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    Boss Guide by Dauragon C Mikado88

    Version: 2.01 | Updated: 07/09/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 2.01
    By Travis Rappa (Dauragon C Mikado88)
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    Version 1.00
    Started the FAQ. All boss strategies have been added. Fun Tactics 
    will come in later updates.
    Version 1.01
    -Corrected Rex's Rear Laser charge (Level 3 -> Level 5)
    -Added the abbreviation to quickly get to the Liquid fight.
    Version 1.10
    -Changed 'Fun Tactics' to 'Additional Tactics' 
    -Added many user submitted strategies.
    -Added MGO ID for a new contact method.
    Version 1.20
    -Added more Additional Tactics from people who contributed
    -Adjusted my own strategies for Octopus and Raven and Wolf.
    -Added recommended weaponry for all bosses, including lethal and non-lethal. 
    -Received a lot of Crying Wolf strategies about hiding on the truck. I posted 
    a few of them but not all for obvious reasons. Sorry if yours did not get 
    Version 2.00
    -A ton of new user submitted strategies.
    -A few adjustments to my own strategies.
    -Added a Lethal VS Non-Lethal Section
    -Removed 'Difficulty' of bosses.
    -Added a prettier looking header and Updates title.
    Version 2.01
    -Minor corrections. Added DSR-1 as a useful weapon for Crying Wolf.
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction (INTRO)
    II. General Tips (GENTIP)
    III. Lethal VS Non-Lethal (LEVNO)
    IV. Bosses
    	1. Laughing Octopus (LOCT)
    	2. Raging Raven (RRAV)
    	3. Crying Wolf (CWOL)
    	4. Vamp (VAMP)
    	5. Metal Gear Ray (MGRAY)
    	6. Screaming Mantis (SMAN)
    	7. Liquid Ocelot (LOCE)
    V. Additional Tactics (USER)
    VI. Contact Info
    VII. Credits/Copyright
    To navigate to a Boss quickly, use the Find function on your browser 
    and type in the abbreviations in the parenthesis. 
    I. Introduction (INTRO)
    Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally here and it was well worth the wait! 
    The Metal Gear series is known for its clever and thought-invoking 
    boss fights, and MGS4 is no exception. Many of the bosses are very 
    challenging this time around and considering how many of the bosses 
    possess superhuman abilities and suits, many of the bosses take many 
    hits before going down. However with the right strategy, each boss 
    can be taken down. Well that's what you're here for anyway, right?
    II. General Tips (GENTIP)
    1. Use your Octocamo - Just because it's a boss fight doesn't mean 
    stealth isn't important. Bosses that become confused and unaware to 
    your presence will allow an easy shot.
    2. Pay close attention to your psyche. - The psyche gauge is just 
    below Snake's health bar. The higher the bar is, the greater Snake's 
    psyche is, and thus, better performance. High amounts of stress in 
    combat will cause his psyche to deplete gradually; this occurs 
    frequently during bosses and will drop your aim considerably. Eating 
    noodles, drinking Regain, smoking a cigarette, resting, reading a 
    magazine and the syringe you receive later on all help keep the 
    psyche meter high.
    3. Take cover often and rest. - If you take a lot of damage and don't 
    have much recovery items left, find safe cover and have Snake rest 
    idly as long as possible. Snake's health will gradually restore 
    itself. The higher Snake's psyche gauge, the quicker it will restore. 
    The higher Snake's psyche gauge, the quicker it will restore.
    III. Lethal VS Non-Lethal (LEVNO)
    I get e-mailed and asked about this quite a few times, with people telling me 
    what counts as a kill, and what doesn't. So instead of reposting what 
    everyone is saying I will make a new section here.
    Reasons to Non-Lethal Kill Beast Forms:
    - Only one reason here and that is to get statues and unlock the Solar Gun. 
    There is 5 statues total, 4 for each of the B&B units, and one for 
    tranquilizing all the FROGS during the fight in Act 1. The Solar Gun is very 
    useful for second playthroughs, especially during Big Boss Emblem runs. I 
    would recommend non-lethal killing all bosses, all forms your first time.
    Reasons to Lethal Kill Beast Forms:
    - Does not count as an actual kill.
    - Allows you to kill bosses much faster; useful once you already obtained the 
    Solar Gun and are going for a BBE run.
    Reasons to Non-Lethal Kill Beauty Forms:
    - Necessary for a no-kill run.
    - You will receive their face camo if it is your first time.
    Reasons to Lethal Kill Beauty Forms:
    - Pretty much no reason unless it's a pure speed run. It will count as a kill 
    if you lethally defeat the beauty form. Keep that in mind.
    IV. Bosses
    1. Laughing Octopus (LOCT)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal) - M870 Custom (Buck or Slug)
    Recommended Weaponry (Non-Lethal) - Mosin Nagant, Stun Grenades, M870 Custom 
    (Vortex Rings)
    The first boss you fight, it seems like quite awhile before you even 
    fought one. Unlike most first bosses in the series, Laughing Octopus 
    is not a push around and can deal some serious damage if you don't 
    think on your feet. 
    Octopus will rely on the same technology - Octocamo as well as 
    facecamo which allows her to take on the face or even shape of 
    another object or person. Because of this, it's important to keep 
    note of your surroundings and any changes. 
    If you are going for a tranq kill, Stun Grenades work well here, as she will 
    usually deflect your MK bullets with her tentacles. Fighting her upfront as 
    she is approaching you is usually useless in this sense. If you have a 
    shotgun, then vortex ring shots will do the most damage. You can actually 
    find some ammo for it under one of the desks during the fight. The MK is 
    nearly useless due to her tentacle reflect and overall weak damage. If you 
    purchased the Mosin Nagant, this works best, just be sure to aim at her head 
    when she is camoflagued.
    She will primarily attempt to fool you by using disguises and blending into 
    the environment. Using your night vision on the Solid Eye is a good tactic 
    for discovering where she is. Pay close attention to the radar as well, she 
    will frequently yell and give out her location. She will not move from her 
    position until you shoot her out of it. Make good use of this advantage and 
    rest to recover health when needed.
    Occasionally, Octopus will send out these small floating red orbs 
    that will attach themselves to you if they touch you. You can either 
    shoot them in the air or roll if they attach to you. They will 
    explode after some time if you run away from them as well.
    Be careful to maintain distance from her as well, her tentacle attack 
    has range and can deal a large bit of damage. Be especially careful 
    of her rolling attack which can catch you extremely quickly and deals 
    massive damage if you are hit. Find a crate to go up on if you see 
    this coming. 
    Normal weaponry will take awhile to bring her down with, any heavy 
    assault weapons will bring her down faster. If you are just going for 
    the facecamo, you can lethal kill the beast. The shotgun also works very well 
    here, as she cannot block a close shot, and it will even knock her over.
    After you kill Laughing Octopus, she will shed her protective armor 
    and enter human form: Laughing Beauty. I don't really consider this 
    its own boss fight so I am including it here. All you must do is keep 
    shooting her as she slowly walks to you. There is no reason to get 
    hit at all, and if you do she will try to choke you, in which you can 
    easily shake her off. I recommend stamina killing her for her 
    facecamo. You will eventually land shots and bring her down 
    regardless of her dodging.
    Congratulations! You have beaten the first boss.
    2. Raging Raven (RRAV)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal) - SVD, RPG-7
    Recommended Weaponry (Non-Lethal) - Mosin Nagant
    Another fairly long, but not too difficult boss fight. Raging Raven 
    possesses other unmanned flyers which fire missiles at Snake, making 
    the fight a bit more of a headache. Unlike your fight with Octopus, 
    you are given a much larger battlefield to maneuver in. Personally I 
    fought this battle on the roof, but it is possible to win it on the 
    lower levels, I just feel it is harder to win it there.
    So with that being said, begin the fight by making your way to the 
    top of the tower. You will encounter a large amount of the unmanned 
    flyers here; take them all out with an assault rifle, which will 
    force Raven to make her appearance. She will usually stay in one 
    position for a few moments before flying to the next one, allowing 
    you to hit her with your best weaponry. Be careful however, she will 
    fire missiles at you while you are shooting; hit-and-run shooting is 
    the way to go. If you are hit with the missile Snake will go flying, 
    and can even fly off the roof (instant death). Luckily, it does not 
    deal a large amount of damage.
    If you have the RPG-7 and have well aiming you can deal heavy damage 
    to her if it lands. Handguns and assault rifles will make this LONG 
    fight. You can also attempt to snipe her head if you can aim well. 
    Either way, this fight tests your ability to aim quickly, as the 
    unmanned gliders are also difficult to shoot down at times.
    Occasionally, Raven will overheat and throw a Stun Grenade at you. 
    Quickly equip the Box or the Drum Can to resist the flash once you 
    hear her say she is overheating. This will give you a few seconds to 
    shoot her some more. She will then fly over to one of the far roofs 
    and rest for a moment. You will notice many flyers around her as 
    well. This is a perfect time to snipe her or fire a missile at her 
    for easy damage.
    If you wish to rest and recover naturally, go back down into the 
    tower and go down the first set of stairs, but rest at the wall that 
    is there before the next set of stairs. I never got hit here once, 
    even with Raven shooting missiles at me. 
    If using non-lethal methods this will be a long fight, the shotgun with 
    v.rings will not be as effective as with octopus since you cannot get close. 
    The MK is still weak, which leaves you with the Mosin Nagant for best damage. 
    Good aiming is essential here, especially if playing on The Boss Extreme and 
    cannot replenish ammo. Aiming at her head will cause the most damage, but it 
    is easier said than done.
    Once you deal with Raging Raven you will fight her human form, Raging 
    Beauty. This is the exact same battle as when you fought Laughing 
    Beauty. Tranq her if you want her facecamo, otherwise you can kill 
    her quickly with the RPG-7. 
    3. Crying Wolf (CWOL)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal) - M14EBR (or DSR-1), FIM-92A
    Recommended Weaponry (Non-Lethal) - Mosin Nagant
    Similar to Raging Raven, you will also have to deal with FROGS during 
    this fight. Make good use of your Octocamo here and pick them off 
    one-by-one. I recommend equipping a suppressor to whatever gun you 
    use so you don't get an alert. 
    Solid Eye with Night Vision is ESSENTIAL to make this fight easier. 
    You will be able to track Wolf's unique prints in the snow, and track 
    her down when she moves positions. It will also allow you to see 
    through the intense blizzard. Projectile missiles are also essential 
    to deal good damage to her. Sometimes she will appear out of her 
    protective wolf armor, in which you could snipe her, but she can 
    detect you from far away and will send her own missiles at you. 
    Sometimes she will charge at you and will jump on you. If you want 
    too long it becomes unavoidable, it will deal massive damage to your 
    health AND your psyche gauge. Stay moving at all times if she is 
    running to you. You can also attempt to shoot a missile at her if you 
    are quick enough, but it is risky.
    So your two options here are to snipe her or use a missile launcher at her. 
    For sniping I recommend the M14EBR or the DSR-1. You can attach a suppressor 
    and laser sight to the M14 making it a good weapon to snipe out the FROGS as 
    well. The DSR-1 is very powerful against Crying Wolf but due to its bolt 
    action you can only fire one shot before she moves. You also cannot modify 
    this gun to equip a suppressor. Use the FIM-92A if you try the missile launcher 
    Eventually, if you take too long to kill her after you dispatch the initial 
    wave of FROGS, she can summon more which will restart the process all over 
    After you beat her, she will become Crying Beauty. Same deal as all 
    the others. Either tranq for facecamo or kill lethally however you 
    4. Vamp (VAMP)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal) - M4 Custom
    Recommended Weaponry (Non-Lethal) - MK 22, M870 (V.Ring), Solar Gun
    Vamp is a pretty straight forward fight, attack him with an assault 
    rifle at his head, and gradually bring him down. He will mostly jump 
    around places, but will sometimes make a large leap at Snake. Use a 
    side roll to avoid it. He may throw knives at you as well; you can 
    either take the damage or run away from them. They do not do that 
    Once you bring his health down to zero the fight seems over. After 
    about 5 seconds he will get up again and the fight will resume with 
    him at full health. This can continue forever if you do not stop his 
    To beat him, get behind him once he falls to the ground after you 
    defeat him. Make sure you have the syringe equipped. Once he is up, 
    quickly hold down R1 near him and you will grab him in a CQC hold. 
    Make sure you have a handgun, knife or no weapon equipped so you can 
    grab him. Assault rifles do not work properly. Once you have him 
    held, press the action button (triangle) and you will inject him with 
    the syringe. The fight will then be over.
    Yes I am aware the Solar Gun can kill Vamp extremely quickly. If you 
    collected all five non-lethal statues (FROGS fight and the 4 B&B units) and 
    are on other playthroughs, a charged Solar Gun shot will bring Vamp down 
    almost instantly on all modes.
     5. Metal Gear Ray (MGRAY)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal) - Rear Laser, Homing Missiles
    Could you ever imagine such an epic battle...? Metal Gear REX vs Metal 
    Gear RAY. Ray was designed to eliminate all other Metal Gears, but 
    this fight is actually quite easy, as long as you are aware of Rex's 
    abilities. You can change which weapon you use from the weapons menu. 
    You can employ each of Rex's weapons used against you in MGS. This 
    includes the gatling gun, the homing missiles and the rear laser. 
    The rear laser must be charged before it can be used. You must hold 
    down the aiming button to charge it. You can actually charge it all 
    the way to level 5, which takes some time, however it has the best 
    damage you can deal to Ray, I would recommend using it often.
    All three of the weapons will overheat if you use them too much, so 
    switch to another weapon when this happens, fortunately they cool 
    down quickly. Use the missiles as a good alternative to the laser; 
    just make sure you have a clear shot to fire. I recommend switching 
    between the laser and the missiles; the gatling gun is not worth it.
    Ray's attacks are all similar to the ones used against Raiden in MGS, 
    including the missiles and the 'water cutter' attack that it used to 
    escape the tanker. The water cutter attack is very powerful, stay 
    moving frequently to dodge it. Ray will also attempt to tackle Rex, 
    and jump on it for a large amount of damage. Use the X button and 
    dodge to the left or the right to avoid this. After you have done 
    that, get close to Ray and wait for a signal for the action button to 
    come up. Rex will then grapple Ray in its mouth and hit it with the 
    rear laser to deal a large amount of damage, very cool to see.
    Overall this fight is quite easy, and I find REX actually has the 
    advantage over Ray here. Focus on using the laser and missiles as 
    your primary attack, and use the sidesteps to dodge when needed.
    6. Screaming Mantis (SMAN)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal/Non-Lethal) - Assault Rifle, Mantis Doll (to 
    This fight is extremely nostalgic to Psycho Mantis, and you will soon 
    find out why. You must protect yourself, as well as Meryl's own life 
    from Mantis' control. 
    Begin the fight by immediately injecting yourself with the syringe, 
    the actual fight will begin once you do that. If you look carefully, 
    you will notice two dolls to the left and right of Mantis. A Psycho 
    Mantis doll and a The Sorrow doll. You must shoot these, not Mantis 
    herself. Be careful of the floating FROG corpses, they can shoot you 
    or stab you if you get too close. Once you shoot either doll a few 
    times, Mantis will begin to manipulate Meryl more and have her attack 
    Take cover behind one of the pillars at the top of the stairs, and 
    Meryl will leap over to you. Grab her using a CQC attack (remember 
    only handguns, knives or unarmed for a grab), make sure the syringe 
    is equipped, and then press the action button when she is grabbed to 
    inject her with the syringe. Basically this is the exact same thing 
    you did to Vamp. It will instantly knock her out. 
    Once Meryl is knocked out, continue to fire on Mantis' dolls. After 
    another few more hits, Mantis will raise Meryl once again, and put 
    the gun to her head this time. Quickly go down to the center of the 
    battlefield and grab Meryl in another CQC hold and inject her again 
    with the syringe. The FROGS corpses will most likely be near you and 
    will attempt to stop you. Keep trying to hit her with the syringe if 
    they land a hit on you.
    Once you deal with Meryl again, you will finally be able to kill 
    Mantis freely. Continue to work on whatever doll you were shooting at 
    the time, you will notice it gradually fall from her side. After 
    about 10 hits or so it will fall from her side and fall to the ground 
    nearby. Quickly run to where the doll fell and pick it up before she 
    does herself. 
    Repeat this for the second doll. Be careful of her warping and slash 
    attack, she will scream "SNAAAAAKE" before she warps to you, giving 
    you plenty of time to run away. Once the second doll falls, you can 
    now kill Mantis. Equip the Mantis doll and fire off the  projectile at her. 
    If it lands, you will be able to string her up like she did to the others.  
    Hold L1 and keep moving the Sixaxis back and forth between you and the screen, 
    this will shake her and inflict damage to her. You can kill her in one go  
    with this, quickly ending the fight. Note that both her stamina and health 
    gauge will deplete together.
    *To end this fight quickly you only need to bring down the Mantis doll and 
    use it against her. The Sorrow doll is not needed to win, however if it is 
    your first time playing shoot both dolls so you can acquire both for future 
    You know the drill now, either tranq or lethal kill Screaming Beauty 
    to win.
    7. Liquid Ocelot (LOCE)
    Recommended Weaponry (Lethal/Non-Lethal) - Only a fool trusts his life to a 
    The fight you've been waiting so long for is finally here...Snake VS 
    Liquid Ocelot, and boy is it an epic fight. 
    There are four stages to his fight, the last one being very straight 
    forward. Each stage represents a progression from MGS1 to MGS4, each 
    to music from the respective games, very nostalgic. 
    Each form of Ocelot has his own unique move set, some easy, some more 
    difficult. You will first begin to MGS1 music and fighting a very 
    similar style Liquid. Press Select to bring up the controls for Snake 
    if needed.
    Sidesteps are a good way to avoid blows and get a combo on Liquid, 
    you can also block his attacks and counter with your own. He can use 
    the running head butt attack similar from MGS1, it can be blocked but 
    it will break your guard. Keep dodging, blocking and delivering 
    combos and eventually you will come to...
    MGS2 Liquid Ocelot, the alert music from the tanker will now play. I 
    find this form most easy to beat; Liquid will focus primarily on 
    using a powerful lunge fist which will deal a massive amount of 
    damage if it lands. Sidestepping will work best here to counter, but 
    even blocking gets the job done. Once you dodge the attack, you can 
    either try to get a combo on Liquid or do dash punches (Forward + X 
    combined with R1). Playing defensive and dodging is the way to go on 
    this form.
    Eventually Liquid will change fighting styles once again, to reflect 
    on Ocelot from MGS3. Snake's name will change to 'Naked Snake' and 
    Liquid's to 'Ocelot'. The theme for Snake Eater will now play as 
    well. Ocelot will focus on short-range CQC attacks. Do not use the 
    dash punch now or it will most always miss. Being aggressive with 
    combos helps more, as well as the occasional ducking and 
    sidestepping. If you are caught in a hold, hit the action button 
    quickly when it is displayed and you can break the hold. If he gets 
    you in a chokehold, rotate the left analog stick as quickly as you 
    can to break free. 
    Once you deal with Liquid a third time, the music will change to 'Old 
    Snake' from MGS4, and both fighters will move very sluggishly towards 
    one another. You will only be able to swing using R1 now, make sure 
    you are close to Liquid before pressing R1. Keep mashing the button 
    to keep striking Liquid consecutively, if you wait too long then 
    Liquid will strike back. You can actually die on this part if you let 
    Liquid continue to counterattack, then you'll have to start all over 
    if you do. Keep this up, and eventually the fight will end.
    Congratulations, you have beaten the Final Boss in MGS4. Enjoy the 
    lengthy but enriching ending!
    V. Additional Tactics (USER)
    Here I will post strategies and tips sent to me by e-mail. If you want to 
    submit your own just e-mail me at my contact info below. Please note that I 
    have unedited what people have sent to me, so please do not e-mail me 
    spelling and/or grammar corrections to their work.
    Laughing Octopus
    While I was fighting the Laughing Octopus, I've found that the survival knife 
    is a good way to do some decent damage and save ammunition. Here are a couple 
    of examples, one-when she first uses her camouflage and stands against the 
    wall (I am quite sure you know what I'm talking about), I usually run up to 
    her and pull off a knife combo, afterwards, she would still be standing there 
    and so I would pull off two to three more hits before she would fall to the 
    ground. This did alot more damage than I expected by the way. Other examples 
    are very similar, and this when she either hides on the wall over the 
    painting, hiding in a box, lying on the floor as a FROG, disguising as one of 
    those human figures, or lying on the floor with her face disguised as Naomi. 
    The technique applies to All the examples. Also, I want to point out that 
    when she does disguise her face as Naomi, you can still slice and dice her 
    even as she is spewing out that ink. if Laughing Octopus is lying on the 
    floor disguised as someone else, be sure to attack her in First Person mode 
    while crouching to hit her. This is only if you don't have the auto aim 
    function enabled.
    	-Submitted by Jonathan S.
    This is an interesting bug I found when fighting laughing octopus. There 
    should be a room where 2 boxes stacked on each other. Get on the highest box 
    and wait there while facing the door. She will continually walk past the door 
    and shoot at you. Since there's a wall, her bullets will not go 
    through. But if you shoot at her while she's shooting at you, you can still 
    damage her. This mostly work when she's at 50% life/psyche, and she will 
    eventually move away to hide. If so, just go ahead and leave the spot, shoot 
    her, and run back on the top of the box.
    	-Submitted by Long Phan
    I suspects that many people know this but the best weapon to use against the 
    beast form is the M4 Custom with the grenade launcher equipped and the Rail 
    Gun. The trick is to use the grenade launcher to hit the Laughing Octopus so 
    that she goes down and release the black smoke. Usually, after she release 
    the floating bombs (Use the M4 to clear the bombs), she will be hiding 
    somewhere, use the radar to find her. Hit her with the railgun while she is 
    After her health deplete to about 1/4, she will no longer hide and will 
    engaged you instead. At this stage, keep using the grenade launcher to hit 
    her, she should go down in around 5 hits. 
    In my game, I does the following things (with a 90% similiarities):
    After the cut scene:
    1) Immediately moved back and use the grenade launcher at her.
    2) She goes down and release floating bombs, destroyed it and use the railgun 
    while she is hiding. (This part could happen twice)
    3) She pretend to be the human thingy (Muscle tissues and so on...not sure 
    what is that called), shoot her with the rail gun again. 
    4) She pretend to be a fallen FROGS, shoot her again with the railgun.
    5) She will now break out of the window, use the grenade against her, this 
    time she will release black smoke but does not disappear, she will pretend to 
    be Naomi (Use the rail gun)
    6) Keep hitting her with the Grenade and M4
    	-Submitted by rachziwei
    Raging Raven
    If you have already beaten the game, then when you fight Raven, you should 
    have the Rail Gun.  If you hit raven with the Rail Gun while she is flying 
    around it will do tons of damage.  On The Boss Extreme difficulty level, it 
    took away over 2/3 of her health bar in one shot.  However, this tactic only 
    works if she is flying around the building.  If she is stopped to shoot 
    grenades, or is in the middle of a strafing run, the damage is just the 
    normal amount.  Also, this tactic only works once, as successive shots will 
    only do the normal amount.  After you have gotten rid of most of her health, 
    I recommend the M82A2 (the .50 cal sniper rifle) to finish her off as it only 
    takes two more shots, although any gun will take her down pretty quickly at 
    this point.
    	-Submitted by Thomas Taylor
    Crying Wolf
    Get under the tank, and equip Night Vis. Preferable weapon is sniper, for 
    when she runs into the woods, because she opens her armour and you can crack 
    off a great shot that'll significantly lower her health. The worst that can 
    happen is that she attacks the tank and you lose about 1/5 of health (if 
    that...) which recovers quickly either. Whilst she's running around it's fun 
    to pick off the FROG's too ^_^.
    	-Submitted by Bo17
     After the cutscene ends and you regain control of Snake, duck under the 
    parked near you. From there, by using the Face and OctoCamo, you'll be 99% 
    invisible. The soldiers looking for you will search the area, and it is broad 
    enough that you can snipe them with head shots. I used the M1 because it has 
    a good scope without having to customize it, and you'll just need 1 shot to 
    take out the soldiers, as well as being silent. Its range is great, too. The 
    best bet is to snipe them in open areas where others can see the body. 
    They'll  go towards the fallen comrade and kneel to check their status 
    (perfect baiting technique). Once you dispatch them, it's one-on-one against 
    Wolf. Stay where you are and wait until she comes into an area you can see 
    her. Once she pops her head out to scan for you with the rail gun, shoot her 
    in the head, wait for her head to recoil, shoot a 2nd time, wait again, shoot 
    a third time.  She'll get back into the machine and run off. Rinse and repeat. 
    Every 3 head shots took a quarter of her life, so I did this 4 times and 
    finished her easily, but not quickly. It's a sniper showdown, so if you're 
    patient, you'll get the best of her. The second half of the battle when she's 
    Crying Beauty is the same as the others. I've only beat her with lethal 
    means; I have not attempted this with the Mosin Nagant or the Mk22.
    	-Submitted by Fireagle (MGO ID)
    If you climb up the tower you can see all around the field. Eliminate the 
    guards on the tower then blend in on the top floor and wait for alert to be 
    over. Equip your night vision and wait for wolf to appear, if you wait a 
    minute or two she will start browsing the snow looking for you, and will open 
    up her shell and expose her self. use this opportunity to pop off a few 
    headshots with the M1 and she will fall over, switch to the grenade launcher 
    and fire off a round while she is down to take out almost half her health. 
    she will then run off, wait for her to come back and repeat a second time and 
    the fight will be yours. 
          -Submitted by VpStylee
    When fighting Crying Wolf, you'll notice that when she's walking around she's 
    hard to see in night vision mode.  There is, however, a small patch on each 
    side of her mechanical body that does glow.  Those are her grenades that she 
    drops when she mobs you.  If you're accurate enough, you can actually shoot 
    those and set them off.  It seems to take a couple hits to do it with a 
    Dragunov, and there's a slight delay.  When they do go off they knock her 
    over and do pretty good damage. 
          -Submitted by civsnake
    non lethal
    (must have mark 2 pistol and stun knife equipped) 
    If your going for the non lethal victory, equip your mark 2 pistol.  Shoot 
    him when he jumps around on the debris. It is pretty easy to dodge his knive 
    throws as long as run to the side. Now, the fun part. When he is at the 
    ground and running towards you, equip your stun knife. He will try to do his 
    double roundhouse kickmove. dive to the side right before he starts the 
    manuever, if timed correctly (not that hard) he will miss. This is when you 
    run up to him and use your stun knife to shock him (L1 + R2). You have to be 
    fast. The knife shock will take a pretty decent amount out of his stamina bar. 
    Repeat this for the rest of the match.  When you finish him, have your 
    syringe equipped. C.Q.C. him (hold R1), and press triangle. The battle is now 
           -Submitted by STRiKER45 
    Metal Gear Ray
    Alternate strategy - " 'Metal Gear GUNDAM', or 'O.T.A.Con.' (Otacon's True 
    Anime Convention)", by v_di_g.
    Revolves around the codec tip Otacon gives you - close the distance and use 
    melee.  This has given me a flawless battle against Ray on Big Boss Hard, and 
    destroys Ray very quickly.  I think it is comparable, if not superior to 
    REX's laser.  Definitely more fun to watch for onlookers. 
    1 - While strafing left and/or right at a distance of about 1 1/2 to 2 Metal 
    Gears away from Ray, use the gatling on Ray. 
    2 - When Ray puts his arms up in defence, dash and/or quickly walk forward to 
    close range. 
    3 - Immediately use a melee combo of 3 kicks. Tap R1 repeatedly for the 
    blows.  This will do very good damage.  Stay in close.   
    4 - As soon as Ray is floored, the special command is ready.  Hit triangle 
    when prompted.  Enjoy the display(s) of raw power. 
    5 - Retreat to step 1's mid-close to mid range and find cover.  When Ray is 
    up and visible, repeat step 1.  If he jumps into the water, go to 6. 
    6 - Strafe while you wait for Ray to re-emerge on the battle floor, then go 
    to 1.  Observe the warnings above your head below.  If Ray runs out of health, 
    go to 7. 
    ! - If at anytime you lose sight of Ray, DO NOT STAND STILL.   
    ! - If he reappears right beside you, quickly go straight to 3 and melee. 
    ! - If he is jumping AT you, or dashes at you because you got too close, dash 
    left or right to dodge, go to 3 and melee. 
    ! - If he jumped back to land, but you can't find him, go to Bridge.  Should 
    only happen once. 
    Bridge - Just be careful about Ray jumping onto a raised platform.  Again, do 
    not stand still.  During this point, duck for cover, charge your GUNDAM-like 
    laser, then strafe out and hit Ray when you locate it.  Ray will return to 
    the floor for more physical combos in due time, if not immediately 
    thereafter.  Go to step 1. 
    7 - Wonder in astonishment at Snake's newly acquired wounds as the act draws 
    to a close. 
    Looks like Otacon's original otaku nature turns out to be useful after 
    all.  Now, someone give that man an orbital frame.
    If you don't press L1 to aim whatever weapon you have equipped and press R1, 
    Rex will start swinging his legs around in a short but deadly melee combo. If 
    you can get close enough to Ray to hit him with the first part of the 
    combo (not hard at all considering you can move in on Ray while firing 
    the gatling gun at him to stun him for a few seconds or destroy the missles 
    coming at you) it will stun Ray and knock him to the ground. Then, you can 
    press the action button which will inititate that aforementioned stomping 
    laser combo animation that will take a huge chunk out of Ray's health. I did 
    this about 4 or 5 times in quick succession (on Normal Difficulty) and Ray 
    was toast! Also, I got an alternate animation when Ray was up against the 
    corner facing the ocean; Rex slammed Ray into the wall repeatedly, but 
    besides the cool animation I can't confirm whether or not it's different from 
    the regular one (in terms of damage). All in all I found moving in on Ray and 
    slapping him silly proved to be a very effective strategy. Just either shoot 
    down or ignore the missles and make sure you side-step the water cutter, and 
    you can close in on him quickly and effectively.
    	-Submitted by Jason Caron
    Screaming Mantis
    I found using a shot gun with the non-lethal bullets was the easiest way to 
    both beat Screaming Mantis's doll things as well as take care of Meryl as 
    well as the FROGs. 
    It takes 1 shot to down each FROG, and 1 or 2 to knock out Meryl. 
    This also works with the Grenade Launcher and Stun Grenades. 
    After all or most of the FROGs, make sure you down the FROGs first, and Meryl 
    is down, reload and shoot once at Screaming Mantis, if you hit her she will 
    warp towards you a few times and try to hit you with her knife. 
    While she's doing this, aim at her lower left or right and keep backing up 
    while firing. Each time you should be able to take out one of the dolls. 
    If you do it this way she will not try to re-control the FROGs or Meryl 
    If you can't hit them that way, just simply run up to her and blast the dolls, 
    but while running at her she may fire off some of the controly deelys, and if 
    she does you should know what to do if they hit you or what not.
    	-Submitted by The Lawn
    Liquid Ocelot
    I found out of a tactic that works pretty well.
    MGS1 Fight:
    Go for the Big punch here. Punch him on so he is near the edge and continue 
    with the big punch. Be sure to press the punch button two or three times 
    since he will nearly fall of the edge the first time. When he rises continue 
    to punch him and you'll take him down easily.
    MGS2 Fight:
    As you mentioned, he will focus on the powerful hit. Just step aside when he 
    is about to hit you and the Big punch him or combo him down. CQC and grab him 
    works well too.
    MGS3 Fight:
    I did go for the same tactics here as Ocelot did. CQC and choke him to 
    deplete his stamina bar wich will deplete his life bara when his stamina is 
    down to zero.
    	-Submitted by Bjvrn Andersson
    A slight bug I discovered which works effectively for all stages of the 
    battle except the MGS4 fight. Basically, move Snake to the edge of the 
    platform on which him and Liquid Ocelot are fighting on and Snake will try to 
    stop him self from falling, waving his arms in the air a bit. During this, 
    and for about a second after, Snake is invincible. So while Ocelot seems to 
    have you pinned to the edge of the platform, whenever he lands a hit after 
    trying to go over the edge, none of his hits will do any damage whatsoever. 
    When Ocelot is trying to land hits on you, you're invincible, so it's even 
    easier to counter him. Once you land some hits, dash over to the edge again 
    and repeat. I found that this bug worked wonders on the MGS1 and 2 fights, 
    after taking barely any damage at all, however, it is pretty much useless on 
    the MGS4 fight, seeing as it's hard to move around quickly anyway. 
    	-Submitted by Matt Archdale (Matt0rz)
    Stage 1 
    In stage one I usually keep him on his toes, and to do this I like to 
    straight away move in and keep blocking. If he breaks guard with the headbutt 
    I don't worry too much, just sidestep. The aim here is to get him to do a ppk 
    combo on you, and when he does he usually finishes with a big elbow that 
    knocks you over. Block him until he pauses to do that elbow, then launch into 
    the full combo yourself. If you are unlucky, you will do the full combo and 
    kick him over. you may be saying 'how is that a bad thing?' but it actually 
    is! What you want to happen is for liquid to BLOCK the final kick, and when 
    he does QUICKLY hit L1 and you will block HIS spin kick, allowing you to 
    launch into your own ppk combo once again! Then simply let him block the last 
    kick, block his kick, start again and eventually you will deplete his health 
    to stage to state with minimal health loss. Thats my strategy, not really as 
    good as some others but I thought I'd share anyway. 
    Stage 2 
    In stage two I kinda leave Liquid Ocelot the hell alone :P I sidestep almost 
    constantly until he tries his big 'take this' punch and then do a dash punch, 
    followed by another dash punch and if he is still standing, the strong punch. 
    His ppk combo will sometimes go like the mini cutscenes (e.g. when you both 
    punch each other and stop momentarily) so I usually just try to nail him with 
    the END of the combo, spin kicking him away while keeping him a fair distance 
    from Snake 
    Stage 3 
    I dont know why, but this one gave me the most trouble. I kind of just 
    improvise here, ppk combo and strong punch as needed. I read some people use 
    CQC a lot but I'm not a fan of it for this part personally.
    	-Submitted by Gray_Jaeger
    VI. Contact Info
    E-mail: Neolavie@live.com
    MGO ID: Crisis
    As of now, I will only take some new strategies for Raging Raven and 
    Screaming Mantis. Only if the strategy is vastly differently and effective 
    from other strategies will it be posted. If you see your strategy did not get 
    posted then chances are it was too similar to mine or too similar to one 
    already posted.
    If you absolutely need help with a boss or are confused with a 
    certain strategy listed you may also e-mail me. I would recommend 
    using the MGS4 board at GameFAQs if you are having trouble past my 
    You can also send me corrections to the guide if they are needed. 
    Lastly, you can contact on me MGO if I am on. I also run a knife/CQC clan 
    called Aurora. Feel free to apply if you love it as much as I do.
    VII. Credits/Copyright
    I would like to thank the amazing team of Kojima Productions for 
    putting out such an amazing MGS game. It was a very long wait, but 
    well worth it. 
    I would also like to express thanks to GameFAQs as well as other sites that 
    have allowed and requested to host this guide.
    The information expressed in this guide is copyright to me, Travis 
    Rappa (Dauragon C Mikado88). By no means are you permitted to call 
    this guide or information within this guide your own. You are not 
    allowed to illegally host this file on your website without 
    permission of myself first. Please contact me first if you wish to 
    host this file, or use this information elsewhere.

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