. Destroy GW while there's still time. While I'm still

Snake            : Meryl....

[Meryl retreats behind Snake and reloads her desert eagle.]

Meryl            : Snake, the corridor ahead is full of microwaves.

Snake            : Yeah... No way I'm getting through there uncooked.

[Meryl places her hand on Snake's shoulder.]

Snake            : I... I'm sorry you got dragged into this.

[Meryl begins crying, placing her forehead on Snake's shoulder.]

Meryl            : This time... I've got your back.

[The sound of bullets striking metal can be heard as Meryl lifts her head up.]

Meryl            : We'll meet again...on the other side....

[Meryl jumps in front of Snake and takes aim with her pistol.]

Meryl            : Go. Hurry!

[Snake hesitantly makes his way to the door but stops before entering. He looks
back to see Meryl taking out two advancing Haven troopers.]

Meryl            : Go!

[Snake proceeds through the door as Meryl retreats behind cover and looks to
where Snake entered. A worried expression appears on her face. A number of
Haven troopers begin slowly advancing on her position. She emerges from cover
and takes aim with her desert eagle, placing three fully loaded magazines on
the ground next to her.]

[As Meryl is holding off the waves of Haven troopers in the command center,
Snake is moving through several empty corridors ahead, advancing toward the
microwave room. The words of those close to him from his recent past start
playing through his mind.]

Otacon           : Enough is enough, Snake. You can't take any more of this.

Snake            : It's not about winning or losing.

Mei Ling         : The tongues of dying men enforce attention, like deep
                   harmony. Where words are spent, they are seldom spent in

Otacon           : Why don't we get somebody else to go?

Snake            : And it's our duty to finish it.

Raiden           : I've got nothing to lose.

Snake            : You were the lightning in that rain. You can still shine
                   through the darkness.

Meryl            : Go! Hurry!

Snake            : I'm... Sorry you got dragged into this...

Meryl            : We'll meet again... On the other side...

Campbell         : It's time. Time to do your duty.

Campbell         : Failure will spell doom for the human race.

Meryl            : Go!

[The scene shifts back to Meryl, continuing to hold her ground against the
oncoming waves of Haven troopers. She begins using both her desert eagle
pistols to hold down the door that Snake proceeded through.]

Meryl            : Last mag.

[Meryl is forced behind cover by blazing gunfire.]

Meryl            : Come on, Snake. I can't hold out much longer.

[Meryl removes her last clip from her pistol to find that she has only a single
bullet remaining. She slams her fist against the wall.]

Meryl            : Damn it! I can't protect anyone!

[Meryl hears the Haven troopers drawing closer from around the corner. She
lowers her head, holding her desert eagle in front of her.]

Meryl            : I can't....

[Four Haven troopers appear in front of the small area at the doorway where
Meryl is taking cover. She jumps out and fires her last bullet, taking out one
of the troopers. She rolls along the ground to evade a short burst of gunfire.
Three quick shots ring out from somewhere in the room as the Haven troopers
fall to their knees. Meryl looks on in surprise as a familiar face appears.]

Johnny           : Meryl!

Meryl            : Johnny! Johnny, you're all right!

[Johnny moves back toward Meryl, keeping his sniper rifle aimed toward the
center of the room. He reaches in his pocket and hands Meryl four fully loaded
magazines for her pistols.]

Johnny           : Here.

Meryl            : Trying to make up for being late?

[Meryl graciously accepts the spare ammunition from Johnny.]

Johnny           : Meryl... I'll never leave you alone again.

[Meryl smiles at Johnny's soothing words. She then takes notice of more Haven
troopers advancing toward their position.]

Meryl            : Cover!

[Johnny rises to his and examines the situation in the front.]

Johnny           : Clear!

[Johnny begins providing cover fire as Meryl makes her way to the other side of
the enclosed area. Meryl retrieves her second desert eagle.]

Meryl            : Ready!

[Johnny takes cover and readies an assault rifle as Meryl emerge and provides
cover fire for him. The two begin exchanging cover fire for each other.]

Meryl            : Who needs nanomachines, anyway... Right, Johnny? Tell me
                   something. How come Mantis couldn't control you?

Johnny           : I figure she probably used people's nanomachines to
                   manipulate their behavior. No nanomachines, no control.

Meryl            : But, don't you...?

Johnny           : No. I don't have any nanomachines in me.

[Flashbacks of Johnny from the Middle East and Eastern Europe appear.]

Johnny           : Every time we had mandatory shots, I ducked out.

Meryl            : Don't tell me you knew this was going to happen?

Johnny           : Nah... I just hate needles!

Meryl            : So that's why you were always out of sync with the team?

Johnny           : I tried to keep track of everybody's data on my wearable,
                   but I could never keep up.

Meryl            : And why you weren't affected in Europe...on the Volta!

Johnny           : Yep.

Meryl            : Asshole! Johnny, I'm running low.

Johnny           : Don't worry. I got these from Drebin.

[Johnny retrieves several more magazines from his pocket and jumps over to
where Meryl is taking cover. He leaves the magazines by her feet.]

Johnny           : Meryl!

Meryl            : Johnny, I never knew... All those horrible things I said.

Johnny           : Forget it.

Meryl            : All those stomachaches... Was that because the nanomachines
                   weren't there to suppress them?

[Flashbacks of Johnny's diarrhea episodes appear.]

Johnny           : Yeah....

Meryl            : But if you're afraid of shots, why'd you join my team?

Johnny           : I wanted to be near you... To protect you.

[Meryl looks at Johnny curiously.]

Meryl            : Johnny...?

Johnny           : Meryl...

[Meryl and Johnny pause as they stare at each other for a quick second.]

Johnny           : I've always loved you. Ever since Shadow Moses, when I first
                   laid eyes on you.

[Flashbacks of Meryl and Johnny from nine years ago at Shadow Moses appear.]

Johnny           : Meryl, marry me!

[Meryl moves around Johnny and continues to lay down suppressing fire.]

Meryl            : You've got a hell of a sense of timing.

Johnny           : What do you say?

[Meryl goes back behind cover and gets face to face with Johnny.]

Meryl            : I'd have to say... No.

Johnny           : You'd rather stay single?

[Johnny moves Meryl out into the opening. A Haven trooper quickly approaches
them. Meryl attempts to move but Johnny quickly turns and dispatches the
trooper while still looking at Meryl.]

Johnny           : OK. We don't have to make it official.

[Meryl moves under Johnny's arm and continues to fire at the oncoming assault.]

Meryl            : No.

Johnny           : Well, how about we just move in together, then?

Meryl            : Nope.

[Meryl unloads an empty magazine from her desert eagle and holds the pistol out
to Johnny, signaling him to places another loaded magazine inside.]

Johnny           : Why?

[Meryl unloads an empty magazine her other desert eagle and signals Johnny
again to load another full one for her.]

Johnny           : Is there something wrong with me?

Meryl            : No. I'd just rather do things my way.

[Johnny and Meryl both spin back behind cover. Meryl catches Johnny with his
back against the wall. Meryl moves in close to him.]

Meryl            : Johnny... Marry me.

[Johnny appears to be puzzled. Meryl moves in closer.]

Meryl            : I'll say it again... Marry me.

[Johnny appears seemingly overwhelmed by Meryl's change of attitude.]

Johnny           : Sure. It'd be my pleasure.

[A flash grenade is thrown into the small area and forces Meryl and Johnny out
of cover. They move out into the opening and begin dispatching Haven troopers
with their backs to each other. Meryl is shot in the leg and ends up falling
on top of Johnny as he tries to cover her.]

Meryl            : Hey... And don't even think about cheating on me.

Johnny           : I wouldn't dare.

[A Haven trooper leaps upward from ahead. Meryl takes aim and shots her down.
She removes herself from atop Johnny and is now lying with her back on the
ground with Johnny kneeling beside her.]

Meryl            : And I want a real wedding... With flowers and a cake.

[Two Haven troopers appear from the left and the right and one from the front.
Johnny takes out the one approaching from the front while Meryl uses her two
desert eagles to dispatch the two coming in from the sides. Johnny and Meryl
begin rolling around again with Johnny ending up on top.]

Meryl            : It's been my dream since I was a little girl.

[With more Haven troopers approaching, Meryl and Johnny begin barrelrolling and
firing their weapons at the troopers in front of them. After the area looks
clear, the two slowly rise to their feet.]

Meryl            : I want to be a bride. Take me home, Johnny.

[Johnny and Meryl both kiss passionately and then take aim in front of them as
more Haven troopers show themselves.]

[Snake is still proceeding through the corridors toward GW's control room. He
battles through waves of Scarabs until he reaches a new room. As Snake enters
the door, he begins experiencing the symptoms of a seizure again as he clutches
his chest and falls to the floor. The Mk.III appears from behind him.]

Otacon           : Snake?

[A single Haven trooper appears ahead.]

Otacon           : Snake!

[Snake looks ahead to see the trooper putting away her weapon and retrieving a
sword. A number of other Haven troopers suddenly appear and all retrieve their
swords while slowly beginning to advance forward. Snake retrieves a syringe and
injects himself with it. After the injection, Snake attempts to get back up
but immediately falls back on the ground.]

Snake            : Otacon... The shots... They're not working.

Otacon           : Come on! Get up! On your feet, Snake!

[The Mk.III begins hitting Snake in an attempt to get him on his feet as the
Haven troopers continue to draw closer. The door behind Snake suddenly opens
and a figure in a coat leaps into the room and lands between the Haven troopers
and Snake. It is Raiden, missing both his arms and holding his sword in his
mouth. An aura of electricity can be seen around him.]

Snake            : Raiden....

Raiden           : I am lightning... The rain transformed.

[A burst of electricity suddenly zaps two of the Haven troopers. Raiden begins
walking toward the group as they slowly back away. Snake rises to his feet and
starts following behind Raiden as another couple of electrical bursts takes out
two more of the troopers. Snake attempts to walk around Raiden but the ninja
throws his sword into the wall, blocking Snake's path.]

Raiden           : Snake... Leave this to me. I'll go to the server room.

Snake            : The corridor's full of microwaves. One of us is enough.

[Snake places a hand on Raiden's shoulder and moves in front of him.]

Raiden           : My body is a machine. I can take it.

Snake            : Your body may be a machine... But your heart is human.
                   You've got a life to go back to.

Raiden           : She means nothing to me now.

[Raiden attempts to advance ahead but Snake stops him.]

Snake            : Raiden, look at me. You still have your youth. Don't waste
                   it. You can start over. From here on, this is my fight. I...
                   We tore the world apart... Made your life a living hell.

[Snake removes Raiden's sword from the wall.]

Snake            : It's my duty to put an end to all of this.

Raiden           : All right. I'll make sure they don't get through.

Otacon           : Stay with me, Snake. Hold on until we insert the virus.

[Snake holds the sword up to Raiden's mouth. Raiden grabs onto the blade with
his teeth and walks between the two remaining Haven troopers with him and Snake
back to back. The two turn around and Snake walks to the door on the opposite
side of the room. Large numbers of Haven troopers begin pouring into the room.]

Snake            : Otacon... Lock it from the inside.

Otacon           : Done.

[Snake turns back to look at Raiden before entering the door.]

Raiden           : Thank you... Snake.

[The door closes and is locked from the inside by the Mk.III. The Haven
troopers in the room immediately surround the lone ninja. Raiden throws his
sword up in the air and catches it with his foot after doing a backflip. Snake
slowly makes his way down a set of stairs leading to the microwave room. Raiden
prepares for battle in the other room.]

[As the door ahead is opened, a wave of heat shoots out from inside the room.
Snake bravely steps inside and begins his final advance toward GW.]

Otacon           : Snake, that place is saturated with microwaves. The longer
                   you stay in there, the greater the damage you'll take. Get
                   through there as quickly as possible!

[Snake struggles to move with every step he takes through the microwave room.
He falls down but then gets back up. After falling down again, he begins to
crawl forward on his hands and knees. Eventually he begins using only his arms
to crawl forward. While Snake struggles to reach GW, the Missouri can be seen
battling Outer Haven outside, along with Johnny, Meryl, and Raiden holding off
waves of Haven troopers inside the vessel. Rose and Campbell are seen watching
the entire incident play out with grim looks on their faces. The rail gun is
also preparing to fire aboard Haven. Sunny can be seen on the Nomad, happily
jumping up and down after realizing that she finally was able to cook eggs
without burning them. The blue rose that Naomi gave her can be seen.]

	-------  2.29 - FOXALIVE  -------                              [02FXAL]

[Emerging from the microwave room with heat still exuding from his suit, Snake
rises to his feet in front of a large circular door. The Mk.III approaches the
door and opens it with its optical cable. Snake enters the room and throws up
as he falls to the ground. He begins experiencing another seizure as he grabs
a syringe and injects himself with it. The Mk.III turns its attention ahead.]

Otacon           : So this is GW...

[Snake turns to look toward the center of the room. There appears to be a very
large supercomputer in the middle of the room, surrounding by numerous other
terminals that are shaped like gravestones with flowers floating around them.]

Otacon           : It's like a graveyard in here.

Snake            : Otacon... Can you do it?

Otacon           : Leave it to me.

[Snake and Otacon slowly make their way to the main terminal labeled "GW".
The flowers floating around the smaller terminals disappear as they walk past.
The Mk.III opens a small hatch in the main terminal and begins uploading the
virus into GW's system. The smaller terminals in the room all light up with red
lights illuminating from them. As Snake continues to make his way toward the
main terminal, he hears something rolling along the ground behind him. Two
Scarabs begin rolling toward them and Snake kicks them away. As they jump at
him again Snake shoots the two units with his rifle. More Scarabs begin pouring
inside the room as Snake starts firing at them. Raiden is shown in the other
room, first losing his sword and then being stabbed by four Haven troopers. He
crawls backwards and picks up his sword in his mouth but then drops it again.
The Haven troopers continue to move close. Meryl and Johnny are still fighting
in the command center room. They run out of bullets but there are still
numerous Haven troopers left in the room. The two hold each other as they feel
their impending doom coming on. Mei Ling can be seen cowering aboard the
Missouri while holding a pistol. Snake continues holding off the wave of Scarab
robots as Otacon is still trying to upload the virus with the Mk.III. Snake is
eventually brought to the ground and engulfed by the large numbers of Scarabs.]

Snake            : Otacon!

Otacon           : We did it!

[Raiden is shown continuing to crawl backward toward the door and away from the
Haven troopers. The elite female soldiers all suddenly drop their weapons and
begin experiencing reactions similar to the soldiers from Liquid Ocelot's SOP
tests in the Middle East and South America. The troopers in the command center
where Meryl and Johnny lie are experiencing the same sympthoms as well.]

Johnny           : It's over.

Meryl            : They did it. Johnny!

[Meryl hugs Johnny as the scene shifts to aboard the Missouri. The soldiers on
board are capturing the crazed Haven troopers. Mei Ling finally works up the
courage to rise to her feet and aims her pistol at a Scarab on the window with
her eyes closed. The Scarab falls to the ground to reveal a giant Metal Gear
RAY behind it. The RAY lets out a loud roar toward Mei Ling and she closes her
eyes. When she opens them again, the Metal Gear slumps its head and falls off
the ship into the ocean. Mei Ling looks off into the distance.]

Me Ling          : Snake....

[Snake is shown covered with deactivated Scarab units in the GW room. He
angerly throws them off of him.]

Otacon           : Wait a minute... The worm is still spreading.

[Otacon is shown examining his laptop aboard the Missouri.]

Otacon           : And it's not stopping at GW. Is it removing the other
                   clones...? No. Wait. I don't believe this! Naomi....

[The scene shifts back to the GW room.]

Snake            : Otacon, what is it?

[Otacon is shown again aboard the Missouri.]

Otacon           : JD is being erased!

[The seen quickly shifts back to Snake. A video of Naomi suddenly appears on
all the screens in the server room.

Naomi            : Snake... Hal. It's you, isn't it?

[Otacon can see the video from his laptop as well as he falls to his knees when
seeing Naomi again.]

Naomi            : I hope you're listening. The virus you uploaded is using GW
                   as a conduit to annihilate the entire AI network. It's set
                   to destroy all four AIs along with JD, the core that tied
                   them all together. I've set this video to play back once
                   they're all gone. Sons of the Patriots was only the
                   beginning. The Patriots were planning to use nanomachines to
                   implement the System over the entire population. I had an
                   obligation to stop it. With a little help from Sunny. She
                   helped me... She believed her talents could help you all put
                   GW to rest. What she created was an anti-AI FOXDIE. But this
                   virus's name is FOXALIVE. It's... The conceptual opposite of
                   the nanomachines that I created all those years ago. We
                   wished to free the captured foxes... To let them run free in
                   the wild. By the time you hear this, I'm afraid I'll be gone.
                   This is a strange feeling... Leaving a message to be
                   delievered after you've died. Hal... If you're listening...

Otacon           : Naomi....

Naomi            : I'm sorry... Sorry I deceived you. It hurt me more than
                   anything else, lying to you like that. I wanted to apologize
                   to you before... But I never got the chance.

Otacon           : Naomi....

[Tears begin running down Otacon's cheeks.]

Naomi            : And yet, in the end... You helped me feel the joy of living.
                   Thank you, Hal. Thank you... Hal.

Otacon           : Naomi....

[Naomi reaches out and touches the camera with her hand. Otacon does the same
to the screen of his laptop, with his tears falling on the monitor. He grasps
his computer tightly as if he were hugging Naomi. The scene reverts back to
Snake in the server room.]

Naomi            : Snake... Hear me. Our country is an innocent child once
                   more. A new dawn is rising. Now she can build a new destiny
                   for herself. Snake... The time has come.

[Snake falls to the ground and begins shaking.]

Naomi            : You've earned your rest. The rose petal is about to fall....

[The scene shifts to inside the Nomad. A petal from Sunny's blue rose falls on
the ground. She quickly turns around and looks at the flower. Snake is shown
again inside Haven. He slowly begins to stop breathing.]

Otacon           : Snake... Snake?! Snake!

[The scene goes black as Otacon calls out to Snake.]

	-------  2.30 - Transcendent Freedom  -------                  [02TFRD]

[A helicopter flies across the sky as a blurry image of Otacon can be seen.]

Otacon           : Snake...wait here. I'll get a medic.

[Snake is shown lying down outside, atop of Outer Haven. The Missouri can be
seen a short distance away with two helicopters flying toward it.]

Mei Ling         : Enough! Stop this pointless fighting! This is no war!

[Snake falls back and looks behind him to see someone walking toward him. As
the person stops at his head, Snake looks up and see a blurred image of Liquid
Ocelot standing over him as he loses consciousness. Snake wakes up later, still
aboard Outer Haven.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Rise and shine, Snake. Look. The war is over.

[Liquid is overlooking the ocean below as the two brothers sit atop the highest 
structure of Outer Haven.]

Snake            : Why? You could have stopped us?

Liquid Ocelot    : Stopped you?

[Liquid turns around to look at Snake.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Why would I want to do that? This is just as I'd hoped
                   things would end. Back before father's time... Before Zero
                   gave birth to the Patriots... The US, China, and the Soviet
                   Union, formed a secret pact.

[The screen changes to show a digital presentation of Liquid's story.]

Liquid Ocelot    : The organization they created was called the Philosophers.
                   Through two world wars, it spread its roots and extended its
                   reach. After that, the Philosophers splintered, and factions
                   began to squabble over the fortune they'd amassed. They
                   called it the "Philosophers' Legacy"... A massive cache of
                   funds that would later provide the foundation for Zero's
                   Patriots. Zero sought to use his riches to achieve world
                   domination. Our father - Big Boss - sought to free himself
                   from that chokehold. His dream was to create an army of free
                   citizens, one that answered to no government... Outer
                   Heaven. But he failed, because of you. Nine years ago, I
                   tried to free us from the control of our genes. Four years
                   later, our dear brother - Solidus - sought to free us from
                   the control of the Patriots' memes. All of that - all of it
                   - was nothing more than a process of trial and error... The
                   end result of which is Outer Haven. To be free from Sons of
                   the Patriots, the ultimate form of external control imposed
                   on the Patriots' soldiers.

[The scene shifts back to Liquid and Snake aboard Outer Haven.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Free from FOXDIE... Free from the System... Free from ID
                   control. Our minds free from their prisons. That is the
                   haven I've yearned for.

[Liquid walks over and injects Snake with a syringe. He throws the used one
over and gives Snake another injection.

Liquid Ocelot    : This is it, brother. Our final moment. The battle has
                   ended... But we are not yet free. The war is over... But...
                   We still have a score to settle.

[Liquid takes off his glasses and throws them away. Snake rises to his feet and
the two brothers ready themselves in similar CQC stances.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Show me what you've got, Snake!

[Snake charges at Liquid and the two begin engaging in a battle of CQC. Not
before long, Liquid retrieves a syringe and injects himself with it and then
removes his coat and throws it into the wind to reveal a prosthetic arm that is
not that of Liquid Snake. Liquid charges forward and continues the battle with
Snake as the two eventually come to a standstill. Liquid retrieves another
syringe and injects himself with it. Snake sees this and grabs Liquid's arm and
uses it to inject the syringe in himself. Liquid takes his arm back and injects
the syringe into his neck again. Snake breaks the index finger on Liquid's
right hand and injects himself with the syringe one last time before kicking
Liquid off of him. Liquid bends his finger back into place as Snake reaches his
arms out while on his knees.]

Snake            : Liquid!

Liquid Ocelot    : Snake!

[The two rise back to their feet and continue to engage in brutal combat. They
eventually end up headbutting each other and falling to their knees. Two
syringes fall to the ground and the warriors take notice. Each one picks up a
syringe and injects it into the other's neck. The two then rise to their feet
and continue battling. During the battle, flashback of Liquid Snake, Liquid
Ocelot, and a young Revolver Ocelot appear. The two of them fall on their backs
after both hitting themselves with hard punches. They slowly rise up again.]

Liquid Ocelot    : It's not over yet!

[Now barely being able to move, every punch the two warriors deliver to each
other feels like a great deal of weight. Flashbacks of Revolver Ocelot start
begin to appear with every punch Snake hits Liquid with. After one last punch,
Liquid falls to his knees and Snake is the last one standing.]

Liquid Ocelot    : This is only the beginning, Snake. America will descend into
                   chaos... It'll be the Wild West all over again. No law, no
                   order. Fire will spread across the world. The people will
                   fight... And through battle they will know the fullness of
                   life. At last... Our father's will... His Outer Heaven... Is

[Liquid falls to his back. Snake stumbles over to him.]

Liquid Ocelot    : Somewhere out there... I know he's laughing.

[Liquid lets out a small chuckle.]

Liquid Ocelot    : We are beasts created by man. Unless the light is put out...
                   The shadows cannot be erased. So long as there is light...
                   Erasing shadows will do no good.

[Liquid suddenly gasps as if experiencing a heart attack.]

Revolver Ocelot  : I am Liquid's doppelganger. And you are his. Just like your
                   father. You're pretty good.

[The voice of a younger Ocelot is heard as Revolver Ocelot raises his hands up
and delivers the familiar hand gesture from long ago to Snake. Ocelot's hands
fall to the ground and his eyes close. He suddenly lets out one final screams
as his body spasms upward and falls back to the ground. The man once known by
the name of Revolver Ocelot is dead. Snake looks at the body of the fallen man
with a look of remorse on his face. A helicopter flies overhead.]

Otacon           : Snake!

[The scene shifts to a few moments later, showing the aftermath of the battle
with soldiers helping Haven troopers into life rafts.

Otacon           : Sunny's program destroyed JD's brain, but left the brain
                   stem intact. She analyzed Naomi's black box and separated
                   the Patriots' control system from the vital lifelines of
                   society. Water... Air... Electricity... Food... Medicine,
                   communication, transportation... She cut off the Patriots'
                   control while preserving modern civilization. Maybe it was
                   her way of avenging Olga... Her mother.

[Snake is shown resting in a helicopter with his eyes closed. Otacon is sitting
across from him.]

Otacon           :  Or maybe she wanted to shape the future into her own ideal
                    image. Or... Maybe... It was just one big defragmentation.

[Otacon looks out the window of the helicopter at the scene below of soldiers
who were once on opposite sides now helping each other.]

Otacon           : FOXALIVE... The AI is truly a living thing. The Patriots'
                   reign has crumbled away. And still, our civilization... A
                   civilization that has thrived on war since the dawn of
                   time... Lives on. I wonder if we did the right thing.
                   Naomi... What did we lose? What did we save?

[Otacon looks out into the horizon as the scene fades.]


                     _____      _ _                        
                    |  ___|    (_) |                       
                    | |__ _ __  _| | ___   __ _ _   _  ___ 
                    |  __| '_ \| | |/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ _ \
                    | |__| |_) | | | (_) | (_| | |_| |  __/
                    \____/ .__/|_|_|\___/ \__, |\__,_|\___|
                         | |               __/ |           
                         |_|              |___/   

                  _   _       _            _   _____ _       
                 | \ | |     | |          | | /  ___(_)      
                 |  \| | __ _| | _____  __| | \ `--. _ _ __  
                 | . ` |/ _` | |/ / _ \/ _` |  `--. \ | '_ \ 
                 | |\  | (_| |   <  __/ (_| | /\__/ / | | | |
                 \_| \_/\__,_|_|\_\___|\__,_| \____/|_|_| |_|


[The Nomad is shown parked on a large airstrip. Inside there is a red carpet
stretching out with Meryl in her wedding dress. Mei Ling is along side of her.
The two of them look at the bride-to-be in a mirror.]

Mei Ling         : You...look amazing!

[Meryl and Mei Ling find Campbell standing behind them.]

Campbell         : Congratulations.

[Meryl looks down and doesn't turn around. Campbell looks over at Mei Ling and
she just lowers her eyes. Campbell begins walking away. Meryl turns around.]

Meryl            : Colonel.

[Campbell stops and turns around to see Meryl aiming her desert eagle at him.
As her father approaches her, Meryl displays a worried look on her face.
Campbell walks closer and grabs the barrel of Meryl's gun, aiming it just under
his chin. Meryl unloads the magazine from the pistol and takes the gun away.

Meryl            : You're... Going to walk me down the aisle.

[Meryl hands Campbell the desert eagle.]

Campbell         : You're not angry anymore?

Meryl            : Oh, I'm still mad. But now... You've got a chance to win me

[Meryl places her hand on Campbell's.]

Campbell         : You're right. We have plenty of time now.

[Mei Ling is unable to contain her tears as she hands Campbell the bouquet.]

Campbell         : Meryl... You look beautiful.

[Tears can be seen starting to develop in Meryl's eyes as she takes her
father's arm and the two begin walking down the red carpet. Otacon, Jonathan,
and Ed can be seen surrounding Johnny outside the plane.]

Everyone         : Way to go! You're gonna make her real happy.

Johnny           : I hope so....

Ed               : Dearly beloved... We are gathered here today to join these
                   two in holy matrimony. Let us give thanks for the life they
                   will soon share... And pray they have love everlasting. Now,
                   let's all send this new team on their first mission. Hey. Go
                   on! Do it!

Drebin           : Just in time.

Otacon           : Drebin.

Drebin           : And I brought gifts. A shower of flowers, compliments of
                   DREBINS. And... A little something extra from me.

Mei Ling         : The bouquet! Where's Snake?

Otacon           : Who knows? That guy always keeps you waiting.

Mei Ling         : Sunny, come on.

Campbell         : Snake... Thank you.

[Scene shifts to Jack lying down in a hospital. Rose enters the room with a
child at her side.]

Rosemary         : Jack, how are you feeling? Do you mind if I sit down?
                   Jack... Don't shut me out. I need you to listen to me.

Jack             : What do you want? Come to laugh at me?

Rosemary         : No! Look. Look at the boy.

Jack             : Cute. Campbell's kid?

Rosemary         : No! He's yours.

Jack             : I don't have any kids.

Rosemary         : He's your son!

Jack             : You said miscarriage....

Rosemary         : I lied. I had a healthy baby boy. Roy pretended to by my
                   husband... To protect me... And our son. Only until you'd
                   completed your mission. To shield us from Patriot eyes.

Jack             : What?

Rosemary         : He didn't even tell Meryl. He sacrificed everything... Even
                   his family... To protect us.

Jack             : I don't believe it.

Rosemary         : I'm sorry, Jack. I wanted to tell you.

Jack             : So he's really...?

Rosemary         : John... Aren't you going to say hello?

Jack             : My son... Little John. Scared of me, huh? I don't blame you.
                   It's OK.

Little John      : Uh-uh. I'm not scared. I think you're cool - kinda like a
                   comic book superhero.

Rosemary         : John....

Jack             : Rose... I'm done running.

Rosemary         : And I'm... No longer afraid.

Jack             : I'll never leave you alone again. Like a scene from Beauty
                   and the Beast.

Rosemary         : Don't say that. You're no beast. You're my husband. And his
                   father. And me... I'm going to do my very best... To be the
                   wife and mother this family deserves.

[Scene shifts to Snake in a graveyard. He walks to a gravestone, begins smoking
a cigarette and then readies a gun to shoot himself.]

Snake            : War has changed. Our time has ended. Our war is over. But
                   there's one more thing I must do... One last punishment I
                   must endure. Erase my genes... Wipe this meme from the face
                   of the earth. This... Is my final mission.

[A shot rings out and the scene shifts back to wedding at the airstrip.]

Drebin           : Nothing beats a stiff drunk, huh?

Otacon           : I didn't know you drank. I thought it was strictly soda for

Drebin           : Not like I never touch the stuff. Soda just agreed with the
                   nanos better. The nanomachines break down alcohol before it
                   has a chance to get you drunk.

Otacon           : So that explains it. No need to hold back anymore, huh?

Drebin           : Yeah, well, it ain't all sunshine and rainbows. Lotta folks
                   lost their entire sense of being the moment SOP went

Otacon           : You mean SOPS? I heard some people are going through
                   withdrawals... SOP Syndrome.

Drebin           : Yup. SOP kept more than just alcohol under control. Those
                   poor slobs are virtually naked now.

Otacon           : From what I hear, over 10 percent are showing symptoms. I
                   guess getting rid of the Patriots won't solve all our
                   problems overnight.

Drebin           : You probably already suspected this, but... I'm not actually
                   an employee of AT Security.

Otacon           : Huh?

Drebin           : The Patriots raised me to be a gun launderer.

Otacon           : The Patriots?

Drebin           : My earliest memories are of the LRA
                   (Lord's Resistance Army)... They kidnapped me... Forced me
                   to fight. Yup. You're staring at a former child soldier. My
                   parents, brothers and sisters... All killed in the war.
                   Guess that makes me what you'd call a war orphan. After
                   that, the Patriots picked me up and brought me into the
                   family business. I was Drebin 893. There's a whole lotta
                   pawns like me all over the world. How you suppose I
                   laundered guns like I did? 'Cause they let me. In fact... I
                   was under strict orders to back you guys from the start.

Otacon           : You what?

Drebin           : Hey man, don't take it personal. I wasn't the only one under
                   their orders.

Otacon           : Huh? Meryl and...?

Drebin           : They probably never realized it themselves, but... Rat
                   Patrol Team 01.... Voila!

Otacon           : Patriot!

Drebin           : Played like a violin.

Otacon           : But... Why?

Drebin           : Obviously, Liquid's plot was a threat to the Patriots. So
                   they planned to have you guys take care of it.

Otacon           : Didn't turn out quite how they planned, though, did it?

Drebin           : Yeah, well... I don't think they expected you to crash their
                   System and wipe them out.

Otacon           : So does that mean you're out of a job now?

Drebin           : Are you kiddin'? I got the DREBINS. All the Drebins in the
                   world are in on it. From now on, we're in business for
                   ourselves. We are pawns no more.

Otacon           : Easy there.

Drebin           : The White House might've lost its taste for unilateralism...
                   Started to rebuild. But there's a lot of failed states out
                   there that went bankrupt from their PMC habits... And they
                   owe a shit load of money. Now only question is... Who's
                   gonna pick up the tab? I'm sure these new governments will
                   try and keep it under control with PMC corporate reform
                   laws... But it ain't gonna be good enough. They're all sunk
                   up to their eyeballs in the war economy. Might not be a New
                   World Order... But the old order under the war economy's
                   gone for good. I'm guessin' the UN is gonna be more
                   important than ever, what with multilateralism and all. A
                   certain President said it best back during the Cold War...
                   For in the development of this organization rests the only
                   true alternative to war. Then again, the UN itself's just an
                   old 20th-century relic. And if you think about it... When
                   you look at its history... It ain't that different from the

Otacon           : That's right... The nanomachines used to keep you sober.

Drebin           : Crush. Mix. Burn. Repeat.

Sunny            : Hey, Uncle Hal, can I give him the Mk.III?

Otacon           : Huh?

Sunny            : He's kinda... A new friend! He lives near here. We can't
                   understand each other's language, but we're having fun. He's
                   my very first outside friend.

Otacon           : Really? That's great. Sunny... It's OK if you want to live
                   outside now. It's your life. There are other havens out

Sunny            : The sun looks so pretty.

Otacon           : Sunny....

Sunny            : I like it outside. Uncle Hal... When is Snake coming back?

Otacon           : Snake... Is sick. So he went on a trip to help him get

Sunny            : We're not going with him?

Otacon           : No. He needs to be alone.

Sunny            : I wonder if I'll ever see him again.

Otacon           : Snake... Had a hard life. He needs some time to rest.

Sunny            : Are you... Crying, Uncle Hal?

Otacon           : No... I'm not crying.


                ______     _          _       __ _             
                |  _  \   | |        (_)     / _(_)            
                | | | |___| |__  _ __ _  ___| |_ _ _ __   __ _ 
                | | | / _ \ '_ \| '__| |/ _ \  _| | '_ \ / _` |
                | |/ /  __/ |_) | |  | |  __/ | | | | | | (_| |
                |___/ \___|_.__/|_|  |_|\___|_| |_|_| |_|\__, |
                                                          __/ |

                _   _       _            _   _____             
               | \ | |     | |          | | /  ___|            
               |  \| | __ _| | _____  __| | \ `--.  ___  _ __  
               | . ` |/ _` | |/ / _ \/ _` |  `--. \/ _ \| '_ \ 
               | |\  | (_| |   <  __/ (_| | /\__/ / (_) | | | |
               \_| \_/\__,_|_|\_\___|\__,_| \____/ \___/|_| |_|


[Scene shifts back to the graveyard. Snake is in a sweat.]

???              : That's right. Good. No need for you to go just yet. It's
                   been a long time... Snake.

Snake            : Big Boss?

Big Boss         : Let it go... My son. I'm not here to fight. Or should I call
                   you brother?

Snake            : What?

Big Boss         : It's over. Time for you to put aside the gun... And live. It
                   all began with a bunch of old fools. Now... They've all
                   passed away. Their era of folly is over. I'm the only one
                   left, and soon... I'll be gone, too.

Snake            : How can you still be alive?

Big Boss         : That body Liquid burned on the Volta... Wasn't mine. That
                   was the body... Of a clone. Solidus.

Big Boss         : He was a perfect clone. Zero, and the proxy AIs that came
                   after him, were convinced that Solidus was me. I was
                   implanted with nanomachines... Kept in a state of eternal
                   sleep... By JD the proxy AI. They had me sealed away
                   completely... Not only physical body, but my will, too. The
                   technology was similar to what they used to restrain the B&B
                   members you encountered. For me to wake again... The System
                   had to be destroyed... One way or another. Ocelot and EVA
                   wanted two things... To bring me back to life, and to end
                   the Patriots. That meant destroying the AI and killing the
                   man... JD and Zero. Right before you uploaded the virus into
                   GW... The way to JD was opened, but only through the
                   physical manifestation of GW. That's when we finally learned
                   the location of this man... Zero. For me, and for them...
                   For Naomi... Nothing was more important. And it was for that
                   they put their grand scheme into motion. EVA stole my body
                   from them and reconstructed it by replacing the missing
                   parts with pieces from Liquid and Solidus. And Ocelot... In
                   order to fool the System... Used nanomachines and
                   psychotherapy to transplant Liquid's personality onto his
                   own. He used hypnotic suggestion to turn himself into
                   Liquid's mental doppelganger. For all our advances in
                   nanotechnology... Information and genetic control... They've
                   never managed to control people at will... Let alone turn
                   one person totally into another.

Big Boss         : Under certain conditions, someone can be made to play a
                   specific role... Act like someone else. Cats... Do love to
                   play as snakes. It all started with him... Zero.

Big Boss         : Zero grew old, and by the end, his Patriots were being run
                   by a network without shape or form.

Snake            : What do you mean without shape or form?

Big Boss         : The proxies were only one small part of the vast cycle that
                   Zero created. The corporations, for-profits... And research
                   institutions that comprise the military-industrial complex
                   were part of it, too. They operated on budgets automatically
                   allotted to them by the proxies... Accounts maintained by
                   the Patriots. The network covered everything from weapons
                   R&D and investment to production and marketing. It
                   encompassed the people, the companies - even the laws that
                   protect them. Politics and economics became nothing more
                   than iterations of the same oppressively uniform system. I
                   don't think anyone realized that it was all a setup... A
                   mere set of norms. The Patriots were those norms - a neural
                   network reduced to its simplest form. That's what they
                   really represented... Uniformity without individual will,
                   without change. But then one day, those norms suddenly
                   deviated from that pattern, and underwent a mutation. It was
                   like the birth of a new life form... The System found a new
                   way to propagate itself... War. The norms the Patriots had
                   crafted for their unified state quickly became dependent on
                   a single business... The war economy. Meanwhile, the
                   political cause of creating a "cleaner, safer battlefield"
                   provided a convenient catalyst. By then, the System was no
                   longer being steered by Zero's will -- or anyone else's. It
                   was then that the norms - manifested as AIs, the inheritors
                   of Zero's will... Began to reproduce and take on a life of
                   their own. Zero's original intent was to carry on The Boss's
                   will and establish a unified world state... An inside world.
                   But his successors failed to carry on his will. Eventually,
                   JD became the very age itself, propagating its will as it
                   pleased. And this age chose to act through economics instead
                   of nation-states. Powered by the industrial and digital
                   revolutions that came before it... this age gave birth to a
                   twisted economic revolution - a battlefield revolution. It
                   created a new world without substance. In this new world,
                   there were no ideologies, no principles, no ideals... Not
                   even the thing she treasured most... Loyalty. There was only
                   the war economy. It was a colossal error in judgment - one
                   Zero couldn't possibly have forseen.

Big Boss         : With the American system in a state of collapse... The
                   Patriots' society has reverted to a blank slate. This man
                   was the source of it all. And he doesn't even realize it.
                   He's completely unaware of the fact that he led the world to
                   the brink of ruin. Even with so much bad blood between us...
                   It's funny... Now that I'm actually face to face with him
                   again... The hatred is gone. All I feel is a deep sense of
                   longing. And pity. Did Zero really hate me? Or... Did he
                   fear me? It's too late to ask him now. The original
                   members... Para-Medic... Sigint... EVA... Ocelot. They've
                   all passed on. Only Zero is left. Everything has its
                   beginning... But doesn't start at "one." It starts long
                   before that... In chaos. The world is born... From zero. The
                   moment zero becomes one is the moment the world springs to
                   life. One becomes two... Two becomes 10... 10 becomes 100.
                   Taking it all back to one solves nothing. So long as zero
                   remains... One... Will eventually grow to 100 again. And
                   so... Our goal... Was to erase Zero. Even the mighty
                   Patriots began with a single man. That one man's desires
                   grew huge... Bloated. Absorbed technology began to
                   manipulate the economy. We realized too late... That we had
                   created a beast. We had helped turn Zero... Into 100. His
                   sin... Was ours. And for that reason... I'm taking it upon
                   myself to send Zero... Back to nothing.

Snake            : You going back to zero, as well?

Big Boss         : You erased me two times bfore. Today... Will mark the third.
                   The FOXDIE Zero planted in you... It's already begun eating
                   away at my body. Truth is... The FOXDIE in you... Is what
                   killed EVA... And Ocelot.

Snake            : What are you talking about?

Big Boss         : Naomi... She told me... Everything.

Snake            : What's wrong?

Big Boss         : They did it again. They used you to kill me. The Patriots.
                   No... Their proxies... In order to bury us... They did it
                   again. In the end, they're no more than a program. All they
                   can do is repeat the same pattern over and over again. Do me
                   a favor, will you? Take me over to her. There's one more
                   thing Naomi wanted me to tell you. About the... Old FOXDIE
                   in your body... The only that mutated. The new FOXDIE inside
                   you continues to multiply. At the same time... It is
                   preventing the old... Mutated FOXDIE from reproducing. The
                   new FOXDIE is uprooting the old. Naomi confirmed it in her
                   follow-up. The mutants are receding. Before long, they'll be
                   gone entirely.

Snake            : Does that mean the mutant strain won't cause an epidemic?

Big Boss         : It will only live as long as you do. But event then... The
                   process will just repeat itself. One day, the new FOXDIE,
                   too, will start to mutate... And become a new threat. But
                   that is, if you manage to live that long.

Snake            : Am I going to die?

Big Boss         : Everyone dies. You can't stop it. You can't run away from
                   it. Let me tell you something... Don't... Don't waste the
                   life you have left fighting. I've never thought of you... As
                   a son. But I've always respected you as a soldier. And... As
                   a man. If you'd been in my place back then... Maybe you
                   wouldn't have made the same mistakes that I did. Ever since
                   the day I killed The Boss... With my own hands... I... Was
                   already dead. Boss... You were right. It's not about
                   changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the
                   world... The way it is. It's about respecting the will of
                   others... And believing in your own. Isn't that... What you
                   fought for? At last... I understand the meaning behind what
                   you did. At last... I understand the truth behind your
                   courage. It's almost time for me to go. And with me... The
                   last ember of this fruitless war dies out. And at last those
                   old evils will be gone. Once the source of evil returns to
                   zero... A new one... A new future... Will be born. That new
                   world... Is yours to live in. Not as a snake... But... As a
                   man. Know this... Zero and I... Liquid and Solidus... We all
                   fought a long, bloody war for our liberty. We fought to free
                   ourselves from nations... And systems... And norms, and
                   ages. But no matter how hard we tried, the only liberty we
                   found... Was on the inside... Trapped within those limits.
                   The Boss and I may have chosen different paths... But in the
                   end, we were both trapped inside the same cage... Liberty.
                   But you... You have been given freedom. Freedom to be...
                   Outside. You are nobody's tool now... No one's toy. You are
                   no longer a prisoner of fate. You are no longer a seed of
                   war. It's time for you to see the outside world with your
                   own eyes. Your body... And your soul... Are your own. Forget
                   about us. Live... For yourself. And find... A new lease on
                   life. Boss... You only need one snake. No... The world would
                   be better off without snakes. This is good... Isn't it?

[Big Boss takes his final breathe as the scene ends. A conversation plays after
the credits have all rolled.]

Otacon           : Snake, wait up! You forgot these....

Snake            : No thanks. I'm quitting.

Otacon           : Snake?

Snake            : These things will kill ya.

Otacon           : Where will you go...? Our fight is finished. There's nothing
                   left for us to do.

Snake            : No. There's one thing I still have to do. I have to see this
                   age off... See what the future brings.

Otacon           : Sounds good to me. I'll go with you.

Snake            : Otacon, I'm gonna be dead soon. You don't have to come.

Otacon           : You said it yourself, Snake. There's nothing inside you can
                   pass on to the next generation. No genes, no memes... You're
                   man-made... You're a beast.

Snake            : I know... A blue rose. There won't be any happy "Beauty and
                   the Beast" ending for me. What little time I have left will
                   be spent living... As a beast. A shadow of the inside... Of
                   the old age.

Otacon           : Exactly. That's why you need me. As a witness.

Snake            : A witness?

Otacon           : Yeah. Someone on the outside to bear witness to your final
                   days. Someone to pass on your story... Not that I'm the only
                   witness. But I'll remember everything you were... And stick
                   with you to the end.

Snake            : Otacon....

Otacon           : Besides, you wouldn't let me suffer Sunny's eggs alone,
                   would you?

[Scene shifts to an overhead view of Sunny cooking eggs in a frying pan.]

Sunny            : Come quick! They're ready! They look...yummy. Sorta like the
                   sun... It's rising again.

                                  THE END

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              Hal "Otacon" Emmerich    Christopher Randolph
                              Sunny    Cristina Pucelli
                       Roy Campbell    Paul Eiding
                             Drebin    Khary Payton
                  Meryl Silverburgh    Debi Mae West
                     Johnny (Akiba)    Beng Spies
                      Liquid Ocelot    Patric Zimmerman
                       Naomi Hunter    Jennifer Hale
                             Raiden    Quinton Flynn
                               Vamp    Phil LaMarr
                           Big Mama    Lee Meriwether
                           Mei Ling    Kim Mai Guest
                           Jonathan    James Sie
                                 Ed    Dave Fennoy
                           Rosemary    Lara Cody
                        Little John    Jennifer Hale
                          Local Boy    Colleen O'Shaughnessey
                              Beast    Fred Tatasciore
                   Laughing Octopus    Paula Tiso
                       Raging Raven    Nika Futterman
                        Crying Wolf    Debra Wilson Skelton
                   Screaming Mantis    Andrea Zafra

                      PMC Commander    Bob Joles
                     Enemy Soldiers    Bart Flynn
                                       Crispin Freeman
                                       Mark Hildreth
                                       Richard Horvitz
                                       Andrew Kishino
                                       Nolan North
                                       Robert Wu
                                       Brian Bloom
                                       Peter Lurie
                                       Roger Craig Smith
                                       Erica Nann Barranco
                                       Kimberly Brooks
                                       Marisol Ramirez
                                       Kris Zimmerman Salter
                                       Sarah Sido
                                       Sylvia Villagran
                                       Kari Wahlgren

                       Voice of God    Hideo Kojima

             Warning Voice of Gekko    Kris Zimmerman Salter
                      Psycho Mantis    Doug Stone
                             Ocelot    Josh Keaton
                    Revolver Ocelot    Patric Zimmerman
                       Vulcan Raven    Peter Lurie
                         The Sorrow    David Thomas
                       Cyborg Ninja    Rob Paulsen
                    Genome Soldiers    Doug Stone
                                       Peter Lurie

                           Big Boss    Richard Doyle

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