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Re:coded Script by MabinogiFan

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/13/15

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Script

Copyright 2014-2015 Ryan Parisen (MabinogiFan)

This guide may not be used on any other web site or source without permission
from me.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Sources Used:

My own copy of the game

Youtube.com (videos by EmiruHD and Everglow8444)

Special thanks to DJ Firewolf for letting me incorporate portions of his
original Re:coded Game Script into this script

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at flipperdedipper@aol.com.
If you find any potential errors in this guide, please inform me.





Destiny Islands...........................................................(DIL)

Traverse Town.............................................................(TVT)


Olympus Coliseum..........................................................(OLC)


Hollow Bastion I..........................................................(HB1)

Hollow Bastion II.........................................................(HB2)

Castle Oblivion...........................................................(COB)


Secret Endings............................................................(SED)



If you wish to jump to a specific section in the guide, press CTRL+F and type
in the corresponding character at the rightmost side.



??????: Good-bye.

Sora: No, not good-bye! When I wake up, I'll find you. And then there will 
be no lies. We're gonna be friends for real. Promise me, Naminé.

(They lock their pinky fingers together and shake. The opening sequence begins.
Scenes from Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts
II, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep are displayed as "Simple and Clean"
plays. Static frequently appears as green numbers, letters, and codes
continually flash, move, and spin, often serving as transitions to another
scene. As the opening ends, the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded logo appears. The story
begins in Disney Castle)

Jiminy (narrating): So, now we've taken two journeys. One to stop the darkness
from spreading, and the other to put all the lost hearts back where they
belong. To tell the truth, neither one was easy, but I sure was glad to be the
cricket to write down what happened. Two journeys, both sittin' quiet right
here in these two books.

(Two small brown books sit on a desk, both emblazoned with a crown seal)

Jiminy (narrating): But now, looks like the only thing left in one of 'em is a
single line.

(The pages of the first book turn to read "Thank Naminé.")

Jiminy (narrating): Of course, maybe that's because they're the only words this
book was meant to hold and it's time to close it for good. But...who exactly is
this "Naminé"?

(The pages turn to a page near the end of the book, and Jiminy's eyes widen at
another message: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it."
Jiminy puts a hand to his head in confusion. He rushes to the Library of Disney
Castle with book in hand. King Mickey sits at his desk as Jiminy explains
everything to him)

Mickey: A mysterious message?

Jiminy: Uh-huh. I certainly didn't write it. And you know I never once let the
journal out of my sight. I don't know when anybody woulda had a chance to...

Mickey: Hmm... Their hurting will be mended? Gosh, Jiminy. Sounds like somebody
needs help and doesn't know what to do. Let's get to the bottom of this.

Jiminy: Of course, but how? All the other pages are completely blank.

Mickey: Sure, the words you wrote are gone, but that doesn't mean the journal
is empty.

(Later, Donald and Goofy arrive as Chip and Dale race around the table)

Donald (to Goofy): Do you know what they're up to?

Goofy (shrugging): Nope.

Chip: Your Majesty! Everything's ready!

(He salutes Mickey)

Dale: Your Majesty! What Chipper said!

(He salutes Mickey and Chip jumps onto an odd yellow button on the table. With
a burst of smoke, a large computer with several screens appears. Chip then
pulls a lever on its side and a laser is directed onto Jiminy's journal in a
top chamber. The main monitor displays readouts of the journal. On the screen,
the book opens, pages fluttering, and spews out code, forming pictures of the
various worlds contained in the journal. A red light on the machine blinks and
a beep is heard. The screen then fills with red and black blocks, covering the
various worlds)

Dale: Hey, what's goin' on!?

Chip: Jiminy's journal---I think it's gone completely nuts!

Dale: Nuts? Where?

Chip: That's not what I mean!

(Dale takes a step back)

Chip: I don't know what's causing it exactly, but there's something wrong with
the worlds inside the journal. And we can't analyze that message for you,

Mickey: Hmm, isn't there something else we can try?

(Chip and Dale hop over to the computer, typing different keys)

Goofy: Gawrsh, maybe if we could get in there somehow and fix the data, we
could figure out what's wrong.

Chip: Hey, that's it! We could look for somebody already in the journal and ask
them to explore the worlds and repair the data. That's a great idea, Goofy!

Jiminy: Somebody to explore the data from the inside...

(He ponders for a bit with Mickey, who gets an idea)

Mickey: And I think we know just the guy to do it! Am I right, fellas?

(Chip and Dale jump in excitement. Later, in a large dark area in the
datascape, a spiky-haired boy floats down as if through water. Bits of data
float around him, blinking in and out and carrying numbers and symbols. The
boy's form turns right-side up and he lands on his feet, creating a ripple in
the digital floor. He opens his eyes and looks around, seeing that he stands on
a large green platform depicting a young girl who is wearing a yellow dress and
biting into an apple. Meanwhile, Mickey and friends are watching from the real

Chip: See, Dale and I found a way to rewrite Sora's data!

(The boy, Sora, is displayed on the computer's monitor. He examines his

Donald: What are you talking about?

(As Dale talks, several text boxes and a 3D model of the Keyblade appear on the
screen. The Keyblade appears in Sora's right hand, much to his surprise. The
data vanishes from the screen afterwards)

Dale: Chipper means we gave the Sora who's in the datascape the power to use
his Keyblade! Now he can help us un-glitch all the journal data. ...We think.

Donald: This data is a new Sora?

Goofy: Yeah, are ya sayin' he's not the same Sora we met on our journey before?

Mickey: Your journey with the real Sora was all recorded into data. So he IS
the Sora we know from before. Just another version.

(Donald and Goofy look at each other, confused)

Chip: An' since he's still Sora, he can help us restore all the worlds to the
way they're supposed to be.

(An alarm sounds from the computer, alarming everyone)

Chip: Yikes!

(The screen turns red and is bombarded by red text boxes)

Mickey: What was that about?

Dale: I got no idea.

(Chip and Dale walk to the edge of the desk. Dale salutes)

Chip: Wait here. We'll run next door and take a look. Be right back!

(They leave. Later, the alarm has stopped)

Jiminy: I guess Chip and Dale musta figured things out.

Goofy: 'Scuse me, Your Majesty, but what exactly is it we're doin' here?

Mickey: Well ya see, somebody left a strange message in Jiminy's journal.

(Goofy nods)

Mickey: And the only way to find out who wrote it is by carefully analyzing
every entry inside.

Donald: What was the message?

Mickey (nodding): Hmm... "Their hurting will be---"

(Jiminy directs his attention to the monitor)

Jiminy: Huh... Curious...

(Goofy and Donald stare in awe at the screen)

Mickey: What is it?

Donald (pointing): Hey! There's someone in the monitor!

Goofy: Gawrsh, I thought that Sora was alone in there.

Jiminy: Who could that be? I-I don't remember writin' this in the journal!

(In the data world, a man in a black coat stands before Sora)

Sora: Who...are YOU?

(The man says nothing, turns around, and walks away. Steps of stained glass
appear at the edge of the platform and the man ascends them, leaving a
perplexed Sora. Mickey's voice is heard)

Mickey: Can you hear me? You gotta go after whoever that was. Fast!

(Sora looks around for the source of the voice, but to no avail. He nods and
follows the man up the stairs. He reaches a second platform, this one pink and
with silhouettes. Sora tries to spot the man, but he has gone)

Sora: Did I get myself lost? Where could he have gone?

(Three black creatures appear)

Mickey: Watch out! They're the Heartless! It's time for you to use your powers!

Sora: Use my what?

(With a flash of light, the Keyblade appears in Sora's hand)

Sora: Oh! Hmm? What's this?

(He examines his new weapon as Mickey speaks)

Mickey: You have that now 'cause you've gained the power to fight. It's also
your power to survive. You're gonna hafta fight sometimes. But don't ever
forget---keep your light burning strong.

(Sora readies for battle and destroys the Heartless. An ornate door appears in
front of him and he walks over to it, almost intimidated)

Mickey: It's time to open the door. Just hold out the Keyblade.

(Sora points the Keyblade toward the door and it shoots out a beam of light.
The door opens, the light pouring out of it overwhelming Sora's vision. He
enters through and appears in the Destiny Islands)

[Destiny Islands-------(DIL)]

(Sora shields his eyes from the light until his sight adjusts. He stands
underneath the bridge on the island. Several red and black blocks are scattered
throughout the area)

Sora: Huh? How'd I get back here?

Mickey: Sora.

Sora: That voice again. Who are you?

Mickey: First, are you okay, Sora?

Sora: You even know my name. Have we met somewhere before?

Mickey: Well, sort of. I'm Mickey Mouse. I've never met the you in this world,
but I do know you, Sora, and Sora knows me. You could say we're really good

Sora: And so, we've never met before, but you seem to know who I am and we're
friends, is that it? I don't understand.

Mickey: Ya see, I'm from another world and--- Gosh, it's kind of a long story.
Anyway, there's this mystery me and my friends are tryin' to solve. But we
can't get to your world, so we were hopin' that maybe you could help us out.

Sora: What do I have to do?

Mickey: Well, we're searchin' for an answer somewhere in that world you're in.
And you're the only one who can find it.

Sora: Why's that? Hmm, I don't know what's going on, but are you saying you
want me to explore the island?

Mickey: Yeah, that's it exactly! And if there's anything you need, I'll be
right here.

Sora (smiling): I got it!

Mickey: First, look for anything odd.

Sora: I found that already. These blocks! What are they doing here on the

(Sora touches one of them)

Mickey: Welp, that's part of our mystery.

Sora: All right! I'll ask around!

(Sora dashes off to find somebody)

Mickey: Thanks! Oh, and remember, Sora. We might be worlds apart, but you just
say the word and I'll do everything I can to guide you. No matter what happens,
I'm always with you in spirit.

Mickey (narrating): After talking to your friends on the beach, you figured out
that more mysterious blocks were popping up all over the island. They also told
you that the suspicious person in the black hood was last seen heading to
someplace called the Secret Place.

(Sora enters the Secret Place near the waterfall. He takes notice of the
drawings on the walls and the sunlight seeping in from the ceiling)

Sora: I heard he came this way. Am I too late?

(He sees a knobless wooden door with a yellow border at the back of the cave
and approaches it)

Sora: Maybe he went through this door.

(The ground starts to shake)

Sora: Whoa! Wh-what now!?

????: There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching.

Sora: That voice... Who's there? Mickey?

(The Keyblade appears in Sora's hand, much to his surprise. He clasps it with
both hands and it releases a shining light from its tip. Mickey, Donald, Goofy,
and Jiminy watch from the real world)

Mickey: Hm? What's that bright light?

(The light grows brighter and extends past the computer until it engulfs the
entire room. Everyone lets out a shriek. Goofy unshields his eyes once the
light fades)

Goofy: Gawrsh, what just happened? I think I'm seein' stars!

Jiminy: What!? N-not again! Just look at what's been added to the journal!

(They look at the computer screen. On it, the journal's pages turn until they
reach a new message)

Jiminy: Somebody's gone and written in a brand-new entry!

Mickey: "There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching."

Donald: What does THAT mean?

Mickey: If only I knew what to do...

Jiminy: What world could they mean? Ours?

Goofy: Huh? Fellas! Look up there on the screen!

(They do so. Mickey gasps)

Mickey: Could it be...?

(Back in the data world...)

Sora: Guess I'm okay, but what was that?

(The cloaked man appears)

????: This world has been connected.

Sora: It's you!

????: ...Now stand tied.

Sora: Huh?

????: There's a road for the taking...if you end our world's aching.

Sora: I don't understand that. Is it a riddle? So, what am I supposed to do
with that?

????: To make this place whole, the Keyhole's the place.

Sora: The Keyhole's...the place?

(The man vanishes into the shadows)

Sora: Hey! Wait!

(Sora starts to run after him, but stops when a Keyhole flashes into existence
in front of the door)

Sora: Huh? What's that?

Mickey: Sora, what do ya see?

Sora: There's something weird here, Mickey. The guy in black left behind
this...uh...well, it looks like a Keyhole.

Mickey: Did he say anything to ya?

Sora: Hmm. He said, "To make this place whole, the Keyhole's the place." He
must have meant this.

Mickey: The Keyhole's the place... I know. Sora, try using the Keyblade. You
might be able to trigger something with it.

Sora: Roger that! I'll try it.

(Sora points his Keyblade at the Keyhole and fires a beam of light at it. He
ends up on a broken part of the beach under a dark sky, debris flying all

Sora: Whoa! What is this place!?

Mickey: Sora, are you okay?

Sora: Yeah, I think so. But...what's happened to our island?

Mickey: I'm not sure, but whatever it is that's causin' the glitches must be

Sora: If I get rid of it, will the island be restored?

Mickey: I hope so, but be careful. Whatever's in there is powerful.

Sora: Mm-hmm. I got it.

(Sora turns around and gasps at what he sees. He backs away as a large amount
of data swirls in green lines of code, forming an immense dark figure. It looms
over the island, a heart cut out of its torso. Sora attempts to run away, but
stops himself as he nearly careens off the side of the island. He turns around
and gasps as he comes face-to-face with the figure, named Darkside, and its
unblinking yellow eyes. Sora conjures his Keyblade and runs toward the
Darkside. It charges energy in its right fist and punches the ground, causing a
pool of darkness to well, but Sora successfully evades the attack and counters
with several strikes to the hand. Shadow Heartless emerge from the pool and
prepare to lunge at Sora, who takes them out with ease. He jumps on and runs
along the Darkside's arm to reach its head and slashes it, turning it into
green code momentarily, before leaping back to the ground. The Darkside
continues to flash green code and emit electricity. A large orb appears in the
sky, sucking in debris from the broken island. The Darkside floats into the
sky, pulled by the great energy. Sora tries his best to hang onto a wooden
plank in the sand, but he loses his grip. He screams as he's sucked into the
vortex. Meanwhile, a red light flashes on the monitor, catching Jiminy
Cricket's attention)

Mickey: Do ya think Sora's all right?

Jiminy (typing): Wait, I'm tracking him now.

(An alarm sounds and a red light blinks on the console)

Jiminy: Whoa!

Donald: What is it?

Jiminy: A new entry in the journal!

(The red light turns green. Jiminy jumps onto the keyboard and the journal
appears on the screen. It turns to a page that reads, "There are more hurts
than the one you have just undone.")

Goofy: "More hurts than the one we have just undone?"

Donald (pointing): Hey, look!

(The journal grows brighter. Static flies onto the screen and a scene plays
during the destruction of the Destiny Islands. A silver-haired boy walks on the
beach as wind and wood alike spin in the air around the broken island. A brown
cloak appears behind him and he stops and turns toward it. The cloaked figure
points toward him and the boy smiles. A portal appears behind the boy. The
scene ends and the monitor shows the journal again)

Jiminy: Gee, now that can't be right. If the data was repaired, we should be
seeing the things that were written inside my journal, right? But what we just
saw---that never happened. Or, at least, I never wrote it down.

(Goofy looks entirely perplexed)

Donald: You mean it's showing us stuff you don't know about?

Goofy: Hmm, I wonder what's goin' on inside the journal.

(A red light flashes on the screen)

Jiminy: Hm? Aha! We've found Sora!

(Donald, Goofy, and Mickey grin in excitement)

[Traverse Town-------(TVT)]

(In a dark alley in a small town, Sora awakes to a dog licking his face. Sora
opens his eyes and looks around slowly, but tries to fall asleep again. The dog
pounces on him and he shouts, now alert. The dog looks at him as he stands, but
soon runs away)

Sora: Hey!

(He runs out of the alley and notices the unfamiliar surroundings)

Sora: Huh? How did I...?

Mickey: Hey, Sora. Are you all right?

Sora: Mickey! Where am I? What happened to me now?

Mickey: You must've been taken someplace else. Tell me about what ya see around

Sora: Looks like some kind of town. Hey, wait! The island! What happened back
on the island?

Mickey: All the blocks disappeared. You did a great job, Sora.

Sora: Whew! Am I glad to hear that. So, now I'm in a strange town... But why?
Is this place full of glitches, too?

Mickey: I don't know yet, but it could be. Would you mind checkin' it out and
takin' a look around?

Sora: All right, I'll see what I can find.

Mickey (narrating): Something strange was happening in that world too. Huey,
Dewey, and Louie decided to go investigate. You took off to find 'em, 'cause
you promised Cid you'd bring 'em back safe and sound.

(Back in the real world, the screen is now full of static)

Donald: Boy, does that bring back memories.

Goofy: Oh yeah, I remember it, too.

Donald: That's where we met Sora on our first adventure.

Goofy (counting his fingers): And also Yuffie, Aerith, Leon, too. Wonder how
those guys are doin'.

Mickey: Interesting. So that's where you three became friends.

Goofy: I got a question for ya. When the journal got all digitized, we found
the old entries, right?

(Mickey nods)

Goofy: So, does that mean the Pluto that woke Sora up is the Pluto that's just
made of his data?

Mickey: Why do ya ask, Goof?

Goofy: Well, I'm wonderin' if there are data versions of all of us inside
there, too.

Mickey: Huh, that's a good question. Jiminy, what do ya think?

Jiminy: I'm afraid, Your Majesty, that I don't actually have an answer to that
question. As you know, the bugs are blocking our access to all of the data.
It's quite possible that the entire data world has been fragmented, and that
it's not a whole entity like we first thought. We just haven't figured it out.

(They all appear forlorn)

Mickey: Hmm...

Donald: Wak! Wait! It's okay. Sora is a hero.

Goofy & Jiminy: Oh, yeah!

Mickey: You're right. I'm sure Sora will lead us to the answer.

Mickey (narrating): When you found Huey, he had a fragment of light. You sent
him back to Cid's and then found Dewey. He had a light fragment, too. Then you
found Louie, and one more light fragment. They created a Keyhole, but with a
piece missing. After that you took Louie and headed to Cid's.

(Sora and Louie return to the First District and Sora gasps as they encounter
the man in the black coat)

Sora: Louie, run! Go to Cid's and wait!

(He nods and leaves. Sora speaks to the unknown man)

Sora: I hope you're happy with all the trouble you've caused!

(He tosses a block of light to Sora)

Sora: What's this? Hey, is this another fragment?

(The man has vanished)

Sora: Huh? Where'd he---?

(Sora takes another fragment out from his pocket and the two combine in a flash
of light to form a Keyhole)

Sora: I knew it. This is exactly like the Keyhole that guy left for me back on
the island.

Mickey: Sora, can ya hear me?

Sora: Mickey. I found another Keyhole like the one from the island. If this
works the same way as the one before, all I gotta do is defeat whatever enemy
is inside this Keyhole.

Mickey: Lemme see if I understand... You're thinkin' this one might do the
trick too? The source of the glitches for the world you're in might be inside
that Keyhole?

Sora: That's right! I'll crawl inside and give that thing a piece of my mind.
When I'm done, the town oughta be just fine. Hey, I gotta try.

Mickey: Okay, but just promise me that you'll be careful, Sora.

Sora: You can count on that!

(Sora points his Keyblade at the Keyhole and opens it. He defeats the Heartless
inside and emerges back in the First District covered in a golden glow, which
fades as he holsters his Keyblade over his shoulder)

Sora: Did you see me? How do you like that?

(Sora looks around and sees piles of blocks still scattered around town)

Sora: Huh? Why are the blocks still here? Am I missing something?

Mickey: That Heartless's power must be lingering. But don't worry. All you
gotta do is use YOUR power, Sora, and that'll end the glitches here once and
for all!

Sora: Use my power?

Mickey: You bet. You've got a power that's yours alone. Use the Keyblade and
lock that Keyhole for good!

Sora: All right! Here goes!

(He shoots a beam of light from his Keyblade and locks the Keyhole. He catches
his breath and looks around to find the blocks gone)

Mickey: Thank you, Sora! Because of you, this world's mystery is solved.

Sora: Yeah! But...what about that guy in the black hood? I mean, he could be
the one behind this whole mess.

(On the computer screen, Traverse Town turns to static and the alarm flashes

Jiminy: It's another new entry!

(The pages turn to again say "There are more hurts than the one you have just

Mickey: Hmm, it looks to me like a new message gets added every time a world
inside the journal's repaired.

Donald: Yeah! Just like before.

(They look up at the monitor expectantly. Static flies onto the screen and a
scene plays showing Donald and Goofy's first introduction to Sora in Traverse
Town. The three clasp hands together and smile. In the background, Pluto sniffs
the ground, walking around a corner in the Third District. His ears perk up and
he lifts a paw, seeing a large portal appear in the wall. He runs toward it and
jumps inside, the portal closing behind him. The scene ends in static)

Donald: That's funny. We were there... Was Pluto with us?

Jiminy: Well, I sure didn't write anything like that in the journal.

Goofy: Hey, do you fellas think that maybe the journal's tryin' to tell us

(Three black shapes move along the tiled floor of the Library and lift their
heads out, revealing each two glowing yellow eyes. The Shadow Heartless catch
Donald's eye and he screams, scaring Goofy off balance. Jiminy whirls around,
his hat bouncing off his head and Mickey's gaze turns serious)

Mickey: Heartless!?

Jiminy: Here in the castle? But how?

(Mickey spins through the air and summons his Keyblade, Donald watching. Goofy
shields his face and covers his eyes. Mickey slices through each of the
Heartless in turn and faces his companions as his Keyblade disappears)

Mickey: We gotta check the rest of the castle now!

(He rushes over to the door as Donald and Goofy race after him. Mickey pushes
on the door with all his might as Donald reaches him, out of breath)

Mickey: It won't open!

(Donald and Goofy help push on the door as Mickey slams his fist against it)

Mickey: Hey! Hello! Anybody out there?

(Jiminy hops over and Donald sinks to the floor)

Jiminy: This is not our day.

(Donald knocks on the door, out of ideas)

Mickey: Well, fellas, I hate to say this, but we're trapped.

Donald: We're what!? But there could be Heartless roaming the castle.

(They give a worried look as the computer alarm goes off again)

Mickey: Huh?

(He rushes off to look at the screen)

Jiminy: Huh?

(Jiminy follows. The journal's pages turn)

Jiminy: What's that?

Mickey (reading): "Undo the hurt to unbar the way"?

Goofy: Gawrsh, we're tryin'. It said we've already undone some of it, right?

Mickey: Well then, we'll just have to keep going, repairing the journal's data
as fast as we can.

(Donald nods. The world on the screen flashes)

Jiminy: Woah! Your Majesty, I think Sora just might've reached the next world!

(Jiminy hops onto the keyboard and presses a pink key, revealing Sora in

Donald: But we gotta do something about the castle.

Mickey: I'm as worried as you are, Donald, but right now our best hope is
fixing up the journal.

(They nod)

Donald: Okay.

(They continue to watch the monitor)


(Sora walks around and sees the piles of blocks dotting the hedges)

Sora: Whoa, look at all these blocks.

Mickey: Sora, it's Mickey. Do you read me?

Sora: Yeah, I can hear you. But where'd the town go? I was just there a second

Mickey: I wish I knew, Sora, but I can't figure out what's happening. It's all
a really big mystery. The only thing I can think of is that maybe when you
defeated the enemy in the Keyhole, you were sent someplace else. I saw a
message that said, "Undo the hurt to unbar the way." That might mean that
mending the hurt in one world is the key to opening up a road to the next

Sora: I don't know much about what's going on. What I do know is that, after I
beat the enemy, I ended up right here. And from the looks of this place, this
world could probably use some help.

Mickey: I think you're right, Sora. And if this world's like the others, in
order to fix it you'll have to find the Keyhole, and defeat whatever enemy is
hiding inside.

Sora: But if I do that, then I'm just gonna...get blasted off into the unknown
again, won't I? 

(He looks down but immediately perks up)

Sora: I'm good with that! Yeah, I'll help in any way I can. I'll go and track
down whatever it is that you need me to take care of.

Mickey: That's great, Sora. Thanks!

(A girl's scream is heard)

Sora: Who's that?

(Sora runs toward the voice and finds a young girl in a blue dress surrounded
by Shadows)

Girl: Please, help!

(Sora comes to her aid and draws his Keyblade)

Sora: The Heartless! I've got this. Stay back!

(She runs away. With a great leap, Sora takes out the Heartless)

Girl: Thank goodness.

Sora: You okay?

Girl: Yes! Thank you, oh, um...have we met?

Sora: Who me? I'm Sora. And you?

Girl: Well, I'm...

(She ponders for a moment)

Sora: What's wrong?

Girl: Oh! I really don't know why, but I can't remember!

(As Sora begins to reply, a purple cat's floating, continuously grinning face

Cheshire Cat: Her mind is oh so fuzzy much like me.

Sora: What are you saying? That she has amnesia?

Cheshire Cat: Not only her, but everyone here as well. Things have become quite
buggy, can't you tell?

(The cat's body returns)

Sora: So the bugs have caused everybody to have funny problems with their
memory? If that's true, I better find the Keyhole quickly and make this world

Girl: I think I... If you're looking for a Keyhole, I believe I saw one

Sora: Huh? Where's that?

Girl: Hmm. I just can't remember.

(Sora slumps in disappointment. The cat becomes only a face again, his
expression still comprised of a smile)

Cheshire Cat: What could she remember when her memory's dismembered? Perhaps
an Inkling could help get her thinkling?

(His tail appears, also floating in midair. Sora notices a shining object on
top of a nearby block)

Sora: What's an Inkling?

Cheshire Cat: An Inkling is for you to figure out. If you find one, this will
be forgotten. Or is it that it will be remembered?

(The cat vanishes)

Sora: Hey, wait! Don't go!

(He thinks for a moment and speaks to the girl)

Sora: I'll be back in a sec!

(He goes to retrieve the shining object)

Sora: Could this be an Inkling? (reading) "Alice." I wonder if that's her name.

Girl: What was my name? Oh, if I could only...

(Sora takes the Inkling and brings it over to her)

Sora: Maybe it's...Alice?

(The Inkling takes refuge in the girl's heart)

Alice: Yes, of course! Of course, my name is Alice!

Sora: Hey, that's great! Your memory's back! So that Keyhole, do you have any
idea where you might have seen it?

Alice: Well, let me think for a moment. If I recall correctly, it had a sort of

Sora: That's right! Do you know where?

Alice: Ooh. I'm afraid I'm still ever so foggy.

Cheshire Cat: The fog that's bogging could be unclogging with just a smidgen of
memory jogging.

(The cat's full body reappears on a nearby block)

Sora: Okay... So if I keep on giving her Inklings, she'll eventually remember
where she saw the Keyhole. But where can I find more Inklings?

Cheshire Cat: Perhaps one way, or another way, or in-between ways. (standing on
one paw) One never knows...

(He disappears)

Sora: Okay. Alice, I'll be back with more stuff to help you remember. Just stay
right here.

Alice: Yes.

(Sora turns around to see the black-hooded figure standing behind the two,
prompting them to gasp)

????: That's right. Sort it out and end the hurt. Our world still aches...and
your next road still awaits.

Sora: Would you tell me what you want!?

(The figure vanishes. Meanwhile, in Disney Castle, Mickey and friends are
watching everything on the monitor)

Jiminy: They're Inklings?

Mickey: Does that word ring some kinda bell for ya, Jiminy?

Jiminy: In the reports, do you happen to remember what it was that they called

Mickey: A witch who changes memories.

Jiminy: Yes, that's right.

(Jiminy takes out a journal and starts flipping through the pages)

Goofy: Gawrsh, is that your second journal, Jiminy?

Jiminy: All the strange occurrences taking place in these worlds, are about the
first journal, in which "Thank Naminé" was written. But as far as I can tell,
the second journal seems to be just fine.

Mickey: Are you thinkin' Naminé may have something to do with it?

Jiminy: Well, I can't be absolutely certain, but I have a feeling that that may
be what's going on.

Mickey: Hmm. Guess we better wait and see what happens.

(Back in Wonderland, Sora returns to Alice)

Sora: Hey, Alice. I'm back.

Alice: I hope you're here to help me remember what I've forgotten.

Sora: Of course!

(He holds out an Inkling and gives it to Alice)

Alice: I remember! Let's see, I was in a field of flowers, when I saw a rabbit
in a waistcoat. He seemed to be in an awful hurry. I chased him into a burrow,
and fell down a very peculiar hole. That's how I ended up here. And then, when
I asked the Cheshire Cat how to get home, he suggested I visit the Queen of
Hearts in her castle... That's it! The Queen's castle is where I saw the

Sora: That's great! You remember everything, don't you?

Alice: Yes, and it's all because of you. Thank you. Sora, would you like me to
show you the way to the castle?

Sora: Yeah! Let's go!

(Alice giggles and the two of them proceed to the Queen's Court. Once they
leave, the hooded figure appears)

????: The truth lies through the Keyhole. And with it, true memories.

(Sora and Alice enter the court)

Queen of Hearts: And who are you?

(The Queen leers at them, scowling)

Alice: Please excuse us, Your Majesty. We just need to look around.

(They begin to do so)

Queen of Hearts: Stop there! All of the ways here are my ways! Only I decide
who gets to look around or asquare.

Alice: Yes, I'm sorry. We're just in quite a hurry.

Queen of Hearts: Hmm... Not likely! Silence! I demand you stand trial this

Sora: Huh!?

(Sora and Alice step up to the podium facing the Queen's seat)

Alice: Please, Your Majesty! We haven't done anything wrong!

Queen of Hearts: A lie if I've ever heard one! More proof that you're the
thieves who made off with my memory!

Sora: Come on, it wasn't our fault! It was the bugs!

Queen of Hearts: Hmm... So that's how you did it, is that it? You and an army
of insects!

Alice: Your Majesty! There's no evidence!

Queen of Hearts: There certainly is! I say you're guilty! That's the verdict!
Guards! Off with their heads!

(Several Card Soldiers surround them)

Alice: Oh, no! Sora, we must go!

Sora: Alice, do you remember where you saw it? Is the Keyhole here?

Alice: Umm...

(She looks around and points to a Keyhole inside a cage hanging above the
ground next to the Queen's perch)

Alice: It's there! Inside that bird cage!

Sora: Got it! Thanks!

(He runs down the stairs of the podium)

Alice: Sora, where are you going?

Sora: I have to try and find a way to get to that Keyhole. You should escape
while you can!

Alice: Oh, but...

Sora: Don't worry, I'll be fine!

Alice: If you say so, but don't let the guards catch you!

(She runs off. The Card Soldiers face Sora and jump into the air to tackle him,
but he manages to elude their grasp and escape)

Queen of Hearts: Don't let him get away! After him!

(The cage lowers. Sora stands before it and opens the Keyhole. Back in the real
world, static has filled the screen)

Mickey: That's good. Looks like Sora got another world repaired.

(The static screen vanishes, revealing the journal)

Jiminy: It's happened just like we thought! Another line's showin' up in my
journal! (reading) "There are more hurts than the one you have just undone."

Donald: Uh-oh...

Goofy: Gawrsh, that must mean the door's still locked.

Mickey: "Undo the hurt to unbar the way." I guess there are other worlds in the
journal that are still gonna need our help.

Jiminy: I wonder how Sora is doing.

(Static returns to the monitor)

Jiminy: Your Majesty, do you think he's opened up a path to another world?

(The hooded figure appears on the screen, making Jiminy gasp)

Jiminy: Look! It's him!

(Sora confronts the man)

Sora: Got you now! Tell me! Are you the one behind these glitches?

(The figure faces Sora)

????: This world has been connected. Memory and reality now stand tied.
It's time for you to learn the truth.

(He steps into a dark portal appearing behind him)

Sora: Hey! Hold it!

Mickey: Sora! Hurry! You gotta go after him. It's clear he knows something!

(He nods and runs into the portal. Mickey and friends watch)

Jiminy: How're we gonna find out who he is?

Donald: What if he's Organization XIII?

Mickey: Don't worry. Sora will catch him. Then we'll know for sure.

(Banging on the door is heard, startling everyone)

Donald: Who's there?

Goofy: Chip and Dale musta come back to rescue us!

(The door is forced open and they come face to face with...Sora! He holds his
Keyblade tight, clenching his teeth)

Mickey: You're here!?

Sora: That voice... Mickey? Is that you?

(The Keyblade leaves his hand)

Sora (looking around): I was just...following that guy, and...

(He starts closing the door behind him and the computer monitor goes into

Jiminy: Huh? Majesty! There, on the monitor!

(They look up and the static turns to a picture of themselves in the room. Sora
walks over and looks as well. They stand there, waiting for anything to happen.
There is a flash and a grid appears in the corner of the room, shocking them,
especially Goofy who grabs ahold of the King's chair. The grid's data reforms
itself into the shape of the hooded figure, arms crossed. A data strip appears
in front of its face and the data changes, revealing the face of a silver-
haired boy)

Everyone: Riku!?

Riku: Sorry. Not quite. Much like Sora there, I'm just zeroes and ones that
look like somebody you know.

(Goofy lets go of the chair and raises an eyebrow)

Goofy: Huh?

Riku: Memories used to fill Jiminy's journal---but when they were pulled apart
and then stitched back together, bugs appeared. It was these bugs that kept the
book from being completely restored. Of all the possible vessels to protect the
data, I was chosen from the journal's pages. The full set of memories was
transferred inside of me to shield them from corruption.

(Everyone still looks confused)

Donald: Huh?

Riku: So, in a way...what I really am is Jiminy's journal.

Jiminy: You're my journal?

(The others look from Jiminy to Riku, who nods and presses a button on the
keyboard. The screen changes to show the original message from the journal:
"Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it.")

Riku: I took the liberty of importing all of you to help solve the mystery of
this entry.

Donald: "Imported"? Where?

Riku: You really haven't noticed?

(The group remains clueless)

Riku: All right...

(Riku explains it all. Donald and Goofy are dumbfounded)

Mickey: Datascape? We're in the journal?

(Riku presses more buttons on the keyboard)

Chip: Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

Dale: If you can hear us, please say something!

Mickey: Chip? Dale?

(In the real Disney Castle, Chip and Dale are outside the computer when they
hear King Mickey's voice)

Dale: We finally got through!

(They start jumping up and down in front of the monitor)

Chip: The room was empty when we came back, and we've been searching the data
for you ever since!

(They climb up to the monitor where they can see their friends in the data 

Goofy: Well, if Sora's here with us, and Chip and Dale are out there lookin'
in, then...

Mickey: Then we really are inside the datascape, just like Riku said.

(Mickey turns toward Riku)

Mickey: Maybe you can tell us---is there any way for us to get back home?

(An alarm sounds from the computer, shocking everyone. The monitor blinks red)

Dale: Oh no!

Chip: Someone's trying to break into the data from the outside!

Riku: A hacker!

(He starts typing on the keyboard, bringing up a readout screen)

Riku: If that's true, then there won't be any way out for you.

(Mickey's expression becomes serious)

Dale: You have to escape before---

(The transmission is cut off)

Mickey: Chip? Dale!

(The alarm stops after a while as Riku continues to type)

Riku: No luck. The link from here to the real world has been totally cut.

Donald: Aww... How 'bout some good news?

Riku: If we repair that link, a new pathway should open.

(Donald and Goofy smile expectantly)

Riku: Of course, that's if these bugs weren't around.

(He brings up a screen analysis of the bugs. The group looks crestfallen)

Sora: I don't understand it all, but...basically, this means you guys can't 
go home, right? Okay. Then I'll go bash the bugs for you.

Donald (happily): You will?

Goofy: That's swell!

Mickey: Sora. That's another one we owe ya.

Sora: Who says we're keeping score? We're all friends, right?

(Riku stops typing and the group smiles)

Sora: Right. See you.

(He waves goodbye and leaves the room)

[Olympus Coliseum-------(OLC)]

(Sora makes his way to Olympus Coliseum)

Riku: Sora, how do things look over there?

Sora: That voice... Riku? (looking around) I don't know, there's not much going
on here.

Riku: Don't be so sure. One of the bugs interfering with the link is definitely
in Olympus Coliseum. First, you're gonna have to find the Keyhole where it
resides. Then, if my findings are right, that'll take you to the world's core.
If you can get rid of whatever's harming the core, the bugs will disappear.
It's as easy as that.

Sora: So it's just like those other worlds---the enemy is inside the Keyhole.
All right! I can get rid of them! Once that's done, I'll find a way back
outside for all of you.

Riku: Thanks. Be careful.

(Sora proceeds to head inside the coliseum building)

Mickey (narrating): Your search for that world's Keyhole brought you to the
lobby of the Coliseum where you met Phil. Hercules had gone off to investigate
the cause of the bugs and hadn't returned. When you finally found him in the
Coliseum labyrinth, Herc told you that Hades was the one responsible for the
whole mess in Olympus. Knowing you had to stop the evil Hades, you and Herc
headed further into the depths of the maze, ready to face whatever danger may
lurk ahead.

(While searching through the labyrinth, Hercules and Sora encounter a blond-
haired man with a single black wing on his clothing and holding a large sword)

Swordsman: Are you Hercules, the hero?

(The two ready themselves for battle)

Sora: Who're you?

Swordsman: To you...a problem. Now show me that you've got a real good reason
to fight. (raising his blade) Ready for this?

(The man charges toward Sora and Hercules. He springs into the air and attempts
to slash them, but they jump out of the way, the blade striking the ground.
Hercules counterattacks with a punch, which the man blocks with his sword. He
knocks Hercules's fist away and swings his sword, but misses again. The two
fighters run at each other and exchange multiple attacks and evasions. After
dodging another jump slash with a leap of his own, Hercules lands and crashes
his fists into the floor to release a shockwave. He proceeds to envelop himself
in a yellow aura)

Hercules: Here ya go!

(He winds his fist up to deliver a mighty punch to the blond man. Defeated, the
swordsman slumps to the ground and pants. The aura subsides)

Swordsman: So everything he said about you is true.

Hercules: Tell me your name.

Cloud: My name's Cloud. No friend of heroes.

(He stands and raises his sword once more)

Sora: Hey, what did we ever do to you?

(A sphere of fire flies toward Sora and Hercules from behind. Cloud rushes over
and blocks the blast with his blade, leaving him winded. Sora and Hercules turn
and gasp as Hades, God of the Underworld, appears in a fiery blaze)

Hades: Seriously? I missed?

(Everyone readies their weapons)

Cloud: Hades, stay out of this! I told you this is my fight!

Hades: Oh, please. This stopped being about you ages ago.

Cloud: What's that?

Hades: You couldn't even distract Jerk-ules long enough for me to mangle his
moussaka. Help like that, I'll pass.

Sora: Are you the one who did this to the Coliseum?

(Hades laughs)

Hades: You know, I wish I could take the credit, but this time, you got the
wrong guy.

Hercules: Then who did?

Hades: Sorry, Wonder Boy, but this maze has another keeper now. But hey, I'm a
fair god, no? I'll stay out of your way. I mean, why work when I can just sit
back and watch you all wither away?

(He turns around and prepares to leave)

Cloud: Get back here!

Hades: So long, Spike. Go find a bucket and kick it.

(He disappears. Sora tries to chase him, but to no avail)

Sora (looking around): Nice guy.

Cloud: So he was just using me the whole time.

(Cloud starts to walk away)

Hercules: Hey, wait a sec.

Cloud: Gotta go.

(He leaves)

Sora: What's his problem?

Hercules: I guess he's just another victim of Hades' schemes.

Sora: That doesn't explain why his attitude stinks.

Hercules (waving his hands): Whoa, whoa. So if it's not Hades, who could it be?
Not sure I even know where to start.

Sora: We have to do something about this. Otherwise, we're never gonna get out
of here.

Hercules: Guess we go back to the beginning, then. Come on, you can follow me.

(The duo proceeds onward)

Mickey (narrating): As you and Herc continued through the labyrinth, you found
Cloud, surrounded by Heartless. His heart was so full of despair that at first,
he chose not to hear what you were saying. But soon, the two of you found a way
to reach him and Cloud decided to help out. Together, the three of you headed
further into the maze.

(Sora, Cloud and Hercules walk up a set of stairs, battle ready, and come face-
to-face with Cerberus, a large three-headed black dog, as it stomps its feet to
create a shockwave. One head tries to bite Cloud, but he avoids the attack.
Sora jumps up and strikes a head, causing the beast to writhe in pain. Hercules
sneaks up from behind, grabs Cerberus' tail, and proceeds to lift it. After
spinning the dog around a few times, he slams it onto the ground. The trio then
attacks each head simultaneously, defeating Cerberus. Sora catches his breath)

Cloud: Finally. It's about time I found my way home.

Sora: I'm really glad to hear that!

Hades: Hey there. Think you might be forgetting a few loose ends? Like me.

(Hades appears. Everyone readies for battle)

Hercules: Hades!

Hades: I finally find a trap with all the right trappings, and what do you do?
You go and ruin it. Ya see, here's the thing about deadly mazes: You're
supposed to DIE in them. But I guess this is gonna take a more personal

Sora: I have a theory. Hey, Herc, I think I know now how you make it as a hero.

Hercules: Let's hear it.

Cloud: Yeah, tell us, Sora.

Sora: Something like: if you find yourself in trouble, make sure you're the one
still standing at the end!

Hades: Care to prove that theory!?

(Hades wraps himself in flames, turning his skin red and his hair fiery. He
creates a fireball in his hand and launches it at the trio. Sora slices it away
before it could reach its target, and Cloud attempts to do the same to Hades,
but fails. Hercules rams himself into Hades shoulder-first, pushing the god of
death back and forcing him out of his fiery state)

Hades: Heh heh! I'll give you this round, but not the match. What can I say?
I'm immortal.

(He disappears. Sora sighs and addresses Hercules)

Sora: You gotta tell me! How'd you do that?

Hercules: Hero! That's the job.

Cloud: Hero, huh?

Hercules: The Coliseum should be safe now. C'mon, we better go find Phil. He's
probably pretty worried.

Sora: Yeah!

(Back with Mickey and company, the computer screen displays the message:
"Gathering data... Gathering data... Data recovery... 10%". It then cuts back
to Sora)

Sora: Mickey, did that do it?

Mickey: Yup. Sora, thank you.

Donald: Hey, wait. This time, we didn't get a video.

Riku: Right. Those scenes---they originated inside my mind.

Donald: Huh?

Riku: When you got rid of the bugs, you gave me deeper access to the memories
associated with those worlds.

(The monitor shows Riku on the destroyed Destiny Islands with a cloaked figure)

Riku: The things I saw must have found their way back through the link and
shown up on your monitor.

(The screen shifts to Sora, Donald, and Goofy clasping hands together in
Traverse Town. It then goes back to Sora at Olympus Coliseum)

Jiminy: Well, whaddaya know. If those memories came from deep within the
journal itself, then it's really no wonder they're unfamiliar. They don't
belong to any of us!

Goofy (looking up at the screen): Hmm? Something's happenin'...

(A bulky figure walks up to Sora)

Mickey: Huh? No way!

(Sora gasps)

Sora: Who are you?

(The stranger gives a great belly laugh)

Pete: Playin' dumb, eh?

Mickey: Pete's here? How'd you get in?

Pete (yelling to the sky): Same way as youse did. Thought I'd take a little
vacay from the outside world. Well, this here world belongs to me, see, so
mitts off!

(He runs toward a data portal and jumps inside)

Mickey: He must be up to something. Quick! After him!

Sora: Right.

(Sora follows Pete)


(Sora arrives in Agrabah with no sign of Pete)

Sora: Where is he? If Mickey's concerned about him, then that must mean he's up
to no good. Why's it so quiet? I thought this place would be busier. It's like
a ghost town. What happened here?

(Sora proceeds further into the town)

Mickey (narrating): Despite the bugs and Heartless, you met a friend, Aladdin.
You joined him to find Princess Jasmine. Working together, you saved her from
Jafar. That's when you discovered Jafar's nefarious plan to take over the
throne and become ruler of all of Agrabah. Thanks to that no-good Pete, Jafar
managed to get a replica of the magic lamp. Using it to stop time, he kidnapped
Jasmine and disappeared. But, thankfully, the magic didn't affect you, Sora.
Your power protected you from the time-stopping spell. In order to stop Jafar
and his evil plan, Aladdin had gotten ahold of the real magic lamp. But his
victory didn't last long. That sneaky Iago swooped in and stole it. The chase
was on!

(Sora chases Iago into the Bazaar. Struggling and out of breath, the bird is

Sora: Where do you think you're going? Nowhere with that lamp.

Iago: Let me go, it's not my fault! Jafar made me do it! Blame him!

(Iago escapes Sora's grasp, releasing the lamp, and flies away)

Iago: Phew! So long! See ya later...

Sora: Better not catch you bothering my friends again, Iago!

(He looks at the lamp)

Sora: I don't get it. Why did Aladdin have this old thing anyway? Unless, maybe
it's the treasure that he found in the Cave of Wonders.

(Sora rubs the lamp. It begins to shake, startling him)

Sora: Wh-what's happening!?

(It releases a cloud of purple and blue smoke, causing Sora to wince. He wipes
his eyes with his hand)

Sora: Huh?

(A figure's shadow stands behind Sora. Its owner is a blue genie)

Genie (clasping his hands): So, you got troubles? Well, you've come to the
right--- Hey, wait. You're not Al.

Sora: My friends call me Sora. "Al" as in "Aladdin"? Aladdin---he can't move
'cause Jafar stopped time so he's kinda stuck. Uh, who are you?

Genie: (pointing and spinning) Name's Genie "of the lamp." How ya doin'?

(Genie wags his finger in a circular motion, Sora's face following it)

Sora: Just make a wish, and all your problems will be solved! (posing) Magic at
your service, all day, twenty-four-seven and three-sixty-five.

(Genie flies into the sky and immediately warps back to earth)

Genie: That's right! (bowing) I'm all yours!

Sora (excited): Are you for real? I have tons of wishes!

Genie: Hold on kid. Got a few rules, the limit's three! Can't expect other
people to take care of every little thing for ya, am I right?

(Sora stares at him blankly)

Genie: Hey, what's with the face, kid?

Sora: Hmm. I wish...for you to make the world what it was before!

(Genie's face enlarges)

Genie: Easy! Are you ready? (winking) Watch this!

(He soars into the air, his tail glowing purple, and makes all of the nearby
blocks disappear)

Genie: Check it out! Whaddaya think of your new, totally phantom-free city,

Sora: You did it. Thanks! So that means time unfroze for Aladdin and everyone
else, right?

(Genie reappears next to Sora)

Genie: Ooh! Sorry. Little problem. Only the one who cast it can undo that kind
of spell.

(He slumps)

Sora: Awww, no way!

Genie: I'm sorry, kid, it's one of the iron-clad rules. (burying his face in
his hands) No interpretation. I have to do exactly what you say.

Sora: No, it's my fault. I should have been a lot more careful when I worded my

Genie: No, no! Don't say that! I didn't tell you about all the rules. I just
let you start making wishes with no guidance. Okay, that one's a freebie! And
wait---there's more! I just happen to have a trace on a certain super-creepy
bad guy that you've been looking for. Whaddaya say? How 'bout another chance?

Sora: How else will I find him? And I do need help. All right, Genie, I know
what I want for my next wish: I wish for you to take me to the villain!

Genie: Woohoo! Your wish is my command, little man! Buckle up, here we go!

(Genie glows and flies once more, sprinkling down magic particles as he
ascends. Sora vanishes. Meanwhile, the computer screen has become covered in

Goofy: A-hyuck. That Genie sure is funny.

Donald: I can't wait to see Jasmine and Aladdin.

Mickey: But where do ya think...Pete decided to go to?

Jiminy: And how did he get in there? Pete shouldn't even exist in the
datascape, from everything I can tell. Hmm.

Riku: He must have found a way to infiltrate the world. I just don't know how.

Jiminy: We know he didn't have access to this device, so that must prove
there's another way for somebody to get inside the datascape.

Mickey: But Jiminy, the only journals are right here.

Donald: Wait. We just need to let Sora figure this out.

Mickey: Yes. But I'm still gonna worry about Pete.

(They all turn their gazes toward the monitor)

Mickey: We gotta come up with a plan, in case something happens.

(The screen's static clears to reveal Sora entering the Cave of Wonders)

Riku: I have just what we need. I know what the plan is.

Mickey (narrating): With help from the Genie, you avoided Jafar's traps and
headed into the Cave of Wonders where Jasmine slept under a spell. You cornered
the vizier in the Lamp Chamber... But he had the upper hand; he still possessed
the replica of the magic lamp. Making his final wish, Jafar transformed himself
into a genie. Then, using his new powers, he disappeared inside the Keyhole.

(Sora finds himself in a large room with numerous platforms and lava flowing
from the ceiling into a pit surrounding them. He looks around, Keyblade in
hand, for Jafar. The vizier bursts out of the lava in his new red genie form
and gazes down at Sora, arms crossed. Sora gasps and Jafar laughs)

Jafar: Oh, I see you are no ordinary street rat. Not if you could elude my
ingenious traps. Impressive. But your persistence, it has won you nothing. Do
you not see I am invincible? Nothing you can do can defeat me!

(Jafar conjures a molten boulder in his hands and chucks it at Sora, who rolls
out of the way)

Sora: I don't stand a chance. What do I do?

Genie: Genie to Sora. Sora, do you read me?

Sora: Genie!

Genie: He's not kidding about the invincible part. None of your attacks can
hurt him. But, Jafar's a genie now, and like it or not, every genie has a cage.

(Sora looks around and sees Iago flying in the distance, a lamp clasped in his

Sora: The lamp. Roger that, Genie! Over and out!

(Jafar picks up another boulder and snickers)

Jafar: Stand still, you bothersome brat. It's over!

(Sora runs after Iago, dodging the boulder tossed by Jafar in the process. Iago
turns around and notices Sora)

Iago: No, not you again!

(Sora hops on some nearby floating blocks to reach Iago. Jafar grabs another

Jafar: It's time you bow to me!

(He tosses it. Sora turns and sees the rock racing towards him. He makes a
great leap in the direction of Iago and avoids it)

Iago: I can't take much more of this!

(Sora apprehends Iago in midair. A great light shines from them, overwhelming
Jafar's vision and engulfing the entire room. Once it fades, Sora has procured
the lamp and stands on the ground. Iago flies away)

Iago: Okay, okay, I give up! Promise! Pinky swear, I'll never do it again!
(sighing) I gotta find a new line of work.

(Sora sighs)

Jafar: Give me the lamp, child! It belongs to me!

Genie: Hurry, Sora! Use the lamp! You can trap Jafar inside it!

(Sora nods)

Sora: Hear that, Jafar? It's time for you to go home!

(He raises the lamp. It gives off a pulse of light and begins to suck Jafar in)

Jafar: No! No!

(A red twister spins Jafar until he shrinks in size and enters the lamp. It
gives off one final light pulse before turning into data and vanishing)

Sora: Is that it? Is it over?

(Sora hears a whine and gasps as he sees Pete standing before him)

Pete: This just ain't fair! Jafar was supposed to help me cast this whole world
into darkness!

Sora: Pete! I found you!

(He disappears in a data cloud)

Sora: Hey, where you going!?

Genie (appearing next to Sora): Whoa! Sora. You leaving already?

Sora: Yeah, it's time for me to go. I wish you to help Jasmine home and give
the lamp back to Aladdin.

Genie: Consider it done! That's wish number two. (holding up two fingers and
then opening another) And what's on the menu for numero tres?

Sora: I want my last wish to go to Aladdin.

Genie: What?

Sora: If he hadn't found the magic lamp, we never would have met and become
such good friends. On top of that, I know here, (touching the spot where his
heart is) he'll use it for you, for something good that's sure to make you

Genie: Sora... (flying around excitedly) You're the best! Talk about a friend!
I'll tell Al that's how ya feel. Catch you later, Sora!

(He flies away)

Sora: Good-bye, Genie! Thanks for your help with everything. You're the best,

(A message appears on the computer screen: "Gathering data... Gathering data... 
Data recovery... 30%". Sora leaves the Cave of Wonders and finds Pete outside)

Sora: There you are, Pete! You're not getting away this time!

(Pete laughs)

Pete: That is where you're wrong, you little pip-squeak.

Sora: Huh?

Pete: I think it's time to show you who's the real boss. Come on out,

(The evil witch Maleficent appears behind Sora in a blaze of green and black

Sora: Who's that?

Maleficent: Must you always be so exasperating, my dear child? Do you require
a reminder of my power?

(Her staff flashes as she raises it high and Sora is knocked backwards by the
shockwave it releases, his Keyblade sent flying. It strikes the sand blade-down
and draws Maleficent's attention)

Maleficent: Hmm? Isn't that odd?

(Sora looks up in horror as Maleficent uses her staff to levitate the Keyblade
over to her, its orb glowing with a greenish aura. She slices the staff in the
air and the Keyblade shatters into pieces, shocking Sora beyond belief.
Maleficent laughs as the shards fall around her)

Maleficent: So we see, 'twas but a lie. And now that it's gone, this entire
world shall be mine to rule.

Sora: Grr...

(A horde of Shadow Heartless appears around her as Sora tries to stand)

Maleficent: Yes, my loyal minions. Drag all that you see into deepest darkness!

Sora: Aah!

(Sora shields himself as the Shadows pounce but are cut down as Riku and King
Mickey arrive)

Riku: You okay?

(Sora looks up and smiles)

Sora: Riku! Mickey!

(They both nod)

Mickey: Maleficent. What are you doing here in the datascape?

Maleficent: "Date escape"? Spare me your dull details.

Pete: But since you're wonderin', it was all my idea, you bozo.

(The scene shifts to Disney Castle, where Pete is sneaking through the

Pete (voiceover): We caught wind right away you was up to somethin', see.

(Pete reaches the door to the Library and peeks in)

Pete (voiceover): So, I decided to pay ya a little visit on Maleficent's
orders. And what do I find?

(Pete watches Mickey, Donald, Jiminy, and Goofy staring at the computer
monitor. A flash appears)

Mickey: Hmm? What's that bright light?

(The light engulfs them and they are turned into data, taking Pete along with

Pete (voiceover): And that's how yours truly got sucked into the light show.

(Pete finds himself in a room with pictures of the various data worlds)

Pete (voiceover): I woke up all by my lonesome in the weirdest place.

(He sits up suddenly and looks around, scratching his head)

Pete: Oh!

(He stands up and shouts)

Pete: Maleficent! You seein' this? Better get here right away!

Maleficent (entering from a fiery portal): You'll take no such tone with me.

(She walks toward him and looks around the bright room)

Maleficent: What is this place?

Pete: I ain't no expert, but I think it's hookin' a bunch of places together.
Could come in handy for takin' over them worlds, huh?

Maleficent: It does seem...for once you may have done something right.

(She grins and the scene shifts back to Agrabah)

Pete: And there ya have it. Me and Maleficent been diggin' around in here ever
since. Lucky for us, this world connects right to that there shiny castle o'
yours, Mickey. Oh, right, I mean it used to. But that was before I took control
of the only way out, making sure you guys is stuck here forever.

Sora: It was you! You're the one who cut the link!

Maleficent: Of what consequence is that now? Both worlds shall be mine quite
soon. Then, when I have immersed this world in darkness, I shall send my
Heartless horde back into your little castle under my command!

Mickey: That'll never happen.

Maleficent: The long slumber ends, and very, very soon, all the worlds will
belong to me! Just one thing: my worlds must be free of light, and yours are
far too bright. It is time for all of you to fall under my spell into a deep

Riku: You're wrong. This is one world you won't touch!

(He summons his weapon, Soul Eater, and lunges at Maleficent)

Maleficent: Hmph! You fool!

(She releases energy from her staff and knocks Riku back. Ropes of darkness
begin to surround and trap him. Sora gasps)

Mickey: Riku!

(Riku struggles within his restraints as he floats over to Maleficent. She

Maleficent: Don't you know he belongs to the darkness? That means he is
destined to be consumed by it like the rest of us. This boy is under my control
now. I have great hope that he will prove to be more than useful.

(The two disappear in a green blaze)

Pete: Looks like it's game over. And you suckers are just a bunch o' losers!

(Pete laughs maniacally as a data cloud arrives to transport him away. Mickey
and Sora stand in shock)

Sora: Riku! He's gone...

[Hollow Bastion I-------(HB1)]

(Sora and Mickey rendezvous with the others back at Disney Castle)

Jiminy: Why, this is terrible! They can't just go and take Riku away!

Goofy: And another thing, doesn't Riku have all the journal data inside of him?

Donald: That's true! The datascape is going to be cast into darkness!

Mickey: Then, Jiminy... How many of the worlds still have bugs left in 'em?

Jiminy: Well it...looks like it's only one.

(The monitor displays pictures of the data worlds, including a muddled one
of the final world)

Jiminy: That sure is a shame. We were so close to bein' done.

Sora: Getting all the bugs would've meant finding a way back home for all of
you. Guys, I'm sorry. I really blew it this time.

Mickey (shaking his head): It's not your fault, Sora. Don't worry---I'll take
care of everything, I promise.

Jiminy: Your Majesty! That's dangerous!

Mickey: I know I can find another way to get rid of the bugs and rescue Riku,

Sora: Sounds good! Count me in!

(Sora holds out his hand to bring forth his Keyblade, but it fails to

Sora: Hm? That's weird. My Keyblade isn't working.

Mickey: Sora, I'm sorry, but your Keyblade was completely destroyed by

Sora: No way! But how?

Mickey: Thing is, about that Keyblade, it was just an object that we programmed
into the datascape from the outside world.

Sora: Huh?

Mickey: There's nothing we can do in here, but once we're all back at the real
castle, we might be able to rewrite the data and make a new one. Except...one
problem. Maleficent is blocking the path out of here. Until we can find a way
back, you'll just have to do without one.

Sora: But, what will I...?

Mickey: Don't you worry. Now it's time for me to show you what I can do. (to
Donald and Goofy) You guys, hold down the fort.

(They both nod. Mickey leaves the Library. Time passes, and Donald is pacing
throughout the room, arms crossed)

Donald: I sure hope the King is okay.

Goofy: Of course he is! After all, King Mickey's brave and strong.

Donald: Yeah, I know, but he's going up against more than just the Heartless.

Jiminy: He's gonna have to deal with whatever Maleficent and Pete are up to.

(Donald taps his foot and Goofy thinks for a moment)

Goofy: And with the bugs... Maybe we should be gettin' worried, huh?

Donald: Well, the King said to stay here. (to Sora) What do you think we should

(Donald turns around to discover that Sora has left)

Donald: Sora?

Jiminy: Strange. He was here a moment ago.

(Goofy gasps)

Goofy: Ohhh, you don't think...

(He looks at the door. Sora comes upon the Rising Falls of Hollow Bastion)

Sora: My Keyblade's gone, but I'm still gonna help. I know I can save Riku.

(Sora notices Pete higher up the falls in the distance)

Sora: Pete!

Pete: Wha---? Where'd that voice come from? (he turns around and sees Sora)
Huh? Oh, wait, I know you. You're that annoyin' pip-squeak! Just what in the
blazes are you doin' here?

Sora: Start talking! Where are you keeping Riku?

(Pete chuckles)

Pete: Well, if you wanna find your palie, you're gonna hafta catch me first! So

(He runs away)

Sora: Hey! Come back here!

(Sora gives chase until he reaches the Entrance Hall of the castle. He has lost

Sora: Show yourself! Pete!

(Blocks appear and obstruct the doorway behind him)

Sora: Oh, no! I'm trapped!

(Pete's laughing is heard. He stands atop the stairs)

Pete: Well, ain't you a pointy-haired doofus, comin' in here when there ain't
nothin' you can do!

Sora: I can wipe that smug look off your face!

Pete: Ha! You can't touch me. Come on out! Heartless!

(He summons a group of Shadows)

Pete: Now you guys all play nice whilst I finish settin' up our little puppet
show. Have fun with your new best friends!

(Pete leaves)

Sora: Wait!

(Sora tries to go after him, but the Shadows stop him in his tracks)

Sora: This would be nothing, if only I had my Keyblade...

(He looks at his hand and despairs, but brushes it off)

Sora: No, I can do this on my own!

Goofy: Here I come, Sora!

(Goofy spins into the scene, shield in hand, and takes out the Shadows)

Goofy: Heartless, be gone!

(He also eliminates the blocks barricading the entrance. Goofy then becomes
dizzy and slows to a stop)

Sora: Goofy!

Goofy: Gawrsh, Sora. How come you came to this place? The King wanted us all to
stay together back in the library. You shouldn'ta run off on your own like

Sora: Yeah... I understand. Sorry.

Goofy: Good. That means we can go.

Sora: ...Okay.

(Sora turns toward the way he came)

Goofy: A-hyuck! It's this way, silly.

Sora: Huh? We're not going back?

Goofy: I thought we were chasin' after Pete. C'mon. We gotta hurry and catch

Sora: Chase after Pete? You sure?

Goofy: Of course! It's like you always tell us: "When you're friends, you do
whatever you can to help each other."

Sora: Goofy... Thank you!

(The two of them start up the stairs)

Goofy: By the way, have you seen Donald anywhere?

Sora: No. You mean he came with you?

Goofy: We were lookin' for ya together. We musta got split up somewhere.

Sora: I hope he's okay. Come on, let's go look for him first.

(Donald stands alone in a corridor of the castle, looking around for someone)

Sora: Donald!

(He is startled. Sora and Goofy arrive)

Goofy: So that's where ya went!

Donald: Sora! Goofy! Hey! What's the big idea!? This is no time to go missing!

Goofy: You mean us?

Sora: But I thought YOU were the one who went missing, Donald.

Donald: The details don't matter! I was worried sick about you two!

Sora: Donald, sorry. It's because my Keyblade got destroyed that we all ended
up here in this place. I dragged you into a real mess.

(Sora lowers his head in remorse. Goofy and Donald glance at each other,
grinning. Donald sighs)

Donald: What are you talking about? You don't need to apologize to us.

Sora: Huh?

(Goofy laughs)

Goofy: Actually, we kinda like gettin' dragged into your messes.

Sora: You like it? But why?

Donald: Because it's no fun watching from the other side of the screen. We
wanted to go on an adventure with you like old times.

Goofy: You don't need a Keyblade, Sora, when you have us with ya!

(Sora, touched, smiles)

Sora: Thanks, Donald. You too, Goofy.

(The trio proceeds onward and rides a lift to cross a large chasm high in the
castle complex)

Sora: Hey, guys? I just want to say, "Thank you."

Goofy: Why are you sayin' that now, Sora?

Sora: When I'm with the two of you, I feel like I can do anything. (touching
his heart) It's kinda like, we've done this before. There's no memory of it,
but it still feels like it happened.

Donald: Then that means the three of us are true friends just like I always

Goofy: It's kinda fun to make the same friend twice, and a little excitin'!

Donald: But now, it's time for us to get back to business.

Goofy: Yeah. We still have to catch Pete, and then figure out a way to rescue

Sora: Okay, let's go!

(They exit the lift and make their way to the Grand Hall. Sora corners Pete on
the stage atop the stairs)

Sora: We got you, Pete. Stop!

Pete: Oh? Hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa! Grr!

(Donald jumps onto the railing surrounding the stage and has his staff
brandished. Pete guffaws)

Pete: Couldn't get nothin' done by yourself, so you went cryin' to your doofus

(Goofy appears with his shield from the stairway opposite Sora)

Pete: Well, too bad! Ain't gonna do ya a lick of good, see!

(Pete calls forth more Shadows)

Goofy: Heartless!

Donald: Wak! Lemme at 'em!

(Donald casts Fire on the Heartless and Goofy fends them off with his shield.
Pete snickers as he turns his attention to Sora)

Pete: And that's not all!

(He summons numerous floating blocks and has them surround Sora)

Donald: Sora!

Goofy: Look out!

(Sora braces for impact as the blocks close in, but Donald and Goofy push him
out of the way and become crammed in between the blocks, trapping them)

Donald: Wah! We've been trapped!

(Sora tries to pull the blocks apart to free them, but to no avail)

Goofy: We're a sandwich!

Sora: Donald! Goofy! (struggling) What do I do now?

(Pete laughs)

Pete: Why the blazes would you chumps risk your necks for a lump of data? Why,
he's a phony. You guys made him and that Keyblade of his! He's not even real!

Donald: Oh, why don't you be quiet! Sora's our friend no matter what!

Sora: Donald...

Pete: Ha! Some friend! He ain't nothin' more than an empty shell. The kid
doesn't even have a heart.

Goofy: That's not true! We've all got Sora's heart right here inside us!

Pete: What a load of bunk!

Donald: You'd see it if you paid attention. Why would Sora keep fighting for
us---no matter how hard things got for him---if he didn't care about us?

Goofy: And me and Donald, we're always gonna fight for him, too. That's because
he's in our hearts as much as we're inside of his. Somethin' else---and I can
say this for sure---Sora is our friend, and that makes him our power.

(Donald nods)

Donald & Goofy: Let's say it together: My friends are my power!

Sora: My friends are my power...

Pete: Oh, enough with the mush already! You mugs are done, see! And I bet all
that power can't protect ya now!

(Pete clenches his fist and the blocks begin to converge and crush Donald and
Goofy. Sora falls on his back)

Sora: Donald! Goofy! Please! Just stop!

Pete: Time to say goodnight!

Sora (reaching out his hand): Let 'em go!

(The blocks, which have fully encased Donald and Goofy, suddenly disappear in a
flash of light and free the duo, who falls back to the ground)

Sora: Huh? What just happened? Is it...the Keyblade?

(Sora is holding the Keyblade)

Pete: How'd you get that? Seriously, Maleficent crushed that thing like it was
a bug!

(Donald and Goofy, a little dazed, pull themselves together. Sora stares at his

Mickey: Sora. It looks to me like something inside of you has been changed

Sora: Huh?

(They look up to see Mickey, standing in front of the portal leading to the
Final Keyhole and holding his Keyblade)

Sora: Mickey! But what did I do? What was inside of me that changed?

Mickey: I can't say what it is for sure, but I think a new part of you has been
awakened. The Keyblade's power comes from the wielder's strength of heart.
Once, an old friend said to me, "A heart is so much more than any system." The
Keyblade we gave you before was one we created---it was nothing but data. To
tell ya the truth, I never expected it to have the same kinda power as the real
Keyblade. That weapon was just a replica; it didn't have any substance. That's
why Maleficent could destroy it so easily. But, during your journey, you really
made a connection with all of us. You've become more than the system, Sora. The
power you found inside of you isn't like anybody else's. And when you accessed
that power, that's what brought your Keyblade back. Well, that's what I believe
anyway. Only you had the power to do it.

Sora: A power that's just mine...

Mickey: Yep, I think that's right. I've been searching all over, trying to find
a way to fix the leftover bugs, but everything looks like it's okay.

(Pete gets flustered)

Pete: Conjurin' up a new Keyblade just ain't fair! Maybe it's time for me to
make a strategical retreat...

Sora: No way! Not so fast!

Pete: Huh?

(Sora and the gang prepare for battle)

Sora: Give us Riku! Right now!

Pete: I've about had it with the lot of you. Now get outta my way!

(A red light flashes and an alarm blares)

Sora: Huh? What now?

(The portal to the Final Keyhole starts emitting electricity. A message appears
on the computer screen: "Gathering data... Gathering data... Data recovery...
60%". Back in the Grand Hall, the alarm has stopped)

Pete: Ha ha! Sayonaree! See ya later! Yow!

(He disappears in a cloud of data)

Mickey: Oh, no! He's gone!

Goofy: But look! It's a Keyhole!

(An authentic Keyhole appears)

Donald: Let's go!

Sora: Wait. I need to do this on my own.

Donald: Huh? But why?

Sora: Up till now, all of you helped me. That's the reason I made it this far.
But, guys, it's my turn now. I have the Keyblade again; I'm going to help you
find a way back.

Donald: Is that the reason? Or do you just want to try your new power, Sora?

Sora: Huh? (embarrassed) Well, maybe just a little...

(Goofy laughs)

Goofy: It's not like we can stop you, right, Sora?

Mickey: Just remember, you're never alone. When you get hurt, it hurts us too.
Sora, you're always a part of our team.

Sora: Got it. I'll come back safe and sound. I promise you that.

(Sora enters the Keyhole and catches up to Pete)

Sora: Pete! It's the end of the road!

(Pete, confused, looks around until he sees Sora behind him)

Pete: Don't you know when to quit?

Sora: No! And you're comin' with me.

Pete: Ha! I'm done with you ruinin' all my plans! Get ready. 'Cause I got a
brand-new plan for ya!

(Pete runs over to Sora and attempts to punch him, but he rolls out of the way
and Pete's fist hits the floor. He punches again, but Sora dodges by vaulting
over Pete's head. Pete bounces high into the air and tries to crash down onto
Sora, who rolls out of the way and clobbers Pete until he's seeing stars. The
dizzy villain staggers and falls on his behind)

Pete: Not this again...

Sora: You give up yet?

(Pete shakes his head to return to his senses)

Pete: Well, I still got an ace up my sleeve. Come on out and say hello!

(Riku appears in a data cloud, wearing a dark outfit and writhing in pain)

Sora: Riku!

(He runs over to Riku)

Riku: Sora, stay back!

Sora: Riku! What happened?

Pete: Glad you asked! I went and took the liberty of takin' away his liberty.
Data stuff like this sure is useful.

(Pete laughs and grasps Riku's head)

Pete: Alls I had to do was load some of those bug thingies into your palie's
data-matronics. Now, let's see what this minion can do. (pushing him towards
Sora) I order you to attack!

Riku: I will never...answer to you!

Pete: No? Okay then. What if I add a little more juice?

(Numerous blocks surround Riku and proceed to spin and merge with his body,
infusing him with energy amidst his screams of agony. His face loses all
emotion and stands immobile afterwards) 

Sora: Stop!

Pete: Welp, that oughta keep ya for awhile. Heh heh heh heh! So long! I'll just
leave you two to get reacquainted.

(Pete exits. Sora goes to Riku's aid)

Sora: Riku! Talk to me!

(Mickey's voice is heard)

Mickey: I heard a scream. Sora, tell me what's going on!

Sora: Mickey! It's Riku. They put bugs in him!

Mickey: What? Riku! Can you hear my voice? Riku!

(Riku comes to his senses and pushes Sora away)

Sora: Riku!

(He summons Soul Eater)

Sora: Please... Can't you hear what we're saying to you?

Riku (clenching his fist): Destroy me...

Sora: What?

(Riku launches an aerial attack that Sora dodges by sliding under him. The two
warriors clash their blades together and push each other back with the force
they exert. Having no choice, Sora readies himself to battle his friend. He
avoids another of Riku's attacks and delivers a blow to the back of his head.
In the Grand Hall, a large dome of light encases the stage. Sora bursts out of
a data cloud and runs to the center to find Riku lying on the floor, the dome
now gone. He is shocked to see that blocks have formed around Riku's body and
he lies comatose. Sora is at a loss for words. A light appears from the

Sora: Huh?

(Sora lifts the Keyblade and it startles him by pointing itself toward Riku and
shooting out a beam of light at him. With a shout and a flash of light, Sora
unshields his eyes and sees another Keyhole appear above the now-glowing Riku
as Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy rush toward them. Sora stares at the
Keyhole prior to their arrival)

Sora (pointing at Riku): Is he...? Do you think...?

Mickey: Well, if the bugs have taken over Riku...then that means...

(He gasps)

Mickey: He might not ever wake up unless we get rid of the bugs first.

(They look sadly towards Riku)

Sora: Riku... So if I debug him, Riku will come back to us.

Mickey: Huh?

(Goofy gives a worried look. Sora grunts)

Sora: Guys, I gotta go inside to look.

(Donald lets out a concerned babble)

Donald: But what about you!?

Goofy: Who's to say if it's even safe inside Riku?

Sora: I know it's risky, but if a friend needs me to be there, I'll be there---
to help!

(Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Jiminy smile)

Jiminy: Well, I guess that's Sora for ya.

Donald: Still can't talk you out of it, huh?

Goofy: A-hyuck! But we'll do everything we can to help you out!

Sora: Thanks, guys.

(Sora stands in front of the Keyhole and raises his Keyblade)
Mickey (voiceover): Sora, don't forget---you're not goin' in there alone.

(A light shoots out toward the Keyhole)

Mickey (voiceover): Your friends'll be right there fighting alongside ya in
spirit, no matter where ya go.

(The light surrounds Sora as he looks toward his friends and smiles. The light
is pulled into the Keyhole and disappears)

[Hollow Bastion II-------(HB2)]

(Sora is transported to a black room that resembles a starry night sky, data 
streams traveling along the walls in haphazard directions)

Sora (looking around): It sure is empty. Is this really the inside of Riku's

(Riku, wearing his black hood attire, appears behind Sora in a data cloud)

Sora: Riku! Are you okay?

Riku: You shouldn't be here, Sora. I can fight the bugs off a little longer...
but they're spreading and in just a bit of time, they'll take over all my data.
And they won't stop there. They're going to dominate the entirety of the
datascape, and that includes you, too. You won't be able to last long. Here,
take this, and escape while you can.

(Riku materializes a shining blue orb in his hand)

Sora: What is it?

Riku: It's data that isn't supposed to be inside Jiminy's journal. Someone
added it after the fact.

(Sora takes the orb)

Sora: So this someone... Was this the same person who filled you with the
journal's data?

(The orb dissipates into data)

Riku: I don't know for sure. It's up to you now to find out. You've gotta
figure out who it is. Because of you, all the bugs outside are gone. If you can
just solve the mystery of this extra data, then the journal will be completely
restored. It'll also give the others a way back home.

Sora: But wait, what will happen to you?

Riku: I'll dive into the darkness, and take the bugs with me so they're
destroyed. They'll never see the light again. This will all be over.

(Sora sighs)

Riku: Go. While I can still control this. I won't be able to hold them off much
longer. Hurry, Sora. If you leave now, you can make it out. I don't want to
hurt you. You have to go.

Sora: Riku... I get it. There's still just enough time.

Riku: Right.

Sora: Great! Since there's escape time, that means there's enough time to stop
the bugs and help you, right?

Riku: What? I didn't mean that!

(Sora chuckles)

Sora: Come on, this is me here. You didn't really think I'd just give up and
leave you like this.

Riku: Sora... Huh... I remember now. Once you get an idea in your head...

Sora: That's right! Now tell me how to save you.

(Riku points to empty space and his finger glows)

Sora: Huh?

(A bright doorway made of data appears)

Riku: See that door? It should lead deeper into my data... Inside, you'll find
a vast world created from my memories. Once you've gotten rid of the bugs in
one world, another world should open before you. Bugs are everywhere, Sora. Be

Sora: Okay. Be right back!

(Sora runs through the door and arrives at the Destiny Islands, which is being
overrun by both stationary and legged blocks. Sora destroys one bug with a
four-hit combo and three more with a single Keyblade toss. He then proceeds to
eliminate the rest of the bugs, and Riku appears once he finishes)

Sora: Riku!

Riku: Thanks to you, I can access this world, now that you've weakened the bugs

(The both of them look out to sea at the Paopu tree)

Riku: It's been a while.

Sora: It has. Hey, do you remember when you left me that Keyhole here before?

Riku: Yeah. You needed a chance to prove yourself with the Keyblade. You also
needed to learn how everything works in the datascape.

Sora: I didn't know I'd have to face such a big monster. Did you know what was

Riku: Sorry about that. I didn't have time to show you the ropes. Inside the
journal, the Heartless had already shattered the walls between worlds, and soon
more and more things were breaking down. The bugs were attacking the wall
between the datascape and the real world. I had to weigh all the options. I
decided to use the damage to my advantage and call Mickey and the others here
to help. I know I put everyone in danger, but I had no choice.

Sora: Mickey said there was a mysterious message added to the journal, right?
After all this, we haven't figured it out.

Riku: I think dragging everybody into this was wrong.

Sora (smiling): As long as our friends get back safely, it'll be fine.

Riku: We should go.

(They transport out of the world and back to the hub inside Riku. Another door
has appeared. Sora enters it and ends up in Traverse Town. He proceeds to
destroy all the bugs in this world as well)

Riku: Hey there. Looks like you've taken care of the bugs here, too.

(Riku stands atop the steps leading to the accessory shop)

Sora: Riku!

Riku: Sora, I owe you. Last time I was here, it was to keep some kids safe from

Sora: Do you mean Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

Riku: Yeah. They were targets because they had pieces of the Keyhole. I knew
somebody had to look out for them, so I decided to do it.

Sora: But Riku, why didn't you let me know what was going on when we met?

Riku: I'm sorry. You still needed to toughen up a little bit more on your own.
You had a rough job, and if you couldn't do it, then... Well, I guess my only
option would've been to handle it on my own.

Sora: Riku... You know what? You gotta stop doing everything by yourself. "I
LIKE getting dragged into your messes." Donald and Goofy said that. Friends
want to help you out whenever they can.

Riku: Sora...

Sora: Forget that "on my own" talk.

Riku: I'm sorry, you're right.

(Sora chuckles)

Sora: And stop with all the apologizing. C'mon! We've got things to do!

(They teleport back to the data hub, where another door appears. Sora enters
Wonderland to find its color drained in addition to an infestation of silver 
bug blocks. He takes them out and Riku appears afterward)

Riku: Sora, I'm sorry.

Sora: Come on, stop saying that!

Riku: Can you blame me? I should never have let the bugs in like this. Every
time it's me against an outside force, I always seem to give in.

Sora: Hey, Riku. Question: How many worlds have we been to now?

Riku: Hmm?

Sora: 'Cause not too long ago, the answer to that question would've been only
"one." But now we've been to all kinds of places on tons of adventures. And
instead of just sitting around and dreaming about what's out there, we only
have to remember it. It's that easy!  We've got the whole universe inside;
there are worlds inside us. Try and let that sink in. I don't know much, but
that's amazing!

Riku: ...Incredible.

Sora: But you know, no matter the world, no matter how far, you're always the
same. You're right. There may still be outside forces trying to pull you in,
but I know you're not going to lose. Everything you touch makes you stronger.
It always has.

Riku: Sora...

Sora: Ha ha! Sounded good, right? You're not the only one who's grown through
all this!

Riku: Hmph. Yeah well, you're still kind of a half-pint.

Sora: Hey! Don't think I'm not gonna remember that when I'm taller than you!

Riku (laughing): I look forward to the day THAT happens.

(Riku laughs and Sora sighs)

Riku: ...Hey, Sora.

Sora: Yeah?

Riku: Never mind. I'll tell you when it's all over.

Sora: Okay. I'll see you on the other side!

(They return to the data hub, and Sora enters the newly-appeared door leading
to Agrabah. He proceeds to debug the world and Riku greets him after he does)

Riku: Remember this? It was right around here that I came to save you.

Sora: Yeah. This is where Maleficent ambushed me. I thought I was a goner!

Riku: I'd gotten a bad feeling, and Mickey knew something was up.

Sora: I'm glad you came when you did. That's when I lost the power of the
Keyblade. You see? Things will work out!

Riku: How's that?

Sora: No matter what you lose, you can always get it back. And that means YOU
can definitely get yourself back!

Riku: Heh. I kind of envy you. You've got a simple world.

Sora: Is that...a good thing?

Riku: I envy whatever makes you think it could be.

Sora: Gee, thanks a lot!

(Riku laughs)

Riku: Come on, let's head back.

(He teleports away)

Sora: Hey, wait up!

(Sora follows. When they return to the data hub, another door appears)

Riku: Enough hurt's been undone for you to access the innermost reaches of my
data. But remember, in there lies the source of all sources. We don't know the
bug's true form or origin...or why it's even here.

Sora: So if we take it out, we'll solve the last of the datascape's problems.

Riku: Yes. Everything should be like it was before.

Sora: Thanks for everything. I feel like after going through all your memories,
now, the journey's made me that much stronger.

Riku: You don't have to thank me.

Sora: Sure I do! There's no way I would've made it this far without your help,
Riku. Plus, you were even there when I woke up. Remember when I first got my
hands on the Keyblade? You were there from the start.

Riku: What do you mean? The first time I saw you was on our island.

Sora: Wha---? But, I was sure I saw you there in your black coat. Huh. That's

Riku: Keep focus. Are you ready for this fight? I'm afraid I have to stay out
here, but I will leave you with this: No matter what's in there now, don't hold

Sora: Huh? Oh, yeah...

(Sora runs through the door and appears in Hollow Bastion, where he finds Riku
wearing his dark garb)

Sora: Riku, how did---!? Wait, no. You're not him. You can't be Riku. The bugs
must've absorbed his power and taken this form. Now I see why he felt he had to
warn me about you. Here goes!

(Sora rushes in to attack the bugged Riku, who jumps out of the way the instant
Sora strikes. Riku floats back to the ground behind Sora and the two of them
clash blades and push each other back once again. After exchanging several
blows, a nearly fatigued Sora summons enough strength to deliver a powerful
slash to Riku, causing the source of bugs to dematerialize)

Sora: That should've cleared all the bugs inside him. It's time to head home.

(A message appears on the computer screen: "Gathering data... Gathering data...
Data recovery...90%. Conditions for awakening met." Sora returns to the data

Riku: Nicely done!

Sora: Riku, thanks.

Riku: Did that bug try to use my power for itself?

Sora: Yep, but how'd you know that?

Riku: Just a feeling. I thought it might try to exploit the darkness that's
been lurking inside of me. I've been envious of what you have. Always
surrounded by friends, who trust you completely---

Sora: Stop right there. First off, I trust you. Second, my friends are your
friends, too. Ask!

Mickey: Of course we're your friends, Riku! Hey, Sora, are you guys okay in

Donald: Take out some bugs for me, would ya?

Goofy: Yeah, and just give a holler if ya need help! We'll be here!

Riku: My friends? (smiling) Guess you're right.

Sora: Let's go, Riku. Everybody's waiting for us!

(The room starts to shake)

Sora: What---? What's that?

Riku: No way! Hurry, Sora! You've got to escape! Someone's trying to close the
road back to the outside world. Go now, or you'll be trapped inside here.

Sora: Uh, o-okay!

(Riku creates a gateway with a flower pattern adorned inside it)

Riku: That should get you out of here. Sora, thanks again. I'll see you on the
other side.

Sora: Yeah, I'll hold you to that!

(Sora races through the exit and appears back in Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall)

Goofy: Sora! Gawrsh, you made it back!

Donald: Yay! You're here!

Mickey: Welcome back, Sora. Good, you look like you're okay.

Sora: Mickey! It's good to be here! You guys, listen. You'd never believe the
stuff I saw!

Mickey: Actually, we saw it all. You got rid of the last of the bugs from the
datascape. We really owe ya!

Sora: Yep. Happy I could help. Oh, hey! Riku! Is Riku all right?

(Riku walks up the stairs to the stage and joins them)

Riku: I'm just fine. Sorry to put you through all that.

Sora: Riku!

Riku: Looks like we managed to keep that promise.

Sora: Yeah!

Riku: I wish we had some time to sit around and catch up, but these guys need
to hurry. Go there.

(Riku opens a gateway)

Riku: As promised, that's your road home to the real world where everyone's
waiting for you.

Mickey: So this is it. Time for us to leave. And time to say bye to the

Jiminy: It's not everyday that I get to explore my journal's world. Now that
the moment's here, I'm kinda sad we hafta go.

Sora: You can always come back another time!

Goofy: Great idea! And next time, we can bring everybody!

Donald: Yeah! That sounds like fun!

Riku: Actually...there's something important I haven't told you yet. It's
just... No. It can wait until you've made it through.

Mickey: Thank you, Riku. Good-bye! You two take care, okay?

Sora: Yep, see ya!

Riku: Heh.

(Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy wave good-bye and enter the gateway. Once
the light around them fades, they find themselves back in Disney Castle's

Mickey: Did we...?

(Chip and Dale arrive)

Dale: Yahoo! We have been waiting for you!

Chip (laughing): You're here! Welcome home!

Donald: Chip and Dale are here, so I think that means...

Goofy: We're really here!

Jiminy: It's true! We're finally home! Our castle in the real world.

(Everybody cheers)

Goofy: Hooray! We did it!

(Riku's voice is heard from the computer)

Riku: Can you guys hear me?

(They all look at the screen)

Riku: Glad to see you made it back safely.

Mickey: Loud and clear, Riku! We're here because of you. Thank you.

(Riku and Sora stand in the Grand Hall)

Riku: Well, guess Sora and I are done for now.

Sora (smiling): Heh.

Donald: Huh? Whaddaya mean by that?

Riku: It's all over now that we figured out how to get rid of the bugs. The
journal will go back to the way it was. Is that right, Jiminy?

Jiminy: Yes, it should return to how it was, when I first wrote everything
down. Without all those pesky bugs, the journal entries should appear back in
their original state.

(Goofy tries to process this information)

Riku: Right. The entries will reappear as they were before. And all of the
rest...has to be reset. That means, the whole adventure we all shared... It'll
be swept from our memories like it never happened.

Goofy: Does that mean...you're gonna forget about the time we were together?
Even all the stuff that we're talkin' about right now?

Riku: We're nothing but data. That's just the way it goes.

Goofy: Not fair.

(Mickey, Goofy, and Donald lower their heads in sadness)

Sora: Mickey, still there?

(The trio raises their heads back up)

Mickey: Sora?

Sora: Riku explained things. I know it's not what we all would want, but guys,
if that's the way everything's meant to be then...

Donald: That makes me sad.

Jiminy: You went through so much. You really helped us in the datascape. Taking
all that away is such a...

Sora: Thank you. But actually, I'm okay with it. Besides, you won't be able to
get rid of us that easily. Me and Riku, we aren't going anywhere. We might lose
some memories, but that doesn't matter when we've still got you guys. Our
adventure may not be found in the journal, but you'll always find us in your
hearts. (touching his heart) No matter what happens, we'll be right here. As
long as you remember us, and everything that we've been through together...
Well then, who knows?

Goofy: Sora...

(Everyone in the Library is crestfallen)

Sora: Heh. Well, we should sign off here. I guess it's good-bye, guys. Give the
"us" out there our best, okay?

(An alarm sounds from the computer and alerts everybody)

Jiminy: What's that?

(A message appears on the computer screen: "Data recovery...100%. Data assembly
complete. Glitch found in darkness. Awakening dark glitch. Delete Datascape
YES/NO? Y__ YE_ YES". In the data Hollow Bastion, the world starts to shake)

Riku: What is this power? It's so much stronger than anything I've ever felt
before! Could it be some sort of bug?

Goofy: Bugs!? But how could that happen? I thought we got rid of all of 'em!

Riku: I thought we did too. There's a chance we were wrong.

Donald: Aww... What do we do now?

Riku: That message said it was going to delete the datascape. We can't let
something that powerful get loose. The journal data has to be locked!

Mickey: But, then we're gonna lose you and Sora, AND what was in the journal!
We'll lose it all!

Jiminy: That's not the only problem! Both Maleficent and Pete are still inside
the datascape, too! We can't let them be deleted, can we?

Mickey: Even if I've never been their biggest fan, they're not made of data. We
have gotta find a way to save them!

(Mickey clenches his fist with resolve as Donald and Goofy nod in agreement.
Riku grunts in frustration)

Mickey: Huh?

Riku: Then locking the data isn't an option? Both worlds are at stake! What do
we do?

Sora: Oh, no... You guys, hang tight! I'll take care of this.

(Sora begins running in the direction of the Final Keyhole portal)

Riku: Sora? Where are you going? Hey! (pursuing Sora) Sora, are you crazy!?

Sora: No way I'm gonna leave them out there! You heard what Mickey said. I
gotta find Pete and Maleficent!

Riku: But you don't even know where they are!

Sora: Then I'll just have to go look for them!

Riku: Aren't you afraid? All our memories, our entire existence, even this
whole world could get erased!

Sora: I'm afraid. Why wouldn't I be? But, you know why I have to do this.

Riku: Huh?

Sora: You've been in my shoes before. You've fought with no one beside you.
Because you knew that was a lot less scary than just sitting around and Waiting
by yourself for the end to come. Riku, you once said: "What's important are the
actions that you take." I don't know if there's any way that we can win, but I
know...I've gotta at least try.

(Riku watches as Sora enters the portal. Elsewhere, Pete and Maleficent stand
in a green-and-blue room with a floor composed of data chips and a wall lined
with a flashing grid. Pete is knocked backward by something but regains his
balance before he could stumble)

Pete: 'Scuse me there, Maleficent, but do you really think we're gettin'
anywhere with this colossus?

Maleficent: Hmph! No matter. Any less of an opponent would be an insult.

(Pete and Maleficent are faced off against a large Darkside Heartless with
markings on its body that constantly change color. Sora enters the room through
a data cloud and puts himself in between the duo and the Heartless)

Sora: It's him! I fought this thing on the island. But I thought it got swept
away into the darkness along with everything else... Listen to me! You two need
to get outta here!

Maleficent: Do you actually think I'll take orders from one such as you?

Pete: Yeah, but, uh, Maleficent, I think the pip-squeak here may have a point.

Maleficent: Silence, coward! You will do as I---

(They notice the giant Heartless charging energy in its fist and getting
ready to attack)

Maleficent: What!?

Pete: Huh!?

(The trio braces for impact as the Darkside slams its fist down on them. Before
it could make contact, however, a  light flashes and Pete and Maleficent are
nowhere to be seen once it subsides)

Sora: Pete! Maleficent!

(Sora stares down the Heartless. It roars, catching Sora off guard)

Sora: Unbelievable... This guy's a lot stronger than what I fought before! No
way is this the same guy!

?????: Rage... Hatred... And now, glitches to feed my darkness.

Sora: It feeds on the glitches?

Riku: Wait, that's it! Sora, you're not the only one who changed, who evolved
within the datascape!

Sora: Riku, you wanna fill me in?

Riku: Yes, but listen to me carefully. I know where the bugs came from. All of
them! It's your shadow. It's your Heartless, Sora!

Sora: My Heartless!?

Riku: You once turned into a Heartless, though you may not remember. It was
recorded into the journal along with everything else, then it vanished. Your
memories disappeared too, but you managed to get those back. For some reason,
though, the pages of the journal---they stayed blank.

Sora: And you think my Heartless is responsible for that?

Riku: It makes sense. Everything in Jiminy's journal revolved around one
person, and that person is you, Sora. Without you, there never would have been
any entries. This whole time you've been evolving in the datascape, finding new
strength, your Heartless has been absorbing data and doing the same. It's
grown, Sora. Just like you have.

Sora: But Riku, we put all the data back! That must've at least weakened it,
right? I can still stop it, can't I?

Riku: No... I should have realized all of this sooner. Normally, defeating a
Heartless causes its heart to be released. Then the heart's returned to the
person who lost it. But when you defeat Heartless here in the datascape---that
wouldn't set any real hearts free. Remember, Sora, hearts can't be turned to
data. Instead, I think what you released are probably the Heartless's minds.

Sora: I did all that? But then where did the minds end up? Where could they
have gone?

Riku: They're right in front of you! Your Heartless has been gathering, then
devouring the dark intentions of all the fallen Heartless. That's where it gets
its power. From dark data! And now, just like you, it's become something
greater, something much more powerful.

Sora: If something this powerful got into Mickey's world... Oh no! I have to
protect them. I'll use the strength they've given me!

(Sora battles his Heartless and emerges victorious. The Darkside's body begins
to shine brightly, streams of data swirling around it)

Sora: Is it over?

(The light grows stronger until the entire room is consumed by it)

?????: Rage... Hatred... Glitches to feed my darkness... And soon, hearts
to sate my hunger!

(The light subsides and the Darkside has vanished. A data cloud appears and
leaves behind a Heartless whose appearance is identical to Sora's, save for its
dark figure and yellow eyes)

Sora: Wait! How is this possible? It's changing...

(The Sora Heartless lifts its dark Keyblade and readies for battle)

Sora: No, it's evolving!

(The Heartless attacks and clashes Keyblades with Sora, who pushes his enemy
away. The two combatants spar until Sora lands a hit, causing the Heartless to
disintegrate into data. Sora turns to see the Darkside hanging off the edge of
the platform on which he's standing, radiating data as it does so. He rushes in
to strike the head, but is repelled as he makes contact. The Keyblade glows and
disappears before Sora's eyes, much to his surprise. Fatigued, he slumps to the
ground. The Darkside grows in size and stands upright. It proceeds to charge
its fist and deliver a punch, the data lining its body glowing white)

Mickey: Don't give up, Sora!

(Mickey appears in front of Sora, Keyblade in hand)

Sora: Mickey! How---?

Mickey: Anything to help a friend. Don't ya remember what I said? We always
help friends. Even when the darkness closes in on ya, all you have to do is
look inside. And that's where you'll find your light!

(He raises his Keyblade and gathers energy at the tip)

Mickey: Come on, Sora! It's time to do this!

(Sora stands and summons his Keyblade. Mickey shoots a beam of light at Sora's
Heartless, freezing it in place. A Shadow Heartless appears in front of it and
Sora moves in for the killing blow. Both of them meet each other in midair to
attack, Sora's strike prevailing. The Darkside disappears and Sora and Mickey
exchange victorious glances. They both reappear in the Grand Hall. Sora is
astounded to find Riku standing with...)

Sora: Pete! Maleficent! You're here! You're all right!

Riku: I found them caught inside a rift in the data.

Maleficent: Hmph! We were just fine. You will hear no words of thanks from me,

Pete: Sayonaree to the one, two, three of ya! I'm out. See you chumps on the
other side!

Riku: Well, think I'll keep an eye on them on their way out.

Pete: By the way, don't think we're lettin' ya off the hook!

(Riku leaves with Pete and Maleficent)

Mickey: Pretty soon, the data will go back to its original form. The way it was
before all of those bugs showed up.

Sora: It's time to say good-bye. Huh? What gives? Is it a glitch? There's some
kind of lump in my throat.

Mickey: It's not a glitch. That's just...what good-bye feels like. When we met
in the datascape, it brought back a whole bunch of memories. The day I set out
on my first big adventure. The day I made a new friend, a special friend. They
all came rushing back to me. I knew, that the journal... It's not just a diary.
It's a collection---a collection of all we felt. The journal shows what's in
our hearts. I promise. We'll tell the other Sora and Riku about what happened
here. That way, this journey that we just had will be one everyone shares. The
memories will always connect us; they'll be our own special bond. Remember,
we're friends forever, Sora.

Sora: Yup! Friends forever, Your Majesty.

(Elsewhere, Maleficent and Pete are walking through the void-like, multicolored
path known as Betwixt and Between on their way back to their own world when
Maleficent stops to speak)

Maleficent: It's finally clear.

Pete: What's that?

Maleficent: Why that world they called the "date escape" seemed so familiar.

Pete: Huh?

Maleficent: A book...known as the ancient Book of Prophecies. It's said to be
capable of transcribing events that have yet to take place.

Pete: No kidding! If we got our mitts on somethin' like that, we could finally
take over permanent-like!

Maleficent: Yes, considering legend has it the book can also conjure, making an
entire world filled with beings and powers that have yet to exist.

Pete: Really!? A book that can just make up a world? I don't know. That sounds
like nothin' more than fluffy, pink, kids' fairy tale stuff. It just sounds too
good to be true.

Maleficent: Ah, but who's to say a fairy tale's not true? And I ask you, how
does that differ from this world they call the "date escape"?

Pete: Hmm?

Maleficent: Don't you think it might just be worth our while to search for a
connection? Perhaps there's a link of some sort between that so-called journal
of theirs and the Book of Prophecies.

Pete: I'd say with that we are onto somethin' huge, eh, Maleficent?

Maleficent: Ours is not a lost cause. First, we must take possession of this
"data" of theirs.

(Pete laughs as they both continue down the path. In a void bathed in light,
Mickey holds out a hand and chuckles, smiling. Sora sighs before nodding. He
smiles and kneels down to take Mickey's hand. Mickey turns and enters the
gateway behind him. Sora conjures his Keyblade and shoots a beam of light
toward the gateway, sealing the datascape. In the real Disney Castle, Donald
and Goofy rush over to where Mickey reappears, chatting excitedly while Chip
and Dale jump about on the desk. They all look up at the computer monitor and
smile, seeing an avatar of Sora and the words "Thanks, guys!")

[Castle Oblivion-------(COB)]

(Everyone remains lost in thought for a few moments)

Goofy: Hey, ya know, we never did figure out that mysterious message.

Donald: Ohh... Wak!

(The screen on the computer flashes and Riku appears on it from different

Riku: Guys, big news. A new world has shown up inside the journal.

Goofy: What do you mean?

Riku: I've found another door leading to extra data. Somebody must have added
it once all the other data was restored.

Mickey: And if we explore that world...

(Riku nods and the original journal message appears on the screen)

Riku: Then we should get some answers about this message.

Mickey: Great! Let's ask Sora to---

Donald: Ah.

(Mickey looks over at Donald, who covers his mouth)

Goofy: When we fixed the data, everything in the journal went back to the way
it started, remember?

Donald: Aww...

Jiminy: Which means that Sora's journey through the datascape---it never
happened to him. Why, now he's just the same boy he was before he ever met any
of us.

Riku: I'm fine. My partition isn't affected. But Sora---we can't send him out
there when he doesn't know what's going on.

(Donald and Goofy sigh, Mickey following)

Mickey: Wait. Hey, Riku. Could you help me get back into the datascape one more

(In a dark alley in a small town, Sora awakes to a dog licking his face. Sora
opens his eyes and looks around slowly, but tries to fall asleep again. The dog
pounces on him and he shouts, now alert. The dog looks at him as he stands, but
soon runs away)

Sora: Hey!

(He runs out of the alley and notices the unfamiliar surroundings)

Sora: Huh?

(He stops, seeing King Mickey with his Keyblade out)

Mickey: Sora, this was the day that your journey began. I know, because I was
here, too.

(He turns to look at Sora)

Mickey: It's time for the truth.

Sora: Where am I? How'd I end up in THIS place? And...who are you?

Mickey: I'm Mickey. I've come here from another kind of world.

Sora: Another kind of world?

Mickey: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." It's a
message. And you're the only one with the power to solve the mystery behind it.
So we really need your help.

Sora: Power? What's that?

(The Keyblade flashes into his hand)

Sora: Whoa! What's THAT?

Mickey: You may not remember, but it's clear you still hold the power inside
you. Think you'd be willing to lend us a hand? You might help us figure out the

Sora: Gosh, I don't have a clue what's going on. I don't, but at the same
time...what you're saying feels kind of familiar. So this truth you're talking
about, do you think it involves me somehow?

Mickey: Actually, I'm not exactly positive. However, I get the sense it's
something important you need to know.

Sora: If it's information that I'm supposed to know then, well... (chuckles)
Okay, Mickey. I'll help.

Mickey: Thank you! Let's go. Just follow my lead.

(Mickey points his Keyblade and fires a beam of light, causing a Keyhole to
appear. Sora does the same and a beam of light strikes the Keyhole and the
world flashes. Sora finds himself in a white room)

Sora: Whoa... So you think the truth's hiding somewhere in here?

(He looks around and discovers Mickey missing)

Sora: Hey, Mickey? Guess he went ahead.

(Sora takes a few steps forward and a cloaked figure appears in front of him)

Sora: Who are you?

?????: Me? I'm nobody. In this place, to find is to lose, and to lose is to
find. That's the way of things, here in Castle Oblivion.

Sora: Castle Oblivion?

????? (walking over to Sora): That's right. Here, you will meet people you
know. People that you care about.

(The figure takes out a card engraved with a picture of the Destiny Islands and
holds it out to Sora)

Sora: Huh? (taking it) It's a...kind of card. With a picture on it.

?????: Use that card and press on. You will find the truth that sleeps up

(He disappears)

Sora: Wha---? Wait!

(Sora sighs and looks at the card)

Sora: But how am I supposed to use this? He could've told me that much. And why
does he seem so...familiar?

(He walks to the door at the end of the hall and holds up the card. It releases
a burst of light and the room dims)

Sora: Oh!

(Mist enters the room and a light flashes. Sora is transported to a room with
walls that have pictures of the Destiny Islands on them)

Sora (looking around): What just happened to me?

(The figure reappears)

?????: That card's special. It will cause you to see people. Well, "illusions"
to be exact. They're from Jiminy's journal. It's all of the very same data that
you worked so hard to fix.

Sora: Jiminy? What did I fix? I don't get it.

?????: My mistake. Someone must have pressed the reset button on your memory.
All you remember is leaving the island. Just the same, you'll remember the
folks you meet here. At least, you should.

Sora: I don't understand. What is it that I'm supposed to do?

?????: Whatever you want.

Sora: Huh?

?????: There's no script to follow. The journal's the closest thing you've got,
but that doesn't mean you'll see the things it says. And who really cares?
Everything that happens here, and everyone you meet is just an illusion.

Sora: So then...I can do whatever I want to do?

?????: Yes.

(He disappears)

Sora: Hey, come back! ...He's gone. ...Huh?

(Sora turns and sees his friends from the island, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie,
nearby. He converses with them until they each vanish in turn. Another flash
occurs, and Sora is greeted by a cloaked figure)

????: Well, you did it again, Sora.

Sora: Wait a sec... Riku? Why are you here?

Riku: I've got something that you need to see. It'll help you.

Sora: Yeah? What is it?

Riku: A hidden truth that's nowhere to be found, even in the deepest corners of
your memories. It's something I want you to see. And, something I want you to

Sora: I know you wouldn't ask if it wasn't really important. I'll do it!

Riku: Thank you, Sora. Now, close your eyes. 

(He does so. Amid static, the scene shifts to a night sky at the top of a clock
tower. Riku stands, gazing at the full moon over the city. He reaches a hand
out and pretends to grab the moon. He stares for a bit, wind blowing through
his hair. He bows his head, putting his hand over his chest. He turns around to
stare at the body of a girl with blank eyes who sits, unmoving)

Sora: Wasn't that...Riku? And Kairi? That's right. I was on a journey to find
you guys.

Riku: Darkness had taken a hold of my heart, and Kairi had lost hers
completely. But at the end of your journey, you would have saved us, Sora.
Think about it. What did Kairi and I have in common? When you watched, what did
you feel?

Sora: Something you have in common...

Riku: It was "hurt." We had both lost ourselves, and we were hurting in a way
we'd never hurt before. There's no greater pain in the world... I ask you,
Sora: What would you have done?

Sora: I would've helped you, of course. Both of you! I'd've figured out how to
undo the hurt.

Riku: I thought you'd say that. And you're right, you would. Or should I say,
you will.

Sora: That's a relief. Hey, then what was with the sneak preview?

Riku: I just wanted you to see. You always make the right choices. On the road
ahead, more than one truth will come to light. You'll forget things, lose
things that you care about, and it won't always make sense. It'll be
frustrating, and it'll make you angry. It may even hurt so badly you'll feel
like you're about to lose yourself. But don't worry, Sora. That won't happen to
you. You won't let it. You're like a sponge. No matter how much pain they throw
at you, you'll suck it up, and leave things a little bit better. Just follow
your heart, and you can change the lives of not one, but many. You don't have
to do anything special. Just do what you do---be yourself. After all, that's
what you're good at. Do what feels right to you.

Sora: You got it.

Riku: Take care, Sora.

(Riku disappears)

Sora: Wha---? Weird, no one's here.

(Sora returns to the white hall)

?????: Well, Sora? How was it? Did you have fun chatting and hanging with the

Sora: You shouldn't call them "ghosts." Sure, something was a little off, but
I'm certain those three are still my friends.

?????: Friends? You don't say? So then what were their names again? Tell me.

Sora: Oh, I don't even have to think--- (gasps) What...? Why can't I...
remember? I know them!

?????: Like I said, everything in this castle is just an illusion. And once the
illusions vanish, you'll forget all about your little reunion.

Sora: I'll forget!?

?????: Hey, no big deal. The fact that you can't remember them just means they
weren't very important to you to begin with. Isn't that right?

Sora: That's not true! Of course my friends are always important to me! Okay,
maybe I forgot...what just happened, and who I met inside that room. Trust me,
I know I'll remember everything again!

?????: Hmph. Sure.

(The figure hands Sora five additional cards)
Sora: More cards?

?????: All of these cards were created from the data in the journal. And all of
them will show you more illusions. But from now on, the illusions won't be of
your friends. You're fresh off the island, which makes everyone you meet total
strangers. Here's a fun little thought. The folks you're about to see? You can
fight them all you like.

Sora: Huh?

?????: What do you care? They're only strangers. Actually, illusions of
strangers. Just a collection of empty bits of data. They won't be able to make
the distinction between what's real and what's not. They'll look at the white
walls of this castle, and what they'll see are the worlds they call home.
Anyway, the truth would be wasted on them, so why bother? They're only there
until they're not. Do you see where I'm going with this? Nothing's real. You
can break the little hearts they don't have, and then forget about it. No hurt
feelings, no baggage. It's that simple. You don't have a heart. It's 100
percent guilt-free.
(A deep in thought Sora lifts his head to respond)

Sora: That's what YOU think.

?????: What?

Sora: It's obvious you know nothing at all. Everything you say is a lie. I
might have the strength to hurt someone, but what exactly would be the point? I
know...that it would tear me up inside. That ache...would stay with me for a
long time. You might not know it now, but I hope you'll see, that nothing is
guilt-free in this world.

?????: You've arrived at the first question.

Sora: Huh? 

(The figure disappears)

Sora: What's with that guy? So with these cards, I'm gonna run into people from
the past. I have no idea who, but it'll be fun!

(Sora uses one of his cards to enter the Castle Oblivion equivalent of Traverse
Town, where he meets up with Cid, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He chats with them
before they all vanish. Afterwards, he returns to the white hall)

Sora: That guy wasn't kidding around. I really can't remember who it was I met
just now. Or can I?

(Sora ponders for a moment)

Sora: I give up. I don't remember. That's weird. I don't know what this is.
Wait, is this...what heartache feels like? Just thinking about them...causes
pain inside. Hold on. If I really forgot about all those friends completely,
that would mean I shouldn't be missing anyone. That makes sense. So I haven't
forgotten all of it then! There's got to be more I still don't know. I just
need to find something to trigger my memory! Nice! Here goes!

(Sora enters Wonderland and runs into Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Card
Soldiers, and the Cheshire Cat. He talks to them and goes back to the white
hall after they disappear. The figure greets him there)

?????: So Sora, how was your time with---who was it again?

Sora: I can't remember anything at all. But you already knew that, didn't you?

?????: You seem pretty calm. Guess you decided they weren't worth stressing
over. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Sora: That's wrong.

?????: What?

Sora: It's like you said; everyone I met I can't remember. But still, I'm
frustrated that I've forgotten them. I feel moments of loneliness. You said
there would be no hurt feelings, but I AM hurting. When the memories are gone,
they just leave a hole. And having that longing inside me hurts. But it'll help
me, somewhere down the road. It's the key I'll need to unlock all my memories.

?????: ...Right on schedule.

(The figure disappears. Sora enters Olympus Coliseum and converses with
Hercules, Phil, Hades, and Cloud. They disappear, and Sora returns to the white

?????: The sadness of knowing you forgot someone who matters to you, something
like that'll gnaw at you forever. But you believe that somehow by carrying
around that kind of hurt, you'll be able to retrieve the memories you lost.
That's what you're thinking, right, Sora?

Sora: Right.

(The figure laughs)

Sora: What's so funny?

?????: I can't believe you fell for it so easily.

Sora: Huh?

?????: I told you when you arrived. Remember, in this place, to find is to lose
and to lose is to find. Well, you've lost your memories and the only thing you
found in return...is hurt. And by deciding that hurt was the key to
remembering, you gave up all hope of ever being free from it! The hurt owns you
now, Sora. Don't you see that? It's a wound that will never mend. That hole in
your heart will grow bigger, until darkness finally claims it!

Sora: The darkness... Was this all just a big trick to pull me in?

?????: Afraid so. And all it took was a handful of illusions. Your heart was
just way too easy to break, Sora.
Sora: Not true!

(The figure disappears and Sora enters Agrabah. He talks with Aladdin, Jasmine,
and Genie until they disappear and then goes back to the white hall)

?????: It's not too late to run.

Sora: Huh?

(Silhouetted under his hood, the figure's face is partially visible. It is that
of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes)

?????: Why should you keep the hurt inside? Just tell yourself you need to
forget about the people you met in this place. You'll have no one to miss. No
cause for loneliness. No hurt to keep eating away at your heart.

(Sora sighs and holds his hand over his heart with uncertainty)

?????: Sora, it's your call. Cling to the memories you've lost, and the hurt
they bring, till you're dragged into the darkness. Otherwise, let it all go and
then you can be free and happy. The decision...is completely yours.

(The figure disappears)

Sora: Wait!

(Sora tries to go after him but to no avail. He pauses for a moment and takes
out his last card. It depicts Hollow Bastion. Sora sighs)

Sora: Should I use this? But if I were to do that, then I'd meet a friend, and
forget right away. I don't know if I want that. It's just going to bring more
hurt. And if he's right, the darkness will eventually...take over me

(He holds his head down and sighs once more)

Sora: But I don't see any other way out of here. Guess this card is my only
option. That is unless, I let go of the hurt. Once I go out of this room, I'll
forget all about what happened and everyone I just met. Instead of carrying
that hurt around until it consumes me, maybe I should let it go. What's inside
my heart? What am I supposed to do? (sighs) I feel so lost.

Mickey: Hey, Sora! Can you hear me? Sora?

(An orb of light emanating sparkles appears in the room)

Sora: Huh? I know that voice! Mickey, is that you? Where are you?

Mickey: Sorry, Sora. I'm still trying to find a way to get to you. Right now,
the best I can do is to send my voice to where you are.

Sora: It's okay. Hey, Mickey? Maybe you can help me with something. I keep
forgetting people I meet in this place. And this guy says if I dwell on what
I've lost, the hurt is going to take over me. And I don't want that.

Mickey: I understand. Question is, are ya okay with letting go of the folks
that you've forgotten?

(Sora sees an image of Donald and Goofy)

Sora: Huh? Who are they?
Mickey: Well, even though you may not remember them...they definitely remember
you. You'll always be a really close friend to them, no matter what happens.

Donald: Yeah! We've been on adventures, and I'll never forget you!

Goofy: And even if you don't ever really know who we are, I hope you'll
remember that you'll always be special to us.

Sora: How can that be?

Mickey: Why don't you ask your heart? What are you feeling right now, Sora?

Sora: I don't know...what this is. Who are these two? I don't think that we've
ever met. But I feel like...I know them.

Mickey: Memories can disappear, but feelings don't...not even when your data
was reset. Inside your heart, the adventures you shared with the friends you
made in the datascape will always live on. And ya know what? I'll bet that's
also true for all the time you spent with the folks that those cards showed to

Sora: So it's not what's missing that's causing the hurt. It's actually what's
NOT missing. If that's true---

(The image of Donald and Goofy fades)

Sora: Hey!

Mickey: Uh oh! Looks like I've used up too much power. I'll be there soon,
Sora. I promise. Just try and hold on a little bit longer for me, okay?

(The orb dissipates)

Sora: Mickey! (sighs) I'm all alone again. I hate feeling like this. Oh! I
wonder... Does this count as hurt? If I let it, will this pull me into the
darkness? (clenching his fist) I can do this. There's no going back. Just one
more card.

(Sora enters Hollow Bastion. He tenses up as he encounters Pete and Maleficent.
After another conversation, the villains disappear and Sora returns to the
white hall)

?????: You've used up all the cards, I take it? I would ask if you enjoyed your
little trip...but we both know that you've forgotten it. Bet you're feeling
pretty empty.

Sora: No, I'm not. I may not remember who I met, but I do remember that I met
them. And knowing that I've forgotten them...I miss them.

?????: So you hurt. I warned you. Don't you remember what I said? That hurt
will drag you down into the darkness. You have to get rid of all of it.

Sora: No, I don't. I can keep the hurt because it reminds me of something
important. It lets me know that what I've forgotten is crucial. That's enough.
I won't run from it.

(The figure's face begets an angry expression)

Sora: It'll stay inside of my heart, until the day I remember.

?????: The darkness will take you first.

Sora: If I put the hurt aside, I'll lose my ties to all the people I care
about. My mind's made up. (walking down the stairs) I may end up falling into
the darkness, but I'll carry this with me. I'll only get rid of it when I
remember everything, and not a day sooner than that. I'll keep the hurt with me
for the time being. It's all that I have. It's what holds the pieces in place.
I accept that.

(Sora walks behind the figure)

?????: You say you accept it? It's not a game!

(From under their feet, the room transforms into a single white platform
with four pillars surrounded by a purple void, flower petals scattering through
the air. Sora gasps. The figure conjures a white Keyblade in his left hand and
a black Keyblade in his right and holds the black one's tip next to Sora's

?????: It's way past time that you learned what real hurt feels like!

(The figure attacks Sora, who manages to dodge the strikes. He draws his
Keyblade and the two combatants clash. They are sent back to the white hall
after an arduous battle and catch their breaths)

?????: Come on, Sora. Do it. Finish me off!

(Sora sighs and backs down)

?????: Why won't you do it? (realizing something) ...I get it. You've seen
through my disguise. (smiling) I'm just like everyone else you've encountered
in this place---made of data.

(He stands and points his white Keyblade at Sora)

?????: I'm not even worth the effort, is that what it is? Guess there's no
point in destroying something if it never existed. Is that right?

Sora: Not at all. You say that you're an illusion, but you certainly pack a
really big punch. You said that you'd show me hurt, and you weren't wrong.

(The figure is speechless)

Sora: Actually, the hurt that I just felt...was more than that.

(Sora approaches the figure, who raises his weapons)

Sora: Sure, it might have hurt while we were fighting, but I sensed a different
kind of hurt from you. It was kind of like...an intense, sharp pain. But it...
felt sort of familiar, almost like it was my own. As if we'd been connected,
like right then we shared the same hurt. If somehow, it brings me closer to
people in that kind of way... (chuckles) then carrying around a little hurt
can't be all that bad.

(The figure smiles and sighs in defeat. He gets rid of his Keyblades)

?????: "Can't be all that bad"? All right, I give up.

(He produces a final card and tosses it to Sora)

?????: Here. You pass, Sora. Congratulations, you understand hurt. Now, use
this to find the truth.

(The card's image is of Castle Oblivion)

Sora: What do you mean?

?????: My role was to see if you were ready to take ownership of the hurt
inside you. And now that role is done. Nothing left for me to do, but...go

Sora: Are you gonna go back home?

?????: I don't know if I really have one. But...there's a place I'd like to be.

Sora: A place? Uh...where?

(The figure, smiling, moves forward and merges with Sora, startling him)

Sora: What's...this feeling? I've got memories that don't belong to me. A place
to call home. And a sunset, that's comforting. My first and my last...

(A light flashes)

Roxas: Summer vacation.

(Sora looks at the card)

Sora: You can rest easy. I've got you now.

(He walks over to the door and holds up the card)

Mickey: Sora!

(Mickey arrives and runs over to Sora)

Sora: Mickey!

Mickey: I'm so glad I finally caught up to ya! Sorry that it took me so long. I
know you ended up having to do all the work on your own. I just couldn't get
here sooner.

Sora: It's okay. You're here now. (showing him the card) Look! If I use this
card, it'll lead us to the truth.

Mickey: Is that right? The message said, "Their hurting will be mended when you
return to end it." Maybe now we can finally solve it.

(They both look towards the door)

Sora: Let's find out!

(Sora holds up the card, causing it to glow and the room to dim. The door opens
and lets in more mist. Sora and Mickey enter a bright room containing a large
pod in the center. They see a girl in a white dress standing in front of it as
if waiting for them)

Sora: Who're you? (gasps) It's like when I met Mickey. I don't know you, but
you're familiar.

Naminé: Nice to meet you, Sora. I'm Naminé. You may not know who it is I am,
but I know things about you.

Sora: Uh...so...what exactly is going on here?

Mickey: Sora, maybe I can explain. There was a time, when you lost every one of
your memories. But everything turned out to be okay because Naminé helped you
through it.

Sora: Wow, you really did that for me, Naminé? You deserve a big thanks!

Naminé (sadly): No, I don't. I put your memories back together that part is
true. But it was also me... I was the one who took them apart in the first

Sora: Huh?

Naminé: Not only that, the reason all of the bugs appeared in Jiminy's
journal... That was me.

Mickey: What? Tell us what you mean.

Naminé: It all began with these memories that were sleeping way down deep---
deep in Sora's heart.

(An orb appears in Naminé's hands)

Sora: These...are my memories?

Naminé: Actually, no, they're not yours. They belong to people who are
connected to you.

Sora: Huh? Isn't it weird for somebody else's memories to be inside me?

Naminé: Yes, usually it's impossible. When I first found them while repairing
your memory, I thought I had made some sort of mistake. But then, after
searching for answers, all the evidence I found proved they belong in your
heart. Sora will have to awaken these memories, but this is where they will
sleep until that time comes. They are important...and yet, dangerous too.

Mickey: Naminé, how are they dangerous?

Naminé: These memories, all of them are too painful. Handled the wrong way,
they could damage Sora's heart, even break it. That's why I needed for Sora to
find a way to face that kind of hurt. So I left the message for all of you.

Mickey: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." That was you.
You're the one who left us that message.

Naminé: When I unraveled Sora and the others' memories, it also erased the
words  in Jiminy's journal. That book was filled with pages and pages of
memories from your first adventure. It shows how deeply the journal and Sora
are connected. When I took Sora's memories apart, they stayed in his heart. It
may have looked like they were gone, but they were there the whole time. Even
after the text disappeared from the journal, the memories remained. That's why
you were able to render them as data.

Mickey: Yeah, but the data we got was a mess, and then all those bugs appeared.
Jiminy never wrote about any bugs.

Naminé: That was...me, too. When I added these memories to the journal, I also
added all this "hurt." I thought that maybe if you fought the bugs that sprang
from these memories, you might learn to face the hurt in the memories

Mickey: So that's what it was. I didn't realize you had to go through so much
trouble to get us to investigate this hurt, Naminé.

Naminé: I'm sorry. I wish I could have told you this in person. But the real me
is gone. She doesn't exist now.

Sora: Uh, guys? You...kinda lost me a few minutes ago.

(Naminé giggles)

Naminé: You don't have to understand it. You have already learned how to face
the hurt, Sora.

Sora: I did?

Naminé: You most certainly did. At times, the pain can be wiped away. But
there's also a pain that always stays with you. There's only one way to deal
with that; you face it head-on and then you accept it. And if it happens that
the hurt is too great for you to bear it alone, well, then you turn to a friend
close to your heart.

(Sora's eyes widen with realization)

Sora: It'll bring us closer together; the hurt will only make us stronger.
(excited) I'm willing to try! I'm ready to face all those memories that you
found. It might have to be painful, but I can take it.

Naminé: Sora...

Mickey: Wait! You're not in this alone. Always remember, I'm here, too.

Sora: Yep!

Naminé (sighing happily): Thank you. (holding out the orb) Just touch this.
Don't be afraid. You'll feel all of the memories that are locked inside flow
right into your hearts.

(Mickey holds out his hand to Sora)

Sora: Uh-huh!

(He grabs Mickey's hand and they both reach out to touch the orb. It releases a
powerful light, Sora struggling against the intensity)

Mickey: Sora, be strong!

(The light envelops the entire room. Sora and Mickey awaken to find themselves
within a void of light, hand-in-hand. Two figures, one Roxas and the other a
red-haired man, appear before them)

Sora: Who...?

Naminé: These are hidden truths. Sora has been keeping them locked away, deep
inside of him. Remember, these memories you're feeling, they don't belong to

(Sora and Mickey turn around to see an image of Naminé and a dark-haired girl
behind them)

Sora: Naminé, that's you! Who's the other girl? She feels so...familiar. ...And
something happened. Something terrible. Didn't it?

Naminé: They're waiting for Sora. He's the only one who can put an end to their
hurt. DiZ told me...he hid something inside you during the year you were
asleep. I asked him what, and all he would say was that he was "clearing his

(Sora solemnly holds his fist over his chest)

Naminé: Sora must be the key to saving the people you saw...and the ones you're
about to see.

(A trio of a brown-haired man, a blond-haired boy, and a blue-haired woman

Mickey: It can't be!

Naminé: Maybe YOU know how much they're hurting. These three were keys, too.
They were connected to the Keyblade's truth.

(With a flash, everybody, save for Sora and Mickey, vanishes. The real Naminé
appears behind them)

Naminé: And, they're still connected, Sora, somewhere way down deep inside of

Sora: Funny. I feel as though...I've met them.

Naminé: Yes, two of them, you have met. As for the third, I never realized it,
but...you and he share a very special connection.

Sora: Yeah...

Mickey: Naminé. You said Sora has to call these memories to the surface. Is it

Naminé (shaking her head): I can't say for sure. But I do know a day will come
when they must rise from their sleep. And then, the only one who can save
them...will be Sora.

Mickey: The bond they all share---that's gonna be the key, right? Don't worry,
Naminé. I'll make sure I pass this on to Sora---you know, the one in the
outside world!

Naminé (nodding): Please do.

(Sora and Mickey nod, then look toward each other and smile. Sora places his
hands behind his head as Naminé gives a small laugh)

Naminé: Well---

Sora: Just a second.

Naminé: Huh?

Sora: Our promise... Your promise to the me I don't know. You kept it, right?

Naminé: I may be gone, but my promises to him are forever. And anyway, I owe
this much. For all the...all those people that I hurt.

Sora: So what happens to YOU---the one that's right here?

Naminé: I'm really just data made to pass along a message. I shouldn't exist
right now in this journal at all. And now the record of me will disappear. But
when you pass my message on to the other Sora, just remember to tell him the
things that you've seen, and that you've felt. If you do that, then we'll be
at rest---her, and me too.

Sora: Along with everybody connected to Sora... Naminé, you got it.

(She smiles)

Sora: Oh yeah!

Naminé: Hm?

Sora: I almost forgot. I have a message for you, too.

(He smiles)

Sora: Thank you.

(Naminé, surprised by this declaration at first, nods in understanding and
grins happily. She fades away into light and data. The scene shifts to the
message she left in the journal)

Mickey (narrating): And so ended our journey to connect "those" memories with

(The pages turn back to the words "Thank Naminé" and continue until the book

Mickey (narrating): Sora, when Naminé's words are passed on to you, when the
day comes that you learn of this great unknown and mysterious adventure, it's
important that you understand, whatever you feel in your heart, that's what
"he" felt in his.


(The credits roll. Screenshots of scenes from the story are shown as "Simple
and Clean" plays in the background. After the credits, King Mickey sits writing
a letter with a quill in the Disney Castle Library. A clear bottle rests on the

Mickey: I wanted to tell you right away...about memories from the past that
sleep within you, and...

(The scene shifts to Kairi on the Destiny Islands running across the bridge
carrying the same glass bottle)

Mickey: ...about the pieces that will tie you to your future.

(Sora reads the letter that was inside the bottle, while Riku and Kairi look

Mickey: Sora, Riku, Kairi... The truth behind the Keyblade has found its way
through so many people, and now I know that it rests in your hearts. Sora...
You are who you are because of those people, but they're hurting, and you're
the only one who can end their sadness. They need you. It's possible that all
your journeys so far have been preparing you for this great new task that's
waiting for you. I should have known there were no coincidences, only links in
a much larger chain of events. And now the door to your next journey is ready
to be opened.

(Sora, Riku, and Kairi look to the sky)

[Secret Endings-------(SED)]

==Signs of What's Next==

(Mickey meets with Yen Sid at the Mysterious Tower)

Mickey: Yen Sid, I think we're finally close to figuring out where Ven's heart

Yen Sid: Is that so? Then that leaves only Terra.

Mickey: Right. And we've gotta save all three of them.

(Yen Sid strokes his beard, thinking)

Yen Sid: Hmm... The question is: What does Xehanort intend to do next?

Mickey: Xehanort? But his two halves are gone. There was Ansem, who commanded
the Heartless...and Xemnas, who commanded the Nobodies. Didn't Sora defeat them

Yen Sid: Correct, those two met their end. However, therein lies exactly our
problem. Their destruction now guarantees the original Xehanort's

Mickey: Huh?

Yen Sid: Xehanort's heart, once seized by his Heartless half, is now free. And
his body, which had become his Nobody, has been vanquished. Both halves will
now be returned to the whole. In short...this means Master Xehanort will

Mickey: And you think...you think that maybe he's gonna try something?

Yen Sid: A man like Xehanort will have left many roads open.

Mickey: Well, it doesn't matter what he cooks up. Me and Sora, we'll be ready,
and Riku, too!

Yen Sid: Yes, they are indeed strong. But...not true Keyblade Masters, like

(He continues to stroke his beard)

Yen Sid: Tell me...would a single one of you suffice if what you faced was not
a single one of him?

(Mickey jumps up and puts his hands on Yen Sid's desk)

Mickey (stunned): What? What do you mean?

(Yen Sid stands)

Yen Sid: Mickey, please summon Sora hither. Riku as well.

Mickey: Of course, but...why?

Yen Sid: To show us the Mark of Mastery.


(In the computer room past Ansem's Study in Radiant Garden, Dilan, Even,
Aeleus, Ienzo, a blue-haired man, and a red-haired man lay unconscious on the
floor. A man speaks)

Man: That was more difficult than I thought, but at least things are on track.

(The man is revealed to be Braig addressing somebody)

Braig: Lord Xemnas is nowhere to be seen, so that means...the party's already
begun, huh?

????????: Yes.

Braig: Man, does that Xehanort scare me like nobody's business, the way he can
see into minds. And it doesn't help that no one knows what it is that the old
man wants. I wonder if even you know what's going on inside your own head.

(The person Braig is speaking to is a young man with silver hair and yellow
eyes wearing a black coat)

????????: I will be led...wherever it is I am destined to go.

Braig: Sounds to me like you don't have a clue of your own.

????????: Every Keyblade master is bequeathed a Keyblade of his very own. With
the passing of time, as you can imagine, more and more Keyblades were forged to
be handed down. But of all the Keyblades in existence, Master Xehanort's is the
most ancient. That is my destiny. But it has yet...to become a reality.

Braig: Hey, it's okay. This is all connected to the ancient Keyblade War, isn't
that right? Whatever. I got my hands full with my own plans. So, which poor
soul will it be?

(Braig beckons to the men on the floor behind him)

????????: Heh... S---





A boy chosen by a strange sword called a "Keyblade." After his island home was
lost to the darkness, he joined forces with Donald, Goofy, and Mickey and saved
all worlds. All these adventures were carefully recorded in Jiminy's journals.

Inside the datascape generated within the computer, a digital version of the
real Sora (Data-Sora) quests in our hero's stead.

[Donald Duck]

A magician in the service of King Mickey. While full of vim and vigor, his
short temper sometimes gets him into hot water. Donald met the real Sora while
on a journey to find Mickey; during the course of their travels they became
fast friends.

After reuniting with Mickey and fighting off the hordes of darkness, Donald
returned to Disney Castle to enjoy a bit of peace.


The laid-back captain of King Mickey's royal knights. While a bit of a softy,
Goofy lacks nothing for courage.

He and Donald met the real Sora after leaving Disney Castle to search for
Mickey, who had gone missing. Together, they overcame countless dangers and
forged a one-of-a-kind friendship.

[Mickey Mouse]

The king of Disney Castle. Just like Sora, he wields a Keyblade. In the past,
he traveled from world to world to watch over Sora, Donald, and the others, and
guide them in their journey to save all worlds from the forces of darkness.

Once the crisis was averted, Mickey returned to Disney Castle to live a
peaceful life with his friends there.

[Jiminy Cricket]

The cricket in charge of jotting down everything that goes on in Disney Castle.
He also joined Sora on his adventures and kept a record of them in two

One of those books was almost completely erased (it's a long story). And when a
mysterious message appeared in that same book, out of nowhere... Well, that's
how this latest adventure began.


One of the engineers working at Disney Castle. Dale is his little brother. On
Sora's previous journeys, they were in charge of the Gummi Ship, a flying
machine which allowed Sora and friends to freely travel between worlds.

He and Dale look a lot alike, but you can tell the pair apart by their nose
colors and the shape of their front teeth.


One of the engineers working at Disney Castle. Chip is his older brother. They
are superb technicians, and now they have put on their system admin hats to
digitize the journal and find out what's happening inside.

He and Chip are sometimes hard to tell apart, but their nose colors and the
shape of their teeth are a dead giveaway.


An entity that looks just like Sora's friend Riku. He is, however, not the real

Data-Riku was chosen as a sort of ark to keep all the collective data within
Jiminy's journal safe from bugs; in a way, he IS the journal now. But even he
could not explain the cause of the bugs, so, after adopting Riku's appearance,
he "imported" Mickey and friends to help solve the mystery.


A girl from the Destiny Islands, and a friend of Sora's. Selphie isn't one to
sit still; usually she's hanging out with Sora and Wakka and the other island

She might look like Ms. Independent and rely a bit too heavily on her fists,
but don't be fooled; what you've got here is a classic closet romantic.


A boy from the Destiny Islands, just like Sora. He's the oldest kid in the
bunch, but doesn't throw his weight around; when his bruddas (or sista) need
something, he's there to make sure they're taken care of.


A confident, athletic boy who lives on the Destiny Islands like Sora. He's
almost always in good spirits; trying to bring Tidus down is like trying to
fall up.


A man with a gift for technology who's as good a pilot as he is an engineer.

Once, Cid called another world home. Just before that world was lost to
darkness, he gathered up what children he could save, and together, they fled
to Traverse Town.


One of Donald's three nephews. Can't tell Huey apart from the others? Just look
for the red clothes.

He thinks it's his job to keep Dewey and Louie in line, but in Traverse Town,
it's really Cid who looks after all three of them.


One of Donald's three nephews. Can't pick Dewey out of the crowd? He's the one
in the blue clothes.

Dewey is the brains of the bunch, so even though he doesn't always mind Cid, he
knows an opportunity to learn when he sees one.


One of Donald's three nephews. Not sure which one is Louie? Keep an eye out for
the green clothes.

Louie is the most laid back of the three---but if you ask Cid, who looks after
them, that's not saying much.


A swordsman from Radiant Garden. When he was still a boy, his home was lost to
darkness, and he was forced to flee with Cid and the other children to Traverse
Town. He no longer uses his real name, a symbolic farewell to the little boy
who was not strong enough.

Later, Leon would fight against the forces of darkness more than once, but
thanks to Sora, he can now focus on rebuilding his home.


A ninja girl who hails from Radiant Garden. Her home was beset by darkness when
she was still very little, and she had to flee with Cid to Traverse Town.

But someone as cheerful as Yuffie would never let this show. After meeting Sora
in Traverse Town, she fought bravely alongside him against the darkness, and
now she is back in Radiant Garden, hard at work rebuilding.


A girl who wandered into Wonderland quite by accident. Perhaps her curiosity
was to blame, but then how can one not admire Alice's unyielding spirit when
faced with such overwhelming oddness?

The bugs in the datascape scrambled her memory and left her scratching her
head, but in the end, she and Sora managed to set everything right.

[The Cheshire Cat]

A strange feline from Wonderland whose unnerving grin and absurd interjections
leave even the best conversationalist struggling to keep up.

As if that weren't maddening enough, the Cheshire Cat tends to vanish into thin
air almost as suddenly as he pops out of it.

[White Rabbit]

A retainer in the service of Wonderland's ruler, the Queen of Hearts.

The bugs in the datascape messed with the White Rabbit's memories but, lucky
for him, he at least had the good sense to remember the Queen was no one to
trifle with.

[The Queen of Hearts]

The selfish ruler of Wonderland who has a whole army of card soldiers at her
command. Rub her the wrong way, and it's off with your head. If you're lucky,
you might be granted a trial (preferably beforehand).

After the bugs caused her memory to fail her, the Queen quickly decided Sora
and Alice were to blame.

[Card Soldier]

Soldiers in the service of Wonderland's ruler, the Queen of Hearts.

Seeing as they are quite fond of keeping their heads attached to their
shoulders, they make a point not to defy her.


A hero whose kind heart and bursting-at-the-seams biceps have won him the
admiration of the Olympus Coliseum crowds. Despite being the son of a god, he
lives down on earth as a mortal.

Hercules was already inside the Coliseum investigating when Sora showed up.
Later, the two joined forces and, together, got to the bottom of the bugs.


A world-renowned trainer who runs the show in Olympus Coliseum. He's trained a
whole slew of heroes in his time ("a lot of yusses"), with Hercules being his
most recent protégé.

After the bugs transformed the Coliseum into a strange labyrinth, Phil had to
turn to Sora for help sorting the mess out.


The God of the Underworld, a former (and still aspiring!) world conqueror who
would like nothing more than to see Hercules wiped off the face of the planet.

With the Coliseum a tangle of bugs and Cloud a tangle of emotional issues, he
ought to have found a way, but Sora showed up just in time to show HIM up, and
prove once again that sliminess doesn't pay.


A Buster Sword-wielding "SOLDIER" whose past failures continue to weigh on him.

Believing himself weak, Cloud sought out the secrets of a hero's strength, as
well as the secrets darkness might hold. Hades tried to use these desires
against him, but once Cloud realized he was being manipulated, he wisely joined
forces with Sora and Hercules.


A young man who lives in the desert city of Agrabah and dreams of the day he
can be with Princess Jasmine.

But Aladdin proved to be an obstacle to Jafar's evil plans, and was banished to
the desert. There, through a truly wild stroke of luck, he happened upon the
Cave of Wonders, obtained the magic lamp, and became the Genie's new master.


A young woman from the desert city of Agrabah who just happens to be its
princess. Stifled by palace life, she was drawn toward the freedom of the
streets and a young man named Aladdin.

Jafar, newly empowered by the bugs, had designs on Jasmine, but Sora saved her
from her plight.

[The Genie]

A bubbly, blue, boisterous character who lives inside the magic lamp. He has
great power and will grant just three wishes to each of his masters. But not
all masters have good intentions, and as for Genie's own wishes---well, those
he cannot make come true.

In the datascape, Genie met Aladdin after the boy was banished to the desert by
Jafar, and they became fast friends.


A wizard who served as royal vizier in Agrabah's palace.

The bugs plaguing the datascape version of Agrabah provided Jafar with just the
tool he needed to seize the throne: a fake lamp Pete created from data. Later,
Jafar used the real lamp, stolen from Aladdin, to become an all-powerful genie.
In the end, though, he was imprisoned within yet another lamp: his own.

[Jafar (Genie)]

The all-powerful genie Jafar became by using the power of the magic lamp. He
sought to conquer Agrabah, and with Iago at his side nearly triumphed over

In the end, though, he was imprisoned within his own lamp.


Jafar's henchman, a cunning parrot who doesn't know when to shut up.

With Jafar plotting to take over Agrabah, Iago must have been busy flying
around the city and making trouble.


A terrifying evil fairy who commands dark magic. On one of Sora's previous
adventures, Maleficent led the hordes of darkness in an attempt to conquer all

It was her servant, Pete, who led her to this strange new world; while unaware
of its true nature, she can see the potential it holds for steeping other
worlds in darkness.


A troublemaker who once lived in the same world as King Mickey, Donald, and
friends. But after mouthing off and getting temporarily banished, Pete was
approached by Maleficent and became her loyal servant.

The datascape isn't the first place he has meddled with, but now that he's
wandered in, he is hoping this will finally be his ticket to ruling a world or


Sora's best friend. They grew up together on the Destiny Islands. But Riku was
so desperate to leave their small, stifling home that he succumbed to the
darkness. Eventually, he and Sora clashed.

Fortunately, he met Mickey. With his new friend's help, Riku learned to turn
his wrongs into rights, and eventually became one of Sora's greatest, unseen


A girl born in Radiant Garden. Life carried her to the Destiny Islands, where
she met Sora and Riku.

Kairi is a princess of heart, and the forces of darkness tried to bend the pure
light within her to sinister purposes; for a long time, she and Sora and Riku
were separated. After a long journey, though, they were brought back together,
their lives at last normal again.


A boy who used cards to guide Sora in the datascape version of Castle Oblivion.

While he bears an uncanny resemblance to another boy deeply connected to Sora,
it is more than coat and hood that prevent Sora from seeing.

Was this boy just a phantom, a glitch? Or does this data tie into hurtful
memories that sleep within Sora's heart?


A special Nobody whose counterpart is Kairi. Organization XIII exploited
Naminé's unique powers to alter Sora's memory, but his true heart moved her to
betray them.

For Sora's memory to be repaired, he had to enter a long sleep. During this
time, Naminé found hurtful memories hiding deep in his heart. Hoping their
story might come to light, she added a message to Jiminy's journal.


(End of the script)

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