How do I get past level 15?

  1. In Need For Speed Rivals The Complete Edition for the PS3. I'm a Patrol officer as I play the game. I'm a Level 15 and I can't do this one Current Objective it wants me to do. I have 5 total objectives. Earn 75,000 SP in a single session. I completed that. Next, Gold any 2 Rapid Responses. I completed that. Next, Trigger 3 Cameras at 200 mph. I completed that. Next,Hit 5 racers with Pursuit Tech. I completed that. The last one is DEPLOY The Helicopter and I can't do that. I have tried a lot and I'm lost. I need your help, Please tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to complete this Objective? Please,Thank you My username is vdubmario1

    User Info: vdubmario1

    vdubmario1 - 4 years ago

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