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Gundam Breaker 2 is an action game where you can freely rearrange parts such as the head, torso, and arms of the "Gundam" series plastic model (commonly known as Gunpla) to create your own original Gunpla and fight. Destroy the approaching enemy Gunpla, steal and collect parts. You can also create your own "My Gundam" by using the collected parts.

Furthermore, in this game, a new element of "growth" has been added. This makes it possible to make your favorite mobile suit extremely strong.

You can customize the Gunpla to your liking by changing the color and luster of each part and setting the stain effect. With infinite imagination, create your own personalized Gunpla that is unique in the world!

A total of more than 100 Gunpla are scheduled to participate in the war, excluding mobile suits of different colors and mobile suits with only some parts different. There are more than 100 parts each, including the head, torso, arms, legs, and backpack, so there are more than 10 billion combinations. You can emphasize the concept by combining artillery parts, or you can just pursue the cool-factor of the appearance, and there is no wrong answer in the Gunpla make-up of this game.

In addition, size ratios such as 1/144 scale HG (High Grade) and 1/100 scale MG (Master Grade) are also expressed! Since it is possible to combine HG and MG parts, it is also possible to create an unbalanced and comical-looking mobile suit.

In the previous game, there was no solid story, and it was depicted that the player participated in the tournament as a Gunpla builder and went on to win. However, in this game, the character is renewed and a clear story that makes use of the world setting of Gunpla battle develops.

The stage is an event called "Gundam World Festa 2024". Through the most notable attraction Gundam Model Battle Simulator 2.0, players will experience the epic story of the battle between the Earth Army and the Allied Colony Army.

The character design is handled by Tsukasa Kotobuki, who handles the character design for "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I Blue Eyed Casval"!


Leah (CV: Yoko Hikasa)
"I'm out of the house. I'm no longer Heisenberg."

Dropped out of the military academy, left his birthplace and lived as a contract pilot for a colony security company. However, a dispute broke out when the Earth Army towed a ship belonging to the Allied Colony Army to the colony where he lived. He get caught up in it. Met the hero in the turmoil and they worked together thereafter.

Shouma (CV: Atsushi Abe)
"Are you fighting even though you are a civilian?"

A pilot belonging to the Earth Army, the rank is Master Sergeant. An orphan from the war, who lived as a street child, was picked up by his current teacher and raised. He has a talent for martial arts that surprises his teacher, but his personality hasn't matured at all.

Kalevi (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi)
"Well, adults have to take responsibility."

A pilot belonging to the Earth Army, a second lieutenant. He was dispatched as an escort unit until the ships belonging to the Allied Colony Army requisitioned by the Earth Army were dropped onto Earth. However, he was attacked by the Allied Colonies and was forced into a defensive battle. In the battle, he met the hero and acted together thereafter.

In the previous work, the performance of the parts was determined by the rarity, but in this work it is now possible to strengthen the parts using the materials collected in the mission. By collecting materials and repeatedly strengthening them, the performance of the parts will improve steadily.

Also, from this game, it is equipped with a "weapon build" system that creates weapons using the materials collected in the mission. Weapons can be strengthened by collecting additional materials as well as parts, so you can focus on making and strengthening weapons that suit your fighting style.

This entry adds a new charm of dynamic battle to the exhilaration of part destruction. In a fierce battle, the scaffolding can be destroyed by enemy attacks!

In addition to MA (Mobile Armor), battleships will appear as giant enemies. As a result, tactical strategies such as attacking enemy battleships while protecting friendly battleships are also important. There are new elements such as turrets and subflight systems on the stage, so let's use these as well to destroy formi enemies.

> The strength of PG Gundam is overwhelming. Collaborate with your friends online and ad hoc to defeat mighty enemies!
> A new diorama stage that reproduces the interior of the Gundam Cafe Akihabara store has been added. A small war on your desk that you dreamed of when you were a kid will come true in the game.
> Dendrobium, which has many fans, also participates as an enemy! Can you survive before the overwhelming attack power!?
> Dominion, the second Archangel-class ship to participate as a giant battleship, has a variety of powerful artillery such as positron and beam cannons.
> A type of vehicle, the mega rider has high mobility and the high firepower mega launcher, and is also good at attacking physically.

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