Why cant i find any of the DLC keys in their locations?

  1. OK, so i recently just got Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin on PS3 Preowned, and ive been trying to look for the DLC keys to access the DLC areas, like the dragon talon and frozen flower, but they aren't appearing in the locations that they should be at, like the dragon talon should be in majula in the well using the forgotten key, there should be a corpse in the chest room with they key, but no corpse or key...

    Is there something i need to do? Why arent they keys showing up in the game? Thnx for the help!

    User Info: xxxL3gitRushxxx

    xxxL3gitRushxxx - 3 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If your game is like mine you already have them. Check your inventory all the way on the right side. Not your equipment but your inventory. You should already have them if not you might need to update if you aren't on the most recent version. Are you playing online?

    User Info: Skillet_400

    Skillet_400 - 3 years ago 3   0

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