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by mechaboy92

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Endgame Equipment Guide by mechaboy92

Updated: 03/27/15

The purpose of this FAQ is to assist new players to Atelier Shallie on how to work the alchemy system and an intermediate guide on how to craft the best gear. This is, by any means, not meant to be *the* definitive guide for end-game gear . I'll leave that to a more dedicated theorycrafter.

But hey. Something is better than nothing, right?

This is not a step-by-step guide to alchemy. It is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of how the game and the alchemy system in general works.


The first order of business is getting your favorite alchemist's alchemy level to 99. This is relatively easy yet annoying. Assuming you have made at least one of every item, you should be somewhere around level 60 or 70 simply due to playing the game normally.

Raising your alchemy level is important for four reasons. The first is that it opens up new alchemy skills and improves the ones you have. This makes it easier to create stronger items. The second is that it determines what items Miruca can create via Imbuing. It also relaxes the Chain Effect limit. This is crucial for making super powerful items. And lastly it increases maximum item level. You will be able to craft higher level items (without using the Cost Zero skill) with a higher the alchemy level.

Grinding to level 99 is easy. It's just very annoying and takes some time.

There is an accessory called the Brother Bell. It is very easy to make item and you shall be making many many many of these items. I won't bother going into exactly where to farm said items because you will have tons of the items required at this point in the game. And I do mean tons. And if you need more, a few uses of the Gathering field skill in the Geofront should cover all your bases. You will get 60xp for each Brother Call that you craft. Just keep cranking away until your hands start throbbing or you get bored. It's strongly advised that you turn off the voices during this process. Mostly as a sanity saving measure -- you will be crafting this stupid accessory for a while. At level 90, the xp from Brother Bells drops off 1 point per level. Keep soldiering on until you cap your Alchemy Level.

Alternatively, grinding to level 90-95 may be enough. You will be making many high level items such as Sun Flowers and Rainbow Supplements that will give you XP up to level 99. You will be awarded Alchemy XP from completing Alchemy related life quests.


At this point, you can likely create some okay if not exactly optimal stuff. Emphasise stat gains and anything that gives you an edge on offense. Because the next order of business will be the endless slaughter of the Silver Dragon in the Geofront: Indirect Bypass area. This is your target. And pray to RNGesus and the loot gods because he is a fickle bastard. Killing it is not that hard. Assuming the player is around level 60 with decentish tier 4 weapons and armor, he is a pushover on normal as long as the Silver Dragon dies ASAP. If you linger for too long, it turns into a bigger nastier dragon that will probably wipe you out quickly. Downgrade the difficulty to Story Watcher if it's too hard to kill on Game Fan (normal). It's resistant to everything but earth, fire, and certain magic attacks. Just get to burst ASAP and then drop a variable strike on it's face. It should die and give you goodies. Once you can kill it quickly, the rotation should look like this:

  1. Travel to the Geofront
  2. Warp to the Indirect Bypass
  3. Kill the stupid Silver Dragon
  4. Power swing* 5 or so monsters.
  5. Return to Stellard to restock/save
  6. Repeat & Rinse.

((Power Swing is rewarded from one of the barrel breaking/swinging Life Quests. You should have it by now. If not, you should go fix that.))

It's worth noting that you do get slightly better drops at higher difficulties. Your mileage may vary. I've had okay luck on normal personally. As you gain key properties, up the difficulty to improve your odds of dropping more items. Judicious usage of Jurie's Unseen Hand skill during the fight is worth considering. The Silver Dragon can potentially drop most of the high-end must-have properties in the game. You shall be killing this guy many times.

As an addendum, some might also suggest mixing in the Phoenix found at the Altar of the Gods. This kinda works early on because the Phoenix gives more combat xp than the Silver Dragon, but.... Its drops are trash on lower difficulties. And the XP drops off around level 89. Not worth it if you are primarily concerned about gearing up for NG+ or playing on NG+. You could farm it on NO HOPE difficulty, but you probably don’t need more properties at that point. It's worth doing for a while, but only if you need Dunkelheits from the Herb Garden. In one scenario you can do this:

  1. Travel to the Geofront
  2. Warp to the Indirect Bypass
  3. Kill the stupid Silver Dragon
  4. Go to the Herb Garden via the Indirect Bypass.
  5. Use a Fertilizer. Powerswing some monsters to death to up the gauge. Use the Gathering field skill & emphasize special. Pray for Dunkelheits.
  6. Exit the Herb Garden. Head to the Altar of the Gods.
  7. Kill the Phoenix.
  8. Powerswing some stuff to death.
  9. Return to Stellard to restock/save
  10. Repeat & Rinse.

Alternatively, you can get your Dunkelheits (blesshu) from the 2nd area of the last dungeon. Pop a fertilizer and gather.

Prototype 0 is also an option, but.... by the time you can kill the Prototype(s), you probably don't need anything it drops. If you’re trying to get to level 99, the Prototype is worth fighting as gives a large amount of XP. Make sure to bring a Dragon Cup.


By this point, you have killed that stupid dragon a couple dozen time and are ready to do some alchemy. Or maybe you got some good stuff and want to make the grind a bit less painful.

The first order of business is going to be to build what I like to call the foundation for your later shenanigans. You are going to need an item with the following three properties: Traditional Soul, PP Maximum Enhance, and Synthesis Frame Expansion. Traditional Soul drops off the stupid Silver Dragon. Good luck! PP Maximum Enhance can be made by combining the various items with PP enhance on them. Not that hard. The last property, Synthesis Frame Expansion, is a level 3 property on several crafted crystal items. These three properties will give you an item with the maximum 99 PP (Property Points) and increases the number of crafting frames by one.

I’d also suggest building a supplement or water with Traditional Soul/Synthesis Frame Expansion/Synthesis Chain Increase. Synthesis Chain Increase is a level 3 property on several of the crystal orb items.

Once you have an item with all three properties, mass produce it. You can move and combine properties from the items you farmed through liberal usage of the Item Count wind skill. Spread it on *everything*. You going to want many duplicates. It can be useful for certain tricky synthesises.

Moving around properties is a tricky business. Some items and properties are easier to move around than others. Be very careful here: it's easy to mess up and put an important and rare property on an item that cannot be disassembled or used in another item. Some items are easier to move properties around than others.

Easy items:

Zettai (Paper/Fuel)
Supplements (1) (Supplement)
Distilled Water (Liquid)
Super Pure Water (Liquid)
Plant Oil (LiquidOilFuel)
Medical Solution (LiquidMystery)
Electric Orb (3) (MetalJewel)
Leather (Cloth)
Mysterious Cloth (Cloth)

(1) The Rainbow Supplement is the best for sure. But white & black can be okay in some scenarios with items that are a pain to move the properties around like certain Dragon parts.

(2) Sunflowers are nice and can be used liberally. But they have some steep crafting mat requirements....

(3) Electric Orbs are useful for making Super Pure Water. They can be using in a variety of crystal/metal items. They count as Jewels so they can also be used in Rainbow Supplements.

Harder items:

Mini Sound Machine (Ore/Metal/Ancient Power)
Crystal Ball (Jewel/Mystery)
Unbreakable Glass (Synthesis)
Burning Gas (Gunpowder/Smelly)
Glass Tube (Synthesis)

Avoid using non-synthesis items to move properties around. Medicines are frequently a dead end with only a handful of exceptions such as the Angel Powder and the Dragon Cup. Most of them cannot be disassembled or used in other recipes. Same with weapons and armor to a degree. There are several weapons and armor that can be used under certain circumstances. The Divine Coat can be used, for instance, to create a Cloth item with 4 slots. Accessories and attack items are a scattershot and there are many properties that they cannot carry.


One place where the game does a somewhat poor explanation of its game mechanics is the Chain value gauge in crafting. By using crafting skills from a single element in a row, the Chain value will jump exponentially. The attribute value of the item also skyrockets when the Chain Effect skill is added. At level 99 Alchemy, it's not impossible to craft gear and items at 999 value. This greatly increases their effectiveness.

Getting this right can be very tricky.

Having Synthesis Frame Expansion on everything can help. Having 12 frames to work with makes life easier for everybody. Synthesis Chain is also worth considering. It's not mandatory, however. Element Earth (level 3 property from Zeigal Nugget) can also be handy for items that do not naturally have the earth element on them.

The items must also carry the element used by the skills or the chain breaks. For instance, let's say the item ends with a Distilled Water (water). If you're chaining earth skills, the chain will break. This can be amended by the use of the Add Earth skill or the Earth Element property.

Earth is, by far, the easiest element to chain in part because of the Chain Effect skill. This is required for any item to to achieve 999 value. Chaining other elements is possible, but may require 11 rather 10 slots to achieve the maximum chain value.


Disclaimer: these are not set in stone much less good suggestions. I'm positive there are better options based on character variations. I strongly suggest checking the board to see if these set-ups are still viable.


Valorous Soul
Perpetual Attack
Force Soul

These are all similar properties that combined will result in a massive damage upgrade over previous weapons. Chaos Attack and Transform Soul are potential intermediates, but this trio is superior. Also: use the tier 3 broom for Shallotte. Tier 4 weapons for everyone else.

Armor (Divine Shirt)

Awakened Soul
Evolved the Body
Evolved Body

Awakened Soul is a straight bonus against bosses like Valorous Soul. Evolved the Body (20%) and Evolved Body (30% stats) stack. At high levels, the bonuses are massive. Divine Shirt is used for all 8 characters. It has Critical Power XL (15%) and cuts damage by 10%. Definitely worth it.


Nightlord Soul
Earth Spirit Soul
Day Lord Soul / Star Soul OR Holy Soul

Star Soul flips the character’s HP/MP. At level 99, this will net characters like Wilbell and Stera hundreds of HP. The evasion effect also stacks with the one on the Divine Shirt. Holy Soul converts damage into MP. This should be used for characters with high HP and lower MP. Nightlord Soul increases critical power and reduces wait time. Earth Spirit Soul increases the speed that assist actions become available for variable strikes.

The best accessories are the Thunder Outfit and Mirage Talisman. The Thunder Outfit recipe can be found in the second area of the DLC dungeon. Pre-endgame, use a Spirit Belt.


Healing items are easy. Put these three properties on an Elixir and you’re set for endgame grinding: Auto-Use, Automatic 50%, Perpetual Motion. The Elixir heals for a ridiculous amount of HP/MP thanks to the +skill% effects on armor, weapons, and the growth system. No character will stay dead as long as one of the Shallies is alive.

It’s also suggested that you make a Dragon Cup for reviving players. Some monsters, such as the Prototype, have cheap attacks that can wipe out a line of your characters. it’s best to use the cup as a type of buff item. Some possible properties include Blessing of Strength (+Attack), Blessing of Defense (+Defense), Mach Throw (-wait time), Vitality of Dragons (level 3 property on Dragon cups. Increases level/stats), and Approach of the Gods (level 3 property from Angel Powder).

Attack items are trickier for several reasons. The big one is that they’re difficult to get to 999 effect value because you’re working with items that have a small number of ingredients and have less frames to work with. Another is that there are many useful properties that could be squeezed onto each one.

Below is a small list of possibilities:

Constant Effect (7PP - picks the highest number roll)
Curse of Strength (30PP - lowers Attack)
Curse of Defense (30 PP - lowers Defense)
Curse of Speed (30 PP - lowers Speed)
Jumbo Blessing (40PP - 10% damage per search frame)
Perpetual Motion (33PP - infinite usage)
Single & Multiple (30PP - increases damage based on number of monsters)
Super Property Enhance (40PP - increases damage based on PP total of item)